Donna Brazille And Hillary Clinton In Virginia Election

Update II: Winners and losers tonight? Big winner is Steve Bannon. Bannon has more evidence that the establishment way is the losers way. As President Trump, who gave a terrific speech in South Korea but took a few seconds immediately after to send a Tweet on the race put it, “Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for.” To win the GOP establishment must embrace President Trump. GOP candidates who try to be coy and two-faced with the public about whether or not they support President Trump – will lose.

Big losers are all those who hope to “reform” the Obama Dimocrat Party into a party they control. Bernie Sanders and his bros, Donna Brazile, all those who want to get rid of the Dim establishment, they all lost. The Obama Dimocrat establishment has proof after the night’s election results that they can still win in states Hillary won. The Obama Dimocrat establishment can now say to the naysayers “we win when we run establishment candidates in states that Hillary won so stop whining about change. Hope for change in the Obama Dimocrat Party is dead. Dead.”

Obama Dimocrats can’t win any state that President Trump won. As long as the status quo remains and President Trump wins states he won in 2016 and Obama Dimocrats win states they won in 2016 the big winner remains the champ, President Donald J. Trump. With this status quo result Obama Dimocrats can continue to lose and live to scream and rage at the results of their failures. For Obama Dimocrats winning the same states as they won in 2016 is losing.


Update: Prediction time. This is a close one. Will Ed Gillespie pull out the win in Virginia. Hells bells this is a tough one. Gillespie had momentum going into the race so that gives him some edge. But Northam, as noted below, has all the advantages. So, to whom do we award the victory tonight?

Gillespie. Gillespie wins Virginia. Why? Yeah, he’s a closer and he began to run a Trumpy campaign near the end of the race. But is this enough? Is this enough to carry him over the edge? No. This is not enough to carry him over the edge.

But perhaps divine intervention? Um, divine intervention, hummm? You want divine intervention. Here’s divine intervention: this might just do it. This might just be enough to stop Dims from voting and the highly energized pro-Trump voters might toss Gillespie a favor and come out for him. If so, Gillespie wins.


Donna Brazile is a pig, or a cow, or as Hillary Clinton allegedly refers to her, a brain dead buffalo. That’s not to say that Donna Brazile, the pig, the cow, the garbage scow is 100% wrong in her latest book which is solely designed to make money for the self-interested Hillary-hating Donna.

The only reason we write about the pig, the cow, the garbage scow, called Donna Brazile, is because we at this website have a history with her, and because Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton will have a great impact in tomorrow’s election in Virginia. Also, we like to gloat and we have a lot to gloat about as many of our predictions from 2007 and afterwards come to pass.

* * * * * *


Donna Brazile is a long-time Hillary hater. Donna Brazile is also a long time self-interested pig who will do anything to promote her non-existent skills. We recall Donna Brazile when Brazile joined with Bush Republican Karl Rove to advance her interests over Democratic Party interests. We also recall when Donna Brazile attacked this website. Brazile at that time was employed as an “impartial” observer by CNN but Brazile was a pro-Obama hack who was only interested in attacking Hillary Clinton in 2007.

In the 2008 election cycle when we were the premier website in support of Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, Donna Brazile demanded Hillary Clinton take down this website. During the 2008 election Brazile joined with Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelousy, and the Democratic Party establishment to gift the nomination to Barack Obama. Donna Brazile loved Barack Obama because of his skin color and because Barack Obama rewarded Brazile with positions and power beyond her feeble, rather non-existent abilities.

Donna Brazile helped rig the 2008 election for Barack Obama (recall Michigan and Florida). But as the horrible eight years of Obama ended, Brazile realized she needed to ingratiate herself with Hillary Clinton if the gravy train was to continue to bring money and position to Brazile. So in 2016 Brazile helped rig the election for Hillary Clinton by even providing Hillary Clinton with debate questions well before the debate occurred. For Bernie, zilch.

Now, with Hillary Clinton defeated and the Obama Dimocrat Party on a leftward lurch, Donna Brazile has written a book which describes the rigged 2016 Dimocrat primary election. Brazile in her book claims the 2016 primary election was rigged by the DNC in Hillary Clinton’s favor:

I had promised Bernie when I took the helm of the Democratic National Committee after the convention that I would get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested. I’d had my suspicions from the moment I walked in the door of the DNC a month or so earlier, based on the leaked emails. But who knew if some of them might have been forged? I needed to have solid proof, and so did Bernie. [snip]

By September 7, the day I called Bernie, I had found my proof and it broke my heart.

Ever the buffoon, Brazile gets furious when President Trump or anyone else says, as Brazile admits in her book, that the 2016 Dimocrat primary election was rigged for Hillary. Brazile describes how the Hillary Clinton campaign controlled the DNC well before the primary ended and controlled the DNC finances sufficiently for all to see the primary election was rigged, Elizabeth Warren says the primary election was rigged, Bernie Sanders’ supporters know the primary election was rigged, but Brazile then denounces the notion that the primary election in 2016 was rigged. Brazile will undergo any contortion necessary to make money and stay in the spotlight.

Donna Brazile also claims Hillary Clinton’s campaign treated her like a “slave”. Brazile writes she prepared to remove Hillary Clinton as the nominee and replace her with Joe Biden after Hillary’s collapse in the polls and at the World Trade Center site. Brazile also attacks airhead and corrupt Debbie Wasserman Schultz. But that is all frankly uninteresting. What is interesting is that Brazile is exposing the chasms in the failed Obama Dimocrat Party. What is fascinating is the impact Brazile, and Hillary Clinton, and the great President Donald J. Trump are having in tomorrow’s governor election in Virginia.

* * * * * *


Obama Dimocrats were supposed to win the Virginia governor’s election tomorrow. For the longest time the Obama Dimocrat was way ahead in the polls. Barack Obama campaigned in Virginia for Obama Dimocrat Northam. Obama Dimocrats earlier claimed the Virginia governor race was a herald for the sure win results in 2018:

Northam enjoys almost every structural advantage

Most polls have shown Northam ahead in the race, and there’s an easy explanation: He enjoys almost every structural advantage.

Trump: In addition to his 38 percent approval rating in The Washington Post’s poll, 57 percent of voters say their views of Trump are important in deciding their votes.

History: With just one exception (in 2013, when Terry McAuliffe defeated Ken Cuccinelli), the party that controls the White House has lost every gubernatorial election in Virginia going back to the 1970s.

The GOP’s poor performance in Virginia: Since 2005, Democrats are 9-1 in major statewide elections in Virginia (for president, Senate, governor), including Hillary Clinton’s 5-point victory in 2016.

Cash: Northam is outraising Gillespie, which is striking given Gillespie’s background as a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and lobbyist.

The advertising war: Northam is outspending Gillespie on the TV airwaves, while party spending has been about even.

“If Democrats lose, it will be a very big story, and there will be many assessments of what it means about the party’s prospects in the midterms next year,” Rozell said.

Republican Ed Gillespie was losing bigly in the polls. Then Gillespie began to campaign like Trump. Gillespie attacked gang crime by illegal immigrants. Gillespie began to focus on illegal immigration. Gillespie began to rise in the polls even as NeverTrump Republicans accused him of abandoning them and becoming more like winner Trump. As Gillespie became more Trump-like, the Obama Dimocrat Northam became more of a lying loser:

Ralph Northam’s campaign continues to drown in controversy as Virginia campaign finance reports revealed that the Northam campaign coordinated with the Latino Victory Fund to push a “sickening” ad that featured an Ed Gillespie supporter attempting to run down minority children.

Northam also recently flip-flopped in favor of banning sanctuary cities; the progressive Democracy for America denounced the Ralph Northam campaign for Northam’s about-face in favor of banning sanctuary cities.

Northam’s flip-flop is emblematic of Obama Dimocrat tactics. The tactic is to publicly flip-flop on positions to fool the voting public when those positions are an impediment to election victory. No principles.


The back and forth is not what hurts Northam in Virginia however. The problems for Obama Dimocrats are problems we have described for years. The problems for Obama Dimocrats is Barack Obama and Obama policies. Hillary Clinton became the Obama Third Term and that doomed her. Barack Obama is the kiss of death in Virginia too:

Clinton was guilty of “malpractice” in how she conducted her 2016 Presidential campaign, Greenberg told me. Even worse, he said, Democrats were repeating the same political mistakes a year later. “Look at Virginia right now,” Greenberg said, as soon as we sat down in his second-floor office. “We have a candidate”—Ralph Northam, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee—“running as Hillary Clinton. He is running on the same kind of issues, and has the same kind of view of the world. It’s the Republicans who talk about the economy, not the Democrats.” This was the approach that doomed Clinton against Trump. The electorate was angry in 2016 and remains angry now, Greenberg said, and Northam, a Norfolk doctor, didn’t get it. Neither did Clinton and the team of Obama veterans who staffed her Brooklyn headquarters. “If you live in the metro areas with the élites, you don’t wake up angry about what’s happening in people’s lives,” Greenberg said.

His rant was notable for a variety of reasons, not least because Greenberg was the pollster who helped Bill Clinton win the White House in 1992, and he has been a participant in every Democratic nominee’s Presidential campaign since, including Hillary Clinton’s. His criticism illuminates an urgent question for the Democratic Party, not just in next week’s governor’s race in Virginia but in the midterm elections of 2018 and beyond. Could Trump, as deeply polarizing and unpopular as he is, even be reëlected?

Greenberg and other prominent Democrats still furious about last year’s Clinton campaign think it’s entirely possible, unless the Party figures out, and fast, a way to tackle the problem that sealed Clinton’s fate in 2016: how to appeal to the disaffected white working-class voters who provided Trump’s unlikely win a year ago.

“That debate,” Greenberg told me, “which would have been pushed off had she won, is immediate.”

As we wrote in 2008 and in other articles in our “situation comedy” series about the “Obama coalition”, and in our long running series “Mistake in ’08”, Barack Obama has doomed his party. When we began to write about Obama, the kiss of death, we were mocked. Now we are seen as prophets. Only now, do the Obama Dimocrats speak out on the Obama kiss of death and regurgitate what we saw and wrote about going back to 2007. Barack Obama, his henchmen and policies, are the kiss of death:

In the weeks after Greenberg published his critique, I spoke with several other veterans of the Bill Clinton years who shared his appraisal of Hillary’s campaign—and said that their advice had also been ignored. “They viewed people like me and Bill Clinton as yesteryear,” one, who ran his campaign in a key Midwestern state and played a public role in Hillary Clinton’s campaign there as well, said. “They thought the world has changed, politics has changed. But their analytics were flawed. They were treating this like a third term for Obama, and it was a big mistake.” The internal critics, they told me, had also included the former President, but he was, as Greenberg put it when we talked, “frozen out.”

This was, I realized, one of the hidden stories of the 2016 election. [snip] But, even if the fight is in part an exercise in after-the-fact finger-pointing, the campaign’s internal struggles over how to talk to the Trump base in the formerly Democratic states of Middle America are just as relevant, polarizing, and unresolved today as they were a year ago. Should Democrats bet their future on attacking Trump and pledge, as the California billionaire donor Tom Steyer now wants them to do, to pursue Trump’s impeachment, at all costs, if they win back the House next year? Should they give up on the white voters who went for Trump in 2016 even though many had been reliably Democratic in the past? Was Clinton’s defeated primary challenger, Bernie Sanders, right to try to pull the Party to the left?

Without a resolution to these questions, the next Democratic nominee may well end up caught in the same trap in which Hillary Clinton found herself, stuck defending the legacy of the two-term Obama Presidency, even as the economic dislocations of the Obama era fuelled the rise of populism on both left and right.

Obama Dimocrats only now realize that Obama is the kiss of death. As we repeatedly wrote in the 2016 cycle (starting in 2013 with our “Muddled Message Mess” denunciation of the future Hillary2016 campaign) the moment Hillary Clinton became the Obama Third Term was the moment her campaign died. Barack Obama was indeed the “Mistake In ’08”:

But I haven’t talked with a single Democrat or independent analyst who doesn’t think that the Party remains in serious danger of another electoral catastrophe.

Recently, another former Bill Clinton adviser, the onetime White House political director Doug Sosnik, published an op-ed in the Washington Post arguing that, as the headline put it, “Trump is on track to win reelection.” Sosnik contended that Democrats needed to immediately start figuring out how to appeal to voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, where a shift in votes for Trump won him the election. I mentioned the Sosnik article when I recently ran into a Washington operative who had also served as a key White House aide to Clinton. “Of course, Trump could win,” he said. “We’re the party that doesn’t have a message that speaks to the country or stand for anything other than being against Trump.” [snip]

“The Democratic Party today is divided over whether it wants to focus on the economy or identity,” Greenberg said when we talked. That is, as he pointed out, just what the Clinton campaign was fighting about a year ago. Greenberg and others who came out of the Bill Clinton era—like the former President himself—had never really let go of the economy-first mantra that got them to the White House in a different time, and they felt that there was a generational conflict with the Obama operatives who held sway over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 strategy. It was a fight that dogged the Clinton campaign all the way until its final days, when Greenberg and his allies inside the campaign pushed unsuccessfully to close with a focus on her plans for the economy.

The Obama Dimocrat Party is a party that brazenly discriminates against white people. Forget character if you want a job at the DNC. Only your skin color counts and that skin color better not be described as “white” in any way. We told you so back in 2010. And it is only going to get worse for Obama Dimocrats as red states get redder and the Obama Dimocrat Party get blacker, more anti-Semitic, and more anti-Christian pro Muslim.

In Virginia the Obama Dimocrats should by all rights win. They should win bigly. The big wins would then presage bigly victories in 2018. Like Hillary Clinton in 2016 all systems are go for a big Obama Dimocrat win in Virginia.

But then Donald J. Trump happened in 2016. Virginia??? Obama Dimocrats hope that victory in Virginia will soon mean impeachment and indictments to solve their Obama problem.

The hope for change by Obama Dimocrats is that the legal system can eliminate the Obama Dimocrats’ political/electoral problems. In 2016 the Obama Dimocrats via Hillary Clinton thought they could race-bait their way to electoral victory. But Trump happened.

As Virginia votes tomorrow, we will watch the election returns even as we prepare to celebrate the one year anniversary of the election of President Donald J. Trump. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton will not be celebrating.

Hillary Clinton will be fighting old fights with Brazile and the Obama leftists. Hillary Clinton will be regretting the moment she became the Obama Third Term and the Shield Maiden of Chappaqua. Hillary Clinton will remember how she smeared her lips with the Obama kiss of death.

Hillary Clinton will be fighting fights from the past as President Donald J. Trump, fighting for America in Asia, will be Making America Great Again.


64 thoughts on “Donna Brazille And Hillary Clinton In Virginia Election


    Democrats are desperate to avoid a culture war with Trump in 2018

    Democrats decided 16 months before the 2018 election how they would start winning races again. Gathered in a small Virginia town on a sweltering July day, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and their lieutenants laid out a “Better Deal” agenda focused on middle-class jobs and higher wages — a vow, they said, that their party would never again waver from a laser-like focus on the economy.

    Donald Trump makes some promises difficult to keep.

    Just days later, the president declared on Twitter that transgender men and women were banned from the military. His action drew a swift rebuke from Democrats, who rose in unison to denounce the president over the newest front in a cultural — not economic — fight.

    The pattern would repeat itself through the summer and into the fall. Whether it was his response to the Charlottesville white nationalist march or his condemnation of NFL players who knelt during the anthem to protest police brutality, Trump forced Democrats onto the battlefield of his choosing.

    And if he keeps doing it now that the one-year countdown to Election Day 2018 has begun, it could very well mean Democrats are denied the chance to win back majorities in the House or hold onto their numbers in the Senate.

    “As much as I’m appalled by the daily actions from the Oval Office, I have to admire the president’s ability to keep us talking about anything other than jobs and economic well-being,” said Democratic Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut. “If we keep falling for that, we will pay a huge political cost.

    In an election cycle that many Democrats regard as pivotal, how the party handles Trump’s ceaseless culture-war provocations might be its toughest challenge. Especially in districts heavy with white working-class voters, party leaders believe fixating on an economic message is the only way to assemble a winning coalition.

    That’s not to say that Democrats are pessimistic about next year’s midterm elections. The party’s expectations for 2018 have undergone a radical transformation since Trump took office, buoyed by the president’s dismal approval ratings and a surge of liberal enthusiasm. One top Democratic strategist, in an interview, checked off a half-dozen metrics he said all indicated a great 2018 for his party.

    Party leaders — cognizant they need to gain 24 seats — now say that Democrats could win the House in 2018, a goal considered far-fetched just nine months ago. And whereas Democratic strategists once feared deep losses among their 48-member caucus in the Senate — the party must defend 10 seats in states Trump won last year — they now think they have a chance for a net gain.

    But the Republican lean of the expanded Senate and House battlefield increases the pressure to dodge culture-war fights.

    “In all the sheer vastness and sheer size of the battlefield, we’re going to compete in districts we haven’t before,” said Dan Sena, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the House Democrats’ political arm. “The coalition and the votes fought for in those districts will naturally be new.”

    To many Democrats, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was too fixated on Trump’s moral failings and obsessed with the Republicans’ litany of rhetorical offenses. But some worry that a singular focus on jobs is simply too hard to maintain. Trump is good at picking out divisive cultural issues and mainstreaming them. And while Democrats doubt his provocations are part of a grand strategy, they say he has a rare instinct for choosing fights that will thrill his base. (Said Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper, “When he’s engaging in divisive culture war fights, that’s when he seems the happiest.”)

    A month after the “Better Deal” rollout, Trump leaned into his most controversial fight yet, saying there was “blame on both sides” between white nationalists who rallied in Charlottesville and the people who showed up to protest hate groups.

    In a case like that, Democrats felt morally compelled to respond.

    “This is hard, right?” said Himes, the congressman from Connecticut. “When the president equivocates about Nazis, damn right we’re going to speak up. When he attacks the First Amendment, we took an oath to defend that thing.”

    The part that comes next, the lawmaker added, is where his party struggles most.

    We have not figured out in any wing of the Democratic Party how to pivot back to those kitchen table issues,” the Democrat said. “And that’s a huge issue.”

    Himes, chairman of New Democrat Coalition, is a moderate member of his party. But some in the party’s more liberal factions also think the party should focus on pocketbook issues — emulating the populist campaign of Bernie Sanders.

    Sanders also holds the key to how Democrats can best break through Trump’s culture war fights.

    “He had a very effective populist message, but the key was repeating it,” said Ben Tulchin, Sanders’ pollster. “It was part of his stump speech for a year of his campaign, and it was a core part of his advertising and voter contact. We didn’t waver from that message.”

    Leading Democratic strategists share his assessment, especially those preparing to defend the 10 Senate seats in states Trump won last year. (Pepper’s home-state senator, Sherrod Brown, is one of the 10.) To these operatives, Democrats simply build their biggest coalition when the debate is centered on economic interests, particularly in states such as West Virginia or Montana where the party’s candidates must win over a bloc of Trump voters.

    “We are focused like a laser-beam on growing the economy and doing it in a way that creates more shared prosperity,” said Sen. Chris Van Hollen, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Senate Democrats’ political arm. “Every American household can benefit from economic growth.”

    Trump Republicans will win big in 2018 and President Trump will win bigly in 2020.

    It is not President Trump that stops Obama Dimocrats from talking about the economy. The reason why Obama Dimocrats don’t want to talk about economic issues is because they are obsessed about social issues that few care about. Also, Obama Dimocrats care more about illegal immigrants than about working Americans, especially if those working Americans are white.

  2. Trump did not steal the Presidency from Hillary, Obama did. There is no fixing the Mistake of ’08. Yea, Donna Brazil knows a lot about rigged primary elections.

  3. admin: IMO possibly…

    I’m beginning to think Trump has delayed the prosecution of Hillary’s many crimes while SOS as part of his election strategy for the midterm elections.

    Where there would be wall-to-wall coverage of corrupt democrats ie. Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Clinton Foundation etc.

    Forecasting. all the dubious headlines following the indictments and trial proceedings would swallow up all the air in the room, consequently, steer any prospective voters from voting for ANY Democrat.

  4. Not the most recent article on this subject but contains the chronology of all the aspects we are aware of to date including videos-… at link..


    Special Counsel Robert Mueller May Be Up to His Neck in Suspected Uranium Swindle

    The latest scandal to see the light of day is the often glossed over Obama administration deal that sold up to 20 percent of the USA’s uranium to the Democratic Party’s supposed mortal enemy: Russia.

    A release of government documents reveals that several Obama Democrats – including his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. There are a number of allegations that Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as well as then FBI director Mueller were involved in a deal that included bribery, money-laundering and criminal conspiracy.

    Recently in an exclusive news story, former prosecutor from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), who originally founded the top Washington, DC, government watchdog group Judicial Watch and who now heads Freedom Watch as its current General Counsel and Chairman, Larry Klayman, is taking on the nation’s Deep State leaders, including their latest circus ringmaster.

  5. hmmm… Here I thought Racketeering would be the gold standard for the prosecution of the Clinton/Obama Cartel/… but it seems Karma has taken on a life of it’s own…

    Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Counsel Mueller’s Conflict of Interest!

  6. Obama did not steal Hillary’s campaign, she lost it, it’s all Hillary, her choices and actions …period.

    Time for that girl to take responsibility for her choices and actions

  7. Brazille is appalled that Hillary would “rig” the 2016 primary.

    Yet she had no qualms about her own efforts to “rig” the 2008 primary by conspiring with Karl Rove.

    Nor did she have any qualms about her own attempt to “rig” the 2016 general election by secretly passing along debate questions to Hillary.

    But the pez de resistance was her Amos and Andy routine suggesting there was evil in the room, the devil made me do it, when she got caught red handed.

    Sorry folks, Donna is, strictly speaking, a crass opportunist, a racist and political hack of the lowest order.

    It is ludicrous to suggest otherwise, or that she is the voice of reform. Those who know her and suggest otherwise are blinded by personal loyalty.

  8. “Gentlemen, let’s just put our dicks out on the table and see who’s got the bigger one, because I know mine is bigger than all of yours,” Brazile writes in the sixth chapter of her tell all book “Hacks,” obtained by the Huffington Post.
    As Holmes put it, if you want to know what the law is don’t ask a judge, ask a thief. If you want to know what dirt bags lobbyists are, don’t ask a law professor, ask Jack Abramof, And if you want to know what a political hack is, don’t ask a political scientist, ask the water buffalo named Donna Brazille.

  9. When confronted with the fact that she had been covertly passing debate questions to Hillary, the self proclaimed woman with the biggest dick in the room said this, in a perfect Amos and Andy dialect:

    “As a Christian woman, I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is solely false.”

    She offered up multiple additional defenses as well, blaming other people, etc. but at the end of the day admitted it and claimed she was proud to have lied and cheated. Nice.

  10. wbb

    I agree with everything you’ve written above-

    Donna is not a political amateur when it comes to scandals.
    The rule always has been, when news about to break in the press is ‘bad news’ about to reveal the truth, “What Happened’ during the election, Donna is preparing to sing like a bird.

    Her book is just the first wave of the many scandals she is privy to. The dam is cracked and about to burst wide open.

    Now that news of 20% of our enriched uranium was sold
    to the Russians having been appoved by the cluster of snakes
    held-over from the previous administration now ensconced in
    Trump’s Justice Dept in pursuit of toppling his presidency.

    Donna is getting ahead of the stories of her involvement during
    the campign telling her version. (I hope she turns states evidence)

    I doubt very much Donna’s hurried confession about her part in giving Hillary the debate questions in advance is all she’s about. Or how Obama siphoned and stripped $27M from the DNC treasury before he left office.

    She knows much more… she is trying to get ahead of the curve having her story lay the foundation for the information coming forth when the Clintons, Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller are put on the ‘Hot Seat’ for their part in the Uranium transaction with the Russians.

    CNN is trying to discredit her revelations in this latest video.Tucker is exposing Big media is in charge of the cannibalization of any turn-coats trying to save themselves from the coming tsunami engulfing corrupt Democrats from the top down.


    Tucker Reveals CNN Told Hosts To Discredit Donna Brazile To Cover For Clinton

    Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported Monday that according to sources, CNN had reporters discredit former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile over her revelations that made Hillary Clinton look bad.

    Carlson said, “According to highly informed sources we spoke to–highly informed–top management at CNN directed its employees to undermine Brazile’s credibility. Anchors and producers were vocally offended by her attacks on their friends, the Clintons. If you’ve been watching that channel, you may have noticed CNN’s anchors suggesting that Donna Brazile cannot be trusted, precisely because she took part in efforts to break the primaries for Clinton.”

    much more in the DC article…

    See link for Tuckers video:

  11. Tony Stark
    November 7, 2017 at 1:16 am
    Hillary had associated herself with some VERY bad people to put it mildly.


    David Boies… I remember him when he represented Al Gore in the 2000 election recount. He was scared sh*tless crying he was getting death threats to himself and his family. He complained he was sleep deprived because Gore’s case was more complicated than he expected.

    I wonder who the entity was tasked with the death threats? Hmmm….

  12. Admin: after watching that video of Donna, behaving like a maggot on hot ashes, I thought of yet another descriptive name for the self anointed conscience of the party: the artless dodger. In her case, conscience, like treason, is a matter of dates?

  13. Washington Examiner today has much of our analysis:

    Shades of Clinton and 2016 have Democrats nervous about Ralph Northam

    The Democratic candidate is leading in the final polls before Election Day, ahead by 3.3 points in the RealClearPolitics average the night before voters head to the polls, but Democrats are still nervous.

    The leading candidate is Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, the Democratic nominee for governor of Virginia. But these words could just as easily have been written about Hillary Clinton a year ago. That fact is what has Democrats on edge.

    Some Democrats see similarities between Clinton and Northam as candidates, while Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie’s bare-knuckled television campaign ads have borrowed a page from President Trump’s pugilistic playbook.

    “Well, it’s like Hillary Clinton is on the ballot in our state,” said a Virginia-based Democratic strategist. “Northam is the establishment candidate who has many of the things on paper that you’d like to see in a candidate but he suffers from a lack of charisma and excitement. That’s not helpful in a low-turnout race.”

    “Exacerbating that problem, the Latino Victory Fund ad handed Republicans an opportunity on a silver platter to energize their base. It was a very poor decision to run an ad like that, especially so close to the election,” the strategist added.

    This ad showed a truck displaying both a Gillespie bumper sticker and the Confederate flag menacing minority children, urging Virginians to wake up from this nightmare and vote for Northam. It was pulled after a terrorist ran people over in a rented truck in New York City.

    The Northam campaign disavowed the ad, which had shades of Clinton’s remarks about “deplorables,” while the firm that produced it, 76 Words, emailed out the spot the night before the election, saying, “We’re proud to have made the ad below. It does what advertising at its best is meant to do — make people talk, make people engage and make people respond.”

    “In Virginia, Ed Gillespie simply wrote a new chapter in an old and hateful playbook that runs backward from Donald Trump to Willie Horton to Jesse Helms, and far into the worst of our past,” the email read, arguing it was time for progressives to fight back.

    After the controversy, Northam was then seen as equivocating on “sanctuary cities” that do not fully cooperate with federal immigration enforcement, earning a rebuke from the liberal group Democracy for America. The organization’s executive director accused Northam of playing “directly into the hands of Republicans’ racist anti-immigrant rhetoric on sanctuary cities,” adding “we refuse to be silent any longer and even remotely complicit in the disastrous, racist, and voter-turnout-depressing campaign Ralph Northam appears intent on running.”

    Democracy for America’s founder, former Vermont governor and Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, dismissed his old group’s statement as an “incredibly stupid thing to say.”

    That’s why some in the Democratic Party fear the circular firing squad they avoided when Northam won the primary over Bernie Sanders-backed former Congressman Tom Perrielo by a bigger than expected margin will reemerge when it counts most, another replay of 2016.

    Northam, also like Clinton, had virtually no economic message and got into skirmishes that would have been better to avoid while instead talking about jobs and increasing economic opportunity for Virginians — and while using Trump to excite the Democratic base to turnout, especially women voters,” the Democratic strategist said. “A loss will fuel the fire of the simmering existential crisis in our party that will likely continue through the next presidential election that began thanks to the Sanders v Clinton campaigns.”

    All that being said, four of the most recent polls show Northam with leads of 1 to 5 points. The last poll to show Gillespie ahead was conducted by Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s former firm, the Polling Company, between 10/30 and 11/2.

    “I think Northam will win unless there’s an abnormally high turnout of Trump supporters, which is what Gillespie is shooting for,” said a second Democratic strategist.

    Other Democrats are still worried. Not only are they still recovering from the psychic shock of losing a presidential race they almost universally thought they would win — polling data guru Nate Silver was criticized for even giving Trump a chance while Clinton held a polling lead roughly as big as Northam’s now — against a candidate they believed was unfit to serve.

    But in the last gubernatorial race and a 2014 Senate contest in which Gillespie was the Republican nominee, the GOP overperformed the polls at the ballot box. The Democrats won both races anyway, but Northam’s lead may not be sturdy enough to withstand Republicans overperforming again.

    This time around several pollsters have included at least one pre-election weekend day in their final surveys. Only two did in 2013, none did in 2014. In theory, that means the polls should better capture any late break toward Gillespie and the GOP.

    Until the final election results are in, however, Democrats who have been disappointed before won’t let their guard down.


    Democratic infighting over DNC’s direction nearing flashpoint

    No matter what happens in Virginia, Democrats are approaching a moment of truth.

    Democrat Ralph Northam’s fortunes in Virginia’s gubernatorial race Tuesday will shape the party’s playbook for 2018, but either way Democrats are fed up with the Democratic National Committee.

    If the DNC doesn’t institute reforms being pushed by all rungs of the party, those who are holding back will soon be calling for heads to roll. Some are threatening to abandon the DNC, others say there could be cries for a revolt.

    The next few months will be pivotal for the party as the DNC struggles to maintain its relevance.

    The writing is on the wall,” said Jane Kleeb, DNC member and chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

    Much of the dissension centers around one committee: the Unity Reform Commission. After a tense 2016 presidential primary that left supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., disenchanted, DNC members voted at the national convention in Philadelphia to create the commission. Its task: Propose reforms to the presidential nominating process, making caucuses more accessible, and reducing the power of superdelegates.

    A December meeting of the commission is one of Kleeb’s “clear lines in the sand.” She supported Sanders during the primary and in a 30-minute conversation with the Washington Examiner tore into DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

    If we aren’t able to get Chairman Perez behind those proposals then what are we doing,” she said. “Are we saying to the grassroots that we actually are serious and listening to their concerns and anger because the grassroots — whether you’re Clinton, Sanders, Martin O’Malley, whomever — you’re angry right now, you’re angry we’re losing elections, you’re angry we’re not raising money, and angry there hasn’t been some clear reforms.”

    In a Medium post published on Saturday, Perez tried to calm reignited anger over the primary process stirred up by fresh allegations from former interim DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile’s book. Brazile’s recent comments have lent support to the contention that the 2016 nominating process was “rigged” against Sanders for Clinton’s benefit. [snip]

    But Kleeb’s grievances don’t stop there. She and others on the unity commission are irritated by the fact that no one from the Bernie wing of the party was appointed to the “most powerful committee” in the DNC — the Rules and Bylaws Committee.

    “If you are serious about bridging the ideological differences within our party and making sure that we’re all at the table then prove that to us,” Kleeb said. “It is not okay that there is not a single Bernie Sanders person on the Rules and Bylaws Committee. That is where all the structural changes and reforms get voted on.” [snip]

    While it’s common for brutal election years to stir up intraparty squabbles, the fact that discord remains pervasive within the DNC one year after the 2016 election is telling. What sounds like in-the-weeds bickering among Democratic factions is about much more. Bernie folks want their voices at the table because it means a different ideological viewpoint. The DNC might be diverse in other ways, but not ideologically, according to progressives.

    Do Democrats try to win back Trump voters, finding an economic message that sticks? Or do they focus on identity politics and driving up turnout among growing demographic groups? Or is it a fallacy that Democrats have to choose at all? The Bernie wing wants to be at the table for those debates.

    “Democrats were handed the largest and most diverse generation in history on a silver platter,” said Nomiki Konst, member of the DNC and the unity commission. “When you’re not getting those people who you don’t even have to win the hearts and minds of, there is something else that is the problem, and that’s why I think there needs to be institutional reform internally.”

    Konst and Kleeb agree that the upper echelons of the DNC — people around even before Perez — are so ensconced in their way of running the party and campaigns that nothing has changed since 2016.

    Perez inherited the DNC’s mess, but Konst said, little has changed since he took the helm.

    The Virginia gubernatorial race, Konst said, “is a test for Democratic leadership because it’s one of the last opportunities for them to prove their model works.”

    For Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, the “moment of truth” coming for Democrats extends beyond Virginia. Again, it all comes down to the Unity Reform Commission and whether the entire way the DNC does business is changed.

    “The DNC — with its Unity Reform Commission — is at a moment of truth about whether they want to be perceived as part of the solution,” Green said. “There’s nothing inherently powerful about the DNC as a structure. They need buy-in from Democratic donors, activists, and candidates themselves and what they do in this moment of truth will determine how big a role they play in 2018 and 2020.”

    “People are waiting and seeing what the Unity Reform Commission will do — a lot of people aren’t investing their time or their money into [the DNC] structure,” Green added. “I see it as a quest for relevance in the larger debates of the future of the Democratic Party.”

    Whatever happens during Tuesday’s elections, with all eyes on Virginia, Democrats will be looking inward as the year comes to a close and the internal strife at the DNC could foreshadow where the party is headed.

    “Do we field anti-establishment inspiring authentic progressives as our standard-bearers or milquetoast establishment actors?” Green said.

    All is as we have foreseen. The Rules and Bylaws Committee stole the nomination for Obama in 2008. It is still the central thief in the DNC.

    We hope all sides lose. The Perez faction is corrupt and want to maintain Obama’s control of the party. The Kook faction that wants “reform” only wants power to run more kooks for office. Both are losing models. Both deserve to lose. Both will lose. Winner? Trump! President Donald J. Trump!

  15. Update: Prediction time. This is a close one. Will Ed Gillespie pull out the win in Virginia. Hells bells this is a tough one. Gillespie had momentum going into the race so that gives him some edge. But Northam, as noted below, has all the advantages. So, to whom do we award the victory tonight?

    Gillespie. Gillespie wins Virginia. Why? Yeah, he’s a closer and he began to run a Trumpy campaign near the end of the race. But is this enough? Is this enough to carry him over the edge? No. This is not enough to carry him over the edge.

    But perhaps divine intervention? Um, divine intervention, hummm? You want divine intervention. Here’s divine intervention: this might just do it. This might just be enough to stop Dims from voting and the highly energized pro-Trump voters might toss Gillespie a favor and come out for him. If so, Gillespie wins.


  16. Manhattan DA to seek Weinstein indictment next week

    The Manhattan district attorney will seek an indictment against Harvey Weinstein sometime next week, according to law enforcement sources.

    The NYPD has been building a case against the predatory producer for allegedly raping actress Paz de la Huerta twice in 2010.

    Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said last week the department is sharing information with DA Cy Vance’s office and the next step would be to obtain an arrest warrant to pick up Weinstein in Arizona, where he is in rehab.

    But Vance instead plans on presenting a case to a grand jury first and waiting for an indictment, the sources said.


    A day without hearing about the potential indictment of Harvey Weinstein is like a day without sunshine!

  17. How far ye have fallen, Mr Boies-


    Gore Lawyer David Boies Implicated in Insane, Ornate Plot to Discredit Weinstein Accusers

    here are very few ways to adequately summarize the mindblowing allegations in a brand-new New Yorker article that reports Harvey Weinstein engaged in an ornate plot to discredit, intimidate and stop accusers from stepping forward. Hiring an intelligence firm named Black Cube (comprised of former Mossad and other Israeli intel agents) to use false identities to meet with journalists and alleged victims? Check. Attempting to squash the New York Times’ bombshell sexual harassment report? Check. Relying on massive corporate firms to dig up discrediting information on accusers? Check. Relying on high-profile attorneys…check.

    The names Davie Boies and Lisa Bloom are going to sound similar.

    Boies played no small role in American history: He represented Democratic candidate Al Gore in the 2000 Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore. The New Yorker report said he signed the contract ordering Black Cube to uncover information stopping the Times from publishing it’s story about Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment. That’s not necessarily what makes this problematic for him, however. It’s this: At the time, his law firm Boies Schiller Flexner represented the Times in a libel lawsuit.

    He denied this was a conflict of interest.

    more reading @:

  18. Regarding David Boies, will this bring back the sexual assault by Al Gore? This could unite the Harvey crimes with the RussiaRussiaRussia mania and not in a good way for Dims. This via Ben Shapiro:,-baby,-release-my-chakra-n1207783

    Gore: ‘Come on, Baby, Release my Chakra’

    According to the 73-page police report by a Portland, Ore., masseuse, Gore is not only an attempted adulterer, he’s a “crazed sex poodle.” And if any of what is laid forth in the report is true, he’s also exceptionally weird.

    His romantic evening with the masseuse began in Victorian-enough manner; he called the front desk of the Hotel Lucia on Oct. 24, 2006 and asked for a massage. When the masseuse arrived, Gore immediately turned on the global warming, hugging the masseuse a bit too close: “The hug went on a bit long, and I was taken just a bit aback by it,” said the masseuse. She also admitted that she didn’t protest because Gore “was a VIP and a powerful individual and the Hotel Lucia had made it clear … that they were giving him ‘the royal treatment.'”

    Apparently, “royal treatment” at the Hotel Lucia includes thigh massages, as well as angry demands for touching below the waist. Finally, Gore let loose with immortal phraseology, asking the masseuse to “release … his second chakra there.”

    For those who do not know, a “chakra” is a Sanskrit word for a force center, which exists on the “etheric” body of man. What does that mean? Nobody knows, but it allows leftist grease bags like Al Gore to sound spiritual when all they really want is a happy ending from a masseuse.

    But the masseuse’s journey into Al Gore’s romantic wonderland continued. As she attempted to back out of the room slowly, Gore leapt to his feet and “wrapped [her] in an inescapable embrace,” while caressing her “back and buttocks and breasts.” More than the planet had a fever, apparently.

    After forcing another Frencher on the masseuse and suggesting that they use the “treat box” in the room, Gore finally brought out his most seductive move: he steered her into the bedroom, where he brought out his iPod. He wanted the masseuse to listen to talentless Pink’s soporific attack on President George W. Bush, “Dear Mr. President.” She asks Bush some questions in the song — questions like “How do you sleep while the rest of us cry? … How do you walk with your head held high? … How can you say no child is left behind?” You can just see Gore bobbing his head in time to the music — perhaps the great man even did a little sexy dance for the nameless masseuse.

    To put a capper on things, Gore jumped on her, pushed her back on the bed, Frenched her again, and then “groped [her] breasts and painfully squeezed [her] nipples … pressed his pelvis against [hers].” Etc., etc., etc.

    In essence, the former vice president of the United States let his chakra out of the lockbox.

    The best part of the story was yet to come, however. When the masseuse told her friends that she’d been sexually assaulted by the horny horned-owl hero, they answered her in typical liberal fashion: “suck it up; otherwise, the world’s going to be destroyed from global warming.”

    You have to love people who are so stupid that they think Al Gore’s blustering blather about saving the planet means he gets to rape anybody he pleases.

    If Harvey gets indicted, what about Al?

  19. Polls closed at 7 in Virginia. Gillespie released robo calls from President Trump tonight so that might help Gillespie, along with the rain.

  20. admin, I tried the site while at Target using their wifi. Although I could access the main dot com page, the dot org pages, including the comments, were blocked. I was referred to a page that said the dot org pages were “hate and racism” :O

  21. Looks like Northam is ahead of Gillespie by 2 with 29% reporting. There is some stupid Libertarian sucking up 1% that may have gone to Gillespie.

  22. Doesn’t look good for Gillespie. His problem is the numbers are ok but the turnout for Gillespie are not at Trump levels.

  23. Fox News projects Northam has won in Virginia. We will not be able to see the full crazed meltdown among Dims tonight. It will just be the usually crazed meltdown, minus the full and total.

  24. The question for Gillespie tonight will be if he should have brought in President Trump and fully embraced him.

  25. Gillespie was always a Rino in reality

    Just amazing anyone would vote for a Democrat after everything we know now

  26. This South Korean speech started out with much flattery towards the South Korean people and government.

    The President Trump speech evolved into what can best be described as a bill of particulars for why the United States is declaring war on North Korea. It is a powerful listing of what North Korea has done and what it threatens. It continues with the American resolve to stop North Korea from threatening America and its allies.

    Great speech thus far.

  27. Update II: Winners and losers tonight? Big winner is Steve Bannon. Bannon has more evidence that the establishment way is the losers way. As President Trump, who gave a terrific speech in South Korea but took a few seconds immediately after to send a Tweet on the race put it, “Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for.” To win the GOP establishment must embrace President Trump. GOP candidates who try to be coy and two-faced with the public about whether or not they support President Trump – will lose.

    Big losers are all those who hope to “reform” the Obama Dimocrat Party into a party they control. Bernie Sanders and his bros, Donna Brazile, all those who want to get rid of the Dim establishment, they all lost. The Obama Dimocrat establishment has proof after the night’s election results that they can still win in states Hillary won. The Obama Dimocrat establishment can now say to the naysayers “we win when we run establishment candidates in states that Hillary won so stop whining about change. Hope for change in the Obama Dimocrat Party is dead. Dead.”

    Obama Dimocrats can’t win any state that President Trump won. As long as the status quo remains and President Trump wins states he won in 2016 and Obama Dimocrats win states they won in 2016 the big winner remains the champ, President Donald J. Trump. With this status quo result Obama Dimocrats can continue to lose and live to scream and rage at the results of their failures. For Obama Dimocrats winning the same states as they won in 2016 is losing.


  28. jbstonesfan
    November 7, 2017 at 11:33 pm
    Bad night for GOP but hopefully not an omen of mid terms.


    Ah yes, jbstonesfan, your ‘concern’ is duky noted.

    The Dems held on to D seats in NYC & VA and ‘won back’ a traditionally D seat in NJ that went to an R in a fluke whose administration was embroiled in scandal after scandal. A VERY bad night for GOP, indeed.

    Trump lost VA by 5, Gillipsie the weirdo Bush Republican lost it by 8. The lesson here is for the GOPe/NeverTrumps but they’re too obtuse to see it.

  29. admin
    November 7, 2017 at 10:57 pm
    What you say is true.

    It is also true that Virginia has a unique demographic.

    The critical mass of votes are in Northern Virginia.

    We find there is some of the wealthiest counties in the nation.

    Counties that profit from the expansion of government.

    Counties that are, frankly, part of the swamp.

    As such, they feel threatened to the core by the Trump revolution.

    Therefore, they will always, unfailingly, vote for a jackal if he is a democrat.

    That said, I shed no tears for rino Gillespee.

  30. Admin: Christian Adams at pjmedia echoes your analysis of the loss by kinder gentler Republican Ed Gillespe, the alter ego of Jebediah Bush . . . .

    Four years ago, Virginia conservatives were told you couldn’t win with a candidate who excited the Republican base. Conservatives were told that candidates like Ken Cuccinelli spelled certain doom, that the answer was a moderate establishment candidate. Tonight we now know that that candidate Ed Gillespie did worse than Ken Cuccinelli did. And Cuccinelli performed better without the support of the Virginia GOP establishment.

    Ed Gillespie is certainly a good fellow. But his campaign used messages from 2004 and tactics from 1996. It seemed to exist outside of the ferocious upheavals of the modern polarized political world.

    Let’s take a look at a few pieces of mail I received. Put aside the woeful electronic media campaign, and the nearly non-existent social media effort. Let’s just look at the mail.

    The messaging was almost nostalgic, longing for a political world pre-Trump, pre-Obama, pre-polarization. It’s as if President Bush was running for reelection in 2004, and it was no accident we seemed to get the same campaign. To the mail pieces.

    You know when a Republican cites MSNBC there’s trouble. When I received this, I assumed it was a mailing from a Democrat: “MSNBC – The Tone of Negative Politics Has to Change.”

    Great Scott, MSNBC?! A Republican? When MSNBC says the “tone of negative politics has to change,” I know exactly who and what they are talking about: Trump, conservatives, anyone with a principle, anyone who believes in the Constitution. What was it doing in my mailbox?

    But it got worse.

    Other material in support of Gillespie cited the loathsome Richmond Times and the even more loathsome DNC public relations firm known as the Washington Post.

    Direct mail piece. Highlight in original.
    “Many who have known him for years regard Mr. Gillespie as a centrist and a pragmatist,” announced the Washington Post. “Gillespie Urges Compassion,” hailed the Richmond Times.

    Pinch me. Am I awake? Am I dreaming I am back in Philadelphia in the summer of 2000? Is this the GOP convention? The “torn newspaper” clip art was from the age of Motorola flip-phones. Is the mailing a spoof, a well-targeted Northam effort to depress turnout among conservatives?


    But it wasn’t. It was real.

    Let’s be clear. Unlike plenty of other candidates, Gillespie is a good fellow. But Gillespie ran a Jeb campaign in a Trump world. In fact, he avoided the president and the president’s supporters noticed.

    Equally gracious is Gillespie’s wife Cathy. But when I got a campaign letter from her in support of her husband, I could only think – some consultant needs to lose their job for writing this and sending it to me. Let’s do the time warp, back to 1996 and the Dole campaign:

    “Ed and I first met playing in a Congressional softball league….” Again, there is nothing inherently wrong with this. But this is a political season where the electorate isn’t enamored by lifelong College Republicans, or even worse, TARs, otherwise known as Teenage Republicans.

    Direct mail letter. Underlines added.
    But it gets worse: “we were young staffers just starting out.” Oh. My. Most Virginians rank congressional staffers right up there with swindlers and telemarketers, rightly or wrongly. In this political climate, highlighting a long life in politics seems like a colossal blunder.

    But it gets even worse. “Ed and I have devoted most of our lives to service – working for and helping elected officials…” Again, there is nothing wrong with working for an elected official, but in this political climate?

    And in case there was any ambiguity, the letter continued, “Ed started his career on Capitol Hill in college, parking cars in the Senate Parking Lot.” At this point I wondered if this, too, was a well thought out Northam mailer, but alas it was not. It was real.

    Some will read this and ask, well what’s wrong with any of that? In fairness, nothing — and everything.

    There’s nothing wrong with honest work parking cars at the Senate. But it betrays a complete and unrecoverable disconnect with what is happening in the country. Either you get that, or you don’t.

    Trump won the presidency because he got it. Trump defeated plenty of candidates who didn’t, who thought the messages and tactics from decades ago still worked. They don’t, and Republicans need to adapt to this new rough environment of smashmouth ideological politics, at least if they want to win.

  31. The Muslims with their hijabs , multiple wife’s and even more multiple children are all over this country, in small towns, big cities, not assimilating, waiting for orders to complete their mission…

  32. From ACE and I agree, I stopped going to Drudge like 6 months ago !

    Before I leave this topic, I want to register my deep disappointment bordering on irritation at Matt Drudge. He’s swallowing the “big Democrat win” meme hook, line and sinker. Pro tip my friend, from a lowly co-blogger at a smart military blog: keep it up and you’ll turn into Hot Air Two, no-click boogaloo. And I would not want to see that happen to y

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