August 21: Shakespeare, Astrology, And The Fall Of President Trump

It’s over for Trump… again. Again and again President Trump’s opponents reveal new levels of madness as they concoct Rube Goldberg fantasies and inject political hallucinogenics into their already fever mad bloodstreams. The arts of divination is now where the totalitarian left looks to for succor. It’s in the stars where the left looks for astrological portents that herald the fall of Trump.

The totalitarian left abates its breath until August 21, the date of the massive eclipse of the sun and portents of the downfall of a king. But we won’t mock the astrological arts today. However, at the end of this article we do post a warning to the totalitarian left regarding the astrological arts compared to political prognostication.

We can’t mock the astrological arts. Anyone who has read Joseph Campbell understands “The Power of Myth”. We who revere the literary work of William Shakespeare understand the power of myth, providence, and prognostication. From King Lear, Act I Scene II:

GLOUCESTER: These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us. Though the wisdom of nature can reason it thus and thus, yet nature finds itself scourged by the sequent effects. Love cools, friendship falls off, brothers divide, in cities mutinies, in countries discord, in palaces treason, and the bond cracked ’twixt son and father. This villain of mine comes under the prediction—there’s son against father. The king falls from bias of nature—there’s father against child. We have seen the best of our time. Machinations, hollowness, treachery, and all ruinous disorders follow us disquietly to our graves. Find out this villain, Edmund. It shall lose thee nothing. Do it carefully.—And the noble and true-hearted Kent banished, his offense honesty! ‘Tis strange, strange.


EDMUND: This is the excellent foppery of the world that when we are sick in fortune—often the surfeit of our own behavior—we make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon, and the stars, as if we were villains by necessity, fools by heavenly compulsion, knaves, thieves, and treachers by spherical predominance, drunkards, liars, and adulterers by an enforced obedience of planetary influence, and all that we are evil in by a divine thrusting-on. An admirable evasion of whoremaster man, to lay his goatish disposition to the charge of a star! My father compounded with my mother under the dragon’s tail and my nativity was under Ursa Major, so that it follows I am rough and lecherous. Fut, I should have been that I am, had the maidenliest star in the firmament twinkled on my bastardizing.

In Julius Caesar the portents of the assassination to come on the “Ides of March” are writ large in the stars, in omens, and from seers who warn from the streets. Caesar’s assassin, Brutus, is named throughout the ages and in the Divine Comedy by Dante, along with Judas, as one engaged in the most unpardonable sin – treachery. Mistakenly, and this is but a precursor warning from us to those who fantasize the fall of President Trump, Brutus believes fortune is on his side:

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves
Or lose our ventures.

The totalitarian left believes that like Brutus they are in grace with fortune and men’s eyes. Like Brutus they will find themselves run through and bleeding by the sword of history. Edmund and Edgar deck our analysis with Shakespearean vigor:

EDGAR: How now, brother Edmund? What serious contemplation are you in?

EDMUND: I am thinking, brother, of a prediction I read this other day, what should follow these eclipses.

EDGAR: Do you busy yourself about that?

EDMUND: I promise you, the effects he writes of succeed unhappily — as of unnaturalness between the child and the parent, death, dearth, dissolutions of ancient amities, divisions in state, menaces and maledictions against king and nobles, needless diffidences, banishment of friends, dissipation of cohorts, nuptial breaches, and I know not what.

How long have you been a sectary astronomical?

For Shakespeare the fall of kings and commoners was often tied, at least in a literary sense, to the stars:

In the first part of Henry VI, there is the following reference to comets and their portent:

“Hung ye the heavens with black, yield day to night,
Comets, importing change of times and states,
Brandish your crystal tresses in the sky,
And with them scourge the bad revolting stars
That have consented to Henry’s death.”

In the same play, Talbot thus addresses his son:

“I did send for thee
To tutor thee in stratagems of war
But O malignant and ill-boding stars
Now thou art come to the feast of death,
A terrible and unavoided danger.”

In All’s Well That Ends Well, Helena and Monsieur Parolles have the following conversation:

Helena. “Monsieur Parolles, you were born under a charitable star.
Parolles. Under Mars, I.
Helena. I especially think under Mars.
Parolles. Why under Mars?
Helena. The wars have so kept you under, that you needs be born under Mars.
Parolles. When he was predominant?
Helena. When he was retrograde, I think, rather.”

The retrogression of a planet, which was said to have an oppressive effect, may also have been alluded to by the King in Hamlet, when he observes, “”It is most retrograde to our desire.”

In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo rebels against the astral destiny of his beloved, when he hears the news of her death:

“Is it even so? Then I defy you stars . . . “

Later, in the tomb, he exclaims:

“O here
Will I set up my everlasting rest
And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh.”

Conversely, in The Tempest, Prospero alluding to his lucky star says:

“I find my Zenith doth depend upon
A most auspicious star; whose influence,
If now I court not, but omit, my fortunes
Will ever after droop.”

Shakespeare might have been a skeptic or an adherent of astrology. In any case Shakespeare understood it’s power as a literary device.

The totalitarian left has always proclaimed itself as atheist, without any belief in the power of providence that Abraham Lincoln declared guided his life and presidency:

The will of God prevails. In great contests each party claims to act in accordance with the will of God. Both may be, and one must be, wrong. God cannot be for and against the same thing at the same time. In the present civil war, it is quite possible that God’s purpose is something different from the purpose of either party; and yet the human instrumentalities, working just as they do, are of the best adaptation to effect His purpose.

The totalitarian left likewise mocks astrology – except when it masturbates their fantasies of the fall of Trump. Herewith, the leftist swamp Newsweek:

The Solar Eclipse Could Mean Disaster for Trump, According to Astrologers

Donald Trump’s presidency was written in the stars—at least that’s what astrologers are saying. He was born during a lunar eclipse, they point out, which makes him more susceptible to the power of eclipses. And if eclipses are monumental celestial events with real-world consequences, as astrologers believe, then the rare total solar eclipse happening in August could have major implications for Trump, especially given the growing drama around his administration.

“There’s been a lot of conversation about this eclipse in terms of what’s going on with Donald Trump,” says Wade Caves, an astrological consultant who earlier in July published a 29-page analysis of the coming eclipse. “The astrological world has been completely buzzing with this for quite some time, even more so since Donald Trump was inaugurated.”

On August 21, the solar eclipse will occur as the moon passes between Earth and the sun, casting a shadow about 70 miles wide on the U.S. Total solar eclipses happen every year and a half or so, but this is the first time since 1918 conditions will align so that the shadow will cross the entire continent, in what is called the “path of totality.” It’s also the first eclipse since 1776 whose path falls exclusively in the U.S. [snip]

“Solar eclipses have been interpreted as evil omens by many civilizations because the life-giving sunlight is obscured for a few minutes,” wrote space scientist Duncan Steel in his 2001 book Eclipse: The Celestial Phenomenon that Changed the Course of History. Steel pointed out that accounts of the death of Jesus Christ have depicted a so-called “Crucifixion eclipse,” and that the ancient Chinese would beat drums and shoot arrows into the sky to ward off what they believed was a dragon devouring the sun. [snip]

“So there’s this symbolism that’s built in with eclipses about…things coming to a close, and in often a very dramatic fashion.”

The August eclipse is not only unique because of its rarity, astrologers claim, but also because the astrological activity associated with it happens to line up with that of the president. The eclipse is occurring in Leo, for instance, which is rising in Trump’s chart. The lion is the symbol for Leo, and thus the sign represents rulers and kings. “At the moment that he was born, certain degrees were activated. This eclipse is activating those same degrees,” Caves says about Trump. When other aspects of the eclipse are taken into account, he adds, “a lot of astrologers are expecting some kind of downfall, some kind of ruin, some kind of difficulty.”

For the leftist delusionist totalitarians the August 21 eclipse portends the fall of Trump. One astrologer maps the stars:

At this moment, she says, the U.S. is in a dramatic period, and “then this eclipse comes along” that “can be expected to spark this frustration and quite possibly set it off.” As she explains it, the moon represents the common people, and the sun represents the leader. Then the moon blocks the sun and “the lights go out.”

The effects of the coming eclipse could take time to show up, according to astrologers’ claims. Caves believes the impact will appear over the next two years because the eclipse will take around two hours to cross the continent (for a solar eclipse, astrologers interpret each hour as a year). The result could be “a loss of a leader in some sense,” he says, whether literal or symbolic. “It seems to me very possible that by this time next year, we’re looking at the reality of Trump not being in office.”

In February, DeLeo-Moolenaar wrote on her blog Archetypal Assets that she finds it significant how the eclipse will involve Uranus, according to astrological charts. That planet, she wrote, “disrupts everything that it touches. It is a lightning bolt from the blue. Serious change in any direction and on a major scale.” And because Uranus “will make close aspects to Mr. Trump’s natal Mars,” she wrote, “this will be a power surge—provoking a crisis of some sort. Whether for good or evil, we can’t know in advance.”

Marjorie Orr, another astrologer, pointed out last November, just four days after the election, that the August eclipse is part of what space scientists know as the Saros series, which has included eclipses in 1909, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981 and 1999. Orr noted the major political events in those years: the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a period of unrest in Chicago that involved bombings and an attempted assassination of President William Taft. “Usually this series places strains on personal relationships, induces hasty decisions on the basis of false information and is associated with tiredness or health problems,” she wrote. “Certainly this eclipse presages violence in one form or another.”

The astrology blogger Eugene Johnson predicted in April: “This eclipse by itself does not suggest that the U.S. is in immediate peril for war, but it alerts us to be prepared for some kind of significant, perhaps shattering, event here in America.” Johnson noted that the chart for the eclipse will involve Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. “I can safely say that this eclipse series will mark important developments on the world stage because of the high preponderance of outer planets involved,” he added.

Caves has published perhaps the most thorough analysis. He wrote that the position of the eclipse in relation to the star Al Jabhah traditionally “brings loss and danger,” and that when it involves a military officer—or president—it suggests the possibility of mutiny by soldiers.

Caves singled out certain dates that could prove significant: October 10, November 21, November 26 and December 17 through 19. It’s “possible that there will be a sudden health issue that lands on Trump’s shoulders, pulling him out of the Oval. It’s also quite reasonable to suspect ousting, either through official channels (i.e. impeachment) or a mutiny behind closed doors,” he wrote. “What we can say with reasonable assurance is that these charts, when properly considered, make it difficult to imagine Trump has smooth sailing ahead.”

This totalitarian screed by Newsweek and most of the astrologers cited is not astrology. It is political prognostication. There is no one better at political prognostication than we here at Big Pink and we know this is political nonsense disguised as astrology. That Moolenaar character ends her “astrological” screed with this bit of political nonsense:

No one can tell in advance what will happen. This is the nature of both eclipses and Uranus transits. But for what it’s worth, I’m putting my money on some sort of frenzied, angry, ego-driven communication made by Trump that will seriously disrupt /alter the position of the United States re: its neighbours, Mexico and/or Canada.

That’s leftist political wish-casting bullsh*t from a loon. It’s politics disguised as astrology.

That Orr kook? This is how she ends her political screed disguised as some starry fair-minded astrological prognostication:

So this influence definitely attacks both the government and US democracy, either by dragging scandals into the open or letting loose hard right-wing fanatics.

Yet another left-wing fanatic posing as an astrologer does not know the difference between the Watergate hearings in Congress and the Army/McCarthy hearings during the Eisenhower years. Yet this idiot dares make his political leanings paramount in his phony astrology:

It seems, from an astrological perspective, that DJT is the ‘man of the hour’ for America; that the karma of the nation has sprung him upon the US at a moment of great need for a leader, but, in what seems to be a cruel trick, the savior has clay feet, maybe clay all the way to the top of his head, and a motor mouth that he cannot seem to control.

This loon who is two rocks short of the moon declares that Secretary of State Tillerson on a visit to the 38th parallel in South Korea appeared in “his manner, words and tone resounding authority and threatening.” No discussion about the totalitarian nature of North Korea and the menace it poses to the world. In his defense, at least this political “astrologer” acknowledges that maybe all this trouble to be seen coming in August might be about North Korea.

And that’s where a lot of these leftist claptrap astrological death forecasts for Trump come down to. They say ‘a leader will die’ then surmise that leader is Trump. Maybe it is Nancy Pelousy with all her scandals about to kiss the dirt. Maybe it is the clearly unhealthy Bill Clinton. Maybe Hillary Clinton will have another seizure. Maybe Barack Obama will choke on his crack pipe. Maybe Chuck Schumer will swallow his tongue. Maybe President Trump is away from the White House not because of heating and air conditioning installations. Perhaps it is to be able to plan a surprise for North Korea in secret, away from leakers? Maybe the swinging star that is about to fall will be on the fat kid in North Korea.

These leftist phony “astrologers” fantasize that President Trump will fall even as every other “it’s over for Trump” fantasy has failed. It’s a cycle of failure for these leftist loons.

* * * * * *

So why do we waste our time on these loons and their incessant “it’s over for Trump” pornography? We do so because there is a valuable lesson for President Trump and his associates to learn from astrology.

At the beginning we stated that we would issue a warning to these anti-Trump fantasists who dream of the fall of Trump on August 21. We’ve seen this play out before you leftist loon wackos. We refer of course to the great astrologer Dr. John Dee.

Dr. John Dee was astrologer to the monarch that ruled England during William Shakespeare’s time. The great Queen Elizabeth that brought in The Golden Age for England in much the same manner as President Trump seeks to “Make America Great Again”, was beset by astrological portents and omens that forecast her demise and the demise of England.

The greatest empire in the world at that time was Spain. Rich Spain with it’s conquests and treasuries full of gold from the Incas and Mayans bristled against protestant England. The Spanish king denuded Spain of its forests in order to build a great armada to attack, invade, and conquer England.

The English Queen, beset by the political establishment of her time, with an empty treasury, and enemies foreign and domestic which attacked her at every turn sought counsel from the celestial orbs. Queen Elizabeth set off to consult her astrologer Dr. John Dee:

Dr. Dee looked not at the stars but at Elizabeth’s face in order to map her fate. His advice to Elizabeth the Queen was to let her wings soar about the winds. Let Elizabeth be Elizabeth.

Dr. Dee forecast “the rise of a great empire, Majesty, and the fall of another”. Which empire would fall and which would rise was not discernable. Elizabeth rallied her people to her star.

All doubt was cast aside. The eagle soared above the waves and the ships of the enemy set afire and sent into the storm.

The lesson to President Trump’s enemies is to beware of political astrology that is nothing but wishes and false Hope and Change.

The lesson to President Trump is to cast out all doubt and doubters. Soar in the mighty wind. Fly over the flames of your enemies. Make America Great Again. Let Trump be Trump.


109 thoughts on “August 21: Shakespeare, Astrology, And The Fall Of President Trump

  1. The fall of Pelousy:

    Democrats begin to see Pelosi as a 2018 problem

    Nancy Pelosi might actually be in trouble.

    In a survey of 20 Democratic House candidates, only one – a former Senate staffer from Orange County, California – would state support for the congresswoman staying on as leader of the House Democratic Caucus. Of the rest, 18 declined to say if Pelosi should keep her job, while one, a political newcomer from a culturally conservative Ohio district, said he would vote for someone other than Pelosi.

    Their refusal is a remarkable development for an already embattled minority leader, even if other congressional leaders, like Republicans House Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, are similarly unpopular in polls. More significant, however, are the implications that the candidates’ refusal carries for next year’s midterm elections.

    Democrats are eager to win a majority buoyed by voters’ disapproval of President Donald Trump. But Pelosi’s own deep unpopularity has proven a major hindrance to Democrats in recent campaigns. After Democrats lost a special election in June, some party insiders blamed Pelosi directly.

    We are overdue for a new generation of leadership,” said Kenneth Harbaugh, a candidate in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District, and the only candidate surveyed who was a hard no on voting for Pelosi as leader. “We have a remarkable opportunity in front of us, and it’s going to take new thinking and new leadership to capitalize on it.”

    Harbaugh, a former Navy pilot and graduate of Yale Law School, compared Pelosi’s leadership post to his service in the military.

    “You are the captain of that ship and commander of that aircraft, and if it runs aground, it doesn’t matter where the mistake was made … the captain is held accountable,” he said.

    A Pelosi aide dismissed the survey’s findings, arguing that Pelosi remains firmly established as the Democratic leader while candidates focus on more important issues. [snip]

    Although Democrats other than Harbaugh were not so unequivocal in their opposition to Pelosi, many offered caustic assessments of her leadership, and the political liability she poses.

    “President Putin probably has a better approval rating in Georgia than Nancy Pelosi,” said David Kim, a candidate in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District.

    Kim’s district neighbors Georgia’s 6th District, where Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff delighted liberals earlier this year with his unexpectedly strong bid to win a traditional Republican stronghold in the Atlanta suburbs.

    But Ossoff lost his race in June, and immediately some Democrats blamed Pelosi. Republicans had almost obsessively focused on her during the campaign, winning over independents and Trump-skeptical GOP voters with a message that tied Democratic candidate to his would-be caucus leader at every turn.

    “We need leadership change,” New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice, who has been critical of Pelosi in the past, told CNN in the aftermath of that loss. “It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to go, and the entire leadership team.”

    Ossoff’s loss and Pelosi’s role in it weigh heavily on Democrats – so much so that her role as a rainmaker for candidates nationwide is no longer enough to motivate would-be lawmakers to talk about supporting the House leader. [snip]

    Each of their districts is among House Democrats’ top targets of 2018, the kind of competitive races where Pelosi could be a severe liability. Polls show the Democratic leader is deeply unpopular: 53 percent of voters have a negative view of her, according to a June poll from Quinnipiac University. Just 27 percent of them have a favorable opinion.

    Republicans intend to exploit that, promising to make Pelosi an issue even for Democrats who will not declare their support for her leadership.

    Democratic candidates and their ties to Nancy Pelosi will be an issue in every single competitive race next fall,” said Matt Gorman, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. “Whether or not they claim to vote for her as speaker, they’ll be another vote for her and her big-spending policies in congress.”

    Only one Democratic candidate contacted said he would support Pelosi — Kia Hamadanchy, running in California’s 45th Congressional District.

    But it’s not easy for Democratic candidates to oppose her. Pushing away Pelosi means pushing away the donors who are close to her — a potentially fatal development, especially in a year where nearly every Democratic House candidate faces a competitive primary before even reaching a general election.

    “If you say ‘yes’ now, you’re screwed,” said one Democratic strategist, who requested anonymity to speak candidly about a sensitive intra-party issue. “You say ‘no” now, you’re screwed, just in a different way.”

  2. Being far left is no longer enough. You have to be far far far far far far far far far farther out left:

    Democrats control every lever of power in California state government, and free from worrying about major losses to Republicans, they’re training fire instead on each other.

    The latest example is a recall effort against Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, a strong progressive now targeted by party activists upset that he derailed a bill seeking government-funded health care for all.

    The Rendon recall comes as the California Democratic Party contends with a protracted leadership battle that is as much about donors and messaging as it is about ideals. It follows a contentious battle among environmentalists over the state’s cap-and-trade law to fight climate change, which some thought was too deferential to oil companies.

    The kooks want the kook out because he stopped a single payer bill that as he put it did not address how to pay for the hundreds of billions it would cost, as well as how this would actually work.

  3. …haven’t had a chance to read the above in detail…it will require time to absorb the profound literary references…

    however on the surface, suffice to say that almost every single astrologer predicted that PDT would lose and not become President…full of multiple reasons why in their jargon of aspects, risings, etc…just saying… : )

  4. Great read. I think the sanctions on North Korea is a Big deal but the MSN leads off the news talking about bad weather (and much sympathy and prayers to those affected) but a nuclear warhead would be much worse.

  5. The racketeer influenced and corrupt dim/deep state/big media organization fail to realizes that the fault lies not in the stars but in themselves.

    And not because they have failed to act boldly (which was Cassius point), but because they have overreacted in ways that defy common sense, and imperil the republic.

    Meanwhile, it appears that President Trump is going on the offensive against the Mueller witch hunt.

    This represents which a well deserved slap in the face to Rosenstein who is out there denying that it is a witch hunt. This nerd has every reason in the world to say because he is personally the one who authorized it to get his own butt off the hot seat.

    Some believe Mueller should be removed based on clear conflicts, mission creep, and hyperpartisan intentions. Castrating Bob Mueller will be the next best alternative.

    If Ben Sasse wants to commit suicide over this, I will offer my services as his second, and will insist the strict dueling rules be observed—appear at the dueling green at sunrise, select a lethal weapon, start walking on my command, take twenty paces, and blow his brains out, or be though a coward.
    President Trump and his campaign organization are going to war against the Russia investigations, said an official involved in the effort, launching a multipronged public relations offensive to spread distrust of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

    Capitol Hill Republicans and Washington legal professionals say Mr. Trump should keep out of the investigation and focus on governing because his protestations keep the story in the media spotlight and make him look defensive.

    But the president is determined to confront head on the allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia and expose the investigation to be a political hit job. Marshaling opposition from Mr. Trump’s base, the thinking goes, will make it more difficult for Mr. Mueller’s investigation to bring down the Trump presidency.

    “This is a war,” said Bruce Levell, a member of the Trump re-election campaign’s advisory board. “Why would we stop talking to the American people? That is the best thing you can do: keep talking to your base. And guess what? The base is growing.”

    White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Sunday blasted the Russian probe as a “conclusion in search of evidence.”

    “They’ve come up with nothing,” she said on ABC’s “This Week.” “We’ve been doing this for almost a year now, and what is there to show for it? What has actually metastasized in a way that we can say, ‘Wow, there’s a smoking gun’?”

    She pointed to Mr. Trump’s rally last week with supporters in West Virginia, saying the president is making good on his promises to the voters while the political class obsesses over a “hypothetical.”

    “People just can’t get over that election,” she said. “The president is going to continue to talk about America, and I suppose others, sadly, will continue to talk about Russia.”

    Fighting Mr. Mueller’s open-ended probe to the court of public opinion is part of a broader effort to get more aggressive pushing Mr. Trump’s message on every front, which includes the president’s consideration of senior adviser Stephen Miller for the job of communications director after his feisty exchange with CNN’s Robert Acosta at a White House briefing.

    The Mueller probe into Russian meddling in the election and allegations of Trump campaign collusion appears to be reaching into Mr. Trump’s vast business empire and the financial transactions of his associates, a move the president warned would be crossing a red line.

    Mr. Trump also has eroding support among congressional Republicans, who overwhelmingly approved new Russian sanctions that took away the president’s ability to unilaterally lift them. The bill, which the president reluctantly signed into law, sent a powerful message that he cannot count on support from Republican lawmakers.

    David K. Rehr, a law professor who teaches strategic Washington leadership at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School, said Mr. Trump benefits from keeping his side of the story in the public eye and forcing the news media to cover his comments and his rallies.

    “It is one of his limited tools to keep public pressure on what is an open-ended, secretive probe that is likely to go on for years with little accountability of time spent or tax dollars being expended,” he said. “His comments keep the partisanship of the probe in the public eye, with the hopes of undermining its legitimacy.”

    Mr. Trump has some distance to go to build the type of popular support President Clinton had when he was impeached by the House but not removed from office in a trial by the Republican-majority Senate. His acquittal in 1999 was all the more spectacular given the bitter opposition to his presidency from the Republican Party.

    Mr. Trump remains far from that level of political jeopardy. However, there are lessons to be learned from Mr. Clinton’s survival instincts.

    Mr. Clinton benefited from the ability to keep his job approval numbers above 50 percent throughout the scandal over his extramarital affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and his impeachment over obstruction of justice and perjury charges.

    Mr. Trump’s job approval rating stands at 38 percent in the Real Clear Politics average of recent surveys.

    Last week, Mr. Trump took his case to the American people, telling a massive campaign-style rally in West Virginia that the Russia investigation was a Democratic hoax to threaten his election victory.

    “They are trying to cheat you out of the leadership you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and most importantly demeaning to our country and demeaning to our Constitution,” he told a crowd of more roughly 8,600 people filling an arena in Huntington, West Virginia. “We didn’t win because of Russia. We won because of you.”

    He gave them the cue to reject as laughable allegations of collusion with Russia to interfere in the presidential election.

    “Have you seen any Russians in West Virginia or Ohio or Pennsylvania? Are there any Russians here tonight? Any Russians?” he said. “They can’t beat us at the voting booths, so they are trying to cheat you out of the future and the future that you want.”

    The next day, Mr. Trump’s surrogates from the campaign were back and hammering home the message.

    Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, the YouTube star sisters from North Carolina who became campaign trail sensations stumping for the Trump campaign last year, delivered the message on “Fox & Friends.”

    Mrs. Hardaway said the president was being railroaded.

    “We know it was no collusion, and it’s a slap in the American people’s face,” she said. “We got out. We voted for him. We rushed to the polls and voted for him, and now you want to blame Russia. No. These were the American people that voted for the president.”

  6. My Grandfather was an Astrologer. One born of an eclipse would be empowered, not ruled by them. Can these people get any sillier? I’ll tell you what, I put more faith in the poinsettia in my garden, that bloomed this last holiday bright red as Trump took office. It is now green and is growing at epic proportions despite the seriously hot summer we are having.

    I say Admin has it and Trump is astrologically on the rise.

  7. The strategy of some, Ty Cobb perhaps, of letting Mueller run the public relations football down the field to the 1 yard line, and then engage, seems to me a clear example of too little too late. That may be a legal strategy which he is required to take, because after Rosenstein’s megapolitical fuck up, he must take the facts as he finds them, and deal with the formalities of the legal process. But it is a suicidal political strategy, and the best evidence of that is the fact that the never Trumpers are encouraging him to do exactly that, which is to say nothing, and concentrate on governance. If they are for it, we are against it. These never Trumpers are traitors of a different kind.

  8. Lu4PUMA
    August 6, 2017 at 8:07 pm
    I guessing that none of these so called astrologers voted for Trump. That being the case, even if the process had validity, the motive of the interpreters would be highly suspect.

  9. That date will be easy to remember for me, especially since it’s the day before my 15th wedding anniversary.

  10. can you imagine going from Trump Tower to cockroachs, vermin, flies and failing air conditioning…eeeewwww!

    Ever since President Trump was elected the left has been doing all they can to create a scandal that would bring Trump down. For starters, the left and the mainstream media concocted the fake Russian collusion story to explain Trump’s epic win over Hillary Clinton. Then they lost their minds when President Trump had two scoops of ice cream while everyone had one scoop at a White House dinner. Now, they are all up in arms over Trump supposedly calling the White House a “dump”, but whether Trump did say this or not, he has every right to after what was just found.

    It seems that whatever President Trump does it triggers liberals and the mainstream media to fly into an epic meltdown, and the recent White House renovations are no different. After the Obama’s resided in the White House for eight long years the “people’s house” has fallen into disrepair and is crawling with roaches and vermin. Now, while the die hard Obama-bots will try and deny this fact, the numerous articles written about it in the past proves it is true.

    The Atlantic reported back in 2013 how bad the roach and vermin problem was in the 213 old building. Martha Joynt Kumar, a professor of political science at Towson University recounted her brush with the nasty bug. “It was the size of a small drone, I wanted to bag it so that the GSA would know what kind of issue we had, I chased it. But it got away behind some wiring.”

    Also, reported on Barck Obama’s repulsive roach infestation back in 2013:

    “But one would think that the most powerful man in the richest country in the world could stop cockroaches, rats, and mice from taking over his home. Carter had mice. Bush had rats. And Obama has cockroaches.”

    “Perhaps it’s fitting that the entire White House press pool – the members of the media assigned to cover the President by their respective news outlets – are the main victims of the current cockroach problem. They spun their stories to help get Barack Obama elected and they’re even dedicated enough to censor the latest vomit-inducing episode just to spare the administration some embarrassment.”

    Even former Obama security spokesman Tommy Vietor told Politico that there were big bug issues in the White House. “We had bug zappers going 24/7, it’s the best office I will ever have, but that building is old and the infrastructure needs constant improvement.”

    Also, liberal CNN briefly touched on the constant pest problem at the White House and stated that there was a “persistent common house fly problem” which has been a “distraction during key meetings with senior officials.”

    Not only were roaches found throughout the White House, but there is also a huge house fly issue there as well. If you remember all during Obama’s administration he had an uncanny way of attracting the nasty bugs no matter where he went. That was noticed even before he was elected as president when he was on the campaign trail. As Freedom Daily previously reported, when Obama was being interviewed by a reporter in Nevada, it had to be cut short due to the swarm of flies surrounding Obama.

    And, that continued to happen throughout his presidency as well which was often caught on camera. So, it logical to assume that if Trump did indeed call the White House a dump it is actually the truth.

    Now, in order to get the White House back up to snuff, after the Obama’s let it fall apart, Trump and his family have left the historic home for 17-days. Extensive renovations have begun in the West Wing where maintenance crews will replace a barely functioning 27-year-old air conditioning system. Not only will the air conditioner finally be replaced, but there are also numerous ceiling leaks in the West Wing.

    White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters told reporters: ‘The HVAC systems are 27 years old, but due to the 24/7, 365-day use a year, the estimated age of the system based off of usage is 81 years old.’

    According to Walters, the South Portico steps on the South Lawn are also getting fixed, the first restoration in 64 years.

    There will be renovations in the Navy Mess kitchen, a lower lobby in the West Wing, and the IT system, along with ‘cosmetic upgrades’ like carpet and painting.

    With no AC in the West Wing, aides will be camping out in the Old Executive Office Building.

    ‘I don’t think any of you would like to be in the West Wing in an August D.C. summer day when it’s over 100 degrees with no air conditioning,’ said Walters.

    Politico reported that following heavy rains, there were three ceiling leaks in the West Wing.

    Even more upsetting than a leaky roof where the rumored reports that vermin ran amok in the presidential building.

    It is clear that this should have already been taken care of by Obama, but it wasn’t. Barack Obama and Michelle let the White House fall into such disrepair that the Trump family has to be displaced. There is no reason that the Obama’s should have treated the White House this way, but at least Trump is fixing it. Apparently, not only does President Trump have to clean up the mess Obama did to the country, but also what he left in the White House too.

  11. I remember last summer all the astrologers were predicting Hillary would win/Trump was doomed too. LOL Of course those nut jobs are liberals wishcasting.
    Seriously — no offense to any believers here — but ‘the Saros series, which has included eclipses in 1909, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981 and 1999’ had bad things happen is proof of nothing. You can literal pick ANY year and point to the ‘stars’ as an omen in retrospect. Take 2001 — what was Saturn doing that caused 9/11? Whatever helps those fools sleep at night, I guess.

  12. I remember astrologers also predicting that Hillary would win the Dim primaries back in 2008 too. Of course we all know how that turned out.

  13. Any mothers here? Tony Stark take a look at the latest lunacy from the left via the New York Times. Yes, the New York Times!:

    Motherhood is not a sacrifice, but a privilege — one that many of us choose selfishly. At its most atavistic, procreating ensures that our genes survive into the next generation. You could call this selfishness as biological imperative. On a personal level, when we bring into the world a being that is of us, someone we will protect and love and for whom we will do everything we can to help thrive and flourish, it begets the question, How is this selfless? Selflessness implies that we have no skin in the game. In motherhood, we’re all in.

    By reframing motherhood as a privilege, we redirect agency back to the mother, empowering her, celebrating her autonomy instead of her sacrifice. Granted, some of us have more autonomy than others. There are many mothers who would not have chosen motherhood, for financial or personal reasons. Still, by owning our roles as mothers and refusing the false accolades of martyrdom, we do more to empower all women.

    These people are really nuts. And to think this crap is published at the New York Times. The left will now demand Mothers’ Day be renamed “Mothers are selfish Day”.

  14. Leftist nut Peter Beinart is getting nervous because of his fellow nutjobs:

    The Rise of the Violent Left

    Since 1907, Portland, Oregon, has hosted an annual Rose Festival. Since 2007, the festival had included a parade down 82nd Avenue. Since 2013, the Republican Party of Multnomah County, which includes Portland, had taken part. This April, all of that changed.

    In the days leading up to the planned parade, a group called the Direct Action Alliance declared, “Fascists plan to march through the streets,” and warned, “Nazis will not march through Portland unopposed.” The alliance said it didn’t object to the Multnomah GOP itself, but to “fascists” who planned to infiltrate its ranks. Yet it also denounced marchers with “Trump flags” and “red maga hats” who could “normalize support for an orange man who bragged about sexually harassing women and who is waging a war of hate, racism and prejudice.” A second group, Oregon Students Empowered, created a Facebook page called “Shut down fascism! No nazis in Portland!”

    Next, the parade’s organizers received an anonymous email warning that if “Trump supporters” and others who promote “hateful rhetoric” marched, “we will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade … and drag and push those people out.” When Portland police said they lacked the resources to provide adequate security, the organizers canceled the parade. It was a sign of things to come.

    For progressives, Donald Trump is not just another Republican president. Seventy-six percent of Democrats, according to a Suffolk poll from last September, consider him a racist. Last March, according to a YouGov survey, 71 percent of Democrats agreed that his campaign contained “fascist undertones.” All of which raises a question that is likely to bedevil progressives for years to come: If you believe the president of the United States is leading a racist, fascist movement that threatens the rights, if not the lives, of vulnerable minorities, how far are you willing to go to stop it? [snip]

    On Inauguration Day, a masked activist punched the white-supremacist leader Richard Spencer. In February, protesters violently disrupted UC Berkeley’s plans to host a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, a former editor. In March, protesters pushed and shoved the controversial conservative political scientist Charles Murray when he spoke at Middlebury College, in Vermont.

    As far-flung as these incidents were, they have something crucial in common. Like the organizations that opposed the Multnomah County Republican Party’s participation in the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade, these activists appear to be linked to a movement called “antifa,” which is short for antifascist or Anti-Fascist Action. The movement’s secrecy makes definitively cataloging its activities difficult, but this much is certain: Antifa’s power is growing. And how the rest of the activist left responds will help define its moral character in the Trump age. [snip]

    For antifa, the result has been explosive growth. According to NYC Antifa, the group’s Twitter following nearly quadrupled in the first three weeks of January alone. (By summer, it exceeded 15,000.) Trump’s rise has also bred a new sympathy for antifa among some on the mainstream left. “Suddenly,” noted the antifa-aligned journal It’s Going Down, “anarchists and antifa, who have been demonized and sidelined by the wider Left have been hearing from liberals and Leftists, ‘you’ve been right all along.’ ” An article in The Nation argued that “to call Trumpism fascist” is to realize that it is “not well combated or contained by standard liberal appeals to reason.” The radical left, it said, offers “practical and serious responses in this political moment.”

    Those responses sometimes spill blood. Since antifa is heavily composed of anarchists, its activists place little faith in the state, which they consider complicit in fascism and racism. They prefer direct action: They pressure venues to deny white supremacists space to meet. They pressure employers to fire them and landlords to evict them. And when people they deem racists and fascists manage to assemble, antifa’s partisans try to break up their gatherings, including by force.

    Such tactics have elicited substantial support from the mainstream left. When the masked antifa activist was filmed assaulting Spencer on Inauguration Day, another piece in The Nation described his punch as an act of “kinetic beauty.” Slate ran an approving article about a humorous piano ballad that glorified the assault. Twitter was inundated with viral versions of the video set to different songs, prompting the former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau to tweet, “I don’t care how many different songs you set Richard Spencer being punched to, I’ll laugh at every one.”

    The violence is not directed only at avowed racists like Spencer: In June of last year, demonstrators—at least some of whom were associated with antifa—punched and threw eggs at people exiting a Trump rally in San Jose, California. An article in It’s Going Down celebrated the “righteous beatings.”

    Antifascists call such actions defensive. Hate speech against vulnerable minorities, they argue, leads to violence against vulnerable minorities. But Trump supporters and white nationalists see antifa’s attacks as an assault on their right to freely assemble, which they in turn seek to reassert. The result is a level of sustained political street warfare not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s. A few weeks after the attacks in San Jose, for instance, a white-supremacist leader announced that he would host a march in Sacramento to protest the attacks at Trump rallies. Anti-Fascist Action Sacramento called for a counterdemonstration; in the end, at least 10 people were stabbed.

    A similar cycle has played out at UC Berkeley. In February, masked antifascists broke store windows and hurled Molotov cocktails and rocks at police during a rally against the planned speech by Yiannopoulos. After the university canceled the speech out of what it called “concern for public safety,” white nationalists announced a “March on Berkeley” in support of “free speech.” At that rally, a 41-year-old man named Kyle Chapman, who was wearing a baseball helmet, ski goggles, shin guards, and a mask, smashed an antifa activist over the head with a wooden post. Suddenly, Trump supporters had a viral video of their own. A far-right crowdfunding site soon raised more than $80,000 for Chapman’s legal defense. (In January, the same site had offered a substantial reward for the identity of the antifascist who had punched Spencer.) A politicized fight culture is emerging, fueled by cheerleaders on both sides. As James Anderson, an editor at It’s Going Down, told Vice, “This shit is fun.” [snip]

    Now, in the Trump era, Portland has become a bastion of antifascist militancy. Masked protesters smashed store windows during multiday demonstrations following Trump’s election. In early April, antifa activists threw smoke bombs into a “Rally for Trump and Freedom” in the Portland suburb of Vancouver, Washington. A local paper said the ensuing melee resembled a mosh pit. [snip]

    As members of a largely anarchist movement, antifascists don’t want the government to stop white supremacists from gathering. They want to do so themselves, rendering the government impotent. With help from other left-wing activists, they’re already having some success at disrupting government. Demonstrators have interrupted so many city-council meetings that in February, the council met behind locked doors. In February and March, activists protesting police violence and the city’s investments in the Dakota Access Pipeline hounded Mayor Ted Wheeler so persistently at his home that he took refuge in a hotel. The fateful email to parade organizers warned, “The police cannot stop us from shutting down roads.”

    All of this fuels the fears of Trump supporters, who suspect that liberal bastions are refusing to protect their right to free speech. Joey Gibson, a Trump supporter who organized the June 4 Portland rally, told me that his “biggest pet peeve is when mayors have police stand down … They don’t want conservatives to be coming together and speaking.” To provide security at the rally, Gibson brought in a far-right militia called the Oath Keepers. In late June, James Buchal, the chair of the Multnomah County Republican Party, announced that it too would use militia members for security, because “volunteers don’t feel safe on the streets of Portland.”

    Antifa believes it is pursuing the opposite of authoritarianism. Many of its activists oppose the very notion of a centralized state. But in the name of protecting the vulnerable, antifascists have granted themselves the authority to decide which Americans may publicly assemble and which may not. That authority rests on no democratic foundation. Unlike the politicians they revile, the men and women of antifa cannot be voted out of office. Generally, they don’t even disclose their names.

    Antifa’s perceived legitimacy is inversely correlated with the government’s. Which is why, in the Trump era, the movement is growing like never before. As the president derides and subverts liberal-democratic norms, progressives face a choice. They can recommit to the rules of fair play, and try to limit the president’s corrosive effect, though they will often fail. Or they can, in revulsion or fear or righteous rage, try to deny racists and Trump supporters their political rights. From Middlebury to Berkeley to Portland, the latter approach is on the rise, especially among young people.

    Revulsion, fear, and rage are understandable. But one thing is clear. The people preventing Republicans from safely assembling on the streets of Portland may consider themselves fierce opponents of the authoritarianism growing on the American right. In truth, however, they are its unlikeliest allies.

    Bully-boy brown shirts of the left just like in the 1930s. The totalitarian left is still the totalitarian left. The kook totalitarian left is now the mainstream left.

    Beinart is one of the worst. Notice how he equates the victims (Trump supporters) with the perpetrators (antifa). Further Beinart constantly links “racists” with Trump supporters – giving himself the same vicious excuses as antifa does for shouting “racists”.

  15. There was a Seinfeld episode where his car was stunk up by a parking valet, and the lethal odor could not be vanquished, subsequently affecting all aspects of Jerry’s life. Similarly, I suspect that what’s really going on with the White House repairs is that they’re doing their best to get rid of that Obama stink, which must be unbearable after 8 minutes, let alone 8 years.

  16. Since the “spirit cooking” of the DC elites got exposed they have “retrograded” to plain old moon watching. If astrology fails to cough up their desired results it will require some goat entrails and chicken heads and how the Hoo Doo is the way to go.

    Hoodoo Voodoo
    Words by Woody Guthrie, Music by Billy Bragg, Wilco & Corey Harris

    Hoodoo voodoo,
    Seven twenty, one two;
    Haystacks, hostacks,
    A B C.
    High poker, low joker,
    Ninety nine a Zero;
    Sidewalk, streetcar,
    Dance a goofy dance.

    Blackbirdy, bluejay;
    One two three four;
    Trash back, jump back,
    E F G.
    Biggy hat, little hat,
    Fattyman, skinnyman;
    Grasshopper, greensnake,
    Hold my hand.

    Hoodoo voodoo
    Chooka chooky choochoo;
    True blue, how true;
    Kissle me now.

    Momma cat, Tommy Kat,
    Diapers on my clothes line;
    Two four six eight;
    I run hide.
    Pretty girl, pretty boy,
    Pony on a tincan.
    I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.

    Jinga jangler, tingalingle;
    Picture on a bricky wall;
    Hot and scamper, foamy lather;
    Huggle me close.
    Hot breeze, old cheese,
    Slicky slacky fish tail;
    Brush my hair and kissle me some more.

  17. admin
    August 7, 2017 at 1:56 am

    Summary of Peter Beinart article: Let’s you and him fight.
    Note: The Atlantic is funded by Mrs Jobs, widow. She is a dip-shit and mostly interested in swanning around Europe with her ex-mayor of DC boyfriend. She has a foundation for tax purposes.

  18. admin
    August 7, 2017 at 1:34 am
    Not surprised by how far The NY Times has fallen. That could have been written by my anarchist sister-in-law who’s a UC Berkeley graduate and teaching similar drivel to entitled idiots in a university in Spain.

  19. The noose around the beefy neck and bald head of Herbert Raymond McMaster appears to be tightening—notwithstanding a showing of support for him by the Administration. He reminds me of Soviet Marshall Zukoff who like HR grew too big for his britches, thus needed to be castrated, and Uncle Joe was just the man to do it. And so it is here with Soros man in the White House, see below.

    According to senior officials aware of his behavior, he [McMaster] constantly refers to Israel as the occupying power and insists falsely and constantly that a country named Palestine existed where Israel is located until 1948 when it was destroyed by the Jews,” Glick wrote of McMaster. “Many of you will remember that a few days before Trump’s visit to Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו and his advisers were blindsided when the Americans suddenly told them that no Israeli official was allowed to accompany Trump to the Western Wall. What hasn’t been reported is that it was McMaster who pressured Trump to agree not to let Netanyahu accompany him to the Western Wall.

    At the time, I and other reporters were led to believe that this was the decision of rogue anti-Israel officers at the US consulate in Jerusalem. But it wasn’t. It was McMaster. And even that, it works out wasn’t sufficient for McMaster.

    He pressured Trump to cancel his visit to the Wall and only visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial — ala the Islamists who insist that the only reason Israel exists is European guilt over the Holocaust.”

    What’s more, a piece out Sunday evening by Breitbart News’ Aaron Klein–this outlet’s Jerusalem Bureau chief–discovered deep troubling ties between McMaster and leftist billionaire GEORGE SOROS.

  20. Stubbo has got to go!

    McMaster not only challenges the president’s policy views, he has been known to disregard explicit instructions on personnel (Trump wanted Ezra Cohen to remain at his post as NSC intelligence chief, for example), and despite explicit presidential unhappiness with McMaster’s advocacy of sending large numbers of American troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, he continues to call for it, while he fights Trump’s wishes to declare Iran in violation of the nuclear deal, thereby ending the agreement.

    It’s ironic that McMaster is now being attacked for doing what he has most famously and popularly advocated: challenging political policy makers, even his commander in chief, when he thinks they are on the wrong course. On the other hand, the National Security Council isn’t supposed to craft policy; its role is to manage policy implementation across the government. To be sure, people like McMaster have strong convictions and will invariably and properly express them. The question is whether he has crossed the line between good management and policy making.

    Moreover, the recent personnel changes, seemingly reflecting an ideological conviction, raise the possibility that McMaster has violated his own call for dissenters to speak out. Those who were not in lockstep with McMaster’s own views are now looking for new jobs. Instead, the national security adviser who excoriated his predecessors for excessive compliance with their leaders’ policies now stands accused of firing those who were not compliant with his own preferences. This is not only in conflict with his own wise words about the Vietnam generation, but a bad way to shape policy. Good presidents and cabinet secretaries are best served by national security advisers who present them with a full range of views. Then the president decides, and the NSC is supposed to make sure that presidential decisions are indeed carried out. The NSC can’t fulfill its mission if dissenting views aren’t heard. Of late, dissenters have been fired, and the boss insists that the survivors toe his line.

  21. “By reframing motherhood as a privilege, we redirect agency back to the mother, empowering her, celebrating her autonomy instead of her sacrifice. Granted, some of us have more autonomy than others. There are many mothers who would not have chosen motherhood, for financial or personal reasons. Still, by owning our roles as mothers and refusing the false accolades of martyrdom, we do more to empower all women.”
    Lunacy, yes, but if it leads to giving parents more choice over how their children are schooled, I’m all for it.

  22. Jobs, jobs, jobs:

    iPhone Supplier Foxconn Announces Second Plant Coming to Michigan in Trump Era

    Apple iPhone supplier Foxconn has announced that it is planning a second manufacturing plant, this one in Michigan. After Foxconn announced a new plant in Wisconsin just last month, these newest jobs are coming to the second state that was key to President Trump’s election in 2016. [snip]

    The Michigan announcement is the second such expansion announced in a state that was crucial to Donald Trump’s 2016 election to the White House.

    At the end of July, President Trump announced that the iPhone supplier was to build a manufacturing plant in the Badger State at a site yet to be determined.

    Taiwan-based Foxconn is expected to invest $10 billion in the Wisconsin plant, which will employ around 3,000 workers. It is expected to expand over the next few years and bring on new workers. Foxconn plans to build flat-panel screens at the new Wisconsin plant.

    Foxconn is the world’s largest contract electronics maker and manufactures various parts for Apple’s iPhone as well as other makers’ brands. It operates vast factories in China but has never had a large presence in the United States.

  23. Newt agrees with our analysis:

  24. Who is Stubbo’s gumba?

    The only one I can think of is General Mattis.

    If Stubbo defies the president then General Kelly will eliminate him.

    I seriously doubt that Kelly will tolerate insubordination to the commander in chief

    And as I read Stubbo, he is capable of nothing else, given his unsavory connections with Soros.

  25. Republican Senate Blocks President Trump From Recess Appointments…

    August 4, 2017

    And remember, there are some people who think the “UniParty” isn’t real. Meanwhile, republicans led the way in the Senate to initiate a rules process blocking President Trump from recess appointments during the upcoming Senate break. The pro-forma session process requires all Senators to agree to the rules maneuver; they did.

    There are over 100 Trump nominations awaiting confirmation from the Senate. The Senators will not return until after Labor Day.

    WASHINGTON DC – […] Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), doing wrap up for the entire Senate, locked in nine “pro-forma” sessions — brief meetings that normally last roughly a minute.

    The move, which requires the agreement of every senator, means the Senate will be in session every three business days throughout the August recess.

  26. optimist
    August 5, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    Rosh Hashonah means literally the head of the year… ie the beginning of a New Year. It marks the new year on the Jewish calendar.


    Thank you, optimist, for the clarification-

  27. The difference between Soros and other political opponents is the grandiose nature of his perverse ambitions. Soros unabashed goal is to hijack our republic. And, Stubbo looks to be one of his tools.

  28. In case you did not see it, the president just knee capped a deserving dim, who is full of collusion stories, but in his own storied past never let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of a good story.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I give you Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn). It is to be noted that the conn part fits this lying motherfucker like a glove. But we digress, etc.
    President Donald Trump ripped into Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., calling him “a phony Vietnam con artist.”

    Trump’s attack came in a series of tweets posted by the president on Monday morning.

    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    Interesting to watch Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut talking about hoax Russian collusion when he was a phony Vietnam con artist!
    4:47 AM – Aug 7, 2017
    18,090 18,090 Replies 15,261 15,261 Retweets 55,089 55,089 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    Never in U.S.history has anyone lied or defrauded voters like Senator Richard Blumenthal. He told stories about his Vietnam battles and….
    4:52 AM – Aug 7, 2017
    19,530 19,530 Replies 14,010 14,010 Retweets 51,939 51,939 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    …conquests, how brave he was, and it was all a lie. He cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness like a child. Now he judges collusion?
    5:01 AM – Aug 7, 2017
    26,830 26,830 Replies 12,538 12,538 Retweets 49,778 49,778 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Trump’s comments follow a television interview by Blumenthal, who raised the possibility the president could be indicted in connection with the Russia investigation.

    Last Thursday, Blumenthal had said on MSNBC that special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s impaneling of a grand jury could lead to the “indictment of the highest-ranking official in the United States.”

    And on Monday, in discussing the Justice Department’s investigation into leaks, he added: “Government officials who break the law by disclosing classified information, endangering national security and violating criminal laws certain should be pursued and prosecuted. But I’m very concerned the Department of Justice is weaponizing thee laws for its personal and political ends and specifically for the White House’s purposes.

  29. Deshowitz, a liberal with morales, is having to face the music that many on the left support
    the BDS of Israel and are engaged in reckless witch hunt of POTUS which is the real threat to Democracy.

  30. Trump launches ‘real news’ service to fight negative media coverage, slipping support

    By Dave Boyer – The Washington Times – August 7, 2017
    The Trump campaign has launched a weekly news service on social media to provide supporters with positive coverage of the president, amid surveys showing that Mr. Trump’s base of support and job approval ratings are shrinking. (heresy!)

    Conservative television commentator Kayleigh McEnany, who was named Monday as a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, served as anchor of the Trump campaign’s “News of the Week” video for the first time last weekend.

    After summing up positive economic news and Mr. Trump’s support for stricter legal immigration limits, Ms. McEnany signed off her first report from Trump Tower by telling viewers on Facebook and Twitter, “Thank you for joining us, everybody. I’m Kayleigh McEnany, and that is the real news.”

    RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said Ms. McEnany’s “wealth of experience will be invaluable to the RNC as we continue to support President Trump and build on our majorities in Congress as we head into 2018.”

    Ms. McEnany, who left a job at CNN, said she is “eager to talk about Republican ideas and values and have important discussions about issues affecting Americans across this country.”
    The Trump campaign said it will use the fledgling service to “continue to promote real news” about how Mr. Trump is making….

    click to read more:

  31. Look at the 1600 minute mark.

    There we see Rosenstein telling Chris Wallace that he will go after anyone who leaks classified information regardless of whom they are–even members of Congress (like Adam Schiff possibly?).

    Former Congressman Chavetz tells us that Rosenstein has no credibility whatsoever on that topic, because as a member of the Obama Justice Department he stonewalled congressional requests to investigate Hillary Clinton which were propounded at the time by Republican Committee Chairmen Chavetts and Goodlatte respectively.

    Bottom Line: given his prior inaction on these investigation, appointing his buddy Mueller to conduct a witch hunt against the President and coverup for his other buddy Comey, this Rosenstein has zero credibility. which his how Chavets himself scores it in the following clip. Why does Session make this joker the spokeman on this matter? We need handcuffs, not press conferences.

  32. wbboei — you missed the best one:

    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    I think Senator Blumenthal should take a nice long vacation in Vietnam, where he lied about his service, so he can at least say he was there

  33. Senator Blumenthal is a latter day Baron Munchausen. I wish Trump would call him Senator Munchausen.

    The fictional Baron’s exploits, narrated in the first person, focus on his impossible achievements as a sportsman, soldier, and traveller, for instance riding on a cannonball, fighting a forty-foot crocodile, and travelling to the Moon. Intentionally comedic, the stories play on the absurdity and inconsistency of Munchausen’s claims, and contain an undercurrent of social satire. The earliest illustrations of the character, perhaps created by Raspe himself, depict Munchausen as slim and youthful, although later illustrators have depicted him as an older man, and have added the sharply beaked nose and twirled moustache that have become part of the character’s definitive visual representation.

  34. WHAAAT?

    Hillary Wants to Preach

    Religion is playing a big role in Clinton’s post-election tour. What does she have to gain from sharing her faith now?

    Last fall, the former Newsweek editor Kenneth Woodward revealed that Clinton told him in 1994 that she thought “all the time” about becoming an ordained Methodist minister. She asked him not to write about it, though: “It will make me seem much too pious.” The incident perfectly captures Clinton’s long campaign to modulate—and sometimes obscure—expressions of her faith.

    Now, as Clinton works to rehabilitate her public image and figure out the next steps after her brutal November loss, religion is taking a central role. After long months of struggling to persuade Americans that she is trustworthy, authentic, and fundamentally moral, Clinton is lifting up an intimate, closely guarded part of herself. There are no more voters left to lose. In sharing her faith, perhaps Clinton sees something left to win, whether political or personal.

    There’s more:


    There is something radically wrong with this woman.
    Is it guilt? She presumes to be thought of as somehow HOLY? Can that ever be?

  35. Mrs. Smith1
    August 8, 2017 at 4:31 am

    This particular mania is not uncommon with drunks trying to dry out. It usually passes when they relapse or pass the delusion stage. Maybe she will become a prison chaplain like Chuck Colson. They also think it is an extenuating circumstance in prison term sentencing.

  36. The rule of law is gone, thanks to the little judge in Hawaii, the little lord fauntleroy in San Francisco, and the trembling tower of Tapioca John Roberts. Simultaneously, the profession of journalism is defunct and in its stead and place we have a virulent disease called progressive doctrine. And the ship of state leaks like a sieve. And Rosenstein has opened the flood gates to hell, with this Mueller crap. Therefore, the question posed by Roger Simon at pjmedia is timely and apt:

    Is our democratic republic about to explode? Can the Deep State co-exist with an awakened populace, even a partially awakened one? Increasingly, beneath all the leaks and counter-leaks, the missing emails and accusations, what we are looking at is a sclerotic system that has become increasingly built on self-preservation and not on the people’s will, in fact is largely disinterested in and disconnected from that will.

    The truth is we are clearly on the edge of something explosive. The number of leaks is astronomical and they seem to come from everywhere, including our intelligence agencies, the FBI, and inside the White House. Just the other day we learned the FBI lied about the existence of documents pertaining to the tarmac meeting of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.

    When the most important law enforcement agency in our country lies and leaks, as it has more than once now, something is truly wrong. It’s rather frightening, actually, and combined with the serial “unmaskings” from NSA intercepts calls to mind that quote from Comrade Beria many are referencing lately: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

    How the Trump Administration’s Anti-Leak Crusade Is Likely to Play Out
    Much is being covered up. The list, as we all know, is long. And the people — notably those “Deplorables” — are not going to forget if Trump is defenestrated. And they are not going to forgive either. They shouldn’t.

    I do not exonerate Trump completely in all this. He has not been as sophisticated a leader as he needs to be — shooting from the hip in too many instances and making poor judgments in the hiring department on occasion. That he is “just a businessman and new to politics” is not a good excuse, especially when he has told us he has been dealing with politicians for years. He almost seems, oddly, naive.

    Still, compared to his adversaries, Trump is St. Francis of Assisi. Although nowhere near as entertaining, they are acting out like the lunatics in Milos Forman’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Next.” The reason, I think, is they feel threatened in ways they never expected to be. Hardly anyone working there, Democrat or Republican, thought Washington would ever change, nor did they want it to — even when, perhaps especially when, they pretended otherwise. The gravy train was too good. And Obama, their ally, the Deep Stater par excellence, had lulled them to sleep. They woke up in a rage.

    In 1988, Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar scored one of his first big his with the black comedy titled, in translation, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. But that didn’t quite represent the Spanish title because in Castilian an ataque de nervios is slightly different from a nervous breakdown (crisis nerviosa). As Wikipedia explains,

    Ataques de nervios are culture-bound psychological phenomena during which the individual displays dramatic outpouring of negative emotions, bodily gestures, occasional falling to the ground, and fainting, often in response to receiving disturbing news or witnessing or participating in an upsetting event. Historically, this condition has been associated with hysteria and more recently in the scientific literature with post-traumatic stress and panic attacks. [5]
    What you have is a pretty accurate diagnosis of the state of the American left today, not to mention some of the “Never Trump” right. It’s an ataque de nervios – hysteria too often justifying evil or sleazy behavior, even, dare I say it, “witch hunts.”

    Will the next step be civil war? Since we will all probably find out about it first on TV, “stay tuned” seems an appropriate answer.

  37. I think Senator Blumenthal should take a nice long vacation in Vietnam, where he lied about his service, so he can at least say he was there.
    Added bonus: Lots of Russian expats in Vietnam.

  38. Goodbye Glen Campbell one of the great talents who emerged from the studio sessions group known as the “wrecking crew” of very talented musicians. Campbell became a star because of his talents:

    Glen Travis Campbell brought country music to new audiences. He found success as a session musician before embarking on a solo career that included smashes “Gentle On My Mind,” “Galveston,” “Wichita Lineman” and “Rhinestone Cowboy” and that landed him in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    Campbell’s death was confirmed Tuesday by his official Twitter feed.

    Campbell, 81, was born in Delight, Arkansas, the seventh son of a seventh son in a farming family.

    “I spent the early parts of my life looking at the north end of a southbound mule and it didn’t take long to figure out that a guitar was a lot lighter than a plow handle,” he said in a late 1970s press bio.

    Each member of Campbell’s family played guitar, and he received a $5 Sears & Roebuck guitar when he was 4 years old. By 6, he was a prodigy, internalizing music that ranged from simple country to sophisticated jazz. As a teenager, he dropped out of school in the 10th grade, left Arkansas and played in a New Mexico-based band led by his uncle, Dick Bills. He also married first wife Diane Kirk, though that marriage lasted fewer than three years.

    While playing an Albuquerque club called the Hitching Post, Campbell met Billie Nunley, who soon became his second wife. The newlyweds left for California in 1960, riding to Los Angeles in a 1957 Chevrolet with $300 and a small trailer full of meager belongings. Mr. Campbell found work playing in rock groups including The Champs, a band that included Jim Seals and Dash Crofts, who would later become the hit-making duo Seals & Crofts.

    Campbell’s guitar acumen and versatility made him an essential player on Los Angeles’ thriving recording scene in the 1960s, and he contributed to sessions for Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Rick Nelson, The Mamas and The Papas, Merle Haggard and many more. Campbell couldn’t read music, but he quickly became a respected, first-call player. He played on Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas,” The Monkees’ “Im’ a Believer,” Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night” and more. He played 12-string guitar on the Beach Boys’ “Sloop John B.,” and toured with the Beach Boys in 1965, as a replacement for the band’s troubled and reclusive leader, Brian Wilson.

    Campbell was invited to join the Beach Boys as a full-time member in 1965, but he declined that opportunity. By then, he was set on establishing a solo career of his own.

    After recording a minor hit in 1961 with “Turn Around – Look at Me” for small, independent Crest Records, Campbell had signed with Capitol Records, releasing “Big Bluegrass Special” by “The Green River Boys Featuring Glen Campbell” in late 1962. His early albums received little in the way of attention or acclaim, but he broke into the mainstream in 1967, at first with the Top 20 country hit “Burning Bridges” but most notably with a nimble version of his friend John Hartford’s drifter’s masterpiece, “Gentle On My Mind.”

    “I still might run in silence, tears of joy might stain my face and the summer sun might burn me ‘til I’m blind,” Campbell sang, in a smooth, clear voice, with twang-less diction a broadcaster would envy. “But not to where I cannot see you walkin’ on the backroads, by the rivers flowing gentle on my mind.”

    “Gentle On My Mind” did not ascend to the top of the “Billboard” country charts, but it was performing rights organization BMI’s most-played song of 1969 and 1970. In 1999, BMI ranked “Gentle” as the second most-played country song of the century, and the 16th most-played song of the century in any genre.

    Campbell’s affable stage presence and camera-ready looks made him a natural for television.

    “Someday, in the very near future,” this talented young man is going to have his own television show,” said comedian Joey Bishop in 1967, introducing Campbell on a late night variety show. Tommy Smothers of musical comedy act The Smothers Brothers watched and listened with interest. He also watched as Campbell’s follow-up to “Gentle,” the Jimmy Webb-penned “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” reached #2 on the “Billboard” country chart and #26 on the all-genre chart. In early 1968, Mr. Campbell won two Grammy awards for his recording of “Gentle On My Mind” and two more for “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” and the Smothers Brothers announced that Campbell would host his own television show, nationally televised on CBS.

    Campbell’s show began as “The Summer Brothers Smothers Show,” a summer replacement for the Smothers Brothers, and it ran as a weekly variety show from January of 1969 through June of 1972. Each week, Campbell would sing the opening lines of “Gentle On My Mind” and then announce to viewers that they were watching “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.”

    “I had albums before that, but once the TV show started everything really took off,” Campbell told The Tennessean in 2005. “I used that show to get every country act I could onto television.”

    “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” featured much more than country. He performed Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” with Stevie Wonder and “Squares Make The World Go ‘Round” with the Smothers and Nancy Sinatra. He brought on teen favorites The Monkees (in earlier years, he’d played guitar on Monkees recording sessions) and west coast country-rock singer Linda Ronstadt. He stood and snapped his fingers like Frank Sinatra, and did a hip-shaking Elvis Presley impersonation.

    Still, he made his country roots clear both on and off-camera, helping himself to major country chart successes in 1968 with “I Wanna Live” (his first No. 1), “Dreams of the Everyday Housewife,” (a No. 3 “Billboard” country hit) and his first cross-over smash, “Wichita Lineman,” which topped country and adult contemporary charts and landed at No. 3 on the pop charts. Producer Al DeLory’s sophisticated arrangements complemented a soaring voice, and Campbell was at the forefront of a modern country movement.

    “The change that has come over country music lately is simple,” he told “TV Guide” in 1969. “They’re not shuckin’ it right off the cob any more….. I think the public is getting tired of all that crazy acid rock and wants to get back to good melodies. Country music has more impact now, because it’s earthy material – stories of things that happen to everyday people. I call it ‘People Music.’”

    In the late 1960s, the “People Music” business was booming. Campbell won Country Music Association awards for best entertainer and male vocalist, two Academy of Country Music awards for best album and two more for male vocalist, and a total of five Grammy trophies. In 1969, buoyed by another Jimmy Webb-written gem, the soldier’s lament “Galveston” (a No. 1 country and adult contemporary hit), Campbell out-sold the Beatles. “Galveston became Campbell’s second

    “Not since Elvis Presley’s ascendancy more than a decade ago has a young soloist come along to capture the mass audience with such effectiveness as Glen Campbell, wrote Vernon Scott of United Press International.

    Campbell’s manager, Nick Sevano, arranged for the singer to act in movies including “True Grit” with John Wayne and “Norwood” with Kim Darby and Joe Namath, but Sevano combatted the Presley comparisons.

    “I don’t think he’s a new Elvis,” Sevano told “TV Guide.” “I think Glen has a broader audience than Elvis.”

    Four of Campbell’s singles reached country music’s Top 10 in 1970, but his sales domination began to subside in the new decade. CBS cancelled his show in 1972, and his marriage to Billie was in trouble. Campbell developed an over-fondness for Glinlivet scotch, and his dedication to touring and performing came at the expense of his recordings.

    But in 1975, after more than six years without a No. 1 hit, Campbell staged a comeback with “Rhinestone Cowboy.” Written by Larry Weiss, “Rhinestone Cowboy” topped both country and pop charts, and, reestablished Mr. Campbell as a hit-making, seat-filling force.

    “I really just rode on the crest of that, to forget everything that was happening to Glen Campbell, personally,” Campbell told VH1’s “Behind The Music.”

    “Rhinestone Cowboy” was a major anthem in the summer of 1975. In early fall, Billie Jean Campbell filed a divorce suit. By then, Campbell had, he would later reveal, begun using cocaine. That year, he also began dating Sarah Barg, the estranged wife of his friend and fellow performer, Mac Davis. He and Barg married in 1976, but Campbell’s cocaine use continued to escalate and the relationship suffered for that and other reasons.

    “We were drinking and cocaining, and nothing lasts when you’re doing that,” he told VH1.

    Campbell returned to the top of the charts in 1977 with “Southern Nights,” his final No. 1 hit. His behavior, though, was increasingly erratic. Campbell and Barg divorced in 1980, the same year he began dating powerhouse singer Tanya Tucker. She was 21, he was 44. The couple announced an engagement in late 1980, but the relationship ended, angrily, in early 1981. Campbell spent much of that year completely out of control, but a near-overdose in Las Vegas, a new relationship with a Radio City Music Hall Rockette named Kimberley Woolen helped spur newfound faith and a change of direction.

    “I accepted Jesus Christ on December the 21st, 1981,” he told The Tennessean. “I’m singin’ a new song.”

    Campbell married Kim Woolen in October of 1982, and she would be a sustaining influence for the rest of his life. He dropped cocaine, and eventually halted his drinking, and he reached country music’s Top 10 with 1984’s “Faithless Love” and “A Lady Like You,” 1985’s “(Love Always) Letter To Home” and “It’s Just A Matter of Time,” 1987’s “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle” (with Steve Wariner) and “Still Within The Sound Of My Voice,” 1988’s “I Have You” and 1989’s “She’s Gone, Gone, Gone.” He also aided Alan Jackson’s ascent to country music stardom, suggesting Jackson move to Nashville and helping him to become a staff songwriter at his Glen Campbell Music publishing company.

    The 1990s held no hits for Campbell, but he performed often, opening the Glen Campbell Goodtime Theatre in Branson in 1994 and starring there for three seasons. In 2003, he was arrested near his Phoenix home on drunk driving, hit-and-run and assault charges. He later pled guilty to extreme DUI, apologized to fans and entered a care facility. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005, by which point he was already showing signs of dementia, seeming shaky in interviews though he clearly understood and appreciated the honor.

    “You can have ‘male vocalist’ and all that stuff,” he told The Tennessean. “I’ll take the Hall of Fame. It’s the highest honor you can have in country music, and this makes me feel so good.”

    Capitol Records released Campbell’s 60th studio album, the critically acclaimed “Meet Glen Campbell” album in 2008, with Campbell covering songs written by rock royalty including U2, Lou Reed, Tom Petty and Dave Grohl. “Meet Glen Campbell” provided music fans a reintroduction to Campbell’s musicality, with his still-strong voice and still-potent guitar.

    In 2011, Campbell and his wife announced that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but that he would release a new album and go on a “Goodbye Tour” while he could still perform. The new album, released on Surfdog Records, was praised by Will Hermes of “Rolling Stone” as “baroquely arranged drama that echos his string-swelled seventies hits….. Dude’s definitely not going out softly.”

    Campbell played his final Nashville show in early January of 2012, performing at the Ryman with a band that included three of his children. He opened with “Gentle On My Mind,” played many of his hits and thrilled an audience that included Tucker, “Grand Ole Opry” stars Jeannie Seely and Ricky Skaggs and fellow Country Music Hall of Famer Ralph Emery.

    “Campbell remained in fine voice and proved to still be a staggeringly sharp and fluid guitarist, wowing the crowd early on with an explosive solo on ‘Gentle’ and muscular melodic licks on his classic ‘Galveston,’” wrote Dave Paulson of “The Tennessean.”

    He read lyrics from a Teleprompter that night, but imbued each song with significant feeling.

    “An encore in the tightly scripted show wasn’t a sure thing,” Paulson wrote. “But Campbell returned to the room’s delight for ‘In My Arms’ – another affirming cut from ‘Canvas’ – before taking bows with his band and giving his crowd a last – and clearly loving – wave goodbye.”

    At the Grammy Awards in Feb. of 2012, The Band Perry performed “Gentle On My Mind,” and Blake Shelton sang “Southern Nights” before Campbell took the stage to sing “Rhinestone Cowboy,” with Paul McCartney pumping his fist from the audience in approval.

    Campbell played his final show on Nov. 30, 2012 in Napa, Cal. Early in 2014, he showed up at the venerable Station Inn to watch daughter Ashley Campbell perform with his old friend, Carl Jackson. In April of 2014, his family confirmed that Campbell was staying in a Middle Tennessee memory-care facility.

    “There’s a lot of sadness, (but) we just continue to try to make the best of every day and keep a sense of humor,” his wife told “People” magazine.

    Glen Campbell’s wife to other Alzheimer’s caregivers: You are not alone

    In June, Campbell released his final album, “Adios,” which was produced produced by his former bandmate and longtime friend Carl Jackson. The bittersweet record includes a duet with fellow legend Willie Nelson on “Funny How Time Slips Away.” Vince Gill contributes harmony vocals to “Am I All Alone (Or Is It Only Me).” Ashley Campbell appears on several tracks, including “Postcard from Paris,” which also features sons Cal and Shannon Campbell.

    Campbell is survived by his wife, Kim Campbell of Nashville, TN; their three children, Cal, Shannon and Ashley; his children from previous marriages, Debby, Kelli, Travis, Kane, and Dillon; ten grandchildren, great- and great-great-grandchildren; sisters Barbara, Sandra, and Jane; and brothers John Wallace “Shorty” and Gerald.
    In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Glen Campbell Memorial Fund at BrightFocus Foundation through

  39. This is great:

    Republican donors are protesting GOP lawmakers’ failure to repeal Obamacare by withholding donations to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

    At least $2 million in contributions originally promised to the NRSC have not materialized, CNN reported Tuesday.

    The failure of Republicans to fulfill a central campaign promise particularly concerns some donors because it could disillusion core voters heading into the 2018 midterms. The uncertainty could put the Republicans’ majority—especially in the House of Representatives—at risk.

    The Republican majority in the Senate is widely viewed to be safe in the 2018 midterms. Nonetheless, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, Ky.) has been privately warning his colleagues and donors that the GOP’s 52-48 majority should not be taken for granted, according to CNN. A campaign donation shortfall could impact the GOP’s ability to effectively campaign in states where Democratic senators are vulnerable.

    Texas-based donor Doug Deason informed congressional Republicans in June that the “Dallas piggy bank” is closed until they take major action on health care and taxes, the Associated Press reported.

    Deason refused to host a fundraiser for Rep. Mark Meadows (R, N.C.) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R, Ohio). He further informed House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R, Calif.) his checkbook was closed.

    Get Obamacare repealed and replaced, get tax reform passed,” Deason said. “You control the Senate. You control the House. You have the presidency. There’s no reason you can’t get this done. Get it done and we’ll open it [the ‘bank’] back up.”

    Deason noted he has also encouraged “nearly two dozen major Texas donors to follow his lead,” according to the AP.

    The NRSC reported $16.2 million in cash-on-hand at the end of June, compared to $17.2 million reported by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, according to campaign finance filings.

  40. Israeli intel has intercepted conversations between Stubbo (H.R. McMaster) and George Soros, and this has been confirmed with other sources.

  41. Mormaer
    August 8, 2017 at 7:31 am
    Mrs. Smith1
    August 8, 2017 at 4:31 am

    This particular mania is not uncommon with drunks trying to dry out. It usually passes when they relapse or pass the delusion stage. Maybe she will become a prison chaplain like Chuck Colson. They also think it is an extenuating circumstance in prison term sentencing.


    Interesting, Mormaer… Thx-

    Then again, the church comes with a 501(c)(3) exemption-
    Does the world really need a Pants Suit preacher?

  42. There is a damning new discovery by the American Center for Law and Justice… I’ll have more at 10pm #Hannity
    9:00 PM – 8 Aug 2017
    202 Retweets 484 Likes

  43. Sad news re Glen Campbell…a true legend who battled Alzheimer’ disease s with such dignity and class. Rip “Witchita Lineman”.

  44. While Google and the SJW’s were trying to crucify a lowly programmer for having not proper thoughts and writings on the company’s chat room, I was trying to come up with a historical or social equivalence. Not Jesus even though I used crucify. Darwin thinks I! The Scopes trial, or maybe Galileo Galilei vs the Vatican. Anyway he touched a nerve big time and that is what the stink is over. He challenged, some say awkwardly but why does style vs content matter so much, the current religion of Diversity which is Affirmative Action II. And besides he is just an ignorant and nebbish nerd who is obviously autistic. Who can read his screed. Well lots of people it seems. Especially when it isn’t censored by Gizmodo dummies.

    The very people who worship at the alter of Diversity and endorse credentialism so vociferously, have a problem. This guy has a bachelors from an Ivy, a masters from MIT and PhD from Harvard. The trifecta of credentials. While he does tech work he also does “think” work which is why Google is having problems with “rogue” thought and big mouth employees. You don’t hire high IQ outside the box thinkers and then try to quash them with lower IQ diversity hires (see the VP of Diversity and Bullshit trained as a HR/PR monkey spouting SJW platitudes).

    Google is sitting on mountains of data. They hire people specifically who can use it to come up with plans, means and methods, etc to profit from it. THEN they don’t like what guys like this see in it. This is happening in all sorts of fields. What is a company like Google strength is also their downfall. Data, research, etc does not follow a pre-determined social or political narrative. It goes where it goes. And the honchos at Google are terrified of the elite narrative imposed upon them collapsing the company because they didn’t stick to the script. For an autistic “programmer” he sure knew how to throw a wrench on his way out the door. He filed a National Labor Relations Board complaint for DISCRIMINATION just before being terminated. It is a real downer when your own “rules” are used AGAINST you.

  45. holdthemaccountable
    August 8, 2017 at 9:09 pm re Hannity
    I watched while struggling to stay awake, wondering when Sean was going to reveal the big news. Now I remember nothing.

  46. More angst and whining over Trump’s not approved word choices by the DC “elites”. This is course is a version of “shut up” censorship. If you can’t argue the content then “tut-tut” or outrage the language choice and then impugn the social status, education, and intelligence of the speaker. The elites entire shtick is now Shut Up.

    Most world leaders seem to like Trump’s bluntness. No ring around the rosy wasting time or kissing ass. What exactly is a MOAB or tactical nuke? Most thinking people would say Fire and Fury is on the money. Only the carefully trained blah-blah speakers of government bureaucrat-eeze say otherwise. And shut up.

  47. “The totalitarian left abates its breath until August 21, the date of the massive eclipse of the sun and portents of the downfall of a king.”

    What I want to know is when is the entrails reading of the goat. When are the “spirit cookers” of DC doing that one. Will the Atlantic or National Review cover it in all the pagan gore it would demand? When the cosmos is confusing human beings look to a higher power to explain it all. Druids, Stonehenge, Olympus, Thor, the Great Spirit, Atlacoya, Cancer in retrograde, Zen, necromancy, witchcraft, Mohamed on a pony, etc. Anything but asking a guy at Google.

  48. Answer a man in the manner of is foolishness lest he be wise in his conceit—the Bible. General Keanne was critical of Presidents Trump and so was Feinstein who lacks even two brain cells to rub together over the use of colorful end times rhetoric to answer the N. Korea dictator who speaks in the same rhetoric. Keane and Feinshnook would have been much happier if the had uses the formulaic language of diplomacy which relies on subtley, nuance, and room for retreat. Look at the N. Korean dictator. Do you really believe he appreciates subtlety? Do you?? If you do then you are a fool because he will interpret that as weakness. What he does understand is clarity which removes all ambiguity. In bargaining, and that is what this is, bargaining, your bargaining position has three main purposes–to project institutional power, to probe for an opening, and to box in your opponent. That is what Trump is doing, and it is hardly surprising that someone as stupid as Feinstein misses the boat. Her problem is not the impact this will have on the dictator. Her problem is it shits in her messkit, which is hardly a reason to hold back. Again, where Kim Jin Ill is concerned answer a bombastic fool like Kim in the manner of his foolishness, because that is the only language he understands.

  49. FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home
    ( Wapo)
    By Carol D. Leonnig, Tom Hamburger and Rosalind S. Helderman August 9 at 10:38 AM

    FBI agents raided the Alexandria home of President Trump’s former campaign chairman late last month, using a search warrant to seize documents and other materials, according to people familiar with the special counsel investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

    Federal agents appeared at Paul Manafort’s home without advance warning in the predawn hours of July 26, the day after he met voluntarily with the staff for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    The search warrant was wide-ranging and FBI agents working with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III departed the home with various records. Jason Maloni, a spokesman for Manafort, confirmed that agents executed a warrant at one of the political consultant’s homes and that Manafort cooperated with the search.

    Manafort has been voluntarily producing documents to congressional committees investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. The search warrant indicates investigators may have argued to a federal judge they had reason to believe Manafort could not be trusted to turn over all records in response to a grand jury subpoena.

    It could also have been intended to send a message to President Trump’s former campaign chairman that he should not expect gentle treatment or legal courtesies from Mueller’s team.

    (Bastien Inzaurralde/The Washington Post)
    The documents included materials Manafort had already provided to Congress, said people familiar with the search.

    “If the FBI wanted the documents, they could just ask [Manafort] and he would have turned them over,” said one adviser close to the White House.

    Josh Stueve, spokesman for Mueller, declined to comment, as did Reginald Brown, an attorney for Manafort.

    “Mr. Manafort has consistently cooperated with law enforcement and other serious inquiries and did so on this occasion as well,” said Maloni, the spokesman for Manafort.

    Mueller has increased legal pressure on Manafort, consolidating under his authority a series of unrelated investigations into various aspects of Manafort’s professional and personal life.

    Manafort’s allies fear that Mueller hopes to build a case against Manafort unrelated to the 2016 campaign, in hopes that the former campaign operative would provide information against others in Trump’s inner circle in exchange for lessening his own legal exposure.

    The significance of the records seized from Manafort’s apartment is unclear.

    JMJ.. The Deep State/Police State…

    President Trump had better have his ‘Immunity’ Card
    handy, inside his vest pocket, in case Mueller’s team comes’ callin’ at the crack dawn in a WH raid..

  50. Whenever the FBI raids someone’s house, or shoots an innocent party, or leaks confidential information for crass partisan purposes, one has to wonder whether they have not morphed from the patriotic organization we admired in our youth, into an evil presence which inspires–or should inspire same kind of fear and loathing reserved for the KGB by law abiding citizens of the old Soviet Republic. That was my reaction when I learned that they have raided Manafort’s home. What is the purpose of this, AND WHO DIRECTED IT? Political opponents who staff the Mueller investigation attorney rolls and Mueller himself, the most conflicted man in Washington next to Judas Rosenstein who nobody believes.

  51. If I hear one more time that Mueller is a patriotic American–from some fucking RINO, or that 99.99999 percent of the people who work for our security organizations are patriotic Americans, I shall lose it entirely and say bullshit. In Rothsteins case we have a man who lost his nerve in the moment of truth and set in motion a series of steps designed to take down the president, and now feeds us this line of shit that the scope of Muellers fishing expedition is limited. Oh it is limited alright, but only by Mueller;s unlimited imagination and perverse ambition. Or that the people in deep state are anything but careerists who care not for the lives of the middle class, or the country, but only for their power, pay and pension. We need to move past all this saccrine bullshit, and deal with the realities of the situation. The motives here are not benign and I shall not scruple to call anyone who claims otherwise as a deluded fool.

  52. I met a guy one time at a social event who does counselling for people who have faced adversity in their professional careers. Why someone introduced him to me I will never know, but they did. This counsellor proceeded to tell me all about himself and the highlight of his biography was dropping a pass in the endzone which cost the Washington Huskies the Rose Bowl, some year in the late 1960s. I think I need to introduce him to Rod Rosenstein because what that pie faced jackal has done is far more important to the American People than losing the Rose Bowl. Someone needs to look Rosenstein in the eye and tell him boy your really fucked up, because he persists in the comfortable delusion that he limited the investigation when the plain meaning of the language he and his friend Mueller wrote ensures no limits to the witch hunt.

  53. Since antiquity, the most lethal enemy you have is the enemy within. And so it is here. Trumps worst enemy are the traitors within the GOP. This includes the jokers at WSJ, National Review, and on an insignificant scale Red State. In congress, it includes so many of those who mouth conservatism by conspire with the enemy. They seem to predominate in the Senate. They live in the land of delusion, which believes they could fill Trumps shoes and be supported by the American People. Trump was elected because the American People had no faith in them, and if they succeed in taking him down there will be nowhere for them to go–no coming back. They have put themselves in a cudesac, and there are just as irrelevant to the future as the Peolosi contingent. The ground has moved out from under them. They are yesterday people. They have no place in the world of today, and much less the world of tomorrow.

    Farage: ‘Biggest Enemy of All That We Face are Those Within Our Ranks’

    WASHINGTON – Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party, said President Trump is “a true conservative hero” with an agenda that conservative Republicans should rally around.

    “Worst of all, the biggest enemy that we face, those of us that have fought for conservative values and goodness, me, I spent 25 years fighting for Brexit, but perhaps the biggest enemy of all that we face are those that are within our ranks, those that masquerade as conservatives but actually follow liberal agendas,” Farage said during the Young America’s Foundation National Conservative Student Conference on Friday.

    “Now I say that in light of the remarkable events of 2016. You know, we all lived through it. We were all a part of it but actually in 100 years’ time, in 200 years’ time, when history is being taught, 2016 will be seen to be the pivotal year, the year that good, ordinary, decent people took back control of their lives from career politicians who have taken us in the wrong direction,” he added.

    Farage described his impression of Trump after he last met with him, saying that Trump is determined to carry out the agenda that he laid out during the campaign.

    “What really struck me was his absolute determination to carry out as much as he possibly could of the program upon which he was elected, and to do that come hell or high water. Donald Trump has restored my faith in national democracy and in leaders who make promises to people they try to keep, and I put it to you that Donald Trump actually is a true conservative hero, he really is, in many of the things he’s trying to do,” he said.

    “And yet, who are the people really giving Trump a problem? Who are the people really trying to stop the agenda that won that election from succeeding? Well, it isn’t the Democrats. It isn’t CNN. It’s John McCain and it’s people in his own party, and I think as the midterm elections hove into view it is incumbent upon all people who are conservatives to get behind this president, to help him fix this agenda. He’s having a tough time and we, too, on the other side of the pond are having a tough time,” he added. The UKIP saw a dramatic slide in support in the June general election in which the Labour Party gained 30 seats in Parliament.


    Farage said a “number of people” in British Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet are “doing all they can to water down Brexit.” Farage said May has no credibility and “needs to go.”

    “Folks, if you believe in true conservative values, even when you think you’ve won, you haven’t. You have to go on fighting,” he said. “The United Kingdom has a prime minister whose job is to oversee the Brexit process yet who supported the other side in the war, and I don’t think she’s a credible leader in the United Kingdom and for the sake of everybody she needs to go.”

    Farage said the best part of 2016 for him was “the faces of the CNN presenters as it became clear that the 45th president of the USA was going to be Donald J. Trump.”

    He argued that the mainstream media still does not understand why Brexit happened or how Trump won.

    “We’ve seen a media whose hostility, I think, to both Brexit and Trump is perhaps even more shrill today than it was in the initial aftermath shock of those elections last year. I mean, frankly, if I was to admit that I drunk a glass of Russian vodka at some point in the last few years then maybe the story that I’m a person of interest to the FBI would actually have some legs, but these are the ridiculous conspiratorial levels that our media have gone to,” he said.

  54. “The Justice Department has reopened the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified material on her private email system while she was secretary of state, and is considering offering her a plea bargain if she will agree to plead guilty to charges of breaking the law, according to a Clinton attorney.”

    “The discussion of a plea bargain took place late last month and was offered by a high-ranking Justice Department official to the Clinton lawyer.”

    If true, a big if, Hillary’s sudden call to the pulpit is SOP. Prison, fines, guilty pleas tend to concentrate the mind on appearing as godly and virtuous as possible during careful and minute evaluations of ones character and the redemption and penitence in the gospels is just too easy and convenient to pass up. It even may be genuine for a while. Nah.

  55. Does anyone else find it especially ironic and suspect that McCain, of all people, is criticizing PDT for his stern language regarding North Korea…

    omg…McCain…he and his babe Lindsey…the two that have never met a war they did not want to participate in, invade and start…and now all of a sudden, with NK provoking to take out Guam…McCain is offended by the words PDT is using…

    and don’t get me started on the Dims…they sound like a bunch of NK sympathizers WTH? You stand with your President and the security of our country you ninnies…the thinking of the Dims, yes, starting with Bill Clinton is what has brought us to this crescendo with NK…and Iran is next, thanks to the O boob…
    maybe McCain wants us to give a few billion to NK so they won’t be mad at us…

    maybe PDT should invite NK Kim over to the WH for tea?

    the Trump haters and Dims are ridiculous…

  56. From your link, Mormar,

    “Under the Justice Department’s plea offer, Hillary would be required to sign a document admitting that she committed a prosecutable crime. In return, the DOJ would agree not to bring charges against Hillary in connection with the email probe.”

    “Also as part of the agreement, the Justice Department would not proceed with an investigation of Hillary’s pay to play deals with foreign governments and businessmen who contributed to the Clinton Foundation or who paid Bill Clinton exorbitant speaking fees.”

    “The Clinton attorney cautioned that normally a plea is offered by a prosecutor only upon arraignment, and Hillary has not yet been charged with any crime.”


    Well, let’s not fall asleep at the wheel and get investigating and charging. This appears to be a very attractive deal offered to Hillary by the JD. That is if Hill and Bill can live with the self-admission
    and prison time, admitting they are notorious scheming criminals (Bonnie and Clyde) and held accountable for their actions.

    Included here lies a golden apple offering an opportunity for sequestration of all the financial transactions that transpired between the State Dept and their Foundation protecting all the people involved without revealing who they are. Unless the IRS decides differently/

    IMO- I doubt this will happen… Just thinking out loud-

  57. Sickening. Two movements helping the ugly Left:
    Indivisible which has been around for awhile. Goal is to have a group in each county nationwide. In an article of larger scope pub 3/12/17: The group that gathered in the Germantown church is part of a national movement called Indivisible, which offers a blueprint for local groups seeking to engage with national policymakers. Indivisible’s website states its guidebook has been downloaded more than a million times, and more than 4,500 local groups have signed up to “resist the Trump agenda…..”

    And I just stumbled upon another. It is focused on 2020 and killing TrumpCare too, I think. I’m not spending much time researching it – just sharing my frustration at size and organization of opposition.
    U.S. Senator Bob Casey at the 2017 #NLCRetreat
    A Regional Forum in the Millennial Compact with America Engagement Series
    Houston Aug 11 6 – 8 PM
    New Leaders Council

    PS I’m certain Casey is looking to run against Donald in 2020. He needs to win 2018 Senate. Has 5 million dollars already.

    Sorry I’m running hot and cold these days.

  58. Casey’s stealing Trump agenda, inviting him and GOP to join them:
    U.S. Senator Bob Casey was live — at United States Capitol.
    August 2 at 8:38am · Washington ·
    Our workers can out-compete any in the world with a level playing field. But you can’t win a fight with your hands tied behind your back. And when a national government is going after one of our industries we need the tools to hit back. I hope the Administration and my Republican colleagues will work with us on these critical issues for American workers, businesses and our economy.

  59. I should also mention a murder here in PA.
    Unhinged AntiTrump kills neighbor.
    WEST GOSHEN, Pa. (WPVI) — A man is under arrest, accused of killing his next door neighbor
    Carter killed Jennings
    Carter’s front yard was crowded with cars and hand lettered anti-Trump signs.
    Neighbor: We steered clear of him. We were frightened of him because he’s so unpredictable,”
    Casey has spent so many hours all over the state berating Trump and Trump Care. Bob claims that Medicaid and Medicare patients are left without coverage. Toomey denied a few times. But that does not stop Bob. He has become as evil as Obama. And it is possible he incited this anti Trump guy to dangerous heights.

  60. Speaking as someone with vast legislative experience I must tell you truthfully and honestly that it was naive for President Trump to believe that just because I swore seven times that I would repeal Obamacare which was hurting many of my constituents, because, clearly, I never intended to do that, and my only goal was to bail out the insurance companies and collect the spoils of my treason. It is called business as usual, and my office is open for business.

    —-Mitch “the bitch” McConnell.

  61. Now that was a “hot mic” confession, by Major Hoople, who has got more chins than the Hong Kong phone directory.

  62. One of the foreseeable consequences of the judicial branch planted itself in the middle of controversies thereby pre empting the role of congress and creating in the process a bevy of Platonic guardians who lack the basic elements of common sense, Judge Sam Sparks of Texas being only the most recent example of a perverse trend once deplored by the giants of the profession like Learned Hand, Holmes and others, is like big media, they have become bitter partisans, and thereby earned the enmity and contempt of a large swath of the population. At some point this becomes highly problematic because these head in the clouds types lack the power of the sword or the power of the purse. And increasingly, they are undermining the framework of the republic and creating an alternate universe in which they, with their dearth of common sense become the very things we do not want–a bevy of Platonic guardians contemptous of our most sacred traditions. These are not wise men and women. They are usurpers, and more is the pity for that.

  63. You’ll need FB access and maybe a strong stomach to watch this video. I’m sharing it only bc I think these 6 DemoRats are spooked. Maybe some will find that amusing.
    U.S. Senator Bob Casey was live — at United States Capitol.
    August 2 at 11:38am · Washington · 
    Pasted from
    A few haphazard notes from it:
    Trade laws work for you
    Export products not jobs
    Rules are rigged against them
    Offering a better deal on trade and jobs.
    Go after China which manipulates our money
    Steals our technology
    Americans deserve better deal
    Manchin Free trade is not fair trade.Fighting
    TammyBaldwin sound like you, @POTUS
    prevents trade deals from hurting workers
    Stronger buy AMerica
    Don’t buy foreign
    Trump supported her buy American. But GOP stands in way.
    Joe Donelly Indiana
    Casey supports SERIOUSLY renegotiating NAFTA

  64. I know I posted this, I think it disappeared, anyway

    WTF is Trump doing backing Luther Stange and not MO in Alabama?
    Mo is a Trump supporter and Luther
    is a Mitch traitor Rino!!!!
    Is it because Alabama voters are pissed at Trump for dissing Sessions? One of his ninja moves..

    It is a very close race and unnerving


  65. Today, after McConnell blamed President Trump for the failure to pass Obamacare, Trump laid it on the line with Senator Fog horn Leg horn.

    He waned McConnell , if you fail to deliver on tax reform and infrastructure, as well, then you will be no longer be majority leader.

    Mitch is the weakest link in the chain, and everyone knows it.

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