Romney Defends Medicare Against Obama Looting; Obama Confesses: On Social Security No Differences With Mitt Romney

Update: As if what we wrote below is not bad news enough for Barack Obama and his Hopium Guzzlers. It gets much worse. Think of the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you in public – something that no matter how long ago still makes you cringe when you think of it. Now multiply that nightmarish memory with millions of people watching you and Youtubes and the Internets recording it all for your posterior, er posterity. 58 million viewers: Debate ratings top first debate from 2008; Update: Revised upwards to 67.2 million.

Yup, 67.2 million, not counting the Youtubes and Internets and all the fancy new gizamawatzis sucking up voltage these days. 67.2 million.


Last night.

Obama once again ostentatiously displayed the “nasty” creature he is while Big Media protects him as a “nice” guy. Mitt Romney proved himself more than “likeable enough.”

Once again Obama proved he is a windbag bereft of facts blowing a bag of flowery words. Mitt Romney delivered a Hillaryesque debate performance responding to Obama’s tiresome meanderings with clear, point by point refutations and proposals.

Last night the country saw the Obama we saw in 2008.

Obama spoke over four minutes more than Romney but you wouldn’t know that because much of Obama’s time was spent with “ahs” and “ums” and pauses while he gathered the fog of flying debris which pass as his “thoughts”.

No need to post the quotes about Romney’s Big Win. We already did that in article after article last night. But Obama lost more than most understand. Perhaps “lost” is incorrect. Obama gave away more than most understand.

Exhibit I:

“PRESIDENT OBAMA: You know, I suspect that on Social Security, we’ve got a somewhat similar position. Social Security is structurally sound. It’s going to have to be tweaked the way it was by Ronald Reagan and Speaker — Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neill. But it is — the basic structure is sound. But — but I want to talk about the values behind Social Security and Medicare and then talk about Medicare, because that’s the big driver –”

After the tens of millions of dollars nasty Obama spent all summer to define Mitt Romney as a killer of Social Security now Romney only has to run an ad quoting Obama and Obama’s scare tactics on Social Security are neutered. A 15 second Romney ad to debunk the tens of millions of dollars of nasty Obama ads is a gift Romney received last night.

Exhibit II:

“MR. ROMNEY: Well, Jim, our seniors depend on these programs. And I know any time we talk about entitlements, people become concerned that something’s going to happen that’s going to change their life for the worst, and the answer is, neither the president nor I are proposing any changes for any current retirees or near retirees, either to Social Security or Medicare. So if you’re 60 or around 60 or older, you don’t need to listen any further.

But for younger people, we need to talk about what changes are going to be occurring.

Oh, I just thought about one, and that is in fact I was wrong when I said the president isn’t proposing any changes for current retirees. In fact, he is on Medicare. On Social Security, he’s not.

But on Medicare, for current retirees he’s cutting $716 billion from the program. Now, he says by not overpaying hospitals and providers, actually just going to them and saying we’re going to reduce the rates you get paid across the board, everybody’s going to get a lower rate. That’s not just going after places where there’s abuse, that’s saying we’re cutting the rates. Some 15 percent of hospitals and nursing homes say they won’t take anymore Medicare patients under that scenario.

We also have 50 percent of doctors who say they won’t take more Medicare patients. This — we have 4 million people on Medicare Advantage that will lose Medicare Advantage because of those $716 billion in cuts. I can’t understand how you can cut Medicare $716 billion for current recipients of Medicare.

Now, you point out, well, we’re putting some back; we’re going to give a better prescription program. That’s one — that’s $1 for every 15 (dollars) you’ve cut. They’re smart enough to know that’s not a good trade.

I want to take that $716 billion you’ve cut and put it back into Medicare. By the way, we can include a prescription program if we need to improve it, but the idea of cutting $716 billion from Medicare to be able to balance the additional cost of “Obamacare” is, in my opinion, a mistake. And with regards to young people coming along, I’ve got proposals to make sure Medicare and Social Security are there for them without any question.

Mitt Romney bludgeoned Barack last night with Obama’s Obamacare cuts of $716 billion from Medicare to finance Obama’s Obamacare. Soon 30 second Mitt Romney ads all citing Romney’s Medicare defense will air.

The timing of Romney’s Big Win could not be better. Many voters are already voting in early voting states. Seniors debating how to vote can now see Mitt Romney defining himself, not nasty ad caricature.

Yes, Mitt Romney won big last night. Romney’s Big win range widely from HotAir’s Boss Emeritus, Carville agree: The empty chair showed up last night. Clinton Eastwood must be smiling.

But as we have warned – Don’t you let Big Media steal or diminish that victory. Like cattle rustlers in dead of night Big Media want to steal Romney’s Big Win. It is up to Romney supporters to be Clint Eastwoods and stop the varmints and horse thieves from their dastardly deeds.

Already we are hearing yelps from Obama Hopium Guzzlers who seek to blame moderator Jim Lehrer for Obama’s usual boob performance. These Obama Hopium Guzzlers are angry that Jim Lehrer was not Tim Russert who acted as a Praetorian Guard for Obama in the 2008 debates. Lehrer did what he said he would do and what the Debate Commission wanted him to do: stay out of the debate and let the candidates fight it out and determine the course of the debate.

Big Media wants to steal Romney’s Big Win just like Obama and the By-laws Committee stole Hillary delegates to give to Obama in 2008. We haven’t forgotten.

At the next presidential debate on October 16 moderator Candy Crowley will be prodded to inject herself repeatedly to rescue Barack Obama from the consequences of his lack of preparation, terrible record in office, and nasty disposition generally. Crowley will feed Obama candy questions and inject poisonous venom questions into Romney. After last night we are confident that Romney will do well.

Last night the American voter saw the nasty creep we saw in 2008. Like a busted zit, it was ugly and bleeding. Couldn’t happen to a nastier guy.


Obama’s Government By Purposeful Disaster: Iran, Nukes, The Economy, Payroll Tax Cut, Social Security, Contraception, And Crony Capitalism Solyndra/LightSquared

It becomes increasingly impossible to question the notion that Barack Obama is purposefully destructive.

Consider: Nuclear Pakistan is unreliable and possibly a rogue state in the making; Iran wants a nuclear bomb no matter what and threatens to barbeque Israel; Russia and China are blocking the United States at every turn, most lately on Syria. The Obama response? Propose unilateral American reductions in nuclear weapon stockpiles to the level of China’s stockpiles.

Consider: The more the economy deteriorates the more Barack Obama profits politically. Americans forced in desperation from even bothering to look for jobs leads to a drop in the unemployment rate and Barack Obama smirks a clown smile and goes on yet another vacation.

Consider: Obama Dimocrats rejoice that Barack Obama has outmaneuvered Republicans on the payroll tax issue. Left unmentioned by the left Obama Dimocrats – the destruction of Social Security.

Consider: Barack Obama relied on the Catholic Bishops to pass his health scam. The treacherous Barack Obama betrayed MILLIONS of women and codified the Hyde Amendment into law in order to get the votes to pass his health scam. Barack Obama then goads the Catholic Bishops on an issue that will at most affect a few hundreds of women (if we accept the notion that this is about contraception not religious liberty), not the MILLIONS previously betrayed, and the Obama left along with some out-of-their-depths-analysts-we-all-know-so-well, shout Hosannas at Obama the great liberator of women.

Consider: Crony capitalism for Solyndra and millions in donations from Wall Street while Obama agitates on behalf of Occupy Wall Street.

It’s government by willful, purposeful, destruction of America for personal political profit – but it won’t work to save this corrupt clown from Chicago.

On each of these issues Barack Obama pretends to vote “present” or both “yes” and “no” in the HOPE that Americans are as stupid as he thinks they are. After all, Barack reasons, they did elect him so they really are stupid.

But reality, like justice, has its own wheel which grinds slowly but inexorably. On each issue Obama’s chickens are coming home – ready to poop.

On Obama’s nuclear weapons downgrade of America’s might: Americans know that America has too many nuclear weapons. But reductions in these stockpiles should be negotiated in order to bring down all the stockpiles of nuclear weapons. It makes no sense to propose unilateral nuclear reductions when Iran seeks nuclear weapons. It is a sign of weakness and a green light to trouble makers like Iran when they see the United States response to their nuclear armament program to be another variation of “no preconditions”. It is a purposeful disaster created by Barack Obama.

This nuclear reductions proposal is an Obama dog whistle to Iran and other rogue states – “do as you please, I’ll protect you.” But Obama can’t protect anybody from Israel and Israel is not stupid.

In 2009 when Barack Obama gave his much ballyhooed (by Big Media) speech to the “Muslim world” the real message was not the hideous speech which distorted history. The real message to the “Muslim world” was an American president going to the Middle East but snubbing Israel (Obama still has not visited Israel). The speech was bad enough but the real message was in the medium of the snub. Israel hating Arabs and however many Israel hating Muslims heard the Obama dog whistle to them.

Not content with the damage he purposefully caused in 2009, in 2011 Barack Obama launched another hateful speech which we denounced as a “Pearl Harbor” style attack against Israel. Now reports state that Obama will try to protect Iran from Israel at his meeting with Netanyahu on March 5. It won’t work. Israel will defend itself from Iran and from Barack Obama

[For background information on this story of the March 5 meeting, see our previous articles discussing Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu versus “Arabs’ lawyer” Barack Obama. As to Tom Donilon and his “caustic” conversations with Netanyahu, remember he is the thug assigned to take down Hillary Clinton and he is still angry that she ditched him when he was the assigned enforcer against her at the Munich Security Conference.]

Consider: The economy. We remember March of 2009 and the Big Media hyping of the economic wonders to come once Obama got his stimulus scam passed. We remember the “Glimmers of Hope” that were fools gold. We remember the “Recovery Summer” that wasn’t in 2010. We remember Joe Biden years ago saying with great pride that the economy was about to start producing 400,000 jobs a month and more. Didn’t happen.

About the only real good economic news has been the warm weather this “winter” which has provided a respite to beaten down Americans. But the weather was not Barack Obama’s doing unless you are one of those Hopium addicts that believes all that Barack does turns to gold.

The warm weather brought down expenses for many Americans and that has helped bring up the level of optimism. But much like a befuddled groundhog that unwittingly makes a false forecast and lifts up spirits for a day, this too shall pass. Already gas prices soar and Americans are once again getting sour on the economy.

The economy is in dire straits. This is your Obama recovery:

“But if you look a little further into the numbers, you see that the American job market is not better off than it was four years ago. Indeed, it’s a lot worse.

On Inauguration Day in 2009, when Barack Obama took office, the unemployment rate was 7.8 percent (up from 4.4% as recently as May of 2007). Notwithstanding his promises that Porkulus would cap unemployment at 8.5%, it soared to 10% in October of 2009, and didn’t dip down below 9% in any sustained way until last fall. Last month, after three years of Obama, it was at 8.3% – or .2% lower than where he said it’d never get above if we spent what he proposed.

That’s bad.

“But 8.3% is better than 10%, right?”

Sure – if all you’re doing is comparing numbers straight-up. But by itself, the unemployment rate is meaningless. It’s a percentage of people out of work – but who are those people? They are the ones that are participating in the labor market.

And fewer Americans than ever -ever! – are doing that! [snip]

The media is spinning nonstop about the “Obama recovery”. It’s vapor; in terms of percentage of the American workforce actually working, there is no recovery.

Are you better off than you were four years ago, America?

No – you’re doing two percent worse.”

Recovery Summer is still in relapse. The only thing that has happened is what we predicted: as the elections approach Big Media will trumpet anything that even remotely appears to be “good” and bury anything that can hurt their brass idol.

“But the rising polls for Obama!” shout the denizens of the Hopium dens. Sorry “creative class” boys, Barack Obama is less popular than George W. Bush after his eight years in office. That poll is from a Democratic leaning polling firm too. As to the Republicans who are waging ice-pick warfare against each other and getting everyone worried? The latest Rasmussen tracking poll shows Romney and Santorum within 2 points of Obama.

Consider: The payroll tax issue as described by Politico:

“Republicans freely acknowledge that the president outmaneuvered them on the payroll tax holiday last December — a fight that lasted into February — and his political dexterity during a recent contraception contretemps has left the GOP on the defensive on an issue that seemed to give them the upper hand just a week or so ago.”

But the payroll tax issue so praised by the hypocrite left and out of depth analysts is another example of purposeful destruction for short term political profit:

“Sen Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, just laid into the payroll tax deal stating his “vehement opposition” – and slammed Obama AND Biden, saying, “I’m dismayed that a Democrat – incl a Dem Pres and a Dem VP -are willing to sign a deal that will begin the unraveling of Social Security.”

He doesn’t like the revised/reformed unemployment benefits system — a tiered system that gives more to out-of-work Americans who live in states w/ high unemployment. Harkin, from a low-unemployment state, said, “If you’re unemployed, you’re unemployed.”

Grave warnings peppered the speech — including this: “I choose my words carefully. Make no mistake about it – American ppl – this is the beginning of the end of Social Security.”

We were right when we warned in 2007 about Obama and his hate of Social Security and old people (like his grandma). Seniors are not part of Obama’s “situation comedy” coalition.

Consider: Contraception/Abortion, the red flags. This election is not going to be about abortion nor contraception. Republicans know “it’s the economy, stupid.” This is more crazy making from Barack Obama. It’s a distraction to make people forget about his signing the Hyde Amendment onto his health scam and taking half a trillion dollars away from Medicare.

Consider: Crony capitalism. Yes, Mr. Kessler there really is a crony capitalist in the White House. Was it in 2007 that we began to ask questions about Obama purchases of biotech stocks? Stocks purchased along with some big Obama donors? Yup. 2007. But throughout the health care debate no one seemed to think that might matter.

Only now, in 2012, do we read articles about LightSquared and Obama donors. It’s an ugly story that reeks of crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is the problem. The problem is socialism for the rich and irresponsible who got a bailout when they placed their bets. The problem is scorched earth laissez-faire capitalism for the poor.

The crony capitalism practiced by Barack Obama is purposeful and for his own personal political profit, at the very least. It’s destructive of capitalism. We’re not surprised. Barack Obama is all about purposeful destruction.


Draft Hillary Or Die, Part I

Update: Thank you for the miles of smiles you bring to us today Republican/conservative HotAir. And yup, he has a book of exactly what you describe. Bill Clinton: Why yes, the media did favor Obama over Hillary three years ago:

Via Fox News Insider, this clip shouldn’t be as gratifying as it is. Surely no one needs Bill Clinton to tell them that the press was neck-deep in the tank for The Unicorn Prince in 2008. But it is gratifying, partly because of the hint of lingering resentment in Clinton’s reaction and partly because of the extra little shadow of illegitimacy it casts on Obama’s victory. It’s no secret that BJ didn’t think much of O during the campaign — remember this infamous exchange he reportedly had with Ted Kennedy? — but to see him acknowledge this when we’re on the cusp of another campaign where the media will be neck-deep in the tank for Obama is oddly comforting. Forget the bit at the end where he hedges on media bias against the GOP and never mind that, if asked, he would surely say he thinks Obama would have beat Hillary without the press’s help (she did end up winning New Hampshire, after all). Those are stock answers that any good soldier would offer for his party. The one about Hillary is not, which is what makes it so striking. No one’s under any illusions about the media’s corruption, including the elder statesmen in their favored party.

I’ll bet he has a little scrapbook stashed somewhere filled with stories like this.

The enemy of my enemy…
temporary alliance… sure to annoy those in the veal pen… NObama!


We promised to publish several articles about Hillary 2012. We promised the articles would begin to appear in September. There are reasons why we did not keep our promise.

By summer we were led to understand something was going to happen in September that might cause a change in the line of succession in the United States. Originally Barack Obama was set to stab Israel in the back at the United Nations and that Obama treachery would have had domestic consequences and a possible resignation. But that treachery was averted by Palestinian bumbling and miscalculations at the U.N. and a smart Hillary Clinton.

Something else, something much more important, then happened on September 13. As we tried to piece together the information we received piecemeal, in order to finish our promised articles, more information came into our possession.

The information we received was that votes were being taken at labor union executive meetings asking about Barack Obama. What we were told, from long time reliable friends and sources, was that certain U.S. Senators and Democrats were requesting union locals to survey their boards on the question of whether Barack Obama deserved reelection. What was odd was that the unions were asked to tape record the responses and provide them to these senators.

The responses were not what our sources expected. What we were told happened at these private executive board meetings was a wave of yelled anger against Barack Obama. The board members who did the most yelling and expressed the most anger were black women and black men members of the various executive committees.

As we called other sources to ask about the meaning of these votes, to be tape recorded, we were asked to let things play out and not expose these votes. We complied with these requests so that the meetings could proceed without interruption. We complied because there were other activities and non-activities which persuaded us that was the right course to take. We’ll explain as much as we can in the next installments of this series.

We postponed our articles. On September 13, something amazing happened which stopped the U.N. treachery:

“Today’s election in Queens/Brooklyn is an eviction notice to Barack Obama to vacate the White House. There are two very important lessons that will emerge from today:

(1) The attempt by Barack Obama to revive his dead presidency with a fake jobs bill has failed. The fake jobs bill was always a fake. It was an attempt to fool worried Dimocrats that Obama has the cojones to fight, if not win. But Obama has already caved and it has been announced Obama will take whatever cold fish the Republicans slap him with smack on his face. Obama had to cave. No one is impressed by a Boob who can’t rally the troops or win an election in the deepest of blue areas.

(2) If the strong and corrupt Dimocratic machines in Queens/Brooklyn can’t bludgeon voters to support Obama/Weprin then no district, precinct, ward is safe for Obama Dimocrats. No one should think that Bob Turner, the Republican, is a sure win or even a close win in a district that has rejected Republicans since 1923. The political machine in the 9th district and in Queens is a powerful dynastic machine of Weprins, Staviskies, Vallones and Crowleys. Even a close election result will be a massive achievement for the NOBAMA Coalition.”

September 13, was indeed Dump Obama Or Die Day – the Republicans won the election. It is fear of what the election results will be in November 2011 that drives a great deal of what is happening behind the scenes. Fear of what the election results will be in November 2011 also drives a lot of what is beginning to happen out in the open:

N.H. voters should draft Hillary

We argued in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed piece that President Barack Obama should stand down and let Secretary of State Hillary Clinton run as the Democratic presidential nominee in 2012.

We are now calling on Democratic voters nationally — particularly in New Hampshire — to organize a write-in campaign for Clinton. This is something that New Hampshire voters have a long history of doing.

We advocate this Draft Hillary movement not because of the desire to make political mischief — but to put the country on the right course.”

Just the mere talk of this is political mischief that hurts Barack Obama’s reelection. Just talk of “Draft Hillary” reminds many of the Mistake In ’08 and the never to reconcile Hillary supporters who reject Obama and the Obama Dimocratic Party. And there are many of us. [I have a short conversation between my friend Rumana and President Clinton this afternoon at a book signing in Chappaqua.  Here is Rumana’s synopsis: I said you should go to S4h FB page and see we are encouraging her. He put his hand on my shoulder and said if lot more people encourage her maybe she will run. I said Mr. President we are talking about 2012 please do something. He said she needs to know you are there for her and I said please tell her.”]

Just the mere talk of “Draft Hillary 2012” injures Barack Obama and reminds us all what a colossal failure Barack Obama is:

“It’s clear that Obama has been unable to build consensus and, with the polarizing campaign he is now running, will be unable to govern effectively even if reelected. Only Clinton can commit the Democratic Party — and, indeed, the nation — to a unification and healing process. This could allow Washington, in a bipartisan manner, to finally address the economic and governmental crises that now grip America.

We are facing a crisis of national leadership, so citizens should step up and take charge of their country the way demonstrators in the Middle East did earlier this year. And, stunningly, as the people of Russia are now doing.

It’s time to take the decision about America’s leadership out of the hands of the established powers and return it to the citizens of our country. That opportunity to change U.S. politics will appear in the second week of 2012 in New Hampshire.”

Many will scoff, particularly those too tired to fight. But remember, just the mere talk of “Draft Hillary 2012” hobbles the corrupt criminal Chicago clown. In their call for citizens to seize control and “Draft Hillary 2012” Schoen and Caddell echo must of what we have written particularly in regards to what big dollar donors must do:

“To seize this moment two things are required:

First, and most important, ordinary Democrats and independents in New Hampshire should mobilize behind a grass-roots effort to write in Clinton’s name during the Jan. 10 Democratic primary.

Second, a committed group of Democrats with resources and stature needs to help facilitate an authentic citizens’ movement — independent of party structure, Clinton and organized interests — to support a massive New Hampshire write-in campaign and put this before a deeply disaffected electorate.

There is already an online petition to draft Clinton, created by Democrats.

“We the undersigned Democrats want a new Democratic nominee for president who can win in 2012. We are convinced that the only person with the national stature, experience … who can win in the general election in 2012 is Hillary Rodham Clinton. We are fully prepared to take matters in to our own hands and launch our own massive write-in campaign,” it reads.

Even if one does not agree with their every argument, we urge everyone who shares our beliefs go to that website now — and to tell their friends to go to there and sign it.”

That website, with every view and every signature, hurts Barack Obama’s reelections and reminds everyone that:

“And to the Democratic National Committee Chair, Vice Chairs, and Distinguished DNC Members as well as the Superdelegate Members, make no mistake: under NO circumstance will we cast a vote for your current predetermined choice for nominee, Barack Obama. We will not fall in line like last time in 2008 when we were asked to be “good little Democrats” for the sake of the Party. We all know how that worked out. We are fully prepared to take matters into our own hands and launch our own massive write-in campaign, much like Senator Murkowski’s successful write-in campaign in Alaska.”

Schoen and Caddell warn that Obama is a loser:

“Since 1944, when approval ratings first became reliable, there have been five cases in which the incumbent president had an approval rating below 49 percent a year ahead of the election. Each time, the incumbent party lost.

Obama’s approval rating has dropped to 43 percent — less than Jimmy Carter’s. Obama now has the worst job approval rating of any president at this stage of his term in modern political history. Many, particularly on the left, have begun to demonstrate with signs reading, “Buyer’s remorse.

In a recent Daily Beast piece, “Hillary Told You So,” angry, frustrated liberals were quoted saying, “No one ever had to tell Hillary” that the economy is crucial, and “Hillary is tougher.”

Indeed, the most active calls for Clinton to run have come from the left — indicating that there is substantial support for this idea across the board and not just from centrist Democrats.”

To hell with the party. The bottom line is that the American people cannot survive another four years of Obama the corrupt, treacherous, incompetent. The country cannot survive a president who has contempt for vast majorities of the American public:

“Certainly, the recent barrage of articles by former Obama allies saying that the White House has lost white, working-class voters — a key part of the Democratic coalition — is cause enough for Clinton, who has been that voting bloc’s champion in the past, to be the Democratic standard-bearer.

Many argue that our approach is impractical and is unlikely to work because Obama will not stand down. But make no mistake, we are political realists.

As political realists, we know that every recent presidential candidate who has emerged — from Obama in 2008 to Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and now Newt Gingrich — has been citizen-driven. The elites have not driven the process; ordinary voters have filled the void.

Such a void exists now.

Clinton pulled off a stunning New Hampshire primary victory over Obama during the 2008 primaries. There is every reason to believe that, as a write-in candidate, she would get a substantial number of votes in the Granite State next year.

New Hampshire is one state where grass-roots politics predominates. As presidential historian Theodore White wrote in 1965, New Hampshire’s primary allows candidates “to appeal directly to people” and “over the heads of the politicians.”

This primary — traditionally well before other primaries — allows independents to cast ballots for either Democrats or Republicans, unlike most other “closed primaries,” in which only registered Democrats and Republicans can vote on their respective parties’ ballots. It’s justly famous for write-in candidates, who often had substantial success.

In 1964, write-in candidate Henry Cabot Lodge had an upset victory over GOP front-runners Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller. In 1968, incumbent President Lyndon B. Johnson was not on the ballot, but as a write-in, he received nearly 50 percent of all Democratic votes.

A write-in candidacy in 2012 can send a message that the Democratic Party must stand for something more than Obama’s reelection at all costs.

There once was a Democratic Party that cared about the American people. Now the Obama Dimocratic Party only cares about Obama. Obama has got to be driven out:

“We are not asking the president or the secretary of state to take action. We ask the people of the United States, Democrats and, especially, New Hampshire voters to exercise their right to be heard by writing Clinton’s name on the primary ballot.

Voters have had enough of the establishment powers dictating who can run.

All that is needed is a spark on the dry tinder of political frustration and anxiety. A few Democratic patriots can provide the means to make it possible — and change the course of U.S. history.”

Many will scoff at this proposal. But every mention of Democratic opposition to Barack Obama and “draft Hillary” argument hurts Barack Obama’s reelection chances.

What little is left of Barack Obama’s presidency continues to unravel then burn. We now learn that the “universal” heath scam Obama forced through means that the federal government will now be the thug enforcer for Big Insurance companies to extract billions from the American taxpayer and that not much else has been achieved by that corrupt Obama health scam:

“In a major surprise on the politically charged new health care law, the Obama administration said Friday that it would not define a single uniform set of “essential health benefits” that must be provided by insurers for tens of millions of Americans. Instead, it will allow each state to specify the benefits within broad categories.”

On March 26, 27, and 28, the Supreme Court will hear Obamacare arguments – at the height of the Republican campaign season. Obama’s health scam is rejected by most Americans and the argument at the Supreme Court will only help Republicans next year.

The economy continues to sink or stagnate and ugly Obama schemes such as another Social Security threatening payroll tax holiday fall apart. The latest two month payroll tax holiday is such a logistical nightmare that this recent mess is already in trouble.

The country cannot continue in this manner. Leadership is required. Obama must go.


SCOTUS Focus On POTUS Hocus Pocus

Update: Recusal is a red herring indeed. Neither Thomas nor Kagen are going to recuse themselves from this case. This fight will be fought by all sides without restraint.

Obama Dimocrats are biting dirty fingernails:

“Democrats on Capitol Hill are worried that the Supreme Court will rule against President Obama’s healthcare reform law.

Over the last couple weeks, congressional Democrats have told The Hill that the law faces danger in the hands of the Supreme Court, which The New York Times editorial page recently labeled the most conservative high court since the 1950s.

While the lawmakers are not second-guessing the administration’s legal strategy, some are clearly bracing for defeat.”

Four more wasted years when this health scam turkey gets shot down by the high court. We have been proven right when we declared Obama a colossal Mistake In ’08.


Have you ever witnessed such treacherous boobery hit the brick wall of Karma with such a bang?

In 2007 and 2008 treacherous boob Barack Obama attacked Hillary Clinton on the issue of mandates. Hillary Clinton made a case on the need for a health care mandate. Hillary Clinton’s health care plan was based on actually improving health care, expanding accessibility, and bringing down the cost of health care. Barack Obama savaged Hillary.

Enter reality. No sooner was the monumental boob in the White House than he incompetently flipped – and flopped. Obama embraced a boobish and likely unconstitutional mandate plan, grabbed hundreds of millions in ad money from Big PhaRma while trading away any possibility of lower health costs via bulk purchasing power of drugs, as well as a fake accessibility plan too expensive and useless for many to afford.

Barack Obama embraced a health scam that Hillary Clinton rejected decades ago. Obama thought passing his health scam would ensure his place in the history books for doing something no other president was able to do. Enter Karma.

Obama’s health scam is hated by majorities of Americans. Now the Supreme Court will rule on the Obama health scam several months from the November general election. Obama will enter the history books as the treacherous boob he is.

None of this really had to happen if there was a president with half a brain and at least one functioning testicle or a big batch of ovaries. As Hillary Clinton pointed out to the boob when she was attacked on the mandates, the entire Commerce Clause constitutional issues could be mooted with point of contact registration for health care and her proposed regional health boards.

Republicans were honest and open as to how they would attack the Obama health plan. Left Talkers laughed and said that argument would not work. We warned that the argument Republicans made was a potent one and that the Supreme Court could upend the entire silly project.

Whatever happens next year at the Supreme Court, Obama will come out a bloody boob. We’ve made that case before, others have made the case before, and today the Professor at Legal Insurrection makes the case again (we provide the emphasis):

“From a purely political viewpoint, it is more important that the Supreme Court hear and decide the case prior to the 2012 election than it is which way the Court rules.

While of course throwing the mandate out is my strong (overwhelming) preference, politically for Republicans I don’t think it makes a huge difference which way the Court decides the case, as long as it decides the case prior to the 2012 election.

If the Supreme Court finds the mandate to be unconstitutional, it will deflate Obama’s presidency. In one fell swoop, the entirety of Obama’s agenda will come crashing down. It will be a political and personal humiliation.

If the Supreme Court upholds the mandate, Obama will be able to crow a little, but such a decision will leave the majority of people who hate the law with but one alternative: Throw Obama and Senate Democrats out in November 2012.

If the Supreme Court puts a pillow to the face of the Obama health scam it will mean that Obama boobishly wasted years in passing this stink, ignored the voters’ message when Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts, and ignored the need to focus on the economy and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

If the Supreme Court upholds the Obamination health scam Americans who hate the plan will realize that the only way to get rid of the scam is to get rid of the scammer and his party enablers. The few Senate and House Obama Dimocrats not yet imperiled will be run out.

But… if Republicans nominate Willard Mitt Romney Obama will attempt to muddy the waters and say that Romney gave birth to Obama’s health scam. Some Republicans know this and that is why Newt Gingrich in a PPP Poll leads Romney and is only two point behind Romney in a CNN poll. We don’t think Newt Gingrich is the solution for Republicans for reasons we have discussed before but the reason polls show Romney and Newt at least tied for the lead is because Romney endangers Republicans on the 1a issue of 2012 – the economy, jobs and the impact of Obama’s health scam.

If Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts was not enough empirical evidence in the political argument of who benefits and who loses when it comes to health care, does anyone remember this November’s election results in Ohio? Anyone?

Obama’s health scam has already caused a lot of troubles for the Obama enablers in the Obama Dimocratic Party:

“House Democrats face their first test of unity over a key provision of their healthcare reform law next week when legislation to repeal the long-term care CLASS Act comes up for a vote.

Republicans are trying to capitalize on the program’s demise after the Obama administration announced last month that it could not find a way to make it work. The House will get that ball rolling on Tuesday when the Energy and Commerce health subcommittee marks up repeal legislation. [snip]

Democrats face a potential lose-lose situation: vote for repeal and implicitly acknowledge that their health law contained a fatally flawed program; vote against, and open up to criticism that they’re in denial.

“It puts the Democrats in a very difficult position,” Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.), the bill’s sponsor, told The Hill recently. “They have to decide whether they’re going to do the fiscally responsible thing and repeal the program or support something that is fiscally irresponsible.”

The White House is formally opposed to repeal. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has said that the department cannot find a way forward “at this time,” and Congress’ nonpartisan budget scorekeeper has eliminated projected savings from the program as a result.”

No CLASS for the boob means more losses in 2012 for the boob enablers. In 2012 the Obama health scam will be as popular as Sandusky at a Justin Bieber concert.

But what about the constitutional issues? We said the constitutional issues against Obama’s health scam are potent. We scorched the Obama lies of “it’s not a tax.” The New York Times used to mock the legal case from foes of Obama’s scam but now the Times is backtracking and provides a decent overview of the constitutional issues:

“If the federal government can require people to purchase health insurance, what else can it force them to do? More to the point, what can’t the government compel citizens to do? [snip]

“Let’s go right to what is your most difficult problem,” Judge Laurence H. Silberman, who later voted to uphold the law, told a lawyer at an argument in September before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. “What limiting principle do you articulate?” If Congress may require people to purchase health insurance, he asked, what else can it force them to buy? Where do you draw the line?

Would it be unconstitutional, he asked, to require people to buy broccoli? [snip]

Could people making more than $500,000 be required to buy cars from General Motors to keep it in business? [snip]

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, who ended up in dissent, then jumped in. “How about mandatory retirement accounts replacing Social Security?” he asked.

“It would depend,” Ms. Brinkmann replied.”

Maybe we will all be forced to eat arugula – buy and hang pictures of Obama and Michelle (“made exclusively for Michelle Obama“) in our living rooms along with requisite incense – all in the service of Commerce Clause jurisprudence. Will Roberts turn to Rehnquist?:

“In 1995, when the court struck down a federal law that prohibited people from carrying firearms in school zones, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist wrote that “we pause to consider the implications of the government’s arguments” in defending the law — that stopping activities that could lead to violent crime relates to interstate commerce because it affects “national productivity.”

Under that reasoning, Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote, “It is difficult to perceive any limitation on federal power,” adding that “if we were to accept the government’s arguments, we are hard pressed to posit any activity by an individual that Congress is without power to regulate.”

Chief Justice Rehnquist died in 2005, but three of the justices who joined his majority opinion — Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy and Clarence Thomas — are still on the court.”

A recent “victory” in the courts might prove as illusory as this November’s elections for Obama Dimocrats. That “victory” might be as costly as Obama’s slap at the Supreme Court at the State of the Union speech:

“The government’s position amounts to an argument that the mere fact of an individual’s existence substantially affects interstate commerce, and therefore Congress may regulate them at every point of their life,” Chief Judge Joel F. Dubina and Judge Frank M. Hull wrote.

On Tuesday, on the other hand, a three-judge panel of the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the law. Judge Silberman, who had grilled Ms. Brinkmann so aggressively, wrote the majority opinion, and his discussion of the limits of Congressional power may have handed the administration a bigger victory than it wanted, because it presumably did not want to win on the grounds that Congress could do anything at all. [snip]

“That a direct requirement for most Americans to purchase any product or services seems an intrusive exercise of legislative power,” Judge Silberman wrote, “surely explains why Congress has not used this authority before — but that seems to us a political judgment rather than a recognition of constitutional limitations.”

Judge Silberman said there were Supreme Court decisions on issues like regulating the use of medical marijuana that had endorsed broad Congressional power to legislate in the name of commerce.

It certainly is an encroachment on individual liberty,” he wrote of the health care law, “but it is no more so than a command that restaurants or hotels are obliged to serve all customers regardless of race, that gravely ill individuals cannot use a substance their doctors described as the only effective palliative for excruciating pain, or that a farmer cannot grow enough wheat to support his own family.”

In dissent, Judge Kavanaugh praised the majority for its honesty in describing what followed from its ruling.

“The majority opinion here is quite candid — and accurate,” he wrote, adding: “The majority opinion’s holding means, for example, that a law replacing Social Security with a system of mandatory private retirement accounts would be constitutional. So would a law mandating that parents purchase private college savings accounts.”

Within hours of the decision on Tuesday, opponents of the health care law were issuing statements, and their theme was predictable. “Like the government,” said Randy E. Barnett, a law professor at Georgetown, “the majority could identify no limit to an unprecedented power of Congress.”

The Supreme Court will focus on the Obama health scam this coming March. Americans too will focus on the Obama health scam and how to defeat it.

As Americans focus, along with SCOTUS on Obama’s Hocus Pocus health scam, it is Obama, not a rabbit from a top hat, that will disappear.


Hope And Change Occupy Wall Street

All through 2007 and 2008 into 2009, 2010, 2011 we asked “Change to what?” “Change in what direction?” “Is it Change for the better or Change for the worse?” We were attacked for daring to ask the obvious.

All through 2007 and 2008 into 2009, 2010, 2011 we declared “It’s false HOPE.” We were roundly denounced for not believing and worshiping the golden calf bleating HOPE and CHANGE.

Now, we are told once again to stop complaining – to HOPE and to fight for CHANGE and to Occupy Wall Street. Again we ask “Change to what…. Change in what direction?” Once again we get no answers. What we get is yet another a blank screen upon which we are supposed to project our HOPEs and DREAMs and a cult “collective” to whom we are should surrender our will and reason. We are proffered bottles filled with Hopium and told to “BELIEVE”.

Shakespeare warned “Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice”. So watch and listen to Occupy Wall Street but do not give them your voice or participation until you get some basic answers about what they want and who is behind them – and why Barack Obama is protected by the secret leadership of this latest fad “collective”.

In 2008 we were told we had to vote for Obama because he was the “Democrat” and we had to vote for him and keep party unity. We responded “NOBAMA!”

Now we are told that because the rich are bad and the 99% are abused and we are good liberals that we are to stop asking questions. We are supposed to lock our arms with the left and march against the oppressors. We are not to voice doubt. We are not to question.

Red flags are waved telling us the problem is the right wing. Red flags are waved telling us the problem is the rich. Red flags are waved telling us it’s those damned Republicans and conservatives we must united in a solid brick wall against. We’re not buying, and those who say this can GO TO HELL!

It is the Democratic Left that shamed itself on the race card and sexism. It is the Democratic Left that engaged and engages still in sexism and misogyny. It is the Democratic Left that shamed itself on gay rights. It is the Democratic Left that has shamed itself on Social Security. The Democratic Left, or rather the Obama Dimocratic Left is the #1 enemy. Why is that? We’ll explain below.

Republicans and conservatives have their agenda and they fight for their agenda. That’s fair and right. We can disagree and fight with Republicans and conservatives and we can argue and fight with them for not seeking to do the will of the people in the elections of 2000. But it was not Republicans and conservatives that race-baited and stole the votes of the Democratic electorate in the primaries of 2008. It was the Obama Dimocratic Left that defiled the democratic process and for that they can never be forgiven.

Now these animals want us to forgive and forget “for the greater good.” We are to fight for social justice side by side with the very animals that called us racists. GO TO HELL!

We want nothing to do with any of these people. Hyperbolically speaking, when they are destroyed and run out of a resurrected Democratic Party, when they are purged and sent into tiger cages and reeducation camps to be beaten, only then will we consider listening to anything they have to say. Until then, they can GO TO HELL!

We will not stop questioning every time we hear false HOPE and CHANGE for the worse. When we see bulls*it, we’ll call it bulls*it:

“In several ways, Tan was like many of the people attracted to Zuccotti Park in the weeks after thousands of angry Americans, many young and out of work, converged there on Sept. 17: She had never before been so invested in a political act, was disappointed in President Obama’s handling of the country’s financial and political crises, but was hopeful that the Occupy Wall Street protest could become “something big.” While a little suspicious of the protest’s structure — proclaiming to be open, transparent, horizontally integrated and driven by a come-one-come-all general assembly, but with working groups “empowered by the general assembly” who seem to be setting the agenda she seemed optimistic about her ability to contribute to the protest, maybe to give it focus. [snip]

Later on that same evening, footage emerged on YouTube of a senior New York Police Department officer swinging a baton at protesters there. Only afterwards did the same user who posted that footage upload an extended version, showing protesters counting down to zero before charging the barricaded entrance to Wall Street that police were guarding.

That high-level view online was lost on the protesters on the ground. Periodically, people on Wall Street and Broadway would chant “Shame!” or “Pig!” as police made an arrest.”

Only a desperate fool would ignore a structure that proclaims itself “open, transparent, horizontally integrated” but acts on the orders of secret “working groups” few know anything about. After the “transparent” Obama campaign and administration the only question for such desperate fools is “haven’t you had enough?” Why would you join such a mob? And yes, by definition the count-to-zero-then-charge-we-can’t-explain-what-we-are-for crowd is a “mob”.

Naomi Klein did her best, and failed, to speak as if she understood what Occupy Wall Street is or is not. How does she know? She can’t possibly know because she is not their leader nor their spokesperson. She’s filling in the blank screen with her hopes and desires (and misdirection about the “peaceful” demonstrators and the “violent” cops).

When Klein says that the protests are staged at the right place because Occupy Wall Street has “returned to the scene of the crime” she proves she does not know what she is talking about. The “scene of the crime” was not Wall Street – it was 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Wall Street is no longer a place to finance companies. Wall Street and the stock markets are a huge casino filled with riverboat gamblers protected by stacked decks and marked cards. Wall Street is a haven for speculators who feast on the marks who believe the system is fair. But the scene of the crime is not Wall Street. The scene of the crime is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt fought the speculators and sought to protect the American people from these vultures. But Barack Obama did everything to protect the speculators and the vultures. Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama saw the rampant speculation on Wall Street but instead of taking on the evil doers, Bush and Barack bailed them out. The Left, Obama left or whatever that freak obamination is now called stayed silent and it was the Tea Party that decided to act up

The scene of the crime is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but Naomi Klein and the Occupy Wall Street puppet masters don’t want to point to Barack Obama and shout “J’accuse!” Instead Occupy Wall Street protects Barack Obama and the crime lords from Chicago.

We have written repeatedly about what is happening to the American economy. Those interested in the seven sharks, the celestial dirge, financialization, the quiet coup may read our previous posts on the economy.

In celestial Dirge we quoted Kevin Phillips:

“KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, I mean, there’s several difficulties here. First of all, at this point, what you’ve got are the Democrats are the party right at this point that’s getting most of the financial money. When Franklin D. Roosevelt won in 1932, we know he wasn’t getting most of the financial money.

The second thing is I don’t think we’re more than partway through. The Democrats think it’s going to be another 1933, they get in there, they can do all the New Deal stuff. My feeling is that they’re coming in halfway and they’re going to have to make hard decisions that are going to eat the Democratic coalition like a bologna sandwich. They’re going to start civil wars

BILL MOYERS: How come? What do you mean?

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, if you’re going to bail out Wall Street while you’re saying oh, the Social Security recipients, maybe they don’t even need that money. A lot of people in the financial community basically want to push Social Security on some sort of voluntary basis and needs test it and get rid of it. Now, a lot of Democrats in the labor movement are very nervous about Obama. They put out press releases talking about Rubin-nomics because they see that the flesh of the Democratic Party carries a lunchbox. But the new soul of the Democratic Party wears a pinstripe suit.”

We wrote that in January of 2009 as the Obama stimulus scam was lauded elsewhere and denounced here. Two months later we again denounced the Obama stimulus scam and the Obama Crime Lords:

“We have written repeatedly that Obama’s economic “plans” and his fake “stimulus” scam were not genuine economic programs – they were political plans with political objectives – primarily directed at the 2010 elections. We also warned repeatedly that Obama cannot be trusted and his loyalties are only to himself and his advancement and well being. Obama has laughed in the faces of those who supported him most worshipfully and most reverendly during last year’s political campaigns and made his alliance with the powerful oligarchs clear. The Obama alliance with the ugliest and dirtiest forces in America are long-term and based on a simple quid-pro-quo: they help Obama and Obama will do their bidding. Whether it is Big Media or the wealthy and powerful, the Kennedys or the Kerrys, the compact remains the same: if you are rich and help Obama then Obama helps you.

The very same voices who today praise Occupy Wall Street then supported Obama’s stimulus scam but insisted that more and more and more money had to be spent. These dolts kept shouting “Keynes” to puff up their demands for “stimulus” and more “stimulus”. But don’t dare mention Keynes when it is a gangster government that will only stimulate corrupt Solyndra capitalist cronies then only a few cents of scam money will ever trickle down to hit the streets where the need is.

Now those same voices want to join in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and their ultimate justification is that there is no other game in town to address social and economic injustice. Sorry that won’t do. You have not been listening or paying attention. Or maybe you just don’t get it. You don’t seem to understand that there is no Democratic Party anymore.

Since August 2008 and the Denver convention we have been writing that there is no Democratic Party and that the top priority is to resurrect the Democratic Party so that there can be some counterbalance to the Republican Party. Both parties are needed but right now there is only the Republican Party and the Obama cult.

Until Barack Obama is gone and every filthy root and branch of Obama Hopium is cut off there can be no change for the better or hope that things will get better. That is a reality that many refuse to accept.

Even if Occupy Wall Street was a force for good – there is no political mechanism (with the only exception being the, hated by OWS, Tea Party), there is no Democratic Party to bring about the change.

And yes, you read that right about the Tea Party. In a rare moment of lucidity, Ralph Nader has some sensible things to say to those who mocked the Tea Party as “teabaggers”:

Nader, like Klein, provides his dross to the Occupy Wall Street goals and aims, but he too is just moving his gums – not speaking authoritatively as a spokesman or leader of the rabble. We’d love to see the plan, the official plan because Satan is in the Details. What Nader and Klein and everyone else thus far has failed to state is that Occupy Wall Street should move from Zucotti Park to Lafayette Park – the scene of the crimes.

Marching with the opaque Occupy Wall Street is not “better than doing nothing” as so many try desperately to convince us. Occupy Wall Street is an Obama protection racket. Some are learning –I am angry because this is not what democracy is all about. This is Marxist more Stalin like. Your movement, you’re just riff-raff. You’re an organized mob.

What must happen is the removal of Barack Obama and his corrupt party from the political life of the country and a resurrection of the Democratic Party of FDR and Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama is the problem. When Occupy Wall Street moves to remove the occupant of the White House, give us a call.


Sexist, Misogynist, Flim-Flam Man, Treacherous Corrupt Boob – Narrative From Big Pink Hits Big Media Big Time, Part I

For a long time we have wanted to publish an article cataloging the many “memes” that have started here at Big Pink. Today is not the day for such an article but with the publication of the new book “Confidence Men” it’s time to take a quick look-a-round.

Memes” is a word most beloved by the Obama lovin’ “creative class” of dopes. A “meme” is an idea that is transmitted from one person to another – what in politics would ordinarily be called a successful narrative.

Here at Big Pink we have put forth several “successful narratives”. These narratives have been successful because they are the truth not because we have sought to “meme” them. In 2007 we stated that there are two views of Barack Obama. One of those views will prevail. By 2009 in an article called “Anatomy Of A Flim-Flam Man” we expanded on what we meant:

“Doctors, cosmologists, detectives, lawyers, mothers, fathers, most everyone has to look at the world around them and figure out how things work. Doctors must make a diagnosis and then devise a treatment. Cosmologists look at the universe and decide upon a theory of what they are seeing.

In earlier Earth history cosmologists agreed that the universe revolved around the earth. These cosmologists fought and derided those who believed the Sun was the center of our star system. Eventually the cosmologists who, based on evidence – not faith nor hope, determined the Earth revolved around the Sun were proven right.

The same can be said of the current debate about Barack Obama. Here at Big Pink we have contended that Barack Obama is a flim-flam man. Obama is only interested, as his own wife has stated, in his selfish self-advancement and careerism. According to us, Barack Obama is an opportunist who has never accomplished anything but his own self-advancement; Obama is not qualified to be president; is a boob; and lacks a basic rational world-view as well as any experience for the job he has been gifted.

Our views of Obama are evidence based. Whether it’s Rezko, what happened in Illinois with health care, Exelon, Obama’s race-baiting which goes back to his early Hawaii days where Obama blamed all his failures on race (“The fact that Obama was half-black and half-white didn’t matter much to anyone but Obama, Kakugawa says: “He made everything out like it was all racial.” )

The opposite view of Obama we deride as creations by Hopium guzzlers and Mess-iah worshipers. Their view is that Obama is wonderful and gifted and deserving of great respect and applause.

The two views of Obama are opposed to each other just as the views of those earlier cosmologists were opposed to each other. Eventually the evidence will be in and one side will be proven correct beyond any doubt.”

Copernicus or Ptolemy? – both could not be correct. Big Pink or the Hopium Guzzlers? – both cannot be correct.

Look around at the “Obama Is The Third Bush Term“, in words (top right column) and pictures (bottom left column). That started here. “Culture of Corruption” – sorry Michelle Malkin – that started here too. We referenced the Culture of Corruption in the Democratic Party in June 2008. We specifically tied the Culture of Corruption surrounding Barack Obama himself in June 2008 as well. We beat these narratives, er, memes”, er drums, repeatedly over the years sure that our view of Barack Obama was the correct one, not that fake HopeyChangey nonsense. (That “Obama is a fake” business started here too.)

The narratives we have repeated that have been most resisted have been our contentions that Barack Obama hates women, Barack Obama attacks Social Security, Barack Obama is a Boob, and most resisted of all – that Barack Obama is a flim-flam man.

The views on Barack Obama and Social Security have undergone a rapid transformation and most (on the left anyways) now agree with us that Obama wants to loot the system. The “boob” narrative has also enjoyed increased traction with some writers even writing that Obama is stupid. But “flim-flam” man has been a tough red pill to swallow. Likewise for Obama is a sexist and a misogynist.

To the rescue comes the book “Confidence Men“. A “confidence man” is also known as a “con man” or a “flim-flam man.” Barack Obama is a Confidence Man, a con man, a flim-flam artiste. Author Ron Suskind, from his book:

“On this warm late-summer afternoon, with Congress out of session, Obama has convened the press to announce the launch of a new agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It has been designed to protect American consumers from the predations of the financial services and banking industry, which over the past couple of decades has grown vast and insatiable by inventing, for the most part, new ways to market, sell, and invest in debt.

The woman standing awkwardly at Obama’s left hip, Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren, has become the nation’s town crier on the subject of bankruptcy and debt. In the two years since the economic crisis, she has emerged from nowhere to trumpet the story of how debt was turned into a velvety weapon, how engorged financial firms deceptively packaged it, sold it as securities, and extracted usurious profits from American consumers, especially those in America’s once-vaunted middle class. [snip]

So today is a long-delayed victory for Warren—almost. Somehow nothing in the Rose Garden is quite as it seems.

Suskind goes on to note that Obama pretended he and Warren were “old friends” even though Obama had “been studiously avoiding her.” Describing Tim Geithner, who stands by Obama at the fake flim-flam ceremony, Suskind writes that Geithner was “looking sheepish”. Here’s why:

“Only those in his inner circle at Treasury, though, can precisely read what’s behind that expression: a string of private efforts across the past year to neutralize Warren. The previous fall, Geithner huddle with top aides to develop what one called an “Elizabeth Warren strategy,” a plan to engage with the firebrand reformer that would render her politically inert. He never worked out a viable strategy—a way to meet with Warren without drawing undesirable comparisons—and so, like the president, he didn’t.

What the Treasury Department did do, unbeknownst to Warren, was embrace demands from the banking industry to create a bureau under the condition that Warren would not be allowed to lead it. [snip]

The industry managed to get the proposed agency shrunk into a bureau that would live under the auspices of the Federal Reserve, the government’s greatest mixed metaphor of public purpose and private self-regard, representing as it does the dual interests of a sound monetary policy and the health of the banking industry. Beyond that, the bureau’s rules can be vetoed by a two-thirds majority of a panel of other financial regulators—an indignity of institutionalized second-guessing known to few other agencies.”

Obama opposed Warren the same as Geithner. Obama avoided Warren and participated in her marginalization. Was it misogyny or cupidity on Obama’s part? It was all a flim-flam worthy of Bernie Madoff. And don’t forget that Madoff was the one who saidThe whole new regulatory reform is a joke.” Not a joke Bernie, a scam, a flim-flam.

It’s all been one gigantic flim-flam. It’s as we wrote from the very beginning, except now the people mouthing what we wrote are from the Obama inner circle:

“…some advisers have become convinced that his lack of experience, especially managerial experience, may be his undoing; that, at a time of peril, the president may simply not be up to the demands of this moment.”

It’s only gotten worse since those words were written. The flim-flams are more overt, easier for those not from Big Pink to spot.

Yesterday, Barack Obama instead of addressing the nation’s economic woes and troubles, decided to stage yet another flim-flam publicity stunt designed to convince the idiots who enabled him in 2008 that this time it’s different. But yesterday’s publicity stunt was all about helping Barack Obama, not the economy, not those suffering under the Obama economy.

Obama’s “class warfare” strategy won’t work because it’s all a flim-flam. You don’t need an AP fact check on who pays more taxes, secretaries or their bosses. Obama’ class warfare bunk is solely designed to dupe and delude.

Obama wants the Hopium lobotomized dolts to believe he is waging class warfare on their side (even as he denies the class warfare charge). But he is not. Obama is dropping fast in the polls (now Marist has the boob at 39%) and new flim-flams must be initiated. It’s all a big fairy tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Obama knows that his own party rejected his proposals when they were in the majority and those publicity stunt proposals are dead on arrival. It’s just a bunch of publicity stunts designed to dupe the clueless supporters who no longer drink their minimum daily requirement of Hopium.

The strategy will work temporarily because Barack Obama Hopium Guzzlers are truly stupid people. They don’t notice that Barack Obama quit the job they thought they had hired him to do. They are stupid and they are corrupt. To the Hopium Guzzler, even those who flatter themselves into thinking they are not Hopium Guzzlers, any truth told about Obama is immediately denied or “put into context” such that the obvious is obscured by these willfully blinded dolts.

For instance, the allegations of sexism and misogyny in the White House (which we will target in Part II) are yet another opportunity to defend Barack Obama. Left Talking idiots say “honestly, this is not a White House story” and attempt to place the disgusting facts into a different frame. That’s what Obama did during the Jeremiah Wright revelations – ignore the charges directed against himself and instead talk about the history of racism. It’s a flim-flam.

Barack Obama is a flim-flam man and his “marks” are stupid and/or corrupt. How else to explain Gloria Steinem all chummy with Michelle Obama last night and holding fundraisers for sexist and misogynist Barack Obama yet not a word from Steinem about a hostile workplace for women in the White House? This is not what a feminist looks like.

As Confidence Men arrives at the book stores in time to deal with Obama’s business policies, today we are not surprised to hear that Solyndra executives will plead the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination when questioned by Congress this Friday.

It’s not Solyndra executives that need to be questioned however. The creature that needs to be dragged before tribunals and questioned is the master confidence man in the White House.


Dump Obama Or Die Day, Part III – The Special Prosecutor Edition

Update: Didn’t we write this last year? Or was it the year before or the year before that? Whenever… We repeated it yesterday (down below).

Anyway, John Fund is now talking about a bunch of Obama Dimocrats going to Obama and screaming “GET OUT!!!!” (and that plucky blond lady gets mentioned too):

“Via Breitbart TV, skip ahead to 3:05 for the tasty part. Three months ago this would have been a zero-probability event. Today, with the economy comatose and the world on the precipice of a new European-driven financial crisis? One-percent chance, minimum. Note that Fund’s not talking about a primary challenge here; that would alienate black Democrats and the party would fracture before the general election, so it’s not an option. The only way to dump him and hold the base together would be if he agreed to step down after Democratic chieftains privately appealed to him to do so. [snip]

“Therefore, I’m announcing tonight…” etc. He goes out on a high note, he sets Hillary up for another historic presidency, and suddenly Democrats are on strong (or stronger) footing for the election — especially given the Clinton legacy of economic boom times.

Buyer’s remorse is right.


We occasionally think that it is time for us to stop writing new articles here at Big Pink. Perhaps, we’ve thought, all we should do is publish the date of earlier articles we have written and request readers go back several years and read articles that are as fresh today as when originally written.

For example, in December of 2008 we wrote Time For A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Barack Obama, Part I:

“A Special Prosecutor needs to investigate the role of the government funded Obama transition members and contacts between the mothership of Chicago’s Culture of Corruption and its expansion to the nation’s capital.”

In Time For A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Barack Obama, Part II we wrote:

The multi-headed Hydra which is the Obama Chicago Culture Of Corruption is growing another head in Washington, D.C. and a special prosecutor is needed in Washington while Patrick Fitzgerald stabs at the Hydra in Chicago.”

Unfortunately the Hydra has grown so many heads since we wrote that article that not only a series of Special Prosecutors must be appointed but the House of Representatives must convene an armada of investigations to lop off heads.

It is a mystery why House Republicans have yet to locate Antoin “Tony” Rezko or ask him questions, which answers will assist investigations into the modus operandi of recent Obama corruptions.

The DailyCaller DailyBeast has an example of transactions desperately in need of a Torquemada. A very respected four-star general has accused the White House of pressuring him to change his testimony before the U.S. Congress in order to benefit an Obama donor. This “LightSquared” scandal is the latest darkness from the corruption dens of Chicago Obama.

Chicago Clown
* * * * * *

Some reality: A bus has just rolled over you. Both arms and both legs have felt the heavy weight of the wheels. Blood vessels, choked full as the flattened veins squeeze their red juices into the remaining vessels, burst like paintguns. Blood is everywhere. What to do?

You either amputate those limbs or die.

If the limbs are not amputated, gangrene will be the cause of death. Amputate or die. That is the hospital Obama Dimocrats find themselves in today.

The choice is stark. Political surgeons better sharpen their scalpels.

* * * * * *

A new issue, a new avenue to remove Barack Obama has opened up. It’s called Solyndra and as Republican House Chair Fred Upton has said, Solyndra might just be “the tip of the iceberg”.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars which profited an Obama donor given to a scam:

“While we were out there, while we were building it – cause it is a half a billion dollar plant – everyone already knew that China had developed a more inexpensive way to manufacture these solar panels. Everyone knew that the plant wouldn’t work. But they still did it. They still built it.”

“Also worth note is that NBC did a pretty damning report this morning on the Solyndra scandal”:

Big Media has tried to cover up the Solyndra story but now even Obama lovin’ NBC has been forced to report on it.

This story is about corruption. There is a strong case to be made for green technologies, but this story is not about green technologies even as subsidies to green technology jobs are raising new questions. It is about corruption Chicago style. The FBI has raided Solyndra headquarters already but the fear that Eric Holder’s FBI is more interested in protecting Barack Obama than in prosecuting corruption is a real fear.

Republicans in Congress must investigate and there must be someone appointed to prosecute wrongdoing. If Obama Dimocrats want to politically remove Barack Obama they can join Republicans and not protect Obama.

In the wake of Tuesday’s special election (and in a new Gallup poll which has 1 in 4 Jews disapproving of Obama) James Carville wrote today that it was time for Obama to panic. Carville’s “advice” came in an article written for CNN.

James Carville’s advice was not just to panic. Carville wants Obama to fire a lot of his henchmen and to prosecute Wall Street players.

“Carville said Democrats are “past sending out talking points” and said he would tell the president, “The time has come to demand a plan of action that requires a complete change from the direction you are headed.”

Carville’s advice: “Fire. Indict. Fight.”

Obama must fire someone – “No – fire a lot of people” — because the current team is just not working, Carville wrote. [snip]

It’s not going to work with the same team, the same strategy, and the same excuses,” he wrote.

His next piece of advice is to indict people and hold them responsible for the country’s current economic state. If Attorney General Eric Holder can’t offer good explanations as to the state of these investigations, “fire him too.”

“Demand answers to why no one has been indicted,” he wrote. “Mr. President, people are livid. Tell people that you, too, are angry and sickened by the irresponsible actions on Wall Street that caused so much suffering. Do not accept excuses. Demand action now.”

Putting aside the mistake of further politicizing the so-called Department of Justice, Carville is wrong not to demand that Obama explain his own actions on Solyndra (and other suspect actions like that Rezko house) and the actions of his White House culprits.

Carville is the featherless canary in the coal mine. Many senate Obama Dimocrats are now openly saying that the fake “jobs bill” is dead on arrival.

Politico reports on the “open season” against Obama by Obama Dimocrats:

“It’s open season on President Barack Obama — and that’s just from members of his own party.

With frustration and disappointment mounting from stinging defeats in Tuesday’s two special elections and over Obama’s jobs plan, the media is filled on Thursday with Democrats on the record publicly questioning and doubting the president and some of his policies, and a few even unleashing biting criticism.

Former Texas Rep. Martin Frost told the Wall Street Journal that the Republicans’ decisive victories in New York and Nevada on Tuesday make it clear that Obama needs “to get it together.” [snip]

Rep. Eliot Engel, a Bronx Democrat, offered his harsh take on the party’s loss in the New York special, focusing his attack on the president’s stance on Israel. [snip]

“Maybe this will send a message,” he added.

And Democrats are increasingly voicing their distaste for parts of Obama’s new jobs plan, the New York Times reported. [snip]

Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania said he was concerned about the plan being offered as a single bill, telling the Times: “I think the American people are very skeptical of big pieces of legislation. For that reason alone I think we should break it up.”

Several Democratic senators also picked apart Obama’s jobs plan in POLITICO, with Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia saying the president’s ideas for how to pay for it are “terrible.”

Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana suggested the Obama “pass this bill” is just a ploy, a fake, “Maybe it’s just for his election, which I hope isn’t the case.” The former Governor of Ohio, who strapped his campaign to Moby Dick and that is why he is now the former governor, is disturbed about potential Obama treachery on Social Security. “A few members of Obama’s party even want a primary challenge to the president, The Hill reported.”

Obama lovin’ Politico also reported that even in “blue states” Barack Obama is “moving unmistakably in the wrong direction.” ‘“It is not, per se, a Democratic problem, it’s a problem with this president,” said Siena spokesman Steve Greenberg.”

The Hopium is wearing off:

“Whether split out by race, age or anything else, just about every cross-tab tells the same story: a good portion of those who danced in the streets on election night and stood for hours in the cold on the Mall for the inauguration have begun to wander away. [snip]

They’re complaining that Obama is all rhetoric.…”

How many times in 2007/2008 did we discuss the difference between flowery words and a life of action? At the Kingdom of the Kooks, reality begins to dawn:

“Honestly, I think Obama was over-rated. Any Dem could have won in 2008.”

This past August we ruminated on what it would take to run Obama out of town. We wondered if it would take a Chewbacca to tell Solo it is time to go.

It is now clearer that when we first wrote it years ago that it will be elected officials terrified of their own election prospects that will have to pull a Goldwater and tell Obama to go back to Chicago. They will eventually have to melt down their gold plated calf because donors and the rank and file they defied in 2008 will force them to do so.

If Obama will not listen to these officials when they tell him “Get out!” then they will have to play hardball and agree with Republicans that it is time to unleash Special Prosecutors.

An army of surgeon Torquemadas will amputate Obama from the body politic. It’s time to Dump Obama Or Die.


Dump Obama Or Die Day

Update: Polls in the 9th district have closed in New York City. Polls in the Nevada 2nd district close at 10:00 ET. Sean Trende reports that in 2008 Anthony Weiner carried the Brooklyn portion of the district by 52% and the Queens portion by 65% for a total of 70 percent.

The district was represented in the past by 2×4 Schumer and by Geraldine Ferraro. According to the Post there are some not too hard to believe things being said:

“It’s really something. We have a lot of Democrats coming to us saying, ‘We hope Turner wins because if Obama doesn’t change his policies, we’re afraid we’re going to lose in 2012,’ ’’ McLaughlin told The Post.

Lots of people are watching this race. Results can be found here:

“….NY Board of Elections and AP sites (h/t Steve), also #NY09 and @HotlineJess who is at Turner (R) HQ.”

Bob Turner has already obtained a court order to preserve the paper ballots. Apparently dead voters have received absentee ballots.


Today’s election in Queens/Brooklyn is an eviction notice to Barack Obama to vacate the White House. There are two very important lessons that will emerge from today:

(1) The attempt by Barack Obama to revive his dead presidency with a fake jobs bill has failed. The fake jobs bill was always a fake. It was an attempt to fool worried Dimocrats that Obama has the cojones to fight, if not win. But Obama has already caved and it has been announced Obama will take whatever cold fish the Republicans slap him with smack on his face. Obama had to cave. No one is impressed by a Boob who can’t rally the troops or win an election in the deepest of blue areas.

(2) If the strong and corrupt Dimocratic machines in Queens/Brooklyn can’t bludgeon voters to support Obama/Weprin then no district, precinct, ward is safe for Obama Dimocrats. No one should think that Bob Turner, the Republican, is a sure win or even a close win in a district that has rejected Republicans since 1923. The political machine in the 9th district and in Queens is a powerful dynastic machine of Weprins, Staviskies, Vallones and Crowleys. Even a close election result will be a massive achievement for the NOBAMA Coalition.

* * * * * *

For once Politico has accurate analysis:

“A lot of Democrats are mad at Barack Obama.

But voters here in Rep. Anthony Weiner’s old New York City district can actually do something about it Tuesday night — sending a shot from Queens Boulevard to the White House by rejecting the Democratic Party’s hand-picked successor. [snip]

But the only name in the race that matters outside the five boroughs is Obama, and an upset would be seen as proof that Obama’s agenda has been rejected and his re-election chances are weaker than ever.

What to watch for as the results come in:

How much will Obama drag down the Democrat? [snip]

To win, Turner aides estimate they’ll need around 30 percent of Democratic voters to break their way. [snip]

It’s not an impossible task. Siena Research Institute’s most recent poll found Turner picking up the support of 32 percent of Democrats.”

Obama is poison. Machine politics is the only thing that can save the election for Obama Dimocrats:

Can the Democratic machine be enough? [snip]

But all of that might not matter on Tuesday, when the powerful Queens County Democratic Party machine — overseen by Rep. Joe Crowley — is planning to kick into high gear. By the time polls open, Weprin’s campaign estimates it will have contacted more than 200,000 voters. On Tuesday, an estimated 1,000 volunteers and get-out-the-vote workers will be knocking on doors, handing out literature outside subway stations and bus stops and offering senior citizens rides to the polls.

The machine will benefit from the helping hand of the Working Families Party, a labor-backed organization regarded for its professional turnout efforts. Few expect the Queens County Republican Party — for years consumed by internal fighting — to be able to seriously compete.

“We’re going to win on the ground, we’re going to beat them on the ground,” New York City Councilman Mark Weprin, the candidate’s brother, told POLITICO. “It will make a huge difference.”

Bill O’Reilly, a Turner strategist and veteran of New York City campaigns, conceded that Republicans can’t match the Democratic ground game. “Not a chance,” he said.”

The odds of a NOBAMA Coalition victory tonight is ordinarily impossible. To the rescue comes Obama with all his booberies and lies at full mast.

The Associated Press, also for once accurate, assessed Obama’s “pass the bill” publicity stunt from last week:

“President Barack Obama’s promise Thursday that everything in his jobs plan will be paid for rests on highly iffy propositions.

It will only be paid for if a committee he can’t control does his bidding, if Congress puts that into law and if leaders in the future – the ones who will feel the fiscal pinch of his proposals – don’t roll it back. [snip]

A look at some of Obama’s claims and how they compare with the facts:

OBAMA: “Everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything.”

THE FACTS: [snip]

Essentially, the jobs plan is an IOU from a president and lawmakers who may not even be in office down the road when the bills come due. Today’s Congress cannot bind a later one for future spending. A future Congress could simply reverse it. [snip]

OBAMA: “Everything in here is the kind of proposal that’s been supported by both Democrats and Republicans, including many who sit here tonight.”

THE FACTS: Obama’s proposed cut in the Social Security payroll tax does seem likely to garner significant GOP support. But Obama proposes paying for the plan in part with tax increases that have already generated stiff Republican opposition.[snip]

OBAMA: “It will not add to the deficit.”

THE FACTS: It’s hard to see how the program would not raise the deficit over the next year or two because most of the envisioned spending cuts and tax increases are designed to come later rather than now, when they could jeopardize the fragile recovery. Deficits are calculated for individual years. The accumulation of years of deficit spending has produced a national debt headed toward $15 trillion. [snip]

OBAMA: “The American Jobs Act answers the urgent need to create jobs right away.”

THE FACTS: Not all of the president’s major proposals are likely to yield quick job growth if adopted.”

A series of lies from the albatross in the 9th district election. A liar. A weak liar. Early today David Axelrod declared there would be no compromise and that the entire “pass the bill” had to pass. Later in the day, as we noted earlier, the message was ‘we’ll take anything.’ Comedians are in clover. The laughs aimed at Obama boobery are a nightly event.

Add to mix of lies and boobery stark facts such as the poverty rate is at a 15 year high, consumer confidence is in the toilet, and business confidence is also flushing down the drain. Add the Solyndra ripoff of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars by Obama cronies to this vile soup and wonder no more why tonight’s election results are a potential Die Day.

The White House flacks already spin the potential defeats tonight as a problem not associated with poisonous Obama.

But Obama won the 9th district in 2008 by 11 percentage points and now his approval rating there is at 33 percent. As the National Journal states: “This New York contest would seem to have implications beyond Brooklyn and Queens.”

There is also an election today in Nevada where Obama Dimocrats once had Hope:

“Democrats are facing the very real possibility that a pair of special elections on Tuesday will shake the foundations of the 2012 political landscape. The party is at serious risk of losing a House race in New York City that few thought would be close, and campaign officials are already close to writing off a Nevada House race they had once hoped to contest.

If Republicans win both contests, it would raise fresh concerns about President Obama’s drag on down-ballot Democrats and the party’s ability to keep its Senate majority. The losses would also raise questions about whether the party can gain the 24 seats it needs to regain the House.”

Dump Obama or Die:

“The Democrats will look like dummies and the DCCC will get a black eye” if Weprin loses, said New York Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf. “It’s a precursor to more trouble in conservative Democratic districts throughout the country, and in the Senate and for the president.” [snip]

Discontent with Washington and the president is at the heart of Turner’s shocking upset bid. In a district he won by 11 points just three years ago, Obama’s favorability rating is now upside down in the Siena poll, with 54 percent having an unfavorable opinion of Obama and only 43 percent viewing him favorably. A remarkable 38 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of independents hold an unfavorable view of the president.

Republicans are eager to link Obama to the district race. “It really will be a referendum on President Obama’s performance,” said New York GOP Chairman Edward Cox. “This will be a rejection of his policies that have stifled the district. Maybe [Democrats] can save this situation by funneling in hundreds of thousands of money in vicious ads—maybe that will work in this Democratic district. But they are already embarrassed by the fact that they’ve had to do this in this district.”

In Nevada it’s the same Obama as poison:

“In the Silver State, the situation isn’t as ominous, but Democrats have all but written off contesting a Republican-leaning seat in rural Nevada that once seemed squarely in play weeks ago.”

Attacks against the Republican Amodei were easily countered. “He noted that Marshall supported Obama’s health care overhaul law, which contained Medicare cuts as well.”

Hope is lost in Nevada for Obama Dimocrats:

“Early voting in the district, along with few national Democratic reinforcements for Marshall, strongly suggests that Amodei is going to win comfortably. The race’s results also have worrisome implications for Democrats in the state’s closely watched Senate race between Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley and Republican Sen. Dean Heller—close to a must-win race if Democrats entertain hopes of keeping their four-seat Senate majority.”

The reason for the loss in Nevada is easy to spot: Obama is poison in Nevada.

Obama is poison in New York City. Tonight we find out how potent the poison is.


The Daily Kook Klutz Klan (And Republican Debate Night)

There’s a blazing amount of news today which we will not be able to discuss in detail (we will be watching and discussing the Republican debate tonight in the comments however). We have racists to fry on the agenda today.

Republicans, conservatives, sane people, Hillary Clinton supporters, FDR Democrats, honest people, knowledgeable people, reality based people, will think we are wasting our time with today’s discussion. But hear us out as we sing the praises of sweet Justice.

In 2007 and 2008 anyone who opposed Barack Obama was labeled a “racist”. Hillary Clinton supporters felt the first “racist” knife in the back during the primaries. John McCain supporters felt the same “racist” knife shortly thereafter during the general election.

A great deal of the race-baiting came from money grubbing charlatans like Donna Brazile and Al Sharpton. However, the daily dose of minimum daily race-baiting and “racist” shouts came from the website we call DailyKooks.

The owner of DailyKooks, an effeminate homophobe called Markos Moosesomething or other, delighted in shouting “Racist!” at Hillary Clinton and her campaign. At one point Markos Moosesomething accused the Hillary Clinton campaign of darkening the face of Barack Obama in photographs in order to scare off white people.

Everyday on DailyKooks was/is a race-baiting hatefest against Hillary Clinton, John McCain, the white working class, voters/anyone who saw corrupt treacherous boob Barack Obama for the corrupt treacherous boob he is and said so. If you did not cheer-lead the boob along with the cult you were a “racist” pure and simple.

The charge of “racist” is now so common from Barack Obama supporters that laughter is increasingly the response. School children have even taken to mocking stupid mistakes or anything wayward, actually just about anything, as “racist” in the ultimate statement of hip mockery of the “racist” charge.

There’s even a rap band called “Das Racist”. Das Racist is born in good humored mockery of what is now the equivalent of MSG in bad Chinese restaurants – the always ready to be heaped on “racist!” charge. Das Racist:

“When I saw the little kid yelling “THAT’S RACIST” it blew my mind. And then it became a game … to take all the seriousness out of making legitimate commentary on race, because that can get very annoying. So when something veering on racially insensitive would pop off in a commercial on television or something it would be like, who could yell “That’s Racist” first. And then we thought it would be a cool name.”

Oooh Das Racist. By sheer coincidence their new album Relax will be released tomorrow (and no we are not paid shills or unpaid shills for them). But good for Das Racist for exposing Taco Bell and Pizza Hut (Cole Porter they’re not).

But we digress. Back to DailyKooks (hereinafter, the Kook Klutz Klan).

It turns out that the fire of race-baiting these arsonists lighted is consuming the now exposed RACISTS themselves. Put aside your sanity and try to follow us as we venture into the Kingdom of the Kooks. Here is an entry to delight called “How to Criticize Obama without being a Racist”:

“OK, if you clicked that link, surely you are aware of the Great Purge of 2011, and resulting Great Boycott of 2011. You may or may not be aware that much of the Sturm und Drang is about the role of race in progressive criticism of President Obama. There were and are a group of Kossacks who believe that race plays a significant role in the heavy fire that is being directed towards the President from the left, some of whom took it upon themselves to “push back” against it. This push back did not for the most part go over well with the alleged perpetrators of these critiques who almost invariably believe that their feelings about the President have nothing to do with his race.

Are you with us thus far? Explanation: There is a “great purge” and a “great boycott” going on in that racist website. Apparently there are some disgruntled Hopium addicts who are not happy with Boob Obama. A group of Black Kooks became so upset with the whitey frat boy punks attacking Boob Obama they decided to fight back by calling everyone who attacks Obama a “racist.” The fray boy whiteys (the ones that call Hillary supporters “racist”) did not like being called “racists” and they claim their critique of Boob Obama is based on Obama being a boob not on their whitey frat boy racism.

Let’s continue with this Kooky tale:

“This conflict erupted in almost every rec-listed diary critical of the President, and pretty soon we were into HR battles, calls for the banning of certain posters, and GBCW’s. We have no idea why Meteor Blades left, but before he did so, he himself received some criticism for his failure to take appropriate action against certain participants in this battle. With Meteor Blades gone, things escalated and Markos was forced to step in. Step in he did, without nuance or subtlety, and the hammer fell indiscriminately, and, it turns out, disproportionately against members of Black Kos, especially female ones. Thus, the boycott.

Some of my favorite Kossacks are in the group banned, and in the group boycotting, but this particular (half-)black man is not boycotting because I don’t see the injustice. I think that everyone who received disciplinary action deserved it, and that it’s Kos’ right and responsibility to take action countering abuse of his website, however clumsily he might accomplish that.”

We’ll explain the above kookiness from the half black Kook who supports the racists: The Black Kooks shouted “racists!” on every “diary” (that’s what they call the wild ravings posted there) critical of Boob Obama. This machine gun “racist” charge led to further unpleasantness. A creature called “Meteor Blades” left the kingdom, many instances of the ratings system these Kooks use appeared to be abusive and various participants were banned while others said GBCW (Good-bye Cruel World) and left the racist site.

In short, the Chickens Have Come Home To Roost. Those who yelled “racist” the loudest are now called “racist” themselves and they don’t like it.

But that is not the end of this racist tale of the Kook Klutz Klan. The Head Kookkker, Markos Moose…. attempted to bring peace to the valley. How did the Head KKK bring peace? It turns out he started to ban the Black Kooks. So not only do the whitey frat boys who called us “racists” get called “racists” themselves, the Black Kooks who shouted “racist!” at the whitey frat boys are lynched (did we just go there?) by the Head KKK.

Meanwhile the whitely frat boy faction is dismissing the “disparity argument” and saying it is coincidence that a group of Black Kooks who had organized themselves as Black Kooks are the target of the lynching by the Head KKKer.

Not to be left out, the few Kook Jews on the KKK site are upset with the antisemitism of the DailyKKK and are walking the plank as well. Usually when you find genuine racism you will unearth genuine antisemitism. The DailyKKK is a cesspool of hate, racism and antisemitism.

Oh and about that article on how to criticize the boob and not be racist. Saying Obama lacks testicular fortitude or “balls” is borderline “racist”. Calling him “Barry” is “racist” in the Kingdom of the Kooks. Wonder what calling him a “treacherous corrupt boob” is? [Everybody shout out loud “DAS RACIST!!!!]

* * * * * *

As we laugh at the chickens coming home to roost, tonight we will be watching the CNN/Tea Party Republican debate in Florida. The Republican debate will be on at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tonight will probably be a Social Security pie fight featuring Romney versus Perry (with Bachmann possibly coming in with her own Lemon Meringue).

Mitt Romney was endorsed today by former opponent and ObamneyCare epithet source Tim Pawlenty. Not to be outdone, Rick Perry was endorsed by Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana.

That’s how we will end the day, with the debate. The day started with a Gallup poll, served up by the Crawdads, indicating that after last week’s “pass the [non-existent] bill” publicity stunt Obama’s Gallup poll numbers have gone – down.


Yay Football, Boo-b Obama

Update: What bill? No link to it because it does not exist. Pass exactly what? Now?

It was just another speech with no actual bill to read and if it was so urgent to “pass the bill now” why not in the Zero month of August?

As to the wimpy “threat” to campaign around the country for the “pass the bill” which does not exist, WILL OBAMA CAMPAIGN IN THE ELECTION FOR THE WEINER SEAT?????? He campaigned for Coakley, Corzine, Deeds and all over the country in 2010 – and look what happened. Obama is poison.

“Been there, done that.” After that speech the latest terror threat comes as a welcome distraction.

Poor Obama Dimocrats won’t know what to do with this bomb. Here’s a video of Batman with a copy of Obama’s speech:


Pilgrims from all over the world will descend on Washington, D.C. today. Like Muslims to Mecca, like Tannhauser to Rome, these travelers will brave dry desert sands, rain swollen rivers, and asphalt streets of backed up sewage.

The Kaaba for these hooded worshipers will be the American Capitol, with its creme white pillars and great dome, at which Barack Obama will speak tonight. What star of Bethlehem lures these latter day magi to the nation’s seat of power? These sojourners are here to witness what few can ever claim to personally witness – a Boobsplosion to rival the Big Bang – if not this past August’s boobery.

* * * * * *

Tonight’s 7:00 ET supernova of boobery began, as with all things, in the cradle. We’re not referencing Obama in the manger. No, we are saying that tonight’s boobery was begat in boobery. Barack Obama wanted a grand jewel box to display his wares so he attempted to big foot last night’s Republican debate by demanding the spectacle of a joint session of Congress.

Too much a weakling, Obama did not get to speak on the night he wanted. Instead, tonight’s the night. Like a flaccid 100 year old without the blue pill on his wedding night, the Obama jewels to be displayed tonight will be cheap little plastic baubles.

Some of those baubles are poison. Last year we wrote:

“But it’s too late. The Obama Dimocratic Party is at the point of implosion. Barack Obama’s payroll tax holiday is yet another way to destroy Social Security (recall when we wrote “Barack Obama’s Social Insecurity“, “Is Barack Obama A Closeted Ripublican“, and “Obama’s Social Security Treachery“, and were called insane for suggesting that Obama wanted to destroy Social Security) by depriving the program of funds via tax cuts which will never be repealed.”

Tonight will feature more Obama payroll tax “holidays”. Tomorrow will feature more “Hillary Save Us” articles. The Republicans know this even as many Obama Dimocrats shut their ears and eyes. At Red State the bells are ringing:

“That Republicans are doing so well in a New York City district that his solidly Democrat should be a terribly warning sign for Democrats. If the GOP wins, and the odds are still against them, Barack Obama will suddenly become more toxic. If this district crumbles, we may just see a real move for a primary challenge against Barack Obama.

Last night as the Republicans debated, a primary challenge was at the top of DrudgeReport. About that, Republican/conservative HotAir wrote the following smart analysis in “Cheney to Hillary: You’re our only hope

“The former VP did say on his book tour that Hillary might be the only hope that Democrats have of keeping the White House in 2012 — and he’s probably right [snip]

We’re getting to the point in the cycle where Hillary might be the only viable challenger on the Democratic side. Only the Clintons could organize a campaign quickly enough to be competitive by January, and only the Clintons would have entree to the big bundlers needed to fund a national campaign at this stage. Some of those may be waiting for just that event; for months, we’ve had indications that big-ticket Democratic donors have sat on their hands, especially on Wall Street. [snip]

If things get bad enough, Hillary might not need to stage a challenge at all. As I wrote last month, if Obama’s polling slide continues to accelerate and the economy doesn’t show any signs of improvement — and especially if it dips back into recession — Democrats might push Obama out of the race and invite Hillary to fill the vacuum. And that might not be good news for Republicans if it happens, either.”

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

There are a lot of people with a lot of money waiting for Hillary – Obama has lost the Hamptons, as Richard Cohen so ably put it. A lot of rank and file Obama supporters will be caught by surprise when they see a palace revolution take place and the guillotine back in use:

“Over the Labor Day weekend, I went to a number of events in the Hamptons. At all of them, Obama was discussed. At none of them — that’s none — was he defended. That was remarkable. After all, sitting around various lunch and dinner tables were mostly Democrats. Not only that, some of them had been vociferous Obama supporters, giving time and money to his election effort. They were all disillusioned.

Let me call the roll. I am talking about are writers and editors, lawyers and shrinks, Wall Street tycoons and freelance photographers, hedge funders and academics, run-of-the-mill Democrats and Democratic activists. They were all politically sophisticated, and just a year ago some of them were still vociferous Obama supporters. No more. [snip[

I expected more than a few people to defend the president. No one did. Everyone — and I do mean everyone — expressed disappointment in him as a leader. [snip]

In the meantime, though, these opinion leaders, these political activists, these people with influence and, yes, money, have bailed on Obama — not just some of them, not just a few of them, but all of them. The early returns are in: Obama has lost the Hamptons.”

In the Hamptons and in the land of the Kooks the gold is off the calf. In the Big Media cesspools of Obama protection Obama is increasingly seen as a boob. Et tu Politico?:

The incredible shrinking Obama

The once-muscular presidency of Barack Obama has undergone a dramatic downsizing – in power, popularity, prestige and ambition – to the point where even Obama die-hards are starting to question his ability to right the economy or win reelection.

Three polls in a single day Tuesday all told the same sorry tale – the avatar of hope and change, the slayer of Osama bin Laden, the president with dreams of a billion-dollar reelection campaign – is losing popular support and bleeding political power fifteen months ahead of Election Day. [snip]

That makes Thursday’s high-stakes jobs speech before a joint session of Congress all the more critical for the White House. It’s not only Obama’s last chance to take a big, bold stroke at spurring employment, it might be his final opportunity to reassert the dominance he lost last November to congressional Republicans, who seem united on nothing other than the desire see him fail.”

The supernova boobery of August is now the Big Bang Boobplosion of September. Obama’s response to the Grecian columns falling about him has been – a half-assed boob speech to be followed by a half-assed boob speech:

It hasn’t been pretty. Last week, hours after Obama acceded to Republican demands he move his speech to a joint session of Congress on jobs from Wednesday to Thursday, his press secretary felt compelled to reassure Americans that no, the speech wouldn’t preempt the NFL’s Packers-Saints season opener.

The speech will now start at the un-presidential hour of 7 p.m., just to make sure no one misses a single pulled hamstring.

“If the address is done by kickoff,” joked one veteran reporter in the White House briefing room on Thursday, “does that mean he sees the speech as the pregame show?”

To Obama, this speech is anything but a joke. Obama’s advisers, wary of leaks and preemptive attacks, haven’t been sharing details of the proposals he will make with members of Congress in either party. But sources tell POLITICO he is considering some new approaches, including the possibility of drafting his proposals as an actual bill, something he hasn’t done much in the past.

Imagine that, an actual bill. The country is falling apart and in between golf, vacations in Martha’s Vineyard, and weekend “getaways” to Camp David, Obama will now grace the people with a speech.

“There’s something wrong here there can be no denying.” It’s too late:

“President Obama is running out of time to remedy a threat far more lethal to his political survival than a cratering economy – a growing perception he just isn’t up to the task.

A Daily News survey of party officials, campaign strategists and political consultants reveals that Obama is perilously close to being tuned out.

“People simply don’t have much confidence that the President has either the experience or the credibility to make a difference in the economy,” one of his most stalwart supporters told The News.

“He has until the end of the year to persuade them otherwise, or he’ll be a one-term President.”

Friend and foe alike believe his speech to Congress Thursday is Obama’s last best chance to reverse his downward spiral and offer swing voters reason for a “second look” before attitudes harden.

“I am a partisan but I’m a patriot first,” added one of the Republican Party’s most senior – and level-headed officials. “I want my President to succeed – but he’s not getting it done, and it’s beginning to look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.” [snip]

There’s no argument Obama inherited a grievous economic mess, but also no doubt it’s gotten worse on his watch.

Blaming George W. Bush and “headwinds” like the Japanese tsunami aren’t credible comebacks.”

Indeed, “it’s gotten worse on his watch” and most importantly “he doesn’t know what he’s doing”. If he did know what to do he would have gotten down to work and come up with a comprehensive plan as we demanded so long ago. But instead all we have heard from Obama is scams and schemes to loot Social Security. And more big speeches at increasingly grandiose Grecian column arenas hoping for a Big Speech effect.

Why Obama demanded such a grand setting (“it’s do or die night“) to lay out his shriveled policies is a mystery wrapped in boobery. Perhaps Obama wanted to rival Moses at Sinai – who declaimed from the heights the commandments of the Almighty.

But it seems to us that it was less Moses and more Wizard of Oz that inspires Obama. Perhaps this is Obama preparing his getaway balloon. The buildup to tonight’s speech is oddly resonant with the farewell speech by that grand old Wizard of Oz:

“Then suddenly the wind changed, and the balloon floated down into the heart of this noble city, where I was instantly acclaimed Oz, the First Wizard de Luxe!

Times being what they were, I accepted the job, — retaining my balloon against the advent of a quick get-away….

Good people of Oz, this is positively the finest exhibition ever to be shown — (stammers) — yes — well — be that as it may — I, your Wizard par ardua ad alta*, am about to embark upon a hazardous and technically unexplainable journey into the outer stratosphere….

To confer, converse, and otherwise hob-nob with my brother wizards…..

This is a highly irregular procedure! This is absolutely unprecedented!

— Ruined my exit!

I can’t come back! I don’t know how it works!

[*Through difficulties to the heights.]

The Wizard does not know how it works. Neither does Obama.

We do know what Obama will read from the TelePrompTer tonight. The post TelePrompTer reading talking points have already been distributed. White House talking points have been distributed but most Americans will be looking to a coin toss at another arena.

If Obama wanted ratings based on substance he would discuss that FBI raid on his half a billion pet Solyndra. Solyndra is a corrupt boondoggle that requires explanation. Don’t expect one.

Obama could interrupt his TelePrompTer and listen to Speaker Boehner’s guests – business leaders who have legitimate grievances about what is happening to jobs. But Obama won’t listen to regular tax payers and Obama won’t listen to business leaders either, unless they donate money to pay to play with Obama.

Obama made it worse. The New York Times economic Obama lover gives odds on a recession at 50%. He writes we’ve entered a “vicious cycle” and that job “growth” is at levels seen before a recession. Obama’s double dip is finally acknowledged somewhat by the New York Times.

Nothing Obama says or does (minus an LBJ “I will not run.”) tonight matters. Nothing.

Is it any wonder why Americans will watch football tonight and ignore the boob?