#WhatHappened? @RealDonaldTrump Happened: Thirteen Days In October

The confirmation of what we last wrote about the Kulturkampf is coming in every day. President Donald J. Trump is trumping the culture and without respite wreaking devastation on the political/cultural left.

Further, President Trump, like a boxer in his prime, with eight arms not the regulation two, delivers his powerful blows against leftist culture then recycles the blows to strike at leftist politics, then bludgeons the political left with the same blows he rains down on leftist culture then leftist politics then back to leftist culture.

It’s not just President Trump either. President Trump has so impacted the culture and the political swamps that it’s almost as if the political winds and tides act in obedience to the President.

All the while, President Trump gains strength as he weakens the left, which makes President Trump ever stronger to devastate the left even more. It’s a cycle that feeds the cycle, a fire that feeds the fire.

The one-two combination punches which lead to more one-two combination punches are fearsome and likely to increase in frequency and force.

* * * * * *

Culture War – Hillary Clinton, NFL, Weinstein, Virginia

Consider the issues President Trump addressed during the first thirteen days of October. On the culture side was the NFL and the millionaire players who refuse to stand and respect the American flag and the republic for which it stands. At a political election rally President Trump attacked the millionaire players who kneel and disrespect the flag. The NFL soon felt the gale force concussion-dealing blows from TrumpNado.

In walked Hillary Clinton to continue the cycle. Hillary defended the kneeling football players for their political stance disrespecting the flag on the cultural fields of football. Immediately President Trump pounced and politically trashed Hillary’s dumb defense of the cultural insult to the flag.

Somehow Hillary Clinton cannot understand that her hapless political support on this cultural issue helps President Trump. Somehow Hillary Clinton cannot see that it is the NFL, not President Trump, holding emergency discussions to try to defuse the issue which President Trump is only too happy to highlight every day. President Trump is winning on the cultural football kneelers issue and that helps him politically. Hillary, unable to see that she is lending support to vanquished armies, appears a dunce unable to distinguish a retreating army from an advancing army.

Hillary Clinton is also a figure in a cultural issue which has been used by the political left to attack President Trump specifically and the GOP generally. The issue is sexism and misogyny. Here, it is the political winds and tides doing President Trump’s bidding, not President Trump himself.

Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein and his crimes appear to the dunces to be a cultural issue. It’s not about hypocrisy though. It’s not about culture. It’s not about social norms. It’s about politics. The left has used culture issues as ammunition in the political war. Now it is all on the other foot as metaphorically mixed President Trump turns the tables, or rather the political winds and tides shift to favor President Trump and the GOP.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal is no longer about Harvey Weinstein. It never was just about Harvey Weinstein, as we explained. But the political left wanted to restrict the issue to Harv in order to protect the Hollywood cultural/political left and most importantly the entire structure of the political left leadership.

Again, Hillary Clinton, “clueless” as Alicia Silverstone’s character in the movie of the same name. Only, Hillary Clinton is pretending to be clueless. It took Hillary Clinton, defender of women, a long time to speak up about her pal Harvey. Then Hillary expressed shock and ignorance. The Harvey money would not be returned by Hillary however. Then today, any dunce that thought Hillary Clinton did not know about Harvey Weinstein became slack-jawed as a long-time Hillary and Bill crony from Hollywood, um, cut to the chase:

Harvey Weinstein may have been at the top of the sexual predator food chain, but these kinds of atrocities against women routinely go unreported and unpunished in the entertainment industry. The No. 1 casting criterion in Hollywood is that, above all else, an actress must be “hot and fuckable.” [snip]

As more and more women have come forward, A-listers who are normally intrepid, social injustice sniffers have scrambled to condemn Weinstein and announce that they had no idea all this was going on. Some said this despite knowing him for decades, starring in his films and being friends with accusers who starred in his films. [snip]

However, I will be the first to admit that clearly delineated moral choices can still be painfully complex where friendship is involved. One of the best friends I will ever have and a man I love dearly, former President Bill Clinton, has certainly taxed my feminist conscience, but always without diminishing my affection. I even helped write his apology to the nation for his own sexual misconduct, was sitting next to him when he delivered it, and believe to this day it was based on something that was none of our business. And yes, some may call it hypocritical, but I confess to having had no problem warning at least three top-level Democratic operatives against allowing Harvey Weinstein to host political fundraisers.

Top-level operatives of the party knew, and therefore Hillary knew. A good friend from Arkansas warned about the dangers of political fundraisers with now cultural pariah Harvey Weinstein so Hillary knew. But Hillary kept quiet and collected the cash. Same as the other women who knew. And the men who knew.

Gee, all those powerful, strong, bold women!!!! They all knew and they all kept quiet. Powerful rich women kept quiet. Women advertised as “strong and bold” kept quiet. Are there any truly strong women in the political/cultural leftist world???? Or are they all whores who pretended to be powerful and strong only to remain silent and tamed as long as the money was inserted?

Rose McGowen comes out the best in all this. Even better is the strong and powerful Ambra Battilana Gutierrez who after Harvey attacked her, immediately went to the police station to report the assault then cooperated with the police and recorded Weinstein only to have the politically powerful leftist District Attorney refuse to prosecute. Hillary Clinton? Yeah, she knew. So much for strong and powerful and bold.

Linda Bloodworth Thomason told top fundraisers about Harvey. But still Hillary Clinton went to Harvey Weinstein’s house to raise money. Praised Harvey Weinstein. Does anyone doubt that everyone knew and that many of those had to have warned Bill and Hillary Clinton that Harvey Weinstein was a predator even as he used his position of cultural power to help elect political figures?

Hillary Clinton knew. Hillary Cliton! When it is politically useful it is clit-on. When not, clit-off. Everybody knew:

We knew about the man’s hunger; his fervor; his appetite.
There was nothing secret about this voracious rapacity; like a gluttonous ogre out of the Brothers Grimm.
All couched in vague promises of potential movie roles.
(and, it should be noted: there were many who actually succumbed to his bulky charms. Willingly. Which surely must have only impelled him to cast his fetid net even wider).

But like I said: everybody-fucking-knew.

And to me, if Harvey’s behavior is the most reprehensible thing one can imagine, a not-so-distant second is the current flood of sanctimonious denial and condemnation that now crashes upon these shores of rectitude in gloppy tides of bullshit righteousness.

Because everybody-fucking-knew.

And do you know how I am sure this is true?
Because I was there.
And I saw you.
And I talked about it with you.
You, the big producers; you, the big directors; you, the big agents; you, the big financiers.
And you, the big rival studio chiefs; you, the big actors; you, the big actresses; you, the big models.
You, the big journalists; you, the big screenwriters; you, the big rock stars; you, the big restaurateurs; you, the big politicians.

I saw you.
All of you.
God help me, I was there with you.

They all knew. These leftist “cultural creatives” and leftist politicos all knew even as they pretend not to have known. They now denounce Harvey Weinstein only to watch their inner Harvey’s exposed like a flasher at a woman’s rights convention. Yeah, leftist Jeffrey Katzenbach, Molly Ringwald is talking about you:

The 49-year-old spoke about how she experienced harassment as early as 13 years old, when a fifty-year-old crew member said he would teach her to dance, ‘and then proceeded to push against me with an erection.’

A year later, she said, a married director stuck his tongue down her throat while on set.

When the magazine Movieline decided to feature Ringwald on their cover in 1995, ‘the head of a major studio – and, incidentally, someone who claims himself to be horrified by the Harvey allegations’ was quoted saying: ‘I wouldn’t know [Molly Ringwald] if she sat on my face.’

That studio head was later alleged to be Jeffrey Katzenberg by a number of outlets, linking to the magazine issue.

Jeffrey Katzenbach is one of the Katzenjammer leftists at the former DreamWorks, leftists all. Katzenbach made rich by his cultural life gives money to political Obama Dimocrats and other leftists to fulfill their leftist dreams.

Jeffrey Katzenbach and the other cultural leftists exposed alongside Harvey Weinstein will have to curtail their political donations as their money is now toxic. Katzenbach is not alone. Bob Weinstein, brother of Harve, tried to pretend he was shocked by Harve’s behavior. Soon Bob Weinstein too was exposed.

Ben Affleck, the non-talent wig wearing fatso who plays Batman in the latest “Justice League” is about to get justice as his many sexual assaults and harassments threaten the release of “Justice League” which was due in theaters in a few weeks. Bryan Singer, the talented director of X-Men and other big features does not like his vegetables but does like meat, little boy meat, and now he too is in trouble along with all of his ilk.

All these cultural leftists would ordinarily be called to use their “star” power to pull political loser candidates over the finish line in elections. Now, they are all neutered. Neither Matt Damon nor Ben Affleck, nor any of the Hollywood fakes will be going to Virginia for the big election there. It’s an election Obama Dimocrats know they cannot afford to lose:

Democrats See Virginia Governor Race as a Must-Win

A loss would give Republicans full control of Old Dominion government and raise questions about Democrats’ viability in a political environment seen to be trending in their favor. [snip]

But Virginia is often seen as something of a harbinger, however imperfect, of the political climate to come. Thus, Democrats are pulling out all the stops.

The Obama Dimocrat has led the Virginia Governor’s race in all polls except for the latest poll wherein Ed Gillespie, the Republican, is ahead. The kiss of death himself will campaign for Ralph Northam, the Obama Dimocrat, this Thursday. Why has Ed Gillespie raced to the top of the polls? A cultural issue President Trump began to speak about and which is a sure winner politically:

Gillespie recently rolled out new ads targeting Northam for being weak on crime and illegal immigration, and 40 percent of responders said they only trust Gillespie on crime. Just 24 percent of responders said the opposite, that they only trust Northam on crime.

President Trump spoke out about the MS-13 gang and Gillespie uses the gang’s slogan in a very provocative ad:

There was a time, before Trump, when race-baiting worked to elect Obama Dimocrats. No longer. RAPE, KILL, CONTROL are the MS-13 motto. President Trump is not afraid to speak out on cultural issues and therefore wins politically and now others follow his lead.

Obama Dimocrat Northam needed Barack Obama to campaign for him in order to bring in the black vote. But Northam has tried to play a sneaky game and he has been caught:

The cultural game of white southern leftist candidates pretending to love black people but keeping pictures of black candidates off the literature doesn’t work any more. President Trump has taught Republicans how to fight back fearlessly on both cultural and political grounds.

Thirteen Days: Enemies Foreign And Domestic – Iran, ObamaCare

The earlier “thirteen days in October” of significance involved JFK’s confrontation with the Soviet Union and Cuba. President Donald J. Trump the first thirteen days of October 2017 likewise has confronted America’s enemies, foreign and domestic.

The actions of the first thirteen days are exactly what we suggested a few days after his election victory President Donald J. Trump should do:

We know exactly what President Donald J. Trump must do, how he must do it, and when he must do it. Ignore what anyone else says. We know. We know. We know. [snip]

President Donald J. Trump must do exactly the opposite of what Barack Obooberama did in exactly the opposite way of how and when Obooberama did it.

It’s not even a year, yet the man who never sleeps is no longer slowly moving his agenda forward. After months of preparatory work and lots and lots of action, President Trump is now draining the swamps, moving his agenda forward, pushing the entire federal bureaucracy to move forward, and making huge leaps and bounds to move the Trump MAGA agenda forward across all fronts.

We explained the first months of President Donald J. Trump would be equivalent to the creation of an invasion beachhead on hostile territory:

Against Big Media, the Dimocrats, the GOP establishment, the intelligencia, Academia, Big Business, Big Institutions, the neo-con right, and the totalitarian left, Donald J. Trump fought and won. [snip]

President Trump represents an invasion that seeks to overthrow the political order. The political order will fight back.

What President Trump understands is that once you land on the beach the imperative is to move swiftly inland and capture territory. President Trump, like the General Patton he so often references, knows that the army must move forward with surprising speed and worry about patching problems up as you go along.

Some parts of the beachhead advance. Other parts of the invasion are stalled. The order is to keep moving forward. There’s blood everywhere. The necessity is to break through the roadblocks and move forward. Move forward. There’s blood everywhere, but move forward, even when it is your friend that was mowed down, move forward, move forward: [snip]

Let’s look at the entire battlefield: the GOP establishment continues to fight back with delay tactics while the neo-cons and their bureaucratic allies continue all out war with flame-throwers and exhortations to fight on against President Trump. From the left it is madness and fury against President Trump. All along President Trump continues to move forward, move forward.

From late January until September 2017 the battle was to capture the beachhead and bring order to the chaotic invasion forces and logistics. Establish the beachhead, then more forward, move forward.

The beachhead is now established. The enemy fortifications identified and at the first stages of destruction. The Generals and supplies are all on the beachhead; the invasion moves forward, forward.

The first thirteen days in October: when the political/cultural invasion of the swamp blasts through to destroy the outflanked enemy.

Save America – Destroy Everything Obama Did

We’re not alone in recognizing the monumental events during the first thirteen days in October. The leftists at Yahoo News saw the ‘do the opposite of everything Obooberama did’ after that fateful Friday the 13thstrategy:

After weeks of seeing his agenda imperiled by Republican divisions and infighting among his aides, Trump has been a whirl of activity this week, reasserting his campaign priorities and trying to deliver wins for his fervent but frustrated base of supporters.

Trump took steps to dramatically undercut the Obamacare health system, sent notice he was willing to scuttle the nuclear deal with Iran, moved to roll back coal-plant limits, and again demanded a wall along the Mexican border.

And on social media the Republican president appeared to relish his feuds with the news media, senior Republicans in Congress, and National Football League players who have protested during the national anthem. [snip]

But by the end of the week, he had made more progress in undoing the policy accomplishments of his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, than he had in some time.

To Make America Great Again, the Obama agenda had to be destroyed, and that is what President Trump has done the first thirteen days of October:

4 Ways Trump Has Moved to Undo His Predecessors’ Legacies [snip]

What Mr. Trump Has Done: The Trump administration has made a variety of moves, including two major actions on Thursday, that could fundamentally undermine the viability of the federal health care marketplaces, a central part of the law.

The most recent actions — allowing insurance companies to sell less expensive plans with fewer benefits and ending subsidies to insurance companies that help low-income consumers pay out-of-pocket costs — are the latest in a series of initiatives that strike at the heart of the insurance marketplaces set up under the law. Earlier moves included cuts to advertising and services that help consumers sign up for plans on the marketplaces, as well as an effort to weaken enforcement of the individual mandate. [snip]

The Iran Nuclear Deal

The United States and five other world powers reached a deal with Iran in July 2015 to limit that country’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting crippling international sanctions. The Obama administration argued that while the deal did not include all of the provisions it wanted, it was the “best bet” toward curbing Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

What Mr. Trump Has Done: On the campaign trail, Mr. Trump regularly denounced the deal, saying that it did not last long enough and that it did not cover ballistic missile launches or Iranian involvement in regional terrorist activity. After reluctantly recertifying the deal in July, Mr. Trump said Friday that he would not certify Iran’s compliance again.

Even the leftists at The Atlantic understand that President Trump had to do what he did because Barack Obama was either a treacherous America hater, a full tilt boob, or both:

In withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and the Paris climate-change accord, in announcing that he was “canceling” the U.S. opening to Cuba, Trump seemed similarly determined to dismantle Obama’s achievements in international affairs. [snip]

But to the extent that Obama’s foreign-policy legacy is under threat, it’s not only Trump that’s doing the threatening. Some accomplishments are fraying for reasons that have nothing to do with the 45th president’s apparent contempt for the 44th. Obama’s legacy partially depends on his bets that certain countries—Cuba, Iran, Burma—would, with time, respond positively to diplomacy, which the former president once described to The Atlantic as “the element of American power that the rest of the world appreciates unambiguously.”

Yet in the admittedly short time since Obama left office, those bets haven’t paid off unambiguously. The Obama administration’s efforts to encourage Burma’s transition to democracy and to create favorable conditions for Iranian leaders to moderate, for instance, are now in jeopardy in large measure because of actions taken by those governments. These shortcomings raise questions about whether Obama, who considers himself a realist, was overly optimistic about the possibilities of engagement. [snip]

Meanwhile, Obama prided himself on keeping the United States out of new military quagmires—on endeavoring to leave his successor with a “clean barn”—but his failures to halt North Korea’s nuclear-weapons advances, tame the Taliban and other militant groups in Afghanistan, and stanch the bloodletting in Syria saddled the Trump administration with the prospect of new or renewed military conflicts in those countries. [snip]

Speaking to reporters last week, John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff, offered a different interpretation of why Trump has pursued the policies he has. “I don’t mean any criticism to Mr. Trump’s predecessors,” Kelly said, before laying the criticism on thick: “But there is an awful lot of things that were, in my view, kicked down the road that have come home to roost, pretty much right now, that have to be dealt with.”

On foreign policy, President Trump has to reverse the Obama policies if we are ever to Make America Great Again.

On domestic policy, President Trump has to reverse the Obama policies if we are ever to Make America Great Again.

On simple things such as the culturally important “Merry Christmas” greeting, President Trump in October has made it clear that he will say “Merry Christmas” and encourage “Merry Christmas” with the same vigor he has “encouraged” the NFL to respect the flag. The politically correct euphemisms such as “seasons greetings” or “happy holidays” should not be forced from those that want to say “Merry Christmas”.

On complicated issues such as ObamaCare, President Trump will attack America’s domestic enemies. So bad was ObamaCare that low and middle-class households paid the penalty rather than saddle themselves with the horror of ObamaCare. Things will get better thanks to President Trump.

On issue after issue President Trump is fighting to Make America Great Again. Russia? It turns out that the big scandal on Russia is not Trump related, but rather Hillary Clinton related, Barack Obama related, Eric Holder related, Justice Department related, FBI related.

There’s a lot for President Donald J. Trump to do. We’ll write about the death dealing political earthquakes to come real soon. For now, we can rejoice on all that President Donald J. Trump has accomplished, especially during the first thirteen days in October.


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  1. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article179293446.html

    Trump’s small-dollar donors fuel surge in GOP fundraising

    WASHINGTON — The Republican National Committee raised more than $100 million in the first nine months of 2017, marking the first time it has raised that much, that fast, in a non-presidential election year.

    The record-breaking fundraising can be largely attributed to a flurry of small-dollar donors responding to fundraising appeals by the first Republican president in eight years, Donald Trump, according to a new report to be released later this week and obtained by McClatchy.

    The numbers give Republicans a large cash advantage over Democrats as they look to retain control of both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections next year.

    Last month, the RNC hired state directors in 17 states across the nation, including Florida, Missouri and North Carolina, as part of what the party says will be the most expansive midterm field program in its history. [snip]

    The Democratic National Committee, which kicks off its fall meeting Thursday in Las Vegas, has not yet released its fundraising for September.

    But through August, Republicans had raised almost twice as much as the Democrats and had nearly seven times as much money in the bank. The RNC had raised $93.3 million with $47.1 million cash on hand while the DNC raised $46.3 million and had $6.8 million cash on hand.

    Trump collected a record-settling $239 million from donors who contributed $200 or less during his 2016 campaign. So far this year, almost 60 percent — more than $44 million of the $75 million the RNC raised in direct contributions — came from small donations, often after Trump sent pleas asking supporters to “drain the swamp” of business as usual. More than 98 percent of those who gave to the RNC were small-dollar donors. [snip]

    With three weeks left until Election Day, it has spent $3 million in Virginia to aid Republican Ed Gillespie and helped fund 85 field staffers, along with the state party and Republican Governors Association. That’s a larger in-state presence than Republicans had there in 2016. Republicans have made 1.5 million door knocks and 680,000 calls and amassed 1,700 volunteers.

    Our record-breaking fundraising has been fueled by grassroots enthusiasm for President Trump and the Republican Party,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “The overwhelming support has enabled the RNC to have a virtually uninterrupted presence in key states like Virginia since 2013.”

  2. Yes, PDT is slowly erasing O…soon he will be but a faint fading memory…


    …on another note…can we all give KUDOS to Senator Grassley…

    Senator Grassley is 84 years old and in essence, he is leading the charge in the Senate to make “Justice ” Just again…particularly with all the blatant conflicts of interest in the Justice Dept & FBI…unfreaking believable…all the same corrupt players playing on all sides & protecting themselves…

    …and with the current part time Attorney General Sessions being sidelined to passivity instead of the charging aggressive AG that is needed during these tumultuous and fraudulent times…instead we have a whimpy guy who is boxed in…and seemingly afraid to stand up for even himself…

    btw…BREAKING tonight on Hannity…Victoria Toensing, the attorney representing the “gagged informant” in the Hillary Uranium FBI bribe ‘collusion’ scandal said that Senator Grassley’s office has contacted her & he wants to speak with the informant as it relates to his investigation

    I love Senator Grassley…one of the real Lions left in that Senate…

    some background for those catching up with fast moving developments…


  3. 1484 US soldiers died while Obama was POTUS. MSM didn’t give a shit.

    Obama dropped a bomb every day of his 2 terms. MSM didn’t give a shit.

    Obama is only POTUS to be at war every day of his presidency. MSM didn’t give a shit.

    Obama called terror attack at Ft. Hood workplace violence. MSM didn’t give a shit.

    Obama was first POTUS in 30 years to have a US ambassador killed on his watch. MSM didn’t give a shit.

    Obama had the maker of a crappy youtube video jailed to cover up Benghazi attack. MSM didn’t give a shit.

    Obama dropped pallets of cash on Iran in secret. M

    Trump says ” I didn’t say what the congresswoman says I did.” MSM in f***ing hysterics. “Trump needs to leave these gold star families alone!!!!!!!” they cry.

    Yes these same a–holes who openly state that *standing* for national anthem is racist are claiming moral high ground on patriotism.

    And even after getting everything spectacularly wrongfor last 2 years they still haven’t learned that they are irrelevant, they no longer “set the narrative.” They delude themselves thinking they have something to say worth hearing.

  4. What Trump is accomplishing is great. But I still don’t see why he can’t help himself even more and move things along even faster by making some bold moves in the justice department and helping those that are trying to help him. I hope that’s coming before much longer.

  5. Remember when Hillary et al just gave up and threw in with Obama in 2008? Was the Uranium One deal with Russian kickbacks part of it which Obama and gang allowed it all to go through as planned even if she was not president if she just capitulated. She got the money (with SOS office to run it through) and DOJ protection and Obama got the White House and any corruption he could cook up on his own and she was next in line for 2016 guaranteed. Did Obama Inc. get some of the Russian money after it was laundered through the Clinton Foundation/CGI for all the cronies and the Clinton’s lifestyle expenses? His gang is awfully quiet and probably sniggering.

    If there is a Russia scam there are others not made public yet. And isn’t it telling/amusing that the first thing out of Hillary’s brain and mouth after she lost to Trump is “Russian collusion” when she is trying to cover her ass with her furious donors. That is classic psychological projection at a juvenile or dumb criminal level.

  6. CBS stock price analysis is just the beginning of the trickle down implosion of the culture war. Hollowing out the culture is/was a way to make money. Weinstein is a money man for the rotten Hollywood filth. No one is surprised that a top level entertainment money man is a thug with many criminal behaviors. Mafioso’s had them too. Violent, conscienceless, grasping, gluttonous, little or no impulse control, THUGGISH. It makes you think of fascists, Mussolini, depraved cartels, debauched 1930’s Berlin, etc. One behavior leads to another as they get away with more and more. Money fuels it and power accepts it as long as the money is flowing.

    All of this is interconnected. Entertainment, media, sports, fascism, globalism, etc. Pro football keeps networks afloat including news media and pop culture media which floats movies, Weinsteins, and Democrats. Collapse their revenue streams (viewership and ads in pro sports for networks and bank deals for movie projects) leads to stock price drops or expose their money men (Weinstein and the banks who financed him) as criminal sadist bullies and perverts and that entertainment branch hits the shit. How much “value” in stock price wealth has evaporated since the culture war declaration and undermining of “entertainment” began with a Trump candidacy. A huge amount. Catastrophic really. This all financed and harangued for Democrats. And now it is fading to a squeak or gone. Their money and “cover” is melting away. Lucky Trump.

  7. imo…as the clouds begin to slowly, ever so slowly, dissipate and we start to see things did not go as planned for the O admin, the O Justice Dept, the O FBI & the corrupt Clinton SOS dept…(funny isn’t it, how the American people withstood all the machinations to brainwash them and keep them in the dark & enslaved to the Deep O & Clinton swamp… but I disgress)

    funny how the American people defied the Swamp & elected PDT anyway…and now the clouds begin to clear & we all begin to see some of what The Swamp has done & left in its path…

    imo…the O/Clinton Swamp et al their aligned Deep Swamp immediately put into place “the Trump Collusion” ‘fairytale’ (as some call it) to start a massive distraction to cover their tracks & take down DT at the same time…

    …and they set a trap for the mealy mouthed Jeff Sessions, again a good man but the wrong man, as he was being confirmed for AG, the job he has wanted his whole life…

    and what did Jeff Sessions do…he caved & took the bait…right out of the gate he recused himself, made himself a back bencher …and opened the door to the Swamp to come in & undo all DT & The Trump Train had held strong to fight for and to accomplish…(so for The Swamp, mission accomplished at The Justice Dept, one down, on to the next)

    Jeff Sessions is the reason we have the Special Counsel and a year of these multiple & costly investigations…Jeff Sessions helped create this cottage industry of hate motivated to destroy PDT…

    when I heard him say yesterday that his subordinate, Rothstein, would have to decide if he should recuse himself re; Grassley’s coming investigation…when Rothstein, Mueller, Comey, Hillary & O are all at the center of it…I wanted to scream…but what’s the use…(makes you wonder who is the boss at the Justice Dept? doesn’t sound like Sessions to me) (at the least he could have said “we’ll have to review that” but he just gave it up)

    Jeff Sessions is more than a disappointment, he is compromised & weak…and I believe…afraid…afraid of The Swamp…

    now, I hold out one tiny, tiny sliver, that with a boss like PDT and now prompting & support from Grassley & his committee, Sessions will wake the hell up & do his job and I hope for all of us he does, I want so much to be wrong about him & think this clueless act is just part of his strategy in this high stakes poker game…but when I see that ‘deer in the headlights look of fear’ in his eyes…I don’t see the fierce steely, unwavering look you get from a leader like DT, or a Guiliani, or even, for all his faults, a Christie…FIGHTERS, I don’t see that in Sessions…I see unsteady…

    BUT…we’ll see…

    …if Jeff Sessions doesn’t show a pulse with all that Grassley will attempt to bring to the light of day…he has to go…his days must be numbered…not just for PDT’s sake…but for the sake of restoring Justice and credibility to the Justice Dept & USA and help in eliminating the Swamp…

  8. Neglecting Fort Hood Survivors Is a National Disgrace
    Apr 19, 2016 Kathy Platoni is a retired Colonel in the U.S. Army and a survivor of the Fort Hood massacre.
    “…Neglecting to call the massacre terrorism meant that it took almost six years for the U.S. to award Purple Heart medals to the victims and the families of the fallen. They were only awarded these medals last April after Congress broadened the requirements for recipients to include attacks where “the individual or entity was in communication with the foreign terrorist organization before the attack.”
    At that time, Secretary of the Army John McHugh agreed to grant special compensations to the wounded in action and the families of those killed in action. To date, many of these endowments have yet to be provided in full. Furthermore, these special compensations will pathetically never be paid retroactively to the date of the Fort Hood massacre, but only to the date of the Purple Heart ceremony….”

    And the caption on the picture at that place is perfect for the current occasion:
    Soldiers listen to the US national anthem during a memorial service at #FtHood in Texas on 4.9. 2014. Brendan Smialowski—AFP/Getty Images

  9. next move is up to Attorney General, Jeff Sessions…it is in his power to make a decision today…

    (this will be telling, Session justice dept is already denying & dedacting documents to Fitton & Judicial Watch on issues important to the Trump admin & for the public’s knowledge that were part of the O admin shenaghins)

    Mr. Sessions…show us what you’ve got…



    CARLSON: As a legal matter, how can the Justice Department from a previous administration told the Congress of the United States, elected officials that they can’t talk to an American citizen about allegations of bribery that put our national security at risk? How does that work?

    SCHWEIZER: Well, it really shouldn’t work and can’t work and what I mean is the Department of Justice today under President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, could tomorrow come back and say we are removing this gag order, that we believe that there’s a compelling national interest to know. We want this individual to testify before Congress. We want the public to know exactly what went on.

    So, this is not something that’s unbreakable, but it just simply takes a request from the Department of Justice to remove that gag order. If that gag order is not removed, I think it’s doubtful this businessman will want to go public, because he doesn’t want to be in legal jeopardy


    “gagged informant’s attorney” Victoria Toensing (sp) says that the Justice Dept cannot stop another branch of govt, the Legislative Branch from interviewing ‘the informant’ to assist in the investigation

    let’s see whose side JS is on…

  10. Watching football on Sundays (and Monday/Thursday) has been part of the national culture. PDT is trumping even this strongly engrained and addictive sports culture. As business owners notice President Trump’s influence on even the fanatic sports culture base, the owners and members of other culture groups (such as Hollywood) begin to understand how President Trump trumps their segment of the culture too.


    BOSTON (CBS) — For most of the 2016 season, the NFL largely blamed the U.S. presidential election for a decline in TV ratings. But with the league’s numbers down another 7.5 percent so far in 2017, amid a growing backlash to players’ national anthem protests, the owners are finally taking the ratings decline seriously.

    A new column by The MMQB’s Albert Breer details some of the stats related to the NFL’s dropping TV ratings, and the way it affected a private meeting between players and owners on Tuesday and Wednesday at the NFL League Office in New York. He says the falling TV ratings “might just be the first proof” that the continued “discord” over player protests is negatively impacting everyone’s bottom line.

    Due to the ratings figures and the owners’ reaction to them, Breer deduced that recent comments made by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones – which threatened to punish players who do not stand during the national anthem – were actually meant to connect with disgruntled TV viewers, those who are deciding to tune out the NFL in response to players’ decisions to kneel or otherwise protest during the anthem.

    Nielsen reported earlier this week that the NFL’s TV ratings were down by 7.5 percent compared to the first six weeks of the 2016 season. But numbers reported to the owners at the meeting were even more alarming.

    Twenty-five of 31 NFL teams (excluding the Chargers) are experiencing local declines in ratings, including an 8 percent drop for the Patriots, 7 percent for the Cowboys, and 6 percent for the Steelers. Only the Chiefs, Buccaneers, and Lions are up by more than 5 percent. [snip]

    The figures presented to the owners on Tuesday and Wednesday are one of the biggest signs yet that the NFL is losing viewers at a rate that goes beyond simple cord-cutting, or even a diminished on-field product. That owners chose to take serious notice of the ratings drop this week, during a meeting that was supposed to be about giving the players a chance to address social issues and their related protests, speaks volumes about how the ongoing controversy is affecting their viewership.

    A number of fans have been declaring themselves part of a “boycott” of the NFL since last season, when Colin Kaepernick started the national anthem protest movement. There were other factors in last season’s ratings dip, as there always are – but there’s no election to fall back on now. It’s still hard to accurately gauge the impact of the anthem protest backlash, but it appears that it has grown enough to actually catch the attention of owners.

  11. https://www.axios.com/republican-senators-ask-mcconnell-to-open-senate-24-7-2498313832.html

    Nine Republican senators have signed a letter to Mitch McConnell calling on him to “turn the Senate on full time, 24/7, to advance the president’s agenda.” The senators write that “perversion of Senate rules” by Democrats, “designed to imperil” Trump’s agenda, necessitates the step.

    This comes after McConnell told Senate Republicans that he planned to keep them working more Fridays and weekends. It shows the pent up frustration Republicans are feeling after a series of legislative setbacks.

  12. Robert Mueller is a scumbag:


    Is special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, appointed in mid-May to lead the investigation into suspected ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and various shady (aren’t they all?) Russian officials, the choirboy that he’s being touted to be, or is he more akin to a modern-day Tomas de Torquemada, the Castilian Dominican friar who was the first Grand Inquisitor in the 15th Century Spanish Inquisition?

    Given the rampant media partisanship since the election, one would think that Mueller’s appointment would lend credibility to the hunt for violations of law by candidate, now President Trump and his minions.

    But I have known Mueller during key moments of his career as a federal prosecutor. My experience has taught me to approach whatever he does in the Trump investigation with a requisite degree of skepticism or, at the very least, extreme caution.

    When Mueller was the acting United States Attorney in Boston, I was defense counsel in a federal criminal case in which a rather odd fellow contacted me to tell me that he had information that could assist my client. He asked to see me, and I agreed to meet. He walked into my office wearing a striking, flowing white gauze-like shirt and sat down across from me at the conference table. He was prepared, he said, to give me an affidavit to the effect that certain real estate owned by my client was purchased with lawful currency rather than, as Mueller’s office was claiming, the proceeds of illegal drug activities.

    My secretary typed up the affidavit that the witness was going to sign. Just as he picked up the pen, he looked at me and said something like: “You know, all of this is actually false, but your client is an old friend of mine and I want to help him.” As I threw the putative witness out of my office, I noticed, under the flowing white shirt, a lump on his back – he was obviously wired and recording every word between us.

    Years later I ran into Mueller, and I told him of my disappointment in being the target of a sting where there was no reason to think that I would knowingly present perjured evidence to a court. Mueller, half-apologetically, told me that he never really thought that I would suborn perjury, but that he had a duty to pursue the lead given to him. (That “lead,” of course, was provided by a fellow that we lawyers, among ourselves, would indelicately refer to as a “scumbag.”)

    This experience made me realize that Mueller was capable of believing, at least preliminarily, any tale of criminal wrongdoing and acting upon it, despite the palpable bad character and obviously questionable motivations of his informants and witnesses. (The lesson was particularly vivid because Mueller and I overlapped at Princeton, he in the Class of 1966 and me graduating in 1964.)

    Years later, my wariness toward Mueller was bolstered in an even more revelatory way. [snip]

    The day of the meeting, I walked into the DOJ conference room, where around the table sat a phalanx of FBI agents. My three colleagues joined me. Mueller walked into the room, went to the head of the table, and opened the meeting with this admonition, reconstructed from my vivid and chilling memory: “Gentlemen: Criticism of the Bureau is a non-starter.” (Another lawyer attendee of the meeting remembered Mueller’s words slightly differently: “Prosecutorial misconduct is a non-starter.” Either version makes clear Mueller’s intent – he did not want to hear evidence that either the prosecutors or the FBI agents on the case misbehaved and framed an innocent man.)

    Special counsel Mueller’s background indicates zealousness that we might expect in the Grand Inquisitor, not the choirboy.

  13. Donald J. Trump’s election was necessary to uncover all the treacheries of the Obama gangsters:


    Judiciary Committee calls on former FBI informant to testify about Uranium One

    Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley asked the attorney of a former FBI informant Wednesday to allow her client to testify before his committee regarding the FBI’s investigation regarding kickbacks and bribery by the Russian state controlled nuclear company that was approved to purchase twenty percent of United States uranium supply in 2010, Circa has learned.

    In a formal letter, Grassley, an Iowa Republican, asked Victoria Toensing, the lawyer representing the former FBI informant, to allow her client, who says he worked as a voluntary informant for the FBI, to be allowed to testify about the “crucial” eyewitness testimony he provided to the FBI regarding members of the Russian subsidiary and other connected players from 2009 until the FBI’s prosecution of the defendants in 2014.

    Toensing’s client was an American businessman who says he worked for four years undercover as an FBI confidential witness. Toensing said he was blocked by the Obama Justice Department, under then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, about testifying to Congress about his time as an informant for the FBI. He contends that he has pertinent information that the Russian’s were attempting to gain access to former President Bill Clinton and his wife, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to influence the Obama administration’s decision on the purchase of Uranium One, Toensing said.

    “Reporting indicates that “the informant’s work was crucial to the government’s ability to crack a multimillion dollar racketeering scheme by Russian nuclear officials on U.S. soil” and that the scheme involved “bribery, kickbacks, money laundering, and extortion,” Grassley states in his letter. “Further, the reporting indicates that your client can testify that ‘FBI agents made comments to him suggesting political pressure was exerted during the Justice Department probe’ and ‘that there was specific evidence that could have scuttled approval of the Uranium One deal.’ It appears that your client possesses unique information about the Uranium One/Rosatom transaction and how the Justice Department handled the criminal investigation into the Russian criminal conspiracy.”

    Grassley added that “such information is critical to the Committee’s oversight of the Justice Department and its ongoing inquiry into the manner in which CFIUS approved the transaction. Accordingly, the Committee requests to interview your client.”

    Toensing, who formerly worked under the Reagan Justice Department and is the former chief counsel of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said told Circa Tuesday that she was attempting to get Congress to persuade the Trump Justice Department or the FBI to free her client of a non-disclosure agreement he signed with the FBI so that he can talk to lawmakers.

    Toensing told Circa, the letter from Grassley is important and “sets up a constitutional issue, the executive branch cannot prevent somebody from giving information to the legislative branch.”

    “He’s truly a patriot, he started this because he cares for his country and he’s doing this because he cares for his country,” said Toensing of her client. [snip]

    Grassley said he wants to know why the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, approved the Rosatom purchase of Uranium One despite the existence of an FBI investigation which could have impacted CFIUS’ approval.

    Circa reported Tuesday that 15 months before the 13 members of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, known as CFIUS, approved the sale of Uranium One to Russia’s nuclear arm giant Rosatom, the FBI had already began investigating persons who were connected to the Russian state corporation.

    The FBI said in court documents and in interviews conducted by Circa that by 2010 they had gathered enough evidence to prove that Rosatom-connected officials were engaged in a global bribery schedule that included kickbacks and money laundering. Despite that, the U.S. government approved the sale.

    FBI officials told Circa the investigation could have prevented the sale of Uranium One, which controlled 20 percent of U.S. uranium supply under U.S. law. The deal which required approval by CFIUS, an inter-agency committee who reviews transactions that leads to a change of control of a U.S. business to a foreign person or entity that may have an impact on the national security of the United States. At the time of the Uranium One deal the panel was chaired by then-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and included then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then-Attorney General Eric Holder.

  14. http://nypost.com/2017/10/19/kelly-defends-trumps-call-to-gold-star-widow/

    White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Thursday gave a powerful defense of President Trump’s handling of a call to a Gold Star widow of a soldier who was killed in Niger — and ripped a Florida lawmaker for politicizing the issue.

    “There’s no perfect way to make that phone call,” he said in his first public comments on the controversy over the call, which slain Sgt. La David Johnson’s mother Cowanda Jones-Johnson and a Florida lawmaker who knew him called disrespectful.

    If you’ve never worn the uniform, if you’ve never been in combat, you can’t even imagine how to make that call but I think he very bravely does make those calls.”

    Kelly, who lost his marine lieutenant son in Afghanistan, said he advised Trump not to make the calls because it was so difficult to deliver such a tragic message.

    But the president, he said, insisted that he thought it was the right thing to do.

    ”He said to me, ‘What do I say?’ ‘I said to him, ‘Sir, there’s nothing you can do to lighten the burden on these families,” he said.

    He then said a military friend had told him how he handled the calls, and he shared the advice with the president.

    The friend, he said, would tell loved ones that the deceased “was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. He knew what he was getting into by joining that 1 percent. He knew what the possibilities were.”

    That phrasing is similar to what Johnson’s family said Trump told them, that the sergeant “knew what he signed up for.”

    Kelly also blasted Democratic Rep. Frederica S. Wilson for listening in and politicizing the call that Trump had made.

    “It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me,” he said, adding that the death of someone serving their country in the military was sacred.

    I just thought the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die in the battlefield, I thought that might be sacred. And when I listened to this woman and what she was saying and what she was doing on TV, the only thing I could do to collect my thoughts was to go and walk among the finest men and women on this earth,” he said.

    The lawmaker had gone on television Wednesday morning to attack the president, and engaged in a twitter war with the commander in chief as well.

    And you can always find them. Because they’re in Arlington National Cemetery. Went over there for an hour and a half, walked among the stones some of whom I put there because they were doing what I told them to do when they were killed,” Kelly said.

    The marine general also said he was not criticizing ex-President Obama when he told trump that Obama had not for called him after his son Robert Kelly was killed by an Afghan police officer in an ambush.

    Kelly also described how families are notified when a service member is killed, saying an officer is dispatched to the family’s home early in the morning, waits for the first light to come on and then knocks on the door to deliver the devastating news.

    He also described how he and his wife learned of their own son’s death.

    “When my son was killed his friends were calling us from Afghanistan, telling us what a great guy he was,” Kelly said in a steady, subdued voice.


    White House chief of staff John Kelly lashed out at Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) on Thursday, saying he was “stunned” by her negative description of President Trump’s call to the wife of a U.S. soldier killed in Niger.

    I was stunned when I came to work yesterday morning,” he told reporters during an impromptu appearance at the White House press briefing, adding he was “broken hearted” over the negative publicity surrounding the call.

    Wilson revealed that Trump told the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson that her husband “knew what he was getting into.”

    I would have thought that was sacred,” Kelly said of Trump’s conversation with Myeshia Johnson. Wilson was present for the call.

    Wilson’s statements “eroded [it] a great deal,” said Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general who lost a son in Afghanistan.

  15. Now F’n George Dubya is running his stupid mouth promoting globalism and dissing President Trump. Race baiting and hypocrisy at it’s best. I guess he has not got the word yet that globalism is one big FAIL, although I guess not for him. He still has plenty of money left from the profits the Bush made off the slave labor of Auschwitz. Clueless loser.

  16. This ‘turn of the tables’ could turn out to be this year’s October Surprise!!

    Russia tables turn, roping Clinton, Obama, Holder, NOT Trump!

    The tables have turned and what was once the media’s favorite message — President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election — has now grown silent.

    Apparently, it’s Bill and Hillary Clinton who’ve been doing the behind-scenes and suspicious dealings with Russia all along. Oh, and perhaps others in the Barack Obama administration, too.

    You think special counsel Robert Mueller might switch the target of his investigation any time soon? Seems a bit time-wasting — not to mention taxpayer dollar-wasting — to keep on the Trump trail, desperately searching for signs of a collusion that just didn’t happen.

    Futile is a word that comes to mind.

    Better to dig deeper into this, as reported by The Hill: “Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010

    read more:


  17. http://apnews.com/d73a0cf42ac742eaa341766f0fdf5124/Trump-daughter-in-law-becomes-face-of-re-election-effort

    Lara Trump, married to Eric Trump, was viewed by many on the last campaign as a secret weapon after helping deliver her home state of North Carolina for her father-in-law, and she has become a central figure in a nascent re-election bid that already is fundraising, staging rallies and helping the president challenge the credibility of the news media.

    “People who voted for Donald Trump want to hear about the things he’s doing for the country and they deserve to hear the things he is doing for the country,” she said in a recent interview. “Part of the reason the campaign is still here is to let them know what is going on so they don’t have to just rely on the mainstream media.”

    The videos, available on the campaign’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, take on the feel of a newscast while delivering the campaign’s message….

  18. Networks Ignore Clinton Foundation Uranium Scandal

    The media loves to speculate that President Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia, but they’ve refused to cover similar allegations with the Clintons.

    News broke Tuesday that the FBI allegedly buried evidence tying the Clinton Foundation to a Russian bribery scheme related to U.S. uranium reserves. According to reports, the FBI had evidence dating back as early as 2009 that indicated Russian nuclear officials were giving kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation while then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that approved a uranium deal with a state-owned Russian company.

    REPORT: FBI Sat On Evidence Tying The Clintons To A Russian Bribery Scheme

    The story was apparently too unimportant to be covered by the “big three” broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, as they all refused to spend airtime on it Tuesday. The Media Research Center notes that over the course of two years, those networks have only given three minutes to the Clinton Foundation’s ties to Russia.


  19. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/donald-trump-releases-%E2%80%98stand-for-the-national-anthem-petition%E2%80%99/ar-AAtKeUP?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=ientp

    Donald Trump releases ‘Stand for the National Anthem Petition’

    Donald Trump refuses to take a knee when it comes to countering the wave of national anthem protests across the NFL.

    President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence released a petition demanding all players and fans stand for the national anthem and emailed supporters asking for signatures Thursday, according to the GOP’s website.

    “The President has asked for a list of supporters who stand for the National Anthem. Add your name below to show your patriotism and support,” the petition reads before asking for your name, email and zip code.

    The petition comes just one day after Trump criticized the NFL for not passing a rule that would penalize players who don’t stand for the anthem.

    “The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country!” Trump tweeted early Wednesday morning.

    Petition is here:


  20. For the entire 8 years of the Obama presidency George W Bush didn’t say a peep. He painted, he hosted biking fundraisers for wounded veterans, but not one comment, much less criticism, of Obama. When asked he said “Being president is a hard enough job without former presidents offering their advice.”

    That actually made me think well of him.

    Turns out I was fooled — W was lying. He didn’t stay quiet out of respect for ‘current occupant’ of the White House, he stayed quiet because he *liked* what Obama was doing — selling this country out to foreign, ‘globalist’ powers. His comments attacking Trump prove it.

    Thank God for Donald J. Trump — not only for saving us from Obama’s 3rd term via a Hillary presidency but saving us from Obama’s 3rd term via a Jeb! one as well.

  21. Laurence O’Donnell is a real piece of work criticizing Kelly’s heartfelt speech. Trump was obviously trying to console, not offend, and if it came out wrong, the intentions were honorable. We will never criticise a gold star Mom, but I think perhaps either she should not have accepted the call or not permitted a congress woman, known to vehemently dislike Trump, to be part thereof. The nation is damaged beyond repair not if, but when, the new demographics take over in 50 years, we will be no different than any other European nation. Change is inevitable, but assimilation and acceptance of core American values was the way our country became strong. Now we need “safe spaces”, BLM, and elites who are the puppet masters using the masses to further their power.

  22. How will we know the Hollyweird collapse is the real deal? Banks won’t lend them any money. Nor will investor groups. “Projects” are already being put on hold, delayed, or cancelled outright. Box office or television ratings have been horrendous. Weinstein was already in deep trouble over this. He WAS the money man who put borrowed or invested money together for “projects”. A very cash intensive, slow to pay off, risky business is media. Now that it is exposed as garbage put together by creeps, criminals and cons the smart and honest money will dry up and so will the “content” because it has no value.

  23. At this point, my BP is thru the ROOF!

    Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer:

    AG Sessions Refuses to Lift Gag On Key Witness to Clinton-Uranium Scandal

    In a stunning admission to Fox Business News’ Lou Dobbs, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer reports Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to lift a gag order on a key witness to the Clinton-Uranium scandal.

  24. Doesn’t Sessions understand, he represents the interests of the people to safeguard our National Interests in the United States of America?

    At this point, it appears Sessions is becoming an obstructionist to ‘Draining the Swamp’ rather than paying attention to the job he was hired to do. Scouring the rampant corruption in our government over the last 8 yrs of the Obama administration, and bring them to Justice rather than helping criminals to continue to thwart President Trump’s initiatives.


    Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer:

    AG Sessions Refuses to Lift Gag On Key Witness to Clinton-Uranium Scandal

    In a stunning admission to Fox Business News’ Lou Dobbs, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer reports Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to lift a gag order on a key witness to the Clinton-Uranium scandal.

    Shaffer notes, “There’s nothing legally holding this guy back except this so-called agreement.” He says her attorney is adamant that, “This guy has the goods, he has critical information necessary for both Congress to do its appropriate oversight role.”

    He says, “Frankly, Lou, what I think the Department of Justice is afraid of and the FBI is, they are going to be shown to have taken a side and acted politically behind the scenes when factually the evidence was clear that certain members of the Barack Obama administration not only abetted the Russians taking control of a critical national resource…”

    Dobbs interrupts, “No, I understand why the Obama administration wouldn’t want this informant speaking. I understand why they’ve even gone to the extent of, apparently, constructing a non-disclosure that has criminal penalties, which is to the knowledge as I understand it of nearly every attorney, never been done before. Usually it’s civil penalties.”

    He continues, “I don’t understand why Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the Trump Justice Department isn’t lifting that non-disclosure right now and freeing this informant to tell the Judiciary Committee, the Intelligence Committees and indeed, the American people everything he knows about what is, appears to be, one of the or the most extraordinary cover ups in this country’s history.”

    While Sessions appears to be putting the breaks on the investigation, John Solomon announced Thursday on Hannity that the House Intelligence Committee is now investigating the matter.

    This scandal keeps getting murkier by the day.

    As TheGateway Pundit previously reported. Bill Clinton sought the State Department’s permission to meet with a top Russian nuclear official as the Obama administration decided whether or not to approve the Uranium One deal.

    The Hill reports:

    As he prepared to collect a $500,000 payday in Moscow in 2010, Bill Clinton sought clearance from the State Department to meet with a key board director of the Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom — which at the time needed the Obama administration’s approval for a controversial uranium deal, government records show.

    Arkadi Dvorkovich, a top aide to then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and one of the highest-ranking government officials to serve on Rosatom’s board of supervisors, was listed on a May 14, 2010 email as one of 15 Russians the former president wanted to meet during a late June 2010 trip, the documents show.

    “In the context of a possible trip to Russia at the end of June, WJC is being asked to see the business/government folks below. Would State have concerns about WJC seeing any of these folks,” Clinton Foundation foreign policy adviser Amitabh Desai wrote the State Department on May 14, 2010, using the former president’s initials and forwarding the list of names to Mrs. Clinton’s team.

    When the request went unanswered by State, a Clinton aide followed up.

    “Dear Jake, we urgently need feedback on this. Thanks, Ami.” an aide to Bill Clinton emailed in June.

    According to The Hill‘s John Solomon, it appears Clinton did not meet with the Russian official in the end.

    “Requests of this type were run by the State Department as a matter of course. This was yet another one of those instances. Ultimately, President Clinton did not meet with these people,” Angel Urena, a spokesperson for Clinton, told The Hill.

    However, a very important question is left unanswered — why on earth would the former President of the United States want to meet a Russian nuclear official?

    In another statement to The Hill, Hillary Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill dismisses the Uranium One scandal as fake news. “At every turn this storyline has been debunked on the merits. Its roots are with a project shepherded by Steve Bannon, which should tell you all you need to know,” Merrill told The Hill.

    “This latest iteration is simply more of the right doing Trump’s bidding for him to distract from his own Russia problems, which are real and a grave threat to our national security.

    Circa reporter Sara Carter reveals APCO Worldwide Inc., a consulting firm with ties to the Clinton family, lobbied on behalf of Russian nuclear giant TENEX in relation to the Uranium One deal.


  25. Sessions has got to go, I’m sorry, he has to go or nothing will EVER move forward.

    What the h€lol do they have on him?

  26. Thanks for consideration of the taxpayers, First Lady Melania Trump:


    Melania Trump cuts bloated first lady payroll from Michelle Obama days

    Melania Trump is embracing a more active and public schedule as first lady – but she still runs one of the leanest East Wing operations in recent history.

    According to a Fox News analysis of White House personnel reports, Melania Trump has significantly reduced the number of aides on the first lady’s office payroll in comparison to her predecessor, Michelle Obama.

    During then-President Barack Obama’s first year in office, 16 people were listed working for Michelle Obama, earning a combined $1.24 million a year.

    This year, just four people were listed working for Melania Trump as of June. Their salaries totaled $486,700. [snip]

    “As with all things that she does, she is being very deliberate in her hiring, focusing on quality over quantity,” communications director Stephanie Grisham said in an email. “It is important to her that the team is a good fit for what she wants to accomplish as first lady, and that everyone works well together. She also wants to be mindful and responsible when it comes to taxpayer money.”

    First Lady Melania Trump is more beautiful than the ogre Michelle in many ways, especially when it comes to not wasting money that belongs to the taxpayer.

  27. Just when you thought the Clinton bribery scandal couldn’t get any dirtier… Turns out Clinton was bribed
    TWICE in the Russian Uranium Scandal…

    Take a look:


    Clinton Was Bribed TWICE In Uranium Deal!

  28. Trump is Sessions’ boss and can order Sessions to lift the gag order, co-operate with congressional investigators as well as watchdog group investigators, as well as clean out the entire Justice Department holdover department heads.

    Yet, a few weeks ago, Trump questioned in a tweet why Sessions wasn’t investigating Clinton. At the Alabama rally two weeks ago, when the crowd started chanting “Lock her up”, Trump told them to ask Jeff Sessions about it. And now, Trump is blaming the press for not covering the Uranium One scandal.

    Trump can create an enormous sink-hole in the Justice Department swamp yet seems reluctant to do so for some reason.

    I like what Trump is accomplishing with no help from anyone; however, we’re talking about potential Justice Department and FBI corruption to end all corruption. Why is he abdicating his responsibility in dealing with this matter? The NFL bickering and Hollywood scandals are distracting from this monumental criminal story.

  29. Sebastian Gorka was on someone’s show yesterday and said that, although he wasn’t making excuses for Sessions, the Justice Department is, and always has been, the biggest swamp of all federal agencies and he (Sessions) has an enormous job ahead in order to fix it. Excuse me? Who the hell is in charge of the federal government? What’s stopping Trump from firing all of the old and replacing them with the new? Why wasn’t it done months ago?; it happens with every new administration.

    Chris Farrell, from Judicial Watch, claimed yesterday that this country is on the verge of becoming a failed state, where no one has to follow any laws, anyone can ignore subpoenas for testifying and supplying requested public documents, and criminals can generally thumb their noses at the rule of law. Criminals are running the Justice Department and it couldn’t be more obvious.

    Does anyone have any idea why this isn’t being handled right now by Trump? Can’t he take care of this now and argue with the NFL later? Or better yet, do both? Can’t we wait another few weeks for Hollywood to implode and take care of this pesky Justice Dept and FBI corruption issue right now? It only takes a few signatures from PDT to start cleaning it up.

    Admin, I look to you for your normally perceptive outlook to explain this issue. I’m stumped (and sickened).

  30. Mike Marks
    October 21, 2017 at 2:15 am
    Looking at our last 4 POTUS before Trump, I do not see one who does not belong in jail. Is Sessions supposed to put them all there, or just the Clintons? Get real. Not going to happen. They are shielded by the good of the Nation in protecting the Office of the Presidency. What Trump needs to do is let them (and the Public) know, is that he has the power to use that process against them, so that they STFU and leave him alone to do his job. Obviously Hillary and stupid George do not get it. And Daddy Bush has always been just a maniac so he is not going to stop until he goes to meet his maker. So we are going to have to depend on the Ultimate Judge for justice.

    What we are seeing is political theater and so judging Sessions has dubious merit. Trump is fighting. He is fighting for us as best he can and he is pretty darn good at it. There are too many criminals in our government to put them all in jail. And neutralizing them is going to take some time.

    This theater is much better than the horror I have watched during the Bush and Obama years. And I particularly want to thank Admin for the highlights.

  31. Fusion GPS is an oppo research outfit founded and staffed by former “journalists”. Let us be real. It is a ratfucking hit team. It needs to be referred to by the correct terminology. They are ratfuckers paid to do ratfucking. Their “research” is ratfucking. They hire fellow ratfuckers such as scum like Christoper Steele of the UK Ratfuckers. They use idiots and sacks of bie like Ratfucker McCain to further their ratfucking. I imagine they are listed in the DC yellow pages under Ratfucking.

  32. Last night re the fundraiser, I was only half tuned in to a video; could not believe I heard an announcement to stand and remove hats for National Anthem. Now there is adequate verification that all may have complied. (Bush43 the understandable exception.) Ted Cruz seems to have been channeling me, and came through with an affirming tweet and now there are videos. PDT gave a video appearance ( managing to say God Bless a lot!) not covered on this which is one of the newer type videos. Not my preference, but it seems to be willing to “play”.
    Breaking News – Ted Cruz: all stood for anthem at five-presidents event

  33. Report: #NeverTrump State Department Aides ‘Boxing Out’ America Firsters

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has isolated himself from his own department and allowed subordinates to fill a handful of top positions with people who actively opposed Donald Trump’s election, according to current and former State Department officials and security experts
    with specific knowledge of the situation.

    Read more:

    A small enclave, two people, are boxing out applicants who support Trump’s ‘America First’
    foreign policy agenda-


  34. Mrs. Smith1
    October 22, 2017 at 11:32 am
    RT is supporting the foreign policy of EM, not the USA. That is what he believes in and that is what he knows how to do. Yes, there certainly is something wrong at the State Department. I do not think a swamp monster is going to drain it. He has been party to establishing the status quo. It is going to be hard to get him really on the Trump Train.

  35. Lu,

    I like Toensing. She is doing everything in her power to remove the gag order placed on the undercover witness by the FBI, she can nail all the major players in the Nuke Scandal. The Clintons, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe and anyone else involved, that I inadvertently left out.
    Victoria Toensing, is a partner in their law firm with her husband, Joseph DiGenova. Trump should hire her to replace Sessions!

    Her wiki:



    Something definitely has to be done about Sessions.

  36. I keep asking “who will investigate the investigators?’ …if the people that are going after PDT to take him out are the same people involved in the Clinton – Uranium-FBI scandal, who is going to investigate them or at the very least independently observe what they are doing?

    …seems only slight chance is Grassley & now supposedly the House has opened up an investigation (hardly hear a peep about either)
    …Sessions is still holding out on lifting the gag order on the informant…

    Who will investigate the investigators?


  37. imo…The current Democratic party has become the new version of the ‘Party of McCarthyism’…

    …to listen to the Dems speak…anyone who is white is indulging in “white privilege” & they attack & ridicule & consider most as “white supremacists”

    The Democrats no longer see people as individuals, they only see color & then a category…in their hatred for all things Trump & for his supporters, they are losing their sense of humanity & empathy…(ironically what many of us once thought “liberalism” was about…’fairness’, it’s gone)

    The Democratic Party is reckless, dangerous, trying to shut down all opposing POV & bordering on inciting violence…

    They throw around the vicious label of “white supremacist” very easily, it is always on the tips of their tongues…
    Wilson, Waters, Sherrod Brown, & all the other crazy lunatics speaking on behalf of the Democrats just casually declare this one & that one a “white supremacist”

    frankly, the Democrats are so divisive & hateful that they cannot do much more to divide the country…they wear “resistence” as a badge of courage & it is the one thing they are succeeding at accomplishing…Hillary being at the top of a very misguided heap…I honestly thought she was above such low level tactics…but she is right there leading the pack…we really dodged a bullet when she lost…the racists are now primarily in the Democratic party & they are against white American people…

    and then there is immigration…

    …as even Andrew Sullivan just wrote & quoted from another article…’the Democratic Party are on a suicide mission” re immigration…in his words, the Democratic Party is representing illegal immigrants or as they now define them “undocumented” over the rights of American citizens…

    in essence, imo…they have taken to ignoring the law, watering down what it means to be a citizen and content to fight for open borders where anyone entering the USA is entitled to “equal rights & benefits”…regardless of the expense to actual American citizens, in fact the Democrats with Santuary Cities will give protection to a criminal that an American citizen would never receive…

    they are now even on a crusade to force the US govt to give an abortion to an illegal immigrant and to pay for it…opening the doors to anyone from anywhere to come here to force our govt to give abortions to whomever & we pay for it…

    …this is the Democratic Party of today…the party I once loved & fought so hard for has disentegrated before our very eyes…

  38. as I have mentioned before…keep your eyes on Rep Ron DeSantis from Florida…

    He is one fearless & very smart voice in the House…and he speaks up…


    House also probing Obama-era Uranium One deal, DeSantis says

    see video clip

    The House Oversight committee has started its investigation into an Obama-era deal in which a Russian-backed company bought a uranium firm with mines in the U.S., Rep. Ron DeSantis told Fox News on Sunday, adding that he’s spoken with the federal government’s “confidential informant” on the matter.

    The uranium agreement was reached while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, and some investors in the Russian-backed company, Uranium One, had relationships with former President Bill Clinton and donated to the Clinton Foundation.

    “I’ve spoken with the confidential informant that helped the FBI uncover this bribery scheme,” DeSantis, R-Fla., a member of the oversight committee, told “America’s News Headquarters.” “Clearly, it’s in the public’s interest that this individual be able to tell his story to Congress.”

    The Senate Judiciary Committee last week said it started an investigation into the matter, including whether federal agencies knew the FBI was looking into possible corruption before the 2010 deal was approved.

    In addition, Iowa GOP Sen. Charles Grassley, the committee chairman, has requested the Justice Department lift a non-disclosure agreement that a former FBI confidential informant said prevents him from speaking to Congress about the handling of a criminal probe linked to the deal.

    Grassley said the Justice Department had threatened to prosecute the informant if he disclosed details of his involvement in the investigation.

    DeSantis said Sunday the informant to whom he spoke signed his original non-disclosure deal with Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder and was “threatened with reprisal” by the Justice Department under Attorney General Loretta Lynch when he tried to “come forward” in 2016.

    DeSantis also said he has spoken with the informant’s attorney, but it’s unclear whether the informant is the same one to whom Grassley has referred.

    The House Oversight Committee doesn’t appear to have announced officially that it has opened a probe or more formal investigation. Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., could not be reached Sunday for comment.

    President Trump said last week that media outlets have failed to cover the purchase of American uranium mines by the Russian-backed company adequately, as most recently reported by The Hill.

    The Senate committee launched its probe after the series of Hill stories, which showed the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear officials were involved in fraudulent dealings in 2009 before the uranium deal was approved.

    During his 2016 campaign, Trump frequently cited the deal for the uranium, which is used in nuclear reactors, and has returned to the issue at rallies during his presidency.

    Clinton’s State Department was one of nine U.S. government agencies that had to approve the deal. But Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and former State department officials have said she was not involved in the approval process by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS.

    Republicans have also pointed to some of the investors in the deal and their ties to the former president. Canadian financier Frank Giustra, a top Clinton Foundation donor, sold his company, UrAsia Energy, to Uranium One, which was chaired by Ian Telfer, also a Clinton Foundation donor.

    Giustra has said he sold his stake in the deal in 2007, while Clinton and Barack Obama were vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    And PolitiFact found that most of the donations from individuals related to Uranium One and UrAsia Energy were made before and during Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign — before she became secretary of state.

  39. All 5 of the former Presidents hate Trump…

    That should tell you something…

    All Globalists or just nuts like Carter…he needs to stick to making houses, did well with that

    Now W, he can’t stand Trump for calling him out on the War…we won’t mention his mocking his brother, it’s all about the War… wrong fight, I was for going my into Afghanistan, complete mission, we knew the bastard OBL was there, crush AQ and get the hell out, instead we have the insanity that is the ME and Europe run over by migrants and America with a bigger Muslim problem and population then prior to 9/11

  40. …this is the Democratic Party of today…the party I once loved & fought so hard for has disentegrated before our very eyes…
    Cheer up. It is being reborn, as the new Republican party, under President Donald J. Trump.

  41. Senate Investigates Russia, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Uranium, And Bribes — And It’s About Time

    Obama Scandals:
    We now know, thanks to an investigation by The Hill,

    that the Russian scandal’s roots go far deeper than first thought, extending all the way to the start of the Obama administration. Many people seemed to know about it: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder and, even, President Obama himself. Now, a Senate committee wants to know how much they knew, and why no one stopped the criminal behavior.

    The scandal over Russia has suddenly, weirdly morphed from being about “Russian meddling” in the 2016 election to actual criminal behavior by Russian nuclear industry officials who were involved in bribes, extortion, kickbacks and money laundering here in the U.S. —all part of Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s efforts to elbow his way into the U.S. uranium market.

    It’s finally dawning on people:

    The Russian nuclear racketeering was an Obama administration scandal, which Congress ignored and the Justice Department investigated but did nothing to stop. Justice looked into the Russian crimes in 2009 and 2010, but waited until 2014 to do anything about it. And even then, it didn’t answer any of the larger questions. It can’t be ignored any longer.

    “According to government documents and recent news reports, the Justice Department had an ongoing criminal investigation for bribery, extortion, money laundering, into officials for a Russian company making purchase of Uranium One,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. “That purchase was approved during the previous administration and resulted in Russians owning 20% of America’s uranium mining capacity.”

    As Grassley noted, the Russian takeover of a significant portion of our uranium assets took place despite what appears to be Russia’s blatant criminal conduct — conduct more befitting of an organized crime syndicate than representatives of a responsible national government.

    For the record, as has been extensively documented, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to be the nexus of much of this Russian criminality — ironic, given her current “What Happened” book tour, and her ongoing complaints that the Russians sabotaged her campaign.

    Even as the Justice Department was looking into Russia’s criminal activity, in 2010 President Obama’s interagency Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) curiously cleared Russia’s state-owned Rosatom to buy Uranium One, a Canadian mining company. Uranium One had extensive holdings in U.S. uranium, so the purchase required U.S. government approval.

    Does it seem strange that an American administration would OK the acquisition of 20% of America’s uranium resources by a hostile nuclear power? How could that be?

    It only makes sense if you understand what else was going on, namely Hillary Clinton’s aggressive use of her State Department perch to raise money for the family “charity,” the Clinton Foundation. That Clinton used her office to the foundation’s advantage, there can be little doubt.

    The Clinton Foundation took in some $145 million in contributions from Uranium One shareholders, much of it coming at about the time that deal won approval from CFIUS — the investment panel on which both Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder conveniently sat. Is that a coincidence? Or that the Justice Department waited until 2014, the year after Hillary left office, to take any action in the Russian criminal matters? Or that details of the Uranium One deal didn’t come out until 2015, the year Eric Holder left office? Was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “reset” with the Russian government in 2009 just part of a wider plan to enrich her own family foundation with Russian cash?

    We’d sure like to know the answers to these and other questions. At the very least, there is a clear prima facie case to be made for an investigation into the pay-for-play behavior in the Obama administration. We would hope that Sen. Grassley, whose investigation is just getting underway, would issue subpoenas to all the relevant parties — former President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

    Then and only then will the American people discover the true dimensions of Russian meddling in the U.S. — and whether high officials in the Obama administration, in particular, Hillary Clinton, committed crimes in office.



    Imagine, this article is printed on ‘The Investor’s Daily’ website; but in the eyes of BIG Media doesn’t merit a murmur on mainstream TV!

  42. Clinton Scandal Only Deepens — So Why Is Trump, Not Hillary, Targeted For Investigation?

    Amid the trivial fault-finding by the media of President Trump’s every move, it’s important to note that the very same pundits who now rip Trump have completely ignored the growing scandal of Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play tenure as secretary of state. It’s reasonable to wonder why no charges have yet been filed, yet the media, blinded by their Trump hatred, seem strangely incurious.

    The legal investigative think tank Judicial Watch recently released 448 pages of documents that it dug up from the U.S. State Department, the fruit of months of Freedom of Information Act requests and document-digging. The documents are damning, showing even more instances of Hillary Clinton performing official favors for those who donated to the Clinton Foundation and certain political campaigns.

    To put it even more bluntly, the emails make a prima facie case for a criminal prosecution of Clinton.

    As Judicial Watch notes:

    Clinton Scandal Only Deepens — So Why Is Trump, Not Hillary, Targeted For Investigation?

    After you click on the above link, scroll down for further informational links about this scandal.

    There’s still more to come…

    Clinton Scandal Only Deepens — So Why Is Trump, Not Hillary, Targeted For Investigation?

  43. The House, Senate, and Judicial Watch investigations will get nowhere as long as the DOJ and FBI are free to ignore subpoenas, redact large portions of FOIA documents, threaten whistleblowers, and generally slow-walk the turning over of evidence in these cases. This is all being done right now in spite of the fact that Trump can immediately put an end to it with a few strokes of his pen, yet refuses to do so.

    Sorry to keep singing the same tune but these are the obvious facts. Maybe congress can hold Sessions in contempt of congress; I’m sure that will put the fear of God into him, like it did Holder.

    Hope I’m wrong, and that Trump surprises us.

  44. Trump Asks Americans to Sign ‘Stand for the National Anthem’ Petition

    NFL players have persisted in their protests by this season by sitting, kneeling, or otherwise displaying disrespect when the Anthem is played before games, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has voiced support for their behavior.

    On Thursday, Pres. Trump posed a petition in support of standing for the Anthem – and asked Americans to “show your patriotism” by signing it.

    The petition reads:

    “The President has asked for a list of supporters who stand for the National Anthem. Add your name below to show your patriotism and support.”


  45. Well I was wrong on two things I recently posted

    First, President Carter doesn’t seem to “hate” Trump, but acknowledged that he has had more negative coverage than any other President and he actually had a few good things to say.

    Two, I thought the wife of the slavery n soldier poster the conversation between her and President Trump was in SUPPORT of President Trump, not so much, although the actual transcript shows how caring he was. I guess she has been on TV dissing the President? Am I wrong on this, I thought I read she felt he was honest , normal, talking to a regular guy…

  46. Mayday. No joke. Senator Flake joins Corker in dropping re election bid. Both are speaking out that Trump is unfit for the job. Flake talking before senate now.

    It followed a morning of nasty tweets which Corker initiated, according to FoxNews.

    PDT and Senate dined together this noon.

  47. It has been controlled by the fact that only a couple Senators raked PDT. Mitch and Sarah Sanders soldiered on containing what media might like to have expanded. Sarah just kept throwing the American people in as the cause. And the offending senators have very poor numbers back in their home states, so maybe it is a good thing.

  48. I so enjoyed this yesterday afternoon.
    General Dunford holds presser about the ambush in Niger. (Full & Q&A session)
    Starts abt 4:00 min mark.

    This was a brilliant idea on many levels. It takes Wilson and widow out of the conversation, gives them other avenues for their concern. Smartest is practice of personally handing copy of investigation to families, staying there talking with them. Then releasing report to media. This guy is SO polite, but in between lines there are zingers, particularly for Congress who “were never told about Niger operation.

  49. …remember when DT knocked off 17 Republican challengers in the Primaries…then he went on to knock off 2 Democratic dynasties…

    well…nothing has changed…he soldiers on…to now draining the Swamp…two senators down…next…

    btw…aren’t Corker & Flaker so brave…they had no chance of getting re-elected, Flaker down to 19% in Arizona but both of them are so self serving with their pious mutterings…

    imo…both Corker & Flaker…today and as we go forward…are audtioning for jobs as Anti Trump TV Pundits…all about getting on CNN or MSNBC…

    watch…both of them will be guests on Morning Joe…blabbing on & on…
    Losers in this high stakes poker game…they will do their best to benefit from their losses…

  50. And So It Begins:

    I know, we get all excited that Justice is going to be served…. And then… NOTHING comes of it!!!!


    BREAKING: Gowdy Opens Investigation Into DOJ’s Exoneration of Hillary Clinton, 2016 Decisions

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte announced Tuesday morning they have officially opened a joint investigation into decisions made at the Obama Justice Department surrounding the FBI’s criminal investigation into former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. They also want to know why the FBI kept quiet about ongoing investigations into members of the Trump campaign, like Paul Manafort, while publicly discussing the Clinton probe.

    “Our justice system is represented by a blind-folded woman holding a set of scales. Those scales do not tip to the right or the left; they do not recognize wealth, power, or social status. The impartiality of our justice system is the bedrock of our republic and our fellow citizens must have confidence in its objectivity, independence, and evenhandedness. The law is the most equalizing force in this country. No entity or individual is exempt from oversight,” Gowdy and Goodlatte released in a statement. “Decisions made by the Department of Justice in 2016 have led to a host of outstanding questions that must be answered.”

    The Committees will investigate the following:

    FBI’s decision to publicly announce the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified information but not to publicly announce the investigation into campaign associates of then-candidate Donald Trump;
    -FBI’s decision to notify Congress by formal letter of the status of the investigation both in October and November of 2016;
    -FBI’s decision to appropriate full decision making in respect to charging or not charging Secretary Clinton to the -FBI rather than the DOJ; and
    -FBI’s timeline in respect to charging decisions.
    “The Committees will review these decisions and others to better understand the reasoning behind how certain conclusions were drawn. Congress has a constitutional duty to preserve the integrity of our justice system by ensuring transparency and accountability of actions taken,” the statement continues.

    The Department of Justice and FBI have come under extra scrutiny in recent months after it was revealed former FBI Director James Comey drafted a letter exonerating Clinton long before agents were finished with their investigation. The letter was also drafted before Clinton and her top aides were interviewed for the case.

    Comey was fired in May after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein concluded he had usurped his authority by publicly announcing Clinton’s exoneration.


  51. DNC, Clinton Campaign helped pay for anti-Trump dossier: Reports

    Fusion GPS paid by Marc Elias, a lawyer representing the former Secretary of State’s campaign

    The Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign helped pay for opposition research that resulted in the salacious intelligence dossier that contained allegations about Donald Trump’s connections to Russia, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

    According to the report, the firm paid to conduct the research was retained in April 2016 by Marc Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The firm, Fusion GPS, hired a former British spy with ties to the FBI to conduct the research. The spy Christopher Steele, eventually shared some of his findings with the FBI after the bureau began probing possible connections between Trump associates and the Russian government.

    Lingering questions about who paid for the dossier have sparked a partisan battle as lawmakers investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and any possible coordination with members of the Trump campaign.

    House Democrats have said efforts to discredit Mr. Steele and the dossier are part of an effort to distract focus from the broader Russia probe. But Republicans have said it’s important to find out who paid for the opposition research as well as how heavily the FBI relied on the information in it as agents pursued their own investigations. Some have expressed concern that opposition research was used as the basis for a foreign surveillance order. (sounds about right!)

    Reports indicate that Fusion GPS was commissioned by a third-party to conduct political opposition research on Mr. Trump in the fall of 2015, but that the party withdrew from the contract in the spring of 2016. The Post report indicates that’s when Mr. Elias got involved.

    read more @ link:


  52. Flake made a big speech full of criticism of our POTUS. A lot of hot air and disrespect for the voters, too. He thinks we are confused or fooled, anyway we will not be voting for him.

    Good riddance.

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