Jerusalem, Qatar, NATO, Comey, Terror: The Great Trump Reelection

Like Alexander The Great, President Donald J. Trump is shaking the world. The Great Trump is on track to great electoral victories in 2018 and a 2020 reelection. The presidential blueprint for 2020 reelection and early victories in 2018 becomes clearer with every passing day.

Consider Jerusalem. Candidate Trump promised to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Now President Trump will not move the American embassy to Jerusalem. Great betrayal or great move?

To decide the question look at the events roiling the world. On Thursday President Trump signed a waiver delaying the embassy move. Trump spokesman Sean Spicer declared

“President Trump made this decision to maximize the chances of successfully negotiating a deal between Israel and the Palestinians, fulfilling his solemn obligation to defend America’s national security interests,” Spicer said. “But, as he has repeatedly stated his intention to move the embassy, the question is not if that move happens, but only when.”

Ordinarily, this type of empty talk to back away from a clear campaign promise is worthy only of derision. Two events convince us this is the Great Trump art of the deal, not a betrayal.

First, the reception two weeks ago by Saudi Arabia of President Trump was unprecedented in warmth and ostentation. The departure by President Trump on a heretofore forbidden direct flight from the Kingdom to Israel indicated the warm reception for the Great Trump in Saudi Arabia was not mere visuals and talk.

Second, today, an astonishing development:

Seven foreign nations — Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Maldives, Yemen and Bahrain — cut diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday, as well as suspending sea and air travel to and from the country, after accusing the nation of collaborating with militant groups in the region, reports the BBC.

Qatar supplies and supports terrorist organizations such as Hamas, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda. Qatar is an ally of Iran. Qatar cannot survive without the 80% import of food and other necessary supplies from the countries that just cut off diplomatic ties. Qatar is now cut off from land, sea and air contact with fellow members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Why has this happened? The Great Trump:

While on a visit to Riyadh two weeks ago, US President Donald Trump urged Muslim countries to take the lead in combating radicalisation, and blamed Iran for instability in the Middle East.

“It seems that the Saudis and Emiratis feel emboldened by the alignment of their regional interests – toward Iran and Islamism – with the Trump administration,” Gulf analyst Kristian Ulrichsen told Reuters news agency.

“[They] have decided to deal with Qatar’s alternative approach on the assumption that they will have the [Trump] administration’s backing.”

We do not doubt that the hold on the embassy move to Jerusalem and the stunning isolation of Qatar are related. The embassy move will come when the Great Trump decides the time is ripe. For now, the time is ripe to take on Iran allies and enablers as a prelude to the final battle with the Persian Empire of Terror.

The Great Trump is respected in capitals of the middle east which mocked the great boob Barack “the sniveling” Obama. The Great Trump deals from strength.

Consider NATO. The Big Media left mocked the Great Trump when he schlonged NATO leaders to their faces. We thought it was a wonderful display of needed American leadership and strength. Leftist Michael Kinsey, at the Trump hating New York Times arrives late to the same conclusion we did:

Trump’s NATO Bombast Gets Us Where Statesmanship Can’t [snip]

If Donald Trump had done nothing more than to create a legitimate occasion for calling a newspaper article “Whither NATO,” his place in history would be assured. Small, but assured.

But Mr. Trump has gone further. He has actually put the future of NATO on the global agenda by saying, on his European trip in May, that the United States spends far more on the shared defense than our allies do. That, he declared, was going to stop. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany then said that the days when Europe could “rely fully” on others were “somewhat over,” which is essentially what President Trump had said, without the dainty qualifications.

So we’re all in agreement, right? NATO must reform, with a better deal for the United States, or it will disappear. [snip]

On his recent trip to Europe, President Trump attacked European leaders in person and in public for failing to meet their defense obligations. Previous presidents have also wanted our fellow club members to pay their dues. Mr. Trump was not doing or saying anything especially new or bold. But earlier presidents, with their statesmanlike approach, had failed utterly to achieve a goal that most Americans likely would have found desirable. Mr. Trump, bombast and all, is surely more likely to make progress on that front than, say, the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Great Trump is reshaping, with strength, boldness, timing, and smarts, the entire world. While Europe sleeps, The Great Trump is reshaping the world. While The Great Trump shakes the world, Europe sleeps as it did before the world wars of the past century, inviting the soft invasion of the continent:

And, as I said only the other day, the reality of what is happening in Britain and Europe is that this problem was imported and that, until you stop importing it, you’re going to have more of it.

To hell with Europe and to hell with London and its Muslim Mayor. We won’t shed a tear or display any sympathy for the countries in Europe subject to Muslim terror attacks. To hell with them all. We feel sorry for the dead and injured but if any of them voted for the Muslim Mayor or voted against Brexit, or support Muslim immigration into Europe, then hey, you’re getting what you deserve.

We will take Europe seriously when the response to Muslim Terror attacks is a military response. As long as the European response to Muslim Terrorist Attacks is police investigations or calls for more security, then to hell with them.

The Great President Donald J. Trump understands that increased security until the West strangles itself with security is the wrong path. In the end the response to Muslim Terror will have to be death of Muslim Terrorists along with bans on Muslim Terrorists entering or remaining in this country.

Until Europe stops with the tears and laying down of flowers and stupid concerts with stupid singers to weep about the latest Muslim Terrorist Attack, the Muslim soft invasion of Europe will continue.

The Great Trump is reshaping the world. Many suspect the Great Trump will be defeated. But the only ones that believe the Great Trump will be defeated are the truly and resistant to reality, Dims.

For all the Big Media onslaught against President Trump, for all the predictions of doom in 2018 because of President Trump’s alleged “unpopularity”, Roll Call, has a wake up call:

Latest Roll Call Ratings Show Tough Road to Majority For Democrats

Looking at the map right now, even the best case scenarios for Democrats see the GOP keeping their congressional majorities. Looking at the map right now, even the best case scenarios for Democrats see the GOP keeping their congressional majorities.

Roll Call updated their congressional seat ratings on Thursday for the upcoming 2018 midterms, and early predictions indicate trouble for the Democrats’ quest to reclaim the majority.

The Capitol Hill paper rated 202 House seats as “Solid Republican” in addition to 17 as “Likely Republican.” With 435 seats in the House, requiring one party control 218 seats for a majority, the GOP would reach a majority by adding up Roll Call’s “Solid” and “Likely” seats.

Things are worse for Chuck Schumer’s crew in the Senate, where most of the seats up for election this year are incumbent Democrats.

For all the Russia hysteria by Obama Dimocrats and Hillary, the GOP will retain control of congress in 2018. In the Senate the GOP is well positioned to even surmount the 60 vote supermajority which will lead to President Trump getting just about everything he wants in the two years leading up to his reelection effort. House of Representatives, Governorships, Senate – the GOP under The Great Trump is set to win massive victories in 2018.

Trump hating US News and World Report likewise sees the Great Trump victories:

Inside Washington, Donald Trump’s 4-month-old presidency appears to spin in a perpetual state of crisis and chaos, achieving few tangible successes and beset by weekly distractions.

But in far and wide pockets of the country, where legions of loyal Trump supporters remain, a very different picture is being discerned.

They see a media corps obsessed with a Russia investigation despite no evidence of a crime, all too easily swallowing an excuse for Hillary Clinton’s loss.

They see a Democratic Party lurching further to the left and practicing pure obstructionism to appease its inflamed base.

They see a coterie of prosperous, smug elites stationed in power centers and unable to comprehend the everyday hardships spoken to by this president.

And they see all of them hellbent on taking down Trump, whatever the cost to the country.

U.S. News conducted email interviews with more than a dozen readers who defended Trump in their reactions to previous stories.

These folks are angry, distrustful and sometimes intemperate, reflecting similar characteristics of the commander in chief. Some are true believers who salute all of Trump’s actions, no matter how contentious or disputed. Others are clear-eyed about the president’s flaws, but are more disturbed by the drumbeat of a contemptuous opposition. Not all of them consider themselves conservatives; some even voted for former President Barack Obama – twice. [snip]

Suddenly, [Angela] Merkel thinks the German people cannot rely totally on the USA. Was that a good thing, [previously allowing] … Germany and 23 of NATO members to not pay their bills? The president calls them out on it. And this is an affront?” asks Richard Weddle of Los Angeles, who says he’s a nuclear researcher who has worked for the FBI and Defense Department. “President Trump said, right to the 50 or so Islamic nation leaders, terrorism, extremism must be driven out – with a euphemism for kill them – drive them out of the earth. This is as direct a statement as I have seen.”

Joseph Lapinski, a 68-year-old who declined to reveal where he lives, explains that he soured on Obama and moved to Trump due to their day-and-night approaches to roiling global events.

It’s not that Lapinski didn’t think Obama was “a wonderful guy. He was.”

But “it was how he, like Jimmy Carter, thought all the wars could be solved by talking, like North Korea,” Lapinski says. “It doesn’t make him a bad guy because he didn’t want blood on his hands. It does make him a bad commander in chief.

“Trump is a jerk. Being a jerk doesn’t make him a bad president.” [snip]

Kearney says she really doesn’t like Trump, but that the unrelenting Democratic backlash has actually resulted in pushing her closer to him.

“I find it difficult to even listen to him. But the Democrats are making him look better. He has actually done a fairly good job considering the attack he is under,” she says. “As bad as he is, I do not support the attempted coup that is going on. So this anti-Hillary voter finds herself getting more angry and being pushed into supporting Trump – a pig – but our president and a guy who seems to be trying to do the right things – clumsily, boorishly, but I believe sincerely.”

There is a lot in the interviews to choke Obama Dims. The quotes in support of The Great Trump are wise in the positive and the negative assessments of the Great Trump. “The only thing about which I vacillate is his tweeting, but then I remember that he is under news assault 24/7, and realize that no one can remain stoic 24/7. Nor should he. If he began to ignore the continual assaults by innuendo – seldom facts – his supporters would eventually give up the fight, too, and he’s the only one I’ve seen willing to absorb the slings and arrows day after day. The only president with whom he compares is Teddy Roosevelt for stalwartness.” “Trump definitely has some personality flaws and he probably should have vetted his staff better, but he is patriotic and certainly not a traitor. I sincerely think he wants to make America great again just as Obama did, but their definitions of American greatness and how to achieve this differ greatly.” “Hillary took money from Russia, Bill [Clinton] took money from Russia, and the press thinks I should get worked up about a Clinton-created story about a Trump-Russia collusion? Really?” “We see the economy improving. We see the jobs slowly coming back. We see the start of a better relationship with our allies, and we see his budget of 2018 trying to [rein] in wasteful spending. But all the media reports is Russia, more Russia and more Russia.” “Perhaps you should contact Clinton supporters and ask them when they are going to stop the whining, crying, rioting and threats of violence, and the actual violence. Finding Clinton supporters should be easy, I’m betting almost everyone you know or associate with is a Clinton supporter. You might want to check out the picture of Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s severed head, and then ask yourself just how much lower liberals and their media lapdogs can go.”

Only an Obama Dimocrat can doubt the strong bond the Great Trump has with his strong supporters, his once not so strong supporters, and even those who don’t like or approve of the President’s personality or style but want America Great Again.

At the Trump hating Politico, an article was published as the London Muslim Terror attacks took place. It is an article worth a full read which we will only excerpt:

A Noun, a Verb and Vladimir Putin

Why the Democrats are making a big mistake by obsessing over Russia. [snip]

He was, they asserted again and again, unacceptable, immoral and corrupt. Every focus group they assembled raised serious questions about his disparagement of various ethic groups, his brutish mannerisms, his business ties to foreign governments, his lack of qualifications. Almost every professional polling firm showed deep and mounting disapproval of his behavior—he was, they calculated, the most unpopular candidate in American history. Many in the Republican establishment criticized or outright denounced him. And yet, defying all the confident predictions right up until election night, Trump managed to eke out a shocking victory, relying particularly on a surge of “forgotten voters” in the Midwest.

You’d be forgiven, of course, if you thought this was a recap of the 2016 election. Actually, it’s what the same pundits who got 2016 so wrong very well might be saying again four years from now. Such a mind-blowing, spirit-crushing, defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory redo of the last election should keep smart Democratic operatives up at night. Yet it doesn’t. [snip]

To those with a bit of distance from cable news—that is, every sane person in America—Democrats seem to be replaying the exact strategy that lost them the last election. What, pray tell, is the Democratic Party’s message otherwise? [snip]

Democrats appear to have spent about two minutes trying to figure out why the voters of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and, very nearly, Minnesota rejected them only a few months ago. [snip]

What did the Democrats do to rebuild the faith and trust of the “forgotten” voters they still seem to have trouble remembering? They doubled down. The first thing they did after the biggest political disaster in their history was to keep their leadership team intact. [snip]

When half the country believes the Democrats and the media are in cahoots, and most partisans are siloed off to their favorite media outlets and eschewing other sources of information, it makes it hard for “Watergate 2: The Series” to make it on the airwaves. Even Mike Morrell, the former CIA acting director who accused Trump of being a Russian stooge as he signed up for the Clinton campaign, thinks the media is hyping the story and showing bias against the president. [snip]

More than two-thirds of voters, according to at least one ABC News/Washington Post poll (if you believe polls anymore), said the Democrats were “out of touch.” The Democrats—yes, the Democrats—scored lower than Trump and the Republicans on that issue. [snip]

A few weeks ago, a sociologist at Columbia University flatly predicted that Trump will be reelected in 2020. In an even crueler blow to the Democrats, an ABC poll released in April found that Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote if there were a hypothetical rematch.

The Obama Dims are in a massive black hole and the hole is galaxy size:

If the Democratic National Committee has many more weeks like the previous one, it might not recover in time for the midterm elections in 2018. [snip]

The Democratic National Committee took a brutal shot to its ribs when its 2016 nominee, Hillary Clinton, said it was bereft of ideas and data, and was near bankruptcy when she was nominated in July. [snip]

Andrew Therriault, the former DNC director of data science, responded by slamming Clinton in two since-deleted tweets, calling Clinton’s comments two unprintable words, according to CNN.

“I hope you understand the good you did despite that nonsense,” Therriault said in a message to DNC data staffers.

Black women are angry with the DNC, as are the whining Bernie Sanders kooks. It is particularly laughable that a Socialist who is not a member of their corrupt party is the leading candidate to challenge the Great Trump in 2020. The Socialists are even now fighting over the super-delegate rules and that will lead to a schism in 2020.

Instead of reality, the Obama Dims are heavily invested in Comey the Clown stocks. But Comey is a clown with zero credibility among Trump supporters who would be needed to really hurt Trump:

Washington will be riveted this week by the drama surrounding former FBI Director James Comey’s expected congressional testimony. But Republicans elsewhere in the country say they couldn’t care less. [snip]

There’s nothing about Jim Comey that I trust,” said state Sen. Ron Rabin. “There’s nothing consistent about what he says.”

Asked whether Comey has any credibility, he offered a view shared by many Republican activists gathered at this airy waterfront convention center: “None. Zero.”

Comey’s Clown show on Thursday will compete with the British elections for most watched circus. In the end, The Great Trump wins in 2018 and reelection in 2020:

Trump Will Likely Win Reelection in 2020
By Musa al-Gharbi

Most Americans don’t like Donald Trump.

Trump will most likely be reelected in 2020. [snip]

Trump won his first term despite record low approval ratings, triumphing over the marginally less unpopular Hillary Clinton. He will probably be able to repeat this feat if necessary.

The president continues to enjoy staunch support from the voters who put him in the White House. He has raised millions of dollars in small donations for reelection, pulling in twice as much money as Barack Obama in his first 100 days. And he’s already putting that money to use running ads in key states that trumpet his achievements and criticize political rivals.

Although most don’t like or trust Trump, polls show he seems to be meeting or exceeding Americans’ expectations so far. In fact, an ABC News/ Washington Post survey suggests that if the election had been held again in late April, Trump would have not only won the Electoral College, but the popular vote as well – despite his declining approval rating. [snip]

As a function of the default effect, the particular seats which happen to be open this cycle, and Republican dominance of state governments which has allowed them to draw key congressional districts in their favor – it will be extremely difficult for Democrats to gain even a simple majority in the Senate in 2018. The House? Even less likely. [snip]

Trump’s opposition is in much worse shape. The Democratic Party has been hemorrhaging voters for the better part of a decade. Democrats are viewed as being more “out of touch” with average Americans than Trump or the Republicans. Yet key players in the DNC still resist making substantive changes to the party’s platform and strategy. Hence it remains unclear how Democrats will broaden their coalition, or even prevent its continued erosion. [snip]

In other words, we can count on Trump surviving his first term – and likely winning a second.

During and despite a ceaseless onslaught by Big Media and Obama Dimocrats, the Great President Trump in polls taken during this period has only increased his support, even as allegedly the polls also show his allegedly declining popularity. Despite all the attacks, a rerun election would give President Trump a popular and electoral vote victory.

We do President Trump a great disservice with this article. For President Trump the best situation is for continued barking from Comey the Clown and the Obama Dimocrats – in full outrage after full outrage upon full outrage to top the last over the top full outrage. Our observation that Comey and the outrage of Obama Dimocrats only helps cement a Great Trumping in 2018 and 2020 is like putting a bell on a cat. Our apologies to the Great Trump.

We do Obama Dimocrats a great service with this article. If they could surgically Frankenstein a working brain they would learn a great deal and possibly figure out how to defeat the Great President Trump.

The truth is however, that Obama Dimocrats are rabid mad dogs chasing nothing-burgers that exercise them but from which they will learn nothing. Nothing will beget nothing.

Meanwhile, like Alexander the Great, The Great Trump will win, and win again.


Self-Inflicted: The End Of #Hillary2016 – The Rise Of #Trump2016

The truth hurts. Writing the truth as we see it hurts us. But we write the truth and months later, or years later we are proven 100% correct.

Trump supporters don’t trust us because of our history with Hillary. Trump supporters also don’t want to risk the “Trump is a Hillary plant and the proof is how HillaryIs44 says nice things about Trump” trap that by now even the dumbest cannot continue to promulgate.

Hillary Clinton supporters likewise are upset that we are not serving Clinton kool-aid and instead writing analysis that is so obvious to all but those who refuse to acknowledge reality and prefer to spin themselves into oblivion.

The truth is that Hillary Clinton has run the most hapless, confused, and silly campaign, of this electoral season. The Jeb Bush campaign is better than #Hillary2016. As catastrophic as the Jeb! campaign has been at least JeBush has the excuse that he was taken entirely by surprise with the rise of Donald J. Trump. No such excuse can be made for #Hillary2016.

Here’s some truth for you baby. A lot of Hillary Clinton supporters call Trump disgusting and boorish and a clown. Ask yourself baby, if Trump is so disgusting, boorish, and clownish shouldn’t Hillary2016 be able to stomp Trump out with a feather? If Trump is such a horror shouldn’t Hillary be able to schlong Trump?

The truth is that Hillary Clinton personally and Hillary2016 collectively are helpless against Trump because of the stupidity of Hillary2016 and the candidate herself. Such an embarrassment is Hillary2016 that they have not been able to dispatch that socialist fool Bernie Sanders!

The bitter truth is that Hillary2016 is worse than Hillary2008. Once again Hillary is mincing around getting schlonged.

In 2008 we were repeatedly told in private that Hillary did not want to take the gloves off on Barack Obama because she did not want to alienate Obama’s supporters – and especially Obama’s Arab supporters – with an attack on Obama’s Rezko connections. As Hillary the fool played it safe, Obama schlonged her in private and in public.

In 2008 we advised attacks against Obama which never came. In the end Obama was given delegates Hillary had won in elections, the rules were twisted to favor Obama and punish Hillary, and from Hillary all we got was weakness and acquiescence as she did not even contest the nomination in convention.

At least in 2008 Hillary put up the appearance of a fight. In 2016 all we see is whining from her and pathetic cries of “bully” anytime someone beats the sh*t out of her.

Hillary2016 could have questioned why the Bernie Sanders family left integrated Brooklyn to move to all white Vermont. Was it white flight that motivated the Sanders family?

Hillary2016 could have pointed out that socialist male Bernie Sanders stands to block the first woman president. But Hillary2016 is too above that. They rather lose. Obama supporters in 2008 were not shy about saying Hillary was blocking the election of a black man but Hillary is such a fool and Hillary2016 is so high-minded or incompetent they won’t do the obvious.

This first week of 2016 marks the end of Hillary’s hopes for president. It’s death by suicide. The death of Hillary2016 is entirely self-inflicted.

Consider, this week we heard about the attacks on women by Muslims in Europe. In Finland, Muslim men attacked women openly as part of what appears to be coordinated attacks by Muslim men against women. Finnish police: There was unprecedented sexual harassment by asylum seekers in Helsinki on NYE too. It was a planned attack by Muslim men against women in many nations of the West:

Security guards hired to patrol the city on New Year’s Eve told police there had been “widespread sexual harassment” at a central square where around 20,000 people had gathered for celebrations.

Three sexual assaults allegedly took place at Helsinki’s central railway station on New Year’s Eve, where around 1,000 mostly Iraqi asylum seekers had converged

“Ahead of New Year’s Eve, the police caught wind of information that asylum seekers in the capital region possibly had similar plans to what the men gathered in Cologne’s railway station have been reported to have had,” police said in a statement.

It was a coordinated attack in many countries against western women by Muslim asylum seekers. Suspect in Cologne sex attacks: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.”

From Hillary? Anything from Hillary Clinton the great defender of women’s rights? The great defender of women’s rights stayed grandmum on the whole disgusting multi-national attack on women. Instead of making this a central issue, Hillary was busy ignoring, or attempting to ignore the door she opened which Donald Trump walked right through.

We’re not going to go into too much detail about the door Hillary herself opened. Suffice to say that even the most powerful voices in support of Hillary2016 understood that Trump’s attacks against Hillary were indeed self-inflicted. Here’s leftist Hillary supporter Michael Tomasky:

But Hillary does have a potential Achilles’ heel here, which she opened the door to herself with one word she uttered back in September, and she may yet have a little explaining to do here to nail down a voting bloc that she’s going to need in a big way come November. [snip]

Back last September in Iowa, she said the words: “Today I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault. Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed, and we’re with you.” Obviously, “believed” is the operative word there, and quite reasonably, conservatives pounced on it at the time; oh, well then, do Jones/Willey/Broaddrick deserve to be “believed”? As Michelle Goldberg noted last week at Slate, a voter asked Clinton essentially this in New Hampshire in December, and her answer wasn’t the greatest: “Well, I would say that everybody should be believed at first, until they are disbelieved based on evidence.”

The other potential complication for Clinton may center around the question of what she did, if anything, to discredit Jones and the others.

This was entirely self-inflicted by Hillary against Hillary. That none of this has been gamed out by Hillary2016 leads us to conclude that Hillary2016 is composed of a bunch of dumb rocks. The dumbest rock in Hilllary2016 is Jennifer Palmieri. This dumb rock has to be dropped in the river. Also Robby Mook who started out with great possibilities needs to be more than “worried” and “annoyed” about Bernie Sanders raising almost as much money as Hillary2016 – he needs to be dumped along with Palmieri. From Hillary, a phony promise: I know what it’s like to be up in December of one year and lose in the spring of the next. I bet many of you might remember that feeling, too. We aren’t going to let that happen again. Bullsh*t! Hillary2016 is worse than Hillary2008. Emergency surgery is needed even though we think it is already too late.

By now every Hillary supporter is up in arms and ready to wash themselves clean of us and our brutal, ugly, analysis. But be assured, we are understating the case. Hillary2016 is mortally wounded and the wounds are self inflicted.

Repeatedly and for years we have waved red flags and warned Hillary2016 about what needed to be done.

Our seminal post on this was written in 2013 and blasted the Hillary2016 muddled message mess. We warned that Hillary had to be the change candidate, attack Obama, and embrace the white working class. From Hillary we got instead Hillary as the third Obama term, the status quo and rejection of the white working class in favor of Obama’s cult coalition which is not transferable and even if it were would never vote for Hillary.

Then there is Senator Joni Ernst, the self-inflicted wound by Hillary, yet to be deployed. We wrote about the stupidity of Hillary Clinton on this back in November of 20164:

Hillary as human shield for the boob Barack. Lovely. Hillary listens to this guy??? Stupid!!!! Still think we’re wrong?

Hillary Clinton wasted 2014 in campaigns for people like Bruce Braley. Braley in 2008 begged Hillary to raise money for him. Hillary raised money for Braley. Braley then endorsed John Edwards. Braley in 2014 asked Hillary to campaign for him. Hillary campaigned for him. Hillary now has the first woman elected statewide in Iowa who will be fully justified when she attacks Hillary.

Why will Joni Ernst be fully justified in attacking Hillary Clinton? Look at what Hillary Clinton said as she campaigned for John Edwards endorser Bruce Braley:

“I would also add, it’s not enough to be a woman. You have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women,” Hillary Clinton said at a Wednesday campaign event for Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Bruce Braley, Joni Ernst’s opponent in Iowa.

The “eighteen million cracks in the ceiling” battle cry ends with a crackpot remark on behalf of a John Edwards supporter. We guess the courageous Beijing speech on behalf of womens’ rights was only for certain women. The rights of women ends at the thin blue line? Women who dissent on “progressive” issues need not apply? Women who think third trimester abortions are a problem have to go not in the back of the bus but under the bus? Is this a way to inaugurate a smart campaign for the first woman president? And all this on behalf of a man who stabbed Hillary in the back to endorse that paragon of virtue John Edwards??? Is any of this smart??? [snip]

If Hillary Clinton decides to run in 2016, after the November 21st meeting, expect to see the video of those stupid remarks played repeatedly every time Hillary or any Hillary supporters mentions that it is time for a woman in the White House. There will be no “context” provided for the remarks because the video will send the message Hillary opponents need. And this on behalf of a John Edwards supporter who fuc*ed her over in 2008.

What idiot got Hillary to strap that suicide vest on herself?

Now it is too late. Hillary2016 is on the deathbed from self-inflicted wounds.

Remember that in September, before the second GOP debate, we wrote that Trump had pretty much already won the Republican nomination for president. Our analysis from months ago is conventional wisdom now, months later.

Why? Why is Hillary2016 dead and Trump2016 triumphant? We wrote about that too months ahead of everyone else:

As we predicted long before conventional wisdom caught up to us this past weekend – Yes, Donald Trump looks to be the Republican nominee for president in 2016. Yes, the GOP primary was “fixed” for JeBush but Donald J. Trump kinda messed that plan up. Yes, Carly Fiorina is a fizzle. Yes, Marco Rubio can’t get it up enough to win. Yes, Hillary Clinton’s biggest enemy is Barack Obama. Yes, Hillary2016 has thrown away the winning Clinton coalition for the losing Obama situation comedy demographic. And now, Donald J. Trump is busy building a winning general election electoral fortress with key elements of the former Clinton coalition: [snip]

The white working class should have been the bedrock of Hillary2016. The white working class support for Hillary Clinton in 2008 provided grand victories of 40 point margins when Hillary was most wounded. Now Hillary2016 has repeatedly abandoned those voters.

What we wrote months ago is now conventional wisdom. If you are really really really a Hillary supporter wisdom dictates you face reality not spin yourself silly. Hillary Clinton abandoned the Clinton coalition and the result is a death certificate. Even Joe Scarborough and his brain dead co-host understand that simple calculation.

The New York Times understands something weird is happening.

You want spin and kool-aid or the truth? Can you handle the truth? The truth we wrote about months ago which even Politico is forced to recognize:

Donald Trump’s big tent

Republicans explain away their unwelcome poll-leader by dismissing his supporters as a loud but narrow network of angry white men and celebrity chasers.

It’s not true. A POLITICO review of private and public polling data and interviews with GOP pollsters shows a coalition that certainly begins with conservative, blue-collar men now extends to pro-choice Republicans, independents and even registered Democrats unnerved, primarily, by illegal immigration.

Indeed, the uncomfortable truth, for the pundits and fellow Republicans who turned their noses up at Trump, is that his appeal has spread over seven months so far beyond a rabble-rousing, anti-establishment rump to encompass the very elements of the American electorate the GOP has been eager to reach. And while it’s no majority, it’s a bigger group than anything the rest of the fragmented Republican field has galvanized.

His coalition is not all angry working white males,” said Adrian Gray, a Republican pollster. “It’s all stripes. It’s a pretty big coalition. And among other demographics where he’s doing worse, he’s still leading or in the top two.” [snip]

Though Trump has less support with women and educated men, he’s still at or near the top of the GOP field in those categories. And, exposing the depth of the GOP establishment’s misunderstanding of Trump’s support network, his coalition includes far-right conservatives as well as people who hardly register on Republican radar.

Trump’s supporters skewed significantly against the GOP grain on abortion, for instance, in an internal poll of Iowa caucus-goers conducted for a rival presidential contender last summer. Respondents who identified themselves as “pro-choice” were three times more likely than “pro-life” voters to support Trump, according to a Republican strategist with knowledge of the survey.

One large dataset shows Trump excelling above all with voters who call themselves Republicans even though they aren’t officially registered as Republicans.

Civis Analytics, a Democratic data firm founded by veterans of President Barack Obama’s campaigns, built a model based on over 11,000 phone interviews with self-identified Republicans in 2015, part of a wider polling project. The data, first reported by The New York Times, shows Trump getting the support of 29 percent of registered Republicans but 36 percent of registered independents and 43 percent of registered Democrats, who in some states can still participate in GOP primaries.

The Civis data projects Trump’s support by congressional district, showing that Trump is especially strong in the rare pockets of the country where Obama performed worse while winning the 2008 presidential election than John Kerry did while losing in 2004, according to a POLITICO analysis.

In the Civis’ model, Trump runs ahead of his 33-percent national average in 30 of the 40 districts where Kerry matched or exceeded Obama’s performance, even though Obama ran about 5 points ahead of Kerry nationally.

Those districts are largely contained in a band running through Appalachia, from Pennsylvania to Tennessee, and then across the Deep South to Arkansas and Oklahoma. Once Democratic strongholds, voters there have sloughed off the party in recent decades — a trend that accelerated rapidly under Obama. Now, Trump is giving a voice to some of their protectionist concerns about immigration and trade.

“Essentially, the old base of the Democratic Party, non-college whites in the Midwest and Appalachia, have been cut loose and are floating like an iceberg in the middle of the electorate,” said one Republican strategist supporting another presidential candidate. “And they’ve glommed onto the Republicans because it’s a two-party system. But they have no affection for the Republican Party as an institution.”

Now, they form a key piece of the Trump puzzle.

Let’s repeat that paragraph:

“Essentially, the old base of the Democratic Party, non-college whites in the Midwest and Appalachia, have been cut loose and are floating like an iceberg in the middle of the electorate,” said one Republican strategist supporting another presidential candidate. “And they’ve glommed onto the Republicans because it’s a two-party system. But they have no affection for the Republican Party as an institution.”

Politico published that analysis today, but you can re-read our earlier, better version Yes, Donald Trump Does Destroy The GOP – Because Obama Destroyed The Dems:

What did Obama do? Barack Obama destroyed the once great Democratic Party of FDR/JFK/WJC. Obama expelled the White Working Class and senior citizens from the Democratic Party in favor of his situation comedy demographics “coalition of the ascendant.” [snip]

The people Obama purged from his Obama Dimocrat Party found themselves politically homeless. Now Donald Trump either by design or sheer luck leads the politically homeless to the Republican Party and the old guard bears its teeth of brass and snarls.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Hillary2016 have read this analysis. If they did they would shriek in horror and realize they have given Trump this election on a silver platter.

As we enter the second week of 2016, with the first votes to be cast on February 1, Hillary Clinton has become the candidate for an Obama third term. Obama stunk up 2016 and issues such as Muslim terrorism, Muslim attacks on women, the collapse of ObamaCare, economic turmoil in the United States and economic/diplomatic/military turmoil continued in the middle east, Barack Obama and third termer Hillary prattled about gun control.

As Trump2016 rises we won’t be surprised if Hillary2016 attacks the bitter clingers on guns and Bibles – if they are Christians and Jews. On Muslim terrorists Hillary2016 will remain grandmum.

Next week will be grim for those that remember with fondness the Hillary of 2008. Obama on Tuesday will pollute the airwaves with his final State of the Union speech. Hillary will applaud the nonsense. Donald Trump will debate the losers on Thursday the 14th. Hillary will be upset. On Friday the big budget Hollywood movie on Benghazi will debut. Hillary will be grandmum yet again.

In the first two weeks of 2016 we will see vividly why Hillary2016 is dead and Trump2016 continues to rise.


@RealDonaldTrump Just Won The Third GOP Debate – ‘Fizzles’ Fiorina Fumes

CNBC caves to demand from Trump and Carson, agrees to limit next GOP debate to two hours:

Or rather, CNBC caved to the demand from Trump. Carson co-signed the letter that Trump sent to the network, but it ain’t Dr. Ben who’s delivering an extra 10 million viewers or so to these things.

Pretty simple calculation for CNBC: Enjoy two hours of boffo ratings with Trump as your star or three hours of middling ratings for special guest star Jeb Bush. [snip]

Anyway: With 10 candidates on stage, figure a minute for each opening and closing statement plus 20 minutes for commercials each hour and you’ve got one hour of actual Q&A — which includes the time needed by the moderators to actually pose the questions. Not including their openings and closings, each candidate should end up with … four minutes of speaking time, maybe? Five?

Let’s be the first to say it: Ban these debates. All of them. The public gets nothing from these phony filled-with-baloney “debates”. What are these phony “debates” about? The public gets nothing by way of information from them, the candidates get “free” airtime, the TV station gets money from commercials. The public gets screwed. Find another format and get rid of these phony debates. We suggest gladiatorial spectacles as in ancient Rome with candidates physically assaulting each other.

Get rid of these phony debates. These debates all have an agenda and it is not an agenda for the voter to get informed. On the Republican side it is attacks on Trump all the time. It’s attempts to prop up little Jebbie Bush as his pawns try to take down Trump. On the Hillary side, there is no one for her to debate. Sanders and the rest of the Obama fluffers are not serious applicants even for a McDonalds’ janitorial management job let alone fit to be in any “debate” with the word “presidential” in the description. Get rid of these debates.

Maybe, if the Villages idiot – Mourning Joe Biden – decides to do as Obama wants and runs against Hillary then we can see one debate against these two. But then, basta! Enough! As to the Republicans, there is only Trump or Jeb Bush and the satire magazine The Onion provides the best commentary on JeBush:

Extension Cord On Stage Steals Spotlight From Jeb Bush During Campaign Rally

CONCORD, NH—Emphasizing the allure and appeal of the 30-foot length of electrical power cable that shared the stage with the former Florida governor, sources confirmed that an orange three-pronged extension cord completely stole the spotlight from Jeb Bush during a New Hampshire campaign rally Friday. “Jeb made some interesting points about the need to prioritize national security, but ultimately he was just completely overshadowed by the far more riveting extension cord running along the floor beside him,” said political pundit Chris Wallace, who acknowledged that attendees appeared more energized by the flexible orange cable taped to the stage and noted that the one-time GOP frontrunner repeatedly failed to connect with the audience as effectively as the cord. “Unfortunately for Jeb, no matter what he did throughout the night, he just looked bland and flat compared to that extension cord. He’s not going to want to bring that piece of electrical equipment with him to any more rallies if he wants voters’ attention to stay directed at him.” At press time, the Bush campaign team was rapidly assembling a focus group to learn how the candidate could be more like the extension cord.

Hillary Clinton is up against Bernie Sanders, a man about as interesting as an intermittently working light bulb. Donald Trump is up against a dauphin less interesting than an extension cord.

Do we need more dim bulb debates? More no energy dullards on stage? No! CNBC, in order to have more time for commercials, wanted another three hour debate. Donald Trump said “NO” and Donald Trump won:

Again, that’s not a problem for Trump, who can get 30 minutes of cable-news time to riff on whatever he wants anytime he wants simply by dialing up CNN or whoever and asking to be put on the air. On the contrary: Both as the frontrunner and as a guy whose grasp of policy detail is not, shall we say, his chief selling point, he has every incentive at this point to keep the debates as short as possible.

Let’s assume, for arguments sake, that Donald Trump wants less time for self-interested entirely selfish, politically motivated reasons. None of that matters. Donald Trump won the larger debate over who is the dog and who is the tail. Big Media efforts to convince the public, the political parties, and the candidates, that Big Media is the big dog and the political process is the tail just got beat by Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the new Big Dog and Big Media is what comes out of the dog in the tail region. Donald Trump did what we have advised candidates to do since 2007 and that is why Donald Trump is a leader who wins and wins and wins:

CNBC Agrees to Two-Hour Debate: This Is Why Donald Trump Is Winning

While every other Republican remained publicly silent, frontrunner Donald Trump got his closest rival, Dr. Ben Carson, to join with him and together they stood up and said, “No.”

This kept Trump in the headlines and at the top of the news cycle throughout yesterday afternoon and this morning. And now we’ve learned that Trump and Carson won. The DC/NY media agreed to the frontrunners’ demands.

Does anyone in the weak-kneed Republican Establishment, or among the bubbled-morons in the Punditocracy, have any more questions about why The Donald appears to be coasting to the Republican nomination for President of the United States? [snip]

Look who publicly stood up to the media. Look who punched back by threatening to boycott the debate and used their leverage as frontrunners to get CNBC to back down.

This morning CNBC caved and agreed to a two-hour debate. The RNC also believes the candidates will get their opening and closing statements.

Let me put this as simply as possible for the GOPSmartSet-impaired: The Republicans will not win the White House in 2016 with yet another “electable” squish. We need a standard-bearer who is not only willing to stand up to the media but who also knows how to prevail against the media. [snip]

Strength and competence wins the respect of voters and by extension their confidence and their votes. And right now, while Establishment candidates like Jeb Bush go full-Beta, the only Republican candidate showing both strength and competence is Donald Trump.

Trump is in command.

A Bill Clinton axiom is “Better to be strong and wrong, than weak and right.” The new Big Dog, Donald Trump, understands and fights. Donald J. Trump is not only right, he’s strong enough to fight for what’s right. Trump is strong, and not wrong.

The third Republican debate will be under the command and control of Donald J. Trump. CNBC will try to take Trump down at the debate but at every turn Trump will be able to say that CNBC is attacking Trump in vengeance for lost commercial dollars. And that is why Donald J. Trump just won the third GOP debate.

CNBC and the Lilliputians will still try to take down Trump. Already we have seen how Megyn Kelly teamed up with Carly “Fizzles” Fiorina to sneer against Trump.

After the second debate Big Media proclaimed Carly Fiorina’s performance to be spectacular and Rich Lowry on Fox News declared Fiorina to have cut off Trump’s testicles. Our modest prediction was that Fizzles Fiorina would “rise and rise and rise from the low single digits to the high single digits.” Our prediction came true along with our “poof” addendum that after the rise Fizzles Fiorina would be back to low single digits. Done and done.

Fizzles Fiorina, as devastated as she is, compares favorably to what Donald Trump has done to the rest of the field of dreamers. Have you seen the financial results for the last quarter as filed by the candidates?

Consider Donald J. Trump:

Donald Trump Accidentally Raised Almost As Much As Rubio

Donald Trump’s campaign collected $4 million in the third quarter, roughly the same as Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). The real difference, though, is that Trump’s campaign hasn’t conducted any fundraising efforts.

Almost all of that $4 million total is from “unsolicited” donations. People simply sent his campaign money without being asked for it. [snip]

The result is that Trump, without trying, raised far more than Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and was largely in-line with major challengers Rubio and businesswomen Carly Fiorina. [snip]

According to the most recent FEC filing, Jeb Bush’s campaign was spending more than $3.5 million each month during the Summer.

Donald Trump has spent the least amount of any of the major candidates. Through the entire campaign so far, Trump has spent just over $5 million total.

That’s not the most astounding Trump money news. It’s all about the hats:

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump spent more on hats, bumper stickers, yard signs and t-shirts than he did on any other category in the third quarter, according to his latest campaign finance report filed on Thursday. [snip]

In typical presidential campaigns, top expenditures are usually payroll, mailings and consultants.

But those items did not feature largely on Trump’s report. The filing, made with the Federal Election Commission, contained no line item for payroll at all. [snip]

Trump raised nearly $4 million in the third quarter. In total, the campaign has raised $5.8 million and spent $5.6 million. Despite proclamations that he would self-fund his candidacy, Trump still raked in unsolicited donations from nearly 74,000 people, who gave an average of $50.46.

Jeb Bush? Jeb Bush is the profligate prodigal son:

“The high life has ended,” said one Florida operative familiar with the campaign’s operation. [snip]

“At a certain point, we want to see a bang for the buck. We’re spending the bucks — and we’re seeing no bang,” a longtime Bush Republican said.

Bush is stuck at 7 percent in an average of national polls. [snip]

In New Hampshire, seen by many as a must-win for Bush, Bush and the Right to Rise super PAC backing him have spent at least $4.8 million on TV and radio to support him since early September. One ad-tracking firm produced an analysis for POLITICO that showed pro-Bush spots in the past three weeks have occupied about 60 percent of the political ad air-time in the state. Bush’s numbers have moved from 9 perrcent [sic] to 8.7 percent since the ad blitz began, according to the Real Clear Politics averages of polls in the GOP primary. [snip]

But when asked how he plans to improve his standing, Bush himself has been blunt: “I’m going to do something really novel,” he said last week. “It’s called advertising.” [snip]

“In the past, advertising was a show of strength. Now, if you’re advertising it’s because you’re in a weak position,” said Elizabeth Wilner, senior vice president of Kantar Media Ad Intelligence overseeing its Campaign Media Analysis Group.

TipToes JeBush can barely keep his nose above water.

Self-funded Donald J. Trump has a “burn rate” lower than the money Americans are sending him! And Trump is tops! JeBush spends like a drunk sailor in a Nevada whorehouse. And Bush is drowning! Carson? Ben Carson is making money to spend money:

In the three-month period that ended September 30, the campaign spent 53 cents for every dollar it raised. That number was down slightly from 64 cents for every dollar raised in the second quarter of the year.

Spending top dollar on fundraising has enabled the campaign to assemble a list of more than two million donors from whom it raises between $200,000 and $350,000 per day, a campaign spokesman said.

In all, Mr. Carson directed $11 million of the $14 million he spent in the third quarter to fundraising costs.

Get Dr. Carson to the burn unit at the hospital as a patient. Bad, bad, burn rate. He raised $20 million last quarter but already spent $14 million.

Donald J. Trump is winning every poll in every state, every national poll, consistently, month after month even as he spends less than the other major candidates. The new polls shatter the dreamers:

He first took the lead in the RCP national poll average on July 20, so next week will mean three full months at the top. And Trump is far ahead of the two squabbling candidates, Bush and Rubio, in the early-voting states:

1) In Iowa, Trump is up by 17 over Bush, and 18 over Rubio, according to the most recent poll, by the Wall Street Journal.

2) In New Hampshire, Trump is up by 10 over Bush and 11 over Rubio, according to the Journal.

3) In South Carolina, Trump is up by 25 over Rubio and 30 over Bush in a brand-new CNN poll.

4) In Nevada, Trump is up by 31 over Rubio and 32 over Bush, according to CNN.

They keep burying Trump but, but, Zombie Trump continues to rise and thrive in the supposed strongholds of other candidates:

Trump Trouncing GOP Foes on Their Home Turf

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is not only leading all national and state polls, but he’s trouncing his other GOP opponents in their own states as voters soundly turn against established government leaders in favor of the New York real estate billionaire.

On Thursday, the trend continued, with a new Rutgers-Eagleton poll in New Jersey showing Trump soundly defeating all challengers and coming in several points ahead of Gov. Chris Christie. The numbers in the poll are as follows, reports The Record:

Trump, 32 percent
Ben Carson, 13 percent
Marco Rubio, 13 percent
Ted Cruz, 6 percent
Carly Fiorina, 5 percent
Chris Christie, 5 percent
Jeb Bush, 5 percent
John Kasich, 2 percent
Mike Huckabee, 1 percent
George Pataki, 1 percent
Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal and Rand Paul, less than 1 percent
Graham and Jim Gilmore, 0 percent

Christie’s numbers dropped from 12 percent in August, according to the poll, while Trump’s rose, from 21 percent. [snip]

The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows Trump holding double-digit leads against both Bush and Rubio, with Trump at 28 percent, Rubio at 14 percent, and Bush at 12 percent.

Trump is also leading in Florida over Rubio and Bush among Hispanics, a group with which both Florida leaders share ties, reports Breitbart. According to a September Public Policy Polling survey, Trump defeated Bush among Hispanics by 37 to 29 percent, and defeated Rubio by one percentage point. [snip]

Trump is also defeating Ohio Gov. John Kasich, even though the Republican governor has been enormously popular among his own state’s residents, reports The Columbus Dispatch, reporting last week on a Quinnipiac Poll that focused on Ohio and two other swing states, Florida and Pennsylvania.

The numbers were:

  • Trump, 23 percent
  • Carson, 18 percent
  • Kasich, 13 percent
  • Cruz, 11 percent
  • Fiorina, 10 percent
  • “Gov. John Kasich’s big card was his enormous popularity in Ohio, generally considered the most important swing state in the November election,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. 

    “But with Trump zooming well past him in the Buckeye State and Kasich’s numbers in Florida and Pennsylvania in low single digits, the Ohio governor’s campaign is going in the wrong direction,” Brown said.

    Graham, who has represented South Carolina for several years, recorded an embarrassing defeat in a CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday that gave Trump 36 percent, compared to 5 percent for Graham.

    Rand Paul in Kentucky and Ted Cruz in Texas are not beating Trump either. Trump tops them all, consistently. That’s something not even Hillary Clinton can boast in her primary against non-entities.

    Donald Trump has triumphed in the third GOP debate even before it is held. It’s not just the third debate though. Donald Trump might have won this primary already. It’s only a few more months until Iowa votes on February 1 and if JeBush cannot advertise himself out of the circling drain, Trump will flush him along with the rest of the, um, schleps.


    Red Lines – Debate Advice For Mitt Romney Via Allen West

    Blame it on Allen West. Our intention today was to stop giving Mitt Romney “advice” and start being more “supportive”. But, that darn Allen West screwed our plans up.

    We have lambasted Mitt Romney and his stupid campaign with fury and we stand by our on target attacks. Our attacks have not been about a VP pick. Our attacks are multifaceted, well reasoned, well documented and deserved. The fear grows daily that we will be proven right even as we hope we are proven wrong.

    But we have not just attacked the bumbling campaign (and the allied organizations of the campaign such as the SuperPacs). We also have slapped the “shambles” convention the RNC ran. We have been about more than “attacks” however. We have provided good advice to counter the bumbles, stumbles, stupidity and futility of the Romney campaign.

    We continue to give good advice. We’ll give more advice on the debates next week and specifically mention John Kerry (hint here) as an object lesson to Romney. The new Bloomberg poll: Obama losing support on national security should give Romney supporters solace – if Mitt Romney takes advantage of what this means.

    Some of our earlier advice has taken root in the Romney campaign and in the SuperPacs. No longer are we subjected to those all too clever ads only frat boys liked.

    Those ads featured Obama speaking his flowery words while text on the ad mocked the boob – not a word was heard on an audio track criticizing Obama. If you just had the TV on while working or reading all you heard was Obama giving a flowery soundbite and not much else. It was almost like free advertising for Obama paid for by Mitt Romney and his allies. Thank goodness those days and ads are over.

    Our more substantive overall advice has been about the lack of a coherent narrative and seeming lack of a sense of urgency in Mitt Romney ads and Mitt Romney campaign speeches. We keep hitting Romney about this and will continue to do so until the “last drug store has sold its last pill.”

    What do we mean about a “lack of a coherent narrative and seeming lack of a sense of urgency”? Here is where Allen West comes in. Look at this new Allen West ad:

    “Two men, a country in crisis – you decide” is the tagline. It’s absolutely brilliant and ever so simple. The ad is not about Patrick Murphy being a drunk. The ad is not about character even. The ad is about leadership.

    Is this Allen West ad: Hey, guess where I was while my opponent was drunk and disorderly? just a gussied up attack ad? NO. NO. NO.

    The Allen West ad is about leadership and the American people deciding who is needed now for the crisis at hand. THAT’S WHAT THIS AD IS ABOUT – and this ad can easily be used as a template for Mitt Romney ads and Mitt Romney specifically (as we stated above, more on this next week as we provide our best debate advice).

    The Allen West ad is a template. Several months back there were pictures floating around the Internets of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in their youth. Barack was smoking something and Romney was working as a missionary or some other equally salutary task. There’s no need to do an ad featuring these two men in their youth – but there are other contrasts that should be drawn.

    The Mitt Romney campaign could easily borrow the Allen West ad and do an ad answering (not asking – answering) the question of where Obama was on the Sunday after September 11, 2001 and where Mitt Romney was. Show Mitt Romney at his Mormon church and Obama at his “God Damn America” Wright cell. Make it relevant to today. Tie this all to the Middle East and the Benghazi lies and state “Two men, a country in crisis – you decide who is better suited to stop the attacks on America.”

    Try “Two men, a country in crisis – Obama will get you killed, Mitt Romney will rescue America.” Draw a strong contrast. Use facts and visuals. This is not very complicated stuff but you have to be willing to fight.

    “Two men, a country in crisis.” Romney has to use contrast and compare ads. Romney has to have a sense of urgency as well and declare that this election is about something real big – the country, freedom – it’s not about free phones.

    Recently there has been a lot of chatter about “Obamaphones” – free cell phones. That’s right, free cell phones, not land lines. Americans who pay their cell phone bills are being charged a “universal service charge” to give free cell phones, not land lines but cell phones, to many for unexplained reasons.

    Why isn’t Mitt Romney talking about this in the larger sense of things run amok? Representative Tim Griffin is trying to at least reform this free cell phone giveaway and Romney is AWOL.

    Why doesn’t Mitt Romney do a “Two men, a country in crisis” ad telling Americans he wants a land of opportunity and jobs – not free cell phones.

    Charles Krauthammer agrees with our half year-long critique of Mitt Romney’s campaign and what Romney must do:

    “Go large, Mitt

    The United Nations being an institution of surpassing cynicism and mendacity, the [Obama] speech was so naive it would have made a fine middle-school commencement address. Instead, it was a plaintive plea by the world’s alleged superpower to be treated nicely by a roomful of the most corrupt, repressive, tin-pot regimes on earth.

    Yet Romney totally fumbled away the opportunity. Here was a chance to make the straightforward case about where Obama’s feckless approach to the region’s tyrants has brought us, connecting the dots of the disparate attacks as a natural response of the more virulent Islamist elements to a once-hegemonic power in retreat. Instead, Romney did two things:”

    Exactly right. Romney fumbled because he did not connect the dots as we advised. What did Romney do instead?:

    “He issued a two-sentence critique of the initial statement issued by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo on the day the mob attacked. The critique was not only correct but vindicated when the State Department disavowed the embassy statement. However, because the critique was not framed within a larger argument about the misdirection of U.S. Middle East policy, it could be — and was — characterized as a partisan attack on the nation’s leader at a moment of national crisis.

    Two weeks later at the Clinton Global Initiative, Romney did make a foreign-policy address. Here was his opportunity. What did he highlight? Reforming foreign aid.

    Yes, reforming foreign aid! A worthy topic for a chin-pulling joint luncheon of the League of Women Voters and the Council on Foreign Relations. But as the core of a challenger’s major foreign-policy address amid a Lehman-like collapse of the Obama Doctrine?”

    We want to be only “supportive” of Mitt Romney but here Krauthammer completely agrees with what we wrote before it happened. Romney needed to go to Florida and beat up Obama in a very public manner and link the Netanyahu snub to the Middle East debacle Obama has boobed us into. Why isn’t any of this a “Two men, a country in crisis” ad?

    Two men, a country in crisis:

    It makes you think how far ahead Romney would be if he were actually running a campaign. His unwillingness to go big, to go for the larger argument, is simply astonishing.

    For six months, he’s been matching Obama small ball for small ball. A hit-and-run critique here, a slogan-of-the-week there. [snip]

    When you’re behind, however, safe is fatal. Even his counterpunching has gone miniature. Obama has successfully painted Romney as an out-of-touch, unfeeling plutocrat whose only interest is to cut taxes for the rich. Romney has complained in interviews that it’s not true. He has proposed cutting tax rates, while pledging that the share of the tax burden paid by the rich remains unchanged (by “broadening the base” as in the wildly successful, revenue-neutral Reagan-O’Neill tax reform of 1986).

    But how many people know this? Where is the speech that hammers home precisely that point, advocates a reformed tax code that accelerates growth without letting the rich off the hook, and gives lie to the Obama demagoguery about dismantling the social safety net in order to enrich the rich?

    Romney has accumulated tons of cash for 30-second ads. But unless they’re placed on the scaffolding of serious speeches making the larger argument, they will be treated as nothing more than tit for tat.

    Make the case. Go large. About a foreign policy in ruins. About an archaic, 20th-century welfare state model that guarantees 21st-century insolvency. And about an alternate vision of an unapologetically assertive America abroad unafraid of fundamental structural change at home.

    It might just work. And it’s not too late.

    It’s not too late. But it is getting there. Early voting is already happening. It’s getting late fella. Listen to us Mitt. Or listen to Newt. Or listen to Krauthammer. We’re all telling you the same thing.


    Fractured Fairy Tales – Obama State Of The Union

    Barack Obama will attack the nation tonight with a rising sea of useless words. We have fortified ourselves for the past few weeks with various potions designed to fight nausea in preparation for tonight. Yup, it’s State of the Union night and we will watch and laugh.

    What will we be watching for? Anyone who watches Obama give a speech and takes it seriously is not, well… serious. The man is a clod always at the ready to back slap, bamboozle and bore. There are things to watch for that are important though.

    Tina Korbe, a Republican/conservative makes sense when she writes: “To know what the president plans to say tonight, take a look at the guest list.” The problem with that analysis however is that it dignifies with some seriousness the Boob’s speech tonight.

    Rather than pay attention to guests or words we think a wiser investment of time will be to watch what they wear. We written this before and it always proves to be a valuable lesson.

    First up, watch to see what tie Obama wears. Obama’s choice of clothes is limited unless he becomes a fashion maverick and chooses a Kilt or a Muumuu. Obama wants to project an air of vigor, manliness, virility, engagement, and strength. But to do that Obama will have to have put on more makeup than a French trollop hooking for clients.

    Obama will choose a suitable tie to get him to look young and happening. Grey hairs, which he used to dye, will make him look more frail than Ron Paul after a long jog. But Obama does want to look young to fool the young ones into thinking he is one of them so he will darken the follicles just a touch.

    We’ve written this before and it bears repeating tonight:

    “Another big concern for tonight will be whether to wear a red or a blue necktie. We’re betting he will wear blue in order to make the verbiage more palatable to Obama Dimocrats. However, the history of Obama’s neck-wear is that he will go with red because it makes him feel more manly.”

    Michelle Obama of course will be the one to watch. In fact this State of the Union will for her be more about the state of her union, or lack thereof, with her “stinky” hubby. The book The Obamas has Mary Todd and her Abe on edge. What to do? What to do?

    In years past we noted that Michelle wears cocktail dresses and sleeveless outfits no matter if it is colder outside than her heart. But this year there is a problem, that darn book.

    In the book The Obamas much of our reporting is confirmed yet again. The life “high on the hog” is what Michelle wants. Her extravagant trips to Marbella, Spain, her Lanvin sneakers to homeless events, her anger, Robert Gibbs telling her to “f*ck” off, all contribute to the likelihood that Michelle Obama will stun the nation and wear something sensible with long sleeves.

    Michelle Obama must wear sensible clothes appropriate to the event and to the weather because hubby needs her to appear human. If Michelle wears one of her usual outré and garish horrors, then bolt the door – she is telling Barack and his campaign to “f*ck off.”

    If Michelle does wear a reasonable outfit then it means she has locked her lantern jaw and is ready to do what it takes to help “stinky.”

    That’s about all you are going to get tonight. The rest will be TelePrompTer hogwash. Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    We do have to compliment the Republicans for one thing tonight. Republicans released an ad on the State of the Union and Barack the Boob and Bill Clinton is frequently heard:

    Republicans are beginning to take our advice and utilizing the Clintons to wage war against Obama. As we have written many times before Obama has been waging a war against Bill and Hillary Clinton. We’ll discuss that war in our next article and that Ryan Lizza article too.

    Now take your Dramamine and watch Obama lie to the nation in this election year.


    Obama And The Sunday After September 11, 2001

    In 2001, on this date, in an almost cinematic, almost unbelievable moment, the World Trade Center towers fell. The attack that destroyed the towers shocked the nation. Americans grieved. Americans continue to grieve.

    A few days later, 5 days later, on the Sunday after thousands died, there was no grieving in Obama’s Chicago church. Obama’s fellow parishioners, egged on by a fiery sermon by Obama’s long time friend of more than 20 years, Obama’s “old uncle”, applauded and laughed. In Obama’s church “America’s chickens” had “come home to roost.”

    Obama remained a member of that church. Obama claims he was oblivious to what went on in that church in the same way Obama was oblivious to freezing tenants in his state senate district. Obama was oblivious to what happened in buildings he had helped obtain for his, now awaiting sentencing on corruption convictions, “bag man” Rezko.

    Obama claims he was oblivious to his pastor using the “n” word in church in front of very young children. Obama claims he was oblivious to “God Damn America.” Obama remained a member of that church after Obama found out about the “chickens” and the “God Damn”. It was only after his “old uncle” called him a “politician” that Obama was roused sufficiently to walk away from the pastor that described him oh so accurately.

    The Democratic leadership of the once great Democratic Party selected the oblivious Obama as their candidate.

    Americans will snub the oblivious Obama in NOvember – that bit of justice is obvious with every passing day.


    Chicago Rules Committee

    The great day has arrived. Today something historic will happen.

    No, we don’t expect common sense to prevail today at the Rules Committee meeting. We don’t expect the voters of Florida and Michigan will have the votes they cast, as they cast them, respected or counted.

    But something else, will happen.

    That something is what Nancy Pelosi, the Katherine Harris of this election cycle, fears most. That something is what Howard Dean, author of the 48 state strategy fears most. That something is what Donna Brazille fears most, That something is what Barack Obama fears most.

    The Barack Obama/Howard Dean 48 State Losing Strategy

    * * *

    Recall the arguments that Obama used to make. “To know me is to love me” Obama would say. ‘My supporters won’t vote for Hillary but Hillary supporters will vote for me’.

    Now Obama knows better.

    In many quarters, to know Obama is to loathe him. In poll after poll, state after state what is clear is that Hillary supporters – women, latinos, white working class voters, rural voters, African-American Hillary supporters – will NOT vote for Obama under any circumstances.

    Yet, smart people like Celinda Lake (and dummies in Big Media) continue to make the argument that Hillary Clinton supporters will “come home” to the Democratic Party no matter who the nominee is. These usually smart people are betting that Democrats will be force fed “unity” and will eventually vote for the nominee of the Democratic Party based on issues.

    [We will resume our series Voting For Barack Obama, Part III early this coming week and analyze why Obama cannot be trusted on any issues and why it makes sense to reject Obama – on the issues (abortion, Supreme Court appointees, gay rights, healthcare, Iraq, NAFTA).]

    The argument of these usually smart people collapses when we look at what will happen today.

    The historic event today will NOT be the Rules Committee meeting.

    The historic event today will be the organizing that will take place in advance of November.

    In most election cycles, Democrats fall in line and fight for the nominee. In 2004 Dean, Edwards, and Clark supporters all fell in line immediately when it was apparent that Kerry would be the nominee. Kerry won the popular vote and more delegates than all his opponents by far. After March Kerry effectively won every primary by wide margins. Early in the 2004 cycle all Kerry opponents had conceded. Not so in 2008.

    In 2008, Hillary will have won the popular vote. Hillary has won the most votes from Democrats. The primary elections continue into June. The candidate – Hillary Clinton – opposed by the Democratic Party establishment and Big Media continues to win, by 40% margins, late primaries. The revulsion, with the force fed on Democrats Obama, grows.

    So what historic event will happen today?

    The historic event is that the majority of Democrats will begin to organize 3 months before the Democratic? convention in opposition to the force fed, Big Media, candidate. 3 months before the Democratic? convention Democrats will be gathering emails and other contact information to fight against the Democratic? Party establishment.

    Today networks of Hillary supporters from all parts of the United States will meet and organize and plan and build lists and circulate millions of emails day after day – 3 months before the Democratic? convention – all without costing a cent.

    In late August, the Democratic? convention, 3 months before the general election, will be forced to vote to disenfranchise the voters of 2 very big and very important swing states.

    Today, the Hillary Clinton army will make it clear that there will be no November “unity”, no “healing” without Hillary at the Helm.

    * * *

    The Rules Committee meets today, May 31, 2008 from 9:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The meeting will be at the Marriott-Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road, NW, Washington D.C.

    Hillary Supporters will rally at 7:00 a.m. (ET) until about 4:00 p.m. outside the hotel.

    C-SPAN will broadcast the Rules Committee live. Broadcast starts at 9:30 a.m. (EST). Watch online HERE

    Before the Rules Committee broadcast, C-SPAN will host a call in program on Washington Journal. The call-in program will be from 7:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m.

    Washington Journal: Support Democrats (202) 737-0002,
    Washington Journal: Support Pres. Bush (202) 737-0001,
    Washington Journal: Support Others (202) 628-0205

    Congressman Robert Wexler will represent Obama from 7:15-7:30 a.m.

    From 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. Gordon Trowbridge of the Detroit News will answer questions.

    From 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. Congresswoman Corrine Brown of Florida will speak on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

    “>Obama not getting the votes of Hillary supporters.


    Hillary Clinton Spends Wisely

    UPDATE:  Listen to Hillary’s new South Carolina radio advertisement. 

    John Edwards raised $7.2 million in the third quarter and spent $8.3 million.  Cash on hand is $12.4 million

     Bill Richardson raised $5.2 million and spent $6 million.  Cash on hand is $6 million.

    Joe Biden raised $2 million, Chris Dodd $1.5 million. 

    Hillary raised $23.7 million and spent $22 million.  Hillary also raised and additional $15 million for the general election. 

    Obama raised $20 million and spent $22 million.  Obama raised $4 million for the general election.

    Special celebratory treat (celebrate new Gallup poll, 3rd poll which has Hillary at 50%):  Hillary on The View

    Part I (the rest in the comments):


    As the day ends, the latest third quarter fundraising reports are finally coming in. Hillary Clinton knows how to spend money wisely. Barack Obama knows how to waste money. On to the final quarter of the year!

    Hillary Tops Obama In Cash On Hand


    More from Associated Press:

    Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton ended September with more money in the bank than rival Barack Obama, holding $35 million cash on hand for the presidential primary contests to his $32 million. [snip]

    Clinton, who had trailed Obama in fundraising and in money in the bank at the end of June, edged past him with an aggressive third quarter of fundraising.

    Neither Obama nor Clinton had yet filed detailed reports of their third-quarter finances with the Federal Election Commission. The reports were due at 11:59 p.m. EDT Monday.

    Clinton, who also has been raising money for the general election, had a total of $50 million in the bank, her campaign said Monday night. But $15 million of that cannot be used for the primaries.

    Obama had a similar cash-on-hand amount at the end of June, meaning he likely spent the $20 million he has reported raising from July through September. Clinton appears to have spent less than the $22 million she raised for the primary.[snip]

    Obama ramped up his advertising toward the end of third quarter. He has placed more than 4,200 spots on television, practically all of it in Iowa. Clinton has placed nearly 2,200 spots, with more than 1,600 airing in Iowa. According to Nielsen, Clinton has also placed a small number of ads in a number of other states, including New York, Tennessee, Louisiana and Arizona.

    The latest on the money front:

    Sen. Barack Obama on Monday reported having $32 million in cash available to spend on the Democratic presidential primaries. The Illinois senator raised $20 million for the contest during the year’s third quarter, from July through September, his campaign said.


    Autumn Leaves

    Well we made it.  It’s September. Hillary is ever closer to the nomination.

    The traditional start of political campaigns, on Labor Day weekend, is here.

    The voting might will begin in a few short months.

    The excuses from other candidates and their supporters as to why their campaigns have failed are laid bare.

    No longer can the claim be made that election season is too far away and that polls are irrelevant.

    With the arrival of Autumn, those Summer dreams must be left behind.

    Lady Fortune teased Barack Obama ever so briefly early in the year and tormented Edwards.

    The Associated Press wrote today of the static nature of the campaign.  Hillary has been ahead and remains in the lead.   

    Soon candidates will begin to abandon their efforts to gain the nomination as they realize the full extent of Hillary’s lead and popularity. 


    Confuse Your Friends

    A little housekeeping note before we do our regular post or posts. Hillary Is 44! button galley

    The “Hillary Is 44!” campaign buttons will be shipping this week. We will soon all be able to strut around our towns and villages proclaiming our candidate of choice — with her name literally on our chests. We have put up a galley proof of how the button looks.

    The initial reaction to “Hillary is 44” is generally “She’s that young?” then a quick realization of what it actually means. When our friends who support Obama tout their candidate’s relative youth and inexperience by reminding us that Obama is 45 years old, we delight in saying “Obama is 45. Hillary is 44!”