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Pictures fail. Spanish fails. English fails. Perhaps music is the only language sufficiently capable of describing the 2016 campaign.

As non-stop coverage of the papal visit to the east coast consumes most of the TV shows, now is the time to put typical analysis to the side. Today we visit the other realm of human communication. Music, the truly great communicator.

While we have not spent much time this year on the left side of the political world, we soon will once the first debate takes place. For now, there really is not much to talk about that we have not already written about though. The way to destroy Hillary Clinton is to tie her to Obama. Hillary2016 is falling apart, not because of the scandals or emails or somesuch, it’s Obama that hurts Hillary2016. This email business is only important as a measure of how much Obama hates Hillary and what he will do to actively and overtly nuke Hillary. The only drama there is when Hillary will wake up from her slumbers and get rid of the Obama people (hello, Joel Benenson) surrounding her like so many bars on a cage.

Until the purge comes, there is not much more for us to say. While we once suggested musical themes for Hillary2016 of a more upbeat nature we think that now something along the lines of a fire alarm bell is the tonal range Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 requires to hear.

As to the Hillary2016 competition… no words or pictures, no #BlackLivesMatter attacks, do better than music to capture the charms and prospects of Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden? Mourning Joe provides his own musical selection for 2016 so we do not have to creatively search for music that captures his essence:

That clip of musical truth really summarizes Mourning Joe Biden and his self-pitying campaign doesn’t it? Will Joe get more than the less than one percent of the vote he got in 2008?

In the same way that the villages idiot video captures the prospects for Mourning Joe, the dear departed Scott Walker should have um, listened, to what the musical soothsayers foretold.

If Walker only would have listened, he would not have run. As it turned out the Walker campaign was only a, um, sleepwalk:

Which led to:

Tough lesson for a boy from landlocked Wisconsin. As Walker went under, crushed by a massive wave, he tried to huff up a campaign against the GOP frontrunner and grassroots revolution. Walker failed to be the leader so now he wants to lead a rear guard action against reality. The plan continues to be to save Jeb Bush with suicide attacks by pawns.

Pawns such as Carly Fiorina.

Pawns such as Carly Fiorina can’t possibly think they have a chance to win. The GOP race is fixed for JeBush. Only one man can stop JeBush from becoming the GOP nominee. So either Carly Fiorina willingly sacrifices herself to help JeBush or Carly Fiorina thinks she really can win. In either case…

Ben Carson? This pawn thinks nice and easy does it every time.

Unfortunately, Ben Carson is no Sinatra. Carson can’t make it anywhere, and certainly not New York, New York. Nice ain’t enough.

Ted Cruz. There’s something off-key about this cat. He’s smart. He’s good with words… but not with the music. Still, his future lies as a lounge act or second banana somewhere. Greased hair, too tight suit, a microphone…

Maybe he just needs a makeover?

Then there is Marco Rubio. Rubio thinks he’s cuter than he is. Rubio thinks he’s smoother than he is. But Rubio’s not cute enough to make voters forget his illegal immigration amnesty tricks.

The Chamber of Commerce can afford what’s on the price tag. Balding dog… for sale… cheap.

There are a bunch of other wannabees waiting for the sails on their ships to fill up and take them to never-never land. They are leaves in a breeze. They’re dust in the wind. Anywhere the wind blows doesn’t matter to them, that’s the position they will take.

Then there is Jeb. Jeb Bush. JeBush. There’s a certain fin de siècle quality to JeBush. JeBush is like a once grand house that has been repainted but the structural damage is evident no matter how many decorators are called in. The mold is everywhere. The termites, like rust, munching day and night without rest. The musty air, trapped in windows that long ago refused to be opened.

JeBush himself, refurbished with a thinning diet, armed with dusty sayings that worked to elect former members of the household to the peerage… JeBush himself has a sort of Fall of the House of Usher decrepitness. We’re tempted to say he’s on the Road to Nowhere, or Road to Ruin, but there is something more Bellatrix Lestrange to JeBush… something oddly Kate Bush….

As for the “Humble” frontrunner – he could sing the Sinatra standard New York, New York with convincing lack of humility. He could also rock your world inside out. But that’s not what “Humble” does. “Humble” leads a movement.

He’s a Rebel Rouser.


Make America Great Again: The Great Fox Hunt And The Message Behind The Message Of @RealDonaldTrump

Surrender by Fox News! Here we go: Roger Ailes to meet with Trump next week to resolve “differences of opinion” over Fox’s coverage. This is another major victory by Donald Trump. Trump knows he holds the winning trump card and he has forced Fox News to bark surrender. What is going on?

Before anyone else, we at the beginning of the Summer of Trump provided the best explanation for the rise of Donald Trump. And Trump soared to the top of the polls.

Then came a sustained assault after the first Fox News debate, desperate last chance attacks at the second GOP debates, pawn candidates extolled by those whose sole aim is to destroy Trump, hideous attacks from the GOP establishment, vile personal attacks from Fox News and assorted Big Media outlets, millions spent in attack ads by corrupt organizations, more attacks from failed candidates, a concerted mobilization of the hacks and flacks of other campaigns along with the GOP establishment leaders and thought manipulators – the line of propaganda is that support for Donald J. Trump is either “stalled” or entirely over. Unfortunately for the manipulators of information, the latest polls scream out that Donald Trump will continue to rise.

As we wrote, the best explanation for the rise of Trump is this:


The voters find themselves in a snake pit, surrounded by vipers, and they reach up to grab whatever stick is handed to them. [snip]

The voters are in a snake pit and Donald Trump is the stick they will use to beat back the vipers. [snip]

Donald Trump is the stick that hits. And voters trapped in the snake pit need a stick.

Now we have empirical evidence that Donald J. Trump will continue to rise in the polls. Phase I in the rise of Donald J. Trump was when the voters reached for Donald J. Trump as the weapon of choice. Phase II is the voters in agreement with Donald J. Trump’s world view.

Phase II is brought to you courtesy of a Bloomberg poll released today:

Most Agree With Trump on America’s Lost Greatness, Bloomberg Poll Finds

A national survey finds that 72 percent of Americans say their country isn’t as great as it once was—a central theme of front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign.

Americans are “fed up” with politics, suspect the wealthy are getting an unfair edge, and think the country is going in the wrong direction, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll that lays bare the depth and breadth of the discontents propelling outsider candidates in the Republican presidential field.

The survey shows that 72 percent of Americans think their country isn’t as great as it once was—a central theme of front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign. More than a third prefer a presidential candidate without experience in public office.

There’s plenty of support in this new poll for Trump’s world-view and plenty of room for Trump to grow support even as this poll places Donald Trump at the top, once again. This is a hyper “time for a change” election which is why we so long ago advised Hillary2016 to make Hillary THE change candidate. Hillary2016 has not listened. Donald Trump is now the undisputed “time for a change” candidate to rid us of the Obama stench.

But, say the Trump hate squads, ‘Trump is too bombastic to be the right messenger’ for the GOP. Wrong again losers:

Most Republicans feel betrayed by their party — and show their displeasure by supporting outsiders over establishment candidates in the GOP presidential race. [snip]

Trump stays on top with 26 percent among GOP primary voters, followed by Carson at 18 percent. Fiorina and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are next, tied at 9 percent. All four have gained ground. [snip]

The appeal of outsiders comes from significant dissatisfaction with the party establishment: 62 percent of Republican primary voters feel “betrayed” by politicians in their party, and another 66 percent say the recent Republican majorities in Washington have failed to do all they could to block or reverse President Obama’s agenda. [snip]

Straight talk is part of Trump’s outsider appeal — but does he go too far? Not for GOP primary voters: 65 percent of them say Trump just tells it like it is, compared to 30 percent who think he is “too mean and blunt” to be president.

That second poll which documents once again that Donald J. Trump remains the voice of a vengeful electorate comes from Fox News. It’s why Fox News has surrendered and volunteered to sign surrender terms next week.

Fox News has been at war with Donald Trump. It has been constant attacks against Trump. The latest attack came on the Megyn Kelly show. On that show Trump hater Rich Lowry savagely attacked Trump and when Trump protested, battalions of Trump haters joined in to assist their Trump hater colleague. Result, Trump announced his Fox News boycott.

Millions of regular viewers joined Trump’s Fox News boycott. Trump then took to other outlets to bring up their ratings and bring down Fox News. When the Fox News poll published, the gig was up. Fox News realized that Trump is not going away.

A while back we suggested Donald Trump boycott the January debate which will be hosted by Fox News and the same Fox News “personalities” that structured the first debate to bring down Trump. That first debate even had guards ready to remove Trump forcefully if the Big Media “moderators” so dictated. That very real debate boycott terrified Fox News. That’s why the surrender:

“Fox News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes and Donald Trump spoke this morning and plan to have a meeting next week to discuss their differences of opinion regarding Fox’s coverage of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. Ailes will be joined by senior Fox editorial executives. Mr. Trump believes he has been treated unfairly in certain instances. FOX News has held every candidate in this race to the highest journalistic standards throughout our coverage. We believe a candid meeting about our differences is required and that any misunderstandings can be handled without compromising those standards”

It is a surrender by Fox News:

The assumption on Twitter is that it was Ailes who caved to Trump and begged him for the meeting, not vice versa. That’s my assumption too. Partly it’s a matter of Trump’s “no apologies” persona: You can’t imagine him groveling to any media platform for airtime, especially when competitors are happy to turn over half-hour blocs of their morning programming to him to ramble on the air about whatever. Partly it’s the fact that Fox felt obliged to put out this press release at all. Any other candidate who whined about boycotting the network would probably either be ignored or would have a private phone chat with Ailes that you and I would never know about. As it is, Fox wants to make sure all the Trump fans out there know that they’re going to give him a respectful hearing despite the fact that he continues to publicly describe their brightest new star as an overrated lightweight who might have been bleeding out of some unspecified hole when she asked him tough questions at the debate. Clearly they’re worried enough about alienating his supporters that they’re willing to give him endless second chances no matter how many hard shots he takes at Fox on social media or on other cable news channels. [snip]

Here he is on CNN this morning talking with Alisyn Camerota on topics various and sundry for nearly half an hour. After he was done with this, Scarborough gave him another 17 minutes on “Morning Joe.” Forty-three minutes of airtime on cable news is what the average presidential candidate gets over a few good weeks, I’d guess. Your move, Fox.

Some losers are frankly too stupid to understand why Donald Trump is so popular and cannot believe our stick v. snakes explanation. The end of the line for these losers is a seat next to Scott Walker on the Losers’ Express:

So what happened to Walker? The short answer is: Donald Trump. Trump’s candidacy has been a tremendous disruption—in the Silicon Valley sense of the word. His support is drawn from such a broad expanse of the party that he’s destabilized not just the support of one wing of the party, but of pretty much everyone running. He unsettled every candidate’s coalition with his rise and changed the topography of the race.

Yeah, Scott Walker got trumped in large part due to his own failures. But like many in the establishment class, Walker doesn’t understand how much Walker doesn’t understand. Walker limps along, like a blind man in a minefield:

Walker to GOP rivals: Let’s stop Trump

On call to donors, Scott Walker challenged candidates to narrow the field against the frontrunner.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told top donors Wednesday that he wants other struggling candidates to drop out of the presidential race so Republicans can coalesce behind an alternative to Donald Trump.

That’s so dumb. The only way that Donald Trump might be stopped is if Jeb Bush gets out of the presidential race. Followed by Marco Rubio – and Kasich and the rest. But small or large the GOP field dynamics will remain and Trump will continue to dominate as frontruner.

Michael Barone, the long time analyst is a must read for those that want to understand the stick v. snakes and how the political universe might be changing:

Are our familiar political alignments suddenly changing?

As the 2016 presidential selection process proceeds, there is increasing evidence that the political patterns we have grown used to, that we have come to consider permanent, might suddenly be changing.

Those patterns include a polarized and closely divided electorate, with partisan preferences highly correlated with degree of religiosity, with clearly defined demographic constituencies within each party and general elections decided consistently by narrow margins. [snip]

One sign is the changing mood of the two parties’ constituencies, their primary electorates. Traditionally Republicans have been regarded as docile, “easily led,” as a political reporter once characterized evangelical Christians. Traditionally Democrats have congratulated themselves for their critical, skeptical nature and refusal to take orders.

That’s not how the two parties look today. [snip]

The third sign of change is the immense audiences for the two Republican debates, and not just for Fox (24 million), but also CNN (23 million). The previous high, for the Democrats’ close contest in January 2008, was 8 million. That was followed by the highest primary turnout in history, 37 million for Democrats, compared to 21 million for Republicans, and to a turnout surge among blacks and young people that gave the Democratic nominee the biggest percentage victory margin since 1988.

Maybe that high viewership only represents celebrity gawkers tuning in to watch Trump. But maybe it also represents, at a moment of high discontent with incumbents and institutions, a curiosity as to whether Republicans can provide an appropriately disruptive alternative. We’ll see whether the first Democratic debate draws as big an audience Oct. 13.

If the Republican primary electorate expands as vastly as the Democrats’ did, all the old rules about how to win may prove obsolete. New voters looking to upset the applecart (or tear down the temple’s columns) may overshadow the suburban economic conservatives who favored Mitt Romney or the non-metropolitan religious conservatives who favored Rick Santorum in 2012.

In general, elections we’re used to calculations show how increasing non-white turnout hurts Republicans. But it’s not clear that Hillary Clinton can match Obama’s 2012 turnout or margins from blacks or Hispanics, and it’s possible that a Republican nominated by an expanded electorate could turn out more whites than Romney, who got just 1 million more votes than John McCain in 2008.

In poll after poll Trump trumps. Carly Fiorina, the pawn that in the world of boxing is the latest “punk of the month” remains in single digits no matter how much her repeated robotic performances garner praise. Even in polls wherein the respondents declare Fiorina to be the winner of the second debate Fiorina inflates to only single digits. As when she was the CEO of Hewlett Packard, Fiorina can’t make the sale.

Still we are told again and again that Trump is stalled, it’s over, kaput… but then… Zombie Trump stalks Washington and scares the snakes.

A great many Americans see Donald J. Trump as the stick to beat back the snakes. The more the snakes snap and hiss the more tightly the stick is grasped.

A great many Americans are disgusted with the entire overlord political class belief that they are the masters and the citizens the servants. The stick will beat back those snakes.

A great many Americans want America to be great, again. That’s what Americans demand. It’s what the voters demand. It’s not just a hat.


Trumped: Scott Walker Skips Out

Update: Scott Walker reportedly quitting presidential race. Then it happened. May we have a moment of silence for Trump hater George Will. His wife just lost her job with Scott Walker.

Réquiem ætérnam dona eis, Dómine,
et lux perpétua lúceat eis.
Requiéscant in pace. Amen.


Scott Walker is out of the presidential race. Scott Walker made bad personnel decisions and wanted to be all things to all people all the time. In a regular election that could have made him a winner. But Trump.

Scott Walker skipped out of the GOP race today. As he left he asked others to leave the race too in order to Stop Trump. Why the anger against Trump? Scott Walker denounced personal attacks even as he personally attacked Trump as someone who attacked candidates personally.

Somehow Walker missed Trump supporters insulted by John McCain as kooks. Walker missed Bobby Jindal calling Trump a “madman”. Rick Perry called Trump a “cancer”. All the insults against Trump and Trump’s hair missed by Walker. But Walker says Trump is the one who insults when Trump responds to insults.

Scott Walker held a great deal of promise. But Scott Walker did not realize the race is fixed for JeBush. Scott Walker thought he had a chance in a fair election. This is not a fair election. This is a fixed elected. The nominee will be Jeb Bush because the GOP establishment wants Jeb Bush. The establishment gets what the establishment wants. Jeb Bush will be the nominee unless Donald J. Trump and Donald J. Trump supporters stop the coronation.

Scott Walker could have been a contender. But Scott Walker was a man out of his time. Scott Walker did not realize that Trump had changed the political universe. The moment Trump got in the race Scott Walker no longer appeared to be a fierce fighter and Chris Christie no longer appeared to have heft or be a loud talker.

Scott Walker today made an even bigger mistake than the one he made when he did not recalculate his campaign strategy after Trump. What was today’s Scott Walker mistake? Scott Walker asked other candidates to get out in order to Stop Trump. But the more candidates get out, the stronger Trump will get.

Scott Walker did not look at the polls which repeatedly demonstrate that the non-elected candidates receive more support – over 50% of the vote – than the elected officials who want to climb their career ladder. The more candidates get out, the stronger the outsider candidates will get.

Scott Walker also does not realize that there are many pawns on the chessboard but only two Kings. On this chessboard there is JeBush and Donald Trump. There is no other. There are plenty of pawns, but many already are dead on the field after they attacked Trump. Trump fights.

The pawns on the chessboard- pawn Ben Carson and pawn Carly Fiorina are a halfway house to Donald Trump. Eventually Trump gets the Fiorina and Carson voters. The less than 1% of the voters who supported Scott Walker will go to Jeb Bush but that won’t be enough for JeBush to get the crown.

Scott Walker got out now for one very good reason. He was not about to get into the debate in October and there will be no kiddie debate in October. It was over for Walker and Walker knew it. But Walker blames Trump.

Scott Walker wants to blame Donald Trump. We understand, on a human level, that Walker does not want to take the blame. But it wasn’t Trump who made Walker lame, it was Walker that trumped himself.


Donald Trump Wins #GOPDebate – Congrats @RealDonaldTrump

Either Jeb Bush or Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination for president. There is no other. As we’ve explained, the GOP primary season process was fixed for Jeb Bush to win (via the low number of debates, the high number of candidates, the financial and institutional collaborators), but Trump came along and now the advantages built in for Jeb Bush assist Donald Trump. What we witness now is pieces of the broken Jeb Bush machine re-purposed, in an Apollo 13 catastrophe style attempt, to fulfill the original aim of getting Jeb Bush the nomination.

The problem in all this is that Jeb Bush is dog food the dogs won’t eat. Jeb Bush policies are opposed by the majority of GOP voters (especially on illegal immigration and Common Core). The Jeb Bush name does not help him, so he erases “Bush” from his campaign.

The Jeb Bush strategy now is to put new shiny labels on his dog food can to distract the voter/consumer. But that won’t work either unless the best selling dog food sold by Donald Trump, the food wanted by millions, is kept off the supermarket shelves. So how to keep Donald Trump brand food off the shelves? Flood the market with new shiny product that will force the Donald Trump brand lower down the shelves and eventually off the shelves entirely.

The shiny new product will constantly be replaced with shiny new product as soon as the glitter comes off. As we wrote well before the second GOP debate:

The latest pawn in the attack Trump ploy is none other than Dr. Ben Carson. Like Perry, Jindal, Graham, and the rest, Carson is but a pawn used by the GOP establishment to attack Trump in order to benefit JeBush. [snip]

The next pawn called to duty will be Fiorina at the debate or maybe even John Kasich. Fiorina will get her face time at the CNN debate but not much else. Fake outrage by her fans and Big Media Trump haters can only get you so far. [snip]

Soon the pawns will all lay dead on the chess table and only the despised and deposed JeBush will remain to Stop Trump.

The Republican nomination will go either to JeBush or Donald Trump. There is no other.

That’s what we saw at the second GOP debate. Jeb Bush remains as unsavory as ever. The last pawn that was sold as the guy to take down Trump proved himself to be an OK doc and not much more. And the latest pawn, Carly Fiorina, is now the next to lay dead on the chess table.

No doubt with all the pimping by Big Media and the Jeb Bush machine Carly Fiorina’s poll numbers will rise and rise and rise from the low single digits to the high single digits or more. Then poof. She’ll be with Ben Carson in the used underwear box.

Jeb Bush needed a KO or at least a TKO against Donald Trump last night. Anything less, and the Trump train is on a trajectory to triumph. Far from achievement of that strategic goal, Jeb Bush ended the debate on his toes in a pretense that fools no one, and in absolute P.R. failure.

Oddly, part of Donald Trump’s victory last night is due to the failure of CNN to hit Donald Trump very hard. That’s not to say that CNN did not try to take Trump down. They did. CNN and the RNC stacked the audience with GOP establishment drones. Further, CNN wasted the first hour with “Donald said this and we want you to respond by trashing him” type questions. All that did was make Donald Trump the undisputed center of attention and leader of the conversation on everything and everyone. CNN went so far as to end the first section of the debate, before a commercial break, with Donald Trump’s comments about Carly Fiorina’s face left to linger in the viewers mind. Like a prosecutor with a weak case, CNN used every trick to rig the jury.

But the substantive questions that could really hurt Donald Trump, the questions we thought for sure would be asked, the questions about eminent domain, those substantive questions never appeared. That’s a shame. We would have liked to see Donald Trump grilled on eminent domain. But that would have been a substantive question about policy and so it never appeared.

What did appear was a Donald Trump quote about Carly Fiorina’s face, said to Rolling Stone magazine, which Trump unconvincingly states was really about Fiorina’s “persona.” Trump essentially waved that off by saying Fiorina is beautiful with a beautiful face. It was a statement that convinced no one. Fiorina cleverly played a “war on women” type card against Trump; a card which Fiorina usually decries when Hillary Clinton pulls it out of her deck. But what made us swallow hard came at the very end. When asked to give herself a Secret Service code name Fiorina responded by saying she would like her Secret Service code name to be “Secretariat”. Yeah, the horse. For a woman whose attractiveness is made mock of, it is odd that she would venture into John Kerry horse-face territory. So much for being quick on your hooves, er, feet.

“Secretariat” Fiorina, like Donald Trump, did not get the questions which we thought were obvious ones to be hit with. Nothing from the CNN moderators or the candidates about Hewlett Packard sales to Iran while Fiorina was CEO of the company. Left unasked were questions about Carly Fiorina‘s support for a low wage society and possible illegal immigration amnesty.

As to the other pawns not much changed. Marco Rubio persisted with his “A” student in third grade antics – full of wide smiles and well written essay question responses to impress teacher – but not much else. Chris Christie tried to fit a 9/11 life saver around his waist to stop from sinking – but he needs a much bigger hole to squeeze into. Scott Walker sweated. John Kasich said something or other few remember. Ted Cruz stared into the camera and gave lectures. Huckabee buzzed every now and then. Rand Paul was a fur toy for big dog Donald Trump who slapped Rand Paul around – which led to our favorite funny Trump moment of the night:I never attacked him or his looks, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter right there.” Ouch!

That was about it for an all out Trump attack. Mostly The Donald sees he’s close to winning and how the strategic landscape now benefits him. Having previously neutered hater Hugh Hewitt, Trump succeeded in his aim to make the CNN debate a bit fairer to himself, although he could do nothing about the stacked audience in the hall. Trump mostly complimented people on the stage even if the compliments benefited Trump more than the complimented. All in all Trump was generous and tried to smile and be bland. Except….

Except when it came to Jeb Bush. Repeatedly Donald Trump beat up on Jeb Bush. Ever so briefly Trump mentioned Bush’s support of Common Core. Bush speaking Spanish on the campaign trail was challenged by Trump. Trump smartly declared that English is the common tongue of the land and that there is a need for assimilation by immigrants. Then he beat up and humiliated weak Jeb Bush some more.

How tone deaf was Jeb Bush? Consider the horsey nature of Carly Fiorina’s “Secretariat” response. That wasn’t bright but it only hurts Fiorina on a comic level. But Jeb Bush, in response to a silly question about what woman’s picture should be on American currency, responded with “Margaret Thatcher.” Jeb Bush could not think of an American woman who should be on American currency. See the problem?

It’s not about Spanish or the ability to speak foreign languages. We applaud anyone who is able and willing to speak foreign languages whether they be of the spoken, digital, musical, or sign language type. The problem here is that Jeb Bush does not see the problem of running for president while communicating in Spanish to the electorate.

It’s not Margaret Thatcher that is the problem. It’s not Spanish that is the problem. The problem is that Jeb Bush is for illegal immigration amnesty, is making a rank appeal to activists that disrespect borders, and to Chamber of Commerce types that want a low wage society. Jeb Bush like Barack Obama also cannot discern that the job of American president is in some very real way to be a cheerleader of and for the American nation. Jeb Bush is repulsed by that part of the job which Donald Trump embraces with vigor and happiness.

Jeb Bush somehow does not grasp that he is walking for president of the United States not social justice warrior of the world. That’s a job already taken by Barack Obama. Jeb Bush does not grasp that he is not on the debate stage to be community organizer of the United States. The job is President of the United States and Donald Trump beat up on Jeb Bush on the very issue and that is how Donald Trump won the debate. It’s either Jeb Bush or Donald Trump. There is no other.


Reality Show – The Real And UnReal In The Age Of Fake: @REALdonaldTrump – #Hillary2016 – #BlackLivesMatter – Shaun King – Donald Trump Killers, And George Soros

Coal stocks rose today amidst a general market slump. The reason? George Soros who has attacked coal as the “lethal bullet” causing climate change bought millions of dollars worth of coal stocks. Why? H. Sterling Burnett of the Heartland Institute surmises, “George Soros spent millions of dollars and multiple years helping to driving down price of coal… But my suspicion is that he helped to drive stocks down, bought as many shares as he can, and, when stocks rebound, he can sell his shares and make a huge profit.” No surprise here. We recall climate change warrior Al Gore who sold his business to a fossil fuel founded and maintained Arabist network.

Since 2009 and the occupation of the White House by Barack Obama, we have referred to this particular time as “the Age of Fake.” Al Gore is a for profit fake. George Soros is a for profit fake. Who’s the bigger fake between these two? Al Gore who burns jet fuel to and fro his climate change speeches and heats/cools his mansions instead of having a frugal life? Or George Soros? We submit that the depths of fake when it comes to George Soros have yet to be plumbed. It is rumored, and non-denial denied that George Soros, through his networks of scams and scam artists, funds Kooky “organizations” such as #BlackLivesMatter. Here’s an excerpt (dear reader, we challenge you to try and spot the biggest liar in this story) from the latest lies of #BlackLivesMatter:

Did Black Lives Matter Organizer Shaun King Mislead Oprah Winfrey By Pretending To Be Biracial?

An investigative blogger has accused Shaun King, a key figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, of misleading media icon Oprah Winfrey by pretending to be biracial in order to qualify for an “Oprah scholarship” to historically black Morehouse College. The blogger says King is white and has been lying about his ethnicity for years.

King is a high-profile campaigner against “police brutality” and “justice correspondent” for the liberal Daily Kos website who told Rebel magazine in 2012 that he was biracial, with the magazine reporting that he is the “son of a Caucasian mother and an African-American father.” He has also described himself as “mixed with a black family” on Twitter.

King has been lionised by the press, praised as hero of civil rights and social activism. He has written extensively about a childhood in which he was terrorised by “decades old racial tensions.” He claims to have been “the focus of constant abuse of the resident rednecks of my school.”

Yet, in recent weeks, rumours have been circulating about his ethnicity. A 1995 police incident report lists Shaun King’s ethnicity as white. And blogger Vicki Pate, who has been assembling forensic accounts of Shaun King’s background and family tree on her blog, “Re-NewsIt!,” has published her findings. [snip]

She claims that King is entirely white and says a birth certificate, which Breitbart has since independently acquired from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics, names a white man as his father.

King’s case echoes that of Rachel Dolezal, a civil rights activist from Washington who claimed to be biracial while in fact being of caucasian origin. Dolezal continues to insist she “identifies as black,” despite her parents revealing that she is entirely white.

If Pate is right, Shaun King, who often uses black and white photographs of himself online rather than colour images, may have misled African-American hero Winfrey by applying for and accepting an Oprah Scholarship to the historically black Morehouse College. Oprah Scholarships are given exclusively to black men.

In his Daily Kos diary, King refers to himself as a “brother,” writing: “Oprah Winfrey paid my way through Morehouse. The leadership scholarship that I received from her is why I have a college degree today. Five hundred other brothers have the exact same story.”

So, who’s the biggest fake, the worst of the worst, in this story? If you answered Shaun King, you’re wrong. Sure Shaun King is a honky cracka liar, a culture vulture, a phony, a fake, a race-baiter who accused whites and his classmates in Kentucky of a brutal racist assault that never happened, a man who could not keep details of his lies straight (3 black daughters or 4?; 4 spinal surgeries or 3?; car crash or no car crash?) and all around creep. But he’s not the biggest creep in this story.

The biggest creep in this story is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah, the great “Angel” of racial reconciliation only gives these scholarships to black men. In 2008 Oprah chose Barack Obama over a woman running for president because of skin color. Since 2008 all of Oprah’s endorsements have the commonality of only going to black people. Oprah who built her empire on the backs of (mostly white) women gives scholarships only to black people. Does that bother you?

Imagine if a Hillary Clinton supporter was discovered to give scholarships only to white people. Imagine if Donald Trump was discovered to give scholarships only to white people. Imagine if Mitt Rommney was discovered to give scholarships only to white people. But give scholarships to people based on skin color other than “white” and no one bats an eyelash.

Perhaps that is why creeps such as Rachel Strife Dolezal pretends she is black. Perhaps that is why a Shaun King pretends to be a black King. Perhaps. What we do know is that in this Age of Fake you cannot say “All Lives Matter” because you will be branded a racist. You are only allowed by the racists and race-baiters “Black Lives Matter.” Which brings us to a moment this past week in which Hillary Clinton comported herself with a degree of honor.

The #BlackLivesMatter phonies wanted to disrupt a Hillary2016 rally but failed to do so. Hillary Clinton agreed to meet with them after the rally. The #BlackLivesMatter creeps tried to Mau-Mau Hillary but Hillary stood her ground. It was one of the few good moments for Hillary2016 this campaign season.

You could see Hillary impatient with the blowhards of #BlackLivesMatter. A few seconds more and #BlackLivesMatter would have blacked out as Hillary smashed a chair over those fakes. Hillary was not interested in the flowery words, she said a plan was needed. #BlackLivesMatter wanted Hillary to bow down and be intimidated.

#BlackLivesMatter has tried to intimidate everyone into their racist race-baiting world-view. #BlackLivesMatter humiliated weak Bernie Sanders in front of a rally of thousands.

#BlackLivesMatter then humiliated the weak loser Jeb Bush.

Donald Trump has made it clear that #BlackLivesMatter better not tangle with him or there will be blood on the floor and it won’t be his.

In a world of fake, Donald Trump is the real thing. Trump’s Twitter handle is #RealDonaldTrump. That’s not because Trump anticipated he would be cast into the non-reality of politics but because there are a lot of people who pretend to be Donald Trump so he took on the name #RealDonaldTrump which emphasizes that indeed he is “real.”

The phony Chris Matthews recognizes just how real Donald Trump is:

Donald Trump took on #BlackLivesMatter while at the same time making clear his commitment to help create jobs in America thereby helping all Americans including Black Americans. In a very specific appeal to Black Americans, Donald Trump spoke about the detrimental effects of illegal immigration on the poor and the black poor.

Included in his comprehensive immigration plan Donald Trump declared his intention to change the law and stop “birthright citizenship.” For that, Trump has been attacked. Bill O’Reilly attacked Trump and mocked him saying that the Constitution would have to be changed.

Trump believes the Constitution will not have to be changed. And many legal scholars agree with Trump:

Although the Constitution of 1787 mentioned citizens, it did not define citizenship. It was in 1868 that a definition of citizenship entered the Constitution with the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment. Here is the familiar language: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Thus there are two components to American citizenship: birth or naturalization in the U.S. and being subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Today, we somehow have come to believe that anyone born within the geographical limits of the U.S. is automatically subject to its jurisdiction; but this renders the jurisdiction clause utterly superfluous. If this had been the intention of the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment, presumably they would have said simply that all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. are thereby citizens.

Donald Trump is not alone in his concern for the rule of law and the detrimental effects of illegal immigration on wages as the labor pool grows but job opportunities remain low. Black women such as the “stump for Trump girls” side with Trump on #BlackLivesMatter:

“Stump for Trump girls” stand by Trump on illegal immigration too:

Other Black women are speaking up on birthright citizenship.

A Latino man likewise sides with Donald Trump:

We are a country, yes. But in this country we have laws and rules and regulations that need to be followed. How can we become—how can we be a great nation when we reward people that come to this country illegally?

I don’t have anything against immigrants. But there’s a difference between “immigrant” and “illegal immigrant.”


And I ask myself: what part of “illegal” don’t you guys understand?

Real Donald Trump has a growing wave of reality on his side. There are some, who want low wage slaves, who intend to take down Real Donald Trump. Marco Rubio and Scott Walker, hiding behind their secret donors intend to assassinate Donald Trump with ads.

Charlie Gasparino who swims in Wall Street waters warns that Donald Trump is about to be assassinated in TV ads right after Labor Day:

Gasparino has previously reported that Wall Street is terrified of Trump. Imagine that. Wall Street terrified of a billionaire. Wall Street laughed at the fakes from Occupy Wall Street, but is terrified of Trump. Wall Street is right to be terrified of Trump because he is real, not fake.


@RealDonaldTrump Winning Immigration Plan In 3 Words: Enforce The Law!

Update II: Here we go: Marco Rubio opposes repeal of birthright citizenship, contra Trump. Yup, Marco Rubio walked himself into the Trump trap. Jeb Bush also walked into the Trump trap. Result? In the Florida winner take all primary Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio will split the amnesty for illegal immigration vote. Donald J. Trump takes it all as the winner.


Update: Scott Walker on Trump’s immigration plan: I oppose birthright citizenship for children of illegals too, you know. Bobby Jindal says “me too.” It’s “follow the leader” and Trump is the leader in more ways than one.

Jindal’s “me too” must hurt Ben Domenech (whom we cite in our article below) the most because Domenech race-baited Trump’s illegal immigration plan using Bobby Jindal as his foil (a photo of Trump in full Seig Heil salute is included for subtlety). Now it’s back to the race-baiting board for Domenech as Bobby Jindal follows the leader – Donald J. Trump.


Before you pass new laws you won’t enforce, enforce the law already on the books.

Marco Rubio and the political class wrote and tried to pass their “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan”. The Rubio political class “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan” was more millions of words added to the legislative and regulatory library, unread and entirely without meaning. All the millions of new words had no meaning because they would not have been enforced.

This past Sunday Donald Trump unveiled his Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan. In three words, all of which have meaning, the plan would “enforce the law.”

There is no point in passing a new law if it will not be enforced. There is no point in having a law if it is not enforced. A law that is not enforced is not a law, it is not even a suggestion. A law that is not enforced is a bunch of words devoid of meaning. That is to say, Barack Obama is the embodiment of the concept – a collection of words without meaning other than self-absorption.

Donald Trump’s detailed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan is mostly about illegal immigration. For a candidate that has been mocked as personality “without policy details” the release of the Trump plan has rocked the political class.

Scott Walker reacted to the Trump plan. Scott Walker essentially tried to get into a custody dispute with The Donald. Scott Walker tried to claim he is the mother of Trump’s comprehensive immigration reform plan:

Gov. Scott Walker offered support for Donald Trump’s new immigration plan, comparing it favorably to policies that he has backed as Wisconsin governor.

It’s similar to what I brought up about four or five months ago,” the GOP presidential candidate said Monday on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” when asked about Trump’s plan.

Walker wouldn’t explicitly endorse the plan when asked by host Steve Doocy if he would give it a “thumbs up,” but compared it to the plan he outlined on a March appearance on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace.

“I haven’t looked at all the details of his but the things I’ve heard are very similar to the things I mentioned to Chris Wallace on the show earlier this year,” he said.

He noted that his three major goals are to secure the border, enforce existing law and have “no amnesty” for the millions of people in the country illegally.

Walker is taking the smart route to Donald Trump. Like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker understands that the sure road to Perry Palookaville is to attack Trump and the constituency that supports Trump.

Others in the establishment political class are apoplectic with Trump. Ben Domenech calls it Donald Trump’s Clown Immigration Plan. Domenech’s critique is mostly an attack against Donald Trump personally with lots of Obama style race-baiting thrown in. Likewise Noah Rothman’s article Trump’s War on Legal Immigration a Tipping Point for the GOP is a spittle flecked paper assault against Trump “nativism” with all the embellishments from Obama style race-baiting along with pearl-clutching undie wetting cries about the destruction of the GOP brand.

Rothman’s fury includes charges that Trump would deport the Statue of Liberty back to France without the Emma Lazarus poem attached. Senator Lindsey Graham echoes Rothman with a whine, “I just hope we don’t go down that road as a party. So our leading contender, Mr. Trump, is going backward on immigration. And I think he’s going to take all of us with him if we don’t watch it.”

The political class establishment wing of the GOP agrees with Rothman when he attacks Trump:

If the GOP’s slate of 2016 candidates fails to attack this propagandist soapbox agitation masquerading as a platform, it will mark the moment when Trump finally began to rub off on the GOP. This “plan” is a road to electoral ruin. The GOP’s viable and responsible candidates would be best advised to call this inhumane and unrealistic approach to immigration reform what it is in stark terms, even at the risk of their standing in the polls and the alienation of the conservative movement’s talker class. The GOP is at risk of losing the general before it even begins.

Rothman, Graham, and the GOP establishment wing of the political class are a tad hysterical as is the entire political class that wants to export jobs abroad and lower wages at home. Byron York, asks the question the political class does not want asked, Are Trump’s immigration views out of the mainstream?:

Donald Trump set off yet another wave of anguish and frustration among Republican political elites Sunday with more provocative statements about immigration, along with the release of a Trump immigration plan influenced by the Senate’s leading immigration hawk. But there are indications Trump’s positions on immigration are more in line with the views of the public — not just GOP voters, but the public at large — than those of his critics. [snip]

Are they out of the mainstream at all? A recent academic paper, by Stanford professor David Broockman and Berkeley Ph.D candidate Douglas Ahler, suggests a majority of the public’s views on immigration are closer to Trump’s than to the advocates of comprehensive immigration reform. [snip]

“Many citizens support policies that seem to fall outside of the range of policy options considered in elite discourse,” Broockman and Ahler conclude. [snip]

It’s probably fair to say that, if Broockman and Ahler are correct, a majority of Americans — not just Republican voters, but all Americans — hold views that are consistent with Trump’s position, or are even more restrictive. Opponents like Graham portray Trump’s immigration position as far out of the mainstream, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

“Enforce the law” say Americans. “Before you pass new laws you won’t enforce, enforce the law already on the books.”

In an article about how Scott Walker is “being Trumped” by Donald Trump in Iowa we find this nugget which explains why Scott Walker wants to claim some of the parentage DNA of the Trump Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan:

Like most every other candidate in the historically crowded field, the Wisconsin governor’s standing in state and national polls has been hurt by the summer surge of billionaire Donald Trump, the party’s front-runner. [snip]

“I run into people who support him, but I think the polls reflect the fact that everyone is just struggling to get traction, outside of the three non-politicians,” said John Bloom, Republican Party treasurer in Polk County, the state’s largest.

Bloom, who is undecided in the race, was referring to Trump, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

He’s not ruling out the possibility of a Trump win in Iowa.

“If you had asked me a month ago, I would have said no,” he said. “But I think there is more commitment there to something. I don’t know if it’s for Trump, or this rebellion against our leadership.”

That’s so American you can bottle it and sell it at prime prices, “this rebellion against our leadership.”

“This rebellion against our leadership” is one we here at Big Pink understood immediately. Unlike the clumsy “analysis,” dare we say “stupid loser” claptrap from most other websites, we saw what was happening from the outset. And we were mocked as was Trump. Trump was also…, hey, what’s that “first they laugh at you” quote? They’re not laughing now.

As we’ve written, Trump is ahead in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, and Florida. If Trump wins Florida then Jeb Bush is vanquished and the nomination race is over with Trump as the nominee. No one else matters. It’s either Trump or Bush. No one else matters. The establishment plan to crown Bush is undone by Trump. And now the ditzes say it indeed can be Trump:

Halperin: Trump Reached ‘Turning Point,’ ‘Most’ Estab Cands Think He Can Win Nomination

Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin stated that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has “reached a turning point” where the “establishment candidates” think he can win Iowa, “most” believe he can win the nomination, and “a significant number think he could win the White House” on Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Halperin was asked his writing that “Most importantly, we’ve reached a turning point with Trump, the major establishment campaigns of both parties now think Trump could win Iowa, and most of them think he could win the nomination, and a significant number think he could win the White House.” And that the campaigns were in “full freak out mode.”

He said, “Trump may not end up as the nominee, but right now, he’s changed the race, not just leading in the Fox poll, but coming to the fair. I’ve been to the fair with Barack Obama at his peak, Sarah Palin at her peak, with other candidates, George Bush. The reception Trump got here was not just about celebrity. I walked with him for 45 minutes after the helicopter ride, he came to the fair, and people were yelling things to him with passion. ‘Save us,’ ‘You’re the only one who can stop Hillary,’ ‘Thank you for making America great again.’ The other campaigns — the other leading Republican campaigns, monitored Trump’s behavior here. And that was part, along with the Fox poll, and along with the developments of the last couple of weeks, of them saying, as you just quoted, they now believe Trump can win Iowa.”

Host Joe Scarborough then remarked, “that really changes everything in this campaign about how they react to him.” Halperin agreed with this point.

Donald Trump says “enforce the law”. In addition Trump has additional proposals such as ending birthright citizenship. With Trump those additional laws will not be meaningless political mush talk. That’s what frightens the political class that only communicates in mush talk, not Trump English.

It’s either Trump and law enforcement, or Bush and illegal immigration non-enforcement amnesty. That’s the border fight the GOP is in.


Newsflash: It’s A Fix – It’s Trump Or Bush That Will Win – Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Huckabee, Carson, Walker, Paul, Christie, Are Losers

Update II: Morning Consult poll: Trump’s lead grows after GOP debate to 32 percent, now ahead by more than 20 points. Trigger warning: check out the chart at the link. Meggyn Kelly has Frank Luntz egg all over her.

Triple Trumpnado? Trump’s popularity continues to climb as PPP’s newest Iowa poll finds Donald Trump leading the Republican field in the state even after a weekend of controversy. Trump at 19%, Bush at 11%, and as we write below, the losers don’t matter in this fixed wrestling match. Then there’s this Exclusive: Trump’s Republican support holds strong post-debate – Reuters/Ipsos poll. Drudge was right, Luntz was wrong, Fox News and GOP establishment busy with plots and schemes to push Bush.

Hillary2016 better learn from Trump and worry. Bush v. Hillary means Hillary wins. Hillary v. Trump? All bets are off.


Update: Peace in our time: Fox News reportedly in talks with Trump for interview in primetime tonight. Peace through strength!

Why will Fox News capitulate to The Donald? Because tens of thousands of Fox News viewers are boycotting the network. Because tens of thousands of Meggyn Kelly fans are blasting her on her very own Facebook page. Because the Trump interview which drew BLOOD was on CNN opposite Meggyn’s show. Because Trump has the drawing power to hurt Fox News if he continues to target Fox News prime time by going on CNN (which incidentally will host the next debate so Trump getting eyeballs to CNN, building up his CNN cred, and hurting egg-on-her-face Meggyn is triple Trumpnado).

There is also this which proves the Fox News fail and the Trump Triumph: Holy Guacamole Batman! New sciency poll out:

Donald Trump’s lead over his Republican presidential rivals grew substantially in the days following the first GOP debate and his controversial comments about moderator Megyn Kelly.

Trump’s support increased by 7 points, to 32 percent, according to the latest Morning Consult tracking poll.

The real estate mogul’s closest rival — former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — lost 1 point, down to 11 percent support among self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

Support for all other candidates was in the single digits in the poll.


Is there anything dumber than a Ted Cruz supporter? Well, maybe a Carly Fiorina supporter. Maybe a Ben Carson supporter. Maybe a Rubio supporter. Maybe a Paul supporter. Maybe a Christie supporter. Maybe a Walker supporter. Maybe a Huckabee supporter. Maybe Perry/Santorum/Pataki/Jindal/Gilmore/Graham supporter(s), if any.

Some of the dummies will find what we say provocative. But take it from those of us who attended the 2008 Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee. We know what we are talking about and you are all total dummies no matter how smart you think you are.

We’ll start off slowly. Why do you dummies think that in the early primaries the delegates won will be distributed proportionate to the margin of victory of the (many) candidates? Why do you fools think that the first state that is winner take all is one of the most delegate rich states and that state happens to be Jeb Bush’s Florida? Why do you numbskulls think that there are only about 10 debates this election cycle compared to the 27 of the last election cycle?

All of this is designed to help one candidate snuff out the possibility of a debate based campaign from an undercapitalized candidate and to assure that the candidate with the most money and the biggest organization will be the eventual nominee. That was the plan… it was designed to nominate Jeb Bush… the plan would have worked… but then came Trump.

We know the above are difficult for those who don’t understand the rules of the game or how to win by fixing the rules of the game. Many of you would place bets to win on a horse that is lame and cross-eyed. Yeah, you really like that horse and you’re sure that horse is great so… gee… I’m gonna bet on that horse.

We’re going to post now two good reasons why you are all dummies. Most of you are too stupid to understand so we will try to spell it out for you, if necessary with those magnetic color alphabet sets children stick on refrigerators.

Here’s the first clue, which we ourselves wrote, as a preamble to our discussion of the Losers’ Forum which preceded the great debate last Thursday:

Big Media decides who gets coverage, the type of coverage, which polls to laud, which polls to ignore then uses the coverage and the polls to decide who gets to be a legitimate candidate on the debate stage. It’s an outrage. Worse, the political parties and the political candidates not only put up with this, they encourage the Big Media and establishment corruption of our political process because they are all part of the corrupt establishment.

We’re gonna strain your feeble minds now, even though we’re sure you did not understand our previous paragraph(s), so reach for your Ginko Biloba and try to follow. We know you object to our citation of something we ourselves wrote so now we will quote from someone who has attacked this website, hates this website, and is considered somewhat prominent even though he graduated from the DailyKooks website. Gird yourselves now. There will be some words larger than “cat” and “dog.” Some of the concepts (that means thinky things) might elude (that means you might not understand because you mind is to un-evolved) you but do try and follow, idiots:

Stage 6: Endgame

When it happens: June through Republican National Convention, July 18-21
Potential threat to Trump: The Republican Party does everything in its power to deny him the nomination.

If Trump makes it past Stage 4, we’ll have to consider his campaign successful, up to a point. He’ll have gotten further than any similar candidate has in the past. But he’d still be a long way from winning the nomination, and the final two stages might be his hardest yet.

The Republican Party’s delegate selection rules are straightforward in some states but byzantine in others, especially in caucus states where delegates are sometimes not formally pledged to the candidate who apparently earned their support on election night. Furthermore, about 7 percent of delegates to the RNC are party leaders — what Democrats would call “superdelegates” — who are usually not bound by the results of the popular vote in their states at all.

This introduces a little bit of slack into the system. It works in favor of establishment-backed candidates, or those who have an intricate understanding of the delegate rules. And it works against candidates like Trump.

Regular FiveThirtyEight readers will be familiar with “The Party Decides” paradigm of the nomination process. It posits that the nominee represents the consensus choice of influential members of the party, and that rank-and-file voters serve mostly to vet and validate the candidates in the event of a close call.

Much of the party’s influence consists of what you might call soft power,” the ability to influence outcomes by persuasion rather than coercion. But the party also has some “hard power”: It literally makes the rules. It can rule against candidates it doesn’t like in the event of delegate-counting disputes. It can probably even change the rules midstream. There isn’t a lot of precedent to worry about violating, since it’s been 40 years since Republicans came close to a brokered convention.

If Trump made it this far, the Republican Party would go to extraordinary lengths to avoid nominating him. In “The Party Decides” view, parties are basically looking for two things from their nominees: They want them to be reliable (meaning, they can be counted on to enact the Republican agenda once in office), and they want them to be electable (meaning, they can win in November).

Hold your horses dummies. By now you are saying “aha, you see Donald Trump will never win. Why is this article calling supporters of other candidates stupid when what that article clearly states is that Trump can’t win the Republican Party nomination?” Now take your meds and try to follow the reasoning (thinky things) of what we have just written.

We’ll explain it to you now: This GOP primary election is a fix. The entire primary process and schedule was designed to nominate Jeb Bush. But Donald Trump surprised everyone and got in the race. Donald Trump has the money. Donald Trump has the Big Media expertise. Donald Trump has the experience of dealing in politics and with politicians. It was all “fixed” for Jeb Bush and then Trump got in.

As we wrote before, Trump can win. Why? Trump can win because he can take advantage of the fix that was set up to benefit Jeb Bush.
Put that in your jock straps and wiggle.

Donald Trump has the financial advantage Jeb Bush thought he would have. Donald Trump can not only win (according to all the polls from those states) Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina (latest poll there has Donald Trump ahead with 34% Jeb Bush 10%) but he can knock out Jeb Bush and win Florida and all those many many delegates. No other candidate can do that.

Hey, dummies, why do we call you dummies, especially you Ted Cruz dummies? We call you dummies because you think that once Trump goes away your candidate will rise and maybe have a chance to win. That’s so stupid. Your candidates don’t have a chance. The fix is in. We think Ted Cruz supporters are especially stupid because they think that the establishment figure most hated by the establishment due to his personality and obnoxiousness (which we do think should be admired by the way) won’t be swept away with ease by the very forces that have tried with all their raw power and vitriol to destroy Donald Trump.

We have to mock any and all supporters of candidates who say “oh, I like so-and-so,” “oh, so-and-so is so inspirational,” “so-and-so candidate is really blah-blah-blah and I really think that he/she has a strong chance to win this thing,” or the dumbest of all “I just want a candidate that can win and so-and-so is it!” Hardy-hardy-har-har – LOL – ROTFL – Ha!

The fix is in dummies. Only one candidate can win now other than Jeb Bush. Like it or not it is Trump or Bush.

We waited until after the first debate to make this assessment. But it is clear now that Trump is the sole alternative. If Trump is knocked out one by one the others – Cruz, Paul, Walker, Kasich, Rubio, will be dismantled and sent to oblivion. The fix is in. The establishment gets what it wants. Except of course that Donald Trump remains standing.

There are a few other things we want to make everyone aware of. Did you know that Fox News had a plan to evict Trump from the debates physically? It’s likely that Fox News wanted to provoke Trump into an explosion so that they could have armed guards come in and remove him:

They reviewed not just the questions they would ask, but the structure of every query, keeping in mind the constraints of time and the need to avoid repeating topics. As they sorted and re-sorted questions, the unpredictability of real estate tycoon and reality TV star Donald Trump was never far from their minds.

Baier even had a “nuclear option” at the ready for Trump if he ignored all protocol.

The script — which he didn’t have to use — took a page from Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” TV show. It went like this: “Mr. Trump in your business you have rules. You follow rules. We have rules on this stage. We don’t want to have to escort you to the elevator outside this boardroom.”

“We’re hoping we don’t have to use it,” Baier said later. “We’re locked and loaded.”

They baited Trump on purpose to then try to evict him.

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, no admirer of Trump has warnings and observations the GOP better understand:

Republican Assault on Trump May Only Make Him Stronger
Party insiders ganged up on Trump in the first GOP debate, but the tactic may backfire [snip]

In thinking about what actually happened last night, i.e. what was meaningful as opposed to merely lurid and entertaining, you have to start with the performance of Trump, who might just have lured the Republican Party into a trap from which it will not escape.

There was clearly an effort last night by Republican party interests to knock Trump off his frontrunner pedestal. We saw ambush tactics from the start.

Bret Baier started the whole thing off by asking the candidates to promise they wouldn’t run on a third-party ticket. Trump declined, highlighting his non-Republican-ness. Megyn Kelly followed up by asking Trump to defend his record of calling women “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals” and then made his probable inability to score female votes in a race against Hillary part of her question.

Later questions targeted Trump’s heretical views on abortion and health care, and his history of donating money to the likes of Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

No other candidate got anything near this kind of treatment in the debate. A more typical question was Baier softballing Mike Huckabee, asking: “Is the government simply too big for any one person, even a Republican, to shrink?”

Then there was the postgame show. Fox had pollster Frank Luntz come on and speak with a “focus group” that expressed concern about the damage Trump will do to the party. [snip]

That Fox and the other “contestants” onstage were ganging up on Trump was clear enough, but it hasn’t stopped there. Trump is now also seeing a wave of punditry pieces flowing in from traditional conservative outlets slamming his campaign. The National Review’s Jonah Goldberg wrote a long piece this month, “Trump fans, it’s time for an intervention.” [snip]

Meanwhile, Rich Lowry at the Review called the debate a “fabulously awful” night for Trump. He slobbered over the rest of the field. He said Bush “made no mistakes, ” Christie was “forceful,” Carson was “winsome,” Kasich “more of a presence than I would have thought,” and Huckabee was “incapable of having a bad debate.”

Meanwhile, Fox contributor Charles Krauthammer gleefully declared the debate to be the “end of Trump,” saying that he looked “lost.” [snip]

What the Goldbergs and the Wills and Krauthammers of the world probably don’t get is that by singling Trump out for abuse, they’re almost certainly boosting his campaign. First of all, while it might have looked like a damning image to see Trump alone onstage with his hand up and refusing to pledge not to run as an Independent, on another level it was a great Trump moment. As it has been all season, there was Trump, and everyone else. That scene just made the other nine guys onstage look like what they are, stooges beholden to their party and their donors, unable to think for themselves.[snip]

Assuming this doesn’t all end in Trump becoming president and the world shortly thereafter ending in nuclear apocalypse, this twist might end up being the funniest thing to come out of the debate and the campaign in general.[snip]

We may not be laughing two years from now, but for the time being, man, what a show.

There is a lot of leftist claptrap and whistling past the graveyard from Taibbi but even he understands that there was and is a concerted effort to destroy Trump by the GOP establishment and that the effort might make Trump stronger.

After the first GOP debate it is clear that if Trump is destroyed Jeb Bush is the Republican nominee for president. We have very little doubt that in a Clinton versus Bush race there is only one possible outcome: President Hillary Clinton.

We don’t know what happens if Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee for president. But we have written before that Hillary2016 should learn from Trump about how to handle Big Media and that Hillary Clinton should be very afraid of a Donald Trump nomination. Donald Trump has many admirers that Hillary2016 might not expect.

We do think Donald Trump has some chance to win the nomination mostly because of this:

Donald J. Trump is running a real HOPE AND CHANGE campaign with unceasing attacks on the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure – which is what makes Trump so difficult to destroy.

The Republican/Big Media/Hollywood/political class establishment will try to stop Donald Trump. But Donald Trump, aside from his message and his “crusade” against the establishment campaign holds a Trump card that no other candidate in this political casino can bet on which is why Trump won the GOP debate.

The establishment will consider and threaten to use the rules and all the soft and hard power of the party bosses against Trump. The GOP establishment might try to do to Trump what the DNC did to Hillary such as give delegates she won at the ballot box to a candidate that was not even on the ballot. The GOP might try to steal the election from Trump.

The Trump card, which drives the GOP establishment wild because they see that with that one card Trump holds them, like wolves, at bay. Trump can run as an independent and has nicely said so.

The fear for the GOP is that Trump can run as an independent and lay waste to all the plots and schemes to gift the nomination to Jeb Bush. No other candidate has that Trump card. No other candidate was smart enough to strategize as to how to fight the GOP establishment. All the other candidates were dummies. You do see that, don’t you, Cruz dummies?


PUMA: The Moment Donald Trump Won The #GOPDebate

Update: Blowout: Fox debate may be the most-watched non-sports program in cable history. The next time you hear someone say Trump should drop out for the good of the party, ask yourself how many million viewers you’d be prepared to sacrifice to make that happen. Trump Show GOP Debate smothered the Jon Stewart final show 3.5 million to 24 million. Trumpnado!!!


If the GOP establishment spent half the energy and time to attack Barack Obama as expended this past month to take down Donald Trump…

It was the Trump Show last night. Trump was why Americans watched. But the Fox News “personalities” thought they were the stars – going so far as to hog the largest chunk of the time at the debate. The candidates? They got less speaking time than the Big Media corruptors of the political process.

Last night Fox News did everything it could to take down Donald Trump (if you doubt us, ask Lindsey Graham who agrees with us). The first question was phrased to isolate Donald Trump. It wasn’t “raise your hands if you promise to support the nominee of the party.” The first question instead was premised in the negative to force Trump to be the outsider raising his arm. It was a direct attack on Trump meant to isolate him from the rest of the field and the Republican audience watching the debate.

That first question could have waited for later in the show. Ask a bunch of policy questions and then ask Trump if he would support the party nominee. But the goal was to take down Trump and that is why the question was first and foremost.

Then the first question addressed specifically to Trump was the “War On Women” question savagely posed by Fox News star Megyn Kelly. Right at the beginning. When the biggest audience in an already huge audience was tuned in is when the sharpest attacks on Trump took place.

But that take down Trump strategy we believe helped Trump.

The audience for the debate is huge. Biggest audience for any primary debate ever. It was Trumptastic level viewership. 24 million viewers at least. Biggest cable news show ever. Trumpterrific.

After the incessant attacks on Trump during the Trump Show debate, the Fox News assault continued. Megyn Kelly used her hour following the Trump Show to attack Trump. Charles Krauthammer declared Trump destroyed. Witness via video: Not very classy focus group dumps on Trump after debate. Yeah, it was a “kill Donald” operation. Other than Brit Hume stinking up Megyn Kelly’s show when he said Trump had not hurt himself at all that reality was kept at bay.

Once Brit Hume introduced the Fox News audience to the reality that Trump had not been hurt the possibility loomed that Trump might have been helped by the Fox News/GOP establishment attack. Enter DrudgeReport.

The first signs of trouble for the political class came from the results in a DrudgeReport poll. Trump won the poll massively.

After Drudge, the stars of the night came out: the comments section. Our comments section did the superb job our readers have come to expect. Our comments section was not alone however. Whether it was the Megyn Kelly Facebook page or the Deadline Hollywood site (which appeared to be Trump central as both the writers and the comments sections united in support of Trump) reality blazed forth like a hot sun.

Then this morning, Big Media anti-Trump outlets weighed in. It was not what Fox News and the GOP establishment expected. Trump trumped:

Fox News Couldn’t Kill Trump’s Momentum and May Have Only Made It Stronger

Judging by Thursday’s electric debate, he may have sensed his true opponent before anyone else had a clue: the network.

A few hours before Thursday’s Fox News debate, a friend of Donald Trump’s confided to me that Trump was nervous. Not about the competition—he could handle them. No, Trump worried about Fox News, and in particular, debate moderator Megyn Kelly. She’d been hammering him all week on her show, and he was certain she was out to get him. He’d canceled a Fox News appearance on Monday night, the friend said, in order to avoid her. (Trump’s spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm or deny this.)

It turns out Trump was right. His toughest opponents Thursday night weren’t the candidates up on stage, but the Fox News moderators, who went right after him—none with more gusto than Kelly. [snip]

But Trump saw her coming a mile away and cut her off. “Only Rosie O’Donnell,” he barked, drawing cheers from the crowd. When Kelly tried to point out that he had insulted more women than O’Donnell, Trump, as he would all night, steamrolled right past her. “The big problem this country has is being politically correct,” Trump practically shouted, invoking conservatives’ favorite term of disdain. “I’ve been challenged by so many people and I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness and to be honest with you this country doesn’t have time either.” The crowd went wild.

Maybe they were cheering because the question was apropos of something Rachel Maddow would ask, and they were, after all, Republicans. But I think they were cheering because it was clear, at that moment, that Trump was going to be Trump, and wasn’t going to heed the pundits and phonies to tone down his act. [snip]

But judging by Thursday’s raucous, electric debate, Trump may have sensed his true opponent before anyone else had a clue: It’s Fox News. Throughout the evening, Trump and his inquisitors battled back and forth like gladiators. Both parties emerged as huge winners. Though nearly devoid of substance, it was the most entertaining debate I’ve ever seen. [snip]

Hurling insults, Trump went after O’Donnell, political reporters, Bowe Bergdahl, China, Mexico, Japan, money lenders, and practically everyone in Washington. “Our leaders are stupid,” he said, “Our politicians are stupid.” He did stop short of calling Mexicans “rapists,” but not by much. “We need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly,” he said. “We need to keep illegals out.”

While the moderators went after Trump, the candidates mostly shied away from him. In fact, consciously or otherwise, several echoed his points and nearly everyone tried to match his energy. Some even seemed to genuflect. “Donald Trump is hitting a nerve in this country,” Ohio Governor John Kasich said at one point. “Mr. Trump is touching a nerve because people want to see a wall being built.”

Only Paul mustered the nerve to launch a pair of (pretty weak) direct attacks. He might have regretted it. Trump dispatched him with a single, withering aside (“You’re having a hard time tonight”) that was all the more effective because it was true. [snip]

What’s more interesting than any Trump question or answer, though, was the larger dynamic at play. If Fox News has really turned on Trump, it will add a fascinating new twist to the race. Right now, Trump is the dominant candidate in the field because he has exerted a broad appeal to every part of the Republican Party. How might those Republicans react to Fox News—their own network!—aggressively trying to take down their favorite candidate?

To find out, I called Janet Roberts, 69, a nurse in Bellville, Ohio, who participated in last week’s Bloomberg Politics poll and supported Trump (“He has the balls to stand up to the career politicians”). She had agreed to give me her reaction immediately after the debate. When I called, Roberts was furious. “I had more emotion about Fox News tonight than I did about Donald Trump,” she told me. “Those questions were not professional questions. They were bullying. They were set up to purposely make them all look bad. Our country is a mess and I feel like the debate was an example of that. I’m still with Trump.

In fact, Roberts said, after watching the debate, she felt even more strongly than before. [snip]

We won’t know for a few more days if other Republicans reacted to the debate as Roberts did. But my guess is that Trump didn’t hurt himself and might even emerge stronger than before.

For those who back faltering candidate and think Trump as the #1 in the field deserved heightened scrutiny the Fox News assault was music. But there was no “heightened scrutiny” of Trump. It reminded us of 2008 as Barack Obama proved himself a boob every time he debated Hillary Clinton and finally Big Media in the form of the fat drunken slob Tim Russert had to intervene to rescue Obama. Think these memories of Hillary2008 bias us in favor of Trump and against the unfair and unbalanced assault by Fox News last night? Here’s Trump hater Lindsey Graham:

ET TU, FOX NEWS’?: GOP presidential contender Lindsay Graham calls Fox News’ questions of Donald Trump “more of an inquisition than it was a debate.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is criticizing Fox News, saying the moderators of Thursday night’s debate were too harsh with GOP rival Donald Trump.

This was more of an inquisition than it was a debate,” Graham said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday morning. “It was a missed opportunity to talk about things that really mattered.”

Graham charged that the debate moderators, Bret Baier, Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly, were particularly unfair in their questioning of Trump, the outspoken billionaire who is leading many GOP polls.

“At the end of the day, ask the man a question that explains his position and his solutions rather than a ten-minute question that describes him as the biggest bastard on the planet,” Graham quipped.

The South Carolina lawmaker said that Thursday night’s contest resulted in a lost chance at addressing crucial issues like immigration reform.

Did you really understand our position on immigration after this debate?” Graham asked.

Graham is right. It wasn’t that the Fox moderators–mostly Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace, and to a lesser extent, Brett Baier–asked “tough” questions. I’m all for tough questions. But there’s a difference between “tough” and “snarky,” and I felt there was far more of the latter than the former.

Kelly and Wallace in particular spent precious air time framing their questions as ad hominem attacks rather than a quest to probe serious issues.

Indeed, virtually every major question posed by the Fox moderators began with an insult to each candidate. For example, Kelly’s opening question of Donald Trump was this silliness:

“One of the things people love about you is you speak your mind and you don’t use a politician’s filter,” Kelly said to Trump in the opening minutes. “However, that is not without its downsides, in particular, when it comes to women. You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.”

“Only Rosie O’Donnell,” Trump interjected to laughter.

“For the record, it was well beyond Rosie,” Kelly shot back, noting that Trump had told one contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice” that it would be a pretty picture to “see her on her knees.” “Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?” Kelly asked.

Was anyone really clamoring for clarification about Trump’s disparaging remarks about women he has opposed through the years, including his remarks on a reality TV show? I, for one, had many more important issues that I wanted to hear about, and Kelly’s decision to highlight this “women’s” issue seemed more designed to feed Democrats’ “war on women” impression of the GOP than anything else. [snip]

This wasn’t an opportunity for Fox moderators to play favorites, attack the GOP field, regurgitate Democrats’ talking points, reiterate Democrats’ stereotypes about the GOP, and try to pit one candidate specifically against another. It wasn’t an opportunity for Fox moderators to “shine,” to show how smart they are, or to one-up specific candidates. I don’t care one whit which GOP candidates the moderators preferred personally. All I wanted was tough questions, sticking to the big issues of the day, and a “fair and balanced” opportunity to hear from each candidate. What I got instead was snarky, unprofessional, unnecessarily ad hominem questions that seemed more designed to embarrass than inform. I could have gotten that from CNN. 

Et tu, Fox News?

Big Media is the enemy. The initials of the name don’t matter. The self aggrandizing “personalities” of Big Media are the problem. In 2008 the evil emanated from the reptilian Tim Russert. In 2015 it’s a viper with pronounced fake eyelashes. It’s nothing personal. It’s Big Media that every voter should despise. Republican, conservative, liberal, Democrats, Obama Dimocrats, Greens, moderates, all should be united in opposition to Big Media.

The Big Media personalities last night tried to slime Trump as well as the other candidates. The questions against Dr. Ben Carson were ugly and did not really illuminate what Carson thinks in any deep way. But the Carson personality came through, his intelligence came through, so he turned out OK.

Jeb Bush was a bit less fluffed than Obama was in 2008, but still fluffed with pillow soft questions. The softball questions only helped to disappear Bush into the background curtains. Kasich of Ohio had a favorable audience before him in Cleveland and that sorta helped him if Jeb Bush continues his slow fade of mumbles, stumbles and mush. Kasich helped himself only because his Florida ex-governor competition was such a failure. Walker disappeared too.

Ted Cruz came off very well. His answers were well crafted as we expected. His personality was not as insufferable as it usually is. Cruz did well but it was the Trump Show. Along with Huckabee, Cruz answered well, came off well, explained himself well. But both only survived. Well, maybe a bit helped because they survive.

Rubio? Rubio came off as slick and smiley. Next time he should keep away from the sun lamp. Rubio was too well packaged to come off well. Rubio’s well crafted plaster statue imitation suffered next to the mannerist art of Trump.

Loud-mouth Chris Christie? He suffered greatly. His exchange with Rand Paul was the best entertainment of the evening. Christie was great in words and demeanor. His flab was about to fly. But the Rand Paul ripost about the Obama hug seared. The Christie balloon hissed out in hot air from the Rand Paul arrow.

Rand Paul? Rand Paul was a terrorist bomb attack that turned suicide attack. His Obama hug attack on Christie was marvelous to hear. His attacks on Trump however failed spectacularly. Paul attacked Trump in a scene from the Godfather (‘you carry those politicians in your pockets like so much change’). Trump laughed at him.

Then Rand Paul tried to denounce Trump’s explanation of single payer health care (Trump thinks the Canadian model and the Scotland model works but does not think single payer would work in the U.S. – we know this from interviews at Morning Joe with Donald Trump not from the debate because the moderators were not interested in having issues explained.) Trump finished Paul off with a put down which will go down in the annals of debatedom along with “Senator, you’re no John Kennedy.”

I don’t think you heard me. You’re having a hard time tonight.” That truth is, that Paul missed what Trump said against single payer in the U.S. and that Rand Paul was indeed having a very difficult time as his attacks mostly failed and his bid for attention ended badly. This Trump triumph has now been turned into Trump insulting the hearing impaired (Rand Paul uses a hearing aid) by Big Media outlets desperate to attack Trump with anything.

Trump trumped at the first debate for the very reasons the GOP establishment believes he was destroyed. Trump’s greatest moment?

The third best Trump moment was when Trump schooled the sneering Chris Wallace on business.

The runner up Trump moment of Triumph when Trump lectured Megyn Kelly on the degrading effects of political correctness:

The best, #1 moment for Trump:

The best moment for Trump is when he stood alone, in an arena filled with Republicans/conservatives, next to the major Republican candidates for president, in front of the stars of Fox News, before the biggest Fox News audience ever, and said, ‘I’ll stand with America… P.U.M.A.!


#GOPDebate – The Trump Show – Who’s Zooming Who???

Open thread: The classiest, most luxurious debate ever. Is this true? It certainly will be a real life Celebrity Apprentice. The question to be answered is whether Donald Trump is the apprentice or whether he will school the other candidates.

After tonight we’ll have some idea of who. We’ll also have an idea of what. Who will stand out? What issues will determine the course of the evening of the campaign?

After tonight we will know if Scott Walker is just a Wisconsin hot-house flower or if he can play nationally. What about Ted Cruz? What Trump spoke to Bill Clinton about? Why Jeb Bush is such a little backstabber who says nasty things behind Trump’s back? Will Bush dare insult Trump to his face?

Here we go. Snide comments and brilliant observations in the comments section.


#Hillary2016 Beware: Donald Trump Can Win It All And Restart Republican Party! – Plus: Cruz Fail; Biden Fail; Saint Bernard Fail

Update: The “ignore Trump” strategy which replaced the “attack Trump” strategy means these two new national polls will be either underplayed or not reported. Reuters/Ipsos #1 Trump at 24.9% followed by Bush at 12. Quinnipiac #1 Trump 20%, Walker 13%, Bush 10%.


Donald J. Trump is running a real HOPE AND CHANGE campaign with unceasing attacks on the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure – which is what makes Trump so difficult to destroy.

Hillary2016 is all giggles at the thought of GOP Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. This is foolishness. There should be terror at the very thought of even the possibility of Donald J. Trump as the GOP nominee on the part of Hillary2016. Donald J. Trump as the GOP nominee means a revitalized GOP as the party of reform to “Make America Great Again.”

Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee is no longer a “nah, can’t ever happen” nor a “not likely.” Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee is more like “yeah, it’s the likely future.”

Consider: In the latest Iowa poll, Trump is shy of the #1 position by 2 measly points. Scott Walker, the governor of the neighboring state of Wisconsin based his campaign on an Iowa win and for a long time Walker has been the clear frontrunner in Iowa well ahead of every other candidate. Walker hoped to springboard from an Iowa win to a New Hampshire win and as the candidate who was seen as everybody’s second choice and the candidate acceptable to all wings of the intra-warring party Walker’s path to victory was clear. Then Walker (and one of his donors as well) attacked Trump and Trump counterattacked. Now Walker has Trump about to trump him in Iowa. If Walker loses Iowa – lights out for Walker2016. Trump then gets the Walker voters or a large percentage.

Consider: In the latest New Hampshire poll, Trump is #1 with double the support of #2 Jeb Bush. If Trump wins Iowa then New Hampshire he can leverage those wins to unify the anti-establishment vote to defeat Lindsey Graham in his home state of South Carolina. These victories would knock out Graham, Pataki, Carson, Christie, and all those who based their strategy on winning New Hampshire. Trump would get the bulk of those voters. Then the fourth state to vote, Nevada, is another state with Trump at #1 so Trump can conceivably win the first four voting states. Then imagine if Trump decides to compete in the winner-take-all Florida primary which up to now is seen as an expensive fight between only Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, with the loser forced to withdraw from the race. From his properties in Florida and his frequent visits to the Sunshine State Trump could run in Florida and finish off both Bush and Rubio with one stroke sending them both into oblivion and therefore – presidential nominee Trump.

Is the above scenario nuts? Can Trump win? For once in his life left wing kook Tommy Christopher has stumbled into reality and issues a stark warning to Hillary2016 and the Republican establishment:

Republican strategists are consoling themselves by alternately insisting that Trump will exit the race when he loses in Iowa (where he’s currently almost in the lead), and that his stands on issues will trip him up once the debates begin. Even with Trump so clearly in the lead, the media have the nerve to fret about a Trump third-party run. The day will come when they’ll be begging Jeb Bush to mount a third-party run against Trump.

What they’re all missing is that Trump is immune to all of the things they think will take him out. [snip]

If you thought Trump relished that opportunity, wait until the primetime debate on Fox News next week. Anyone who thinks that Chris Christie or Rick Perry are going to put a dent in Trump needs to have their head examined. [snip]

The current theory is that as the field narrows, Trump will hit his ceiling, but when your lesser-polling candidates start dropping out, is their support going to go to candidates who can’t stand up to the guy who’s not even supposed to have a chance? Even if they disagree with Trump on the issues, Republican voters aren’t going to vote for a wuss. As long as he continues to get the privilege of busting these guys up in debates, and enjoying non-stop free publicity, Trump will continue to gain support.

Liberals and Democrats, meanwhile, are laughing all the way to the Whole Foods at the prospect of a Trump general election candidacy, but if you accept the possibility of a Trump nomination, then you dismiss his general election chances at your peril. Assuming that Hillary Clinton is the nominee (which she will be), Trump will head into the general election with the same attack-dog skills and media attention that he had in the primaries, but with the additional benefit of a clean slate on the issues. While the Clinton-hating media continues to attack Hillary with stories that don’t actually add up, don’t be surprised to see Trump outflank Hillary by, say, proposing instant citizenship to go along with his Mexican-proof fence. Once he’s got the GOP nod, The Donald can freestyle on the issues like it’s 8 Mile Road up in here.

While Trump is busy collecting Republican voters, who will turn out no matter what in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, Hillary will be turning out the Obama coalition that helped President Obama win twice, but might not be turning out the bitterly defeated Sanders/Warren wing. Then, your election will be decided by the handful of soft-headed “independents” who always decide things, and who are relentlessly being told that they can’t trust Hillary Clinton

Other than that bit about a Trump turnaround on illegal immigration Tommy Christopher surprisingly gets it right. Repeat: Donald J. Trump is running a real HOPE AND CHANGE campaign with unceasing attacks on the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure – which is what makes Trump so difficult to destroy.

And it is imperative that Trump be destroyed well before August 6. Once Trump gets on a debate stage with governors and senators he will halve his biggest problem and be on the way to the scenario we’ve outlined above. What is Donald Trump’s biggest problem? Trump’s biggest problem is that many Americans do not believe he is really running for president, that this is all a big publicity stunt for something and therefore these Americans do not even consider voting for Trump. But once Trump is seen as a real candidate for president that vast ocean of “he’s not really running” skeptics will be a new target of opportunity for The Donald and Trump’s poll numbers will rise ever higher.

That’s why it is so important to destroy Trump now. Some argue that there is no need to “destroy” Trump because Trump will fade away and the “better” candidate will then rise. This is sheer foolishness. In every election cycle candidates come and go, that is true. But the candidates that come and go do not do so out of happenstance and willy-nilly. Herman Cain was a popular candidate until the hammer dropped on him and Cain was destroyed. Rick Perry once had a real chance to win the nomination, then he blundered, did not know how to recover, and Perry’s enemies destroyed him.

When a campaign implodes it is not because “well, it just happens.” Presidential campaigns implode because they are targeted, attacked, destroyed. Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992 was targeted, attacked, but survived because Bill Clinton had extraordinary political skills and he knew what the attacks would be, prepared for them, and had the resolve to survive. Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign was targeted and attacked but did not survive because Hillary Clinton did not understand that the party establishment had conspired with Barack Obama well before 2007 to take her out. The party establishment could not defeat her at the polls so it simply stole Michigan delegates from her to gift to Obama, negated her big Florida win, shifted the super-delegates controlled by the party to Obama and the rest is disgusting history.

All campaigns are targeted and then attacked. Survival requires a smart counterattack and a strong understanding of strategy and the zeitgeist. Which brings us to why Donald Trump is so difficult to destroy especially when the competition is someone like Ted Cruz.

We like what Ted Cruz says. Ted Cruz is very smart. He’s not very bright, but he is well educated and very book smart. We like that Ted Cruz fights but we wish Ted Cruz would fight smart fights and then come up with an occasional win. But that seems too much for Ted Cruz.

Consider: The Ted Cruz campaign has raised a great deal of money but has been entirely eclipsed by the rise of Donald Trump. So Ted Cruz set about to try to trump Trump. Cruz decided to stage a publicity stunt on the senate floor with a brutal attack on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

We applaud the Ted Cruz attack on Mitch McConnell. We tolerate publicity stunts too – as long as they serve a purpose and succeed. But the Ted Cruz publicity stunt attack against Mitch McConnell was a fail that is entirely the opposite of what makes Trump so successful.

Why was the Ted Cruz attack on Mitch McConnell a publicity stunt and a fail? First of all, the “issues” upon which Cruz attacked were a joke. The House of Representatives was not about to vote on the Senate bill or take up the Senate bill at all. The Senate bill was a Mitch McConnell publicity stunt without meaning which Ted Cruz countered with a publicity stunt of his own. It was a publicity stunt and to deny that is to deny reality. Subsequent to the Ted Cruz attack on Mitch McConnell the House confirmed that there would be no vote on the McConnell publicity stunt.

Worse for Ted Cruz his publicity stunt tactic is not very Trump-like at all, quite the contrary. The Ted Cruz publicity stunt is the opposite of what Trump is up to.

The Ted Cruz publicity stunt was a yelp from within the establishment. It was an intra-establishment fight delivered in one of the centers of establishment power. It is an example of what Americans hate most about Congress. It wasn’t an outsider delivering an attack against an insider. Ted Cruz complained he was lied to about something about something that was a vote about something that something. Hey, Ted Cruz, you are very smart but stop doing an Obama and think you are the smartest person in the room. On this you goofed. Hey, Ted Cruz campaign, go and read about Bob Dole and his “senate-speak” campaign and why it failed.

Donald Trump’s campaign against the establishment will never speak mush about some bill that was stacked on a vote for a bill that was committee-ed and Rules Committee-ed and procedural this and that, Roberts Rules of Order-ed, clotured, whatever. Trump’s campaign is about English and issues. What Cruz managed to do with his attack on Mitch McConnell was prove how insidery Washinton, D.C. and senatery and Bob Dole-ish his campaign is. This was the anti-zeitgeist. If Ted Cruz wanted to try a Trump style attack he should have considered an attack against McConnell and the entire stinking Washington establishment from a different venue preferably holding a pitchfork.

Ted Cruz should put his books aside, forget the dictionary definition of zeitgeist and instead try to feel the zeitgeist and respond to it. Even Big Media is beginning to understand that Donald Trump is more than words, more than a feeling, more than just anger. Trump gets and rides the zeitgeist.

Even the dense Roger Simon at Politico senses that Trump is more than just Trump:

Donald Trump and the high priests of the press

Having decided that Donald Trump is unworthy of his popularity, the grandees of journalism are hard-pressed to explain why he is so popular. [snip]

I think Trump is flawed on many counts. But I don’t think he has “coarsened our political dialogue and cheapened the electoral process.”

I think it was coarse and cheap by the time Trump got here.

Chris Cillizza is still baffled by Trump but knows that Trump is someone/something he does not like:

Mark Cuban summarized Donald Trump’s appeal in just 43 words

Noted Maverick Mark Cuban is a fan of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. And, writing on something called Cyber Dust, Cuban succinctly and effectively explained the Trumpian appeal. Here it is:

I don’t care what his actual positions are. I don’t care if he says the wrong thing. He says what’s on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. This is more important than anything any candidate has done in years. [snip]

Where I part company with Cuban is in his insistence that Trump’s candor is “more important than anything any candidate has done in years.” [snip]

My issue with Trump — and Cuban’s analysis of how important Trump is — is that The Donald’s honesty is almost entirely substance-less and pointless. [snip]

Trump has quite clearly stumbled on to something that appeals to a not-insignificant portion of the electorate. But, does he have a second act that goes beyond just, well, saying stuff?

Cillizza can’t be this dumb. Cillizza must know that something other than “saying stuff” is the secret of Donald Trump’s success.

That’s the soundtrack for this election cycle.

Some get it. Some don’t.

This headline (and story) “gets” the GOP part of it:

GOP Leaders Are Driving Their Base Into The Arms Of Donald Trump

This Politico article also “gets” the GOP component of the Trump phenomenon:

Trump Schools the Republican Establishment

GOP elites are only making The Donald stronger. [snip]

That Trump is mocking and bewildering the reviled GOP hierarchy—who lead a party with plummeting approval ratings among Republicans—fills the GOP electorate with a not-so-secret glee.

And is it really The Donald’s fault that he’s so interesting? Anybody bother to take a look at his main competition in the polls right now?

One candidate, Jeb Bush, comes across as what might have happened to George W. had he decided to become a physics teacher. [snip]

Donald Trump is, well, choose your metaphor: a bull in a China shop, a tempest in a teapot, Leslie Nielsen setting an apartment on fire, Kramer trying to host the Merv Griffin show in his apartment, Cersei handing over Kings Landing to a bunch of religious wackos wearing smelly bathrobes and branding weird symbols on their heads. Trump is offensive, impulsive, unmanageable, unpredictable and—he is, by the way, exactly the candidate the DC establishment deserves.

To many voters, rightly or wrongly, Trump is the antidote to years of Washington’s cynical, manufactured outrages, the petty punishments of those who deviated from the party line, its broken promises, meaningless “show votes,” careful, poll-tested politician speak and a multitude of backroom deals that have solved exactly zero of our nation’s problems. How deliciously humiliating it must be for the political pros of DC. [snip]

Unlike the DC crowd, Trump knows something about building “brands”—and for now at least he has one that sells. The business guy who can’t be bought. The iconoclast who won’t be controlled. The unrepentant loudmouth who will tell the Boehners and Pelosis and Putins and Kim Jong Uns of the world to stuff it. The quip machine—or insult generator if you prefer—who stands in sharp contrast to the dry, safe, meaningless drivel that passes for most political discourse today.

Intentionally or not, Trump also lets people in on the little DC secrets that those inside the Beltway wouldn’t dare share with regular America. He’s exposed, for example, the fact that office seekers like Rick Perry sucked up to him for millions before he started attacking him. Or that politicians like Lindsey Graham have turned to him for help to get on various TV programs. Or pointing out that the wife of a well-respected political pundit on Fox News works for rival Scott Walker.

Because he is defiantly not a part of the political class, he is impervious to conventional political weaponry. In fact, the attitude of the DC class toward his candidacy—temper tantrums and bouts of monumental arrogance—is only making him stronger. [snip]

The fault for the Trump phenomenon lies not only with the GOP, however. In a first for a news organization, the Huffington Post announced that it was unilaterally relegating a legitimate frontrunner for a major political party’s nomination to the entertainment pages. This was the perfect manifestation of the arrogance and elitism Americans despise. [snip]

Thanks to this sort of clumsy incompetence, Trump has been handed every Republican candidate’s dream: the chance to run against both the GOP leadership and the mainstream media.

Trump thus far has been an ideal candidate to take on the political establishment in all its myriad corruptions. Can anyone else do a Trump?

Some think Bernie Sanders is the socialist version of Trump. But Saint Bernard is a high priest of the political establishment. Like Ted Cruz, Saint Bernard is a United States Senator. You can’t shout “whore!” from the bedroom in a whorehouse.

That’s not to say Saint Bernard can’t hurt Hillary. Hillary hater Mark Halperin chortles as he lists the damage Saint Bernard can inflict on Hillary2016:

Hillary Clinton’s Bernie Sanders Problem Is Bigger Than Anyone Realizes

Seven ways in which the septuagenarian socialist from Vermont actually presents a mortal threat to the Democratic front-runner. [snip]

1. Pulling her to the left [snip]

In recent months, Clinton’s political and rhetorical message has boiled down to an Old-Democrat, big-government, Pelosi-Reid-AFL-CIO-pleasing stew that a skillful Republican nominee could exploit, shoving Clinton out of the vital political middle in the general election.

2. Exposing her biggest weaknesses

If Clinton’s main four-point agenda sounds like it is the product of extensive research by her polling and focus-group teams, well, that is because it is. A lot of voters grasp that calculation intuitively, and find it a turnoff.

3. Forcing her to go negative

First, as Sanders himself has eschewed negative politics throughout his career, potent political martyrdom could ensue. Second, Clinton could look like a hypocrite, since she has been regularly railing against negative attacks from the GOP. Third, it could unleash even more vigorous Republican assaults, with far less concern about public or media backlash.

4. Playing a losing expectations game [snip]

She has to finish far enough ahead of Sanders to prevent the press from treating a win like a loss. [snip]

5. Beating her in early states [snip]

6. Forcing her to invest in caucus states [snip]

Once again, this dynamic means Clinton has to continue to take left-wing positions and to devote precious resources to targeting small numbers of activists, rather than building a general-election machine.

7. Forcing her into an extended nomination fight

Saint Bernard of the Green Mountains will not win the nomination from Hillary. There are structural reasons for this involving Super Tuesday and the fact that Saint Bernard cannot self-finance a campaign even if by chance he would win Iowa and New Hampshire.

But Saint Bernard could be a rescue dog bringing a cask of political liquor to Joe Biden. Already there are desperate calls for Uncle Joe to drink from Saint Bernard’s cask of brandy and run for president. Before it happens let’s call it a “fail.” That’s what it is.

Has Uncle Joe Biden ever had success running for president? Every time Uncle Joe has run for president it has been a joke. Candidate Biden 2016 is a fail even before it happens and fails.

Which somewhat explains Barack Obama’s buffoonery in Africa. Barack Obama does not want Hillary to succeed him. President Hillary would mean Obama is only a brief interlude in the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton drama. But Barack has a problem if it is not Hillary.

Barack Obama does not want Donald Trump of the birth certificate and college application requests to get into the Oval Office. Barack can only shudder at the investigations he will have to testify in if Trump is president. Barack also does not want Trump to show what real HOPE AND CHANGE look like. Barack does not want Trump to be the reformer President who really does reform the GOP and breaks the back of the corrupt political establishment that has promoted slime like Barack.

So what does Obama do? Barack knows Trump is resonating with the voters. So from Africa he attacks Trump. Barack knows Elizabeth Warren cannot win against Trump. Barack knows Uncle Joe cannot win against Trump. Barack knows Saint Bernard cannot win against Trump. Barack knows the Obama cult will not vote for Hillary even as she begs and cowers before it. And from Africa Barack declares he could win a third term if he could run.

What goes on? Is Barack’s declaration of an Obama running in 2016 and winning a hint to muscular Michelle? Or is it just egotistical braggadocio to mock the faltering Hillary2016 and the hated Hillary?

Hillary2016 better wake up to the dangers it faces. The Obama cult won’t vote for Hillary. There are knives behind tapestries. The country wants real HOPE and real CHANGE. Donald Trump is the candidate of an annihilating change.

Hillary2016 better change.