ObamaCare Repeal Failure: Priebus Out – New White House Chief Of Staff Kelly

Update: Think what we write about below is wrong? Wrong. Look at what we suggest President Trump do to congressional exemptions from ObamaCare and the ObamaCare subsidies issue litigated against Barack Obama’s illegal subsidies as determined to be so by the courts. Check out this most important “tweet” from President Donald J. Trump:

Ram ObamaCare exactly as written in law down the GOP congressional throat. Ram ObamaCare exactly as written in law down those who enjoy illegal subsidies the courts have struck down but not yet implemented – then watch as they realize ObamaCare is an Obamination. Enforce ObamaCare as written into law and watch the health insurance system collapse. Ram ObamaCare down every Obama Dimocrat’s throat.


As soon as the failure of the ObamaCare repeal vote Friday morning, we thought this was death knell for Reince Priebus.

Reince Priebus had one job. The job was to bring the GOP establishment along to help President Donald J. Trump build the wall, repeal ObamaCare, stop illegal immigration, jobsjobsjobs, tax reform and cuts, invigorate the American economy, Make America Great Again.

With the failure of the ObamaCare repeal in the Senate and the silly House bill supposed to do the same but not really, it became clear to President Trump that his strategy must now change. The Obama Dimocrats and most importantly the GOP establishment want to destroy the President. President Trump no longer has doubts about that. Nor does President Trump apparently hold out any hope that anything but a war against the establishment of both parties is needed.

Hey, he gave it the good ol’ college try. Now President Trump can say he tried to be “nice” but that did not work. So what next?

We described earlier this week what needs to be done to repeal ObamaCare. All that advice still holds true. Please reread what we wrote there about beating the sh*t out of GOP liars that ran for office on ObamaCare repeal but when it came time to vote they did everything they could in private to sink the repeal efforts. We mentioned that President Trump should go to West Virginia to beat the sh*t out of Senator Capito. President Trump did go to West Virginia to address the Boy Scout jamboree. Surprise, surprise, next Thursday President Trump will be back in West Virginia.

Is the ObamaCare repeal dead? Only the most facile silly jaded type of “analysis” would assume so. ObamaCare repeal will proceed as we thought it should, with ObamaCare’s collapse.

We described what needs to be done to repeal ObamaCare. We wrote about the need to let the courts publish a final ruling that would finish off ObamaCare illegal subsidies crookedly dished out by Barack Obama.

There is also a petition to remove the exemption Congress illegally received from Barack Obama to protect our servants who think they are our masters from having to get on ObamaCare. The petition is here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/force-congress-have-same-healthcare-everyone-else

While were at it, the PDT campaign has a petition out too which attempts to publicize the Imran Awan/Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal, which we will be writing about soon.

What is the ObamaCare exemption petition all about? John Fund explains:

How Trump can win the ObamaCare fight: End the “friends and cronies” exemption for Congress

If President Trump wants to fulfill his repeated promise to end ObamaCare, his best course of action is a radical change in tactics that would hit members of Congress where it hurts – in their wallets. The 55-45 vote Wednesday by the Senate rejecting a straight repeal of ObamaCare makes it clear that the president needs to try something new.

With a mere stroke of his pen, President Trump could end the exemption that President Obama gave members of Congress and their staffs that makes them the only participants in the ObamaCare exchanges to receive generous subsidies from their employer (the American people) to pay for their health insurance. Nothing would better focus Congress’ attention on changing ObamaCare than being trapped in it just like other Americans. [snip]

Back in 2009, when ObamaCare was being debated, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was able to insert a provision requiring all members of Congress and their staffs to get insurance through the ObamaCare health exchanges.

“The more that Congress experiences the laws it passes, the better,” said Grassley.

Although his amendment was watered down to exclude committee staff, it still applies to members of Congress and their personal staffs. Most employment lawyers interpreted that to mean that the taxpayer-funded federal health insurance subsidies dispensed to members of Congress and their personal staffs – which now range from $6,000 to $12,000 a year and cover about 70 percent of the cost of insurance premiums – would have to end.

Democratic and Republican staffers alike were furious, and along with members of Congress applied behind-the-scenes pressure on the White House. During a congressional recess in August 2013, President Obama personally ordered the Office of Personnel Management, which supervises federal employment issues, to interpret the law so as to retain the generous congressional benefits. This overturned the intent of the provision Grassley added to the law.

OPM had previously balked at issuing such a ruling. [snip]

Polls taken by Independent Women’s Voice, a free market group, find that 94 percent of voters think Congress shouldn’t be exempted from the insurance provisions of ObamaCare. Most voters blame both parties equally for the exemption, which means Republicans will also be hurt politically if it stands.

“The president should announce that he is instructing OPM to end the exemption and subsidies for Congress,” IWV president Heather Higgins wrote in Monday’s Wall Street Journal.

”If the president does this, he’d have huge negotiating leverage. He would align the interests of the ruling class with those of his voters, forcing Congress to act. He might even get some Democratic votes.”

Wait until congress goes on another vacation to do this so when these congresscreatures complain they will be disciplined by voters. Better yet, announce this change at a rally in Arizona so that John McCain and his fellow NeverTrumper Jeff the Flake can get the full impact of the announcement.

Could this happen? Might this happen? Why else do you think President Trump has just appointed one of his strongest cabinet choices to be the new White House Chief of Staff?

President Donald Trump on Friday removed his chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and tapped Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly for the job.

The stunning shakeup is the latest chapter in the West Wing drama that has unfolded publicly in recent days. White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci attacked Preibus in profane terms in an interview published Thursday, and pledged to crack down on leaks that he suspected had come from Priebus.

But what may have ultimately doomed Priebus is the failure of congressional Republicans to repeal Obamacare.

Preibus, former chairman of the Republican National Committee during last year’s presidential campaign, led the White House effort to get that done on Capitol Hill, and his fate was largely tied to the success of undoing Obamacare, a source close to the White House told NBC News.

“He failed,” the source said.

The Republican failure to undo the Affordable Care Act — one of Trump’s central campaign promises — was the “final straw” for Priebus, another person close to the administration told NBC.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has done a magnificent job. President Trump wants results and General John Kelly produced results. A clue for all other cabinet officials is the fate of Priebus and the elevation of John Kelly.

Kelly, who starts his new job on Monday, is a retired four-star Marine general whom Trump frequently credits for dramatically reducing the number of undocumented immigrants coming into the U.S. from Mexico. He called Kelly “a true star” in a tweet announcing his appointment as chief of staff.

Trump has placed a disciplined and respected military leader to head what is one of the most important jobs in the White House. The chief of staff typically serves as the gatekeeper to the president and plays a large role in staffing and policy decisions in the West Wing.

But Kelly’s appointment may also reflect the president’s deep concerns over White House leaks. In an interview on NBC News’ “Meet The Press” in May, Kelly said leaking intelligence information is “darn close to treason.”

Trump gushed over Kelly’s record at an event in New York on Friday afternoon.

“I want to congratulate John Kelly, who has done an incredible job of Secretary of Homeland Security. Incredible. One of our real stars. Truly, one of our stars. John Kelly is one of our great stars,” the president said.

Trump also tweeted at Priebus to thank him for his service.

We do have one complaint about this all.

We don’t mind the very public “game of thrones” “house of cards” displays of internal jockeying for position and power. We prefer this public throat cutting politics because it is better than the behind tapestries backstabbing so often practiced by public officials who then pretend they are such sweet gentle folk. Humiliating? The pundits and NeverTrumpers (ahem, Krauthammer) who wail about the “unseemly” displays of public hate and humiliation have forgotten JFK having aides watch him penetrate young women at the White House swimming pool or LBJ having discussions with public officials while he sat on the toilet seat emptying his bowels.

We think it is good for everyone who votes to see what goes on in the White House and how tough the people in these positions are. Wipe away the delusions of unicorns and fairy dust.

Our complaint is about John Kelly. Who will replace him at Homeland Security on a permanent basis?

Can’t we clone John Kelly???


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  1. Ode to Anthony Scaramucci. Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango?
    Thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me

  2. Admin, I saw an interesting comment on twitter…

    Send Sessions to DHS and replace the AG during the recess

    …hmm…the unpredictable twists & turns go round and round…

  3. Excellent idea S. Sessions has been great on immigration issues. Is Trump setting this up? The only fly in the ointment is that Sessions always wanted to be AG. Sessions would be great at Homeland Security though.

    This would be too genius and too much fun if it happened.

  4. Finally, an alliance of PDT and Trump supporters in congress against the GOP establishment:


    Key lawmakers are threatening to cancel the authorization of sensitive U.S. spy operations until congressional leaders investigate efforts by former top Obama administration officials to leak highly classified national security information in what many believe was a targeted campaign to undermine the Trump administration, according to senior congressional sources familiar with the situation.

    Key Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee are pressuring Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.) to investigate former senior Obama administration officials believed to be responsible for these anti-Trump leaks, including former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and National Security Council official Ben Rhodes, according to sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon about mounting frustration over Congress’s failure to adequately investigate these leaks.

    Lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee are prepared to halt key spy operations related to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, until Congress performs a full investigation into how damaging classified surveillance information targeting the Trump campaign and administration officials was leaked to the press.

    The House Intelligence Committee is engaged in a separate but related probe into efforts by Obama officials to “unmask,” or formally identify individuals named in classified intelligence community reports related to Trump and his presidential transition team. That investigation is currently focussed on Power, Rice, and former CIA Director John Brennan.

    Sources in the Trump administration and Congress believe the classified intelligence information was “weaponized” and later leaked to the press in order to handicap the Trump administration’s credibility and national security priorities.

    Still, senior Republican members of Congress do not feel that enough is being done to hold those responsible for the leaks accountable.

    By threatening to withhold the reauthorization of section 702 of the FISA Act—which permits the U.S. intelligence community to intercept communications outside of America—lawmakers believe they can force a thorough investigation into these Obama aides, who are suspected of exploiting FISA laws to gather and later leak sensitive intelligence damaging to Trump allies.

    Congress is “not going to reauthorize a program if no one is held accountable for breaking the law,” said one senior congressional source familiar with the situation. “No one is being held accountable and Congress has done no oversight.”

    Goodlatte is said to have initially been “really taken aback” by the stiff opposition to reauthorizing section 702, but is now making moves to examine the former administration’s role in classified leaks and potential opportunities to question these officials.

    Republican members on the committee are said to be “all united” in their desire to investigate former Obama officials such as Rhodes, Rice, and Power, sources said.

    These lawmakers “want answers on these Obama officials in order to continue [spy] authorizations they may have abused,” one congressional source said. “The members in the conference and these committees have reached a boiling point.”

    Senior Trump administration officials, as well as those in Congress, have named former Obama administration officials such as Rice and Rhodes as key suspects in the dissemination of classified national security information.

    Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), chair of the House Subcommittee on National Security, which deals with these issues, told the Free Beacon earlier this month that Rhodes and others must be held accountable for any role they might have had in the leaking of classified information.

    “I think Congress and some members on the Intelligence Committee can call Ben Rhodes to testify,” DeSantis said at the time. “He may be able to invoke executive privilege from when Obama was president, but he definitely can’t do that in any interactions he’s had since then.”

    DeSantis further identified Rhodes and other senior Obama administration officials as being “involved with feeding journalists some of these [leaks]. I believe he’s in touch with people on the National Security Council. It would be absolutely legitimate as part of leak investigation to bring him in and put him under oath, and I would absolutely support doing that.”

    The Free Beacon first disclosed last week that Power, a key Obama confidante, was emerging as central to the investigation into efforts by Obama administration officials to identify individuals named in classified intelligence community reports related to Trump and his presidential transition team.

    Power’s role in this unmasking effort is believed to be particularly questionable given her position as the U.N. ambassador, a post that does not typically require such sensitive unmasking activities, according to former U.S. officials and other sources.

    “Unmasking is not a regular occurrence—absolutely not a weekly habit. It is rare, even at the National Security Council, and ought to be rarer still for a U.N. ambassador,” one former senior U.S. official told the Free Beacon.

  5. Fantastic decision. I agree Admin. Who will replace him? General Kelly ran Homeland Security brilliantly. I hope PDT reads you Admin. I do!

    I haven’t been reading the web much lately, though, just a week or so detecting patterns. Had other things on my heart, but I have read you. Just haven’t commented.

    I lost my mother, and truly Admin…….the earth is heavier now with her light gone.


  6. Very sorry and condolences for your loss.
    As for Obamacare failing on it’s own, it will likely happen, but my fear is that when the dems regain the House and Senate(and they will) they are much much more likely to force a single payor system rather than “improving” the piece of s– that is the ACA.

  7. snip

    DeSantis further identified Rhodes and other senior Obama administration officials as being “involved with feeding journalists some of these [leaks]. I believe he’s in touch with people on the National Security Council. It would be absolutely legitimate as part of leak investigation to bring him in and put him under oath, and I would absolutely support doing that.”

    Admin…there we go again with the leakers at the NSC….
    I have to say I really like Rep Ron DeSantis…he looks very young and projects very mild mannered but he is on top of things…I like him as a potential for the future…and he always defends and supports PDT…a smart guy…

  8. Admin…one thing I think many of us can agree on is PDT is a genius when it comes to changing the narrative…
    last night & this am it was all Ocare defeat, McCain and Anthony’s vulgarity…

    hmmm, haven’t heard much about Russia and now it is Reince out and John Kelly in …and everyone talking about what a great choice he is and all the good things people have to say about him, etc…
    without any effort, PDT stepped on and stomped out McCain & his actions…yesterday’s news…

    PDT…uncanny genius…

  9. @montserrat09 Condolences, losing a parent is one of the most difficult things that life throws at you.

    I agree admin. Give the congresscritter their bitter medicine. Many will have no problem paying their premiums etc. (Mayo does not take Ocarbagecrapcare plans so McStain certainly has no idea how the rest of the serfs feel having the same cancer.) The staff will go nuts. They don’t make those primo salaries. We, the taxpayer subsidize 3/4 of the premiums for federal employees. Let them all partake of the cake that they have mandated. Watch and see how fast it all comes crashing down.

    As for Kelly’s replacement, it is a woman named Elaine Duke (where are the feminazis and why aren’t they celebrating a woman taking the position?).

  10. Elaine Duke

    Elaine Duke was sworn in as the seventh Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on April 10, 2017. In this capacity, Deputy Secretary Duke serves as the chief operating officer for the Department and leads all efforts related to the strategic execution of DHS’s vital missions.

    Prior to her current position, Deputy Secretary Duke was the principal of Elaine Duke & Associates, LLC, where she provided acquisition and business consulting services to large and small businesses.


  11. @gonzotx He had a lot of time to get the ducks in a row. He knew what the obstacles would be. You are right, he got Comeyd.

  12. Thank you to all. I read Admin’s posts to her. She loved that!! She was a no nonsense person and had that intuition. You know? I swear there wouldn’t be a liar in DC if she had been their mother. No way. There was a fighter Spirit in her. FDR? A savior to her family in Kentucky.

    She came from a time when no one got participation trophies. The four letter word she Knew was WORK.

    In her childhood she went without shoes. But her children never did.

    Need I say more? Thank you Admin.

    You have friends in high places!

  13. Great analysis as usual, admin.

    I expected Priebus’s resignation, but not this soon! I also thought Scaramucci would take his place as chief of staff. Have to agree that Kelly is a better choice.

    I do sense that the GOP’s failure to act on healthcare, along with Priebus’s resignation, marks a turning point in Trump’s relationship with Congress.

    He tried to play nice with the GOPe these past six months, to no avail. He is now free to attack them with everything he’s got.

    I already sense that Trump is shifting from a defensive to offensive posture. I love it! I want to see him hit the GOPe, the Dems, and especially the Fake Media with MOAB after MOAB.

    I want Trump to be TEN times more aggressive than he has been so far.

    I want to see grown men weeping on TV over Trump’s latest outrage.

    I want to see the GOPe trembling in fear at the very THOUGHT of opposing Trump.

    We have endured six months of humiliation.

    Payback time, baby.

  14. So sorry Montserrat. Lost my Mom in 99 and Dad in 06. The loss of a parent can really change your perspective. I don’t know if you’ve lost another parent previously, but while you’ll always miss them, over time the pain will lose its sharpness, then fade away altogether and you’ll be left with only the patinaed memories.

  15. Montserrat09, knowing you read from H44 to your mom humbles us. Truly. We hope some day the heaviness you feel lifts and that her light returns.

  16. Montserrat09, your mom would probably have giggled at this:


    President Trump’s Friday speech in Long Island became a news story even before the event began for an unusual reason – the venue’s street address. [snip]

    As it turns out, the campus is located on 1001 Crooked Hill Road, according to the Hill. Considering Trump often referred to Hillary Clinton as ‘Crooked Hillary’ during the campaign, it’s quite a coincidence.

    Coincidence or genius?

  17. GonzoTx, that Vogel tweet is fake news.

    Priebus said he resigned yesterday. Afterwards PDT and he discussed possible replacements. Priebus will also be at the White House for the next two weeks to help John Kelly transition into the Chief of Staff job. Vogel implies facts not in evidence.

  18. Admin: some assume that Obamacare will implode. However, before that happens, Schumer will beg for an insurance company bailout. And all dims will line up behind him. And then the Republican quislings who voted against repeal will jump on board for bailouts. And then it will be up to Trump to not sign the bill, and they will blame him for the collapse of Obamacare. How can he avoid the tap. That Murkowski is a dumb ass—flunked the bar 3 times. Now she is pushing King Cove Road–a bridge to nowhere. I doubt she even knows where King Cove is. But I do. I spent 5 summers there—the Riviera is getting just too crowded, the prices were exhorbitant and who needs palaces when you can have World War II vintage bunkhouses to spend your evenings in, Filipino chefs to char the meat, and drunken Aleuts to go fisticuffs with. The other nice thing about it is you get winds in excess of 130 miles per hour, which makes for interesting copy because residents who are no strangers to demon rum are forever falling off the boardwalk into mud,usually head first. Senator Stevens dream of a bridge to nowhere, was full of places like that, which are beyond nowhere, and part of the Twilight Zone.

  19. montserrat09
    July 28, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    My deepest condolences. Most of us here are at that age where we have lost both of our parents. Life goes on, the pain subsides, and the memories of the good times seem to recur, more often as we age ourselves.

    It is hard to put feelings into words, but Auden made a pretty good attempt in depicting how it all feels in the moment, without them:

    (S)he was my North, my South, my East and West,
    My working week and my Sunday rest,
    My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
    I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

  20. montserrat09
    July 28, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    So sorry for your loss. I lost my Mom 4 years ago and my Dad 15. She had developing dementia and we were never really close to start, but I still feel like I have lost my anchor and it took me several years for the acute grief to pass. But it does. Be sure to take care of yourself.

  21. From the look of things, Trump has just been playing with the sorry assholes that have been running us into the ground. And his is a game well played. They thought to overwhelm him with their $hit but he is a dynamo and has spun it back on them. I really find him inspirational as I have just hit he big 60 and do not look forward to retirement that I have totally inadequate savings for. So as long as I have my health I will be planning on working until 70 and then start thinking about retirement, or not.

  22. wbboei,

    Seven Republican senators voted against Obamacare repeal this week after previously pledging to support it. Here’s a list of the seven senators along with their previous quotes supporting repeal.

    Please help us replace them with true conservative leaders by making a contribution to the Senate Conservatives Fund.

    THEN: “This law is not affordable for anyone in Alaska. That is why I will support the bill that repeals the ACA and wipes out its harmful impacts.”
    NOW: Voted Against Repeal

    THEN: “The repeal of this law will not only reduce federal spending, but it will also allow Congress to address problems within the current health care system.”
    NOW: Voted Against Repeal

    THEN: “I have consistently voted to repeal and replace this disastrous health care law, and I am glad that a repeal bill will finally reach the president’s desk.”
    NOW: Voted Against Repeal

    THEN: “Obamacare was an historic mistake, and should be repealed and replaced with step-by-step reforms that transform the health care delivery system.”
    NOW: Voted Against Repeal

    THEN: “I believe that we made – that Congress made – a real error in passing Obamacare, we should repeal the law so that we can start over.”
    NOW: Voted Against Repeal

    THEN: “It is clear that any serious attempt to improve our health care system must begin with a full repeal and replacement of Obamacare.”
    NOW: Voted Against Repeal

    THEN: “[Obamacare] is fundamentally flawed. I do think we ought to delay … and then we’ve got to repeal this thing and start over.”
    NOW: Voted Against Repeal
    There is simply no excuse for their opposition to repeal.

    They spent years promising to repeal the law and now with a Republican in the White House they have the power to do it.

    If we want Senate Republicans to stop taking conservatives for granted and stop betraying our principles, we must help conservative candidates challenge them in their primary elections.

    Please support SCF today to help us identify, recruit, and fund strong challengers against these Obamacare Republicans.

    Without this counter-pressure from conservatives, there will be no accountability and they will continue to oppose common sense policies regardless of what they have promised to do before.

    There are very few organizations that will take these incumbents on, but we’re not part of the establishment and we know that change in Washington means changing the people we send there.

    Thank you for being part of our team and thank you for doing so much to fight for conservative leadership in Washington.

    Ken Cuccinelli II

  23. I could not be happier to see General Kelly appointed to the position of chief of staff. There is a huge difference between talkers and doers, observers and actors, people who tell others what they want to hear and people who shoot straight. Sadly, most people cannot rise to that level and for that reason they are unwitting accomplices in the culture of death that afflicts western civilization. Trump and now Kelly are part of the push back against secularism, utilitarianism, unbridled ambition and rootless careerism. This article provides full measure of the man. He gives us the raw truth with the bark off. Society, which has lost sight of any notion of rules, needs that. And so do those at the epicenter of power within the west wing, the deep state and the media. Once the rules are clearly defined and universally understood, and once the people who refuse to follow them are shot, the team can move forward. And there is nothing more powerful mano a mano, than a disciplined group of marines. I am a huge fan of Scaramuchi, but I am disappointed in the lack of maturity he displayed in dealing with that New York magazine scum bag. Did he fail to say this is off the record, or did he say it and did the scum bag violate that commitment. We may never know. What we do know is that just because you are in charge of communications does not mean you must confide in everyone. His judgment on that account was clearly flawed and in deep contrast to the finesse he showed barely a day earlier. His loyalty to Trump seems to me, sublime.

    Lt. Gen. John Kelly, who lost son to war, says U.S. largely unaware of sacrifice

    A war made personal

    Lt. Gen. John F. Kelly, nominated to the powerful position of Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates’s senior military assistant, knows firsthand the pain and loss of many military families caused by war. On Nov. 9, 2010, his son 2nd Lt. Robert Kelly stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan and was killed.

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011; 12:00 AM
    Before he addressed the crowd that had assembled in the St. Louis Hyatt Regency ballroom last November, Lt. Gen. John F. Kelly had one request. “Please don’t mention my son,” he asked the Marine Corps officer introducing him.

    Four days earlier, 2nd Lt. Robert M. Kelly , 29, had stepped on a land mine while leading a platoon of Marines in southern Afghanistan. He was killed instantly.

    Without once referring to his son’s death, the general delivered a passionate and at times angry speech about the military’s sacrifices and its troops’ growing sense of isolation from society.

    “Their struggle is your struggle,” he told the ballroom crowd of former Marines and local business people. “If anyone thinks you can somehow thank them for their service, and not support the cause for which they fight – our country – these people are lying to themselves. . . . More important, they are slighting our warriors and mocking their commitment to this nation.”

    Kelly is the most senior U.S. military officer to lose a son or daughter in Iraq or Afghanistan. He was giving voice to a growing concern among soldiers and Marines: The American public is largely unaware of the price its military pays to fight the United States’ distant conflicts. Less than 1 percent of the population serves in uniform at a time when the country is engaged in one of the longest periods of sustained combat in its history.

    President Obama devoted only six sentences to the war in Afghanistan in his State of the Union address in January. The 25-second standing ovation that lawmakers lavished on the troops lasted almost as long as the president’s war remarks.

    Kelly has largely shunned public attention since his speech and his son’s death. He discussed his speech and his son to provide insight into the lives and the burdens of military families.

    “We are only one of 5,500 American families who have suffered the loss of a child in this war,” he said in an e-mail. “The death of my boy simply cannot be made to seem any more tragic than the others.”

    On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said he had nominated Kelly to be his senior military assistant, a powerful position by virtue of its minute-by-minute proximity to the Pentagon chief. He would serve as a key liaison between the defense secretary and the top brass.

    As in many military families, Kelly’s two sons followed their father into the Marine Corps. The three Kelly men have participated in 11 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade.

    As one retired Marine Corps general noted in a condolence letter to Kelly a few days after his son’s death: “Service to and sacrifice for the nation have become a legacy affair for a relatively small number of families.”

    ‘Living on luck’

    A few days after graduating from Florida State University in 2003, Robert Kelly surprised his family by enlisting in the Marine Corps. His elder brother, John, had joined as an officer two years earlier. Their father was leading Marines in Iraq.

  24. Update: Think what we write about below is wrong? Wrong. Look at what we suggest President Trump do to congressional exemptions from ObamaCare and the ObamaCare subsidies issue litigated against Barack Obama’s illegal subsidies as determined to be so by the courts. Check out this most important “tweet” from President Donald J. Trump:

    Ram ObamaCare exactly as written in law down the GOP congressional throat. Ram ObamaCare exactly as written in law down those who enjoy illegal subsidies the courts have struck down but not yet implemented – then watch as they realize ObamaCare is an Obamination. Enforce ObamaCare as written into law and watch the health insurance system collapse. Ram ObamaCare down every Obama Dimocrat’s throat.


  25. President’s feel good speech to law enforcement yesterday.
    President Trump Gives Remarks on MS-13 to Federal, State, and Local Law …

  26. imo…PDT deserves to have a full time AG, every President does


    if Dana Perino is saying this out loud, it
    sounds like many people are starting to think along the same lines and perhaps PDT, our uncanny genius, has been wide jumps ahead of everyone as usual…

    and with General Kelly as Chief of Staff, moving Sessions to DHS would be an honor…and a win win for the Trump team and train…(and the critics left speechless)


    Fox News co-host Dana Perino on Friday night suggested former Homeland Security head John Kelly was named new White House chief of staff to clear a path for President Trump to remove Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    Sessions has been in disfavor with President Trump for some time, with the president’s criticism rapidly escalating over the past week.

    But if Trump named Sessions as the new head of DHS, it could appease conservatives who believe the attorney general is doing a good job on immigration, according to Perino, who is a former press secretary to former President George W. Bush.

    “I think that this was all set up for a few weeks because the president has been so upset about Jeff Sessions and his recusal in the Russia investigation,” Perino suggested on her show “The Five.”
    “The Republicans and conservatives that came to Jeff Sessions’ defense this week all said, ‘But he’s doing the best on the issue we care about most, and that is immigration,'” she continued.

    Sessions, a former GOP senator, has received wide support among his former colleagues.

    “Well, where can Jeff Sessions do even more on immigration? As the Secretary of Homeland Security,” Perino said. “So I think what they’re going to try to do is move Sessions over to DHS, and then how can conservatives complain?”

    Perino added that removing Sessions from his post would also clear the way for Trump to appoint a new attorney general who could “fire” Robert Mueller, the special counsel in charge of leading the probe into Russian election interference. Trump has expressed anger at Mueller’s investigation, calling it a “witch hunt.”

    “And then you have a new AG who can fire Mueller,” Perino said.


  27. A late friend and client of mine who claimed to have invented the triggering device for the hydrogen bomb (with the permission of Teller), a claim which I was never able to independently verify other than the fact that Lloyds of London accepted his engineering work like it was the word of god–that I can attest to, observed that the path of progress is not always–maybe never, a straight line progression. And so it is here. Just as long as we get there and do not lose of fix on magnetic north we will. How we navigate the currents and eddies of left wing treachery is part of it, and part of it is the drama, if we trust the man in charge, and realize that unlike the deep state, dims, and media, he is on our side. You get a wiff of this devil may care sentiment in this piece which sets forth the premise that it is chaotic and crazy, yes, but compared to what the dims, media and deep state have cooked up for us, which is an obituary, it is mana from heaven, and no reason to get discouraged. Finally, few of us have come to terms with the damage the corrupt man from Chicago did to this nation during his imperious reign, and that too is a factor in this winter of discontent. But for now, be patient and enjoy the show. To those who repine at chaos, I say this: ex malo bono, ye of little faith.


  28. Dem Congressman:

    Democratic Party ‘Sometimes Slips Into Intolerance’


    The dimocrat party is the paradigmatic example of intolerance.

    From succession, to Jim Crow, to reverse racism and destroying this country.

    They are a key component in the culture of death that afflicts western civilization, and they are a substantial contributing factor to our demise.

    Critical thinking will tell you this.

    It cannot be otherwise.

  29. We need a full time AG & and a Special Counsel & Grand Jury to sort all of this out…there is a lot going on with this story and I would not be surprised to have it link up to foreign donations, money laundering, blackmail, payoffs, Clinton foundation, SOS and DWS…and who knows what else, evidently these Pakistani guys were with Rich earlier on that fateful night

    when you think about it, the Dims and Hillary have been trying to hide a lot of activity with hidden computers and dubious workers with NO SECURITY CLEARANCE doing work for them all…


  30. Turning up the heat.

  31. S
    July 29, 2017 at 5:25 pm
    Homer Simpson McMaster is going on vacation, to the sandy beaches of Afganistan where it is too damned hot to leak, even with salt pills. But giving him a fourth star seems a bit excessive. A tenth star perhaps, but a fourth star . . . for what? For leaking?
    Sara A. Carter ✔ @SaraCarterDC
    Investigating: Rumors swirling in Wash circles and sources saying @realDonaldTrump “considering CIA Pompeo to replace HR” wait and see?
    8:59 AM – Jul 29, 2017
    294 294 Replies 1,347 1,347 Retweets 2,166 2,166 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Colin Kahl ✔ @ColinKahl
    Shake-up scenario:
    Sessions to DHS
    Pompeo to NatSecAdv
    McMaster gets 4th star & goes to Afghanistan
    Bolton remains wildcard in background

  32. montserrat09
    July 28, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Remember that your loss
    is shared by your many friends
    here at Pink-

    Some of us are not prolific posters
    but we ARE prolific readers-
    That you are in our thoughts and prayers
    and bearing our sincerest condolences
    for the loss of your treasured Mom…

  33. Trump Rips China for Doing ‘Nothing’ With NKorea After New Missile Test…

    By Todd Beamon | Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 08:09 PM

    President Donald Trump slammed China Saturday for doing “nothing for us with North Korea” in light of Pyongyang’s latest missile test, vowing that “we will no longer allow this to continue.”

    Trump hammered Beijing in a pair of tweets:

    (tweets @ link below)


    In response, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Saturday that China and Russia bear “unique and special responsibility” for the increased threat posed by Pyongyang from the test.

    “As the principal economic enablers of North Korea’s nuclear weapon and ballistic missile development program, China and Russia bear unique and special responsibility for this growing threat to regional and global stability,” Tillerson said in a statement.

    He said that the launch was a “blatant violation of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions that reflect the will of the international community.”

    China is North Korea’s last remaining major ally, while Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the international community to not “lose its cool” over the nuclear-armed regime.

    President Trump on Friday ripped North Korea’s latest test as a “reckless and dangerous” action and rejected Pyongyang’s claims that such tests helped ensure its security.

    “By threatening the world, these weapons and tests further isolate North Korea, weaken its economy, and deprive its people,” the president said in a statement.


  34. Last night Judge Jeanine aired her recent? visits to US Southern Border. Published on Jul 29, 2017
    Jeanine talks to land owners near the border
    BY Daylight on horseback

    Then at night.
    Judge Jeanine rides with Arizona Border Patrol

  35. Proliferating Scandals Make Mueller Investigation Ludicrous
    BY ROGER L SIMON JULY 29, 2017

    How many scandals can you fit on the head of a pin — or, in Maoist parlance, let a Hundred Scandals Bloom! And given the way they are blooming, Robert Mueller’s “Russia” investigation looks increasingly ludicrous.

    Even if Mueller were even-handed and the exact right person for the job — an open question at the moment — no single special counsel could handle all this. It’s a game of whack-a-mole to beat all games of whack-a-mole.

    Let’s enumerate the scandals as of this moment, several or all of which are or could be connected.

    The Original Trump-Russia Scan-dahl. This has been going on for the better part of a century with little to show for it except Donald Trump Jr. demonstrating too much rookie zeal in listening (for a few minutes anyway) to some shady Russian characters and Paul Manafort possibly having made some less-than-savory deals with some equally shady Ukrainian characters. This would have been before Manafort went to work for Trump (a relationship that in itself lasted only for a short time). And, oh yes, Mike Flynn. When all is revealed, and it may never be, I predict what we will find is that Flynn was also guilty of another kind of zeal — wanting to woo Russia away from Iran with the promise of reduced sanctions for Moscow. Some of us (including me) think this was a fine idea that now will not happen thanks to the berserk partisanship on the part of the formerly Russia-friendly Democrats.

    The Unmasking Scandal. It now turns out that a record number of unmaskings (revealing U.S. citizens’ identities during foreign intelligence surveillance) by the Obama administration — well over a hundred — took place during and after the election. Most of these unmaskings seem to have been illegal and were of people connected to Trump. Many appear to have been instigated by, of all people, Samantha Power, a person who, as UN ambassador, had no business doing such a thing. Moreover, for a supposedly renowned human rights advocate, Power’s hypocrisy is monumental and her activities reactionary in the extreme. Such unmaskings are the royal road to totalitarianism, making these actions worthy of a major investigation all by itself. Susan Rice is also doubtlessly involved. Connection to #1 above: So far Flynn is the only one we know (there are obviously more) to have been unmasked. His adamant opposition to Obama’s Iran deal was well known. Coincidence? Highly unlikely. Also, this may indicate that, in a very real sense, Trump was correct: He was wire-tapped. (Related scandal: Obama suddenly changes the long-standing rule and allows all intelligence agencies to see top-secret information for the first time just weeks before Trump’s inauguration.)

    Fusion GPS. Whoa. If you think the unmaskings were nefarious, this is downright sick and evil. This group of journalistic lowlifes — sadly including three former Wall Street Journal reporters (the paper is hopefully doing an investigation of its hiring practices because of this) — promulgates disinformation for creepy Russian regime types and, lately, the hideous Venezuelan leaders currently starving millions of their own people to death. These “genteel scriveners” were the authors of the anti-Trump “dossier” containing the lies about Moscow hotel golden showers, etc. It’s hard to imagine anything worse than smearing in this manner someone who could become the leader of the free world, unless you hate the free world or, more likely in this case, are despicably greedy. The big question is who hired these guys. The leader of the group is thus far refusing to say. No wonder Democrats are in a panic. They should be. They’re the primary suspect and fingering the Dems on this one turns the whole Russiagate scandal on its head.

    Imran Awan. The story of the Pakistani-born IT fraudster who had access (for years) to computer data and materials of over two dozen House Democrats plus Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs committees threatens to become one of the most extraordinary scandals of our time. If Awan is merely some low-life con cheating the U.S. government out of a few dollars (okay — four million), why are the Clintonistas so concerned they have assigned one of their key consiglieres to head his legal defense? Why did Deborah Wasserman Schultz keep this obviously seriously corrupt individual on her payroll for months until he was finally arrested at Dulles on his way to Qatar by the FBI and the Capitol Police? The possibilities are so many they could fill a book by themselves. But the summa is that we have been told ad nauseum to trust our intelligence agencies. All computer hacking roads lead to Russia. They have proof, they say, although they aren’t showing it to us. (It would compromise sources and methods, doncha know.) Well, I’m willing to admit the Russians are up to no good. They always have been. But I suspect there are a number of surprises in the sources of much of the hacking and some of the truth may be sitting under Imran Awan’s rock — or on his smashed hard drive he desperately wants back from the FBI. Let’s hope the road doesn’t somehow end up at Pakistan’s ISI. Or Hezbollah.

    The Lynch Non-Mob. Our previous attorney general has so much more to answer for than our current one — the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, insisting the case of the massive Hillary email erasures was a “matter” and not an “investigation” when the alleged crimes would almost certainly send a civilian to jail for life. This undoubtedly contributed to the bizarre behavior of James Comey and to the fact that so much about this “matter” was never truly investigated, tarnishing the FBI’s reputation perhaps forever. A lot of Republicans think this was a big-time coverup and there’s more evidence for that than there is for Trump-Russia collusion, miles more. (Comic relief: Lanny Davis still insisting on Fox the other night that the 30,000 plus erased emails were about yoga lessons.)

    Clinton Cash and Uranium One. Was this ever fully examined by anybody, let alone the FBI? Yet it’s all about Russia and Putin on a level none of the other allegations approach. If true, Hillary Clinton helped facilitate 20% of U.S. uranium being transferred to Russian hands. Uranium! Before you say this is debunked, think twice. Historically, collusion with Russia has been far greater by Democrats than Republicans — and I’m not just talking about Obama’s famous whisper to Medvedev or his pathetic cop-out on Assad’s use of poison gas. We can go straight back to the Cold War when the Democrats constantly attacked Reagan for warmongering the Soviets — until the Soviets collapsed without a shot being fired.

    Quite a litany, huh? Are all six connected? It’s hard to say at this time. Maybe all are or none are. I would imagine it’s some, if not all. But they’re all connected morally — plus beneath all this are the endless leaks, which I suppose could constitute a scandal of their own.

    Now let’s play that game from Sesame Street — “One of these things is not like the others.” Yes, you got it. It’s number one. In that case, Republicans are under suspicion. In the other five, it’s the Democrats. And yet the only one under official investigation by Robert Mueller and crew is one. Something rotten in the state of…? You bet!

    Supposed bien pensant insiders like Lindsey Graham insist that if Trump fires Mueller, the president is done for. I am not so sure. But whatever the case, I have another suggestion. Don’t fire Mueller. Cancel the investigation itself and replace it with a global investigation, one that brings together all aspects of the present political crisis, all these scandals, real or imagined. Indeed, let a hundred scandals bloom. I nominate John Kelly to oversee this. It’s going to take a general.

    Graham Warns Trump of ‘Holy Hell’ if Sessions, Mueller Fired
    Roger L. Simon is an award-winning novelist, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of PJ Media. His latest book is I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already. He tweets @rogerlsimon.


  36. What a great line from Roger Simon–how moral narcissim is destroying the county, or for that matter western civilization–its called the Merkel disease and it is uniformly fatal, and highly communicable among the elites and within their corrupt pecking order. Here is the way to use it:

    You have got to be pretty narcisstic to drive a car that expensive.

    (Note: if it happens to be a BMW walk up to the owner, admire the car, ask him some performance questions, and then say it reminds you of a poor mans Mercedes–that will trigger a reaction from the pompous asshole.)

    You have got to be pretty narcissitic and selfish to live in a house like this while people (not illegals they get government benefits) are starving. I am not talking about government programs or Republicans pal, I am talking about you. You have no social conscience.

    These limousine liberals who want to assuage their guilt by spending other peoples money through government, need to have this pointed out to them. Why? Because, as F Scott Fitzgerald told Hemingway, the rich live in a world of their own.

    They simply need to understand that you cannot do your virtue signalling if you yourself do not walk the walk. To do that is a form of fraud, and we all see through it, and you.

  37. The attack on Sessions seemed misdirected.

    The real target should have been Rosenstein.

    He is the same kind of bastard as John Roberts, i.e.

    They cannot take the heat, but the will not leave the kitchen.

    So what they do is engage in moral cowardness.

    Rosenstein came under fire for the memo he wrote stating that there was just cause to fire Comey, which is clear as a matter of law.

    But when the dims turned the heat up on him, he lost his nerve and went running to his old amigho Mueller.

    And Mueller is corrupt because he presided over an FBI that became politicized and violated the rights of the fourth amendment of the people.

    Thus, Mueller has a clear incentive to ignore everything else and go after Trump because Trump is just as likely to turn up dirt on him and his boy, James Comey.


    Put differently, Rosenstein is guilty as hell on two fronts and they need to call that spineless bureaurat opening Pandora’s box, and it deviate off tack for lack of a scope of work, refuses to batten down the hatches. He-is-the-problem.

    And it is no surprise that his biggest supporter is that racist dot, Elija Cummings who harbors a pathological hatred for Trump and most likely for white people in general.

  38. Don’t fire Mueller. Cancel the investigation itself and replace it with a global investigation, one that brings together all aspects of the present political crisis, all these scandals, real or imagined. Indeed, let a hundred scandals bloom. I nominate John Kelly to oversee this. It’s going to take a general.–Roger Simon
    A brilliant idea. The only thing I would add is make it a big partisan investigation, rather than a partisan with hunt, by replacing half the investigators he has hired so far to bring down Trump, with an equal number of Republican investigators. Balance is the key, and right now there is none. By putting his thumb on the scale as he most definitely has, Mueller has left no doubt that his motives are partisan and to that extent nefarious for a special prosecutor as opposed to a politician who are allowed to swim in the sewer.

  39. With a mere stroke of his pen, President Trump could end the exemption that President Obama gave members of Congress and their staffs that makes them the only participants in the ObamaCare exchanges to receive generous subsidies from their employer (the American people) to pay for their health insurance. Nothing would better focus Congress’ attention on changing ObamaCare than being trapped in it just like other Americans.


  40. Tony Stark
    July 30, 2017 at 11:28 am
    Tony, I think Trump will do whatever Mattis recommends. Up to now, Mattis has been committed to the long game. He could offer ABM technology to Japan. Or, better yet, he could offer the North Korean dictator Mueller. If someone wants to make that motion, then I would be happy to second it.

  41. Rod Rosenstein is the John Dean of this presidency.

    That is the way to put it:

    Sir: by virtue of your actions, you have made yourself the John Dean of this Administration, meaning, the top government official who breached his fiduciary duty the president he was hired to serve, and allowed his enemies to bring him down. If you are comfortable with that epitaph, then there is nothing much I can say to you, other than the fact that you are a traitor, but you will always have a place in the spare bedroom of Kwalja Cummings.

    However, in the unlikely event that you wish to avoid being that black mark in history, then the thing for you to do is this: Curtail the fishing expedition, squelch the efforts to probe into Trump’s past business dealings unless they manifest a clear nexus with collusion, define the scope of work which you should have done in the first place, and expand it to cover all the scandals which bear on this election, directly or indirectly. Get rid of the partisan prosecutors and hire a bi partisan team. But you have got to act sir, and history has shown that you are too timid to do what is right. Will you prove history wrong? That is up to you, but the world is watching.

  42. As Sen. McCain said after the Senate vote July 27, the sanctions “respond to Russia’s attack on American democracy….We will not tolerate attacks on our democracy. That’s what this bill is all about. We must take our own side in this fight, not as Republicans, not as Democrats, but as Americans.”
    McCain is a creature of the military industrial complex. When he makes this sort of appeal to cover his tracks, i.e. we must take our own side as Americans, I am reminded of H.L. Mecken’s observation that false claims of patriotism such as this are the last bastion of scoundrels.

  43. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/health-chief-says-no-decision-on-continuing-obamacare-subsidies/ar-AAp1pUJ?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=DELLDHP15

    (Bloomberg) — Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said Sunday that “no decision’s been made” on whether to continue key Affordable Care Act subsidies to health-insurance companies, but that the administration’s job is “to follow the law of the land.” A top White House aide said President Donald Trump will decide soon.

    Smarting from the failure of Senate Republicans to pass an Obamacare repeal and replace bill, Trump on Saturday threatened in a tweet to the subsidy payments, which help make insurance accessible to poorer Americans, a move that could critically destabilize health exchanges if it went ahead.

    The administration has previously floated the idea to stop paying the subsidies that help insurers offset health-care costs for low-income Americans, called a cost-sharing reduction, or CSR. The next payment is due on Aug. 21.

    If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!” the president said in Saturday’s tweet. It followed a Twitter message on Friday in which he vowed to “let ObamaCare implode.” [snip]

    Price said in a separate interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the administration’s “job is to follow the law of the land” and that “we take that responsibility very seriously and we will continue to do so.”

    White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said on “Fox News Sunday” that Trump will soon decide the fate of the subsidy payments. “He’s going to make that decision this week, and that’s a decision that only he can make,” Conway said.

    Trump’s tweet on Saturday also implied that he may target subsidies made available to members of Congress and their staff, who as part of the Affordable Care Act are enrolled in plans on the Washington, D.C., health insurance exchange. Subsidies are similar to those made by employers to pay for their workers’ health insurance premiums.

    Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that the president is weighing such a move, which was urged this month by a coalition of right-wing groups. [snip]

    Ending the CSR subsidies, paid monthly to insurers, is one way that Trump could hasten Obamacare’s demise without legislation, by prompting more companies to raise premiums in the individual market or stop offering coverage. The administration last made a payment about a week ago for the previous 30 days, but hasn’t made a long-term commitment. [snip]

    On Friday, health-care analyst Spencer Perlman at Veda Partners LLC said in a research note that there’s a 30 percent chance Trump will end CSR payments, which may “immediately destabilize the exchanges, perhaps fatally.”

    America’s Health Insurance Plans, a lobbying group for the industry, has estimated that premiums would rise by about 20 percent if the CSR payments aren’t made. Many insurers have already dropped out of Obamacare markets in the face of mounting losses, and blamed the uncertainty over the future of the cost-sharing subsidies and the individual mandate as one of the reasons behind this year’s premium increases.

    Moments after the Senate voted down the Republican bill on Friday morning, McConnell called on Democrats to offer their ideas for moving forward with health care. But he warned: “Bailing out insurance companies, with no thought of any kind of reform, is not something I want to be a part of.” [snip]

    “If the President refuses to make the cost sharing reduction payments, every expert agrees that premiums will go up and health care will be more expensive for millions of Americans, The president ought to stop playing politics with people’s lives and health care,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

    We recently watched an interview on Fox News with what was billed as a health care expert. The alleged expert said President Trump could not end subsidies for congress nor for the insurance companies. That was stunning ignorance especially when it comes from someone billed as an expert. President Trump has the ability to do both and do it with ease.

    Even in this article from Bloomberg News zero mention is made that the subsidies to insurance companies are illegal according to the federal courts. And this article also pretends the subsidies to congress are written in law in the ACA (ObamaCare). Both of the subsidies are illegal. Illegally made by gangster Barack Obama. But Big Media pretends it’s all legal and does not mention both subsidies are illegal.

    Ram ObamaCare, as written in law, down their throats Mr. President.

  44. I don’t understand why Sessions has not forced Rosenstein to recuse himself.
    Can’t he fire or demote him if he chooses?
    Clearly Rosenstein is the problem and replacing him with the right person would end the Mueller threat.

  45. Price said in a separate interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the administration’s “job is to follow the law of the land” and that “we take that responsibility very seriously and we will continue to do so.”
    Follow the law?

    In May, a district court struck down the subsidies.

    That decision has been on hold pending appeal.


  46. imo…

    President Donald Trump needs to give a detailed and well thought out and easy to understand speech from the Oval Office on Ocare and what he/we need to do…He needs to explain the urgency (it is my understanding that the policies are going up again in October…again you pay more and more and get less, or are forced to pay for things you do not want, need or believe in)

    He needs to spell out clearly how the Congress (and their families/staff) are getting special subsidies with their taxpayer money and are exempt from the Ocare hardships and increases that they continue to impose and force on other everyday, working Americans to deal with…

    a tweet will not suffice, he can illustrate and use specific families as examples

    He needs to go beyond saying that “O’care is dead”, that is not enough…he needs to explain in more than a few words why it is dead…and what that means…and how their insurance provides them with an ‘insurance card/plan but not “health care” (have Price help you write the speech)

    This is one thing that has been missing so far from PDT communication…prior to getting elected he gave a few well received, serious and mature speeches…

    this should not be from a rally…this should be given from him as President of the USA from the WH to the American people

    I believe he needs to do this over the heads of the Congress and BM and speak directly to the people from the Oval office or a special place in the White House…again, a tweet will not suffice…
    PDT needs to explain and talk to the American people so they will put pressure on the Congress

    I am willing to bet that most people have no idea that the Congress & other elites are exempt from the fraudulent Ocare plans they are forced to adhere to or how much the insurance companies benefit with their taxpayer money

    He needs to exude gravitas…

  47. I would like to know why McCabe is still at the FBI…

    it seems to me that the “deep state” and the not so ‘deep state’ the more visible one, as in McCain & Lindsey Graham, etc are doing everything they can to try to corner PDT…

    it is not up to Graham to decide if PDT & Sessions decide to do a lateral move and move Sessions to DHS, that is not Lindsey’s call…

    the President is entitled to have a full time functioning AG, not inhibited by all these traps that were set from the get go to strip him and his cabinet of the power they are entitled to

    I am sure McCain and Lindsey like it fine for Sessions to be half incapacitated as AG so they can keep their pre-arranged, selected Special Council going and probing PDT for his full term…with O operating his ‘shadow govt’ and pulling his insider strings set in place before he left office to explode when necessary…

    what a freaking corrupt system we have…the “uniparty” are all in on it…with a few exceptions…few…

    time for PDT, the Mooch, the General, Sessions…the Trumpers to clean house and get rid of the bloodsuckers…

  48. Sessions in not doing his job.


    He has not addressed any of the scandals.

    He has recused himself from anything having to do with Russia

    He is letting Rothestein handle is, and Rothstein is a Quising according to Roger Stone and a deep stater according to Dick Morris.

    Sessions should recognize that he is now a pawn in the RINO game to get Trump, and that he lacks the energy and fortitude to do do the job.

    Trump needs an aggressive AG who will watch Rosenstein like a hawk because we now know what he is and what his motives are.

    Like I said this morning, Rothstein is the John Dean of this Administration.

  49. https://townhall.com/columnists/wayneallynroot/2017/07/30/the-executive-orders-that-end-obamacare–once-and-for-all-n2361967

    The Executive Orders That End Obamacare – Once and For All

    Republican Senator John McCain just singlehandedly killed the repeal of Obamacare. Now it’s time for President Trump to act. It’s time for President Trump to expose McCain and the rest of Congress for the frauds and hypocrites they are. It’s time for two Executive Orders that have the power to change everything.

    This is how President Trump makes “The House of Cards” collapse. This is how President Trump ends Obamacare once and for all.

    Executive Order #1: President Trump should issue an immediate Executive Order forcing every member of Congress to use the same healthcare plan as the rest of us. Let Senator McCain come off his high horse and live under the rules of Obamacare. Make every member of Congress live by same rules as the rest of us.

    I wonder if John McCain would have voted against the Obamacare repeal, if he had to live under the rules of Obamacare? I wonder how quick and successful his brain cancer surgery would have been, if he had to use the Obamacare plan. Or the VA system.

    Would he have waited 6 months in line, like rest of us? Maybe a year. Of course, he’d probably be dead by then. That’s how the VA solved their money shortage a few years back. They put vets on waiting lists until they died. Problem solved. Why not make Senators wait on those same waiting lists?

    Or would McCain have had a gigantic deductible (just like the rest of us)? Would he have had a $30,000 bill after surgery that insurance would not cover (just like the rest of us)?

    Would McCain have even been allowed to have a surgery, or would a “Death Panel” advise no surgery for a 80 year old with advanced brain cancer? Let’s find out.

    President Trump should immediately use Executive Order to put every member of Congress in the exact same boat as rest of us. Let them pay for their own healthcare- just like the rest of us. Let’s see each member of Congress pay $2000 per month for health insurance that covers virtually nothing. That was what I was forced to pay after Obamacare passed. That’s what my insurance covered- nothing. [snip]

    It’s time for Congress to feel our pain.

    Executive Order #2. My gut instinct is usually on the money. I feel it in my bones. The Senators who voted against the repeal are corrupted, bribed, on the take. Senators and Congressmen are making an unimaginable fortune off of Obamacare. That’s why they are against the repeal. They don’t want to end the gravy train.

    They want the system complex and expensive. They want government involved. They want taxpayer money wasted by the billions. That’s how they milk the system. They all own stocks of medical companies, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies. I’m betting many actually own companies with government contracts that benefit from Obamacare. They put them in the names of their spouses, children, parents, siblings, childhood buddies. They own them in offshore accounts. The conflicts of interest are the size of Texas.

    Obamacare is the best thing to ever happen to Senator Schumer, Senator McCain, Senator Collins, Senator Murkowski, Nevada Senator Heller. They’re all bums. They’re all thieves. They are all getting rich at our expense.

    Wanna bet?

    President Trump should issue an immediate Executive Order demanding disclosure of all financial interests and ownership in healthcare related companies or stock by every member of Congress– including all family members and offshore accounts. Failure to disclose will result in a long prison term.

    Then we’ll find out why they voted against repeal. They are all on the gravy train.

    Issue these two Presidential Executive Orders and the “House of Cards” will collapse. The scam will be revealed.

    We’ve been robbed.

  50. To save himself Rosen stein threw the president under the bus. That is the kind of human being he is. A COWARD just like John Roberts, with a yellow streak down his back a mile wide. And he has the power to cure the situation, by reining in Mueller but he refuses to do so. Yes, a coward.


  51. End of July giggle:


    The initial run of Megyn Kelly’s Sunday newsmagazine show will reportedly be taken off the air at least two episodes earlier than scheduled because of her disastrous ratings.

    Last week, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly set another viewership low with just 2.71 million total viewers. In the last three weeks, her show has failed to beat the years-old Dateline rerun the network ran in her show’s time slot when Kelly took a week off during the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

    According to the New York Post, “Kelly’s ratings-challenged Sunday show was announced as a limited” run that would return after the football season. The network was reportedly angling for at least ten episodes but apparently decided to end Kelly’s misery after eight episodes as Kelly’s downward spiral in the ratings did not stop.

    An NBC spinmeister claimed that Kelly’s show was going off the air after this week’s show because she needs to be “freed up to focus” on her morning show. Translation: Kelly needs to do all she can to not ruin NBC’s crown jewel Today franchise. Network executives, who reportedly have been freaking out about Kelly’s poor ratings, are probably praying that Kelly simply does no more harm than she has already done in her short time at the network.

    Television executives have reportedly wondered whether Kelly’s Sunday show, which seems to have highlighted her numerous substantive and stylistic flaws, will even return at all.

  52. Force-feed ObamaCare as written in law on Congress? Stop subsidies to insurance companies?

    “Yup” it’s happening. Mulvaney: ‘just talked with President Trump about it’.

  53. admin
    July 31, 2017 at 1:20 am

    And THAT is how you collapse Progressive-ism. It is nothing but a looting of public and targeted out group’s wealth. Once the money is cut or even just slowed down it begins to collapse. If Congress is faced with paying for or passing to their employee’s and their own health insurance premiums, all they have to do is take from their operating budgets just like business and other organization have had to do with Obamacare. They CAN pay for it for their employees. They have personnel budgets for staff. They don’t want to do so. It is a budget cut and pay cut for staff and themselves. They need to make these choices like everyone else has had to do. It will hit their disposable “office” expenses like Wasserman-Schutz’s IT budget which she appears to have used “poorly” or their junkets to nowhere (let them teleconference like everyone else). This is just reality in running any kind of organization. When the whining starts just tell them each Congressional office is like a small organization and you have until fiscal year 2018 starting October 1 to get your budgets written. Figure it out.

  54. wbboei
    July 31, 2017 at 12:52 am

    Fake “righteous man” Rosenstein has risen to the level of his incompetence. Demote him and maybe he will quit. I bet he won’t because he is a careerist (I don’t think he has every had a private sector job) and can’t function in the real world.

  55. admin
    July 31, 2017 at 1:20 am
    And this even being mentioned will accelerate the pull-out by carriers in the Obamacare markets for 2018. To guess wrong is possible bankruptcy for their health sub-groups. Hillary was supposed to bail them all out including the “we love Medicaid” states. Not happenin’.

  56. Mexico gets a clue. “Nearly 150 Central Americans being smuggled to the United States were rescued Saturday in Mexico after traveling tightly packed in a poorly ventilated truck.”
    “The rescue was initially described by authorities in eastern Veracruz state as a near-tragedy with chilling similarities to an incident last week in Texas in which 10 would-be migrants to the US perished.” https://www.yahoo.com/news/178-smuggled-centram-migrants-rescued-truck-mexico-062105335.html

    Mexico is looking at every trailer at the US border entry being imaged to stop their crap. Stopping tragedies with Central Americans dying is not their aim but keeping drugs flowing in for the cash for cartels. Who says these weren’t drug mules being hauled in for a two-fer?

  57. Mormaer
    July 31, 2017 at 6:55 am
    He may well be incompetent as well, but I read this as more a matter of character, or the lack thereof. What I keep coming back to is he turned Mueller (hereinafter “The Mule”) lose to forage the country side destroying everything in his path, rather than reigning him in with a clear, concise statement of the scope of the investigation. As Andrew McCarthy pointed out some time ago, it is not too late to cure that problem, which is manifest in the Mule’s mission creep into Donald’s past real estate dealing twenty years ago. Yet, Rosen-stein (hereinafter Red stone) refuses to cure the problem he created. The net result is a throw-back to Uncle Joe’s famous line: show me the man. I’ll find you the crime. Years ago, the deputy director of the New York division of the FBI who was in charge of Soviet Counter Espionage told me the FBI does not investigate you for what you have done but for who you are. Uncle Joe would be pleased. Fundamentally, then, the problem with Red Stone, who betrays his boss, is a problem of character. Whether he intended to do this, or lost is nerve, reasonable minds can differ. Morris’s observation that Red Stone is deep state strongly suggests the former.

  58. President Trump tweet this July 31:

  59. http://ijr.com/the-declaration/2017/07/934691-democrat-freaks-trump-threatens-take-away-congresss-special-obamacare-carve/

    Democrat Freaks Out After Trump Threatens to Take Away Congress’s Special Obamacare ‘Carve-Out’

    President Donald Trump on Saturday threatened to end “bailouts” for members of Congress and insurance companies if lawmakers don’t pass a new health care bill in the near future.

    “If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon,” Trump tweeted.

    Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said Trump’s warning is a “clear threat” to take away health care from members of Congress and their staff.

    Murphy then asserted that the president does have the “power to cut off health care for leg branch employees & crater exchanges.” He then added, “I would argue this is a very serious moment.”

    Whether Trump is just using rhetoric to spur action or actually plans to follow up on his threat is unclear. Trump has proved he is not a predictable president.

    Fox News reporter Ed Henry said this weekend that the reason Trump’s supporters like his controversial tweets is because he routinely points out the “hypocrisy” of lawmakers — and Americans are tired of it, too.

    Henry explained that members of Congress made a special rule for themselves to enter the small business exchange rather than following the rules that had been imposed on the rest of America. This helped pay for insurance for members of Congress and their staff benefits.

    “What they were saying is, ‘We want a little special carve-out,‘” Henry said. “Now, will the president be able to do away with that? Who knows. Maybe it’s just rhetoric. But he is pointing out that these lawmakers, who didn’t have the courage of their convictions … he’s saying, ‘Maybe I am going to expose your special deal.’”

    Henry argued that Trump’s message “resonates” with a lot of Americans.

    Ram ObamaCare down their throats.

  60. Admin: the following excerpt from an article by Mike Walsh is instructive. The only caveat is he has more faith in the courts than I do. The betrayal by Rino John Roberts and Dino Judge Orreck disabused me entirely of any notion that these politicians in black robes can do anything but make a bad situation worse.

    (The dim/rino/compromised media cabal)

    As Clarice Feldman notes, the entire Democrat/Compromised Media fantasy over Russian “collusion” during the 2016 election has now collapsed, but the damage the Left has done to our nation purely out of pique over its loss last fall is becoming incalculable. Using their standard technique of “raising questions,” they began a Narrative that has led to a falling-dominoes series of calamities that now threaten not only the Trump presidency, but also the very legitimacy of our form of government. Consider:

    While cleanup crews at the Javits Center were still scrubbing down the walls and picking up the pieces of shattered glass occasioned by Hillary Clinton’s rage at losing what she thought was a fixed fight, her henchmen concocted a series of excuses that they no doubt beta-tested with members of the Compromised Media. Whining about the glass ceiling and sexism didn’t fly, but the Red-Diaper-Baby brigade obviously loved the “Russians Are Coming” meme.
    As Trump put his cabinet together, the “collusion” charge had resonated so strongly via the echo chamber that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an honorable man perhaps too naive for his own good, felt compelled to recuse himself from participating in anything to do with Russia, and so ceded the supervisory turf over something he knew to be a lie to his deputy.
    Enough of a critical media mass was achieved that assistant AG Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as the special prosecutor of an as-yet unspecific statutory offense. Mueller, long past retirement age, immediately dispelled any notion that he might wrap up quickly by hiring a slew of Democrat-donor lawyers and settling in to investigate Trump’s finances. After all, he has his criminal; now all he needs is the crime, and if it has to be kiting checks, spitting on the sidewalk or picking his feet in Poughkeepsie, so be it. The Grand Inquisitor’s in no rush.
    Now that Mueller is beetling along, the Democrats can afford to walk away from not only the “collusion” meme but also the Fusion GPS “fake dossier” plant that helped — via the good offices of the wretched John McCain — to propel the Narrative. Mission accomplished!
    Increasingly frustrated, Trump is lashing out on Twitter at any target of opportunity from Sessions to the Chinese to his own staff. He’s replaced the hapless Reince Priebus as chief of staff with Marine general John Kelly, hoping to bring some order to the West Wing — but now he’ll have to find a replacement for Kelly at the Department of Homeland Security, where Kelly was already making a difference by changing the what-are-you-gonna-do? whine and arresting and deporting illegal aliens, sob stories or no.
    At the same time, North Korea is test-firing missiles that can reach the United States — thanks, Bill Clinton! — while the Iranians are busy continuing their nuclear program — thanks, Barack Obama! The last two Democrat Party presidents have brought our country and the world to the brink of nuclear war, and will pay no price for it. Instead, the Israelis, the South Koreans and the Japanese will take it on the chin — and maybe Los Angeles, too.
    Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, GOP congressional staffers are now backing away from the president, and some are openly talking about awaiting the arrival of President Pence. A preference cascade is forming, and the administration, if it wants to save itself, needs to take drastic and dramatic action.
    In short, the “Russia!” meme has worked like a charm. If the Democrats/Compromised Media/Never Trumpers had wanted to set out to help Putin in his global chess match vs. the United States, they could not have done a better job. And perhaps that was their goal all along.

    The truth is, we’ve never witnessed anything like this before — not, at least, since 1861. Back then, the Democrats made the fatal error of actually firing on Fort Sumter and waging a prolonged rebellion against the federal government under the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln — whom they later assassinated. That conflict resulted, thanks to Grant and Sherman, in the devastation of the South, and a century of poverty, backwardness and resentment. Eventually, the Democrats seized the civil rights movement as their redemptive vehicle, and somehow managed the trick (via the media) of convincing the rest of the country that they were never the racist, seditious, literally anti-American sappers they so obviously were, and still are.


    Counter-Terror Lessons from America’s Civil War
    Today, they wouldn’t make the mistake of going to actual war against the country-as-founded. Just as they refused to accept Lincoln as the lawfully elected president, so do they refuse to accept Trump; if Lincoln was the first of his party to reach the White House, they mean to make sure Trump is the last. To use a favorite phrase of theirs: “by any means necessary.” That’s because the Democrat/Compromised Media Complex plays for keeps. And we don’t.

    Meanwhile, any hope of detente and strategic cooperation with Russia slips away — thanks to the Democrats, who since Lenin have never met a Russian they didn’t love. The sanctions, which only Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul voted against, also include a possibly unconstitutional provision to tie the president’s conduct of foreign policy in the future, by making it impossible for Trump to lift them without congressional approval. Trump has said he will sign the bill, but let’s see how long that provision lasts in court.


  61. Kelly orders the mooch to resign!
    Trump Removes Anthony Scaramucci From Communications Director Role
    The decision to remove Mr. Scaramucci, who had boasted about reporting directly to the president not the chief of staff, John F. Kelly, came at Mr. Kelly’s request, the people said. Mr. Kelly made clear to members of the White House staff at a meeting Monday morning that he is in charge. It was not clear whether Mr. Scaramucci will remain employed at the White House in another position or will leave altogether.

  62. Just got home…what a news day…missed the public Kelly WH event, assuming there was one?

    I take back my comment that Scaramucci isn’t going anywhere…he has left the building…’moth to close to the flame syndrome’
    he should have shut his mouth while he was ahead and basked in all the good reviews he initially got…but no, mini-mooch had to go throw his weight and big vulgar mouth around by actually calling a reporter at the New Yorker to do so…
    blinded by his own ‘selfie’ power…what a foolish move…another one that made himself the story…

    too bad, he crashed and burned when he could have played it smart…what kind of “communications director” goes around using such graphic language without even closing the deal on his job yet”
    maybe PDT will find something else for him…I am Italian, there is a word for this kind of behavior…I will just leave it a dumb…

  63. wbboei
    July 31, 2017 at 10:54 am
    July 31, 2017 at 6:55 am
    He may well be incompetent as well, but I read this as more a matter of character, or the lack thereof. What I keep coming back to is he turned Mueller (hereinafter “The Mule”) lose to forage the country side destroying everything in his path,

    I think we agree but maybe from different angles. “Deep staters” are careerists. Their main “ideology” is their own welfare and that of their source of income, perks, benefits and goodies ie money. While they may assert some kind of belief system such as progressive-ism or globalism or socialism or true conservatism (or other ‘isms) it is only because they have latched onto a rationale of why their own career and welfare comes before that of the public who pays them. They promote each other, protect each other, leak for each other, lie for each other, etc. It is a claque of self interest. And one of the attracting factors is that they are mediocre to awful at their jobs. BUT they belong to the claque. Moral failures? Of course but that is just an early step into it. Rosenstein is a hack and mediocrity maybe a tiny bit better than others technically at what he does. But Mueller recruited him to the “Righteous Man” club just out of college and the geeky goober fell right into it. Comey is a prime example.

    An example of DOJ lawyers: In the DACA case down in Brownsville, the DOJ lawyers were slow, missed all deadlines, liars, slap dash, dumb and sneering. The counsel hired by then state attorney Abbott were mystified how such lazy losers were considered top men (and women) of the DOJ as litigators. Rebuked, warned, chewed out by the federal judge they kept right on screwing up and had not one dot of remorse or embarrassment. They lost of course and in the Fifth circuit but had zero intention of following any court ruling anyway because it is all about the claque and all the members making money. Deep state is just a claque of self interest from my perspective and they will follow any ‘ism presented to protect themselves. Trump is a threat to their existence. They can not and do not operate on merit. Mueller is at the top of the claque and Rosenstein must set him up and defer to the head dud of a bureaucrat.

  64. It has been interesting reading the “horror” from the Uni-party at the possibility of Sessions being moved around within the cabinet. Senators like Graham were fake friends to him in the Senate. Most of Sessions career was digging out how tax money has been squandered, used to pay off constituencies, used to punish “enemies” etc. Sessions work in this area is what attracted Trump to him and vice-versa. The national budget is used politically and Trump and Sessions know it. If you want to control your enemies (deep state, etc) cut off the money.

    Trump and Sessions (and others) know you cannot do it all at once. It would really cause a shock to the economy it is all so entwined with everything else. Money has been drying up for refugees and their keepers who make a pretty penny, illegals on federal state and local benefits (and the threat of penalties for getting it illegally) are taking themselves off or early stages of zeroing it out from federal grants, and now is Congress’ turn in their subsidies for health insurance. It has been a rolling “cut off the money” show since Trump was inaugurated. It is also being done as a ruse for other “reasons”. Not only did Hillary’s gang of campaign workers not get permanent sinecure jobs when she lost (and seen sobbing on tv election night) their constituencies (deep state bureaucrats, lobby shops, GPS Fusion disinfo guys and media) would be under the “shrinking payout” gun. Sec Kelly proved to be a very expert hand at hitting the illegals and their enabler blood sucking parasites (others helped like Sessions killing lawsuit appeals and Tillerson wrecking the State department refugee visa mill) and now Trump has brought him INTO the White House. Kelly got crossed up with the Obama White House when he was head of Southern Command when Kelly was watching Obama “deep staters” enable the open borders in 2014-Jan 2016 (he was fired) and specifically letting the cartels run all the drugs they could carry into the US. I think Kelly is going to clean out the globalists from this White House who work at cross purposes to “cutting off the money”. Priebus couldn’t get it done because Paul Ryan pulls his strings. One of Kelly’s methods will be to control access to the president (which Trump wants) from these globalists or at least globalist sympathizers. Everything will become compartmentalized and specific duties assigned with stated goals. Some will quit pretty soon if they can’t schmooze Trump and Kelly tells them produce or get out. COS Kelly is bad cop. It all looks like phase II and the “chaos” is to divert from plan and intent. It is Congress’ turn to get whacked and they stupidly gave Trump the almost perfect opportunity with great timing.


    DHS waives environmental laws to begin building Trump border wall

    Aug 1, 2017

    Homeland Security triggered a waiver Tuesday allowing the department to bypass environmental and other land protection laws in order to begin building and testing President Trump’s new border wall.
    The waivers apply to San Diego, where officials already plan to upgrade miles of existing fence, but where they’ll also stage a competition this summer to build and test prototypes for Mr. Trump’s wall.
    It’s the first in what’s likely to be a series of waivers that will be needed as wall construction ramps up.
    Officials insisted they will still try to be mindful of local impacts as they work on the wall.
    “While the waiver eliminates DHS’s obligation to comply with various laws with respect to covered projects, the department remains committed to environmental stewardship with respect to these projects,” the department said in a statement.


  66. Mormaer
    August 1, 2017 at 6:25 am

    Would you agree that the denizens of Deep State are akin to the old Soviet class or craft of apparatchiks who held political and/or bureaucratic responsibility? Men and women with no grand plans but a hundred carefully executed detail and no experience outside government. They are transferred to various departments in government with no training or credentials (other than a Harvard degree which is useful only if you run out of toilet paper).

  67. The Tweet That Is Shaking the War Party
    by David Stockman Posted on July 31, 2017

    Most of the Donald’s tweets amount to street brawling with his political enemies, but occasionally one of them slices through Imperial Washington’s sanctimonious cant. Indeed, Monday evening’s 140 characters of solid cut right to the bone:

    The Amazon Washington Post fabricated the facts on my ending massive, dangerous, and wasteful payments to Syrian rebels fighting Assad…..

    Needless to say, we are referencing not the dig at the empire of Bezos, but the characterization of Washington’s anti-Assad policy as “massive, dangerous and wasteful”.


  68. Not trying to be a downer, but without repeal and replace of ACA, unlikely any major legislation will pass by midterms. We are looking at the dems only needing 24 seats to flip the house and a couple for the senate!!! The GOP has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  69. wbboei
    August 1, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Absolutely. And the EU technocrats as well as the useless and dangerously stupid “ministerial” class of the UK. I’m pretty sure China still has a lot of their infamous Mandarins and India has a growing class of ”destroyers” in civil service. It is a world wide problem and only getting worse.

  70. All of the “stories” in the media about long time agency apparatchiks “quitting” because their integrity and honor being besmirched at the very idea of “working for Trump” is hooey. They are RETIRING. With full benefits. They are being informed they will carry out Trump policies and put in the hours and effort or else. “Working” (hahaha) till 70 and maxing out the pension doing nothin’ for 10 to 15 years is no longer acceptable. Tillerson is clearing out the “ambassadors” sitting on their butts loafing in DC for an example. There should be a max out age and years of service to clear them out just like in most private employers. They (and the media) make it sound like they are irreplaceable but there are usually 50 junior employees for each one who could fill their shoes tomorrow if they could just run them off. And Tillerson shit-canned the State department “security chief” for embassies who was responsible for Benghazi “security” failure. Why was that failure still there? Bad, or really honest, performance evaluations should start filtering down this and in the next few years. They are clearing out the sewer and it takes a while to bust the grease clog.

  71. This is one way to beat the grease clog and get rid of worthless bureaucrats. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/longtime-director-of-dc-va-medical-center-fired-from-va-headquarters-report/article/2630352
    Laterally transfer them out with no pay cut so they don’t file grievances, complaints, discrimination suits, etc. As soon as they are off the property start investigations, audits, reviews of their flunkies, stop the targeting of whistle-blowers, and collect evidence of incompetence, malfeasance, and general felonious behavior. When complete fire the worthless scumbag sitting in his new digs with a bunch of new “evidence”. Make criminal referrals if they make a peep or to make an example of them.

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