Apocalypse Now! Corrupt Big Media Tool, Fusion GPS And Obama Scandals

Update: The Obama scandals and corruption we briefly describe below are barely getting attention. By the time the investigations to these crimes get going Barron Trump will be a thirty year old man. Instead of investigations and special prosecutors to root out real crimes the news today is that corrupt Mueller, with all his conflicts of interest, has impaneled a grand jury to investigate Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the woman we discussed below, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

What is this all about? It’s easy to explain. Mueller had a grand jury operating in Virginia to investigate Mike Flynn. Mueller could have used that grand jury to issue subpoenas in furtherance of his investigations. But instead Mueller chose to impanel a grand jury in Washington D.C. Why? Because Washington D.C. is populated with President Trump hating Obama Dimocrats. The Trump hating Obama Dimocrats of Washington D.C. will assist Mueller in his witch hunt. That is all you need to know about this corrupt Mueller investigation.

That this “leak” came from the Mueller investigation is no surprise. Mueller like his pal Comey likes illegal leaks.

The good news in all this? President Donald J. Trump is no weakling and will fight. Tonight President Trump is in West Virginia to welcome the Governor of West Virginia to the Republican Party as he switches his party allegiance.


(1) The Obama Dimocrat scandals continue to grow and eat at the entrails of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Barack Obama. (2) Big Media attempts to ignore the many Obama scandals emerging like earthworms after a summer rain. (3) Big Media is facing its apocalypse:

It’s one of the peculiar paradoxes of the media today that the firm that sparked the anti-Trump resistance, and fueled the patriotism of those newly awakened to the dangers of Russian interference in American political institutions is working with companies intimately linked with Moscow. [snip]And yet the U.S. media is focused on the Great Kremlin Conspiracy, the fruit of what appears to be only one in a series of smear campaigns waged by Fusion GPS. Sure, the reasons are partly ideological—Trump is not the press’ preferred candidate. And financial—the daily campaign against Trump is driving traffic that print and broadcast haven’t seen in a long time.

The press has its hands tied. “If they report that the Russia dossier is probably nonsense,” said Halvorssen, “and Fusion GPS is running information operations across the media, then that calls into question all the other stories that Fusion GPS has fed journalists in the past. Why are so few journalists willing to look into Fusion GPS?”

In order to report honestly on the Trump scandals, a weakened press would have to report honestly on Fusion GPS—which would mean lifting the lid on the incompetence and malfeasance of their own institutions and colleagues, which would reveal a scandal as threatening to democracy as anything Trump has said or done. “Imagine if they subpoena Fusion GPS’s emails,” said a veteran Washington reporter, “there are going to be lots of journalists in there who’ve taken stories from them. Big names, senior figures in the field. It will look like an apocalypse.”

Most Americans are not aware that often Big Media “personalities” are secretly handed fully written stories by political operatives to which these indolent Big Media swine move a comma here and there before they hit the publish button. It is stenography, not journalism. The Fusion GPS scandal threatens to force this standard operating procedure and its variants onto the public consciousness.

The American people know something is wrong. The American people know that Big Media is not “free and independent” solely interested in providing needed information to the voting public. Fusion GPS will be the mechanism by which the public gets to understand that Big Media is indentured and owned by forces interested only in misinforming or corrupting the public understanding of issues Americans face.

How and why is this awakening? Trump. President Donald J. Trump. President Donald J. Trump has as his #1 mission the destruction of Big Media lies and distortions.

Big Media tried to destroy candidate Donald Trump during the primaries of 2016. Big Media failed. Big Media tried to destroy nominee Donald Trump during the 2016 elections. Big Media failed. Big Media continues to try to destroy President Donald J. Trump. Big Media will fail. Why? Because President Donald J. Trump fights, as do his appointments:

The thing I see misleading is a year’s worth of stories that have been fueling a false narrative about this Russia collusion. And a phony scandal based on anonymous sources. And, I think if we’re gonna talk about misleading, that’s the only thing misleading I see in this entire process.” [snip]

The Democrats actually colluded with a foreign government like Ukraine,” she pushed back. “The Democrat-linked firm Fusion GPS actually took money from the Russian government while it created the phony dossier that’s been the basis for all of the Russia scandal fake news.” [snip]

“The Clinton campaign chairman’s brother lobbied against sanctions on Russia’s largest bank and failed to report it,” Sanders added. [snip]

“If you want to talk about somebody who’s actually been tough on Russia, look at President Trump,” she said before stating that Trump wants “more fracking, more coal, more energy, a stronger military, a stronger defense. Those things aren’t good for Russia.”

Not since President Franklin Roosevelt’s embargo acts against the Empire of Japan has an American president so powerfully confronted a foe short of violent military action. President Donald J. Trump is engaged in a sort of clandestine undermining of Russia (and Iran) with his policies to Make America Great Again in energy production via fracking and oil drilling. Russia (and Iran) is fully dependent on energy exports to fuel it’s economy. Anything that undermines energy exports from Russia (and Iran) serves to destroy a fragile economy entirely dependent on energy (and vodka) exports. But don’t expect Big Media to explain any of this.

Big Media will try to ignore the Fusion GPS story. But the Fusion GPS story explains too much to keep suppressed for long:

Fusion GPS. Whoa. If you think the unmaskings were nefarious, this is downright sick and evil. This group of journalistic lowlifes — sadly including three former Wall Street Journal reporters (the paper is hopefully doing an investigation of its hiring practices because of this) — promulgates disinformation for creepy Russian regime types and, lately, the hideous Venezuelan leaders currently starving millions of their own people to death. These “genteel scriveners” were the authors of the anti-Trump “dossier” containing the lies about Moscow hotel golden showers, etc. It’s hard to imagine anything worse than smearing in this manner someone who could become the leader of the free world, unless you hate the free world or, more likely in this case, are despicably greedy. The big question is who hired these guys. The leader of the group is thus far refusing to say. No wonder Democrats are in a panic. They should be. They’re the primary suspect and fingering the Dems on this one turns the whole Russiagate scandal on its head.

Legislators know and fear that their biggest obstacle is those who watch the “legislative sausage” being made because it is usually and ugly, bloody, process. Now Big Media faces it’s apocalypse as Americans see how Big Media narratives are crafted:

Trump Dossier Firm Worked With Media Outlets Now Giving The Firm A Pass

The opposition research firm behind the infamous Trump dossier, Fusion GPS, worked with several prominent media outlets to spread dirt on President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. Those same media outlets, which have enthusiastically pounced on every new detail regarding the Russia investigation, have been oddly uninterested in probing into the crucial role of Fusion GPS.

The British spy Fusion GPS hired to craft the dossier, Christopher Steele, leaned on anonymous Russian sources in crafting the dossier for Fusion GPS. Steele’s lawyers revealed in court filings that, in September 2016, Steele briefed reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo! News, The New Yorker and CNN on behalf of Fusion GPS. Steele later held another meeting with reporters from the NYT, WaPo and Yahoo. The lawyers said that Fusion GPS attended these meetings with reporters and Steele, as TheDC’s Chuck Ross pointed out.

Fusion GPS, which is headed up by former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson, was working for a Democratic ally of Hillary Clinton at that time, although that ally’s name is not publicly known.

Those same media outlets that worked with Fusion GPS to receive information on the Republican nominee now appear to be helping Fusion GPS stay out of the public spotlight.

The reason the Fusion GPS scandal is now a topic of discussion is the testimony of Bill Browder:

A British-American businessman previously targeted by Fusion GPS, Bill Browder, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday that “in the Spring and Summer of 2016 they [Fusion GPS] were receiving money indirectly from a senior Russian government official” for their work to undermine the Magnitsky Act, a human rights law fiercely opposed by Putin that sanctions Russian criminals. At the same time that Fusion GPS was crafting the dossier allegedly exposing the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russian government, they were also working to advance Russian interests, according to Browder’s testimony.

Browder told the committee that Natalia Veselnitskaya, the same Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort at Trump Tower during the campaign, “hired Glenn Simpson of the firm Fusion GPS to conduct a smear campaign against me and Sergei Magnitsky in advance of congressional hearings on the Global Magnitsky Act.” The law is named for Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer who represented Browder before Russian authorities jailed and killed Magnitsky after he exposed a massive fraud scheme. [snip]

The NYT, WaPo and CNN have all appeared uninterested in digging into Fusion GPS’ shady ties. The three outlets have combined for zero articles mentioning Fusion GPS since Browder’s testimony, despite the explosive allegations contained within it.

The only mention of Fusion GPS on CNN after Browder’s testimony on Thursday (and in the days since) came from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who went out of his way in an interview Thursday morning to stress the seriousness of the matter, despite CNN asking zero questions about Fusion GPS.

“Fusion GPS was on the payroll, apparently, according to this guy of the Russian government. And I want to know what they did in terms of trying to compromise Donald Trump, who is now our president. So what should we learn from all of this? That the Russians were involved on both sides, they definitely tried to tip the scale against Clinton and for Trump. But the Fusion GPS organization that was trying to get the goods on Donald Trump was backed by the Russians,” Graham said.

CNN reporter Manu Raju tried to steer Graham back to talking about Trump, asking a question about Donald Trump Jr., but Graham returned to the subject to emphasize just how grave he believed the Fusion GPS situation to be.

“The GPS, Fusion GPS situation, the guy’s not coming. If we have to subpoena the people at Fusion GPS, we need to subpoena them. Because Mr. Browder has now accused them of — working for the Russians,” Graham said. “And at the end of the day, if that’s true, the Democratic Party is working with somebody who was working with the Russians, whether they knew it or not.”

Where is the Jeff Sessions Justice Department investigation of Fusion GPS?

The line of investigation is pretty clear at this point. (1) Russia was not happy with the Magnitsky Act which imposed sanctions on Russia. (2) Russia retaliated oddly with a ban on adoption of Russian orphans by Americans. (3) The Russian ploy was to undermine the sanctions via agents such as Natalia Veselnitskaya who pretended their goal was to help those poor orphans when the prize was removal of the sanctions on Russia imposed by the Magnitsky Act.

Big Media understands the existential danger exposure of Fusion GPS collusion means to their existence. Big Media does not want to let go of the nonsense collusion stories concocted against President Trump. But Big Media also understands that Fusion GPS is a story of Big Media collusion with Russia/Fusion GPS to destroy President Trump.

Big Media wants to continue to publish and broadcast lies about President Trump and Russia. But the apocalypse comes in the form of corrupt Obama Dimocrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Since March 5, 2017 we have called for a “truth commission” to uncover and prosecute the Obama scandals which plague our country like ebola.

In that article we mentioned the scandal which was at that time mostly ignored:

The three brothers have been involved in crimes, “multiple lawsuits”, “multiple mortgages”, and other dubious financial activity. The three Muslim brothers, one of whom is 22 years of age and began work in the House of Representatives when he was 20, somehow survived the supposedly onerous background checks that jobs which involve the national security require.

The three brothers could easily have sold top secret information for cash. Not that they needed it if they were legitimate normal workers. The 20 year old for instance was paid $160,000 a year (three times the average for IT staff). Abid got $161,000 and Imran scored $165,000.

We need a Truth Commission!

The story of the three Muslim brothers who worked for Obama Dimocrats in Congress had many troubling ties we wrote about at the time. There’s one speculation we made at the time that appears to be coming true:

Did the three brothers leak the DNC emails, not the Russians, as has so often been claimed by Barack Obama thugs who seek to protect their Muslim friends and blame Russia as their favored distraction? Did anyone stop to think that young Muslim brothers, their wives, and assorted Muslim friends, with dubious backgrounds and financial schemes, might be a problem to our national security? We need a Truth Commission.

It was Obama Dimocrats in the House that employed the three Muslim brothers. It is the Obama Dimocrats that thus far Big Media won’t discuss. It is Obama Dimocrats that thus far have escaped investigation. Why did Obama Dimocrats hire these dubious characters? Why did it take Obama Dimocrats so long to fire the three brothers after their activities became known? We need a Truth Commission, there’s a national security swamp to drain:

Although ignored by many at the time, our initial exploration of the three Muslim brothers was thorough at the time. Now, the story has exponentially grown and it threatens the Russia Big Media narrative. Indeed, as we speculated, it is very possible that the DNC emails were sold/leaked by the three Muslim brothers, not the Russians. And it gets worse. Much worse:

Imran Awan. The story of the Pakistani-born IT fraudster who had access (for years) to computer data and materials of over two dozen House Democrats plus Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs committees threatens to become one of the most extraordinary scandals of our time. If Awan is merely some low-life con cheating the U.S. government out of a few dollars (okay — four million), why are the Clintonistas so concerned they have assigned one of their key consiglieres to head his legal defense? Why did Deborah Wasserman Schultz keep this obviously seriously corrupt individual on her payroll for months until he was finally arrested at Dulles on his way to Qatar by the FBI and the Capitol Police? The possibilities are so many they could fill a book by themselves. But the summa is that we have been told ad nauseum to trust our intelligence agencies. All computer hacking roads lead to Russia. They have proof, they say, although they aren’t showing it to us. (It would compromise sources and methods, doncha know.) Well, I’m willing to admit the Russians are up to no good. They always have been. But I suspect there are a number of surprises in the sources of much of the hacking and some of the truth may be sitting under Imran Awan’s rock — or on his smashed hard drive he desperately wants back from the FBI. Let’s hope the road doesn’t somehow end up at Pakistan’s ISI. Or Hezbollah.

That Roger Simon article is good. But it pales in comparison to our article written on March 17, 2017. In the Simon article he identifies six scandals that need investigation. Our article takes a rest after we identify at least twenty scandals that require special prosecutors.

At this juncture we believe we have been grossly underestimating the need for special prosecutors. The three Muslim brothers scandal alone requires at least a dozen different investigations. For instance:

Pakistani IT Specialist’s Brother Met with Obama White House

As was reported recently, Wasserman-Schultz’ IT guy was arrested while trying to flee America. Moreover, Imran Awan wired almost $300,000 to his home country. Not exactly “walking around” money in Pakistan, as that’s enough to start a pretty good life. Speaking of “walking around money,” Awan had $12,000 in his pockets. But WAIT!

Awan’s wife had $12,000 on her when she fled the country too.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz employed these Pakistani IT staffers and brothers.

The family was paid over $4 million dollars over the course of their employment even though they were accused of a cyber-security breach. Keep in mind the period America finds itself in. Multiple terror attacks, and concerns over refugee resettlement. Then there is that accusation of hacking by the Russians? Was it the Russians?

What’s more interesting is while other Democrats fired these Democrat-sanctioned hackers and spies, Wasserman-Schultz didn’t dismiss them until the day after one tried to flee the country. [snip]

What exactly would the people responsible for IT with the highest ranking Democrats know? And why didn’t this crackerjack team of spies IT professionals stop the Russians?

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, that would make us both brilliant. Because the coincidence of “Russian interference” with our elections, and the DNC refusing to turn over their servers is uncanny. Add to it the intrigue of the Pakistani Muslims, and I see “Made for TV” movie.

I also see Democratic heads rolling soon. One Democrat said they were afraid to fire the Awans because they didn’t want to be perceived to be Islamophobic. Seriously? [snip]

And I think in the end we will learn that the Awans had information on DWS and others.

One of the brothers is on record meeting in the Obama White House for several hours.

A search of guests at the White House show that Imran’s younger brother Abid was a guest at the White House on Thursday, November 21, 2013. He arrived at 5pm and didn’t depart for 7 hours. He attended with another 17 individuals.

What was the IT Specialist doing at the White House for 7 hours after 5pm in 2013, why was he there, who was with him, and where was Obama?

This stinks of Obama.

Big Media has tried to misinform and distort the story of the three Muslim brothers and the DNC. But the facts that have thus far emerged scream out for a special prosecutor:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz finally fired Awan last Tuesday, the day after the FBI fingered him at Dulles Airport.

What took her so long? Well might you ask. McCarthy cuts to the chase: “This is not about bank fraud. The Awan family swindles are plentiful, but they are just window-dressing. This appears to be a real conspiracy, aimed at undermining American national security.” [snip]

In 2016, Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee wrote to the House appropriations subcommittee asking that their staffers obtain “Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information” clearances, spook-speak for the whole shebang. Guess who was working for many of the letter writers? Yep, Awan and his crew. Guess who the ranking member of the appropriations subcommittee was? Donald Duck? Close. Actually, it was Debbie Wasserman Schultz. [snip]

How do we explain the smashed hard drives that were recovered from the Awans’ former home last week? I think Mark Steyn is right to invoke Occam’s Razor: entia non multiplicanda sunt praeter necessitatem. We can leave high jinks to one side. “Why,” Steyn asks, “did Debbie Wasserman Schultz not do as her fellow congressmen did and dump the Awan clan as no longer politically convenient” back in February? Answer: “Because she was head of the DNC and thus Awan knew too much for her to cut him loose.”

How much did he know? Steyn reports that Awan had the password to her iPad and other access codes.

Barack Obama has a lot to answer for. So does Debbie Wasserman Schultz who carried Obama’s wasser for too long:

Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is coming under mounting pressure to explain why she kept an IT aide on the payroll for months after a criminal investigation was revealed, facing calls from Republicans to testify as well as a newly filed ethics complaint.

Wasserman Schultz, the Florida congresswoman who led the Democratic National Committee until last year, terminated Imran Awan’s “part-time” employment last week, when he was arrested at Dulles International Airport trying to fly to Pakistan. He was charged with a bank fraud count.

But he and other former IT aides for House Democrats have been on investigators’ radar screen for months over concerns about possible double-billing, alleged equipment theft and access to sensitive computer systems. Most lawmakers fired Awan in March, but Schultz kept him on, though he was barred from the House IT network. [snip]

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), run by former U.S. Attorney Matthew G. Whitaker (a George W. Bush appointee), also filed a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics on Monday. The complaint urged an investigation, questioning why Schultz kept paying Awan after he was barred from the House computer system, noting “Members are directly responsible for ensuring their staff are only paid for official public work.”

“There is something quite amiss as to why Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz continued to use taxpayer funds to employ former technology staff member, Imran Awan, even months after he was barred from accessing the House’s computer systems and a number of her colleagues severed ties with Awan,” Whitaker said in a statement.

Big Media, Debbie Ditz Wasserman Schultz, Barack Obama want to pretend this is about everything except what it is. It is not about bank fraud:

There’s more than bank fraud going on here. In Washington, it’s never about what they tell you it’s about. So take this to the bank: The case of Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s mysterious Pakistani IT guy, is not about bank fraud. [snip]

As you let all that sink in, consider this: Awan and his family cabal of fraudsters had access for years to the e-mails and other electronic files of members of the House’s Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committees. It turns out they were accessing members’ computers without their knowledge, transferring files to remote servers, and stealing computer equipment — including hard drives that Awan & Co. smashed to bits of bytes before making tracks. [snip]

Congressional-staff salaries are modest, in the $40,000 range. For some reason, Awan was paid about four times as much. He also managed to get his wife, Alvi, on the House payroll . . . then his brother, Abid Awan . . . then Abid’s wife, Natalia Sova. The youngest of the clan, Awan’s brother Jamal, came on board in 2014 — the then-20-year-old commanding an annual salary of $160,000. [snip]

Why were they paid so much for doing so little? Intriguing as it is, that’s a side issue. A more pressing question is: Why were they given access to highly sensitive government information? Ordinarily, that requires a security clearance, awarded only after a background check that peruses ties to foreign countries, associations with unsavory characters, and vulnerability to blackmail. These characters could not possibly have qualified. Never mind access; it’s hard to fathom how they retained their jobs. [snip] Congressional Democrats hired Abid despite his drunk-driving conviction a month before he started at the House, and they retained him despite his public-drunkenness arrest a month after. Beyond that, he and Imran both committed sundry vehicular offenses. In civil lawsuits, they are accused of life-insurance fraud.

Democrats now say that any access to sensitive information was “unauthorized.” But how hard could it have been to get “unauthorized” access when House Intelligence Committee Dems wanted their staffers to have unbounded access? [snip]

Why has the investigation taken so long? Why so little enforcement action until this week? Why, most of all, were Wasserman Schultz and her fellow Democrats so indulgent of the Awans?

The probe began in late 2016. In short order, the Awans clearly knew they were hot numbers. They started arranging the fraudulent credit-union loan in December, and the $283,000 wire transfer occurred on January 18. In early February, House security services informed representatives that the Awans were suspects in a criminal investigation. At some point, investigators found stolen equipment stashed in the Rayburn House Office Building, including a laptop that appears to belong to Wasserman Schultz and that Imran was using. Although the Awans were banned from the Capitol computer network, not only did Wasserman Schultz keep Imran on staff for several additional months, but Meeks retained Alvi until February 28 — five days before she skedaddled to Lahore.

Strange thing about that: On March 5, the FBI (along with the Capitol Police) got to Dulles Airport in time to stop Alvi before she embarked. It was discovered that she was carrying $12,400 in cash. As I pointed out this week, it is a felony to export more than $10,000 in currency from the U.S. without filing a currency transportation report. It seems certain that Alvi did not file one: In connection with her husband’s arrest this week, the FBI submitted to the court a complaint affidavit that describes Alvi’s flight but makes no mention of a currency transportation report. Yet far from making an arrest, agents permitted her to board the plane and leave the country, notwithstanding their stated belief that she has no intention of returning.

Many congressional staffers are convinced that they’d long ago have been in handcuffs if they pulled what the Awans are suspected of. Nevertheless, no arrests were made when the scandal became public in February. For months, Imran has been strolling around the Capitol. In the interim, Wasserman Schultz has been battling investigators: demanding the return of her laptop, invoking a constitutional privilege (under the speech-and-debate clause) to impede agents from searching it, and threatening the Capitol Police with “consequences” if they don’t relent. Only last week, according to Fox News, did she finally signal willingness to drop objections to a scan of the laptop by federal investigators. Her stridency in obstructing the investigation has been jarring.

As evidence has mounted, the scores of Democrats for whom the Awans worked have expressed no alarm.

Alarm? From Obama Dimocrats who sheltered, protected, empowered these criminals?

Big Media will protect these criminals from scrutiny because Big Media is one of the criminals that require protection.

Big Media is the enemy.


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  1. https://www.circa.com/story/2017/08/01/former-obama-aide-ben-rhodes-now-a-person-of-interest-in-house-intelligence-committee-unmasking-investigation

    Former Obama White House National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is now emerging as a person of interest in the House Intelligence Committee’s unmasking investigation, according to a letter sent Tuesday by the committee to the National Security Agency (NSA). This adds Rhodes to the growing list of top Obama government officials who may have improperly unmasked Americans in communications intercepted overseas by the NSA, Circa has confirmed.

    The House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-CA, sent the letter to the National Security Agency requesting the number of unmaskings made by Rhodes from Jan. 1, 2016 to Jan. 20, 2017, according to congressional sources who spoke with Circa. Rhodes, who worked closely with former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and was a former deputy national security adviser for strategic communications for President Obama, became a focus of the committee during its review of classified information to assess whether laws were broken regarding NSA intercepted communications of President Trump, members of his administration and other Americans before and after the election, according to congressional officials. The committee is requesting that the NSA deliver the information on Rhodes by August, 21.

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, Rice and former CIA Director John Brennan have all been named in the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the unmasking of Americans. A letter sent last week from Nunes to Dan Coats, the director of National Intelligence, suggested that top Obama aides made hundreds of unmasking requests during the 2016 presidential elections. The story, which was first reported by The Hill last week, stated that the requests were made without specific justifications as to why the unmasking was necessary. Rice and Brennan have confirmed they sought the unredacted names of Americans in NSA-sourced intelligence reports but insisted their requests were routine parts of their work and had no nefarious intentions. Power also has legal authority to unmask officials, though the practice has not reportedly been common for someone in her position. Rhodes also had legal authority to unmask Americans in NSA-source intelligence reports. But intelligence and congressional sources question the extent of the unmasking.

    Nunes told Coats in a letter last week that the committee has “found evidence that current and former government officials had easy access to U.S. person information and that it is possible that they used this information to achieve partisan political purposes, including the selective, anonymous leaking of such information.”

    Multiple federal law enforcement and intelligence officials told Circa, that requesting an unmasking for intelligence and analytical purposes is something that is done only when the information is absolutely necessary to analyze a specific threat or for other national security purposes. An intelligence source, with direct knowledge of the type of requests made by the Obama aides, said “it’s like hell and high water to fill out and gain approval for these types of unmaskings. It’s something analysts take seriously and could entail filling out 80 pages of paperwork to prove there is a need to unmask. If top officials were unmasking without oversight it’s something everyone should be concerned about and it puts our intelligence community in a very bad place.”

    Retired House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra, (R-MI) and nominee to be U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands, who was a supporter of the NSA programs, said he is “deeply concerned” that there may have been an abuse of power regarding the warrantless spying programs, saying “there needs to be a full investigation into who was being unmasked and why. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if there isn’t enough votes to reauthorize the program, unless this situation can be resolved.”

    Hoekstra noted how unusual it was for senior officials to request hundreds of unmaskings of Americans and “the apparent lack of explanation for why such unmaskings were necessary.”

    The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is set to expire at the end of the year and the most significant part of the act is Section 702, which allows a secret federal court to approve – under specified conditions – the collection of communications on foreign persons overseas at the request of the intelligence community. The unmasking of American’s occurs when an American is communicating with a person overseas and they are incidentally swept up in the communications.

    “It appears Section 702 became a backdoor for unmasking Americans without cause and if that is the case then a full investigation is not only needed but warranted,” said another intelligence official, with direct knowledge of the program. “It would be a gross violation of Constitutional rights.” [SNIP]

    The number of Americans’ identities who have been unmasked appears to have increased beginning last July around the same time Trump secured the GOP nomination. The number accelerated after Trump’s election in November launched a transition that continued through January, as reported by Circa.

    U.S. officials and lawmakers have raised concern that the gathering of such intelligence was used for political espionage, Circa has learned. [SNIP]

    During his last year in office the Obama administration significantly expanded efforts to search National Security Agency intercepts for information about Americans, distributing thousands of intelligence reports across government with the unredacted names of U.S. residents during the midst of a divisive 2016 presidential election. The data was made available by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and reported by Circa in May. It provided evidence of how information accidentally collected by the NSA overseas about Americans was subsequently searched and disseminated after the Obama administration loosened privacy protections asked for by the intelligence community to make such sharing easier in 2011.

    According to the documents reviewed by Circa, government officials conducted 30,355 searches in 2016 seeking information about Americans in NSA intercept meta-data, which include telephone numbers and email addresses. The activity was a 27.5 percent increase over the prior year and more than triple the 9,500 such searches that occurred in 2013, the first year such data was kept. In 2016 the administration also scoured the actual contents of NSA intercepted calls and emails for 5,288 Americans, an increase of 13 percent over the prior year and a massive spike from the 198 names searched in 2013, according to the data.

    This stinks of Obama.

  2. McMaster has to go…he is firing the few Trump people there…others can see what is going on and are calling for him to be fired…what is taking PDT so long to act???…this is the hub of the most dangerous leaks…even PM May was ready to bolt from sharing info with USA because of national security leaks…why isn’t PDT acting more decisively and getting rid of people working against his agenda and leaking…

    the main issues I have with PDT are:

    1. He is acting too slow to get rid of people that are harming him…

    2. He is not taking advantage of giving full throated, detailed speeches on issues of national importance, ie healthcare, taxes, etc from the Oval office…to explain and speak directly to the American people…

    again, tweets are not enough…he needs to address the nation as the President of the USA…

    and Sessions better have gotten the message showing us some aggressive action on Friday…and a special counsel for DWS & Dims scandal & Hillary corruption

    Stop the damn pussy footing around and let’s roll…

  3. WHY is PDT allowing this to continue? 6 months into his admin & it is getting worse at NSC not better…WHY????

    this is bordering on insubordination…all while Mueller keeps hiring more Dim prosecutors to go after PDT & his family

    very frustrating…Sessions better be earning his freaking keep…


    A top official of the National Security Council was fired last month after arguing in a memo that President Trump is under sustained attack from subversive forces both within and outside the government who are deploying Maoist tactics to defeat President Trump’s nationalist agenda.

    His dismissal marks the latest victory by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster in the ongoing war within Trump’s White House between those who believe that the president is under threat from dark forces plotting to undermine him, and those like McMaster who dismiss this as conspiratorial thinking.

    Rich Higgins, a former Pentagon official who served in the NSC’s strategic-planning office as a director for strategic planning, was let go on July 21. Higgins’s memo describes supposed domestic and international threats to Trump’s presidency, including globalists, bankers, the “deep state,” and Islamists. The memo characterizes the Russia story as a plot to sabotage Trump’s nationalist agenda. It asserts that globalists and Islamists are seeking to destroy America. The memo also includes a set of recommendations, arguing that the problem constitutes a national-security priority.

    snip…read on for more

  4. More anti-Trump actions at NSC


    Senior director Ezra Cohen-Watnick out at National Security Council

    The senior director for intelligence on the National Security Council left the agency, the White House confirmed Wednesday.

    A White House official said Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who was hired during the brief tenure of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, “has left the National Security Council [NSC].”

    “[National Security Advisor] Gen. McMaster appreciates the good work accomplished in the NSC’s Intelligence directorate under Ezra Cohen’s leadership,” a White House official said.

    “He has determined that, at this time, a different set of experiences is best-suited to carrying that work forward,” the official continued. “Gen. McMaster is confident that Ezra will make many further significant contributions to national security in another position in the administration.”

    Cohen-Watnick’s departure is the latest in a string of exits from the National Security Council under H.R. McMaster, who has reportedly sought to purge Flynn appointees.
    Another Flynn hire, retired Army intelligence officer Derek Harvey, was ousted from the NSC last week. He had been working as a senior Middle East adviser.

    Cohen-Watnick’s removal is the second significant personnel change at the White House since Retired Gen. John Kelly took over as chief of staff.

    A few hours after Kelly was sworn in on Monday, the White House announced the departure of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.


    I honestly hope Sessions proves many of us wrong and comes up with the goods on Friday and thereafter…I hope I am wrong but I fear he does not have the courage to go after the people high up that he needs to…I want to be wrong…

  5. I really don’t understand why McMaster is being allowed to fire Trump supporters. Thought Kelly would take care of McMasters, apparently not. Business as usual.

    And the Democrats are not uneasy over the Muslim bothers because Sessions is ineffective, they have the media , they are the Deep state.

    I have come to believe this may not end well.

  6. Admin: I believe the “journalist” who was paid by Global Fusion to circulate the dirty dossier is Ben Smith, formerly with Politico, now Buzz Feed. He is a whore.

  7. Obama had to re-write the “rule” for unmasking because it is illegal as hell. There is no protocol for doing it because…illegal. The media is writing stories trying to portray it as just one of those things. The explosion in “unmasking” requests by ninnies, tools, and politicos within the Obama White House was for purely political purposes as they realized that their gooses were cooked if Hillary lost. It is forbidden by statute. No ifs, ands or buts. Illegal. Now the “intelligence” community is looking at being hobbled if Congress doesn’t renew their powers and “toys” and bottomless budget. Those who handed over raw signit intelligence to stooges like Power, Rhodes, and Rice are going to go for the “it was an order” defense. NSA director Rogers (since Jan 2014 appointed by Obama) needs to start talking. Asshole.

  8. gonzotx
    August 2, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    I really don’t understand why McMaster is being allowed to fire Trump supporters. Thought Kelly would take care of McMasters, apparently not. Business as usual.

    An oldie but a goodie: “Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg reported Trump has not warmed to McMaster in the same way that the Washington establishment did. The sources said White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is skeptical of McMaster’s policies and thinks he’s trying to trick Trump into falling into the same previous pattern of nation building Trump warned against during the campaign.”
    “White House chief of staff Reince Priebus is blocking a key appointment from McMaster, according to the report.”
    “Trump himself is disillusioned with McMaster because the general occasionally lectures Trump and doesn’t allow him to ask questions frequently.” http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/trump-screamed-at-national-security-adviser-hr-mcmaster-over-comments-to-south-korea-report/article/2622437
    I seem to recall that McMaster is a favorite of Jared, Ivanka, Gary Cohen, etc who think he is dreamy (he is so ugly he makes them look even better). Now of course Kelly is keeping all of them out of the Oval Office unless they have something specific to talk about and an appointment. I think some will exit if they cannot schmooze, gab, distract, eavesdrop, get their “pitcher” taken in the Oval constantly and in McMaster’s case hector the President. This is basically the time of the 6 month septic system flush and “treatment”.
    Without constant defenders McMaster will be gone too. And he may be a leaker with many cutouts.

  9. Betty Hodges, Mayor of Minneapolis is in the news again. Or should be. Just as ordinary Americans have put the Somali born cop, who killed the white Australian women, on their back burner, a Christian school in Betty’s realm of power has blown up and partially collapsed. Kids were not there.
    Fox has it. A second body has been found in the rubble after an explosion killed a school employee and injured several others,

    Muslims galore. White Justine. Christian school. Stating the obvious, if all had been reversed, Fake under Obama/Holder would be pressing for motive. They won’t do that, but will they dare hide it?

  10. Trump must want him because he is a conduit to Patraeus.

    As a result he tolerates the leaks and head chopping of loyalist and cozy relationships with the Washington establishment he has.

    BUT, if word reaches Trump that HR McMaster is becoming MORE POWERFUL than Trump, then McMaster will be pushing up daisies at some toxic waste site– where he belongs.

    And that is what some people are working on.

  11. To further explain my last comment, the reference to pushing up daisies was metaphorical. The people who are working on ousting McMaster include Mike Cernovich who has documented HR’s leaks which are harmful to the president, and Breitbart who have decried his pattern of firing Trump loyalists, retaining Obama hold overs, and advocacy of nation building. It is only a matter of time before he gets kicked upstairs, meaning back to Afghanistan because we are losing that war, and I am sure the only thing we lack on the front line is McMasters brilliance, but come to think of it, maybe not, because he is a nation builder, and the only thing we have to show for it is the Mayor of Kabul. Just give the bald headed prick a fourth star, and retire him.

  12. This is the guy who is NOT getting the job done in Afghanistan, who Trump is holding accountable and McMaster is defending.
    Particularly galling for Trump is the fact that while we are wasting our money with this nation building nonsense, which gives necons license to loot taxpayers as we have seen in every instance, promoted by McMaster, China slithers in behind us, and buys up the minerals. It is the same damned thing as we saw in Iraq, where connected Washington insiders got fabulously rich and the bitter costs were born by the American People, and a posterity that has no vote, thanks to neocon shills like HR McMaster. Its the old financial scheme, where the financial people make improvident bets, and privatize the profits while socializing the losses.

  13. And that is the system the corrupt Bob Mueller is there to protect, thanks to swamp creatures like Rod Rosenstein.

  14. Hi Gonzo…

    You are too being too kind implying Susan Rice may be innocent- She is part and parcel
    of the ‘Skunk Administration’. Her, Power, Clapper and their entire rookery; Podesta, Comey,
    Mueller, Debbie-do- etc.. all stink to high heaven with corruption. They all know if one of them is convicted in this grand scheme- They’re ALL going down. Perhaps even catch Clinton and Obama in the backwash if one of them turns, in avoidance of a prison sentence.

    And, I am hoping as well, McMasters is replaced asap!
    There is no doubt, he is an Obama holdover doing his dirty work for as long as he can up until Trump can fire and replace him.
    Trump is not blind- I’m sure he is watching McMasters until he is sure and will move swiftly to replace him.

    Gaffney suggests firing McMasters as well:



    Report: H.R. McMaster Gave ‘Explicit Instruction’ Not to Mention Obama ‘Holdovers’ in Trump Admin


  15. There is a lot resting on Sessions…if he can’t get hold of all of this and freaking push back with his own Special Counsel, etc then I worry and fear that the screws are turning from too many angles…Mueller now with his grand jury & Dim cheerleaders…

    McMasters sticking his middle finger into PDT’s face…and so far, nada…WTH??? anyone can see that was a setup from the get go…

    Deep State growing…O people and their shadow govt 2 streets away in action…

    I want to see some freaking fight…and damn pushback and aggressive, forceful action on behalf of & in support of PDT…
    Let’s see Gen Kelly & Sessions come out fighting…

    so far, everything is defense, not offense…

    Mueller is trying to use PDT’s family to freak everyone out…
    the O admin and Dims are up to their necks in corruption and every time PDT sneezes DC goes nuts…
    …and push lies, lies, lies…into the public’s ears…


    evidently some of the big good news tonight at rally is the W VA Dem Gov is supposed to turn Republican

  16. Update: The Obama scandals and corruption we briefly describe below are barely getting attention. By the time the investigations to these crimes get going Barron Trump will be a thirty year old man. Instead of investigations and special prosecutors to root out real crimes the news today is that corrupt Mueller, with all his conflicts of interest, has impaneled a grand jury to investigate Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the woman we discussed below, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

    What is this all about? It’s easy to explain. Mueller had a grand jury operating in Virginia to investigate Mike Flynn. Mueller could have used that grand jury to issue subpoenas in furtherance of his investigations. But instead Mueller chose to impanel a grand jury in Washington D.C. Why? Because Washington D.C. is populated with President Trump hating Obama Dimocrats. The Trump hating Obama Dimocrats of Washington D.C. will assist Mueller in his witch hunt. That is all you need to know about this corrupt Mueller investigation.

    That this “leak” came from the Mueller investigation is no surprise. Mueller like his pal Comey likes illegal leaks.

    The good news in all this? President Donald J. Trump is no weakling and will fight. Tonight President Trump is in West Virginia to welcome the Governor of West Virginia to the Republican Party as he switches his party allegiance.


  17. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/west-virginia-gov-jim-justice-is-switching-parties-heres-why/article/2630581

    West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice’s party switch, from Democratic to Republican, gives the Republican Party 34 governorships, the highest number it has controlled since the early 1920s. [snip]

    Why did Justice switch? One reason might be that West Virginia is tilting heavily Republican these days. It voted 68 to 26 percent for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, for example, the widest margin for a presidential candidate of either party in West Virginia history. That was also Trump’s biggest percentage margin in any state.

    Justice won on the same day, running on the Democratic ticket, but only by a 7 percent margin. That’s slightly better than the 50 to 47 percent margin for Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin in the 2011 special election to replace Democrat Joe Manchin, who had been elected to the Senate. But it’s nothing like the 60-plus percentage victories that Manchin had rolled up as a Democratic governor candidate in 2004 and 2008.

    Another possible motive: Justice may just want to get along better with a legislature long controlled by Democrats but now lopsidedly Repulican (22-12 in the Senate, 63-36-1 in the House). Another possibility: He’s reputed to be a Trump pal. Like Trump, he owns a famous golf course, at the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia, where Sam Snead was club pro for many years.

    The biggest reverberation may be on the 2018 Senate race. Joe Manchin was elected to the Senate as a Democrat in 2010 (to fill the term vacated by the death of Robert Byrd) in a 53 to 43 percent final and elected to a full term in 2012 with 61 percent. But Capito won the other seat in 2014 by a similar margin, and it would obviously be easier for Manchin to win as a Republican than a Democrat.

    That may be awkward, as he’s been lining up with all other Democratic senators on many issues, including healthcare. But will he want to buck Trump in a state the president carried with 68 percent of the vote (and where he’s got a rally today?) I wouldn’t bet too heavily on it.

    Most hurt by this switch? Manchin and Capito. Most helped? ObamaCare repeal and the Trump agenda.

  18. Wild reception for President Trump in WV. He takes a sign from a supporter and waves it: “Trump Digs Coal”. All this as the music played:

  19. President Trump hitting powerfully back on the “Russia” nonsense. PDT says “We didn’t win because of the Russians. We won because of you.”

    President Trump says “they can’t beat us at the voting booth”. A “fake story”.

    President Trump says Mueller should investigate Hillary as the room shouts “lock her up”.

    President Trump says his is a pro worker agenda. Trump says the Dims can’t win so they talk Russia because that’s all they can do to feel better.

  20. From legalinsurrection

    The turncoat Deep state Republicans a$$wipes…

    Fire Mueller NOW, Fire Them all!!!

    Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware plan to introduce the legislation Thursday. The bill would allow any special counsel for the Department of Justice to challenge his or her removal in court, with a review by a three-judge panel within 14 days of the challenge.

    The bill would apply retroactively to May 17, 2017 — the day Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to investigate allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign.


  21. Why don’t we all start tweeting, calling, writing…whatever your pleasure to try to ask Sen Manchin to come over to PDT’s side…I have started….we need him, our country needs him…he can help…there is a chance he will flip…he has thought about it in the past…What the hell are the Dims going to do for him…this is NOT President Bill Clinton’s Dems…certainly Manchin recognizes that…does he want to be aligned with these Dim crazies?

  22. Trump should fire Mueller asap!!! If it causes a so called constitutional so be it. The dems and GOP’ers are both going to try to impeach Trump so he might as well go done with a fight. If Pence becomes POTUS, he’ll be fine.

  23. Bio on the President’s Lawyer:

    Cobb is the son of Grover C. Cobb, a Kansas radio station owner who was senior executive vice president of the NAB and a naval fighter pilot.[1][2] He is reportedly a distant relative of the well-known baseball player of the same name.[3] Cobb spent his childhood in rural Kansas.[2]
    Cobb is a graduate of Harvard University and Georgetown Law School.[4]
    Legal career[edit]
    Cobb was a law clerk for a federal judge,[1] and then worked in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Baltimore, serving as chief of the criminal section and head of the region’s drug enforcement and organized crime task force.[5][6] In 1986, he was passed over for the U.S. Attorney position in favor of Breckinridge L. Willcox, and he joined the Baltimore law firm Miles and Stockbridge. Two years later, he joined Hogan & Hartson, which became Hogan Lovells.[4]
    Cobb served as special trial counsel during an independent investigation of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the 1990s.[7]
    Cobb successfully defended Hudson Foods against allegations that its executives lied to investigators after a recall of beef tainted with E.coli. The executives were acquitted on all charges.[5] He represented Democratic fundraiser John Huang against campaign finance charges. Huang pleaded guilty in 1999.[5] Other high-profile clients have included Eli Segal, Mary McCarthy, AIG, Office Depot, the Saudi royal family, IBM, and Medtronic.[8][7][4]
    Cobb is a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.[5]
    Trump White House[edit]
    Cobb joined the White House’s internal legal team to manage matters related to the ongoing investigations into Russian election interference and possible collusion with the Trump campaign, starting 31 July 2017. Cobb will work within the White House, unlike other members of Trump’s legal team.[9][10][11] Cobb will work closely with Donald McGahn but report directly to President Trump.[7]
    Cobb said that he took the job with Trump because “it was an impossible task with a deadline.” He elaborated further that he had “rocks in his head and steel balls.”[2] Cobb was recommended to Trump by John Dowd, a member of his private legal team.[6]
    Cobb said that there is no reason to believe that Trump is personally under investigation. He stated further, “They’re in full cooperation mode and they’ve been directed to fully cooperate and get this over with as quickly as possible.”[7]
    Cobb took a large pay cut to work in the White House where lawyers earn a maximum of $179,900 per year. The average partner compensation at his firm Hogan Lovells was $1.25 million per year.[2]

  24. If Pence becomes POTUS, he’ll be fine.
    Define what you mean by the word “fine”.

    Personally, I do not see Pence as someone with the brass balls necessary to wrest control of our country from the deep state. From the beginning, the deep state has viewed Pence as the fall back position after they take down Trump. My friend in Indiana who knows him harbors the same concerns. To put it charitably, Mike is a fine #2 man, but he is not right for the top job, if the goal is to take back our country, from the swamp creatures who now control it.

  25. http://dailycaller.com/2017/08/03/exclusive-everything-the-president-wants-to-do-mcmaster-opposes-former-nsc-official-says/

    National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is thwarting President Donald Trump’s foreign policy prescriptions, two former senior NSC officials told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    “Everything the president wants to do, McMaster opposes,” a former senior official said in a wide-ranging interview. “Trump wants to get us out of Afghanistan — McMaster wants to go in. Trump wants to get us out of Syria — McMaster wants to go in. Trump wants to deal with the China issue — McMaster doesn’t. Trump wants to deal with the Islam issue — McMaster doesn’t. You know, across the board, we want to get rid of the Iran deal — McMaster doesn’t. It is incredible to watch it happening right in front of your face. Absolutely stunning.”

    One former official characterized McMaster as a “sycophant” of retired Army Gen. David Petraeus.

    “I know that the president isn’t a big fan of what McMaster’s doing,” the former official declared. “I don’t understand why he’s allowing a guy who is subverting his foreign policy at every turn to remain in place.” he added.

    The official continued that he expects a purge of “campaign Trump” loyalists to continue with particularly intensity within the next two weeks. WTH???

    “I just fear there is a real creeping of status quo thinking that is taking over the place. I was upset while I was there in seeing how empowered Obama holdovers under McMaster were to essentially perpetuate Obama-era policies,” another former official told TheDCNF. WTH???

    Both officials expressed particular concern over the Trump administration’s future policy in Afghanistan.

    “The Trumpian view that we were trying to put forward was shut down,” an official declared.

    This same official described the Russia desk of the NSC as being temporarily being taken over by an Obama administration holdover who “ran full speed ahead” with the past administration’s approach.

    Campaign loyalists and allies of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn have been purged with increasing rapidity in recent weeks, and the battle for the NSC is developing by the day.

    BuzzFeed News reported Thursday that Trump hired Cyril Sartor to serve as senior director for Africa, a victory for the CIA, given his past service with them.

    While Sartor’s security clearance remains intact, the CIA revoked the clearance of Robin Townley, which effectively forced Townley out in February. The reason for the rejection was that Townley was reportedly too close to Flynn, who has ended up in fights with the intelligence community unlike McMaster.

    Politico reported on Tuesday that McMaster also managed to fire top White House intelligence aide Ezra Cohen-Watnick from the NSC, who was previously described by The Atlantic as essentially un-fireable. While Cohen-Watnick and McMaster had apparently begun to mend relations over the last several months, The Atlantic article that described Cohen-Watnick as un-fireable
    pushed McMaster over the edge, according to a source who spoke with Politico. The Atlantic article further noted that Rich Higgins, senior director for strategic planning, had been fired in late July after writing a memo on globalists and Islamist collaborating to subvert Trump’s policy agenda.

    Last Thursday, Derek Harvey, senior director for the Middle East, was kicked off the NSC after complaints directly from Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a McMaster ally. Harvey was originally brought in to the NSC by Flynn. Two sources informed The Weekly Standard that Harvey was viewed as being too close with White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon, which was a motivating factor in the purge.

    At the time, a White House official told TheDCNF that Harvey’s deputies Joel Rayburn and Michael Bell were remaining with the NSC, and earlier this week, Michael Bell permanently took over Harvey’s position.

    BuzzFeed News reported in early July that Tera Dahl, deputy chief of staff at the NSC and former Breitbart columnist, was moved out of the council with the expectation she would join USAID. NSC spokesman Michael Anton insisted that Dahl’s initial intent was always to assist with the transition process and then head over to a more policy-oriented role elsewhere in the administration.

    Adam Lovinger, another Flynn pick who formerly served as senior director for strategic assessments, was forced out of NSC after he had his security clearance denied on May 1. Lovinger accused anti-Trump bureaucrats of politicizing the security clearance process.

    Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland, a close ally to Flynn, was forced out of the NSC in April after McMaster took control of the council in February, but she ended up staying on until May, albeit in a largely sidelined role, and in June, the White House announced McFarland had been tapped for the position of U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. Bannon, who the former senior NSC official described as an “intellectual guardian of camp Trump,” was also pushed out of the NSC principals committee in April.


    all these Trumpsters losing their jobs and security clearance and Susan Rice keeps hers because of McMasters & he sees nothing wrong with all her unmasking

    I am sorry…PDT is being set up for a fall…they are freaking cornering him…

    yeah, Gonzo…this really concerns me…

  26. Here is a more audible version of the Seymore Hirsh interview.

    This is deadly stuff for the dims, for two obvious reasons:

    First, by showing that Seth Rich was the source of the wikileaks leaks, it debunks the dim/big media cabal narrative that Russia did it, and thereby stole the election from Hillary.

    Second, by showing that Seth Rich did it, and in exchange for money, it simultaneously debunks the second narrative of the aforesaid cabal, namely that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to do this, and thereby stole the election from Hillary.

    These two lies have consumed the nation’s agenda now for nearly a year, and the opportunity cost they impose on the presidents agenda that the country voted for had done incalculable harm, for which big media must be held accountable, by a growing disbelief in everything they say.

  27. http://www.atr.org/map

    Starting Tonight, GOP Will Have Full Control of 26 States

    West Virginia governor’s switch from D to R means GOP will have full control of legislative and executive branch in 26 states; Dems have full control in just 6 states

    Tonight West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (D) will announce his intention to join the Republican Party, and the GOP have full control of the legislative and executive branch in 26 states.

    Democrats now only have full control of the legislative and executive branch in six states.

    Population of GOP-controlled states: 164,139,104

    Population of Dem-controlled states: 50,190,213

    Click here for a full size version of the map below.

  28. Wbboei, the Dims will soon say Seth Rich was Russian! If it was the three Muslim brothers the Dims will soon say they were Russian! “It was the Russians I tell ya, the Russians! Damn leaky Russians!”

  29. Wbboei:

    This Seth Rich story has been around for months already; is there anything new here from Seymour Hersh? What am I missing? Despite his reputation, it’s still just the same old speculation of events based on anonymous sources within the FBI, within the D.C. police department, and from Rod Wheeler. It’s all possible, of course, and would certainly be explosive if shown to be true but until somebody leaks the actual FBI investigation report or until one of the FBI or D.C.P.D. investigators officially goes on the record to verify the speculation, it’s still just the same anonymously-sourced conspiracy theory that’s been around for almost a year with no new proof of anything provided. We’ve been here before, another “if true” story; what’s new this time?

  30. Logging into the twit this AM I was saddened to encounter a Moment with stuff like this:
    Bipartisan Groups Of Senators Are Introducing Bills To Make Firing The Special Counsel More Difficult

    Another is to prohibit recess appointments.

    As soon as they got together for HC, enough Republicans have shifted their topic.

    I guess tactical error on PDT’s part to push them so hard. 🙁

  31. Lucky there is a counter to the glum above.
    At Breitbart, Polls Show Huge Public Support for Donald Trump’s Immigration Reforms
    From Numbers USA: “polling data from Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Those states were won by Donald Trump in 2016 and will get to vote for or against incumbent Democrat Senators next November. For the next 17 months, those Democrat Senators will likely try to avoid picking sides in the immigration debate…On the GOP side, legislators will try to mollify their business donors by staying quiet on the proposed reforms”

    Yesterday, someone on TrumpTeam and in front of a camera, suggested making immigration a national topic. Add in phone calls to Congressional offices and I think we have a plan.

  32. Mike Marks
    August 4, 2017 at 3:40 am

    This Seth Rich story has been around for months already; is there anything new here from Seymour Hersh?
    1. First of all, the FBI investigation confirms that Seth–not Trump, and not Russia was the leaker. Previously, this was speculation, and Hannity nearly got fired for suggesting it.

    2. Second, that investigation confirms that the motive was money.
    Previously, it was believed that the motive was political, i.e. to support Bernie Sanders.

    3. Third, while the information is hearsay, legally speaking, politically it is dispositive of the issue. Why? Because of Seymore Hirsh’s reputation as an investigative journalist. He has uncovered multiple government scandals by both parties over the years, involving the deep state.

    N.B. I do not wish to make light of Seth’s motive here. He is merely following the same star as his light of love Bernie I cannot be bribed by billionaires–so reads the bumper sticker– except with a $600,000 beach house.

    However, that too is understandable. So now we must learn to call him, not Bernie who cannot be bribed, but Mr. Snow:

    An almost perfect beau,
    As refined as a girl could wish.
    But he spends so much time in his round-bottomed boat
    That he can’t seem to lose the smell of fish.
    The first time he kissed me the whiff from his clothes
    Knocked me flat on the floor of the room.
    But now that I love him, my heart’s in my nose
    And fish is my fav’rite perfume!


  33. That old sea-faring,
    Bold and daring,
    Big bewhiskered, overbearing
    Darling Mister Snow

    I mean, Bernie–I am no cheap date- Sander.

    Obama: tell Vladmir after the election I will be more flexible.

    Bernie: tell Soros, I am a man of principle. However, for the meager sum of $600,000 to buy a cottage by the sea where the salty breezes blow, I could learn to be flexible, and blame it all on racist Republicans.

    Big Media: that is a print!

  34. admin
    August 4, 2017 at 3:19 am
    Gowdy believes the collapse of the Russian narrative has dimmed the senatorial hope of the bug eyed Adam Schiff, who is known to be lower than a snakes belly.

  35. It’s likely he (Trump) can no longer fire the special prosecutor….dems and gop working together to get an indictment and start impeachment.

  36. Mueller’s announcement leak of a grand jury “Star Chamber” went over like a lead balloon. It was supposed to gin up fear and trepidation and calls for impeachment . They got a backlash of “slow coup” explanations of what they are up to with it all. Jeff “Never-Trumper” Flake gets a 19 approval number and he’s up for re-election in 2018, and they all get to go home with a Obama-care repeal failure as a highlight of their fine work. And the shit-heads leaking entire transcripts to “punish” Trump forget they are leaking conversations of foreign leaders also which they under ZERO circumstances have the authority (morally or legally) to do under international laws of diplomacy. It is a permanent government permeated by children throwing baby fits with the same mental and emotional objectivity. If they don’t have to follow laws or elections why should we? Why are we paying them? Why are they out walking around and not being assaulted with thrown garbage? I have always regarded this generation of “public servants” as mental cripples who cannot fathom cause and effect from their elite little perches. Now they get to learn what it is.

  37. The discharge case against the failed experiment by the Hair Club for Men, namely, HR McMaster is solid. How solid? As the Rock of Gibralter. He is Iago in The Merchant of Venice–a betrayer of the President, on all fronts. Oh yes, I have read the contrary opinion out of the Heritage Foundation, by writers who were formerly with the deep state, that he is the right man for these times. Really? Do you say that because he is a friend? If you say it for reasons of national security, are you suggesting there is no one, without his obvious warts, who could fill those shoes? If so then riddle me this: on what meet doth this bald headed bastard feed that he has grown so great. He told his shrink that he sees himself as Patton. The psychiatrist not in his chain of command fired back, no sir. You are more like Willie, Pattons English bulldog who along with his many other felicitous traits was keen on biting his master when he was not looking, until Patton gave him the TLC he wanted before a firing squad. I do not wish to seem immodest here. Nor do I request an extraordinary remedy. All I ask for for HR McMaster is a firing squad. If he objects, all you have to say is Patton approves. Now this:

    National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster met with President Trump Thursday amid his purge of Trump loyalists from the White House national security council, a heated debate about sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan and a report that he allowed former Obama administration aide Susan E. Rice to keep her security clearance.

    Gen. McMaster sent a letter to Ms. Rice in April giving her unfettered and continuing access to classified information and waiving the “need-to-know” requirement on anything she viewed or received during her tenure as President Obama’s national security adviser. A copy of the letter was obtained by Circa; Mr. Trump reportedly was not aware of Gen. McMaster’s action.
    The topic of Ms. Rice has been a particularly sore spot for Mr. Trump, who was angered to learn that she unmasked the identities of Trump transition aides in conversations with Russian officials. The president has called it “a massive story.”

    Gen. McMaster also has come under increasing fire from conservatives this week after Bloomberg reported that he concluded Ms. Rice did nothing wrong with the unmasking.

    The head of a conservative group called for Gen. McMaster to be fired, citing the leaks Thursday of transcripts of Mr. Trump’s phone conversations with foreign leaders.

    “The only option President Trump has is to clean house at the National Security Council, starting at the top with General McMaster,” said Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning. “The threat posed to the country by the National Security Council leaking requires immediate and swift action.”

  38. I really WONDER what Steve Pilelck thinks about the English bulldog who routinely lifts his knee and leaks into the mouth of the NYT and WashPoo doggie style, as reported by Mike Cernovich. Mike has reportedly catalogued all of Willie’s indiscretions which tarnish Trump’s image as a good judge of horseflesh. Hopefully the president will see the light, and remember MacBeth’s words: if tis done what ought to be done, tis best it be done quickly.

  39. It is a permanent government permeated by children throwing baby fits with the same mental and emotional objectivity.
    An excellent analogy.

    However, I had in mind the lower primates.

    Namely, the monkey cage at the local zoo, where the feisty monkeys are in a state of rebellion wherein they take turns jacking off, hurling their feces at the zoo keepers, and wiping their asses with their Harvard diplomas.

    I have a friend who is a computer genius, literally, and an entrepreneur. I asked him where Harvard stands in the world of high tech about which I know less than nothing. He said in that field as well they have a messiahnic complex, but he admires that. Rather than argue the point, I told myself its not worth it, he is a young man, and time will disabuse him of such foolish notions.

  40. I have always regarded this generation of “public servants” as mental cripples who cannot fathom cause and effect from their elite little perches. Now they get to learn what it is.
    Yes indeed.

    They have much in common with our lazy big media.

    The contrast between them and real journalists like Hirsh and Attkisson is, to say the least stark.

    Hirsh/Attkission SPEAK truth to power.

    By contrast, StopsandPoopsalot, C-code cumo, chuckie cheese todd, and mrs vanderbuilts precious baby boy DB cooper do cannot muster the courage, or the integrity needed to do so. They are vampires.

  41. Yet another example of the success of the blue state model, as reported by Rick Moran at pjmedia. (Note: no white male oppression here).

    Detroit will hold a mayoral primary next week as 8 people will vie for the honor of leading the city.

    But in a sign of the times – and eerily apropos – 4 of the candidates are convicted felons.

    Half of the eight mayoral hopefuls on Detroit’s primary ballot next week have been convicted of felony crimes involving drugs, assault or weapons, a Detroit News analysis shows.

    Three were charged with gun crimes and two for assault with intent to commit murder. Some of the offenses date back decades, the earliest to 1977. The most recent was in 2008.

    Political consultant Greg Bowens said there are candidates with past hardships in every election cycle. It’s not something unique to Detroit or the political arena in general, he said.

    “Black marks on your record show you have lived a little and have overcome some challenges,” said Bowens, a former press secretary to Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer and NAACP activist. “They (candidates) deserve the opportunity to be heard, but they also deserve to have the kind of scrutiny that comes along with trying to get an important elected position.”

    Sounds to me like a couple of those guys have lived a lot, not a little. “Assault with intent to commit murder”? Two of them? Are you kidding me?

    Play it again Sam:


  42. Tony–I though slow bell Sessions statement was meely mouthed. However Coates was firing for effect. Journalists who conspire with leakers should be impaled in the manner of Count Dracule, heads on a stick style, to warn others. Even Uncle Joe tell me the man, I’ll find you the crime was not that persuasive. The most disappointing part of Sessions comments is the inference that he has not been pursuing those investigations until now. His focus was prospective as opposed to retroactive. Here is Coates, firing for effect, getting close up and personal with potential leakers and delivering the message they need to understand. Now, they must weigh the cost benefit of the $5 million Soros is offering for juicy stuff against the terrifying prospect of spending the next eight years in the pen, not in some club fed, but kitbitzing with the general population, as in Escape from New York.
    Coats says to potential leakers, “We will find out, we will investigate you, we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law and you will not be happy with the result.”

    Coats says they are prepared to identify individuals who illegally share classified information and forward their information to the FBI for full investigation.

    Coats says anyone illegally sharing information is “betraying” the American people.

  43. Back in the day, Mafia prosecutions were the priority of the justice department.

    Today, the priority must be deep state leakers and their big media accomplices.

    Gold stars to agents who identify and prosecutor who convict deep state leakers.

    They are a clear and present danger to the country, and they need to be fried.

  44. The other thing that has changed here, in addition to Coates manning up while Sessions retreats is the dims are now coming out against leakers. That is a sea change, because previously they were all in favor of it. This will gain momentum when the Wasserman Schultz cute little fellers get indicted and interrogated. This leads me to believe that over the intermediate term, the democrats will have more to lose from this ignis fatuus they have conjured up for the ostensible purpose of harpooning Trump than Trump does. The short term effect, between now and 2018 is more problematic for congressional republicans given Greenspan’s dire warning. They seem to believe that they can get tax reform completed before then, but that is a snare and a delusion. The problem is the dims are committed to increasing taxes, and we have at least three quislings on the republican senate side, perhaps more, who will shrink from doing the right thing, as we have seen in the past too often.

  45. Wbboei @ 7:12 am

    “The FBI investigation confirms ….”

    Has the FBI investigation report been officially released? Has any investigator gone on the record to confirm the information? If not, what does all of this matter?

    Julian Assange said months ago that Russia was not the source of the leaks, so he’s portrayed in the media as a fugitive from justice angling for some kind of a pardon from Trump. Unless he states this under oath in some kind of an official proceeding, it has no effect.

    Without an official investigation, a report, indictments, convictions and jail time, this whole story remains just a conspiracy theory, Hersh’s reputation notwithstanding.

  46. I am underwhelmed by Sessions…do we really believe anyone is afraid of him? or is it he that is afraid of others?

    …when I see some ACTION from his office…of higher ups and their wrongdoing…of Dims…of O admin…then I will believe he has some guts…
    until then Sessions is window dressing to me…

    …and on top of that with the WP reporting the entire conversation of PDT’s conversation with Mexico yesterday, on his watch…how embarrassed can this AG be…all he has to show, up to this point, for anything is sending a minor young woman to jail…big deal…

    Why is Sessions allowing Susan Rice who is under investigation to keep her high end security clearance?

    another middle finger into the face of Sessions…

    I cannot help it, I do not believe Sessions will do anything to ruffle feathers…imo, he has been overpowered and put in his place…and his second in command is in collusion with the people who are out to take down PDT…RR did not even doing anything to limit the power of the SC he gave full reign and $$ to…and now they are in full hunt to take down PDT…looking, scratching for anything to pin on him…

    What kind of alternative reality, kabucki dance world is our AG living in?

    How is he going to feel if any of PDT’s family members are indicted? and it is our AG who is responsible for a big piece of the paralysis PDT is being strangled with…MIA, Mr AG …you are a part timer with parameters and fenced in…You have let all the crazies in to take over and do damage

    Stuart Varney has a good show…this morning he had breaking news that there are documents revealing discussions pertaining to Lynch and Bill C…Comey lied under oath that there were none and now evidently there are many and many with FBI colluding with the press, WP, NYT, etc to keep the story out of the news

    what will be done with that info?
    when I think of Sessions I think limp…prove me wrong…please AG and I will be the first to sing your praises…

  47. jbstonesfan @ 10:56 PM

    “…but he (Pence) is more likely to defeat a dem candidate than Trump at this point.”

    At this point, which dem candidate would defeat Trump?

  48. jbstonesfan @ 10:56 PM

    “…but he (Pence) is more likely to defeat a dem candidate than Trump at this point.”

    Golly gee wilkers! I guess that means Trump won’t be POTUS — oh wait!

    lol you people *still* believing the polls — it’s like you are incapable of learning.

  49. Thank you Admin and All for your kind thoughts. I am overwhelmed. And then while driving through Phoenix looking these past days for a new apartment. It came to me. It is about the soul. Some places are full of soul, but many places these days are seemingly not.

    Admin you are a soul magnet.

    All who gather here, are rich deep souls.
    I think its called Nous, in the Orthodox Christian Tradition. It is about the heart, and intuitive apperception. It is known, as the image of God, from the Hebrew Tradition. Planted in each of us, so that we might grow into the likeness of Good God.

    You need never be humbled Admin. Shine bright dear soul. You long ago won my heart. And the sound of truth that rings from your soul, no matter the timbre, is a clarion call, to those of like mindedness. Who see through the shadows without substance.

    In the end, we shall all see the Light. While even now as we tarry here. Some, such as you and yours, Admin?


  50. Mike Marks
    August 4, 2017 at 12:20 pm
    As a Trump supporter, perhaps you should consider taking the affirmative position on this as I have, by saying that it is probative because of Hersh’s reputation. If Mueller issues a report finding Trump guilty as hell, would you accept that as gospel. This is why I was clear to say that the issue is probative politically, even though legally it is hearsay. It represents that piece of paper which Trump could have Sessions find and rap the bad guys over the nose with–and that should cause them some concern. What we don’t want to do is go Ben Sasse on Trump and his position. Often, proof is in the eye of the beholder, and even if Trump produced that piece of paper our opponents would say it was coerced etc. and then they would issue death threats against the author. Ultimately, it comes down to whose side are you on.

  51. Admin.

    Normally it is a mistake for a prosecutor to over charge a defendant, because when the proofs fall short, the jury will tend to acquit.

    In this case, the opposite is true.

    What are we to call the crimes deep staters are committing en masse to bring down the republic?

    Are they simply statutory violations, and felonies.

    I think the crime here goes further than that–much further.

    Two of the four goals of the criminal justice system are in play here—retributive justice on the one hand, and deterrence on the other.

    These latest leaks smack of the Rosenberg trials and others.

    The charge against these deep staters is and should be TREASON.

    If the complaint against them is drafted that way, it will scare the hell out of the rest of them, which is what needs to happen.

    Let their wives and families live with that one.

  52. We want these deep staters to be seen not as heroes but as pariahs. We want their Harvard trained classmates to shun them. We want them in Leavenworth.

  53. wbboei @ 8:34 pm

    Whether I personally believe or don’t believe the Hersh story is irrelevant. My standard is always whether I can convince an objective person (and by extension, the voting public) of my assertion’s validity based on the information available. If there are only unsourced speculations without confirmation, it’s more difficult to change minds, and the media narrative will not change.

    The issue is whether Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks, thereby destroying the Russian hack accusation. Assange can name and provide documentation proving who IS the actual source of the leaks (Seth Rich or someone else) or it may be documented in someone’s investigation. Sure, some will never believe anything Assange says, but you would still have a better argument than you have now, which is Seymour Hersh’s speculations, as we had Rod Wheeler’s and Sean Hannity’s speculations previously.

    Anonymously-sourced reporting is traditionally acceptable up to a certain point. I would argue that the present situation with a hostile press, congress, etc. requires a higher standard in order to correct false narratives.

  54. Mike Marks
    August 5, 2017 at 1:50 am
    I admire your dedication to truth, and your search for an objective person with an open mind who is willing to be convinced. It is a fine intellectual exercise, and surely an imperative before one enters a court room. Unfortunately, in politics, the left marches to the opposite drum, believing that if they throw enough shit on the wall, and repeat the lie ad infinitum, ad nauseum, then alot of it will stick. Who is winning the debate? Trumps declining poll numbers. I am not suggesting we throw shit on the wall. All I am suggesting is that we use the evidence we have to our advantage and apply the rule of probability. As they say, the perfect is the enemy of the good, and you can always advance the argument in such a way as to pre empt a rebuttal. Finally, no argument under the sun is bullet proof, if you can develop sufficient facts, and the scumbags we are fighting never ever give up.

  55. When I say there are a number of ways to advance a tendentious argument, and one of the best is to follow the advice of Benjamin Franklin, who took the position that he was not sure of something, but laid out the facts. This is more about persuasion than winning an argument, and it is best used against someone who is not invested in the lie. In this case, you might say, there is a lot of speculation centering around the death of Seth Rich, and partisans have taken sides without examining all the facts. We now have some new evidence, which may not be entirely dispositive of the issue, and it comes from a man who has spent a lifetime in serious investigative journalism, and has sources who have proven right so often over the years. He is, perhaps, the last honest journalist, in the dying business of investigative journalism. The scandals he has exposed have crossed partisan lines, and he has no partisan axe to grind, either then or now. He was right on the Meeli massacre. He was right on Abu Grave. He was right on Benghazi. And now he offers up a coherent explanation of how the DNC came to be hacked, based on high placed sources in the FBI. His explanation is clear, cogent and convincing. Partisans will punch holes in it–they always do. But given his track record of success, and the confidence insiders have him, I think it needs to be taken seriously, for the sake of the nation. This is not a rock video this is reality. This is not an intellectual exercise in how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Analysis paralysis is not an option.

  56. It certainly seems that the military-industrial complex has closed ranks on Trump to deliver MM his War President. So we will get to see just what kind of a fighter Trump is. The next 18 months are going to be tough.

    I think Trump needs to get on the campaign trail and let the American People know how to get rid of these parasites in 2018.

  57. wbboei
    August 5, 2017 at 12:50 am
    Democrat’s Brain Trust-
    Maxine Waters, Joy Beyhar- Whoppie Goldberg…
    aka Moe, Larry and Curley.

    perfect analogy… wbb

  58. gonzotx
    August 5, 2017 at 9:40 am

    August 5, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Trump’s focus is on moving our US embassey in Irael to Jerusalem which
    may spark unintended consequesnes because of it’s controversy.

    “President Donald Trump signed a waiver Thursday to delay the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    Like presidents before him, Trump expressed his support for Israel during his presidential campaign and said the embassy should be moved to “the eternal capital for the Jewish people, Jerusalem.”

    “But Trump still signed the Jerusalem Recognition Act Waiver Thursday morning, postponing the embassy’s move — at least for now.”


    Thus it the imperatve for keeping McMasters close and unfettered by his side
    on the pulse of the foremost threat leveled by NKorea’s fantasy of attacking
    the US mainland with nuclear weapons .

    He as no intention of sending troops to Astan. Astan is out permanently.
    (per the lessons learned after Russia’s unproductive involvement ending in retreat)
    However, Syria is in flux and on his radar. It appears a work around is in progress there
    sorting out the rebels and fighters doing the damage gassing civilians. This is what I see as his focus,,
    Susan Rice and James Clapper’s fate is sealed. They are touting BS to the masses to keep the meme floating in the ether,

  59. I love Abbott Mrs Smith . Besides Trump he’s the only one I really trust at this point

    Hope your right about McMasters, I did think about ” keeping your enemy close”…

  60. O/T but an issue of interest…

    Why Should Christians Celebrate the Feast of Trumpets?


    “The fourth festival of God (after Pentecost) is the Feast of Trumpets (or a “memorial of blowing of trumpets,” Leviticus 23:24-25), which falls in September or October. This festival is called Rosh Hashanah by the Jews today. Ancient Israel understood that trumpets were used as a way of announcing special, very important messages (Numbers 10:1-10).

    This year seems to be the definitive year for the Feast of Trumpets. The feast falls on the 23rd of September 2017 and is promised to be a significant announcement as to our future as a planet
    and human kind.

    I for one saw the double rainbow over the WH last week as a significant sign from God Trump has been chosen (and is under His protection, I hope) to allay and undo the ruthlessness of our elected officials to subvert our Constitution over the last 50 yrs in favor of lining their pockets and that of their collective comrades. The United States is the only country in the world formed as a Christian nation by our ‘Founding Fathers’, in God’s name.

    So, I thought it would be interesting seeing “The Trumpet” our beloved admin has included as part of our logo here at pink if JB stones could provide a little insight providing us with an interpretation of how the Passover feast’s celebrations, primarily the Trumpet Festivities, interact with the day to day political policies Trump is trying to correct by virtue of his EOs signings and our destiny hopefully returned to a nation represented by the people and for the people.

    JB, it would be great if you could help us understand the significance of The Trumpets Feast.
    I read the Evangelicals are all in on this with great hope for our future. Thx…

  61. Gonzo..

    I agree with you.. So far we can trust Trump and Abbott. Our family has discussed working for him in the next election.

    side note:

    Every time I see a picture of Mueller, his hands are alternately posed in front of his face. (hiding) Could it be he has many times been mistaken for the former SOS John (horseface) Kerry?

    They look enough alike to be related. No?

  62. That Sean Spicer account above is a fake. I was bit by it too. 🙁

    I’m still obsessing over Obama’s Russian gaffe and in my ruminations was forced to recall that the current Deep State person of interest is the one who bailed the weak one out.
    Ben picks the weak skinny one up and dusts him off. 5 yrs later he kicks 45 in the balls over and over, I presume.

    I’m hoping to see a petition to harass the DC Cretins (my latest name for them) – harass those who perform significant resistance to return the paychecks to the US Treasury and resign. Afraid to establish it myself lol.

    And great news about Sean Spicer – signs with top TV lawyer after meetings with networks
    …Sources say Spicer signed with Barnett and Michael O’Connor of Williams & Connolly Thursday after taking meetings with all the major TV and news networks including NBC, CBS and Fox News last week….The source also confirmed that Spicer has turned down the opportunity to appear on “Dancing With The Stars” after talking it over with his wife….

    Sounds great Sean!

  63. [T]he Comey FBI lied to us. Last July, we sent FOIA requests to both the Comey FBI and the Lynch DOJ asking for any documents related to the Clinton Lynch plane meeting. The FBI, under the then directorship of James Comey, replied that “No records responsive to your request were located.”

    The documents we received today from the Department of Justice include several emails from the FBI to DOJ officials concerning the meeting. One with the subject line “FLAG” was correspondence between FBI officials (Richard Quinn, FBI Media/Investigative Publicity, and Michael Kortan) and DOJ officials concerning “flag[ing] a story . . . about a casual, unscheduled meeting between former president Bill Clinton and the AG.” The DOJ official instructs


  64. All I can say…and the only way to say it is WTF???
    (They) are pulling all the strong voices for PDT off of TV…and Fox

    First O’Rielly…then Charles Payne…now Eric Bolling

    Give me a break…I am disgusted

  65. foxyladi14
    August 5, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    Info on the upcoming eclipse.



    Egads, the eclipse is happening On Monday, August 21, 2017.
    Two days before the Feast of Trumpets!
    There has to be a significant message coming on the 23rd…


    Does anyone watch cable tv anymore?
    I haven’t watched in years.. It is good for
    people to search for the Truth. And it
    appears they are doing just that based
    on crowd attendance at President Trump’s
    rallys nationwide.

  66. …and lest I forget to mention…

    there is a Media Matters/Soros campaign on to get Sean Hannity’s advertisers to drop him…and to silence Sean

    so their next targets are Sean…and then the few Pro Trump TV voices remaining…amidst all the other Trump attackers and their pundit panels will be Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney and Maria B with their guests…

    it is absolutely SICK what is happening in our govt …FBI, Justice Dept, Special Council, lost track of the Republican lead Congressional investigations…and its collusion with Corporate TV & cable and “newspapers & weekly rags, Time/Newsweek…all aimed against PDT…all driving negative stories and lies about PDT nonstop all day long…

    I don’t even recognize our country anymore…

  67. Mrs. Smith

    Rosh Hashonah means literally the head of the year… ie the beginning of a New Year. It marks the new year on the Jewish calendar. It also marks the beginning of a sacred period on the Jewish calendar, the days leading up to Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. It’s a day of meditation and atonement and prayers for peace throughout the world.
    Rosh Hashonah is heralded in by the blowing of the Shofar, the rams horn. Remember that Judaism is an ancient religion and at that time the shofar was sounded to announce the day. A Rosh Hashonah meal traditionally incorporates things like apples and honey to mark a sweet New Year.

  68. These leaks by deep state imperil the nation, and they will not stop until they are attacked as treason itself and the complaint against them is so styled. Count I: treason against the constitution, the nation and the American People. You can go on from there to list the relevant criminal statutes breached, but those will elicit a groan or ho hum from the American People, and why not it makes their head hurt. But treason makes the blood boil. One of the journalists enabling that treason is the saint, David Ignatius of the Amazon Washington Pose. Big media worships him. Its just politics as far as they are concerned and he is a hero for taking down Trump. BUT it becomes a whole different matter for the Saint, if what he is doing is labelled as treason, because if it is understood to be such, then by enabling it to occur, the saint become not a saint at all, but a traitor to the nation.

    On a related note, Joe di Genowa, my favorite ex US attorney tells us that if we enpanel several grand juries, and bring in the political operatives and deep state grandees who are either suspects or persons of interest and ultimately targets, it is a game changer. If Sessions does not go to those lengths then he has not grown from the pathetic shoes of a senator into the shoes of the attorney general with a taste for blood. Where the deep state traitors are concerned we want their blood, and their heads on a stick. Justice demands nothing less for these Benedict Arnolds.

  69. Joe says if we do as he says, we WILL find out who the leakers are. And Obama cannot pardon them. Hence, they will go to jail for a long long stretch and their families have a heap of splain’n to do in a life of shame.

  70. This muslim IT family hired by the dems – the main guy, some brothers, a brother’s girlfriend, and whoever – they were making 4x what people in that job role normally made, had criminal records, etc.. when I read that the main IT guy was still being paid, even after his computer access was denied, I just figured either he was blackmailing DWS, or DWS was proactively paying him out of fear that he would release info…

    I heard some of them were never seen around, that they were “no-show” jobs. Then I read that one of them worked at a McDonald’s and one at a car dealership. If you made $160,000/year, way more than the job position called for, and didn’t even have to show up – would you bother working, and at McDonald’s?

    I can see still working and at a low-pay job if it gave you access to high-power people – maybe being a waiter at a popular D.C. lunch establishment where you might hear secrets you could sell or something. But McDonald’s?

    It makes me wonder if some of those “employees” were actually used to launder money – maybe they didn’t actually get their own $160,000 and had to actually work somewhere. Hopefully their salaries didn’t end up helping the muslim family’s Palestinian connections…

    Hmmm I wonder if they are friends with Linda Sarsour…

  71. I usually look for patterns and trends. And I have been alarmed, disgusted, and self limiting my intake of garbage “news” lately. The Mueller witch-hunt is a faux-legal attempt to finish off our legal system which would destabilize our business, politics, criminal and election system. We need to remember that this clown Mueller is down stream from the latrine.

    For whatever reason the Senate finally approved a big load of Trump nominees this week for judicial appointments as well as an FBI director to replace the almost certainly criminal fool who has been the acting director. I hope the new guy sends the temporary old guy to the front lobby with a shine box for the rest of his career if they can’t or won’t jail him.

    The wall is going to be built. Law-fare threats from the progs over environmental and condemnation right of way were just that. Threats with no basis in law. Bill Clinton’s administration during his Wall phase wrote and passed with Congress these provisions clearly in the last big statute. Obama administration, open border types, and ass clowns like Ryan have been lying. Most property owners on the border are very happy to sell a strip of land at market value to keep violent destructive cartels out. With the wall their property values will go up not down. And national security comes before horned toads. It will be built up first where illegals run into the traffic or drown to “save lives” just like all the trucks coming into the Lower Rio Grande Valley from Mexico have to be searched for drugs and human cargo. Thanks for the excuse to do it cartel freaks!

    The leak of transcripts of US presidential diplomacy is a step too far and even stupid Democrats know it. Besides it is an old leak. The media having the attention span and IQ of gnats (see Jim Acosta) rushed out with a BIG LEAK OMG! This crap was leaked in January. The transcripts if anyone bothers to read it is not harmful to President Trump nor Trumbull nor Cartel-Boy in Mexico. It is Trump being Trump. Trump is pretty grim in telling Cartel-boy he has a big mess on his hands and what are you going to do about it dude? After the initial leak Trumbull hemmed and hawed and basically said yeah so what and don’t believe everything you see in the “transcript” indicating he knew an additional “leak” in the future was possible. The transcript was full of typos. The leakers are too dumb and sloppy to correct (and afraid to covert them into a document on their computer) them thus making them traceable back to said leakers or the White House did it on purpose. Anyway the Dems are beginning to back off from their “resistance” which looks more like teen oppositional defiant disorder (this was cooked up by Mook and Podesta to protect themselves from furious donors in November so of course it is childish) to the US public rather than a rational plan or policy. A certain sub-class of Democratic voters are openly admitting to mental illness aggravated by an election in which they didn’t get their way. Senile pickled Nancy is good with this but I don’t think Schumer wants to be stuck with LOON Party as alternative title for DNC.

    Our system of government moves slowly by design. After eight years of mayhem which was preceded by eight years of malevolent incompetence as prologue, there is a horrendous amount to do to fix it. I have been impatient but I’m trying to correct this with some perspective and looking at little tells put out by the Resistance. They are beginning to crack. Their schemes were not thought out well (or at all in their panic) since they cannot process cause and effect. Mueller and Co are not bringing down an elected government but rather harming the only things that makes a legal system work-TRUST and FAIRNESS. If there was Russia, Russia, Russia we would already know it and impeachment would be underway. Instead Democrats are looking at blowback and backfire and fury. THEY are the reason we can’t have nice things. Like a functioning legal system or a non-partisan and informative media. Thus like so many actions of Hillary and the professional Democrats have done in and for her quest for succession to Big Dog it turned into a right royal cluster-f. It is going to be a long slog.

    “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill

  72. Mrs. Smith, I’m seeing so much good news this morning.
    A Sunday morning at that.
    Surely God is here now.

  73. Also this morning, my internet connection has failed 5 times, has returned 6 times.
    Lu4PUMA – yay!

  74. Mormaer
    August 6, 2017 at 6:30 am
    Brilliant analysis.

    Yes, it will be a long hard slog, against the deep state, rinos, and the media.

    Still, I think a tipping point was reached when the private transcripts of the presidents conversations with foreign leaders was published by WashPo.

    Also, the apparent commitment by Sessions to finally act, changes the dynamics. The only question it leaves unanswered is why did he fail to act before now?

    He needs to assemble a crack team of experienced prosecutors drawn from the Republican bar, which is the opposite of what the Mule has done.

    He needs to interview them personally, and not rely on Rothstein who by appointing the Mule showed his true colors.

    On the question of whether the Mule can be trusted I come down heavily on the side that says he cannot be. His past associations, conflicts of interest, selection of hyper partisan attorneys, leaks, and mission creep answer that question with finality.

    Lastly, the grand jury should focus initially on the chief counsel of the FBI, who is reputed to be a leaker, and newly emerging evidence is likely to confirm it. He is, after all, the chief lawyer for the chief law enforcement agency of this nation, and as a corrupt banker told Bart Marverick, if you cannot trust your banker, who can you trust?

    As far as big media is concerned, the FTC should oppose the Amazon-Whole Foods acquisition and merger. Gorka’s statement to Anderson Cooper that re runs of The Fintstones and Nick at Night have a wider audience than CNN does. They must be very happy with Jeff Zucker, known to friend and foes alike as the bald headed prick. (Not invented here, I promise)

  75. AT &T considering selling off CNN & TMZ
    CBS said to be interested in buying CNN

    AT&T Mulling Sell-Off Of Major Assets Under Turner After Time Warner Merger

  76. AT &T considering selling off CNN & TMZ
    CBS said to be interested in buying CNN
    They want the foreign operations not the domestic one. The domestic one and its poor pitiful players is worse than a bad vaudeville act, it is a national embarrassment which cannot compete with re runs of The Flintstones. Anderson can be wisked off to Key West, Vulf can become the carnival barker he always wanted to be until destiny lured him to CNN and Chris Cwomo can pursue his true calling as piano player in a whore house, the same whorehouse that Zucker could not run in a gold rush, such is the level of his incompetence. Mee again could be the madame–she is type cast for the role.

  77. When a new captain takes a navy ships out to sea for a shake-down cruise, one of the things that is done routinely is to re-box the compass–to make sure it provides an accurate heading. Here are Mike Walsh’s thought on how the Trump administration should do that to the big media, and to the denizens who corrupt its ranks. This is a perfect rebuttal to their self professed commitment to comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable, which it was ever true before, now is honored more in the breach than in the observance.

    Honestly, if I hear another half-witted media type citing Mr. Dooley’s famous aphorism about afflicting the comfortable one more time, without the slightest idea that the joke’s on him…

    The poorly educated press corps is a national embarrassment — CNN’s Acosta, seen in the clip above, actually read the Emma Lazarus poem to White House aide Stephen Miller as if “The New Colossus” actually had some legal or constitutional significance.

    Even worse, it’s actively collaborating with the Democrats: the Wikileaks release of Clinton poobah John Podesta’s emails last year outed both Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman, then of Politico, as friendlies. Today, of course, they’re both White House correspondents for the New York Times.

    The question is, what to do about it?

    My prescriptions include:

    Insist that credentialed reporters be demonstrably unbiased and factually accurate. If they’re not, request that their editors replace them with somebody who is. Follow their Twitter feeds to see what they’re saying behind your back.

    Never say anything to a journalist you aren’t prepared to hear on the air or see in print or on the Internet. In an age of ubiquitous recording devices, nothing is really off the record.

    Freedom of the press is right there in the First Amendment — but nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the government has to be nice to the media, spoon-feed them information, accommodate their travel wishes, suffer silently their snark and sneers or permit them unfettered access to its private papers and conversations. Treat them professionally, and expect the same from them; that’s it.

    There’s some buzz at the moment that Miller, fresh off his demolition of Acosta, might take over the comms shop in the wake of the short-lived Anthony Scaramucci era.

    He’s one of the smartest people in the West Wing, and views the media through a realty-based prism that understands how they see themselves: as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, dedicated to overturning the results of the 2016 election by any means necessary.
    My own recommendation would be to hire a former journalist, someone who knows the players and knows how to treat them with the same contempt with which they treat the White House. But, in any case:

    Take advantage of the power imbalance.

    The media needs the White House more than the White House needs the media
    That’s a lesson both sides need to relearn — fast.

    Like the Germans, the media is either at your throat or at your feet. The administration needs to decide which it wants.


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