#TrumpTrain Rolling, #Trump2016 On Track: The Brand New #StopTrump #NeverTrump Strategy To Destroy @RealDonaldTrump – Plus #Hillary2016 #TrumpTrap

A brand new strategy emerged this week in the efforts to Stop Trump. In a week filled with lots of battlefield feints, retreats, attacks, endorsements, resignation, triumphalism, victories, defeats, reports and smoke screens, those with discernment, who saw the rise of Donald Trump from the very beginning, now see a new framework emerge in the ancien régime’s battle against the revolutionary Donald J. Trump.

The new strategy is an old one. It is a variation of “if you can’t beat ’em, join them”. This new Stop Trump strategy is to accept Trump but reject “Trumpism”. Put another way, “if you can’t beat ’em, dilute ’em, absorb ’em when you join ’em”. The response to this latest strategy, one that Donald Trump appears to now embrace is: LET TRUMP BE TRUMP!

Way back in July 2015 we wrote “How To Destroy Donald Trump“. That article was a follow-up to our “How To Destroy Hillary Clinton” articles. We explained that we write these articles Because a word of warning, an ounce of prevention, can stave off disaster. Forewarned is forearmed.

In those articles we noted how #Hillary2016 has fallen headfirst from trap to trap as Hillary has ignored our analysis and lives in a world of delusion. #Hillary2016 is once again falling into a #TrumpTrap – but more on that later. For now, recall our “destroy Donald Trump” analysis: (1) Yeah, the only way to destroy Donald Trump is to steal his issues. But that is easier said than done because of the nature of Donald Trump’s main issue. That main issue that belongs exclusively to Donald J. Trump? From our July 2015 analysis: DONALD TRUMP’S MAIN ISSUE IS THE WHOREHOUSE CORRUPTION THAT IS WASHINGTON, THE POLITICAL CLASS, AND BIG MEDIA.

Today, with Donald J. Trump over 1,000 delegates (AP says it is 994), the Washington whorehouse corruption admits that Trump will be the GOP nominee because of the voters. The strategy now from the Washington whorehouse is to turn Trump into a whore just like them. It’s Trump without Trumpism.

Trump without Trumpism??? That’s the entire aim of the “be presidential” crowd. Big Media and the GOP establishment, they’ve been wrong about everything about Trump, but now they provide the “be presidential” poison in a chalice for Trump to drink.

The GOP establishment is now aware that Donald J. Trump will be their party nominee despite all their efforts:

With varying enthusiasm, GOP elites are accepting Trump as their nominee

Throughout the Republican Party, from New Hampshire to Florida to California, many leaders, operatives, donors and activists arrived this week at the conclusion they had been hoping to thwart or at least delay: Donald Trump will be their presidential nominee.

An aura of inevitability is now forming around the controversial mogul. Trump smothered his opponents in six straight primaries in the Northeast and vacuumed up more delegates than even the most generous predictions foresaw. He is gaining high-profile ­endorsements by the day — a legendary Indiana basketball coach Wednesday, two House committee chairmen Thursday. And his ­rivals, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, are making the kind of rushed tactical moves that signal desperation.

The party is at a turning point.

This is a revolutionary moment, as again we predicted. The ancien régime accepts that Donald J. Trump will be the 2016 GOP nominee. But the ancien régime wants Trump to be “presidential”. That’s another way of saying “Keep the body, lose the soul.”

Trump’s response today and for the past week has been a variation of “go to Hell GOP establishment!” Trump has repeated in speech after speech that he will not change his winning formula. Day after day Trump repeats “why change what’s working?” If you have a football team, and you’re winning, and then you get to the Super Bowl,” he said, “You don’t change your quarterback, right?

As eloquent as Trump has been with his “go to Hell GOP establishment” there is someone who has been even more eloquent. Bobby Knight. Bobby Knight made his grand declaration on behalf of Donald J. Trump in one of the many rallies he attended next to Donald Trump in Indiana:

You know, quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about the Republicans,” Knight said. “And then on the other hand, I don’t give a damn about the Democrats, either.” The “Republican” crowd cheers at the attack against the Republican Party. Bobby Knight in one quick sentence, presumably stated in front of thousands of Republicans, trumpeted the Trump message.

Bobby Knight’s startling statement recalls our analysis from September of 2015 when we wrote Yes, Donald Trump Does Destroy The GOP – Because Obama Destroyed The Dems. Only a fool in revolutionary America 2016 cares about the two main political whorehouses.

With all the above in mind, let’s take a quick look at the week’s back and forth.

We’ll start with Cruz/Carly. The announcement by Cruz of Carly Fiorina for his VP pick was a disaster. In 2012 we declared the death of the Romney campaign the moment he nominated Paul Ryan for his VP as a way to escape his troubles. Romney was under attack and he thought a VP announcement would change the topic from the attacks to the pick. It was a disaster for Romney. Ditto Cruz/Carly.

Not only was the Cruz Carly announcement a foolish attempt to escape bad headlines, the announcement itself was so amateurish, so church basement, so tiny, it had zero impact. Cruz, if he was so so desperate, should have made an announcement of an announcement. Announce that this Sunday he would make a big announcement then as the buildup failed, leak it was a VP announcement, to try to spark some interest. Instead, Cruz got nothing.

Why do we think Ted Cruz did what he did – that no one else sees? This, from April 4: Suzanne Jaworowski, who co-chaired GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s Indiana campaign, confirmed Monday to IndyStar that she’ll serve as Trump’s state director. Carly to counter Jaworowski. Why this small play? Cruz wants to continue to pretend that he has a chance to somehow magically win so he will do anything to continue the pretense and for that pretend game to continue Cruz must win Indiana. It’s over for Cruz, has been since South Carolina.

Trump will win in Indiana. Bobby Knight has the stature to bring more attention and votes to Trump than even the governor of the state. Knight has campaigned with Trump these past few days and will do the same in the next few days. As to that ridiculous “alliance” with Cruz/Kasich? It has backfired as we said it would and the only accomplishment of the “alliance” is open warfare of Cruz v. Kasich. The Governor Pence announcement today? It sounded more like an endorsement of Trump than of Cruz.

Cruz and Kasich fell into a trap of their own making. Hillary2016 continues to do the same. The hapless Hillary2016 campaign is falling into a tried and true Trump Trap. We’ve seen this so often we barely wake up now when it happens. Trump laid traps for Jeb!, Rand, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, and the rest of them and they all walked into the trap. Now it is Hillary’s turn to walk into the trap thinking it is a luxury hotel in California.

What is Trump up to with the attacks on Hillary and the “woman card”? Trump is laying a trap. Trump wants Hillary to attack him for “sexism” so he can drop the bomb. This happened once before and Hillary retreated wisely and swiftly. Now, Hillary is once again marching into the trap.

There is nothing wrong with Hillary2016 making the case that a woman in the White House as chief executive is a good idea. Barack Obama and his crooked campaign made the case that a black man as President would solve all sorts of problems, such as racial conflict at home and the Muslim hatred of America. None of that worked out well. Racial, ethnic, leadership qualities, whatever you want to tout as your qualifications is fair game. But watch out. Obama got away with his lies because neither Hillary, McCain, nor Romney called him out with thundering voice. Trump is no Hillary, McCain, or Romney. Trump has nuked his opponents and whoever that is this year better be very very careful.

The dolts in the Hillary Brooklyn hindquarters headquarters don’t see the trap Trump has laid out, so we will lay it out: Trump will effectively secure the GOP nomination when he wins in Indiana or California. Trump then (now is a bit too early so Trump is laying the groundwork as gently as he is capable of) wants to pivot to an all out attack on Hillary which will be in two main prongs. The first prong will be a blistering personal attack. That attack will come as Hillary walks into the “woman card” trap. Hillary2016 thinks it is clever with the “woman card” counterattack but that is exactly what Trump wants. At some point Hillary (or Bill, or her supporters) will overreach and call Trump “sexist”. That’s when Trump will pounce with talk about young women interns as cigar humidors and language never heard of before in a presidential campaign. As with the first time this Hillary overreach occurred, the Trump response will be ugly and brutal and much much more lurid than the first time.

The personal attack against Hillary will soon enough encompass not only Bill Clinton, it will reach out to Chelsea Clinton and her husband for their hedge fund history. Enough said? The GOP establishment like Hillary2016 does not see any of this coming because they have never understood what Trump is up to or how he arrives there with preparation.

The second prong of the Trump attack against Hillary2016 is the one we have been warning against for years now. “The Obama Third Term” attack against Hillary 2016. Trump this week began to use the phrase “Obama third term” which is no surprise. Hillary Clinton herself gleefully walked into this trap too.

That second line of attack is one that will be used against whoever the Democrats nominate. Trump will run against the “Obama third term” no matter who it is.

Whoever runs against Trump better be prepared against all of the above and two issues that merit their own separate articles. Trump’s speech on foreign policy and the latest Obama economy bad news got lost in the noise of the past week. But those were the important news items of the week.

Trump’s foreign policy and the rotted Obama economy are the twin fuels that drive the #TrumpTrain engine and lead to November 2016 for #Trump2016. The rest is mostly noise.


#GOPDebate 4: The Issue For @RealDonaldTrump Should Be ObamaTrade

Update: Will this be the The “everybody get Rubio” debate? The last date with Jeb debate? The get Ben Carson debate? Or as we advise the Donald Trump attacks ObamaTrade debate? Trump today released his trade plan so maybe we get our wish. It’s debate night so get ready for our snark in the comments.


The fourth GOP debate is the big one. The first debate was important because it was the opportunity for the GOP establishment to stop Donald J. Trump from getting on the stage. Once Trump got on the stage with senators and governors to debate, his biggest weakness (not considered a serious candidate) would be overcome. Trump triumphed.

The second debate was important because it was the last chance for the GOP establishment to finish off Donald J. Trump and bring back Bush. Trump triumphed.

The third debate turned into a mess due to Big Media moderators thinking they are the stars, not the candidates. Because the status quo was maintained, Trump triumphed.

The fourth GOP debate is the big one. It should be the moment when Trump crushes the opposition.

The fourth GOP debate will have the best moderators possible:

“My goal is to make myself invisible,” Cavuto, one of three moderators for the prime-time debate, said in an interview last week. “That I’m not the issue. … That we’re not the issue. The answers to what we’re raising become the issue.”

Bartiromo sounded a similar note: “After that [CNBC] debate, I realized, I knew my marching orders. It was clearer than ever what my marching orders are, and that is to help the viewer, help the voter better understand what each candidate’s plan is; is it a realistic plan, can it work and how is it different from the next guy or gal, and that’s what I plan to focus on.” [snip]

“This stuff in and of itself is riveting. People are tuning in for a reason. They’re engaged in this process, so you don’t have to sell it like some sort of TV drama; it writes itself,” Cavuto said. “So we should just make sure we’re being informative and people feel informed, and we’ll let chips fall where they may.”

And, in a veiled reference to the attacks on CNBC, he added, “Don’t trivialize this, don’t ‘gotcha’ this, don’t make this into something it’s not. It’s a debate on economic issues, it’s not ‘Access Hollywood.’”

Maria Bartoromo, and Neil Cavuto are knowledgeable financial types who draw out information from those they interview. On their financial shows the questions are focused and the answers allowed to be heard.

It’s not just the good moderators. Two additional process changes make the fourth GOP debate potentially the best. The first change is that there will only be eight candidates on the stage. The second change is that the candidates will have 90 seconds to respond.

Add to less candidates, best moderators, more time to respond to questions, the topic of the debate, and we have a potential best debate of the 2016 season.

Donald J. Trump should do very well and Trumpmania will continue. The economy is exactly the topic Trump should do well in. Trump has a detailed tax plan so if he can expound on that he will do well.

Trump also can turn every question on the economy into attacks against Obama and illegal immigration amnesty. Candidates such as Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush will have to defend themselves on the question of illegal immigration amnesty. Dr. Ben Carson has a lot to answer for on this issue as well. Ben Carson should also be questioned about his support for statehood for the bankrupt Puerto Rico.

Dr. Ben Carson has a lot of question to answer in the fourth debate. We don’t mean questions raised about his past dubious representations nor possible support of Obama and Al Sharpton which we consider sideshows.

Where Donald J. Trump can crush Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, if necessary Ted Cruz (although Cruz has backtracked on TPP), Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina, is on ObamaTrade:

“I think Trump’s strength in the Republican primary is in significant part due to his challenging of trade and the fact that he says we haven’t defended American interests effectively,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), whose conservative views on trade and immigration align with those of the billionaire mogul.

On ObamaTrade, Donald J. Trump stands alone:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Friday that he supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiated by the White House – aligning himself more with the GOP’s establishment wing than with the social conservatives who have powered his campaign.

Mr. Carson’s backing of the 12-nation Pacific trade deal places him at odds with Donald Trump, his chief rival for support among anti-establishment Republicans. Mr. Carson had expressed skepticism about the TPP, saying in a June interview with the Huffington Post that he would not give President Barack Obama “fast-track” authority to negotiate the deal.

Now, a day after the White House posted the text of the TPP deal online, Mr. Carson’s campaign said Friday that he supports the final product.

Mr. Carson, spokesman Doug Watts said, “believes the agreement does help to level the playing field in key markets and is important to improve our ties to trading partners in Asia as a counterbalance to China’s influence in the region.” Mr. Watts said Mr. Carson is “now inclined to support TPP, with reservations.”

The fourth GOP debate will be the last ditch attempt for a bunch of candidates to keep noses above water. Jeb Bush needs a blisteringly brilliant performance to avoid his fate as a Thanksgiving turkey. Rand Paul? Who cares? Paul will soon be begging for votes in Kentucky to keep his senate seat. Carly Fiorina? She has no rationale for running other than her silly presumption that Hillary Clinton is afraid of her. Kasich? If he dares to speak after the Trump thumping in the last debate we will be surprised – Kasich is going the way of Lehman Brothers.

The only candidates of significance left are Trump, Rubio, Carson, and Cruz. Now that he has joined with Trump in opposition to ObamaTrade, Cruz should survive the fourth debate. But Rubio and Carson? – two peas in a pod. Trump will have them for lunch.

At the fourth GOP debate, ObamaTrade should be front and center as the issue that separates the real candidates from the Obama collaborators.


#GOPDebate #3: Great News For @RealDonaldTrump On Polls And @RealBenCarson

Update: Open thread: The do-or-die debate; Update: Jeb to hit Rubio? CNBC Republican Presidential Debate – Live Stream Video Link and Open Discussion…. LIVE REACTIONS: CNBC “Main Stage” GOP Debate. With those links it looks like we won’t be the only ones watching while most Americans watch baseball. Here’s a livestream link:


Donald J. Trump is so smart it hurts. Trump jokes with Iowans about poll dip: “What the hell are you people doing to me?” More on why this is so smart in a moment.

First, let’s go to the Trump hate news. The #1 Trump hater in Big Media on the Right is probably Rick Wilson. In an attempt to insult Donald J. Trump the hatin’ Rick Wilson regurgitates an observation we made a while back:

Tonight’s debate will feature a number of real presidential contenders, and a greater number of people who should drop out already.

There are six candidates in the Republican primary who deserve to be there for various reasons. [snip]

Ben Carson, because he’s the superego of the GOP to Trump’s id, and while his “campaign” isn’t much to look at, he’s a safe harbor for a lot of GOP voters right now who are sick of D.C. but can’t go the full Trump. (And you never go full Trump.)

That is exactly the point we made about a month ago immediately before the second GOP debate:

Second, what explains Dr. Ben Carson’s rise in the polls? The main reason for the poll rise is that Carson is a pawn in the game. His job is to destroy Trump, then JeBush and the Republican establishment will crush Gentle Ben in an afternoon. But the main reason for the rise of Ben Carson is that he is a halfway house on the road to Donald Trump. For GOP voters that hate the Republican establishment but don’t like Donald Trump’s style or are not 100% sold on The Donald, they are for now parked in the Ben Carson lot but eventually they will find themselves in the Trump camp.

Think of Ben Carson as that starter home before you move on into the big mansion you always wanted. Or Call Ben Carson the gateway drug to the hard stuff. Or think of Ben Carson as the little rivulet that leads to that great wide ocean. Ben Carson is not the end of the road, not even the stopover on the road – Ben Carson is the road – to Donald J. Trump.

Edward Luce at the Financial Times apocalypticly calls it the “End of Days for Republican establishment”:

The two outsiders continue to take roughly half of the Republican field between them, leaving the other 14 candidates to fight over the scraps. [snip]

Mr Carson’s faith, and Mr Trump’s evident lack of piety, explain the former’s solid popularity in Iowa. According to surveys, more than a third of registered Iowa Republicans are born-again evangelicals.

New Hampshire is a different matter. Its Republican party tends to be more libertarian. The “Presbyterian” Mr Trump is still in the lead there.

But these are details. As the Republicans limber up for their third prime time debate on Wednesday evening, the rivalry that will rivet most viewers is between the only two men on stage who have never held elected office.

Opinion polls can no longer be dismissed as fleeting moods. Mr Trump has led the Republican field now for almost 130 days. It is all too easy to imagine him sustaining that lead in the remaining 96 days before the Iowa caucus.

Almost the same applies to Mr Carson, who has stayed in second place — and now first, according to one poll — for most of the past three months.

No other candidate, including Marco Rubio, the Florida senator, who many now see as the establishment’s only viable choice, has managed to sustain a showing in double digits.

Nor can the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire be overstated. As Alex Castellanos, a veteran Republican operative, has reminded his fellow establishmentarians, no Republican presidential nominee has ever taken the prize without winning one or other of the two early states.

Whatever fluidity there are in Iowa polls or even if the fluidity expands there is no doubt that Trump is still tops and likely to remain tops. Recent polls show Trump at 32% versus 18% for Carson with only Rubio barely into double digits at 11%:

Trump leads GOP nationally ahead of third debate

Most Republican voters want someone from outside of the political establishment to win their party’s nomination for the presidential election

Another new poll show Trump 14 points ahead of his nearest competitor (Trump at 35.6 percent, Carson 21.7%, Rubio 10.7%)

Why outsiders? Why is JeBush in such trouble? Why is the GOP establishment so despised? Consider Romney/Ryan 2012.

Today there was a vote in the Republican conference in the House and Paul Ryan received only 199 valid House votes. Ryan lost lots of votes and deserved to lose even more. Most politics watchers know that Paul Ryan is playing “good cop” to Boner’s “bad cop” in the latest budget deal GOP leaders have conspired with Barack Obama to pass. Young, attractive, Paul Ryan is not doing what the GOP voters want but he will play pretend along with other “leaders”.

Paul Ryan was the VP candidate to Mitt Romney. Romney lost to Obama as we warned (note our consistent remarks about Trump in 2012) in large part because with Romney’s history of RomneyCare the GOP lost their #1 issue, the battle against ObamaCare. Many thought we were unfair to Romney on RomneyCare/ObamaCare. But now Mitt Romney has made the point for us as only Willard Romney can:

Thomas G. Stemberg, who cofounded Staples Inc. and invented the office superstore, died Friday at his home in Chestnut Hill, two years after he was diagnosed with gastric cancer. [snip]

In 2012, Mr. Stemberg spoke at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, trumpeting his friend Romney’s contributions to his business dream.

Romney also credited Mr. Stemberg with persuading him to push for health care reform in Massachusetts when he was governor.

Romney recalled that shortly after he was elected, Mr. Stemberg asked him why he ran for governor. Romney said he wanted to help people, and Mr. Stemberg replied that if he really wanted to help, he should give everyone access to health care, which Romney said he hadn’t really considered before.

“Without Tom pushing it, I don’t think we would have had Romneycare,” Romney said. “Without Romneycare, I don’t think we would have Obamacare. So without Tom, a lot of people wouldn’t have health insurance.”

So after all the lies Willard Romney finally rats out the truth. Romney never attacked Obama on ObamaCare with vigor because Romney was the father of ObamaCare. Still Romney/Ryan danced and lied repeatedly in 2012 pretending they too hated ObamaCare. Romney/Ryan lied to the voters. That’s why the GOP establishment is in such vile repute.

Mitt Romney lies, Barack Obama lies, have led to Donald J. Trump. Trump hits hard against these liars. That’s why Trump is hated by the political establishments of Big Media and both political parties. The only ones that like Trump are the voters.

And what’s not to like about Trump? After a few days of stupefaction at the rise of Ben Carson in a few polls, Trump has recovered his stride. In Iowa Trump is having a blast and being super smart:

He could tear into Carson, which is risky given how well-liked Carson is. He could give up on the state and focus on New Hampshire instead, declaring Iowans a bunch of losers or whatever. Or he could do this, teasing them about his downturn and slyly goofing on his own image as a man who accepts nothing less than total victory when he competes. If I lose, he kids them, “I’ll never speak to you people again.” Nearly everything he says here, from harping on his own poll trouble lately to jokingly threatening to hold it against voters if they don’t support him, is unthinkable from a traditional politician. [snip]

In both cases, even at a moment when he’s at a disadvantage, Trump is shrewd enough to handle it in a way that reminds everyone how different he is from all of the polished Washington slicksters in the field. Then, to top it off, he showed the crowd that he’s not always in 24/7 blowhard mode by stepping down from the podium to speak to a wounded veteran face to face about the VA.

Trump, in the second video says if he wins Iowa he wins the nomination. He’s right. Can Trump win Iowa? You betcha:

Expanding the electorate to turn out the blue-collar Republicans who didn’t show up for Romney is indeed the way Trump wins, and his team knows it. That’s one thing to bear in mind with all polls going forward, especially polls of likely voters: Who is and isn’t a “likely voter” may be less certain this cycle because of Trump’s X factor. If he really is making strides in getting disaffected people to vote then all of the polls are understating his support.

In the third video, this is the introduction:

Donald Trump Offers to personally help Veteran at Sioux Iowa rally

Coleen Reich, a Sioux City retiree, said ahead of the event that she was unsure about Trump because of the negative reaction he showed to the poll results, saying it wasn’t presidential.

I don’t like his name calling,” she said. “We did that as children, but then we were taught better manners and we grew out of it.”

But after the event, she said with tears in her eyes that she was ready to vote for Trump because of his speech. She said her husband was a prisoner of war, and a moment in which Trump responded to a question from a disabled veteran moved her.

That veteran was having trouble getting an appointment through the Department of Veterans Affairs, a family member said. Trump asked them to write their information on a note card, and he would “pressure the VA like you wouldn’t believe” until the agency had solved the problem.

That’s smart communication from Trump. A (probably for Ben Carson) voter did not like Trump’s “name calling”. But after the event, “with tears in her eyes” the voter is, um, vote ready for Trump.

For the GOP debate(s) tonight (the losers at 6:00 p.m. ET, Trump and the rest at 8:00) on CNBC few questions remain. The one we think matters is “will anyone be watching?” The World Series, which we are told had an exciting game last night that almost never ended might take all the attention away from the debate.

The few of us watching the GOP debate will see John Kasich try to be his new angry self:

“I’ve about had it with these people,” Kasich said at the rally in Westerville, Ohio. “We got one candidate that says we ought to abolish Medicaid and Medicare. You ever heard of anything so crazy as that? Telling our people in this country who are seniors, who are about to be seniors that we’re going to abolish Medicaid and Medicare?”

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has acknowledged that he would like to gut Medicare.

Kasich went on, saying, “We got one person saying we ought to have a 10 percent flat tax that will drive up the deficit in this country by trillions of dollars” and there’s another challenger in the field who “says we ought to take 10 or 11 [million] people and pick them up — I don’t know where we’re going to go, their homes, their apartments — we’re going to pick them up and scream at them to get out of our country. That’s crazy. That is just crazy.

We hope Kasich attacks Trump, Carson, everyone. We will be amused. We expect lots and lots of fights:

So Cruz will now pump up his efforts with evangelicals in Iowa to try to go around Trump by beating Carson. JeBush will try to go around Trump by beating up Rubio. Rubio will get around Trump by outrunning JeBush as the tiger continues to chase them both.

So expect fights. The candidates need to attack each other to survive as Trump continues to romp. Trump will be under attack too probably by the Big Media “moderators”.

Carly “fizzles” Fiorina will be there. Rand Paul might be making his last appearance before he heads back to Kentucky. Ditto Chris Christie. The other losers like Huckabee and blah, blah, whoever will make appearances but no one will care. It’s outsider Trump and Carson on stage.

Jeb Bush? The guy who had this primary fixed for him? We wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to hoot like an owl.

We’ll be watching. Tonight. 8:00 p.m. ET. CNBC.


@RealDonaldTrump Just Won The Third GOP Debate – ‘Fizzles’ Fiorina Fumes

CNBC caves to demand from Trump and Carson, agrees to limit next GOP debate to two hours:

Or rather, CNBC caved to the demand from Trump. Carson co-signed the letter that Trump sent to the network, but it ain’t Dr. Ben who’s delivering an extra 10 million viewers or so to these things.

Pretty simple calculation for CNBC: Enjoy two hours of boffo ratings with Trump as your star or three hours of middling ratings for special guest star Jeb Bush. [snip]

Anyway: With 10 candidates on stage, figure a minute for each opening and closing statement plus 20 minutes for commercials each hour and you’ve got one hour of actual Q&A — which includes the time needed by the moderators to actually pose the questions. Not including their openings and closings, each candidate should end up with … four minutes of speaking time, maybe? Five?

Let’s be the first to say it: Ban these debates. All of them. The public gets nothing from these phony filled-with-baloney “debates”. What are these phony “debates” about? The public gets nothing by way of information from them, the candidates get “free” airtime, the TV station gets money from commercials. The public gets screwed. Find another format and get rid of these phony debates. We suggest gladiatorial spectacles as in ancient Rome with candidates physically assaulting each other.

Get rid of these phony debates. These debates all have an agenda and it is not an agenda for the voter to get informed. On the Republican side it is attacks on Trump all the time. It’s attempts to prop up little Jebbie Bush as his pawns try to take down Trump. On the Hillary side, there is no one for her to debate. Sanders and the rest of the Obama fluffers are not serious applicants even for a McDonalds’ janitorial management job let alone fit to be in any “debate” with the word “presidential” in the description. Get rid of these debates.

Maybe, if the Villages idiot – Mourning Joe Biden – decides to do as Obama wants and runs against Hillary then we can see one debate against these two. But then, basta! Enough! As to the Republicans, there is only Trump or Jeb Bush and the satire magazine The Onion provides the best commentary on JeBush:

Extension Cord On Stage Steals Spotlight From Jeb Bush During Campaign Rally

CONCORD, NH—Emphasizing the allure and appeal of the 30-foot length of electrical power cable that shared the stage with the former Florida governor, sources confirmed that an orange three-pronged extension cord completely stole the spotlight from Jeb Bush during a New Hampshire campaign rally Friday. “Jeb made some interesting points about the need to prioritize national security, but ultimately he was just completely overshadowed by the far more riveting extension cord running along the floor beside him,” said political pundit Chris Wallace, who acknowledged that attendees appeared more energized by the flexible orange cable taped to the stage and noted that the one-time GOP frontrunner repeatedly failed to connect with the audience as effectively as the cord. “Unfortunately for Jeb, no matter what he did throughout the night, he just looked bland and flat compared to that extension cord. He’s not going to want to bring that piece of electrical equipment with him to any more rallies if he wants voters’ attention to stay directed at him.” At press time, the Bush campaign team was rapidly assembling a focus group to learn how the candidate could be more like the extension cord.

Hillary Clinton is up against Bernie Sanders, a man about as interesting as an intermittently working light bulb. Donald Trump is up against a dauphin less interesting than an extension cord.

Do we need more dim bulb debates? More no energy dullards on stage? No! CNBC, in order to have more time for commercials, wanted another three hour debate. Donald Trump said “NO” and Donald Trump won:

Again, that’s not a problem for Trump, who can get 30 minutes of cable-news time to riff on whatever he wants anytime he wants simply by dialing up CNN or whoever and asking to be put on the air. On the contrary: Both as the frontrunner and as a guy whose grasp of policy detail is not, shall we say, his chief selling point, he has every incentive at this point to keep the debates as short as possible.

Let’s assume, for arguments sake, that Donald Trump wants less time for self-interested entirely selfish, politically motivated reasons. None of that matters. Donald Trump won the larger debate over who is the dog and who is the tail. Big Media efforts to convince the public, the political parties, and the candidates, that Big Media is the big dog and the political process is the tail just got beat by Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the new Big Dog and Big Media is what comes out of the dog in the tail region. Donald Trump did what we have advised candidates to do since 2007 and that is why Donald Trump is a leader who wins and wins and wins:

CNBC Agrees to Two-Hour Debate: This Is Why Donald Trump Is Winning

While every other Republican remained publicly silent, frontrunner Donald Trump got his closest rival, Dr. Ben Carson, to join with him and together they stood up and said, “No.”

This kept Trump in the headlines and at the top of the news cycle throughout yesterday afternoon and this morning. And now we’ve learned that Trump and Carson won. The DC/NY media agreed to the frontrunners’ demands.

Does anyone in the weak-kneed Republican Establishment, or among the bubbled-morons in the Punditocracy, have any more questions about why The Donald appears to be coasting to the Republican nomination for President of the United States? [snip]

Look who publicly stood up to the media. Look who punched back by threatening to boycott the debate and used their leverage as frontrunners to get CNBC to back down.

This morning CNBC caved and agreed to a two-hour debate. The RNC also believes the candidates will get their opening and closing statements.

Let me put this as simply as possible for the GOPSmartSet-impaired: The Republicans will not win the White House in 2016 with yet another “electable” squish. We need a standard-bearer who is not only willing to stand up to the media but who also knows how to prevail against the media. [snip]

Strength and competence wins the respect of voters and by extension their confidence and their votes. And right now, while Establishment candidates like Jeb Bush go full-Beta, the only Republican candidate showing both strength and competence is Donald Trump.

Trump is in command.

A Bill Clinton axiom is “Better to be strong and wrong, than weak and right.” The new Big Dog, Donald Trump, understands and fights. Donald J. Trump is not only right, he’s strong enough to fight for what’s right. Trump is strong, and not wrong.

The third Republican debate will be under the command and control of Donald J. Trump. CNBC will try to take Trump down at the debate but at every turn Trump will be able to say that CNBC is attacking Trump in vengeance for lost commercial dollars. And that is why Donald J. Trump just won the third GOP debate.

CNBC and the Lilliputians will still try to take down Trump. Already we have seen how Megyn Kelly teamed up with Carly “Fizzles” Fiorina to sneer against Trump.

After the second debate Big Media proclaimed Carly Fiorina’s performance to be spectacular and Rich Lowry on Fox News declared Fiorina to have cut off Trump’s testicles. Our modest prediction was that Fizzles Fiorina would “rise and rise and rise from the low single digits to the high single digits.” Our prediction came true along with our “poof” addendum that after the rise Fizzles Fiorina would be back to low single digits. Done and done.

Fizzles Fiorina, as devastated as she is, compares favorably to what Donald Trump has done to the rest of the field of dreamers. Have you seen the financial results for the last quarter as filed by the candidates?

Consider Donald J. Trump:

Donald Trump Accidentally Raised Almost As Much As Rubio

Donald Trump’s campaign collected $4 million in the third quarter, roughly the same as Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). The real difference, though, is that Trump’s campaign hasn’t conducted any fundraising efforts.

Almost all of that $4 million total is from “unsolicited” donations. People simply sent his campaign money without being asked for it. [snip]

The result is that Trump, without trying, raised far more than Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and was largely in-line with major challengers Rubio and businesswomen Carly Fiorina. [snip]

According to the most recent FEC filing, Jeb Bush’s campaign was spending more than $3.5 million each month during the Summer.

Donald Trump has spent the least amount of any of the major candidates. Through the entire campaign so far, Trump has spent just over $5 million total.

That’s not the most astounding Trump money news. It’s all about the hats:

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump spent more on hats, bumper stickers, yard signs and t-shirts than he did on any other category in the third quarter, according to his latest campaign finance report filed on Thursday. [snip]

In typical presidential campaigns, top expenditures are usually payroll, mailings and consultants.

But those items did not feature largely on Trump’s report. The filing, made with the Federal Election Commission, contained no line item for payroll at all. [snip]

Trump raised nearly $4 million in the third quarter. In total, the campaign has raised $5.8 million and spent $5.6 million. Despite proclamations that he would self-fund his candidacy, Trump still raked in unsolicited donations from nearly 74,000 people, who gave an average of $50.46.

Jeb Bush? Jeb Bush is the profligate prodigal son:

“The high life has ended,” said one Florida operative familiar with the campaign’s operation. [snip]

“At a certain point, we want to see a bang for the buck. We’re spending the bucks — and we’re seeing no bang,” a longtime Bush Republican said.

Bush is stuck at 7 percent in an average of national polls. [snip]

In New Hampshire, seen by many as a must-win for Bush, Bush and the Right to Rise super PAC backing him have spent at least $4.8 million on TV and radio to support him since early September. One ad-tracking firm produced an analysis for POLITICO that showed pro-Bush spots in the past three weeks have occupied about 60 percent of the political ad air-time in the state. Bush’s numbers have moved from 9 perrcent [sic] to 8.7 percent since the ad blitz began, according to the Real Clear Politics averages of polls in the GOP primary. [snip]

But when asked how he plans to improve his standing, Bush himself has been blunt: “I’m going to do something really novel,” he said last week. “It’s called advertising.” [snip]

“In the past, advertising was a show of strength. Now, if you’re advertising it’s because you’re in a weak position,” said Elizabeth Wilner, senior vice president of Kantar Media Ad Intelligence overseeing its Campaign Media Analysis Group.

TipToes JeBush can barely keep his nose above water.

Self-funded Donald J. Trump has a “burn rate” lower than the money Americans are sending him! And Trump is tops! JeBush spends like a drunk sailor in a Nevada whorehouse. And Bush is drowning! Carson? Ben Carson is making money to spend money:

In the three-month period that ended September 30, the campaign spent 53 cents for every dollar it raised. That number was down slightly from 64 cents for every dollar raised in the second quarter of the year.

Spending top dollar on fundraising has enabled the campaign to assemble a list of more than two million donors from whom it raises between $200,000 and $350,000 per day, a campaign spokesman said.

In all, Mr. Carson directed $11 million of the $14 million he spent in the third quarter to fundraising costs.

Get Dr. Carson to the burn unit at the hospital as a patient. Bad, bad, burn rate. He raised $20 million last quarter but already spent $14 million.

Donald J. Trump is winning every poll in every state, every national poll, consistently, month after month even as he spends less than the other major candidates. The new polls shatter the dreamers:

He first took the lead in the RCP national poll average on July 20, so next week will mean three full months at the top. And Trump is far ahead of the two squabbling candidates, Bush and Rubio, in the early-voting states:

1) In Iowa, Trump is up by 17 over Bush, and 18 over Rubio, according to the most recent poll, by the Wall Street Journal.

2) In New Hampshire, Trump is up by 10 over Bush and 11 over Rubio, according to the Journal.

3) In South Carolina, Trump is up by 25 over Rubio and 30 over Bush in a brand-new CNN poll.

4) In Nevada, Trump is up by 31 over Rubio and 32 over Bush, according to CNN.

They keep burying Trump but, but, Zombie Trump continues to rise and thrive in the supposed strongholds of other candidates:

Trump Trouncing GOP Foes on Their Home Turf

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is not only leading all national and state polls, but he’s trouncing his other GOP opponents in their own states as voters soundly turn against established government leaders in favor of the New York real estate billionaire.

On Thursday, the trend continued, with a new Rutgers-Eagleton poll in New Jersey showing Trump soundly defeating all challengers and coming in several points ahead of Gov. Chris Christie. The numbers in the poll are as follows, reports The Record:

Trump, 32 percent
Ben Carson, 13 percent
Marco Rubio, 13 percent
Ted Cruz, 6 percent
Carly Fiorina, 5 percent
Chris Christie, 5 percent
Jeb Bush, 5 percent
John Kasich, 2 percent
Mike Huckabee, 1 percent
George Pataki, 1 percent
Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal and Rand Paul, less than 1 percent
Graham and Jim Gilmore, 0 percent

Christie’s numbers dropped from 12 percent in August, according to the poll, while Trump’s rose, from 21 percent. [snip]

The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows Trump holding double-digit leads against both Bush and Rubio, with Trump at 28 percent, Rubio at 14 percent, and Bush at 12 percent.

Trump is also leading in Florida over Rubio and Bush among Hispanics, a group with which both Florida leaders share ties, reports Breitbart. According to a September Public Policy Polling survey, Trump defeated Bush among Hispanics by 37 to 29 percent, and defeated Rubio by one percentage point. [snip]

Trump is also defeating Ohio Gov. John Kasich, even though the Republican governor has been enormously popular among his own state’s residents, reports The Columbus Dispatch, reporting last week on a Quinnipiac Poll that focused on Ohio and two other swing states, Florida and Pennsylvania.

The numbers were:

  • Trump, 23 percent
  • Carson, 18 percent
  • Kasich, 13 percent
  • Cruz, 11 percent
  • Fiorina, 10 percent
  • “Gov. John Kasich’s big card was his enormous popularity in Ohio, generally considered the most important swing state in the November election,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. 

    “But with Trump zooming well past him in the Buckeye State and Kasich’s numbers in Florida and Pennsylvania in low single digits, the Ohio governor’s campaign is going in the wrong direction,” Brown said.

    Graham, who has represented South Carolina for several years, recorded an embarrassing defeat in a CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday that gave Trump 36 percent, compared to 5 percent for Graham.

    Rand Paul in Kentucky and Ted Cruz in Texas are not beating Trump either. Trump tops them all, consistently. That’s something not even Hillary Clinton can boast in her primary against non-entities.

    Donald Trump has triumphed in the third GOP debate even before it is held. It’s not just the third debate though. Donald Trump might have won this primary already. It’s only a few more months until Iowa votes on February 1 and if JeBush cannot advertise himself out of the circling drain, Trump will flush him along with the rest of the, um, schleps.


    Ethnomusicology 2016: Music For #Hillary2016 @RealDonaldTrump @CarlyFiorina @BernieSanders @MarcoRubio #DraftBiden #FeelTheBern

    Pictures fail. Spanish fails. English fails. Perhaps music is the only language sufficiently capable of describing the 2016 campaign.

    As non-stop coverage of the papal visit to the east coast consumes most of the TV shows, now is the time to put typical analysis to the side. Today we visit the other realm of human communication. Music, the truly great communicator.

    While we have not spent much time this year on the left side of the political world, we soon will once the first debate takes place. For now, there really is not much to talk about that we have not already written about though. The way to destroy Hillary Clinton is to tie her to Obama. Hillary2016 is falling apart, not because of the scandals or emails or somesuch, it’s Obama that hurts Hillary2016. This email business is only important as a measure of how much Obama hates Hillary and what he will do to actively and overtly nuke Hillary. The only drama there is when Hillary will wake up from her slumbers and get rid of the Obama people (hello, Joel Benenson) surrounding her like so many bars on a cage.

    Until the purge comes, there is not much more for us to say. While we once suggested musical themes for Hillary2016 of a more upbeat nature we think that now something along the lines of a fire alarm bell is the tonal range Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 requires to hear.

    As to the Hillary2016 competition… no words or pictures, no #BlackLivesMatter attacks, do better than music to capture the charms and prospects of Bernie Sanders.

    Joe Biden? Mourning Joe provides his own musical selection for 2016 so we do not have to creatively search for music that captures his essence:

    That clip of musical truth really summarizes Mourning Joe Biden and his self-pitying campaign doesn’t it? Will Joe get more than the less than one percent of the vote he got in 2008?

    In the same way that the villages idiot video captures the prospects for Mourning Joe, the dear departed Scott Walker should have um, listened, to what the musical soothsayers foretold.

    If Walker only would have listened, he would not have run. As it turned out the Walker campaign was only a, um, sleepwalk:

    Which led to:

    Tough lesson for a boy from landlocked Wisconsin. As Walker went under, crushed by a massive wave, he tried to huff up a campaign against the GOP frontrunner and grassroots revolution. Walker failed to be the leader so now he wants to lead a rear guard action against reality. The plan continues to be to save Jeb Bush with suicide attacks by pawns.

    Pawns such as Carly Fiorina.

    Pawns such as Carly Fiorina can’t possibly think they have a chance to win. The GOP race is fixed for JeBush. Only one man can stop JeBush from becoming the GOP nominee. So either Carly Fiorina willingly sacrifices herself to help JeBush or Carly Fiorina thinks she really can win. In either case…

    Ben Carson? This pawn thinks nice and easy does it every time.

    Unfortunately, Ben Carson is no Sinatra. Carson can’t make it anywhere, and certainly not New York, New York. Nice ain’t enough.

    Ted Cruz. There’s something off-key about this cat. He’s smart. He’s good with words… but not with the music. Still, his future lies as a lounge act or second banana somewhere. Greased hair, too tight suit, a microphone…

    Maybe he just needs a makeover?

    Then there is Marco Rubio. Rubio thinks he’s cuter than he is. Rubio thinks he’s smoother than he is. But Rubio’s not cute enough to make voters forget his illegal immigration amnesty tricks.

    The Chamber of Commerce can afford what’s on the price tag. Balding dog… for sale… cheap.

    There are a bunch of other wannabees waiting for the sails on their ships to fill up and take them to never-never land. They are leaves in a breeze. They’re dust in the wind. Anywhere the wind blows doesn’t matter to them, that’s the position they will take.

    Then there is Jeb. Jeb Bush. JeBush. There’s a certain fin de siècle quality to JeBush. JeBush is like a once grand house that has been repainted but the structural damage is evident no matter how many decorators are called in. The mold is everywhere. The termites, like rust, munching day and night without rest. The musty air, trapped in windows that long ago refused to be opened.

    JeBush himself, refurbished with a thinning diet, armed with dusty sayings that worked to elect former members of the household to the peerage… JeBush himself has a sort of Fall of the House of Usher decrepitness. We’re tempted to say he’s on the Road to Nowhere, or Road to Ruin, but there is something more Bellatrix Lestrange to JeBush… something oddly Kate Bush….

    As for the “Humble” frontrunner – he could sing the Sinatra standard New York, New York with convincing lack of humility. He could also rock your world inside out. But that’s not what “Humble” does. “Humble” leads a movement.

    He’s a Rebel Rouser.


    Make America Great Again: The Great Fox Hunt And The Message Behind The Message Of @RealDonaldTrump

    Surrender by Fox News! Here we go: Roger Ailes to meet with Trump next week to resolve “differences of opinion” over Fox’s coverage. This is another major victory by Donald Trump. Trump knows he holds the winning trump card and he has forced Fox News to bark surrender. What is going on?

    Before anyone else, we at the beginning of the Summer of Trump provided the best explanation for the rise of Donald Trump. And Trump soared to the top of the polls.

    Then came a sustained assault after the first Fox News debate, desperate last chance attacks at the second GOP debates, pawn candidates extolled by those whose sole aim is to destroy Trump, hideous attacks from the GOP establishment, vile personal attacks from Fox News and assorted Big Media outlets, millions spent in attack ads by corrupt organizations, more attacks from failed candidates, a concerted mobilization of the hacks and flacks of other campaigns along with the GOP establishment leaders and thought manipulators – the line of propaganda is that support for Donald J. Trump is either “stalled” or entirely over. Unfortunately for the manipulators of information, the latest polls scream out that Donald Trump will continue to rise.

    As we wrote, the best explanation for the rise of Trump is this:


    The voters find themselves in a snake pit, surrounded by vipers, and they reach up to grab whatever stick is handed to them. [snip]

    The voters are in a snake pit and Donald Trump is the stick they will use to beat back the vipers. [snip]

    Donald Trump is the stick that hits. And voters trapped in the snake pit need a stick.

    Now we have empirical evidence that Donald J. Trump will continue to rise in the polls. Phase I in the rise of Donald J. Trump was when the voters reached for Donald J. Trump as the weapon of choice. Phase II is the voters in agreement with Donald J. Trump’s world view.

    Phase II is brought to you courtesy of a Bloomberg poll released today:

    Most Agree With Trump on America’s Lost Greatness, Bloomberg Poll Finds

    A national survey finds that 72 percent of Americans say their country isn’t as great as it once was—a central theme of front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign.

    Americans are “fed up” with politics, suspect the wealthy are getting an unfair edge, and think the country is going in the wrong direction, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll that lays bare the depth and breadth of the discontents propelling outsider candidates in the Republican presidential field.

    The survey shows that 72 percent of Americans think their country isn’t as great as it once was—a central theme of front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign. More than a third prefer a presidential candidate without experience in public office.

    There’s plenty of support in this new poll for Trump’s world-view and plenty of room for Trump to grow support even as this poll places Donald Trump at the top, once again. This is a hyper “time for a change” election which is why we so long ago advised Hillary2016 to make Hillary THE change candidate. Hillary2016 has not listened. Donald Trump is now the undisputed “time for a change” candidate to rid us of the Obama stench.

    But, say the Trump hate squads, ‘Trump is too bombastic to be the right messenger’ for the GOP. Wrong again losers:

    Most Republicans feel betrayed by their party — and show their displeasure by supporting outsiders over establishment candidates in the GOP presidential race. [snip]

    Trump stays on top with 26 percent among GOP primary voters, followed by Carson at 18 percent. Fiorina and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are next, tied at 9 percent. All four have gained ground. [snip]

    The appeal of outsiders comes from significant dissatisfaction with the party establishment: 62 percent of Republican primary voters feel “betrayed” by politicians in their party, and another 66 percent say the recent Republican majorities in Washington have failed to do all they could to block or reverse President Obama’s agenda. [snip]

    Straight talk is part of Trump’s outsider appeal — but does he go too far? Not for GOP primary voters: 65 percent of them say Trump just tells it like it is, compared to 30 percent who think he is “too mean and blunt” to be president.

    That second poll which documents once again that Donald J. Trump remains the voice of a vengeful electorate comes from Fox News. It’s why Fox News has surrendered and volunteered to sign surrender terms next week.

    Fox News has been at war with Donald Trump. It has been constant attacks against Trump. The latest attack came on the Megyn Kelly show. On that show Trump hater Rich Lowry savagely attacked Trump and when Trump protested, battalions of Trump haters joined in to assist their Trump hater colleague. Result, Trump announced his Fox News boycott.

    Millions of regular viewers joined Trump’s Fox News boycott. Trump then took to other outlets to bring up their ratings and bring down Fox News. When the Fox News poll published, the gig was up. Fox News realized that Trump is not going away.

    A while back we suggested Donald Trump boycott the January debate which will be hosted by Fox News and the same Fox News “personalities” that structured the first debate to bring down Trump. That first debate even had guards ready to remove Trump forcefully if the Big Media “moderators” so dictated. That very real debate boycott terrified Fox News. That’s why the surrender:

    “Fox News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes and Donald Trump spoke this morning and plan to have a meeting next week to discuss their differences of opinion regarding Fox’s coverage of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. Ailes will be joined by senior Fox editorial executives. Mr. Trump believes he has been treated unfairly in certain instances. FOX News has held every candidate in this race to the highest journalistic standards throughout our coverage. We believe a candid meeting about our differences is required and that any misunderstandings can be handled without compromising those standards”

    It is a surrender by Fox News:

    The assumption on Twitter is that it was Ailes who caved to Trump and begged him for the meeting, not vice versa. That’s my assumption too. Partly it’s a matter of Trump’s “no apologies” persona: You can’t imagine him groveling to any media platform for airtime, especially when competitors are happy to turn over half-hour blocs of their morning programming to him to ramble on the air about whatever. Partly it’s the fact that Fox felt obliged to put out this press release at all. Any other candidate who whined about boycotting the network would probably either be ignored or would have a private phone chat with Ailes that you and I would never know about. As it is, Fox wants to make sure all the Trump fans out there know that they’re going to give him a respectful hearing despite the fact that he continues to publicly describe their brightest new star as an overrated lightweight who might have been bleeding out of some unspecified hole when she asked him tough questions at the debate. Clearly they’re worried enough about alienating his supporters that they’re willing to give him endless second chances no matter how many hard shots he takes at Fox on social media or on other cable news channels. [snip]

    Here he is on CNN this morning talking with Alisyn Camerota on topics various and sundry for nearly half an hour. After he was done with this, Scarborough gave him another 17 minutes on “Morning Joe.” Forty-three minutes of airtime on cable news is what the average presidential candidate gets over a few good weeks, I’d guess. Your move, Fox.

    Some losers are frankly too stupid to understand why Donald Trump is so popular and cannot believe our stick v. snakes explanation. The end of the line for these losers is a seat next to Scott Walker on the Losers’ Express:

    So what happened to Walker? The short answer is: Donald Trump. Trump’s candidacy has been a tremendous disruption—in the Silicon Valley sense of the word. His support is drawn from such a broad expanse of the party that he’s destabilized not just the support of one wing of the party, but of pretty much everyone running. He unsettled every candidate’s coalition with his rise and changed the topography of the race.

    Yeah, Scott Walker got trumped in large part due to his own failures. But like many in the establishment class, Walker doesn’t understand how much Walker doesn’t understand. Walker limps along, like a blind man in a minefield:

    Walker to GOP rivals: Let’s stop Trump

    On call to donors, Scott Walker challenged candidates to narrow the field against the frontrunner.

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told top donors Wednesday that he wants other struggling candidates to drop out of the presidential race so Republicans can coalesce behind an alternative to Donald Trump.

    That’s so dumb. The only way that Donald Trump might be stopped is if Jeb Bush gets out of the presidential race. Followed by Marco Rubio – and Kasich and the rest. But small or large the GOP field dynamics will remain and Trump will continue to dominate as frontruner.

    Michael Barone, the long time analyst is a must read for those that want to understand the stick v. snakes and how the political universe might be changing:

    Are our familiar political alignments suddenly changing?

    As the 2016 presidential selection process proceeds, there is increasing evidence that the political patterns we have grown used to, that we have come to consider permanent, might suddenly be changing.

    Those patterns include a polarized and closely divided electorate, with partisan preferences highly correlated with degree of religiosity, with clearly defined demographic constituencies within each party and general elections decided consistently by narrow margins. [snip]

    One sign is the changing mood of the two parties’ constituencies, their primary electorates. Traditionally Republicans have been regarded as docile, “easily led,” as a political reporter once characterized evangelical Christians. Traditionally Democrats have congratulated themselves for their critical, skeptical nature and refusal to take orders.

    That’s not how the two parties look today. [snip]

    The third sign of change is the immense audiences for the two Republican debates, and not just for Fox (24 million), but also CNN (23 million). The previous high, for the Democrats’ close contest in January 2008, was 8 million. That was followed by the highest primary turnout in history, 37 million for Democrats, compared to 21 million for Republicans, and to a turnout surge among blacks and young people that gave the Democratic nominee the biggest percentage victory margin since 1988.

    Maybe that high viewership only represents celebrity gawkers tuning in to watch Trump. But maybe it also represents, at a moment of high discontent with incumbents and institutions, a curiosity as to whether Republicans can provide an appropriately disruptive alternative. We’ll see whether the first Democratic debate draws as big an audience Oct. 13.

    If the Republican primary electorate expands as vastly as the Democrats’ did, all the old rules about how to win may prove obsolete. New voters looking to upset the applecart (or tear down the temple’s columns) may overshadow the suburban economic conservatives who favored Mitt Romney or the non-metropolitan religious conservatives who favored Rick Santorum in 2012.

    In general, elections we’re used to calculations show how increasing non-white turnout hurts Republicans. But it’s not clear that Hillary Clinton can match Obama’s 2012 turnout or margins from blacks or Hispanics, and it’s possible that a Republican nominated by an expanded electorate could turn out more whites than Romney, who got just 1 million more votes than John McCain in 2008.

    In poll after poll Trump trumps. Carly Fiorina, the pawn that in the world of boxing is the latest “punk of the month” remains in single digits no matter how much her repeated robotic performances garner praise. Even in polls wherein the respondents declare Fiorina to be the winner of the second debate Fiorina inflates to only single digits. As when she was the CEO of Hewlett Packard, Fiorina can’t make the sale.

    Still we are told again and again that Trump is stalled, it’s over, kaput… but then… Zombie Trump stalks Washington and scares the snakes.

    A great many Americans see Donald J. Trump as the stick to beat back the snakes. The more the snakes snap and hiss the more tightly the stick is grasped.

    A great many Americans are disgusted with the entire overlord political class belief that they are the masters and the citizens the servants. The stick will beat back those snakes.

    A great many Americans want America to be great, again. That’s what Americans demand. It’s what the voters demand. It’s not just a hat.


    @RealDonaldTrump Won’t Wear Cement Shoes – And Other Smart Things Donald Trump Did This Week

    Donald Trump continues to do what we suggest. He’s very smart.

    On Friday, Trump turned down an invitation to a forum in South Carolina hosted by Heritage Action. Credit where credit is due – Lindsey Graham also turned down the invitation. Why was this so smart?

    Some Trump supporters became concerned when Trump announced he was otherwise preoccupied and sent his regrets. Big Media tried to spin it as Trump cowardice. We thought the Trump supporters should have been elated. As with Lindsey Graham it was an everything to lose nothing to gain easy decision (even if Graham is polling so low the Heritage folks didn’t want him).

    Lindsey, had nothing to gain by attendance at the Heritage event, even though it was held in Lindsay’s home state. The Heritage folks hate Graham more than Paris Hilton hates Lindsay Lohan, so why go? Lindsay skipped town.

    As to Trump, he too had nothing to gain and something to lose. Consider, Trump is tops in South Carolina. Trump polls at more than 34% in South Carolina with Carson #2 at 19%. Trump attendance at the Heritage forum would only give attention and publicity to the losers. Trump made the smart decision with his ‘I’m too busy with my magnificent business deals to bother with your puny forum, losers.’

    The result of the Trump turndown? Few watched or cared about the forum. Winner? Donald J. Trump.

    Another big Trump win this week was the second GOP debate. We’ve already written about why Trump won the debate so we won’t repeat ourselves. In an ordinary campaign that would be triumph enough for one week.

    Trump’s greatest triumph of the week however was on Thursday. Finally, a presidential candidate did what we suggested so many times. What is it that we have suggested that only Donald Trump has taken to heart? This from our September 11 article this year:

    John McCain and Mitt Romney as presidential candidates said Barack Obama was “nice” even as Obama trashed them. This praise of Obama continues even though Obama calls Republicans in opposition to his policies “terrorists”.

    It’s a running theme from us: Stop calling Obama “nice”. Call Obama what he is, a nasty bastard. We’ve written it over and over and over. Hillary2008 and now Hillary2016 refuses to listen and that is why that campaign is sinking faster than Obama’s presidency. That clod Mitt Romney never really learned our lesson even as we tried to beat him into it back in 2012:

    “Make it explicit. Stop with the clever ads that the politically involved understand. Tell the truth clearly and without fear. Mitt Romney should run an ad that goes something like this:

    “Do you like Barack Obama? Do you think Barack Obama is nice? Does a nice man call his political opponent a felon? Does a nice man call his political opponent a murderer? Barack Obama is not nice. Barack Obama is nasty.”

    Mitt Romney is and was a loser. Mitt Romney never fully understood or had the cojones to do what had to be done. Donald Trump deep down understands. Donald Trump totally understands everything we wrote in this 2012 article:

    Mitt Romney must not whine. Mitt Romney has to strike at Obama’s heart. Mitt Romney must expose Obama for the ugly person he is.

    Any American who still thinks Barack Obama is a “nice person” must be shown what a creep Barack Obama is. [snip]

    First, clearly and without equivocation make Barack Obama personally responsible for the lies. Don’t blame the Obama campaign, blame Obama himself. Ads should be produced which clearly state something along the lines of: “Barack Obama pretends he is a nice person. But Barack Obama is a dirty Chicago thug and liar. Barack Obama is lying about Mitt Romney. Barack Obama commands his campaign to call Mitt Romney a “felon”. Barack Obama pretends he is nice. But Barack Obama is a nasty thug.” [snip]

    Why didn’t Mitt Romney simply say that Barack Obama personally is the source of these nasty attacks. That Barack Obama himself is in full control of his campaign and that Barack Obama is the nasty thug hurling lies and smears at Mitt Romney. Why all the weak language Mitt?

    Donald Trump understands what we write. In 2012 we wrote that many of the Romney “attack” ads against Obama sounded more like pro-Obama ads. A few days ago in Dallas Trump attacked on Karl Rove and the money Rove wasted in 2012. Donald Trump made the exact same argument we made repeatedly and with all the examples from the ads of 2012. The “anti-Obama” ads appeared to be pro-Obama ads. Read our article in full and look at the ads we lambasted Read what we wrote and then watch Donald Trump say almost the exact same thing in almost the exact same words:

    It’s is not that Trump saw what we saw with those counterproductive ads purportedly against Obama, it’s that Trump then said what needed to be said about Obama. In Dallas Trump attacked Obama directly. Directly. That was a shocker after so many losers like Mitt Romney and John McCain saying nice things about Obama.

    Then on Thursday, while other alleged candidates for president rested from the travails of a debate, Donald Trump went to New Hampshire to hold a town hall debate. The first question was about Obama and Muslims. That led to a concerted Big Media outrage campaign alongside the anti-Trump losers on the political spectrum because, get this, Donald Trump did not defend nasty Barack Obama.

    Yeah, Big Media and Jeb Bush wanted Donald Trump to be like this loser:

    That’s why McCain is a loser and why he lost. Loser, Loser, Loser.

    Donald Trump is not a loser. That’s why Donald Trump understands exactly what to say:

    Trump defend Obama? ‘I don’t think so!’

    Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said on Saturday it was not his job to stand up for U.S. President Barack Obama after a man at one of his campaign events said he was a Muslim and “not even an American.”

    “Am I morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? I don’t think so!” Trump said on Twitter.

    Trump drew criticism on Friday from Republican and Democratic rivals in the 2016 race for the presidency when he failed to challenge a man at a New Hampshire town hall Thursday night who said Muslims were a problem in the United States.

    “We know our current president is one. You know he’s not even an American,” the man said.

    Trump, the billionaire television personality who leads the pack of Republicans seeking the presidential nomination, has cast doubt on whether Obama was born in the United States and therefore qualified to stand as president.

    “This is the first time in my life that I have caused controversy by NOT saying something,” Trump tweeted. “If someone made a nasty or controversial statement about me to the president, do you really think he would come to my rescue? No chance!”

    That’s a pretty good response right there. But Trump added to the Trumpelishissness with this:

    Far from trying to tamp down the controversy, Trump appeared to reach for more in his tweets Saturday morning, implying that Christians have suffered under Obama.

    Christians need support in our country (and around the world), their religious liberty is at stake! Obama has been horrible, I will be great,” Trump said.

    That’s how you win. Trump knows how to win. Jeb Bush? Jeb Bush is on the McCain/Romney road to ruin:

    MACKINAC ISLAND – Jeb Bush took a swipe at Donald Trump on Friday evening for refusing to shut down a supporter who called President Barack Obama a Muslim.

    “By the way, he’s an American, he’s a Christian,” the former Florida governor said in a speech here at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, a gathering of party activists and officials in Michigan.

    That’s the ticket you loser. Do what McCain did. Defend Obama. then when Obama trashes you think about how morally superior you are as you set yourself up to lose you loser.

    Jeb Bush proved himself a loser in Mackinac Island with his weakness and defense of Obama – in yet another crapfest meeting with all the other losers in attendance. Count Trump out of this loserfest! Jeb Bush can be content among the other losers reading about the White House attack on Trump and the latest stupidity from Hillary Clinton in her attack on Trump. Hillary, Jeb, these other losers in Mackinac Island have not learned a thing about nasty Obama.

    Donald J. Trump is not a loser. That’s why Trump won’t associate with the other losers today in Mackinac Island. Instead, on Saturday night Trump will campaign in Iowa. Expect Trump, Trump, Trump, with no apologies, no craven bow, no fear. Just happy students happy to be with a winner on Saturday night.

    Why should Trump fear? The latest polls show Trump still high in the saddle. More importantly, Trump understands why he won the debate, and what that means for the likelihood of his success.

    Now that Trump has survived yet another, and biggest of all assaults, on him – it’s time for the GOP establishment to do whatever to Stop Trump. Before the debate we predicted that pawn Carson would be replaced with pawn Fiorina who will flame out as soon as her history is exposed, who will then be replaced with another pawn – all to try to knock out Trump so that JeBush can be the nominee.

    The probable next pawn will be John Kasich, we surmised, but Kasich is such a loser he’s spending millions on ads in New Hampshire and barely holding on. So Kasich is a problem pawn. Most all the other candidates have failed as pawns against Trump already. So now there is a new old pawn called to duty:

    Can Romney Save Us From Trump?

    In a tastefully furnished conference room somewhere in the nation’s capital, leaders of the GOP establishment are popping antacids and shaking their heads. Donald Trump is the face of their party now — and there’s no stopping him.

    In the latest CNN poll, his lead has grown, due to increased support among two groups they assumed would grow to hate him: Republican women and college graduates. Every candidate challenging The Donald has seen his numbers drop. Ben Carson may be next over his rather dubious decision to attack Trump on illegal immigration — the issue that propelled Trump to first place in the first place.

    If only there were someone out there who could appeal to establishment voters, but also engender support from the rank and file. An outsider who has never worked in Washington. Someone with some “high energy,” without the need for caffeine.

    The “outsider” in this bit of foolishness is none other than Mitt Romney. Yup, Mitt Romney. A former governor who ran for president and lost who is the son of a former governor who ran for president and lost is now declared an “outsider” by those who want to stop Trump.

    Mitt Romney 2016!!! That’s just about as funny, ok, funnier than Joe Biden 2016. What’s the equivalent to this? Imagine you fell into the ocean and are drowning. A dimwitted sailor hands you a decorative life preserver made of concrete. You put the cement life preserver on. You sink, you drown, you die, you stupid.

    That’s what Big Media wanted Donald Trump to do this week. Big Media and the GOP establishment wanted Donald Trump to put on some cement shoes and go jump in a deep lake. But Donald Trump is too smart to don cement shoes like a murder victim in a Mafia hit movie. Donald Trump is too smart. He proved it this week.


    Donald Trump Wins #GOPDebate – Congrats @RealDonaldTrump

    Either Jeb Bush or Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination for president. There is no other. As we’ve explained, the GOP primary season process was fixed for Jeb Bush to win (via the low number of debates, the high number of candidates, the financial and institutional collaborators), but Trump came along and now the advantages built in for Jeb Bush assist Donald Trump. What we witness now is pieces of the broken Jeb Bush machine re-purposed, in an Apollo 13 catastrophe style attempt, to fulfill the original aim of getting Jeb Bush the nomination.

    The problem in all this is that Jeb Bush is dog food the dogs won’t eat. Jeb Bush policies are opposed by the majority of GOP voters (especially on illegal immigration and Common Core). The Jeb Bush name does not help him, so he erases “Bush” from his campaign.

    The Jeb Bush strategy now is to put new shiny labels on his dog food can to distract the voter/consumer. But that won’t work either unless the best selling dog food sold by Donald Trump, the food wanted by millions, is kept off the supermarket shelves. So how to keep Donald Trump brand food off the shelves? Flood the market with new shiny product that will force the Donald Trump brand lower down the shelves and eventually off the shelves entirely.

    The shiny new product will constantly be replaced with shiny new product as soon as the glitter comes off. As we wrote well before the second GOP debate:

    The latest pawn in the attack Trump ploy is none other than Dr. Ben Carson. Like Perry, Jindal, Graham, and the rest, Carson is but a pawn used by the GOP establishment to attack Trump in order to benefit JeBush. [snip]

    The next pawn called to duty will be Fiorina at the debate or maybe even John Kasich. Fiorina will get her face time at the CNN debate but not much else. Fake outrage by her fans and Big Media Trump haters can only get you so far. [snip]

    Soon the pawns will all lay dead on the chess table and only the despised and deposed JeBush will remain to Stop Trump.

    The Republican nomination will go either to JeBush or Donald Trump. There is no other.

    That’s what we saw at the second GOP debate. Jeb Bush remains as unsavory as ever. The last pawn that was sold as the guy to take down Trump proved himself to be an OK doc and not much more. And the latest pawn, Carly Fiorina, is now the next to lay dead on the chess table.

    No doubt with all the pimping by Big Media and the Jeb Bush machine Carly Fiorina’s poll numbers will rise and rise and rise from the low single digits to the high single digits or more. Then poof. She’ll be with Ben Carson in the used underwear box.

    Jeb Bush needed a KO or at least a TKO against Donald Trump last night. Anything less, and the Trump train is on a trajectory to triumph. Far from achievement of that strategic goal, Jeb Bush ended the debate on his toes in a pretense that fools no one, and in absolute P.R. failure.

    Oddly, part of Donald Trump’s victory last night is due to the failure of CNN to hit Donald Trump very hard. That’s not to say that CNN did not try to take Trump down. They did. CNN and the RNC stacked the audience with GOP establishment drones. Further, CNN wasted the first hour with “Donald said this and we want you to respond by trashing him” type questions. All that did was make Donald Trump the undisputed center of attention and leader of the conversation on everything and everyone. CNN went so far as to end the first section of the debate, before a commercial break, with Donald Trump’s comments about Carly Fiorina’s face left to linger in the viewers mind. Like a prosecutor with a weak case, CNN used every trick to rig the jury.

    But the substantive questions that could really hurt Donald Trump, the questions we thought for sure would be asked, the questions about eminent domain, those substantive questions never appeared. That’s a shame. We would have liked to see Donald Trump grilled on eminent domain. But that would have been a substantive question about policy and so it never appeared.

    What did appear was a Donald Trump quote about Carly Fiorina’s face, said to Rolling Stone magazine, which Trump unconvincingly states was really about Fiorina’s “persona.” Trump essentially waved that off by saying Fiorina is beautiful with a beautiful face. It was a statement that convinced no one. Fiorina cleverly played a “war on women” type card against Trump; a card which Fiorina usually decries when Hillary Clinton pulls it out of her deck. But what made us swallow hard came at the very end. When asked to give herself a Secret Service code name Fiorina responded by saying she would like her Secret Service code name to be “Secretariat”. Yeah, the horse. For a woman whose attractiveness is made mock of, it is odd that she would venture into John Kerry horse-face territory. So much for being quick on your hooves, er, feet.

    “Secretariat” Fiorina, like Donald Trump, did not get the questions which we thought were obvious ones to be hit with. Nothing from the CNN moderators or the candidates about Hewlett Packard sales to Iran while Fiorina was CEO of the company. Left unasked were questions about Carly Fiorina‘s support for a low wage society and possible illegal immigration amnesty.

    As to the other pawns not much changed. Marco Rubio persisted with his “A” student in third grade antics – full of wide smiles and well written essay question responses to impress teacher – but not much else. Chris Christie tried to fit a 9/11 life saver around his waist to stop from sinking – but he needs a much bigger hole to squeeze into. Scott Walker sweated. John Kasich said something or other few remember. Ted Cruz stared into the camera and gave lectures. Huckabee buzzed every now and then. Rand Paul was a fur toy for big dog Donald Trump who slapped Rand Paul around – which led to our favorite funny Trump moment of the night:I never attacked him or his looks, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter right there.” Ouch!

    That was about it for an all out Trump attack. Mostly The Donald sees he’s close to winning and how the strategic landscape now benefits him. Having previously neutered hater Hugh Hewitt, Trump succeeded in his aim to make the CNN debate a bit fairer to himself, although he could do nothing about the stacked audience in the hall. Trump mostly complimented people on the stage even if the compliments benefited Trump more than the complimented. All in all Trump was generous and tried to smile and be bland. Except….

    Except when it came to Jeb Bush. Repeatedly Donald Trump beat up on Jeb Bush. Ever so briefly Trump mentioned Bush’s support of Common Core. Bush speaking Spanish on the campaign trail was challenged by Trump. Trump smartly declared that English is the common tongue of the land and that there is a need for assimilation by immigrants. Then he beat up and humiliated weak Jeb Bush some more.

    How tone deaf was Jeb Bush? Consider the horsey nature of Carly Fiorina’s “Secretariat” response. That wasn’t bright but it only hurts Fiorina on a comic level. But Jeb Bush, in response to a silly question about what woman’s picture should be on American currency, responded with “Margaret Thatcher.” Jeb Bush could not think of an American woman who should be on American currency. See the problem?

    It’s not about Spanish or the ability to speak foreign languages. We applaud anyone who is able and willing to speak foreign languages whether they be of the spoken, digital, musical, or sign language type. The problem here is that Jeb Bush does not see the problem of running for president while communicating in Spanish to the electorate.

    It’s not Margaret Thatcher that is the problem. It’s not Spanish that is the problem. The problem is that Jeb Bush is for illegal immigration amnesty, is making a rank appeal to activists that disrespect borders, and to Chamber of Commerce types that want a low wage society. Jeb Bush like Barack Obama also cannot discern that the job of American president is in some very real way to be a cheerleader of and for the American nation. Jeb Bush is repulsed by that part of the job which Donald Trump embraces with vigor and happiness.

    Jeb Bush somehow does not grasp that he is walking for president of the United States not social justice warrior of the world. That’s a job already taken by Barack Obama. Jeb Bush does not grasp that he is not on the debate stage to be community organizer of the United States. The job is President of the United States and Donald Trump beat up on Jeb Bush on the very issue and that is how Donald Trump won the debate. It’s either Jeb Bush or Donald Trump. There is no other.


    Second #GOPDebate Explained: It’s A Halfway House For @RealDonaldTrump

    Update: It’s a world-wide open thread: Trumpageddon. Millions of eyeballs tuned in to watch Donald J. Trump feast on loser meat. Will the hunter become the hunted? Will our predictions hold? Stay tuned Bat-friends. The worst is yet to come!!! Poodooodooderooo… bada bada bada bada bada….


    What is the single most salient fact about tonight’s main debate? What is the therapeutic reality of Dr. Ben Carson? Is tonight the night of Trump victory? Is tonight the night of Trump defeat? What’s gonna happen? What’s not gonna happen? Who is the most dangerous person on stage against Trump? What outside event will influence the debate the most? What hurts Trump the most? What helps Trump the most? What will Trump do? We answer all those questions again, and more.

    * * * * * *

    First, what is the single most salient fact about tonight’s main debate? Answer: It is a 3 hour debate. This will influence everything that happens, every strategy, every player, every lowlife, every highlife… everything. It is the single most important fact about tonight’s debate. All strategy revolves around the fact that for 180 minutes candidates will have to answer questions. For Trump this could be a problem if he is under sustained attack from everyone else and stumbles or becomes frustrated. For Trump this could be a plus if he allows all the attacks over 3 hours to blend into a “medium is the message” establishment against outsider Trump uber-message that Trumps the overt message of attack words conveyed by the candidates. If Trump keeps his cool for 3 hours and (as we wrote) wins this debate – it is over and Trump is the nominee. This is the last real chance to derail the Trump train. If Trump continues to roll after tonight the tens (or hundreds) of millions of dollars in attack ads to take down Trump will become a necessity that will not get the job done.

    Second, what explains Dr. Ben Carson’s rise in the polls? The main reason for the poll rise is that Carson is a pawn in the game. His job is to destroy Trump, then JeBush and the Republican establishment will crush Gentle Ben in an afternoon. But the main reason for the rise of Ben Carson is that he is a halfway house on the road to Donald Trump. For GOP voters that hate the Republican establishment but don’t like Donald Trump’s style or are not 100% sold on The Donald, they are for now parked in the Ben Carson lot but eventually they will find themselves in the Trump camp.

    Third, what will be Donald J. Trump’s main message tonight – the main line of attack – the most important defense/offense of the Trump? Trump telegraphed his message on board the USS Iowa last night. Trump’s main message tonight is that he is the only one that has the oomph, the pizzazz, the va-va-voom, the get-up-n-go, the energy orbs, the cojones, the panache, the getcha-getcha-ya-ya-da-da, the muscle, the mind, the get-it-done energy, the by-the-power-of-Greyskull ability to get the job done. This is how Trump will answer the “outsider” pawns like Fiorina and Carson when they attack him.

    Fiorina will attack Trump. Trump can respond with her bad record and firing at Hewlett Packard. Trump can also hit her with the Iran deals Fiorina masterminded while at Hewlett Packard. But at the end of the day Trump’s response will be that he alone has the business experience and the willpower to do what needs to be done. Fiorina might be a good attack dog against Hillary2016 as a VP pick but she is too compromised on illegal immigration (ex-Univision CEO Jerry Perenchio is among her biggest donors) – Trump has that ammunition locked and loaded.

    Trump’s strategy will be to note how all the other candidates are compromised by dint of their donors and/or their establishment do-nothing status. For Fiorina and Carson, the “outsider” dupes and pawns in the game fixed by JeBush and the establishment, Trump will point out that they simply can’t get the job done, only Trump can trump the establishment.

    As to JeBush, he will try to attack or do something to prove he is alive. But, come on, really, JeBush is not “Veto Corleone” as he likes to say about his record as Florida governor. JeBush is the other Corleone brother – Fredo.

    JeBush will hide under Fiorina’s skirt and Carson’s stethoscope, and like a jackal, attack after others attack Trump. JeBush will try to refute the Trump imagery of Bush as “low energy” by ostentatious displays of energy fueled by campaign strategists’ pep pills. But that will fail. JeBush isn’t running for president, he’s walking… The Sista’s got that one nailed.

    As we have repeatedly written, the GOP primary is fixed for JeBush, but Trump has upset that plot and all the advantages built in to help JeBush, now help Trump.

    The only candidates that matter tonight are Donald J. Trump and Jeb Bush. The rest of the candidates are plant decorations on the stage. Some will be mechanical pawns used by the establishment to prop up the boy who would be king. Some will continue to delude themselves that they have a shot to win if only they can get rid of Trump. But anyone not named Bush will be crushed if Trump is crushed.

    Dynasty boy JeBush can only get the nomination if the GOP establishment drags his carcass across the finish line in his walk-a-thon to the presidency. Fredo Bush is the ultimate pawn in the game played by those that want a low wage society.

    Trump’s biggest enemy tonight though will not be JeBush, nor any of the candidates on stage. Donald Trump’s biggest and most dangerous enemy tonight will be debate “moderator” Hugh Hewitt who has repeatedly attacked Donald Trump and tonight will wage war against Trump.

    What will be the biggest issue that causes trouble for Trump? It will be eminent domain and the reprehensible Kelo decision. This is the issue the Club for Growth will spend millions on in anti-Trump ads. Trump will have to explain his position on Kelo and either state that as a developer he supports the Kelo decision or say that what he supports as a developer and what he will do as president are two different things. For Trump, the trump card on Kelo will be that the GOP establishment is hitting him for something they have done nothing to stop and therefore they are hypocritical liars on the issue. We expect blood to flow on this issue and look forward to hearing this discussed.

    Trump’s biggest advantage tonight is that he has been so correct on so many issues and those issues are the top headlines. The Muslim soft invasion of Europe will influence this debate the most. Donald J. Trump is the candidate that took on illegal immigration and it is Donald J. Trump that deserves the credit for saying what needs to be said. Donald Trump leads in the polls because Donald Trump leads on the issues.

    Oh, there is a 45 minute losers debate that starts at 6:00 p.m. ET. No questions nor answers about the losers. They’re in a half-way house to obscurity.


    Why Won’t GOP Attack Obama Like GOP Attacks @RealDonaldTrump? – PLUS: Loser Rick Perry And Loser Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney and Team Romney’s new mission: Stop Trump. Not “Stop Obama.” “Stop Trump!” Loser Mitt Romney needs to buy a clue.

    This 9/11 Republicans helped pass Barack Obama’s pro-Iran anti-Israel, anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-American treacheries while pretending to be opposed to those policies. It was the Republican leadership that passed Barack Obama’s low wage society ObamaTrade treacheries too. Public words in opposition to Barack Obama, while helping Obama, is as we wrote, the GOP’s greatest lie:

    Opposition to Obama? That is the GOP’s greatest lie.

    In 2008 John McCain fluffed Obama’s pillows so that Big Media would not call the former POW a racist. In 2012 Mitt Romney played dog-on-the-roof for Obama. Romney praised Obama as a nice guy while Barack Obama smeared him with mud from the Chicago stockyards. Instead of someone who would attack Obama with verve, Romney chose pretty blue eyes Paul Ryan. Now Paul Ryan is at it again.

    Paul Ryan is doing everything he can to help Barack Obama.

    John McCain and Mitt Romney as presidential candidates said Barack Obama was “nice” even as Obama trashed them. This praise of Obama continues even though Obama calls Republicans in opposition to his policies “terrorists”.

    In Age of Fake “denunciations” of Barack Obama the Republican establishment issues bland statements of disappointment even as Obama trashes the Constitution and race-baits for political profit. But for Donald Trump all the Republican establishment expresses is nasty evil bile.

    Today loser Rick Perry was forced to quit. Rick Perry called Trump a “cancer” but has never said anything like that about Barack Obama. As he announced his loser status today, Rick Perry seemingly denounced Trump for anti-Hispanic statements Trump never said nor implies.

    Loser Rick Perry was forced to quit today because his views are opposed to the views of the voters. Rick Perry is for illegal immigration amnesty as are almost all, if not all, the Republican candidates except Donald Trump.

    Rick Perry and the Republican establishment are angry at Donald Trump because Trump has exposed their game. That’s why we hear from Rick Perry that Trump is a “cancer.” Rick Perry has never used language like this to denounce Barack Obama:

    The White House has been occupied by giants. But from time to time it is sought by the small-minded – divisive figures propelled by anger, and appealing to the worst instincts in the human condition.

    In times of trouble, there are two types of leaders: repairers of the breach and sowers of discord.

    The sower of discord foments agitation, thrives on division, scapegoats certain elements of society, and offers empty platitudes and promises. He is without substance when one scratches below the surface.

    He offers a barking carnival act that can be best described as Trumpism: a toxic mix of demagoguery, mean-spiritedness and nonsense that will lead the Republican Party to perdition if pursued.

    Let no one be mistaken – Donald Trump’s candidacy is a cancer on conservatism, and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded.

    We’ve never heard Rick Perry denounce Obama with such fury and anger, have you? Then there is Bobby Jindal who denounced Trump in harsh words never used by him to attack Barack Obama:

    But, it is now time for us to do what Donald would do, and say the thing that everyone is thinking, but is afraid to say out loud. So I’m going to do it.

    The Donald Trump Act is great, and the idea of Donald Trump is great — BUT the reality of Donald Trump is absurd, he’s a non-serious carnival act. [snip]

    Donald Trump is shallow. Has no understanding of policy. He’s full of bluster but has no substance. He lacks the intellectual curiosity to even learn.

    It’s silly to argue policy with this guy, he’s doesn’t know anything about it, he has no idea what he is talking about, he makes it all up on the fly. [snip]

    Donald Trump is for Donald Trump. He believes in nothing other than himself. [snip]

    Donald Trump is a narcissist and an egomaniac. [snip]

    Like all narcissists, Donald Trump is insecure and weak, and afraid of being exposed. [snip]

    Donald Trump is not a serious person. It’s all a solo act, it’s all just a show, and the joke is on us. [snip]

    You may have recently seen that after Trump said the Bible is his favorite book, he couldn’t name a single Bible verse or passage that meant something to him. And we all know why, because it’s all just a show, and he hasn’t ever read the Bible. But you know why he hasn’t read the Bible? Because he’s not in it. [snip]

    The whole thing is set up for us to win – and yet we are flirting with nominating a non-serious, unstable, substance-free narcissist. [snip]

    We can win right now, or we can be the biggest fools of all time and put our faith not in our principles, but in one egomaniacal madman who has no principles.

    That describes Barack Obama well, but Bobby Jindal does not use those words to oppose treacherous Obama. No, like a good establishment Republican Bobby Jindal attacks Donald Trump while doing and saying little of consequence to oppose Barack Obama.

    The latest pawn in the attack Trump ploy is none other than Dr. Ben Carson. Like Perry, Jindal, Graham, and the rest, Carson is but a pawn used by the GOP establishment to attack Trump in order to benefit JeBush. Pat Buchanan describes the chess play:

    Buchanan: Hit Squad Targets Trump
    Establishment hopes outsiders will bloody each other and open a lane for Jeb

    Former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan said Friday the Republican establishment is hoping that retired neurosurgeon Carson will come to its rescue and open “the door for Jeb and Rubio” by taking out Donald Trump.

    “That’s why you’ll see a promotion of a Carson-Trump fight,” said Buchanan, who appeared on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” “This is a contract hit, an assigned hit, almost.” [snip]

    Buchanan said the same dynamic as the pumped-up Carson-Trump fight was at work when Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, mired near the bottom of the polls in the GOP race, attacked Trump on Thursday as “shallow,” “narcissistic” and lacking substance. [snip]

    The neo-cons, the National Review folks, are terrified of the idea of Trump, who they don’t have any hooks in whatsoever, winning this nomination.

    The next pawn called to duty will be Fiorina at the debate or maybe even John Kasich. Fiorina will get her face time at the CNN debate but not much else. Fake outrage by her fans and Big Media Trump haters can only get you so far.

    As to Kasich, he will sink soon as well, especially since his current low standing is due only to millions of dollars spent in advertising to bolster him. But, as JeBush has discovered, millions of dollars can only keep your nose above water for so long, then you will sink. Soon the pawns will all lay dead on the chess table and only the despised and deposed JeBush will remain to Stop Trump.

    The Republican nomination will go either to JeBush or Donald Trump. There is no other. The Republican nomination fight has been fixed. The nomination was fixed for JeBush. But now Trump threatens that fixed phony wrestling match and he is the only one that can beat Bush.

    All the Republican establishment wants is to get somebody to get rid of Donald J. Trump so that JeBush can get nominated. The Republican establishment understands that JeBush is not up to the job of taking out Trump, so the pawns – Carson, Fiorina- are called upon to do the job that the other pawns – Graham, Walker, Perry, Jindal, Christie, Pataki, etc. – failed to accomplish.

    The Republican establishment sees their very existence threatened by Donald J. Trump. That’s why the Republican establishment is so angry and will say things about Trump they have never said about Barack H. Obama.

    Donald Trump increasingly looks to win the Republican nomination for president. So the Republican establishment is desperate. Donald Trump opponents are in freefall. Consider the news from Texas on the day Rick Perry became an official loser:

    No tickets left for Trump’s Dallas rally

    There are no more tickets available for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s rally in Dallas on Monday, according to The Dallas Morning News.

    The American Airlines Center, the event’s venue, has a capacity of about 20,000.

    The arena also plays host to the Dallas Mavericks, a basketball team owned by Mark Cuban, who has spoken in support of Trump.

    Cuban said he had no doubt Trump would “kill it” at the Dallas rally, saying “there is nothing more Texan than being confident and entrepreneurial.”

    The tech billionaire has also said he would consider being Trump’s vice president if asked.

    We don’t know whether it was his loser lack of invitation to next week’s debate or the idea of Trump’s big rally in Dallas, Texas that prompted Rick Perry to abandoned his silly quest. Whatever the reason Rick Perry now has the time to attend the Trump rally.

    It is to be hoped that Rick Perry will invite Mitt Romney, John McCain, and the other losers (Fiorina, Carson, etc.) to Trump’s rally on Monday. Maybe then the GOP losers will denounce Barack Obama with the same vehemence with which they denounce Trump.