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February 4th, 2016

Disgusting! #DemDebate On MSNBC #Hillary2016 V. @BernieSanders

We feel like punching Hillary Clinton in the face, kicking her shins, and pushing her down a flight of stairs. We blame tonight entirely on dumbass Hillary. Hillary is to blame for tonight.

Do not, anybody, do not expect us to defend Hillary. Tonight is unforgivable. The blame is entirely on Hillary.

We thought we would never tune into MSNBC again ever in our lives. In 2008 Hillary and Hillary supporters were attacked by the pigs on MSNBC. We declared Hillary should never have anything to do with MSNBC or NBC.

In 2008 MSNBC’s Olbermann suggested Hillary be taken out with a severe beating. The rest of the MSNBC pigs were just as bad. We swore never to watch MSNBC ever again. We’ve been true to our word.

Now, here we are tonight, forced to listen to Jabba the Hut Chris Mattheeews, Chris O’Tingles up the leg for Obama, Chris Spittles. And we blame you Hillary Clinton.

Tonight Hillary is entirely to blame. When she gets hit in the face by pig Chuck Todd and pig Rachel Maddow we will remain silent and hope quietly the MSNBC pigs humiliate and hurt Hillary as badly as possible so that Hillary will learn never to go on MSNBC ever again. What is wrong with this woman that she does these things that demonstrate she has no self-respect?

Hillary2016 “negotiated” tonight. Hillary wanted a debate in New Hampshire before the NH vote. We were prepared to declare Hillary the winner by dint of the debate being held. Because she is far behind the socialist Saint Bernard we figured anything that got her the opportunity to take votes away from Bernie Sanders was a big plus for her. Then we discovered Hillary2016 “negotiated” to be on MSNBC. We exploded in rage.

We are sure any broadcaster, cable outlet, camcorder, person with a camera, theater owner, anybody just anybody, the networks for Pete’s sake, anybody would have been happy to host tonight’s debate. But Hillary2016 agreed, after negotiations to go on MSNBC.

Real smart idiots at Hillary2016. The pigs at MSNBC love Bernie Sanders so that is where the Hillary team negotiates to send her. Unbelievable.

Tonight when Maddow and Todd (and by the way because of Hillary we’ve been subjected to seeing Brian Williams too and that Melissa Harris-Perry pig too!) hit Hillary with Goldman Sachs questions and every nasty question that helps Bernie Sanders and hurts Hillary we will relive 2008 and we will just get angrier – with Hillary. Yeah, we’re pissed.

February 3rd, 2016

Hope And Change: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, In New Hampshire

Strategy now? Trump needs to finish off Cruz; Cruz needs to finish off Trump; Rubio needs to wiggle through the Trump v. Cruz fight and help himself to second place.

Ted Cruz’s strategy was always to be nice to Trump in order to get Trump voters once Trump collapsed. Rubio has a 3-2-1 strategy of third place in Iowa, second place in New Hampshire, first place in South Carolina. Trump’s strategy has been to make himself the sole candidate of change with the toughest personality and policies.

We have the first post Iowa poll from New Hampshire. All that matters now is New Hampshire. Before Iowa we wrote only Iowa mattered. Now only New Hampshire matters. Has Iowa shaken New Hampshire poll numbers? We would not have been surprised if Trump lost ten points and Cruz/Rubio gained five points apiece. Did that happen? No:

Donald Trump is still in first place, but he’s frozen at 38%. Ted Cruz is second with 14%. Marcio Rubio is third with 12%. Jeb Bush has 9% and John Kasich has 7%.

Rounding out the Republicans: Chris Christie with 6%; Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina with 3% each and Rand Paul with 2%. 6% of voters still remain undecided. [snip]

Sanders gets 61% in our poll and Clinton gets 32%. Only 5% of voters remain undecided.

Iowa did perform its role: Santorum is out. Rand Paul is out. Huckabee is out. (O’Malley on the Dem side is out too.) As to the NH poll results, Trump neither gained nor lost; Cruz rose 2; Rubio rose 4; Kasich down 2; Bush unchanged; Christie/Carson down 1 each; Fiorina up one.

Who is best positioned in regards to their strategy goal? Obviously, Trump. If Trump wins NH he has a great chance of victory in the must win state for everybody: South Carolina. Trump has been well ahead in South Carolina and a victory in New Hampshire should guarantee a double digit victory for Trump. Trump sharply made his first post Iowa speech a showcase for the Scott Brown endorsement. And if you’re wondering why Trump is tackling Cruz so strongly on the Cruz Iowa stunts – it’s because Trump wants the Ben Carson supporters when Ben Carson drops out.

Rubio? Rubio will try to wiggle himself up the pole while Trump and Cruz squabble. But Trump can afford to ignore Rubio right now as long as Trump wins and Cruz is seen as a one state wonder. Rubio wants to come in second in NH in order to get momentum for South Carolina. But a Trump double digit victory (or a 20 point victory) will be the momentum getter and Rubio will not get his much needed momentum. If Rubio loses South Carolina, his 3-2-1 strategy is in tatters and then Rubio faces destruction in his home state. Trump pre-Iowa led Florida in double digits too Rubio today got the kiss of death endorsement from Sweaters Santorum, our least favorite candidate this year as in every year. On the plus side Rubio is now the establishment pick and his money woes should be over. The only remaining question mark for Rubio is whether Jeb Bush decides to attack Rubio or not. Bush appears to be holding steady in NH so Rubio cannot be happy.

As to Cruz, he’s in a death match against Trump in a state very friendly to Trump. Simply put, Cruz is in the wrong battlefield. Cruz should move on to South Carolina and leave Trump to beat up on Rubio in NH. But Cruz probably realizes Trump would only use a Cruz departure to continue to beat up on Cruz, not be distracted by Rubio. That’s why Cruz tries a #Trumpertantrump crusade – it’s all he’s got.

Once Trump dispatches Cruz in New Hampshire, he will turn his attention to Marco Rubio and illegal immigration amnesty. It won’t be pretty for Rubio, the one Chris Christie has dubbed the “bubble boy”.

As to Hillary v. Sanders? Sanders will decisively win in New Hampshire. The problem for Hillary is not Bernie Sanders. Hillary’s problem is a “when” problem:

Hillary however faces a very difficult “when” problem now. The Dims do not have winner take all. So if Hillary wins 60% of the vote in the southern primaries and less in the mountain states where Sanders should do better, when does Hillary win?

Without winner take all primary victories to settle the nomination quickly, Hillary has a much longer “when” horizon than Trump, if he is the eventual nominee.

After yesterday, Hillary has a big “when” problem because although Bernie did not get his “must win” in Iowa the Sanders’ troops do not feel defeated… yet. Hillary will have to bring down the margin in New Hampshire to single digits and deprive Sanders of a ten point or more victory which will fuel his troops with desire for more battle.

Tonight, Hillary and Sanders will engage in a CNN gab-a-thon without the waste of time Baltimore O’Malley. On Saturday the Republicans will have a debate in the style of a medieval tournament with blood splashing all over the place. New Hampshire voters will watch, and we will all have to wait for New Hampshire to decide.

February 2nd, 2016

#IowaCaucus #GroundhogDay: The Empire Strikes Back

Has “Trump fever” broken? Did Hillary win? Is the prairie fire doused? Has Big Media won? No!

Big Media is the enemy. Megyn Kelly at Fox News spoke with Marc Thiessen and Chris Stirewalt of Fox News last night and they all chortled. They said Donald Trump lost in Iowa because he defied Fox News by not attending their debate. Later Peter Johnson, the co-author along with Roger Ailes of the anti-Trump sneer memo that set Trump against the Fox News debate, also declared it was Trump’s defiance of Fox News that doomed him. Just about every Fox News mouth assured himself/herself that it was Trump’s defiance of Fox News that sealed defeat. This morning on Fox Business News, John McCain’s Hefty Hideaway girl, the other Meghan, likewise declared that Trump had defied Fox News and therein lay his defeat.

For Donald Trump and his supporters the lesson from last night is that the fight will not be over in one fell chop in Iowa. Instead it will be a long slough. Worst, it demonstrated that an inspirational campaign that brings out voters will not work without a tiresome campaign machinery. It was the Lincolnshire Rising/Pilgrimage of Grace come to America. If there is deep down misery in the Trump loss it is this combined set of reality. This is the lost hope from our predictions article yesterday:

First, a Donald Trump win will be a victory of an inspirational, mass movement campaign of the people, over a technocratic data driven machine that thinks of people as an old IBM card to be folded, spindled, and mutilated (although the Trump campaign claims a well run ground game it prefers to keep secret). Second, a Donald Trump win will be a great victory in the war against Big Media corruption of our politics, in this case one which specifically targets Fox News and hopefully in the future monstrosities such as NBC, MSNBC, and the rest of the Big Media monsters. Big Media is the enemy.

Fox News had a great night last night. We hope that Donald Trump is not cowed by last night and that he continues to fight Big Media.

Why did Fox News have a great night? Because their illegal immigration amnesty shill, the silver fork-tongued Marco Rubio had a great night.

The moment Donald J. Trump defied Fox News with his boycott of the Fox News debate, Fox News went into overdrive in ceaseless promotion of Marco Rubio. At Fox News every show became a Marco Rubio field office. It worked. Rubio became the designated anti-Cruz in the multi candidate race in which Trump and Cruz traded blows which annoyed the public, and votes flowed to him. Rubio had a great night.

The ostensible winner, Ted Cruz, this morning analyzed his victory as one that came about because of his strong attacks against “New York values”. If that is what Ted Cruz believes, Iowa will be a costly victory. To the extent “New York values” attacks resonated in Iowa it is due to the high evangelical population of the Iowa GOP. In New Hampshire the “New York values” attack will not meet with success. For Ted Cruz the question now is where does he replicate his Iowa victory? Does the Cruz victory now result in a poll shift in his favor in New Hampshire?

As to Marco Rubio, he had a great night. Rubio is now the designated candidate of the GOP establishment. Rubio’s problem is that in New Hampshire there are still plenty of other establishment candidates that hold vain hopes of victory. Kasich, Christie, and even the hapless Jeb await their Alamo. As to Jeb Bush, what will the former designated candidate of the GOP establishment do now? Jeb Bush still has $58 million in his SuperPac. Will Jeb Bush spend his cash in attacks against Rubio? Will Jeb Bush quit? Will Jeb Bush attack Trump? What will Jeb Bush do now with his cash?

Donald J. Trump? Trump did not need to win in Iowa. Trump does need to win New Hampshire. Trump has led in New Hampshire with such wide leads that he has a very good chance to follow the now traditional path of losing Iowa, winning New Hampshire.

Last night Trump defied the predictions of Trump haters with a strong, yet gracious, concession speech. There were no denunciations from Trump. It was all loveliness. It conveyed strength even as it was a retreat, think Dunkirk and George Washington. Trump congratulated “everybody” and thanked Iowa.

Donald J. Trump had reasons for his happy warrior, happy competitor, good humor. Premier Trump haters know why Trump’s demeanor was not that of a man defeated but an “on to New Hampshire” confidence. Trump hater Erick Erickson’s The Resurgent:

Donald Trump Is Just Getting Started

For the last seven months I have warned of the menace that is the Donald Trump campaign. [snip]

Trump didn’t win first place in the caucus, but he did place very respectably in 2nd place, and he did so with almost no GOTV organization to speak of. [snip]

Trump was able to do what most thought impossible, he got people to show up without a GOTV operation on the ground going door to door. [snip]

If he can do this in a caucus, which requires the voter to go out and stay out for a rather long time just to cast a series of votes, he can certainly do it in a primary. When you get right down to it, Donald Trump got nearly 40,000 people to show up on a cold February night when a blizzard is on the horizon. That’s no joke.

We have a series of proportional states forthcoming in which we could possibly see Trump pull higher numbers than he has here in Iowa precisely because it can be done with less organization.

What should scare everyone now is if there are any indications Trump decides this was a good opening negotiation point by the voters and begins spending on organization now in earnest.

After all, we know this was just the opening round and Trump isn’t done yet.

The Trump haters from the former Red State that banned Trump from their events are not alone is their red flag warnings:

The guy’s basically half-assing his campaign and he still beat the Great Establishment Hope for second place (I think) and nearly knocked off the hyper-organized, hyper-competent Cruz campaign. He’s no joke. And thanks to a divided moderate field, there’s still every reason to think he’ll win New Hampshire. I’ll leave you with this: Trump now at 41,812 votes, bigger than Huckabee’s 2008 total. That’s a real constituency.

Last night, Ted Cruz survived. That is the sum total of his achievement. Cruz’s long winded victory speech was not a plus. For Iowa, the state can congratulate itself because it did its job: winnow the field. Now New Hampshire and a long campaign of struggle, not a politics of joy.

Iowa not only provided a list of the candidates left standing it removed some of the least favorites from contention. Santorum is gone officially or not. Huckabee has suspended his campaign. Carly Fiorina will hang on till New Hampshire as will Kasich, Christie, Paul, Carson, Bush. But with no more second tier debates they are out unofficially and after New Hampshire they will be out officially.

As to the Democrats, Hillary’s miserable “success” prevents us from declaring a complete rout to our predictions. Hillary’s “victory” is as sleazy as Obama’s victory only less of a victory. Why sleazy? We have no idea what the vote total is. The Democrats are not reporting vote totals. Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats are giving us the percentage of the delegates won under the arcane rules of the Iowa Democratic Party. This is disgusting. Anyone who comments on the Iowa results on the Dim side without mention that the Iowa Democrats will not tell us what the votes of the people are get a digital slap in the face from us. Let’s see the votes, not the phony delegate distribution controlled by party cheats and sleazebags.

The only “news” from Iowa on the Dim side is that we can now thank the cornfields that Martin O’Malley retired from the race. That’s the good news.

Who won? Who knows? We do know that Bernie Sanders needed a victory in Iowa in order to sustain the delusion that Bernie Sanders will get the nomination. Bernie Sanders will not get the nomination. All Bernie Sanders can do is prevent Hillary from the title “President Hillary”.

Iowa was a “must win” state for Bernie Sanders in the same way that Iowa was a “must win” state for Ted Cruz. Cruz got his “must win” but it likely is his penultimate win or last win.

For Bernie Sanders, the “must win” is a bit more complicated. Bernie Sanders’ “must win” Iowa was always a survival strategy to hurt Hillary. To that extent Bernie Sanders got his win.

As of this morning, we do not have a unanimous declaration of Hillary victory in Iowa, nor even an official declaration of anything. It’s still too close. As of today Hillary’s margin of “victory” is less than half a percent. But as we wrote,

Bernie Sanders needs a win. Nothing less. A loss of a quarter point won’t be worth a gallon of piss. Bernie Sanders needs a win.

Bernie Sanders did not get the win. The “win” is useful in most campaigns as it builds momentum for later victories. Bernie Sanders did not get the “win” but neither did Hillary. Hillary did not lose but Hillary did not win. Hillary’s best would have been not only to block Sanders but a victory that would have helped her:

The best that Hillary Clinton can expect is a win of more than 10 points that flattens Bernie Sanders – which gives her momentum and lays to rest all the doubts we and many others have expressed with barely concealed contempt. Hillary should have packed this Bernie loon into the lake a long time ago. But she couldn’t because she believes she can get the kooks to like and vote for her. That is delusional. So for Hillary, a victory will be a win that destroys Sanders, but it won’t get her much other than a victory over a loon.

Bernie Sanders did not win. Why didn’t Hillary win? Hillary didn’t win because the barely detectable margin of “victory” assures that Bernie Sanders will continue to drag Hillary further and further and further to the left and oblivion.

Bernie Sanders is already talking about “voter irregularities” and a possible recount. We don’t know what that means and all it does is, nothing. For Bernie it is a gallon of piss, but for Hillary, well:

How Iowa went wrong for Hillary Clinton

Her vaunted field organization performed as expected. But she didn’t.

DES MOINES – Monday night was Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign in miniature – it began with high hopes of a doubt-eradicating victory and ended with that same old anxiety, an inch beyond the jaws of an underdog. [snip]

Iowa wasn’t just supposed to be a tentative first step in Clinton’s inevitable march to the Democratic nomination, it was meant to be the cornerstone of a rebuilt political persona – and her national team was built from Iowa outward, with a foundational goal of winning here, and winning big.

But nothing is ever easy with Hillary Clinton – especially not here — and her inability to ride a first-class ground organization to triumph underscores the candidate’s weakness and the lack of a message that resonates with primary voters. [snip]

“You’re going to see a bounce in Bernie’s step tomorrow, the first evidence that their message may have taken hold,” said Mo Elleithee, a communications adviser to Clinton’s 2008 campaign. [snip]

How Clinton squandered such a commanding advantage in Iowa is an all-too familiar tale with echoes of 2008, of grit and a top-dollar organization undercut by the candidate’s flaws, the stubborn ambivalence of a state that has now delivered two embarrassments – but above all her inability to capture the zeitgeist of her own party.

Monday began with Clinton’s internal polling pointing to a tight but comfy five-point lead and ended with an essentially deadlocked result that her team chose to call victory.

“A win is a win,” her ally former Sen. Tom Harkin said from the stage here – but it was meager enough (if it existed at all) to allow a Democratic socialist who trailed her by 50 points six months ago to declare, with some justification, a kind of co-victory.

Bernie Sanders did not get a “co-victory”. There was no victory. There was only loss.

On to New Hampshire.

February 1st, 2016

Iowa Caucus 2016: Prairie Fire Pre-Civil War Revolution Realignment With @RealDonaldTrump, #Hillary2016, @BernieSanders

Update: Prediction time. Speak now. We’ve made our predictions, now put up or kiss-up.


Understand this: The governed withdraw their consent from the corrupt political establishment. We’re in a pre-Civil War situation. America 2016 is late stage America of the 1819 Missouri Compromise, the Compromise of 1850, the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854, Dred Scott decision of 1857, and finally the presidential election of 1860. The stakes are that high. Iowa today possibly sets off the prairie fire.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Only a successful next president that can lead the country and unify it via clear, undisputed economic achievement with resonant leadership can prevent the fraying and eventual dissolution or the long painful circle the drain vortex.

Today, put aside whom you like, whom you favor, this candidate is nice, that candidate is creepy, I like her, I hate him, he’s a pig, he is great, blah, blah blah candidate talk – put that all aside. Put aside the pseudo-intellectual posing drivel that Iowa matters except when it doesn’t and today is nothing to get excited about. This election in Iowa today is potentially the big one. You’ll never live long enough to see it’s like. The Roosevelt election in the 1930s, Reagan, JFK, Buchanan/Obama, Wilson, pikers all. This could be the big one of our lifetimes and many lifetimes after that. Or it could be a fizzle. Just another election. But the chances this is the big one, are… big. And that’s not normal and it is something to watch with awe.

Consider the implications of a Bernie Sanders win in Iowa today. That would mean the Democratic Party electorate in Iowa is gone full tilt kook. That’s our bias talking. Let’s put it another way to comply with our above edict, a Bernie Sanders win means the Democratic Party electorate in Iowa has gone far left as in 1972 with George McGovern and wants to take the national party with them – only further further left.

A Bernie Sanders win in Iowa will not be powered by an agrarian prairie fire revolt even though it is Iowa. A Bernie Sanders win is an Obama coalition victory of callow youth, identity totalitarians, and leftist world-views. It will be a class based, snooty, leftist, identity politics coup. A Bernie Sanders win will not be a prairie fire set to blaze by the working class of the majority white population. A Bernie Sanders win will be a triumph of the left contemptuous of the white working class.

For clarity of analysis we can all be thankful that Bernie Sanders chose not to attack Hillary Clinton on emails, Benghazi, personality, and such. Because of this (tactically foolish to our eyes) tactic on Sanders’ part a victory over Hillary Clinton will be a “clean” one based on the ideological composition of the leftist powers of the Obama Party.

If Bernie Sanders wins in Iowa, the chances of a nationwide Democratic Party realignment from the working class labor base into the situation comedy demographics identity politics of an Obama Coalition based party increase substantially. If Bernie Sanders wins Iowa, he wins New Hampshire, and then all the Clinton firewalls face a prairie fire that can burn them all down.

Hillary Clinton? She’s run such a bizarre campaign, it’s not really a campaign but an embarrassment. A victory for Hillary in Iowa means survival, not much else.

On the Republican side, as in 1860, torches and pitchforks are arrayed in preparation for a revolutionary tournament.

The story is Donald J. Trump on the GOP side. As we’ve written before, Donald Trump represents the destruction of the Republican Party. That destruction became inevitable once Barack Obama destroyed the Democratic Party and reshaped it into such a warped creature that now the nonentity called Bernie Sanders appears ready for a victory in Iowa to be followed by a victory in New Hampshire which begins the fire which consumes the Clinton political history.

Again, as we have written before, Donald Trump can take over the Republican Party because Barack Obama chased out seniors, and the white working class, among others. These orphan populations headed to the cold environs of the Republican Party. Then Donald Trump came along and offered a warm home, with a welcoming hearth, some hot soup, and a promise to Make America Great Again and throw out Barack Obama and his circus troupe from their occupation of the White House.

If Donald Trump wins the Iowa Caucuses today, as we have written months ago, Donald Trump gets the nomination. That’s conventional wisdom now but not when we wrote it. Now here’s the kicker: If Donald Trump wins the Iowa Caucuses and the nomination, then the likelihood the Republican Party is irrevocably changed increases dramatically. We believe that will happen if Trump (1) wins the Iowa Caucuses; (2) wins the nomination; (3) wins the presidency. We think all three are very very likely to happen.

Can it happen? Will it happen? What is the best Trump can expect? What is the best Bernie Sanders can expect? What is the best Hillary Clinton can expect?

The best that Hillary Clinton can expect is a win of more than 10 points that flattens Bernie Sanders – which gives her momentum and lays to rest all the doubts we and many others have expressed with barely concealed contempt. Hillary should have packed this Bernie loon into the lake a long time ago. But she couldn’t because she believes she can get the kooks to like and vote for her. That is delusional. So for Hillary, a victory will be a win that destroys Sanders, but it won’t get her much other than a victory over a loon. Hillary has to realize her problem is not Sanders but Barack Obama. But Hillary is so wacked out she seems to think packaging herself as the Obama third term is a solution, not the problem it is.

Bernie Sanders needs a win. Nothing less. A loss of a quarter point won’t be worth a gallon of piss. Bernie Sanders needs a win. If Bernie Sanders wins Iowa, then he wins New Hampshire, then he loses less in the later primaries and his great fear becomes Barack Obama’s machinations to torpedo Sanders and Hillary and impose the Obama secret candidate to be revealed at the convention. Bernie Sanders needs a win. A big win for Sanders would be a Muskie moment for Hillary.

Donald Trump? Donald Trump does not need to win the Iowa Caucuses. But a loss, even a slight loss, makes his road a lot tougher, but not an impossible road to travel.

Can Trump win? We think so. We think Trump probably will win. In fact, we think that the Iowa surprise could be a big Donald Trump win. But it won’t matter. Trump just needs to win – even by a single vote.

Yes we think Trump will win the Iowa Caucuses. But, but, but, such is the unpredictable nature of the Iowa Caucuses that we cannot really figure out some basic equations. For instance, there is a storm headed towards Iowa tonight. We cannot say if a storm or bad weather in Iowa tonight, as the Iowa Caucuses begin, is good news or bad news for Trump or Sanders, or Clinton. The polls say the Trump, and oddly the Clinton supporters, not the Sanders’ supporters, are the most committed to their candidate. The polls also seem to imply that the Trump and Sanders campaigns are the ones that need many new voters to go to the caucuses. So does a Trump cheerleader hope for a storm thinking that the committed Trump voters will show up to vote no matter if Hell freezes over – or – does a Trump cheerleader hope for a lovely evening so that many Iowans who have never voted before leave their homes to Trump, Trump, Trump? Brit Hume who hates Trump is either setting up the expectations game or he really does think Trump has it in the bag:

Brit Hume: The polling suggests that Donald Trump does not need a big surge from first time voters. He is leading with those who describe themselves as mainstream Republicans, which means if all things are equal and we get a normal or perhaps an enlarged turnout, he’ll be fine. And if there is a huge surge of new voters, he does very well among them, he could win going away. I think this poll suggests it’s going to be tough for one of his challengers to overtake him.

We also cannot assess the impact of all the ads this weekend in Iowa. We’re not there. Donald Trump is being hammered by ads. But so are Rubio and Cruz and many others. Ads, ads, ads. Do they matter?

We also cannot assess the impact of the non-stop Fox News war against Trump this past week and weekend. Does any voter in Iowa believe Fox News and their subtle digs against Trump in matters great and small? We don’t think so, but we can’t make a real assessment because we are not in Iowa. We also do now know how the other campaigns will strategize and to whom they will give their support at the caucuses themselves in order to play “block Trump from victory”.

We do know that if Ted Cruz does not win Iowa his campaign is dead. There will be no comeback. Trump will inherit the Cruz voters quickly. We do know that if Huckabee and Santorum do not win in Iowa their campaigns are deader than the death state they are in already. We do know that if Ben Carson does not come in second his campaign will survive only until South Carolina, if that long.

We do know that the polls suggest that Trump is on top in Iowa. Today’s last poll continues to post Trump on top, but topples Hillary in favor of Saint Bernard. Has Bernie Sanders surged the little bit he needs to win? But if Bernie Sanders wins it means that all the millions Hillary spent in the Iowa field of dreams has become a nightmare. In that case Hillary will wish she followed our advice.

What is the best outcome for Trump from the Iowa Caucuses? First a big win. Second a Hillary loss. That might be exactly what happens.

For those that hate Donald Trump, we offer a few reasons to cheer him on. First, a Donald Trump win will be a victory of an inspirational, mass movement campaign of the people, over a technocratic data driven machine that thinks of people as an old IBM card to be folded, spindled, and mutilated (although the Trump campaign claims a well run ground game it prefers to keep secret). Second, a Donald Trump win will be a great victory in the war against Big Media corruption of our politics, in this case one which specifically targets Fox News and hopefully in the future monstrosities such as NBC, MSNBC, and the rest of the Big Media monsters. Big Media is the enemy.

We think Bernie Sanders will win tonight. We will find that a catastrophe but Hillary should have listened to us.

We think Trump will win. We will cheer him on. His campaign already has achieved so much. We’ll have an idea that Trump has won early if traffic picks up in Iowa streets and roads as the hour approaches. We’ll have an idea that Trump has won big if the turnout is indeed over 135,000. We think we will know all this rather early too, not past bedtime.

We think Trump has run a masterful campaign. In a sense, the primary ends tonight if Trump wins in tiny Iowa tonight because of Trump’s truly bold, well strategized, and well executed campaign. Trumps campaign ends tonight, we think, as it began – pitch perfect. Trump’s pitch perfect, final campaign ad for Iowa is really a general election ad:

If Trump wins tonight and Hillary loses, say “President Trump”.

January 30th, 2016

Iowa Caucus Weather Report: Cloudy With A Chance Of Trumpnado

Update: The final Selzer Iowa poll before the caucus says… Trumpnado! Trump 28, Cruz 23, Rubio 15, Carson 10. This is the gold standard poll and the big one before Monday. If these numbers hold up Donald J. Trump has defeated Fox News and all Big Media will take note. Big Media is the enemy.

Clinton 45, Sanders 43, O’Malley 3. Within the margin of error.


Our analysis from years and months ago is now conventional wisdom.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign is in great trouble because she is not the candidate of CHANGE. Instead of attacking Obama’s horrid record of non-leadership and bad public policy achieved via unconstitutional means (anyone remember when Obama ran on the DailyKooks platform against the “Unitary Executive” and Hillary promised to roll back Bush’s executive orders and fight against the “unitary executive”?) Hillary hugs the creep.

Barack Obama’s terrible occupation of the White House has destroyed the Democratic Party at the local, state, and national level too, but you won’t hear a peep of noise about any of that from Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in collapse because she wants to be the Obama Third Term, not a breath of fresh air and CHANGE.

As to Donald J. Trump, while even the most rabid pro-Donald Trump websites, today, sing his praises, we were the only website that understood the Trump phenomenon to come from the very first. Indeed, our 2012 articles on Trump have been amplified and vindicated. On the day Donald Trump announced, we knew he was a force not to be sneered at. We’ve been proven right. Or should we say we will be proven right? On Monday. In Iowa.

Before every debate we declared Trump the winner. It wasn’t cheesy propaganda, or wishful thinking, on our part. It’s that we understood the strategic aims of the campaign and we saw that Trump prepped the landscape – like the battleship Iowa and her great guns blasting the enemy shores.

Donald Trump does not do subtle. When those 16 inch guns focus, they blast away, as Fox News has learned. Political campaigns are military campaigns by other means. Donald Trump understands that, losers don’t.

Donald Trump blasts away in clear English. There is no subtlety, it is clear, unabashed, English. Trump communicates. Some say “I wish Trump would say things differently, temper his language”. Some say “We wish the USS Iowa would shoot daisies.”

Donald J. Trump communicates a vision. Trump has a “Make America Great Again” vision. Trump communicates that vision in clear, strong, unabashed English. Ask yourself, what is the vision, the slogan of all the other candidates? Don’t cheat by researching the question.

That’s a game we play. We try to remember the campaign slogan of every campaign without researching the answer.

To this day we know the Trump campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. We know the Jeb Bush SuperPac is called “Right to Rise”. We are almost sure that Rubio’s slogan is something along the lines of “a new generation of leadership”. But Hillary’s slogan? Sanders’ slogan? Bush’s, Cruz’s, Christie, Kasich, Paul, Carson, does anyone know the most fundamental answer to the question of what is their campaign slogan? That’s a clue.

When the USS Iowa appeared offshore, the enemy knew what the message was. When Trump appears, the American public thinks “Make America Great Again“. And therein arises a Trumpnado.

Donald J. Trump, Trumpnado, has the most far left kook union leadership worried. The New York Times follows our lead from months ago and today reports on Trumpnado season in the working class:

Labor Leaders Fear Trump May Draw Large Numbers of Union Voters

WASHINGTON — Of all the voters who might be expected to resist the charms of Donald J. Trump, the two million members of the Service Employees International Union would most likely be near the top of the list.

The union, which endorsed Hillary Clinton in November, is widely regarded as one of the more progressive in the labor movement. It skews female and racially diverse — roughly the opposite of a Trump rally, in other words.

But the union’s president, Mary Kay Henry, acknowledged that Mr. Trump holds appeal even for some of her members. “There is deep economic anxiety among our members and the people we’re trying to organize that I believe Donald Trump’s message is tapping into,” Ms. Henry said.

In expressing her concern, Ms. Henry reflected a different form of anxiety that is weighing on some union leaders and Democratic operatives: their fear that Mr. Trump, if not effectively countered, may draw an unusually large number of union voters in a possible general election matchup. This could, in turn, bolster Republicans in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, all of which President Obama won twice.

The source of the attraction to Mr. Trump, say union members and leaders, is manifold: the candidate’s unapologetically populist positions on certain economic issues, particularly trade; a frustration with the impotence of conventional politicians; and above all, a sense that he rejects the norms of Washington discourse.

“They feel he’s the one guy who’s saying what’s on people’s minds,” Thomas Hanify, the president of the Indiana state firefighters union, said of his rank and file.”

Years ago we wrote that the labor union movement had abandoned the interests of the working class. Illegal immigration and the consequent low wage societies were the most obvious labor union leadership treachery against those that pay the bills. Union members have noticed, and now Big Labor bosses are worried. The Obama Dimocrat Party finally sees the oncoming revolution and is afraid.

Why do union members eye Trump with favor? Is it the economy? The U.S. economy’s growth slowed sharply in the final three months of 2015 to a 0.7 percent annual rate. Consumers slowed spending, businesses cut back on investment and global problems trimmed exports. That’s during the Christmas season with lots of warm weather for shoppers.

At this point, days before Iowa voters imitate the namesake battleship, the Obama Dimocrat Party is of little consequence. The battle is for the future. The battle is whether the political class on the GOP side can be destroyed. Donald Trump is the USS Iowa blasting at the ruins of the corruption which is the Republican Party.

David Frum suggests the Republican Party establishment, not retreat, but surrender:

Maybe the Republican Establishment Can’t Have It All

Given their failure to take down Donald Trump, is it time for GOP elites to let go of some cherished inward-facing policy priorities? [snip]

Trump is surely an even more vulnerable target than Gingrich, right?

But Donald Trump has come under repeated attack. But Donald Trump has come under repeated attack. Here’s an ad from the Club for Growth’s million-dollar anti-Trump campaign back in September. Here’s Rand Paul in August. Here’s a pair of mocking ads from Jeb Bush’s campaign in September and October. Here’s a savage ad from the Kasich campaign in November. Everybody’s been talking about the National Review special issue in January denouncing Trump. The Miss America contestant from Alabama made many of the same points when she was interviewed in the pageant in the fall of 2015.

The attacks have been fired. They failed. [snip]

For a very long time, the voting base of the Republican Party has been signaling desperate economic and cultural distress. [snip]

Donald Trump’s response to this dilemma is protectionism, immigration restriction, and a big helping of his own often-claimed superhuman toughness and competence. It’s maybe not a very adequate answer, but it’s an answer. What’s Marco Rubio’s answer? What’s Jeb Bush’s? What’s Chris Christie’s? [snip]

The Republican Party in 2016 presents a contrasting spectacle: a party so powerfully committed to ideas that it can no longer recognize that those ideas have ceased to resonate beyond its own shrinking coteries of activists and intellectuals. Party elites have been broadcasting for months that Donald Trump is not a consistent conservative—and it has not made any difference at all. Balked and baffled, they’ve convinced themselves that the secret is to say it louder. [snip]

Or maybe it’s time for the party’s elites to let go of some of their cherished inward-facing policy priorities, as the boy released some of the nuts from his grasp. Instead, they might try actually addressing the fears and anxieties of the American middle class: jobs, wages, retirement security. Negative advertising has been aired without success. Perhaps a positive program would do better? Before it’s too late?

It’s too late. The USS Trump is offshore, 16 inch guns trained on the GOP establishment. On Monday a combined Trump bombardment this weekend and the people with pitchforks.

For a long while now we have been writing that Donald Trump was the nominee. Trump was unstoppable we wrote before Labor Day 2015, during the endless “Summer of Trump”. Now, the conventional wisdom catches up:

Trump May Be Unstoppable If He Wins Iowa

“A wide range of senior Republicans told Politico that if Trump wins Iowa, he’ll more than likely be the nominee. One factor they repeatedly pointed to: An Iowa victory over Cruz would validate opinion polls showing him in command of the race. The Trump phenomenon would officially become a reality.”

Said a top official of a rival GOP campaign: “If Donald Trump wins Iowa, I think he has won—period. Ted Cruz is supposed to win Iowa. If Trump wins, he’ll be on a trajectory to come out of the SEC primaries [March 1] with close to triple the delegates of anyone else.”

It’s easy to write that now. Not so easy when we wrote it.

Speaking of liars and cowards, Nate Silver. Silver is the “numbers guru” who used to write for the DailyKooks website and trash us. Silver, in his subsequent books and writings never disclosed he got campaign data from Obama in 2008. Silver lied his way to a top column at the New York Times and now has his own website. For months Silver gave Trump single digit (2%) chances to get the nomination. Unlike our on target analysis, Silver did not think Trump would win Iowa, let alone the nomination. Now, Nate Silver is backtracking.

Nate Silver, like many pollsters are running away from their lies now that Iowa votes in a few days. Silver and his lying friends are at this late hour, after their lies and stupid “analysis” have failed, busy rewriting. Today, Nate Silver tweeted a picture with the caption: “Just hanging out by the White House.” The picture is of Trump Tower.

It’s a big state but the picture from Iowa is clear today:

Clinton is spending the day crisscrossing Iowa to shore up up a shrinking lead over liberal favorite Bernie Sanders, at the same time her would-be Republican opponent, Ted Cruz, is working to engineer a last-minute upset over a rising Donald Trump.

Donald Trump this entire weekend continues to bombard Iowa with rally after rally with those who want to Make America Great Again. A Trumpnado is coming.

If Donald Trump wins Iowa and Hillary Clinton loses Iowa, it is instant President Trump.

The political and Big Media establishment centered in Washington D.C. and New York City better take shelter. A Trumpnado is coming – not to Iowa but from Iowa.