American Horror Story – Football Kneelers, Harvey Weinstein, And The Collapse Of The Left: @RealDonaldTrump Kulturkampf Victory

Update: Well, our Twitter account has been removed because of the truths we wrote about scum. We’re in good company. Rose McGowan is off Twitter too for telling the truth.

This Twitter purge of the truth follows our FaceBook account removal earlier. We’re not saddened by any of this. We know that the flak comes when you are over the target. That’s why this website has so often and so ceaselessly been under attack.

The Twitter purge is not surprising because that is what totalitarian leftists do. Snakes bite, totalitarians purge. We know Twitter and FaceBook are leftist totalitarian organizations that repress the truth as much as possible. As to FaceBook, FaceBook was, according to Aaron Sorkin who made the movie “The Social Network”, founded on hatred of women:

Mark’s blogging that we hear in voiceover as he drinks, hacks, creates Facemash and dreams of the kind of party he’s sure he’s missing, came directly from Mark’s blog. … Facebook was born during a night of incredibly misogyny. The idea of comparing women to farm animals, and then to each other, based on their looks and then publicly ranking them. …

More generally, I was writing about a very angry and deeply misogynistic group of people. These aren’t the cuddly nerds we made movies about in the 80’s. They’re very angry that the cheerleader still wants to go out with the quarterback instead of the men (boys) who are running the universe right now. The women they surround themselves with aren’t women who challenge them (and frankly, no woman who could challenge them would be interested in being anywhere near them.)”

Hey, maybe it is time to look into Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook for Harveyesque behaviors. Indeed it is time to look at all the leftist totalitarian organizations such as Google and Twitter. We know Google is busy firing and suppressing opinions not in conformity with the leftist totalitarians.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal is not about Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood, nor overcompensating groper Ben Affleck and the odious misogynist hypocrite Matt Damon. The Harvey Weinstein scandal is about the totalitarian left:

Who knew what and when did “he” know it? What politicians knew? Associated Press does not mention if Malia Obama, who worked for Weinstein as an intern, knew. Did Barack and Michelle Obama know? Why not? Hillary? Bill? Harry Reid? Nancy Pelousy? Obama Dimocrat Ben Mankiewicz of TCM? Hollywood agent Ari Emmanuel, brother of Rahm the Chicago Mayor? Robert Redford of Sundance? Jane Fonda?

Daniel Greenfield understands:

Harvey Weinstein isn’t about male misbehavior, but leftist power [snip]

Women were just as silent as men. If not more so. The most vocal Harvey apologist now is Donna Karan. [snip]

There’s no mystery here. Everyone on the inside knew what he was. Even plenty of those with only a passing knowledge of the industry knew.

Harvey Weinstein was protected by power that he accumulated within a leftist industry and which he cloaked in leftist politics. Hence the Obama fundraisers, Hillary photos, Bill Clinton interview, the Planned Parenthood shindig and all that. It’s why he tried blaming a right-wing conspiracy afterward.

Twitter and FaceBook and Google can all conspire to suppress the truth. We’ll trust to justice as Billy Shakespeare understood it, Foul deeds will rise, Though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.


Harlot, strumpet, prostitute, whore, hooker, – just a few words to describe the filth called Ashley Judd. Ashley Judd, the self proclaimed “nasty woman” who protested against President Donald J. Trump on the Saturday after the inauguration, is also a self-confessed prostitute. Skank Judd is not the only skank in the culture. There are lots of Hollywood “stars” who make millions that are skanks. Some like Matt Damon are male skanks, male prostitutes. There are lots of sports “stars” who are skanks too. Millionaire football players in a sport that has a high number of men who beat up women and commit crimes are also skanks. These skanks were safe until President Donald J. Trump kicked them in the groin.

We are not taking literary license when we describe Ashley Judd and Matt Damon, along with the other skanks as prostitutes. We mean they literally are prostitutes. They are whores. Harlots. Hookers who sell themselves and their alleged oft proclaimed “principles” for profit.

Recently we wrote about how President Donald J. Trump is not only a political winner but a winner in the culture wars as well:

But instead of the dominant cultural elites’ destruction of President Trump, what is happening is that President Trump is warping the culture, devouring the culture, trumping the culture!

We now see the collapse of the left as President Donald J. Trump is the undisputed winner of the Kulturkampf, the culture war the left has waged against America.

To the totalitarian left it is an American Horror Story. The left has waged a cultural war against American values for generations but in the past nine months the culture war from the left surged. For generations the left waged a cultural war against American values without any pushback. But in the past nine months the totalitarian left has learned that President Donald J. Trump fights back – and wins.

* * * * * *

The totalitarian left for generations has controlled the cultural conversation to define America and to disparage the values of Americans. Football and sports generally resisted the cultural left’s hatred of America. Since the election of President Donald J. Trump though, the totalitarian left made their move to turn football against America or at the very least to finish off the game as a major source of entertainment. It was supposed to be a win/win for the left.

The totalitarian left has always hated football (and NASCAR) because the sport appeared to be particularly patriotic and appealed to white working class men. The left never like all that flag waving even if it was paid for with tax dollars. Still, the left tried to disparage football but always failed to bring the sport down. The totalitarian left had one foothold in the sport however – sports writers.

Sports writers, such as the fabled Hunter Thompson who later went on to write about the political world, had one “talent”. They wielded a vast vocabulary and fevered (often due to drugs or drink) imaginations. This ability to describe the same action in fresh ways made these “creative” writers a natural for the sports world. After all, how many ways can you describe the same action in fresh new ways? A ball is thrown, the ball is caught, the player moves in this or that direction and accomplishes this or that failure or triumph. How many ways can you say all this over the course of hundreds, thousands of games, season after season, year after year? Sports writers, exercised their ability to write the same thing in new and “creative” ways. These refugees from “creative” writing courses at colleges, most from the left wing of the political spectrum, couldn’t play the games, but they could describe them and shape the public perception. We went from Hunter Thompson to Keith Olbermann.

In the cultural landscape the dream merchants of Hollywood had a singular role. Hollywood used to cheerlead America through tough times such as World War II. Hollywood used to make great biopics about figures such as Christopher Columbus. Hollywood used to manipulate public opinion to extol American values particularly when those old Jews from New York ran the studios. Those old Jews understood the debt they owed to the country and genuinely loved America.

That was the old world. Donald J. Trump for years saw what was happening as the cheerleading for America became a ceaseless attack against America. In 2017, Donald J. Trump became President Donald J. Trump, and the world changed again. The silence from those who like America was broken. The old “shut-up” turned to Twitter screams. The fight was on.

This week the fight all but ended. The fight will continue to be waged. But we know who will ultimately win. It’s like Hitler’s Europe after the invasion at Normandy. Eventually Berlin falls.

Flag Day

Unlike Yankee Doodle Dandy, Donald J. Trump was not born on the fourth of July. But President Donald J. Trump was born on Flag Day.

Perhaps that birth date explains why President Trump has so often talked about respect for the flag. Candidate Trump was not happy with the insults to the flag as millionaire football players like Colin Kaepernick refused to follow the manual of the National Football League and stand respectfully for the national anthem and salute the American flag.

Eventually, President Trump spoke out, and hit hard. Big Media and all the leftist sports writers declared President Trump a dud. Football would win. The kneelers would win. Big Media declared Trump a loser and the anti-American millionaire football kneelers the victors. This past weekend, it became clear Big Media was once again wrong. President Donald J. Trump won the fight against the National Football league and the kneelers.

The final knife in the throat of the National Football League was thrust by Vice President Michael Pence.

Vice President Pence in his home state of Indiana, where he is very popular, walked out of the game between his home state and the team from San Francisco when San Francisco millionaires refused to salute the flag. It was a brilliant move. San Francisco versus a man from Indiana in Indiana favors the man from Indiana. But it is so much more.

When Vice President Pence walked out it was a signal that this fight was only going to escalate. President Trump and Vice President Pence understand they have won this fight and will push on until complete and total victory. The NFL also understands they have lost and Trump/Pence have won.

Why? Why was the walkout by Vice President Pence so important? The walkout by the Vice President not only signals that Trump/Pence think they have won. The walkout also is a signal to others to begin to walk out.

Not only that however. The walkout by Vice President Pence is a signal to fans to walk out, but it is a signal to others in the political world to do the same thing. Recall our prediction about this:

Next year, around Labor Day, when the political campaigns go into full swing will also be the time the football season starts. Get ready for President Trump to beat the NFL into the ground in the next season of 2018. We can’t wait. President Trump will score a 2018 election touchdown in part because of the kneeling fumbles of the NFL.

Next football season, as the political election season also begins, political candidates will follow Vice President Pence’s lead and walk out after football millionaires kneel and disrespect the flag. GOP candidates will walk out. Obama Dimocrats will have to explain why they don’t walk out. The NFL understands that every game after Labor Day 2018 will become an opportunity for Trump supporters to demonstrate their support of the flag and the man born on Flag Day.

The flags of surrender from the NFL are waving everywhere. The owners of the football teams, profits at risk, demand the players stop disrespecting the flag. Most millionaire football players have stopped disrespecting the flag. The NFL millionaire leaders and the hypocrite owners are tackling the protests in many frantic meetings with the goal of ending them. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, afraid of losing more profits, now threatens players who disrespect the flag – after at one point having joined the players’ protests. ESPN sports stink Jemele Hill has been suspended for two weeks, not for her vicious attacks against the President, but because she called for a boycott of advertisers of the Cowboys – a boycott that imperiled ESPN profits.

President Donald J. Trump tackled the National Football League and won a touchdown this year. Next year, during the 2018 elections, President Donald J. Trump will win the super bowl of election victories.

American Horror Story – Harvey Weinstein

Few Big Media outlets want to discuss the Harvey Weinstein story. Even fewer, in and out of Big Media, understand the massive implications for the left that is the Harvey Weinstein story. The Hollywood skanks of the cultural left are in collapse in the same way the leftists of the sports world have collapsed.

Hollywood skanks, prostitutes, harlots, like Ashley Judd and Matt Damon are responsible for the collapse of the Hollywood left. In two big articles at the New York Times and The New Yorker, the leftist hypocrite whores have been exposed.

Political prostitutes such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are also exposed by the stench wafting from the burning Hollywood hills. It will be an interesting political season after Labor Day 2018 as many of the Hollywood “stars” and political harlots are forced to explain their Harvey Weinstein connections.

Harvey Weinstein was a Hollywood icon and an Obama Dimocrat powerhouse. Weinstein raised millions and donated millions to the Obama Dimocrats. Harvey Weinstein posed as a friend of women’s rights. Harvey Weinstein cavorted with the most powerful figures of the cultural and political left. Harvey Weinstein was also a rapist and abuser of women and many of the powerful in Hollywood and Washington knew it.

Why is this all published now? Because Harvey Weinstein’s power is waning. Harvey Weinstein’s pockets of money are empty.

What are the allegations about Harvey Weinstein? Let’s start the same way the New York Times started it’s Harvey Weinstein article, with prostitute Ashley Judd. After Ashley Judd, years later, discusses the disgusting sexual harassment she suffered by leftist Harvey Weinstein, this is what skank Ashley Judd says:

Could he give her a massage? When she refused, he suggested a shoulder rub. She rejected that too, she recalled. He steered her toward a closet, asking her to help pick out his clothing for the day, and then toward the bathroom. Would she watch him take a shower? she remembered him saying.

“I said no, a lot of ways, a lot of times, and he always came back at me with some new ask,” Ms. Judd said. “It was all this bargaining, this coercive bargaining.”

To get out of the room, she said, she quipped that if Mr. Weinstein wanted to touch her, she would first have to win an Oscar in one of his movies. She recalled feeling “panicky, trapped,” she said in the interview. “There’s a lot on the line, the cachet that came with Miramax.”

Not long afterward, she related what had happened to her mother, the singer Naomi Judd, who confirmed their conversation to a Times reporter. Years later, Ashley Judd appeared in two Weinstein films without incident, she said. In 2015, she shared an account of the episode in the hotel room with “Variety” without naming the man involved.

It wasn’t a “quip”. ‘Get me an Oscar and you can touch me’ is what prostitute Ashley Judd said. It’s like the old joke of the man that offers a woman a million dollars for sex. When she says “OK” the man lowers his offer. The woman objects. The man responds, “we’ve already established that you are a prostitute. All we are doing now is haggling about the price.” Whore Ashley Judd’s price was a dildo in the shape of an Oscar. Nasty woman.

Women before and after the Ashley Judd rendezvous with Harvey Weinstein were abused by Harvey Weinstein. Nasty skank Ashley Judd did noting to stop Harvey Weinstein. Ashley Judd is a skank prostitute.

What exactly are the allegations against Harvey Weinstein? Here are some heavily edited excerpts from the New York Times article:

Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein [snip]

In 2014, Mr. Weinstein invited Emily Nestor, who had worked just one day as a temporary employee, to the same hotel and made another offer: If she accepted his sexual advances, he would boost her career, according to accounts she provided to colleagues who sent them to Weinstein Company executives. The following year, once again at the Peninsula, a female assistant said Mr. Weinstein badgered her into giving him a massage while he was naked, leaving her “crying and very distraught,” wrote a colleague, Lauren O’Connor, in a searing memo asserting sexual harassment and other misconduct by their boss.

“There is a toxic environment for women at this company,” Ms. O’Connor said in the letter, addressed to several executives at the company run by Mr. Weinstein.

An investigation by The New York Times found previously undisclosed allegations against Mr. Weinstein stretching over nearly three decades, documented through interviews with current and former employees and film industry workers, as well as legal records, emails and internal documents from the businesses he has run, Miramax and the Weinstein Company.

During that time, after being confronted with allegations including sexual harassment and unwanted physical contact, Mr. Weinstein has reached at least eight settlements with women, according to two company officials speaking on the condition of anonymity. Among the recipients, The Times found, were a young assistant in New York in 1990, an actress in 1997, an assistant in London in 1998, an Italian model in 2015 and Ms. O’Connor shortly after, according to records and those familiar with the agreements. [snip]

In public, he presents himself as a liberal lion, a champion of women and a winner of not just artistic but humanitarian awards.

In 2015, the year Ms. O’Connor wrote her memo, his company distributed “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary about campus sexual assault. A longtime Democratic donor, he hosted a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton in his Manhattan home last year. He employed Malia Obama, the oldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, as an intern this year, and recently helped endow a faculty chair at Rutgers University in Gloria Steinem’s name. [snip]

“But behind the scenes, it was a mess, and this was the biggest mess of all,” he added, referring to Mr. Weinstein’s treatment of women.

Dozens of Mr. Weinstein’s former and current employees, from assistants to top executives, said they knew of inappropriate conduct while they worked for him. Only a handful said they ever confronted him. [snip]

After reaching a settlement with Mr. Weinstein, Ms. O’Connor withdrew her complaint and thanked him for the career opportunity he had given her. [snip]

“I am just starting out in my career, and have been and remain fearful about speaking up,” Ms. O’Connor wrote. “But remaining silent is causing me great distress.” [snip]

“She was disappointed that he met with her and did not seem to be interested in her résumé or skill set.” [snip]

Across the years and continents, accounts of Mr. Weinstein’s conduct share a common narrative: Women reported to a hotel for what they thought were work reasons, only to discover that Mr. Weinstein, who has been married for most of three decades, sometimes seemed to have different interests. [snip]

“If a female executive was asked to go to a meeting solo, she and a colleague would generally double up” so as not to be alone with Mr. Weinstein, recalled Mr. Gill, the former president of Miramax Los Angeles. [snip]

“It wasn’t a secret to the inner circle,” said Kathy DeClesis, Bob Weinstein’s assistant in the early 1990s. [snip]

In 1997, Mr. Weinstein reached a previously undisclosed settlement with Rose McGowan, then a 23-year-old-actress, after an episode in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival. [snip]

In March 2015, Mr. Weinstein had invited Ambra Battilana, an Italian model and aspiring actress, to his TriBeCa office on a Friday evening to discuss her career. Within hours, she called the police. [snip]

The Manhattan district attorney’s office later declined to bring charges.

Political “donations” protected Harvey Weinstein from indictment. Other than possibly Rose McGowen all are revealed as skanks, male and female. Disney, the cultural leftist corporation that supports Barack Obama, owned Miramax at points that sexual assaults against women were ignored. All the people who knew or should have known are responsible. The skanks like Matt Damon kept quiet after having helped squash stories about Weinstein. Most of those that knew are famous or rich cultural leftists and contributors to the Obama Dimocrats. See why we think this signals the collapse of the left?

Skank Lisa Bloom whose mother Gloria Allred constantly attacks President Trump was a strong Harvey Weinstein attorney until Gloria told her to quit. Obama’s Anita Dunn likewise protected Harvey Weinstein. Hillary and Barack Obama, not to mention skanky Michelle Obama have a lot to account for. Hollywood whores, such as Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Mark Ruffalo, Russell Crowe, mostly remained silent (Crowe and Damon helped Weinstein quash stories about his sexual assaults). These whores are finally issuing “shocked at the gambling” disclaimers straight out of Casablanca.

Big Media whores at the New York Times knew about Harvey Weinstein’s assaults against women for more than a dozen years but refused to publish. Harvey Weinstein masturbated in front of a woman news anchor more than ten years ago. Big Media silence protected Harvey Weinstein.

The collapse of the left is here. It’s not just football. It’s not just Hollywood. It’s the totalitarian left which increasingly is eating itself alive as demonstrated by the Black Lives Matter attack against the ACLU. It seems Black Lives Matter has discovered that the greatest enemy of black people is the white liberal. Well, they got that right.

Harvey Weinstein is a nasty man. Harry Weinstein didn’t just do locker room talk. He really did grab ’em by the pussy. Harvey Weinstein was not alone. The totalitarian left was there, cheerleading, as Harvey’s hands crawled up women’s dresses.


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  1. The New Yorker article published today:

    From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories

    Multiple women share harrowing accounts of sexual assault and harassment by the film executive.

    Since the establishment of the first studios a century ago, there have been few movie executives as dominant, or as domineering, as Harvey Weinstein. As the co-founder of the production-and-distribution companies Miramax and the Weinstein Company, he helped to reinvent the model for independent films, with movies such as “Sex, Lies, and Videotape,” “The English Patient,” “Pulp Fiction,” “The Crying Game,” “Shakespeare in Love,” and “The King’s Speech.” Beyond Hollywood, he has exercised his influence as a prolific fund-raiser for Democratic Party candidates, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Weinstein combined a keen eye for promising scripts, directors, and actors with a bullying, even threatening, style of doing business, inspiring both fear and gratitude. His movies have earned more than three hundred Oscar nominations, and, at the annual awards ceremonies, he has been thanked more than almost anyone else in movie history, just after Steven Spielberg and right before God.

    For more than twenty years, Weinstein has also been trailed by rumors of sexual harassment and assault. This has been an open secret to many in Hollywood and beyond, but previous attempts by many publications, including The New Yorker, to investigate and publish the story over the years fell short of the demands of journalistic evidence. Too few people were willing to speak, much less allow a reporter to use their names, and Weinstein and his associates used nondisclosure agreements, monetary payoffs, and legal threats to suppress these myriad stories. Asia Argento, an Italian film actress and director, told me that she did not speak out until now—Weinstein, she told me, forcibly performed oral sex on her—because she feared that Weinstein would “crush” her. “I know he has crushed a lot of people before,” Argento said. “That’s why this story—in my case, it’s twenty years old; some of them are older—has never come out.”

    Last week, the New York Times, in a powerful report by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, revealed multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Weinstein, a story that led to the resignation of four members of his company’s all-male board, and to Weinstein’s firing from the company.

    The story, however, is more complex, and there is more to know and to understand. In the course of a ten-month investigation, I was told by thirteen women that, between the nineteen-nineties and 2015, Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them, allegations that corroborate and overlap with the Times’ revelations, and also include far more serious claims.

    Three women—among them Argento and a former aspiring actress named Lucia Evans—told me that Weinstein raped them, allegations that include Weinstein forcibly performing or receiving oral sex and forcing vaginal sex. Four women said that they experienced unwanted touching that could be classified as an assault. In an audio recording captured during a New York Police Department sting operation in 2015 and made public here for the first time, Weinstein admits to groping a Filipina-Italian model named Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, describing it as behavior he is “used to.” Four of the women I interviewed cited encounters in which Weinstein exposed himself or masturbated in front of them.

    Sixteen former and current executives and assistants at Weinstein’s companies told me that they witnessed or had knowledge of unwanted sexual advances and touching at events associated with Weinstein’s films and in the workplace. They and others describe a pattern of professional meetings that were little more than thin pretexts for sexual advances on young actresses and models. All sixteen said that the behavior was widely known within both Miramax and the Weinstein Company. Messages sent by Irwin Reiter, a senior company executive, to Emily Nestor, one of the women who alleged that she was harassed at the company, described the “mistreatment of women” as a serial problem that the Weinstein Company was struggling with in recent years. Other employees described what was, in essence, a culture of complicity at Weinstein’s places of business, with numerous people throughout the companies fully aware of his behavior but either abetting it or looking the other way. Some employees said that they were enlisted in subterfuge to make the victims feel safe. A female executive with the company described how Weinstein assistants and others served as a “honeypot”—they would initially join a meeting, but then Weinstein would dismiss them, leaving him alone with the woman.

    Virtually all of the people I spoke with told me that they were frightened of retaliation. “If Harvey were to discover my identity, I’m worried that he could ruin my life,” one former employee told me. Many said that they had seen Weinstein’s associates confront and intimidate those who crossed him, and feared that they would be similarly targeted. Four actresses, including Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette, told me they suspected that, after they rejected Weinstein’s advances or complained about them to company representatives, Weinstein had them removed from projects or dissuaded people from hiring them. Multiple sources said that Weinstein frequently bragged about planting items in media outlets about those who spoke against him; these sources feared that they might be similarly targeted. Several pointed to Gutierrez’s case, in 2015: after she went to the police, negative items discussing her sexual history and impugning her credibility began rapidly appearing in New York gossip pages. (In the taped conversation with Gutierrez, Weinstein asks her to join him for “five minutes,” and warns, “Don’t ruin your friendship with me for five minutes.”)

    Several former employees told me that they were speaking about Weinstein’s alleged behavior now because they hoped to protect women in the future. “This wasn’t a one-off. This wasn’t a period of time,” an executive who worked for Weinstein for many years told me. “This was ongoing predatory behavior towards women—whether they consented or not.”

    It’s likely that women have recently felt increasingly emboldened to talk about their experiences because of the way the world has changed regarding issues of sex and power. These disclosures follow in the wake of stories alleging sexual misconduct by public figures, including Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Bill Cosby, and Donald Trump. In October, 2016, a month before the election, a tape emerged of Trump telling a celebrity-news reporter, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. . . . Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” This past April, O’Reilly, a host at Fox News, was forced to resign after Fox was discovered to have paid five women millions of dollars in exchange for silence about their accusations of sexual harassment. Ailes, the former head of Fox News, resigned last July, after he was accused of sexual harassment. Cosby went on trial this summer, charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. The trial ended with a hung jury.

    On October 5th, in an initial effort at damage control, Weinstein responded to the Times piece by issuing a statement partly acknowledging what he had done, saying, “I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it.” In an interview with the New York Post, he said, “I’ve got to deal with my personality, I’ve got to work on my temper, I have got to dig deep. I know a lot of people would like me to go into a facility, and I may well just do that—I will go anywhere I can learn more about myself.” Weinstein went on, “In the past I used to compliment people, and some took it as me being sexual, I won’t do that again.” In his statement to the Times, Weinstein claimed that he would “channel that anger” into a fight against the leadership of the National Rifle Association. He also said that it was not “coincidental” that he was organizing a foundation for women directors at the University of Southern California. “It will be named after my mom and I won’t disappoint her.”

    Sallie Hofmeister, a spokesperson for Weinstein, issued a statement in response to the allegations in this article. It reads in full: “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. Mr. Weinstein obviously can’t speak to anonymous allegations, but with respect to any women who have made allegations on the record, Mr. Weinstein believes that all of these relationships were consensual. Mr. Weinstein has begun counseling, has listened to the community and is pursuing a better path. Mr. Weinstein is hoping that, if he makes enough progress, he will be given a second chance.”

    While Weinstein and his representatives have said that the incidents were consensual, and were not widespread or severe, the women I spoke to tell a very different story.


    Lucia Stoller, now Lucia Evans, was approached by Weinstein at Cipriani Upstairs, a club in New York, in 2004, the summer before her senior year at Middlebury College. Evans wanted to be an actress, and although she had heard rumors about Weinstein she let him have her number. Weinstein began calling her late at night, or having an assistant call her, asking to meet. She declined, but said that she would do readings during the day for a casting executive. Before long, an assistant called to set up a daytime meeting at the Miramax office, in Tribeca, first with Weinstein and then with a casting executive, who was a woman. “I was, like, ‘Oh, a woman, great, I feel safe,’ ” Evans said.

    When Evans arrived for the meeting, the building was full of people. She was led to an office with exercise equipment and takeout boxes on the floor, where she met with Weinstein alone. Evans said that she found him frightening. “The type of control he exerted, it was very real,” she told me. “Even just his presence was intimidating.”

    In the meeting, Evans recalled, “he immediately was simultaneously flattering me and demeaning me and making me feel bad about myself.” Weinstein told her that she’d “be great in ‘Project Runway’ ”—the show, which Weinstein helped produce, premièred later that year—but only if she lost weight. He also told her about two scripts, a horror movie and a teen love story, and said one of his associates would discuss them with her.

    “At that point, after that, is when he assaulted me,” Evans said. “He forced me to perform oral sex on him.” As she objected, Weinstein took his penis out of his pants and pulled her head down onto it. “I said, over and over, ‘I don’t want to do this, stop, don’t,’ ” she said. “I tried to get away, but maybe I didn’t try hard enough. I didn’t want to kick him or fight him.” In the end, she said, “He’s a big guy. He overpowered me.” At a certain point, she said, “I just sort of gave up. That’s the most horrible part of it, and that’s why he’s been able to do this for so long to so many women: people give up, and then they feel like it’s their fault.”

    Weinstein appeared to find the encounter unremarkable. “It was like it was just another day for him,” Evans said. “It was no emotion.” Afterward, she said, he acted as if nothing had happened. She wondered how Weinstein’s staff could not know what was going on.

    After the encounter, she met with the female casting executive, who sent her the scripts, and also came to one of her acting-class readings a few weeks later. (Evans does not believe that the executive was aware of Weinstein’s behavior.) Weinstein, Evans said, began calling her again late at night. Evans told me that the entire sequence of events had a routine quality. “It feels like a very streamlined process,” she said. “Female casting director, Harvey wants to meet. Everything was designed to make me feel comfortable before it happened. And then the shame in what happened was also designed to keep me quiet.”

    Evans said that, after the incident, “I just put it in a part of my brain and closed the door.” She continued to blame herself for not fighting harder. “It was always my fault for not stopping him,” she said. “I had an eating problem for years. I was disgusted with myself. It’s funny, all these unrelated things I did to hurt myself because of this one thing.” Evans told friends some of what had happened, but felt largely unable to talk about it. “I ruined several really good relationships because of this. My schoolwork definitely suffered, and my roommates told me to go to a therapist because they thought I was going to kill myself.”

    In the years that followed, Evans encountered Weinstein occasionally. Once, while she was walking her dog in Greenwich Village, she saw him getting into a car. “I very clearly saw him. I made eye contact,” she said. “I remember getting chills down my spine just looking at him. I was so horrified. I have nightmares about him to this day.”


    Asia Argento, an actress born in Rome, played the role of a glamorous thief named Beatrice in the crime drama “B. Monkey,” which was released in the U.S. in 1999. The distributor was Miramax. In a series of long and often emotional interviews, Argento told me that Weinstein assaulted her while they worked together.

    At the time, Argento was twenty-one and a rising actress who had twice won the Italian equivalent of the Oscar. Argento said that, in 1997, one of Weinstein’s producers invited her to what she understood to be a party thrown by Miramax at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, on the French Riviera. Argento felt professionally obliged to attend. When the producer led her upstairs that evening, she said, there was no party—only a hotel room, empty but for Weinstein: “I’m, like, ‘Where is the fucking party?’ ” She recalled the producer telling her, “Oh, we got here too early,” before he left her alone with Weinstein. (The producer denies bringing Argento to the room that night.) At first, Weinstein was solicitous, praising her work. Then he left the room. When he returned, he was wearing a bathrobe and holding a bottle of lotion. “He asks me to give a massage. I was, like, ‘Look, man, I am no fucking fool,’ ” Argento said. “But, looking back, I am a fucking fool. And I am still trying to come to grips with what happened.”

    Argento said that, after she reluctantly agreed to give Weinstein a massage, he pulled her skirt up, forced her legs apart, and performed oral sex on her as she repeatedly told him to stop. Weinstein “terrified me, and he was so big,” she said. “It wouldn’t stop. It was a nightmare.”

    At some point, Argento said, she stopped saying no and feigned enjoyment, because she thought it was the only way the assault would end. “I was not willing,” she told me. “I said, ‘No, no, no.’ . . . It’s twisted. A big fat man wanting to eat you. It’s a scary fairy tale.” Argento, who insisted that she wanted to tell her story in all its complexity, said that she didn’t physically fight him off, something that has prompted years of guilt.

    “The thing with being a victim is I felt responsible,” she said. “Because, if I were a strong woman, I would have kicked him in the balls and run away. But I didn’t. And so I felt responsible.” She described the incident as a “horrible trauma.” Decades later, she said, oral sex is still ruined for her. “I’ve been damaged,” she told me. “Just talking to you about it, my whole body is shaking.”

    Argento recalled sitting on the bed after the incident, her clothes “in shambles,” her makeup smeared. She said that she told Weinstein, “I am not a whore,” and that he began laughing. He said he’d put the phrase on a T-shirt. Afterward, Argento said, “He kept contacting me.” For a few months, Weinstein seemed obsessed, offering her expensive gifts.

    What complicates the story, Argento readily allowed, is that she eventually yielded to Weinstein’s further advances and even grew close to him. Weinstein dined with her, and introduced her to his mother. Argento told me, “He made it sound like he was my friend and he really appreciated me.” She said that she had consensual sexual relations with him multiple times over the course of the next five years, though she described the encounters as one-sided and “onanistic.” The first occasion, several months after the alleged assault, came before the release of “B. Monkey.” “I felt I had to,” she said. “Because I had the movie coming out and I didn’t want to anger him.” She believed that Weinstein would ruin her career if she didn’t comply. Years later, when she was a single mother dealing with childcare, Weinstein offered to pay for a nanny. She said that she felt “obliged” to submit to his sexual advances.

    Argento said that she knew this contact would be used to attack the credibility of her allegation. In part, she said, the initial assault made her feel overpowered each time she encountered Weinstein, even years later. “Just his body, his presence, his face, bring me back to the little girl that I was when I was twenty-one,” she told me. “When I see him, it makes me feel little and stupid and weak.” She broke down as she struggled to explain. “After the rape, he won,” she said.

    In 2000, Argento released “Scarlet Diva,” a movie that she wrote and directed. In the film, a heavyset producer corners the character of Anna, who is played by Argento, in a hotel room, asks her for a massage, and tries to assault her. After the movie came out, women began approaching Argento, saying that they recognized Weinstein’s behavior in the portrayal. “People would ask me about him because of the scene in the movie,” she said. Some recounted similar details to her: meetings and professional events moved to hotel rooms, bathrobes and massage requests, and, in one other case, forced oral sex.

    Weinstein, according to Argento, saw the film after it was released in the U.S., and apparently recognized himself. “Ha, ha, very funny,” Argento remembered him saying to her. But he also said that he was “sorry for whatever happened.” The movie’s most significant departure from the real-life incident, Argento told me, was how the hotel-room scene ended. “In the movie I wrote,” she said, “I ran away.”

    Other women were too afraid to allow me to use their names, but their stories are uncannily similar to these allegations. One, a woman who worked with Weinstein, explained her reluctance to be identified. “He drags your name through the mud, and he’ll come after you hard with his legal team.”

    Like other women in this article, she said that Weinstein brought her to a hotel room under a professional pretext, changed into a bathrobe, and “forced himself on me sexually.” She said no, repeatedly and clearly. Afterward, she experienced “horror, disbelief, and shame,” and considered going to the police. “I thought it would be a ‘He said, she said,’ and I thought about how impressive his legal team is, and I thought about how much I would lose, and I decided to just move forward,” she said. The woman continued to have professional contact with Weinstein after the alleged rape, and acknowledged that subsequent communications between them might suggest a normal working relationship. “I was in a vulnerable position and I needed my job,” she told me. “It just increases the shame and the guilt.”


    Mira Sorvino, who starred in several of Weinstein’s films, told me that he sexually harassed her and tried to pressure her into a physical relationship while they worked together. She said that, at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, 1995, she found herself in a hotel room with Weinstein, who produced the movie she was there to promote, “Mighty Aphrodite,” for which she later won an Academy Award. “He started massaging my shoulders, which made me very uncomfortable, and then tried to get more physical, sort of chasing me around,” she recalled. She scrambled for ways to ward him off, telling him it was against her religion to date married men. (At the time, Weinstein was married to Eve Chilton, a former assistant.) Then she left the room.

    A few weeks later, in New York City, her phone rang after midnight. It was Weinstein, saying that he had new marketing ideas for the film and asking to meet. Sorvino offered to meet him at an all-night diner, but he told her he was coming over to her apartment and hung up. “I freaked out,” she told me. She called a friend and asked him to come over and pose as her boyfriend. The friend hadn’t arrived by the time Weinstein rang her doorbell. “Harvey had managed to bypass my doorman,” she said. “I opened the door terrified, brandishing my twenty-pound Chihuahua mix in front of me, as though that would do any good.” When she told Weinstein that her new boyfriend was on his way, Weinstein became dejected and left.

    Sorvino said that she struggled for years with whether to come forward with her story, partly because she was aware that it was mild compared to the experiences of other women, including another actress she spoke to at the time. (That actress told me that she locked herself in a hotel bathroom to escape Weinstein, and that he masturbated in front of her. She said it was “a classic case” of “someone not understanding the word ‘no’. . . I must have said no a thousand times.”) The fact that Weinstein was so instrumental to Sorvino’s success also made her hesitate: “I have great respect for Harvey as an artist, and owe him and his brother a debt of gratitude for the early success in my career, including the Oscar.” She had professional contact with Weinstein for years after the incident, and remains close friends with his brother and business partner, Bob Weinstein. (She said that she never told Bob about his brother’s behavior.)

    Sorvino said that she felt afraid and intimidated, and that the incidents had a significant impact on her. When she told a female employee at Miramax about the harassment, the woman’s reaction “was shock and horror that I had mentioned it.” Sorvino appeared in a few more of Weinstein’s films afterward, but felt that saying no to Weinstein and reporting the harassment had ultimately hurt her career. She said, “There may have been other factors, but I definitely felt iced out and that my rejection of Harvey had something to do with it.”


    In March, 2015, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, who was once a finalist in the Miss Italy contest, met Harvey Weinstein at a reception for “New York Spring Spectacular,” a show that he was producing at Radio City Music Hall. Weinstein introduced himself to Gutierrez, who was twenty-two, remarking repeatedly that she looked like the actress Mila Kunis.

    Following the event, Gutierrez’s agency e-mailed to say that Weinstein wanted to set up a business meeting as soon as possible. Gutierrez arrived at Weinstein’s office in Tribeca early the next evening with her modelling portfolio. In the office, she sat with Weinstein on a couch to review the portfolio, and he began staring at her breasts, asking if they were real. Gutierrez later told officers of the New York Police Department Special Victims Division that Weinstein then lunged at her, groping her breasts and attempting to put a hand up her skirt while she protested. He finally backed off and told her that his assistant would give her tickets to “Finding Neverland,” a Broadway musical that he was producing. He said that he would meet her at the show that evening.

    Instead of going to the show that night, Gutierrez went to the nearest N.Y.P.D. precinct station and reported the assault. Weinstein telephoned her later that evening, annoyed that she had failed to appear at the show. She picked up the call while sitting with investigators from the Special Victims Division, who listened in on the call and devised a plan: Gutierrez would agree to see the show the following day and then meet with Weinstein. She would wear a wire and attempt to extract a confession or incriminating statement.

    The next day, Gutierrez met Weinstein at the bar of the Tribeca Grand Hotel. A team of undercover officers helped guide her through the interaction. On the recording, which I have heard in full, Weinstein lists actresses whose careers he has helped and offers Gutierrez the services of a dialect coach. Then he presses her to join him in his hotel room while he showers. Gutierrez says no repeatedly; Weinstein persists, and after a while she accedes to his demand to go upstairs. But, standing in the hallway outside his room, she refuses to go farther. In an increasingly tense exchange, he presses her to enter. Gutierrez says, “I don’t want to,” “I want to leave,” and “I want to go downstairs.” She asks him directly why he groped her breasts the day before.

    “Oh, please, I’m sorry, just come on in,” Weinstein says. “I’m used to that. Come on. Please.”

    “You’re used to that?” Gutierrez asks, sounding incredulous.

    “Yes,” Weinstein says. He later adds, “I won’t do it again.”

    After almost two minutes of back-and-forth in the hallway, Weinstein finally agrees to let her leave.

    According to a law-enforcement source, Weinstein, if charged, would have most likely faced a count of sexual abuse in the third degree, a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of three months in jail. But, as the police investigation proceeded and the allegation was widely reported, details about Gutierrez’s past began to appear in the tabloids. In 2010, as a young contestant in a beauty pageant associated with the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Gutierrez had attended one of his infamous Bunga Bunga parties. She claimed that she had been unaware of the nature of the party before arriving, and eventually became a witness in a bribery case against Berlusconi, which is still ongoing. Gossip outlets also reported that Gutierrez, as a teen-ager, had made an allegation of sexual assault against an older Italian businessman but later declined to coöperate with prosecutors.

    Two sources close to the police investigation said that they had no reason to doubt Gutierrez’s account of the incident. One of them, a police source, said that the department had collected more than enough evidence to prosecute Weinstein. But the other source said that Gutierrez’s statements about her past complicated the case for the office of the Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr. After two weeks of investigation, the District Attorney’s office decided not to file charges. The D.A.’s office declined to comment on this story but pointed me to its statement at the time: “This case was taken seriously from the outset, with a thorough investigation conducted by our Sex Crimes Unit. After analyzing the available evidence, including multiple interviews with both parties, a criminal charge is not supported.”

    “We had the evidence,” the police source involved in the operation told me. “It’s a case that made me angrier than I thought possible, and I have been on the force a long time.”

    Gutierrez, when contacted for this story, said that she was unable to discuss the incident. According to a source close to the matter, after the D.A.’s office decided not to press charges, Gutierrez, facing Weinstein’s legal team, and in return for a payment, signed a highly restrictive nondisclosure agreement with Weinstein, including an affidavit stating that the acts Weinstein admits to in the recording never happened.

    Weinstein’s use of such settlements was reported by the Times and confirmed to me by numerous sources. A former employee with firsthand knowledge of two settlement negotiations that took place in London in the nineteen-nineties recalled, “It felt like David versus Goliath . . . the guy with all the money and the power flexing his muscle and quashing the allegations and getting rid of them.”


    Last week’s Times story disclosed a complaint to the Weinstein Company’s office of human resources, filed on behalf of a temporary front-desk assistant named Emily Nestor in December, 2014. Her own account of Weinstein’s conduct is being made public here for the first time. Nestor was twenty-five when she started the job, and, after finishing law school and starting business school, was considering a career in the movie industry. On her first day in the position, Nestor said, two employees told her that she was Weinstein’s “type” physically. When Weinstein arrived at the office, he made comments about her appearance, referring to her as “the pretty girl.” He asked how old she was, and then sent all of his assistants out of the room and made her write down her telephone number.

    Weinstein told her to meet him for drinks that night. Nestor invented an excuse. When he insisted, she suggested an early-morning coffee the next day, assuming that he wouldn’t accept. He did, and told her to meet him at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills, where he was staying. Nestor said that she had talked with friends in the entertainment industry and employees in the company who had warned her about Weinstein’s reputation. “I dressed very frumpy,” she said.

    Nestor told me that the meeting was the “most excruciating and uncomfortable hour of my life.” After Weinstein offered her career help, she said, he began to boast about his sexual liaisons with other women, including famous actresses. “He said, ‘You know, we could have a lot of fun,’ ” Nestor recalled. “I could put you in my London office, and you could work there and you could be my girlfriend.” She declined. He asked to hold her hand; she said no. In Nestor’s account of the exchange, Weinstein said, “Oh, the girls always say no. You know, ‘No, no.’ And then they have a beer or two and then they’re throwing themselves at me.” In a tone that Nestor described as “very weirdly proud,” Weinstein added “that he’d never had to do anything like Bill Cosby.” She assumed that he meant he’d never drugged a woman. “It’s just a bizarre thing to be so proud of,” she said. “That you’ve never had to resort to doing that. It was just so far removed from reality and normal rules of consent.”

    “Textbook sexual harassment” was how Nestor described Weinstein’s behavior to me. “It’s a pretty clear case of sexual harassment when your superior, the C.E.O., asks one of their inferiors, a temp, to have sex with them, essentially in exchange for mentorship.” She recalled refusing his advances at least a dozen times. “ ‘No’ did not mean ‘no’ to him,” she said. “I was very aware of how inappropriate it was. But I felt trapped.”

    Throughout the breakfast, she said, Weinstein interrupted their conversation to yell into his cell phone, enraged over a spat that Amy Adams, a star in the Weinstein movie “Big Eyes,” was having in the press. Afterward, Weinstein told Nestor to keep an eye on the news cycle, which he promised would be spun in his favor. Later in the day, there were indeed negative news items about his opponents, and Weinstein stopped by Nestor’s desk to be sure that she’d seen them.

    By that point, Nestor recalled, “I was very afraid of him. And I knew how well connected he was. And how if I pissed him off then I could never have a career in that industry.” Still, she told the friend who referred her to the job about the incident, and he alerted the company’s office of human resources, which contacted her. (The friend did not respond to a request for comment.) Nestor had a conversation with company officials about the matter but didn’t pursue it further: the officials said that Weinstein would be informed of anything she told them, a practice not uncommon in smaller businesses. Several former Weinstein employees told me that the company’s human-resources department was utterly ineffective; one female executive described it as “a place where you went to when you didn’t want anything to get done. That was common knowledge across the board. Because everything funnelled back to Harvey.” She described the department’s typical response to allegations of misconduct as “This is his company. If you don’t like it, you can leave.”

    Nestor told me that some people at the company did seem concerned. Irwin Reiter, a senior executive who had worked for Weinstein for almost three decades, sent her a series of messages via LinkedIn. “We view this very seriously and I personally am very sorry your first day was like this,” Reiter wrote. “Also if there are further unwanted advances, please let us know.” Last year, just before the Presidential election, he reached out again, writing, “All this Trump stuff made me think of you.” He described Nestor’s experience as part of Weinstein’s serial misconduct. “I’ve fought him about mistreatment of women 3 weeks before the incident with you. I even wrote him an email that got me labelled by him as sex police,” he wrote. “The fight I had with him about you was epic. I told him if you were my daughter he would have not made out so well.” (Reiter declined to comment, but his lawyer, Debra Katz, confirmed the authenticity of the messages and said that Reiter had made diligent efforts to raise these issues, to no avail. Katz also said that Reiter “is eager to coöperate fully with any outside investigation.”)

    Though no assault occurred, and Nestor completed her temporary placement, she was profoundly affected by the incident. “I was definitely traumatized for a while, in terms of feeling so harassed and frightened,” she said. “It made me feel incredibly discouraged that this could be something that happens on a regular basis. I actually decided not to go into entertainment because of this incident.”


    Emma de Caunes, a French actress, met Weinstein in 2010, at a party at the Cannes Film Festival. A few months later, he asked her to a lunch meeting at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris. In the meeting, Weinstein told de Caunes that he was going to be producing a movie with a prominent director, that he planned to shoot it in France, and that it had a strong female role. It was an adaptation of a book, he said, but he claimed he couldn’t remember the title. “But I’ll give it to you,” Weinstein said, according to de Caunes. “I have it in my room.”

    De Caunes replied that she had to leave, since she was already running late for a TV show she was hosting—Eminem was appearing on the show that afternoon, and she hadn’t written her questions yet. Weinstein pleaded with her to retrieve the book with him, and finally she agreed. As they got to his room, she received a telephone call from one of her colleagues, and Weinstein disappeared into a bathroom, leaving the door open. She assumed that he was washing his hands.

    “When I hung up the phone, I heard the shower go on in the bathroom,” she said. “I was, like, What the fuck, is he taking a shower?” Weinstein came out, naked and with an erection. “What are you doing?” she asked. Weinstein demanded that she lie on the bed and told her that many other women had done so before her.

    “I was very petrified,” de Caunes said. “But I didn’t want to show him that I was petrified, because I could feel that the more I was freaking out, the more he was excited.” She added, “It was like a hunter with a wild animal. The fear turns him on.” De Caunes told Weinstein that she was leaving, and he panicked. “We haven’t done anything!” she remembered him saying. “It’s like being in a Walt Disney movie!”

    De Caunes told me, “I looked at him and I said—it took all my courage—but I said, ‘I’ve always hated Walt Disney movies.’ And then I left. I slammed the door.” She was shaking on the stairs down to the lobby. A director she was working with on the TV show confirmed that she arrived at the studio distraught and that she recounted what had happened. Weinstein called relentlessly over the next few hours, offering de Caunes gifts and repeating that nothing had happened.

    De Caunes, who was in her early thirties at the time, was already an established actress, but she wondered what would happen to younger and more vulnerable women in the same situation. Over the years, she said, she’s heard similar accounts from friends. “I know that everybody—I mean everybody—in Hollywood knows that it’s happening,” de Caunes said. “He’s not even really hiding. I mean, the way he does it, so many people are involved and see what’s happening. But everyone’s too scared to say anything.”


    One evening in the early nineties, the actress Rosanna Arquette was supposed to meet Weinstein for dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel to pick up the script for a new film. At the hotel, Arquette was told to meet Weinstein upstairs, in his room.

    Arquette recalled that, when she arrived at the room, Weinstein opened the door wearing a white bathrobe. Weinstein said that his neck was sore and that he needed a massage. She told him that she could recommend a good masseuse. “Then he grabbed my hand,” she said. He put it on his neck. When she yanked her hand away, she told me, Weinstein grabbed it again and pulled it toward his penis, which was visible and erect. “My heart was really racing. I was in a fight-or-flight moment,” she said. She told Weinstein, “I will never do that.”

    Weinstein told her that she was making a huge mistake by rejecting him, and named an actress and a model who he claimed had given in to his sexual overtures and whose careers he said he had advanced as a result. Arquette said she told him, “I’ll never be that girl,” and left.

    Arquette said that after she rejected Weinstein her career suffered. In one case, she believes, she lost a role because of it. “He made things very difficult for me for years,” she told me. She did appear in one subsequent Weinstein film, “Pulp Fiction,” which she attributes to the small size of the role and Weinstein’s deference to the filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino. (Disputes later arose over her entitlement to payment out of the film’s proceeds.) Arquette said that her silence was the result of Weinstein’s power and reputation for vindictiveness. “He’s going to be working very hard to track people down and silence people,” she explained. “To hurt people. That’s what he does.”

    There are other examples of Weinstein’s modus operandi. Jessica Barth, an actress who met Weinstein at a Golden Globes party in January, 2011, told me that Weinstein invited her to a business meeting at the Peninsula. When she arrived, he asked her over the phone to come up to his room. Weinstein assured her it was “no big deal”—because of his high profile, he simply wanted privacy to “talk career stuff.” In the room, Barth found that Weinstein had ordered champagne and sushi.

    Barth said that, in the conversation that followed, he alternated between offering to cast her in a film and demanding a naked massage in bed. “So, what would happen if, say, we’re having some champagne and I take my clothes off and you give me a massage?” she recalled him asking. “And I’m, like, ‘That’s not going to happen.’ ”

    When she moved toward the door to leave, Weinstein lashed out, saying that she needed to lose weight “to compete with Mila Kunis,” and then, apparently in an effort to mollify her, promising a meeting with one of his female executives. “He gave me her number, and I walked out and I started bawling,” Barth told me. (Immediately after the incident, she spoke with two individuals who confirmed to me that she related her account to them at the time.) Barth said that the promised meeting at Weinstein’s office seemed to be purely a formality. “I just knew it was bullshit,” she said. (The executive she met with did not respond to requests for comment.)


    Weinstein’s behavior deeply affected the day-to-day operations of his company. Current and former Weinstein employees described a pattern of meetings and strained complicity that closely matches the accounts of the many women I interviewed. The employees spoke on condition of anonymity, they said, because of fears about their careers in Hollywood and because of provisos in their work contracts.

    “There was a large volume of these types of meetings that Harvey would have with aspiring actresses and models,” one female executive told me. “He would have them late at night, usually at hotel bars or in hotel rooms. And, in order to make these women feel more comfortable, he would ask a female executive or assistant to start those meetings with him.” She said that she was repeatedly asked to join the meetings but refused.

    The female executive said that she was especially disturbed by the involvement of other employees. “It almost felt like the executive or assistant was made to be a honeypot to lure these women in, to make them feel safe,” she said. “Then he would dismiss the executive or the assistant, and then these women were alone with him. And that did not feel like it was appropriate behavior or safe behavior.”

    One former employee said that she was frequently asked to join for the beginning of meetings that, she said, had in many cases already been moved from day to night and from hotel lobbies to hotel rooms. She said that Weinstein’s conduct in the meetings was brazen. During a meeting with a model, the former employee said, he turned to her and demanded, “Tell her how good of a boyfriend I am.” She said that when she refused to join one such meeting, Weinstein became enraged. Often, she was asked to keep track of the women, who, in keeping with a practice established by Weinstein’s assistants, were all filed under the same label in her phone: F.O.H., which stood for “Friend of Harvey.” She said that the pattern of meetings was nearly uninterrupted in her years working for Weinstein. “I have to say, the behavior did stop for a little bit after the groping thing,” she said, referring to Ambra Battilana Gutierrez’s allegation to the police, “but he couldn’t help himself. A few months later, he was back at it.”

    Two staffers who facilitated these meetings said that they felt morally compromised by them. One male former staffer said that many of the women seemed “not aware of the nature of those meetings” and “were definitely scared.” He said most of the encounters that he saw seemed consensual, but others gave him pause. He was especially troubled by his memory of one young woman: “You just feel terrible because you could tell this girl, very young, not from our country, was now in a room waiting for him to come up there in the middle of the day, and we were not to bother them.” He said that he was never asked to facilitate these meetings for men.

    None of the former executives or assistants I spoke to quit because of the misconduct, but many expressed guilt and regret about not having said or done more. They spoke about what they believed to be a culture of silence about sexual assault inside Miramax and the Weinstein Company and across the entertainment industry more broadly.


    Weinstein and his legal and public-relations teams have conducted a decades-long campaign to suppress these stories. In recent months, that campaign escalated. Weinstein and his associates began calling many of the women in this story. Weinstein asked Argento to meet with a private investigator and give testimony on his behalf. One actress who initially spoke to me on the record later asked that her allegation be removed. “I’m so sorry,” she wrote. “The legal angle is coming at me and I have no recourse.” Weinstein and his legal team have threatened to sue multiple media outlets, including the New York Times.

    Several of the former executives and assistants in this story said that they had received calls from Weinstein in which he attempted to determine if they had talked to me or warned them not to. These employees continued to participate in the article partly because they felt there was a growing culture of accountability, embodied in the relatively recent disclosures about high-profile men like Cosby and Ailes. “I think a lot of us had thought—and hoped—over the years that it would come out sooner,” the former executive who was aware of the two legal settlements in London told me. “But I think now is the right time, in this current climate, for the truth.”

    The female executive who declined inappropriate meetings told me that her lawyer advised her that she could be exposed to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits for violating the nondisclosure agreement attached to her employment contract. “I believe this is more important than keeping a confidentiality agreement,” she said. “The more of us that can confirm or validate for these women if this did happen, I think it’s really important for their justice to do that.” She continued, “I wish I could have done more. I wish I could have stopped it. And this is my way of doing that now.”

    “He’s been systematically doing this for a very long time,” the former employee who had been made to act as a “honeypot” told me. She said that she often thinks of something Weinstein whispered—to himself, as far as she could tell—after one of his many shouting sprees at the office. It so unnerved her that she pulled out her iPhone and tapped it into a memo, word for word: “There are things I’ve done that nobody knows.”


    The Human Stain: Why the Harvey Weinstein Story Is Worse Than You Think

    It goes much deeper than one big creep.

    The New York Times last week broke the story of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s long record of sexual harassment. Actresses including Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd came forward to detail Weinstein’s depredations, and so did former employees of the man who founded one of the most important independent film companies of the last 30 years, Miramax. The details were so jarring and the trail of abuse so long, that it was impossible to read the story and not come away wondering: How did no one know what he was doing?

    But of course people knew about Harvey Weinstein. Like the New York Times, for instance. Sharon Waxman, a former reporter at the Times, writes in The Wrap how she had the story on Weinstein in 2004—and then he bullied the Times into dropping it. Matt Damon and Russell Crowe even called her directly to get her to back off the story. And Miramax was a major advertiser. Her editor at the Times, Jonathan Landman, asked her why it mattered. After all, he told Waxman, “he’s not a publicly elected official.”

    Manhattan’s district attorney knew, too. In 2015, Weinstein’s lawyer donated $10,000 to the campaign of Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance after he declined to file sexual assault charges against the producer. Given the number of stories that have circulated for so long, Weinstein must have spread millions around New York, Los Angeles, and Europe to pay off lawyers and buy silence, including the silence of his victims. But he had something else going for him, too. He knew his victims would be reluctant to go public because it might suggest that some of their success, their fame even, was a function of their inability to protect themselves from being humiliated by a man who set the bar for humiliating others at the precise level of his own self-loathing.

    Hollywood is full of connoisseurs like Weinstein, men whose erotic imaginations are fueled primarily by humiliation, who glut their sensibilities with the most exquisite refinements of shame. A journalist once told me about visiting another very famous Hollywood producer—you’d know the name—who exhibited for my friend his collection of photographs of famous female actresses—you’d know their names, too—performing sexual acts for his private viewing. As with Weinstein, this man’s chief thrill was humiliation, and the more famous the target the more roundly it was savored: Even her, a big star—these people will do anything to land a role; they’re so awful, they’ll even do it for me.

    One of the refrains you hear today from media experts and journalists is that they’d known about Weinstein’s transgressions for a long time. The problem, they say, was that no one was able to nail down the story.

    Nonsense. Everyone had it, not just Waxman. Sure, reporters hadn’t been able to get any stars to go on the record. But that means the story journalists were pursuing wasn’t really about Weinstein’s sexual depredations. It means that what they wanted was a story about actresses, junior executives, or assistants who had been humiliated, maybe raped, and chose to remain quiet in exchange for money and/or a shot at fame.

    Of course no one was going to get that on the record—very few journalists would even want to publish a story like that. But journalists always had the actual story of how a Hollywood producer humiliated and sexually assaulted women. How? Because he victimized journalists.

    Fox News reporter Lauren Sivan told Huffington Post that a decade ago, Weinstein masturbated in front of her. She says she didn’t say anything at the time, when she was an anchor on a local cable show, because she was “fearful of the power that Weinstein wielded in the media.” She was right and her fear was understandable.

    Writing in New York Magazine, Rebecca Traister remembers the time when she asked Weinstein an interview question at a book party, he screamed at her, spit in her face, called her a “c—t,” and then put her boyfriend in a headlock and dragged him to the street. Traister said nothing at the time because she figured she had little chance against “that kind of force.”

    I don’t blame her or Sivan for not saying anything, never mind reporting the story. Weinstein is violent, vindictive, and litigious—as well as sexually abusive—facts that the entertainment and political media knew for years. No one wanted to publish that story. But that’s not the same thing as “not being able to nail it down.” “Nailing it down” would have amounted to nothing more than printing a collection of facts under a byline.

    The real issue, as Traister notes, was that “there were so many journalists on his payroll, working as consultants on movie projects, or as screenwriters, or for his magazine.” Traister is referring to Talk, the magazine Weinstein started at Miramax with Tina Brown. The catchword was “synergy”—magazine articles, turned into books, turned into movies, a supply chain of entertainment and information that was going to put these media titans in the middle of everything and make them all richer.

    Traister and I worked at Talk together in the late ’90s. There were lots of talented journalists but it was still a mess. Outside of “synergy,” there was no idea driving the magazine, and Tina’s search for a vision was expensive. She spent lavishly on writers, art directors, photographers, and parties. Harvey got angry. Every time Tina went downtown to meet with him he screamed at her the whole time. He humiliated her. At least this was the story that went around the office every time she went down there, a story circulating through, and circulated by, several dozen journalists.

    Or, to put it another way: More than 20 people in one magazine office alone all had the story about Harvey Weinstein’s “mistreatment” of women.

    So why didn’t anyone write it? Not to take anything away from Jodi Kantor’s excellent New York Times piece, but the reality is that everyone had the story.

    The reason no one wrote it is not because the press wanted to get Weinstein, but couldn’t prove the story. No, it’s because the press was protecting Weinstein.

    Why wouldn’t they? He made terrific movies and he was a big mover in Democratic party politics, raising millions for local and national campaigns, including the Clintons. (Hillary, some readers will recall, was on the cover of Talk’s first issue.)

    John Kennedy, Jr. tried to blend politics and entertainment with the magazine he founded, George. His basic insight was correct; but he misunderstood something crucial. And John John misunderstood it because he was, by all accounts, a good man.

    You know the old joke about Washington: That it’s Hollywood for ugly people. Kennedy thought that this was unfair to Washington and that the people in the nation’s capital had the capacity for glamour, too.

    But it turns out that the joke works in the opposite direction: Hollywood is for ugly people, too. That was Harvey Weinstein’s essential insight, and how he managed to combine the worlds of politics, entertainment, and media. They’re all repulsive—and I know they’re disgusting or else they wouldn’t be courting, of all people, me.

    Thus his fortress was quarried from the misshapen material of human vanity, ambition, and greed. Writers and journalists—the intellectuals, in his mind—were nearly as contemptible as actors. They wouldn’t dream of crossing a guy who could turn them into culture heroes with a phone call. Hey, I just optioned your novel and I already know who’s going to make the movie. And oh yeah, please confirm that you don’t, like I think I may have heard, have a reporter looking into a story about me.

    A friend reminds me that there was a period when Miramax bought the rights to every big story published in magazines throughout the city. Why mess with Weinstein when that big new female star you’re trying to wrangle for the June cover is headlining a Miramax release? Do you think that glossy magazine editor who threw the swankiest Oscar party in Hollywood was trying to “nail down” the Weinstein story? Right, just like the hundreds of journalists who were ferried across the river for the big party at the Statue of Liberty to celebrate the premiere of Talk—they were all there sipping champagne and sniffing coke with models in order to “nail down” the story about how their host was a rapist.

    That’s why the story about Harvey Weinstein finally broke now. It’s because the media industry that once protected him has collapsed. The magazines that used to publish the stories Miramax optioned can’t afford to pay for the kind of reporting and storytelling that translates into screenplays. They’re broke because Facebook and Google have swallowed all the digital advertising money that was supposed to save the press as print advertising continued to tank.

    Look at Vanity Fair, basically the in-house Miramax organ that Tina failed to make Talk: Condé Nast demanded massive staff cuts from Graydon Carter and he quit. He knows they’re going to turn his aspirational bible into a blog, a fate likely shared by most (if not all) of the Condé Nast books.

    Si Newhouse, magazine publishing’s last Medici, died last week, and who knows what will happen to Condé now. There are no more journalists; there are just bloggers scrounging for the crumbs Silicon Valley leaves them. Who’s going to make a movie out of a Vox column? So what does anyone in today’s media ecosystem owe Harvey Weinstein? And besides, it’s good story, right? “Downfall of a media Mogul.” Maybe there’s even a movie in it.

    Rebecca Traister says the stories are coming out now because “our consciousness has been raised.” Between Bill Cosby and Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and Donald Trump, argues Traister, people are now accustomed to speaking and hearing the truth about famous, sexually abusive men.

    This is wrong. It has nothing to do with “raised consciousness”—or else she wouldn’t have left off that list the one name obviously missing. It’s not about raised consciousness or else the Democratic party’s 2016 presidential campaign would not have been a year-long therapy session treating a repressed trauma victim with even its main slogan—“I’m with her”—referencing a muted plea for sympathy for a woman who’d been publicly shamed by a sexual predator.

    Which brings us, finally, to the other reason the Weinstein story came out now: Because the court over which Bill Clinton once presided, a court in which Weinstein was one part jester, one part exchequer, and one part executioner, no longer exists.

    A thought experiment: Would the Weinstein story have been published if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency? No, and not because he is a big Democratic fundraiser. It’s because if the story was published during the course of a Hillary Clinton presidency, it wouldn’t have really been about Harvey Weinstein. Harvey would have been seen as a proxy for the president’s husband and it would have embarrassed the president, the first female president.

    Bill Clinton offered get-out-of-jail-free cards to a whole army of sleazeballs, from Jeffrey Epstein to Harvey Weinstein to the foreign donors to the Clinton Global Initiative. The deal was simple: Pay up, genuflect, and get on with your existence. It was like a papacy selling indulgences, at the same time that everyone knew that the cardinals were up to no good. The 2016 election demolished Clinton world once and for all, to be replaced by the cult of Obama, an austere sect designated by their tailored hair shirts with Nehru collars. “That is not who we are as Americans,” they chant, as Harvey Weinstein’s ashes are scattered in the wind.

  3. Victory on all fronts:

    The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing an administration official, that an executive order regarding association health plans would be signed this week. The official echoed the president’s Sept. 27 comments to reporters, when he said he would “be signing a very major executive order where people can go out, cross state lines, do lots of things and buy their own health care.”

    An order allowing association health plans would give Americans in the individual market who don’t receive government subsidies another health care option outside of the Affordable Care Act. About 83 percent of the 12.2 million people covered by Obamacare health plans get subsidies that help them pay their premiums, according to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

    Obamacare is so screwed up and so expensive, and it’s especially bad for people who don’t get subsidies. This gives them an alternative,” said Robert Laszewski, president of the Health Policy and Strategy Associates, a consulting firm specializing in assisting insurance companies and other clients through health policy changes. [snip]

    Fiedler said the damage to the individual insurance market would be “quite significant” because healthier people would seek cheaper coverage through associations, driving up premiums in the Obamacare market.

    Congress will eventually have to repeal ObamaCare.

  4. The left exposed:

    One might think that after one of the biggest names in Hollywood — someone whose made a name for himself working alongside progressive and feminist causes — was shockingly revealed as having covered up decades of sexual abuse, America’s late-night hosts would have a field day.

    Instead, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert came up … dry.

    The only mention of Harvey Weinstein on all of the late-night shows combined came on “The Daily Show,” during a segment on Cam Newton. The “joke,” featured above, was literally nothing more than Noah pretending to be Cam Newton and saying to reporters at a press conference “Look, Harvey Weinstein!”

    Whores! Lying totalitarian leftist whores.


    ‘Monday Night Football’ Ratings Hits Season Low [snip]

    However, even with the much plugged world debut of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer at halftime, for the NFL and ESPN it was not such a great result in what is clearly a season of lower ratings amid protest controversies surrounding the national anthem – even on a night when the latter was not shown on-air.

    Snaring a 7.0 in metered market results, MNF was down double digits from last week’s Kansas City Chiefs win over the Washington Redskins. Down 17% in the ratings, that’s actually a regular-game season low for ESPN and matches the MM result of the second game of the doubleheader MNF opener on September 11.

    That comes a day after Sunday Night Football also hit a season low.

  6. Too funny. You read the Facebook comments about Roger Goodells letter…..the left is pissed and is now saying people should boycott the NFL.


  7. Please tell me why Trump had to tweet out that if Tillerson called him a moron that they should take IQ tests and Trump guarantees he will come out on top…

  8. Weinstein’s wife just announced she is divorcing him. Claims she knew nothing.

    Meanwhile Hillary Clinton:

    Hillary Clinton FINALLY condemns her mega-donor friend Harvey Weinstein saying she is ‘shocked and appalled’ – but keeps every cent of his tainted cash

    Hillary Clinton was a friend of Harvey Weinstein whose campaign coffers were boosted by his own cash and that of his celebrity friends
    She finally spoke Tuesday afternoon, issuing statement after three rape allegations were leveled at him
    Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie also joined the list of victims before she spoke
    On Monday night she spoke at University of California at Davis to an audience whose ticket prices had started at $125 a head – and still said nothing
    She did find time to claim she was the victim of a ‘double standard’ and that other women running for the White House would be too
    Her silence was questioned by leading media figures with CNN anchor Erin Burnett accusing her of giving Weinstein a ‘pass’

    Hillary Clinton broke six days of silence on the Harvey Weinstein scandal hours after he was alleged to have committed three rapes, saying she was ‘shocked and appalled’ – but saying nothing about returning his tainted donations.

    The 2016 presidential loser issued a statement through her spokesman saying his behavior ‘cannot be tolerated’ – shortly after Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Joloie said they too were victims.

    ‘I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein,’ Clintoin said.

    ‘The behavior described by the women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behaviour.’

    Her statement ended silence but left open the crucial issue of the vast amount of cash Weinstein donated directly to her and her family, and brought in frm his celebrity friends.

    And it came after two public appearances in which she said nothing about her mega-donor friend’s sexual harassment scandal, even as she spoke atone, at UC Davis on Monday, about the ‘double standards’ faced by women running for president.

    The Clinton Foundation has also continued to duck requests for comment from about its up to $250,000 donor.

    The final pressure to speak came from Tim Kaine, her running mate.

    Speaking on CNN’s New Day, he said: ‘Any leader should condemn this. These allegations are low-life behavior.

    ‘Whether it’s in government, business or media, it’s unacceptable and you’ve got to call it out.

    He also distanced himself form the 2016 loser, saying: ‘I’m nobody’s press secretary.’

    One of Clinton’s former senior staffers, Patti Solis Doyle, who was her 2008 campaign manager, told CNN it was ‘disappointing’ that her ex-boss ‘hasn’t come out and condemned Harvey Weinstein’. That was before she spoke.

    Since the scandal was revealed last Thursday, Clinton has found time to discuss birth control funding and her re-released children’s book It Takes a Village and the problems she says women face in politics.

    She has also continued her lucrative speaking tour with engagements at Stanford University and University of California, Davis.

    Clinton told the UC Davis audience on Monday about the struggle of running for president as a woman. Ticket prices started at $250, and included a copy of her memoir What Happened.

    ‘You have to have a high pain threshold, because the double standard is alive and well,’ said Clinton.

    ‘This is endemic to our political system, to business, to the media, to every part of society. So don’t be afraid to talk about it and take it on.’

    The former presidential candidate also weighed in on the recent fire fires in northern California and hurricanes across the U.S.

    She said people must start ‘acknowledging climate change and the role that it plays in exacerbating such events.’

    Media figures expressed shock that Clinton never once mentioned the sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein during her 90 minute speech.

    ‘HRC spoke for 90 mins last nite, didn’t mention Harvey Weinstein. She won’t give women a ‘pass’ for not voting for her, but she gave him one,’ wrote CNN’s Erin Burnett on Twitter. [snip]

    The Democratic National Committee, which received over $250,000 from Weinstein since 2003, also said it would donate $30,000 to women’s groups. [snip]

    $679,275 raised as a ‘bundler’ for Obama’s 2012 campaign – one of the top 40 in the country


    $250,000 donations to the Democratic National Committee since 2003


    Up to $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation since 2003


    $30,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund in 2016


    $16,200 to Chuck Schumer, Senate minority leader


    $5,400 – the legal maximum – to Clinton’s campaign in 2016


    $5,400 to Richard Blumenthal in 2016


    $5,400 to Martin Heinrich in 2017


    $5,400 to Al Franken in 2014


    $5,000 to Elizabeth Warren in 2012


    $10,000 to Corey Booker in 2013


    Weinstein maxed out his political contributions to Clinton with a $5,400 check to her 2016 campaign and $30,000 to her Hillary Victory Fund. He was also a prolific bundler for Clinton and hosted fundraising events where celebrity guests paid thousands to meet with the presidential candidate.

    Weinstein also gave between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation – joining other controversial donors, including convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and ex-MF Global CEO Jon Corzine. [snip]

    Lena Dunham, who campaigned for Clinton in 2016, wrote a column for the New York Times denouncing those who have stayed silent on Weinstein’s behaviour.

    ‘[H]ere we are, days later, waiting for Mr. Weinstein’s most powerful collaborators to say something. Anything,’ wrote Dunham. ‘It wouldn’t be just a gift to the women he has victimized, but a message to the women who are watching our industry closely.’
    Jeff Bridges, Tessa Thompson and Mark Ruffalo condemn Weinstein

  9. I always wondered about what happened to Rosanna Arquette’s career…seriously in the 1980’s she was one of the “it” actresses and esteemed for her talent…then all of a sudden she was off the radar screen and ironically her sister, Patricia Arquette’s career took off actually earning her an Oscar & many awards…and she is still going strong while Rosanna slipped into the shadows…guess she got Weinsteined…

    …let me repeat what everyone else is saying…everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein…I was one of those young innocents when I first moved to LA and even as a newcomer I heard about Harvey…and believe me, he is not the only one…that is why I thought it was getting proposterous that only men who worked at Fox were being charged with sexual harassment …because it goes on at other cable outlets…

    …and definitely is happening in the entertainment industry in LA & NYC…another one that was infamous during those days was producer Don Simpson of Simpson & Bruckheimer…
    Don finally burnt out and died…
    …there are many…and some we would never dream of…

    frankly Hillary seems to have hit the Trifecta with sexually problematic men…Bill, Anthony Weiner & Harvey Weinstein…
    …and she never even notices anything…??
    let’s face it, Hillary is an enabler who is so attracted to power & money that nothing else really matters
    (she compartmentalizes)
    Her recent speech where she doesn’t even mention Weinstein just emphasizes how out of touch with reality she is…she is going on about a double standard towards women while she is surrounded by men who abuse women…wake up & smell the coffee/reality Hillary…she is ridiculous and has ZERO credibility on women’s issues…she is trying so hard to be relevant…ZERO credibility & embarrassing herself

    Meryl Streep is lying & any of the other ones who said “they knew nothing” lying!

    and beside the young women being exploited…lest we forget or ignore the young men that are being exploited & sexually harassed by the gay power brokers …it is happening all the time…and often with young boys…

    so much hypocrisy…
    where is big mouth Kimmel & where’s SNL…they couldn’t find an actor to parody Weinstein…let Alex Baldwin give it a try
    and the other loudmouth Stephen Colbert…what happened ‘cat got your tongue’??!

    none of them have any credibility to lecture anyone…much less the President or his supporters…

  10. GonzoTx, President Trump gave an interview to which he responded humorously. It was a joke. A joke with an edge.

    Why joke about Tillerson and his intellectual capacity? You’ll have your answer probably on Thursday. Hint: Iran. Extra hint: Corker. Extra extra hint: the Iran treaty which Tillerson and Corker support.

  11. S, you’re exactly right. You’re right about Kimmel and Hillary’s trifecta and the Hollywood swamp. Wait until this branches out into child sex and then you will see more fireworks. If a prosecutor tries to squeeze Weinstein many more penises will fall out of the zipper. Many more will be implicated. Did you see the Rose McGowen tweets?

    McGowen is calling out Matt Damon’s pal Ben Affleck on his denials of what Weinstein was up to. Affleck knew. We’ve met Affleck and he’s a sleaze ball.

    For us, the issue is even more profound. Many of these famous and powerful Hollywood people (like Gwyneth Paltrow), assaulted by Weinstein stayed silent. They saw Weinstein talk about women’s rights and endorse candidates and they remained silent. They saw Weinstein pretending to be a paragon of women’s rights. Still, they said nothing. They let the lies flow. These whores deserve only insults.

    BTW, Twitter has shut down our account right after we published the current just published article.

  12. I just tweeted out your post Admin, we’ll see.
    Can not some rich neutral or conservatives start a new Twitter? I am so sick of their blatant anti truth squads

    Same with FB, where mostly your talking to 3 or 4 people , the rest have tuned you out or live in fantasy land where Democrats are all good and Republicans are all bad

    Pretty sure we will hear that Harvey actually was a closet Republican

  13. Just had the NJ debate. Phil Murphy is willing to make NJ a sanctuary state if necessary to defy Trump. Way to pick a fight you will lose. I’m glad he was stupid enough to take a stab at Trump. Enjoy the Schlong Phil.

    Kim Guadagno can pick up ground if she hammers away on immigration. People I know are ‘shocked’ a Dimocrat would go sanctuary. Fools. I hope Trump gives her a Tweet or two of support. Phil Murphy is the worst kind of Dimocrat. The one thing I will give him is that he is at least honest he will jack up my taxes.

    Come on Trump, bring on the schlong! NJ needs some schlong!

  14. NJLurker2, we were told that Harvey Weinstein came up during the New Jersey gov debate. Guadagno used the story to clobber the Dim. The Dim is another Jon Corzine.

  15. Rose McGowen hits Affleck with a bat:

    Rose McGowan Accuses Ben Affleck of Lying About Harvey Weinstein

    Rose McGowan has accused Ben Affleck of being a liar for allegedly concealing information about disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein two decades ago.

    The actress reacted Tuesday to Affleck’s declaration that “additional allegations of assault that I read this morning made me sick” after The New Yorker published an expose detailing instances where Weinstein allegedly raped women by forcibly performing or receiving oral sex, and forcing vaginal sex.

    Several hours later, McGowan said in a tweet that the actor has been well aware of Weinstein’s behavior for many years: “Go—–it! I told him to stop doing that,” she claims he said to her at a “press [conference] I was made to go to after [the] assault.” She added, “You lie.”

    In another tweet, she told Affleck to “f— off.”

    The New York Times reported that McGowan reached a $100,000 settlement with Weinstein after an encounter in a hotel room with the executive producer in 1997 during the Sundance Film Festival. The payout was “not to be construed as an admission” by Weinstein, but intended to “avoid litigation and buy peace,” according to the newspaper.

    McGowan starred in 1996’s “Scream,” which was released by Miramax’s Dimension label, and then starred with Affleck in the comedy “Going All the Way,” which was shown at the 1997 Sundance festival and released by Gramercy. She did not mention “Going All the Way” in her tweet.

    McGowan said in an Oct. 5 tweet in reaction to the New York Times story, “Women fight on. And to the men out there, stand up. We need you as allies.”

    Affleck starred in two movies in 1997 that were released by Miramax — “Chasing Amy,” with Joey Lauren Adams; and “Good Will Hunting” with Matt Damon, for which Affleck and Damon received a screenwriting Oscar. He also starred in 1998’s “Shakespeare in Love,” which won the best picture Academy Award and was released by Miramax.

    Reps for Affleck were not immediately available for comment Tuesday.

    McGowan also launched a petition drive on Tuesday to dissolve the board of the Weinstein Company. “If you believe the Weinstein Company should completely dissolve after 30 years of sexual abuse against innocent women please join me in signing this petition to honor the victims and their bravery,” the actress wrote.

    McGowan launched the drive in the wake of reports that TWC plans to change the name of the company in the wake of the scandal.

    TWC You don’t get to change your company name & be done with it,” she said on Twitter. “Every man there has the blood of sorrow on their hands. You are dirty.”

    Affleck first, then Damon the hypocrite liar. Maybe Casey too, Affleck’s brother who in the past has been accused of Harvey Weinstein behaviors.

  16. Turns out Murphy had a fundraiser scheduled with Weinstein. This may get legs. I hope it goes viral as that’s the only way it’s going good to get to. The sensationalism in California might suck up all the oxygen prior to the election.

    Guadagno has her opening with this Weinstein story blowing up and Murphy’s admission/intention about the NJ sanctuary state.

    Honestly I am a Reagan Democrat. Thank God these progressives don’t bother to hide anymore. Just because we are sick of Christy’s pettiness does not mean we want to dive into California madness.

  17. Big Media is trying to fool the public by saying President Trump is wrong about Corker and the Iran deal. We remember the Iran deal and Corker’s machinations to pass the Iran deal very well. PDT is right. Bob Corker and the Iran deal circa 2015:

    Corker passed legislation which turned things upside down. Instead of Congress having to vote to approve Obama’s Iran deal, Corker’s bill changed the process so that the senate had to turn the bill down. The implication of this maneuver was that although Republicans held the senate majority they would have to get two-thirds to disapprove Obama’s Iran deal after an Obama veto of their disapproval bill.

    Corker is responsible for that scam. Corker colluded with Obama to pass the Iran deal. Because of Corker, Obama only needed 34 Dems to uphold his veto instead of the majority (actually 60 votes because of senate rules) that would have been required to pass the Iran deal.


    Mulshine is a North Jersey reporter so I don’t read him often as I live in the South. I like his summation here though. Murphy is a pie in the sky guy. Don’t like his creepy Tim Kainesque smile. I expect the polling to tighten.

    The biggest issue in NJ is Taxes. Especially property taxes. Solve that issue and you’d be Governor for life.

    Sorry if the Jersey flavor was off topic.

  19. Still not clear about why the NYT decided to run this story now. I read the “Variety” link, which said Weinstein’s money and influence are drying up and that may be true. However, doesn’t this make even the Times look like one of his enablers, since they had the story for over a dozen years and chose not to go with it? Perhaps they knew that someone else was on the verge of publishing it and decided to scoop them, regardless of the consequences. Still seems odd, though.

  20. Admin:

    In case you are unaware- The Chrome and Safari browsers have been hacked for veiwing this site. They removed the log-in portion so posters would be unable to log-in or read what has already been posted. I got in with EX…

  21. Insider claims Bill Clinton is ‘heartsick’ over Hillary’s book tour

    Edward Klein, who has written several books about the Clintons and Kennedys, has a hotly anticipated book, “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump,” out Oct. 30.

    In the meantime, he reveals that Hillary Clinton’s finger-pointing book, “What Happened” — which is chock-full of excuses for her shocking election loss to Donald Trump — may be a best seller, but Bill Clinton tossed his copy in the trash can and is heartsick over his wife’s current blame-game book tour.

    “Before Hillary sent the manuscript to her publisher, she gave it to Bill to read, and he made major changes with a red pencil,” said a close Clinton family friend. “But she refused to even read his corrections, and he got so furious that he tossed the entire manuscript into the garbage.

    “He told her the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused, and that those were poor qualities in a person who aspired to be a world leader,” the friend continued.

    “He hated the title because calling it ‘What Happened’ would only make people say, ‘You lost.’ He urged her to postpone the pub date and rewrite the book, but she yelled at him and said, ‘The book is finished and that’s how it’s going to be published.’ ”

    Since their fight last summer over the book, Bill’s negative feelings about Hillary’s memoir have grown even more intense as she’s used her book tour to blame her loss on Russian hackers, former FBI Director James Comey and women who didn’t vote for her.

    Klein writes in his upcoming book that Bill warned Hillary a month before the election that she was losing and that she needed to campaign in the Rust Belt states.

    “She told him he was delusional,” Klein writes.

    read more at link:


    This is the first time in memory, I have ever heard of Bill criticizing anything Hillary has said or done…
    Has the worm turned?

  22. Admin…one of the most annoying people in this whole Weinstein situation is Whoopi Goldberg…no way in hell Whoopi did not know about HW…and there she is all happy and so proud sitting next to HW on the stage behind MO praising what a wonderful person HW is…as Meryl said “Harvey is a god”
    give me a break Whoopi…another big time phoney…acts like she knows everything about everyone…and there she is with Harv…the sexual perv…friends for years…but it didn’t bother her that he was a serial harasser of young women…
    they must all be wondering and worrying about who comes next…who is next to fall


  23. one other thing…the Left makes themselves look so foolish…and more guilty & desperate…when the question is about Harvey Weinstein & his relationship with Dems…and they all try to quickly…as quickly as they can trip all over themselves…to change the subject to PDT…and blab on about DT

    PDT is guilty of saying dumb & unnecessary things at times…and he was a ‘good looking’ playboy during the good ole days…but there were never stories like these about DT; no drugs, no alcohol, no weirdness…if anything DT seems like he was a workaholic & ‘in love with falling in love’ & was more invested in getting married 3X over with lavish weddings…

    there is NO COMPARISON of Harvey Weinstein (coke, etc) & DT…none, these Weinstein enablers should be shut off immediately when they try to deflect with this nonsense…

  24. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is attempting to assuage the concerns that conservative activists have raised as late regarding the languid pace of judicial confirmations.

    According to the Judicial Conference of the United States, 149 vacancies currently exist in the federal courts. President Donald Trump has named 50 judicial nominees since taking office, submitting a slate of approximately 10 candidates every month.

  25. gonzotx @ 1:56 pm:

    Maybe. Unfortunately, Project Veritas bombshells have not been covered by big media, using the excuse that he misleadingly edited his first release (Planned Parenthood) and is therefore unreliable (not a very good or truthful excuse, but that’s what they use). PV’s Robert Creamer expose was devastating; yet, like so many others, he’s still rolling along with no accountability. So I’m not sure that the NYT has much fear of Project Veritas.

    I still think it’s something else, but not sure what. The Times has knowingly upset the Hollywood liberal applecart for some reason, which is unusual for them if there is no “Trash Trump” payoff. On Tucker Carlson’s show yesterday, Richard Goodstein tried to tie the Weinstein scandal to Trump (both gropers, double standard, blah, blah, blah) but he just sounded silly and desperate.

  26. Can you imagine what would happen and the racist BS that would be put out with control by JZ… OMG… do it, Hollywood would be done… think of all the Trayvon Martin movies….

    Update – 2:29 p.m.: Jay Z is reportedly interested in acquiring Harvey Weinstein’s stake in The Weinstein Co. The rapper and streaming music mogul worked with TWC on The Kalief Browder Story, and has a deal with the company for a miniseries about Trayvon Martin.

    From TMZ:

    Our sources say Jay wants his relationship with the company to continue and grow, and since Harvey is out he’s looking at acquiring a substantial equity stake in the company.

  27. Mike

    That’s the theme now, to tie Trump to Weinstein, Megan also put that out, sure we will be seeing it non stop. Weinstein is conveniently out of the country in Europe, getting treatment for sexual addiction… Hollywood will no doubt welcome him back at some point, if JZ doesn’t put the finale nail in the coffin buying out the company.

    Maybe he can run his Black is beautiful and whitey should be no more in the dollar discount movie houses for the soon to be unemployed NFL players …

    One can hope

    Jesus, the world is a cluster fU$€ isn’t it?

  28. Jesus, the world is a cluster fU$€ isn’t it?. Yep
    Crazed. Desperate. Democrats
    “The Texas congressman’s maneuver is expected to force a vote either Thursday or Friday, putting fellow Democrats in an awkward spot.
    Green’s resolution covers four articles of impeachment.
    One accuses the president of “inciting white supremacy, sexism, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, race-baiting, and racism by demeaning, defaming, disrespecting and disparaging women and certain minorities.” Another alleges Trump brought “shame and dishonor to the office of the presidency by associating the majesty and dignity of the presidency with causes rooted in white supremacy, bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, white nationalism and neo-Nazism.”
    Another still condemns Trump for saying “three to five million people voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election.”
    The fourth article accuses the president of “encouraging law enforcement officials to violate the Constitutional rights of the suspects in their case.”

  29. Al Green is crazy

    Black people have done gone lost their collective minds

    I say we will pay for passage to Liberia for them and give them 40 acres

    Does that sound racist? Probably, but you know, prior to 2008 I use to look at my daughter and her friends, all mixed one Hispanic/White, one Black/ Hispanic, one Black/White and think how beautiful they were and that they were indeed the future and just how far we have come in my lifetime.

    Obama and the other race baiters ruined all that… Now the two with Black blood, although respectful and loving with me, voice the Black slave mentality. Despite both being very successful, both having college paid for through athletic scholarships, one to a conservative private school, both having numerous White friends, they can’t see the forest for the trees. In an 95% White school one was voted Homecoming Queen and the other was on the Prom court. People just loved them… but now I can’t read their FB pages, they fall for every perceived grievance. Trayvon, hands up, Police are pigs, …ones White mother defriended me because I didn’t support obama…

    We have taken so many steps back and we are not done

    This is not going to end well…

  30. “He told her the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused, and that those were poor qualities in a person who aspired to be a world leader” …
    She never has been, and never will be, the leader of any geography larger than her house. So, no harm done.

  31. Affleck afflicted with his own Weinstein affair:

    Hollywood’s greatest fear is now coming true. The Daily Mail reports that Harvey Weinstein protégé Ben Affleck is facing the accusation that he groped actress Hilarie Burton in 2003 when she was just 21 years-old.

    This is Hollywood’s greatest fear realized, the fear that the floodgates against others will open up and every alleged harasser will be dragged kicking and screaming into the sunlight. Affleck is a major player; an Oscar-winning director and Warner Brothers’ Batman, a hugely expensive franchise. He is also a high-profile Democrats, just like Harvey.

    This is already the biggest scandal in Hollywood’s long, sordid history, Second place is not even close. But if even more women are now encouraged to come forward against other big names, the entire industry could be damaged beyond comprehension.

    The same is true for the multinational corporations who employed these alleged harassers, the Walt Disney Company, for instance. Major corporate liability is definitely on the table.

    Daily Mail:

    Hilarie Burton claims she was groped by Ben Affleck during his appearance on TRL in 2003.

    The former host of the show made the shocking allegations on Tuesday night, just hours after Affleck made a statement condemning Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abusive actions in his sexual assault and harassment scandal.

    In it he said he was ‘saddened and angry’ over the ‘sickening’ claims.

    Affleck’s statement was quickly slammed by a number of people – including Rose McGowan who called Affleck a liar.

    When a fan tweeted that Affleck might as well have ‘kept quiet,’ another Twitter user wrote: ‘He also grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breasts on TRL once. Everyone forgot though.’

    The One Tree Hill Star then surprised the Twitter thread by interjecting with: ‘I didn’t forget.’

    Actress Rose McGowan is also publicly attacking Affleck as a liar over his statement Tuesday where he appeared to claim that Weinstein’s behavior was something he was unaware of until now.

    Affleck and McGowan appeared together in the 1998 flop Phantoms, which was produced by Dimension, a branch of Harvey’s company Miramax.

    McGowan also lit into Affleck’s lifelong friend Matt Damon. He tweet appears to accuse him of being aware of Weinstein’s behavior and covering it up.

    The left in collapse. It will be so much fun when Ben Affleck and Matt Damon attack Republicans on misogyny. Maybe someone will remember Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign?

  32. Kimmel:

    Old Clip Resurfaces of Kimmel Having Women Guess What’s In His Pants: Maybe ‘Put Your Mouth On It’

    In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the skeletons in other celebrities’ closets have been coming out.

    Twitter user Austen Fletcher shared an old clip of Jimmy Kimmel (from The Man Show) playing a game with women on the street where they had to guess what’s in his pants using their hands. [snip]

    Kimmel asked another woman how old she was, which she said 18.

    “Are you sure?” Kimmel replied. “Because Uncle Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.”

    When one of his contestants was aggressively feeling around his pants, he told her “You’re gonna make a fine wife.”

    In the end, he revealed what he had in his pants: a zucchini with a rubber band on it.

  33. Associated Press forced to report but tries to keep the damage to entertainment. This is a political story too as well as a cultural debacle for Obama Dimocrats:

    NEW YORK — As the grim scope of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse has continued to expand, attention is turning to the question of who knew about the film’s mogul’s behavior.

    A key and potentially volatile component of Tuesday’s New Yorker expose was the claim that “a culture of complicity” has existed at both The Weinstein Co. and his previous film company, the Walt Disney-owned Miramax. “Numerous people throughout the companies (were) fully aware of his behavior but either abetting it or looking the other way,” the magazine reported.

    Further scrutiny has followed the contention that Weinstein’s conduct was “an open secret” in Hollywood. Focus has turned, in part, to not just the workplace environments Weinstein operated in, but the stars who may have had some knowledge of Weinstein’s alleged behavior but who failed to raise any alarms.

    Ben Affleck was called out Tuesday by alleged victim Rose McGowan. In a tweet, the actress accused Affleck of lying after issuing a statement that he was “saddened and angry” about the Weinstein revelations. “GO–AMNIT! I TOLD HIM TO STOP DOING THAT’ you said that to my face,” McGowan wrote on Tuesday. “The press conf I was made to go to after assault. You lie.”

    Actress Hilarie Burton also renewed an earlier allegation that Affleck groped her during a visit to MTV’s TRL, which she was hosting in 2003. A Twitter user recalled the incident, noting “everyone forgot.” Burton replied, “I didn’t forget.”

    Affleck tweeted an apology on Wednesday: “I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize.”

    The ongoing fallout poses potentially severe legal issues for the companies involved. The Weinstein Co., which fired its co-chairman on Sunday, has moved to continue forward with plans to change its name. In a statement Tuesday night, the Weinstein Co. board of directors strongly denied that it knew about Weinstein’s behavior. [snip]

    The board, however, includes Weinstein’s brother, Bob, the company’s other co-chairman. And several board members earlier resigned in the wake of the initial allegations of sexual harassment. That report, published Thursday by the New York Times, also detailed hundreds of thousands of dollars in alleged settlements. It’s not known if Weinstein made the payments personally or if either The Weinstein Co. or Miramax did.

    Legal experts are skeptical The Weinstein Co. could have been unaware given the volume of allegations.

    “Given all the information that’s coming out now, I would find it highly implausible that the board was not aware,” said Angela Reddock-Wright, an attorney specializing in employment and labor law who has represented businesses in harassment suits. “There are just too many allegations here. Unless there were settlements paid out by Weinstein from his own personal money, settlements over a certain dollar value would have presumably been approved by the board of directors.”

    Representatives for both companies didn’t respond to questions.

    On Tuesday, Michael Eisner, who was Disney’s chief executive during Harvey Weinstein’s tenure at Miramax, said he “had no idea he was capable of these horrible actions.” Disney purchased Miramax in 1993; the Weinstein brothers departed in 2005 to create the Weinstein Co.

    “Fired (the) Weinsteins because they were irresponsible, and Harvey was an incorrigible bully,” said Eisner on Twitter.

    Disney’s current chief, Bob Iger, also responded in a statement: “Harvey Weinstein’s reported behavior is abhorrent and unacceptable, and it has no place in our society,” said Iger.

    Representatives for Weinstein did not return messages.

    Three women accused Weinstein of raping them, The New Yorker reported Tuesday, including the Italian actress and filmmaker Asia Argento and a woman, Lucia Evans, who was an aspiring actress in college when he allegedly sexually assaulted her at Miramax’s Manhattan offices in 2004. The magazine also cited a third, unnamed accuser. A growing number of actresses, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Roseanna Arquette, have also made allegations of sexual harassment.

    The New Yorker quoted Weinstein representative Sallie Hofmeister responding that “any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein.” Weinstein earlier apologized “for the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past.”

    Who knew what and when did “he” know it? What politicians knew? Associated Press does not mention if Malia Obama, who worked for Weinstein as an intern, knew. Did Barack and Michelle Obama know? Why not? Hillary? Bill? Harry Reid? Nancy Pelousy? Obama Dimocrat Ben Mankiewicz of TCM? Hollywood agent Ari Emmanuel, brother of Rahm the Chicago Mayor? Robert Redford of Sundance? Jane Fonda?

  34. Geesh…Ben Affleck is a mess…what happened to him? Admin I know you mentioned you met him & did not like him

    I used to think of him as a decent guy from Boston…kind of down home type…he did start changing during his JLo faze but I remember seeing Ben with his mother & thinking the JLO marriage will never happen…and I thought he seemed settled & doing well with Jennifer #2 & his 3 kids, they were always seen together as a family locally in Brentwood…then the rumors started about his drinking, gambling, cheating, etc…he did manage to win an Oscar for directing in between…
    but look at him now, he is still in rehab for drinking, he has ballooned up & is bloated and puffy & is not aging gracefully & has the new GF…too bad, he had Warren Beatty good looks that are disappearing…too bad…


    I have been listening to analysis all day on all the channels about the Harvey Weinstein story &” the powerful male who dominates the weaker female…”

    and frankly I am at the point where I want to yell at the TV…yes it is true that powerful men have taken advantage of women but as this story relates to Hollywood, as stated above, this is only the very tip of the iceberg…

    in fact, this is really the easier story to be exposed…the one that everyone knew about & really should not surprise anyone…

    but under this story, what goes on is more depraved…

    because truthfully , the exploitation of kids, young boys…and young girls is an even worse story…no one has even touched the powerful gay brokers yet & what goes on there…the use & abuse of young boys…

    (Bill’s friend comes to mind with underage girls & flying them all over)

    I saw a program recently about how young people are used as sex slaves & shared among powerful people in entertainment & other businesses…they are actually kept in cages & sometimes drugged & just put on planes & sent out to “service” others; they have no contact with their families, etc…they are virtually modern day sex slaves…

    I am sure there are reporters who are aware of this info…how long before any of this comes out..Weinstein only the tip of the iceberg for all the hypocrites & moralists in the “industry”

  35. Saturday night I take a warm Epsom salt bath because I have been struggling with a magnesium deficiency. I really enjoy my bath and have trouble doing it in less than an hour. Last Saturday I was watching a mystery show on PBS during my bath. When it ended, some lame comedian came on, stumped for Obamacare and made an ugly race baiting anti-white joke. I got up out of my bath to turn the stupid whore off. Is our government funding this stuff?

    The whole lot of them need be shut down and go get real jobs in the world they have promoted for others. Degenerates.

  36. EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s Justice Department moves on Harvey Weinstein and orders FBI to open probe over fears he will ‘do a Polanski

    .The FBI has opened an investigation into Harvey Weinstein for alleged sex crimes, has exclusively learned on Wednesday

    .Three women, including Actress Asia Argento and Lucia Evans, have come forward and claimed the producer forced himself on them sexually

    .The DOJ’s order is likely to be seen in a political light given Weinstein’s friendship with President Trump’s defeated rival Hillary Clinton

    .Weinstein donated heavily to Clinton and although she said she was shocked and dismayed by his actions, she hasn’t returned any of his contributions

    .The 65-year-old is said to be planning to depart for Europe in order to receive professional treatment and go to sex therapy in wake of the scandal

    .His hasty international departure sparks fears of a Roman Polanski-style situation, where he dodges prosecution in the U.S

    .Polanski has managed to avoid US officials since he plead guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old in 1978

    The FBI has opened an investigation into Harvey Weinstein, has exclusively learned. understands the move came at the behest of the Department of Justice, run by Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which instructed the bureau to investigate the mounting allegations leveled at the movie mogul.

    While it is unknown whether the DOJ order came directly from Sessions, the move is likely to be seen in a political light given Weinstein’s friendship with Trump foe Hillary Clinton.

    The move by the DOJ came amid rumors that Weinstein plans to head to Europe for sex rehab – leading to fears of a Roman Polanski-style situation where he dodges prosecution in the U.S.

    The FBI can both look at whether he has committed any federal crimes in the U.S. and prepare extradition proceedings if he remains in Europe.

    Among the allegations against Weinstein, which the FBI is expected to examine, is that he forced Lucia Evans, a student who wanted to be an actress, to perform oral sex on him in New York in 2004.

    New York State has no statute of limitations on rape and criminal sexual acts – its legal term for forced oral or anal intercourse.

    Read more:

  37. Disney, Weinstein Company Could Face Harassment Lawsuits as Scandal Widens

    Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg, who ran the Walt Disney Company during the Harvey Weinstein years (1993-2005), have both denied any knowledge of Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct during those years. This would include any sexual harassment settlements made during that time. The Weinstein Company also denies any knowledge. These denials could be tested in a court of law should those alleging harassment and abuse choose to press the issue of corporate liability.

    lengthy article but certainly an eye opener:

  38. What do you think Admin?

    Trump Will Not Declare the Iranian Republican Guards a Terror Organization; Obama Holdovers Said to be Blocking Any Move to So Declare Them

    Good piece by Kredo. I personally would put more blame on Trump, though: Yes, the Obama holdovers might be resisting him, but I didn’t know when we elected this tough-guy we were really getting a pussy who let his subordinates walk all over him.

    The Trump administration will not commit to designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, Iran’s elite fighting force, as terrorists, despite a congressional mandate to do so by the end of the month, according to multiple U.S. officials and other administration insiders who told the Washington Free Beacon that holdovers from the Obama administration are working to stymie the effort.
    While President Donald Trump is expected to announce this week that he will not certify Iran as in compliance with the landmark nuclear deal, it remains unclear if he will follow through with congressionally approved plans to extend a terror designation to the IRGC, a move that has prompted Iran to threaten greater attacks on U.S. forces in the Middle East.

    The IRGC is responsible for numerous terror attacks on American troops over the years and has played a key role in interfering with U.S. operations in Syria. A bipartisan consensus in Congress has already backed such a designation, but key Obama-era holdovers and top national security officials who have the president’s ear are urging him to refrain, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Free Beacon.
    Yes, they’re giving him bad Obama Holdover advice. But he’s accepting that bad Obama Holdover advice.

  39. GonzoTx, we’re having trouble with embedding from Discus.

    As to the article by AceOfSpades, let’s just say that Ace is the swiftest oar in the boat when it comes to flying off the handle and making dumb statements. We recall the few weeks before the election when Ace said he was going to become a Democrat and vote for Hillary because he was so disgusted with Trump. Repeatedly and with increasing anger (we recall when he vowed never ever ever to vote or support Trump because Trump was so stupid or so inappropriate or whatever the Hell it was that ticked Ace off because he is a shallow analyst of what is really happening; Ace also repeatedly declared that Trump had no chance whatsoever of winning; lots of dumb at AceOfSpades) Ace made dumb assessments based on his little boy feelings being upset. Anything Ace writes is to be taken with boatloads of salt.

    As to the substance of the article, we’ll wait to see what President Trump does tomorrow on Iran. Then and only then can we see the landscape for what President Trump plans to do with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


    John Mulaney’s wife claims Ben Affleck groped her at a Golden Globes party in 2014: ‘I would love to get an apology’

    Allegations continue to mount against Ben Affleck this week, as comedian John Mulaney’s wife Annamarie Tendler alleges that the actor groped her at a Golden Globes party in 2014.

    The makeup artist revealed the incident on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon and expressed the desire to get an apology from the “Batman” actor.

    “I would also love to get an apology from Ben Affleck who grabbed my ass at a Golden Globes party in 2014,” she tweeted. “He walked by me, cupped my butt and pressed his finger into my crack.” [snip]

    Between his apology and Tendler’s reveal, yet another incident from Affleck’s past started to go viral online. A clip taken from a 2004 junket interview for his movie “Jersey Girl” resurfaced and showed the actor manhandling and fondling television host Anne-Marie Losique.

    They would like it better if you did this show topless, the station, wouldn’t they?” he asks her as he hugs her tightly on camera. “You usually show a lot more cleavage than this. What’s the story? Why are you covering up today?”

    These breasts are really firm — suspiciously firm,” he continued. “They are like two giant stones.”

    The damning stories about Affleck have come to light amid continually mounting stories of sexual assault, sexual harassment and alleged rape by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Major names in the movie industry like Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd are among the many women that have come forward with consistent stories of Weinstein’s abuses of power, which have resulted in his firing from The Weinstein Company.

    Affleck condemned Weinstein’s reported behavior, saying that the allegations made him “sick.”

    Affleck is either a sleazebag or overcompensating for all those rumors about him and Matt Damon. Probably both.

  41. Update: Well, our Twitter account has been removed because of the truths we wrote about scum. We’re in good company. Rose McGowan is off Twitter too for telling the truth.

    This Twitter purge of the truth follows our FaceBook account removal earlier. We’re not saddened by any of this. We know that the flak comes when you are over the target. That’s why this website has so often and so ceaselessly been under attack.

    The Twitter purge is not surprising because that is what totalitarian leftists do. Snakes bite, totalitarians purge. We know Twitter and FaceBook are leftist totalitarian organizations that repress the truth as much as possible. As to FaceBook, FaceBook was, according to Aaron Sorkin who made the movie “The Social Network”, founded on hatred of women:

    Mark’s blogging that we hear in voiceover as he drinks, hacks, creates Facemash and dreams of the kind of party he’s sure he’s missing, came directly from Mark’s blog. … Facebook was born during a night of incredibly misogyny. The idea of comparing women to farm animals, and then to each other, based on their looks and then publicly ranking them. …

    More generally, I was writing about a very angry and deeply misogynistic group of people. These aren’t the cuddly nerds we made movies about in the 80’s. They’re very angry that the cheerleader still wants to go out with the quarterback instead of the men (boys) who are running the universe right now. The women they surround themselves with aren’t women who challenge them (and frankly, no woman who could challenge them would be interested in being anywhere near them.)”

    Hey, maybe it is time to look into Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook for Harveyesque behaviors. Indeed it is time to look at all the leftist totalitarian organizations such as Google and Twitter. We know Google is busy firing and suppressing opinions not in conformity with the leftist totalitarians.

    The Harvey Weinstein scandal is not about Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood, nor overcompensating groper Ben Affleck and the odious misogynist hypocrite Matt Damon. The Harvey Weinstein scandal is about the totalitarian left:

    Who knew what and when did “he” know it? What politicians knew? Associated Press does not mention if Malia Obama, who worked for Weinstein as an intern, knew. Did Barack and Michelle Obama know? Why not? Hillary? Bill? Harry Reid? Nancy Pelousy? Obama Dimocrat Ben Mankiewicz of TCM? Hollywood agent Ari Emmanuel, brother of Rahm the Chicago Mayor? Robert Redford of Sundance? Jane Fonda?

    Daniel Greenfield understands:

    Harvey Weinstein isn’t about male misbehavior, but leftist power [snip]

    Women were just as silent as men. If not more so. The most vocal Harvey apologist now is Donna Karan. [snip]

    There’s no mystery here. Everyone on the inside knew what he was. Even plenty of those with only a passing knowledge of the industry knew.

    Harvey Weinstein was protected by power that he accumulated within a leftist industry and which he cloaked in leftist politics. Hence the Obama fundraisers, Hillary photos, Bill Clinton interview, the Planned Parenthood shindig and all that. It’s why he tried blaming a right-wing conspiracy afterward.

    Twitter and FaceBook and Google can all conspire to suppress the truth. We’ll trust to justice as Billy Shakespeare understood it, Foul deeds will rise, Though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.


  42. I was listening to a show and a caller said that he really has no deductions left, all he has is the State tax deduction and going from 30% to 34 was not going to help him at all and he voted for Trump…
    I think there are a lot of people like him, I don’t have an answer but to maybe go down to 32%, I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ if that would help or fly.

  43. HoldThemAccountable, we can’t access Twitter at all. Cannot check for messages. Nothing. If you are able to access our Twitter account but Twitter does not tell you we have been blocked perhaps they just don’t want to publicize the extent of the blocks on the Weinstein story and the Obama Dimocrats. Blocked but happy.

    Here’s what happened to Rose McGowen:

    Rose McGowan took to Instagram Wednesday after she says her Twitter account was suspended for violating the social media sites’ rules.

    Sharing a photo of a Twitter notice on her Instagram account, the former Charmed actress wrote in the caption, “TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME. THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE. #ROSEARMY.”

    Her account’s suspension follows her vocal statements against Harvey Weinstein and the sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations against him.

    McGowan has also been vocal about Ben Affleck, telling the Argo actor and director to “f— off” in tweet.

    Her comment came after Affleck slammed Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual harassment and assault.

    According to the notice McGowan shared, Twitter has denied her access to her account for 12 hours. The notice did not provide specific reasons for her violation, but said she can regain access faster if she deleted tweets that violated their rules.

    PEOPLE has reached out to Twitter to confirm the suspension but a representative has not yet replied to the request.

    The totalitarian leftists of Twitter will let you attack President Trump and his supporters with vigor. That ESPN creature that called the President a “white supremesist” was not suspended from Twitter. But Rose McGowen telling Ben Affleck to “F*uck off” due to his lies about Harvey Weinstein is cause to shut her down. Ditto us.

    We are on GAB. We’ll post a link to our GAB account.

  44. Weinstein scandal is about the left:

    Weinstein Collateral Damage: The Obamas

    Barack Obama, whom his campaign bundler Harvey Weinstein once introduced to Hollywood elites as “the Paul Newman of American presidents,” came out with his “shocked, shocked” statement now that Weinstein is exposed and down and every celebrity and his brother is making Weinstein-was-a-pig statements for the press. [snip]

    It’s as if Obama never gummed up traffic in Los Angeles during rush hour to raise campaign funds and schmooze with celebrities of Weinstein’s ilk over the long course of his presidency.

    Obama is more than a little rooted in the world of Hollywood, starting with the fact that he shows up in Hollywood and its redoubts quite regularly – so regularly that an Obama visit to those parts is known as an “Obamajam.” He’s believed to have been nosing around to buy a property in tony Rancho Mirage among the Hollywood elites for his post-presidency. He also shipped his eldest daughter Malia to work as an intern for Weinstein’s Weinstein Company. He’s seen his closest campaign aides take positions in Hollywood. Oh, and at least one engaged in a little sexism of his own. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama called Weinstein “a good friend” and a “wonderful human being,” which shows how tight the Obamas were with Weinstein himself.

    So now we are expected to believe that the Obamas were “disgusted”? Where were they when all this was going on, and why are they only speaking out about it now that Weinstein is down and not in a position to hold Democratic fundraisers anymore? And with all their post-presidential millions, why aren’t they giving any of it back?

    As for the Obamas’ “any man who demeans and degrades women” claim that such people should be held accountable, that rings hollow, too. Since when has President Obama ever held anyone accountable? His administration was one big unaccountability circus, which was a big reason why President Trump got elected. From the corrupt VA officials who lined their pockets while veterans died to the monstrous IRS officials who targeted political dissidents to the gun-runners of Fast and Furious to the EPA officials who used false phony illegal emails to the secretary of state who housed a secret, illegal private server in some guy’s bathtub to the slimy political operatives who engineered Benghazi and all its mendacious talking points and phony blame-casting, as well as the Iran deal and the one-way rapprochement with Cuba…trust us, Obama has never held anyone accountable.

    What it looks like is Weinstein no longer being useful. And despite Obama’s post-presidency millions, he’s not returning Weinstein’s campaign dollars.

    The rest of the Obamas’ blather, about building a culture, rings hollow, too. Up until now, Weinstein was the building of the culture, with his Democratic fundraising, his politically correct movies, his Hollywood values, his recognition from the Democratic elites. When Obama talks about building a culture, his chief agent has always been Weinstein. And incredibly, he allowed his daughter Malia to work in Weinstein’s company and its milieu as if he’d never heard about what kind of a guy Weinstein was. The whole claim about culture-building reeks of hypocrisy.

    It’s pretty interesting that the Obama statement on Weinstein came so late in the day. All it meant was that Weinstein was a millstone around the Obamas’ neck, given their grand plans for their wealthy, star-studded post-presidency lifestyle plans, and their desire to preserve the Obama legacy, now that everyone else has condemned Weinstein already.

    They’re not looking too brave in this pusillanimous statement of outrage.

    We remember being in the lobby of a 5 star hotel during the 2004 Democratic Convention. Obama had just given his speech to the convention. Obama was in the lobby all alone in a roomful of the powerful and famous who did not give him a glance. We got more attention than that dumbass lurch.

    Obama looked hungrily at all the rich and famous donors at several tables hoping someone would recognize him. Obama drooled as Rob Reiner and his Hollywood friends cavorted about the lobby schmoozing everyone but ignoring the stick figure by the marble stairs dying to be acknowledged.

    Now Obama has Weinstein.

  45. We use to give money in grade school to UNESCO, I wonder what the politics were then.

    I aw that about the family Foxy, question is, why were these idiots hiking in all these Muslim terrorist counties, especially her being 7 momths pregnant?
    They have 3 children, she was raped multiple times, in front of at least one child, you have to wonder who fathered these other two children, no fault of their own, they do not look ME.
    It’s just insane these wide eyed, probably liberals, go trancing off to dangerous places and expect what?
    kumbuy yah ?
    Were they planning a stop in NK?

    I am thankful they are out, I hope no one lost their lives getting them out and that the price in the end was not too high…

  46. admin
    October 12, 2017 at 12:26 pm
    :(. I need a gab tutorial.
    Meantime, todays WH Press briefing reveals brilliant strategy, game changing delight.
    LIVE Chief of Staff Gen John Kelly White House Press Briefing 10/12/17

    Politely, he gets them where the sun don’t shine.

  47. The Weinstein allegory is taking on a life of it’s own.
    Hollywood and the Movie Industry are literally crumbling before our eyes:
    ( and that’s a GOOD thing! )

    ‘I told you HW raped me … but you won a dirty Oscar’: Rose McGowan says Amazon and Jeff Bezos killed her TV series after she objected to them bailing out ‘Weinstein’

    Rose McGowan is claiming that Amazon optioned a television series from her only to kill it soon after when she voiced concern about a possible move the company was making to bailout Weinstein.

    ‘I told the head of your studio that HW raped me. Over & over I said it. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said, I was the proof,’,/b> said McGowan on Thursday in a tweet directed at company founder Jeff Bezos.

    ‘I had already sold a script I wrote to your studio, it was in development. When I heard a Weinstein bailout was in the works.’

    She then added: ‘I forcefully begged studio head to do the right thing. I was ignored. Deal was done. Amazon won a dirty Oscar.’

    Read more:

  48. Admin
    I can no longer log in on Chrome or Safari and had to go back to Microsoft Edge to log in. There was also no way to reach anyone for assistance. What can I do if I’m unable to log in in the future to get some help?

    I do want to add to the NFL comments. Football is a dying demographic in our country largely due to our open border policies. South Americans and other nationalities don’t play football…they play and watch soccer! Our East Hampton High School for the second time can not field a football team but we do have an excellent soccer team. Those blue collar local boys who thought they might compete for football scholarships to college are out of luck… team…no chance. The NFL is beyond stupid to be turning off fans as the league will increasing have a smaller draw of people interested in the game.

  49. Admin…

    FYI…your twitter account is still visible to us…it appears that your last tweet was on Oct 10

    when I click to tweet to you, it appears to be functional on my end…

    it would be interesting for you to do a search in the search bar to see if your account comes up (maybe from a different computer & logging in with a friend’s acct instead of your own…)

    when I did a search for you, your account just popped up; you should be able to do a regular search and be able to at least see it…if you log on as someone else, maybe from a friend’s account, try tweeting to your acct to see what happens)

    Bottom line, you should protest and ask for an explanation; there are so many accts on twitter that are violent, swearing, attacking, isis, antifa, etc…no way on you on par with them…

    I find that often when I want to retweet something that is critical of Dems or very positive of Trump…for some reason at that point, the retweet won’t go thru…it seems to get stuck…strange…

  50. From ACE

    Sex Crime Cove…

    Harvey Weinstein’s wife is leaning on Huma Abedin
    Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife, Georgina Chapman, is leaning on fellow scorned spouse Huma Abedin after announcing that she is leaving the movie mogul.


    Chapman and Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide, have known each other for some time because of Weinstein’s numerous fundraising events for the former presidential hopeful. Plus, the Clintons rented a Hamptons house next door to Weinstein and Chapman’s Amagansett estate for three summers.

    Apparently they all summered together on Sex Crime Cove.

  51. You know, when I had a some wealth, I would not have minded giving some of it up for a better world as was posed to us we would have through globalism. After all, to what reasonable person is it acceptable that children in our world die of starvation every day? But we see where that wealth went now and the abject depravity it has gone into I feel an incomprehensible level of disgust and horror.

    One child dies every 4 seconds. Tick tock.

  52. The Media has their lies to push and it doesn’t matter what anyone says, that’s what they will write… case in point…

    What did CNN’s Chris Cillizza focus on, after the media narrative and credibility was completely destroyed by Kelly? Again Cillizza pushed the claim that Trump was out of control:

    But it was what Kelly said later — answering a question from reporters in the room — that was even more revealing about how he views the reach and limits of his job.

    “I was not brought to this job to control anything but the flow of information to our President so he can make the best decisions,” said Kelly.

    What’s not said in that quote — but certainly hangs in the air around it — is this: No one can control Donald Trump. So why try?

    The media is incorrigible. “What’s not said in that quote — but certainly hangs in the air around it” is a ridiculous take on the press conference. That is just CNN making things up

  53. Here are better John Kelly COS links. I connect to internet by cable modem. It was barely useable yesterday and I’m appalled to see now that I provided an abc link with commentary. Here are official video and transcript links:
    10/12/17: White House Press Briefing

    Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Chief of Staff General John Kelly, 10/12/2017, #22

    admin: I had two twitter accounts follow me a day or so ago. They seemed a little strange so this morning I blocked them.
    Paul Dughi and sandy Gonzales
    Not that you can see it, but Sandy follows you too.
    I also sent a tweet to Support. Sandy retweeted that too.

    To .@TwitterSupport ON BEHALF OF @HillaryIs44 account
    which cannot access Twitter at all
    yet that account behaves normally 4 @viannahlee:

  54. President Trump Scheduled To Announce U.S. Strategy Toward Iran Today…
    Posted by sundance
    At 5:00am on Friday the media will be allowed to discuss the White House Iran Policy Fact Sheet (below). At approximately 11:30am U.S. media will begin reporting on a previously on-the-record, off camera (no audio), briefing on Iran policy with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Advisor McMaster . At 12:45pm President Trump will deliver public remarks outlining the Iran Policy.


    “It is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that Iran’s government end its pursuit of death and destruction.”

    ~ President Donald J. Trump”

    President Donald J. Trump, in consultation with his national security team, has approved a new strategy for Iran. It is the culmination of nine months of deliberation with Congress and our allies on how to best protect American security.

    HIGHLIGHTS: Core Elements of the Presidents New Iran Strategy

    The United States new Iran strategy focuses on neutralizing the Government of Iran’s destabilizing influence and constraining its aggression, particularly its support for terrorism and militants.

    We will revitalize our traditional alliances and regional partnerships as bulwarks against Iranian subversion and restore a more stable balance of power in the region.

    We will work to deny the Iranian regime and especially the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) funding for its malign activities, and oppose IRGC activities that extort the wealth of the Iranian people.

    We will counter threats to the United States and our allies from ballistic missiles and other asymmetric weapons.

    We will rally the international community to condemn the IRGCs gross violations of human rights and its unjust detention of American citizens and other foreigners on specious charges.

    Most importantly, we will deny the Iranian regime all paths to a nuclear weapon.


    ♦ The Nature of the Iranian Regime under Supreme Leader Khamenei

    For 28 years, Ali Khamenei has been Irans Supreme Leader. Before that, he held the office of President for 8 years. In that time, he has shaped the Iranian regime in his image.

    Khamenei and the IRGC have pursued a steady policy of spreading a revolutionary ideology aimed at undermining the international system and many states by force and subversion. His main enemy and rallying point has been and continues to be the United States of America, which he calls the Great Satan.

    Under Khamenei, Iran exports violence, destabilizes its neighbors, and sponsors terrorism abroad. Within Iran, under Khameneis rule the Iranian government has oppressed its people, abusing their rights, restricting their access to the internet and the outside world, rigging elections, shooting student protesters in the street, and imprisoning political reformers like Mir Hussein Musavi and Mehdi Karroubi.

    ♦ The Threats from the Iranian Regime

    The reckless behavior of the Iranian regime, and the IRGC in particular, poses one of the most dangerous threats to the interests of the United States and to regional stability.

    The Iranian regime has taken advantage of regional conflicts and instability to aggressively expand its regional influence and threaten its neighbors with little domestic or international cost for its actions.

    This occurred most recently following the emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from the vacuum created by the Obama administrations ill-considered withdrawal from the region.

    The full range of the Iranian regimes malign activities extends well beyond the nuclear threat it poses, including:

    o Ballistic missile development and proliferation;

    o Material and financial support for terrorism and extremism;

    o Support for the Assad regimes atrocities against the Syrian people;

    o Unrelenting hostility to Israel;

    o Consistently threatening freedom of navigation, especially in the strategically vital Persian Gulf;

    o Cyber-attacks against the United States, Israel, and Americas other allies and partners in the Middle East;

    o Grievous human rights abuses; and

    o Arbitrary detention of foreigners, including United States citizens, on specious charges and without due process.

    ♦ The Need for a Comprehensive Strategy

    The previous Administrations myopic focus on Iran’s nuclear program to the exclusion of the regimes many other malign activities allowed Iran’s influence in the region to reach a high-water mark.

    Over the last decade and a half, United States policy has also consistently prioritized the immediate threat of Sunni extremist organizations over the longer-term threat of Iranian-backed militancy.

    In doing so, the United States has neglected Iran’s steady expansion of proxy forces and terrorist networks aimed at keeping its neighbors weak and unstable in hopes of dominating the greater Middle East. Recently, the Iranian regime has accelerated the seeding of these networks with increasingly destructive weapons as they try to establish a bridge from Iran to Lebanon and Syria.

    ♦ The Trump Administration will not repeat these mistakes.

    The Trump Administrations Iran policy will address the totality of these threats from and malign activities by the Government of Iran and will seek to bring about a change in the Iranians regimes behavior.

    The Trump Administration will accomplish these objectives through a strategy that neutralizes and counters Iranian threats, particularly those posed by the IRGC.

    ♦ Countering the IRGC

    Supreme Leader Khamenei’s primary tool and weapon in remaking Iran into a rogue state has been the hardline elements of the IRGC.

    The IRGC’s stated purpose is to subvert the international order. The IRGC’s power and influence have grown over time, even as it has remained unaccountable to the Iranian people, answering only to Khamenei. It is hard to find a conflict or a suffering people in the Middle East that the IRGC’s tentacles do not touch.

    Unaccountable to Iran’s elected leaders or its people, the IRGC has tried to gain control over large portions of Iran’s economy and choke off competition, all the while working to weaken and undermine Iran’s neighbors and perpetuate the chaos and instability in which it thrives.

    The IRGC has armed Bashar al Assad and guided his butchering of his own people in Syria and has cynically condoned his use of chemical weapons.

    The IRGC has sought to undermine the fight against ISIS with the influence of militant groups in Iraq under the IRGC’s control.

    In Yemen, the IRGC has attempted to use the Houthis as puppets to hide Iran’s role in using sophisticated missiles and explosive boats to attack innocent civilians in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as to restrict freedom of navigation in the Red Sea.

    The IRGC has even threatened terrorist attacks right here at home. Senior IRGC commanders plotted the murder of Saudi Arabias Ambassador to the United States, Adel Jubeir, on American soil in 2011. But for exceptional work by our law enforcement and intelligence officers to detect and disrupt this egregious act, the IRGC would have conducted this terrorist attack and assassination in our own capital and would have killed not only a Saudi Arabian diplomat, but a host of other innocent bystanders at a popular restaurant in Washington, D.C.

    The IRGC, which repeatedly displays reckless hostility and disregard for the laws and norms that underpin the international order, threatens all nations and the global economy.

    Our partners in the international community agree with us that the IRGC’s reckless behavior threatens international peace and security. They agree that the IRGC is fanning sectarianism and perpetuating regional conflict. They agree that the IRGC is engaged in corrupt economic practices that exploit the Iranian people and suppress internal dissent, human rights, and Irans economic prosperity.

    For all these reasons, we want to work with our partners to constrain this dangerous organization, for the benefit of international peace and security, regional stability, and the Iranian people.

    ♦ The Iranian Nuclear Program and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

    The Iranian regimes activities severely undercut whatever positive contributions to regional and international peace and security the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) sought to achieve.

    Even with regard to JCPOA itself, the Iranian regime has displayed a disturbing pattern of behavior, seeking to exploit loopholes and test the international community’s resolve.

    Iranian military leaders have stated publicly that they will refuse to allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections of their military sites. These statements fly in the face of Iran’s commitments under JCPOA and the Additional Protocol. Not long ago these same organizations hid nuclear facilities on military sites.

    This behavior cannot be tolerated; the deal must be strictly enforced, and the IAEA must fully utilize its inspection authorities.

  55. Finally someone is publicly stating what the “sanctuary” city stunts are about. The census. And keeping or pumping up the number of Congressional districts. And diluting the votes and representation of citizens. These cities or entire states often see shrinking or stagnating populations specifically due to Democratic policies and corrupt self dealing.

    This person was talking about Emanuel of Chicago spending his time on “sanctuary” population instead of blacks spiraling downward in gun and gang drug violence. Emanuel is desperate to replace whites and blacks moving out of a dangerous hellhole with any warm body who can be counted to maintain their Congressional delegation which is almost totally Democratic and keep up the federal dollars drawn in by cost shifting. All of the sanctuary cities are doing this as well as the entirety of California.

    Now the debate over why non-citizens shouldn’t get representation in Congress or redistricting. Or setting up voting districts because they have no vote. And why Democrats seems to be more concerned with non-voting aliens than citizens.

  56. Optomist, we will be working on the website this weekend to make access easier. Hopefully this will work. For problems it is always best to send an email to admin at

    Thanks HoldThemAccountable and GonzoTx for the Twitter help.

    As a reward, here’s the upcoming speech to the Value Voters Summit by the man that does not sleep:

  57. Another leftist:

    Former Playboy Playmate Carrie Stevens accuses Oliver Stone of sexual assault after director defends Harvey Weinstein

    While Oliver Stone defended Harvey Weinstein amid more than a dozen allegations of sexual harassment and assault, a former Playboy Playmate accused the “Platoon” director of sexual assault.

    Carrie Stevens, who was best known as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in June 1997 but also had several small movie and TV roles, claimed Thursday that Stone had grabbed her breast at a party.

    The 48-year-old model told the Daily News that she was at a party at producer Ted Field’s home in honor of Stone more than 20 years ago when Stone walked up to her standing by the front door.

    “He was really cocky, had this big grin on his face like he was going to get away with something,” Stevens, who was 22 at the time, told The News.

    At that point, Stone “reached out and…honked it like a horn,” she said, describing him as “an immature guy in elementary school who snaps your bra.”

    Stevens said she was surrounded by other people, but nobody said anything.

    That’s what’s going on in Hollywood. That’s why things have to change. He’s Oliver Stone. Nobody’s going to say anything,” she told The News.

    Stevens’ accusation came in response to Stone’s comments about Weinstein at the Busan International Film Festival Thursday.

    “I’m a believer that you wait until this thing gets to trial,” Stone said, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

    “I believe a man shouldn’t be condemned by a vigilante system. It’s not easy what he’s going through, either. During that period he was a rival. I never did business with him and didn’t really know him. I’ve heard horror stories on everyone in the business, so I’m not going to comment on gossip. I’ll wait and see, which is the right thing to do.”

    Weinstein has been accused of harassing and assaulting multiple women over several decades, including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd and Cara Delevingne.

    A rep for Stone did not immediately return a request for comment.

  58. This newest revelation is as shocking… AS the plethora of sexual allegations flooding the news outlets!!!

    Report: Harvey Weinstein’s Contract ‘Allowed’ for Sexual Harassment

    Although the board for The Weinstein Company (TWC) has been claiming all week that no one knew anything about co-chairman Harvey Weinstein’s appalling behavior towards women (some of which he admits to, some of which he denies), that stand is going to be harder to hold now that TMZ is reporting that sexual harassment was “allowed” in Weinstein’s employment contract with TWC:\

    From the outlet:

    TMZ is privy to Weinstein’s 2015 employment contract, which says if he gets sued for sexual harassment or any other “misconduct” that results in a settlement or judgment against TWC, all Weinstein has to do is pay what the company’s out, along with a fine, and he’s in the clear.

    According to the contract, if Weinstein “treated someone improperly in violation of the company’s Code of Conduct,” he must reimburse TWC for settlements or judgments. Additionally, “You [Weinstein] will pay the company liquidated damages of $250,000 for the first such instance, $500,000 for the second such instance, $750,000 for the third such instance, and $1,000,000 for each additional instance.”

    TMZ makes the further point that this might mean that Weinstein was fired illegally.

    The contract makes clear, after all, that as long as he reimburses the company or any settlements or suits, that is just fine with the Weinstein Company board.

  59. Middle Eastern Refugees from Australia Who Need ‘Mental Health’ Treatment Being Resettled Across Five States

    NEW YORK CITY, New York — Middle Eastern refugees who will need major mental health treatment are being resettled across five states in the United States, under an Obama-era immigration deal that President Trump has failed to shutter.

    Former President Barack Obama signed the Australian-U.S. refugee deal during his last months in office — promising to take 1,250 Middle Eastern refugees off Australia’s hands.

    The refugees are being held in detention centers on Manus Island and Nauru Island and, despite Trump’s original statement calling the deal “a dumb deal,” the first group of roughly 50 of the mostly male, Middle Eastern refugees have already begun being resettled in the U.S., as Breitbart News reported.

    The states who will be taking the refugees include Georgia, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona, according to the Guardian. Under current federal law, states do not have to be notified before the federal government resettles foreign refugees in the region.


    Among the refugees living in the Australian detention centers where the U.S. is choosing which foreign nationals to resettle are accused rapists and sexual predators.

    In January, a refugee from Sri Lanka living in the detention centers raped an 18-year-old high school student multiple times after taking her to a nearby hotel, according to Loop. The girl tried to run away to a relative’s home, but suffered so much blood loss from the brutal rape that she eventually fainted.

    In another case in March, law enforcement officials confirmed that a 28-year-old Pakistani from the detention center had been charged with raping a 10-year-old girl, the Guardian reported.

    “We have single men, coming to the US from Sri Lanka and Iran and Afghanistan,” Corcoran previously told Breitbart News. “They’ve been held in detention for four years. They’re free once they get here. They’ll be totally free. They’re going to need mental help treatment.”


    … and on and on…. We’re all going to mental health treatment after this resettlement gone wild hits the fan!

  60. Mrs Smith

    I read that article, or one like it, the one I read did not have States named, last week and I haven’t heard one word of denial from the WH.

    I am appalled. I am going to call Gov Abbott and the WH, it’s terrifying. In exchange we give them ileagals from the South. I think we should make them MS13, maybe Australia will then halt the deal themselves. I don’t understand why they can’t go back and I think that they should if not be placed in DC and Georgetown

  61. Harvey Weinstein to challenge firing from company

    Harvey Weinstein isn’t taking his firing lying down.

    The accused predator plans on challenging his ouster from The Weinstein Company at a meeting next week, according to a new TMZ report.

    He will dial into the Oct. 17 meeting from a rehab clinic, while his lawyer Patty Glaser will be there in person, sources tell the gossip site.

    Weinstein was fired by his namesake company’s board over the weekend over his sexual harassment scandal, but the movie mogul maintains that his contract allowed him to treat someone “improperly” as long as he coughed up the cash for damages.

    Glaser also plans on arguing that he could only be fired after a process of mediation and arbitration, TMZ reports.

    The only time Harvey Wallbanger is going to take responsibility for what he’s done is if he does time in a 10X10 cell with a frisky room-mate.

  62. gonzotx
    October 13, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    I don’t know if you read the article all the way through gonzo, but the deal with Australia was struck for a prisoner exchange during the last days of Obama’s presidency. I’m sure it was an intentional act on his part knowing Trump would have trouble rolling it back if in fact it was possible to do so-

    The only catch I read in the article is where Trump promised ‘extreme vetting’ of incoming refugees to the US. Whether that language is applicable to this prisoner exchange with Australia- I don’t know..

    Australia is, in turn, taking in 50-60 illegals from Costa Rica and knowing what they know now how his refugee system works, they probably have tightened their guidelines for who is allowed in.

    I’m not at all happy with the prospect of having criminals dumped on us in Texas. Ultimately the repercussions resulting from dealing with the mentally disturbed detainees taxing our social services, prisons, the court system and most importantly, the potential loss of life by Texas residents.

    Post something here after you talk to the governor’s office. If Abbott can shed some light on what the exchange involves and what we can do to stop it, I’m all in…

  63. You know what I would like to see & hear…is one of these so called liberal/progressive women stand up & say “Hillary, shut up; you are delusional…you have no credibility when it comes to men harassing & attacking women…and further, PDT is not “an admitted sexual assaulter” he was ‘guilty’ of offensive locker room talk…who is the man in your own family who paid out over $850,000 in a sexual assault case”

    …but no liberal woman will do that because they have to all stay inside and bide by this myth they have created about Hillary…she is such a fraud…even when “reality” is hitting them right in the face with a different truth…

    Stick to the facts Hillary, we know you have trouble telling the truth…but do not spread lies about others when you live in “a glass house” …and that is not even mentioning Weiner…please…


    ‘But I think that it’s important that we not just focus on him and whatever consequences flow from these stories about his behavior but that we recognize this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment, politics.

    ‘After all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.

    ‘There has to be a recognition that we must stand against this kind of action that is so sexist and misogynistic.’

    And asked about allegations of sexual misconduct levelled at her husband and former president, Bill Clinton, she said: ‘That has all been litigated.

    ‘That was subject of a huge investigation in the late 90s and there were conclusions drawn. That was clearly in the past.

    ‘It is something that has to be taken seriously, for anyone not just in entertainment.

    ‘The really sad part of the campaign was how this horrific tape, what he said about women in the past what he said about women during the campaign, was discounted by a lot of voters.’


    She really disgusts me…she is so dishonest and self serving…I do not know how she fooled so many of us for so long…and I defended her…

  64. …the interviewer should have asked her if there way any truth that Bill threw her book in the trash & they haven’t spoken to each other in weeks…

    Bill is not going to sit around while she goes on with this nonsense…he probably already has a ‘friend or two’

    I cannot believe the nerve of her to bring up “the person in the oval office”
    when Bill had an affair with Monica in the WH…did she forget that? He admitted to that…in the oval office…what is wrong with her!

    She is not all there…living in her ‘Hillary bubble for way too long’

  65. Rose McGowan Twittered someone’s Phone # and that’s why she was suspended I heard on the radio

    Need to find a link

  66. Mrs Smith

    I talked to someone at the Govs and they had no comment, said Abbott was in SE Texas trying to get money moving to help hurricane victims and had no official comment at this time.

    I will keep calling

    WH lines were closed for the day

  67. very happy about Trump decertifying Iran deal!!!! Look at how dems who were against deal, including the Jewish ones, are now against trump doing this!!!! Real hypocrites!

  68. GonzoTx, did AceOfSpades apologize or retract the stupid article against PDT? AceOfSpades is often an anti-Trump mess. As we advised, we waited to see what President Trump would do instead of writing trash. What did President Trump do about Iranian Revolutionary Guard? Branded them a terrorist organization:

  69. Admin, I didn’t see a retraction from Ace but he wrote favorably about Trump and the Iran mess. Your right he was a Cruz guy big time, how someone didn’t see through that cray cray man from the get go I am not sure.
    His crowd is pro Trump and anti- Rino but a lot were in the Cruz camp originally.

  70. gonzotx
    October 13, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    THX- gonzo. Keep us informed-

    October 13, 2017 at 5:47 am

    Finally someone is publicly stating what the “sanctuary” city stunts are about. The census. And keeping or pumping up the number of Congressional districts. And diluting the votes and representation of citizens. These cities or entire states often see shrinking or stagnating populations specifically due to Democratic policies and corrupt self dealing.

    This person was talking about Emanuel of Chicago spending his time on “sanctuary” population instead of blacks spiraling downward in gun and gang drug violence. Emanuel is desperate to replace whites and blacks moving out of a dangerous hellhole with any warm body who can be counted to maintain their Congressional delegation which is almost totally Democratic and keep up the federal dollars drawn in by cost shifting. All of the sanctuary cities are doing this as well as the entirety of California.



    I meant to respond to your post earlier-
    Interesting take on the refugee situation. I’ve never thought of it before in that light.

  71. The Jimmy Kimmel clip is at Terrence Williams twitter acct, I don’t know how to bring it here (tweeted it to you Admin)

    Unfreakingbelievable…Big moralist Jimmy Kimmel…no wonder he does not want to talk about men harassing women…this is so gross…and he does it for a laugh on TV…Jimmy Kimmel is sick!

    Terrence Williams@w_terrence


    ‼️Warning this #JimmyKimmel Clip Might Make you Sick. He took Advantage of Women who wanted to be on TV with his game “What’s in my Pantts⁉️

  72. gonzotx
    October 13, 2017 at 8:20 pm
    Illegals should not count in the census I don’t think. They are not citizens

    They do count in the census though — as do children, felons, etc. Census is just population — regardless of age or status. The amount of $ needed to run public services isn’t dependent on the status of the people living in a certain area, only the #.

    That’s the whole point of the illegal alien scam. If it wasn’t, the Dems wouldn’t bother with it.

  73. I don’t think illegals should count in the census’s also because Representatives in Congress are based on population census and illegals are not legal and therefore should not count.
    That’s how I feel, why would they have legal representation when they are in actuality criminals from another country…

    “And, many Americans are aware that the Census takers try to count everybody residing in the country. But, most Americans do not make the connection that illegal immigrants and other foreigners who are not legal permanent residents are part of the calculation for the apportionment of Congressional representatives.”

  74. I get it , that it is a matter of money, but it shouldn’t be, it’s crooked and in the end destroys our legal citizens rights.

    The American citizens have been paying the tab for illegals for wayyy to long.

    A Matter of Money

    Not counting illegal aliens costs cities and states federal money, resulting in a reduction of services to all residents. The census count is used by Congress in deciding how to distribute more than $400 billion annually to state, local and tribal governments. The formula is simple: the greater the population your state or city reports, the more federal money it might get.

    Cities provide the same level of services like police, fire and emergency medical treatment to illegal immigrants as they do to U.S. citizens. In 2004, the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimated the cost to California cities for education, health care and incarceration of illegal immigrants at $10.5 billion per year.

    According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers study released by the U.S. Census Monitoring Board, a total of 122,980 people went uncounted in Georgia during the 2000 census. As a result, the state will lose out on some $208.8 million in federal funding through 2012, a loss of about $1,697 per uncounted person.

    Why the Census Should NOT Count Illegal Aliens
    A Matter of Equal Representation and Politics
    Counting illegal immigrants in the census undermines the fundamental principal of American representative democracy that every voter has an equal voice. Through the census-based process of apportionment, states with large numbers of illegal aliens will unconstitutionally gain members in the U.S. House of Representatives thus robbing the citizen-voters in other states of their rightful representation.

    In addition, an inflated population count resulting from the inclusion of illegal immigrants would increase the number of votes some states get in the electoral college system, the actual process of electing the President of the United States.

    In short, including illegal immigrants in the census count will unjustly bestow additional political power in states where lax enforcement of immigration laws attract large populations of illegal aliens, such as California, Texas and other states in which Democrats seek to gain greater influence over national politics.

  75. Speaking of pigs:

    Michelle Obama blasted for ‘condescending’ and ‘out of touch’ advice

    Former first lady Michelle Obama has been accused of being disgracefully out of touch when it comes to the working woman.

    The former first lady offered her advice during a recent talk.

    Don’t waste your seat at the table,” Obama told TV producer Shonda Rhimes. “If you are scared to use your voice, then you’ve got to get up and give it to someone who isn’t afraid to use the spot.”

    She then recalled demanding a flexible work schedule while interviewing for a job at the University of Chicago Medical Center so she could take care of her two young daughters.

    But Fox News opinion writer Liz Peek argues demanding a flexible work schedule or “special treatment” would normally result in being “shown the door.”

    “To most women, Michelle Obama seems to have enjoyed a dream life. Married to a political supernova, spending eight years in the White House (which she once described as having ‘prison-like elements’), moving on to a life of luxury and power; she has no idea how the real world functions. Her advice could get a lot of women fired,” she wrote.

    At the time her husband Barack Obama was a state senator and she had worked at a Chicago law firm. Peek claims Obama’s decision to demand the flexible hours shows the privileges she had that most other women don’t.

    Peek argues Michelle is putting words into women’s mouths, pointing to when she said at an event in Boston.

    “As far as I’m concerned, any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice in a way. … We look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, ‘That guy. He’s better for me. His voice is more true to me.’ Well, to me that just says you don’t like your voice. You like the thing we’re told to like.”

    What’s astounding is that leftist AOL printed this article.

  76. Circle next Tuesday (Oct 17) on your calendars. That’s the day the new photo book of Michelle Obama’s White House years (“Chasing Light”) is scheduled to be released.

    I heard rumors that Admin pre-ordered a dozen copies to be used for target practice. 🙂

  77. I do relate to a lot of what these women are claiming, although my experience was as a female engineer, some of the harassment I experienced was sexual. It is not about sex. It is about power and subjugation. At the time, I did not understand, but have come to see these escalating behaviors as relating to globalism and imperialism. It was Bush’s “election” and the changes to the civil lawsuit laws in 2000 that allowed this subjugation of women. BO just picked up where he left off and doubled down with islamic attitudes. These anal fixated creeps are disgusting. It is a culture of rape.

  78. Well, the husband of the family of 5 that was rescued seems very unhinged and I think his worldly views were quite far left to start with. He and his wife were working in Taliban held territory prior to being kidnapped and I think his views have not softened towards America. Certainly in this interview there was no thankfulness towards America. He is Canadian.

  79. Gets better and better

    Joshua Boyle’s previous marriage to daughter of ‘Canada’s first family of terrorism’

    Before he married Caitlan Coleman, Joshua Boyle was connected with Canada’s ‘first family of terrorism’.

    In 2009, he married Zaynab Khadr, the older sister of Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr and the daughter of Ahmed Khadr, one of Osama Bin Laden’s closest friends.

    The pair grew close after Joshua worked on Omar’s case. He volunteered to be the family’s spokesman after Omar was sent to Guantanamo when he was 15 for allegedly murdering a US soldier during a battle in Afghanistan.

    Friends say he was fascinated by terrorists and ‘deeply cares about justice’ which is why he got involved.

    He believed Omar – who was 15 when he allegedly threw the grenade – should never have been treated as a terrorist. They said at the time that at best, Omar was a child soldier.

  80. I just knew there was more to this feel good story

    The American woman’s father was enraged that the husband refused to board an American military transport and then flew commercial with Canadian diplomats .

    He also hadn’t told the family originally that they were going to Afghanistan , just traveling and hiking… her 5 months pregnant .

    I think he’s afraid of questioning by American authority and clearly with his history was very radicalized prior to this whole BS.

  81. Hollywood Academy Kicks Out Harvey Weinstein…

    All currently non-exposed sexual deviants and rapists remain protected in Hollywood.


    Comic George Lopez was booed off stage at a gala for juvenile diabetes in Denver last week, over an anti-Donald Trump routine that fell flat with the crowd.

    We’re told the flap began when Trump backer and Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei donated $250,000 but requested that Lopez cool it with the anti-Trump jokes at the Carousel Ball.

    An attendee at the event — where tables sold from $5,000 to $100,000 to benefit the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes — commented on a YouTube video that “George was asked nicely to stop making Trump jokes by a man in front row [Maffei] who just donated $250K.” But “George doesn’t, continues. Gets booed.”

    We’re told that Lopez responded to Maffei, “Thank you for changing my opinion on old white men, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about orange men.”

    Trying to recover and sensing the audience turn, Lopez said, “Listen, it’s about the kids . . . I apologize for bringing politics to an event. This is America — it still is. So I apologize to your white privilege.”

    We’re told Lopez also told a joke about Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico, saying, “I guess you can get some Mexicans to do it cheaper and they wouldn’t crush the tunnels ­underneath.”

    When the audience did not respond well, he quipped, “Are you El Chapo people?” in reference to the drug kingpin who has used tunnels to evade authorities.

    Lopez then announced a video segment — but he did not return to the stage, and a local newscaster took over the hosting duties.

    TV host Chris Parente posted on Twitter, “big controversy: host of HUGE charity #CarouselBall, @georgelopez, makes political comments about Trump, drops f-bomb and is escorted out.” But a source close to the comedian insisted to Page Six that Lopez’s segment was “only supposed to be four minutes,” even though he was listed as the night’s emcee.

    Lenny Kravitz performed at the gala, which raised $1.65 million.

    Reps had no comment.

    these Leftie comedians simply cannot understand that not everyone thinks their insulting & racist humor is funny…

    you don’t go to a Gala Fundraiser raising money for kids and insult the audience and call them out for ‘white priviledge’

    and they just don’t get that not everyone Hates PDT…they can’t believe it because they blindly & robotically hate him so much

    they only have tunnel vision for themselves…no empathy for others

  83. Trump is Crushing the Left’s Social Orthodoxy

    President Trump’s speech this morning to the 2017 Values Voters Summit was a bolt of lightning to the gatekeepers of the left’s social orthodoxy. President Trump enumerated his unapologetic appreciation for old-school values.

    Liberals were horrified, and described the speech as “turning back the clock”. They were horrified at the idea that Trump may bring us back to an era where political correctness is considered a nuisance, not a necessity. An era of decency, where women are women, and men are men.

    The left is terrified that Trump may turn back the social clock to a time when the term “lady-like” wasn’t considered a sexist epithet, but rather a trait in women that is admirable. They’re terrified that Trump may usher in an era where a man opening the door for a woman isn’t considered sexism (for assuming she cannot open it herself), but instead, is revered as decent.

  84. Hillary Clinton May Teach At Columbia: The Funniest #HillaryCourses Tweets

    Hillary Clinton is allegedly considering a professorship at Columbia University. As one might expect, it didn’t take long for the good people of social mediaville to start the best hashtag ever: #HillaryCourses.

    Here are the ten funniest, most clever, and most brutal #HillaryCourses tweets:

  85. Hillary Shifts Blame In Brutal British Interview

    During an interview with Hillary Clinton on Friday, journalist Matt Frei asked the former Secretary of State a very real question: “So you’re still blaming others more than yourself?”

    Ouch. Let’s rewind a bit.

    Prior to that question, Frei and Clinton had an interesting exchange:

    FREI: But how much was this your own failure as a candidate?

    read the kerfuffle @ link:

  86. Admin,

    I tried sending an email ato Admin at I tried every combination and iteration I could think of and all were rejected. Please provide the exact email address.
    Microsoft Edge still recognizes my name and password. However, I had stopped using Edge because it doesn’t function with many internet web formats.
    I’m unable to log in on Safari or Firefox. The password log in page comes up with a prompt for my name and password, but one or both are rejected. When the name is accepted the password is not and when I request a password reset, nothing is sent to my email.

    I would appreciate help fixing this situation. I have come to rely heavily on this blog for my news and analysis….it’s simply not only the best source but the only source!

    Thank you for this valuable resource.

  87. Remember the days when Bill Clinton was peddling “MotorVoter” laws? Well they’re of interest now – or maybe it’s just the way IT in my state inserted the logic into PennDot code.
    Pennsylvania: Secretary of State Pedro Cortes resigns abruptly | Oct 12 2017 – , As secretary of state, Cortes served as the state’s top election official. His departure comes a week after State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, chairman of the House State Government Committee, and 15 of his colleagues sent Cortes a letter “to express our dire concerns” about the disclosure three weeks ago that legal resident noncitizens in Pennsylvania had been offered the chance to register to vote while applying for or renewing drivers’ licenses at the states motor vehicle service centers. Metcalfe, a Butler County Republican who has been preparing to hold a hearing on the issue before the Nov. 7 general election, said he received a phone call from the governor’s office Wednesday to inform him Cortes was stepping down. He said he and his colleagues are still waiting on an answer to their questions in last week’s letter

    Hillary’s probably happy about this.
    PA Governor Wolf is not. Seems that code has been around for a long time but he’ll take the blame.

  88. Hillary Clinton Greeted by Boos, Shouts of ‘Fascist’ on Way to Receive Honorary Doctorate

    The former New York senator was presented with the award during a ceremony at Swansea University’s Bay Campus on Saturday for her “commitment” to promoting the rights of families and children. The university’s College of Law was also renamed the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law.

    ‘Teachers and schools are reporting an outbreak of bullying and racially motivated insults,” the former first lady said.

    “Here in the UK, divisive rhetoric and policy shifts are having their own effects.”

    Using her honorary degree to claim to speak for the rights of all children around the world, she continued: “Right now, the residency rights of half a million children, including many who were born in the UK, are hanging in the balance.

    ‘So there are reports of children being worried, feeling uncertain, even unsafe. Trying to make sense of their places in the world.”

    The failed presidential candidate twice in one week blamed Brexit leader Nigel Farage for the Donald Trump presidential victory, provoking the former UKIP leader, who suggested Clinton rename her book “The Great Big Whinge“, to tell his LBC radio listeners Saturday: “I don’t think Hillary Clinton has much relevance. We should no more listen to Hillary Clinton than we listened to Barack Obama during the referendum campaign telling us not to vote for Brexit.”

    Addressing the former U.S. secretary of state directly, Farage said: “Hillary you lost. Move on. The war is over for you.”

  89. If you’ve ever wondered why/how Harvey Weinstein maintained his reign as a Super Predetor in Hollywood for three decades; wonder no more-

    He was the go to guy for democrats aka their ‘CASH COW’- A Super bundler for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign and a yuuuge donor to Hillary Clinton’s Victory Celebration and her second failed presidential run..

    REVEALED: Harvey Weinstein Helped Pay for Bill Clinton’s Legal Fees During Monica Lewinsky Scandal

    When Bill Clinton was at the height of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, Hollywood was by his side, offering donations for his legal fees, and one significant donor was a man who is now going through his own sex scandal—Harvey Weinstein.

    The report noted that according to Clinton’s legal defense fund, a total of more than $2.2 million was raised in six months, which was notably more than was collected in funding during the previous four years of his presidency—combined.

    “Hollywood was quick to come to the president’s aid. Among the 62 donors giving the maximum $10,000 were performers and directors such as Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand, Michael Douglas, Ron Howard, Norman Lear, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw-Spielberg as well as studio executives Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, Harvey Weinstein and Bud Yorkin.”

  90. BBC News – USS John S McCain: Navy sacks officers over collision
    Two top Navy officers from the wrecked USS John S McCain have been fired in the wake of the deadly collision in August that killed 10 sailors.
    Cmdr Alfredo J Sanchez, the commanding officer, and Cmdr Jessie L Sanchez, the executive officer, were sacked due to a “loss of confidence”, the Navy said.
    The USS John S McCain was east of Singapore when it collided with the oil tanker Alnic MC on 21 August.
    The collision was the fourth such incident in a year.
    “While the investigation is ongoing, it is evident the collision was preventable,” a statement from the Navy said on Wednesday.
    “The commanding officer exercised poor judgment, and the executive officer exercised poor leadership of the ship’s training program.”
    The collision left a large hole in the destroyer’s port side – the left-hand side of the vessel facing forward – and flooded compartments including crew berths. Five sailors were injured while 10 others were killed.

  91. Menendez Corruption Trial: Federal Judge Just Burned Democratic Senator’s Hopes To Ash
    Judge William H. Walls decided not to dismiss any of the 18 charges lobbed against Menendez by federal prosecutors

  92. You just have laugh at how the MSM is now bringing up the allegations against rump by women during the campaign now that that disgusting human being in Hollywood has been exposed.They covered up their own allegedly for decades but are so fixated on taking Trump down they have lost any credibility they ever has as so called journalists. It really is fake news! From the NFL to statues, we really have lost our country.

  93. I left President Trump’s Presser with Greek guy to watch General Hospital.
    Returning now to Shepard Smith and Fox News, it feels like Congress and John McCain have taken over Trump’s agenda.

    ACA is back via Murray/Alexander. Suddenly Dems are with Repubs on Tax = elite plan, not peoples’. Also Fox’s John Roberts asked questions at the presser that would have been left alone had it been Obama at the right podium. I’ll leave it to others to dissect but it feels like a coup. I’m presently shocked.

  94. Tony Stark
    October 17, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    Do you think millions of dollars went to the Clinton Foundation per Hillary’ position at the State Dept and Obama stood by watching hefty sums of money delivered to the Clintons but Obama got nothing in return for making this arrangement possible?

    Sure doesn’t sound like the Chicago way to me…

  95. Another breathlessly-reported monumental, historic, criminal travesty reported by Fox News. I switched channels when Hannity asked Sara Carter where it goes from here and she answered “It’s up to Congress.” It’s not up to Congress; we all know their investigations go nowhere. It’s up to Trump.

    I highly commend Hannity, Sara Carter, John Solomon, Judicial Watch, ACLJ, etc. for what they do; however, the criminals at DOJ (past and present – Rosenstein, Mueller, McCabe, etc) are investigating themselves and nothing will happen unless Trump does something himself to clean it up.

    What happened to the “unmasking” scandal? That was also breathlessly reported as an obvious slam dunk. But we learned recently from Jason Chafetz that Jeff Sessions has no interest in investigating past crimes of the previous administration (what does that even mean? Is he investigating future crimes?)

    I would love to be proven wrong but, unless Trump takes some action personally to order investigations into these criminals, or at least order the DOJ and FBI to respond to FOIA requests from the watchdog groups, we are going to continue witnessing the disintegration of the rule of law in this country.

  96. Tony Stark
    October 17, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    And Rosenstein. That guy is in every dirty mess. So what does he do? He appoints his mentor and probable co-conspirator as the Special Counsel who was the mover and shaker in this previous treasonous deal. This is more than enough for Sessions to fire him. And his replacement fire Mueller. At this rate everyone in the DOJ should be shit-canned. This would be the perfect time for Sessions to clean house with the media/Hollywood on the ropes with Weinstein. If Sessions doesn’t I will have to assume they have something on HIM.

  97. Tony Stark
    October 17, 2017 at 7:27 pm
    At this point the question is what wasn’t for sale? And wasn’t sold off. And their hysteria and rear guard defense in losing the election makes perfect sense.

  98. Sessions is appearing before Grassley’s Comm now…

    I predict a lot of “I cannot answer that question bec I recused myself”
    …when it comes to getting to the ‘truth’ of all that has gone on with HC, Comey, Mueller, Rothstein, Uranium, laundering, payoffs, etc, etc, etc

    I also hope he proves me wrong, however I think he ducks…and has strategically & conveniently ‘ducked’ the crux of all of this from the start…

    yes, he loves the peripherals re: crime & drugs (?marijuana)

    boom…there he goes, he will not disclose contents of his discussion with President

    this man is freaking useless

  99. Sessions is probably the biggest disappointment in major appointments. Every time he does some small news worthy gesture, such as sending DOJ to file hate crime against someone who killed a transgender, I want to cringe.

    Murder is murder, death row is death row, hate crime is BS pandering to the Left.

    If the Left could kill you twice they would. Complete double standards.

    As much as Haley has been a good surprise , Sessions is a serious Major disappointment

  100. FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Approved Uranium One Deal, Netting Clintons Millions

    As the mainstream media continues to obsess over $100,000 worth Facebook ads allegedly purchased by Russian spies in 2016 seeking to throw the presidential election, we’re almost certain they’ll ignore the much larger Russian bombshell dropped today in the form of newly released FBI documents that reveal for the very first time that the Obama administration was well aware of illegal bribery, extortion and money laundering schemes being conducted by the Russians to get a foothold in the atomic energy business in the U.S. before approving a deal that handed them 20% of America’s uranium reserves…and resulted in a windfall of donations to the Clinton Foundation.

    As we pointed out last summer when Peter Schweizer first released his feature documentary Clinton Cash, the Uranium One deal, as approved by the Obama Administration, netted the Clintons and their Clinton Foundation millions of dollars in donations and ‘speaking fees’ from Uranium One shareholders and other Russian entities.

    Russian Purchase of US Uranium Assets in Return for $145mm in Contributions to the Clinton Foundation – Bill and Hillary Clinton assisted a Canadian financier, Frank Giustra, and his company, Uranium One, in the acquisition of uranium mining concessions in Kazakhstan and the United States. Subsequently, the Russian government sought to purchase Uranium One but required approval from the Obama administration given the strategic importance of the uranium assets. In the run-up to the approval of the deal by the State Department, nine shareholders of Uranium One just happened to make $145mm in donations to the Clinton Foundation. Moreover, the New Yorker confirmed that Bill Clinton received $500,000 in speaking fees from a Russian investment bank, with ties to the Kremlin, around the same time. Needless to say, the State Department approved the deal giving Russia ownership of 20% of U.S. uranium assets.

    more details:

  101. Calling JEFF SESSIONS calling JEFF SESSIONS….

    This is a MAJOR CRIME !!!

    October 18, 2017
    Obama’s UN Ambassador Susan Power: I Didn’t Make Those Unmasking Requests. Someone Must Have Made Them Using My Credentials.

    Then that would be a major crime, right?

    Someone within the Obama administration’s intelligence apparatus made requests to unmask the identity of Americans named in intelligence reports on behalf of Samantha Power, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
    That’s what Power told the House Intelligence Committee last week during a closed-door interview.

    South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy revealed in an interview on Fox News on Tuesday that Power was “emphatic” on the point that someone else in the Obama administration made the unmasking requests that have been attributed to her.

    Fox News recently reported that Power made approximately 260 unmasking requests — a rate of one per business day — in her final year in office, including up through the end of Obama’s term.

    I’m halfway willing to believe this — but then, I’m gonna need a major investigation to find out which Obama personnel were using Power’s logins and such to illegally make these unmasking requests.

    Apparently someone without the power to do so himself — or someone who had the authority, but knew he was engaged in an illegal operation, and so wanted to conceal his identity.

  102. THe incredible sadness is Mrs Smith, with Sessions, nothing is going to Be done about anything except hate crimes towards Transvestites, some Immigration and MJ users

  103. Welcome, foxy…

    October 18, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    THe incredible sadness is Mrs Smith, with Sessions, nothing is going to Be done about anything except hate crimes towards Transvestites, some Immigration and MJ users

    He recused himself from all things Russia….
    Without consulting Trump!
    Misbegotten move on his part!

  104. can’t copy & paste…

    btw…there is a Clinton Foundation connection with the investor & major stackholder & over $1 million she raised for Clinton “charitable”organization & cited in “pay for play”

  105. This might be the light at the end of the tunnel?

    Sessions Vows to Review Obama’s Uranium Deal with Russia

    Putin firm got the OK to acquire the U.S. company the same month Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a Moscow speech

    by Brendan Kirby | 18 Oct 2017 at 2:26 PM

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday promised to review allegations that Barack Obama’s administration knew about bribery allegations surrounding a Russian company’s acquisition of 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves.

    The issue surfaced in the 2016 presidential election and has stormed back into the news amid reports that the Justice Department had evidence as far back as 2009 related to bribery and money laundering. A Russian-born Maryland resident, Vadim Mikerin, pleaded guilty in 2014 to a money laundering charge.

    The Senate Judiciary Committee has opened an investigation into the issue. Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) asked Sessions about the matter during the attorney general’s testimony on Wednesday.

    “Mr. Chairman, we will be hearing your concerns,” he said. “The Department of Justice will take such actions as appropriate, I know. And I would offer that some people have gone to jail in that transaction already.”

    Sessions offered few details, however.

    “Without confirming or denying a particular investigation, I would say I hear your concerns, and they will be reviewed,” he said.

    According to a story in The Hill, Mikerin was a Russian financier overseeing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear expansion inside the United States. After he pleaded guilty, a federal judge sentenced him to four years in prison and ordered him to forfeit $2.1 million.

    Grassley noted the FBI was investigating Mikerin at the same time the Obama administration was determining whether to approve the sale of the mining company Uranium One to the state-owned Russian nuclear firm Rosatom. He also pointed to well-publicized reports of Russian contributions to the Clinton Foundation and a $500,000 speaking fee former President Bill Clinton received for a speech he gave in Moscow in June 2010. That was the same month Russia began the uranium acquisition.

    In October of that year, a government committee that included then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed off on the Uranium One transaction.

    “This fact pattern raises serious concerns about improper political influence on the process by the previous — by the Clintons during the Obama administration,” Grassley said.

    Grassley asked if the Department of Justice has fully investigated that issue.

    “Mr. Chairman, we’re working hard to maintain discipline in the department,” Sessions responded. “It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to comment on any ongoing investigation.”

    The Clinton Foundation scandal has been virtually ignored by the broadcast news networks. The Media Research Center determined Wednesday that the network evening shows have only spent only three minutes and one second on the issue in more than two years.

    Grassley said he understands why Sessions was reluctant to talk about ongoing investigations. But he noted that the current deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, supervised the case when he was the U.S. attorney for Maryland.

    The committee chairman asked if it would be appropriate for Rosenstein to now supervise his own work as the Justice Department reviews the matter.

    “It would be his decision,” Sessions answered. “He’s a man of integrity, and if he feels that he has an inability to proceed with any of his investigations, it would be his responsibility to make that determination and should consult, as I told you I would do and I have done, with the senior ethics people at the department.”

  106. The Plot Thickens:

    Attorney: FBI Informant Was Blocked by Obama Administration from Testifying on Uranium One Deal

    An American businessman who went undercover for the FBI was blocked during the Obama administration from telling Congress what he knew about Russia’s efforts to influence the Clintons’ and Obama administration decisions, according to a report.

    Attorney Victoria Toensing, a former Reagan Justice Department official and former chief counsel of the Senate intelligence committee, told The Hill that she is trying to get the Trump administration or the FBI to free her client to talk.

    “All of the information about this corruption has not come out,” Toensing said.

    She said her client possesses “specific allegations that Russian executives made to him about how they facilitated the Obama administration’s 2010 approval of the Uranium One deal and sent millions of dollars in Russian nuclear funds to the U.S. to an entity assisting Bill Clinton’s foundation.”

    At the time, Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and serving on the government panel that approved the deal, the lawyer said. Bill Clinton accepted $500,000 Russian speaking fees in 2010 and collected millions more in donations from parties with a stake in the Uranium One deal. The Clintons and the Obama administration have denied that had any influence on the deal.

    But Toensing said her client can also testify that FBI agents made comments to him suggesting political pressure was exerted, and that there was specific evidence that could have scuttled approval of the Uranium One deal if it became public.

    “There was corruption going on and it was never brought forward. And in fact, the sale of the uranium went on despite the government knowing about all of this corruption. So, he’s coming forward. He wants the right thing to be done, but he cannot do it unless he is released from the NDA,” she told the outlet.

    Toensing said her client was asked by the FBI to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to prevent him from talking to Congress, and has memos showing how the Obama Justice Department threatened him when he attempted to file a lawsuit to recover monies Russians stole from him and which could have drawn attention to the Russian corruption during the 2016 election.

    The department threatened to bring a criminal case against him for violating the NDA, she said. The Hill also said it obtained emails from a civil attorney working with the witness that described the pressure the department was exerting on him to stay quiet.

    “The government was taking a very harsh position that threatened both your reputation and liberty,” the civil lawyer wrote in one email, according to the outlet. In another, she wrote: “As you will recall the gov’t made serious threats sufficient to cause you to withdraw your civil complaint.”

    read more @ link:

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