Obama’s Present To RIPublicans

Barack Cheney Obama, fresh from his Slime Hillary Clinton gig on the Tonight Show, today proudly continues his Slime Hillary Clinton tour – with Ripublicans joining him as an added attraction in Obama’s Chicago Circus of the Ridiculous.

Buried in Josh Marshall’s increasingly biased against Hillary Clinton blog is an interesting lump of information posted by someone other than Josh ‘Obama is Marvelous’ Marshall.


“Interestingly, the Republican National Committee is now circulating Obama’s memo among reporters via email as a way to make the case against Hillary as a general election candidate.”

Hillary Clinton strategist Mark Penn has responded to the Obama/Ripublican Von Ribbentrop Pact:

This morning I explained in a breakfast briefing that Hillary has the potential if she is our nominee to win almost a quarter of Republican women in the general election, and that this could well be a last-minute surprise that happens in all of the regions of the country.

I was looking recently at Republican women voters (core Republicans and Republican leaners), and their support for Hillary has doubled in the last few months to 13 percent, from less than 6 percent. Also quite interestingly, “Don’t Knows” surged to 11 percent, so a total of 24 percent would either vote for her or consider voting for her. The same thing happened to her favorables with this group — they also went up. While 75 percent viewed her unfavorably, this was down from 87 percent just a few months ago.

So there is now about a quarter of Republican women open to voting for Hillary, about double from June. Looking at those trends, I believe in the end, if she is our nominee, she will continue to expand her share of Republican women votes, and that there is a growing vote in that group for her. In the overall national polling, she is beating Rudy Giuliani among women by 18 points, so women are strongly coming over to Hillary so far in this campaign.

Has Mark Penn lost his mind with his analysis of Republican women voting for Hillary? No, Mark Penn is right on target. The Dallas Morning News:

Independent evidence indicates that her sex is a strong asset in seeking the Democratic nomination. And while it would be premature to say for sure that it will help in the general election, initial signs are that it will be a plus, something a prominent Texas Republican pollster says his party has failed to recognize.

“Republicans underestimate the very powerful symbolism and feel-good emotions that would accompany electing the first woman president,” said Dr. David Hill of Houston, director of Hill Research Consultants. “It’s a big deal.”

Amazing. Mark Penn, a smart WINNING guy just might have a point. Read this amazing sentence from pollster Hill:

Before this is over, Hillary’s candidacy will have more in common with Amelia Earhart’s first trans-Atlantic flight or Sally K. Ride’s first trip into space than Helmsley’s heartlessness,” he wrote.

Obama’s “Don’t Blame Bush” campaign [see the Washington Post quotes at the link] publishes memoranda lovingly circulated by Ripublicans. Another NOT MARK PENN pollster, the respected Andrew Kohut, addresses the “woman” issue and appears to agree with the Penn thesis:

Andrew Kohut of the independent Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, said a study of 40 statewide elections showed that female Democrats did better against male Republicans, largely because they did better among women and no worse among men.

Though conceding that some find Mrs. Clinton “more polarizing” than some other female candidates, Mr. Kohut suggested she would enjoy a similar advantage. He said the Pew study showed that “the gender differences in support for Clinton at this early stage in the campaign are, on average, typical for Democratic women who run for statewide office.”

Her advantage is most obvious in polls of prospective Democratic primary and caucus voters. The latest USA Today/Gallup poll shows that she attracts 55 percent of women, compared with 44 percent of men. By contrast, Sen. Barack Obama gets 23 percent of women and 20 percent of men.

A similar pattern is evident in individual state polls.

Iowa Woman-Power; National Woman-Power:

In Iowa, which holds the first caucuses, the latest Des Moines Register poll showed Mrs. Clinton with a 13-point lead among women, easily offsetting a small lead for Sen. John Edwards and Mr. Obama among men.

Some 54 percent of the Democratic turnout in 2004 was female. [snip]

But a similar advantage appears in general-election surveys. A recent ABC News-Washington Post poll showed her leading Rudy Giuliani by 8 points overall but by 18 points among women.

GOP candidates and the Republican National Committee already are attacking many Clinton statements and proposals. But Mr. Kohut agreed that if women perceive that she is being attacked as a woman, “there could be a rallying to her.”

Faced with facts the Obama campaign slings mud and slime for Ripublicans to use against a Democrat in the general election.

Dick Cheney loves attacking Democrats. Obama and Cheney are two of a kind.


It Takes A Family

We usually do not post Ripublican news stories – not yet. This is our first Ripublican article ever. Only after the Democratic Party nominee is officially chosen will we begin to examine the Ripublican offering. We wait with anticipation for the day when we can compare the Democratic Party nominee and her excellent record with the Ripublican candidate and his flawed record and history.

That said there are two Ripublican related news items we thought are worthy of note today.

Item 1: After a sixth place finish in Saturday’s Iowa straw poll, Tommy Thompson, the four-term governor of Wisconsin and former secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, said he was ending his presidential bid.

Tommy Thompson quitting the race means that Iowa has taken down at least 1 candidate. We don’t know if after the new primary/caucus schedule is announced Iowa will still command this type of clout. For the time being: Iowa 1. Will Iowa get to knock out the next Thompson (Fred)?

Item 2: Karl Rove, a political adviser to President George W. Bush and a lightning rod for anger among Democrats, will leave the White House at the end of this month, Rove told the Wall Street Journal.

“I just think it’s time,” Rove said in an interview with the newspaper published on Monday.

“There’s always something that can keep you here, and as much as I’d like to be here, I’ve got to do this for the sake of my family.

We were never impressed with Karl Rove and never understood the fear Democrats had for the plump “Bush Brain”. Rove’s laughable theories about realignment, McKinley, and Bush as a transformational figure always struck us as deluded. Why the news media ever gave him credit especially after the 2000 election mess he mastermined is a mystery. But this is good news. It is further proof of the unraveling Bush occupancy of the White House.

We do love the “for the sake of my family” excuse. Ripublicans always use the “family” excuse. Some day soon we will get the real reason Rove was pushed out or was convinced to leave.

For the first time ever, good news from the Bush occupied White House.

We always knew that to get Karl Rove out – It Takes A Family.


Poll Numbers

Primary season voting might begin in less than 5 months.

Iowa and New Hampshire might move their scheduled voting to early December. This is not a farfetched possibility.

Whatever happens to the primary schedule, as of today, the Iowa caucuses are scheduled to begin in less than 6 months, on January 14, 2008. There will also be a lot of early voting because states such as California allow easy absentee balloting. What do the polls say today, 5 or 6 months away from actual voting?

We do not usually discuss the Ripublican race but today the Associated Press released a poll which discusses the Democratic and Ripublican races for president:

And the leading Republican presidential candidate is … none of the above.

The latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that nearly a quarter of Republicans are unwilling to back top-tier hopefuls Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, John McCain or Mitt Romney, and no one candidate has emerged as the clear front-runner among Christian evangelicals. Such dissatisfaction underscores the volatility of the 2008 GOP nomination fight.

In sharp contrast, the Democratic race remains static, with Hillary Rodham Clinton holding a sizable lead over Barack Obama. The New York senator, who is white, also outpaces her Illinois counterpart, who is black, among black and Hispanic Democrats, according to a combined sample of two months of polls.

Levels of support are Clinton 36%, Obama 20%, Edwards 11% according to AP. Readers of this website will not be surprised by these findings. Perhaps a wry smile will cross our faces.

While the Associated Press was conducting a scientific survey, the Star-Gazette was amassing anecdotal evidence of Hillary’s popularity.

Many young people came out Monday to meet the woman who could make history as the first female president of the United States.

The youths were among the hundreds of people who gathered at the Big Flats Community Center to hear U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton talk about the importance of supporting local agriculture.

Clinton’s presence attracted many teenagers and young adults, including some who say they’ll back her in 2008.

“I like to help support what (Clinton) does,” said Joe McCormick, 15, of Elmira Heights, who was sporting a “Vote For Hillary” T-shirt that she later signed. “Since I won’t be old enough to vote (in the 2008 Presidential election) I try to raise awareness and do what I can.”

The country’s future is safe with these wise ones.

Clinton’s appearance was an excellent opportunity for first-time voters to view politics closely.

“Some teens are so oblivious (to public affairs),” said Clinton supporter Matt Morrisey, 18, of Elmira. “We need to learn more, and I thought this would be a great experience.”

“We’re the next generation of voters,” Massa said. “(Teens) need to know what issues are out there.”

“Eventually (teens) have the choice to vote,” McCormick said. “If they want the best life for themselves, they need to know the issues and (be able to) make the best choices.”

Corey Bailey, will remember Hillary’s decades of good works, and decades of experience in fighting for all of us, when voting time comes next year. We will be right there with you Corey.

Corey Bailey, 18, of Elmira, who will be a first-time voter this fall, said he is a “big supporter” of Clinton. “When I was in fourth grade, I met her at Bradley Farms (in Southport), and was surprised at how friendly and polite she was to such a young kid,” Bailey said. “I’ve never forgotten that moment. She made a great impact (on me) and I will always support her.”

Some of the young people said they were impressed by Clinton’s willingness to take time with people. She leisurely walked through the Big Flats Farmers Market, which was under way outside the community center during her appearance. She frequently stopped to pose for photographs, sign autographs and answer questions.

She just seems like an overall good person,” McCormick said.



Ripublicans shur are funny varmints. They gets us all riled up. They’re even funner when they critic us and yell “disclosure” without doing their own disclosure.

This is by way of saying that the Democratic Party will have its nominee chosen by Democrats. We will unite at the end of the process. We don’t want or need Ripublicans telling us how to run our affairs.

We receive a great deal of email. We received one over the weekend which was polite and respectful in tone. It deserves an answer. We have not received permission to post the name or home state of the sender, yet, but other than name/address we have not corrected or changed the email in any way. Here is the epistle:

“We have spent the last 6 years being lied to, ignored, and taken advantage of. The Republicans have done near irreversible damage to the policies that help keep the United States striving forward and put us in a federal defecit that will last for decades. I think that it’s fantastic you at Hillaris44.org want to support her through grassroots, but I think it’s imperative that you don’t do it by bashing the opposing democrats.”

“What’s to happen if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination? All the people who are reading your site will certainly NOT vote for Edwards or Obama (due to your negative press) and then in turn vote third party or not at all-resulting in the Republicans keeping control. It is necessary that you contrast Hillary with the other Democrats, but to do it in such a negative light will affect the over-all outcome of the elections if she is not nominated. We as a country need to grow together, not apart. I’m sure you’ve already come to grips with what your doing and have no problem with it, but as a concerned citizen I think it is the wrong approach and we will have four more years of trouble if Hillary is not nominated. In 2008 I’m not going to carry all my eggs in one basket until after the primaries. I would urge you to do the same. Thank you.”

“A concerned democrat,”

“Concerned Democrat” we share your big concern. The Ripublicans must be routed out of government. An effective Democratic administration must be inaugurated in January 2009.

We too have a sense of urgency about the direction of the country. We believe that Hillary Clinton, the Senator from New York is Ready to become President on day 1. Hillary knows who the best people in and out of government are as well as their strengths and weaknesses and personalities. This knowledge will help her put together, immediately after the November 2008 elections, a team that can work together to effect the changes needed. On policy, Hillary’s history, heart, and head are in the right place too.

Your point about not “bashing” Democrats is one which we adhere to. Most of the Democratic candidates we have completely ignored because they do not have a chance of getting the nomination. We occasionally refer to their ideas and enjoy the variety of personality they bring to the debate stage.

John Edwards we have been very kind to. We have pointed out the unignorable stumbles his campaign has made, sometimes in a humorous manner. The Edwards campaign is in a death spiral. We have almost completely ignored the Edwards campaign even as major news organizations catch up with our analysis. ABC News, for instance, is openly speculating how long his campaign will last after the second quarter financial reports are submitted. The New York Times and Associated Press have printed some very unflattering articles as well recently. We have ignored them all. Why beat a dead horse?

Substantively we have stated that Edwards has had a remarkable transformation on issues such as his co-sponsorship (not mere vote for) of the Iraq resolution and his vote for the Bankruptcy bill – both of which he has said “I was wrong”. We even expressed some sympathy towards Edwards about the $400 haircut story when it came to our attention that the haircut story might have been planted by Obama opposition research.

Richardson we have hardly mentioned other than to welcome him to the race.

Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko) is another matter entirely.

Obama’s campaign from day 1 has been a negative machine operation posing as clean new politics. We pointed out how his campaign began by hiring “hired muscle” in the form of David Axelrod. The Obama campaign is run by Robert Gibbs who ran advertisments against Howard Dean in 2004 which morphed Dean’s face into the face of Osama bin Laden (ironic isn’t it that the Obama campaign yells “foul” when horrible people refer to Obama as “Osama” – it’s called KARMA, Robert Gibbs.) You hire people for the type of campaign you want to run.

Then the Obama campaign, and yes it was the Obama campaign, decided to defame a Democrat, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, as facist “Big Brother” from the novel 1984. We documented how the creator of the ad was a roomate of Ben LaBolt – a spokesman for the Obama campaign, even as Obama stated “we have no idea who this person was“.

The latest and ugliest smear was the attack Obama initiated, via right wing sludge machine The Drudge Report, against the last elected president of the United States Bill Clinton. It was an attack which employed the right wing smear machine. It was an attack which had been debunked previously by the New York Observer. It was an attack totally untrue in the substance. And – Obama has never apologized.

Obama also issued another anonymous attack against Hillary by calling her the representative from Punjab “(D-Punjab)” because of her work with the Southeast Asian community. Ergo, from now on we refer to Senator Obama as (D-Rezko) for his work representing his indicted slumlord friend and beneficiary Tony “Antoin” Rezko.

Our points about the Obama/Rezko connection are basic: Obama has a lot of questions to answer and he is not answering them. There is one question in particular which we call the $925,000 question.

Big Media are missing the Rezko story for now. But as we pointed out in Will Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald Destory The Obama Campaign? this story is not going away. There is an ever expanding trial to take place in February 2008. The Chicago newspapers are noting that Obama is the Democrats’ spokesman on ethics. The story will grow. Obama needs to answer the questions and not run away from them.

Stop running away. Answer the questions.


Nader Fader

Like a character in a Mel Brooks spoof of Star Wars, wearing a helmet 10 sizes too large, Lord Nader is threatening a return to his role as Ripublican enabler.

It is rather retro, a waste of pixels, for us to even mention Lord Nader and his under the bridge efforts. There are however, some lessons for relevant, modern day campaigns from previous Fader Nader efforts.

In a tear inducing moment of supreme generosity we posted a while back Let’s Help Richardson, Edwards, Obama, Day. None of the campaigns we magnanimously provided guidance to in that post have sent appreciative notes to us. The Edwards campaign, to its credit, does appear to be adjusting his schemes to reflect our advice (alas, too late). Here are some paragraphs from our kind post:

“After making sure Americans know Obama is a lunkhead, the Obama campaign then switches gears to persuade Americans Obama is a great leader. The way to do this is by holding big rallies with thousands, if not tens of thousands of people cheering and shouting. It’s an interesting strategy, if it would work. The last person who tried this strategy was Ralph Nader.”

“In 2000, the Naderites who lionize Al Gore today called him Al Bore. The same nasty complaints heard about Al Gore then, are repeated by the Naderites about Hillary today. The same invective was used. The same strategies were used. The Naderites used low dollar “super rallies” to create excitement and to say their candidate was someone new with loads of experience as a community organizer.”

We then proceeded to list examples of Lord Nader’s “super rallies”. From D.C. to Seattle, from Wisconsin to Ann Arbor sprouted the super rallies. Adoration, inspiration, and high hopes followed:

”Familiar with the TV show West Wing? It’s popular because it’s a romance: a story of true love at first sight between voters and their candidate. Roy Bartlett (Martin Sheen’s character), not initially the favored Democratic candidate, comes on to the scene like a charismatic fireball: willing to take a stand on the tough issues. The voters are infatuated with him, and he doesn’t let them down. There’s very little compromising done by the Bartlett administration, and the differences between Democrats and Republican are as clear as night and day. Not realistic of course, but there’s still a certain charm to the moment where we see one of the staff watching him speak for the first time. You can almost see the chills going down his spine, and you can’t help but think: “Ah, there it is: true inspiration.” Believe it or not, that is what I experienced at the Nader rally: inspiration.

It wasn’t just Nader’s speech that moved me, it was everything. We arrived a half hour late, and were herded up to seats on the third balcony, overlooking the entirety of the Garden, filled to the brim with eager participants, swaying back and forth as Ani DiFranco strummed her guitar and sang. Ben Harper, Eddie Vedder, and Tim Robbins (as Republican Senator parody Bob Roberts) all performed as well, and each time a song ended, bright lights fell upon the cheering crowd giving each member a certain glow as they stood above their seats, leapt up and down with their fists held high, and waved signs above their heads. There was something in the air… a vibe, that everyone was breathing in and getting high off of at once.”

Something was in the air alright. We won’t speculate. Maybe Ben Harper, fresh from last night’s not sold out fundraiser, knows.

Ben Harper clearly learned nothing from his adventures with Lord Nader and the super rallies campaign. Has anyone at a certain campaign?

“Since opening his presidential campaign five months ago, Mr. Obama has drawn crowds far larger than most of his rivals. (Mr. Dean did, too.) But what good is a 20,000-person February rally in Austin, for example, when the campaign begins far from Texas?”

“If you’re a campaign with lots of enthusiasm, you have to make sure that you are capturing everyone’s information,” said David Plouffe, Mr. Obama’s campaign manager. “We are very mindful of that every time we do an event.”

“But Mr. Plouffe warns against dismissing the political significance of such crowds, particularly in this presidential cycle, where a frenzied day of coast-to-coast primaries on Feb. 5 will make candidates rely on a large base of supporters everywhere. “It has real meaningful application on Feb. 5,” he said, “beginning with the ability to chase absentee ballots.”

Whatever substance was in the air those many years ago when Ben Harper and Lord Nader appeared together is still being smoked.


The Frontrunner

Update: Wall Street Journal has a story out today called Republicans’ Outlook Dims for ’08. “Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, who has strengthened her lead in the race for the Democratic nomination, leads Mr. Giuliani by 48% to 43% in a potential general-election matchup after trailing by a similar margin three months ago.” and Among Democrats, Mrs. Clinton draws 39% of the vote, up from 36% in April, while Mr. Obama receives 25%, down from 31%. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, receives 15%, with Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware lagging behind at 4%.”

“Mrs. Clinton’s standing in the Democratic race follows her performances in televised debates and an attempt to downplay differences with Mr. Obama over Iraq. Though her leading rival courts Democratic voters by noting that he opposed from the start a war she voted to authorize, she enjoys a wider lead among Democrats backing an immediate troop withdrawal than among those who oppose one.”

“Moreover, on both of the rank and file’s top two characteristics for their party’s nominee — capacity to bring about change and experience for the presidency — Mrs. Clinton holds an edge. Fully 71% of Democrats rate the former first lady highly for being “knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle the presidency,” while 30% rate the first-term Sen. Obama highly on that dimension.” “Her competence campaign is working,” Mr. Newhouse said.”


Unlike the kooks who live in a world of their own, this is truly a reality based website.

We are proud to say that we know, and are friends with, many supporters of Barack Obama and John Edwards as well as of all the other candidates (unfortunately, we don’t personally yet know any supporters of the honorable Mike Gravel). We know many many more supporters of Hillary. We know people who support all the candidates because we live in the real world. We do not live in bubbles or in echo chambers, or in political gated communities.

Many in the world of delusion boast that they do not know any Hillary supporters. These dolts take that as a matter of pride instead of a sign that they are very very very disconnected from reality. They repeat this embarrassing confession of their political isolation with pride and in defiance of the science of polling and common sense. It is quite something to observe these proud and boastful creatures, chests all puffed out, loudly proclaiming their ignorance. A few even follow their ignorant observations with the Naderite and limp threat that they will not necessarily support the eventual Democratic nominee if they do not get their way.

For the record, we will support the Democratic nominee, with vigor, whoever she is.

In recent days, because of high Hillary numbers in the polls and Hillary’s commanding presence in the first two debates, many are beginning to see this race as we do. The Quinnipiac poll even suggested it might be time to start thinking about who Hillary’s vice presidential running mate will be. We remain on full alert and active. As we wrote in The Long Road, “…the road to victory is still long and the road to national recovery even longer.”

Compare the January frontrunners from both parties. Ripublican Robert Novak writes about January Ripublican frontrunner John McCain,

The former frontrunner is now in deep trouble. With respect to the positive signs a presidential campaign can point to at this early stage — fundraising, national polls, state polls, endorsements — McCain finds himself almost empty-handed.”

Notice, on all the indicia Novak cites – fundraising, national polls, state polls, endorsements — Hillary, the Democratic January frontrunner, remains the frontrunner.

And, even though the Hillary campaign has yet to focus on general election voters, even with these non-Democratic primary voters, these political independents — Hillary is already winning. The latest numbers from Quinnipiac bear this out. Hillary beats all Ripublicans. The same cannot be said for her Democratic primary opponents (or even former Vice President Al Gore).

First, the Hillary campaign and her many supporters must work hard and every day to gain support from Democratic voters. Then we need to focus that organizational wisdom and strength to win the Democratic caucuses and primaries. Then the Democratic family unites.

We are not arrogant when we say we know we have the strongest standard bearer. We know Hillary is a hard working winner. We will continue to quietly work away, daily, until Hillary actually gets the Democratic nomination and then – the united Democratic Party turns its redemptive firepower on the Ripublicans who have looted and debased this country.


Obama And Ripublican Debate

Fortify yourselves friends, the Ripublicans are debating tonight.

If you have the stomach for it, the debate is at 7:00 p.m. EDT on CNN. The Ripublican debate, like Sunday’s Democratic debate will be held in New Hampshire. We wonder if anyone will watch. So far Americans seem to be much more interested in the Democrats than in the Ripublicans. Americans are watching Democratic debates in much greater numbers than the Ripublican debates.

The New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary poll released today by WBZ (CBS) New Hampshire has Hillary in a very strong lead. In New Hampshire, independents can vote in the Democratic primary, unlike in most other Democratic primaries. According to the latest New Hampshire poll, “Clinton’s support is made more solid by her strong standing among registered Democrats and registered Independents, as well as her strong standing among male and female Democratic primary voters.”

The poll also states:

According to Myers, “what is interesting today is how far ahead Clinton has pulled in just three months. This appears to be due to the coverage she has received based to her national fund-raising and strong campaigning, her performance in last night’s debate and the perception that she will ultimately win the Democratic nomination. In March, for example, only 35 percent of Democratic primary voters thought that Clinton would endup winning the Democratic nomination, compared to 26 percent for Obama. Today, 48 percent of voters think that Clinton will ultimately win the nomination, compared to 13 percent who think Obama will. These results suggest that an ever-increasing number of Democratic voters believe in the inevitability of her nomination. With so much time left to go in the campaign, it remains uncertain whether Clinton will be able to maintain what appears to be some early momentum relative to her closest rivals.”

One of the big reasons for Democrats and New Hampshire Independents moving dramatically to Hillary has been her performance in the debates. All Democrats are reassured by her command of the issues, her command of the facts, and her command of the stage.

In general election debates Democrats know Hillary will beat the Ripublican nominee, whoever he is. Democrats are not confident in how Obama will perform against the Ripublicans. In the first debate Obama could not handle Dennis “the Kuch” Kuchinich. How can Obama handle the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing Ripublicans? Those debates won’t be Harvard debate society rules. The general election debates will be knock-out, drag-out, ugly affairs. Hillary will fight and win.

Once again, here is a favorite video of Hillary. Notice how her voice comes out of the chaos to unify the Democratic field and restore sanity to Sunday’s debate. We think this was the Hillary equivalent of the late Ronald Reagan’s “I paid for this microphone” moment. Here it is again, enjoy:


Ripublican Debate Tonight

In case you intentionally or unintentionally forgot, Ripublicans are debating tonight.

We usually do not comment on the Ripublicans. We will comment on them with vigor once Hillary is the nominee of the Democratic Party. Anyway, the debate is at 9:00 e.s.t. tonight on F_x N_ws. Expect tributes to the dearly departed and possibly some attacks on Guiliani and maybe even Romney.

Our comments on the last Ripublican debate are here.

One last thing. We issued a Word of Warning About Bloomberg at the beginning of the month. There is a lot of news about Bloomberg planning a presidential run and budgeting $1 billion. This might even be a low ball. As we pointed out in our post, Bloomberg spends a lot of money when he runs for election and he will spend more money than is needed when he runs.

We probably won’t comment on tonight’s debate. Feel free to do so if you have the stomach to watch.


Hagel and Bloomberg Presidential Run News

We wrote a few days ago about a dinner billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had with Senator Charles Hagel.

Hagel is an anti Iraq war Republican and Bloomberg is a pro Iraq war Republican. “The executive editor of Real-ClearPolitics.com, Tom Bevan, said he would be “shocked” if the issue of an independent candidacy didn’t come up during the meal.  “The question is, were they talking about joining forces? Were they comparing notes? Were they feeling each other out for the prospect of what the other one might do? Were they flipping a coin to see who gets to run?” Mr. Bevan said.”

Today we are getting a bit more information about what was on the menu. “An independent bid “is possible,” Hagel, 60, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” scheduled to air today. “I don’t ever foreclose any options.” He will decide in the next few months whether to run for a third Senate term, pursue the presidency or leave politics altogether, he said.”

 Hagel added that he will oppose Senator Clinton’s deauthorization proposal . 


Hillary Clinton Wins Republican Debate

After the first Democratic debate Republican Pat Buchanan said that Hillary would be very effective against all the Republican nominees. Many commentators agreed that Hillary in a debate against the Republicans would eat them alive. Well, get Hillary a bib and butter because the Republican candidates, if their debate is any indication, are cooked.

At the risk of insulting the nation’s grocers and train conductors, the Republican candidates at the debate looked like a bunch of grocers or train conductors. Did we mention what a snoozefest they were?

The backwoods nature of this bunch was encapsulated when they were asked if they believe in evolution. Most of these sad candidates disputed evolution even though faith institutions such as the Vatican accept it.

If we had to pick a winner from the bunch it would be Rudy Giuliani, because not one candidate took him to task for his liberal views. We do not think Giuliani will be the eventual Republican nominee. Quite simply the social conservatives and right-wing forces that fought for decades to gain control of the Republican Party will not surrender that control to any New York liberal.

The real winner however was Hillary Clinton.

Chris Matthews, ever true to his leg rubbing Clinton fetish, asked the Republicans if having Bill Clinton back in the White House was a good idea.

The question was preposterous but it also did bring up the obvious. Hillary Clinton is what the Republicans fear. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat they know they will face in November 2008. Hillary Clinton is the one who will defeat them. Hillary Clinton was the night’s big winner.