Summer Of Trump III: Purge GOPe, Attack Big Media, Win!

Summer of Trump III was a replay of Summer of Trump II and Summer of Trump I. Remember? Summer of Trump I and II began with predictions of “it’s over for Trump” and Big Media chortled that no one could even survive the no good/bad/horrible death dealing circumstances. Then Trump triumphed.

We remember it all very well. Our analyses of Summer of Trump I, II, and III were all the same. We looked at the Big Media narrative, then we looked at reality, we predicted the Trump triumphs.

During Summer of Trump I , on September 8, 2015 we described reality as we saw it and while Big Media declared “it’s over for Trump”:

If the GOP establishment does not blow up Donald J. Trump before the Second GOP debate on September 16, it might well be over and Mr. Donald J. Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016. The hostile takeover will be complete.

Are we premature? Is it too early to declare the very real, very authentic Donald J. Trump the winner before one vote has been cast? The latest polls convince us that it is not too early but rather too late to stop Trump.

In December of 2015 we played endless summer music to celebrate the first Summer of Trump.

In July 2016, Summer of Trump II, during the GOP convention that nominated Trump we wrote:

Today, like every Summer of Trump day, will not be any different. Donald J. Trump will be wearing board shorts, hair slicked back, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses halfway down his nose, Hawaiian shirt open to his navel, flip-flops on – his feet firmly planted on a surfboard riding the zeitgeist wave. [snip]

Surf on zeitgeist wave surfer dude, surf on! Make America Safe Again after the past year and the past few weeks is zeitgeist ocean Yoda beach party dude. The zeitgeist wave is building for Trump

Earlier this Summer of Trump III we wrote:

Obama Dimocrats did not count on President Trump trumping. Obama Dimocrats thought that President Trump would avoid mention of the GA6 race because President Trump would never want to get involved in a race that had everything against him. Obama Dimocrats had tens of millions, a young male candidate to attack a not so young woman, enthusiasm from the Obama Dimocrat left as well as the Bernie Sanders Socialist left, and Big Media and the rest of the party were all in to defeat the hapless Karen Handel who barely came in first in the crowded GOP primary.

Then, Trump tweeted and triumphed.

Once Again, against the polls, Big Media, the GOP establishment, the Deep State, the Obama Dimocrat big dollar donors, leftist thugs, assassins, pajama boys, NeverTrumpers, and everyone who did not vote for candidate Trump in November 2016 – Trump triumphed.

Lessons? This election was essentially meaningless. The goal was to separate the GOP leadership, RINOs and WHINOs from President Trump and that has once again failed because Trump voters love to Trump! Trump! Trump! The only lasting lesson from this election we can think of is one we wrote about years ago. [snip]

If Trump voters stick with President Trump then the GOP leadership has to stick with President Trump and the 2016 elections are a rerun. Obama Dimocrats can’t get the voters they disparage daily.

We’ve been correct in our analysis because we look at reality, not Big Media’s version of their delusions.

This Summer of Trump III once again we heard “it’s over for Trump”. Swine GOP establishment types like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell stabbed President Donald J. Trump in the back repeatedly as did some of President Trump’s cabinet members. Yet again, Big Media chortled, “it’s over for Trump” this time for real, really.

So what really happened in Summer of Trump III? Did the Charlottesville nonsense hurt President Trump? Did Hurricane Harvey knock out the Trumpnado? Did North Korea nuke President Trump? Did the GOP establishment depose President Trump? Did the Obama Dimocrats come one step closer to a glorious win in 2018 then 2020? Did the eclipse blot out President Trump? HA!

We’ll present the news Big Media is terrified to discuss. Remember as we discuss reality, that Summer of Trump III was supposed to be the death of President Trump because he could not survive the treachery of the GOP establishment and because everyday Republicans and Republican elected officials would run away from President Trump in fear of massive election losses in 2018 as voters turned against President Trump. Also remember our predictions in May of this year of big GOP victories in 2018 and the big reelection victory of President Trump in 2020.

Let’s start with the Obama Dimocrats. These kooks and klowns should be doing great if the narrative that President Trump is in any trouble whatsoever is in any way accurate. How are the Obama Dimocrats doing?

That bloated sack of feces from Canada, Michael Moore agrees with us that “Trump is on track to win again in 2020“. So much for “it’s over for Trump.”

Money? Citing the transgender order, Mitch McConnell’s attacks, “Trump’s crashing popularity”, and other absurdities, Big Media cannot understand why the Republicans are flush with cash from low dollar donors and the Obama Dimocrats can’t buy a shoelace with their failed fundraising efforts.

It’s not just us. The Vatican of Obama Dimocrats, the Big Pink hating 538 blog has predictions of what will happen in 2018. That Obama Dimocrat website revered by the leftist kooks predicts that the best Obama Dimocrats can hope for in 2018 is, well, read it and cry tears of laughter:

A new analysis, published by FiveThirtyEight, shows the congressional map for the 2018 midterm elections has a record-setting pro-GOP bias, which could mean more winning for President Donald Trump and his Republican party. [snip]

Even if Democrats were to win every single 2018 House and Senate race for seats representing places that Hillary Clinton won or that Trump won by less than 3 percentage points — a pretty good midterm by historical standards — they could still fall short of the House majority and lose five Senate seats.

So, under the best scenario, Obama Dimocrats can’t win the House of Representatives and the Republicans will be very close to 60 votes in the Senate, says 538 to the kooks.

The Cook Political Report, at the height of “it’s over for Trump” this Summer of Trump III likewise sees Obama Dimocrats in trouble, even Joe Manchin of West Virginia who has tried to pretend he is not an Obama Dimocrat even as he votes like an Obama Dimocrat.

Our prediction is the GOP maintains control of the House and the Senate GOP will have more than 60 seats. The Obama Dimocrats will have to defend 25 seats and the Republicans 8 seats, so even though midterm elections usually go badly for the party in power, we’ve never had a midterm with trump, Trump, trump. Add to all this goat’s head soup the fact that many of the Obama Dimocrats will run in states that President Trump won while the Republicans will also run in states that President Trump won, and, well, reality is easy to predict for us.

But, but, but, what about Barack Obama? Won’t Barack Obama save the Obama Dimocrats from President Trump??? Um, no, says that well known Obama Dimocrat Howard Dean. Barack Obama, says Howard Dean, is the kiss of death:

It’s long been over for the flim-flam con man Barack Obama!!!

As to the GOP establishment and President Trump, the outcome of this fight bodes well for President Trump too. We previously wrote about #DitchMitch and the battles to come with the GOP establishment. It’s happening:

Trump Divorces the GOP Congress [snip]

This would explain Mr. Trump’s recent gibes at Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the Senate’s health-care failure. On Thursday he broadened the indictment to include blaming Mr. McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, in advance, for trouble raising the federal debt ceiling when Congress returns in September.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board writes that President Trump will be the one to suffer and that attacking the GOP establishment finks will prevent President Trump from fulfilling his agenda. But what is President Trump’s agenda? The GOP establishment wants the agenda to be tax cuts for corporations and not much else. The GOP establishment does not want to build the wall nor stop illegal immigration. The GOP establishment does not want what President Trump wants.

The Trump agenda the GOP establishment does not like is the one the Trump voters want. What is the Trump agenda? First, attack and destroy the America hating Big Media that believes they are the masters of the people. Second, attack and destroy the political establishment that has failed. That’s the real Trump agenda. Tax cuts and all the other “policy” proposals fall under the details of what to do once Big Media is destroyed and the political establishment has been overturned.

The GOP establishment must be destroyed and President Trump is the one to do it:

The Memo: Trump allies say he needs a GOP scalp

Republicans on Capitol Hill lament President Trump’s aggressive behavior toward them, but some people in the president’s orbit are urging him to up the ante even further.

They say that, far from making nice, Trump needs to instill fear so that lawmakers do not feel at liberty to thwart him.

“Most members of Congress are arrogant, and until a scalp is actually taken they are going to continue to be defiant,” longtime Trump friend Roger Stone told The Hill. “All he needs to do is punish one incumbent and I think you’d see a sea-change.”

He is 100 percent correct to go after McCain, Flake, Murkowksi,” said Sam Nunberg, who worked as an aide to Trump’s 2016 campaign. [snip]

Steve Bannon, recently ousted as Trump’s chief strategist, does not appear to be in a compromising mood, however. He promised to keep up his own attacks on McConnell in an interview published by The Economist on Friday.

“I’m going to light him up,” Bannon said.

Trump himself seems in no particular mood to declare a truce.

“The only problem I have with Mitch McConnell is that, after hearing Repeal & Replace for 7 years, he failed! That should NEVER have happened!” the president wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

A New York Times story the previous day had reported that Trump and McConnell had not spoken to each other “in weeks” and that McConnell had “privately expressed uncertainty that Mr. Trump will be able to salvage his administration after a series of summer crises.” [snip]

And the president took aim at Corker, who had publicly called his “stability” and “competence” into question.

“Strange statement by Bob Corker considering that he is constantly asking me whether or not he should run again in ’18. Tennessee not happy!” Trump tweeted on Friday morning. [snip]

There are even some internal party critics of Trump’s, however, who don’t dismiss his words out of hand.

Appearing on Hugh Hewitt’s syndicated radio show on Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said of Trump, “He’s running against Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and others. The Congress is very unpopular, particularly with the Republican base, so there’s nothing unhinged about it. It’s a political strategy that I’m not so sure is smart, but it’s a very thought-out strategy. There’s nothing crazy about it.” [snip]

Stone argued that Trump is “far more popular and more influential with Republican primary voters than any members of Congress and any member of the United States Senate, and he has enormous leverage to go into party primaries.” [snip]

If those sentiments might be met with consternation on Capitol Hill, they are firmly endorsed by some among the conservative grassroots.

“Really, the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate needs to get behind President Trump and his agenda,” said Jenny Beth Martin, the president and co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots. “I think it is fair for him to shed light on what is really happening on Capitol Hill.

“The voters voted for Donald Trump to be a sledgehammer and a wrecking ball to Washington, D.C.,” she added.

Kick the tires and light the fires! Summer of Trump is not over.

Paul Ryan has done nothing to help President Trump. Every time Paul Ryan sees an opportunity to attack President Trump he does so. John McCain, like Paul Ryan also delights in attacks against President Trump as they both did after President Trump wisely pardoned Joe Arpaio.

How wonderful to hear then, after the attacks on the Arpaio pardon that Joe Arpaio might repay the favor and run against GOP establishment stooge Jeff Flake. Flake and the NeverTrump kooks are in trouble:

Flake’s in big trouble — The Arizona GOP Senate primary is still about a year away. But the prospect that Sen. Jeff Flake won’t make it out of the GOP primary is looking very real. Two polls conducted since Trump ripped into Flake on Twitter have Flake trailing Kelli Ward by double digits. Flake hasn’t led in a single primary poll taken at any point since last November.

Maybe Heller is too — Republican Sen. Dean Heller could also be in trouble. JMC Analytics released a poll this week of the Nevada GOP Senate primary. It found Heller (who’s had a lukewarm relationship with Trump) losing to Danny Tarkanian (a perennial Republican candidate and big-time Trump backer) 39 percent to 31 percent. Heller answered this survey by releasing his own internal poll showing him up 55 percent to 33 percent. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

Fu*k Flake!

The Hill has some wet fingers feeling the winds of 2018:

The 2018 Senate map heavily favors Republicans, who will only defend eight seats, including just two of which are considered vulnerable right now. By comparison, Democrats have to defend 25 seats, including 10 in states that Trump won in 2016. [snip]

Here are the seven most vulnerable Senate seats of the 2018 midterm elections as they stand now.

Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) [snip]

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)

McCaskill is one of the few statewide Democratic officeholders left in Missouri, which Trump won by 19 points in November. [snip]

Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.)

Donnelly leveraged a bipartisan approach to politics and his blue-collar appeal into a Senate seat in 2012, but he’ll have to fight yet another tough battle if he wants to keep his Senate seat in a state Trump won by 19 points. [snip]

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.)

Flake wouldn’t rank this high in a normal election year, but a Republican president threatening to support a primary challenge to an incumbent GOP senator isn’t normal, either. [snip]

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)

In 2016, West Virginia went for Trump by a larger margin than any other state – 42 points. [snip]

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.)

Heitkamp hails from another deep-red state – North Dakota went for Trump by about 36 points. [snip]

Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.)

Republicans have a lot to like about their Montana prospects. Trump won the state by more than 20 points in November, and Republican Greg Gianforte just won the state’s at-large congressional seat in a special election even after he assaulted a reporter. [snip]

There are five other Democrats running in states Trump won – Sens. Bill Nelson (Fla.), Bob Casey Jr. (Pa.), Tammy Baldwin (Wis.), Debbie Stabenow (Mich.) and Sherrod Brown (Ohio). These five do not yet seem as vulnerable as the others, but the races could move up the rankings depending on how primaries shake out.

Florida Republicans are in a holding pattern as Gov. Rick Scott (R) weighs a bid, since his entry would immediately clear the field and give Nelson a top-tier challenger. Casey and Baldwin are waiting to see how the large GOP primary fields taking them on shake out.

Musician Kid Rock is mulling a bid against Stabenow. And Brown could face a rematch against his 2012 opponent, state treasurer Josh Mandel, but some state Republicans aren’t excited about his campaign and are looking for other options.

President Donald J. Trump will be a powerful, if not determinative voice, in these primary and general elections. It won’t be the GOP that will win in 2018. President Donald J. Trump will win in 2018 and 2020.

Summer of Trump never ends.


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    Ryan faces diciest stretch of his speakership

    He’s about to enter the kind of battles that led to Boehner’s ouster — made even tougher with Trump and Bannon in the mix.

    RACINE, Wis. — For all its power and prestige, the speaker of the House is one of the most thankless jobs in Washington — just ask John Boehner. Now, with Congress barreling toward major fiscal fights this fall, Paul Ryan is about to get a taste of the Boehner treatment — and then some.

    Consider what’s on the immediate horizon for the GOP wunderkind: President Donald Trump is ready to shut down the government over his border wall with Mexico. Breitbart has all but declared a renewed, Steve Bannon-led war on GOP leaders, with Ryan in its cross hairs. And conservative lawmakers are exhorting the speaker to play hardball on raising the debt ceiling — even as the White House demands a no-strings-attached increase to calm nervous creditors. [SNIP]

    Meanwhile, frustration is mounting among Republican voters that Congress failed to deliver on campaign promises like repealing Obamacare. While Ryan points out that the House passed legislation and it was the Senate that came up short, the public isn’t necessarily interested in that distinction.

    Neither, it seems, are Trump and his allies. In fact, the president has shown he has no compunction about blaming Republicans in Congress for not enacting his agenda. And while Bannon engaged politely with Ryan and GOP leaders in the White House, he’s made clear that he plans to pound them relentlessly from his new perch atop Breitbart.

  2. This good news was previously posted but bears a fuller reading:

    Trump-backed GOP congressman is challenging Democratic Sen. Bob Casey in Pennsylvania

    •GOP Rep. Lou Barletta, an early Trump supporter, is challenging Sen. Bob Casey for his Pennsylvania seat next year.
    •Casey is one of several Democrats running for re-election next year in a state that Trump won in 2016.

    A Republican congressman from Pennsylvania backed by President Donald Trump will challenge incumbent Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., for his seat next year.

    Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., officially announced his bid to unseat Casey, a two-term senator, on Tuesday. In a campaign video, he referenced making “Pennsylvania and America great again” and said that “Pennsylvania deserves better than an obstructionist senator.”

    Casey is one of several Democrats facing re-election next year in a state that Trump won in 2016, though by only a narrow margin in Pennsylvania’s case. Party incumbents in Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana and Michigan also will have to fight for seats next year.

    The Republican Party currently controls the Senate with 52 seats and has opportunities to add more with a favorable map in 2018. [snip]

    Barletta, 61, has served in the House since 2011. A congressman who takes a hard line on illegal immigration, Barletta supported Trump early in his presidential run. Trump had urged him to run for Senate.

    Barletta previously was mayor of the eastern Pennsylvania city of Hazleton. His largely rural 11th congressional district in the central-eastern part of the state contains Hazleton.

  3. GOP liars will be removed. Trump will win.

    The Grand Old Party is about to commit suicide.

    All this talk about Trump this, and Trump that, masks a far bigger political controversy. The Republican Party leadership in Washington, D.C., has fundamentally betrayed its constituents and they are about to learn that they’ve been double-crossed — for years.

    Every Republican candidate’s stock speech sounds the same, the thunderous roar about a government out of control, federal spending out of control (insert charts and graphs and why, if you stack hundred dollar bills, they will reach the edge of the universe), federal taxes out of control (insert comparisons to socialist countries), the federal bureaucracy out of control (insert metaphors about chains, yokes, and the like), the family shattered with federal funding of abortion a crime against humanity (watch for it — there! The heart-wrenching sob), and our military is emasculated.

    Two more items were added to the menu, courtesy of Obama. Obamacare Will Be Repealed! and Illegal Immigration Will Not Stand! [snip]

    Our national borders were declared open and discussions over our national sovereignty closed. And to top it off, the Democrats all but declared themselves above the law.

    The GOP harrumphed that this would not stand, by God! If only… if only America would vote them into the majority.

    In 2009, the Tea Party was born. The Grand Old Party was rejuvenated. Happy days were here again.

    Just one year later, the Republicans captured the House, and with that, the power of the purse. They now had the authority to stop the insane spending on so many obnoxious and wholly unnecessary ventures. They could end Obamacare simply by not funding it.

    Instead, under the “leadership” of John Boehner, it did absolutely nothing. Why, if only we had the Senate! Then we could take on the President!

    So in 2014, after spending hundreds of millions of campaign dollars running hundreds of thousands of television and radio ads pledging to end illegal immigration while repealing Obamacare “root and branch” (author: Mitch McConnell), they were given control of the Senate.

    And within a month McConnell re-authorized both, along with every single other thing Harry Reid and Obama wanted for yet another year.

    But that’s because we can’t do what we promised until we have the Presidency! The excuse was as predictable as summer heat in the Sahara.

    In 2016, they were given that too.

    They were given everything.

    In January of this year, they formally controlled both houses of Congress and the executive branch. Every single thing they’d ever promised was now possible.

    They now had the power to enact every single spending cut they’d ever solemnly pledged. All those wasteful programs designed to fill the liberal sandbox — PBS, NPR, Planned Parenthood, NEH and the rest of the alphabet soup; all the hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare to multi-billion-dollar corporations; all of the hundreds of billions of dollars directed toward leftist social engineering — poof! All of it could come to an end with a stroke of a pen.

    They now had the power to restore fiscal tax sanity too. Remember the flat tax? The fair tax? Slashing the highest corporate taxes in the world? Giving you a tax break? All of it could be done with a snap of the fingers.

    Repeal Obamacare? Check. End illegal immigration? Check. Build the wall? Check.

    Crush the Deep State? Done, by God, done!

    There was not a damn thing the Democrats could do to stop them from draining the swamp.

    Except the Republican leadership didn’t mean it. With the exception of the Freedom Caucus in the House, and literally a handful in the Senate, the rank-and-file didn’t either. Not one word of it.

    The opportunity arose for the vote to repeal Obamacare, and after huffing and puffing, and huffing and puffing some more, the dust settled and socialized health care remains the law of the land, perhaps permanently.

    The opportunity arose for tax reform, to enact the cuts America desperately needs. It was never a matter of if, it was a matter of how much. It is now mid-August and nothing, absolutely nothing has been accomplished — even attempted!

    And now we face the final test: the debt ceiling. Will we or won’t we stop the spending madness? Will the Republicans enact the cuts they’ve promised, or will they now be the ones to kick the can, piling evermore trillions of dollars of debt on their own grandchildren?

    By every indication that’s precisely what they plan to do. The signal has come from President Trump, from Speaker Ryan, and from Majority Leader McConnell. The debt ceiling will be raised and no fiscal sanity will be restored.

    There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Put them together. They are the swamp.

    Just as Republicans have the power to enact the agenda they’ve pledged in toto, so too do they now own the federal government, in toto. It’s no longer Obamacare. It’s GOPcare. It’s no longer crazy liberal Democratic spending. It’s crazy liberal Republican spending. It’s no longer socialist Democratic Party taxation, it’s socialist Republican Party taxation. All the legislation authorizing all these programs, all the graft, all the waste, all the obscenity, all the immorality, and where Planned Parenthood is concerned, all the killing — all of it is now formally authored by the Republican Party.

    Come the Congressional elections next year, and the presidential election in 2020, the Grand Old Party will once again bellow its hallowed promises. But this time it won’t work. This time there will be no straw men to blame. This time their voters will know those hallowed promises are not even hollow promises. They are lies.

    These voters are tasting betrayal. They will not vote to swallow more vomit.

    We are watching the GOP systematically committing suicide.

    The old GOP is committing suicide. The new GOP is guided by President Trump and in 2018 the Trump GOP will win while the old GOP is buried. Jeff Flake is target #1.

  4. Good to read the post and see you back, Admin. I was concerned you may have been in Texas for the floods.


  5. We have lost repeal and replace and that will, imo, not only put Pelosi back in power but absent a continued strong economy(and recession likely sometime in 2018) and building of wall, POTUS will likely lose to Kamala or whom other minority the dems ticket run. I am not being pessimistic, just realistic if Trump, whether congresses fault(which it is) or not, does not get most of his promises met he faces a very tough re-election(and this is without all the BS we are going to see with the fake Russia crap which will end with indictments for some.

  6. Hmm should I trust admin’s long, thoughtful analysis with proven track record of being right or should I go with jbstonesfan’s concern trolling which has been 100% wrong thus far predicting exactly the opposite of admin?

    Decisions, decisions

  7. Tucker Carlson Tonight –

    Tucker Carlson Fox News September 1, 2017
    (band moniker? :-))

    The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host argued that the same party that was able to benefit from President Donald Trump’s election win last fall is now opposing on many issues, including DACA.

    That according to Carlson suggested some congressional Republican, including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) and Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Thom Tillis (R-NC), had more of an “affinity” for Obama’s policies than for Trump’s policies.

  8. Mrs. Smith1
    September 2, 2017 at 4:08 am
    “That according to Carlson suggested some congressional Republican, including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) and Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Thom Tillis (R-NC), had more of an “affinity” for Obama’s policies than for Trump’s policies.”

    I would go further and not call it Obama policies but rather globalist policies which are not even US policies but rather EU, UN, Davos, one world blob with open borders and markets to concentrate and shift wealth. Obama was their flunky too and why he has zero influence post-presidency. He was a hireling marketing stunt not a thinker/creator. So it is essentially the same crew who were joined with GOPe Jeb et al at the hip and are all still at it. They are bought. I would suspect it would be very dangerous for them personally to switch if you know what I mean. Take the money and you are a “made” man/woman. Flake physically looks like there is a contract out on him and he knows it.

    DiFi of CA tried a trial balloon of walking it all back a tad this week and got attacked immediately. Being in such a safe seat, a natural born survivor, and not as dumb as the average globalist apparatchik, she sniffs this is not going as planned. Ending her long career as a failing minority party nothing-burger with only a little influence in her own backyard is not what she went to DC to do. The Dem party is OLD, worn out, and driven by nuts. And Howard is right. Obama is a great target for kill shots from Trump. The GOP is being driven by Trump (from top) into a new re-alignment being pushed by the bottom up. The middle (full of GOP congress and their parasites) will get squished. Stuck between the globalism rock and the voting public hard place I think some will start announcing “time to retire” rather than get beat. Flake should quit and move to Bora Bora now so the Mexican cartels can’t find him.

  9. It’s an exciting time.
    Thank goodness there’s another Big Pink affirmation to help us along.
    From above [& it’s astonishing that after schlonging POTUS so with Ocare] JennyBeth is finally on the Trump Train. “the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate needs to get behind President Trump and his agenda,” said Jenny Beth Martin, the president and co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots”

    Although Fox News featured a “bipartisan” panel of 8 left leaning citizens this morning giving advice to PDT, Fox has also been ramming the latest Comey-Clinton forgiveness meme down willing throats, and they’re coming down on this – timely and
    a bit of a bombshell:

    Of the many great phrases in this article, I pick this one:
    “Kick the tires and light the fires!”

  10. Venus
    September 2, 2017 at 12:37 am
    Hmm should I trust admin’s long, thoughtful analysis with proven track record of being right or should I go with jbstonesfan’s concern trolling which has been 100% wrong thus far predicting exactly the opposite of admin?

    Decisions, decisions
    And lest we forget who JB voted for… wasn’t Trump.

  11. Oh what tangled webs we weave
    When first we practice to deceive

    Forget about this “to protect and serve”
    The above is the real mantra of the FBI
    And big media is up to their neck in this too

    A conspiracy of epic proportions
    Which Bobby Moooooooler is working to cover up!
    I agree with Morris on this point

    Offense not defense
    Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Moooooler inter alia
    He is part of this conspiracy,
    And his investigation gives aid and comfort to the traitors

    Mooooler is a bad man.
    Lest we forget, he was head of that agency
    And Comey was his right hand man, friend, and co conspirator

  12. Flake physically looks like there is a contract out on him and he knows it.
    What is to become of Flake when he is tarred and feathered in the primary.

    Well, you will be happy to know there is a succession plan.

    Hollywood is doing a remake of Laurel and Hardy.

    Flake has been selected for the role of Stan Laurel.

    And the blob from Missouri, McCaskill, will play the role of Oliver Hardy.

    I have already made plans not to see it.

  13. Hmm should I trust admin’s long, thoughtful analysis with proven track record of being right or should I go with jbstonesfan’s concern trolling which has been 100% wrong thus far predicting exactly the opposite of admin?

    Decisions, decisions
    When you come to a fork in the road
    Take it!
    —–Yogi Berra

  14. Ex Sheriff, soon to be head of Homeland Security I hope, lays out the argument for Trump, more brilliantly than anyone I have heard before, or since:

  15. Admin: when Obama first took office, you said another thing which has proven to be absolutely positively true:


    Everything that occurred during his illegitimate presidency reflect that.

    Everything, from the fast and furious scandal, which was aimed at taking away our guns, to the weaponizing of the IRS, to the destruction of whistle blowers, to the machinations of James Comey, to the lies about spying on Americans, to the crossover to domestic surveillance by the CIA, to the insane rulings by the Potemkin Judges appointed by Obama to thwart actions taken by Obama/s successor to enforce our borders, to the diminution of the right to vote, to the Ferguson effect built of lies, to the diaspora of sensitive intelligence information—all of it fake.

    In sum, we now have fake news, fake investigations, fake oversight, fake elections, fake stimulus, fake red lines on foreign affairs, staged media events all of it and more—the age of fake.

  16. Admin: as I reflect further upon it I can think of other things as well, that march to the drum of fake news. Certainly Obamacare, and the lies that accompanied its passage enactment, including the promise if you like your doctor you can keep him and this will lower the cost of family medical coverage by $2400, which serve to confirm the subsequent admission of its chief architect Gruber that they knew in the moment that they were lying to the American People, and felt not only justified by morally superior for doing so. About the Obama tenure, it is hard to know what, if anything, was legitimate.

  17. It only when you tie everything together that it becomes obvious to the casual observer that Obama was not the intelligent man in the intelligent house in an intelligent city, as the Amazon Post writer declared at the time, but a faux president, in a house he occupied as an adverse possessor, in a city rife with corruption and self dealing, preying like vultures on the middle class and on a posterity that has no vote. How can the verdict of history differ when the facts are viewed in an objective light? If there is one word that describes Obama and those who served him: CORRUPTION–WRIT LARGE.

  18. holdthemaccountable
    September 2, 2017 at 9:24 am


    Fox is going thru a condition commonly known as schizophrenia

    Did anyone else think it curious that during PDT’s wins against NK and his command of the Harvey disaster…that Fox…Fox…would come out with a poll that asks questions such as

    ‘Do you think PDT is tearing the country apart?’ and then find a majority that does that Fox & other news outlets proceed to report as fact…
    & other such questions, with PDT registering lower in his approvals

    Now I do not mention this because I give any credence to these rigged polls, however I mention it as to Fox’s motive, why even ask such a question “tearing the country apart”

    (and as an aside, it appears that two solid Trump voices on Fox, Charles Payne & Eric Bolling have been banished & thus far never to be heard from or seen again)

  19. wbboei
    you ask for a SC


    oh how we wish it so…yet who are we to depend on to pick up the sword to appoint a Special Counsel in the name of ‘justice for all’
    in reality we are left to depend on a weak, compromised & handicapped AG Jeff Sessions
    a man who will not even allow documents requested by FOIA regarding Hillary’s actions to be released and when some are released they are heavily dedacted so no one can read them
    Who is Sessions & the DOJ protecting & why?

    an AG Jeff Sessions who by now must know that Comey had the fix in for Hillary long before she or other witnesses were investigated & interviewed & then they were given “immunity” for appearances
    a ‘trumped up’ investigation where Hillary was allowed to use sledgehammers to destroy subpeoned documents & computers, memory cards, emails, on and on and on, We only know about the ‘Meeting’ between AG Lynch & Bill Clinton because her husband “got caught” meeting with the then AG Lynch who only saw a little matter & instructed the FBI under Comey to refer to Hillary’s actions as a matter not an investigation…

    and ultimately Comey took his marching orders and found there was “no intent” of any wrong on Hillary’s behalf
    and the noninvestigation let’s Hillary off scot free…we all know anyone else would be, at the very least before a grand jury, and most likely indicted…

    contrast that to what the current DOJ is allowing towards PDT; using the IRS, dragging this out for over a year, calling a grand jury fortified with multiple investigators that supported Hillary, conflicts of interest between the SC Mueller & his star witness Comey, who is up to his tall neck in conflicting statements, to put it nicely, dragging PDT’s family members in …
    no ammunity, no ‘benefit of the doubt’ rather a witch hunt to turn over every little stone to find anything to take down PDT

    …this is the reality…there is so much there, just reflecting on Sen Grassly’s investigation, to call for a second SC to ensure & prove to the American people that there is fairness & justice for all

    I do not believe AG Jeff Sessions has the guts to do it, I watched him the other day when he gave a speech on violence, he wheezes when he speaks, imo, he does not exude confidence
    I do not believe AG Jeff Sessions has the courage & the guts to do battle with the deep state; I think he is afraid…afraid that they will crush him
    I do have confidence in the fortitude of Senator Grassley…but how far can what he is doing go?

  20. a judge steps in on behalf of transparency, even though DOJ & FBI resist…What the hell is going on???


    On Thursday, a federal judge ordered the FBI to release details of the Clinton investigation.

    This came AFTER the FBI refused to comply.

    We can thank conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch for PUSHING this matter, despite the Trump Administration siding with the FBI “violating grand jury” rules.

    From Washington Times

    A federal judge ordered the FBI on Thursday to disclose more details about how it handled its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret email account.

    U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg said court papers describing the grand jury subpoenas the FBI obtained to compel information from Mrs. Clinton’s internet service providers can be made public.

    In doing so, he overruled objections by the Trump administration that had insisted making the information public would violate grand jury secrecy rules.

    “After reviewing the document in camera, the court concludes that it largely rehashes information already made public, thus obviating any need for secrecy,” the judge said

  21. The Hill writes that PDT “survived” August. The Hill lists all the horrible things that happened to PDT in August. Somehow however, despite all the long list of horrible things described by The Hill, the GOP continued to gain strength for 2018 as the main page article on Big Pink documents.

    Think about that every time “it’s over for Trump” is said by Big Media. With all the allegedly bad news in August, PDT and the GOP continued to move forward. Why? Because Big Media does not understand that when President Trump is under attack Trump supporters feel like we are under attack – this leads to a stronger bond among the troops. It’s like Guadalcanal. Adversity does not lead to a breakdown in moral or unity. Adversity only strengthens the mystic bonds that unite us. We see that in Houston. We see that in the August “it’s over (again) for Trump”.

    Here’s what The Hill writes happened to PDT in August:

    Trump survives brutal August

    Trump’s polling numbers dipped in August, but appear to have stabilized. The president is in better shape now than he was only two weeks ago, when his job approval bottomed out after his response to the racially charged protests in Charlottesville provoked a furious political blowback, including from many Republicans.

    Throughout August, the White House was racked by turnover and internal strife among Trump’s top aides and Cabinet. Trump also feuded bitterly with the GOP leaders he needs to pass his agenda, a drama that underscored the fact that the White House and Republicans have yet to put a major legislative victory on the board.

    But Trump will enter September – a month his former chief strategist Stephen Bannon dubbed the “meat grinder” for its gauntlet of thorny political issues – with a new team in place and a new slate of priorities, beginning with a push for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief and tax reform.

    Significant challenges lay ahead, with a budget and debt ceiling fight on the docket, as well as potentially explosive action on immigration and the ongoing threat posed by North Korea.

    “It’s going to be a busy September,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Friday. “The message the president would have for members of Congress is, ‘let’s get to work, you’ve had a nice long break and we have a lot to do.'” [snip]

    The final month of the summer was at times disastrous for the president.

    After shaking up his leadership team, Trump went after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Speaker Paul Ryan, blaming them for his stalled agenda.

    But the Charlottesville drama was the low point for the president and polling indicates it damaged him politically.

    Trump began August with a 39.2 percent job approval rating in the RealClearPolitics average. He finished at 38.5 percent, after bottoming out halfway through the month at 37.4 percent.

    In the Gallup daily tracker, Trump was at 36 percent approval on Aug. 1 but returned to the low of 34 by the end of the month.

    Trump spent all of August below the 40 percent mark, which he last hit on July 11. His 35 percent average for the week of Aug. 21 was the lowest of his presidency.

    One could argue that he had a very difficult August, yet his public perception numbers have stabilized,” said GOP pollster Frank Luntz. “Having done so many polls and focus groups, I think it’s clear that Trump’s base is about a third of the country, and they approve of everything he does. Everything.”

    Indeed, Trump’s supporters have been enthused by his response to the Hurricane Harvey and their support for him has been further hardened by the media’s coverage of the natural disaster.

    Trump made an early swing through Southeast Texas to view the devastation and will return on Saturday. The government’s early response to the crisis has looked coordinated and thorough, but Trump’s allies have been frustrated by stories about first lady Melania Trump’s shoes and what many in the media characterized as a lack of empathy from the president.

    “Harvey showed the country is ready to come together with the exception of the media, which is just creating divisiveness,” said one former Trump adviser. “While Trump and Melania were focused on the victims, the media looked petty.” [snip]

    And some of the August drama could benefit the president in the long run.

    On the memorable Friday night when Harvey bore down on Texas, the White House pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio and took action to bar transgender people from the military, actions that are likely to please Trump’s base.

    And the White House has already seen a decrease in drama with new chief of staff John Kelly at the helm and Bannon and many of his allies forced out.

    “The cleansing that took place in August, I think we’ll look at it in three or six months from now and be able to say things are working much better,” said the former Trump adviser. “The culture in the White House was corrosive and toxic. Now the culture is unifying.”

    The “blowback” against PDT from “Republicans” comes from the same “Republicans” President Trump beat.

    As to the polls, it’s not that they are “wrong” it is that silly people don’t know how to analyze the polls. Every time that Trump has been attacked as “racist” or something equally ugly certain Trump supporters become “shy” Trump supporters. Perhaps it is because these Trump supporters don’t want to be called “racist” or don’t want to defend Trump because they are surrounded by Obama Dimocrats in their communities.

    Whatever the reason, when there is Big Media race-baiting against Trump, some Trump supporters go “shy”, so it appears on the surface that PDT has lost support. That’s what happened during the primaries and during the election and continues now. “Shy” Trump supporters however remain Trump supporters. Trump voters. And as long as Trump supporters remain Trump supporters, shy or not, it’s 2016 all over again, except in 2018 the GOP is set for big wins.

    One final word about the big wins for the GOP in 2018. In 2018 the new senators that emerge in victory will be Trump supporters. That’s what will happen in Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Montana, etc. The 2018 class of GOP senators will be Trump supporters.

  22. Admin & Trumpsters…

    …so much for “no empathy” huh…

    Don Lemon, Mika & Joe, Donny Deutch, Ana Navarro, Joy Reid and many others…are getting smashed (& schlonged) right about now

    there goes their ‘racist, no heart’ narrative

  23. PDT out encouraging & thanking Americans during this unprecedented American tragedy; PDT is meeting with the people, including many children & encouraging & supporting them while Sen John McCain is in Italy badmouthing PDT AGAIN!

    Sen John McCain should be ashamed of himself; while our country it trying to pick up the pieces McCain is in Italy insulting our President & Commander in Chief…

    imo…Senator McCain is disgraceful…he is a grouching old man who thinks he entitled to defeat PDT’s agenda…time for him…and The Flake to retire…give Arizona a chance to succeed and be great again…

    McCain’s judgement is extremely poor…

  24. one last thing…there are someone wonderful photos of PDT with multiple kids and Dr Ben Carson beaming in the background…it really has been a heartwarming day…all things considered…

  25. McCain is one sorry a$$ man.
    We will forever be indebted for his service and the horrors he endured as a POW. That’s one area President Trump and I disagree on, I truly think he first should have never said it, and second, apologized.
    That being said, McCain has used those horrible events to elicit power and money, and his behavior, especially the past two years, are unforgivable. And clearly the years prior were i.e. keating 5, it was 5?, anyway, he’s in it for himself and not America and for him to go
    Overseas, especially at this time, and diss our President, well, maybe that tumor has taken over his brain completely and we are dealing with alien McCain.

  26. The best way to attack John McCain is to attack his puppet Jeff Flake. Isolate McCain. Once McCain sees Arizona GOP rejects Jeff Flake and that even the governor supports PDT, McCain will be neutralized completely.

  27. disappointed in Lois Pope, big philanthropist in Palm Beach & Trump supporter; she runs one of the charities that pulled out of Mar a Lago after Charlotesville comments & moved big charity to The Breakers

    sent tweet to her…Lois, PDT has been proven correct, DHS & FBI have listed Antifa as a domestic terrorist group; PDT was right, the violence in VA was on both sides; & both sides are bad…do not fall for PC pressure

    all these people that blasted PDT for those comments should be apologizing to him…PDT was right & he has the DHS & the FBI to back up what he said…

  28. The most ridiculous thing all year really is this feigning of horror after Trumps comments over Charlottesville…
    He was spot on and as far as I am concerned, f/u all.
    I have donated to Harvey but I will not donate to the Red Cross or unfortunately the Salvation Army after they pulled out because of Trumps spot on comments.
    It saddens me because I have thought the World of the Salvation Army .
    I wrote them and left a voice mail.

  29. Mormaer
    September 2, 2017 at 7:16 am

    “I would go further and not call it Obama policies but rather globalist policies which are not even US policies but rather EU, UN, Davos, one world blob with open borders and markets to concentrate and shift wealth. Obama was their flunky too and why he has zero influence post-presidency.”

    Point well taken- Agreed, Obama will be eternally encumbered and be chafing under the globalist yoke for the rest of his life. May become suicidal after years and years of payback for the years enjoying the perks of the presidency. If only Hillary had been elected as planned. Obama installed with a high paying cushy job in the West Wing replacing Jarrett with Hillary… Hillary would have been a globalist toady for America, because of hidden health reasons, creating daily public news videos crushing the American spirit raising both fists in the air telling victims of Hurricane Harvey to ‘suck it up!’
    John McCain flys to Italy to attend International Forum with pal Lindsey Graham and uses the opportunity on the world stage to trash America and Trump:

    The story itself is forgettable…
    The comment section is a ‘must read’-


    Hurricane victim Shanna Miles and Likisha Collins spoke to President Trump and then told ABC:

    “I had a different opinion of him, now I think he’s a wonderful man. He’s a really cool dude when you get to meet him!”

    This was amazing.

    The Left is now officially freaking out…the cat’s out of the bag…PDT really is a cool dude!

  31. In Italy? Senators McCain & Graham are perhaps in good company. By Nick Squires, rome 23 AUGUST 2017
    “The mayor of Florence has apologised after yelling “Allahu Akbar” as a joke at his Venetian counterpart after a debate which discussed radicalisation and terrorism.
    The two mayors were at a conference in Rimini, on Italy’s Adriatic coast, when the bizarre encounter happened.
    They had just left a debate in which Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice, said that if any terrorist was thinking of attacking his city, he would be gunned down by the security forces within seconds.

    “If someone shouts Allahu Akbar while running through St Mark’s Square, we’ll shoot them,” Mr Brugnaro said. “A year ago, I said (they’d be shot) after four steps, now I’m saying it would happen after three.” To hammer home the point, he also issued the warning in Venetian dialect, telling his audience “Ghe sparemo” – “We’ll shoot them”. After the debate was over, Mr Nardella burst into a room yelling “Allahu Akbar”, to the amusement of Venice’s mayor and other delegates. But the “joke” was caught on camera and widely disseminated by the Italian media, with commentators saying it was in poor taste, especially in the wake of the Barcelona terrorist attacks.
    In response, Mr Nardella wrote an apology on his Facebook page. “I’m sorry for certain remarks which were caught on video and published online,” he said….”

  32. John McCain – vindictive

    Having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge. synonyms: vengeful · revengeful · unforgiving · resentful · acrimonious · bitter · spiteful · mean · rancorous · venomous · malicious · malevolent · nasty.

    Sad to think this is how he chooses to spend his remaining days on earth.

  33. For John McCain and Ted Kennedy to have remained credible after the diagnosis of brain cancer, that they could have had for some time, says what empty suites these people are. If they ever had souls, they don’t own them and the people they represent are greedy, degenerate elitists trying to hang on to their failed system.

    Best they move on by the ballot box, then by what comes next.

  34. Despite POTUS having disavowed white supremacists in Charlettesville many times over many days, on they march. Published 9/2/17, on they march. Due in DC Tuesday. Guess they may be able to protest whatever DACA ruling he has then too.
    Charlottesville to DC march against white supremacy moves through Northern Virginia
    AUQUIER COUNTY, Va. (ABC7) — Activists marching from Charlottesville, Virginia to DC passed through Fauquier County Saturday as they continue their 100+ mile protest in response to what they called President Donald Trump’s failure to confront the white supremacy on display at a violent rally in the Virginia city earlier this month.
    Dozens of protesters are marching to the nation’s capital hoping to dismantle white supremacy. The 10-day march, which began last Monday, was organized by groups including the Women’s March on Washington, Color of Change, Indivisible, Mijente, Repairers of the Breach and the Movement for Black Lives.

  35. Google needs to be regulated. We cannot allow a private partisan driven organization with a globalist agenda to violate the first, second, and fourth amendment rights of the American People, as they are currently doing, and will do more of in the future. They have an economic monopoly in two of seven areas, which allows them to pick economic winners and losers. Worse, however, they are acquiring a de facto monopoly over political discourse, and THEREIN lies the real threat they pose to our future, unless we fancy a future of robotics, useless lives, slavery and death panels. For that is the pot of fools gold the lies at the end of their rainbow. It is fine and well for them to say they will do no evil. But we cannot trust them to decide what is and is not evil, because recent history has shown they are tyrannical and oppressive. The answer to the economic and political risk they present, and the threat they pose to the basic liberties set forth in the constitution, they must be regulated, and their unsavory alliance with the deep state must also have a wall of separation imposed. Today, we are at dire risk of losing all that our nation stood for over the centuries, all in one thoughtless lazy generation. Regulate google through a non partisan agency. That is a moral imperative.

  36. Bravo wbb. And Google employees claim to have used only their spare time to concoct the “Indivisible” movement conveniently sponsoring that parade re September 3, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    From article about PA Governor Wolf introducing indivisible to a rally
    When we put the Indivisible Guide online as a poorly formatted, typo-filled Google Doc, we never imagined how far and fast it would spread. More than 4,500 local groups have signed up to resist the Trump agenda in nearly every congressional district in the country. What’s more, you all are putting the guide into action—showing up en masse to congressional district offices and events, and flooding the congressional phone lines. You’re resisting—and it’s working.
    [I took license with some of the wording – like “Google Doc” 🙂 ]

  37. Kiss of death. This reads more like comedy than politics:

    Democrats are expressing concern that advisers and aides to former President Obama have already begun signaling which candidate they might support for the White House in 2020.

    Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama’s closest confidantes, and David Simas, the CEO of Obama’s foundation, have sent smoke signals urging former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to enter the race.

    Simas, who once served as a top aide to Patrick, is an ardent supporter of Patrick, sources tell The Hill, while Jarrett has privately told friends that she would do what it takes to support him.

    And Politico reported last month that Jarrett believes a President Patrick is “what my heart desires.”

    At the same time, friends of Jarrett’s say that while she would love for Patrick to run, she is also open to other candidates.

    Others in Obamaworld have quietly been buzzing about the excitement behind a potential Patrick run.

    Axios’s Mike Allen mentioned Patrick as a favorite in Obamaworld in his popular newsletter on Friday.

    Other former aides close to Obama say they would support a run by former Vice President Joe Biden, if he decides to launch a bid in 2020. [snip]

    One top Obama fundraiser, however, said it’s clear the inner circle has a clear favorite in Patrick and that it’s no coincidence they’ve put that storyline out there.

    “It’s blatantly overt,” the fundraiser said told The Hill.

    The fundraiser speculated that one reason Obama’s circle is putting out smoke about Patrick is to take away oxygen from Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

    A lot of people in our world see Deval as the one who will carry the Obama legacy. Kamala has labeled herself as the female Obama but Deval was Obama before Obama was Obama,” the fundraiser said. [snip]

    It’s difficult to see either Patrick or Harris becoming a frontrunner in the race, particularly with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) signaling his continued interest. Sanders will attend two events on Monday in New Hampshire.

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is another potential favorite and frontrunner should she choose to enter the race. [snip]

    One former aide to Clinton said there’s a danger with Obama heavyweights being seen as aligning with a candidate because it could deepen factions within the party.

    The fight between the Sanders and Clinton wings from 2016 has left scars, with supporters of both candidates blaming the other, at least to a degree, over President Trump’s victory.

    Another “Obama third term” candidate, this one a black loser from Massachusetts who was governor just like Dukakis. Old coot Bernie Sanders from Vermont, idiot Kamala Harris from California, Pocahontas from Massachusetts too, all from the northeast. Add hair plugs Biden with the son who sexes the other son’s widow.

    In 2020 we expected about 24 Dims to run. But that was a few months ago. We now expect the number will be closer to 36 (including Hillary). Losers all. Trump2020.

  38. Legislators can’t sell us out fast enough:

    “Self Drive Act” Passes House Committee 54-0: Safety Standards Scrapped, 25,000 Driverless Cars Coming Right Up

    Many contend that self-driving trucks and cars will not happen anytime soon for numerous reasons (most of them easily refuted).

    One of the reasons is of lack of approval from Congress.

    That argument will go on the ash heap of history by the end of the year because a bipartisan House Panel Approves Legislation Speeding Up Deployment of Self-Driving Cars.

  39. I am not going to parse the words used by General Mattis.

    A threat to the US and/or our allies will be met with massive retaliation but it will not destroy North Korea but we have many many options.

    Gobbledeeg gook/

    Here is the leverage here.

    If China believes Japan will develop a nuclear bomb to protect itself against North Korea, then China will strangle the little monkey in North Korea.

    There is only one country in the world China fears, and it is not us. Obama saw to that—fucking weenie ass that he was.


    And most of all, China fears a nuclear Japan.

    So if it were my call, I would announce to the world that if Japan wants a nuclear weapon to protect itself against North Korea, we will oblige.

    That is far better than namecalling, or making threats that are so vague that they cannot be understood, and therefore will be.

    Mattis brags about reading Socrates, when he needs to be reading either Metternick or Kissinger.

  40. legalinsurrection…

    Warning or Incitement? SPLC Publishes List of Places, Monuments With “Confederate”

    Says they’re potential “catalysts” to “unleash more turmoil and bloodshed”

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) SPLC has repeatedly listed a great many mainstream, right-leaning, and/or conservative groups and persons as “hate groups.” So indiscriminate are they in their listings that they have been forced to retract “hate group” claims when called upon to provide evidence or to defend its categorization.

    The SPLC has been making news lately in relation to its being touted as an “authority” on “hate groups.” SPLC lists are being used not only by unbalanced people who believe the lists and then go on a rampage but as a means of internet censorship and even massive, unscrupulous fundraising in the wake of Charlottesville.

    In a 2007 interview, a former SPLC spokesman proudly boasted that the goal of SPLC, its “aim in life,” is to “destroy these groups, completely destroy them.”

    PJ Media reports:

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has gained traction in recent weeks, but contrary to media reports, the group does not exist to “monitor hate groups” but to destroy groups that it targets for “strictly ideological” reasons. In light of large donations from Apple, J.P. Morgan, and George Clooney, and CNN’s favorable coverage of the SPLC, Americans should learn the real motivations behind this far-left organization.

    In the words of SPLC former spokesman Mark Potok (who spent 20 years as a senior fellow at the SPLC and only retired this year, according to LinkedIn), the group does not exist to monitor hate groups.

    “Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate groups, I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, completely destroy them,” Potok declared at an event in Michigan in 2007.

    Potok reiterated this point at a Vermont school group in 2008. “You are able to destroy these groups sometimes by the things you publish,” he declared. “It’s not so much that they will bring down the police or the federal agents on their head, it’s that you can sometimes so mortally embarrass these groups that they will be destroyed” (emphasis added).

    The SPLC “mortally embarrasses” groups by equating mainstream conservative, Christian, and other organizations with the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists. Make no mistake, this is not a “hate group monitoring” organization, it’s a far-Left defamation racket that exists to target any group it disagrees with politically.

    Apparently, this new mission of smearing people and groups who are not regressive has been lucrative, but it’s also rather sad to see a once-important law group turn into partisan hacks spreading the hate they claim to oppose. [emphasis added]

    The SPLC appears to be purposeful in its inaccurate branding of conservatives, Republicans, Christians, and “fly-over” Americans as members of the KKK or as the more fluid catch-all “white supremacists.” They’re not alone in this, so it’s no surprise that the radical left’s army of black bloc and antifa beat anyone whom they decide, in their frenzied mob attacks, is a “Nazi.”

    The SPLC isn’t content simply to “destroy” conservative and non-leftist groups and persons. They’re moving now into the on-going regressive effort to erase American history.

    Indeed, perhaps no group is more excited about the eradication of American history than the SPLC. They’ve published a helpful list of places and things bearing Confederate names, presumably hoping that the rabid antifa, black bloc, random leftists, et al. decide to make it their mission to eradicate the memory of the Confederacy.

    CNS reports:

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has now branded hundreds of counties, cities, schools and U.S. military bases as potential catalysts to “unleash more turmoil and bloodshed” – because of their names.

    The SPLC website says it has compiled a list of 1,503 place names, monuments and symbols it wants its supporters to demand be eradicated:

    “Following the Charleston massacre, the Southern Poverty Law Center launched an effort to catalog and map Confederate place names and other symbols in public spaces, both in the South and across the nation. This study, while far from comprehensive, identified a total of 1,503.”

    “More than 1,500 Confederate monuments stand in communities like Charlottesville with the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed.”

    These include:

    718 monuments and statues, nearly 300 of which are in Georgia, Virginia or North Carolina;
    109 public schools named for Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis or other Confederate icons;
    80 counties and cities named for Confederates;
    9 official Confederate holidays in six states; and
    10 U.S. military bases named for Confederates.
    “We will never solve our community’s problems if an entire group of citizens is alienated or feels targeted for discrimination,” SPLC says.

    Some of the county names the SPLC says make citizens feel “targeted for discrimination” are:

    Chilton County, Alabama,
    Pasco County, Florida,
    Hendry County, Florida,
    Wheeler County, Georgia,
    Bleckley County, Georgia,
    Benton County, Mississippi,
    Vance County, North Carolina,
    Foard County, Texas,
    Reagan County, Texas,
    Terry County, Texas
    “But, it’s not just counties and monuments the SPLC wants to eliminate. In all, the SPLC is targeting:”

    Holidays and other observances;
    School names,
    Military bases, and
    Other public works
    “The top 10 most hateful states, ranked by SPLC by number of offenses, are:”

    Virginia: 223

    Texas: 178 ( we’re #2 so we try harder…mine lol )

    Georgia: 174

    N. Carolina: 140

    Mississippi: 131

    S. Carolina: 112

    Alabama: 107

    Louisiana: 91

    Tennessee: 80

    Florida: 61

    Tucker did a segment on the SPLC’s latest attempt to agitate social unrest:

  41. More evidence we are right about Trump winning in 2018 and 2020:

    In this part of the US, people are rooting for Trump more than ever

    Ruffs Dale, Pa. — Hunched over in his workshop, Leon Moyer slices through a board with a miter saw, its hum piercing the air. It’s the sound of business for Moyer, who has run a sign making company in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, since 1984.

    A few feet away lies a stack of signs blaring “President Donald Trump” and a pile of bumper stickers bearing the legend “CNN Sucks.” Almost a year after America sent The Donald to the White House, Moyer is still selling pro-Trump signage. Homes and businesses all over this county, which is mostly registered Democrat, continue to declare their allegiance to the Republican outsider.

    “Last year, when people were asking me to make [signs] for them, I was fairly surprised. Republican political signs really aren’t a big thing for me, and, well, this is a big Democrat area. The signs were everywhere, and everyone wanted one.”

    So far, Moyer estimates he’s sold “thousands” of pro-Trump signs.

    How many people ordered signs for Hillary?

    “One. That would be one person. Which kind of surprised me given how Democratic this area is,” he said. Moyer said he had requests for oversized Trump signs, small ones, individualized ones: “You name it, people were asking for them.”

    “They still ask for them,” he added. “Not much has changed in the sentiments here for Trump.”

    That includes his own. Moyer, too, is a registered Democrat who voted for Trump — and yes, he is still optimistic about his presidency.

    Trump is facing serious challenges right now: hemorrhaging staff, the Russia investigation, North Korea’s aggression, a failure to initially condemn neo-Nazis for a woman’s death at a protest and an inability, so far, to fix ObamaCare have all led to heightened criticism. [snip]

    But not approving of everything the president does doesn’t mean his voters have stopped supporting him. It is important to note that nearly 100,000 voters in this state switched their party registration from Democratic to Republican in 2016.

    This trending away from Democratic presidential candidates in Pennsylvania started years ago: In 1996, Bill Clinton won 28 of the state’s 67 counties; in 2012, Barack Obama won just 13.

    Overall, the Republican Party has gained 100,000 new registered voters in Pennsylvania, knocking the Democrats’ lead of 913,017 down to 808,974. That number includes 31,000 new registered Republicans in Philadelphia. Yes, Philadelphia.

    Last year, pollsters were convinced Pennsylvania would swing blue. Evidence of Trump signs — the kind of placards made by Moyer, which dotted rural counties all over the state — was dismissed as anecdotal, not proper scientific data. But Trump’s victory upended that narrative.

    Is this switch in party affiliation another sign the polls are missing? Hard to say for certain. But you would think this time it should not be ignored. “I suppose the best way to sum this up is that [with] voters on both sides, sentiments have not shifted, but the resentment towards each other has. Our misunderstanding of each other has deepened,” said Moyer.

    In the past few months, a CNN producer and a “Scandal” star have called people who voted for Trump “stupid.” Their contempt has registered with voters in this part of the country, and it has only served to escalate their commitment to the president.

    Despite his flaws, Trump voters are waving the flag for their underdog candidate in a show of defiance. Many don’t think he is on the ropes, and they believe he will eventually get results. Customers are still coming into Moyer’s shop, requesting pro-Trump signs for the first time, wanting to show their support. They want to send a message: The establishment may hate the president, but his voters have got his back. [snip]

    The same is true of 2017. Trump voters aren’t just changing their party allegiance, they’re crystallizing a new identity: as common-sense Americans bound together against seemingly hostile liberals who appear to disdain their way of life.

    And the Democrats have done nothing to win over these voters, nothing.

    Hillary Clinton accomplished everything that Democrats always did to win Pennsylvania (win Philly and surrounding suburbs, Pittsburg). She still lost Pennsylvania. This means that Trump upended not only the results of Pennsylvania. Trump also destroyed the strategic theories of how to win Pennsylvania. How the Dims get out of this trap is almost impossible to imagine.

  42. Purge the GOPe:

    After two years of lectures about “principles” and “the Rule of law” by the establishment-loving hacks furious that normal Americans rejected them and elected Donald Trump, their performance last week demonstrated that their high-minded dedication to conservatism is all a fraud. It’s not about “principles” or “the Rule of Law.” It’s only about holding on to power – theirs.

    Let’s take the latest in a seemingly endless series of #fails from that smarmy dope Paul Ryan, King of the Fredocons. First, he rushed to help out the liberals with their ridiculous narrative about how Donald Trump is a “Nazi” (Wait, I thought the narrative memo had him being a Russian fifth columnist – damn, our president sure is versatile!). You couldn’t keep Ryan from eagerly jumping in with his usual more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger-about-Trump thing to help the left push its latest meme. Antifa though? Not so fast! Ryan, the poodle that he is, obediently waited until Nancy Pelosi led the way and offered some tepid words about these commie blackshirts and their thirst for blood before Brave Sir Ryan ran out and offered some tepid words about these commie blackshirts and their thirst for blood.

    Paul Ryan is a guy who can’t even take his own side in a fight – or, more to the point, our side in a fight. Now, a quick quiz: When Donald Trump proposed to keep his promise to the Republican voters who elected him and end the unconstitutional DACA program that the Obama administration enacted to ignore duly-enacted immigration laws, what did Passive Paul do?

    A. Ryan immediately offered his support for the president undoing this Rule of Law abomination that Ryan expressly called “unconstitutional” on Fox back in October 2014.

    B. Ryan immediately demanded the president not undo this Rule of Law abomination that Ryan expressly called “unconstitutional” on Fox back in October 2014.

    C. Ryan immediately asked someone to explain what the phrase “keep his promise to the Republican voters who elected him” means.

    D. B and C

    So, for the benefit of us suckers, basically Ryan was against DACA when it couldn’t be undone, but is now panicking when it can be undone because it might actually be undone – unless President Trump lets Ryan roll him, in which case he deserves to be laughed at in exactly the way his Never Trump enemies will laugh at him.

    Gosh, this DACA two-step kind of reminds me of Obamacare and how gung-ho the True Conservatives were to repeal it when they couldn’t repeal it and how suddenly they turned ungung-ho when they actually could. Weird. If I was cynical, I’d say that it seems like the establishment GOP has been lying to our faces for years and years, but that couldn’t be true because our establishment betters have principles and stuff.

    Of course, it’s not just the Wisconsin Wimp shifting into conservagimp mode. Soon-to-be-former Senator Jeff Flake, that braying doofus, naturally joined the cave-in chorus. Ben Sasse, Flake’s braying doofus doppelgänger, probably joined in, but I refuse to spend valuable time looking at his tedious Twitter feed to find out. And since it involved betraying Republicans, you have got to assume John “Blue Falcon” McCain is in on it too.

    Yeah, because “principles” and stuff. Because enforcing the law is the most important thing there is, except for doing what the rich guys who fund the establishment want. That’s really the most important thing.

    Yeah, so after nearly two years of tiresome finger-wagging about “the Rule of Law” and how we need to put our “principles” above our desire for “winning,” the whole sordid scam we always knew it always was is revealed for the world to see. They can’t hide it anymore and they aren’t even trying. Their glorious “conservative principles” aren’t principles at all but a skeevy ploy designed to tie our hands and keep us from pursuing policy goals our establishment coalition partners disfavor. They want open borders. They want illegals. They want cheap foreign labor that doesn’t get uppity to man their donors’ corporations so the Captains of Crony Capitalism don’t have to fuss with American workers who won’t tolerate being treated like chattel. Yeah, “we’re better than that” all right – if you mean that we are better than enforcing the laws the American people passed through a constitutional process if the ruling class decides it doesn’t like them.

    “The Rule of Law” is for us, not for them. “The Rule of Law” was supposed to be a shield to protect us from the ravages of the powerful, but our Truer-Than-You Cons use it as a sword to cut our legs out from under us and keep us from defending our own interests.

    Oh, you can’t possibly exercise the power against our leftist enemies that they always exercise against you. Because principles.

    Oh, you can’t possibly be uncouth and actually fight back against our enemies. Because principles.

    Oh, a principle is getting in the way of something the establishment wants? What’s a principle?

    So now, suddenly, Congress is moving to try and keep DACA alive through gasp! – legislation, though that’s probably not going to happen since most GOP legislators understand that amnesty is ballot box poison. See, that’s why they loved DACA – they can’t pass it as a law, so they simply feigned outrage for the benefit of us rubes when Obama did exactly what they wanted with his pen.

    And in the most Congressional GOP move of all possible Congressional GOP moves, they now want to try to pass a proposed DACA fix using Democrat votes and so their proposed deal to the Democrats – who really, really want 800,000 future voters – is to trade it for…wait for it…still waiting…nothing. The GOP isn’t asking for anything. No new limits on immigrants, no reform of chain immigration, certainly no wall. Nothing. I hope the dealer tries out this innovative new negotiation strategy on me the next time I bargain to lease a fine German sports sedan. [snip]

    Here’s the thing. There are two parties in America, one to the right and one to the left. The left/right spectrum used to be the only axis that mattered, and the coalitions within the parties fit pretty well, if not perfectly. But the bipartisan establishment, the meritless meritocracy that rules us, grew more arrogant even as it grew more inept. It ignored problems and troubling trends even as it cashed-in for itself over the decades. I remember working in Congress back in Washington in 1986, and the region was not rich and it was not fancy. But now it’s fantastically rich and fantastically fancy. But the establishment ignored the normals out in America as it gorged on the fruits of the normals’ labor, and that’s why a second axis arose and intersected with the American politician spectrum. This new axis measures pro- or con- regarding the status quo and the ruling class. So now there are really four political parties stuffed into two political party infrastructures:
    1.Right, pro-establishment (The RINOs)
    2.Right, anti-establishment (The Trump voters)
    3.Left, pro-establishment (Hillary’s snobby urban corporatist jerk corps)
    4.Left, anti-establishment (The Bernie/Warren/Stalin Axis of Venezuela)

    This explains why we see the DC establishment unifying to protect its power and privilege – and holding us normals in utter contempt. Most Democrat senators and Republican senators have much more in common with each other than with us – to the GOP establishment, Trump’s clearly the bigger threat than a counterpart across the aisle. It also explains why you hear about Bernie supporters who went for Trump instead of Felonia von Pantsuit. That’s the fault line – the desire to keep or destroy this monstrous status quo. This new axis will reshape the political parties as their uncomfortable coalitions jockey for control of their respective party’s infrastructure (Yeah, the Dems have big problems too). Hell, it may reshape – violently – our whole country if we aren’t careful.

    The fact is that the establishment doesn’t care about “the Rule of Law” or “principles” – it cares about its own power and maintaining the status quo. So keep that in mind the next time you hear some establishment snob lecturing you on how you are morally obligated not to do anything to advance you own interests because of “principles.”

    It’s all just another lie.

  43. The White House plans to delay the enforcement of the president’s decision to end the illegal DACA program for six months, giving Congress a window to act, according to one White House official.

    But a senior White House aide said that chief of staff John Kelly, who has been running the West Wing policy process on the issue, “thinks Congress should’ve gotten its act together a lot longer ago.”
    Congress is a bunch of fuck ups. They go on vacation when they should be working. Ryan says don’t end DACA, because that means I must come up with something to replace it, and I am too lazy and incompetent to do this. The people of Janesville are idiots to vote for him, so he can build a wall around his house but refuse to authorize a wall for the border states who are facing the ravages of drugs, and gang violence. He is their village idiot. What he is itching for is to slash social security and medicare.

  44. Ryan will never really attack SS, I don’t think, it’s part of the American fabric and there would be riots. They do, and can, further weaken it by refusing cost of living raises, age eligibility requirements increased, more people will die and not collect that way, a win win for the government. Ryan doesn’t have the balls for a full frontal assault on anything other than Trumps morals or lack there of, according to all things Ryan, or should I say his puppet masters, the Globalists.

  45. So if it were my call, I would announce to the world that if Japan wants a nuclear weapon to protect itself against North Korea, we will oblige.


    That might work, and would be our only option if we don’t go to war with
    North Korea soon, like in the next few months.

    The window for military action is closing. North Korea has successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb, and in a few days will demonstrate an ICBM that I believe will be capable of hitting the U.S. mainland.

    Bannon has said the window has already closed, unless someone can explain to him how a million South Koreans don’t die from NK artillery fire in the first hour of confict.

    My answer to Bannon is, unless someone can explain to me how a million AMERICANS die in the first hour, the window is still open.

    But the window — MY version of it — is closing fast.

    As I’ve said before, I hold these truths to be self-evident:

    That our Creator is not indifferent to the human condition, but actively intervenes in the course of human events when necessary;

    That in 2016 he elevated a brash, tough non-politician to the highest political office on earth;

    That the most plausible reason for doing so is to guide the world through a catastrophic war, ensuring that the good guys win; and

    That the good guys are NOT the ones who throw people in prison camps for practicing Christianity.

    Therefore, I am still predicting that the U.S. will go to war with North Korea, very soon, possibly before year end.

    The war will be a nuclear one, and millions will die. I pray that most of the dead will not be Americans or Japanese.

    I believe that Mattis has a solid plan in place to utterly destroy North Korea. I believe the plan will work. I believe the U.S. has already decided to implement that plan.

    I believe that they are hoping to provoke Kim into making the first move, since China has already signalled they will stand aside in that case.

    I believe that if Kim doesn’t make the first move, the U.S. will be forced into a pre-emptive strike on North Korea.

    I believe we are prepared to take that step.

  46. gonzotx
    September 4, 2017 at 10:03 am
    Ryan would never attack social security?

    Not only would he, but he already has.

    Back in 2008 he was floating a proposal to preserve social security only for those aged 55 and above.

    And how do you think that would make people under 55 feel, continuing to pay into a fund which they will have no access to.

    The other thing to remember is that the millenial was raised in the world of computers, and computer people have no respect for seniority, for statues, or anything that came before.

    Like the Nazis who came before them, they are building a new world. We are part of the past, and the past must be discarded.

    Ultimately, they will not like that new world, but by the time they wake up, it will be too late.

    Therefore, the question becomes this: how we prevent them from dragging the rest of us down one of those paths that lead only to despair and from which no one ever returns.

    When you cannot beat them, and will not in good conscience join them in their utterly destructive enterprise, you have only one option: run for your life.

    As for Ryan, he has been tapped by the globalists to carry out their mission. There can be no doubt about that. He is a spitting image of Eddie Munster, and that should be the basis for predicting what the will do.

    He is a clear and present danger to the republic, ergo somehow someway he needs to be removed from power.

  47. The elites love to attack Trump for his unfiltered tweets and statements, while ignoring the fact that most of the time, damned near everything he says turns out to be true. Have you noticed? Surely you have. I have talked about a friend of mine whose integrity, insights and brilliance never cease to amaze me. She summed up Donald Trump in one word: authentic. And in a world of phony elitists who bow scrape and suck dick to get to where they are, and are consumed with power, money and nothing else, his authenticity is the thing about him they can least stand, because they gave up whatever authenticity they once had in a Faustian Pact from which there is no way out. The question, then, is how do we prevent these miscreants, the Paul Ryans of this world from taking the rest of us down. That is not an academic question, it is a practical one, and when you look around you realize that some very difficult life choices must be made. Trump is the only hope I see on the horizon, as far as I can see ahead.

  48. Agree that Trump is the only hope and he’s plenty good enough. And imo the tweets are catching on, some at Fox reporting Trump tweets as well as tweets of others … AS NEWS!
    Since January 26 2017 PA Senator Casey has whipped himself into a frenzy spreading lies about Donald. And he’s made headway on several levels. Here’s the one which has my current focus upon now as it is the first “Top Democrat” headline he’s had at Fox. (Add him to admin’s list of Dem 2020 hopefuls. & somewhere there’s Gillibrand paired with Kamela whatever her name is.)
    At Fox News now:
    Trump expected to end Obama-era DACA program
    – Top Dem rips Trump DACA move on Labor Day
    – DACA: NY Gov. Cuomo threatens lawsuit if Trump ends Obama program

    Sept 4, 2017

    Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, Revelations that allege former FBI Director James Comey started work on his statement clearing Hillary Clinton of any charges against her long (3 mos) before the FBI’s investigation into her email scandal was complete have led one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers to brand the FBI investigation
    “a fraud on the American people.” Here’s Jay Sekulow on FOX.

  50. I had heard that a few days or week ago about Comey, yet peeps, we will see.

    I remember Ryan doing that with his 55 plan, nobody supported it, not really, if I remember right, that was when they were floating around that he was a policy wonk… not so much… pretty much a failure. Where’s Tip O’Neil or Newt when you need them. Globalists see SS as part of the welfare game I think, keeping the masses under control. though we contribute quite a bit to it, they will always see it as a welfare type benefit for the aged. It incenses me when they say that by the way.
    They, government, have stolen so many funds from SS and never paid any back, no wonder it’s not solvent. I believe it was Clinton that first passed legislation to let that happen. Old slick Willie…I could be wrong, often am, as one poster here likes to claim anyway.

  51. Admin
    You have got to embed this video of an Antifa thug getting blasted by a water cannon, priceless, found at ACE but I can’t just link it so it’s in the short article, I promise it will make you smile!

  52. Charles Beard was the foremost historian of the early twentieth century. His analysis of the motives of the founding fathers discovered economic motives behind the lofty republican ideals they espoused in their writings. That was controversial at the time, but was later accepted as common wisdom.

    But when the US entered World War II, he became a pariah, just as Lindberg did. Both men opposed entering the war. For Lindberg, it was a sense that western civilization was on the decline, and strong leadership was necessary. For Beard, the reason was quite different. What he feared, and accurately foresaw was not that we would lose the war, but in the course of winning the war we would lose the republic—to the deep state and to corporations.

    From the interrment of Japanese citizens and the loss of their property, to the recruitment of Nazis into our military industrial complex after the war, to the rise of the CIA which Truman regarded as his greatest regret, to the fact that the past six Presidential candidates have had deep ties to the CIA unbeknownst to the general population, to waterboarding, to domestic spying, to the unleashing of radical groups to take down the last remains of the nation state to pave the way for global government, Beard read the tea leaves with remarkable clarity

    The most important issue facing the nation today is not terrorism, North Korea, or any of the other crises which obsess big media, those lying snakes. The biggest issue is whethere the American People or the deep state will be sovereign. There is that sense in the deep state that we will destroy any democratically elected leader who does not follow our lead, or one who shines the light on our mistakes, and treachery. And we will be here long after he is gone. We love numbnuts bottom feeders like Chas Schumer because we can control him. We hate Trump because he marches to his own drum and he will expose us for the treacherous people we really are. So spare me the moral platitudes that the majority of the CIA and FBI are loyal hardworking Americans. Truth to tell, they are rank and file members of a corrupt system and are no better than their bosses who we now know are corrupt.

    Term limits; public funding of elections; transparency; protect legitimate whistleblowers who expose government corruption; hang leakers who leake information for partisan advantage or to feel important. The deep state is a greater threat to this country than any threat emanating from outside. This democracy will rise or fall depending on whether and to what extent it is able to curtail their influence. Beard warned us. But we did not leesen. Maybe now we will. Maybe.

  53. Irma is on tract to hit Miami on Friday. Florida is in a state of emergency. There are projections Irma could become a Cat 5 hurricane. The only thing that might take some wind out of it is if it hits land in Cuba.

  54. Now in his controversial new work, Who Are We?, Huntington focuses on an identity crisis closer to home as he examines the impact other civilizations and their values are having on our own country.

    America was founded by British settlers who brought with them a distinct culture, says Huntington, including the English language, Protestant values, individualism, religious commitment, and respect for law. The waves of immigrants that later came to the United States gradually accepted these values and assimilated into America’s Anglo-Protestant culture. More recently, however, our national identity has been eroded by the problems of assimilating massive numbers of primarily Hispanic immigrants and challenged by issues such as bilingualism, multiculturalism, the devaluation of citizenship, and the “denationalization” of American elites.

    September 11 brought a revival of American patriotism and a renewal of American identity, but already there are signs that this revival is fading. Huntington argues the need for us to reassert the core values that make us Americans. Timely and thought-provoking, Who Are We? is an important book that is certain to shape our national conversation about who we are.

  55. wbboei says:
    “The most important issue facing the nation today is not terrorism, North Korea, or any of the other crises which obsess big media, those lying snakes. The biggest issue is whethere the American People or the deep state will be sovereign.”
    In a way, I can understand how the deep state might have begun as something more innocuous.

    Here in Silicon Valley, it’s common for a founding CEO to be fired after just a couple of quarters of earnings that are below expectations.

    Often, his replacement is fairly clueless. He might understand the broad high-tech industry, but he often knows little about the company’s particular niche, and even less about the company’s products and services.

    In such a situation, we senior engineering staffers don’t even try to hide our contempt for the new boss. We ignore his orders, and continue doing things our way, which we consider the right way. We tell ourselves, “He doesn’t get it, and that’s ok. WE’RE the ones who really run things around here.”

    I suspect the same thing goes on in Washington. Trump gets elected, and career military guys like McMasters, Mattis, and yes, Kelly, say to themselves, “WTF? This real-estate developer is now commander-in-chief, and he thinks he’s an expert on foreign policy? We’ll try to educate him on how the world really works. And if that fails, we’ll just ignore him and do the right thing. After all, WE’RE the ones who really run things around here.”

    Left unchecked, that attitude can lead to forgetting that it was THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE to install that real-estate developer as commander-in-chief. And so we now have a situation where, if enough GOPe congress-critters join the Democrats, the people’s choice could actually be thrown out of office. On a totally, 100% fabricated charge of collusion with the Russians. Aided and abetted by a totally biased media.

    It’s outrageous. Yet the deep state doesn’t see it that way. They say to themselves: “We’re just saving the country from a bad mistake. After all, WE’RE the ones who are really in charge here.”

  56. Checked Verrit and we have a prediction. Verrit will soon undergo major re-design. It is unreadable. It is a muddled message mess.

    Second Verrit prediction: it will die an ugly death sooner than anyone expects.

  57. NJLURKER 2
    September 5, 2017 at 12:12 am

    Anybody try Verrit yet?

    Is that an OTC product for rashes? Seriously this is late stage hysteria and an attempt to rationalize and continue cognitive dissonance which is extremely painful. Like putting an ice pack on a compound fracture.

  58. Jeff Sessions is going to shoot and kill DACA on live TV! With an elephant gun. He will give a purely legal analysis which will go straight over the heads of the 85 IQ Dems including the governor of NY and his state attorney general. No questions from the media. Then they will have to go to their “legal analysis” guys who will stroke out on LIVE TV.
    DACA now gets batted to the Congress. There will be platitudes, screaming, virtue signalling, and then moss growing on dead DACA. If they do go ahead and file lawsuits, the 9 opposing state attorney generals (led by Ken Paxton of Texas with Gov Abbott calling the shots) they can just file a quickie brief where it is already pending in Brownsville with Judge Hanen to I suppose to consolidate all of their oppositional crap. Do you get the feeling that these Dem legal eagles haven’t been following this issue over the past 3-4 years too closely and missed jurisdiction class at Harvard?

    So Congress will kill it the way they do best. By doing nothing. They don’t have time with all their delay and hamstringing of Trump earlier this year, primaries coming up soon, and who wants to give up their Republican house or senate seat for illegal aliens? Trump played them. Long game. The sad Dreamer stories didn’t work in the presidential election, why do they think they are going to work now? Dreamers are more important and vital to the US than citizens? Or hurricane victims (maybe two hurricanes!) Run on that in 2018. Try it. See Jeff Flake. See incumbent Jeff Flake down 25 points.
    Lucky Trump.

  59. FoxNews beginning at 5 am hour also has backing for PDT, recalling that Obama himself has called DACA a stop gap measure (2011-2012 era).
    One of the anchors referenced Obama’s threat to speak out today if DACA plug is pulled …
    she advised Obama to exhibit some humility within those FB + twitter announcements but concluded they probably would be hate generating.
    Finally, this Pennsylvanian, notes that Fox chose to disseminate a most unflattering visage of Bob Casey in promoting his barnburner Labor Day speech.

    and Fox is piling on more. Add this to Mormaer’s arsenal and it could be a very good day for America’s People’s President.

  60. Protesters in NYC on 5th Ave near Trump Tower of course, are out in great numbers. Eh, maybe not great.
    The several ABC interviewed don’t look too sharp. I call them Gullibles. The last interviewee, a teen male, vowed to go to the street daily for his cause. Probably the best excitement this poor chap has ever had.

    Irma. Good luck Floridians & whoever is next. Hard to believe she just would not steer north a few days back.

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