Strange Brew Elections: Trump Alabama Election Whisky Rally, AFD Germany Election, John McCain’s ObamaCare Lies

Update: Very Strange days indeed. With his powerful speech in support of Luther Strange President Trump might succeed and Strange might win the race that was unwinnable according to all the polls.

We’ve watch the speech repeatedly. It is a powerful speech. It’s powerful because it is brutally honest. President Trump laid out his reasons for supporting Strange pretty much as we noted in our article (below). President Trump also vouched for Strange even as President Trump said Strange might lose in which case PDT would campaign for Moore. President Trump added that Strange would win the general election with ease whereas Moore would have a tough race.

Some other reasons to vote for Luther Strange have now appeared. For one, Moore has come out against the ObamaCare repeal as embodied in Graham/Cassidy. If Luther Strange or Vice President Pence, who will campaign for Luther Strange before Tuesday’s election, focus on this point, Strange will get a powerful boost.

In addition, news has emerged about Senator Corker’s role in persuading President Trump to back Luther Strange. That news has been utilized by Moore supporters to lambaste Strange as an establishment lackey. But we noticed, in an entirely unrelated matter we are told, that the anti-Trump Senator Corker arrived at support for the tax reform bill to be released this week in the Senate almost immediately after President Trump agreed to campaign for Senator Strange. Was there a deal? Strange days.

We are torn on this issue. We want to support President Trump and understand if President Trump emerges as the decisive factor in the Alabama primary race then President Trump will gain strength against his GOP establishment foes. On the other hand we would like to see many primary challenges against anti-Trump freaks like Jeff Flake and a Moore victory would kindle insurrectionary fires in every primary campaign. But if President Trump is seen as the decisive factor in any senate primary race then the GOP establishment might be sufficiently cowed. We’re conflicted. But we see President Trump as the man that might salvage Strange and at the same time beat the establishment with an establishment supported candidate. Strange Strange days.

Meanwhile as the NFL attacks President Trump we side with President Trump and support his call for a boycott of football. Then again, we don’t care for football or sports so our opinion on this does not count for much.

As to the German elections, our analysis (below) seems to be holding up. Results: Merkel is winning but weakened. The Alternative for Germany is losing but gaining and will rise to third among dozens of political parties vying in the German elections.

Hey, elections matter.


Strange days. Two elections and the implications for many others are part of the very Strange Brew as we bid farewell to Summer and wrap ourselves in Autumn colors.

Friday night, a President Trump rally is scheduled for Alabama. On Sunday a German election looms with grave consequences for the continent. Both elections in Germany and Alabama will say much about the current world situation and the future. It’s a Strange Brew.

In Germany the people are in dire straits. Angela Merkel, the alleged candidate of the right, who is really a true daughter of the old East German Soviet has betrayed the German people with her immigration policies. Throw her out!

Throw her out would be the thing to do. However the totally crackpot leftists nominated someone who is even more openly in favor of the destruction of Germany/Europe/The Free World than Merkel. Both Merkel and her Sergeant Schultz opposition are terrible. The German people therefore have no alternative. Well, there is Alternative for Germany:

Anti-Immigrant AfD Party Draws In More Germans as Vote Nears
Party’s upswing suggests undercurrent of popular distrust threatening to unsettle country’s politics

WISMAR, Germany—Candidate Georg Pazderski of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany spent nearly half his speech in this harbor town earlier this week highlighting the danger of Islamist terrorism. Chancellor Angela Merkel dispatched the topic in roughly 80 seconds in an address here the next day.

As this country’s election campaign reaches its crescendo ahead of Sunday’s vote, its participants appear to be fighting different battles. Ms. Merkel, looking assured of victory, is engaging her opponents in mainstream parties on pensions, infrastructure, education, and economic policy. The Alternative for Germany is creeping up in the polls while positioning itself as the only party sounding the alarm about what it says is the existential threat posed by Muslim immigration.

The AfD, as the party is known, is now polling above 10%, less than its peak early this year and well below what other far-right parties elsewhere in Europe have garnered in recent elections. But for Germany, if the polls hold, its impending entry into parliament would mark a turning point in a country where right-wing populism has long been banished from mainstream discussion. And it would show that despite Germany’s thriving economy, an undercurrent of popular distrust and discontent threatens to unsettle a largely stable political system.

The unease is especially apparent here in the former East Germany, where unemployment is higher and the mainstream political parties less deeply anchored than in the more prosperous former West. But AfD is drawing rising support from across the country, polls show.

Interviews with AfD supporters conducted in recent weeks, from the German southwest to here on the Baltic seacoast, yielded one common complaint: Mainstream politicians, the voters said, don’t take their concerns about immigration seriously enough.

Sounds like another country we all know and love.

Sunday’s German elections will be watched to see how many seats Alternative For Germany garners. It won’t take many seats to send a powerful message, it’s a parliamentary system after all and Merkel won’t even get 40% of the vote. Merkel’s forecast win will be closer to the mid thirties, if that high. There are other dangers for Merkel:

Opinion polls have confirmed the far-right populist AfD’s challenge to the Left party for third place in Germany’s federal elections. Chancellor Merkel has called on people to vote as concerns about abstention grow. [snip]

In polls published on Friday, the AfD was seen to strengthen its third place setting by two percentage points to a projected 13 percent of the vote in an Insa survey commissioned by Bild newspaper, which put it near its highest ranking so far this year. The CDU kept its top spot with 34 percent support, down 2 points and the SPD was down one point to 21 percent. The Left party was showing 11 percent support. [snip]

While voters have a choice of 42 parties and 4,828 candidates, the focus has sharpened on the top three, and the likely coalition which will come from the votes. While the CDU has been holding its position as the SPD weakens, if the opinion polls prove correct then both parties would see their overall share of the vote fall to a level they have not seen since 2009. [snip]

In the last federal elections in 2013, some 29 percent of registered voters did not cast a ballot. This week, polls showed those planning either not to vote or unsure of who to vote for at 34 percent.

Fears of a low turnout, which many experts have said would benefit the AfD as its base is motivated to head to the polls, have encouraged mainstream parties to call for voters to turn out on Sunday.

Already the current German führer has problems as Poland, despite threats, continues to defy the immigration policies of Merkel. A large vote for Alternative for Germany will strengthen Poland and others who fight for Europe to survive.

The German elections this weekend are important. But the big election is the Strange election this coming Tuesday. This is a Whiskey Bar election. It reminds us of the Dreigroschenoper Bertolt Brecht song about Alabama, don’t ask why.

How strange is this Alabama election? The incumbent senator is Mitch McConnell’s pal Luther Strange whom Trump has endorsed. The primary campaign challenger is the anti-establishment Judge Roy Moore. Can anything get Moore Strange than this election?

President Trump has endorsed Luther Strange because Strange voted the way President Trump wanted without any favors or pleas needed. But Strange is the GOP establishment’s guy!

On the other side of Strange, there are many Trump supporters who endorsed the challenger because they want Moore change. Trump’s Secretary of Housing, Ben Carson has called for Moore change.

Sarah Palin has campaigned for Moore change! Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee want Moore change! Yikes! What is going on???

President Trump remembers how in 2010 and 2012 the GOP chose very right wing candidates then lost the general election and President Trump wants to avoid that fate. However this is very red state Alabama and we doubt that Moore can lose the general election. If Judge Roy Moore wins this primary election on Tuesday, then he will likely win the general election too.

As to Sarah Palin, Hannity, Huckabee, and Steve Bannon, they smell the future blood to be shed:

“What’s happening in Alabama is being watched in the halls of Congress and the Senate,” Moore said at a rally over the weekend. “They know what is happening in Alabama. Mitch McConnell knows what is happening in Alabama. They know it is going to affect the future of elections of other senators in 2018 in other states.”

If Judge Roy Moore wins on Tuesday the entire GOP establishment is under threat. That’s why the President Trump endorsement of Strange is so very Strange.

After today the President Trump endorsement is especially Strange. But maybe not so strange in light of how Trump deals. After all, Moore is likely to win on Tuesday. If a Trump rally moves the election to Luther Strange the GOP establishment will clearly see the absolute value of an endorsement by President Trump. Trump gains.

If Strange loses and Moore change carries the day, President Trump can still declare that he did what he thought was right. President Trump can also say in full honesty that the proponents of Moore change all declared their allegiance to President Trump at every rally for Moore.

What would we like to see happen? What would be the best outcome of all this?

We would like to see Moore win on Tuesday. We would then like President Trump to address the ObamaCare vote in the Senate and the latest lies by John McCain immediately before or immediately after this coming week’s ObamaCare vote.

John McCain ran for the senate with lies to the people who voted. McCain lied when he said he would oppose ObamaCare and deserved votes. McCain lied repeatedly.

So what should happen? Moore should win on Tuesday. If Moore wins on Tuesday that should be a strong warning of what awaits the liars of the GOP establishment. Win or lose however, the ObamaCare vote should be taken in the Senate to force the liars out into the open. Immediately before or after the ObamaCare vote, President Trump should announce the congressional ObamaCare exemption is no longer as, a way to punish liars like McCain.

It’s time to treat liars like McCain like North Korea.

Strange days call for strong measures.


Kushner v. Bannon?: #POTUS @RealDonaldTrump’s Brilliant Management Style

Jared Kushner should be worried. Steve Bannon should be worried. Reince Priebus should be worried. They should all be worried and that’s because of President Trump’s brilliant management style.

Every management style has plusses and minuses. We happen to prefer President Trump’s management style. The other management style used by people such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama simply does not work in our modern society with all its divisions.

Trump’s management style? President Trump is the center of the wheel. This makes President Trump a centripetal force when it comes to information. PDT sucks up information from all his aides, TV, publications, critics, everything and everyone.

The management style we don’t think works for a modern president is the pyramid management style. That is the management style of people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This pyramid style is very structured and everyone has a place in the pyramid. The president at the top of the pyramid has all his/her incoming information filtered through those immediately below him on the pyramid.

Big Media and the establishment of the country prefer the pyramid management style. Everyone has a place and all information is filtered through the pyramid. There are few if any surprises in the pyramid. The pyramid management style is excellent if your goal is structure and order. It’s not so good at getting things done other than the conventional. Lately conventional does not work.

President Trump’s management style is a vortex. It appears to be chaotic to everyone but the president at the center. Everyone competes to get the attention of the vortex center and the old rules of hierarchy and order are caught in the whirlwind.

Big Media hates the vortex. Big Media has long believed they are the masters of information. Big Media has been usurped by the center of the wheel for information gathering and information dissemination. Consider the latest “analysis” by Vanity Fair in their much discussed (by Big Media and Trump haters) article on the Trump White House:


West Wing sources come clean about the backstabbing, the bullying, the distrust, and the buzzing flies. [snip]

Priebus’s role is, by Trump’s design, less powerful than that of a traditional chief of staff. Typically, the chief of staff is meant to serve as the main gatekeeper to the president—having one person atop the hierarchy with unquestioned authority is essential—but Trump’s management style has long been to pit top aides against one another, and almost any senior aide can just wander into the Oval Office.

Oh, the horror!!! Vanity Fair cannot comprehend a free flow of information to the president. Vanity Fair craves the pyramid structure which has so spectacularly failed American voters/citizens with such regularity.

As a public service we will digest and excrete the entire Vanity Fair article which has titillated Big Media narratives for our readers. Vanity Fair‘s entire article on the Trump White House is one cheap and easy conceit. Vanity Fair declares that the Trump White House is like a “reality show”. The entire article populates the imagined “reality show” with characters from the Trump orbit. Isn’t that a “wow” so very very original? Uninspired bitchiness from hacks is the fare of Vanity Fair these days.

As with everything from Big Media these days, insipid chit-chat is what passes for “analysis” from Vanity Fair. Big Media takes everything Trump and puts a negative spin on it. It’s easy to do. Anyone can do it. If you have a loving relationship with a person, just label it “co-dependent” or “exploitative”. If a wonderful new technology is developed, describe all the horrors that could potentially come from the technology. You fall in love, “oh girlfriend you’re gonna regret it”. Anything and everything is turned into negative energy chit chat. Whatever it is, it is not “analysis”.

Good analysis of the Trump White House should examine the benefits and drawbacks of the Trump management style. The big drawback of the Trumpcentric universe is that if anything happens to Trump there will be a black hole of gravity at the center which will threaten to consume everything. Also, for the not very astute outside the vortex, the vortex appears as chaos. But as has been demonstrated since June 15, 2015 the vortex wins in the end and creates its own order and results. As long as President Trump remains healthy and active, we believe the benefits of the Trump vortex are greater than its deficits.

Of course the Trump vortex is not very good for those who work for Trump. The voter and President Trump benefit from the vortex but not the aides.

Consider Jared Kushner, the son-in-law. Big Media has declared that Jared Kushner is now king of the hill. To the extent that Kushner is family he is well positioned. Kushner, to quote from the chit-chat Vanity Fair airhead gossips is ascendant:

Ivanka Trump, who could play the No-BS Heiress in our reality show, and her husband, Jared, the Crafty In-Law, are both children of privilege and are both extraordinarily loyal to their fathers. The senior administration official told me that, with this president, it is “family above all else. That’s how he has lived his life. Anybody thinking they are going to win a fight against the family is not very smart.” Kushner has reportedly described himself as a “first among equals” among White House staffers—not an endearing self-assessment, but probably an accurate one—and has been given an almost laughable assortment of responsibilities. He is tasked not only with bringing peace to the Middle East but also with re-inventing the way the entire government does business. He is heavily involved in policy regarding China. He recently made a surprise trip to Iraq. In addition, he is now the boss of his father’s former tormentor, Chris Christie, who heads a White House commission to tackle the opioid crisis. Christie was the prosecutor who helped put Jared’s father, Charles Kushner, in prison, and Jared has not forgotten.

If Vanity Air tried to do “analysis” not gossip the mag rag could have pondered the situation Jared Kushner finds himself in. From the world of real estate in New York/New Jersey Jared Kushner has a background not entirely dissimilar from President Trump. But where President Trump is the center of the vortex, consuming information, and due to his life in public and the tabloids, able to command from the executive suite – Jared Kushner has very specific assignments to carry out on behalf of President Trump.

President Trump can make general decisions and issue orders. But no one expects President Trump to be an operative who picks up the hammer and saw to get the job done. That is precisely the situation Jared Kushner is in right now.

Jared Kushner has some very specific assignments. Will he succeed or fail? Middle East peace, China, opiods? That’s a very diverse portfolio. If Jared Kushner succeeds in these tasks who would be so churlish as to be unhappy he has done his job well? If Jared Kushner fails, then he will be called Icarus.

In the world of politics, the wheel is always in spin. What goes up, comes down. Anyone remember Rick Perry, the guy who is now Secretary of Energy? We recall when Rick Perry called Donald Trump a “cancer”, a “small minded” “divisive” figure. Now Rick Perry helps the TrumpTrain wheels roll bigly.

Anyone recall candidate Ben Carson? To be discreet and our typical sweet selves we won’t quote what Candidate Trump said about Candidate Carson. But it had something to do with Carson trying to kill his mother. Candidate Lyin’ Ted? Again, discretion is the better part of our nature, and we don’t mention Candidate Trump saying something about the assassination of JFK and Heidi and Daddy Cruz. Now Cruz helps PDT. Remember the wack-a-doodle two headed dentist, Candidate Rand Paul and the mockery unleashed by Candidate Trump against the diminutive senator? Senator Rand Paul is now a big Trump fan. What happened? It was the Trump Doctrine at play:

The Trump Doctrine

Do what President Trump wants you to do, and he loves you. Stand in President Trump’s way and a MOAB lands on your head.

Remember when Candidate Trump denounced NATO as obsolete? Now NATO is dancing to President Trump’s tune – taking on once-upon-a-time friend Putin and paying up on their dues. Result? President Trump no longer slaps NATO as obsolete. Trump “Art of the Deal-ed” them. President Trump got what Americans wanted – so as long as they do what this American president wants, NATO’s wheel spoke is up.

Remember the Import-Export Bank that Candidate Trump denounced – promised he would destroy? NeverTrump hysterics flow from President Trump’s latest moves on the Import-Export Bank. What did President Trump do? President Trump violated his campaign pledge to eliminate the bank. Or did he? President Trump just appointed Scott Garrett to the Import-Export Bank Board. Who is Scott Garrett? He hates the Import-Export Bank and nothing can be done without his “yes” vote.

China’s spoke on the wheel is up right now because China is doing what President Trump wants for the American people. Remember what President Trump said about China on the campaign trail? For diplomacy’s sake we won’t quote Candidate Trump. As long as China does what President Trump wants, China will be wined, dined, and praised. Until the moment when the wheel turns China is on top. The wheel will turn when President Trump makes more “Art of the Deal-y” demands.

Speaking of China, Big Media at the time loved a certain Chinese leader:

Deng Xiaoping Theory (simplified Chinese: 邓小平理论; traditional Chinese: 鄧小平理論; pinyin: Dèng Xiǎopíng Lǐlùn), also known as Dengism, is the series of political and economic ideologies first developed by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. The theory does not claim to reject Marxism–Leninism or Mao Zedong Thought but instead seeks to adapt them to the existing socio-economic conditions of China.

Deng also stressed opening China to the outside world,[1] the implementation of one country, two systems, and through the phrase “seek truth from facts“, an advocation of political and economic pragmatism.[2] [snip]

One of the most famous maxims of Deng, dating back to the years before the Cultural Revolution, states that “It doesn’t matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice.” In other words, he did not worry too much about whether a person is a revolutionary or not, as long as he or she is efficient and capable to do the job under the socialist economy.[3] (This statement came to stand in opposition to the ideas of class struggle projected into economic relations, the latter being epitomized in a phrase “a socialist train coming with a delay is better than the capitalist one that comes on time“).

China largely owes its economic growth to the pragmatism of Deng Xiaoping’s theory.[citation needed] The task faced by Deng was twofold: to promote modernization while preserving the ideological unity of the CPC and its control of the difficult process of reforms.

If President Trump quoted commie Deng Xiaoping our Big Media would fawn all over sweetie pie commie Trump. President Trump is not commie Deng but there is no doubt that President Trump aides should remember “It doesn’t matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice.”

During the presidential campaign Candidate Donald J. Trump stunned many when he either redefined “conservatism” to be what he thought. Remember “I am for free trade but I also want fair trade” that so shocked the conservative priesthood? Candidate Trump especially shocked, when denounced because he was not a “conservative, and responded with “who cares?”

That’s what so many who lament the rise of Kushner and the slump of Steve Bannon don’t get. After the failure of ObamaCare repeal because of the Freedom Caucus, President Trump did his usual “Art of the Deal-ing” moves. Trump immediately declared he was through with ObamaCare repeal, denounced the Freedom Caucus, and announced he would triangulate with Democrats to pass legislation. This shocked the pearl clutchers.

To slap awake the Freedom Caucus and wake them to the dangers of not passing ObamaCare repeal soon, President Trump played his trump card – Steve Bannon. If the Freedom Caucus did not cooperate even with a powerful Steve Bannon cajoling them, then either Steve Bannon is useless in dealings with the Freedom Caucus, or the Freedom Caucus is too contrarian to ever get anything done.

President Trump’s argument is “if this cat can’t catch mice, get rid of him. I’ll get rid of the rats another way.” The threat from President Trump is credible, not because of how he MOABed ISIS or Tomahawked Syria (although that does demonstrate the “#DFWM” doctrine) but because of campaign history. Corey Lewandowski was viewed as indispensable, until Paul Manafort became indispensable, until Steve Bannon/KellyAnne Conway became indispensable. Now Jared Kushner is indispensable.

All President Trump was doing was “Art of the Deal-ing”. President Trump knows Obama Dimocrats won’t help him or the American people to see Candidate Trump’s promises fulfilled. But the threat did some awfully good artful dealing. For all the complaints, the fact is that the Freedom Caucus came forth with a bit more pragmatism and now ObamaCare repeal is once again on the table and soon to be voted on.

Which brings us to Deng Xiaoping again. Something conservative NeverTrumpers should keep in mind. Let’s invert a Dengism to see what President Trump would like to do: “a capitalist train coming with a delay is better than the socialist one that comes on time“. That’s contrary to the postulate of the efficient cat. But it is a warning that the TrumpTrain will roll in the direction of Candidate Trump’s campaign as long as it rolls but if you try to stop it for reasons of ideological purity, then watch out, because the cat in the dark will come back. In other words what matters to President Trump is to get the job done, hopefully in the right way, but whichever way, the job will get done. The job, is Make America Great Again.

Some don’t understand that for President Trump the job is to Make America Great Again, not make ideology or particular leaders, or something or other great again. The threats of scandal thuggery coming from people like Mike Cernovich who are infatuated with themselves, are going nowhere. President Trump does not faint. The well intended warnings about false friends from Kurt Schlichter are best directed at those that think they can use President Trump as their toy.

Schlichter makes some good points about how close President Trump is to total victory and winning, winning, winning. But President Trump is the one who performed the miracle of election and he deserves better than faint praise.

President Trump knows what he is doing. He is at the center of the vortex. We recall when Vladimir Putin was going to be his best friend. Then Putin thought he was king of the hill. So Trump had to MOAB drop the Trump doctrine on Putin’s head.

The Trump Doctrine

President Trump is not going to get America into another neo-con war in Syria as some hyperventilate about. But President Trump needed to schlong Syria on its Assad. President Trump is at the same time not going to allow North Korea to threaten Hawaii nor California and the West Coast by continuing to finesse the Phat Un’s nuclear and chemical warfare weapons onto missiles.

The same forces aligned against Candidate Trump are still spreading the “chaos” “sell-out” “not a real conservative” narratives to undermine President Trump. But President Trump continues to strike like a TrumpNado for his goal of Make America Great Again.

President Trump is at the center of the vortex and in calm control. Where Big Media and NeverTrumpers see “chaos” President Trump sees the vortex of information flows. President Trump understands the vortex he is in. President Trump at the center of the vortex knows how to use what orbits around him to move in the direction he selects.

America’s enemies, foreign and domestic still don’t see the vortex, the TrumpNado as an intelligent force, moving deliberately to strike.


#MOAB “The Mother Of All Bombs”: The #TrumpTrain Big Wheels Roll Bigly

President Trump is not alone.

President Trump is not without resources.

On Thursday President Trump dropped a MOAB bomb, the biggest bomb that is not nuclear, on tunnel systems in Afghanistan. The #MOAB message hit hardest in Iran, North Korea, and Syria. Wanna play in tunnels boys? You are digging your own grave.

The old scripture Moab was the son of Lot, after the Almighty destroyed the cities of the plain, Sodom and Gomorrah. Hint, hint, ladies and gents.

As discussed in our comments section, North Korea will probably blow up on Saturday, April 15. The glorious “Day of the Sun” will likely be the glorious “Day of the Death of the Son“.

The Trump Doctrine is in full force and effect.

The Trump Doctrine

President Trump is not Barack Hussein Obama. Obama was a lead-from-my-behind asshole. Obama let the problems fester, profit, and proliferate. For eight years the cancers grew. Surgeon Trump will remove the problems.

It is a lot of problems President Trump inherited. Fortunately President Trump is not alone.

* * * * * *

Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley was an odd anti-Trump choice for many when she was chosen by President Trump. But damn, girlfriend has been kicking ass at the U.N.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a bit of an imp, we think Irish Leprechaun every time he smiles. Damn, that good ol’ boy recused himself from the Russia distraction nonsense and is now full tilt boogie on immigration and all else under his jurisdiction that matters.

Office of Management and the Budget’s Mike Mulvaney is adding it all up. He’s taking the numbers, dividing them, and most of all doing lots of subtraction. Mike less-is-more-vaney.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, wow, well he… um… and uh, yeah, and well he’s… um… done… um… well he truly has… um… Well, something is just not right with that boy.

Secretary of Urban Development and Housing Ben Carson! The once “Gentle Ben” has grown claws and is threatening some massive growling, if only those damn elevators would work.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry? That Texan is writing letters. They’re “Dear John” letters. Letters that break little hearts. Secretary Perry is breaking little hearts, bless his heart.

Secretary of State Tillerson? Damn that T-Rex is Jurassic Park come alive chowing down on Big Media, Russians, Syria, North Korea. T-Rex can be accused of theft. He stole President Trump’s flag!

Or maybe just borrowed it.

Or maybe President Trump gave everyone who works for Trump and us a replica of his flag.

* * * * * *

What are President Trump’s appointments doing? Take a squint.

Mike Mulvaney is busy:

Agency heads will receive a 14-page memorandum outlining changes. The memo, which replaces the federal hiring ban Trump enacted in January, outlines cuts based on Trump’s “skinny” budget, released last month. The budget proposal called for deep cuts to domestic programs and an increase in military spending.

The memo tells agencies to “begin taking immediate actions to achieve near-term workforce reductions.” It also instructs agencies to develop by June 30 a plan to “maximize employee performance” — i.e., take steps to reward employees deemed effective while working to improve or dismiss weak performers. The memo also calls for delivery by September of an agency reform plan to shrink personnel to accommodate long term budget reductions outlined in the skinny budget.

Speaking to reporters, budget chief Mick Mulvaney said the end result will likely take effect in about 11 months. The executive branch will be dramatically different, Mulvaney said, with agencies operating more like private businesses. Mulvaney downplayed the cuts, saying the focus was on making agencies more efficient, not just smaller.

Really what you’re talking about doing is restructuring Washington, D.C.,” Mulvaney said. “That is how you drain the swamp.”

“At the end of the day,” Mulvaney added, “this leads to a government that is dramatically more accountable, dramatically more efficient, and dramatically more effective at following through on the promises that the president made during the campaign.”

The White House’s latest instructions to the agencies would appear to bear the fingerprints of chief strategist Steve Bannon, who pledged himself publicly to “deconstruction of the administrative state.”

Less is more. Mulvaney will remove “programs that are duplicative, non-essential to the agency’s mission, or are already carried out in some form by state and local government.” That’s “Don’t F with Me” in math. “He pointed out that there are 43 different workforce training programs across 13 different agencies, and that was a case of “if everybody is responsible, nobody is responsible” and of hereditary structure that needs to change.” Numbers matter, budgets matter.

Jeff Sessions gave a speech at the southern border this week.

It’s Trump time, not weak Obama sleepy-time.

Why does Attorney General Jeff Sessions give such a tough Trumpy speech? Pew Research provides a hint:

Half (50%) of the 165,265 total arrests made by the federal government in fiscal 2014 – the most recent year for which statistics are available – were for immigration-related offenses, such as crossing the border illegally or smuggling others into the United States. A decade earlier, immigration-related offenses accounted for 28% of all federal arrests.

At the same time, arrests for drug crimes fell from 23% of the total in 2004 to 14% in 2014. Those for supervision violations, such as probation or parole infractions, fell from 17% to 14%. Arrests for property crimes, including fraud and embezzlement, declined from 11% to 8%. And arrests for weapon offenses, such as possession of an unregistered firearm, fell from 7% to 4%.

Illegal immigration and associated crimes committed by that population are a cancer on the country. Arrests of illegals cut down the resources that can be deployed to stop other crimes. The answer is not to stop arresting illegals and devote resources elsewhere. The answer is to stop the massive influx of illegal immigration then tackle other crimes once you have established the principle of “rule of law”.

Notice those numbers come from the Obama weakness era. “In 2014, 61% of all federal arrests involved non-U.S. citizens”. Back then no matter how many arrests of illegal immigrants took place, millions more illegals came in to replace those removed. Stopping illegal immigration is the nexus of all President Trump policies. These numbers don’t include state and local government arrests of illegal aliens committing more crimes in this country. You have to stop the bleeding before healing can begin. Doctor Jeff Sessions is on the job.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry’s “Dear John” letters:

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said the U.S. “is in the process of reviewing many of its policies and reserves its position on this issue, which will be communicated at a future date,” Italy’s industry and energy minister Carlo Calenda said in a statement.

Calenda said other G7 members “reaffirmed their commitment towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement to effectively limit the increase in global temperature well below 2°C above pre-industrial level.”

The Trump administration would not sign onto a statement mentioning Paris, since the president is still deciding whether or not to keep his campaign pledge. Perry also wanted the G7 to include support for coal and natural gas in its statement.

“Therefore, we believe it is wise for countries to use and pursue highly efficient energy resources,” Perry said in a statement after his meeting in Rome with energy ministers from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the European Union.

Perry specifically pushed for a commitment to “[h]igh efficiency, low-emission coal and natural gas with adequate financing from multi-lateral development banks and private sector investment.”

Perry also advocated for “[a]dvanced civil-nuclear technologies that are proliferation resistant, produce little to no waste and ensure safety.”

“Innovation is also a top priority for the Trump Administration,” Perry said. “We are committed to developing, deploying and commercializing breakthrough technologies and developing the necessary policies that will help renewables become competitive with traditional sources of energy.”

Italy, which hosted this year’s G7 meeting, pushed to include the Paris agreement in a policy statement member countries typically sign after these meetings end. No statement was signed since Perry couldn’t commit to backing Paris.

The Paris agreement went into effect in 2016, committing United Nations members to reduce greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming. President Barack Obama committed the U.S. to cut emissions 26 to 28 percent by 2025.

Trump promised to withdraw from the Paris agreement on the campaign trail, and the president has already issued executive orders to dismantle the regulatory regime Obama relied on to meet his Paris pledge.

The White house is split on whether or not to keep Trump’s campaign pledge. On one side, Ivanka Trump, White House aide Jared Kushner and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson support remaining in Paris.
White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt oppose the Paris agreement.

Secretary “first neurosurgeon” Ben Carson of the Department of Housing and Urban Development? He might get stuck in elevators, but he knows where he is going:

Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion (Billion!) In Errors During Audit Of Obama HUD

Ben Carson was the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins, so, he’s kind of a super hero.

But apparently, he’s also not a bad accountant.

President Trump picked Carson to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development, whose budget grew by leaps and bounds under Barack Obama.

In one of his first acts as HUD Secretary, Carson ordered an audit of the agency. What he found was staggering: $520 billion in bookkeeping errors.

The total amounts of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were $516.4 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively,” the auditors wrote.

But there were plenty of other problems, too.

There were several other unresolved audit matters, which restricted our ability to obtain sufficient, appropriate evidence to express an opinion. These unresolved audit matters relate to (1) the Office of General Counsel’s refusal to sign the management representation letter, (2) HUD’s improper use of cumulative and first-in, first-out budgetary accounting methods of disbursing community planning and development program funds, (3) the $4.2 billion in nonpooled loan assets from Ginnie Mae’s stand-alone financial statements that we could not audit due to inadequate support, (4) the improper accounting for certain HUD assets and liabilities, and (5) material differences between HUD’s subledger and general ledger accounts. This audit report contains 11 material weaknesses, 7 significant deficiencies, and 5 instances of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations. [snip]

So, look for Carson to get out his scalpel and start operating. Or perhaps he’ll use a machete.

Turns out “Gentle Ben” is a Grizzly.

Speaking of Grizzly, as is Mama Grizzly, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley:

On Syria, Israel, Russia, and every other issue, Nikki Haley is “taking names”. She is schlonging the bad boys. Big Media doesn’t like it. Screw Big Media.

Screwing Big Media appears to be the joy of Secretary of State T-Rex Tillerson. T-Rex refuses to take Big Media along with him on his world-wide T-Rexing. Big Media can get their own travel arrangements made is the message from T-Rex. T-Rex has work to do and babysitting the travel of Big Media blowhards is not a job for a mighty T-Rex.

Big Media is a mosquito to T-Rex. A bigger gnat is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Anyone here remember when we declared Vladimir Putin to be a strong and powerful leader? We saw what Putin was up to in Syria and we saw the threat he posed to the world because it is in Russia’s interest to drive up the cost of oil. As we wrote, Putin has his own “operation Grand Slam” just like Goldfinger. That is Russia’s ultimate aim. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is a smart powerful guy who knows that because of instability in the middle east (hey, something could happen to those oil fields in Saudi Arabia if some country lobbed a bunch of missiles to set the whole place on fire) Russia is in position to profit handsomely.

Vladimir Putin indeed was, as we declared, a strong powerful leader. But that is like saying Woody Allen is a strong powerful man – in a roomful of pre-schoolers. Vladimir Putin was a strong powerful leader when the opposition was weak fey simpering apologist America-hating “managed decline” Barack Obama. Now Vladimir Putin is in opposition to President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of Defense General “Mad-dog” Mattis, and Secretary of State T-Rex Tillerson. Up against these is like Woody Allen up against Seal Team Six. All of a sudden you’re not so strong and powerful anymore.

In Moscow a few days ago, President Putin pretended his was not going to meet with his once friend T-Rex Tillerson. Obama Dimocrats opposed the confirmation of T-Rex because they said he was too close to Russian President Putin. But in Moscow, President Putin played games that he would not meet with President Trump’s emissary. In the end President Putin met with T-Rex for hours.

The Putin gamesmanship would have worked if he was up against weak, fey, simpering, lead-from-presenting-his-behind Barack Obama. But against T-Rex Trump, President Putin appeared to be old and weak, playing games long retired. The result of all the games is that T-Rex Trump took all the winnings.

Vladimir Putin is isolated because of his not credible position on the Syria issue. Putin looks either a liar or a fool. He knows it now. China abstained on the U.N. vote and did not veto as would usually be expected. China is also making some very powerful threats against North Korea, as our comments section has noted. Putin against Obama was a towering figure. Putin against T-Rex is a gnat. Putin against Trump is a mosquito.

To all that display of military and diplomatic might, President Trump adds his most powerful display of force. President Trump understands that the most important component of Make America Great Again is economic. To that end President Trump commands Mulvaney, Perry, Sessions, Carson, and even Paul Ryan (something is just not right with that boy) to make America an economic powerhouse.

On Paul Ryan (something is just not right with that boy), President Trump and his allies might have to drop a MOAB bomb on his head to get some work done from Paul Ryan (something is just not right with that boy). Obama Dimocrats too need a MOAB to drop on their heads and President Trump just might do that:

Nearly three weeks after Republican infighting sank an overhaul of the Affordable Care Act, President Donald Trump dug back into the battle on Wednesday, threatening to withhold payments to insurers to force Democrats to the negotiating table.

In an interview in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump said the White House may lack authority to make the payments established under his predecessor to reduce copayments and deductibles for some of the poorest customers who buy insurance under the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Cutting off the payments could trigger turmoil in insurance markets.

“I don’t want people to get hurt,” Mr. Trump said. “What I think should happen—and will happen—is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating.”…

We’ve written about that before so we won’t beat a dead horse today. But something is not right with that Paul Ryan boy and the Obama Dimocrats need a house to fall on their heads. It might not be a house that falls on their heads. It might be a political MOAB.

As President Trump exercises his muscles across the sea, his domestic muscles grow that much stronger. MOAB is coming.

Bombs away!


Despicable Them: Lying @TedCruz, Little @MarcoRubio, Oily @JohnKasich Attack @RealDonaldTrump

Clarity. Ted Cruz calls himself the “consistent conservative”. That’s one reason why Donald J. Trump calls him “Lyin’ Ted Cruz”.

Yesterday we wrote how Ted Cruz joined in with the worst elements in the American political spectrum to attack Donald J. Trump. Imagine if Ted Cruz, the “consistent conservative” had instead said:

My opponent Donald Trump was deprived of his free speech rights in Chicago. Donald Trump supporters were deprived of their rights to attend a Trump rally and to associate with whomsoever they choose – the birthright of every American.

I disagree with Donald Trump on issues and am running against him for the office of president. But I am a “consistent conservative” and as such I quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

As a “consistent conservative” I denounce and deplore the brown-shirt tactics of those who planned and achieved their aim to deprive Americans of free political discourse. As a “consistent conservative” I stand with Donald Trump today and his supporters and against the enemies of freedom and liberty.’

Evelyn Beatrice Hall also said “It is by character and not by intellect the world is won.” Lyin’ Ted Cruz has neither character nor consistent intellect as proven by his attack on Donald Trump for political profit. America needed a consistent fighter for freedom of speech. Ted Cruz sided with totalitarians against free speech, liberty, and associational rights.

Hillary Clinton should have given the same response as the one Ted Cruz should have taken to the attack on freedom and liberty that took place in Chicago. Hillary Clinton should have said “as a consistent liberal” or “as a classic liberal” to preface her defense of Donald Trump’s right to speak and his supporters to hear him. Bernie Sanders, a socialist, has less reason to defend free speech. But Bernie Sanders does call himself a “democratic socialist” so maybe the “democratic” portion of his self-description should have given Sanders sufficient reason to stand on the side of free speech, liberty, and associational rights.

Little Marco Rubio and Oily John Kasich should also have defended Donald J. Trump’s right to free speech, and the right of Trump supporters to attend and hear what Trump has to say.

Instead of a defense of freedom and liberty these Republicans thought they could profit with a unified attack against Donald J. Trump. Clarity.

It was up to the genial Dr. Ben Carson to defend the free speech rights of Donald Trump and call out his party’s leaders to speak in defense of free speech and liberty.

Free speech, liberty, associational rights, should be defended by liberals and conservatives. Those who do not support free speech, liberty, and associational rights, are totalitarians, authoritarians, political opportunists, or plain old hypocrites.

The attacks on Donald J. Trump’s rights and the rights of his supporters tell us what we need to know about those running against Trump. Chicago provided the opportunity for defenders of freedom, liberty, and associational rights to speak out. Those that chose to exploit that opportunity for personal profit are not deserving of high office – they are too low on character. Clarity.


#SuperTuesday #WednesdayWisdom: @RealDonaldTrump #Hillary2016

Update: John Kasich supporter Ken Langone in a must see explosion against the political establishment, Big Media-Big Parties-Big Donors-Big Institutions, in the entire country:


Analysis of SuperTuesday is fairly easy. As we promised we’ll provide analysis but we’ll do it all very quickly in a few quick sentences with links. After that, we have two articles that should be read. One article written before SuperTuesday; the other article written after SuperTuesday.

First, Saint Bernard. Bernie Sanders had a psychological battle on his hands. Sanders had to be able to survive the likely big wins by Hillary2016. Done. Sanders got more than enough wins to keep his coddled cows in the pen. Hillary2016 has a problem because even if Obama is not able to get rid of Hillary and impose his secret candidate at the convention, Bernie Sanders supporters will have a tough, maybe impossible, leap to make if they are ever to go to Hillary Clinton. For many it is “Bernie or Bust”.

On the GOP side, the machinations are overt, not hidden by tapestries with killers behind them.

Quick notes on the GOP side:

Ted Cruz got clobbered last night. Cruz got some victories in his Alamo state of Texas and in Oklahoma and Alaska. But SuperTuesday was supposed to be Ted Cruz’s great day. Cruz was supposed to win South Carolina and SuperTuesday states because the majority of voters there are evangelicals. In South Carolina 74%, and in SuperTuesday southern states majorities in the 60 percent range were evangelicals, and still Cruz lost. The remaining contests do not feature evangelical majorities so Cruz is on a road to nowhere.

Ben Carson is out. No path either. Carson knows he is out. Carson will not attend tomorrow night’s debate on Fox News.

Rubio is, as CNBC noted, Baghdad Bob with delusions of victory in a landscape of rubble. Rubio is Baghdad Bob with a Don Rickles shtick. Rubio’s poll numbers fell as he embarked on his comedy tour after the last debate. Rubio’s entire game now is to face joblessness by becoming the lapdog and recipient of the Chamber of Commerce and big money donors for his future endeavors. That’s all Rubio is up to now – become the sweet pet of his masters and hope for their largesse to him. Rubio knows he is on a road to nowhere.

The repugnant Mitt Romney prepares his entry into the race with a speech tomorrow. Romney proved himself a contemptible loser in 2012 who called Obama “nice” as Obama’s campaign called Romney every name in the book including murderer. Romney failed to attack Obama but viciously attacks Trump. Now Romney wants to be the tough guy and literally is saying “We’re just mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.” Romney is on a road to nowhere but he wants to at least stay on the road.

Donald J. Trump.

The fever swamps still think of weird contraptions and unlikely scenarios to beat Trump. The unlikely scenarios to beat Trump are “rosy scenarios” that will not materialize. How unlikely is it for the GOP establishment to stop Trump? The bookmakers are already paying out on bets that Trump will win the nomination. “Since 1988, the candidate to clean up on Super Tuesday has always gone onto win their party’s nomination.”

It’s not just the GOP establishment that has to fear Trump. After SuperTuesday many of the smartest Democrats have finally joined us in saying that Trump is not to be laughed at. These slow learners are not as quick as we are. But they have finally stopped laughing. We believe if Trump is the nominee Trump becomes president.

That’s the large part of our analysis of SuperTuesday. We’ve been pretty much on target with everything this election. We were the first to write, long ago, that Trump would destroy the GOP because Obama destroyed the once great Democratic Party. Recently the smart Pat Buchanan joined us in that assessment.

We could quote extensively from the Buchanan article but we wrote that story long ago. Today we present two articles that track the future. The first article is from before SuperTuesday. It is a dispatch from the emergency room as the GOP establishment committed suicide:

These Republicans do not support the Gang of Eight bill. They do not support Obama’s trade deals. They do not want to spend huge amounts of blood and treasure again in the Middle East. And they most certainly do not want the economy to look like it did in the fall of 2008.

These voters have tried, through every means available, to make their opposition felt. They are the reason that Eric Cantor is no longer in the House. They are the reason that the Gang of Eight bill didn’t pass. They are the reason that John Boehner is no longer speaker. And they are the reason that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have dominated the polls for months.

Many people have urged the Rubio donor network, think-tank fellows and media supporters to back off on their policy demands — to do more than simply acknowledge “the voters are right to be angry.” In fact, Gov. Chris Christie advocated for compromise during a speech at St. Anselm’s College earlier this year. People such as former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan wrote recently that the GOP must be more sensitive to the concerns of working-class voters, whom she dubbed the “unprotected.” [snip]

They will not even discuss changing our trade policy. They make some noises about immigration enforcement, but this is not done in a spirit of compromise, but with the arrogance of those who know that no one really expects them to change their views if they win. For all the complaints about Trump’s policy generalities, Establishment GOP types have not even pretended to engage in a serious debate. Their offer is simple: You do as we say, or we will throw the election to Hillary.

Ironically, last summer these same people were obsessing about nailing Trump down with that debate pledge to support whomever the GOP nominated.

Haven’t we seen this over and over and over? Didn’t they do the same thing in 2008, when they shot down Mike Huckabee? Didn’t they do it in 2012, when they shot down Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum? Didn’t we see it last year, when they gave over $100 million to Jeb before the race had even begun?

It is this fanaticism — this complete unwillingness to change their policy or even to debate the possibility of serious change — that has put us in the position we are today.

This is the reason old Reaganites like Pat Buchanan and Phyllis Schlafly understand and are looking kindly on Trump’s campaign, because they know you must utterly rout the Establishment in order to change policy.

This is the reason people like Senator Jeff Sessions and Sarah Palin are supporting Trump — because they understand that compromise is impossible with an entrenched oligarchy. [snip]

As a committed conservative for more than three decades, I am not happy about the potential break-up of the GOP. I have supported the Republican Party for almost 40 years, and I fully intended to support it for the rest of my life. [snip]

But I do not see how things can go on as they are now. I do not see how you can ask the working-class people of this country to support a collection of policies that have failed them over and over and over. [snip]

Even today, with the fate of the party at stake, their only argument is to attack Trump and his supporters, to call them stupid, and racist, nativist, and isolationist and every other epithet they can lift from the editorial pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post.

In the end, they have left the opponents of the status quo no choice — they must either defeat Rubio, and radically change the power structure of the GOP, or they must watch Obama’s immigration policy, Obama’s trade policy, Bush’s foreign policy, and Bush’s economic policy, be implemented.

On Tuesday, we’ll know how the voters react to those alternatives.

That call for insurrection was written as an attack on Marco Rubio. But little Marco Rubio is undeserving of attention and the point is a bigger one. The GOP establishment must be overthrown as the first step to the overthrow of the entire political establishment that has repeatedly betrayed the country to feather their own nests. On SuperTuesday, the first step was taken. Ed Rollins declares, after SuperTuesday, that Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party:

Trump is now unstoppable. It’s game over for Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and Carson

Game over! This was a rout, America. Winning seven states and the vast majority of delegates is a landslide. Donald Trump and the millions of his supporters have changed American politics and the Republican Party for the foreseeable future.

The nomination is within his grasp and if he does what he said he would do Tuesday night: “[I will] be a unifier!” he may be a very viable candidate against Hillary Clinton in the fall.

After his victories Tuesday night in multiple states and his second place finish in others, Trump is in an unstoppable position. Whether the junior senators from Texas and Florida choose to pursue him, it doesn’t matter, the end is near.

Trump, who is an unconventional candidate, to say the least, has tapped into the anger and frustration across America and has mobilized voters to turn out in record numbers.

Love him or hate him, be inspired by him or be appalled by him, Trump has totally dominated a political cycle like no other politician I’ve seen in decades.

I admit I was a total skeptic, like many others. [snip]

Trump is getting stronger by the day and his supporters are locked in and not going away. And no one has mastered the media like this since Teddy Roosevelt and his rough riders.

What’s ahead is a Republican Party that either becomes part of his movement or splinters into many pieces. No matter what Trump does or says, the nomination is his for the taking.

The GOP establishment now, as the entire political establishment later, will not surrender without further fights. But the revolutionary moment is upon us.

Trump will win the Republican Party nomination and then the big donor class and political functionaries/wannabees will either collaborate with the new order in charge of the entire Republican Party apparatus or they will try a rump reactionary revanchist counter-revolutionary ploy. We bet that once Trump performs his hostile takeover of the GOP most will acquiesce and Trump will be able to consolidate his victory and bury the Romney remnant.

In South Carolina the political establishment saw the beginning of the end. On SuperTuesday we all witnessed the beginning of the end. Soon the future arrives. The future is with Trump.


#SuperTuesday Shocker!!! Results For @RealDonaldTrump, #Hillary2016, @BernieSanders, @MarcoRubio, @TedCruz

Update: Hillary Clinton wins Massachusetts. Donald J. Trump wins Vermont. Only state left is Alaska. Little polling in that hard to poll Alaska. Sarah Palin might help Trump there. Does Bernie Sanders have a shot to make it 5? Our congrats to Kasich for the surprise almost win.


Update VII: Bernie Sanders wins Colorado caucuses. Bernie Sanders wins Minnesota caucuses. Money saves the socialist! Sanders survives SuperTuesday. Marco Rubio clicked his heels and won Minnesota. Even when he doesn’t win, Trump wins. Cruz, Kasich, Carson, and Cruz will stay in and keep the field divided as Hillary can’t scrape the Sanders off her shoes.


Update VI: Trump wins Arkansas. Kasich moving in on Trump in Vermont. Sanders ahead of Hillary in Colorado. Rubio clicks his heels, like Dorothy, to win Minnesota.


Update V: Yay!!! We get our shocker. @BernieSanders and @TedCruz win Oklahoma.

Does Oklahoma have a meth problem?


Update IV: Cruz wins Texas. Cruz and Trump in tight race in Oklahoma too. Hillary joined Bernie Sanders with a victory speech. At the same time Marco Rubio gave his “victory” speech even as he loses everywhere. Cruz likely stays in the race now and Marco Rubio will never leave the race even if his heels snap off. Trump smiles.


Update III: Trump wins Virginia (Fox News call, waiting on others). Hillary wins Arkansas.


Update II: Hillary wins Tennessee and Alabama. Trump wins Massachusetts, Alabama, Tennessee. Trump, with very low vote totals in, is very close to the 50% barrier that turns Georgia to a winner take all state. Trump wins in Massachusetts and Alabama – who woulda thunk it?


Update: Bernie Sanders wins Vermont as everyone and their pet(s) expected with a margin Ted Cruz will eye with envy. Hillary Clinton wins Virginia and Georgia. Donald Trump wins Georgia too and we will watch to see who crosses the 20% threshold to win delegates there.


Will Donald J. Trump announce his endorsement by Florida Governor Rick Scott at the press conference scheduled for 9:00 p.m. ET tonight??? Will Marco Rubio fall off his high heels??? Will Ted Cruz trip over his tongue??? Will Bernie Sanders, a.k.a. Saint Bernard, bark??? Will Hillary? And what are John Kasich and Ben Carson having for dinner tonight???

We’ll get the answers to all those questions tonight. There will be a shocker tonight, we just don’t know what it is yet. Maybe it’s that Rick Scott endorsement, if any.

Big questions for tonight are what states are won by whom and who comes in second with enough percentage value to have delegates allocated to him – on the GOP side. On the Dem side, there’s really not much to see tonight, but the results will provide fodder for analysis tomorrow when we compare the Ds and the Rs results and look to November.

Tonight it is all about results. We’ll update constantly. We’ll gossip and bitch and make up vicious stories about candidates – like Little Marco and Lyin’ Cruz have been doing lately.

We’ll analyze later.

Tonight, it’s results, gossip, noodle salad, bitchin’ and cacklin’ for us.


The “No Substance” Loser’s #GOPDebate Tonight As Bush, Romney, Conspire To Stop @RealDonaldTrump

Update: As we write below, this will be a substance-less debate. It won’t even be Taxmageddon stuff. Our contribution to the substance-less debate (even though our information has substance because there is statistical/historical data to show it matters) is height. When we wrote Trump Towers we were not writing about height. Tonight, once again, Trump towers over the field. Trump is the tallest candidate on stage. Order of height is Trump, Carson, Kasich, Cruz, Rubio. Tallest candidate usually becomes president.


Tonight is a loser’s debate to try to Stop Trump in Texas. The important “gladiator” blood drenched debate already happened before the South Carolina primary. There will be no substance tonight. It’s all about tactics. It’s all about how to stop Trump.

There will be no substance at tonight’s #GOPDebate. That does not mean it will be dull. The entertainment factor will be high. The traps against Donald J. Trump have been laid in public already. It will be fun to watch as the traps either catch Trump or Trump’s loser opponents. We’re betting on Trump hop and skipping over the traps then using the traps to ensnare the dopes.

First, why do we say this will be a substance-less debate? We know there won’t be substance tonight because it is long past substance. It is now a time to kill.

In any war you first have the strategic political/ideological/racial/geographic/territorial/egotistical justification(s) for war laid out. Then you go to war. Once you are at war it’s kill or be killed. It’s all about tactics now.

Once America and Japan went to war there was no need for soldiers in the battlefield to discuss the merits of their respective political systems and war aims as they loaded their guns and prepared to take territory. It was all simple: Kill or be killed.

That’s why tonight there will be talk, talk, talk, and blah, blah, blah, on substance, but the substance will be a tactic. Tonight, it is all about tactics. Trump’s GOP opponents are not too smart so the tactics against Trump reflect the same lack of intelligence. Now, let’s look at the tactical landscape for tonight’s GOP Debate in Texas.

Idiot tactic #1: The Bush clan will be in the debate audience tonight. This will be a replay of the “stack the audience” against Trump tactic we have seen in every debate. The Bush clan in the Texas GOP debate tonight will try to bring down Trump with their very presence and be the booing section against Trump. But the dunce son already lost. Fredo has left the building. This tactic won’t work and it is possible that Trump will attack the audience again, if necessary. It will be a vivid “outsider” versus “establishment” demonstration.

Idiot tactic #2: If you mention the word “idiot,” the face of Mitt Romney immediately pops to mind. Yesterday Mitt Romney tried to stack the deck against Trump. Romney was on the Cavuto show and claimed there was a “bombshell” in Trump’s tax returns and that is why Trump won’t release them. Romney’s attack was an attempt to help Marco Rubio tonight.

Romney wants the tax return question asked tonight to Trump. Romney knows that Rubio will release his tax returns soon and tonight Rubio will either announce the release of his tax returns or announce when he will release his tax returns. It’s all a set-up. The moderators will ask Trump about his tax returns and then Rubio will say “I’m releasing my tax returns and I call on Trump and Cruz and everyone else to release their tax returns as I lead the way.” It’s so obvious and silly, it’s hardly worth a mention except that we giggle every time we think of what Trump will do with this silly attack.

Mitt Romney’s shameful attack on Trump, suggesting there is something like a “bombshell” in them is exactly the slimy attack Harry Reid carried out against Romney in 2012. Romney, who dared not attack Obama, now dares attack Trump with unreserved vitriol and lies. The GOP establishment that enabled Obama and call Obama “nice” goes all out war against the GOP frontrunner!!! Does Harry Reid applaud his fellow Mormon, dumbass Romney, taking a play from his book of slime? No, Reid mocks idiot Romney:

Harry Reid spent months attacking Mitt Romney in 2012 for not releasing his tax returns. Now the Democratic leader is at it again, after Romney suggested this week there could be a “bombshell” in Donald Trump’s tax returns.

An incredulous Reid mocked Romney’s statements about Trump’s taxes when the Nevadan was asked about them on Thursday.

Ha, ha. (Romney) never gave us his tax returns. Who was the brainchild that got him to do that?” Reid said at a news conference.”He gave us a summary. He never gave us his tax returns.

Romney’s “bombshell” remark mirrored Reid’s repeated claims four years ago that an anonymous source told him that Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years.

But could there be a bombshell in Trump’s tax returns? Reid wouldn’t say.

“All I know is, I can’t imagine Romney having the gall coming out (and calling) for anybody’s tax returns,” Reid said.

Will Donald Trump call for an investigation by the federal government to find out if Mitt Romney has violated IRS privacy laws? Will Donald Trump laugh at Romney and note that Rubio and Cruz have not released their tax returns. Will Donald Trump demand that Mitt Romney release his own tax returns? Will Donald Trump mock Rubio’s many debts? Will Donald Trump denounce the other candidates whose entire fortunes are based on their government service, not the private sector fortune built by the Trump family? Will very very rich and proud Donald Trump attack “tax and spend” establishment goopers and declare proudly he and every American do their utmost to pay as few taxes as possible? Trump has a lot of options. It will be entertaining to see which knife Trump pulls.

The two tactics above are but a trifle. Let’s examine the tactical decisions by all the candidates.

Trump’s tactical options are simple. Attack or just play defense? We suspect Trump will play it nice but counterattack ferociously all night long as he is attacked.

Who will attack Trump? Cruz has to attack Trump. Cruz has to win Texas. Cruz needed to win South Carolina in order to build momentum for his planned sweep of the southern primaries. But Cruz is a loser and now Cruz is fighting for his very life against a very real potential Trump victory in Texas. Cruz has other worries.

Cruz wants to level all his attacks against Trump. Logic dictates that Marco Rubio also wants to level all his attacks against Trump because Rubio is so far behind Trump even in Florida. But Rubio cannot afford to have Cruz score another victory against Trump. Cruz argues that he is the only one that has beaten Trump. A victory in Texas will solidify Cruz’s “only I can beat Trump” bombast.

So, if you were Rubio’s tactical adviser what would you advise? Should Rubio only attack Trump alongside Cruz? Should Rubio only attack Cruz alongside Trump (even though this probably helps Trump more than Rubio)? Should Rubio attack Trump a little bit and Cruz a lot? Should Cruz attack Cruz a lot and Trump a little bit? Lots of decisions for Rubio which might blow one of his circuits.

Or should Rubio be more worried about John Kasich? Rubio needs Kasich to get out so maybe Rubio should only attack Kasich and let Cruz beat up Trump and Trump beat up Cruz.

What about Carson? Should Carson clip his fingernails? Or should Carson help Trump? Should Carson attack Cruz to get back at Cruz for the dirty trick Cruz played against Carson in Iowa? Should Carson attack Rubio to help himself in Florida? Should Carson help Kasich to hurt Rubio? Should Carson side with the outsider Trump?

It’s all about tactics tonight. It’s a bunch of silly boys playing “king of the hill” against a guy with a bazooka and a tank filled with grenades. Mess with the wizard, the mighty bull and you get the horns.

The only danger to Trump? The co-hosts of the debate tonight are Telemundo and Salem Media – the illegal immigration amnesty shills who hate Trump and the American working class. 8:30 tonight. CNN.


Trump Burns Bright In South Carolina #GOPDebate

Update: R.I.P. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 1936 – 2016. The politics are massive on this and have no doubt, Supreme Court nominations are all about politics.

We believe this helps, if we may be so crass as to discuss politics at this juncture, none other than Donald J. Trump. Others argue this hurts Trump because of the “electability” argument, but Trump is just as electable as any of the other GOP candidates and we think he is actually the only one that is electable.

Why do we think the politics of this issue help Trump? Because Trump is the tough guy. Trump will be the one that can force the GOP senate to grow a spine. As with the Muslim extremist attacks in Paris when many thought Trump would be hurt and we argued Trump would be helped – and Trump was helped enormously – tough Trump will lead the way against Obama.


Grab the sponges! Seize the towels! Stock up on the Brawny, the Bounty, and other absorbent paper! Tears will drip, the laughs will spew, the blood will wash over the stage and you will need everything to keep dry. Yup, the Republicans debate tonight in South Carolina, at 9:00 p.m. ET on the broadcast CBS network!

There will be little to none of the phony “my esteeeeemed colleague and respected opponent” crap tonight. This is to-the-death gladiatorial warfare.

The target of the GOP establishment tonight will once again be Maximus, er, The Donald, as traps and tigers are positioned to destroy the outsider so that the Emperor Commodus, er Jeb, has a chance to “surge” at this last hour. After all everyone else had their phony “surge” why not phony Jeb??? “Where’s my surge mommy? Carly, Carson, Scotty, Bobby, Chrissy, Marky, Teddy, they all got their surges mommy! Even brother George got his surge! Where’s my surge????? Wah, wah, wah, where’s my surge mommy?

The audience in the hall will be stacked with enemies of Trump but the TV audience will be with Trump, particularly the white working class. The composition of the audience won’t matter as much as the establishment hopes it will, however. Tonight, as in every gladiatorial battle, the warriors will live or die by their own talents and abilities.

Will replicant Marco Rubio acquire new sincerity software to replicate human emotion thereby prevent déjà vu indicator Matrix style glitches that hiccup verbal repetition from the parietal cortex? Or is the Marco Rubio “surge” over and done, along with the vaunted 3-2-1 strategy, currently reduced to a 3-3-0 probability paradigm? Only a blade runner knows for sure.

Will Barbara Bush wheel herself onto the stage and replace her low energy stiff of a son in combat? Or maybe the “mission accomplished” sibling will lack respect and knock Fredo from the tournament list to come on stage himself to rescue the clan from the brother that won’t even use their name in his campaign?

Ted Cruz? Will Ted Cruz get his precious? Ted Cruz thought he could pretend to be Donald Trump’s friend then in the end he would lead Trump to a trap. Gollum, er, Cruz also pretended to be Ben Carson’s friend only to stab him in Iowa. Whither Gollum, er, Cruz?

Oddly, Ted Cruz, wound up helping Ben Carson raise money, due to sympathy for the Cruz stab in the back. Now, Carson bleeds Cruz dry, because Carson takes evangelical votes away from Cruz at the moment Cruz needs those votes the most.

There’s lots of intrigue and questions which will be answered tonight:

Five things to watch for in the CBS Republican debate

Donald Trump versus Ted Cruz: Each candidate has a win under his belt, with Cruz claiming victory in the Iowa caucuses and Trump dominating the New Hampshire primaries.As they head into South Carolina, their attacks on each other are heating up. Trump this week accused the Cruz campaign of using “sleazy and dishonest” tactics in the Palmetto State, while the Cruz campaign is using attacks against Trump in its fundraising emails. It remains to be seen whether their nasty and personal attacks will reappear on the debate stage. [snip]

Can Jeb Bush build on his New Hampshire finish? The former Florida governor has struggled to gain much traction since launching his presidential bid, but after investing a considerable amount of time and money in New Hampshire, he placed fourth there. To keep his campaign alive, he’ll have to take the others down a notch.

Will Bush continue his pattern of taking on Trump on the debate stage? Or will he take on his competitors for the title of “establishment” candidate? Watch for Bush to take on Ohio Gov. John Kasich for expanding Medicaid, Cruz on defense issues, and Sen. Marco Rubio on the question of presidential readiness.

Can Rubio rehabilitate his image? In the last Republican debate, Rubio performed poorly — and it hurt him. After his relatively strong third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, expectations were high for the Florida senator. Yet days before the New Hampshire primary, Rubio let his fellow Republicans knock him off his game. He finished in a disappointing fifth place in New Hampshire. [snip]

How far right does Kasich move? John Kasich managed to take second place in the New Hampshire primaries after focusing all of his energy on that state — and catering to its famously independent-minded, moderate voters.

That strategy, however, won’t be as effective in deep red states like South Carolina. [snip]

Is this Ben Carson’s last stand?

As we have written so many times before, if Donald Trump wins with his strategy, he continues to win. Iowa was a bump, New Hampshire was a huge bump up. Now in South Carolina Trump is so well position that a win there and the nomination is effectively his. Ted Cruz will do everything he can do to prevent that from happening:

It’s a fight Cruz’s allies say they are ready for, as they prepare to assault Trump’s Republican credentials with an eye on the conservative, religious and security-focused voters throughout the south.

“There’s a Himalayan mountain of evidence out there that Donald Trump is not a conservative,” said Charlie Condon, a former South Carolina attorney general and a Cruz surrogate, pointing to Trump’s past positions on issues including abortion, health care and Wall Street bank bailouts. “I’m confident that everything I’m telling you will be discussed at the Peace Center.”

Condon said that the more Trump attacks Cruz on Saturday, the more the Texas senator will come across as the Trump “alternative.”

“It’s a recognition of what we think the reality is: This is becoming a two-man race,” he said. “So if you’re not comfortable with Donald Trump being president, whether for temperament reasons or judgment reasons or the fact that he really is a campaign conservative—he’s been a Democrat almost his whole life…if you’re uncomfortable with that…Cruz is the alternative.”

Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler said the candidate would be “prepared” for Trump, whose campaign he dismissed as unserious. “This is the Seinfeld candidacy,” he said. “It’s a campaign about nothing.” [snip]

In South Carolina, where polls show Trump with a double-digit lead over Cruz, the senator and his supporters are not holding back. “I’ve worked campaigns for long time and I’ve never seen the stuff Cruz is putting out,” said one Trump campaign staffer in the state, referring to mailers that question the businessman’s conservative credentials. [snip]

“As we approach South Carolina, Trump’s competitors will grow increasingly desperate,” said Seth Weathers, a Trump supporter who briefly served as the businessman’s George [sic] state director.

While Ted Cruz tries to supplant Trump, Rubio and Bush battle for third place in a six man race. And they’ll call third place a victory because… desperation. “It’s a cage match. One man wins, one man leaves.”

After New Hampshire, Donald Trump holds the shield and the sword. Trump has all the trump cards:

In cards, you usually can’t hope for a much better hand than pocket aces. Despite a minor speed bump in the form of the Iowa caucus, it would appear after his big win in New Hampshire, those are just the cards that Donald Trump is holding. [snip]

He has managed to become more polished and more refined while still maintaining the attitude so many voters have been getting behind. He projects as a defiant, no-nonsense leader who answers to no one, and his tough demeanor where he won’t give an inch is what has worked for him. It is a breath of fresh air to American’s who are tired of an Obama administration so willing to concede. [snip]

America loves a winner, and throughout the entire campaign process Trump has talked about how America just doesn’t win anymore. He has talked about how he has, in the past, had no trouble getting things done, making tough decisions, and being a winner himself. However, after the results in Iowa, that image Trump spent so much time promoting was in deep danger of being irrevocably tarnished. But now Trump has returned to stand back on top of the mountain, a winner once again. Only time will ultimately tell, but it appears “The Donald” has in fact been holding those pocket aces all along.

Rubio will attack Trump while defending himself against Cruz who will attack Trump while defending himself against Carson who will attack Cruz’ evangelical support while Trump gets evangelical support and will then get attacked by Jeb who will attack Trump while attacking Rubio who will attack Jeb, while the GOP donors in the audience attack Trump who will denounce the audience who will likewise be attacked by the television audience on CBS tonight. In brief, Trump will schlong them all.

Shine on Trump!


New Hampshire #Superbowl – #GOPDebate With @RealDonaldTrump, #Rubio2016, @TedCruz – There Will Be Blood

Update: Open thread: Brace for impact. The New Hampshire GOP debate. 8:00 ET. The “Live Free Or Die” state is now the “Do or Die” state.


The “year of the monkey“, on Monday. That dull football Superbowl on Sunday. Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. Screw all that. Tonight is our Superbowl!!!

We know next to nothing about sports. We know less about football, American style, and wouldn’t mind knowing even less than that. But we do know that in football there are two teams and both teams develop an offensive strategy and a defensive strategy to achieve their tactical aims, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the respective players and generals coaches directing the armies teams, and succeed in the strategic aim, which is to score and win.

Football, we suspect, is like a military campaign in which the goal is to drop the bomb in the other team’s most closely guarded spot. It’s like ice hockey without the ice. It’s like a chess game in which the goal is to kill the most closely guarded player – the king. In other words, football at its best is a weak, silly, insignificant, diversion, which pales in comparison to the death match brutality of politics.

Tonight, the remaining GOP candidates for president, meet, in New Hampshire, in advance of Tuesday’s first in the nation primary election, and battle with verbal swords, to the death. The serious issues the nation faces should be paramount but they will also be weapons in this joust. There will be blood.

Tonight is very important because it is the last big chance the candidates have to sway the New Hampshire electorate. Unless you are a voter or candidate (or unfortunately in Big Media) your influence is relatively small. So, once again, we ask you put aside your personal preference for a candidate, and play strategist. What would you do?

Assume you are on team Donald J. Trump. What would you do? Attack Ted Cruz even though you pretty much have inflicted all the damage on him that is profitable at this point and more attacks only lead to Malthusian diminishing returns knowing Ben Carson will do that particular job – or attack the rising-in-the-polls second place or third place Rubio, or attack one of the other losers, er candidates, or play nice, discuss only the issues, and try to win the Nobel Peace Prize you have just been nominated for? What would you do?

Assume you are on team Marco Rubio. What would you do? Pretend to be very nice, tout endorsements, and hope niceness deflects or weakens potential incoming attacks and thereby, with a defensive strategy, try to continue to rise to a firm second place, and secretly hope to rise to first place? Or, attack first? Attack Cruz again? Or leave that to Ben Carson? Attack Jeb, knowing Christie will come to his defense? Attack Barbara Bush? What would you do?

Assume you are on team Ted Cruz. What would you do? Attack Trump knowing he will hit back hard but since you know you will lose New Hampshire anyway the goal would be to prevent Trump from winning New Hampshire with an infuriating series of attacks in order to finish off Trump in New Hampshire so that you can move on to South Carolina without Trump in the race and therefore you can consolidate the “outsider” vote? Or attack Rubio in order to come in second and continue to pose a problem for Trump as well as smash Rubio’s 3-2-1 strategy? Or attack one of the other, er, candidates, denounce them as “establishment” and burnish your appeal to South Carolina? What would you do?

Assume you are on team John Kasich. What would you do? Attack Trump knowing he has bested you before? Attack Rubio who stands in your way to the silver position? Or attack Cruz for the same reasons? Or attack one of the other candidates for whom New Hampshire is the “do or die” state? For Governor Kasich it is do or die in New Hampshire and tonight is his last chance to buckeye the odds. What would you do?

Assume you are on team Jeb Bush. What would you do? Prepare a smart answer for when Trump declares that “your mother has more energy than you do Jeb”? Attack Trump as the number one target? Attack Rubio, along with your ally Chris Christie, and bring down that weasel? Attack one of the other candidates for whom New Hampshire is “do or die” or attack Ted Cruz even though Ben Carson has a better case to make against Cruz? Continue poking the mighty bull, Donald Trump, and get the horns again? Or attack your ally Chris Christie because, well, Christie blocks your way too. What would you do?

Assume you are on team Chris Christie. What would you do? Understand that Trump is likely to win New Hampshire and that Rubio is the one that should lead the anti-Trump battle tonight? Would you concentrate all your attacks on that high-heeled bubble boy weasel from Florida? Stand with Jeb if Jeb is attacked or keep your mouth shut and watch Jeb suffer as the life leaves his limp body? Attack Kasich? Attack Cruz? Get on the floor and roll all over every other candidate, squashing them all to death? What would you do?

That last Dem debate on repulsive MSNBC got few eyeballs to turn in. Tonight’s bloodbath is on the ABC network so not only will the interest be high so will the availability of the broadcast. The debate tonight is at 8:00 p.m. ET. Eight O’Clock.

Tonight through Tuesday, New Hampshire is not the “Live Free Or Die” state. Tonight through Tuesday, New Hampshire is the “do or die” state for GOP presidential candidates.

We’ll be in our little pink boat tonight on the scarlet seas making snide comments and doing what we can with a play by play unofficial transcript.

We’ll recover tomorrow from tonight’s bloodbath. Tomorrow, we’ll forgo the tedious football Superbowl. We’ll watch the high tension drama of the Puppy Bowl instead.


Crisis After #GOPdebate 4: @RealDonaldTrump Wins On Immigration And ObamaTrade

Update: Breaking: Multiple deaths in Paris amid reports of shootings, explosion. Another Trump warning goes full Churchill.

On the same day Barack Obama said he had ISIS “contained” Paris is under attack. According to some reports including one from Shep Smith: Man in French custody told police he’s Syrian, he came with 2 others, recruited by ISIS, and that this is an ISIS mission. Other reports appear to confirm what Obama will not admit about the Islamic savages out to destroy Israel and the West even as weak European leaders and Obama praise open borders:

Yasmin, inside the Bataclan, told BFM television: “I saw two guys. The biggest one said: ‘What are you doing in Syria? You’re going to pay now.’

“Then he opened fire.

“I saw bodies falling all around me. I was shot in the foot. It was carnage. I’ve never seen so many dead people all around,” she said, sobbing.

Anyone still wonder why Trump is winning? Europe’s open borders and the American southern border have melded into the most important issue for 2016. And Trump owns that issue.

It’s going to be a very interesting Dem debate tomorrow night and we will all see if these candidates are appeasers of Islamic monsters or will fight for America.


Good thing it was not the Bible. We swore on a stack of Art of the Deal books we would not write an article about how Donald J. Trump won the 4th debate. After every debate we’ve written such articles. But here we are and the latest news confirms: Donald Trump won GOP debate #4.


We wrote before the debate that Trump should focus on ObamaTrade as that is an issue which differentiates him from the others on the stage in a stark manner.

ObamaTrade did not dominate the debate as we thought it should have but it did lead to the second most feisty exchange between candidates. In that exchange Trump was attacked in a very clever manner by the exceedingly foolish Rand Paul.

The wackadoodle Rand Paul must have gotten one of his wiry hairs corkscrewing into his head because Randy did not understand the intelligent argument Donald J. Trump made. The moderator clearly understood Trump’s obvious claims and tried to point it out to the wackadoodle Randy even as a commercial break prevented a follow up from Trump. Subsequent events from Thursday proved Donald J. Trump correct and Rand Paul a clown.

First here is the exchange on ObamaTrade:

Notice that Donald J. Trump explicitly stated that China would come in “through the back door”. Trump denounces ObamaTrade/TPP and declares it a loss for the United States of monumental proportions. Further Trump discusses China currency manipulation and says it is the “single great weapon” China employs and which causes a great deal of job loss in this country.

Rand Paul is technically correct that China is not part of the ObamaTrade/TPP treaty. But that does not mean China cannot take advantage of the ObamaTrade/TPP treaty. Rand Paul is blind to what Trump sees as obvious. Trump is correct:

But Trump never suggested that China was part of the TPP, only that the country would “come in, as they always do, through the back door” of the agreement. And he was right.

The TPP does indeed allow China and other non-members to reap benefits from the deal without having to abide by any of its terms.

Here’s how it works: TPP and other free trade deals allow signatories to exchange goods without tariffs. But we live in a complicated world, with source materials derived from one country often traveling through a supply chain to another and completed in a third before moving to a retail market.

To cope with this, TPP adds a “rule of origin” chapter to determine whether an amalgamated good qualifies for tariff-free status. This is particularly important in Southeast Asian nations like Vietnam or Malaysia, which get a significant amount of production materials from China.

TPP says that all materials that go into a good, outside of a de minimis 10 percent, must derive from TPP countries. However, there are numerous exceptions and exemptions, along with a confusing set of calculations to determine eligibility. Through these cracks in the agreement, as Trump alluded, China can deliver goods to TPP countries without tariffs.

The article we cite above goes deep into the weeds of how China can take full advantage of ObaamTrade/TPP and should be read in full. This is not an academic argument. On Thursday, Trump’s China warnings hit, with real world consequences (via left wing Slate magazine):

Paging Donald Trump: General Motors Plans to Sell Chinese-Made Buicks in America

In a move that is almost certainly destined to become a campaign talking point for one Donald Trump, General Motors is reportedly planning to sell Chinese-manufactured Buicks in the United States. [snip]

If the move is successful, GM and its competitors could try to move more of their production to China. [snip]

There might be other reasons for American workers to worry about Chinese production. Let’s say, for instance, that China’s domestic car market cools down a bit more as the economy slows, and GM suddenly finds itself with lots of excess factory capacity there. The company could theoretically start using it to build more cars for the U.S. rather than open new plants here at home.

Fox Business explains further:

As Labor Costs Rise, GM to Sell Chinese-Made Buick SUV in U.S.

General Motors Co., fresh off agreeing to a new union contract that is expected to drive up its U.S. labor costs, plans to become the first major auto maker to sell Chinese-made cars in the U.S.

The nation’s No. 1 auto maker by sales early next year plans to start selling the Buick Envision, a midsize sport-utility vehicle made in Shandong province, according to people familiar with the plan. The move would add a third SUV to Buick’s U.S. lineup at a time when such crossovers are among the best selling vehicles in the market.

Initially, the company expects to import a modest number–between 30,000 and 40,000–a year. But it signals the beginning of a strategic production shift for the Detroit auto giant and a bold experiment that will be closely followed by other auto companies that have said they would eventually consider such a move.

Long among the top foreign sellers in China by volume, GM has confined production there to meeting China’s recent explosive demand. But as sales gains have moderated and Chinese tastes in cars converge with Americans’, the potential for more Chinese imports from GM and others could blossom. [snip]

In 2011, the UAW agreed to a wage contract that led to big bonuses for workers and the addition of tens of thousands of factory jobs. This year, union officials won much richer contracts that are expected to undermine those investment decisions and lead Detroit executives to look for lower-cost manufacturing options.

Add it all up and the Trump warnings on ObamaTrade/TPP so mocked by Big Media come true fast enough to make an American worker’s head spin.


On illegal immigration Donald J. Trump had an even more successful night when taken together with subsequent events. First, the illegal immigration blast from Trump at the debate as he battled John Kasich and Jeb Bush:

After Trump squashed Kasich, Jeb Bush came in to try to rescue the hapless Ohio Republican:

Marco Glibio joined in to say something, glib, about illegal immigration. But it was Ted Cruz who then took a bat at the illegal immigration ball to hit a homerun:

Cruz: I’m Tired Of Being Told I’m Anti-Immigrant. It’s Offensive

“The Democrats are laughing because if Republicans join Democrats as the party of amnesty, we will lose,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz said at FOX Business’ debate on Tuesday night. “And you know, I understand that when the mainstream media covers immigration, it doesn’t often see it as an economic issue. But I can tell you for millions of Americans at home, watching this, it is a very personal economic issue. And I will say the politics of it would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the Rio Grande.”

“Or if a bunch of people with journalism degrees were coming over and driving down the wages in the press,” Cruz said to laughter. “Then we would see stories about the economic calamity that is befalling our nation.”

“And I will say for those of us who believe people ought to come to this country legally and we should enforce the law, we’re tired of being told, it is anti-immigrant. It’s offensive,” Cruz said to applause from the audience.

“I am the son of an immigrant who came legally from Cuba to seek the American dream.,” he said. “And we can embrace legal immigration while believing in the rule of law.

Cruz’ response was very effective. So is Cruz the big winner on immigration? Not quite. Subsequent events and political calculations give Trump the win.

After the debate two lines of opportunity have opened for Trump. The first is open warfare on illegal immigration between Ted Cruz and Marco Glibio as they battle to eliminate each other. Second, Ben Carson made a mistake by aligning himself with Kasich, Bush, Rubio on illegal immigration and attacking Donald Trump. That’s the positioning Trump needed and wanted.

First, Cruz versus Rubio on illegal immigration as they battle and weaken themselves:

“I think for voters that are looking for someone who’s consistent and true, I’m the only one on that stage who’s always opposed amnesty,” Mr. Cruz said in an interview on Fox News after the debate, underlining his opposition to the bipartisan immigration bill that Mr. Rubio helped write in the Senate.

Mr. Cruz insisted that he “led the fight against amnesty in Congress with Chuck Schumer and the establishment Republicans,” a cloaked shot at his fellow senator.

Cruz is engaged in a coordinated attack to take out Glibio:

Without calling out his Senate colleague by name, Cruz twice took subtle digs at Rubio during the Fox Business Network debate. At one point, he warned against Republicans who would turn the GOP into “the party of amnesty” — without specifically mentioning that Rubio had championed a bill that would have provided undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship

Our record on amnesty is clear and consistent and [Rubio’s] is not as clear and consistent,” [Cruz spokesman Rick] Tyler said. “He was for the Gang of Eight bill, then he said he wasn’t. Then he said he was for a step-by-step approach.” He continued to list the litany of alleged flip-flops before concluding of Rubio, “He essentially has the same position as the president.

Then the back and forth fight got ugly as Cruz hit Glibio and Glibio hit Cruz:

Via the Right Scoop, enjoy six minutes below of Cruz laying Rubio out this morning on Laura Ingraham’s show, replete with a scriptural reference. Not only was Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill the same old comprehensive garbage that screwed border hawks in 1986, Cruz says, but Rubio joined with the other seven members in opposing all of his amendments to strengthen the security parts of the bill. Which is true: Every time a comprehensive immigration bill comes together in the Senate, the bipartisan coalition behind it agrees to kill off amendments for fear that letting one through from either party will operate as a poison pill. If Cruz’s security amendments had been adopted, Democrats who would have otherwise supported the bill would have bailed and it would have failed. (For Democrats, stronger immigration enforcement is a dealbreaker.) Part of the deal in joining the Gang for Rubio, McCain, Graham, and Flake was systematically defeating any amendment that would upset the balance of the deal they’d struck with Schumer, even if it came from the right. So Cruz’s amendments went down the drain. And now Cruz is going to rub Rubio’s face in it. [snip]

True, Cruz doesn’t support a path to citizenship as Rubio does, but many border hawks will tell you that’s a distinction without much of a meaningful difference. The key for citizenship is giving illegals a foot in the door with legalization; once they have the right to stay here, the right to become citizens will eventually follow as Congress comes under pressure to make it happen. Cruz has also been careful not to go too far right in his broader rhetoric about immigration, knowing that he’s got a real shot at the nomination and will be hit hard on this subject in the general election. Trump has called for deporting all 11 million — but not Cruz. Scott Walker flirted with the idea of reducing legal immigration, a la Jeff Sessions — but not Cruz. Lots of conservatives talk about immigration as a cultural issue — but not Cruz, or at least, not nearly as much as he talks about it as an economic issue. (Which he did two days ago at the debate.) By focusing so much in his public comments on opposing a path to citizenship and demanding more border security, Cruz has craftily managed to convince a lot of righties, I think, that he’s coming at this issue roughly from the same place that Trump and Tom Tancredo. Not so, as some of his competitors in the field have started to notice. Rubio’s going to make sure now that a lot more people notice.

Cruz, who some in the establishment think will eventually take down Trump, is currently engaged in a battle against Glibio. Trump will have a good giggle and watch as Glibio will bloody Ted Cruz, via Youtube:

The Times asked him what we should do about the 11 million and he referred them to his amendment about work permits and green cards. Huh. Doesn’t sound like a guy who supports Trump-style mass deportation to me. But it’s hard to say because, somehow, in 2015, three years into Ted Cruz’s Senate career and many months into his presidential campaign, we still don’t have a clear idea of what he wants to do about illegal immigrants. That’s odd, no? For a guy who loves to talk and is constantly patting himself on the back for taking bold stands, he’s been strangely quiet on that topic. Go figure.

Team Cruz’s spin about his amendment is part of a little game they’re playing, I think. During the primaries, they’re going to tell conservatives that the amendment was nothing more than a ploy designed to show that Democrats care about a path to citizenship. Don’t read anything into it. Once he becomes the nominee, though, they’re going to turn around and tell undecided centrists, who will be inundated with Democratic attack ads that Cruz hates illegals, that Cruz was actually behind the amendment 100 percent. Big fan of work permits and green cards, that Sen. Cruz. And God help the border-hawk RINO like me who dares to point out next year that he talked out of both sides of his mouths on the subject, as that’ll be deemed high treason in the midst of a brutal election battle for the future of America.

Exit question via Harry Enten: Did Cruz move too soon in attacking Rubio on immigration? Rubio’s going to spend weeks now arguing that Cruz isn’t much different than he is on immigration, which would be fine except that Trump’s still at 30 percent in the polls and is seen overwhelmingly by Republicans as the candidate who’d handle immigration best. If Rubio succeeds in framing Cruz as squishy on immigration (if not quite as squishy as he himself is), it’s a golden opportunity for Trump to jump in and attack both of them as pro-amnesty RINOs. Maybe Cruz should have waited until Trump had faded to launch this war. Assuming that Trump ever does fade, that is.

No candidate is safe from Youtube. Trump can sit back and watch Glibio bloody Cruz as Cruz bloodies Glibio. But that’s not the best part of GOP debate #4’s aftershocks for Donald Trump. Consider Ben Carson.

Cruz is viewed by some as the eventual heir to demised Trump’s voters. If the battle ever comes to Cruz v. Trump, it will be a bloody Cruz courtesy of Glibio that Trump will beat up on illegal immigration. It’s even worse for Ben Carson as Ben Carson has attacked Trump on illegal immigration:

A day after the fourth GOP debate, Ben Carson took a hatchet to Donald Trump’s plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States. [snip]

“I think they hurt Donald Trump in the long run,” Carson said, referring to the deportation plans. “I think there are enough people who know that there are others in the race that are very reasonable. I don’t think he necessarily is the representation of the Republican Party — far from it.” [snip]

“The people that are here, the 11.5 million people here, rounding them up and deporting them may sound good to some people,” Carson said. “But it’s not pragmatic.”

It also affects the farming industry, the hospitality industry. So, you know, we have to be pragmatic as a nation. There’s no reason that they should have to live in the shadows,” Carson said.

The famed neurosurgeon doubled down on comments made earlier Wednesday during a press availability in Lynchburg, Va., after his convocation speech at Liberty University, during which he argued that those illegal immigrants who have a “pristine record” should be able to stay in the U.S. as guest workers.

“If they have a pristine record, there’s no reason they can’t get registered, pay a back tax penalty and pay taxes going forward, and be able to remain here as guest workers,” said Carson, who currently sits fourth in the Examiner’s latest power rankings.

“If they want to become American citizens and they want to have voting rights, then they should have to do the same thing as anybody else,” Carson said.

Carson doesn’t seem to understand that he advocates the failed Gang of Eight bill that has so devastated Marco Glibio. Glibio was a golden boy until he went along with comprehensive amnesty reform a.k.a. comprehensive immigration reform.

For Donald Trump it is golden. Along with Trump, Ben Carson is the only candidate in the top tier of candidates. Now that Carson has attacked Trump on his presumed signature issue it is open warfare. It’s on: Carson slams Trump on deportations, calls for “pragmatic” immigration policy

This may be the first breaking point in the primaries; it’s difficult to imagine that the race will be unaffected by Carson’s move, and any significant change in direction will say volumes about the Republican primary electorate.

So what will the Republican primary electorate say? There are significant clues:

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio won Tuesday’s night primetime Republican debate, according to an overnight poll of Internet users who watched the contest, but Mr. Trump came out as the favorite among Republicans and left the best impression about his ability to serve as president.

Some 24% of debate-viewers named Mr. Trump and 23% picked Mr. Rubio as the winner of the eight-candidate event, which was sponsored by the Wall Street Journal and Fox Business News. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson followed, with 13% declaring each to have won.

Mr. Trump’s lead in the Internet survey was larger among debate-watchers who said they’d vote in a Republican primary.

Among those GOP voters, Mr. Trump was declared the winner by 28%, with 23% naming Mr. Rubio. Mr. Cruz followed, with 16%, while Mr. Carson had 14%.

That’s a kinda sorta scientific poll. But it’s significance pales when compared to a scientific YouGov poll on immigration:

Republicans trust Trump on immigration

Trump’s attitude to illegal immigrants resonates strongly with Republicans, but not with Hispanics

Republican businessman Donald Trump and his statements opposing immigration have the support of Republicans – in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll Trump is viewed as the GOP candidate Republicans trust most to handle immigration – and by an extremely wide margin. Trump’s margin on this issue has only increased since the summer.

Half of Republicans view Trump as the candidate who can best handle immigration, more than four times the percentage who name Florida Senator Marco Rubio, the son of immigrants, who is in second place, far behind Trump. Only 5% believe former Florida Governor Jeb Bush would do the best job on immigration.

Perhaps that should not be a surprise. As they did last summer, Republicans overwhelmingly agree with the statement Trump made then: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re brings crime. They’re rapists.” In the poll question, Trump’s name was not associated with the statement. Republicans overwhelmingly disagree with Bush’s statement that was made about the same time: “Yes, illegal immigrants broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love, it’s an act of commitment to your family…” [snip]

Republicans are far more likely than the rest of the public to view illegal immigration as a very serious problem for the country (70% of Republicans say it is, compared with 46% overall). And many also believe illegal immigrants are more likely than others to commit violent crimes (49% of Republicans versus 29% overall). 57% of Republicans believe immigration from Mexico has a negative impact on the U.S. economy; 37% of all adults do.

That poll and the realization that Donald Trump is far from a summer fling is why the Washington Post published an article about the “panic” in the GOP establishment. The GOP establishment is in such a panic over the collapse of Jeb Bush and the failure of the “fix” for JeBush that now then consider the exhumation of Mitt Romney. That’s almost as funny as the Obama plan to counter Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden.

The GOP establishment is in a crisis. The fix for JeBush failed. Glibio’s only hope is mass amnesia on illegal immigration if he is to become the JeBushito candidate. Meanwhile Trump won’t go away and the Republican primary electorate insists on a wall built Trump strong. And Ben Carson is increasingly a halfway house to Trump and about to implode on the same issue that destroyed Glibio and JeBush. And it’s not only Republican voters that see Trump as the strongest Republican nominee. Democratic primary voters believe Trump is the most difficult to beat:

But which Republican presidential candidate would be the most challenging for the Democratic nominee? At this point, Democratic primary voters say it’s Donald Trump: 31 percent say he would be the most difficult Republican for a Democratic nominee to beat. Ben Carson (15 percent) is a distant second, followed by Marco Rubio (13 percent) and Jeb Bush (13 percent).

Both Clinton and Sanders supporters view Trump as the Republican that poses the most difficult challenge.

The Democratic Party debate will be on Saturday night and Thanksgiving looms nearer and nearer. The Summer of Trump seems never to end. After the 4th GOP debate Trump is stronger than ever and positioned to beat the rest of the primary field.