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February 17, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Hillary Clinton Wants To Accomplish On Her Trip Overseas

10 Exchange U.S. dollars for currency that's worth something

9 Win respect defeating Japan's top-ranked sumo wrestler

8 Shift world's perception of America from "hated" to "extremely disliked"

7 Personally thank all of her illegal campaign donors

6 Three words: stylish Indonesian pantsuits

5 Visit burial site of revered Chinese military leader, General Tso

4 Get drunk with that Japanese finance minister guy

3 Convince China to switch from lead-tainted products to mercury-tainted products

2 Catch Chinese screening of Benjamin Button entitled "The Strange Adventures of Freaky Grandpa Baby"

1 Pick up carton of duty-free smokes for Obama

February 16, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Abraham lincoln Would Say If He Were Alive Today

10 "Sup?"

9 "I see Madonna's still a slut"

8 "Who's that handsome sumbitch on the five?"

7 "Is that free Grand Slam deal still going on at Denny's?"

6 "I just changed my Facebook status update to, Tthe 'ol rail splitter is chillaxing'"

5 "How do I get on 'Dancing with the Stars'?"

4 "Okay, Obama, you're from Illinois, too. We get it!"

3 "Hey Phelps, don't Bogart the weed!"

2 "What's the deal with Joaquin Phoenix?"

1 "A Broadway play? Uhhh, no thanks. I'm good."

January 28, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Overheard at the Meeting Between Barack Obama and the Republicans

10 "I miss the Clinton administration when we'd meet at Hooters"

9 "Can we wrap this up? I've got tickets to the 4:30 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop"

8 "Smoke break!"

7 "You fellas really need to take it easy on the Old Spice"

6 "Mr. President: don't misunderestimate the Republicans"

5 "Another smoke break!"

4 "What was the deal with Aretha Franklin's hat?"

3 "About that tax the rich stuff -- you were joking, right?"

2 "Sir, it's refreshing to have a Chief Executive who speaks in complete sentences"

1 "Senator Craig's offering his stimulus package in the men's room"

January 27, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Ways Rod Blagojevich Can Improve His Image

10 Star in new television series, "America's Funniest Haircuts"

9 Quit politics and become a fat, lovable mall cop

8 Start pronouncing last name with Jerry Lewis-like "BLAGOOOYYYJEVICH"

7 Offer a senate seat with no money down, zero percent interest

6 Team up with John Malkovich and Erin Brockovich for hot Malkovich-Brockovich-Blagojevich sex tape

5 Change his name to Barod Obamavich

4 Safely land an Airbus on the Hudson River

3 I don't about showing up for his impeachment trial?

2 Wear sexy dresses, high heels and say, "You Betcha!"

1 Uhhh...resign?

January 16, 2000 - David Letterman - Top Ten Signs Obama's Getting Nervious

10 New slogan: "Yes we can... or maybe not, it's hard to say"

9 In moment of confusion, requested a $300 billion bailout from the bailout industry

8 He's up to not smoking three packs a day

7 Friends say he's looking frail, shaky, that's McCain

6 He's so stressed, doctors say he's developing a Sanjay in his Gupta

5 Been walking around muttering, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

4 Offered Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, $100,000 to buy his old Senate seat back

3 Standing on White House roof screaming, "Save us, Superman!"

2 Sweating like Bill Clinton when Hillary comes home early

1 He demanded a recount

January 8, 2000 - David Letterman - Top Ten Barack Obama Plans To Fix The Economy

10 Encourage tourists to throw spare change in the Grand Canyon

9 End our dependence on foreign owls

8 Sell New Mexico to Mexico

7 Put a little of that bailout money on the Ravens plus 3 at Tennessee. Come on! It's a mortal lock!

6 Rent out the moon for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs

5 Lotto our way out of this son-of-a-bitch

4 Appear on "Deal or No Deal" and hope to choose the right briefcase

3 Bail out the adult film industry -- not sure how it helps, but it can't hurt

2 Release O.J. from prison, have him steal America's money from China

1 Stop talkin' and start Obama-natin'!

January 7, 2000 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Overheard At The Presidents' Lunch

10 "Sorry, you're not on the list, Mr. Gore"

9 "If Hillary calls, I've been here since Monday"

8 "Laura! More Mountain Dew!"

7 "You guys wanna see, 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop'?"

6 "Call the nurse -- George swallowed a napkin ring!"

5 "Hey Barack, wanna go with us to Cabo in March? Oh that's right, you have to work!"

4 "Kissey kissey"

3 "Obama? I think he's downstairs smoking a butt"

2 "Did you ever see a monkey sneezing?"

1 "I hope Clinton's unbuckling his belt because he's full"

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October 17th, 2014

Bruce Braley Slaps Michelle Obama

Like Sasquatch in a swamp, Michelle Obama is fur-ious. The White House dogs get a swift kick in the underbelly. Sleeves on dresses get viciously yanked. Sasquatch fear roams the halls. Angry.

It’s bound to get worse. Outside of the Whine House walls Michelle has to pretend to be OK. Publicly Michelle Obama has to smile. But this volcano is smouldering. It’s about to blow!

But the eruption will have to stifle itself until after the elections. Here’s what happened to set off Sasquatchian Micheelle:

Last week Michelle Obama campaigned for Bruce Braley in his race against that strong woman Joni Ernst. Michelle Obama was not happy. First she had to leave the Whine House for something other than a luxury vacation. Second, well, she had to work without pay which goes against her convictions as a Chicago native who thinks anytime she does something cash should cross her palms.

Michelle could barely unstick her eyelashes for this unwanted task. MOO continued to ostentatiously elevate Bruce Braley as a super terrific guy with super terrific credentials. But MOO knew so much about Braley she repeatedly called him “Bruce Bailey”.

“Bruce Bailey” is so terrific that you must vote for Bruce Bailey” mooed MOO. “Bruce Bailey” is just what Iowa needs” MOO mooed. Not until a shout from the fields that the name is “Bruce Braley” did MOO use the right name. It was a very damaging moment. How do we know it was a damaging moment? Because the Washington Post ordered up a long, tedious, article to defend MOO and explain to us all how we form words and why MOO is really just so wonderful and just ignore her stupidity and blame cognitive processes for the fact that she did not even know the name of the candidate she shilled for. MOO also said he was a Marine when Braley has never been a Marine.

MOO had to be roused from her comfy bed and expensive meals to campaign for Bruce Braley. That’s because Barack Obama is poison to campaigns. So MOO had to be herded out to the fields of Iowa to pretend and mispronounce.

To repay MOO after he milked her publicity value Bruce Bailey, er, Braley, paid her back with a sour note:

Iowa Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley, who is currently locked in a tight Senate race, used a Congressional hearing about Ebola on Thursday to critique the Obama administration’s response to the outbreak.

I am greatly concerned…that the administration did not act fast enough in responding in Texas,” Braley said.

Is that the thanks I get?” screamed MOO. “I go campaign where there’s no arugula and Wagyu steaks then Bailey turns around to attack us???” MOO said as she kicked Barack.

“Reggie please”, er, “Honey please” replied Barack, “ya gotta understand, ya gotta help. Ya gotta calm down and just hang on for a few more weeks, please. Then you can take an extra long, extra luxurious vacation for the next two years. We just gotta get through this because a Republican senate might begin to investigate and then vacations are off.” “OK” MOO gritted out as she applied yet another kick to her Whine House dog.

EBOLA OBAMA Then it got worse.

Instead of MOO protection and Ebola Barack protection, Whine House spokesclown Josh defended Bailey, er Braley. Said spokesclown Josh:

“Well, Mr. Braley is somebody that has a reputation for being willing to speak truth to power whether they are in the same party as him or not,” Earnest replied, when asked by reporters about his comments. “I think that this is another indication that he is willing to do that.”

We gather the Whine House now agrees with the critics who denounce Ebola Barack for the Ebola response mess.

Then it got even worse for MOO: she’s gonna have to campaign again for Bailey, er, Braley.

If Moo wants to continue to swallow those smooth Wagyu steaks and suck down that Champagne she must do the unthinkable: work.

Why? For one thing the Whine House Obamas do not want a Republican controlled Senate uncorking their thus far hidden scandals. Additionally, the Whine House Ebola Obamas have lost political support. Let’s face it, Obama is probably going to impose travel restrictions on West Africa. It’s just a matter of time and one more infection.

Already, in one high profile race, an Ebola flip-flop:

Democratic senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina was emphatic earlier this week that instituting a travel ban on those attempting to enter the United States from West African nations ravaged by the Ebola virus was “not going to help solve the problem.” Hagan’s Republican opponent, Thom Tillis, had been one of the first candidates for office to suggest the ban.

That’s not going to help solve this problem,” said Hagan Wednesday when asked about Tillis’s position. “That’s not going to contain the epidemic that we see happening in Africa.”

But in a statement released Friday afternoon by her official Senate office, Hagan appears to have changed her mind.

“I have said for weeks that travel restrictions should be one part of a broad strategy to prevent Ebola from spreading in the U.S. and fighting it in Africa,” said Hagan in her statement. “I am calling on the Administration to temporarily ban the travel of non-U.S. citizens from the affected countries in West Africa. Although stopping the spread of this virus overseas will require a large, coordinated effort with the international community, a temporary travel ban is a prudent step the President can take to protect the American people, and I believe he should do so immediately.”

Hagen did not dig herself out of her freshly dug Ebola hole. Hagen followed her statement on the travel ban with praise for the CDC. Talk about stupid.

In defense of Ebola Obama and his Ebola policies Kay Hagen is in the process of political suicide. Why defend the bumblers at the CDC? And why call for a travel ban with such insincerity?

Not only is Senator Kay Hagen a weasel. Senator Kay Hagen is a RACIST!:

While we’re speaking “truth to power” the “liberals” at New Republic are racists too:

We Should Quarantine Everyone Coming From Countries With Ebola Outbreaks
An infectious-disease specialist says the time for half-measures is over [[snip]

Medicine can be a very humbling profession, and after more than 30 years of practicing infectious-disease medicine, I have learned that the “unanticipated” happens all too often, especially where microbes are involved. Over the last two weeks, the rosy scenarios painted by the Centers for Disease Control have lost their glow and started to unravel.

The fact that Ebola is transmitted by bodily fluids and not by the respiratory route provides no guarantee that there won’t be an outbreak in the U.S. or Europe. [snip]

There is a real possibility that the numbers will proliferate more rapidly than expected. Here are four problems that could contribute to this: [snip]

Quarantine is one tool that has been successfully employed in the past; currently, it is being underutilized. I would maintain that every individual traveling here from a country with an active outbreak—currently Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Nigeria—should be quarantined. [snip]

If the quarantine could be established prior to travel, then virtually no cases would be imported from West Africa.

Well, they’re not advocates for a “travel ban”. They just say let’s have concentration quarantine camps or something. That’s the ticket. That’s so much more politically correct.

There do seem to be reasons to PANIC say some. Others are busy in full Ebola Obama protection mode and in disregard for what is best for the United States. Here’s Sam Stein in full American Horror Story clown costume:

Sam Stein’s Awful Argument Against Travel Ban: Helps America But Hurts West Africa

The last time we looked, Barack Obama was President of the United States, not of some other country.  So if a ban on travel into the United States by people from Ebola-ravaged countries in West Africa would help America, isn’t it President Obama’s obligation to impose it, even if it might hurt those African countries?

On today’s Morning Joe, HuffPo’s Sam Stein twice acknowledged that the ban might “help America.” Yet he argued against the ban on the grounds that it would hurt West Africa and make it harder to track people fleeing those countries. You sensed Sam’s heart wasn’t entirely in it, and when he finished Joe Scarborough thanked him, saying he was going to hit Stein’s weak offering out of the park, as that SF Giants batter did last night in the ninth.

Scarborough’s counter was that there needs to be a two-pronged approach: a travel ban coupled with greatly-increased American efforts to help stop the epidemic in Africa, thus getting the disease under control and quelling panic that could send people fleeing abroad.

STEIN: The nexus of the problem with Ebola is not in America it’s in West Africa. And until you get the situation in West Africa under control we will never be actually out of the woods with respect to Ebola. So when you look at a travel ban you have to look at it holistically. What does it mean not just for America but for West Africa? Basically every health official–maybe with a few exceptions–has said that if you do a travel ban it may, in fact, help America but it will make the situation in West Africa a whole lot more complex and a whole lot worse. People will panic — [snip]

So yes, you might help the situation in America but the situation in West Africa is exacerbated and made worse. That’s the point.

SCARBOROUGH: Sam, I want to thank you –

STEIN: I tried my best.

It’s all a joke to Sammy. Why not tell the truth? Stop the apologies for Barack Obama. We can quarantine travel from West Africa and provide assistance to West Africa. Panic in this country will not help West Africa. Panic in this country will have adverse effects, such as anger, against West Africa.

Ebola Obama’s response to this and every crisis is the same: SEND IN THE SPIN DOCTORS! You might as well send in the clowns.

Instead of a leader to coordinate the American response against Ebola. Instead of medical expert Obama hired a SPIN DOCTOR to fight EBOLA. It’s always a “communications” problem with this clown.

Ebola Obama

An Ebola Spin Doctor will not alter the political landscape. Obama Dimocrats will not be saved by a last minute change in the polls. It’s a much too late to stop the Republicans from a takeover of the Senate and a likely powerful wave election in the House. The Macaca Dimocrats are on their way out.

There’s not much MOO and her bovine husband can do at this point. All they can do is take the insults. Take the slaps in the face. Take all the slaps in the face that are so richly deserved.

The big slap in the face will hit in November.

October 15th, 2014

Ebola Obama’s Explosive Diarrhea

Update: What should Ebola Obama have done? First impose a quarantine on travelers from West Africa to prevent the infected from travel to the United States. Second, coordinate with African nations to provide assistance to the stricken countries and individuals. Third, with the quarantine in place establish “protocols” and procedures to deal with any potential infection here. Fourth, secure the southern border to prevent other diseases from hitchhiking on random illegal aliens. Fourth, consider slowly lifting the quarantine once procedures against Ebola are in place and safety is assured. Put a total quarantine in place again if any breach occurs.

Instead of the above we got the usual lies from Barack Obama and his henchmen. It’s kind of late for this statement from the CDC chief: From now on, we’ll make sure people we’re monitoring for exposure to Ebola don’t get on a plane.


Ebola Obama shat on everything and everyone. This country is in trouble. We can see the explosive diarrhea of “Yes We Can” Midas-in-reverse Barack Obama everywhere these days.

Today we were going to apply some very “tough love” and some very tough language to Hillary Clinton and mercilessly mock Hillary Clinton 2016 because both are in need of corrective measures as only we can apply. But by now Hill and Bill must realize we are entirely correct and they are making some dumb moves. We’ve made our case clear for years now and yesterday’s comments section has a good discussion on our point of view.

After yesterday’s very clear confirmation of our view that Alison Grimes was and is a loser (the DSCC has given up on her and will not air ads on Grimy’s behalf) the news became worse for Grimes and today’s campaigner for Grimes – Hillary Clinton.

The Move-On loons today attack Grimes for her description of illegal aliens as “illegal aliens”. Move-On does not attack the pack of lies Grimes has unleashed in an ad. Move-On attacks the correct use of “illegal aliens” to describe illegal aliens:

Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes is in deep water with progressives and immigration advocates after her campaign ran an ad calling undocumented immigrants “illegal aliens” and bizarrely accusing her opponent, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), of being soft on immigration.

Likewise King Kook Howard Dean condemned Grimes for calling illegal aliens “illegal aliens”.

So let’s tally the damage: (1) two days before Hillary campaigns with Alison Grimes this loser doubles down on the ridiculous claim that she is protecting the sanctity of the ballot forcing Hillary to join in on the charade or attack the silly claim; (2) the week before Alison Grimes dubbed herself a “Clinton Democrat” thereby dragging Hill and Bill further into the morass; (3) on the day before Hillary campaigns with Alison Grimes the DSCC announces the death of the Grimes campaign with the news that no more money is forthcoming from them thereby putting Hillary in a tougher spot; (4) on the day Hillary will campaign with Alison Grimes the crackpot left attacks Alison Grimes and Hillary is put in an even tougher set of spots having to denounce or not denounce the use of “illegal aliens” and or defend Mitch McConnell and attack the Grimes ad. Brilliant work Hillary and Hillary Clinton 2016!

We had also considered, now that we are three weeks out from the election, that today would be a good day to publish a poll analysis because we believe from here on out the polls do matter. But events once again find us in Hazmat suits looking at Ebola Obama’s explosive diarrhea everywhere.

Today’s news had the effect that made both our discussion of Hillary’s foolishness and a poll analysis moot.

For Hillary the good news is that so much bad news will relegate her disastrous visit to the back pages of discussion.

As to the polls and and analysis of same we think that the tide of bad news today will possibly make the bad news for Obama Dimocrats even worse and the good news for Republicans even better.

In short the bad news today is EBOLA and more EBOLA. Breaking: Second TX health care worker tests positive for Ebola.

Remember all the “experts” and the rubbish reassurances? The “experts” lied repeatedly and the Ebola mess is worse than anyone in the public suspected:

On the day that Duncan was admitted to the hospital with possible Ebola symptoms, he was “left for several hours, not in isolation, in an area where other patients were present,” union co-president Deborah Burger said.

Up to seven other patients were present in that area, the nurses said, according to the union.

A nursing supervisor faced resistance from hospital authorities when the supervisor demanded that Duncan be moved to an isolation unit, the nurses said, according to the union.

After expressing concerns that their necks were exposed even as they wore protective gear, the nurses were told to wrap their necks with medical tape, the union says.

As if he were Barack Obama, the Ebola Patient Zero had explosive diarrhea. The “experts” are in control and the nurses are in danger:

“The protocols that should have been in place in Dallas were not in place, and that those protocols are not in place anywhere in the United States as far as we can tell,” National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro said Tuesday night. “We’re deeply alarmed.” [snip]

There was no one to pick up hazardous waste as it piled to the ceiling,” Burger said. [snip]

“This nurse was being blamed for not following protocols that did not exist. … The nurses in that hospital were very angry, and they decided to contact us,” DeMoro said.

Barack Obama’s mess is piled to the ceiling too. By now no one should doubt we were serious when in 20 we wrote “Barack Obama will get us all killed“.

The shills and crackpots will continue to defend Barack Obama. Hillary take note. Donna Brazille appears to be slut shaming the nurses. The dirty nurses are to blame because they should have known what their job is and the risks involved.

The experts mock the public but it is the experts that need to be taught a lesson. Blame the nurses? Blame the doctors? No. Blame Barack Obama.

Here’s some of what the “experts” try to keep hidden. Doctors Without Borders has lost nine doctors to Ebola thus far of the sixteen that are infected. The very latest Ebola patient, a nurse, flew on a commercial plane filled with 132 passengers the day before her symptoms became evident. And yes, it is very possible that Ebola can spread through the air not just through bodily fluids contrary to what the “experts” in the United States have been saying for weeks.

The World Heath Organization says Ebola can incubate for more than 21 days not the lesser number of day as is widely presumed. There are now about 120 people being monitored to see if they have caught Ebola. This is the same Ebola that Ebola Obama said would not make a home in the United States.

Ebola Obama’s explosive diarrhea is everywhere. Ebola is the Obama October Surprise:

Ebola has become the October surprise of this year’s midterm elections, with Democrats and Republicans doing battle over everything from restrictions on travel to the disposal of a victim’s remains. [snip]

The issue is particularly fraught for Democrats, given signs that President Obama’s dragging poll numbers could help Republicans take control of the Senate. Though Ebola is unlikely to move the needle in specific races, political strategists say it adds to the darkening public mood.

“The situation with Ebola and what’s going on in Syria and Iraq — all of this is creating a high level of anxiety among voters and a sense of uncertainty about the future,” said Democratic strategist Doug Thornell.

Ebola Obama’s explosive diarrhea is evident on Wall Street today. After years of free money for Wall Street and a market bloated with empty financial calories today we once again witness drops at times of more than 250 points. The rise in the markets can no longer hide the Ebola Obama Economy and the results is that the economy is dragging down the markets and the markets will further drag down the economy. Midas-in-reverse.

Ebola Obama’s explosive diarrhea can be seen all over the Middle East. ISIS gains strength because of weak Obama. It is now more than just a possibility that Baghdad and Iraq will fall to ISIS and become part of a new Caliphate monstrosity.

Barack Obama’s explosive diarrhea is all over this year’s elections. Scott Brown is now ahead in New Hampshire, a race that Obama Dimocrats knew was safe. No longer.

Another sure win for Obama Dimocrats was North Carolina. No longer.

Ordinarily now is the time to abandon candidates that are more than four points behind. No longer. Barack Obama’s explosive diarrhea makes it likely that a Republican wave might sweep into office even Republican candidates now far behind in the polls.

Barack Obama’s explosive diarrhea has brought the party he infected in 2008 to lows not seen in thirty years and the damage will last a long time. Hillary, take note.

October 13th, 2014

For Columbus Day Lizzie Warren Tomahawks Barack Obama

Lizzie Warren is not Cherokee as she has claimed in order to garner affirmative action benefits. Lizzie Warren is more Lizzie Borden. Or did she join ISIS? Here’s the American Horror Story: Lizzie Warren tale:

There we were on Sunday on our pink fainting couch. Our toes were separated by those soft foamy things whilst our toe nails were painted pink to match the decor and the tint on our fashion forward fashion statement spectacles. While thusly tended to we amused ourselves by devouring the comments on our favorite pink website. Then it was almost as if someone slapped us and pushed us down a flight of cocktails.

Lizzie Warren came out of her wigwam to decapitate Barack Obama. Oh dear. What will the children say?

This is what set us off:

EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Warren on Barack Obama: “They protected Wall Street. Not families who were losing their homes. Not people who lost their jobs. And it happened over and over and over”
There has not been nearly enough change,” she tells Salon, taking on Obama failures, lobbyists, tuition. So 2016?

Say what??? Come again. Lizzie Warren took her ax and gave Obama forty whacks!

Lizzie??? Is that you? Did you really say such mean things about mess-iah? Have you too turned on Ebola Obama, a.k.a. OBOLA???

We read on in disbelief while the Champagne soaked our slippers:

But President Obama had a golden opportunity when he came in to change the system and I just don’t feel like it has changed, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau aside. I mean, are the regulators now referring things to the Justice Department? Are the wheels turning again?

There has not been nearly enough change. Not nearly enough. [snip]

Let’s get back to the mindset of a lot of people. They look at you and they say, Elizabeth Warren, she’s part of the elite too. She was a professor at Harvard. [snip]

And I say this — it’s like I talk about in the book — this is personal for me. I graduated from a commuter college that cost $50 a semester in Texas.

Here’s the penultimate question: everything you’re saying are issues that have been important to me most of my adult life. In 2008, I thought I had a candidate who was going to address these things. Right? Barack Obama. Today, my friends and I are pretty disappointed with what he’s done. I wonder if you feel he has been forthright enough on these subjects. And I also wonder if you think that someone can take any of this stuff on without being president. You know, there are a lot of good politicians in America who have their heart in the right place. But they’re not the president. Well anyhow. You understand my frustration…

I understand your frustration, Tom and, actually, I talk about this in the book. When I think about the president, for me, it’s about both halves. If Barack Obama had not been president of the United States we would not have a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Period. [snip] At the same time, he picked his economic team and when the going got tough, his economic team picked Wall Street.

You might say, “always.” Just about every time they had to compromise, they compromised in the direction of Wall Street.

That’s right. They protected Wall Street. Not families who were losing their homes. Not people who lost their jobs. Not young people who were struggling to get an education. And it happened over and over and over. So I see both of those things and they both matter. [snip]

Look, there are two ways you can look at that. You can look at that and say, “Well, obviously, democracy doesn’t work.” Or the other way you can look at that is to say, “We have the opportunity. The moment is upon us.” We push back hard enough, we’re pushing for America’s agenda. Not an agenda to help a small group of people, an agenda to build a future for this country. And I believe we win. I believe it.

Looks like Lizzie Warren is about to run for something as the third Stalin term but with a five year plan. Such lovely words about high tuition and investment and all that but really…. Obama failed because he wasn’t crackpot enough??? That’s some campaign message.

We don’t want to use that word that starts with an “R” and ends with a “T” but what other word is there? Lizzie Borden, er, Warren, the great tribune fighting for the little people? Um… We don’t want to get serious or nutin’ but the Export-Import Bank gets a “yes” from populist Lizzie? Corporate Welfare Lizzie?

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren—a leading progressive populist, possible Democratic presidential candidate, self-proclaimed champion of the poor, and enemy of greedy corporations (not really, as you will see)—supports the Export-Import Bank.

That’s right: The woman best known for demonizing big businesses nevertheless wants to maintain an outlandishly generous subsidy package for them.

Warren’s support for Ex-Im was revealed Friday after the Heritage Foundation reached out to her regarding a possible partnership on the issue. Libertarians and Tea Party conservatives are noted opponents of the subsidy, which they see as crony capitalism that helps politically-connected businesses cheat the free market. Liberty-inclined Republicans are working with the left on a host of issues, including NSA spying and marijuana legalization—why not make common cause with Warren on corporatism as well?

Did we miss something? Did Lizzie Borden, er, Lizzie Warren chop off her head or sumting’? We’re confused. Why here is the great black HOPE denouncing the Export-Import Bank in 2008:

Obama in 2008 said the Export-Import Bank is “little more than a fund for corporate welfare.” Yet Lizzie B…Warren will fund this corporate welfare crony capitalism crap???????????????????????????

What will Barack say? Surely he will denounce this corrupt corporate welfare crony capitalism crone!

Oops! We missed it. It seems that 2008 Obama disagrees with 2014 Obama. Obama now supports corrupt corporate welfare crony capitalism crap. Maybe Lizzie BWarren is the Obama Third Term with Stalin Five Year Plan attachments (batteries not included).

“But for some reason, right now the House Republicans have decided that we shouldn’t do this, which means that when American companies go overseas and they’re trying to close a sale on selling Boeing planes, for example, or a GE turbine or some other American product that has all kinds of subcontractors behind it and is creating all kinds of jobs and all of sorts of small businesses depend on that sale, and that American company’s going up against a German company or a Chinese company, and the Chinese and the American — the German company are providing financing and the American company isn’t, we may lose that sale,” Obama argued.

“Why — when did that become something that Republicans opposed? It’d be like me having a car dealership for Ford, and the Toyota dealership offers somebody financing and I don’t. We will lose business, and we’ll lose jobs if we don’t pass it,” Obama continued.

It’s hard to keep track of Barack Obama’s flim-flams and outright lies. Lizzie Warren fits right in:

Consider the Export-Import Bank. This little-known relic of New Deal-style command-and-control economics represents cronyism at its worst. Ex-Im, which is up for congressional reauthorization this fall, provides a select few corporations with taxpayer-funded handouts meant to buoy their exports. As Veronique de Rugy, a senior research fellow with the Mercatus Center, explains, “Economists have long known that these kinds of export credit subsidies will never raise the overall level of trade; rather, they redistribute wealth away from unsubsidized American firms, employees, and consumers and direct it toward a tiny number of subsidy beneficiaries.” [snip]

A marketplace distorted by politicians doling out favors to select corporate interests creates all the wrong incentives. Instead of innovating to earn the business of average people, companies will focus on turning a profit through the acquisition of government subsidies. [snip]

Those concerned with issues of income inequality and the plight of the “99 percent” ought to be extremely disturbed by the transgressions of politicians who campaign on these issues and do the exact opposite in practice. When Barack Obama embraced a grassroots shtick in an effort to out-maneuver Hillary Clinton in 2008, he described the Ex-Im Bank as “little more than a fund for corporate welfare.” The president was right, of course, but now his rhetoric echoes those who act as if government-subsidized job creation doesn’t have a net negative impact on the small businesses trying to compete under the weight of an unjust corporatist system.

The same goes for the allegedly populist senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, who is known for railing against the excesses of corporate America. Her spokesperson recently stated, “Senator Warren believes that the Export-Import Bank helps create American jobs and spur economic growth.” So much for protecting the little guy, who’s trying to compete without a guaranteed taxpayer bailout and can’t afford the K Street lobbyists needed to acquire one.

Be prepared. Soon, Lizzie Warren will ax her words and say whatever is opposite Hillary Clinton about the Export Import Bank.

No doubt Lizzie is disappointed in the failed tin calf. Lots of the “yes we can” crowd now feign surprise at the notion that Obama was the “game-changer”. Lizzie is not alone in the doldrums:

“Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions, who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans,” the new president declared in his 2009 inaugural address to a 1.8 million-strong crowd on the Mall. “. . . What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them, that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.”

From pledging an Earth-moving transformation, Obama has been reduced to hitting singles and getting his lonely paragraph right . After drawing early comparisons to Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy all rolled into one, Obama has fallen so low that journalists wonder whether Jimmy Carter is not a more appropriate parallel. [snip]

But however historians and the public ultimately rate Obama, the greatness that he sought — and that was expected of him — will probably not be his. As early as 2011, in an extraordinary comment to “60 Minutes,” Obama believed otherwise: “I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, FDR and Lincoln — just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history.” [snip]

But that kind of ambition requires a leader to see the world clearly as it is before trying to refashion it the way he wants it to be. Not reading the terrain accurately, failing to assess whether his administration had the muscle to negotiate it, and missing what the public expected and wanted can lead to unhappy consequences.

Whatever your judgment of Obama’s policies, there is a vast gap between the expectations he set for himself and his supporters and the realities of his presidency. Obama reached for greatness but has disappointed many of those who voted for him once or even twice because they so badly wanted to believe; those who thought he would end partisanship and change Washington when he could not; those who believed he could transform the country and America’s foreign policy, too, when he did not; and those who believed he would somehow become the Kennedy-like president of their dreams.

It’s cruel of us we know to remind the “yes we can” clods that “no you can’t” not with a treacherous boob. That same “yes we can” crowd now drools for the lady with the tomahawk or is it an ax or a machete to save them. Forget it girlfriends. We need to export this import.

Lizzie Warren is not as obviously bad as others (Wendy Davis press conference: Meet all my friends who are in wheelchairs)… yet. But soon enough it will be clear to all but the addled-headed Hopium-soaked yes-we-canaries that export-import Lizzie Warren is just another disappointment waiting to yes-we-canappen.

We end this Columbus Day (now dubbed Indigenous People’s Day by the yes-we-cannites) with a joke Mitt Romney should have made in 2012 instead of calling Barack “a nice guy”. Too late Mitt is speaking heap much truth:

President Obama went to the bank to cash a check and he didn’t have his ID. And the teller said you’ve got to prove who you are.

He said, “How should I do that?” She said the other day Phil Mickelson came in, he didn’t have his ID but he set up a little cup on the ground, took a golf ball, putted it right into that cup so they knew it was Phil Mickelson. They cashed his check.

And then Andre Agassi came in. And Andre Agassi didn’t have his ID either. He put a little target on the wall, took a tennis ball and racquet– hit it onto that target time. We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check.

And she said to him, “Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?” And Obama said, “I don’t have a clue.”

And she said, “Well, Mr. President, do you want your money in small bills or large bills.”

You can say the same about Lizzie Borden, er Lizzie Warren.

October 10th, 2014

Is Alison Grimes A Racist???

We’ll explain why this is important in our last two paragraphs. For now we declare this election season we must expose, uproot and remove racists. That will be our self appointed task for 2014. No one else has our courage so we will do it.

What qualifies us for our noble anti-racist task? We ourselves have ceaselessly been dubbed “RACISTS!” for support of Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama. We therefore are experts in what constitutes a “racist” in the minds of Big Media and the crackpot left. We will now hold to these standards in our crusade (that’s a racist Islamaphobe word) against RACISTS and RACISM wherever it is found.

Already we have bagged a big one: Alison Lundgren Grimes!

As everyone knows if you deny the divinity of Messiah Obama you are a racist. If you are now or ever have supported anyone who ran against Barack Obama you are a racist. If you do not fully embrace Barack Obama you are a racist. Gwyneth Paltrow is not a racist.

We know she is not a racist because she fully embraces Barack Obama. We know that because of the latest words from Gwyneth Paltrow to Obama: You’re very handsome and you should have all the power you need for your agenda. Gwyneth wants to give Barack Obama all the powers of godhood so she is not a racist:

You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly,” the actress, singer and food writer gushed after introducing Obama to several hundred supporters seated on white fold-out chairs in the lush backyard of her home in the movie star haven of Brentwood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

In a not-so-subtle reference to her “conscious uncoupling” earlier this year from husband Chris Martin, Paltrow said it was a “profound honor” to have Obama in the home she shares with Apple and Moses, her two children with the Coldplay lead vocalist. [snip]

In a brief introduction punctuated by “ums,” Paltrow declared herself to be one of Obama’s biggest fans and said he’s an “incredible role model.”

I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest, and have been since the inception of your campaign,” she said, adding that she thinks both of his campaigns and his presidency will be one of the most important and most scrutinized of all time.

Paltrow noted the approaching Nov. 4 midterm elections in which Democratic control of the Senate is at risk. She called it a “critical time” for Democrats and seemed to urge everyone to vote. “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,” she said.

If you are immobilized with disgust or even raised an eyebrow, smirked, giggled, or consider Paltrow anything like a dumbass Hollywood whore so stupid that she can’t admit Barack Obama is “worst pResident ever” as well as a totalitarian Hitler youth mom – you are a racist and we have bagged your racist ass too.

If you find this 2009 video of our Hollywood betters taking THE PLEDGE in any way creepy or disgusting or downright Hollyweird and the actors in this video an “abomination” of rich hypocrites then you are indeed and without dispute – A RACIST:


The racists at TMZ are racists without a doubt:

The idiocy of Hollywood was in full bloom Thursday night when Gwyneth Paltrow turned an already-embarrassing Hollywood fundraiser into “The Dating Game.”

Paltrow — who hosted the event at her Brentwood home — gushed as she introduced President Obama, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”

She then showed utter ignorance about, and contempt for, the Constitution and separation of powers — the basic tenets of our government — by saying, “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.”

It’s the latest example of how demeaning it has become for Presidents to act like circus animals — performing for crowds that will feed them … in this case, feed them with money to line political coffers.

It’s revolting that celebrities and other rich people feel such a need for self-importance — contributing money but ONLY if they can have their picture taken with the president and tell their friends they had dinner with him. If they’re so committed to him, just send him a check and let him stay in Washington and do his job.

Fact is … it has little to do with Obama. It’s about how the celebrity circus has sullied the Presidency of the United States.

If you think it is Barack Obama who is the head clown in the circus that has sullied the presidency – you are a racist.

But what about racist Alison Grimes? Let’s not forget to detail her racism.

By now you have surely heard that Alison Grimes denies the divinity of Barack Obama. This racist candidate for senate in Kentucky is willing to take the money raised by the black man but then in her racist state of Kentucky, which Hillary Clinton won in the 2008 primaries by something like 40 points, RACIST GRIMES won’t even admit she voted for the divine ONE.

Alison Grimes is a racist who will not campaign with the black man. Alison Grimes is in full racist dog whistle mode. RACIST GRIMES signals to her racist Kentucky voters that she too is a racist that will not be seen by the side of the holy black man who carries all our burdens. RACIST RACIST RACIST GRIMES.

She’s a racist alright:

RACIST GRIMES can prove us wrong. RACIST GRIMES can welcome the divine Barack, Der Führer Obama to campaign proudly at her side up and down Kentucky. IF ALISON GRIMES IS NOT A RACIST SHE WILL CAMPAIGN WITH BARACK OBAMA. IF ALISON GRIMES DOES NOT CAMPAIGN WITH BARACK OBAMA SHE IS A RACIST!

Not a racist Chuckie Todd helps us expose RACIST GRIMES:

“Kentuckians expect her to cast a tough vote on anything?” Todd asked, barely concealing his disdain. “Is she ever going to answer a tough question on anything? You want to be a U.S. senator?

“If you can’t say, if you can’t find a way to stand behind your party’s president — you can disagree with him — but you can’t answer that basic question?” he added incredulously. “I think she disqualified herself. I really do.”

Alison Grimes has disqualified herself from the senate. She is a RACIST. She will not campaign with Barack Obama. She will not campaign for Obama’s policies. Barack Obama himself has declared this November 2014 election to be a vote for or against (RACISTS!) his policies but Alison Grimes the RACIST dares defy the black man.


We weep when we see RACISM so flagrant and perfumed like a saloon hussy in an old West gold fever mining town.

From now on anyone who will not campaign and pledge their lives, honor and devotions to Barack Obama is and forever will be known as a RACIST.

What say you about Jeanne Shaheen?

Stay out of New Hampshire, Barack!

Shaheen to MSNBC on whether or a not a campaign visit by Obama would be helpful “Well, the president is dealing with a lot of crises in the world right now. And I think it’s important for him to continue to address what’s happening with ISIS, to continue to address the Ebola scare. And so, I expect him to be in Washington.”

In other words, thanks, Barry. But no thanks! But then, Shaheen is hardly alone in ducking the unpopular president.



We must expose and rid ourselves of the RACISTS.

Wendy Davis is running for governor of Texas. She has an excuse for why she will not campaign with Barack Obama because her campaign is focused on state issues mostly. We don’t have the evidence that Davis is a racist. But there is some evidence that Davis hates the disabled as she slams her wheelchair bound opponent in this ad.

Because we are measured in our words and non-provocative we will not say outright that Wendy Davis is a racist or hates the disabled. The Barack Obama campaign of 2008 and 2012 would have instantly proclaimed Davis to hate the disabled and to be racist if she was a Republican. But good ol’ Wendy is an Obama Dimocrat.

Because we do have the evidence we will continue to denounce any Dimocrat who will not campaign alongside Barack Obama as a RACIST. We hope everyone, Republicans included help us stamp out this scourge every time a RACIST Dimocrat refuses to campaign with Der Fuhrer Barack Obama.

Some Barack Obama supporters who hate us might voice some suspicions as to why we are so very gung-ho against RACISM in this 2014 election. We will explain.

Barack Obama has made it clear that these November 2014 elections are a vote on his policies. Imagine what happens to Barack Obama and his policies if Obama Dimocrats lose in November 2014. It will be a complete rejection of Barack Obama’s policies that Republicans will point to in every dispute that arises in the next two years.

We wouldn’t want that to happen? Would we?

October 8th, 2014

American Horror Story Freakshow: Why Ebola Obama Won’t Quarantine

North America is not the source of Ebola. If not for those infected with Ebola from West Africa there would be no, ZERO, cases of Ebola in North America. And that is why there is no quarantine of West Africa.

No Ebola in North America therefore no imperative for the United States to waste money and waste resources in quixotic Obama projects to get himself loved around the world. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Barack Obama wants to transform the American military into nation-building community organizers. It’s part and parcel of the “managed decline” of America. It’s part of a larger purposeful destruction of the nation.

Barack Obama will send 3,000 American troops to West Africa to community organize and come into contact with Ebola. These will not be medical personnel. These will be military personnel engaged in nation building community organizing. Instead of the prime mission of the military, American troops will be utilized for tasks not in their portfolio.

As a bonus, Barack Obama and his freakshow Dimocrats will then attack the Pentagon budget as bloated. The Pentagon budget is indeed bloated. Some of the bloat comes from military misadventures. Some of the bloat comes from misguided “humanitarian” deployments of military personnel when others better suited to the task should get the job. These community organizing nation building deployments by the Pentagon will further weaken the overstretched American military and further waste funds.

What should be done? Quarantine West Africa and any country in Europe or elsewhere which has an eruption of Ebola. Then along with other countries provide medical and other help to the fight against the Ebola virus. It’s a humanitarian and intelligent response to a very real danger.

This is the sixth year of American Horror Story: Freakshow, starring Barack Obama.

The Obama freakshow carneys attack Americans who make the case for a quarantine of countries in West Africa and, if necessary, elsewhere that are hotbeds of Ebola. The Obama freakshow carneys haughtily mock the calls for a quarantine as a “panic” by unscientific lowlifes that are not as expert as they are. Other Obama freaks denounce the calls for quarantines as “racist”.

The fact is we lowly Americans are much wiser and have the common sense that these freaks from the Obama freakshow do not possess. Anyone who has attended a school in the United States can well remember fellow classmates of all colors and races quarantined.

In high school we can well remember giggles because someone was quarantined because they had “mono”. Mononucleosis, the “kissing disease” usually afflicted the cutest classmates and sometimes enhanced their stature because… um, well, because. Got mumps” Yeah, you get quarantined too. It has noting to do with racism nor class, nor gender. You have a disease that is contagious, you get quarantined. It’s common sense.

Why are so many Americans so enraged about Ebola? It’s when you know something should obviously be done and instead you get attacked by holier-than-thou freaks who then pretend they are the Cool Hand Lukes and you are the pearl-clutching Betty that the rage ensues. Americans were assured by Obama that Ebola was unlikely to invade America. Now we have seen the first Ebola patient in North America die. Now there is another potential Ebola victim.

Report: Man who may or may not have had contact with Dallas Ebola patient now exhibiting similar symptons:

If it’s confirmed that he knew Thomas Duncan, this would be the second case.

Where, you ask, did the authorities encounter this mystery man exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms? Why, at a local health clinic in Frisco, Texas. Unwitting patients and staffers who were inside the clinic with him are now being held and examined, all apparently because this guy didn’t think to call the CDC or the police from home and tell them what was going on.

It does not really matter to our argument whether or not this man has contracted Ebola. Look at how these “experts” who mock the “panic” and assure the American public they are the experts in charge and only mopes and dopes don’t trust them fully react in the most stupid of ways:

The patient, dressed in shorts and wearing a surgical mask and a plastic head covering, just walked out of the facility and into the ambulance, which had been covered in plastic. That patient will likely transported to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where Thomas Eric Duncan was hospitalized.

We are working to determine if this person is among the 48 people the Centers for Disease Control is monitoring. So far there has been no comment from the CDC, which already had a 3 p.m. press conference scheduled.

There are also conflicting reports concerning the patient. Frisco officials earlier said he claimed to have had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, but Care Now says he told them he’d been to Africa.”

He’s just walking around, hanging around, nothing to worry about folks. In Spain the “experts” are just as “expert” and careful:

According to Spanish press reports quoting the Spanish nurses’ union, Romero called Carlos III hospital several times between September 30 and October 2 when her fever finally hit the 38.6 threshold. Still, it took until October 6 when she had become so deathly ill she was begging for an Ebola test before anyone at the hospital where she worked reportedly reacted. Then, rather than immediately isolating her and rushing her to the special ward used to treat the previous Ebola patients, they told her to go to the nearby emergency room at Alcorcón, where press reports say she sat in the public waiting room for several hours absent of any protective gear.I think I have Ebola,” she reportedly told anyone who would listen. But no one took notice until her first test came back positive. By then, dripping with fevered sweat, she would have been inarguably contagious.

Trust the “experts”? On September 30, when this nurse called her doctor and told him/her that she had helped treat the recently dead Ebola patient, the doctor prescribed aspirin! For days she traveled to and fro, attended an event with tens of thousands in attendance and presumably sneezed and coughed whenever and wherever. We have great sympathy for this very experienced nurse and the many in West Africa suffering from Ebola either because they have the virus or are family or friends – but zero confidence in the “no quarantine” crowd. Maybe it’s time to quarantine travel from Spain too.

There are now confirmed reports from Texas that the new potential Ebola patient was in the dead Ebola patient’s apartment.

Feel reassured, this new potential Ebola patient was not one of those under surveillance for contact with Patient Zero Eric Dumcan. Experts!

We first used the epithet “Ebola Obama” in 2009. We’ve continued to mock Ebola Obama as the American Horror Story Freakshow. Now everyone agrees (via DrudgeReport):

Ebola Obama

October 6th, 2014

GOP Women Senate Candidates 2014

Republicans are really stupid when it comes to women and votes. Here it is, 2014 with lots of GOP women candidates and Republicans don’t know how to fight the Obama “war on women” nonsense.

Consider the Republican women candidates for U.S. Senate 2014: pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby (Oregon); presumed next senator Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia); strong contender Joni Ernst (Iowa); Susan Collins (Maine) the incumbent and presumed winner; and with-in striking distance Terri Lynn Land (Michigan).

If you believe Obama propaganda all these women wage war against women even though they themselves are women. How can this be?

The phony “war on women” defines “women” as those of the female gender that follow a certain political persuasion. By this corrupt definition if you are a “pro-life” anti-abortion female you are not a woman. By this corrupt definition if you are a black female Christian who believes in personal responsibility not government intrusion into all spheres of life you are not a woman. By this corrupt definition if you would like to be able to buy contraceptives over-the-counter without additional costs forced on you because of a required Planned Parenthood visit to get contraceptives – profits going to Planned Parenthood – you are not a woman. See it is simple. Corruptly redefine to get the desired outcome.

You would think Republicans would catch on to the redefinition game and do some redefinitions of their own. But no. Daze haz da stupit.

Republican Terri Lynn Land who still has an outside chance of victory in the improbable Michigan senate race (latest poll has the race 41-46) faces attacks on the ridiculous “war on women” charge. Land responded with this fun ad:

We think the ad is amusing. The ad has some logic to it too with the little Land message at the very end. Well, “logic” unless you understand that according to Obama this Terri Lynn Land is not a woman because she does not believe what Obama and his henchmen believe.

We think the ad is amusing and we like it because of the snark. But should a campaign waste precious dollars and time airing this entertainment? Probably not. Frank Luntz explains why:

We’d like to disagree with Luntz who does not even get the candidate’s name right, but we can’t. There should be a better way to fight the “war on women” but the Republicans can’t seem to figure it out. Let’s help the poor dears.

First, if you have a lot of women candidates, why don’t you make sure the voters know how many? Why not produce an advertisement with the resources of the Republican National Committee to have all these women appear together in one strong ad with a unified message? A group of strong Republican women in one ad is a simple rejoinder to the Obama “war on women” rubbish. You know that phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, a group picture of all the GOP senate candidates’ with plumbing that indicates they are indeed women is worth a lot more than a thousand words.

Second, you want to nationalize the elections? Well, what easier way than to nationalize the elections with a simple picture of all the Republican women running for senate across the entire country? These strong women can proclaim their policies to be family friendly, woman friendly, men friendly, children friendly, pet friendly, etc. They can proclaim they are under attack because they are women who think independently. Redefine the “war on women”.

Third, you want to win the “war on women” and get women voters to vote for your women (and men) candidates? Have you heard that “the best defense is a good offense“? Have these women candidates make their case together for why they should win. Why voters should vote for them. Don’t fight the “war on women” with snarky press releases and ads and leave out policy.

Bonus Forth reason: you get more Republican women in the Senate which by itself will increase the number of women in the senate and make it easier to run women for the senate in the future and win. The more women you elect the more you can redefine the “war on women” and win elections.

Republicans should follow our advice (Hillary should follow our advice too) but well… they just can’t help it. Republican “strategists” and “leadership” are a bit like ‘enry ‘iggins when it comes to election strategy.

Why Is Republican Outreach to Women So Awful?:

Republicans have long complained that it’s unfair of Democrats to accuse them of waging a “war on women” largely based on their positions regarding abortion and birth control. Two years ago, the GOP party chair called it “a fiction,” suggesting Republicans have no more problem with women than they do with “caterpillars.” [snip]

The flurry of Republican ads targeting women confirm they know the gender gap is for real. But as the numbers indicate, the ads haven’t narrowed it; they often try too hard, miss the point and make the problem worse.

One way they do so is by feeding ham-fisted lines to bad actors. Take the ad “Talk,” produced by Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS to help Colorado Republican Cory Gardner wrest a Senate seat from incumbent Mark Udall. The ad is supposed to depict four women friends casually chatting about the election, and implicitly rejecting Udall’s accusations that Gardner wants to ban some forms of birth control. But the conservation is clunky from the start.

“I want a real conversation about the issues that matter,” says the first woman, thereby declaring that the four “friends” shall commence just such a conversation.

“Unfortunately after 15 years in Washington, political scare tactics are all Mark Udall has left,” says the second, sounding more like a politician than a real person.

“We aren’t single-issue voters,” says the third, sounding more like a political consultant than an ordinary voter.

Or check out “Dating Profile,” made by Americans for Shared Prosperity, another male-run Republican outside group. The not-quite-clever premise is a single woman telling how she “fell in love” with an unspecified man’s “online profile” but now says the “relationship is in trouble” because of his failed promises. “He’s great at promises,” she huffs.

This ad tries to bluntly change the subject from reproductive freedom: “He thinks the only thing I care about is free birth control, but he won’t even let me keep my own doctor.” Then — surprise! — it turns out Barack Obama was online suitor.

Both of these ads also miss a larger point. They brusquely dismiss the concerns many women have about losing their reproductive freedom, and then decree what issues women should otherwise prioritize.

We praised Cory Gardner’s approach to contraceptives because he discussed it as a policy issue. Other male candidates for senate soon jumped on board with Garnder’s idea of over-the-counter sales of contraceptives.

Planned Parenthood opposes the Gardner proposal. Planned Parenthood does not want to help women gain access to cheaper contraceptives and also be able to forgo unnecessary doctor visits because Planned Parenthood does not want to lose profits. One would think GOP women candidates in a unified voice would lambaste Planned Parenthood and also support over-the-counter sales of contraceptives. But where are these Republican women? Where is this ad? Where is this counter-attack?

Republicans are violating the “customer is always right” maxim. You can’t tell a woman that her values are wrong if you want her vote. To reach these voters, candidates need to either address the substance of those concerns, or at least find a way to disagree without being dismissive of them.

Republicans can’t seem to communicate with women and when they try they speak down like less suave, less charmant , less talented versions of Henry Higgins to Eliza. There will be consequences.

Finally, the ads make the problem worse by depicting women as two-dimensional caricatures. When watching “Dating Profile,” you can almost see the men behind the curtain concluding that the only way to get single women to talk politics is to first talk about dating.

The latest transgression comes from the College Republican National Committee, which just cut nearly identical ads for six GOP gubernatorial candidates spoofing the bridal shop reality TV show “Say Yes to the Dress.” In “Say Yes to the Candidate,” a young bride-to-be named Brittany peruses a line of wedding dresses as she says, “Budget is a big deal for me now that I’ve just graduated from college.” In the Florida version, she gushes, “The ‘Rick Scott’ is perfect” because he’s a “trusted brand … with new ideas that don’t break your budget.”

Oy vey!

Today’s Republicans should take a cue from Eisenhower. Simply go on the street with a camera, ask women if they’re voting Republican and, if so, why? Just maybe, the party will get some good answers, and learn something about what women voters actually want.

Don’t talk to women. Speak with women. Start with women candidates in conversation with voters. Start with GOP women candidates together. A picture is worth more than words.

[Hint for Republicans: Have one of your interns rewrite this article but substitute "gays" for "women". Then have the intern do another version this time for "African-Americans". Then try another one for "Latinos". It's about communication skills and letting everyone know you care and want their vote and will organize your candidates to make as diverse an appeal as possible. Convince everyone your policies are the best. After Obama that should be really easy. Try it also for "white working class" males and "middle class families". After the intern is done with the rewrites, implement the words into actions. Soon you'll have a governing majority in Mainstreet U.S.A.]

October 4th, 2014

Heads Will Roll: Ebola Obama Beheads His Own; Michelle Obama Bolts

Election day is exactly one month away. One month away Joe Biden wastes his time with attacks against Hillary Clinton, Bob Gates, and Leon Panetta for telling the truth about Barack Obama and his destructive policies geared towards “managed decline” of the United States of America.

Barack Obama’s policies towards a “managed decline” are a purposeful destruction of America. Those that aid and abet Barack Obama’s purposeful destruction of America tried, with some great level of success thus far, to publicly distance themselves from Barack Obama even as their recorded votes demonstrate they are locked in step with Barack Obama’s destructive policies. Now these ghouls are exposed. The credit goes to 28 words from the lips of Barack Obama:

Instead, Obama just gave every Republican ad-maker in the country more fodder for negative ads linking Democratic candidates to him.

Here are the four sentences that will draw all of the attention (they come more than two thirds of the way through the speech): “I am not on the ballot this fall.  Michelle’s pretty happy about that.  But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballotEvery single one of them.” Boil those four sentences down even further and here’s what you are left with: “Make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot.  Every single one of them.

You can imagine Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas or Sen. Kay Hagan in North Carolina or Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky grimacing when they heard those 28 words. That trio has spent much of the campaign insisting that this election is NOT about Barack Obama, that it is instead about a choice between themselves and their opponents.


It doesn’t take a political mastermind to realize that an ad in which the President of the United States says “Make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them” might not be helpful to the Democratic candidates trying to run away from him this November.

Read his lips: No more Obama Dimocrats. As the Washington Post notes this does not help Obama Dimocrats in sheeps clothing. Obama “(on video no less!) bluntly insisting that an election in 33 days is indeed a referendum on his policies. Republicans couldn’t have written a better script than that.”

Yup, Republicans couldn’t have written a better script. So why try to improve on the perfect?

Barack Obama wrote the script for Republican ad-makers:

“Alison Grimes says this election is not about her support for Barack Obama and his failed polices,” a narrator says over footage of a Grimes commercial that showed her shooting a gun. “But Obama himself says a vote for Alison is a vote for his policies.”

Hillary Clinton will campaign for Grimes soon. The Clinton’s are friends with the Grimes family and the Clintons have a political debt to pay. It makes no sense otherwise to campaign for Grimes.

Grimes is well behind in fundraising. Grimes is well behind in the polls. On the RCP average Grimes is at least 5 points behind and losing all the recent and not so recent polls. The recent Ebola scare in Kentucky is also not helpful to those who pretend to be “not Obama” but vote consistently to support Barack Obama’s destructive policies.

In Kansas, Barack Obama struck with his machete tongue. Republican Pat Roberts, a squishy RINO, was in trouble because Roberts resides in Washington D.C., not Kansas, in more ways than one. Republicans abandoned Roberts after a particularly nasty primary. Now Barack Obama has come to the rescue of Republican Roberts:

“I am not on the ballot this fall … But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot — every single one of them,” he said.

In Kansas, the Roberts ad, which will air statewide, replays Obama’s remarks and agrees that his policies are on the ballot — including Obamacare, the increased national debt and the number of Americans out of work. A vote for Roberts’ opponent, independent Greg Orman, would be as good as “a vote for the Obama agenda,” a narrator says.

Roberts has been painstakingly trying to connect Orman to Obama, even though the independent insists he’s not beholden to either party and hasn’t decide who he’d align with if he wins. That’s why this clip was such catnip for Roberts ad-maker Wilson Grand.

Pat Roberts was deservedly in re-election trouble. In the RCP average he is over 5 points behind. But Kansas is a strong Republican state and Republican leadership voices from Bob Dole to Sarah Palin have begun to campaign for Roberts. The alleged independent is more than likely a vote for Harry Reid and Barack Obama’s policies. Thanks to Barack Obama the issue in Kansas is now clear for Republican voters. Unless Orman begins to attack the policies of Barack Obama with full ferocity Orman will lose.

Read my lips, this November my policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.’

Read my lips, this November my policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.’ It’s a nationalized election:

The Brown web video also replays the president’s remarks and then cuts to a grainy clip of Obama embracing Shaheen, who Brown is trying to unseat.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee said the president has helped them “nationalize” the election at a time when many vulnerable Democrats are seeking to localize their races.

For that footage, we thank you Mr. President,” NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring said in an email to supporters.

Shaheen is barely ahead in New Hampshire. Thanks to dead weight Barack Obama Shaheen is in for tough times.

Read his lips. Obama’s own words. Can’t blame anyone but Barack H. Obama. Some do try to protect Barack Obama and now they fling those nearest and dearest under the bus:

As the Obama administration crashes and burns, insiders begin to blame Valerie Jarrett.

Are significant chunks of the mainstream media in despair over Barack Obama? This past week, Obama used 60 Minutes to attempt to shift blame for the failure to anticipate the rise of ISIS, endured a cover-up of White House security disasters by the Secret Service, and saw a government-agency report that he had skipped nearly 60 percent of his intelligence briefings.

The reaction from some longtime Obama defenders was swift and harsh. “President Obama this week committed professional suicide,” wrote former CNN host Piers Morgan, now an editor-at-large for Britain’s Daily Mail.

He called Obama’s throwing of the intelligence community under the bus a “shameless, reprehensible display of buck-passing” that will result in some analysts’ exacting “cold-blooded revenge on Obama by drip-feeding negative stories about him until he’s gone.” As for the Secret Service fiasco, Morgan said it was “no wonder the Secret Service gets complacent when The Boss exudes complacency from every pore.”

Chris Matthews of MSNBC, the former White House speechwriter who once rapturously recounted that he “felt this thrill going up my leg” as Obama spoke, didn’t hold back on Wednesday’s Hardball. “Let’s get tough here,” Matthews began, as he lambasted Obama for being “intellectually lazy” and “listening to the same voices all the time.” He even named names, saying that Obama had become “atrophied into that little world of people like Valerie Jarrett and Mrs. Obama.”

Jonathan Alter, a columnist for Bloomberg News and the author of a sympathetic book on Obama’s first term, reported that Jarrett is an unusual presence in the White House: “Staffers feared her, but didn’t like or trust her. At meetings she said little or nothing, instead lingering afterwards to express her views directly to the President, creating anxiety for her underlings and insulting them by saying, ‘I don’t talk just to hear myself talking.’”

Everyone expects a presidential spouse to weigh in on issues, but the reference to Valerie Jarrett, the White House senior adviser who mentored both the president and the first lady at the start of their careers in Chicago, is telling. Her outsize role in many presidential decisions is known to insiders, but she remains resolutely behind the scenes. So when Jarrett does enter the news, it’s significant, because it may provide a window into how the Obama White House really works.

As the corpse of the Obama presidency freezes up tuning Barack’s lips purple-er Barack defenders are now ready to blame the women. It’s a war on women closest to Barack, under the bus style. Valerie Jarrett is a monster and Michelle Obama is an old style Chicago ward boss spawn who loves to Mooch. But the problem is Barack Obama.

Jarrett is an abuser of the under-staffed Secret Service from whom she receives undeserved round-the-clock protection. Jarrett is a monster. But deep down the cobwebbed halls the knives are out to behead her. ‘I’m a fan of Obama, but his continuing reliance and dependence upon a vacuous cipher like Valerie Jarrett concerns me.’”

The problem is Barack Obama:

The Insiders: Obama’s policies and management are on the ballot

Good for President Obama. It is not unfair to extrapolate out from the president’s own words and argue that his management record is also on the ballot. Which brings us to the obvious question about the management of the latest crisis: the Ebola epidemic. [snip]

And given all the lies and incompetence we have witnessed from this administration, it is not unreasonable to be skeptical about what the White House is saying. It isn’t cynical or partisan to believe that mistakes are being made today and that we are not being told the whole truth.

There are plenty of examples to illustrate this administration’s inability to manage things from Obamacare to the Veterans Affairs Department to the IRS to combating terrorists in Syria and Iraq (including the Islamic State) to the Secret Service. Just look at CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, who relates her own incredible, shocking experience returning through U.S. customs from Liberia with her colleagues, reporting that they were not uniformly questioned about their potential exposure to Ebola or screened for the disease.

The Ebola threat is a vivid illustration of why competence in government matters, and recent history confirms that Obama and the Democrats can’t deliver. Voters can see for themselves that there is a pattern of how the Obama administration deals with a crisis. After mistakes are revealed, the White House will first deny anything is wrong, then proclaim the problem is being fixed, next say everything is fine and finally deflect any blame from the president by blaming President George W. Bush or crying about partisanship in Washington. In addition, the White House will claim that Obama didn’t know anything until he saw it in the newspaper, and then it will move on to the next crisis in short order.

The president was right to say that his policies are on the ballot; whether it was wise to do so depends on your perspective. I’m sure that his partners in governance — a.k.a. the Democrats on the ballot in November — are not happy about it, but voters have every reason to make this election a referendum on how the president and his party have performed over the past six years and whether more of the same is desirable.

Obama’s policies and management are on the ballot this November. Obama Dimocrats beware:

Obama’s Blow to Endangered Democrats

The structure of the president’s speech was familiar. First, blame his predecessor for leaving the economy a shambles. Second, tout a few “accomplishments,” such as enacting Obamacare and fighting for financial regulation that has made it harder for people to get mortgages. Finally, call for the same economic prescriptions he has been promoting since 2011.

But the speech quickly became noteworthy for the pronouncement that simultaneously delighted Republicans everywhere and caused huge headaches for every vulnerable Democrat seeking re-election:

“Make no mistake,” Obama said of his agenda. “These policies are on the ballot. Every single one.”

With those few words, the president turned an election that many Democrats wanted to make about local issues into one that will be decided on his national policies. Vulnerable Senate incumbents such as Mark Pryor, Mark Begich and Mary Landrieu can no longer talk about all they have done for Arkansas, Alaska and Louisiana. They now have to answer for Obamacare, the uneven recovery, and instability in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. [snip]

The working-age population has risen since October 2009, but the number of people who aren’t in the labor force has increased by 11.7 million. Since he took office, workforce participation has dropped steadily, from 65.7 percent to the current 62.8 percent. Average hourly earnings, adjusted for inflation, are down from $10.38 to $10.33. And the number of people in poverty has risen by more than a million from 2008 to 2013.

It’s a terrible cement filled worn out rubber tire of a noose for Obama to hang Dimocrats with. In state after state, Obama Dimocrats are dead because of Barack Obama:

Many voters in states with competitive Senate races have already taken their measure of the president and his policies. His approval ratings are in the low 40s in these states, and this impression of him isn’t changing before November. A broad majority thinks the country is on the wrong track, and Obama earns low grades for his handling of almost everything, from jobs and the economy to foreign policy.

Maybe it was good, then, that Obama gave his speech in Illinois, one of the few places where Democrats still welcome his presence. But vulnerable Democrats in other states are wishing that what he said in suburban Chicago could have just stayed there.

So, as the big three (Alaska, Louisiana, Arkansas) senate races slip away, as another three (West Virginia, Montana, South Dakota) have long since vanished from possible Obama victory, as more states (Iowa, Colorado, New Hampshire) escape the grasp of Obama’s bony fingered allies, as the GOP edge grows in the final stretch, as by all accounts the odds of Republicans winning the Senate are growing what is there to do?

The idea was that because Barack Obama is Ebola and no candidate wants to be seen with him (Rubio is especially funny on this point) Mooch, er, Michelle Obama would take up the slacks and once again wear the pants in the Obama family. But Michelle wants to stay with her cocktail waitress dresses on:

Why Is First Lady Scarce in Campaign? Her Last Name Is Obama

MILWAUKEE — She can rouse a crowd as she did here this week, connect with women and drive turnout among African-American voters. Yet despite the nail-biting closeness of state contests to decide which party will control the Senate, Michelle Obama has been largely absent from the campaign trail so far.

She has her reasons, Democrats say: Mrs. Obama hates to be away from her daughters. She loathes Washington’s toxic politics. She resents Republicans for their opposition to her husband’s agenda. But she also believes some Senate Democrats have been insufficiently supportive of her own efforts to end childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama, like a dutiful daughter of Chicago ward politics does not want to do anything unless she is paid up front in cash. Or in travel to exotic places on the taxpayer dime. Michelle Obama wants to be paid.

Michelle Obama will campaign for some governors. No doubt even she does not want to get blamed for the November disaster a’coming (N.B. to Hillary: get a clue) in the senate races. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton “crisscrossed the country for Democrats in 1998, visiting about 20 states”. Michelle Robinson wears that Obama scar and senate candidates worry her “deeply unpopular” husband’s name is a cement filled tire and “Mrs. Obama’s presence would tie them too closely to the president they are trying to distance themselves from“.

In 1998 Hillary Rodham Clinton became “a one-woman campaign machine” and “the hottest politician in the land,” according to the New York Times article lamenting Michelle Obama’s disappearance from the campaign trail.

It’s not 1998. It’s 2014. The “Obama Factor” is back for 2014. The Boob is back:

Registered voters are more likely to view their choice of candidate in this year’s midterm elections as a message of opposition (32%) rather than support (20%) for President Barack Obama. That 12-percentage-point margin is similar to what Gallup measured for Obama in 2010 and George W. Bush in 2006, years in which their parties performed poorly in the midterm elections.

In 1998 Bill Clinton was in his sixth year in office facing impeachment and at 60% popularity. Hillary Clinton campaigned ceaselessly in every part of the country. Instead of a disaster, seats were gained in the House and there were no losses in the Senate. It’s not 1998.

It’s 2014. “Read my lips, this November my policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.’

Barack Obama is chopping heads - of his own party members. Barack Obama beheads his own.

October 1st, 2014

Ebola Obama Infects Secret Service

Update: Obama corporate culture strikes again – Ebola Obama Infects CDC. The Director of the CDC said some remarkably stupid political, not medical, assertions which echo from the Obama refusal to secure the nation’s borders.

The CDC head is as deceptive as Barack Obama:

First, nobody is arguing flights carrying medical personnel should be banned in and out of West Africa. People who argue for flight restrictions are referring to flights that allow anyone from the U.S. to get on a plane and head to Liberia or other countries and then returning after filling out a less than effective medical screening form. The man with the case of Ebola in Dallas isn’t a medical worker, he went over to attend a funeral and after helping a woman sick with the disease and came back to the U.S. anyway. Second, France, England and a slew of Africa countries have either restricted travel or sealed off borders to prevent the disease from spreading.

So how exactly is the CDC screening for Ebola before people leave West Africa for the U.S.? What preventative measures are being taken? As he said in the clip above, “We are doing very good temperature screening.”

All you need to jump over the “very good temperature screening” hurdle is the very cheap and very available Ibuprofen. You would also need to lie. But, No Law Requires People to Tell Airlines They’re Sick.

As we wrote below, Obama sending thousands of American troops to fight Ebola in Africa is dangerous. These troops are not medical personnel. We’ve already seen that even trained medical personnel can contract Ebola despite all the medical “protocols” in place. The wackadoodle-two-headed-dentist has a point: ‘Can You Imagine If a Whole Ship Full of Our Soldiers Catch Ebola?’

Barack Obama said it was “unlikely” to happen here. But it’s here. And Ebola might have spread to D.C. where Obama should be able to see it close up. Michelle might have to trade her cocktail waitress clothes for designer Hazmat outfits. Ebola has already struck Obama protection headquarters MSNBC.


Corporate culture. The CEO is the face of the organization The CEO imbues the organization with the “corporate culture”. What is the corporate culture of the Obama White House?

An example of the Obama corporate culture is that Obama Has Spent More Time Playing Golf Than In Intel Briefings. If your boss doesn’t give a damn, if your boss doesn’t work – why should you? Anyone who has worked in a company about to go under easily comprehends why the Secret Service is in collapse.

Obama corporate culture reflects the lazy, naive, “blame the staff”, “let someone else do the work I only set the direction then go golf”, zero accomplishment on behalf of others history, zero executive experience, spew words unconnected to action, politically correct tampering, politically exploitative pseudo-idealism, self-interested, selfish, bumbling, stumbling, refusal to admit he is in over his head while the ship sinks, know-nothing know-it-all-ism, culture embodied by Barack Obama himself all his life.

Is anyone surprised that those at the greatest proximity to Barack Obama are infected the most by Barack Obama corporate culture? Once one of the most respected of organizations the United States Secret Service is infected by Obama corporate culture.

Obama apologists know that the Obama corporate culture is exposed to the public the more the unraveled mess world-wide continues. The New York Times, knows. The Obama Dimocrats know. Everyone knows that Obama is not up to the job. The worry by these Obama stalwart dead-enders is that the truth is exposed:

Democrats joined in the grilling, and some were as tough as or tougher than any Republican on the Secret Service director, Julia Pierson. But privately, some Democratic officeholders and strategists have complained that the episode contributes to a broader impression that the Obama administration’s competence has come under fire on a variety of fronts, including last year’s botched rollout of Mr. Obama’s health care program, the breakdown of services at the Veterans Affairs Department and the handling of a series of international crises.

Coming just weeks before midterm elections, they said, the intense focus on the matter might further undercut confidence in the government Mr. Obama runs even though it was hardly his fault an intruder with a knife made it into the White House.

This is an opportunity to make it seem like nobody’s in charge in the Obama administration, even though it’s almost certainly not the case that political appointees could have done anything to change the facts in this situation,” said Matt Bennett, a White House aide under President Bill Clinton and now vice president of Third Way, a political group. “I’m not surprised that they’re doing this.” [snip]

“I do think for a lot of Republican congressmen, this is a twofer,” said Erik Smith, a former House Democratic aide and a campaign adviser to Mr. Obama. “The Secret Service may be in the line of fire, but they’re not the only target.”

The focus of the New York Times is to chastise Republicans for investigating the Secret Service failures of late. A felon with a gun in an elevator when Obama visited the CDC? That’s fairly shocking but for the New York Times the focus is to protect Barack Obama from Republicans who are on the job.

After days of strong Obama White House support for the politically correct first woman Secret Service director – appointed to end the earlier Obama White House Secret Service problems – the pink slip arrived today.
Breaking: Pierson resigns.

The Barack Obama corporate culture infects everyone and everything all the way through the bureaucracy:

Navy sailors distrust commanders, fear crippling political correctness

Complain of zero-tolerance disciplinary environment, excessive political correctness

Navy sailors harbor “widespread mistrust” in the admirals who command them, complaining of poor leadership and a disciplinary environment that tolerates absolutely no mistakes, says a survey of the fleet.

The disgruntlement runs deepest in the officer corps, where scores of commanders have been relieved of duty in recent years. [snip]

“What was originally intended to demonstrate accountability to the public has, instead, resulted in a significant breach of trust with our sailors and resulting in an almost ‘reality TV’ mentality.”

The independent survey was released amid complaints by some aviators about excessive political correctness as the military seeks to stamp out sexual harassment and misconduct in an increasingly gender-integrated Navy.

“Most troubling is the perception sailors hold of senior leadership,” the report says under the heading “Widespread Distrust of Senior Leadership.”

“Sailors feel strongly about their distrust of senior leadership, and believe the Navy has a significant risk-averse culture and zero-defect mentality,” the report says.

Instead of doing their jobs sailors are at the equivalent of Human Resources classes on gender studies at sea. A “risk adverse” mentality in the armed forces repudiates American military history from Trenton to Midway. But it is politically correct.

Politically incorrect, we have written that Obama will get us all killed. We’ve also taken to write about “Ebola Obama” because of how no candidate for office wants to be seen with him. But “Ebola Obama” might get us all killed with… Ebola.

Politically correct Barack Obama has sent three thousand military troops to fight Ebola in Africa. This is akin to Caligula sending Roman legions to attack Neptune by stealing seashells by the seashore. Really. Send 3,000 troops to Liberia??? Liberia?

Obama assured us all that Ebola would not erupt in America. Now there is a man from Liberia with Ebola in America. Even Chris O’Tingles notices Obama’s assurances on Ebola are not exactly accurate:

Chris Matthews vs. Ezekiel Emanuel on Ebola: “Obama Said It Was Unlikely. It Has Happened. It’s Here

On MSNBC’s Hardball tonight, host Chris Matthews tussled with Obamacare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel over the how serious a threat Ebola is to Americans. Matthews and Emanuel also spar over President Obama saying it was “unlikely” that an Ebola case would strike the U.S.

“Obama said it was unlikely. It has happened. It’s here,” Matthews said. [snip]

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I’m just trying to follow the logic here. Everybody’s being told, don’t worry unless they have the infectious symptoms, you can see them, that you don’t have to worry about catching them. Yet, this guy picked up the disease apparently from somebody who did not have the infectious symptoms.

DR. EZEKIEL EMANUEL: Again, don’t hypothesize because we just don’t know. We have no idea what he did or didn’t do and how he got it. I’m sure that’s going to be vital information to try to understand the transmission, but the idea that there’s going to be a widespread outbreak here, I think is just, again, it’s a bit of fear mongering. We have a single case. This is not a big, widespread –

MATTHEWS: Yeah, yeah, but I’m just going back to the president’s statement, doctor, and that is that the president said it would be unlikely if we had a case in this country. Unlikely to even have one case. You want to see the tape again?

EMANUEL: He said there wouldn’t be an Ebola outbreak.

MATTHEWS: No, and in the second part of his sentence he said in the unlikely case someone brings it here. In the unlikely case someone brings it here. Well, they’ve done it. We’re living in the world of the unlikely already. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not fear mongering. I’m stating the facts and I wonder if everybody else is. [snip]

MATTHEWS: No, the president said it was unlikely two weeks ago. Well, it’s not the unlikely, it has happened. It’s here.

And the Band Played On. Can’t happen here with only one man infected, right Patient Zero?

Ebola must be fought but the idea of thousands of non-medical personnel sent into the cauldron of Ebola infections appears to be a politically correct exercise and does not seem wise. But few will say so. It’s politically incorrect.

Ebola Obama is protected says Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan was once the left’s icon/goddess due to her protests against George W. Bush and the Iraq war. The left now views Sheehan as Ebola ridden because Sheehan persists with her antiwar protests at a time when the left is only interested in protection of Barack Obama.

Cindy Sheehan calls the left and the leaders of the left as the racists they are:

Sheehan said the left anti war movement is being ignored by the democrats because they are “reverse racists” who are supporting Obama only because he is an African-American.

She said, “I think that there are some people on the so called left, who might say we have to circle our wagons around the first African American president, and to me that is racism in reverse because his policies are actually still the racist policies of empire.”

She’s still a bit of a loon with that “racist policies of empire talk” but her point on Obama’s skin color as the main motivational factor in support for him from the left is on target. The left makes the judgment of a person based on skin color and that is the rankest form of racism. Hate for someone’s actions based on skin color is racist. Admiration for someone’s actions based on skin color is also racist. The left is racist and hypocritical and ultimately self-destructive.

But the left does not care about it’s hypocrisies nor it’s racism. All it cares about is protection of Ebola Obama. But Ebola Obama kills. As the Left is about to find out. In the House, in the Senate, in the statehouses.

Ebola Obama kills.

September 29th, 2014

Chelsea Clinton’s Baby Versus Rosemary’s Babies

Chelsea’s baby Charlotte is already on the job. The little babe is already hard at work to help her memaw on her mother’s side.

What has the little one done? Well, like a brilliant comic, like a masterful symphonic conductor, it’s all in the timing. Little Charlotte arrived just in time.

Consider, the latest polls that show Obama Dimocrats about to lose badly this November. Consider the latest Barack Obama “blame the staff” performance against the nation’s intelligence services. Consider the beheadings in the middle east and the beheading in Oklahoma which are all the product of brazen terrorists. Consider the dried rose that is the “War on Women” tactic and the rise of the “security moms”. Consider too all the worldwide Hell breaking loose, which now includes Hong Kong. Consider all that and the consequences for the November 2014 elections which are now a teensy-weensy bit more than a month away (even as early voting in Iowa has started and early voting starts in some other states this very week). Would you want to be tied to this mess?

That, in short, has been the predicament Hillary Clinton has found herself in. A lot of kooks on the left have been on full whine lately that Hillary is not doing much to help Obama Dimocrats this election cycle. And for once the Kooks are correct.

Aside from some measured assistance to those that supported Hillary in 2008 Bill and Hillary have not exactly been tearing up the runways for this November’s elections. Bill and Hillary, Hillary and Bill, are paying political debts and doing some pro forma events. But they are certainly not engaged in a whirlwind tour for Dims in which they would only twist themselves into a loser narrative.

That was the dream. The dream of those that stabbed Hillary in the back and called Bill Clinton a “racist” in 2008 was that popular Bill and popular Hill would carry their water up the hill in state after state in a series of ceaseless campaign events. After that the same vipers would not care if Hill and Bill rolled down the hill soaked from the pail of water they carried.

That is what Hillary and Bill were supposed to do. Hillary and Bill were supposed to stop the disaster by covering for Barack H. Obama. But Hillary and Bill must not take the blame from the coming disaster authored and starring Barack H. Obama. Why should they?

Now the leftist kooks are all atwitter and noisy and angry that Bill and Hill and Hill and Bill find themselves otherwise occupied. Barack Obama is as welcome in many states as Ebola at a sauna. Bill and Hill are popular but where are they?

Now, little Charlotte has come along and Hillary and Bill have a perfect excuse to do as little as possible this October as early voting hits full stride across the nation. It’s not like Hillary is about to freeze-frame herself as Whistler’s Mother. Both Bill and Hill will do some events to keep the yapping dogs at bay but mostly they now can say “the baby”. Ah, “the baby”. “Sorry, we’re busy, you see…uh… the baby….

Now, for a few laughs, let’s demonstrate some of what we mean. We privately received a link to a pro-Obama forum called ThePeoplesView.

The discussion of the crazy peoples view featured comrades fresh from the climate change march in New York and assorted OFA kooks. These kooks indulged themselves with attacks against Hillary Clinton and in praise of Elizabeth Warren.

There was one person, who appropriately self-identifies as “Insipid”, who began by attacking good ol’ Big Pink. Yup, our cute pink website. Well, this Insipid person claimed to have been an Hillary Clinton supporter in 2008. “Insipid” knowing the full facts about Baracko back in 2008 immediately ignored the facts about Barack H. Obama and his race-baiting misogynistic campaign and “HAPPILY” went whole hog for bam-bam.

After a bit of Hillary bashing from the supposed supporter and then claims that there are no differences between Hillary and Baracko “Insipid” got testy with the other kooks. It then got ugly. You will have to read the full exchange for the full laughs and to observe what happens when even the slightest kind words amidst a lot of bashing of Hillary will elicit from the Barack Obama crowd. Oh, and don’t miss the back and forth about Hillary not doing much during this 2014 election. “Insipid” argues Hillary is all out for Dims but the truth is Hillary is mostly all out of this election cycle. Smart lady.

Rosemary’s Babies:

The insipid and the clueless cult of Barack Obama witnessed at that comedy site are not alone. Those brainiacs are not even the most dangerous. Consider the Rosemary’s Babies a.k.a. Occupy Wall Street. Remember them?

Occupy Wall Street posed as an egalitarian group of pure democracy advocates who made decisions from the ground up, direct democracy. Remember how they used to say they had no leaders? Ha! We mocked them repeatedly at the time. Occupy Wall Street was a phony Obama re-election operation disguised as a populist movement. Once the election was over and the attacks on Wall Street Mitt Romney no longer needed Occupy Wall Street descended into an even bigger joke.

Now Occupy Wall Street is become even more ridiculous. Occupy the courts:

The People Who Organized Occupy Wall Street Are Now Suing Each Other

The movement descends into litigation. “We can either go and beat him up or we can go to court.” [snip]

WASHINGTON — Activists who organized the dormant Occupy Wall Street movement are suing another activist for control of the main Twitter account, and one of the plaintiffs says there was no other option but to turn to litigation to solve the dispute.

The conflict centers around @OccupyWallStNYC, one of the main Twitter feeds that distributed information during the movement’s heyday in 2011. The OWS Media Group filed a lawsuit against organizer Justin Wedes on Wednesday, which is also the third anniversary of the beginning of Occupy Wall Street. The group, led by activist Marisa Holmes, is seeking control of the Twitter account as well as $500,000 in damages.

The Twitter account, which used to be shared among several activists, is now under the control of Wedes, who explained his decision to take over the Twitter feed in a blog post in August:

In the kingdom of the blind kooks the one-eyed kook is king. So much for “no leaders”.

The kook kingdom is now underground and in full JournoList mode. You do remember JournoList right? It was the listserv of “impartial” journalists that protected Barack Obama in 2008 and attacked Hillary Clinton and John McCain and especially Sarah Palin.

The Hill has exposed the new JournoList:

Left blasts Clinton in secret emails

Emails sent by liberal activists and obtained by The Hill reveal significant dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

The critical messages about the former first lady show that she has a long way to go to assuage skepticism from influential voices on the left.

The Hill reviewed hundreds of emails from a progressive members only Google group called the “Gamechanger Salon,” a forum where nearly 1,500 activists, strategists and journalists debate issues and craft messaging campaigns.

The group includes prominent Democrats, Sierra Club officials, journalists who work for The Huffington Post and The Nation magazine, senior union representatives, leaders at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and the president of NARAL.

Over a thousand kooks all out to protect Barack Obama and attack anyone who mocks the ONE. It’s 2008 all over again.

We’ve been warning Hillary Clinton 2016 about the plans of the Totalitarian Kook Left for a long while. Early last year we stated clearly why the totalitarian kook left will have to attack Hillary Clinton 2016.

On January 2013 we described the future for the totalitarian kook left so clearly it was as if we were Life magazine covering the year 1945:

Barack Obama and his minions will do everything in their power to destroy Hillary Clinton and make sure she does not get the nomination in 2016 let alone the presidency.

There is no way that the crazed Obama left is going to go back to the hated paradigm of clinton-bush-clinton-bush interrupted by Obama for clinton-bush years. The crazed left minions might think they love Hillary Clinton now, but wait until their overlords decide they will oppose Hillary and the minions will fall back into the Hillary hate line.

The crazed Obama left is not going to have Hillary Clinton, THE CLINTONS, be the culmination of their revolution by having Hillary inherit the mantle of Obama. The left might be crazed but it is not stupid and the leadership of the totalitarian Obama left is not about to surrender its power to Hillary and Bill and Terry and the hated DLC.

That was our prediction. That is the past. This is the present and the future brought forth from the past.

The President of NARAL is part of this secret smear campaign. In 2008 NARAL endorsed John Edwards for president in 2008. NARAL endorsed Barack Obama once Edwards was out. NARAL endorse a pro-choice woman for president? NEVER. Now NARAL, often helped by Hillary Clinton, is part of a secret group to smear Hillary. You better watch your back and learn Hillary.

Fake journalists actively conspire to promote an agenda? That could never happen again, right? JournoList was only a one campaign aberration, right? The “overlords” of the totalitarian left decided that Hillary Clinton 2016 must go:

Clinton’s too much of a hawk, too cozy with Wall Street, hasn’t spoken out enough on climate change, and will be subject to personal questions and criticisms, members of the group stated in the emails.

The existence of the group was reported earlier this year by the conservative outlet, but this is the first time the emails have become public.

“[A] Clinton presidency undos [sic] all our progress and returns the financial interests to even more prominence than they currently have,” Melissa Byrne, an activist with the Occupy Wall Street movement, said in a November 2013 email.

Melissa knows when she is about to be made more extinct that she already is. All her comrades will occupy the same tombs. The Kooks know we are right and they are slated for a beheading, ISIS/Oklahoma style:

The progressives expressed an appetite for an alternative to Clinton to teach her — and those from the centrist wing of the party — a lesson.

Liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has repeatedly said she won’t run for president, but some on the left aren’t convinced.

The establishment Dems need to be punished, and the best way for that to happen is for Warren to beat Hillary in the primary on a populist message,” Carl Gibson, a progressive activist and writer for, wrote in one email.

Even though months have passed since the emails were sent, the sentiment remains.

It’s almost like a 2008 reunion. Anyone remember Mike Lux? He’s the kook that started OpenLeft because other anti-Hillary sites were too tame. We used to mock OpenLeft as NothingLeft and now the nothing left is back:

Mike Lux, a prominent strategist and an active member of the group, told The Hill that the concerns haven’t changed and operatives “are probably more worried at this point rather than less.”

The hate is strong in this troll.

As has written it is not just Occupy Wall Street totalitarians on Gamechanger Salon. CNN, Reuters and other Big Media contributors participate in these secret cabals of corrupt commentators who wish to usurp the people’s political process with their schemes and smears. has done America and the political process a service in pointing out these secret polluters of our political discourse.

The totalitarian kook left is angry and does not want to let go of their grip on a major political party:

Conversations with a half-dozen of the members of Gamechanger Salon this week confirm that the angst within parts of the progressive movement has only grown.

“There’s good reason to believe the discontent remains the same,” Neil Sroka, spokesman for Democracy for America and another group member, told The Hill.

Much of the exasperation with Clinton hinged on the former New York senator’s vote for the Iraq War, which is still toxic for many progressives. Clinton has since said her vote was a mistake.

Charles Lenchner, a progressive operative and executive director of Organizing 2.0, said Clinton — and anyone else who voted for the Iraq War — is “tainted.”

“And personally, I would like to see a Democratic Party where folks who enabled George Bush to drag the country into a permanent war are punished at the ballot box,” he said in an interview.

Ryan Clayton, a left-leaning commentator and strategist, wrote in a July 2013 email, “The more Progressives I talk to, the more people tell me that they’ll never forgive her for voting for the Iraq War… and won’t even vote for her in the general.”

Another area of irritation is the economic policies instituted by her husband, former President Clinton, that some progressives say contributed to the financial collapse. Lux, a former Clinton administration aide, wrote in an email that while he didn’t think she was involved in crafting economic policy as first lady, he’s concerned about her relationship with Wall Street.

I also came to know how close she was to the pro-Wall Street forces inside the administration and out, and the downsides on foreign policy are all very real. So I will hesitate for a long time before jumping into her campaign,” Lux wrote in a group email.

Byrne, the Occupy activist, later declared in an email this year: “I have little respect for decisions Sec. Clinton has made in her career and I have a different value set from her.”

One of Clinton’s biggest critics among the group is Guy Saperstein, a major Democratic donor and part owner of the Oakland Athletics baseball team.

In emails, Saperstein called a report out in December of last year that Clinton offered a “reassuring” message to Goldman Sachs executives “horrific,” and slammed her for “ducking a lot of issues, like the Keystone pipeline.”

He also raised questions about her leadership at the State Department and referenced “the type of intimidation the Clintons want to quietly promote [in the velvet glove, of course].”

Saperstein expressed concerns that voters would begin to speculate over her personal life and relationship with her husband.

“None of that would be helpful to her candidacy,” he wrote.

It’s all there. The Hillary-Dillery-Dyke innuendo from Saperstein. The economic “values” arguments from Occupy Wall Street types who are busy fighting for dollars in the courts near Wall Street. And then there is the foolishness about the Iraq vote we answered years ago. And why voting against the AUMF would have been foolish we have also discussed back in 2007.

What is most comic about the Iraq vote and the left is the amnesia about others (Botox John Kerry for instance) who voted for the AUMF and those who supported a “yes” vote (um, Al Gore a favorite of the nothingleft).

What do these kooks really want? They want Hillary to bow down to them in the same way Barack Obama bows down to foreign despots.

In interviews and emails, members of the group expressed a near-universal concern — that still prevails — that if Clinton doesn’t take steps to appease the progressive wing of the party, it could be damaging to her chances in 2016.

Gibson wrote in an email, “another establishment pick from a political dynasty family will drive folks to the green party.”

Clayton suggested in an email from January of this year that without a more liberal alternative to Clinton, the party would splinter: “if we have no Progressive candidate with legitimate street cred about taking effective bold action to face the vital issues we’re confronting as a country today (which is pretty much Warren and … cricket, cricket…) in the race for Presidency, that means the abandonment of the Democratic Party by the reemerging and resurgent Left in America.” [snip]

They’ll either vote for the Green Party of just sit out. That’s a really big aspect of progressive voters’ strategy” to have their voices heard, he said.

Ha! They’re threatening to go PUMA! News to the crackpot left: your species of PUMA has long been extinct. They died off with Ralph Nader in 2000.

What the crackpot nothingleft will not accept is that it is over for them. Their golden calf, Barack Obama is nothing but political Ebola. Even the Republicans realize it.

After we have so long advocated for Hillary to denounce and attack Barack Obama because that is the way to victory – Republicans finally have come to the same conclusion:

Throughout the party’s infrastructure, Republicans say that linking Clinton with Obama, especially labeling her possible 2016 campaign as “Obama’s Third Term,” is the most potent attack. [snip]

“Hillary Clinton has a Barack Obama problem,” reads a lengthy research document that will go out to GOP pundits, strategists, conservative organizations and media members Tuesday. “No matter how many of her advisors whisper to reporters that she’s different from Barack Obama, Americans still know who she is: Barack Obama Part Deux.”

The document lists “10 Reasons Why Clinton 2016 = Obama’s Third Term,” including her praise for Obama as she left the State Department in 2013, her role in his first four years of foreign policy and Clinton’s support of Obamacare.

“Looking ahead to 2016, it’s critical that Obama’s 3rd Term is an element of the broader narrative defining Sec. Clinton, especially since she still has a higher approval than he does,” Tim Miller, the group’s director, said in a statement to CNN. [snip]

Therefore, it is something they plan to continue in the coming months and possibly years.

Democrats, too, are concerned about the attack line. In August, some close to Clinton told CNN that labeling the former secretary of state as the successor to Obama’s legacy was a possible problem.

Obama is political Ebola. Hillary should do as we suggested with even more force and vigor. That’s the way to win.

September 23rd, 2014

Obama’s War: The Horsesh*t Hits The Fan

Update: Scott Brown gets it – “You know, I thought a lot about this and I do support arming them. But I’m frustrated with the incoherent policy that led us to this point.”

That one ad is an attack on Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty plans combined with an attack on Obama’s weakness against terrorism along with a visual reminder about Brown’s military background designed to appeal to “security moms.” The tough and truthful ad ties Ebola Obama to Senator Shaheen.

Not tough? Barack Obama brought his brand of sleeping pills to the United Nations today. “Incoherent” and “weak” are insufficient to describe the bumbling drone. The president seems to be thinking that he’s playing a game of “Risk” with his high school friends in Hawaii.

Today’s UN soporific is proof that Obama is unhinged from reality. Obama demands that the world see things his way and if not… well… there will be another speech. And if bombs have to be dropped because of “security mom” votes needed to win in this November’s elections, so be it… but don’t worry ’cause Obama isn’t serious about force. Yeah, Obama rebukes Russia, demands action against ISIS, invokes Ferguson in UN speech but no world leader believes Obama or thinks Obama is relevant or trustworthy.

Wanna know who understands force? The guys that chop off heads understand force and fear. They laugh at Barack Obama.


Hillary Clinton should have resigned. Leon Panetta should have resigned. The Joint chiefs should have resigned. Obama’s War should finally end the notion that any of the above should have resigned in protest or for whatever noble or principled reason.

Hillary, Panetta, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in normal times with a normal American president should have resigned in protest over the bumbling, stumbling, the lies, the boobery, the treacheries. But imagine if any of these had resigned in protest. What sycophant, what loon, what contrary-to-American-interests Samantha Power/Susan Rice types would Barack Obama have appointed in their stead? Picture a Ralph Nader in uniform promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for some idea of that alternate future scenario.

Hillary and Bill Clinton, Leon Panetta, Bob Gates, the American military top brass all advised Barack Obama to arm the Syrian rebels at a time that Barack Obama made tough threats about “red lines”. Ted Cruz, with good reason, worried that Obama’s “red lines” would turn the United States air force into an pro-Al Qaeda air force.

The problem was that once Barack Obama made the “red line” threat he had to put up or shut up. Syria stepped over the “red lines” that led to an Obama display of his yellow streak and Obama blamed the world for his own empty words. The advice to arm Syrian “rebels” was a way to keep a threat, wise or unwise, by an American president credible. “Speak softly but carry a big stick” was perverted by Obama into “boast loudly and stroke a small flaccid dick”. The advice to arm Syrian “rebels” was a stinky fragrance out of a sewer of bad smells.

In a sense this advice was a variation of the smart Ronald Reagan strategy during the Iran/Iraq War of “arm the loser”. It is a strategy of “let them kill each other” and if anything good comes of this then good for us and let’s keep it going. Instead we are now involved in yet another exercise of nation-building. That is exactly what the left lionized Barack Obama would not do. Instead we have what David Gergen has called another version of the ObamaCare rollout.

At the time the allegedly “moderate” Syrian rebels could have been supplied with arms. Then it was a matter of what these alleged “moderates” did with those arms and a determination of who the “moderate” rebels were. By “moderates” the distinction is comparable to the East Coast versus West Coast fights of American rappers. Think “Bloods” versus “Crips”.

If the “moderates” turned out to be “moderates” in any sense then the arms could continue to flow. If supply of weapons to these “moderates” turned out to be a mistake then the supply of weapons could have been turned off quickly. That was the advice from Hillary, Panetta, Gates, and the Joint Chiefs.

Obama called that advice a “fantasy” and later “horsesh*t”. It was the kettle calling the pot black. Now Obama is become what Obama mocked. Obama policy is become what Obama derided.

Now we have the worst of all scenarios. Obama’s “fantasy” has become Obama’s War.

The first American president under the Constitution, George Washington, warned in his farewell address against foreign entanglements such as we face now in the Middle East. Any claim to clarity of purpose in Obama’s War is shattered by the intricate analyses of Shiites and Sunnis and factions within factions of terrorist groups and tribes and Imams and customs and sorts of lunacies we should not have anything to do with.

George W. Bush led the country into an unwise war in Iraq. The beneficiary of that war was Iran. The main beneficiary of Obama’s War is Assad of Syria as well as Putin of Russia. Iran is also smiling. There are plenty of oil despots also happy. America used to have client states in the Middle East to project our power and interests. Now, because of Barack Obama the United States is now the client state to despots and tyrants.

It was Obama’s yellow streak of cowardice that led to Obama’s War in Syria. This cannot be blamed on George W. Bush.

Because of Barack Obama’s appeasements, obeisance to Muslim despots, and sweet words to the “Muslim world” the darkest of dark forces have been let loose. ISIS is a genuine threat to the United States. ISIS is enabled by Barack Obama. No bomb drops will change the fact that ISIS was birthed and teated by Barack Obama who thought of them as junior varsity collegians he could entreat like a lonely faculty member in the Harvard cafeteria.

In 2008 Hillary Clinton and those of us who questioned Barack Obama’s lack of, or warped “naive” world view were attacked as racists. Now Politico goes full racist:

President Barack Obama is back at the United Nations this week, but the more peaceful world he saw emerging just a year ago is looking like a distant, even naive, dream.

“We’ve also worked to end a decade of war … shifting away from a perpetual war footing,” Obama told the U.N. delegates and fellow heads of state last September. “The world is more stable than it was five years ago.”

Just in the past few months, the rise of the brutal Islamic State terrorist group has lured the U.S. back into military action in the Mideast, Russia has annexed part of Ukraine and a deadly virus has rampaged across Africa, killing thousands and threatening to bring down governments there.

In each crisis, Obama has been faulted for dithering while the situation grew worse and turning aside opportunities to act in the hope of assembling an international response that has so far proved inadequate.

“He’s in a much worse position, without a doubt, than a year ago. … You’ve got a world on fire,” said former Mideast peace negotiator Aaron David Miller. “The presidency is all about managing disorder and unruliness and managing perceptions so that the world’s not seen as being in chaos. He’s not been able to convey a strategy for dealing for all this, so I think it’s much grimmer for him a year later.”

The left propped the bag of feces called Barack Obama as if it was a golden calf. Now the chickens have come home to roost:

Indeed, much of the past week was a reminder of foreign policy failures.

Last year, Obama pushed U.S. efforts to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict only to see peace talks fall apart and relations escalate into full-scale war as Israel responded to rocket attacks from Gaza with incursions by Israeli ground forces and artillery shelling.

Talks with Iran over its nuclear program are continuing in New York this week, but they may be headed for a kind of stalemate. The Obama administration is reportedly exploring stopgap measures that might satisfy it but seem unlikely to be palatable to Israel or its supporters on Capitol Hill.

And Tuesday, Obama is scheduled to speak at a U.N. session on climate change, an area in which his administration stumbled diplomatically early in his presidency and has since struggled to craft meaningful policies that can pass muster with Congress.

On Wednesday, the president delivers his main speech to the General Assembly before leading the Security Council meeting on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. He’ll also host an event on open government before he wraps up his visit on Thursday with a high-level meeting on the Ebola epidemic.

This will be the second time Barack Obama assumes the role of king of the Security Council. No other American president has done this. Its as if Barack Obama does not want to be the American president anymore and has moved on to run the United Nations world. Obama should resign and move on to his new job at the East River.

The left will continue to applaud Barack Obama. Barack Obama – war-monger:

With his new offensive against Islamic State terrorists in Syria, Barack Obama has a chance to revive his presidency, but the only way he can do that is to become a brand-new president, one who will be almost unrecognizable to his supporters. Obama must go from being the president who was elected to end wars—his most treasured self-image—to the president who finally leads one effectively. [snip]

For Barack Obama, what is happening now no longer falls into the category of cleaning up old wars. This is no longer the war of the Afghan “surge,” which was mainly intended to end a war that was already underway. Or Obama’s aggressive policy of launching covert drone strikes and special operations missions against al Qaeda and its affiliates. This is a wholly new war, Obama’s very own, and it is out in the open.

War-monger Obama! “Hooray!” says the hypocrite left. Some of these loons even suggest that Barack Obama’s War is brilliant and all about the November American elections:

Even if the skeptics are right and the airstrikes prove insufficient to diminish the threat from ISIS the subsequent dispatch of American forces to do a time-limited job of clearing out the bad guys is likely to stir even more patriotic fervor.

The president’s leadership role during this fight has the potential to pump up his public approval and that will benefit several Democrats locked in close senate races. [snip]

An upswing in the president’s approval rating as the nation gets in line behind the commander-in-chief could tip the outcome of a political fight now based on voter turnout and last minute advertising.

The left on Obama’s War is the neo-cons they deplored when it was “Bush’s War”

Next up? Boots. More lies and broken promises by Barack Obama are next. Boots. Boots on the ground. Production for use. Boots.