Bombshell: Robert Mueller Appointed New Special Prosecutor To Investigate Mueller Conflicts Of Interest

Big Media reports:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has appointed himself Special Prosecutor to investigate… himself. The shocking news ends all the rumors that President Trump would fire Mueller or that Mueller would be forced to resign.

By appointing himself to investigate himself, Robert Mueller has quelled with finality all the calls to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the high level corruption at the Department of Justice, F.I.B F.B.I., and the conflicts of interest by so many at the Special Counsel’s Office.

The appointment of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate possible conflicts of interest by Robert Mueller ends beyond doubt all the questions swirling around the massive investigation of President Donald J. Trump – at public expense – by Robert Mueller.

The nearly constant reports of Trump hating leadership at the DOJ/FBI blocking an indictment of Hillary Clinton thereby committing the crime of obstruction of justice due to their political preferences, Trump hating conspiracies at the highest levels of the Justice Department and F.I.B. F.B.I. with intent to frame and remove a duly elected president, evidence of text messages in furtherance of the coup plots among the coup plotters, questions of a vast army of prosecutors hired by Robert Mueller most of whom donated vast amounts of funds to Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton and/or the DNC/leftists, questions born of the facts that spouses of prosecutors received money from Hillary Clinton supporters during political campaigns of one spouse and yet another spouse who worked for Fusion GPS on dirt dossiers directed against President Trump, a dirty dossier comprised of Russian government disinformation bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign then suspected of being used to obtain FISA warrants with which to spy on the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, clear violations of Fourth Amendment protections during the transition period for a President-Elect team that used government servers to communicate among themselves when making appointments and legal decisions, are now a completely closed matter with the appointment by Robert Mueller of Robert Mueller to investigate Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller Investigates

The wise move by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Robert Mueller should put an end to all the swirling conspiracy theories about any possible conflicts of interest by Robert Mueller.

The investigation of Robert Mueller should end with a final report around 2024 or after the impeachment of President Michael Pence, whichever comes later.

This bombshell report is so shocking it woke up Jeff Sessions.


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  1. Every time President Trump is on an upswing, Robert Mueller indulges himself in new distractions to take away from the President’s good news. Expect the worst this week.

    President Trump will soon sign a tax reform bill, possibly as early as this week, that will be great news for the economy. This means that Robert Mueller will have to come up with some extra big bit of to distract from the great news of tax cuts.

  2. Via Wbboei, from the last article’s comments section:

    Bravo Jeff.

    Sounds like you are on top of everything.

    What a relief that is.

    You can go back to sleep now.

    But before you do, permit me to ask one little question:

    Peter Stroke was the director of counter intel–if memory serves

    Peter Stroke was in charge of the Hillary non interview.

    Peter Stroke gave Huma and Mills immunity while they lied to the FBI.

    Peter Stroke allowed them to destroy and abscond with material evidence.

    Peter Stroke interviewed Flynn and recommended he be charged.

    Peter Stroke vowed to save the nation from President Trump.

    Peter Stroke is now involved in Human Resources.

    Obviously, Peter Stroke is involved all aspects of the FBI.

    He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere–that damned elusive Pipernel.

    Can we not therefore assume Stroke is also involved in the enforcement of FBI standards of conduct?

    And if that is true, your assurance that those standards exist, and are rigorously enforced is cold comfort.


    Oh boy…

    Rep. Trey Gowdy dropped a major hint in an interview on Friday that big changes could be coming to the FBI next week:


    WSJ: There’s Mounting Evidence of 2016 Election Meddling Coming From the FBI

    There is something rotten at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I mean all of this is just absurd. We have two FBI agents texting one another, one of which is having an extramarital affair with the other, cryptically talking about “insurance” against a Trump presidency. That text between these two agents was delivered on August 15, 2016. You also have Andrew Weissmann, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s top lieutenant, voicing praise for then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to enact President Trump’s executive order on immigration, which got her fired. Then, there’s another DOJ official, Bruce Ohr, who was demoted for meeting the authors of the infamous and unverified Trump dossier, Fusion GPS; Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked for that firm during the 2016 election. If there is nothing rotten at the FBI, then it’s credibility is definitely in question, something that The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board mentioned in their op-ed about this mess. The two FBI agents at the center of the firestorm right now, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are obviously no longer working with Mueller; Strzok was removed in August, while Page’s assignment with the investigation has already ended and she has been transferred elsewhere. Still, from this past summer to now—and we’re just learning about these 10,000 text messages between the two. The Journal makes it clear that there appears to be mounting evidence of election meddling emanating from the bureau:

    So, again, what’s the insurance policy? Is it the dossier that contains salacious and unverified information about Trump, something that Katie pointed out in her post? Or, as it seems, is it the FBI investigation into Russian interference in July. Did they hope to find actual evidence of collusion to nail Trump if he were to become president? Strzok was an agent with the counter-intelligence wing of the bureau. Whatever the case, it seems that meddling, or at least conversation of such activities, is coming from inside the house, or to be more accurate—inside the J. Edgar Hoover Building and not the Kremlin. Judicial Watch just filed a FOIA lawsuit to obtain all of Peter Strzok’s files relating to his reassignment from the Russia investigation conducted by Robert Mueller.

  5. This gives us a tingle up the leg:

    An MSNBC spokesman confirmed Saturday the company made a separation-related payment to one of Chris Matthews employees after the woman complained about sexual harassment.

    Two sources familiar with the situation told The Daily Caller that Matthews paid $40,000 to settle with an assistant producer on his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” in 1999 after she accused him of harassment. An MSNBC spokesperson contested that claim to the Caller, saying the company instead paid significantly less as part of a severance package.

    The woman complained to CNBC executives about Matthews making inappropriate comments and jokes about her while in the company of others.

    The MSNBC spokesman said that they thoroughly reviewed the situation at the time and that Matthews received a formal reprimand. Based on people who were involved in the matter, the network concluded that the comments were inappropriate and juvenile but were not intended to be taken as propositions.

    The woman received separation-related compensation when she left MSNBC and has gone on to work in a number of high-profile media positions. MSNBC declined to comment on whether the employee left because of Matthews or whether this was the only claim in Matthews’ history at the company.

    Some of the allegations in this #MeToo nonsense are cheesy whining and nothing more. But to see that the pig Matthews is hoist on this latest lunacy in our society makes us chuckle.

  6. Watters recycles almost word for word from the last article published at this website:

    On Fox News last night, Jesse Watters suggested that there may be an anti-Trump “coup” going on.

    Watters brought up the anti-Trump texts from Peter Strzok and another FBI agent, including the “insurance policy” wording, and concluded this is “smoking gun evidence” that agents investigating Trump believed it was their duty to protect the country from him:

    “The investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign has been crooked from the jump. But the scary part is we may now have proof the investigation was weaponized to destroy his presidency for partisan political purposes and to disenfranchise millions of American voters. Now, if that’s true, we have a coup on our hands in America.”

  7. This move by the dirt bag Mueller to pre empt the field was the move I worried about because if gives him the ability to cover up his own misdeeds. He was free to do this because Mortimer snerd gave him that license, when he bestowed on this corrupt man broad plenary powers. I wrote about this a month ago, because I could see no reason why he would not do exactly that. I hoped someone would deny him that move, but nothing came of it. This is a cover-up. That-s all it is. It is madness to place any trust in this jackal. He is part of the weaponizing of the justice department and he FBI. He is a traitor.

  8. Question: will this be a pretext to deny the Inspector General’s report to congress and the American People? I fear that will be the result— unless Gowdy DeSantis, and Jordan scream bloody murder and. insist on the publication of that document. They have got to get ahead of the power curve here.

  9. The elites are paranoid that if these conclusions are published it will blow up the democrat party. To that I say this: It is a self inflicted would, and unless the truth is presented, the swamp will not be drained.

  10. The problem is this: you have Republican idiots out there, to say nothing of dims who will welcome this news because they assume, in grievous error, that Mooler is credible and the only problem is he is not devoting equal time to investigating Hillary. That is a snare and a delusion. The problem with Mooler is Mooler. He is as conflicted in any Hillary investigation as he is conflicted on the Trump investigation. His greatest exposure is his cover up of Uranium 1. And the will move heaven and earth to stay away from that, squelch the inspector report and put everything in deep freeze. He will cover up the weaponing of these agencies. He will bury the evidence of a soft coup. For the sake of the country, pray I am wrong.

  11. Big changes in the FBI coming?

    McCabe out?

    Too little.

    Too late.

    The issue here, broadly construed, is the weaponizing of all the federal agencies against the constitution, the constitution and the bill of rights, starting with the IRS and the EPA, and now we see the Justice Department and in due course the CIA and NSA. THAT is the issue. And that is the issue deep state protector Robert Mooler is predisposed to cover up. But he must not be allowed to do this, because if a credible investigation by a credible special prosecutor is conducted then you can be pretty damned sure it will end up in the lap of Messiah Obama and his puppet master Soros. And that is what the elites do not want.

  12. I don’t even see how this could possibly be happening

    What kind of legal advise is Trump getting for Gods sakes?

  13. Former Slate writer Jack Schafer–(and left wing degenerate) apparently wants us to take the word of Mueller and the other investigators that they did not allow their bias to seep into their investigation.

    No need to investigate.

    Mooler told us they were honest, upright, forthright and open’

    And not a pinch of bias leaked into their work.

    Move along. Nothing to see here.

    I would love to take all these people at their word.

    But I am not a 5-year-old child or a liberal.

    (But I repeat myself.)

    Those are the only people in America who believe that biased personal opinions about the target of an investigation don’t matter.

    It could end up that Mueller and his folks are clean and no bias has penetrated the probe into Russian collusion.

    Fine. But not to investigate when we’re talking about overturning a legitimate election and impeaching a president is idiotic.

    In fact, not supporting an investigation into these claims is evidence of partisanship and bias in the first place.


    Rep. Jordan: Judiciary Committee Will Subpoena Top FBI, Justice Officials

    GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, a high-ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, told Fox News that Chairman Bob Goodlatte had committed to issuing subpoenas to top FBI and Justice Department officials to investigate bias in the Russian collusion probe.


    Republicans have zeroed in on deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, top counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, FBI attorney Lisa Page, former associate deputy attorney general Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie, who reportedly worked for Fusion GPS, the firm that compiled opposition research on Trump in 2016.

    “Chairman Goodlatte has told us he is going to subpoena those individuals,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), in an appearance on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

    Goodlatte’s office declined comment earlier this week when asked if he was considering issuing subpoenas to those agents.

    Democrats don’t see the need to investigate the investigators:

    Democrats have dismissed the complaints as a sideshow, noting that FBI agents are expressly permitted to have political views, so long as they don’t act on them to taint investigations. So far, they say, no evidence has shown Strzok or Page took any actions based on their dislike of Trump. Their texts also revealed disdain for other political figures on both sides of the aisle.
    Strzok was a key figure in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email use and was tapped in the spring to join Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Mueller dropped him from the probe over the summer after learning of the texts.

    If Strzok’s biased views on Trump don’t matter, why did Mueller demote him?

    The subpoenas may be the prelude to a Republican call for a special prosecutor to investigate the bias in Mueller’s outfit.
    And while they’re at it, why not appoint other special counsels to investigate the Clinton email scandal, Uranium One, and the Clinton Foundation?

    Several stories broken by Fox have energized the investigate-the-investigators movement. One Fox story points to the connections between Fusion GPS and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and spouse, Nellie Ohr, connections the critics say taint the whole case against the president. Ohr was demoted last week, Fox implied, for meeting with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele (author of the Simpson-commissioned dossier) just after the 2016 election. Nellie Ohr, Fox continues, worked for Fusion GPS during the campaign and, in the eyes of Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow, this cross-pollination constitutes “obvious conflicts of interest.” Sekulow demands a second special counsel to look into the matter. His call follows the November news about Attorney General Jeff Sessions contemplating a second special counsel to look into the Clinton Foundation’s connections with Uranium One , the pseudo-scandal that has replaced Benghazi among Hillary-haters.

    Earlier this month, Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., tweeted a similar message: “It’s long past time for a Special Counsel to investigate Clinton email scandal, Uranium One, role of Fusion GPS, and FBI and DOJ bias during 2016 campaign.” In his Washington Post column, conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt has called for an additional special counsel to delve into the words and deeds of FBI agent Peter Strzok, sacked from the Mueller team last summer after the discovery of anti-Trump text messages he sent to another Mueller team member (and which the Department of Justice, in a controversial move, shared with reporters). Did Strzok “tilt” the investigation? Hewitt asks. “It’s time for Mueller to put up or shut up. If there’s evidence of collusion with Russia, let’s see it,” said

    Former Slate writer Jack Schafer apparently wants us to take the word of Mueller and the other investigators that they did not allow their bias to seep into their investigation. No need to investigate. They told us they were honest, upright, forthright and open — and not a pinch of bias leaked into their work.

    Move along. Nothing to see here.

    ‘Strong Obstruction of Justice Case Against Strzok’

    I would love to take all these people at their word but I am not a 5-year-old child or a liberal. Those are the only people in America who believe that biased personal opinions about the target of an investigation don’t matter.
    It could end up that Mueller and his folks are clean and no bias has penetrated the probe into Russian collusion. Fine. But not to investigate when we’re talking about overturning a legitimate election and impeaching a president is idiotic. In fact, not supporting an investigation into these claims is evidence of partisanship and bias in the first place.

  14. MerlinToBe, the entire NeverTrump/Mueller/FBI/Sessions story melodrama reeks of satire, or rather fantasy satire. Fantasy satire is the only way to deal with this nonsense situation.

  15. Well, it stands to reason.

    Partisanship and bias are all the left wing dims have.

    Therefore, as the saying goes, “to a man with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

  16. All politicians are chameleons.

    But the worst of them is this idiot Guilibrand who fancies herself to be presidential material, along with the similarly disposed idiot who took Boxers job then that idiot retired.

    I remember when Guilibrand was a gun toting blue dog from New York.

    I remember when Guilibrand became accepted cash from Hillary.

    I remember when Guilibrand went Judas Iscariot on Hillary

    I remember when Guilbrand defended Bill’s assalts.

    I remember when Guilbrand assailed Bill for that when his power diminished.

    So when Guilbrand demands that Trump resign based on baseless allegations of sexual harrassment

    Her fundamental lack of principals and personal integrity become obvious to everyone with eyes to see.

    You might even say she is a member in good standing of the world’s oldest profession, and you would not be wrong.

  17. Wbboei, this a long article that illuminates some of what is going on:

    J. Christian Adams: What’s Happening at Justice?

    J. Christian Adams: I’m going to talk to you today about what’s going on at the Justice Department, is the topic of my talk, and of course, if you tune into Fox News on any given day, that seems to be the lead story. So I’m going to talk a little bit about that. Many of you have been asking me this weekend what’s going on at the Justice Department, and I told you, wait until Sunday and we’ll cover it in great detail.

    When I was at the Justice Department, I learned that the Justice Department has so much power over so many things. If you’ve been to the pool, you’ve seen the chair that goes in and out of the pool, that’s a Justice Department mandate. Civil rights, elections, on and on. It is the fulcrum upon which Obama and Holder initiated a radical transformation of the country. Everything went through the Justice Department, and that’s why it’s so important.

    When Holder dismissed my New Black Panther case in 2009, a few months after they were sworn in, those of us working at the Department began to see this radical transformation taking place, just starting at the time. And you didn’t think it was possible, right? You didn’t think that, okay, the men with billy clubs in front of a poll, and you bring a case and the case is dismissed, but you also didn’t think they would keep going. And frankly, the New Black Panther case, with the benefit of hindsight, was just the beginning of a radicalized transformation of, frankly, the United States.

    Holder and Obama institutionalized this radicalism at the Justice Department. They made it not radicalism to the people who work there. To the people who worked there, my colleagues, this was simply this new, enlightened way of thinking. It was progressivism meets power, and that’s what you saw over the course of 8 years. They turned the law into a relativist, racialist, radicalism, and that’s what we saw time after time after time. Now, I’m here to tell you about what’s happening now. What has happened the last 10 months since the inauguration, and it’s a mixed bag, and we’ll go over some mixed things that are going on and some bad things that are going on still. But first the good news. I put at the top of the list the fact that Eric Holder’s war on cops is over. It’s done. Those of you who have read my book, it’s like listening to a Louie Gohmert talk though, which is very hard to follow by the way. There are so many fanciful, farcical things that are totally true that you can’t believe it’s actually happening, and it gives you an insight into how nuts some of these people were. For example, when I was at the Justice Department under Obama, they actually hired an organization, Northeastern University, to do police sensitivity training. Now I’m not done with this. One of the consultants working for this organization to do police sensitivity training — and by the way, they charged you, the taxpayers, a million dollars to produce these materials. One of the women who worked for this organization was Angela Davis. Do you remember this? And of course Angela Davis is the communist who probably was involved in the murder of a judge in California, but this is the sort of world we lived in under Eric Holder, where federal tax money was moving to an organization, that has as part of its staff Angela Davis, to train police officers. That’s the world we’ve left under President Obama.

    Another good thing that has happened since the inauguration, “sue and settle” is over. What do I mean by “sue and settle”? You guys got to give the progressives credit, they’re geniuses when it comes to leveraging power. What Obama instituted was a series of lawsuits at DOJ against, for example, financial services companies, for redline mortgaging, or other housing firms for discrimination in mortgage lending. And they would extract these gigantic settlements out of these corporations, and they would require the corporations to set aside millions of dollars for a slush fund that would then be used by progressive organizations. Just think about that. They would leverage federal power to fuel their far-left allies, and that’s what they did for 8 years and Jeff Sessions ended it. Immediately terminated the program, so “sue and settle” is over, good.

    Unlike the New Black Panthers, the Justice Department has begun to protect the civil rights of all Americans. They don’t look at the race of the victim anymore to decide whether to protect civil rights, and one of the things that Jeff Sessions is going to do and has already initiated, is begin to look at discriminatory college admission policies. What do I mean by that? Some of you already know. What the Justice Department is looking at is colleges that receive federal money giving you a spot in college on the basis of race. Now, some of us have just grown totally accustomed to this. This is how they do it now at elite universities. But you know what, if you’re an Asian parent and have a child who is Asian, they’re being discriminated against to get into Harvard. That’s a fact, and so the Justice Department has begun to look at discriminatory implementation of admissions policies, which of course is going to send the left crazy. This is how they fuel university radicalism, is by making it all about race.

    They’ve also begun to defend election integrity instead of attack it. Remember, during Holder’s tenure they attacked Texas voter I.D., which is near and dear to me and my organization. We litigate voter integrity around the country. They’ve begun to scale back all of these Holder-Obama attacks on clean voter rolls, voter I.D., all of these important implementations of policies to keep our elections clean. The voter rolls right now have 4 million ineligible names on them. There are noncitizens on the rolls. My organization’s called the Public Interest Legal Foundation. We litigate cases to get rolls clean, to help defend election integrity. We have found in Virginia, in Virginia alone, aliens who self reported they are aliens. In other words, they raised their hand, they said I’m on the voter rolls and I’m not a citizen. Found 5,000 of those just in Virginia. Where this past month we had an election where control of the Virginia House is being decided by about 100 votes, so that’s what happens when you have corrupt voter rolls. We just got done with a trial in Broward County, Florida, in federal court against Broward County, because they have more people on the voter rolls than they have people alive. Which, by the way, 250 other counties in the country do, and I just did depositions last week in McAllen, Texas. Anybody ever been to McAllen? It’s out there, isn’t it? And the same thing there: there are about 115 percent eligible on the rolls in McAllen, Texas. It’s happening all over the country.

    We’ve heard a lot about George Soros this weekend, and at the trial in Broward County, Soros intervened in my case to help defend the dirty voter rolls. They hired these lawyers from a firm called Jenner Block, from an organization called Dimos — al these, put an “n” at the end, right, “demons” — and the Advancement Project, Project Vote, all these Soros organizations. There were not enough seats in the federal courtroom for all of the Soros lawyers opposing us. There were 12. The bailiff had to bring in more seats at counsel table because there were so many Soros lawyers. That’s the world that Obama helped create.

    As I said, there’s good news. But there’s also bad news at the Justice Department, and if you’ve been watching the news, you know this because what’s happening at the Justice Department is threatening the very results of last year’s elections. And you heard that all weekend long, from Steve Bannon, from Sebastian Gorka yesterday, so let’s talk about some of the bad news. Things people have asked me this weekend, and Louie just mentioned it, is why is this not getting fixed? Why is this still happening? A lot of people thought the President could come in on Day 1 and snap his fingers and say, “You’re fired.” I wish he could, but unfortunately, one of the things that’s bad is, there is a massive left-wing civil service, and I don’t just mean Democrats. I mean hardcore left-wing. I worked with these folks. I know what they were like. These weren’t just sort of like Clinton – and I mean Bill – Clinton Democrats. These are like Shea Democrats, okay? So these people are still all throughout the government. They’re the people who do the factual analysis on cases, the initial legal analysis, and so when it gets up to the new Trump people, it’s already full of lies. It’s already full of half truths, and so I’ve talked to people in the political branches that Trump put there, they can’t even trust the civil service. They can’t do a lot of the things you folks want them to do at Justice, because they have no one they can trust to do the work.

    Now you say, “Can’t you just fire them?” The answer, no, you can’t. There’re civil service lawyers, and they’re all through the government. Louie mentioned in his talk about all of these Obama political people, that after the election got embedded downward, the opposite happened also, and all throughout the Justice Department after the election, a lot of career civil service people got embedded upward into political branch layer offices. Acting deputy assistant attorney general civil rights. I’ve written about these people. These are radical leftists who were promoted upward into the political layer, so they’re spies now. They listen in on all the political discussions, and these people are still there. I’ll give you a name, Alberto Riushansez. I used to work with Alberto at the voting section. He is now a political appointee, technically, under the Trump administration. He’s a radical, radical leftist. So he needs to be sent back down, along with all of the other ones who were promoted right after the election. Thank you.

    There’s two more problems at DOJ. The first one is also our own fault, or I should say our side’s fault. After the election, a lot of institutionalists, and that’s a word I use on Fox all the time, they aren’t Democrats but they’re institutionalists. And these institutionalists were put in positions of power primarily to run the transition team, and so from November to the inauguration, there was a lot of institutionalists at Justice. Have you guys heard the name Rod Rosenstein? Rod Rosenstein was put in that position. A lot of people say, “Why on earth was Rod Rosenstein appointed the No. 2 guy at the Justice Department?” and the answer is that the institutionalists who were in charge of the transition picked people like Rod. They picked other people to staff the highest levels of the Department who were not so much concerned about the swamp. They’re kind of more concerned about staying above the fray. You guys know the type. They don’t usually come and talk this weekend. They wouldn’t get invited. In fact, they’re talked about. Congressman Gohmert talked about them but the problem is that they were appointed at high levels, which takes us to my last comment, and that is the special counsel.

    The special counsel, Bob Mueller, is on an absolute out-of-control crusade to wreck the presidential election of last year, period. Who did he turn to to staff his prosecutorial unit? institutionalists and Democrats. You can look at the roll call of people involved in that investigation, and down to a gnat’s fanny, they are the relics of the Obama age. And now they have this enormous power. I just got a call from a campaign staffer from the Trump campaign last week, looking for a lawyer because now they’re burrowing into the campaign in their investigation. What were you doing for all of these nefarious foreign interests? They are unhinged and out of control. And why are they unhinged and out of control? Cycle back: because of Rod Rosenstein. Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, the No. 2 guy at Justice. Remember, when Sessions recused himself, Rod Rosenstein became effectively the attorney general of the United States for the special counsel. And Rod Rosenstein will not get this under control because Rod Rosenstein is mostly concerned about Rod Rosenstein and not the future of the United States, and not the President, for sure.

    So what you have now at the Justice Department is a lot of good news. The worst radicalism of the Holder era has been shut off, but like you heard over and over and over again this weekend, Seb Gorka said it yesterday, all we did is prevent the car from going off the cliff. And unfortunately, the fight continues. You have to be ever vigilant because we still have not mastered the bureaucracy. We still aren’t over the hill yet, and we aren’t on the downhill side. Because these people, frankly, ranging from moderates to frank all-out communists who work at the Department, are not giving this up. This is a theology to these people. You have to understand that. The people who think they’re going to transform the world using the power of law and your tax dollars to do it, and they aren’t giving up easily, and the fight of the next 4 years is going to be, or 3 now, can you defeat and hold off the special counsel from destroying the presidency? And make no mistake, that’s what that’s about. It’s about destroying the President and totally stopping your revolution. That’s what the special counsel was there for. So will that continue? Will the results of the election be treated as legitimate by these bureaucrats, by the media, by the country? Unfortunately, that’s the central fight that exists at the Justice Department.

    So what’s going on? A lot at the Justice Department. Sessions is exactly the right guy, and I’m telling you that. I hear that question more than anything else. I was on with Judge Jeanine 2 weeks ago. I know some of you saw that. Every time I go on her show, she wants to run down Sessions, and I keep telling her, he’s the right guy, and boy, you don’t want to tell her that off the air because she sounds differently than she does on the air. And Milo used up all the profanity quotient yesterday, so I’m not going to tell you what was said. The point is that Sessions is the right guy. When you hear things like put Rudy in place — I’ve heard that a lot; Rudy would do a better job. I see it on Twitter, I see it on other places. That is sort of the moderate institutionalist answer to Jeff Sessions, so don’t buy it. Sessions gets it. It is very difficult to navigate through this swamp, and he’s just getting started so he needs everybody’s support. So thank you all very much for being here, and thank you for your time. Thanks a lot.

    It’s good analysis. But the Sessions stuff? Hope he is correct about Sessions but doubt it.

    He is right about the great farce: “There are so many fanciful, farcical things that are totally true that you can’t believe it’s actually happening, and it gives you an insight into how nuts some of these people were.”

  18. admin
    December 17, 2017 at 11:17 pm
    Your picture of the dog trying to find its ass is a perfect representation of Bob Mooler, that highly decorated marine, crusading prosecutor, protector of civil liberties and impeccable judge of character is highly apropos.

  19. admin
    December 17, 2017 at 11:34 pm
    Yes, it does (illuminate what is happening)

    I have the highest regard for Christian Adams.

    Interesting that he is on Front Page which was and probably still is a publication by my friend David Horowitz, a red diaper baby and leader of the anti war movement who came to see that movement for what it was, and the danger it presented to our freedom and liberty and became a crusader against it. He started this counter revolution against the left in the eighties, but had the curse of Cassandra–able to see the future, unable to get people to believe it.

    Christian Adams, a former Justice Department attorney for the Voting rights division is cut from the same cloth. He is a crusader as well, and a truth teller. I take the things he says about Sessions seriously because he was on the inside when all this was occurring and as Roy Moore so artfully put it, its hard to clean up the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators. The only edit I would make is it takes time and luck to clean up the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators, with one big crocodile named Moooooler.

  20. When Prussia conquered France in the Battle of Sedan and marched on Paris, sparing for my sake and that of others the beautiful church of the sacred heart which stands at Monmarte like the gateway to heaven, Bismark was asked what should be done with Louis Napoleon. The public wanted him hung. But Bismark would have none of it. About that he said this: public opinion always takes that line. But we must deal with policy and policy must not meddle in the affairs of Nemesis. The question for us is simple and straightforward. Which is best for Prussia: a hung Napoleon or a well used Napoleon. That may have some application to Sessions if what Christian Adams is saying is true. He is not the type to cut off McCabe’s head and shit down his neck as justice demands. But he may be hard at work mining the safe harbor of the radical left and his work on the border is one indication that this is true.

  21. In the video below, Judge Janine compares the FBI qua Justice Department to a Mafia crime family, and that is accurate. She claims the purpose is to take down the man we elected etc. and that is true enough as far as it goes. But the purpose is broader than that, and it is there that the insights of Christian Adams are instructive. As he notes the fundamental purpose is to preserve the legacy of Obama, which is the legacy of transforming–transmorgifying this country along globalist lines, and Trump is a direct threat to that perverse legacy. You cannot fashion an appropriate remedy until you understand the scope and purpose of what we are dealing with here. It is much more than simply an attempt to invalidate an election choice. It is an attempt to invalidate an entire form of life which has brought freedom and prosperity to generations of Americans so Soros and his ilk can cash in on it..

  22. Dershowitz is reluctant to say hang them high.

    He says we must not criminalize political differences.

    In so stating, he misses then entire point.

    What we are dealing with here is an attempt to destroy our political system.

    By weaponizing the federal government to dismantle our republic, attack American citizens and destroy a duly elected president.

    People who say this sort of thing, assume that the remedy is at the ballot box.

    The problem with that argument is the intent of these actions is to invalidate the ballot box.

    That is sedition.

    Sedition is not remedial at the ballot box.

    It is remedial only through the criminal law.

  23. Here is more proof of Soros involvement in the Mooooler thing:
    This is the megapolitical issue to be concerned with–the left wing inspired soft coup against the republic, the president and all of us. It is more than simply invalidating an election. It is all about preserving the Obama legacy which seeks to tear down the nation. THAT is the issue here.
    Resistance’ Members, Including Former Obama Officials, Threaten to ‘Take to the Streets’ if Trump Fires Mueller
    A protester shouts during a rally
    Anti-Trump protest. (Anthony Behar, Sipa via AP Images)
    In what looked like a coordinated messaging campaign over the weekend, the organized left threatened to “take to the streets” if and when President Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


    We joined forces with @moveon, @IndivisibleTeam, @CommonCause, @Public_Citizen and many other partners to prepare a rapid response if Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller. We have 80,000 RSVPs to 500 events in all 50 states. Join us:

    8:14 AM – Dec 17, 2017
    66 66 Replies 1,449 1,449 Retweets 2,193 2,193 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    MarchForTruth was the “central organizing account” for the 150+ cities that demonstrated on June 3, 2017, “to call for urgency & transparency on #TrumpRussia.”

    Soros-backed MoveOn.Org is organizing “emergency ‘Nobody is Above the Law’ rallies around the country” in the event Trump fires Mueller.

    The anti-Trumpers have been in a lather over the possibility that the president could fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller before Christmas, after Congress leaves Washington for the winter recess.

    Trump has repeatedly insisted that he has no plans to fire Mueller, but that didn’t stop Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) from repeating the “rumor” on California’s KQED News on Friday.

    “The rumor on the Hill when I left yesterday was that the president was going to make a significant speech at the end of next week. And on December 22, when we are out of D.C., he was going to fire Robert Mueller,” Speier said.

    Some prominent members of the Resistance spread the message this weekend, including President Obama’s former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. Attorney Walter Shaub, who resigned in July, was one of the first to tweet about “taking the streets” on Friday.

    17 Dec

    Dan Bongino

    Funniest tweet I’ve seen all year. Fake Obama administration tough guy is going to “take the streets.” 😂😂 These Liberal pajama boy, safe-spacer, snowflakes couldn’t “take” the local glee club. Embarrassing.

    Here is the unavailable tweet.

    10:50 AM – Dec 17, 2017
    View image on Twitter
    18 18 Replies 27 27 Retweets 78 78 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Shaub blocked everyone who reacted negatively to his hysterical tweet — including this writer, who wondered how he had managed to miss Hillary Clinton’s many ethical lapses while she was secretary of state (when he was Obama’s ethics czar).

    Shaub later tweeted: “This tweet apparently triggered the tiki torch crowd. My theory is people with violent tendencies will hear violence in the language of peaceful protest. But you literally have to agree to the policy of nonviolence and complying with all law enforcement orders to sign up, so…”

    Because everyone who finds him ridiculous is apparently a white supremacist.

    Left-wing celebs soon jumped on the bandwagon.

  24. President Trump will speak today about his national security strategy:

    President Trump’s national security strategy, set to be unveiled in a major address Monday afternoon, restores references to the “jihadist” terror threat – in a tacit rebuke to the Obama-era decision to avoid such language.

    The president is expected to detail his administration’s strategy at 2 p.m. ET in Washington, D.C.

    Trump is expected to discuss threats he’ll deem as “rogue regimes,” like North Korea, and “revisionist powers,” like Russia and China, who aim to change the status quo.

    But notably, the document repeatedly refers to “jihadist” terror groups, in a break from the Obama administration.

    “The primary transnational threats Americans face are from jihadist terrorists and transnational criminal organizations,” the document states, according to excerpts released ahead of the speech.

    Another section calls for strengthened missile defense and homeland security, vowing to “pursue threats to their source, so that jihadist terrorists are stopped before they ever reach our borders.”

    Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump White House adviser, drew attention to the term in an interview Monday morning with “Fox & Friends.”

    “The political correctness of the last eight years is gone,” he said. “You haven’t seen anything like this for 20-25 years.”

    Then-President Barack Obama stirred controversy when he first removed terms like “Islamic extremism” in the 2010 security document, effectively scrubbing language used by the George W. Bush administration. The shift came on the heels of Obama’s visit to Egypt, where he vowed a “new beginning” in the relationship between the U.S. and the Muslim world.

    The administration’s 2015 strategy also did not contain the word “jihadist.” [snip]

    Broadly speaking, according to a senior administration official, Trump’s doctrine has four main principles: protecting the homeland and way of life; promoting American prosperity; demonstrating peace through strength; and advancing American influence in an ever-competitive world.

  25. Professor Turley just appeared on the Brett Baier program and he said it was wrong for the MOOOOOOOOOOler team to do a snatch and grab on the 15,000 Trump transition team which were housed at the GSA because those emails were the private property of the Trump team, were privileged attorney client materials. More evidence (as if we needed any more) that the impeccable character of that heroic Marine whose lawless campaign is being supported obliquely by Soros, according to the other item posted. The left invents the idea that President Trump is going to fire MOOOOler and the left then uses that as a pretext to threaten nationwide riots. Turley goes on to observe that MOOOOOOler has a checked past for using as he put it blunt objects to get whatever he wants and his chief lieutenant, VICEman has been condemned by the 5th Circuit and the Supreme Court on two separate cases for egregious prosecutorial misconduct. Yet big media would have you believe that these two utterly disreputable public officials are above reproach.

  26. FBI agent Bruce Ohr was supposed to show up for closed meeting with congress today…he did not show up

    like McCabe did not show last week…

    DOJ should fire both of them

  27. admin we’re going to run out of Special Prosecutors, as there has been a massive addition to what was already a target-rich environment. The latest scandal to come to light is so stunning in the depth of its malfeasance that it surpasses Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious and perhaps even our own intelligence agencies conspiring to skew a presidential election.

    I’m referring to the Politico story “The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook: An ambitious U.S. task force targeting Hezbollah’s billion-dollar criminal enterprise ran headlong into the White House’s desire for a nuclear deal with Iran.”

    I’ve never understood the Iran Deal. I cannot fathom why Obama and Kerry were so intent on lifting the Iran sanctions, or why they felt compelled to release billions of dollars held in escrow to a medieval theocracy intent on the destruction of Israel. Or why they lied repeatedly as to the level of nuclear inspections and signed off on what was de facto self-inspection.

    All this despite Iran’s repeated and well-documented history of deliberate deception, undeclared underground nuclear sites and stonewalling of international inspection. All swept under the rug. Or why our government delivered $400 million in cash to Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport on pallets and tried to cover it up.

    But most of all why the agreement has LEGALLY BUILT IN an 8 to 15 year expiration of all limits. After which there is a complete green light to nuclear weapons. Restrictions expire. Inspections cease. Uranium storage limits disappear. Centrifuges without limit.

    Meanwhile sanctions are long gone. Oil exports resumed at $100 million per day. Support for Shiite terrorism unabated. And again, to repeat, a full green light for Iran to develop nuclear weapons, in effect rolling out the red carpet to join the nuclear club.

    Now we find that it was even worse than that. This is the sort of story that you can’t read without a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and finding it hard to breathe. Like reading about Kermit Gosnell or Jeffrey Dahmer.

    Here’s the full Politico story.

    And here’s a summary excerpted from Hot Air:
    Did the current administration “collude” with Russia? So far no evidence at all has emerged to support that hypothesis, but Politico’s Josh Meyer digs deep into another curious set of circumstances in the Obama White House and its own operations with a foreign power. Perhaps the media will start asking whether the previous administration colluded with Iran to let terrorists and drug dealers go free in order to score one of the worst deals ever in international relations.

    Before Barack Obama decided to pursue the nuclear deal with Iran, the DEA had a major operation called Project Cassandra. This operation had identified Hezbollah as a major supplier of cocaine to the US and other countries, along with its usual terrorist activities on behalf of its sponsors in Tehran. The DEA and FBI had built criminal cases against major players in Hezbollah’s drug and arms networks, succeeding in getting sealed indictments and finding witnesses for prosecution.

    And then the Obama administration stepped in to drain it of all resources, just to protect its deal with Iran:

    One Obama-era Treasury official, Katherine Bauer, in little-noticed written testimony presented last February to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, acknowledged that “under the Obama administration … these [Hezbollah-related] investigations were tamped down for fear of rocking the boat with Iran and jeopardizing the nuclear deal.”

    As a result, some Hezbollah operatives were not pursued via arrests, indictments, or Treasury designations that would have blocked their access to U.S. financial markets, according to Bauer, a career Treasury official, who served briefly in its Office of Terrorist Financing as a senior policy adviser for Iran before leaving in late 2015. And other “Hezbollah facilitators” arrested in France, Colombia, Lithuania have not been extradited — or indicted — in the U.S., she wrote. …

    Asher, for one, said Obama administration officials expressed concerns to him about alienating Tehran before, during and after the Iran nuclear deal negotiations. This was, he said, part of an effort to “defang, defund and undermine the investigations that were involving Iran and Hezbollah,” he said.

    “The closer we got to the [Iran deal], the more these activities went away,” Asher said. “So much of the capability, whether it was special operations, whether it was law enforcement, whether it was [Treasury] designations — even the capacity, the personnel assigned to this mission — it was assiduously drained, almost to the last drop, by the end of the Obama administration.”

    Not all of these cases involved international operations, either. The DEA and FBI found Hezbollah operations in the US, and yet the Department of Justice refused to prosecute the cases:

    In Philadelphia, the FBI-led task force had spent two years bolstering its case claiming that Safieddine had overseen an effort to purchase 1,200 military-grade assault rifles bound for Lebanon, with the help of Kelly and the special narcoterrorism prosecutors in New York.

    Convinced they had a strong case, the New York prosecutors sent a formal prosecution request to senior Justice Department lawyers in Washington, as required in such high-profile cases. The Justice Department rejected it, and the FBI and DEA agents were never told why, those former officials said.

    According to Meyer’s sources, Hezbollah has a lot of tentacles in the US, including in rental car companies on the legal side, and a booming cocaine smuggling and distribution business on the illegal side. It should have been easy to pursue those cases in US courts. And yet the Obama administration wanted nothing to do with cutting off Hezbollah’s economic underpinnings in the US, even while listing them as a terrorist organization.

    All of this was in service to a deal that did nothing for American security but allowed Iran to pursue its hegemonic policies in the Middle East unfettered. Hezbollah has been Tehran’s proxy for decades, including among its many crimes the bombing of Marines in Lebanon during a peacekeeping mission. They are a key part of Iran’s strategy to link through Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean and to dominate the Sunni Arab states in the Arabian peninsula — and of course to threaten Israel.

    That policy was bad enough. The politicization of the DoJ to allow terrorists to operate unfettered in the US is nothing short of unconscionable.

  28. S, McCabe is supposed to testify tomorrow. He didn’t show up last week.

    Also today, a badly disguised Strozek leaked to the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Strozek is claiming that his conspiracy/coup emails are innocent little bits of nothing to see. Unfortunately Strozek seemingly claims quite by accident that the “insurance” against President Trump would be a collusion investigation. Strozek misses that even if this “innocent” explanation is to be believed it still leaves us with a bunch of partisans in high office using government investigative powers to destroy a presidential candidate.

    Our theory on what is going on is this: McCabe did not show up last week. Bruce Ohr did not show up today. McCabe will not show up tomorrow. Strozek will disappear too.

    Here’s the kicker: We suspect that all of them are thinking about turning into witnesses. We don’t doubt that Bruce Ohr is thinking if he gives up McCabe and Strozek he can cut a deal for himself and Mrs. Ohr. Ohhhhh Nellie. It’s also possible that Strozek is thinking of turning against his mistress and giving up McCabe to prosecutors. Strozek’s hussy is possibly thinking about turning against Strozek and McCabe in order to save her skanky ass. They will all turn on each other.

  29. Another record day for the market!!! 5k points in one year first time ever per article on Drudge. I read MCcain in in AZ Flake still undecided. Apparently Collins, Marco and Corker a yes..

    Q: who was in charge of the FBI when the investigation into drug trafficking by Iran affiliate Hezbola was shut down by the government?

    A: yup, you guessed it, that paragon of virtue, that man of integrity, that protector of the nation, Mooooooooooooooler.

    Like Peter Stroke–he’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere.

  31. We suspect that all of them are thinking about turning into witnesses. We don’t doubt that Bruce Ohr is thinking if he gives up McCabe and Strozek he can cut a deal for himself and Mrs. Ohr. Ohhhhh Nellie. It’s also possible that Strozek is thinking of turning against his mistress and giving up McCabe to prosecutors. Strozek’s hussy is possibly thinking about turning against Strozek and McCabe in order to save her skanky ass. They will all turn on each other.
    A Midsummer Nights Dream in reverse.

    Someone said politics is hollywood for ugly people.

    These co conspirators shore do fit that bill—butt ugly they are.

    Forrest Gump might say ugly is as ugly does.

    Fry em.

  32. We suspect that all of them are thinking about turning into witnesses. We don’t doubt that Bruce Ohr is thinking if he gives up McCabe and Strozek he can cut a deal for himself and Mrs. Ohr. Ohhhhh Nellie. It’s also possible that Strozek is thinking of turning against his mistress and giving up McCabe to prosecutors. Strozek’s hussy is possibly thinking about turning against Strozek and McCabe in order to save her skanky ass. They will all turn on each other.
    If I were prosecuting the case, I would be lenient. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    By lenient I mean MIGHT take the death penalty off the table IF they were willing to rat out Obama.

    If not, then to show fairness I would grant them last rites with their favorite Iman, assuming he is not too busy ministering to a Muslim convert John Brennan, whose turn in the barrel cannot be too far off.

    “Equity delights to do justice, and that not by halves.”

  33. Seriously, what is the penalty for launching a soft coup against the republic?

    Maybe we can whistle up the Rosenbergs and let them answer that question.

  34. I am skipping a few steps here, but it seems to me that the penalty for a refusal to appear is a contempt citation. And then, at some point, an arrest. I hope by now a grand jury has been impaneled and will soon decide whether a presentment or indictment will issue against these traitors. How about a midnight raid on their homes while they are in bed, Mooooooler style. Maybe we should do that to Viceman, since one bad turn deserves another. Time will tell.

  35. According to Meyer’s sources, Hezbollah has a lot of tentacles in the US, including in rental car companies on the legal side, and a booming cocaine
    Hardly surprising.

    These must be the moderate Muslims Obama talked about.

    I bet he never told them you didn’t build that (cocaine empire)

    That would be racist.

    Only white people can be racist according to Obama and big media.

  36. Additional corroboration from a December 2011 news story:
    Report: Several southeast Michigan car dealerships, transport company, Lansing auto company accused of ties to Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah

    Eight car dealerships and a transport company in southeast Michigan, along with a Lansing car dealership, were named among several involved in what federal prosecutors say is a $480 million money laundering scheme with ties to Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

    The Detroit Free Press reports Oussama Salhab, owner of Cybamar Swiss, a Redford Township transport business, was named “a Hezbollah operative” and part of an initiative to send partial business earnings to the terrorist group, according to a federal lawsuit.

    Lansing’s A&J Auto Sales Inc. was also named in the complaint, as were eight dealerships in metro Detroit. But feds say they may not have been cognizant of the nature of the operation, instead being just unwitting participants, according to the Free Press.

    The federal lawsuit seeks the forfeiture of assets of Cybamar and the car dealerships.

    The U.S. State Department official labels Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and believes it has the support of Iran. Hezbollah is believed by some authorities to have carried out the bombings of a U.S. Embassy and marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983 and 1984.

    The federal lawsuit, which was filed on Dec. 15, is the U.S.’ most recent measure targeting Hezbollah.

    “We are putting a stranglehold on a major source of that funding by disrupting a vast and far-flung network that spanned three continents,” U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara told the Free Press.

    Salhab lives in Lebanon and Togo in Africa. He was sent back to Lebanon when he tried to enter the U.S. in 2009, the Free Press reports, after audio of the Hezbollah national anthem, images of Hezbollah militants stomping on an Israeli flag and other materials were found on his laptop.


    The Senate Judiciary chairman said Monday he wants Andrew McCabe removed as deputy director of the FBI, a day before he is scheduled to testify behind closed doors to the House Intelligence Committee in its Russia investigation.

    “He oughta be replaced. And I’ve said that before and I’ve said it to people who can do it,” panel Chairman Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, told reporters.

    Grassley has questioned whether McCabe has a conflict of interest and is biased against President Donald Trump. McCabe’s wife in 2015 ran for a state Senate seat in Virginia, backed in part with money from associates of Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent in last year’s presidential election.

  38. Have you seen the 6 part movie “Wormwood”…this government has been crazy and dangerous for a very long time

  39. JB– I always believed that Judge Andrew Neopolitano was on the side of the angels—a conservative with libertarian leanings, in the mode of Anton Scalia.

    Now I begin to wonder whether I might be wrong about that.

    Here is the issue:

    He claims that Mooooler had every right in the world to do a snatch and grab on the emails from the Trump campaign which were in the hands of the GSA, INCLUDING THOSE PROTECTED BY ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE. Therefore, he was free to read them, and to hide the fact from the Trump team that he had attorney client privileged document.

    Yet, Greg Jarrett says, and I agree with him, that in situations like this he does not have that right to abscond with such materials because they belong to the Trump campaign, are protected by attorney client privilege, and therefore, he has no right to read them, and must return them to their owner rather than hiding them and using them as he did. And in fact, that is the federal protocol.

    What is your view?

  40. Wbb

    I’m no lawyer, though I’ve played one at home…
    But the judge has been much more left wing since his suspension at Fox awhile ago IMHO

  41. admin
    December 19, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    How can there be ANY credible argument that McCabe should NOT be replaced. The conflict of interest is certainly apparent, but it as nothing compared to the actions he took in furtherance of that conflict of interest, including that meeting where Peter Stroke his ugly paramour and others when they connived to use the powers and resources of the FBI to thwart the will of the voters. It is quite likely that he was a present during that meeting, and it is equally likely that he knew about the actions of Ohr and his wife, which were not unlike his own actions and those of his wife. So once again the question: on what basis should McCabe not be removed? And why praytell was he left in that position for as long as he was? In some respects, that may be the more important one, and urgent as well based on Mooolers announcement that he will not be shutting down the investigation before Christmas as Wilfred Brimley Cobb predicted, but will continue to dig through next year and in perpetuity.

  42. Andrew McCabe showed up today at the House Intelligence Committee. At this hour he is still testifying! More than 7 hours already.

  43. Toilet Paper. Politico. What is the difference? Toilet paper has some use.

    Congressional Republicans and the White House have long said any DACA deal would need to be paired with security and other enforcement measures. Democrats say that’s fine as long as the provisions weren’t too onerous. But the border security question has been a sticking point for weeks, as senators swapped proposals without cutting a deal, so far.

    I am sure Schumer, inter alia, will agree that:

    1) a 3000 mile border wall

    2) an end to chain migration (including those tied to these fucking dreamers)

    are not “too onerous”.

  44. jbstonesfan
    December 19, 2017 at 10:05 pm
    Then one can only wonder what the Judge has been smoking and whether it is legal in the state he lives in.

  45. admin
    December 19, 2017 at 9:38 pm
    I find that mildly encouraging provided Jordan, DeSantis and Gowdy, as well as Goodlat are in attendance. Some of the other Republicans are pretty pathetic, and are more inclined to assume the role of a potted plant or are unable to formulate an intelligible question.

  46. 3) internal enforcement–meaning e verify and stiff–confiscatory fines for employers who hire illegals.

    4) also strong sanctions against sanctuary cities

    As I say (ibid)

    “nothing too ownerous”.

    When Schumer says nothing too ownerous what exactly does he mean?

    Window dressing?

    If that is all it is, then he can assume the position of the dog in the picture Admin posted, and while he is at it, go fuck himself.

  47. You know what would be smart.

    Deal with immigration reform, not as part of the tax bill, but as part of entitlement reform.

    The reason I say that is because of something that was said by a Harvard professor a decade ago—if memory serves it was Charles Murray:

    You cannot have open borders on the one hand and the welfare state on the other. Open borders and the costs thereof will collapse the welfare state.

    Closer they are than Sears is to Roebuck as the old Rogers and Hart—Lorenz Hart, a tortured soul, but the best lyricist of them all, much better than Oscar Hammerstein who came later.

    Put differently, the more liberal the immigration policy is the more drastic the cuts to entitlements will have to be for the budget to balance.

    That is the equilibrium that has been ignored for a generation, and when inflation takes off , this will become obvious.

  48. Conversely, you cannot have massive tax cuts for corporations and liberal immigration policies as well. The tax cuts will reduce revenue to the federal government over the short term, and longer depending on what corporations do with that money–whether they use them to grow jobs is an article of faith, but it is by no means guaranteed. Meanwhile, liberal immigration policies will increase costs to the federal government. Now there is where your national debt concerns come into play. A friend of my dads was a captain who hit Omaha Beach on D-Day and he was candid about it. He said if there were 10 ways to fuck up an operation we found 12. The same may be said of the Senate, and if they don’t tie immigration reform and entitlement reform together, they will find twenty ways to fuck this thing up. Looking at who we now have as senators, I would not bet on a soft landing.

  49. The issue, and we know the answer , is will the corporations invest the capital in hiring more of helping people like me with larger dividends? If they do not use the reduction to as they say “trickle down” I think they GOP gets slammed in the midterms. While the economy is doing well and market incredible, the thing I look at is a lot of middle class people in my age demographic (50-60) are no longer in the work force because those plum mid level copr jobs paying 200-300k a year were wiped out by the great depression from 2007-2009 and they have never been rehired….I am 100% capitalist but the big corps better hire and not completely line their pockets.

  50. I meant “or help people like me with higher dividends”..I wish we could edit or spell check. I would contribute to said function…

  51. 51-49 48 is the vote. The tax bill passes the Senate.

    Next up is the House revote on the bill later today. The tax bill is as good as done.

  52. The melting pot is a fiction. The accurate word is colonization. Colonization involve the institution of a religion hostile to western value, and the destruction of a way of life. That is why immigration reform MUST be approached not in the context of tax reform, as Flake wants, but in the context of welfare reform, because they are in direct conflict. Equally problematic? Who are the beneficiaries of open borders and tax cuts? The chamber of commerce. Combining the two makes it easier for the whores in the senate to serve the real master they serve–Corporate America. The only bright side I see to this is the man representing us in that negotiation is not some maniacal prick like Gary Cohen or some exploitable fool like Jared Kushner who appears to be the real target of Mooler, but the best man in the Trump Administration, who knows more about the realities of the immigration scourge than anyone, and has a track record of dealing with him. The left who aim to destroy the county can roll many others but not him. I refer of course to General Kelly.


    As longtime readers will have noticed, I’m increasingly bored by the daily soap opera of politics, mainly because professional politicians rarely have anything to say about anything that matters. The left nominally addresses the Great Remaking of the World – from mass immigration to transgender bathrooms – by confining itself to a few bogus sentimentalist bromides (“We’ve always been a nation of immigrants”, “Love wins”) designed to assure everyone that a) “diversity lotteries” and chain migration are a good thing; and, if you’re minded to bring up problematic details, b) it’s inevitable, so don’t bother trying to resist. The right, on the other hand, is terrified of being demonized as racist, homophobic and whatever’snextophobic, and so finds it safer to talk about corporate tax rates.

    For my own part, I’m inclined to agree with Ann Coulter:

    Everyone who screwed the pooch on this one better realize fast: All that matters is immigration…

    Republicans who treat immigration as a backburner issue should be required to run on the issues they consider more important — in California. See how your arguments fare in a state that’s already been transformed by immigration. That’s your new country.

    How stupid do you have to be to carry on about taxes, defense spending, ISIS, abortion or the Ten Commandments while intentionally losing on the one issue that will determine the outcome of all these other issues? Too stupid to be of any real help.

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