Gain From Pain: Trump Versus Mueller, Comey, Deep State

Update: The bombshell story today is not the Muslim terrorist in New York story that proves President Trump is correct because the Muslim terrorist came to the U.S. though chain migration. The bombshell story today is about Fusion GPS and the corruption at the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice:

Contacted by Fox News, investigators for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) confirmed that Nellie H. Ohr, wife of the demoted official, Bruce G. Ohr, worked for the opposition research firm last year. The precise nature of Mrs. Ohr’s duties – including whether she worked on the dossier – remains unclear but a review of her published works available online reveals Mrs. Ohr has written extensively on Russia-related subjects. HPSCI staff confirmed to Fox News that she was paid by Fusion GPS through the summer and fall of 2016. [snip]

“The House Intelligence Committee,” Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told Fox News in a statement on Monday, “is looking into all facets of the connections between the Department of Justice and Fusion GPS, including Mr. Ohr.”

Chairman Nunes is on the job and continues to investigate and get the information that matters from the corrupt Deep State that threatens our democracy.


The trumpet sounds and reinforcements arrive at the precise moment needed to win the war. It’s not a movie. It’s President Trump versus the Deep State, Big Media, and the corrupt Special Persecutor Mueller and his ventriloquist dummy Comey.

As President Trump fights like Thor, alone, on the battlefield against evil forces, the battle horn is heard, and the President is suddenly surrounded by friends ready to do battle alongside him. In other words, Congressman David Nunes is back. And Nunes is not alone. The turn of the tide is here.

In March 2017 Congressman Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was on the track of Obama’s gangsters and their criminal unmasking of President-Elect Trump’s transition staff. Obama gangsters in the House of Representatives filed ethics charges against the heroic Chairman Nunes in order to force Nunes to recuse himself from further investigations into Obama’s gangster government and their corruption of American intelligence agencies. Chairman Nunes was forced to recuse himself and President Trump for all intents and purposes was left on the battlefield alone.

Obama Dimocrat thugs continued for eight months, using every dirty trick in their bag of evil, to block resolution of the ethics charges in order to keep Nunes at bay. Finally after eight months of Devin Nunes in chains, he is free, unchained:

Nunes cleared of accusations that he disclosed secrets related to Russia investigation

Chairman Devin Nunes is needed. There is much to investigate. The corruption at the intelligence agencies, including the F.B.I., the entire Deep State apparatus against the will of the people, has been at high tide since the election of President Trump. President Trump has fought alone. But such a leader gets results. Slowly President Trump has exposed his enemies. Now, with reinforcements arriving to battle alongside the courageous President, the tide indeed is turning.

In the Michael Flynn case, the judge has withdrawn:

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia said that Judge Rudolph Contreras recused himself, but did not disclose why he had done so, CBS News reported.

The case has been reassigned to Judge Emmet Sullivan, who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton.

Why the recusal we don’t know. Perhaps a new judge that will do the bidding of the Deep State with greater enthusiasm is needed. Perhaps the judge recused himself because he is part of the FISA courts and therefore is implicated in the schemes of the Deep State against President Trump. But the very fact that such a change was needed tells us that the soft coup against President Trump is not going well.

The voluntary and unexpected recusal by the judge is a sign of things to come. The soft coup against President Trump by the Deep State aided and abetted by Big Media is a candle in the wind. A mighty TrumpNado is about to blow the soft coup by the Deep State into darkness. The enemies of President Trump are beginning to fall. The biggest shadow thus far extinguished is at the misnamed Department of Justice:

Until Wednesday morning, Bruce G. Ohr held two titles at DOJ: associate deputy attorney general, a post that placed him four doors down from his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein; and director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF), a program described by the department as “the centerpiece of the attorney general’s drug strategy.”

Ohr will retain his OCDETF title but has been stripped of his higher post and ousted from his office on the fourth floor of “Main Justice.”

Initially senior department officials could not provide the reason for Ohr’s demotion, but Fox News has learned that evidence collected by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), chaired by Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., indicates that Ohr met during the 2016 campaign with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the “dossier.” [snip]

Additionally, House investigators have determined that Ohr met shortly after the election with Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS – the opposition research firm that hired Steele to compile the dossier with funds supplied by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. [snip]

The Nunes panel has spent much of this year investigating whether DOJ, under then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, used the dossier to justify a foreign surveillance warrant against Page.

The contacts between Ohr and Steele, and between Ohr and Simpson, have not been publicly disclosed nor shared with HPSCI staff. [snip]

According to congressional sources, Simpson and Ohr met sometime around Thanksgiving last year, when President-elect Trump was in the process of selecting his cabinet, and discussed over coffee the anti-Trump dossier, the Russia investigation and what Simpson considered the distressing development of Trump’s victory. [snip]

Nunes, who has instructed HPSCI staff to draft contempt-of-Congress citations against Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray – preparatory to a House vote on whether the citations should be enforced – issued a fresh subpoena on Thursday specifically covering Ohr and his files.

Congressman Devin Nunes is on the job. Subpoenas will flow. Subpoenas flow already. President Trump has an ally who fights:

“The Committee will issue a subpoena to Bruce Ohr for information on this matter,” California Rep. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the committee, said in a statement.

Nunes also said that the Justice Department “should have provided the committee with information on contacts that DOJ official Bruce Ohr had with Fusion GPS representatives and Christopher Steele.”

The Department of Justice initially lied to James Rosen about why Bruce Ohr was removed. Then as Chairman Nunes’ Intelligence Committee revealed facts, the story changed and DOJ was forced to tell the truth. DOJ lied. The truth is slowly leaking out thanks to Chairman Devin Nunes.

Bruce Ohr was not the first corrupt DOJ official to be removed. First there was Peter Strozek:

Justice Department officials are poring over more than 10,000 text messages between two ex-FBI agents booted from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe after agents discovered the two made anti-Trump comments.

Fox News reports that the department is going through “several months” of text messages from former counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok to FBI attorney Lisa Page, whom he had an affair with. [snip]

Strzok had been selected in July 2016 to oversee the Russia probe and was also one of the top investigators of the probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails and use of a private server. He interviewed Clinton and her aides about the server, which contained classified material.

The former counterintelligence agent also interviewed Michael Flynn in January about the Russia investigation.

Strzok was also responsible for creating the statement former FBI Director James Comey delivered on July 5, 2016, clearing Clinton of all criminal charges.

Even without Chairman Nunes the House Intelligence Committee has raised serious questions about this Strzok thug who operated under guise of law to undermine the will of the American people and the election of President Trump. Congressman Jim Jorden thinks, with good reason, that the big key to unlocking the Deep State plot is the “dossier”:

Jordan expresses the suspicion that Strzok, on behalf of the FBI, collaborated with the Clinton campaign and, ultimately, Russian sources to produce the fake Trump dossier. Jordan further suspects that it was Strzok, a virulent Trump-hater, who took the false Russian information in the dossier and dressed it up as a FISA court application, which in turn generated an order allowing the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign. Wray refuses to comment.

Jordan acts like he knows something we don’t. If he is right, this is the biggest scandal in American political history

It’s not a scandal. It’s a soft coup.

Congressman Jordan is asking the right question: Did Agent Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts Bring Dossier to FISA Court? It’s the key to the coup.

Already Nunes had plans, such as holding DOJ and F.B.I. in contempt of congress, to which even Paul Ryan agreed to pursue. But a lot more can happen. Hillary? Hillary better be worried, very worried:

We could STILL charge Hillary over her secret server, FBI boss hints: Director says decision to clear Clinton could be reversed over ‘improper political considerations’

The FBI Director dramatically raised the possibility on Thursday of Hillary Clinton being charged with mis-handling classified material despite being cleared by his predecessor.

Chris Wray told the House Judiciary Committee that the FBI Inspector General was looking into whether ‘improper political considerations’ led to Clinton not being prosecuted, a decision made by James Comey who was later fired by President Donald Trump.

‘If he were to conclude that that’s what happened, then I think at that point we’re in a situation where we have to assess what else might need to be done to un-ring that bell if you will,’ Wray told members of Congress.

The possibility of a re-consideration of the Clinton probe would be a bombshell which could only be built on a damning verdict on James Comey and those around him.

A bombshell indeed! Hillary Clinton better think about what happened. What happened is that the Deep State is under attack and under retreat because of President Donald J. Trump.

Hillary Clinton better realize that WHAT HAPPENED is that the FBI Inspector General started a massive investigation of the FBI this past January. Perhaps this is why Attorney General Jeff Sessions still has a job (and is awake) and why President Trump has been relatively quiet about corrupt Mueller and the Deep State. Few realized there was this massive investigation by the FBI inspector General was even going on. The Inspector General has a lot to review:

But this week it was revealed that the top counter-intelligence agent who was involved in the Clinton probe, Peter Strzok, had exchanged anti-Trump and pro-Clinton texts with his lover Lisa Page, another FBI lawyer.

And it was disclosed that Strzok had watered down language in a memo from Comey to remove the term ‘grossly negligent’ from the description of how Clinton handled intelligence and replaced it with ‘extremely careless’.

Grossly negligent is the term which opens the way for charges to be brought. He also concluded that Huma Abedin, Clinton’s right-hand woman, and Cheryl Mills, her State Department chief of staff, had not lied to the FBI, even though what they said in interviews was contradicted by emails they had sent and received. [snip]

‘It is absolutely unacceptable for FBI employees to permit their own political predilections to contaminate any investigation,’ Goodlatte said.

‘Even the appearance of impropriety will devastate the FBI’s reputation.’

If that Inspector General report reveals what many suspect to be true, even the Michael Flynn guilty plea might be overturned:

Did the prosecution tell Flynn’s lawyer that their main witness against him was removed for bias? Since Strzok led the interview and his testimony would be needed to establish untruthfulness, he is a critical witness not just a prosecutor. If not disclosed, would this not be a Giglio violation? This is the kind of misconduct that can get a case dismissed and a lawyer disbarred. It is a Constitutional violation. This has bothered me since I heard about it.

Increasingly it appears we will get our wish for lots and lots of special prosecutors to get to the bottom of eight years of Obama’s gangster government.

* * * * * *

As President Trump prepares to speak in Pensacola tonight, an attempt to elect Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, we are reminded of something we wrote in April of this year:

The country, had to hit Ba-rock bottom. We are reconciled to the Barack Obama presidency now that it is over. We are reconciled to the Obama occupation of the White House because we realize that as painful, as horrible, as destructive and hateful as it was, the country had to hit rock bottom. The eight years of Barack bottom horrors had to be endured so that we could enjoy the election of Donald J. Trump, the man that ran on the idea of “Make America Great Again”. [snip]

America needed Donald J. Trump. To get there, to get to the top, we had to endure the Obama swamps, the bottom of the barrel. We had to hit Ba-rock bottom.

Likewise, to destroy the Deep State, to restore to primacy the will of the American people and the leaders we elect, we had to endure all the attacks against President Trump. That was the price.

President Trump had to endure the attacks by the Deep State if the Deep State of Leftist totalitarians and authoritarian bureaucrats are ever to be dislodged and the halls of the people’s government disinfected.

We, President Trump and us, had to suffer the pain to gain.


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  1. Judge Roy Moore accuser lied alongside Gloria Allred AllTheTime:

    Moore has denied it’s his handwriting, and his campaign and attorney have called for her to release the yearbook so a handwriting expert can examine and evaluate it.

    Nelson has not done so but insists that Moore signed her yearbook, though saying she made notes underneath.

    So Judge Roy Moore is vindicated on this point. Allred lied about the note.

    The yearbook was tampered with by the accuser without disclosing that fact. That’s why Allred and the accuser refused to let a handwriting analyst look at the yearbook.

    Will President Trump mention this at the rally tonight?

  2. Shall it be Jerusalem, or Joy To the World?
    Add in another reason to smile in Pensacola tonight
    #BreakingNews: Dow and S&P 500 close at record highs. This marks the 65th time the Dow has closed at a record high under @POTUS.

    and hopefully forever more:
    SNIP No need of moon or stars by night,
    Or sun to shine by day;
    It was the new Jerusalem
    That would not pass away.

    Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
    Sing for the night is o’er!
    Hosanna in the highest!
    Hosanna for evermore!

  3. Our guys…our lead fighters (in Congress)…coming to support & fight for our President…and justice…

    …unafraid, outspoken and relentless…(gives me chills)
    (we can also add Marcia Blackburn to be counted on)

    Taking the lead…

    Devin Nunes
    Ron DeSantis
    Matt Gaetz
    Jim Jordan
    Trey Gowdy

    we can add to this list as it grows…and there are others already, that are less vocal & less well known but ready & able…

    thank goodness we have fighters on our side…the last administration was unbelievably corrupt & devious…they thought they could pull it off…


    Mueller’s ‘Right-Hand Man’ on Russia Probe Represented Clinton IT Aide Who Set Up Unsecure Server

    Yet another key member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe appears to have deep ties to the Democratic Party.

    Aaron Zebley served previously as Mueller’s chief of staff at the FBI and as a senior counselor in the National Security Division at the Department of Justice. He also served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the National Security and Terrorism Unit in Alexandria, Virginia.

    He is often referred to in the media as Mueller’s “right-hand man.”

    Also, in 2015 when he was a lawyer, he represented Justin Cooper, the IT staffer who personally set up Hillary Clinton’s unsecure server in her Chappaqua home, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed on his show Thursday.

    Cooper, it so happens, is also the aide who destroyed Clinton’s old BlackBerries with a hammer.

    Documents obtained by Fox News show that Senate investigators grew frustrated with Zebley after being repeatedly stonewalled when they were trying to set up a meeting with Cooper. [snip]

    Let this sink in. The same attorney who played a defensive role for Hillary Clinton was tapped by Mueller in June to play an offensive role against Clinton opponent Trump.

    But Zebley isn’t the only questionable hire. Out of a team of fifteen lawyers, nine of them have donated to Democratic candidates. None of them seem to have Republican leanings.

    Jeannie Rhee, who was hired by Mueller last summer to work on the probe, was the personal attorney of Ben Rhodes and also represented the Clinton Foundation, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham reported on Wednesday. [snip]

    “What’s so grotesque and ironic about it is the whole point of the independent counsel statute is to reassure the public that the investigation is above politics. That’s why it’s taken out of the hands of the DOJ leadership!”

  5. Trump landing in Pensacola…looking forward to speech. Very cold in Northern Florida and my cousin in GA says it’s she was snowed in. 83 and hot down here…seasons greetings to all!!!!

  6. The counter-argument that is emerging from the usual suspects in the media is that, like all citizens, federal prosecutors have a right to support a political party or candidate. What they pretend not to understand is that no one is denying anybody these rights. However, if you want to have a job that requires an absolute appearance of impartiality, that job places restrictions on certain public activity; it’s one of the trade-offs of being in the profession. If you want to make large donations to a candidate, attend political rallies, or express public disdain for a candidate, that’s fine. But then don’t expect to be accepted as impartial by the public if you are chosen to participate in a political investigation.

    When RBG made public disparaging remarks about candidate Trump during the campaign, that should have permanently disqualified her from participating in any SCOTUS case involving Trump or his administration. We all know that the Justices are biased and that we abide by the tenuous assumption that their high moral integrity will overrule their bias. But when someone like Ginsburg makes public statements about a candidate, that assumption of integrity is destroyed. She should have been impeached that night.

  7. The Hillary camp sure has been quiet lately. This is the first time that lady has shut up since she lost the election.

  8. The counter-argument that is emerging from the usual suspects in the media is that, like all citizens, federal prosecutors have a right to support a political party or candidate.
    That is not an argument. It is an evasion. The question is not whether prosecutors have a right to support a political party or candidate. The question is whether they have the right to abuse their prosecutorial powers to protect the candidate they support and to tank his or her opponent. That is the classic definition of corruption and there are criminal laws to deal with it. After doing everything they can to bury this story, and after accusing the republicans of jaywalking as if that is a comparable offense, there will come a time when big media cannot deny it any longer. When that happens they will tell us it really does not matter, and shift their focus back to sexual harassment. These fuckers are right out of Nazi Germany, and their light of love Obama, the tool of Soros, is cut from the exact same cloth.

  9. When political support morphs into political bias which morphs into an abuse of power, the bias is relevant because if shows intent behind the actions they took. So when big media dismisses political bias it is whistling past the grave yard.

  10. So lets clear the air & come clean starting here, starting NOW:

    Q-1: WHO are the so called “journalists” who were part of this scandal re. the dirty dossier, and the other leaks.? Give us their names!

    Q-2: WHO are the senators and congressmen who engaged in sexual harassment, and used the secret slush fund of taxpayer money.? Give us their names!

  11. And senator groper fankel so loved the world that he gave his brilliant career as a senator marked by heroic stands and boldness to his party, making himself a human sacrifice to the so called greater good. If he had been at Mount Serabachi in WWII you can be sure that a man of this mettle would have rushed up the mountain under heavy enemy fire and planted the flag. More likely he would have checked into sickbay, and applied for section 8.

  12. “PERSONNEL IS POLICY”: Ronald Reagan

    Case in point: swamp creature Rod Rosenstein


    Rod Rosenstein Overcome by Soros Swamp Gas


    The most common question I am asked in interviews these days: “Why doesn’t President Trump fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein?” But the better question is: “Why doesn’t Rosenstein just quit?” It’s clear that nobody responsible for picking him wants him around anymore. In case you missed it, even President Trump called him out as a hack.

    What’s clear is that Rod Rosenstein has been overcome by swamp gas. The deputy attorney general — and more importantly, his top staff (we’ll get to that in a moment) — seems to have forgotten why he has his job. He has it because the American people wanted the swamp drained of Justice Department institutionalists.

    In case you forgot, Rod Rosenstein had what it took to remain as United States attorney in Maryland during the Eric Holder regime of radicalism. Does that explain why he won’t crack down on all the leaks in Robert Mueller’s shop?

    Ronald Reagan understood that personnel is policy. And the personnel that Rod Rosenstein has chosen reveal a great deal about Rosenstein’s priorities, and they aren’t the priorities that got Rosenstein his job.

    Earlier this year, liberal BuzzFeed posted a glowing report on the lawyers Rosenstein brought with him to serve as his top staff — swamp creatures all. It explains a lot about the swampy reaction to Mueller’s misconduct:

    The Justice Department announced last week that Robert Hur, who worked in the Maryland US attorney’s office from 2007 to 2014, would be serving as the principal associate deputy attorney general. James Crowell IV, who led the criminal section in Maryland under Rosenstein, joined the deputy attorney general’s office in January, and is Rosenstein’s chief of staff.

    Picks like these were never made during the Obama era. The chief job qualification then was how closely the candidate adhered to the radical legal agenda of Obama and Holder. These weren’t viewed as apolitical slots. That’s why the Left was thrilled with Rosenstein’s choices, and why Trump supporters have taken note of what a disaster they are.

    Justice Department lawyers who worked with Rosenstein describe him as an institutionalist worried more about his own reputation, the Department, and the fate of the country, in that order. One former U.S. attorney who worked with Rosenstein told me:

    Rod was never going to stick his neck out for Trump or anyone else, and owed his career primarily to his friendship with Phillip Heymann, Lynn Battaglia, and Barbara Mikulski.

    In other words, three Democrats.

    There is relief in some quarters that President Trump has nominated Hur to serve as U.S. attorney in Maryland, Rosenstein’s old job, so he may finally be removed from obstructing the agenda of the president. But Hur and Crowell aren’t the only swamp creatures in Rosenstein’s shop. Per BuzzFeed

    Other hires from the Maryland US attorney’s office in recent months include Sujit Raman, who managed the appellate practice in Maryland and is serving as an associate deputy attorney general … and Marcia Murphy, who was the public affairs officer in Maryland and is now Rosenstein’s confidential assistant.

    You can’t make this up. Sujit Raman was a winner of a Paul Soros Fellowship.

    Mueller’s ‘Right-Hand Man’ on Russia Probe Represented Clinton IT Aide Who Set Up Unsecure Server

    Yes, Soros, as in arch-enemy of President Trump George Soros. Paul is George’s brother, and both are radicals. Raman’s webpage at the Soros group notes he headed “the Minority Student Alliance” at Harvard Law.

    Former Soros Fellow and Assoc. Dep. AG Sujit Raman
    Conservatives don’t head the Minority Student Alliance at Harvard Law. Neither do moderates. Leftists do.

    Even now, the swamp is harumphing. These are good people, they are apolitical, they went to Harvard Law, they are career professionals.

    In other words, they don’t get it. They don’t understand what happened in November 2016.

    The people who elected Donald Trump didn’t elect him to see a former “Soros Fellow” become the associate deputy attorney general. They didn’t elect Donald Trump so that the second-highest office in the Justice Department could be filled with career lawyers, some of whom I’ll wager never even voted for him.

    Remember, these are political offices. These are political slots. A revolution took place on November 2016. Unfortunately, Mr. Rosenstein seems not to understand that. Instead, he’s tolerated leaks, praised Mueller, and facilitated an environment of political bias in an investigation designed to overturn the results of an election. That he doesn’t understand this only makes his continued employment more absurd. What is good for the Hillary Goose is apparently not good for the Flynn Gander. Huma can lie, and that’s just fine.

    Gowdy to FBI Director: ‘The Last Two Years Have Not Been Good Years for the Bureau’

    If there was any doubt, Rosenstein was praised for these selections by one of the most radical leftist lawyers of the age of Obama: ex-State Department counsel Harold Koh. Koh gave an interview blistering Trump: “Let Trump flood the zone, punch himself out, rope the dope,” he said. “Congress will get tired of him. … The federal bureaucracy will push back with leaks.”

    What an endorsement, Mr. Rosenstein.


    Update: Now we know that another top Rosenstein deputy has been demoted because he had ties to the Democratic fake dossier on Donald Trump.

    Update: Tucker Carlson reports that another top Mueller deputy who worked for Rosenstein when he was U.S. attorney, Aaron Zelinsky, failed to disclose that he represented the person who installed Hillary’s private server.

  13. …and I…we…would be remiss not to recognize our Lion in the Senate fighting to defend PDT…Senator Chuck Grassley…84 years young…he represents & speaks up for PDT & us…wants justice…and to expose political gamesmanship no matter who it involves


    that was one hell of a speech & rally last night…PDT hit on just about everything…
    so sharp & so funny…
    geesh I love this guy…with all his imperfections & sometimes overdone bluster…he is a strong warrior…and a great entertainer…he is his own brand and a force of nature…

    …it really is sad that his blinded haters can’t join in on not only the successes he is bringing but the fun…
    too bad people like his “former friends sickly Mika & jealous Joe” can’t enjoy PDT for the great guy he is…

    …instead they try to push rumors that he has dementia…are they kidding?
    everyone knows that at 70 years old he has more energy than the whole MJ & CNN panels put together…
    you actually wonder if instead of the successes we see with PDT, these jaded people would prefer the USA to fail…they cannot stand that our economy is going thru the roof…jobs multiplying on and on…all they’ve got are their emotional rants…and repressed envy…

    PDT is a businessman…get used to the NEW REALITY…he isn’t playing the same old games his haters live by…

    …most of us can only hope to have half of his energy when we get there..

    seriously…the more you listen to his speech…especially when he gets to describing some of our govt institutions being ‘really sick on the inside & at the top’…the more we can only grasp how much PDT knows about what is REALLY going on with Mueller’s investigation & the deep state
    it probably is horrifying to really know how bad & corrupt it is…especially when he knows it is directed at him & his family

    but PDT…just fights on…anyone else, with the exception of BC, would have folded…not PDT…he justs keeps working & fighting & having fun…

  14. have to vent one other thing…
    I have had it with these rude, ignorant, self serving so called “progressives” that think they are entitled to say whatever they want against PDT…
    well, poor Lindsey Vonn took a bad spill yesterday after her obnoxious comments disrespecting PDT

    Jeniffer Lawrence is due…I really liked her & enjoyed many of her movies…but something about her fame has gone to her head…where does she get off saying she would throw a martinin into PDT’s face…
    that is just basic bad manners & the height of rudeness and frankly immaturity…
    Grow the hell up…to put it mildly…there is no need for this nonsense…and same goes for Rep John Lewis…he wants respect for “civil rights” yet won’t extend the same to the President of the USA…

    bottom line…these people are filled with irrational hate they project on PDT…
    they are part of the “group hate” they think is acceptable without reason or explanation…
    anything for attention…

    results: rational people will not give power to leaders who cannot think straight and who are instead functioning on an emotional & irrational hate binge…

  15. hispanic unemployment at an all time low

    highest black home ownership

    booming economy & jobs

    hey, Lindsey, Jennifer, & Rep Lewis…start living in reality…

  16. Add this to his credits: I missed the first part, but what I heard sounded great.
    “[Medgar Evers] fought in Normandy in the 2nd World War, and when he came back home to Mississippi he kept fighting for the same rights & freedom that he had defended in the war.” WATCH: @POTUS’s full address at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

  17. This is meant to replace my 1:01 PM comment. President Trump at Civil Rights Museum opening. He spoke to a private crowd, introduced by MO’s governor.. Ben Carson and his wife also were in attendance. [PDT made an impossible situation tender.]

  18. Let us be clear on what we are dealing with here: the elites are determined to re-impose colonialism on the American People. That is what pc is all about.

    1. a coastal, metropolitan, highly schooled plutocratic upper class

    2. warring against the traditions and freedoms of a middle American, exurban and rural, lower-middle and working class with some or no college education.

    3. a privileged few attempting to impose their will on a recalcitrant majority.

    The left seeks to impose unity on its terms. But it faces insurmoutable obstacles:

    a. multiculturalism on the one hand and

    b. transnationalism on the other.

    c. hatred of the natural rights, the constitution, and democracy, and a thinly desguised contempt for the middle class.

    What has traditionally held Americans together is the idea that each of us is made in the image of our Creator and endowed with certain unalienable rights. But not only that idea. We are also held together by the culture that emanates from the intermingling of dynamic peoples and unchanging principles.

    To combat identity politics, we must emphasize an American nationalism based on both a commitment to the ideals of the American Founding and a shared love of our national history and culture—a history and culture of individual freedom and religious pluralism, resistant to centralized authority and ever expanding into new frontiers and new possibilities.

    The American people are united by our creed of freedom and equality, and also by our habits, our manners, our national language, our territorial integrity, our national symbols—such as the National Anthem, the Flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance—our civic traditions, and our national story. We should tell that story forthrightly and proudly; we should continue our traditions of local government and patriotic displays; we should guard the symbols of our heritage against attack; and we should recognize that the needs of our citizens take priority.

  19. Within the last 48 hours I’ve heard Pelosi verbalize the words ‘Armageddon’ and ‘God’. How wonderful it is that she triggers memories such as this for me to tweet and FB today for the masses who did not care then, but will now:

    After three votes, Dems put Jerusalem, God back into party platform
    “… Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the platform [had been] changed to reflect Obama’s [personal] views….”

    IIRC DWS quote was retracted.

  20. Ever since postwar American journalism sacrificed its soul on the altar of celebrity sometime in the mid-’80s, a terrible day of reckoning for the craft has been in the works. The “gets” and the gotchas, the “how do you respond to” questions, the how-do-you-feels; the unseemly scrums, the willingness to endure any humiliation from their betters in the hopes of basking, however fleetingly, in reflected glory — that day finally arrived this week with a series of unforced errors that has stripped bare the profession’s pretenses to objectivity and truth-seeking, and exposed them for the tawdry, politicized whores they really are.

    Harsh words, perhaps, but the truth hurts.

    The most recent spate of self-inflicted media disasters is not the end but the beginning — of the media’s end. Brian Ross should have not been taken off the Trump beat by ABC, but should have been fired outright for incompetence in his eagerness to further tarnish Michael Flynn. News reports that the Grand Inquisitor, Robert Mueller, had subpoenaed Trump family records from Deutsche Bank turned out to be false. Most egregious of all was the CNN cock-up in which one of its reporters rushed on the air with an anonymously sourced “scoop” that turned out to be the biggest nothingburger yet served up by Jeff Zucker’s hell’s kitchen of mis- and disinformation:

  21. anyone over the age of 50 in journalism, this was simply astounding. One of any reporter’s first principles is to be skeptical of freely proffered skinny, especially from sources who demand anonymity in exchange for your possible career advancement. Not every disembodied voice on the phone is a “whistle blower” nor is every random email a Pulitzer-in-waiting — such “sources” are in fact as self-interested, and sometimes malevolent, as anybody else with an axe to grind. That today’s doe-eyed reporters fall for this ruse time and again speaks not only to the hiring practices of these crumbling journalistic edifices, but of the mind-set of those doing the hiring. Personnel, as the saying goes, is policy.

    Then again, far too many national reporters are not only wet behind the ears . . . .. . . . . . . like the ex politico young wimp who published the latest version of fake news, and was not punished by CNN because he followed their procedures, meaning that there were and are higher ups at the most trusted name in news who were in pare delicto

    but they’ve reached what used to be the big leagues of journalism without proper seasoning in the minors. The scrubs are where you start out, writing the weather stories, covering the cop shop and local town meetings. Then, if you’re any good and don’t screw up too often, you catch the eye of a top scout and graduate to Triple A ball, where you hope to grab the attention of your organization’s manager or GM and get your ticket to the Show.

  22. foxyladi14
    December 10, 2017 at 11:30 am
    Judge Jeanine. 😀
    Very very very good.

    The other one who needs to be handcuffed and led to jail is Andrew VICEman! A cannibal pretending to be a prosecutor.

  23. Yes, but, but, but as big media assures us these men of integrity have a right to be political, and that right trumps the criminal law! Meanwhile big media has the right to publish lies, and defamatory stuff because they are protected by the first amendment. And the pentagon has a right to rip off taxpayers because it promotes national security. And the fact that the four counties surrounding Washington which are now the richest in the country, is not because a majority of their residents are sucking the government tit, but because they are such intelligent and ethical loyal americans, without whom the country would fail.

  24. A hundred years ago, golf was a gentlemen’s game. But like everything else, it is in society it has degenerated. But when it was a gentlemen’s game, which was before the introduction of a labor saving device called electric golf carts, Harvard men being the gentlemen they were would take a caddy. But in the summer when misquitos were out, they also took was was referred to as a jam boy, whose job was to cover himself with a sweet smelling substance that would attract the flies and ward them away from the gentlemen. Following the 1964 civil rights act this act of noblesse oblige was discontinued on the golf course. But today big media has stepped into that role, covering themselves with bullshit to the truth away from the monied interests they protect.

  25. From Powerline—on how big media is committing suicide.


    That’s the subtitle of an article in PJ Media by Michael Walsh, a play on the Washington Post’s pretentious slogan. The title is “The end of media history and the last honest man,” a play on Francis Fukayama’s famous book.

    I don’t know whether our democracy will die in the artificial sunlight emitted by the mainstream media — the fake news media, as many now call it — but MSM itself may be on its last legs. To borrow Walsh’s words, “a terrible day of reckoning” for American journalism may finally have arrived this week “with a series of unforced errors that has stripped bare the profession’s pretenses to objectivity and truth-seeking, and exposed them for the tawdry, politicized whores they really are.”

    Walsh cites the false report by Brian Ross of ABC News that Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that Donald Trump directed him to contact the Russians as a candidate; false reports that Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Trump family records from Deutsche Bank; and, of course, CNN’s alleged email scoop that turned out to be meaningless because “the most trusted name in news” got the date of the supposed smoking gun email wrong.

    That’s a bad week. But then, as Glenn Greenwald points out, the mainstream media has had a bad year:

    Let’s just remind ourselves of how many times major media outlets have made humiliating, breathtaking errors on the Trump/Russia story, always in the same direction, toward the same political goals. Here is just a sample of incredibly inflammatory claims that traveled all over the internet before having to be corrected, walk-backed, or retracted – often long after the initial false claims spread, and where the corrections receive only a tiny fraction of the attention with which the initial false stories are lavished:

    Russia hacked into the U.S. electric grid to deprive Americans of heat during winter ( Wash Post)

    An anonymous group (PropOrNot) documented how major U.S. political sites are Kremlin agents ( Wash Post)

    WikiLeaks has a long, documented relationship with Putin ( Guardian)

    A secret server between Trump and a Russian bank has been discovered ( Slate)

    RT hacked C-SPAN and caused disruption in its broadcast ( Fortune)

    Crowdstrike finds Russians hacked into a Ukrainian artillery app (Crowdstrike)

    Russians attempted to hack elections systems in 21 states ( multiple news outlets, echoing Homeland Security)

    Links have been found between Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci and a Russian investment fund under investigation ( CNN)

    That really is just a small sample.

    Greenwald goes on to make a critical point:

    So continually awful and misleading has this reporting been that even Vladimir Putin’s most devoted critics – such as Russian expatriate Masha Gessen, oppositional Russian journalists, and anti-Kremlin liberal activists in Moscow – are constantly warning that the U.S. media’s unhinged, ignorant, paranoid reporting on Russia is harming their cause in all sorts of ways, in the process destroying the credibility of the U.S. media in the eyes of Putin’s opposition (who – unlike Americans who have been fed a steady news and entertainment propaganda diet for decades about Russia -actually understand the realities of that country).

    (Emphasis added)

    In other words, the mainstream media’s unhinged reporting is actually helping Putin. But the mainstream has never cared about Putin — not when Barack Obama was president and not now. It cares only about bringing down President Trump.

    That obsession might well kill it.

  26. In this us-versus-them country, the MEDIA now seem to relish the role of “them.” The old proud journalistic boast to be objective and neutral reporters, observers and commentators is gone.

    We are all partisans now.

    As last Friday’s sudden 300-point drop in the Dow reveals, if Trump’s enemies bring him down, they will almost surely CRASH THE MARKETS AND ABORT RECOVERY that took hold in Trump’s first year.

    And if the establishment, repudiated by Trump’s victory, thinks it will be restored to the nation’s good graces if they destroy Trump, they are WHISTLING PAST THE GRAVEYARD.

    When Caesar falls, the cheering for Brutus and Cassius tends to die down rather quickly. THEN THEIR TURN COMES!!!

  27. Yes, the Moooler investigation of President Trump is unofficially over due to the disclosure of the activities of FBI “super agent” Peter Stroke, to say nothing of the unsavory connections to Fusion GPS by FBI deputy director Goodtimes Greg Ohr—four doors down their laughing and having a party–four doors down from Red Stone aka Rosenstein. The new FBI director is part of the swamp, and his appearance before Congress, and his refusal to answer questions from a body charged with oversight of the FBI and Justice Department tells you everything you need to know about him. This assessment is confirmed by Joe DiGenowa (former US Attorney and husband of Victoria Toensing who represents Bill Campbell who is the FBI whistleblower who will be testifying before Congress probably in January).

    Those idiots on The Five were impressed with the new FBI directors testimony. I, on the other hand, say it as nothing more than a refusal to testify, and the proffering of a bogus legal claim that Congress had not right to see the FBI submission to the FISA court to determine whether in fact the super agent who was present at every other stage of this attack on Trump and protection of Hillary was the author and what he said. Rice ordered spread sheets on all Trump officials so this thing was very coordinated. Here is Di Genowa’s assessment of Director Wray and his obstructionism:

    And here is the assessment of a prominent defense lawyer who explains why the Mueller investigation is DOA. Personally, in order for the nation to heal it is imperative that all of this be made public.

    Like a headless turkey running around in circles, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation is dead, even if he does not yet realize it. While his investigation stumbles onward, with life support provided by the biased media, from a legal perspective the viability of any criminal case that Mueller could possibly bring has been effectively gutted thanks to the news (suppressed for months by Mueller’s team) that the FBI’s “key agent” in both the Russia investigation and the Clinton email probe was an ardent Hillary supporter with an anti-Trump bias. (snip)

    Significantly, the fatal damage done to Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation does not only rest in the fact that defense counsel will be able to conduct an unlubricated prostate examination on the FBI’s key agent at trial. Instead, the real reason why Mueller will not risk a criminal trial is the lasting damage that would be done to the FBI’s reputation by having Strzok’s baggage brought into the daylight.

    To expose the agent’s biases, defense counsel would have the opportunity to cross-examine the agent and his apparent mistress, an FBI lawyer who also worked on Mueller’s investigation and the Clinton email probe, about their exchanged messages showing support for Clinton and hostility to Trump. Additionally, the agent’s wife, a high-profile attorney at another federal agency, apparently was a member of several pro-Obama and pro-Clinton Facebook groups and is a follower of a Facebook page called “We Voted for Hillary.”

    One can only imagine the fun that an aggressive defense attorney would have shredding Strzok’s credibility by grilling him to see if he shared his wife’s posted political views.

    The prospect of having to reveal to defense counsel and the public the FBI’s dirty laundry concerning Strzok—the former deputy head of the agency’s counterespionage unit—plus having to watch as defense attorneys parade the disgraced agent, his disgraced FBI mistress, and possibly his betrayed wife before the jury to explore the extent of his anti-Trump biases pretty much kills the likelihood of Mueller indicting any other Republicans. There’s simply too much downside.

    Undeniably, if Mueller were to proceed with a trial under these tainted circumstances, he would be exposing the country’s vaunted legal system and the agency he once headed, to both national and international ridicule. The FBI’s reputation for impartiality would be forever flushed down the toilet. This price simply is not worth it particularly since he has found no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Indeed, one wonders, cynically, if this realization prompted Mueller to offer a light plea deal to Flynn so that he could quickly sign him up as a cooperator and add the general as a notch on his prosecutorial belt before the DOJ notified the public of the real reason for Strzok’s removal from Mueller’s team? (Arguably, Giglio disclosure obligations only apply after a person has been indicted but not if he pleads guilty pre-indictment.)

    Finally, it is worth noting that under principles analogous to the fruit-of-the-poisonous-tree doctrine, any FBI agents or officials who worked with Strzok (including James Comey) would be tainted by, and subject to cross-examination to explore, Strzok’s biases and whether he is the type of person who hid from them his biases while making key charging recommendations.

    In short, Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation is effectively dead (unless his targets’ lawyers are nincompoops). And, ironically, this is all the fault of Strzok and his mistress who wanted to help “Crooked Hillary” and target Trump. How do you like ‘dem apples?

    (Daily Caller)

  28. Rush is not saying a word about Moore and the Senate race, he must believe the Fox poll that has Jones up 10

    Screw Rush

  29. Hannity to my knowledge also didn’t say a word about Moore

    This is very disconcerting to me

    This would be a very bad loss

  30. Update: The bombshell story today is not the Muslim terrorist in New York story that proves President Trump is correct because the Muslim terrorist came to the U.S. though chain migration. The bombshell story today is about Fusion GPS and the corruption at the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice:

    Contacted by Fox News, investigators for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) confirmed that Nellie H. Ohr, wife of the demoted official, Bruce G. Ohr, worked for the opposition research firm last year. The precise nature of Mrs. Ohr’s duties – including whether she worked on the dossier – remains unclear but a review of her published works available online reveals Mrs. Ohr has written extensively on Russia-related subjects. HPSCI staff confirmed to Fox News that she was paid by Fusion GPS through the summer and fall of 2016. [snip]

    “The House Intelligence Committee,” Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told Fox News in a statement on Monday, “is looking into all facets of the connections between the Department of Justice and Fusion GPS, including Mr. Ohr.”

    Chairman Nunes is on the job and continues to investigate and get the information that matters from the corrupt Deep State that threatens our democracy.



    Former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell thinks that intelligence agencies were too harsh to Trump during the campaign and presidential transition, according to an interview released Monday.

    Morell, who left the CIA in 2013 after serving as its acting director twice, endorsed Hillary Clinton in an August 2016 New York Times op-ed. [snip]

    “So, let’s put ourselves here in Donald Trump’s shoes. So, what does he see? Right? He sees a former director of CIA and a former director of NSA, Mike Hayden, who I have the greatest respect for, criticizing him and his policies. Right? And he could rightfully have said, ‘Huh, what’s going on with these intelligence guys?’ Right?”

    “And then he sees a former acting director and deputy director of CIA criticizing him and endorsing his opponent,” Morell continued. “And then he gets his first intelligence briefing, after becoming the Republican nominee, and within 24 to 48 hours, there are leaks out of that that are critical of him and his then-national security advisor, Mike Flynn.”

    Morell is referring to an NBC report that said Flynn was repeatedly interrupting briefers during the session.

    “And so, this stuff starts to build, right? And he must have said to himself, ‘What is it with these intelligence guys? Are they political?’ The current director at the time, John Brennan, during the campaign occasionally would push back on things that Donald Trump had said,” Morell told Politico.

    The former CIA acting director continued to reference leaked reports during the interview.

    “Then he becomes president, and he’s supposed to be getting a daily brief from the moment he becomes the president-elect. Right? And he doesn’t. And within a few days, there’s leaks about how he’s not taking his briefing. So, he must have thought—right?—that, ‘Who are these guys? Are these guys out to get me? Is this a political organization? Can I think about them as a political organization when I become president?’”

    He concluded: “So, I think there was a significant downside to those of us who became political in that moment. So, if I could have thought of that, would I have ended up in a different place? I don’t know. But it’s something I didn’t think about.”

    If Morell is sincere then the most we can say about him is that he is stupid too. These Deep State intelligence guys who attacked Trump did so purposefully to undermine President Trump and try to perform a soft coup against the duly elected President. If this wasn’t malicious activity by the Deep State then we can only surmise that they are not very intelligent and should not be in the “intelligence” game.

    These anti-Trump Deep State beasts are either corrupt or criminally stupid.

  32. Another self-described pro-woman liberal fired:

    The New Yorker has let go of its star reporter Ryan Lizza amid allegations of sexual misconduct, the magazine confirmed Monday.

    “The New Yorker recently learned that Ryan Lizza engaged in what we believe was improper sexual conduct. We have reviewed the matter and, as a result, have severed ties with Lizza,” a spokesperson for the magazine said. “Due to a request for privacy, we are not commenting further.”

  33. Looks bad gonzotx. Moore down by 10 points per Fox poll. As I read, the GOP wants to lose control of the senate so they can pass the buck on all the promises they made. A very bad situation either way . The midterms now heavily favor dems and the impeaching proceedinds will begin once they gain control.

  34. jbstonesfan
    December 12, 2017 at 12:49 am
    FOX hates Roy Moore, partly because of Ailes, O’Reilly, etc.

    Moreover, Robert Murdock has been against from the beginning, because he is not one of their political class puppets.

    I wonder whether the FOX poll is an outlier, and an exercise in push polling.

    When you combine this poll with the air time they have spent interview useless RINOs like Shelby you begin to wonder.

    Finally, before you jump to the worst case scenario and abandon all hope, compare the support that Trump has shown toward Israel with what Hillary under the direction of Soros and the UN would have done.

  35. The Russia Investigation Circus Is Over. Will There Be A Parade?
    Photo of John Linder
    Former Congressman
    6:10 PM 12/11/2017
    20180 20180 Share

    You will recall that former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper, today’s P.T. Barnum, set the stage for this circus when he claimed that the intelligence Community was unanimous in its assessment that Russia influenced the election. For months the Democrats and the media — but I repeat myself — told us that 17 intelligence agencies agreed. They did not, of course. The only agencies involved were the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency — and the NSA had only moderate confidence in the estimate.

    Later Clapper admitted that the conclusion was not even arrived at by the agencies, but by a handful of selected players in these agencies.

    I’m willing to bet that the FBI’s head of counterintelligence, Peter Strzok, was one of those players.

    This entire narrative rests on the assertion that Russia hacked the Democrat National Committee computer server and released, over the course of the campaign, emails that put Mrs. Clinton in a bad light.

    How do we know that? Why, we took the word of the private company hired by the DNC attorneys who told us that.

    We have the most competent criminal investigators in the world. They have grand jury and subpoena powers and are employing all of it against President Trump, his children and his associates.

    Did they employ those vast powers to get access to the DNC server and discover for themselves whether it was Russia, or perhaps a disgruntled employee, who actually got access to the emails?


    What else did the DNC lawyers arrange? Why, they arranged launder millions of dollars from the Clinton campaign and the DNC to pay Fusion GPS to produce a dossier full of salacious charges against Trump. They paid Russians. It was arguably illegal. This dossier has been in the hands of much of the media and our vaunted intelligence services for over a year and none has yet been able to verify the charges.

    (Has the Special Counsel verified them? NOPE!)

    All circuses, of course, have a tiny car full of clowns.

    First came Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr who met secretly with the authors of the bogus dossier. He kept this secret from his bosses. I wonder why?

    (Is the Special Counsel looking into that? NOPE!)

    Then, climbing out from under the hood came Andrew Weissmann, whose past history of prosecutorial misconduct clearly earned him a starring role in this circus. He sent his fawning congratulations to the Acting Attorney General for flagrantly refusing to carry out a presidential order that her own legal counsel determined was a legal order. Weissman’s anti-Trump bona fides are in fine shape too.

    Then came the head clown, Peter Strzok, who found the time to text his mistress thousands of times while helping FBI Director Jim Comey write a memo that exonerated Mrs. Clinton in the email investigation before she was even interviewed.

    Strzok then interviewed Mrs. Clinton without putting her under oath. No notes exist. He allowed co-conspirator, Cheryl Mills to sit in on the interview playing the role of Mrs. Clinton’s attorney.

    Strzok had already interviewed Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin who both told him that they were unaware that Mrs. Clinton had a private server though there are emails from them referring to it and Abedin had her own email address on it. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Strzok sandbagged Michael Flynn into an interview that Flynn did not need to participate in, but Strzok concluded that Flynn told the truth.

    In the center ring breaking down doors and intimidating American citizens was none other than the ringmaster, Bob Mueller, who decided months after Strzok interviewed Flynn that he needed a scalp. He overruled the person actually in the room for the interview and decided that Flynn lied after all.

    We will soon discover what else the loquacious Peter Strzok had to say in 10,000 texts. It was more than just the admission that he, like the rest of the clowns, was a Democrat. That wouldn’t even be newsworthy. What if we learn that he repackaged the bogus dossier as an FBI intelligence document in order to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s associates?

    If our government misrepresented Democrat opposition research as an FBI intelligence document in order to get a warrant to spy on Trump associates and failed to disclose that to the grand jury which indicted them, the entire chain of events is as bogus as the dossier and will be thrown out of court by an angry judge.

    They need to gently and mercifully strike the tent. There will be a parade. It will be the abused friends of Trump marching up to the ticket window get their legal fees back.

    The other parade will be heading out of town. That guy with the shovel following the elephants and Peter Strzok is Bob Mueller.

    John Linder is a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia. He is a Republican. If you would like to be added to John Linder’s distribution list please send your email address to: or follow on Twitter: @linderje

  36. This comes from the manure spreaders at HuffPo, therefore it is apt to be fake news. But if it is true, then it is a welcome change in position, and it represents an admission of sorts that the confidence that Ty Cobb had in Muller and that he would conduct a fair investigation was naive in the extreme. Given the scope of this “soft coup”–orchestrated by the deep state who specializes in such things, and given the way the evil doers have managed to divert the attention of the nation from more important matters, the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Mueller, and the entire scandal from bow to stern from the pilot house to the keel is not only warranted, but essential to the republic. Time is of the essence. I hope it is Mike Mukasey, because he is a fair individual, and will not shrink from holding the criminals responsible responsible.
    TRUMP LAWYERS CALL FOR SECOND SPECIAL COUNSEL “President Donald Trump’s legal team says it’s fed up with the Justice Department and the FBI ‘witch hunt’ into whether his campaign colluded with the Russian government. After a newly reported conflict of interest in the office of Special Counsel Robert Muller, Trump’s lawyers said they want a second special counsel ― one to investigate Mueller’s team, which is leading the probe into Russia and Trump’s campaign.”

  37. The tipping point on the appointment of a special counsel, which will be resisted by Washington insiders of all stripes–DINOs and RINOs alike will be the testimony before congress of the FBI whistle blower in January. Once that happens, I predict that those insiders will be unable to get the genie back into the bottle, because the reaction will be too powerful to shut down.

  38. Wray lied to protect the deep state . . . . and he has not removed the uber corrupt McCabe from his position of deputy director . . .

    “I do not believe that I can legally and appropriately share a FISA court submission with this committee,” Wray responded. “When I sign FISA applications, which I have to do almost every day of the week, they are all covered with a ‘classified information’ cover.”

    Wray also cited the ongoing IG investigation in refusing to answer questions related to whether anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok’s political bias led to him modify former FBI Director James Comey’s description of Clinton’s handling of confidential information from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.” He similarly cited the IG probe when he refused to elaborate on what steps are being taken to ensure decision making at the highest levels of the FBI remain untainted by partisanship.


    The Wall Street Journal editorial board called Wray’s invocation of the IG probe “an excuse, not a serious reason,” and noted the IG office “was never intended to supplant congressional oversight, much less be an excuse for executive officials to protect their decisions from scrutiny.”

    As for Wray’s insistence that the classified status of the FISA warrant prevents him from furnishing it for congressional investigators – the Judiciary Committee has the requisite clearance to view the document in a closed setting. However, it should be noted that having clearance doesn’t automatically mean a person is granted access to all classified materials. The person requesting access must have a need to know, which members of the Judiciary Committee are claiming.

    Trump could lawfully intervene and override Wray’s effort to limit FBI transparency by ordering deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to make the FISA warrant available to the House Judiciary Committee. Rosenstein would likely have to issue the directive as Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from matters related to the Russia investigation.

    “As a legal matter, my understanding is that if the FISC [FISA court] records are in the government’s possession they can be released subject to whatever security classifications have been put on those records. Approval of the FISA court is not required,” Samuel Estreicher, who teaches U.S. foreign relations law at NYU School of Law, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    “As a policy/political matter, the President would be ill-advised to intervene directly. He could ask the AG or Rosenstein to review the matter and get back to him,” he added.

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