Strange Brew Elections: Trump Alabama Election Whisky Rally, AFD Germany Election, John McCain’s ObamaCare Lies

Update: Very Strange days indeed. With his powerful speech in support of Luther Strange President Trump might succeed and Strange might win the race that was unwinnable according to all the polls.

We’ve watch the speech repeatedly. It is a powerful speech. It’s powerful because it is brutally honest. President Trump laid out his reasons for supporting Strange pretty much as we noted in our article (below). President Trump also vouched for Strange even as President Trump said Strange might lose in which case PDT would campaign for Moore. President Trump added that Strange would win the general election with ease whereas Moore would have a tough race.

Some other reasons to vote for Luther Strange have now appeared. For one, Moore has come out against the ObamaCare repeal as embodied in Graham/Cassidy. If Luther Strange or Vice President Pence, who will campaign for Luther Strange before Tuesday’s election, focus on this point, Strange will get a powerful boost.

In addition, news has emerged about Senator Corker’s role in persuading President Trump to back Luther Strange. That news has been utilized by Moore supporters to lambaste Strange as an establishment lackey. But we noticed, in an entirely unrelated matter we are told, that the anti-Trump Senator Corker arrived at support for the tax reform bill to be released this week in the Senate almost immediately after President Trump agreed to campaign for Senator Strange. Was there a deal? Strange days.

We are torn on this issue. We want to support President Trump and understand if President Trump emerges as the decisive factor in the Alabama primary race then President Trump will gain strength against his GOP establishment foes. On the other hand we would like to see many primary challenges against anti-Trump freaks like Jeff Flake and a Moore victory would kindle insurrectionary fires in every primary campaign. But if President Trump is seen as the decisive factor in any senate primary race then the GOP establishment might be sufficiently cowed. We’re conflicted. But we see President Trump as the man that might salvage Strange and at the same time beat the establishment with an establishment supported candidate. Strange Strange days.

Meanwhile as the NFL attacks President Trump we side with President Trump and support his call for a boycott of football. Then again, we don’t care for football or sports so our opinion on this does not count for much.

As to the German elections, our analysis (below) seems to be holding up. Results: Merkel is winning but weakened. The Alternative for Germany is losing but gaining and will rise to third among dozens of political parties vying in the German elections.

Hey, elections matter.


Strange days. Two elections and the implications for many others are part of the very Strange Brew as we bid farewell to Summer and wrap ourselves in Autumn colors.

Friday night, a President Trump rally is scheduled for Alabama. On Sunday a German election looms with grave consequences for the continent. Both elections in Germany and Alabama will say much about the current world situation and the future. It’s a Strange Brew.

In Germany the people are in dire straits. Angela Merkel, the alleged candidate of the right, who is really a true daughter of the old East German Soviet has betrayed the German people with her immigration policies. Throw her out!

Throw her out would be the thing to do. However the totally crackpot leftists nominated someone who is even more openly in favor of the destruction of Germany/Europe/The Free World than Merkel. Both Merkel and her Sergeant Schultz opposition are terrible. The German people therefore have no alternative. Well, there is Alternative for Germany:

Anti-Immigrant AfD Party Draws In More Germans as Vote Nears
Party’s upswing suggests undercurrent of popular distrust threatening to unsettle country’s politics

WISMAR, Germany—Candidate Georg Pazderski of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany spent nearly half his speech in this harbor town earlier this week highlighting the danger of Islamist terrorism. Chancellor Angela Merkel dispatched the topic in roughly 80 seconds in an address here the next day.

As this country’s election campaign reaches its crescendo ahead of Sunday’s vote, its participants appear to be fighting different battles. Ms. Merkel, looking assured of victory, is engaging her opponents in mainstream parties on pensions, infrastructure, education, and economic policy. The Alternative for Germany is creeping up in the polls while positioning itself as the only party sounding the alarm about what it says is the existential threat posed by Muslim immigration.

The AfD, as the party is known, is now polling above 10%, less than its peak early this year and well below what other far-right parties elsewhere in Europe have garnered in recent elections. But for Germany, if the polls hold, its impending entry into parliament would mark a turning point in a country where right-wing populism has long been banished from mainstream discussion. And it would show that despite Germany’s thriving economy, an undercurrent of popular distrust and discontent threatens to unsettle a largely stable political system.

The unease is especially apparent here in the former East Germany, where unemployment is higher and the mainstream political parties less deeply anchored than in the more prosperous former West. But AfD is drawing rising support from across the country, polls show.

Interviews with AfD supporters conducted in recent weeks, from the German southwest to here on the Baltic seacoast, yielded one common complaint: Mainstream politicians, the voters said, don’t take their concerns about immigration seriously enough.

Sounds like another country we all know and love.

Sunday’s German elections will be watched to see how many seats Alternative For Germany garners. It won’t take many seats to send a powerful message, it’s a parliamentary system after all and Merkel won’t even get 40% of the vote. Merkel’s forecast win will be closer to the mid thirties, if that high. There are other dangers for Merkel:

Opinion polls have confirmed the far-right populist AfD’s challenge to the Left party for third place in Germany’s federal elections. Chancellor Merkel has called on people to vote as concerns about abstention grow. [snip]

In polls published on Friday, the AfD was seen to strengthen its third place setting by two percentage points to a projected 13 percent of the vote in an Insa survey commissioned by Bild newspaper, which put it near its highest ranking so far this year. The CDU kept its top spot with 34 percent support, down 2 points and the SPD was down one point to 21 percent. The Left party was showing 11 percent support. [snip]

While voters have a choice of 42 parties and 4,828 candidates, the focus has sharpened on the top three, and the likely coalition which will come from the votes. While the CDU has been holding its position as the SPD weakens, if the opinion polls prove correct then both parties would see their overall share of the vote fall to a level they have not seen since 2009. [snip]

In the last federal elections in 2013, some 29 percent of registered voters did not cast a ballot. This week, polls showed those planning either not to vote or unsure of who to vote for at 34 percent.

Fears of a low turnout, which many experts have said would benefit the AfD as its base is motivated to head to the polls, have encouraged mainstream parties to call for voters to turn out on Sunday.

Already the current German führer has problems as Poland, despite threats, continues to defy the immigration policies of Merkel. A large vote for Alternative for Germany will strengthen Poland and others who fight for Europe to survive.

The German elections this weekend are important. But the big election is the Strange election this coming Tuesday. This is a Whiskey Bar election. It reminds us of the Dreigroschenoper Bertolt Brecht song about Alabama, don’t ask why.

How strange is this Alabama election? The incumbent senator is Mitch McConnell’s pal Luther Strange whom Trump has endorsed. The primary campaign challenger is the anti-establishment Judge Roy Moore. Can anything get Moore Strange than this election?

President Trump has endorsed Luther Strange because Strange voted the way President Trump wanted without any favors or pleas needed. But Strange is the GOP establishment’s guy!

On the other side of Strange, there are many Trump supporters who endorsed the challenger because they want Moore change. Trump’s Secretary of Housing, Ben Carson has called for Moore change.

Sarah Palin has campaigned for Moore change! Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee want Moore change! Yikes! What is going on???

President Trump remembers how in 2010 and 2012 the GOP chose very right wing candidates then lost the general election and President Trump wants to avoid that fate. However this is very red state Alabama and we doubt that Moore can lose the general election. If Judge Roy Moore wins this primary election on Tuesday, then he will likely win the general election too.

As to Sarah Palin, Hannity, Huckabee, and Steve Bannon, they smell the future blood to be shed:

“What’s happening in Alabama is being watched in the halls of Congress and the Senate,” Moore said at a rally over the weekend. “They know what is happening in Alabama. Mitch McConnell knows what is happening in Alabama. They know it is going to affect the future of elections of other senators in 2018 in other states.”

If Judge Roy Moore wins on Tuesday the entire GOP establishment is under threat. That’s why the President Trump endorsement of Strange is so very Strange.

After today the President Trump endorsement is especially Strange. But maybe not so strange in light of how Trump deals. After all, Moore is likely to win on Tuesday. If a Trump rally moves the election to Luther Strange the GOP establishment will clearly see the absolute value of an endorsement by President Trump. Trump gains.

If Strange loses and Moore change carries the day, President Trump can still declare that he did what he thought was right. President Trump can also say in full honesty that the proponents of Moore change all declared their allegiance to President Trump at every rally for Moore.

What would we like to see happen? What would be the best outcome of all this?

We would like to see Moore win on Tuesday. We would then like President Trump to address the ObamaCare vote in the Senate and the latest lies by John McCain immediately before or immediately after this coming week’s ObamaCare vote.

John McCain ran for the senate with lies to the people who voted. McCain lied when he said he would oppose ObamaCare and deserved votes. McCain lied repeatedly.

So what should happen? Moore should win on Tuesday. If Moore wins on Tuesday that should be a strong warning of what awaits the liars of the GOP establishment. Win or lose however, the ObamaCare vote should be taken in the Senate to force the liars out into the open. Immediately before or after the ObamaCare vote, President Trump should announce the congressional ObamaCare exemption is no longer as, a way to punish liars like McCain.

It’s time to treat liars like McCain like North Korea.

Strange days call for strong measures.


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    The DNC Had Another Awful Fundraising Month
    DNC debt increases during historically bad fundraising month

    The Democratic National Committee’s already dire financial standing worsened during the month of August, according to its Wednesday night filing to the FEC.

    The DNC raised just $4.4 million last month, the second lowest August fundraising figure for the party in the past decade. The party had less cash on hand at the end of the month than it did at the beginning, as its spending outpaced its fundraising by $44,575.

    And it gets worse. The DNC’s debt substantially increased from $3.4 million to $4.1 million, a figure equal to about 60 percent of the committee’s total cash on hand.

    Party officials predicted in August that DNC fundraising figures would start to turn around, explaining that its fundraising staff was ten times bigger than it had been at the beginning of the year.

    DNC deputy chairman Keith Ellison defended the previous month’s bad fundraising figures by predicting that there would be “some really good reports to share in the weeks to come.”

    It is unclear what reports Ellison was referring to.

    Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee raised $7.3 million in August. It has $45.9 million in cash on hand and no debts owed.

  2. Trump is in a win-win, as admin lays out. Strange wins, it’s because of Trump. Moore wins, it’s because of Trump’s agenda. Either one teaches GOPe a lesson.

    Like it or not, Strange is the ‘incumbent’ and Trump is the head of the R party. He can’t *not* support him. Plus, Strange has had only 1 major vote since he replaced Sessions 6 months ago and he voted to repeal Obamacare — Trump rewards loyalty.

    I’ve noticed a lot of the loudest pro-Moore people are ones who love Sessions and Strange is Sessions’ personal pick to replace him. Funny that. Personally, Strange seems like a decent guy to me.

    tbh I’m worried about Moore — seems like he could be a Tod Kin in that he is liable to say something dumb that, of course, the media will hold ALL Rs responsible for, especially Trump. Fingers crossed.

  3. Venus, this PDT speech is so strong that he might push Strange to a win.

    President Trump in the speech has been brutally honest. PDT spoke as to why he is campaigning for Strange. PDT said it was for the reasons stated in the article written here (Strange did not ask for favors when asked for help).

    The speech is very strong because President Trump honestly spoke about the reasons not to endorse Strange as well as the dangers. PDT spoke about the polls, how he would help Moore if Moore wins, along with all the ins and outs about McConnell. PDT said that Strange hardly knows McConnell so the charge that Strange is an establishment tool is unfair.

    President Trump keeps on getting stronger and stronger in his delivery as well as the content of his speeches.

    President Trump also slammed McCain for his ObamaCare vote and today’s statement that the next vote will also be against ObamaCare repeal.

    President Trump schlonged the NFL too. PDT advised people to walk out of the stadium if a player refuses to stand during the national anthem.

    As to Hillary, PDT responded to the shouts of “lock her up” by saying ‘tell it to Jeff Sessions’! PDT also discussed the electoral college and why he now favors it. PDT also slammed Hillary for her election excuses and declared that he thought getting the popular vote would be easier than the electoral college route.

    On Russia, Trump mocked the entire notion of Russian help to get him elected. PDT said that the Dims did a great job on the Russia hoax to delude the public but a bad job getting votes during the election.

    It is a strong speech.

  4. Venus
    September 22, 2017 at 8:16 pm
    Since he is adored by the Breitbart crowd, which also defended Sessions when Trump publicly criticized him, I’m suspicious that he may turn out to be a purist like the showboating Rand Paul.

  5. Very entertaining speech in Alabama..classic Trump. But for McCain, Obamacare would have been repealed . McCain would rather ” pay back” Trump for personal insults than serve country after losing to Obama .

  6. I don’t go to brietbart these days, at least infrequently, but I recall many articles bashing Sessions and comment section against Sessions

  7. Lunatic left is FREAKING OUT over Trump’s NFL comments.

    Trump is cementing them into their positions:

    Anti-Flag, Anti-America, Anti-Cop, Anti-American, Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Free Speech,Pro-Rocket Man, Pro-Illegal Alien, Pro-Communist, Pro-Terrorist…

    That’s their genius 2018 strategy. lol

  8. …anyone seriously wonder why the DNC is losing money & in debt…the party is an embarrassment & not only looney, but projecting violence & insanity…

    antifa, “safety spaces” “resistence” censorship, “maxine crazy waters”, etc, etc

    and then throw in whiner-in-chief Hillary who doesn’t even realize what a disservice she is doing to women…she needs to take a cue from Nikki Haley and shut the help up with her blame game…she is becoming the embodiment of the dreaded sterotype

    Dims are too freaking far left…

    who, in their right mind, besides Soros & Hollywood, would give their hard earned money to these nutcases

    ************************************************PDT was fab in Alabama tonight…

    he is so comfortable in his own skin…no pretense…what you see is what you get…
    blunt, funny, direct…he draws you in…
    like him or not, he makes sense…you feel like you know the guy, as opposed to some aloof, condescending elite who always had his nose up in the air…

    if a Dim was saying half of what PDT is saying, CNN would be praising them…but because PDT says things that make sense the Trump Derangement syndrome must kick in…


    I have a little of the same concern Venus does about Moore…is the really “strange” one Moore? I remember him with the 10 commandments & that whole deal…he seemed a bit off back then…
    I lean a bit towards what PDT said about the national election & Moore…? not sure it is a done deal…

  9. O/T

    Residents of Houston had better pay attention.

    The government is spraying a neurotoxin (pesticide) in an attempt to gain control of the mosquito population thriving in the remnants of Harvey’s pools of stagnant water.
    Swarmed with mosquitoes after Harvey, Texas calls in the US Air Force

    “The Air Force is using Naled, which is in the organophosphate category of insecticides, and though widely used in the US, is banned in the EU. The EU decided to ban naled in 2012 out of concern for human health. “The scenarios evaluated in the human health risk assessment as well as in the environmental risk assessment showed a potential and unacceptable risk,” the European Commission wrote in its decision*…

    (you can read why the product was banned in the EU at link)

  10. Frankly, I trust Trump if he says Strange is the one Alabama voters should choose, especially since Breitbart treats Trump these days as if he is a child or a fake conservative surrounded by globalists and how Breitbart adores Ann Coulter, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and other extreme right wingers.

  11. I apologize for continuing to harp on this issue but something truly bizarre is going on.

    Last night, former CIA director James Woolsey appeared on Lou Dobbs and was asked about the Obama administration corruption scandals that are being exposed on a daily basis. Woolsey proceeded to ignore Dobbs’ question and started talking about Puerto Rico and electromagnetic pulses. It was so blatant that Dobbs interrupted him and said “Excuse me, but with all due respect, what in the hell are you talking about? You’re not even remotely answering my question.” (Paraphrase) Woolsey then apologized and continued to talk about other things.

    A few nights ago, on someone else’s show, Kellyanne Conway was also asked about the lack of action on these investigations and she said “Yes, that is a problem but let me tell you what this administration is currently doing for the American people” (paraphrase).

    Nobody is even answering any questions on this topic, much less doing anything about it.

    Right now, there is a plethora, a profusion, a smorgasbord, a cornucopia, and an overabundance of evidence of past HIGH LEVEL crimes and corruption that are being ignored and poo-pooed by everyone except Lou Dobbs, Hannity, Greg Jarrett, Jay Sekulow, and the Circa News people, while the Trump Justice Department continues to work against investigators like Judicial Watch, American Center for Law and Justice, and congressional committees trying to obtain information.

    What is going on here? Why did Trump tell the crowd tonight to ask Jeff Sessions about the Hillary Clinton investigation? Isn’t he Sessions’ boss? Can’t he order an investigation if he wants to?

    Greg Jarrett keeps saying that there are no investigations currently underway or we would know about it via leaks; however, Jay Sekulow tells Hannity every night that there may very well be investigations and that we wouldn’t know if there are because they are supposed to be secret. So who are we supposed to believe? Regardless of who is right on that issue, the fact remains that the Sessions Justice Department is continuing to block investigations and stonewall requests for information just like Lynch’s JD.

    Is everybody who ever worked in D.C. involved in corruption? What is Trump waiting for? Why can’t he get Sessions to do his job at Justice?

    Sorry again for the rant but the thought of all these vermin skating just drives me crazy.

  12. Certainly Admin’s suggestions about special prosecutors for numerous high crimes would be of benefit to the Nation. However, when you need to drain the swamp, you need to staff up with something besides swamp creatures to do it. I suspect the corruption of our systems is so extensive, that there are practical limits on how fast, if ever this can be done. Who can really know what is going on and what the priorities are.

    But Trump is winning. The NK Fat Boy, AKA Rocket Man has degenerated into calling Trump a bitch. Soon he will be peeing on himself. Just LMAO.

  13. Mike Marks
    please do not apologize…you are not ranting…

    you are giving voice to what many, many of us are thinking & wondering & very alarmed about…

    You are not allowing yourself to push all this aside as the establishment & BM want us to do…

    this should be the topic of news on every news outlet, instead all of it buried…

    the crux of our democracy really…the dims, DWS, Comey, Lynch & Hillary & all that they pulled off and no coverage from BM but daily trouncing on PDT with nonstop investigations with Special Counsel & Republican led congressional investigations, repub congressional inquiries that even sideline their own best people, like Rep Devin Nunes, when they get too close to the truth & expose the dirty little secrets of unmasking…and then throw in the daily LEAKS to brainwash the public & detract from any good news PDT is receiving…

    PDT, his family, his friends, his finances, his adminstration, on and on…
    …with only expansion in sight and unlimited resources & addition of more anti-Trump prosecutors to assist…grand juries…where was Hillary’s grand jury? oh that’s right she had ‘no intent’ when she bit bleached her computers, stomped them out with sledgehammers, lost memory cards, erased thousands of emails, put all confidential govt info on her hidden secret servers that were only exposed thru a news article otherwise we never would have even known…but, “no intent”, just a day’s work for Hillary as SOS & laundering…

    …and what do we get? Paul Ryan saying Mueller is fair…Sessions MIA
    and all the rest of it…

    recently Sharly Attikinson started speaking up again…she said she had security insiders tip her off to the survellience on her…

    something is very wrong with this picture

    this is more than a swamp of corruption…this is an ocean full of it…

    thank goodness for the strength of PDT, I continually worry for his safety…

  14. Lu4PUMA @ 8:37 am:

    “when you need to drain the swamp, you need to staff up with something besides swamp creatures to do it.”

    Well said; I agree that this is a major part of the problem.

    S @ 12:23 PM:

    Yes, I forgot to mention Sharyl Atkinson who is not only talking about it but has an ongoing lawsuit against the federal government for two years for illegal monitoring of her computers. She readily admits that it is an almost insurmountable task to successfully sue the federal government and the only reason she has gotten this far is that she had inside help from sympathetic members of the intelligence community. An average citizen would get nowhere. Yet none of this is being covered by the media, except Fox news occasionally.

    In nine months, is there one person that’s actually been drained from the swamp? Maybe Comey is one; but Andrew McCabe, John Koskinin, Mueller, et al are still operating with no accountability.

    Even the National Archives is refusing to turn over documents pertaining to Hillary’s Whitewater draft indictment to investigators from ACLJ or Judicial Watch (I can’t remember which).

    I realize that it will take time to drain the swamp but it has to start somewhere and Trump seems to be shirking his responsibility of doing what he can do as the head of the federal government to get the ball rolling.

  15. Following on my previous post, it is Judicial Watch that has been trying to obtain Whitewater documents from the National Archives, who has refused to turn them over. There was a hearing just yesterday in federal court and arguments were presented. However, it will be another few months before a ruling is made.

  16. Mike Marks,

    I empathize with what you are saying…my only response is that PDT is up against so much these days from all sides, including the repubs that it is, to me, amazing that he just bulldozes on…just the whole Mueller & MULTIPLE Congressional investigations are interfering with so much more that he could be accomplishing…not too mention complicit BM

    god only knows who & what is going on behind the scenes with that is helping or working against him in and out of the WH

    …and the shadow O govt still in place


    btw…what nerve of Steph Curry, and worse LeBron James…he calls PDT a bum… & now Dims calling for all NFL to take a knee

    they really want to incite a race war; calling him a White Supremacist squatter in “their” White House…

    so appalling and hateful; they are teaching young people to hate the President & frankly white people…

  17. Tony,

    didn’t Rand Paul come around the last time & vote for that health bill?
    this bill is closer to what he wants with sending it to the states…maybe at last minute he will come around with Senator from Alaska…

    they have got to start somewhere & get the ball rolling

    what can anyone say about lying McCain…bitter old anti-trumper; will go out as a treasonous supporter of Ocare & sticking it to the American people; even though he has his own health care, not Ocare and campaigned on repealing it…

  18. S @ 2:51 PM:

    I realize that Trump has a lot on his plate, has accomplished many important things both domestically and internationally, and has most of the D.C. establishment working to destroy him. But it seems to me that he could very easily do more to assist the people that are trying to help him.

    1. He can order the FBI to release FOIA documents pertaining to their Clinton email investigation, which they have refused to do, claiming “lack of public interest.”

    2. He can order the FBI to release UNREDACTED FOIA documents pertaining to the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting, instead of forcing the ACLJ to sue the FBI for those documents, which they did last week.

    3. He can order the National Archives to release Whitewater documents requested under FOIA by Judicial Watch, instead of forcing JW to go to federal court for them.

    4. He can order the Justice Department to re-open the IRS targeting case, with clear obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence.

    5. He can order the intelligence community to provide Sharyl Attkisson with the names of the people who had access to the IP accounts which were monitoring her computers, instead of forcing her to spend untold amounts of time and money pursuing it in court.

    I’m pretty sure Trump can do these things rather easily without taking much time from his other responsibilities; if I’m wrong, please let me know. If they refuse, then he has a legitimate reason for canning them, just as he fired Comey for refusing to publicly clear him from collusion charges.

    I do appreciate and thank you for your feedback.

  19. How Obama is funding the anti-Trump resistance

    Wall Street might be shocked to learn it is helping bankroll the anti-Trump “resistance” movement that’s aggressively fighting policies it favors — including corporate tax cuts and the repeal of Obama-era banking and health-care regulations.

    The Obama administration’s massive shakedown of Big Banks over the mortgage crisis included unprecedented back-door funding for dozens of Democratic activist groups who were not even victims of the crisis.

    At least three liberal nonprofit organizations the Justice Department approved to receive funds from multibillion-dollar mortgage settlements were instrumental in killing the ObamaCare repeal bill and are now lobbying against GOP tax reform, as well as efforts to rein in illegal immigration.

    An estimated $640 million has been diverted into what critics say is an improper, if not unconstitutional, “slush fund” fed from government settlements with JPMorgan Chase and Co., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp., according to congressional sources.

    The payola is potentially earmarked for third-party interest groups approved by the Justice Department and HUD without requiring any proof of how the funds will be spent. Many of the recipients so far are radical leftist organizations who solicited the settlement cash from the administration even though they were not parties to the lawsuits, records show.

    “During the Obama administration, groups committed to ‘revolutionary social change’ sent proposals and met with high-level HUD and Justice Department officials to try to get their pieces of the settlement pie,” Cause of Action Institute vice president Julie Smith told The Post.

    Some of the chosen beneficiaries are now actively militating against the Trump administration and its policies, including:


    The Hispanic-rights group strenuously protested the Republican-led “skinny” repeal of the Affordable Care Act after receiving at least $1.5 million from the Obama regime’s bank settlement funds, congressional researchers say.

    The notoriously radical organization, which advocates on behalf of illegal immigrants, argued the Trump proposal would have a “harmful impact” on the Hispanic community, including stripping potentially “8 million Latinos” of medical coverage.

    “The Latino community cannot afford a repeal of the ACA,” La Raza warned its members, while encouraging them to fight the legislation in email alerts.

    In July, the group held a large rally to protest the repeal effort in Arizona — GOP Sen. John McCain’s home state. The event is said to have influenced McCain’s decision to cast the deciding vote to kill the proposal.

    La Raza has a long and checkered history of promoting illegal immigration and advocating for welfare benefits and even driver’s licenses for undocumented Latino immigrants. Currently, it’s lobbying (under a new and less controversial name, UnidosUS) against what it calls “the Trump administration’s senseless and Draconian anti-immigrant policies,” fighting specifically GOP bills “to fund [the] immoral border wall” with Mexico.

    “President Trump has again chosen to appease the bigots in his base,” La Raza asserted in a statement posted on its website. “It’s time to translate injustice into action.”

    During last year’s presidential campaign, La Raza’s Chicago branch was among the groups that deployed thousands of protesters to the University of Illinois at Chicago, forcing then-candidate Trump to cancel a scheduled event there for safety reasons.

    La Raza works closely with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and has teamed up with the anti-Trump resistance group, Indivisible, which was co-founded by La Raza alumnus Angel Padilla. Indivisible is working with La Raza and its affiliates to make sure “any bill that punishes sanctuary cities never goes to Trump’s desk to become law.” They are encouraging activists to send postcards with pre-printed messages on immigration and health care to moderate GOP senators.


    After receiving at least $1.2 million from the bank-settlement slush fund, the African-American advocacy group solicited its supporters to oppose efforts to repeal ObamaCare by signing a letter to senators arguing “African-Americans stand to be disproportionately impacted.” It claimed more than 5 million black people would lose coverage under repeal legislation.


    Since hauling in at least $2.6 million in funds under settlement in the Obama-era mortgage suits, the liberal housing-rights group has slammed tax-reform proposals by the Trump administration as unfair, while trying to block efforts to privatize mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, claiming doing so would “deepen the racial wealth gap.”

    NCRC is also actively lobbying against regulatory repeal of many provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

    The Washington-based group boasts more than 600 member organizations who lobby lawmakers through list-serves, mailings, sign-on letters and conference calls. Though it’s assumed that funds distributed to such “qualified organizations” will be used for housing assistance, the bank-settlement agreements do not enforce how the funds are spent.

    “It stands to reason that some of the settlement funds have helped bankroll the resistance” bent on stopping the Trump agenda for America, Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow John Berlau said.

    It’s not clear how much money, in all, has been diverted from settlement funds to these and other left-wing organizations. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered a full audit of the funds while discontinuing the practice of funneling Justice Department settlements to third-party groups.

    SEE ALSOat link

    How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency
    How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency
    “Any settlement funds should go first to the victims and then to the American people [through the US Treasury] — not to bankroll third-party special interest groups or the political friends of whoever is in power,” Sessions said in a recent statement.

    Still, The Post has learned that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau continues to force financial institutions it prosecutes to donate to third-party community organizers. More, penalties in such cases are deposited into the Bureau’s now-$170 million-plus Civil Penalty Fund, which has, in turn, channeled almost $30 million to “consumer advocacy” groups.

    CFPB director Richard Cordray is an Obama holdover, whose special five-year term doesn’t expire until 2018.

    The Independent Community Bankers of America, a national voice for more than 5,700 large and small banks, said it opposes the government practice of providing back-door funding to unrelated groups.

    “ICBA believes the funds should go towards affected victims,” a spokeswoman for the banking trade association told The Post.


    As more than 40 subdued Republican senators lunched on Chick-fil-A at a closed-door session last week, Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado painted a dire picture for his colleagues. Campaign fund-raising was drying up, he said, because of widespread disappointment among donors over the inability of the Republican Senate to repeal the Affordable Care Act or do much of anything else.

    Mr. Gardner is in charge of his party’s midterm re-election push, and he warned that donors of all stripes were refusing to contribute another penny until the struggling majority produced some concrete results.

    Donors are furious,” one person knowledgeable about the private meeting quoted Mr. Gardner as saying. “We haven’t kept our promise.”

    The backlash from big donors as well as the grass roots panicked Senate Republicans and was part of the motivation behind the sudden zeal to take one last crack at repealing the health care law before the end of the month. That effort faltered Friday with new opposition from Senator John McCain of Arizona, the perennial maverick who had scuttled the Senate’s first repeal effort. Now Republicans must confront the possibility that they will once again let down their backers with no big win in sight.


    A third deadline has now passed for the FBI and Justice Department to give the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed documents related to the Trump dossier. And for a third time, the bureau has not produced the material.

    The dossier is a collection of what former FBI Director James Comey called “salacious and unverified” allegations of collusion between Russia and Trump campaign figures in the 2016 campaign. The Russia allegations were compiled by a former British spy, Christopher Steele, who was commissioned by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which is thought to have been paid for the work by wealthy supporters of Hillary Clinton. The FBI reportedly considered taking over the dossier project in the fall of 2016, when the campaign was at its height, leading Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley to say the dossier matter raised “questions about the FBI’s independence from politics.”

    Both Grassley and the House Intelligence Committee have been interested in learning if the FBI ever used the “salacious and unverified” dossier as a basis for requesting surveillance on anyone in the Trump circle. Those questions only intensified this week with reports that the FBI wiretapped Trump associate and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort during the transition period.

    Four weeks ago, on Aug. 24, the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed the FBI and Justice Department, seeking all internal FBI reports “incorporating, relying on, or referring to” information provided by Steele, his sources, or Fusion GPS. The committee also asked for documents on any FBI or Justice “efforts to corroborate, validate, or evaluate” Steele’s information. And the subpoena sought any surveillance applications that included any information or were based on any information, provided by Steele.

    Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes originally set a Sept. 1 deadline for production of the dossier documents. The FBI did not comply. Nunes then extended the deadline to Sept. 14. The FBI did not comply. Then Nunes extended the deadline again, to Sept. 22. Now, again, the FBI has not complied.

    It is not unusual for deadlines to be extended. It is not unusual for feet to be dragged. But at some point, there will have to be a resolution to this standoff. A congressional subpoena is not something a government agency can ignore forever.

    But it seems likely that the dispute will eventually rise to a higher level. Nunes is a committee chairman, but he does not speak for the entire House. In addition, he has been weakened by Democratic accusations that he leaked classified information — a matter that seems stuck in the Ethics Committee. Given that, if Nunes is to prevail in the subpoena affair, it seems likely he would have to have the support of Speaker Paul Ryan. If the speaker stands behind Nunes’ efforts, the subpoena will have more weight and be more difficult for the FBI and Justice to defy. If on the other hand, Ryan does not stand behind the chairman, the FBI and Justice might be emboldened to delay forever. (A spokesman for Ryan did not immediately answer phone and email inquiries.)

    There’s a lot at stake. Nunes is currently traveling in the Middle East, so it is not clear what the next step will be, or when it will happen. But so far, the FBI and the Justice Department do not appear to be in the mood to comply with the subpoena.

  22. Hi Mike Marks,

    those were very comprehensive suggestions & you sound very knowledgeable on those topics…

    I know we are often watching the same TV shows, not sure if you get OAN

    earlier today I had in on in the background while still getting re-organizied from Irma and Sebastian Gorka & representatives from I believe Judicial Watch were on & they were discussing how deeply entrenched the “deep state” is
    for ex, Gorka said when he was in the WH he had 3 qualified people he wanted to work there & he could not get them in
    I think the person from JW’s name was Patterson (?) he was going on about how difficult it is to get info & redacted info & how he thought it would change with DT but the career people that are in still run the show from behind & not much has changed….their attitude is they outlast the Presidents so they don’t care & will do what they want & push what they want because they will outlast this President too…
    very frustrating

  23. Admin,

    DC Whispers has a few thoughts on the article you posted


    Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes originally set a Sept. 1 deadline for production of the dossier documents. The FBI did not comply. Nunes then extended the deadline to Sept. 14. The FBI did not comply. Then Nunes extended the deadline again, to Sept. 22. Now, again, the FBI has not complied.


    The reason for the delay is simple. The fabricated “Trump dossier” represents a direct link between the anti-Trump factions within the U.S. government, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the then-Obama White House. Some very powerful forces want this evidence buried – forever.

    The will of the voters was nearly supplanted by a small group of powerful elites. Those elites have since retreated back into the shadows and want nothing to do with the light of truth shining upon them. The entirety of the false Trump-Russia narrative has been little more than providing cover for their criminal wrongdoing.

    and let’s not forget John McCain’s part in this whole anti-Trump frame up sabatoge fiasco…John McCain & Comey’s FBI

  24. Re: on why there doesn’t seem to be anything happening on Hillary and all the other high crimes.

    My personal opinion is that the entire “conservative”/Breitbart wing of the White House, including Jeff Sessions, has been in a state of complete rebellion for some time.

    I know (and can prove) Bannon to be a huge liar. His Breitbart operation was always a corrupt one. That paper, for example, which attacks Trump today for purity violations, actively fabricated Ted Cruz’s entire record on immigration. At one point they even claimed that Cruz had “never introduced legislation to increase H1-B visas and greencards.” The truth being that Cruz had proposed amendments doing exactly that, and had even framed it in terms of “real” Americanism in response to those who wanted to RESTRICT immigration. (And this is only the tip of the iceberg of what that outlet, under Steve Bannon, reported to prop up Ted Cruz.)

    I do not believe that the Breitbart wing of “conservatism” is interested in the Trump agenda. I think they’re interested in the same things that conservatives are typically concerned with: making money and pretending to be the most “conservative” person in the room. These people lie. These people cheat. These people create hysteria to sell books and get these useless minor victories that result in nothing productive. I suspect that when Mooch attacked Bannon as being obsessed only “with pushing their own brand” (he did not use Bannon’s name, but I can’t see who else he’d be referring to), this was probably the feeling of Trump himself or of those in the White House outside of the Bannon circle.

    And I agree with it!

    The only positive thing about having Bannon in the White House is that it kept Breitbart more or less on a leash. Bannon, of course, was going around (allegedly) telling people that he won the White House for Trump, but that was the height of his mischief. Once Bannon was out, Breitbart became an attack dog for the “True Conservatives” again.

    (BTW, the whole “Breitbart is a Pro-Trump website!” is a myth that started by accident. When Ben Shapiro had his meltdown over the Fields hoax, he falsely claimed that Breitbart–which had almost no pro-Trump voices on it other than Milo–had sold out to Trump. In reality, even in private conversations, Breitbart’s people were entirely anti-Trump and wanted to see him squashed by Cruz. However, the media was willing to crush Breitbart with the lie, and after Trump won, Breitbart took advantage of the lie and pretended to be “THE” Trump news source on the internet & the HQ of true conservatism.)

    Anyway, as for Sessions, there are a couple of points I will make here, although hearsay, to support the idea that Sessions is simply AWOL on the subject of swamp cleaning.

    Back when Trump called out Sessions on Twitter, the media started reporting that “friends” of Sessions had told them that Sessions was “upset,” “hurt,” and feeling quite self-righteous over the matter, but that he was going to “stand strong” and continue his work despite whatever the President is saying.

    Assuming the sources weren’t entirely fabricated, it would suggest that Sessions, instead of being the loyal employee of the President, decided to respond on a political level in the face of Presidential displeasure. If Sessions was truly on the level, I think that he would have either resigned or immediately apologized to the President. Neither of which happened. Instead, Session’s people aided and abeted the Breitbart hysteria to defend innocent Sessions from “bully” Trump.

    Second point. More hearsay, but here goes: The NYTimes claims that Trump gave Sessions a private dressing down on the recusal issue. The result sounded an awful lot like Sessions went away weeping and feeling personally offended and self-righteous. Again, the theme I sense was that Sessions was defiant.

    My personal opinion is that Sessions is indeed doing absolutely nothing. That he is not loyal to the President. And that he probably is refusing to do anything on Hillary on the grounds that he doesn’t want to appear to be going after “political opponents.” So Sessions is happy to be called a Nazi on immigration, but he’s too weak to do anything beyond that.

  25. S @ 7:45 PM:

    I can’t get OAN where I live but I watch video clips on their web site occasionally. I don’t know of anyone named Patterson with Judicial Watch; you might have seen Chris Farrell who was in the clip with Gorka. Farrell is the chief investigator for JW and is often on Lou Dobbs and other shows.

    I agree that it seems like the swamp is trying to run out the clock on the Trump presidency. Any real investigations, grand jury indictments, or trials of anyone would take years under any circumstances. That’s why I think Trump needs to start the ball rolling immediately if he’s in fact serious about draining even some of the swamp.

    Not responding repeatedly to a congressional committee’s subpoena for “Trump dossier” files seems like a perfect opportunity to fire Rosenstein, who is responsible since Sessions is recused on Russia matters such as these. Not holding my breath on that, though. Rosenstein is also responsible for stonewalling and slow walking other requests for info, as well as Sessions.

    Looks like lawlessness for the elites will remain and the criminals will avoid any accountability unless Trump acts now. Otherwise, the legal proceedings will be dragged out and extend beyond his term, if they are initiated at all.

    Trump is succeeding on several important fronts but, as far as enforcing the law equally for everyone, it’s as if the election never happened. Infuriating beyond belief.

  26. Can’t believe my Green Bay Packers disrespected the President.
    I have been a real fan for 55 years, I snuck into games at half time in Milwaukee, when they would play half of their games there in the old days, and met Bart Star, Lombardi, all of them.
    I go to a game each year, live and die during the season… no more

    Time to boycott NFL , time to STAND for America

  27. Foxyladi @ 12:23 PM:

    Thanks for the link to that American Thinker article. As it says, this surveillance scandal truly is the most egregious misuse of federal power in American history and the worst crime ever committed by a sitting U.S. president. The problem is that congressional committees can’t prosecute anyone and the Justice Department and FBI will continue to protect Obama, Clinton, et al. It’s reassuring to know that the word is spreading on this but I wonder what it will take to have Trump go over their heads and order a full investigation.

  28. MM

    here is a brief clip from what I believe may have been the longer show I referred to on OAN…i haven’t had a chance to listen to it, however it wasn’t Chris Farrell, I have seen him often on Lou Dobbs…the person I am referring to is the last person on the right in that panel that is shown briefly in the clip (he is sitting next to the woman) @ :56

    if i get a chance later i will try to find the whole clip

    AT&T carries OAN, they are pro Trump & carried all his pre election rallies & speeches, I don’t think Comcast carries it

  29. foxy,

    that was a very interesting article

    this morning, again in the background while busy, I heard one of the political show host, think on FTN/CBS, ask Rep Schiff about this being the third time the FBI had refused to turn over the Dossier info

    Schiff just batted the question away by saying that the info had been requested by Rep Devin Nunes who had to recuse himself & then by AG Jeff Sessions, who had to recuse himself
    and that he attributed their motives to trying to disparage the government’s investigation
    as if their input, of the FBI/Dossier was suspect & unimportant…

    this is the card that I believe is going to be played in regards to all that info provided in Foxy’s article

    the establisment is going to take out anyone that can dig into what is being covered up
    my last hope remains grassley as far as these investigations are going

    Jeff Sessions was a fool to allow this to happen…a pawn in their game…he gave them the keys & let them walk right in

  30. Update: Very Strange days indeed. With his powerful speech in support of Luther Strange President Trump might succeed and Strange might win the race that was unwinnable according to all the polls.

    We’ve watch the speech repeatedly. It is a powerful speech. It’s powerful because it is brutally honest. President Trump laid out his reasons for supporting Strange pretty much as we noted in our article (below). President Trump also vouched for Strange even as President Trump said Strange might lose in which case PDT would campaign for Moore. President Trump added that Strange would win the general election with ease whereas Moore would have a tough race.

    Some other reasons to vote for Luther Strange have now appeared. For one, Moore has come out against the ObamaCare repeal as embodied in Graham/Cassidy. If Luther Strange or Vice President Pence, who will campaign for Luther Strange before Tuesday’s election, focus on this point, Strange will get a powerful boost.

    In addition, news has emerged about Senator Corker’s role in persuading President Trump to back Luther Strange. That news has been utilized by Moore supporters to lambaste Strange as an establishment lackey. But we noticed, in an entirely unrelated matter we are told, that the anti-Trump Senator Corker arrived at support for the tax reform bill to be released this week in the Senate almost immediately after President Trump agreed to campaign for Senator Strange. Was there a deal? Strange days.

    We are torn on this issue. We want to support President Trump and understand if President Trump emerges as the decisive factor in the Alabama primary race then President Trump will gain strength against his GOP establishment foes. On the other hand we would like to see many primary challenges against anti-Trump freaks like Jeff Flake and a Moore victory would kindle insurrectionary fires in every primary campaign. But if President Trump is seen as the decisive factor in any senate primary race then the GOP establishment might be sufficiently cowed. We’re conflicted. But we see President Trump as the man that might salvage Strange and at the same time beat the establishment with an establishment supported candidate. Strange Strange days.

    Meanwhile as the NFL attacks President Trump we side with President Trump and support his call for a boycott of football. Then again, we don’t care for football or sports so our opinion on this does not count for much.

    As to the German elections, our analysis (below) seems to be holding up. Results: Merkel is winning but weakened. The Alternative for Germany is losing but gaining and will rise to third among dozens of political parties vying in the German elections.

    Hey, elections matter.



    German election: Merkel wins fourth term but far-right AfD surges to third

    Chancellor returns but with diminished authority as first openly nationalist party in decades enters Bundestag

    Angela Merkel has secured a fourth term as German chancellor but with her authority diminished, after her conservative bloc secured the lead position in parliamentary elections but failed to halt the march of rightwing populists.

    Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) was celebrating its historic third place success last night, having secured 13% of the vote, according to exit polls, marking the first time in almost six decades that an openly nationalist party will enter the Bundestag.

    Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrat-led alliance secured 33% of the vote, according to exit polls, about 12 points ahead of her main rivals, Martin Schulz’s centre-left Social Democrats, which secured around 21 points, marking the poorest result for Germany’s oldest party since 1949 and pushing it on to the opposition benches. [snip]

    Addressing CDU supporters in Berlin, a somewhat subdued-looking Merkel thanked “voters who put their trust in us”. Despite recognising that it was her party’s worst result since 1945, she said the “strategic goals” of the CDU’s election campaign had been reached, and gave her a clear mandate to form the next government. But she called the outcome “a result that was not as good as we had expected”.

    She also promised to listen to the “concerns and anxieties” of AfD voters in order to win back their votes.

    AfD’s propulsion into parliament just four years into its existence gives the country its first far-right force on the national stage since 1961, and a faction with the most substantial presence of rightwing extremists since the Nazi era.

    AfD will become the third largest party and is on course to occupy 88 seats in the Bundestag, compared with 217 for the CDU/CSU and 137 for the the SPD. [snip]

    He said the AfD would “hunt” Merkel over her refugee policy, renewing his party’s calls during the campaign for a parliamentary committee to examine the legal grounds on which she opened Germany’s borders during the refugee crisis of 2015. He added: “We will take our people and our country back.”

    Despite clear analysis that fear triggered by the refugee influx and its aftermath was the single biggest reason for the AfD’s surge, Merkel repeated her conviction in a fiery televised exchange between party leaders that she had no option other than to allow into Germany the estimated 1 million people who arrived in the summer of 2015. Some observers called the election a belated national referendum on the refugee policy. It was the first national election since the crisis.

    The victory was seen as a bittersweet one for Merkel, with her alliance having lost about 8% of the vote compared to the last election. The SPD was down by almost 5%.

    The AfD gained more than 8 points on its 2013 result, when it failed to reach the 5% hurdle that would have allowed it into the Bundestag. Thirty-five percent of its supporters were first-time voters.

    Voter turnout stood at 77% – a 5.5-point increase on 2013 – after voters were urged by leaders of the mainstream parties to turn out in force in an attempt to counter the rise of the right.

    The country faces weeks of drawn-out coalition talks between the parties, about who will form a government with the CDU/CSU.

    A repeat of the so-called “grand coalition” between Merkel’s conservative alliance and the SPD would amount to 354 seats – 316 are required to form a government – but was vehemently ruled out by Schulz, who in Sunday night’s post-result TV debate called Merkel’s election tactics “scandalous” and accused her of creating the political vacuum that was filled by AfD.

    A second option is a “Jamaica alliance” – so called because the parties’ colours make up the Jamaican flag – between the CDU/CSU, the resurrected Free Democratic party (FDP) and the Greens, which would have 356 seats. But the constellation has never been tried in the national parliament before and is fraught with potential difficulty, not least a clash over environmental issues between the FDP and Greens and resistance in the FDP towards eurozone changes proposed by France’s president, Emmanuelle Macron, to which Merkel has given her backing.

    Renate Künast, a leading Green, whose party did better than expected with 9%, said the result had to be seen as a slap in the face for the government but that it was the responsibility of all parties to address the concerns of AfD voters. “We must respond to the AfD voters and those people who clearly feel misunderstood,” she said.

  32. We know almost nothing about football. We want to know even less about football.

    We do understand politics. This gets some of the politics correct:

    It’s a Trump Trap and the NFL, NBA and Dems Walked Right In

    Last year the NFL tried to spend an entire season pretending that the protests against the National Anthem were not hurting attendance while trying to appease players who decided they’d want to be social justice warriors of the pampered 1%.

    This season attendance and rating continue to drop as athletes decide to focus on protest rather than play and the athletes doubled down asking the NFL to dedicate a month to protest. [snip]

    This was a bombshell aimed directly at the blue collar white fan base that Roger Goodell would like to avoid, but alas for him a more media savvy person recognized that NFL base that is getting angry at pampered athletes dissing the country and law are upsetting his base too. [snip]

    Now by this time it should have been pretty obvious that the President is trolling the left here and hoping beyond hope that they choose to bite because he understand that to his base, particularly in state that the left needs if they want to win in 2020 can’t afford to upset those voters who decided to abandon them.

    So if they were smart they would have let it go.

    They Didn’t [snip]

    Because nothing is going to win over white working class voters than a bunch of rich athletes talking about how oppressed they are by the country that made them rich.

    The left doesn’t seem to get this or if they do, they are too afraid of getting any single part of their fragile coalition together to risk keeping silent, they don’t want to see a bunch of primaries where they are flanked on the left.

    What’s really ironic here is Trump is using the tactics of the left against them and playing by the same rules that they normally do or as Kurt Schlichter put it

  33. Prescient words from August 11 2016:

    NFL won’t let Cowboys wear decals supporting Dallas police in regular season
    The ‘Arm in Arm’ decals they wore in training camp were rejected by the league for the regular season

    The Dallas Cowboys asked the NFL if the team could wear decals honoring the fallen members of the Dallas Police Department and the NFL, unsurprisingly, said no.

    When training camp opened in Oxnard, Calif., earlier this offseason, the Cowboys unveiled “Arm in Arm” helmet decals, designed to pay tribute to the men who lost their lives during the downtown Dallas shooting in July, while also symbolically representing the Cowboys support of the community.

    Naturally, the NFL won’t let them wear the decals during the regular season.

    “Everyone has to be uniform with the league and the other 31 teams,” Jerry Jones said Wednesday. “We respect their decision.”

    It’s pretty easy to get upset about the NFL over this. The league has a long history of appearing tone deaf when it comes to letting players and teams support various causes. Brandon Marshall, then with the Bears, was fined more than $10,000 for wearing green shoes to raise awareness for mental-health issues.

    Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams wanted to wear pink all season long to honor his mother, who died of breast cancer. The NFL told him no.

    But there is, as Jones pointed out, a “Pandora’s box” issue at hand. If you let the Cowboys support fallen police officers, you’ve probably got to let Williams wear pink all season. And if you let him wear pink all season, you probably can’t stop [Player X] from wearing [color] for [cause].

    “There are so many wonderful, wonderful causes, the league has to be careful,” Jones said earlier in camp about the possibility of wearing the decal in games. “If you allow one, then what do you do about every team that has a great reason to have something on their helmets?

    “There are tons of things out there that need to be recognized. Once you open that Pandora’s box, how do you ever stop?”

  34. Look who stood for America today!
    #Steelers LT Al Villanueva Army Ranger served 3 tours in Afghanistan, Bronze Star recipient. Only player to stand outside tunnel for national anthem.

  35. Even the anti-Trump dimwits at National Review see the smarts:

    Why Donald Trump Is President

    Regarding Trump’s fire-the-NFL-protesters line last night that Teddy noted, it is a classic example of Trump’s, at times, gut-level political savvy. This kind of thing is why he’s president.

    He takes a commonly held sentiment — most people don’t like the NFL protests — and states it in an inflammatory way guaranteed to get everyone’s attention and generate outrage among his critics. When those critics lash back at him, Trump is put in the position of getting attacked for a fairly commonsensical view.

    Of course, NFL owners firing players on the spot for protesting isn’t necessarily common sense, but this is where “seriously, not literally” comes in. Since everyone knows that owners aren’t going to do this, Trump’s statement registers for his supporters merely as forceful opposition to the protests, not as a specific plan of action. His advocacy for a Mexico-funded border wall and for the Muslim ban played in a roughly similar way (although The Wall was taken more literally, hence Trump’s exertions to make a colorable case that it is being built).

    Finally, when Trump is criticized and doesn’t back down it is taken by his supporters as a sign of strength. If a political consultant came up with this strategy, he’d deserve a huge raise. But it’s just Trump himself operating on instinct.

    “Common” sense is a rare commodity. President Trump is rich in common sense.

  36. Found this on Facebook @conservativewomenrock

    You want to take a knee?

    Take a little trip to Valley Forge in January. If you don’t know where that is, just Google it from the sidelines. Hold a musket ball in your fingers and imagine it piercing your flesh and breaking a bone or two. There won’t be a doctor or trainer to assist you until after the battle, so just wait your turn.Take your cleats and socks off to get a real experience. Then take a knee.
    Then, take one at the beach in Normandy where man after American man stormed the beach, even as the one in front of him was shot to pieces…the very sea stained with American blood. The only blockers most had were the dead bodies in front of them, riddled with bullets from enemy fire.
    Take a knee in the sweat soaked jungles of Vietnam. from Khe San to Saigon…Anywhere will do. Americans died in all those jungles.There was no playbook that told them what was next, but they knew what flag they represented When they came home, they were protested as well..and spit on for reasons only cowards know.
    Take another knee in the blood drenched sands of Fallujah in 110 degree heat..Wear your Kevlar helmet and battle dress…Your number won’t be printed on it unless your number is up! You’ll need to stay hydrated but there won’t be anyone to squirt Gatorade into your mouth. You’re on your own.
    There’s a lot of places to take a knee. Americans have given their lives all over the world. When you use the banner under which they fought as a source for your displeasure, you dishonor the memories of those who bled for the very freedoms you have. That’s what the red stripes mean. They represent the blood of those who spilled a sea of it defending your liberty.
    While you’re on your knee, pray for those that came before you, not on a manicured lawn striped and printed with numbers to announce every inch of ground taken…but on nameless hills and bloodied beaches and sweltering forests and bitter cold mountains…every inch marked by an American life lost serving that flag you protest.
    No cheerleaders, no announcers, no coaches, no fans…just American men and women…delivering the real fight against those who chose to harm us…blazing a path so you would have the right to “take a knee.”
    You haven’t an inkling what it took to get you where you are…but your “protest” is duly noted. Not only is it disgraceful to a nation of real heroes, it serves the purpose of pointing to your ingratitude for those who chose to defend you under that banner that will still wave long after your jersey is retired…
    If you really feel the need to take a knee, come with me to church on Sunday and we’ll both kneel before Almighty God. We’ll thank him for preserving this country for as long as He has. We’ll beg forgiveness for our ingratitude for all He has provided us. We’ll appeal to Him for understanding and wisdom. We’ll pray for liberty and justice for all…because He is the one who provides those things.
    But there will be no protest. There will only be gratitude for His provision and a plea for His continued grace and mercy on the land of the free and the home of the brave. It goes like this…
    ©Stanislaus Drew 8/24/17

  37. HTA
    I saw that tweet and retweeted it and put it on FB.

    He has a foundation and sells shirts for wounded warriors, I think it’s sold out at the moment, yeah, I’m going to keep trying to order.


    Great article

    I’m going to do volunteering on Sunday’s now I decided . Done with my Packers and NFL.
    Going to be hard but today was day one… it will get easier as any addiction does.

    I may need a 12 step program for the NFL but I’m determined to stay away

  38. S @ 2:23 PM:

    Thanks for the clip; that is the one that is on their (OAN) website and I watched it yesterday. The guy on the right of the panel table is James Peterson, a senior attorney at JW.

    This does not bode well. If control of law enforcement and intelligence agencies is lost to unaccountable ideologues, the country is in BIG trouble. In addition to everything else he is doing, Trump needs to act now to address this.

  39. Ace

    The NFL raised the ante today. It is NFL policy to insult the USA now. If that doesn’t start a larger revolt nothing will.

    Let’s see what the next few weeks brings.
    Posted by: Meremortal at September 24, 2017 05:53 PM (3myMJ)

  40. HTA
    I saw that tweet and retweeted it and put it on FB.
    He has a foundation and sells shirts for wounded warriors
    Thanks for additional info gonzotx. A really impressive American.
    He may also be a West Point graduate. Reported but not verified.

  41. Ace

    741 OK, here’s a couple of addresses and a (probably incomplete) list of national advertisers on the CBS game I recorded and fast-forwarded thru:

    Roger Goodell, Commissioner
    National Football League
    345 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10154

    DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director
    NFL Players Association
    1133 20th St. NW
    Washington, DC 20036

    Sean McManus, Chairman
    CBS Sports
    51 W 52nd St.
    New York, NY 10019-6188

    The Home Depot
    Cricket Wireless
    Indeed (internet job site)
    Quicken Loans
    Southwest Airlines
    Veteran’s Administration
    Just For Men
    Corona beer
    Old Spice
    Sony (PlayStation) /
    Activision /
    Bungie (game-maker?)
    Taco Bell
    Michelob Ultra
    Lincoln Continental
    Pizza Hut
    Dominoes Pizza
    Calvin Klein

    Do with that what you think best.

  42. Here is a post that describes so well just what is wrong with Globalism:

    The collapse of the Western middle class points towards the end of political centrism. What’s the future for democracy?

    Aristotle was the first to point out how a thriving middle class is a condition sine qua non for a functioning democracy: “A constitution based on the middle class is the mean between the extremes of the rule by the rich and the rule by the poor.”

  43. Yes MM..that is his name James Peterson, i think i said Patterson, I had half my attention listening to the TV & half unpacking boxes to get back to normal (I said I wasn’t going to unpack most of them until hurricane season is over, but I acquiesed and tried to get home looking halfway normal again)

    yes, the info is very discouraging, particularly when Peterson was speaking, he seemed to indicate that nothing has changed and it is just a difficult to uncover wrongdoing as it was under the last admin…the deep state is very deep…if I find anything more from him I will try to post…

  44. Gonzo, I concur Twitter has been intense with NFL story, I don’t care, PDT & loyalty to our own country and fallen heros are more important than some spoiled athletes, many of who never take responsibility for anything (of have to from the NFL), inc fights, beating up their girlfriends & wives, drugs, sterioids and the violence in their own community that goes ignored…everything handed to them, limos, parties, celebrity & this is how they choose to express themselves
    Steph Curry & LeBron are very big disappointments…and admin, I am no football follower either, but come on…
    LeBron calls the President a “bum”
    I forwarded a tweet (with photos) to them of Melania with the young boys & girls from the B&G clubs at her garden event at WH…most of them were minorities & they were having a ball with her…
    yet LeBron wants minority kids to learn to hate “the bum” because he divides people…
    makes me infuriated…they are not rational or mature in their protest & rebellion…and the two of them have a big influence on the young people & should know better

    fed up with it…our voices need to counter the likes of some of the stupidity being expressed…example saw Alyssa Milano making some asinine statement on twitter against PDT and thanking him for teaching her to teach her young son to “take a knee”

    stupid, reactive, leftist, divisive BS
    this has nothing to do with “unity” or bringing anyone together”…it is all about hating PDT…and standing with the likes of BLM no matter what a (black) criminal might do…sell heroin in your community & attack a policeman…hell, the NFL will “take a knee” in support…

  45. i must mention that there are also some very wise and mature young AA & older AA standing up for PDT & our country & our fallen heros & they are also tweeting and letting their voices be heard…one is a young 16 year old boy who sees the issue clearly…not about race…about respect for our “our” country

    the Dims are the worst & that Donna Edwards is disgusting…they throw around “white supremacist, racist, “squatter in “their” WH…

    imo…they are the racists, they see everything from a racial perspective, not a human perspective…

  46. Tony Stark
    September 24, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    Villanueva of the Pittsburgh Kneelers is a brave Man.

    Trump inadvertantly creates a new cultural hero. This young man is a decorated military officer. While Trump gets the NFL as a almost as a whole to jump off a cliff, his administration announces a new and expanded travel ban with nary a peep from the usual suspects. LOL. Look squirrel!

    This is not about the NFL to Trump. The NFL is a tool to get the media. Specifically the financial underpinnings of US media. If the NFL is stupid enough to be used this way, going against fans who tend to be more patriotic, etc then f’ them as morons. Professional sports is the golden goose for media companies. This includes television networks, cable companies, internet streaming, etc. You know. Media. Professional sports (and I consider college to be pro too because of the media contracts, huge salaries of coaches and college presidents, and merchandising frenzy with the amount of money involved) is THE cash cow of media and keeps it all afloat. Media’s other programming is garbage and doesn’t make money so pro sports keeps the whole garbage dump afloat with ads and sports talk.

    How to punish media companies who are after him? Cut off the money. Trump is a very successful media impresario. He knows intimately how it works. And the NFL with Kaeperneck had already started the process plus the constant rule changes was already in a slide for ratings albeit small. The NFL and media companies are now between a rock and a hard place. Financially especially. Contracts for players salaries, stadiums, coaches, tv broadcast games, etc and media for ads with guaranteed ratings floors and all that programming to drum up viewers is the rock. Outraged viewers, bored viewers, upset ad buyers, businesses who want nothing to do with race contretemps stirred up by illiterate thugs and dumb enablers, people who just want some mindless entertainment while they rest and drink beer, the politicization of every damned thing is the hard place. Rock/hard place or cost/benefit. ESPN’s implosion was the road map. Everything from stadiums financed with public bonds in Democratic run cities to television networks burdened with NFL enormous contracts to huge salaries to players and coaches to rich virtue signalling team owners is imperiled. FINANCIALLY. But mostly media networks. Pro sports keeps them afloat. The pain will be exquisite with layoffs and screaming.

  47. What the Football Princesses are doing is beyond disrespecting the system that made them rich. It is a childish attempt to deny any responsibility for befitting from the abuses of that system. They can blow smoke about what those abuses are, but they still look ridiculous.

    Trump has again shown the emperors with no clothes.

  48. @Lu4PUMA

    He nails it.

    “I don’t know if the most effective way is to sit down during the national anthem with a country that’s providing you freedom, providing you $16 million a year … when there are black minorities that are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for less than $20,000 a year,” Villanueva told ESPN last year, when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick first started kneeling.


    Anthony Weiner gets hard time

    It’s hard time for Anthony Weiner.

    The disgraced ex-congressman broke down crying as he was sentenced to 21 months in prison Monday for convincing a high school student to undress and touch herself via Skype in 2016.

    “This was a serious crime. It’s a serious crime that deserves serious punishment,” Manhattan federal Judge Denise Cote said as the convicted sext fiend dropped his head into his hand and wept.


    ‘Goodbye Pittsburgh Steelers, Burn In Hell’: Angry Fans Burn Gear Over National Anthem Protest

    PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Steelers fans are taking to social media to show how upset they are that the team stayed inside during the national anthem.

    Fans have posted numerous videos on social media of themselves burning their Steelers gear.

    “I’m a lifelong Steelers fan, not anymore. Not a fan of you, the NFL, any of it,” says Jim Heaney on YouTube.

    Heaney posted the video of himself setting all of his Steelers gear on fire following the team’s decision to decide to stay inside the locker room/tunnel during the national anthem.

    “And I hope all your ignorance burns too,” Heaney says as he throws his Steelers gear on the fire.

    Heaney ends his video by saying, “there you go, goodbye Pittsburgh Steelers, burn in hell, Semper Fi.”

    In another video posted to YouTube, Robert Williams of Texas posted a video of himself burning hundreds of dollars in Steelers gear.

    “We have morals in this country. We stand for this country. My great uncle’s bones are lying in the bottom of Pearl Harbor. For this country, for the flag, for your freedom to play in the NFL and to say whatever you want to say. But you do not disrespect the flag and the country and the Constitution. So watch this stuff burn,” Williams says.

    In a video posted to Twitter, and shared more than 15,000 times, Arvin Gibbs is seen on video burning a Steelers sweatshirt and hat, while holding an American flag.

    “Super Bowl right? As if I care, what I care about is this country, what I care about is freedom, and it’s all about those stars and stripes,” Williams says.

    “Never again will waste one minute of my life following the NFL or the Pittsburgh Steelers,” another YouTube video user says.

    “I am no longer am a Steelers fan or of anyone that will not stand for our anthem no matter your political views or color of your skin. I hope your sport goes up in flames like my shirt did,” says Christos Kallas.

    “Today after 30 years of loving the Pittsburgh Steelers I’m going burn my Steelers jersey . They have taken a great American sport that people use to forget there problems with and turned it into a political circus that disrespects our Country and our Military that gave there lives for your freedom,” posted YouTube user Michael Hesson.

    The protest was also the main topic of discussion on 93-7 The Fan Monday morning.

    “They announced that the Steelers previously weren’t going to come on the field for the national anthem. When they came on the field, the whole bar booed, the whole single bar,” said one caller. “I actually got up and left I was so upset.”

    Head coach Mike Tomlin, who stood on the sideline without his team, said the team made the decision during a meeting on Saturday.

    Some fans believe the Steelers’ organization will suffer because of the action.

    “I don’t think the Steelers are going take a long-term hit,” said another caller. “I think it will be temporary hit, maybe the next couple of games. I think people will talk about it, but if they start winning, if they start producing, it will blow over, because as we know in this country, winning cures all.”

    Some fans said they supported Alejandro Villanueva, Steelers offensive tackle and a former U.S. Army Ranger. He stood near the tunnel Sunday during the National Anthem, with his hand over his heart. His teammates stood behind him.

    “Al Villanueva, he knows the real meaning of teamwork because he led men in combat,” said one caller. “He’s probably saying to himself, what am I doing with this group of people?”

    Another caller noted, “This protest is not about black and white. It’s not about disrespecting the flag. And whether you agree or not, as a veteran of 17 years and two branches of the U.S. Military, I support what the players want to do.”

    No decision has been made about what the players will do during the national anthem on Sunday when they travel to Baltimore.


    ‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Down Again On Day Of Player Protests [snip]

    In metered market numbers, the primetime matchup that saw the Washington Redskins beat the Oakland Raiders 27-10 snared an 11.6/20, the worst SNF has performed this season so far. It’s an 8% dip from the early numbers of last week’s game, Atlanta’s 34-23 win over Green Bay. Amid cheers and boos from fans at FedEx Field in Maryland last night, the third week of the SNF season declined 10% from early numbers of the comparable game of last year on September 25, 2016.

    Sunday’s SNF peaked with a 12.r5/20 during the second quarter from 9-9:30 PM ET. Still, NFL ratings are down double-digits this season so far after taking a similar tackle-for-loss last year. [snip]

    UPDATE, 9:17 AM: The results of next week will likely give us a better perspective if it was the widespread political protests by NFL players or a lopsided win by the Washington Redskins over the Oakland Raiders that brought Sunday Night Football’s ratings down last night.

    Regardless, with metered market numbers displaying an 8% dip, the fast affiliate results for last night aren’t providing a Hail Mary for NBC or the ratings-challenged league. In non-adjusted numbers, last night’s SNF delivered a 5.3/19 among adults 18-49 and 14.5 million viewers. In the 8:30-11 PM slot, that puts the Washington-Oakland game on the East Coast down 17% in the key demo from the Week 2 matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers.

    Viewershipwise, last night’s game is currently taking a 21% hit from the fast affiliates of the September 17 game, which was down 14% from the Season opener of September 10.

    None of which will induce an end zone dance for the net or the league in a season already seeing double-digit declines from the 2016-2017 season – itself down from the previous year.

  52. What Limbaugh told his audience:

    I did not watch the National Football League yesterday, and it was the first time in 45 years that I made an active decision not to watch, including my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was not a decision made in anger. It was genuine sadness. I realized that I can no longer look at this game and watch this game and study this game and pretend, you know, fantasize, everything a fan does. This whole thing has removed for me the ingredients that are in the recipe that make up a fan.

    The mystique is gone. That actually started vanishing a while ago. The larger-than-life aspect of it is gone. The belief, the wish, the desire that the people in the game were the best and brightest and special, and that’s why they were there, that’s gone. And it’s been politicized. It has been politicized and corrupted, and it didn’t start this weekend. It started years ago. And if I wanted to, I could go back and get the transcripts from a few years ago on this program where I first sensed that this was happening and was going to happen.

    Of course, years ago I couldn’t predict this specific event, but my sadness actually began years ago when all of the attention focused on the danger and the supposed attempt to hide all of that, not specifically just the concussions. The whole aura that that created. The sports media began to criticize that which they report on. It just became politicized. It simply just became politicized. And the people politicizing it, since we’re talking about politics, the people that politicized it are people on the left. And when that happens, things change. It’s just over.

    That kind of corruption, sometimes it’s fast and overnight; sometimes it’s creeping. This has been creeping, but it took a big leap over the weekend. Why did I not watch the Steelers? Well, when I found out that the coach said a word I’m having trouble here relating. He said, “I need to protect my players.”

    What? Protect your players from what? I mean, the players are who’s doing all this. What? He said (paraphrasing), “Yeah, I want to make sure they don’t have to decide that when they’re out there, they don’t have to decide whether they’re gonna take a knee or put their hand over their heart. I have to protect my players.”

    So protecting players is defined by keeping them in the locker room so that they don’t have to decide. The whole notion of protecting the players just mind-boggles me, folks. Are we talking about children here? In this case, no. We’re talking about the whole reason this is happening. This all started before Donald Trump. [snip]

    But all of this is just sad. Folks, the National Football League, I loved it. I mean, it was one of my top five passions, hobbies, enjoyments, as regular listeners of this program know. I’m not making this about me. I’m trying to use myself here as what I think is a pretty right-down-the-middle example of the way people are going to react. Some people are gonna have anger about it. Some people will be ambivalent about it.

    But the one thing that this is not going to do… I don’t care what anybody says: The one thing this is not going to do is make the NFL more popular. It is not going to make the NFL more ingrained in our society. You just cannot have a business as large as the National Football League — which is as dependent on public dollars as it is. You simply cannot have a business that allows itself to be used to promote “social justice” when that promotion of social justice requires displays of anti-Americanism, however you want to define it.

    There is no way that business is going to grow and prosper. No matter how correct the protest might be, no matter how justified it might be, that is not the place for it. It is not why people spend money watching it, patronizing it, purchasing anything to do with it. And that makes me sad. I don’t want the NFL to go away. I don’t want the NFL to become less than what it was. But it already is. You can’t watch the NFL anymore and just watch football.

  53. Now, he “regrets”:

    Ben Roethlisberger Regrets Steelers Boycotting Anthem; Trump Supports Fan Boos

    I personally don’t believe the Anthem is ever the time to make any type of protest,” the Super Bowl-winning QB says.

    Ben Roethlisberger on Monday afternoon released a statement saying he regretted his Pittsburgh Steelers boycotting the national anthem on Sunday.

    The NFL team was the first of three to not come out for the pre-game ritual.

    “I was unable to sleep last night and want to share my thoughts and feelings on our team’s decision to remain in the tunnel for the National Anthem yesterday,” the Super Bowl-winning QB said in a statement. “The idea was to be unified as a team when so much attention is paid to things dividing our country, but I wish we approached it differently. We did not want to appear divided on the sideline with some standing and some kneeling or sitting.

    He continued, “As a team, it was not a protest of the flag or the Anthem. I personally don’t believe the Anthem is ever the time to make any type of protest. For me, and many others on my team and around the league, it is a tribute to those who commit to serve and protect our country, current and past, especially the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice.”

    The other two teams to not come out for the anthem were the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks.

    President Donald Trump on Monday morning continued to hammer away at the topic of professional athletes who sit out the national anthem.

    That debate was the main headline for most major news organizations over the weekend after the president, during a speech Friday night, criticized NFL players who boycott the anthem, calling those who participate a “son of a bitch.”

    Trumps remarks were blasted by players; numerous team owners came out against the former reality TV host and said they supported their players’ right to peacefully protest. And many players did so during the Sunday games.

    There were reports of some booing at stadiums, which Trump said Monday morning he enjoyed hearing.

    It’s too late for apologies. Go to Hell, Pittsburgh Kneeler.

  54. If wishes were horses:
    “GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert on Monday urged Arizona to “recall” Sen. John McCain amid his recent brain cancer diagnosis, while criticizing his Republican colleague for going back on his 2016 campaign vow to repeal ObamaCare.
    “[McCain] is one of those that said I will repeal—if he had said last year what he was going to do,” he would have lost, Gohmert, R-Texas, said on “Fox & Friends” early Monday.
    “Nothing inhibits recovery from cancer like stress. I think Arizona could help him, and us. Recall him, let him fight successfully this terrible cancer, and let’s get someone in here who will keep the word he gave last year.” ….

  55. Tony Stark, more damage control from scumbags:

    Jessie James Decker Says Eric Decker Was Tricked Into Being in Titans Locker Room During Anthem, Didn’t Know It Was Game Time

    Jessie James Decker told TMZ that her husband, Eric Decker, wide receiver with the Tennessee Titans, did not want to be part of any national anthem demonstration, and that the team made a decision without his knowledge.

    “My husband was not made aware it was time to go out for the game. Unfortunately a decision was made for him without him knowing,” James Decker told TMZ. [snip]

    The public reporting that both the Seahawks and Titans would remain in the locker room during the national anthem came more than an hour before kickoff. I suppose it’s possible that Decker had no idea when the game started but we’ll have to see if anything else comes of this story.

    Damage control from a tiny man, not a titan.

  56. Still Trumping:

    The U.S. Supreme Court removed a clash over President Donald Trump’s travel ban from its argument calendar and raised the prospect it will dismiss the case, telling the administration and the ban’s challengers to file briefs discussing the impact of a new revised policy.

    The revised policy, issued Sunday and affecting eight countries, supersedes what had been a temporary travel ban affecting six mostly Muslim countries. The court had been scheduled to hear arguments Oct. 10 on the earlier policy.

    The one-paragraph order doesn’t preclude the court from re-scheduling the case for argument at a later point in its nine-month term, which formally starts Monday. The court asked the two sides to discuss whether the dispute before the justices is legally moot given the new policy.

  57. admin
    September 25, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Bet he was more worried about declining sales of his jersey and royalties from them.

  58. Investigators Close In On Phony Dossier! The Scam started by FBI and possibly Clinton against Trump… Also Mueller on notice, given boundaries for investigation by DOJ.

  59. More attempts by CNN to spread fake news about dissension inside the WH.

  60. So sad

    Good News: A Steeler Issues an Apology for the Anthem Protest
    Bad News: It Was the Lone Player Who Stood for the Anthem, Apologizing for “Throwing [His] Teammates Under the Bus”

    They’re fighting for free speech — but they’re going to haze, shame, and ostracize any among them who don’t join them in the Coerced Speech.

    Here is Alejandro Villaneuva, Afghan vet (two tours), now being made to apologize for not joining in the Pittsburgh Social Justice Warriors’ anthem protest.

    He’s now telling a story — probably a story pressured into him — about how he “unintentionally” exited the tunnel to the field during the anthem and could not turn back and re-join his protesting Social Justice Warrior teammates.

    Pittsburgh [SWJs] lineman Alejandro Villanueva says the national anthem ordeal got out of control and he is taking the blame.
    “Unfortunately I threw my teammates under the bus, unintentionally,” Villanueva said. “Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself I feel embarrassed,” Villanueva said in a press conference Monday.

    Villanueva was the only [SJW] player standing outside the tunnel for the national anthem before their game Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

    Villanueva says he asked quarterback Ben Roethlisberger if he could be out in front with the captains during the national anthem and they agreed to it, but when he went to the front of the tunnel to see the flag, he went too far unintentionally.

    “When we came out of the locker room into that tunnel, it was a very small area. There was a flag or something coming off the field so there were a bunch of Bears fans, coming off the field holding that going in front of us, so it kind of held us up,” Villanueva said.

    The rest of the team remained in the tunnel.

    “I made my teammates look bad, and that is my fault, and my fault only,” Villanueva said. “We as a team tried to figure it out, but obviously butchered it.”

    This seems to be a reversal of his previous story:

    It was an honor to serve two tours in Afghanistan. I stood out of respect for our military service members and because I love this country.

    — Alejandro Villanueva (@VillanuevaNFL) September 25, 2017

    So if you’re following this — failed washout quarterback Colin Kaepernik has been grandstanding his lone protests for some time. No teams have demanded he apologize.

    But the minute someone stands alone against the Social Justice Warriors, he is forced to apologize and claim — probably dishonestly, pressured into lying — that his gesture of honoring the flag was an “unintentional” “accident.”

    Question: I’ve talked about killing this league to send a powerful shudder through the Democrat-Entertainment Complex.

    For those who disagreed — any change of mind? Is the obnoxious escalation starting to make you question you devotion to the SJW NFL?

    Clarification: I didn’t mean to suggest that Villaneuva was dishonorable for this. I meant to suggest the Pittsburgh SJWs were dishonorable for pressuring him to say these things.

    I was trying to say an honorable man has been pressured by an organization which pays him — and could cut him — into apologizing for having honor.

    They can do this. Not all Soviets believed in communism. But they were made to publicly proclaim that they did.

    As a soldier, he’s probably well aware of the dangers of a soldier who is despised by his teammates. Fraggings happen.

    Their free speech is sacrosanct; yours will be punished. Clear enough for everyone?

    BTW, the San Antonio Spurs of Social Justice coach has now weighed in — and he says you need to #CheckYourWhitePrivilege.

  61. Off topic I know but am yelling at the TV and need to vent. Tucker Carlson just had a guest on to discuss Clinton’s comments on why women did not vote for her in the last election. She claims they caved to pressure from men and that sexism played a role in her loss. I think an argument could be made that the sexism and misogyny was a whole lot worse in the 2008 Democratic primary (even Bernie bros this go round couldn’t hold a candle to Obama’s fratboy fans on Kos and DU back in the day–Ed Schulz having on-air meltdowns about what a horrible person she was, etc.). I have not read her book, but does she mention that experience at all? It seems there is now this giant collective amnesia around the fact that this has happened to her before. But of course she can’t say anything negative about Obama so all of this is getting pinned on Trump. I just find it fascinating and wish Fox hosts would remind people of this. At the time I was just so shocked at the venom coming from within her own party and will never forget it. So I find it fascinating and frustrating that the sordid story of that primary has just vaporized!

  62. Mrs Smith @ 6:15 PM:

    Thanks for posting that Dick Morris video.

    Not really considering Morris to be a fountain of reliability, I researched but found no confirmation of Matthew Whitaker as Sessions’ new chief of staff. There is a Huffington Post article from last Friday, stating that a “Justice Department spokesman” (unnamed) announced Whitaker’s appointment as CoS, replacing Jody Hunt, who was promoted to a Deputy AG position in the civil division. A few small websites have picked this up, although they all seem to be relying on the veracity of the Huff Post article, including Morris. There doesn’t seem to be any official announcement yet and there is nothing on this at the DOJ website either. It’s probably true (why would they lie about it?) but it’s curious that no official news sites have reported it yet.

    The article that Morris is quoting from is an op ed that Whitaker wrote a month or two ago as a CNN legal analyst; the article seems to indicate that Whitaker thinks Mueller is overstepping his mandate and that Rosenstein should reign him in. This is providing the mild optimism that Sessions is waking up from his long slumber and starting to do something.

    I would disagree somewhat with two of Morris’ points about this being a turning point in the Russia investigations. First, if Whitaker is in fact Sessions’ new CoS, I don’t know how much control a CoS has over an acting Attorney General (Rosenstein); I don’t think Whitaker would be Rosenstein’s boss, as Morris states, but I could be wrong. Second, a new House Judiciary Committee investigation into the Russian Dossier story, is nice but hardly a turning point as we all know it will go nowhere unless Trump or Sessions orders the FBI to release the subpoena’d Russian Dossier files, which they’ve failed to do three times. The JD needs to do its own real investigation into its own FBI and start issuing subpoenas and taking testimony.

    Thanks again for posting this; I couldn’t even find it at Morris’ own web site.

    As always, I include my disclaimer that if Sessions is indeed conducting his own secret investigations, I’ll take back everything I’m saying about him. But even if he is, he and Trump should still be forcing the release of all FOIA document requests.

    But at least there is now a slight glimmer of hope that something may be happening with the Obama-era corruption. Something is better than nothing.

  63. Tony Stark
    September 25, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    They got to the Dallas Cowboys as well.

    Jerry Jones submitted to the media networks. His “knee” was over broadcast royalties. Money talks bullshit walks. His bullshit walked and he submitted like a good little serf. His Cowboy “empire” is so leveraged he can’t take a shit without permission. Now that he has been exposed as a supplicant he can shut his big mouth. Kneel, bow, prostrate yourself you hypocritical asshole.

  64. abbie
    September 25, 2017 at 9:15 pm
    Yep. Hillary was the Bernie Sanders of 2008.
    She never realized, or ignored, or has forgotten the support she would have had in Denver if only she had signalled.

    Nobody other than PUMAs let that cross their minds now.

  65. 😉
    Menendez Trial Offers Ridicule, Sarcasm and Anger—From the Judge
    …”Shut up,” U.S. District Judge William Walls snapped at a lawyer for Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat. “I’ll slap you down,” he warned defense attorneys and prosecutors.
    “You are really no good as a juror, and you may not be any good as a teacher,” Walls told a potential juror while dismissing her for defying his texting ban.
    Walls, a diminutive 84-year-old, is a self-described curmudgeon who has kept both legal teams on edge. He doesn’t care whether he’s dealing with one of the hottest defense lawyers in Washington, a prosecutor out to make his name or an inattentive juror.
    The judge’s rulings may affect the outcome of a case that reverberates in Washington, since Menendez’s seat in the Senate — where Republicans have a slim majority — could be at stake.
    Walls declined to comment on his courtroom demeanor, as did Menendez lawyer Abbe Lowell and prosecutors.
    Walls is keenly aware that his comments could sway jurors and become grounds for an appeal, so he’s reserved his sharpest barbs for when the panel is outside the courtroom. Nor has his conduct ever prompted any complaints or disciplinary action against him, according to the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics….

  66. I am sad to say the country irreparably damaged and divided. As pointed out on a show last night, the leff and their allies in the media are essentially trying to erase America, past and present, from the anthem to our history. It’s is depressing watching the decline of our culture and civilization. Trump was the last chance per many, but even the king of the “deals” probably did not expect a sick senator from AZ, many members of his own party, and massive funding of NGO’s to destroy his presidency.

  67. I do not like the new HC act. I hope it fails.
    I do want Ocare repealed!!
    Get Government out of HC let people choose what they want, And if they choose not to have it then that is their choice.
    My Son and his daughter cannot afford to buy insurance, But he has to pay thousands of dollars in taxes.
    The government screws up everything they touch!! 😡

  68. Mike Marks
    September 26, 2017 at 2:16 am

    “Second, a new House Judiciary Committee investigation into the Russian Dossier story, is nice but hardly a turning point as we all know it will go nowhere unless Trump or Sessions orders the FBI to release the subpoenaed Russian Dossier files, which they’ve failed to do three times. The JD needs to do its own real investigation into its own FBI and start issuing subpoenas and taking testimony.”


    From what I’ve read this week, the FBI was issued the request for documents pertaining to the Russian Dossier by subpoena on three separate occasions. Which they have ignored.

    The FBI has been obstructing any examination of the dossier by anyone outside of their agency. Which to me is a good sign, it’s a “Nothingburger”therefore an embarrassment (and an expose of the Lefts nefarious activities and intent) and the agency taking up partisan a cause rather than announcing they were unable to corroborate any of the claims in the dossier as factual.
    “As always, I include my disclaimer that if Sessions is indeed conducting his own secret investigations, I’ll take back everything I’m saying about him. But even if he is, he and Trump should still be forcing the release of all FOIA document requests.”

    No need to take back anything, M/M. All of us have expressed the identical feelings about Sessions either privately or on the blog at one time or another.

    Morris is a diehard Democrat. However, he is very familiar with the Clintons. He worked for them when Bill was president and is well aware of Hillary’s pernicious behavior as well as her psychotic temper tantrums. I believe him to be a reliable source of information whether it’s documented elsewhere at the present time or not. The one thing about Morris, the pride of his word being correct is important to him.

    Morris is intent on building a huge viewership with its beginnings on facebook. I believe he is working on a live interactive site at a specific time where he can answer questions from the viewers in real time. I’m not signed up w/FB. I cherish my privacy too much.

    BTW… Morris is a huge Trump supporter…

  69. Just when you thought the NFL’s kneeling controversy couldn’t get any worse…
    Along comes this goof with his TWISTED sense of problem-solving.

    NBA Coach: ‘White People Especially’ Need To Be Made ‘Uncomfortable’

    San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich claimed on ESPN2’s “The Paul Finebaum Show” Monday that “people have to be made to feel uncomfortable,” specifically singling out white people.

  70. I found this posting at ZH. It defines the finest explanation I have heard describing what is going in our American culture and why- (The removal of Civil War Heroes and the destruction of American sports)
    Chupacabra-322 Sep 23, 2017

    People are Tribal by nature & will marginalize other groups. You see it in Institutions as well. Especially in the Public Indoctrination Centers of “Higher Learning.”

    It’s perfectly normal to be among ones “own” kind whether it be by race, color, creed, economic status, political ideology or what have you.

    Historically, thats exactly what every Country that has ever fallen under the rule of Communism have in common.

    Every regime attempted to eradicate that Countires Culture to Indoctrinate future Generations in their new Image.

    Communist achieved Genocide by Marginalizing Individuals within segments of Society by ostracizing their Identities to impose their own Ideology of Communism.

    No different here. They’re Socially Engineering it here.

    The main fabric of what made our Republic, our Culture, our “Americana” great is under attack. With the ultimate goal of destroying historically everything & every figure that made our Republic stand.

  71. Mrs Smith @ 1:06 PM:

    Thanks for the reply.

    My distrust of Morris goes back to his 2012 “guarantee” that Romney was going to win the election. He paid a price for it and has only rarely been on TV ever since.

    Did you unintentionally misrepresent Morris as a diehard Democrat? I believe that you probably meant diehard Republican. His hiring by Bill Clinton created a controversy at the time because Morris was a Republican.

    We agree that the Russian Dossier most likely is an embarrassment to the FBI, in Comey’s possible involvement with Christopher Steele, and probably more; however, I still think they must be forced by Trump or Sessions to hand over their subpoenaed files to congressional investigation committees.

  72. Still haven’t found any official confirmation that Matthew Whitaker has been appointed as Jeff Sessions’ new chief of staff, other than the Huff Post article on which Morris based his comments. No word from DOJ or news outlets. Curious.

  73. Greg Pop the Spurs coach started that BS with Trump

    I stopped rooting for the Spurs after that and literally stopped watching the NBA

    I hope many people do

  74. The numbers are worst for the NFL than this poll indicates. The people who don’t watch football already (like us) don’t matter but they are still polled. The people that do matter are the football fans that are now turned off by the NFL. Even worse for the NFL and the left, this poll counts anti-Trump states like California, New York, Illinois. The states that matter are the swing states that determine elections and are big football states (like Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana). The NFL and the left should look at these numbers though and realize how strong President Trump stands with the flag and the majority of “normals”.

    Nearly two-thirds of Americans say NFL players should stand and be respectful during the playing of the national anthem, according to a survey released on Monday.

    A survey by Remington Research Group found that 64 percent of voters agree with President Trump and want players to stand for the anthem. The survey also found that 80 percent of voters want less politics in sports, while 51 percent say they are watching less football than in previous years.

    Among those watching less football, 69 percent pointed to “Players using the NFL as a stage for their political views” as the primary reason why.

    The survey appears to contradict the popular media narrative that public opinion was on the side of the players kneeling during the anthem. ESPN’s day-long coverage of Trump and the NFL on Monday was almost exclusively negative.

    The poll results caused ESPN contributor Will Cain to wonder on Tuesday whether ESPN’s journalists are living in a “media bubble” that leaves them out of touch with public opinion.

    “All I’m telling you is that I believe often in the Northeast we live in a media bubble or even a cultural bubble in the Northeast, we are greatly underestimating the resentment in the public evidenced by Villanueva’s jersey sales [and] the ratings,” and pointed to the Remington survey showing that 64 percent of Americans agree with Trump about the protests.

    “I’m just telling you,” Cain said. “I have no idea how but it’s real.”

    The Obama Dimocrats flung themselves in a parade of kooks right into President Trump’s trap. Support for PDT on this issue is closer to the 80% that want politics out of sports. Only the kook left wants politics in everything from Hollywood to sports.


    If the NFL won’t stop its players from disrespecting the flag, then maybe Congress should take a second look at some of the federal benefits the NFL enjoys. For example, the NFL gets a special antitrust exemption in U.S. law. Democrats in Congress have already been debating whether the league should be stripped of this exemption because of its weak response to domestic violence allegations against players. Perhaps Republicans angry over anthem protests will now be willing to join them?

  76. No sanctuary cities:

    Texas has just won the second (procedural) round in the fight over the state Legislature’s attempt to punish cities that implement sanctuary policies.

    A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily stayed on Monday key portions of the injunction issued in September by a federal judge in San Antonio that prevented the state from implementing major parts of the law.

    As explained here, the 2017 statute applies to illegal aliens arrested or otherwise lawfully detained by local law enforcement.

    The core parts of the law ban Texas cities from prohibiting or “materially limit[ing]” local law enforcement from:

    Notifying federal immigration officials that an illegal alien has been arrested.
    Cooperating with immigration authorities (including honoring detainer warrants on illegal aliens issued by federal authorities).
    Allowing federal immigration officers to enter local jails to conduct investigations of criminal illegal aliens.

    The lower court federal judge had enjoined Texas from implementing the second and third provisions. However, the 5th Circuit issued a stay of that portion of the injunction.

    Holding that Texas was likely to succeed on the merits of those two provisions, the 5th Circuit lifted the injunction until the appeals court has a chance to consider the merits of the case. Otherwise, the “state necessarily suffers the irreparable harms of denying the public interest in the enforcement of its laws.”

    Prior case law holds that when it is a state appealing, the state’s “interest and harm merges with that of the public.”

    According to the appeals court, the lower court judge misinterpreted federal law when he enjoined the Texas provision on cooperation and assistance with federal immigration authorities. The statute he cited, 8 U.S.C. §1357(g), actually “provides for such assistance.”

    So Texas can “prohibit” local jurisdictions from engaging in such behavior, although the injunction remains in place on the phrase “materially limits” because that phrase needs “clarifying.” But being able to “prohibit” gives Texas what it needs in order to stop these sanctuary policies.

    The appeals court also threw out the injunction on the section of the Texas law that requires local law enforcement to “comply with, honor, and fulfill” any immigration detainer request issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). [snip]

    This means that the most important provisions of the Texas statute that are intended to stop sanctuary policies from being implemented locally are still in force, and will remain in force until the 5th Circuit issues a decision on the merits.

    That is vital to the public safety of the citizens of Texas. Sanctuary policies create sanctuaries for criminals.

    According to PJ Media, an unreleased internal report from the Texas Department of Public Safety revealed that from 2008 to 2014, criminal aliens committed over 600,000 crimes in the state, including almost 3,000 murders.

    Yet cities like Dallas and Austin, which are among the challengers in this litigation, are telling their residents that they would rather release criminal illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes such as assault, burglary, sexual assault, theft, and even homicide into their local communities (where they can victimize even more people) than call federal immigration authorities so that they can be picked up and deported.

    As Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, “Enforcing immigration law helps prevent dangerous criminals from being released into Texas communities.”

  77. admin
    September 26, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    The Obama Dimocrats flung themselves in a parade of kooks right into President Trump’s trap. Support for PDT on this issue is closer to the 80% that want politics out of sports. Only the kook left wants politics in everything from Hollywood to sports.

    the Dims are losing their minds…
    ‘taking a knee’ all over the place…in the theatre…
    Rep Sheila Jackson Lee on the House Floor
    …Hillary is probably next, if she can keep her balance

    Do these people realize how, I am just going to say it, stupid they look…
    ‘take a knee’, really…what does that accomplish…accomplish, what a concept…
    could they have come up with a more useless…and frankly lazy, thing to do to use as a form of protest…and a worse setting for it…how about some intellect, no just ‘take a knee’ that’ll do it…
    imo…this is surreal, are you sure we are not getting punked because ‘taking a knee’ does what…

    the other thing i have got to get off my chest
    the Dims have become such a hateful party; they are the party of seperating everyone and taking simple humanity from all the people…

    they are so fixated on making sure everyone is against everyone else…
    i saw an article about a white coach going on about how ‘white people’ must be made to feel uncomfortable because of how good they have it being white
    …then every other word out of the dims on cable, etc is racist, racist, racist, white supremacist, over & over again…
    first of all, who are they to be the deciders to label others as racists, people they have never met & know nothing about…

    me thinks they doth protest…and project…too much…

    guess what…most of us are not buying it…we are fine, I will say it again, we like each other, we are getting along, we are friends…this is the 21st century…
    the Dims are a schizo mess of what they project on to others…hey Dims, keep your racism to yourself…the rest of us do not want it & do not want to hear about it…we are living our lives and we like all our differences & similarities…it makes life interesting & the world go around…

    The Dims have become a sour, mean spirited, depressing bunch

  78. one last thing…I am all for issues…honest discussion of issues, not one sided finger pointing discussion…full throated honest discussion
    I am against police brutality, I’ve said it here before, I do not believe they must always shoot to kill & if that is what they train to do, I think it needs to be changed, that does not make all police brutal racists

    However there are some racist police…and there are some fabulous police
    Racism does exist, however it is not all white ag black, there is black racism against white and there is a problem with black on black violence
    and frankly there are criminal and gang elements that cannot be ignored
    If we want to get detailed you can probably come up with many old established ethnic groups that do not like another group bla, bla, bla

    …those things are true

    then there are the rest of us…us…living our daily lives, getting along, such a big mix of people in the 21st century sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the variations on the people theme that are evolving…

    and we do not all hate each other as the Dims want us to believe…

    ok, off my chest…


    Firebrand jurist Roy Moore has won the Alabama Republican primary for U.S. Senate, defeating an appointed incumbent backed by President Donald Trump and allies of Sen. Mitch McConnell.

    In an upset likely to rock the party establishment, Moore clinched victory Tuesday over Sen. Luther Strange to win the GOP nomination for the Senate seat previously held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Moore will face Democrat Doug Jones in a Dec. 12 special election.


    Moore wins Republican Senate primary, dealing blow to GOP establishment

    A former state judge who believes that “God’s law” can invalidate federal court decisions won the Alabama Republican Senate primary Tuesday night, sending a clear warning signal to President Trump and GOP leadership that conservative grassroots anger will continue to roil the party into the 2018 midterm elections. [snip]

    Moore is now the front-runner to win the seat in a Dec. 12 general election. He will face Democratic candidate Doug Jones, a former U.S. attorney in Alabama. [snip]

    In a tweet, Trump quickly threw his support behind Moore: “Congratulations to Roy Moore on his Republican Primary win in Alabama. Luther Strange started way back & ran a good race. Roy, WIN in Dec!”

    For conservative opponents of the current Republican leadership, the victory was a godsend — literally, for many — and a validation of the larger effort to replace the current leadership of the Republican party with a more populist crowd.

    “Who’s sovereign, the people or the money?” former White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon asked at Moore’s victory party in Montgomery. “The people of Alabama just answered — the people.”

    For Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose allies committed vast resources to defeat Moore, the loss was the third blow to a man once seen as implacable political chess master.

    Earlier on Tuesday, McConnell was forced to call off a vote on the latest effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, his third failed attempt to muster 50 votes in the Senate.

    Hours later, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), a McConnell ally, announced that he would not seek reelection in 2018, creating another open seat that anti-establishment conservatives are likely to contest. Bannon and other insurgent activists were previously looking to target Republican Senate incumbents in Arizona, Nevada and Mississippi.

    On Tuesday, McConnell congratulated a “spirited campaign” that focused on frustration over the lack of progress in Washington.

    “I share that frustration and believe that enacting the agenda the American people voted for last November requires us all to work together,” McConnell said in a statement.

    The defeat of Strange, a six-foot, nine-inch former prosecutor and lobbyist, could also put pressure on Republican Party fundraisers, who are wary of spending money on races they are unlikely to win.

    The Senate Leadership Fund, an independent committee allied with McConnell that spent nearly $9 million to elect Strange and attack his rivals, released a statement throwing its support to Moore moments before the race was called. “Judge Roy Moore won this nomination fair and square,” said the fund’s president, Steven Law.

    But there is little hope of a meeting of the minds anytime soon. [snip]

    With his victory, Moore became the first Republican Senate candidate since the 2014 cycle to overcome a full-scale attack during the primary from allies of Republican leadership and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He also won despite a last-minute push by Trump for Strange, including a barrage of late tweets and a rally Friday in Alabama.

    The effect of Strange’s loss on Trump is not yet clear, as both candidates in the race draped themselves in the “Make America Great Again” slogans of the president. [snip]

    If elected to the Senate, Moore has promised to be a disruptive force who will directly challenge the leadership of McConnell. Moore plans to crusade against the Senate practice of requiring 60 votes to move most legislation on the Senate floor, which he does not consider constitutional. He has also said he will seek the impeachment of federal judges who defy his view of the constitution. He has called for military deployment to secure the southern border before the construction of a new border wall, and he said he would have opposed the so-called Graham-Cassidy legislation, the most recent effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, because it was not conservative enough. [snip]

    “A vote for Judge Roy Moore is a vote for Donald J. Trump,” Bannon said, disregarding Trump’s endorsement of Strange. “We did not come here to defy Donald Trump.”

  81. Dream on but it won’t happen. DACA is caca:

    Growing list of conservative demands threatens bipartisan deal on ‘dreamers’

    An emerging list of conservative demands is threatening to derail the fledgling bipartisan effort to preserve the Obama administration program protecting from deportation 690,000 illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children. [snip]

    In the Senate, James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) introduced a conservative alternative this week to the Dream Act, a bipartisan bill that has some moderate Republican support and that Democrats want to pass as part of any deal with Trump.

    The Lankford-Tillis bill, known as the Succeed Act, sets out a more onerous path to legal status for the immigrants in question, and it includes provisions barring them from taking advantage of existing laws that allow legal immigrants to petition authorities to allow foreign relatives to come to the United States.

    Critics say those laws foster “chain migration,” inflating the amount of legal immigration. Eliminating the possibility of petitioning on behalf of relatives abroad is among another set of policies that House conservatives are pursuing on a separate track.

    Key White House officials, including senior adviser Stephen Miller, have worked with members of the hard-right House Freedom Caucus and other Republican lawmakers to hone a list of policy demands that go beyond the border security provisions on which Democrats have signaled they are willing to negotiate. [snip]

    Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the Freedom Caucus chairman, said in an interview this week that a working list of policies that conservatives may demand includes ending the “chain migration” laws; mandating that employers use E-Verify, an online federal system to determine people’s eligibility to work in the United States; stepping up enforcement against those overstaying legitimate visas; and limiting protections for those who seek asylum at U.S. borders.

    Meadows also indicated that there might be a focus on “merit-based immigration” — suggesting an effort to pursue caps on legal immigration similar to those proposed in a recent bill from Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.). Trump has endorsed a version of the bill, known as the Raise Act. [snip]

    The conservatives’ demands, should they gain currency in the GOP’s right wing, could make it difficult to reach consensus among House Republicans on a path forward. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) has indicated he will not bring any immigration bill to a vote that does not have the support of a majority of House Republicans. But he suggested this month that Trump’s support would help any deal clear that hurdle.

    “If we have the support of President Trump . . . that, I believe, will get a majority of our members, because our members support President Trump,” he said. [snip]

    Meadows, who said Monday that the list of demands remains in flux, said conservatives are also seeking to beef up the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and Justice Department immigration judges as part of any border security push. And he did not rule out that House conservatives would ultimately demand some sort of barrier.

    “Even the president acknowledges that there’s a whole lot of ways that we can secure our southern border without building a physical wall,” he said. “But that’s not to suggest that there’s not a real need for a wall in some areas or even see-through fencing, and having that as part of the conservative solution is certainly on the table.”

  82. Enjoyed seeing O’Reily last night. He seems a bit subdued but his “talking points” were correct. Hannity , imo, does not have or chooses not to go beyond the Trump cheerleading message and I never cared for him. O’Reily was hard to handle at times, particularly when I was a dem, but he backs his arguments with some logical reasoning and thought even if you disagreed. Maddow is all based on this pseudo-intellectual approach which seems to have gained traction the past year but also in large part to Fox’s purge of talent.

  83. 78 Obama appointees ‘burrowed’ into career jobs, watchdog finds

    A government watchdog found that 78 political appointees of President Barack Obama managed to “burrow” into career government jobs over a six-year period.

    A Government Accountability Office report obtained by The Washington Times Wednesday shows that seven of Mr. Obama’s political appointees switched to career jobs without obtaining necessary approval from the Office of Personnel Management. Of those, four were later denied the jobs by OPM and three left their posts.

    Congressional Republicans warned Mr. Obama last year against moving political appointees into career positions, and President Trump has stated frequently that he believes some employees in the federal workforce are Obama holdovers working against his agenda.

    The practice of political appointees “burrowing” into career jobs is permissible when laws and regulations governing career appointments are followed. Administrations prior to the Obama administration also have converted dozens of political appointees into career government jobs.
    Sen. John Thune, South Dakota Republican, said he requested the GAO report in part “to make sure executive branch employees knew they were being watched for improper burrowing.”

  84. admin
    September 27, 2017 at 3:35 pm
    The Job seems to agree with Trump. Just what he needed to keep from ending up a fat old man with a younger beautiful wife. He looks a whole lot better. I hope he got any doubts cleared up about what he is supposed to be doing, with the Alabama primary.

    No more Christmas carols for now, my head is full of Rocket Man, which, by the way, I do very well myself. My daughter is in college studying aerospace engineering. Neither of us are earthbound. The poinsettia in my garden took a beating during Irma and is down to three leaves. I hope it comes back for Christmas.


  85. Iowan Matt Whitaker to be AG Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff

    A Bloomberg report out of Washington, D.C. indicates an Iowan who’s run unsuccessfully for statewide office twice will be the new chief of staff for the U.S. Attorney General.

    Matthew Whitaker of Clive was the GOP nominee for state treasurer in 2002. President Bush named Whitaker the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa in 2004 and Whitaker held that post for five and a half years. In 2014, Whitaker was one of five Republicans who ran for the U.S. Senate, the year Joni Ernst won the GOP primary and the general election.

    Whitaker, who is 47 years old, played football at the University of Iowa and earned an MBA and a law degree from the school as well.

    Two other high-ranking Republican politicians are partners in Whitaker’s Des Moines law firm. Attorney Jack Whitver is the president of the Iowa Senate and attorney Chris Hagenow is the majority leader in the Iowa House.

    Whitaker has recently been a CNN legal commentator. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Whitaker founded and became executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), conservative watchdog group. He recently wrote an opinion piece for The Hill, saying the connection between Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Ukraine is worth exploring.


  86. Iowan Matt Whitaker to be AG Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff

    A Bloomberg report out of Washington, D.C. indicates an Iowan who’s run unsuccessfully for statewide office twice will be the new chief of staff for the U.S. Attorney General.

    Matthew Whitaker of Clive was the GOP nominee for state treasurer in 2002. President Bush named Whitaker the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa in 2004 and Whitaker held that post for five and a half years. In 2014, Whitaker was one of five Republicans who ran for the U.S. Senate, the year Joni Ernst won the GOP primary and the general election.

    Whitaker, who is 47 years old, played football at the University of Iowa and earned an MBA and a law degree from the school as well.

    Two other high-ranking Republican politicians are partners in Whitaker’s Des Moines law firm. Attorney Jack Whitver is the president of the Iowa Senate and attorney Chris Hagenow is the majority leader in the Iowa House.

    Whitaker has recently been a CNN legal commentator. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Whitaker founded and became executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), conservative watchdog group. He recently wrote an opinion piece for The Hill, saying the connection between Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Ukraine is worth exploring.


  87. Several commenters have rightly complained about the slow progress on draining the swamp and investigations that are going nowhere. Well, I heard an interview of Dick Morris recently – plugging his new book – and he said that just before Scumbama left office he reclassified two thousand Administrative positions into civil service positions so they CANNOT be fired. And this mini army was ordered to leak, leak, leak to undermine and sabotage the incoming Trump administration. And no doubt the ones in the DOJ are dragging their feet on the many investigations you commenters have demanded. Alas, Sessions can’t do it all himself.

  88. Media company stocks are tanking and brokerage houses are turning bearish on them. Especially CBS stock. “Can President Donald Trump’s attacks on the NFL tank media stocks?
    “One Wall Street strategist says count on it.”
    “JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Shawn Quigg is encouraging investors to bet against CBS Corp. stock ahead of this weekend’s NFL broadcasts. The bank recommends buying an option that gives you the right to sell the shares at $57.50 on the likelihood that the stock will fall below that price after the company discloses ratings for the games. CBS closed at $58 on Tuesday.”
    Bloomberg news is trying to blame it on streaming services and the high cost of cable. But why is cable so expensive? One part is the ridiculous cost of sports programing and the hostage taking pricing directed at the sports watchers in the public who like it as entertainment. So did the cost go up recently like the past few months? No. It is now politicized hectoring and blaming instead of sports entertainment. Add cost plus unpleasantness and you get loss of customers.

    Is Trump exacting pay back from media? I think he is. Is he succeeding? Yes and a panic is about to break out if it hasn’t already. The media also hid the booing of fans at the stadiums. It is bad their market so a little censorship to protect their bottom line. It isn’t working and Wall St figured out the economics of it.

  89. Mrs Smith @ 9:06:

    I saw that post from Radio Iowa when we discussed the Morris video a few days ago. They’re basing their information about Whitaker on a Bloomberg post; however, I haven’t been able to find any such Bloomberg post anywhere. I only found the Huff Post article which claims that a Justice Dept spokesman made the announcement last Friday, but I haven’t been able to find any official confirmation from DOJ. Only Morris’s video and a few small websites that I never heard of, who based it on the Huff Post article.

    Whitaker’s own facebook page doesn’t mention this, still no mention of the appointment on the DOJ website, and no official news outlets (fake or otherwise) or well-known blogs have confirmed it (that I could find). Very strange.

  90. Donald Trump vs. Pro Football Is a Ratings Game the NFL Can’t Win
    “The ratings decline, which started during the 2016 season, isn’t an immediate problem for the league thanks to its long-term contracts with broadcasters.”
    “The ratings decline, which started during the 2016 season, isn’t an immediate problem for the league thanks to its long-term contracts with broadcasters.”
    “The one with ESPN runs through 2021 and Fox, CBS and NBC are locked in through 2022. Any loss of audience between now and then is only a problem for the networks — though it all could eventually catch up to the NFL, the country’s most profitable sports league.”
    The NFL presented themselves as a fulcrum against the media for Trump to use. The timing was perfect. The league will be solvent due to television contracts from media companies through 2021-2022 (unless they go bankrupt) but the opposite is true for media companies involved with professional sports. Trump took an existing trend that began in 2016 (maybe earlier) and used it against the media.

  91. …even PDT enemies are being forced to admit that the whole “taking a knee” protest has evolved into a hate fest against Donald Trump

    finally something is so transparent that even the haters can’t deny it

    last night flipping thru stations & caught some of CNN’s townhall on NFL & athletes “protest”
    Spike Lee was one of the 4 on the panel on stage…first off, what a loudmouth that speaks over everyone else and shouts to force his, & only his opinion…he looked so freaking strange with the weirdest red glasses I have ever seen, looked like they were traveling up his nostrils…he really goes out of his way to be “unique”…tries way too hard…

    CNN stacked the deck as usual, there were two AA men on the panel that tried to be balanced and reasonable

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