A Trump -nado Hits Laredo – Big Media, GOP Establishment Worst Hit

The Trump has landed. Trumpnado continues. Yes – the massive Donald Trump plane has landed in Laredo. Surrounded by Latinos, sharpshooter Donald Trump pulls a John Wayne and moseys on down Rick Perry way. Two birds, or three birds, with one stone: Trump hits Perry, Trump hits on his biggest issue, Trump grabs the spotlight and smothers every other candidate. Triple Trumpnado!!!

In 1992 Bill Clinton was behind George H.W. Bush, and both of them were losers to the #1 H. Ross Perot. Did Bill Clinton whine? No, Bill Clinton put on dark shades, grabbed a saxophone, and went on the Arsenio Hall show and made his own luck. That’s how its done.

Are Republicans/conservatives who hate on the Trump as smart and brave as Bill Clinton? No, it’s whine all the time.

Whine all the time: Glenn Beck has turned his show into a “Trump-free zone”. In other words if you don’t like the news ban the news.

Glenn Beck is taking a page from the totalitarian left Huffington Post which has banned Trump to it’s “entertainment” coverage (the dummies don’t realize that entertainment sections are more popular with the public than political pages).

Whine all the time: GOP donors wanted Bush, Rubio, and Walker to boycott debates unless Trump was disqualified. Just try and ban Trump from the debates. He’s just the #1 guy in the GOP polls right now. The biggest reason to watch the August 6 debate has become Donald Trump. Donald Trump eating pizza with Sarah Palin opposite the GOP debate would get more viewers.

Whine all the time: AFL-CIO Controlled Union Intervenes, Cancels Trump’s Border Tour Planned by Local Agents. Agent Garza confirmed to Breitbart Texas that the national union had stepped in and insisted that the Laredo local back out of honoring Trump with the border tour. Latino Agent Garza wanted to guide Trump but he cannot be seen to tell the truth. This only helps Trump prove his points about what is happening to this country.

Why is Trump such a winner? Because he puts himself into win/win situations and avoids win/lose scenarios. AFL-CIO blocks Border Patrol agents from Trump’s border tour Trumpnado – Trump gets another illustration of what he is talking about so bravely.

Why is Trump such a winner? Consider what we wrote recently:

Shorter version of the Republican National Committee statement: “We want Donald Trump out of the nomination race before the August 6 debate and we will do whatever we have to do to drive Donald Trump out of the race and to Hell with our supposed role of being neutral.”

Where have we seen this before? Yeah, Hillary Clinton 2008. [snip]

The Democratic Party establishment succeeded in gifting Barack Obama the nomination and Hillary and Bill Clinton wandered about like drunks trying to figure out what truck hit them.

Which brings us to Donald Trump. Donald Trump better realize that he is up against the Republican establishment and that what the establishment wants the establishment gets.

So does Donald Trump realize he is up against the Republican establishment? It appears he does. Trump: If RNC isn’t “fair” to me, I’ll run as an independent. Boom! Trumpnado. If the RNC is not neutral, Trump… keeps the threat alive. [Hillary, are you watching this and learning?] Yesterday Trump was backing away from an independent run. Keep them unsure. Keep them guessing. Piaget feeding schedules anyone?

The fear-mongering conspiracy squirrel talk that Donald Trump is a Hillary plant is epic dumb. Hillary2016 would love to run against Jeb Bush. Why? Because Jeb versus Hillary means a Hillary win. Against Trump, all bets are off. 2015 polls won’t matter. Trumpnado threatens all.

Donald Trump has the Republican establishment on the run. We need our own Hill-nado. Hillary Clinton should realize the Obama Dimocrat establishment needs her and she does not need them. Until she realizes that she will be a loser.


Saddle Up! Trump Goes To The Border! Plus – New #Hillary2016 Polls!

Quinnipiac poll: Hillary’s popularity crumbles in three swing states, now trails three top Republicans. This is not really news. This is more a demonstration of the mass hysteria in Big Media and the establishments of both parties now that a certain Rodney Dangerfield is spitting in their fingerbowls at the fancy pants dinner.

What do we mean? Consider the confusion expressed with the arrival of this poll(s) which is at first blush gruesome for Hillary. Wasn’t the argument of the Republican/conservative establishment that Donald Trump was a wrecking ball that is destroying the “Republican brand?” So, um, does this poll wreck the wrecking ball theory? Or is the message from this latest poll that Hillary poll numbers sink if you sample more Republicans than others? Or is the message that Jeb(?) is weak even when compared to the barely known Scott Walker?

Does anyone in Big Media notice that the new polls sample more Republicans than they should? For instance in Colorado the samples are Republican 29%, Democrat 26%, Independent 36%, Other/DK/NA 10%. That’s a plus 3 for Republicans. However in the last election the results placed the Ds ahead with 5. That’s about an 8 point gift to the Republicans in this poll. Some swing, huh? Ditto Iowa. There the sample is Republican 29%, Democrats 27%, Independent 38%, Other/DK/NA 6% even though in 2012 the results were a +6 for Ds. Ditto Virginia (4 point difference from 2012 results). Republican 27%, Democrat 28%, Independent 35%, Other/DK/NA 9%.

We’ve written repeatedly that we think Hillary is in trouble because of association with Obama. But we don’t think that these polls released today are the problem they are sold as. Even so, let’s look at the gruesome poll:

Poll: Clinton trails top Republicans in battleground states

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton trails three top Republican presidential candidates in head-to-head matchups in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia, a new survey shows.

The latest Quinnipiac University swing state polling released Wednesday shows the Democratic frontrunner trailing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in each of those states.

The biggest loser, the polls found, is Donald Trump, who has surged to the front of a crowded Republican primary field nationally but is viewed unfavorably, by almost a 2-to-1 margin, by voters in those states.

The results offered more indications that Clinton has a problem: Voters say they don’t trust her.

In Colorado, only 34% of voters said they see Clinton as honest and trustworthy while 62% said they don’t. In Iowa, the numbers were 33% to 59% — a drop from 45% to 47% in April. And in Virginia, Clinton did best, at 39% saying they trust her to 55% saying they don’t. [snip]

“On being a strong leader, a key metric in presidential campaigns, she has dropped four to 10 points depending on the state and she is barely above 50% in each of the three states.” [snip]

In Colorado, Clinton trails Rubio 38%-46%, Bush 36%-41% and Walker 38%-47%. In Iowa, she trails Rubio 36%-44%, Bush 36%-42% and Walker 37%-45%. And in Virginia, Clinton has the narrowest margins between her and her Republican opponents, where she lags behind Rubio 41%-43%, Bush 39%-42% and Walker 40%-43%.

In Colorado, Walker performed the best even though 3-in-10 voters weren’t ready to weigh in on questions about his honesty and leadership skills.

These R v D comparison polls are really silly. The fight now is intra-party not a general election. But still the weaker Hillary appears, the more likely a Michelle Obama or a Cambridge Cherokee, maybe even crazy Uncle Joe, will get in.

Hillary’s problem is not these ridiculous polls. Hillary’s problem is that she is saying stuff she does not believe and it shows. In order to appeal to the Obama cult and the totalitarian left, the groups that hate Hillary the most, Hillary is speaking mumbo jumbo – and it shows – and voters don’t like it.

As to Donald Trump and his allegedly bad showing in these polls what is now sure is that Trump started out low and the more he is seen the more his poll numbers rise.

In Iowa which is the only state that we have sufficient data to measure Trump’s standing Trump is #2 to Scott Walker who is lapping up the field. In New Hampshire and North Carolina and Nevada, Trump is doing very well. The more Trump rises… the more Trump rises.

But we are told that after L’áffair McCain the Donald will have to escalate his rhetoric to unacceptable levels or that he is already so wounded he is a dead man walking. There’s no way The Donald, the “Teflon Don” as Charles Hurt calls Trump, there’s no more air time Trump can squeeze himself onto. Or is there?

Beat the drum slowly, lay the sod over him, Rick Perry just had a stroke.

Saddle up! Trump goes to the border:

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Donald Trump Heading to Texas Border

Breitbart Texas has learned that 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is heading to the Texas-Mexico border to get a firsthand look at the current border security situation. Trump is expected to meet with Border Patrol agents of the Laredo Sector.

“We look forward to giving Mr. Trump a boots on the ground perspective on the Laredo Sector of the Texas-Mexico Border,” said National Border Patrol Council, Local 2455 President Hector Garza. “Mr. Trump is expected to be in Laredo later in the week.”

Garza told Breitbart Texas that following the border tour, Trump will have a town hall style meeting where law enforcement officers will be invited to provide feedback on their perspective of the border situation.

Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby worked with Agent Garza to prepare for Trump’s border tour. “It is of utmost importance that possible future leaders of our country visit the border region, especially the Laredo Sector. Most Texans and other Americans hear that the Texas border was secured, but it wasn’t. The Rio Grande Valley Sector was supplemented with manpower from the State of Texas, but that mostly stopped where that sector ended and the Laredo Sector begins.” Darby added, “Mr. Trump will learn firsthand of the many holes and vulnerabilities that the Los Zetas cartel exploits to enter Texas and oppress their victims. We will keep the details of Mr. Trump’s intended visit private at this time.”

What will the GOP establishment say? Here’s a sample:

Zombie Eric Cantor is here to weigh in on the Donald Trump problem he helped create

The story of the Republican Party’s aborted attempt to craft an immigration platform that would appeal to Hispanic voters without alienating its base will have an entire chapter dedicated to former House majority leader Eric Cantor. His appearance on “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, lambasting Donald Trump’s language on immigration, probably made the situation worse, not better.

And when Cantor lost his 2014 primary race in stunning fashion, his position on immigration reform was cited as a key reason. Immigration reform was “the most symbolic issue that captures the differences between me and Eric Cantor in this race,” David Brat, the man who beat Cantor, told Fox News the day after his win.

The Republican plan to make inroads with Hispanics was a double failure. Not only was a bill not passed, but efforts to advance the issue revealed just how strongly — and vocally — Republican voters opposed the idea. The party’s second-in-command in the House was sent off to work in the private sector. And it set up a situation, two years later, where Donald Trump could stumble onto immigration as a hot-button issue, exposing the same rift within the GOP at a particularly inconvenient time. [snip]

“I think the language that Mr. Trump’s been using sometimes, certainly it’s mean, it’s ugly, it’s divisive,” Cantor said, most likely referring to Trump’s dismissal of illegal immigrants as criminals. “It is not a sustainable model, because ultimately what this country and the people of America are looking for is an optimistic inspirational leader with a message that is inclusive for all so we can see a better future.” [snip]

But Eric Cantor became the most prominent face of a policy that much of the Republican base hates. Hearing that face say that Trump is bad will probably not have the effect Cantor might have hoped.

Eric Cantor or Donald Trump? Who Represents the American voter and who represents a failed Republican leadership?

Looks like Trump represents the Republican voter:

Trump Leads GOP Field, No Slump After Attacks on McCain [snip]

A new Morning Consult poll finds Trump leading the Republican field with 22 percent of the vote, well ahead of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who clocks in with 15 percent, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, in third place with 12 percent.

No other Republican breaks into double digits. [snip]

There is no evidence that Trump’s numbers have slumped after comments he made questioning Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) war record. Though most of the rest of the Republican field — and even the Republican National Committee — loudly criticized Trump after he made the comments on Saturday morning at an event in Iowa, voters interviewed afterward weren’t any less likely to say they support him.

In fact, Trump has gained ground since a Morning Consult poll earlier this month, when he trailed Bush by a 19 percent to 17 percent margin. This week Trump is the second choice of 12 percent of voters, behind Bush’s 18 percent.

As we previously wrote, the assault on Donald Trump is an attempt by the Republican establishment to destroy him before he gets a chance to speak to the nation at the August 6 debate. We’ve always argued, contrary to many who insisted the opposite would prove to be the case, that Donald Trump would mop the floor with the other Republican candidates for president. Now it appears we have once again been proven right and that Republican establishment indeed fears Trump and they have failed in their attempt to stomp the Trump:

Will GOP debate be the Trump show?

Despite RNC’s efforts, first showdown of 2016 could be focused on candidate from the angry fringe. [snip]

This is Donald Trump’s universe.

So instead, on Aug. 6, in Cleveland, the GOP hopefuls will appear stage right and stage left, flanking a real estate mogul and reality television star who is all but certain to steal the spotlight, go on the offensive and thwart their hopes for a peaceful debate.

Trump’s presence at center stage — his reward if he maintains his lead in the polls — is likely to transform the first Republican debate into a major media event, bringing big ratings to Fox News, the debate sponsor. [snip]

“I think you have to assume he’ll be loud and aggressive and do everything he can to stay on offense,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who gave the most commanding debate performances of the 2012 primary cycle, told POLITICO. “Trump is very smart, he has lots of TV experience and is absolutely uninhibited.” [snip]

“Unless everything changes in the next two weeks, which is always a possibility, I imagine Trump will be pretty much the top five stories of the debate just by showing up,” said Mark Leibovich, the chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine.

“There’s the ‘Will the other candidates attack Trump?’ story, the ‘Will Trump hold his own as a serious candidate?’ story, the ‘Will Trump have a grasp of the issues?’ story, the ‘What attention-getting thing did Trump say?’ story and the “Did you hear what Trump said about Candidate X?’ (or ‘What did Candidate X say to Trump?’) story, etc,” he continued. “Maybe someone like Jeb can sneak into the top six.” [snip]

For Gingrich, taking on Trump is a matter of understanding the enemy: “Avoid anger, because I don’t think anybody on that stage can out-anger Trump,” he said. “His natural style is aggressive. It’s not like he has to become aggressive. He wakes up and he’s aggressive.”

There’s a new sheriff in town. His name is Donald Trump.


McCain And Trump – A Lesson From Hillary Clinton 2008 For Donald Trump That #Hillary2016 Has Yet To Learn

Hillary Clinton has a stupid strategy, a losing strategy, for #Hillary2016. That’s because Hillary has forgotten why and how Barack Obama got the nomination in 2008. This “why and how” is a lesson for Donald Trump.

In the wake of the John McCain comments by Donald Trump there is a very real question as to whether Donald Trump will have to go away, fold up, pull out, admit defeat, and become road kill on the road to the GOP nomination race. One singular item of news should give Donald Trump pause. Many bits of news should encourage Donald Trump.

That “singular” bit of news and the lesson for Donald Trump from Hillary Clinton 2008 are related. What is the “singular” bit of news? Here:

RNC rebukes Trump for McCain remarks

The Republican National Committee issued a strong rebuke of Donald Trump’s mocking of Sen. John McCain’s military service Saturday, saying his comments “have no place in our party or country.”

Shorter version of the Republican National Committee statement: “We want Donald Trump out of the nomination race before the August 6 debate and we will do whatever we have to do to drive Donald Trump out of the race and to Hell with our supposed role of being neutral.”

Where have we seen this before? Yeah, Hillary Clinton 2008.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton must remember what happened in 2008. Big Media protected Barack Obama from his many stumbles and bumbles while blasting forth any good news about Barack the boob. Big Media also attacked anyone who was against Barack Obama. Hillary, McCain? One was a racist the other a doddering old racist according to Big Media and the Obama campaign.

Big Media is one of the big reasons Barack Obama got the nomination. Another reason was the delegate theft. Remember the delegate thefts?

In 2008 the Democratic National Committee stole delegates Hillary Clinton won in elections and gave them to a person that was not even on the ballot. Yeah. That’s how they stole the election.

Barack Obama chose not to be on the Michigan ballot in order to hurt Hillary in Iowa. Then when Hillary won the Michigan delegates the Democratic National Committee stole votes from Hillary as well as votes designated by voters as non committed and gave them to Barack Obama who was not even on the ballot.

In Soviet block communist states elections were stolen. But even in Bulgaria and Romania the votes were stolen to benefit someone on the ballot. With Barack Obama in 2008 the votes were stolen to give them to Barack Obama who purposely and ostentatiously removed himself from the ballot (on the last day that was possible, along with John Edwards, in order to embarrass and isolate Hillary Clinton).

In 2008 Hillary Clinton also was denied delegates the voters of Florida voted to her. It was election theft upon election theft. That’s how Hillary Clinton lost in 2008. But Hillary Clinton has either lost her memory, her mind, or her logic these days because Hillary has chosen a strategy for 2016 that ignores that truth.

Hillary Clinton is entirely stupid to ignore that 2008 reality as she campaigns in 2015. The stupid strategy Hillary Clinton has chosen is to appeal to the Barack Obama “coalition of the ascendent” which even the authors of that stupidity now admit either died or never existed. Hillary Clinton did not lose because her coalition was flawed or Obama’s superior or “ascendent”.

Hillary Clinton is entirely stupid to ignore the reasons for what happened in 2008. In 2008 the Democratic National Committee ignored the sexism and misogyny directed against her. The Democratic National Committee allied with the vile Ted Kennedy, the despicable John Kerry, the loathsome Nancy Pelosi, the corrupt Harry Reid, and the oaf Claire McCaskill, conspired to destroy Hillary Clinton in 2008. The Democratic Party establishment succeeded in gifting Barack Obama the nomination and Hillary and Bill Clinton wandered about like drunks trying to figure out what truck hit them.

Which brings us to Donald Trump. Donald Trump better realize that he is up against the Republican establishment and that what the establishment wants the establishment gets.

It’s not just the Republican National Committee that wants to destroy Donald Trump before the August 6 debate. And here we have some of the good news for Donald Trump – the big Republican/conservative websites and most of the big players in the consultant and pundit class are against Donald Trump and want to destroy him too.

Such is the onslaught against Trump, so united is the establishment against Trump, that something strange is glaringly shining brightly forth: the readers and their comments are fighting back on behalf of Trump.

Every attack against Trump by the establishment that wants Donald Trump removed before the August 6 debate is met by massive push-back and contempt against the establishment drones:

Donald Trump’s candidacy is wildly entertaining to watch unfold. Not just because of how Trump is running a scorched earth, “trample everything in view” campaign, but also because of how he’s revealing how out of touch conservative media, bloggers, pundits and “experts” are with what is really happening across the nation.

Indeed, most of the “red this” and “right that” dot coms out there, you know, the old school “new media” of the right, are stumbling over themselves to insult, ridicule and belittle anyone who supports Trump. [snip]

Here’s a hint for members of the conservative media. Conservatives, libertarians, independents, and yes… even many Republicans have zero interest in working through the political system to try and save the nation. Instead, they want to burn the political system to the ground.

A quickly growing and large percent of the conservative base is 100% done with the Republican party. Not one foot in and one foot out. I mean done. Finished. Not a dime in donations and for many of us, not a vote either.

The comments sections of Republican/conservative websites are insurrections against the establishment and pro Trump. As we explained about the Donald Trump mystique:WHEN YOU ARE IN A SNAKE PIT YOU DON’T CARE WHO HANDS YOU A STICK.

Donald Trump is the stick to beat back the establishment snakes.

The Republican establishment is out to get rid of Donald Trump before the August 6 debates. Candidates such as Rubio and Perry demand that Donald Trump get out because of what Trump said against McCain.

What Donald Trump said against McCain is not what Donald Trump said against McCain. Sharyl Attkisson debunked the lies Big Media is spreading against Trump. Attkisson is right and Big Media attacks on Trump are wrong.

Big Media is out to destroy Trump along with the Republican National Committee. It’s important for Donald Trump to acknowledge this. Hillary has failed to acknowledge what the Obama Dimocrat Party did to her in 2008 and therefore her strategy is an utter mess and doomed to fail.

It appears to us that Donald Trump is aware of the need for him not to apologize and not to crumble in the face of the opposition.

A while back we wrote that Chris Christie was “thisclose” to becoming president. We wrote that as the Bridgegate scandal was breaking. We argued that Christie had an opportunity to embrace his tough guy image and state without fear that he would be tough on behalf of the voters. If Christie got tougher and declared he would be a bully on behalf of the taxpayers, we argued, Christie would win. But Christie folded like eggs beaten into a bland recipe.

Now Trump is tested. So far Trump is tough and triumphant. We don’t know how long it will last. But so far Trump trumps.

This is a very important moment in the 2016 presidential race. Dan Balz sees this as a very important moment for Trump and the GOP too:

The question now is whether Candidate Trump is immune from the laws of political gravity or soon will be isolated and regarded as an object of scorn or curiosity rather than of presidential seriousness. [snip]

Few would offer their views for the record, owing to their positions working for other candidates or a desire not to put themselves into direct conflict with Trump. One described Trump’s attack on McCain as “lethal.” Another said he expects “a complete cratering” of Trump’s support. Still another predicted that Trump would become “a niche candidate” and a sideshow to the main event.

But others are less confident that Trump’s candidacy will take a nose dive, highlighting the combination of hope, fear and uncertainty that has gripped the party since Trump decided to run.

It’s all about the August 6 debate. The Republican establishment wants Trump out before the August 6 debate. If they fail at that the hope is that now there is a line of attack against Trump for all the candidates on stage to avail themselves of. That’s what passes for “stratergery” these days in the Republican establishment.

We don’t think that strategy will be successful. Trump has hit a nerve and from what we have seen and heard there is a great deal of support for Trump as the stick to beat back the snakes. We might be wrong. We’re not experts on Republican politics or Republican voters. But we’re not alone in our assessment:

No, media, Donald Trump isn’t done

Did you read the news this weekend? Donald Trump’s candidacy is done. Over. Dead. Kaput.

“DON VOYAGE! Trump is toast after insult,” the New York Post announced on Sunday’s front page, one day after Trump told Iowa voters that Sen. John McCain wasn’t a war hero. The conservative journal Commentary declared the same.

In the more august pages of The New York Times, Nate Cohn declared the event “a turning point,” and “a shift that will probably mark the moment when Trump’s candidacy went from boom to bust.”

Boom to Bust! Trump, who had rocketed to the top of a crowded Republican field, besting Jeb Bush in the most recent Fox News and USA Today/Suffolk University polls, had just rung his campaign’s death knell, the articles suggested. [snip]

…Later the same day, Monmouth University released a survey showing that Trump’s standing with Iowa voters — second only to Scott Walker — remained unchanged: “The poll did not find any significant change in support for Trump in interviews conducted after his comments about John McCain’s military service,” Monmouth said.

Public opinion can be slow to change, and it is certainly possible that days of negative headlines could influence voter sentiment heavily. But the rush to declare Trump’s candidacy dead — especially when journalists on the ground were reporting that many attendees “were not nearly as offended” as party officials — is premature at best.

The next national survey for the Republican field is set to be released early Monday evening. Like the Monmouth poll, it will likely include data from both before and after Trump’s remarks about McCain. A strong showing from Trump won’t be proof that he’s weathered the storm, any more than the media’s gut reaction was proof that he wouldn’t. But it should serve as a reminder to exercise caution before acting as coroner.

We updated our earlier article with news of the new national survey. Since then we have looked closer at the data.

The new national poll is not nearly as bad as the Republican establishment spins. First, the earlier poll from Iowa shows no slippage for Donald Trump in Iowa. But, the second poll out today, the national poll, appears to show some damage to Trump. But, um, not really:

Poll: Trump surges to big lead in GOP presidential race

Businessman Donald Trump surged into the lead for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, with almost twice the support of his closest rival, just as he ignited a new controversy after making disparaging remarks about Sen. John McCain’s Vietnam War service, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Support for Trump fell sharply on the one night that voters were surveyed following those comments. Telephone interviewing for the poll began Thursday, and most calls were completed before the news about the remarks was widely reported.

Although the sample size for the final day was small, the decline was statistically significant. Still, it is difficult to predict what could happen to Trump’s support in the coming days and weeks as the controversy plays out.

Even with the drop in support on the final night of the survey, Trump was the favorite of 24 percent of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. That is the highest percentage and biggest lead recorded by any GOP candidate this year in Post-ABC News polls and marks a sixfold increase in his support since late May, shortly before he formally joined the race.

So the alleged “big dropoff” in Trump support is due to a small sample size of even fewer (if any) Republicans and not really much of anything. On the contrary, the earlier Iowa poll suggests no dropoff of support at all.

Still Trump has to worry. The Republican establishment is out to destroy him – preferably before the August 6 debate. The Republican establishment will continue to attack without mercy. That will eventually have an impact on the polls. The Republican establishment might pull down Trump. Or, the Republican establishment might, with their ludicrous attacks, raise Trump up.

Donald Trump has figured out that Americans want a leader who leads without fear. Americans will tolerate lack of perfection in all too human candidates. But Americans want a leader. Trump appears not to be afraid of the establishment that is against him. Trump appears to have a strategy that comports and is congruent with reality.

We wish Hillary would develop a winning strategy based on reality and the truth of 2008.


All Things Trump: John McCain – Chattanooga – Is @realDonaldTrump A #Hillary2016 Plant? Plus Donald Trump Latinos

Update: Oh yes: Trump 24, Walker 13, Bush 12 in new ABC/WaPo national poll. Trump was near 30 percent when the poll started. By Sunday, in the middle of the GOP establishment hyped hysteria, his numbers dropped into single digits. Can Trump survive this? We’ll answer in our next article with a trip down Hillary Clinton memory lane.


Trump crosses one red line too many, declares John McCain “not a war hero”. So now we are told it is all over for Donald J. Trump. The Donald. The Trumpster. Let’s blow up some hot air balloons. And no we don’t mean Trump.

As we’ve written so many times before, we’ll have a better idea of how the GOP race will turn out after the August 6 debate. We believe Donald Trump is going to mop up the floor on August 6 but we also state we might be wrong. We’ll wait until after August 6 and the hellacious GOP debate to make our assessment of the current large GOP crop of wannabee presidents.

But some are ready to make pronouncements already. We admit we don’t know if the entire Donald Trump candidacy is one unbelievable publicity stunt for his Washington D.C. hotel. It could be. We doubt it. But it could be. But only dummies would make powerful declarations about a Trump death at this point.

But Trump death pronouncements today are all the rage. Today, Donald Trump slashed at John McCain. John McCain started the fight with Donald Trump and now Donald Trump haters are hatin’ on The Donald.

Here’s what happened:

(1) Donald Trump was not supposed to announce for president.

(2) Donald Trump announced he was running for president.

(3) Donald Trump was not supposed to file with the FEC.

(4) Donald Trump filed with the FEC.

(5) Donald Trump was not supposed to file financial disclosure forms.

(6) Donald Trump filed his financial disclosure forms.

(7) Donald Trump was supposed to have a slight, if any, bump in the polls after his announcement then fade away.

(8) Donald Trump surged to the top of the polls.

(9) Panic ensues.

(10) Hysteria follows.

On the John McCain front, here’s what happened:

(1) Early last week Donald Trump held a very large rally in Arizona.

(2) Senator John McCain of Arizona declared that Donald Trump had “brought out the crazies.”

(3) Donald Trump spoke with a prominent Arizona office holder to drum up a primary challenge to Senator John McCain who is up for reelection in 2016.

(4) Donald Trump at a candidate forum beat up on Senator John McCain.

(5) The Trump busters have declared Trump to be dead and never to be heard from again.

Why is Trump now dead? Allegedly because he said things he did not say about John McCain.

In 2008 we praised John McCain as a war hero. The Barack Obama campaign trashed John McCain. In 2008 McCain supporters on the right did nothing but display weakness as Obama supporters claimed McCain had a good time in the Hanoi Hilton. Obama supporters mocked McCain’s lack of email use. McCain could not use email or computers or raise his hands above his head because of the many bones his Hanoi captors broke. Still McCain campaign sloths sat back and allowed McCain to be attacked.

Obama attacked McCain and McCain supporters did nothing. But when Trump hit back against a McCain attack, all Hell broke lose. What did Donald Trump say about John McCain?:

Donald Trump took a few shots at Senator John McCain at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa.Trump has been feuding with McCain after McCain said Trump is firing up the crazies with his outlandish rhetoric.

Today Trump let him have it.

Mediaite reported:

At one point, he said he supported McCain in 2008, but doesn’t like him very much now. Luntz pointed out that McCain’s a war hero, and that’s when Trump said this:

He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

That exchange, granted it is a nasty retort by Trump (and that insults all POWs), has now been transformed to Donald Trump saying that John McCain is NOT a war hero. Donald Trump said McCain is a war hero but Big Media and certain websites report it as Trump saying the opposite. Was Trump mean and nasty? Yes. But Trump was doing to McCain what McCain tried to do to Trump supporters.

McCain called Trump supporters “crazies” and Trump hit back to defend the “crazies”.

Trump refuses to back down. If anything, Trump is hitting back hard attacking McCain on veterans’ affairs and MCain’s smarts.

Earlier in the week Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump, as the video above references. In her attack Hillary denounced Trump for attacks on immigrants. Of course Trump has extolled legal immigrants. Trump’s fury is against illegal immigrants. This Hillary attack led to a comic moment.

Before Hillary said “Basta” to Trump at a gathering of the pro-illegal immigration La Raza an amazing line of attack had been developed by Republican opponents of Donald Trump.

That comic line of attack? The charge from a GOP Rep: Trump might be a Democratic plant to help Hillary. So, who are the “crazies”? The “crazies” are those who think Trump is anyone’s plant:

Curbelo, who supports Jeb Bush for president, piled on.

“There are too many important national, local international topics to waste time talking about a person who, I repeat, in my judgment is irrelevant — and who quite possibly is a phantom candidate recruited by the left to create this entire political circus,” he said.

And he further explained to Miami radio host Roberto Rodríguez Tejera.

“I think there’s a small possibility that this gentleman is a phantom candidate,” Curbelo said. “Mr. Trump has a close friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were at his last wedding. He has contributed to the Clintons’ foundation. He has contributed to Mrs. Clinton’s Senate campaigns. All of this is very suspicious.”

Trump’s recent blistering attacks against Hillary proved how amusing this “plant” theory is. But any tool will be used to bring down Trump’s challenge.

Such is the desperation among certain GOP candidates that they want to believe that Trump is a plant. But it was Rick Perry, the most vocal attacker against Trump, who was a Democrat and big supporter of Al Gore.

For a Jeb Bush supporter to attack Donald Trump as a Hillary plant is truly a laugh. Was it Donald Trump who gave Hillary a medal? No, it was Jeb Bush that spoke in praise of Hillary as he handed her a medal:

Is Jeb Bush ‘unelectable’ because he gave Hillary Clinton an award?

The conservative group ForAmerica suggested that a Clinton campaign could use footage of Bush thanking Clinton ‘to blunt any criticism that Bush levels against her.’

Jeb Bush once handed Hillary Rodham Clinton an award for “public service.” [snip]

“It’s bad enough that Hillary Clinton will likely use footage from this event against any Republican nominee, but if Jeb Bush is her opponent she will make him look ridiculous,” Mr. Bozell said in a statement. [snip]

Back in September 2013, the Constitution Center awarded Mrs. Clinton its Liberty Medal for her international work and efforts on behalf of women and children. At the time she was a few months retired from her post as President Obama’s secretary of State. [snip]

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to both Secretary Clinton and President Clinton. Thank you for your service to our country. We are united by a love of country and public service,” says Bush.

No doubt the award to Hillary Clinton was well deserved. No doubt Jeb Bush was a gentleman to present the award. No doubt such footage used in a campaign ad, which we are sure already exists, will and should be used by Hillary2016 if Jeb Bush is the nominee of the Republican Party. No doubt the “Trump is a Hillary plant” line of argument is a desperate ploy from desperate people.

Why the desperation? Here’s a clue:

Something strange has happened to the Republican presidential field since Donald Trump joined it a month ago: Mr. Trump and Jeb Bush are rising. Everyone else is falling in the polls, or seems stuck in place.

Mr. Bush’s support has jumped by about four percentage points in the Real Clear Politics average of polls, rising to 15.5%. Mr. Trump’s support has bumped up more than 10 points since mid-June, to 15% as of Friday.

Why the anti-Trump desperation? Maybe it’s because the issues Trump highlights quickly turn, because of events, into really big issues. The illegal immigration issue became a big issue as Trump highlighted murder victims of illegal immigrations immediately after an illegal immigrant killed a young woman in San Francisco.

The latest Trump issue to go big after Trump defended the Second Amendment to an MSNBC reporter? Gun free zones in light of the Chattanooga shootings. Trump gets it right again:

Donald Trump was unfortunately proven right on another one of his top issues Thursday: “gun free zones” at military bases.

There are indications that Thursday’s shooting at two military bases in Chattanooga, Tenn., occurred at or near “gun free zones.”

In an interview with the website AmmoLand.com, Trump decried the zones on military bases, suggesting that they left highly-trained gun operators without a weapon to fire at attackers, with the exception of military police.

A photo from the scene taken from a local Fox station showed 29 bullet holes around a “gun free zone” sign.

Here’s our earlier story:

Pistol-packing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump ripped a policy implemented by former President Bill Clinton making military bases “gun free zones,” declaring that as president bases would no longer be defenseless against terror attacks.

As Commander-in-Chief, I would mandate that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases.” he told the website Ammoland.com.

Trump continues to drive the issues lawnmower landscape and that leads to the desperate attacks against him.

There is rationality which drives the fear of Trump from Jeb Bush:

Jeb Bush girds for debate smackdown with Donald Trump

The former Florida governor is bracing for the possibility of a presidential debate pile-on. [snip]

Gaming out how Trump — a bombastic figure who refuses to abide by the usual rules of political decorum — will present himself has become a growing subject of speculation in Bush’s world. During one recent phone call with a political ally, Bush pointedly asked about the surging real estate mogul. What, the friend recalled the former governor wondering out loud, was behind Trump’s antics, and what was he trying to accomplish?

“Trump presents a challenge for Bush because he’s a hand grenade,” said Nelson Warfield, a longtime Republican strategist who has prepared a number of candidates for debates. “His people understand that and will be prepared for anything that comes their way.”

As the Aug. 6 debate grows closer, some Republicans are relishing the prospect of Trump tearing the bark off the former governor — or, at the very least, trying to trip him up. “Trump has one target and one target only,” said an adviser to a rival GOP candidate. “He’s going to bring a lawn mower for Bush.”

Donald Trump’s biggest enemy? It’s not his own mouth as some would believe. Drug kingpin “El Chapo”. You can’t ask for a bigger headliner enemy than a recently escaped Mexican drug warlord “El Chapo” if you’re Donald Trump.

So why all the desperation about Donald Trump? Remember the Donald Trump boast about winning and getting the Latino vote? There’s some news from Nevada:

Nevada State Polling Shows Donald Trump Crushing Field – Including Massive Support From Latinos…

Washington, D.C., July 16, 2015 – One America News Network, “OAN”, a credible source for 24/7 national and international news, released today its most recent 2016 Republican and Democratic Presidential Polling Results for Nevada conducted by Gravis Marketing.

The results show that GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a commanding lead of 27.7%, with recently announced Presidential Candidate Scott Walker in second with 15%. In third is Ben Carson with 7.8% with Jeb Bush a point behind at 6.8%. Marco Rubio rounds out the top five with 5.4%. Undecided voters remain high at just over 20%.

With polled Hispanics, Presidential Candidate Trump received 31.4%, higher than his overall performance of 27.7%. The only other Presidential Candidate to receive double digit support by Hispanics is Scott Walker with 11.4%.

Whatever the merits, or shortcomings of such a poll, it is feeding the fear of Donald Trump. The fear leads to desperation.

August 6 gets more interesting with every passing day.


Walker Runs – To Fight And Win

Update: Quotes of the day come from Scott Walker’s 35 minute long announcement speech. His very first sentence? “I love America.” It’s a trite sentiment but well delivered by the former boy scout. Come to think of it, we’ve never heard Barack Obama say that.

“It’s not too late. We can still turn things around.”


Expect even more “Hillary needs a walker; Republicans have Scott Walker” of an avalanche of jokes if Scott Walker becomes the Republican nominee for president. And Scott Walker very possibly might be the Republican nominee for president.

We won’t know, we would not even venture a guess, about Walker’s real prospects until we see him debate on a national stage against formidable opponents on August 6. Is Scott Walker a beautiful bloom nurtured in a Wisconsin hothouse that will droop, wilt, and die when exposed to national political weather? After August 6 we’ll have some idea about Walker and the rest of the Republican field. But thus far, on his first day, for a reason we have smacked Hillary2016 around, we are very very impressed with Scott Walker’s campaign.

What impresses us about the Scott Walker campaign? Consider, Scott Walker is in a very very competitive campaign with more than 15 competitors. So what does Scott Walker do? Does he announce early? Does he make his move in early Winter or early Spring? No. Scott Walker shrewdly waits until the political landscape is set, all major candidates announced, the issue meteorology measured, surprises and events cataloged, personal business settled and the campaign message and strategy set taking all the above into consideration.

That’s what we advised Hillary2016 to do. On the Hillary side there is no real competition, no pressing deadlines, no danger looming – no need to announce early. But by announcing early Bernie Sanders has been empowered and Joe Biden has been encouraged. And we are sure that in Cambridge a one drop squaw squats waiting for an opportunity to go on the warpath if Hillary gets scalped. We advised a “don’t shoot until you see the whites’ of their eyes” campaign strategy in which opponents would be smoked out of their holes then big footed by a massive Hillary2016 effort once the battlefield and the armies on that landscape positioned. But, Hell’s Bells, that’s a Tomahawk over the trees so let’s get back to Walker.

Walker’s candidacy announcement benefited from the knowledge of all that has come before. Walker’s campaign organization waited until mid July and after the rapid rise of Donald Trump. This latest and amazing development forced Walker to respond to Trump and the rest of the field with a message that differentiates Walker from the rest of the other runners.

Walker responded to the rise of Donald Trump by stating that as Governor of Wisconsin Walker had not only fought but he has most importantly won.

As his announcement video so vividly claims, Walker fought and won. And won. And won. And won. And won again.

That’s one helluva campaign message.

Donald Trump has a strong campaign message and Walker tops it with the claim that he has fought against all the odds and won. And won. And won. And won. And won again.

Today’s mid July announcement also helped Walker by writing his campaign strategy in light of all the recent events and all the many candidates. Walker is very much ahead in Iowa followed by Donald Trump. Jeb Bush is slightly ahead in New Hampshire followed by Donald Trump and then by Scott Walker. So Walker figures, win in Iowa and then go for a win in New Hampshire and that will help in all the following states.

Not that the Iowa win play was hard to forecast for a governor from a neighboring state. But the Trump threat in Iowa (and New Hampshire) is real and Walker’s announcement moved to secure the conservative vote in Iowa and nationwide.

No other candidate has as smart a strategy against Donald Trump’s rise as Scott Walker. Donald Trump will attack Jeb Bush on illegal immigration and Common Core thereby opening up a breach for Scott Walker to walk through.

Donald Trump will attack Marco Rubio on illegal immigration and on ObamaTrade votes in the U.S. Senate. Again, a smart Scott Walker will continue to avoid attacking Donald Trump and let Trump clear the field for himself and for Walker.

Perhaps Scott Walker did not need lessons on tough from Donald Trump. After all Walker has walked through fire, a hundred thousand protestors, tens of millions of dollars, and a vindictive Big Media. Today though, Walker did a Trump style response to attacks.

Today Trump used his biggest critics to bolster himself. It was Instagram agitprop which featured Al Sharpton, Jon Stewart, Chris O’Tingles, and Bill Maher. Today Scott Walker supporters used an attack from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (“Scott Walker is a national disgrace.”) to bolster Scott Walker. Maybe Republicans are learning? Or maybe, according to the New York Times, Scott Walker is a really smart cheesehead:

He has held elected office continuously since 1993; the presidential contest will be his 14th campaign. And he comes to the race steeped in the knowledge required of a good political operative: what it costs to compete in swing states; the science of purchasing television advertising time; the art of getting good press.

“If I know Scott Walker, he probably knows the media markets just as well in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina as he does Wisconsin, plus where they spill over into and who has the best ratings,” said Robin Vos, the speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly and an ally of Mr. Walker’s. [snip]

Mr. Walker’s strategic talents can be an asset. His ability to formulate and convey an effective message helped him win three hard-fought elections for governor in four years, including a 2012 recall election, in an extraordinarily competitive state. And he is doing much the same now: It was Mr. Walker who came up with the best-of-both-worlds formulation he has recently woven into his stump speech — that his hard-charging Senate opponents are “fighters,” and his rival governors who have won difficult elections are “winners,” but he is the rare breed who has done both.

Wisconsin before Walker was a blue state. Then Walker won the governorship as well as the Wisconsin house and senate. Then Walker won an attempted recall. Then Walker won reelection.

Walker, like a pedestrian at a crosswalk, waited for the green light to make his move. Walker waited until he signed a budget for Wisconsin that he could tout throughout the primary season.

Now that the governor of Wisconsin has announced, the Republican field is pretty much set as far as the big players and likely winner. We’ll wait until August 6 to see how this GOP field performs as they fight tooth and claw for victory.

We don’t know who will win the race for the Republican nomination. But in this very important race, we’ll keep an eye on Walker.


Hillary Clinton Emails Explained; Donald Trump Mystique Explained; Shield-Maiden #Hillary2016 Results Explained; And Welcome Back Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko

Republicans, conservatives, liberal DailyKook totalitarian leftists are sniffing their own anuses when it comes to the vast Hillary Clinton email scandal conspiracy to end the world. We’ll explain it real quick and in simple terms.

Establishment Republicans and conservatives are chasing their own tails as the liberal DailyKook totalitarian leftists rejoice – all because none of these brilliant minds understands the Donald Trump success. We’ll explain the Donald Trump mystique so that a dull-witted three year old can understand.

Also fasten your weekend seat-belts as we explain, once again, the two biggest Hillary Clinton mistakes of this election cycle.

And finally, welcome back Barack Obama criminal pal Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

Yes, Barack’s criminal pal is back. Rezko is now in a half-way house. Not the house Obama got bribed with nor the house Obama bribed Rezko with. Nor the house with the freezing tenants. No. A half-way house. Welcome back Tony.

We hope Rezko is remembered by every candidate for president in 2016.

Now, let’s discuss the candidate that might discuss Rezko – The Donald.

We’re reading leftist websites and Republican/conservative websites. They’re all hair afire over The Donald. At Republican establishment hating Ace of Spades there is a long and convoluted article about the class war within the GOP over The Donald. At HotAir and other RINOish Republican/conservative websites the attacks against Donald Trump come in, like diarrhea attacks, regularly. The attacks are mostly about how Donald Trump is not really a conservative, has donated to Hillary and Harry Reid in the past, and that he is all about publicity and will soon leave the race after teasing GOP voters and leaving them high and dry – having wrecked the Republican establishment strategy to cozy up to Latino voters and turn off the volume on talk about illegal immigration. Most frustrating to the RINOs are the comments sections which usually become cheering sections for Donald Trump even as the cheerleaders don’t exactly like The Donald.

On the Leftist totalitarian sites much of the same. The usual race-baiting “Trump is a racist” garbage is cheered on in the comments by the slack jawed yokels that regurgitate all that is ideologically fed them. The attacks against Trump on the leftist web sites are usually tinged with an odd class based attack against Trump for being kinda “low class”. On many of the anti-Trump attacks by the left French words, Latin words, high-brow intellectual terms are deployed to mock the cheesy The Donald. The attacks against Trump from the left range from snooty to snide.

On all the websites, Republican, conservative, leftist, and even moderate there is a mourning or celebration, depending on the political bias of the writer, that Donald Trump will ensure a victory for the Democratic nominee – especially if Donald Trump goes third party.

Every trick in the book is employed to destroy Donald Trump. The latest via Fox News is to force the candidates to file all required FEC documentation in order to participate in the August 6 debate. That’s already backfired because Donald Trump says he will file his documentation before August 6 – and because the ones that have problems with their papers are Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, George Pataki, and Rick Santorum.

Every opportunity to attack Donald Trump is taken. For instance, Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Arizona has drawn so many prospective attendees that it had to be moved to the very large Phoenix Convention Center. Enter Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona. McCain has denounced Trump and Jeff Flakey has demanded the Republican Party not endorse the Trump rally. Jeff Flakey has worked hand in glove with Barack Obama to pass illegal immigration amnesty and he is the one lecturing Trump on what constitutes a proper Republican/conservative. It’s like Obama lecturing Americans on what are American values.

Despite all these ideological attacks and corporate desponsorship attacks, and Big Media attacks, Donald Trump is growing in popularity with the voters. Why? We explain in simple English the Donald Trump mystique:


We’ve been warning about this for the longest time. In recent elections in so-called “democratic” countries – the voters are being ignored. In election after election, voters vote for an establishment political party – then once in power the political party they voted for stabs them in the back. Witness the 2014 elections in the United States in which the Republican Party won elections based on opposition to Barack Obama then once in cozy offices they pull out all the stops to assist Barack Obama to pass ObamaTrade. This happens over and over and over.

Eventually voters catch on and they decide to vote for the biggest motherf*cker around who will do what they want. The voters find themselves in a snake pit, surrounded by vipers, and they reach up to grab whatever stick is handed to them.

In Europe, extreme right wing parties increase in popularity. Why? Because the voters find themselves in a snake pit – betrayed by the political parties they vote for based on lies. Eventually the voters say “Fu*k you motherf*ckers, Fu*k you” and Marine Le Pen gathers strength in France, Denmark goes right wing, and the rallies in Germany grow and grow. In many of these cases the issue is immigration and illegal immigration.

The voters trapped in the snake pit learn. Voters lie to pollsters then because the voters see the polls as part of the establishment ruse to tar them as whatever the establishment is against. In Greece the polls showed a 50-50 race on last week’s referendum and instead the results were 60-40. In Israel, Netanyahu was slated to lose, Netanyahu won big. In Great Britain, the Tories were supposed to be wiped out, they won a shocking majority outright. In 2014 it happened in America. In 2016 watch out.

The voters are in a snake pit and Donald Trump is the stick they will use to beat back the vipers.

You don’t have to like Donald Trump to love Donald Trump. You can detest Donald Trump as crass and love the fact that he fights back and has the resources to fight back.

Donald Trump is the stick that hits. And voters trapped in the snake pit need a stick.

One last thing about Donald Trump and a potential third party run. We agree entirely with Trump that Ross Perot greatly hurt George H.W. Bush and aided Bill Clinton. The exit polls dispute this and most political pundits dispute this. But we agree with Trump on the Perot effect.

According to the exit polls, Ross Perot drew evenly from potential Clinton supporters and potential Bush supporters. We believe that it contrary to logic but even if true that does not change our opinion that Ross Perot hurt George H.W. Bush disproportionately and helped elect Bill Clinton. Why? Watch the debates from 1992 and you will see how Perot blasted George H.W. Bush at every turn. Every time Bush attacked Bill Clinton the wily Ross Perot blunted the attack and turned it around against Bush. Bush lost in 1992 in large part because of Ross Perot.

Now in 2016 the left and the right agree that Donald Trump will help the Democratic nominee. Well, it ain’t necessarily so.

Start from the irrefutable fact that if no presidential candidate in 2016 wins 270 electoral votes the next president is elected by the electoral college and that president will be a Republican.

Why? Because the Republicans control sufficient congressional delegations that this congress would elect a Republican. So picture a three party race (or more if Bernie Sanders decides to run as a Socialist if he loses the Dimocratic nomination). If Donald Trump runs third party and attacks strategically he could determine the winner.

Presume the race is between Hillary, Jeb!, and Trump. Trump could expend resources in states like New York and New Jersey designed to weaken Hillary if Trump wanted Jeb! to win. If Trump wanted Hillary to win Trump could devote resources to deny Florida and Colorado to Jeb. Of course, Trump could weaken both candidates in enough states to cobble together a 270 vote majority. Likely? Not really. But what if Trump decided to destroy Jeb! such that by the time the election came around the race would be between Trump and Hillary. Is any of this possible? Consider 1992 when Ross Perot led the field. And Perot was neither as well known, as media savvy, as rich, as well organized, as Donald Trump.

Having explained the Donald Trump mystique and debunked certain assumptions we’ve sort of dug ourselves a pretty big hole. So we’ll rush through our remaining explanations.

Let’s talk Hillary Clinton emails. Once again, the left and the right miss the singular glaring obviousness of this so-called “scandal”. What was Hillary up to? Why did Hillary do what she did?

Why’d ya do it, Hillary? Simple explanation: the internal war against Obama.

The war between Obama and Hillary is a topic we’ve long discussed. The email “scandal” merely confirms what we have written. Barack Obama demanded Sidney Blumenthal have nothing to do with Hillary at the State Department. Hillary told Barack “Fu*k you” and talked with Blumenthal all the time. David Axelrod begged for Hillary’s email address. Hillary aides huddled about what to tell Whimpy. Obama double agent Rahm Emanuel had to beg for Hillary’s email address too. The top Obama henchmen at the White House were seen by Hillary as enemies that did not deserve her email. But Lynn Forester de Rothschild whom we enjoy watching as she mocks and slaps Barack Obama had Hillary’s email and helped Hillary with interviews. Go Lynn! Make the DailyKooks who demand Hillary run away from you, weep.

Behind the scenes Hillary can’t stand Obama and Obama can’t stand Hillary. But foolishly Hillary in public increasingly intends to run a disastrous campaign for Obama’s third term. It’s mistake #1 for Hillary2016

Hillary2016 mistake #2? Hillary Clinton became a shield-maiden. In 2014 we issued a warning to Hillary about the dangers of becoming a shield-maiden:

These Obama cultists wanted and to a large extent got Hillary to immolate herself in 2014. Now these Obama cultists want Hillary to take on some of the Obama stink on the elections. These Obama cultists want Hillary to fight the Republican congress for two years and be a human shield for Barack Obama.

We’ve written variations of the above for a long time now. We’ll make it very very clear once again: Obama loyalists wanted Hillary Clinton to announce early because then Hillary would be under attack and Obama would be protected. Have we been right?

Barack Obama’s poll numbers have been rising. This rise is not enough to assist the 2016 nominee, whoever that is. But the rise buoys the dunderhead in the White House. Obama’s rise in the polls is not due to anything he has done. Obama’s rise in the polls is because the Shield Maiden of Chappaqua now takes all the spears and hits while Barack profits and parties.

Need we explain more to Hillary2016?


Jackpot!!! Donald Trump Cards – Illegal Immigration, China, And #NYSE

Update II: YouGov poll: Trump now leads GOP field nationally with 15%. No surprise. As we wrote, Trump speaks English and every other candidate speaks a dialect of Mush. Why is Trump trumping the field?:

The base wants a fight and Donald Trump gives them that fight.

Third, the Washington Establishment treats its base with utter contempt and Trump is doing a one-man road show to tell the base he not only understands their concerns, but shares them.

So here is a hint for the other men and women running for President. If you want to tap into what Trump is getting, you do not have to be bombastic. You do not have to resort to hyperbole with every statement. But you do have to do something Republican candidates are loathe to do. You have to run against the Republican Party.

That is, frankly, why Trump is doing so well. Republicans in Washington look at polling that shows how they are disliked and their advisors whisper in their ears that they need to be more like Barack Obama. Actually, conservatives hate the Washington GOP more than Democrats hate the Washington GOP. Further, conservatives see too many self-styled conservatives go to Washington and puke all over themselves getting along with the other side.

Hillary Clinton also needs to look in the mirror. “She has to run as Hillary Clinton, not some new creation that a bunch of thirty-something operatives put together as a poli-sci project.“ Hillary needs to run against Obama and against the Obama Dimocrat Party. The establishments of both parties have failed and the voters of both parties know it. “Establishment” candidates deserve to lose and will lose.


Update: Trump: I’ll win the Latino vote if I’m nominated. We doubt that statement from Trump will come to pass. But this is something rarely seen these days: genuine confidence. It’s the confidence of a top negotiator businessman. It’s not the phony “yes, we can” of a poll tested Obama. It’s not the mopey resignation of a Mitt Romney who wimped out on striving to get the votes of 47% of the population.

Trump is in all likelihood deluded if he believes he’ll turn around the Latino demographic in his favor. But his claim is certainly better than “I’m gonna lose votes by telling the truth.” Much better is “I’ll tell the truth and phrase it the way I want to, in clear English, and still people will vote for me even if they don’t like what I say.” Or is it “Legal immigrants to this country, even Mexican immigrants, agree with me against illegal immigration and they will reward me with votes.” Whichever it is, Trump is not the mope Mitt Romney was/is.

GOP establishment will ramp up attacks against Trump in 3… 2…. 1 as they read Poll: Donald Trump Leads GOP Field in North Carolina.


How lucky can one man get? Donald Trump has hit roulette gold while pulling the levers on the slots and hitting the Bing! in Bingo. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

We know. Trump made his own luck. But what luck. Consider that every issue Donald Trump chose to emphasize in this supposed presidential run is now top on the marquee of issues. Even that bit about “supposed presidential run” works in Trump’s favor because the less seriously he’s taken by the Republican establishment and Big Media the closer he’s hugged by the American voter.

What do we mean? Donald Trump hit illegal immigration and Mexico hard in his presidential announcement. The result? Companies like Macy’s and Univision dumped their business relationship with The Donald. Trump can now claim (and he already made the claim) he has lost money for defending America against the machinations of the Mexican government.

Into this controversy walked in the controversial Anne Coulter. Coulter noted that American blacks are most hurt by illegal immigration (we made that claim a while back ourselves) and that Trump should speak to black Americans about the damage illegal immigration has done to the black community.

This swirling mass of controversy led to more controversy as several Republican candidates (and Hillary Clinton) attacked Donald Trump for his views. To Donald Trump’s rescue came certain illegal immigrants.

These illegal immigrants that came to the rescue of Donald Trump? Murderers. Which led to this bit of news from a black American:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘My son was murdered by a Mexican illegal immigrant, just like Kathryn Steinle – it’s time people listened to Trump,’ says mother of gunned-down teenage football star

Jamiel Shaw was murdered in 2008 in Los Angeles by a gang member who should not have been in the country
Brilliant high school footballer was shot twice by Pedro Espinoza because he thought 17-year-old’s red backpack was sign he was in rival gang
Espinoza was freed from four-month sentence day before murder even though he was wanted for deportation
Anita Shaw, an Army sergeant says death of Kathryn Steinle, who was allegedly murdered at random by illegal immigrant, speaks of anger
She tells Daily Mail Online: ‘It makes me angry. Donald Trump, he’s trying to do something, and they’re trying to shut him down.’

The mother of a teenage boy gunned down by an illegal Mexican immigrant in strikingly similar circumstances to how Kathryn Steinle died, has backed Presidential hopeful Donald Trump to ‘close our borders’.

Anita Shaw, whose 17-year-old boy Jamiel Jr was murdered by gang member Pedro Espinoza in Los Angeles in 2008, says she is ‘angry’ at the current immigration policy.

She told Daily Mail Online: ‘It makes me sad, it makes me angry, it makes me frustrated.

‘It’s amazing to me that the same incident is still going on today. It’s like, when will the public wake up and do something.

‘And this guy who is running for President, Donald Trump, he’s trying to do something and they’re trying to shut him down.

“Donald Trump, he’s trying to do something, and they’re trying to shut him down” says a black American mother mourning the death of her 17 year old son. Not to be crass, but this is big news for Donald Trump and we have no doubt this black mother’s lament will be heard on August 6 when Republican candidates for president debate.

To be even more crass, liberal San Francisco, sanctuary city that it is, also helps Donald Trump with this outrage:

The case has echoes of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle’s death in San Francisco because suspected killer Francisco Sanchez, 45, was deported five times before he allegedly struck. [snip]

But when he was arrested over marijuana four months ago in San Francisco he was let go, in accordance with city policy designed to give ‘sanctuary’ to undocumented migrants.

Anita, 50, who was serving with the U.S. Army in Iraq when she was told of her eldest son’s death, said: ‘I still don’t understand why it happened, just like what happened in San Francisco, why wasn’t this guy deported after he was released from prison. ‘Sanctuary City’, that’s crazy.

‘When I heard about the girl in San Francisco, I said, ‘oh no, not again’, she was so pretty and so young and to be with her father and her brother when it happened, just enjoying her day, and then all of a sudden no more.’

To be crass and gross, this helps Donald Trump. Here’s some more from the mother who served the country in Iraq:

I remember crying a lot when I was told about Jamiel because I was still in Iraq,’ she said.

‘I was screaming and crying, I wanted to help find the guy, but I felt completely helpless.

‘And then when I found out he was an illegal alien, I felt everyone was trying to keep it quiet, I felt like because he was an illegal alien it was alright that he killed my son.

‘It felt like an American citizen living in the United States is not worth anything, but my son was worth something.’

Los Angeles police officials described the killing as random and senseless – Jamiel was unarmed and had no gang ties.

Espinoza had killed a youth who had been doing everything right in his life – from studying hard to never missing church.

He was also a talented football player inspiring the Los Angeles High Romans to the 2007 Southern League title.

Picture a Trump campaign commercial featuring this black woman solider mourning her son’s death at the hands of an illegal immigrant and then tell us Trump has no chance of getting black votes.

Donald Trump’s anti illegal immigration crusade has lots of ammunition:

A federal judge up in arms about non-compliance with a court order blocking President Barack Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration is demanding that Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and four other top immigration enforcement officials appear in a Brownsville, Texas, courtroom next month to explain why they should not be held in contempt of court.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen issued an order Tuesday afternoon requring the five officials to show up for a hearing Aug. 19.

The Republican Party establishment and Big Media are more concerned about political calculations regarding the Latino vote and not worried at all about telling the truth to the American voter. Maybe the truth might lure the Latino vote, as The Donald crows.

But it is not just on murderous illegal immigration issues that Donald Trump scores a jackpot.

Donald Trump is a proud bombastic billionaire businessman. What is the big story this week? Last week? And next week? And next month?

The big headlines are all business related issues. The Greek drama. The China meltdown:

The really worrying financial crisis is happening in China, not Greece
China looks like it is heading for its version of the 1929 stock market crash [snip]

n any normal summer, a 30pc fall in the Chinese stock market – a loss of value roughly equivalent to the UK’s entire economic output last year – after an ascent which had seen share prices more than double within the space of a year would have been front page news across the globe.

The dramatic series of government interventions to stem the panic – hitherto unsuccessful, it should be added – would similarly have been up there at the top of the news agenda. Yet the pantomime of the Greek debt talks, together with the tragi-comedy of will they, won’t they leave the euro, has relegated the story to little more than a footnote – even though 940 companies, more than a third, have now suspended trading on China’s two main indices.

The parallels with 1929 are, on the face of it, uncanny.

Throw in the Puerto Rico disaster and the Illinois disaster and a businessman in charge might hold the trump cards in 2016. Today’s yet unexplained and very bizarre New York Stock Exchange shutdown leads to further jitters and a “is anyone in charge” fear that leads to “let’s put someone in charge and why not a businessman?”

And if the Republican Party persists in Trump bashing, the door Donald Trump opened to a third party run might swing and hit them in their Beiber butts.


Horrible Week For #Hillary2016 Due To Horrible Month For Barack Obama – And Where In Hell Is Michelle?

NBC dumps Trump for “derogatory” comments about immigrants. Big winner? Donald J. Trump. For other Republican candidates this is not good news. For Hillary2016 this is not going to be good news either as Americans see the danger of corporations and government united to suppress anything but politically correct speech. For Hillary2016 it is going to get much worse.

We warned this was not a time to stand near the stink. #Hillary2016 had a horrible week due to the horrible month for Barack Obama. But Big Media of course believes Barack Obama is having a great June and that last week was a great week for Barack Obama:

After momentous week, Obama’s presidency is reborn

He sang. He wept. He cheered. And many say they finally saw the man who inspired them in ’08.

What were the Obama Hopium Guzzlers happy about? Nine black Christians got killed in Obama’s post-racial presidency seems to be the answer. What else can it be?

Remember Obama was going to “turn the page” on all those pesky issues from the 1960s? How is that going? Every Obama promise from 2008 has blown up in the faces of his most fervent worshipers.

The black community? Oh they’re having a great time in this post racial presidency. Unemployment, riots, racial strife, killings, only #BlackLivesMatter ’cause you can’t say #AllLivesMatter lest you be seen as a racist. Yeah, bringing down the Confederate flag will be as good for the black community as electing Barack Obama. Meanwhile as Barack sings and sways where is Michelle Obama? Haven’t nine black Christians been slaughtered? In what cavern in Hell is Michelle Obama?

Like a freshly minted whore taking her first stroll down her street Michelle Obama has been on vacation on the taxpayer dime. Yeah, that killing of Christians, Christians in America, not the many Muslim countries where Christians are regularly killed, so convulsed the nation that Barack did Marvin Gaye and Michelle continued to vacation. Don’t worry black people Michelle Obama really really cared but stayed on vacation.

Maybe the Hopium Guzzlers are happy because of the Obama win on ObamaTrade? The party was against ObamaTrade and Obama sided with Republicans to pass ObamaTrade. Maybe the Hopium Guzzlers applauded that stab in the back so deftly administered by Barack Obama of Chicago.

Maybe the gay marriage decision victory on Friday is the cause for the “reborn” HOPE of 2008? Barack had colored lights deface the White House to celebrate and thereby “pass” as if he was a gay marriage or gay rights supporter all along and responsible for the gay marriage result. Where was Donnie McClurkin gay bashing and singing along with Barack as in the glory days of 2008? In 2008 Obama made other promises and commitments on gay marriage:

State law? Not in the Constitution? God’s in the mix? 2008 reborn?

Maybe on Friday Barack Hussein Obama was celebrating his other great promise of 2008. In 2008 Obama said the “Muslim World” was his buddy and he would make Americans and Muslims BFFs. All America got from the “Muslim world” has been more terrorism and more hate along with Christians and Jews killed. On Friday the “Muslim World” also celebrated on gay rights:

ISIS Celebrates Gay Love by Tossing 4 Gays from Roof of Building

ISIS celebrated gay love today by tossing four more gays from top of a highrise.

Of course a crowd gathered below to watch the execution.

Several Islamists tweeted out #LoveWins – the same hashtag that was used today after the Supreme Court ruling.

Of course this wasn’t the first time…
A massive crowd assembled to watch ISIS rebels throw another gay man off a building top earlier this month.

Hundreds of spectators came out to watch the brutal public execution.

It looks like they drove their cars to the execution!

They hung the man from his feet and then let him drop!

The execution was most likely filmed in Nineveh Province where the Islamists have murdered several gay men.

ISIS is reportedly using “flirting squads” to single out gay men for trial and execution in the Caliphate.

The Islamic State has posted several public executions of gay men online.
ISIS released photos and video of Islamists throwing two men off a rooftop in January.

Video HERE.

The Obama presidency “reborn” propagandists at Politico somehow forgot that June has 30 days. On Monday, like Michelle in front of a mirror, the sh*t hit the fan.

On Friday the China stock market hit the skids. On Monday the China skid accelerated. Today, China stocks free fall into a bear market reports CNN. China is kind of a big country so…. the worst is yet to come.

On Monday Greece hit the grease on it’s downward slide too having elected their very own Obama. The banks are closed. The stock market is closed. The mess will only get worse and it is damn bad now.

As the American markets slide several hundred points the questions on many minds are all about Italy, Portugal, and Spain along with the entire Eurozone. Europe should not feel lonely.

On Monday Puerto Rico went the way of a greased Greece down the tubes:

Puerto Rico’s Governor Says Island’s Debts Are ‘Not Payable’

Puerto Rico’s governor, saying he needs to pull the island out of a “death spiral,” has concluded that the commonwealth cannot pay its roughly $72 billion in debts, an admission that will probably have wide-reaching financial repercussions. [snip]

A broad restructuring by Puerto Rico sets the stage for an unprecedented test of the United States municipal bond market, which cities and states rely on to pay for their most basic needs, like road construction and public hospitals.

That market has already been shaken by municipal bankruptcies in Detroit; Stockton, Calif.; and elsewhere, which undercut assumptions that local governments in the United States would always pay back their debt. [snip]

Its call for debt relief on such a vast scale could raise borrowing costs for other local governments as investors become more wary of lending.

Perhaps more important, much of Puerto Rico’s debt is widely held by individual investors on the United States mainland, in mutual funds or other investment accounts, and they may not be aware of it.

Puerto Rico, as a commonwealth, does not have the option of bankruptcy. A default on its debts would most likely leave the island, its creditors and its residents in a legal and financial limbo that, like the debt crisis in Greece, could take years to sort out.

The bottom line on all this economic world-wide horror is that it is going to get much worse because:

The world is defenceless against the next financial crisis, warns BIS
Monetary policymakers have run out of room to fight the next crisis with interest rates unable to go lower, the BIS warns

The world will be unable to fight the next global financial crash as central banks have used up their ammunition trying to tackle the last crises, the Bank of International Settlements has warned.

The so-called central bank of central banks launched a scatching critique of global monetary policy in its annual report. The BIS claimed that central banks have backed themselves into a corner after repeatedly cutting interest rates to shore up their economies.

These low interest rates have in turn fuelled economic booms, encouraging excessive risk taking. Booms have then turned to busts, which policymakers have responded to with even lower rates.

Thanks Obama. You’ve been a real world leader when it comes to economic malfeasance.

On Monday “The Supreme Court Case That Could Upend Obama’s Climate Agenda” did just that. Remember, Obama’s Second Term Is All About Climate Change is what we were told by the Obama apologists.

Also on Monday, Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktats hit the greasy skids:

Two judges who dealt a significant blow to President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration last month will again play key roles in deciding whether the controversial programs are legally sound.

Fifth Circuit Court Judges Jennifer Walker Elrod and Jerry Smith, both Republican appointees, in May ruled against the Obama administration’s request to proceed with the executive actions — which would protect more than 4 million immigrants here illegally from being deported — while the larger case on the legal merits of the new programs winds through the courts.

And on July 10, they’ll both again hear arguments from Justice Department lawyers and officials from more than two dozen GOP-led states who have sued to stop the immigration actions, when the Fifth Circuit takes up the broader legal case.

June is not over yet. On the last day of June expect the Obama “O-bomb to Iran” talks to explode as well. All the rationales posited by the incompetent, treacherous boob Barack Obama have blown up like a Bikini atoll nuclear test. Still Barack Obama is not done helping Iran get a nuclear bomb. Barack Obama is not yet done nuking America.

This all spells disaster for #Hillary2016. We warned years ago that Hillary2016 needed to become a “time for a change” campaign. Instead Hillary2016 has tied itself to Barack Obama. The consequences of such a catastrophic decision begin to be seen by all but the blind.

ObamaCare is a healthcare disaster as well as an economic disaster. The ObamaCare “victory” of last week means an economic catastrophe for Hillary2016:

The economics of Obamacare are very bad. The law is inflicting broad damage on job creation and new business formation. It ruins job incentives by making it pay more not to work, thereby intensifying a labor shortage that is holding back growth and in turn lowering incomes and spending.

And across-the-board Obamacare tax increases are inflicting heavy punishment on investment — right when the U.S. economy desperately needs more capital as a way of solving a steep productivity decline.

Because of Obamacare, there’s an additional 0.9 percent Medicare tax on salaries and self-employment income, a 3.8 percent tax increase on capital gains and dividends, a cap on health care flexible spending accounts, a higher threshold for itemized medical expense deductions, and a stiff penalty on employer reimbursements for individual employee health policy premiums.

Each of these tax hikes is anti-growth and anti-job.

There is so much talk about “secular stagnation,” inequality and stagnant wages these days. But there’s little talk about the negative economic impact of Obamacare. It’s a much bigger story than SCOTUS jurisprudence.

The worst is yet to come. Yet now Hillary2016 has tied itself, like Captain Ahab, to that Moby Dick.

Only 1 poll out of 189 has ever shown ObamaCare to be anything but a hated law. Now every health insurance disaster will be blamed on ObamaCare and Hillary2016 will be tied to that stink. In an attempt to make excuses for ObamaCare the ObamaCare lovin’ Huff n’ Puff Post tried to explain why ObamaCare is a bomb:

But the debate over President Barack Obama’s controversial health care law is likely to continue no matter how the justices rule. And one reason is that Americans, on the whole, remain deeply ambivalent about it.

While the popularity of “Obamacare” has fluctuated a bit in the five-plus years since it became law, the amazing thing is how little public opinion has changed. [snip]

The best guess is that people are holding the law responsible for all of the problems of the health care system — including those like rising deductibles, narrowing hospital networks, or even long waits at the doctor’s office that most experts believe have little or nothing to do with the law itself.

Opinion on ObamaCare is hardly “ambivalent”. ObamaCare indeed, contra what those ObamaCare pimps try to excuse, is responsible for making the heath insurance markets a bigger mess than ever. Both ObamaCare supporters and ObamaCare critics (who knew ObamaCare would be a disaster) all agree that the American “people are holding the law responsible for all the problems of the health care system”. And guess who is now left holding the bag full of sh*t? Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016.

On last week’s Supreme Court gay marriage decision, Hillary2016 is also in a mess. Consider, both on ObamaCare and gay marriage – the very two reasons Politico considers the Obama presidency “reborn” – Hillary gets a bag stuffed with sh*t and no benefits. Why?

The political reality for Hillary2016 is that on neither gay marriage nor ObamaCare does Hillary2016 profit. In fact on gay marriage and ObamaCare Hillary2016 gets deeper in sh*t. That’s because on neither of these issues does Hillary2016 get increased enthusiasm or greater support. For those supporters of gay marriage as their #1 issue it’s effectively over and they still might vote for Hillary2016 but it is a less urgent matter. Probably zero gay marriage supporters will change against Hillary2016 to pro-Hillary2016 based on this issue. On ObamaCare, few people will say “now that ObamaCare is upheld I will vote for Hillary.” Quite the contrary.

The political reality for Hillary2016 is that last week was GOP turnout-palooza. Those that oppose gay marriage are now ready to vote with a vengeance in 2016 against Hillary2016.

It gets worse on the issue of the Confederate flag for Hillary2016. As has been reported repeatedly people are lying to pollsters because they don’t want to be attacked for politically incorrect views. But then when they get to the polling booth they express themselves with alacrity. Guess what those who want to celebrate Southern traditions and wave the Confederate flag will do in 2016. They will emit politically correct sounds now but in 2016, watch out. Here comes Denmark, and Great Britain, and GOP 2014.

At one point Hillary2016 could have gotten white working class votes. As the Confederate flag goes down, so do Hillary’s chances with the white working class constituencies in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, and many others. In some of these states Hillary2016 had no real chance anyway but that Florida panhandle area right next to Georgia will harbor grudges as they persist waving the Confederate flag.

All the Obama economic contagion? Guess who will pay the price?

It’s been a horrible month for Barack Obama and it’s not over yet. For Hillary2016 the tsunami waves from that sinking presidency threaten to sink it as well.


Donald Trump Points ObamaTrade Gun At Ted Cruz’ Head – For Rubio-Like Behavior

Update III: Resistance is futile: Trump now second behind Jeb Bush in New Hampshire. Wait until August 6 when Trump goes after Common Core Jeb? and amnesty shill Marco. It’s not the first poll in 2015 with The Donald in a strong position and it won’t be the last (picture the polls post August 6).

The hate against Donald Trump is strong and will get worse from the Republican activist base and Big Media. The bet from that odd lot is that Trump will run away from the fight or never really run because he is a “clown,” a “nut,” and only worthy of the insults by these over-educated dopes. That childish hatred will only help Donald Trump.

As we wrote when he announced, Trump’s great strength is he speaks English, not the language of mush. Trump will not pull other candidates to the “left” or the “right” as most “protest” candidates do. Trump will force Republicans to speak in clear, understandable English. That alone will be a revolutionary achievement.

A smart Trump hater asks: What might we learn from listening to Trump? Um, learn what Trump understands. Because It’s not clear most of the rest of the field does. A little touch of Trump in the rhetoric, the attitude, the bearing of the other Republican candidates could go a long way….


Update II: ObamaTrade just became a big 2016 campaign issue. Bernie Sanders will beat up Hillary2016 for insufficient anti-ObamaTrade talk. Marco Rubio now adds ObamaTrade besides illegal immigration amnesty to the Donald Trump/Cruz/Paul armory of weapons against Rubio2016.

In the general election Hillary2016 will beat up on the Republican nominee with the very verbiage Sanders will beat her with during the primaries. Any wonder that the GOP is known by many as the “Stupid” Party? The GOP just handed Obama a victory and Hillary2016 an issue.

BTW, Trump surges in New Hampshire. Trump is in second place.


Update: Obama twisting Senate Dem arms for TPA test vote today as Cruz switches to No. Our article was perfectly timed to awaken the smart Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio is isolated on ObamaTrade and will face-off against Trump and Paul on August 6 – as Ted Cruz is now a “NObamaTrade” vote:

Exclusive — Ted Cruz: Obamatrade Enmeshed in Corrupt, Backroom Dealings [snip]

The American people do not trust President Obama. And they do not trust Republican leadership in Congress. And the reason is simple: for far too long, politicians in Washington have not told the truth. [snip]

As a general matter, I agree (as did Ronald Reagan) that free trade is good for America; when we open up foreign markets, it helps American farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers.

But TPA in this Congress has become enmeshed in corrupt Washington backroom deal-making, along with serious concerns that it would open up the potential for sweeping changes in our laws that trade agreements typically do not include.

Since the Senate first voted on TPA, there have been two material changes.

First, WikiLeaks subsequently revealed new troubling information regarding the Trade in Services Agreement, or TiSA, one of the trade deals being negotiated by Obama.

Despite the administration’s public assurances that it was not negotiating on immigration, several chapters of the TiSA draft posted online explicitly contained potential changes in federal immigration law. TPA would cover TiSA, and therefore these changes would presumably be subject to fast-track. [snip]

Why does Republican Leadership always give in to the Democrats? Why does Leadership always disregard the promises made to the conservative grassroots?

Enough is enough. I cannot vote for TPA unless McConnell and Boehner both commit publicly to allow the Ex-Im Bank to expire—and stay expired. And, Congress must also pass the Cruz-Sessions amendments to TPA to ensure that no trade agreement can try to back-door changes to our immigration laws. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to vote no.

There’s too much corporate welfare, too much cronyism and corrupt dealmaking, by the Washington cartel. For too long, career politicians in both parties have supported government of the lobbyist, by the lobbyist, and for the lobbyist – at the expense of the taxpayers. It’s a time for truth. And a time to honor our commitments to the voters.

Well said Senator Cruz, well said. We can see the change in tone already now that Donald Trump is in the race (as Donald Trump hater William Kristol advises in A Little Touch Of Trump).

One more thing for Senator Cruz and all presidential candidates to consider: don’t put snippy people on the phones to represent you. Yesterday, one of our commenters called the Cruz senate office in opposition to ObamaTrade and was met with a snarl. Nasty people on phones do not help the candidate. The person on the phone is the first contact most have with a candidate/elected official. If public opinion is not appreciated by a staffer get them off the phones.


AP photog has some fun pretending a gun’s pointed at Ted Cruz’s head. While many shout about this clear cut Big Media death wish against Ted Cruz and shouting “bias” they are missing the real powerful gun pointed at Ted Cruz’s head. The gun is held by Donald Trump.

Let’s sum it up in one concise SAT type critical reading statement for the very smart Ted Cruz: “ObamaTrade is to Ted Cruz as illegal immigration amnesty is to Marco Rubio.”

On August 6, at the very first Republican presidential candidates’ debate, watched by millions upon millions of Republican primary voters Donald Trump will attack any senator that votes for ObamaTrade. Any Republican senator that votes for more power for Barack Obama will hand Donald Trump the bullets for his Magnum.

Have we made it simple enough?

Any Republican senator running for president that votes for ObamaTrade thereby succoring Barack Obama will be on the Donald Trump target list.

Ted Cruz should visualize Donald Trump blasting Ted Cruz for being Obama’s chump at the August 6 Republican presidential debate.

Before Ted Cruz and other Republican senators vote to empower Barack Obama with a vote for ObamaTrade they should consider the ramifications both for the nation and also for their political careers:

Fast-Track, or Trade Promotion Authority, will receive a final cloture vote in the Senate on Tuesday morning. This is the bill that passed the House. If cloture is invoked, the bill will pass the Senate and go to the President’s desk.

More than four weeks have passed since the Senate first voted on whether to grant the Executive six years of fast-track authority. In that time, an enormous amount has been discovered about how the President plans to use this authority – information that was either not known or understood when the vote was held. This includes the Administration’s pledge to use the agreement to impose “environmental governance.”

It has become increasingly clear that the President’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is far more than a trade deal. It forms an enduring, self-governing political entity with vast regulatory power. Yet fast-track – which has led without fail to the adoption of every covered agreement since its inception – would rush it through with less legislative scrutiny than a Post Office reform bill.

Second chances do not come often. We now have new information and a new vote. [snip]

And the TPP is only the first agreement that would be fast-tracked. Not fully understood at the time of the prior Senate vote is that there are already three international pacts that would be put on a fast-track to adoption. In addition to the TPP are the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). Together they encompass three-fourths of the world economy, and up to ninety percent of the world economy when including countries whose membership is being courted. The same individuals encouraging us to leap into these binding global commitments could not even come close to predicting the outcome of our standalone agreement with South Korea which, contrary to promises, nearly doubled the trading deficit between our country and theirs.

The texts of TTIP and TiSA remain completely secret –unreviewable by lawmakers themselves – yet fast-track would authorize the Executive to sign them before Congress votes. Then the President would send Congress legislation to change U.S. law to comport with these new agreements, legislation which cannot be amended, which Senators cannot filibuster, cannot receive a two-thirds treaty vote, and cannot be debated for more than 20 hours. Again: no fast-tracked deal has ever been blocked.

We have recently discovered that the President’s trade representative, Michael Froman, has pledged no agreement will proceed without “environmental governance” provisions: [snip]

The Ways and Means Committee has also now conceded that, as an unprecedented “Living Agreement,” the union could change its structure, rules, regulations and enforcement mechanisms after final ratification – a dangerous and unjustifiable power. This international union would be able to make determinations impacting U.S. workers in not only trade but environmental, labor, immigration and commercial policy. [snip]

The transnational entities stitching these compacts together have always desired a governance structure outside the reach of the ordinary voter; as conservatives we should never rush into the unknown on the promise that utopia lies across the abyss.

Senator Jeff Sessions wrote the above. Expect Donald Trump, in articulate English, to use every letter, every word, every paragraph, of the Sessions article to blast supposed conservative Ted Cruz on August 6 along with any Republican senator that embraces Barack Obama and ObamaTrade.

If the Republican “leadership” in Congress believed that moving up the ObamaTrade vote to this week in order to minimize or soften the Donald Trump “searing truths” attack against ObamaTrade on August 6 they will be sorely disappointed.

Marco Rubio is still unforgiven by many for his illegal immigration support which many activists in the Republican Party termed “amnesty”. It has hurt Rubio but time has healed some of the hurt. Ted Cruz will be tempted to make the gamble that if Rubio was forgiven so will he. But Rubio’s “treason” on “amnesty” vote was in 2013. A Ted Cruz betrayal on ObamaTrade which empowers Barack Obama will be in 2015 and a few weeks from Judgement Day when he faces Donald Trump. Marco Rubio will also be vulnerable on ObamaTrade but his supporters are less likely to be persuadable Trump voters (and Trump’s attacks on Rubio will be “amnesty” based) so Trump will target Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz should not Marco Rubioize himself with a vote for ObamaTrade.


Donald Trump Announces – Displays His One Great Strength

Update: Quotes of the day on Donald Trump are surprising. As we’ve noted, the usually serene Dana Perino went berserk and continues her hysterics (first on The Five then on The Kelly File). We posted Rush Limbaugh laughing yet warning “This is gonna resonate.” Then there’s Sista Sarah Palin:

Mr. Trump should know he’s doing something right when the malcontents go ballistic in the press! There is no denying Donald J. Trump’s accomplishments and drive to create opportunity for every willing American to succeed. His own success is testament to the job-creating achievements made possible when one applies the courageous and tenacious pro-private sector precepts we need to fire up the economy. Trump joins a competitive field of GOP candidates that will duke it out in the arena of ideas and track records, a field representing diverse achievements.


Donald Trump has one great strength which was on ostentatious display today as he announced his 2016 presidential run in a TelePrompter-less 52 minute speech. Trump’s detractors call him a carnival barker full of hot air. It cannot be denied Trump is a vainglorious self-promoter whose favorite topic is himself and his successes as well as near constant name dropping.

We won’t quibble or deny any and all attacks against Donald Trump. Insult him all you want. We’ll declare Donald Trump a free fire zone. But Donald Trump has one great strength, one powerful asset, one Donald Trump Tower-sized magnificent ability: Donald Trump speaks English.

Donald Trump speaks English, not the mush-mouth mumbling of the political class which poses as a dialect of English. Donald Trump in his announcement speech used a word that few, make that zero, politicians use. Donald Trump used the word “stupid” to lambaste the stupid political class that rules our country like Soviet era Romania, and about as successfully.

It was not just that Donald Trump spoke English to deliver clear declarative declarations. Donald Trump was unashamed. Mitt Romney ran for president ashamed of his wealth and accomplishments. Donald Trump, like a sleazy storefront evangelist, boomed out his pride at being really really rich and promised to make America and Americans rich.

Donald Trump understands that Americans don’t want to be eating crumbs off the table of plutocrats and the political class. Trump infused the old stale bromide “the best social program is a job” with vitality and vigor. Trump told Americans not to be satisfied with government handouts but to glory in all the triumphalism of having a job that pays real money not just subsistence.

Here was Donald Trump, plutocrat and disjointed speech maker, the very very rich guy, denouncing the Republican Party leadership for ObamaTrade. It was not the first time Trump denounced Republican leadership and ObamaTrade.

China? Trump made it clear he loves China. Trump crowed that the biggest bank in the world, a Chinese bank, rents space at his garish Trump Tower.

Mexico and illegal immigrants? Trump almost declared war on Mexico and while acknowledging some illegal immigrants are good people, focused on the criminals and scoundrels that cross the border. The bombastic Trump even declared that as president he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico and that he would get Mexico to pay for building the wall.

As Trump swerved from topic to topic like a drunk in a bar, spitting out enough one liners to explode Twitter, he still managed to captivate. That suit he wore. It was perfectly matched red, white, blue, as the flags behind him. It was obvious marketing and very well done.

Jeb Bush? Donald Trump tore at Jeb? and all of Jeb”s greatest hits. Common Core? Trump burned the texts for Common Core. It will be, as Donald Trump himself blares, must see viewing, when the GOP candidates debate on August 6.

Like a winning horse at Belmont, Donald Trump understood that his opponent is not Hillary Clinton, but the horses on the track. First comes the Republican primary so Trump fired his blasts at the targets he must destroy to get the nomination.

Barack Obama? Trump understands that Barack Obama occupies the White House and therefore Donald Trump blasted at ObamaCare, ObamaTrade, and the other disasters of Barack Hussein Obama.

Will Donald Trump be the Republican nominee? We doubt it. But stranger things have happened.

We do know that Donald Trump’s voice will be destructive to the GOP but at the same time a voice that must be heard. Those that believe Donald Trump is a clown not worthy of attention or a bull in a china shop should realize that many Americans want a bull to cause some damage to our fragile teacup politicians and political system. Donald Trump should not be sold short:

In a new Bloomberg-St. Anselm poll of New Hampshire, Donald Trump is running in fifth place in the 2016 Republican presidential field. [snip]

In a WMUR Granite State New Hampshire poll taken a short time earlier, Trump again placed ahead of Huckabee, Carson, Perry, Santorum, Fiorina, Jindal, Kasich, and Graham.

In Iowa, Craig Robinson, a former state GOP official and founder of the Iowa Republican blog, recently published a piece headlined “It’s hard to ignore Trump when he’s doing all the right things.” “Trump has spent more time in Iowa this year than Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie combined,” Robinson noted, “and he has more trips to Iowa already scheduled.”

To some Iowa Republicans, Trump’s hiring of the respected veteran GOP operative Chuck Laudner — last seen guiding Rick Santorum to a hard-won caucus victory in 2012 — is a sign Trump is serious about the possibility of running for president. Laudner has, in turn, hired three staff members — at this stage in Iowa, that’s a fairly substantial campaign. Trump is running a smart operation, Robinson notes, and seeing encouraging early signs:

He addressed a crowd of over 500 at Simpson College in Indianola, and last week, he had a crowd of over 800 at Wartburg College in Waverly. In addition to college stops, Trump has been headlining fundraising events for Republican candidates and organizations. Trump has done events for the Polk County Republican Party, state Sen. Jack Whitver, Secretary of State Paul Pate, and the Scott County GOP. In each instance, Trump has helped each draw impressive crowds.

In a recent conversation, Laudner gave the practical, insider’s view of what Robinson observed. “We signed up more people in Waverly last week than the rest of the candidates combined will see when they come to Bremer County,” Laudner told me. [snip]

The bottom line is, by the various measurements journalists use to evaluate campaigns — crowds, staff, money, candidate time on the ground — if the Trump campaign were being conducted by anyone else, journalists would take it quite seriously.

But virtually no one does. [snip]

On the other hand, amid all the showmanship, Trump went on to cover a number of issues — Iran, China, trade, national security, federal spending, global warming — in serious, albeit highly informal, ways that could connect with a substantial number of Republicans. By the end, Trump had delivered a lot of showbiz and a bit of substance in a mix that had the crowd on its feet.

What to make of it all? Here’s the important thing to remember about Trump, or any other political candidate, for that matter: Maybe you think he’s a clown. But some voters, perhaps a significant number of voters, take him seriously. They’re not dumb. So the question is, what concern of those voters, what need, is being addressed by Donald Trump?

Byron York additionally makes this smart observation, “he’s really running against the politics, and the politicians, of both parties. He’s presenting himself as the man who gets things done, party be damned — and the man who is so rich he won’t be beholden to any party boss or fat cat donor.”

It’s always dangerous when the political system and political leaders are so failed that citizens look for a straight talking man on horseback to rescue them or at the very least say what needs to be said. But that is where we are at.

Donald Trump’s voice is needed. Today, Donald Trump delivered.