@POTUS SCOTUS: @RealDonaldTRUMP Win At Supreme Court, & Everywhere

We’re hiding under our pink covered beds. If you’re not hiding like us, you are in trouble. We’ll explain why we should all be hiding at the end of this article even as we munch on and savor our deep dark Belgian chocolates and sip some Champagne.

President Trump is not in hiding. Dude is laughing and giggly bigly:

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is letting the Trump administration enforce its 90-day ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries, overturning lower court orders that blocked it.

The action Monday is a victory for President Donald Trump in the biggest legal controversy of his young presidency.

Trump said last week that the ban would take effect 72 hours being cleared by courts.

The justices will hear arguments in the case in the fall.

The lower courts and their orders that overturned Constitutional government are the big losers on this one – right alongside their jihadist Muslim terrorist brethren. Trump wins bigly.

The Supreme Court will hear the case sometime in the fall, long after the Trump travel ban has expired. We fully expect that with this UNANIMOUS Supreme Court decision President Trump will win again (and again, and again) on immigration issues. Make America Safe Again!

The anti-Muslim terrorist travel ban is not the only victory for President Trump today. President Trump has a major victory over lying scumbag Big Media too as CNN got caught in Fake News circulation:

The now-deleted story, by investigative reporter Thomas Frank, was published Thursday and cited a single, unnamed source who claimed that the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into a “$10-billion Russian investment fund whose chief executive met with a member of President Donald Trump’s transition team four days before Trump’s inauguration.”

But by Friday evening, the story had vanished from CNN’s website. It was not immediately clear when the story was removed, but a tweet linking to the story, from CNN’s Politics account, was also deleted sometime Friday evening.

That was a big Trump win. Then there was another bigger Trump win against Big Media:

A source close to the network, who requested anonymity to discuss the matter, told BuzzFeed News earlier that the story was a “massive, massive [f***] up and people will be disciplined.” The person said CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker and the head of the company’s human resources department are “directly involved” in an internal investigation examining how the story was handled.

Giggly bigly! Trump hating CNN gets schlonged and the Trump hating lowlifes at Buzzfeed are the ones that report President Trump’s bigly win!

Ha! We’re under our beds giggling, munching those deep dark Belgian chocolates, and gulping down some of that Champs.

Big Media is not alone as President Trump schlongs them. President Trump is now, get this, schlonging that fey loser Barack Obama – ON RUSSIA!!!!

The Trump hating, Bezos owned, Obama lovin’ Washington Post provided President Trump the opportunity to schlong and schlong again. The Post reported on Friday that Barack Obama “choked” (that’s a Trump word) in his response to the Russian alleged interference in the 2016 elections. So now President Trump, alleges “COLLUSION” by Barack Obama with Russia:

The reason that President Obama did NOTHING about Russia after being notified by the CIA of meddling is that he expected Clinton would win..

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 26, 2017

and did not want to “rock the boat.” He didn’t “choke,” he colluded or obstructed, and it did the Dems and Crooked Hillary no good.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 26, 2017

That’s a double schlong! President Trump not only turns the tables on the Big Media “collusion” narrative. President Trump declares that Obama purposefully “colluded” “obstructed”. Yeah, that Obama promise to the Russians, secretly captured by a hot microphone, that after the 2012 elections Obama would be more “flexible” (like a long time whore advertising the many positions his flexible body can contort into) fits right into the President Trump’s counterattack of today.

Drag Obama and his thugs before the Congressional committees and put him under oath. Get lots and lots of special prosecutors to investigate Obama and his gangster government.

It’s all big wins!

All this winning is why we’re hiding under our beds.

You should be hiding under your bed too (survival hint: take some dark Belgian chocolates and Champagne with you).

Consider this as to why you, like us, should be hiding under your beds: In our Hiroshima/Nagasaki article, we explained that the totalitarian left will never stop madly crazy attacking President Trump until their Hiroshima/Nagasaki moment arrives (which will be after the next elections at the earliest). In “Seven Days In June” we explained that the hysterical hair-on-fire naked fury crackpot all out frenzied leftist hatefest and lunatic asylum craziness against President Trump has not reached peak madness.

We are now concerned, and hiding under our beds, because it is very possible that we are about to witness full all out beyond description total insanity total hatred total zombie walking dead eat your intestines chew on your brains gouge out your eyes furious crackpot cray-cray! Yeah, Justice Antony Kennedy might retire this summer.

If Kennedy leaves, the totalitarian left will leave us all speechless and unable to describe with any measure, the level of their madness.

Hide under your beds. As the Trump victories pile up, the totalitarian left is about to explore the outer limits of madness. Hide. Bed. Chocolates. Champagne.


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  1. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/339476-trump-lauds-supreme-court-order-on-travel-ban-as-clear-victory

    President Trump on Monday hailed a Supreme Court order allowing a limited version of his travel ban to take effect as a “clear victory for our national security.”

    Trump said in a statement that his “number one responsibility” is “to keep the American people safe,” adding that the court’s ruling allows him to do just that.

    “Today’s unanimous Supreme Court decision is a clear victory for our national security,” the president said.

    “Today’s ruling allows me to use an important tool for protecting our nation’s homeland,” he added. “I am also particularly gratified that the Supreme Court’s decision was 9-0.” [snip]]

    Travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen will not be allowed to enter the U.S. unless that can prove they have a “bona fide relationship with a person or entity” in the country.

  2. I keep trying to put myself in the shoes of these totalitarian creeps and asking myself what I would do at this point. And I remember how I felt after BO got elected. Twice. And that was after two terms of the Bushwacker. I mean, I wanted to oppose them, but mostly I wanted to survive them. But then, I had not been driven to madness by Donald Trump.

    They would be best to consolidate their loot, pack it up and … move on. But Sorfeld will be turning 87 on August 12th so he is not likely to have the opportunity to own another POTUS to implement his demented plans for humanity. My guess is he will go with the total destruction option. And be funding it.

    Yes, you are right. It is best to hide out and watch from under the bed, a summer of madness. It will be hard to stay cool.

  3. Lu4PUMA, we recall the mission this website called for right after the Obama inauguration. We wrote that we would hold Obama’s feet to the fire. We used the Alinsky tactic of holding Obama and his henchmen to their own standards and their own words. We did not “resist” and call for assassinations nor violence in the streets. To the contrary we declared that we did not want anything bad to physically happen to Obama.

    The totalitarian left does the contrary. The totalitarian left calls for violence and assassination and everything that as we keep pointing out, helps Trump. The lunatic left is so lunatic they either don’t realize or don’t care that their lunacy helps Trump. We recall the article published here after the left stopped Trump’s rally in Chicago which made the case as to why street violence and chaos only helps Trump.

    Hillary Clinton is one that should have gone away. Hillary should have been content that Trump pulled back from his “lock her up” rhetoric. Instead Hillary went full kook in order to appeal to the kooks that will always hate her. If she had a brain left Hillary would have gone away and perhaps done some campaign appearances in late 2018. That would have been smart. Instead, dumb.

  4. Most news reports about the Supreme Court ruling on the travel ban didn’t even mention the number of justices who voted for it. Saying that they voted 9-0 in favor of the ban would reveal just how shaky the ground is underneath the nitwits who want the ban repealed.

  5. Hide under your beds. As the Trump victories pile up, the totalitarian left is about to explore the outer limits of madness. Hide. Bed. Chocolates. Champagne.
    Chocolates and champagne sounds good.

    Hide under the bed? Not on your life.

  6. We shouldn’t waste SCOTUS’s time with no-brainer, slam-dunk cases like this.

    Impeach liberal activist judges! And break up the Ninth Circuit. Enough already.

  7. hmmm…no wonder for the first time in over a year or so I was compelled to eat chocolate cake with walnuts and hand made whip cream…yum…celebrate! celebrate!

  8. it occurred to me that PDT likes to tweet because he is not one for reading prewritten long winded, teleprompter speeches…

    tweeting is his shorthand language for getting out his message in a few words…blunt and to the point, like him…frankly he is too busy for the flowery stuff…in PDT’s world, his tweets will suffice for nonstop speeches that ramble on and on and on…

    President Donald Trump is a man of actions…not endless words…

  9. indulge me, but the dress Melania wore to Mnuchin’s wedding and the dress she wore today to meet Modi were both gorgeous…she looked like she was floating for the wedding…and today’s printed dress was beautiful…

    so nice for a really needed change…

  10. Tony Stark
    June 26, 2017 at 2:03 pm
    The Supreme Court didn’t want to give any real wiggle room for immigration activists.

    Mexico very plainly said they would gum up our court system with their citizen’s “rights” to enter illegally and do as the please. Lawfare has been a signature of globalists everywhere for decades (look at Gina Miller in the UK and Brexit). Terrorists specifically use “right of refuge” against civilization to infiltrate, steal, terrorisze and murder.

    The fools in the federal judiciary in California specifically were enabling Mexico and terrorists not only to run rampant against the citizenry of the US, but to openly cause the courts and legal system to fail by being overwhelmed. If the court systems fail so do the judges. There may be some love and respect of our legal institutions but it is also to preserve their own power. A judge in an overwhelmed and/or failed system is not going to have any juice and their “prestige” will be nil. The federal judiciary does NOT want to adjudicate every gang-banger, border hopper, and welfare cheat migrant’s “rights”. It is much wiser and efficient to openly swat that away by following statutory law. Non-citizens don’t have any rights except what Congress gives them which is zero. There is an statutory administrative remedy which the immigration activists don’t like because it now being run by Trump. Elections have consequences even with federal judges.

  11. Sharyl Attkisson–the quintessential journalist. A beacon of integrity in a storm of big media corruption, which places the nation at risk on many levels.

    Her comments about the depraved state of big media, go to the issue of motive:

    Why do they distort reality?

    To bring down Trump.

    Why are they hell bent to bring down Trump?

    Because he represents an existential threat to the system.

    What system is that?

    The Washington centered system of access and influence.

    The system that ensures hearings on issues of national importance and political accountability never occur.

    The system that ensures that certain narrative supportive of insiders get pushed and those of the American People are censored.

    The system that ensures two systems of justice–one for insiders and donors, the other for the American People.

    A system of uber corruption that insiders have invested in for years, buying politicians in both political parties.

    If Trump is successful in dismantling that system, all the corrupt insiders stand to lose money and power, which is the only thing they care about.

    Sharyl has a new book out which is worth getting. It exposes all of this.

    The only other thing I would say is her husband is a lucky man.

  12. Wbboei, this website pretty much alone mocked the Obama coalition of the “ascendant” as a destruction of the FDR coalition. In 2007 we further predicted it would lead to the end of the Democratic Party. The Republican Party paid attention and because of Donald J. Trump it essentially stole the FDR coalition of working class, senior, voters from the Dims. Now too late, the Dims begin to see they are in a death trap they willingly charged into:


    Democrats are grappling with how to keep their progressive base happy while winning over white working-class voters who left the party in the 2016 elections.

    Defections by blue-collar voters cost Democrat Hillary Clinton the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all of which went to President Trump. It was the first time since 1988 that a GOP presidential candidate had won Michigan or Pennsylvania, and the first time since 1984 in Wisconsin.

    The fallout has created an identity crisis for a Democratic Party seeking to find its way forward in the post-Obama era. [snip]

    Democrats trying to figure out what they’re doing wrong are focused on how they’ve seemingly lost a significant part of the Democratic base all while failing to turn out enough progressives.

    There are different views about what to do across the party, with some questioning whether the white working-class voters can be won back by a party that seems to be tilting leftward with the rise of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and other liberal voices. [snip]

    Asked how the party rebounds and lures both working-class and progressive Democrats, Manley admitted: “I don’t have the faintest idea in this point in time. I’m still trying to digest what happened.”

  13. And on this too we have been right since 2007:


    Michigan Democrat: Obama ‘Was Dead Wrong’ on Trade
    Dingell says Trump ‘understood’ voters’ economic fears, admits party needs to do ‘something’ on jobs

    Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) said President Donald Trump “understood” the concerns of the American people during the 2016 election and urged her party to “understand those anxieties and put forth policies” to address them.

    Dingell noted, during an interview Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” that she had been “predicting by August 2015 that Donald Trump could win” the 2016 presidential election because the American people were “tired of the partisan bickering” and wanted “to see people get things done.” As her constituents watched their jobs being shipped overseas and saw no rise in their income to match the pace of inflation, Dingell said that Trump’s rhetoric and his campaign promises really resonated with them, culminating in his victory in Michigan on Election Day.

    “There are a lot of the issues that matter to people — that they’re scared — in my home state,” Dingell said. “I’ve said this a million times. It’s one of the things we as Democrats have figure out, but Republicans need to worry about this too, because they’ve got to deliver on it.”

    Nobody has forgotten what happened in 2008, 2009. They’ve seen their jobs shipped overseas. They’re afraid their jobs could be shipped overseas at any time. They really haven’t seen a raise in their income. It hasn’t kept pace with inflation,” Dingell added.

    Warning that her party could lose its relevancy and effectiveness if it can’t keep pace with Americans’ concerns, the Michigan congresswoman advised Democrats to come up with concrete solutions on the economy.

    “People are scared back here. Donald Trump understood those fears and talked about them,” Dingell said. “And Democrats have to — Democrats and Republicans have to understand those anxieties and put forth policies that are going to address trade, which is shipping jobs overseas, pensions that are underfunded that are either being cut or not there. These are real issues for a lot of people.”

    We need to do something about this. I’ve said to members of my own party we need to work on doing something about trade,” Dingell added. “[The voters] don’t want to see us do partisan bickering. They want to see us get it done.”

    Dingell, who once served as president of the General Motors Foundation and chaired former Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign, noted she has said on many occasions that she is “prepared to work” with Trump and the Republicans, particularly on trade issues.

    “I have been really clear about this: I will work with President Trump on trade. I have a responsibility to the working men and women I represent,” Dingell said. “We need to do something about trade.”

    The Michigan Democrat lamented that the trade policies pursued by previous administrations created a playing field that wasn’t “level” and hurt American workers. Dingell said she shared her concerns with President Barack Obama and was “very clear” about where she stood — even when members of her own party pressured her to “go along” with him.

    I made it clear out of respect for President Obama, but he was dead wrong on trade,” Dingell said, noting that she opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership — which Trump killed — before she was sworn into office in 2015.

    “That’s not a level playing field. I made it very clear that I could not support anything that would hurt working men and women in my state,” Dingell said.

  14. “Democrats are grappling with how to keep their progressive base happy while winning over white working-class voters who left the party in the 2016 elections.”
    They want a square circle. Can’t be done.

    Sorry, Dims. Trump owns the white working class now.

    Enjoy your situation comedy demographics.

  15. admin
    June 27, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    You were there firstest with the mostest.

    I never doubted you, or the quality of your insights.

    Then as now they were sublime.

    What I doubted is that it would take others 9 years to catch up.

    Corruption like theirs creates friction.

    And, as Clausewitz told us, friction can and does lose wars.

    Their narrative lacks reality.

    And now it is a tar baby.

  16. What are we to make of this constant refrain that Robert Mueller is a man of integrity, which comes from made members of the deep state who have taken the blood oath of omerta and associates? To put it politely, consider the source. if the source lacks integrity, and these people clearly do, then their endorsement of Mueller is a vote of confidence that he will protect the deep state at the expense of the rest of us. However, the best test of whether he is in fact a man of integrity is to be measured not by reputation–which is mainly the result of a successful marketing campaign, much less by what he says, by more, far more by what he actually does, and what Mueller had done thus far is like the Mafia kiss is to the American People. In other words, the kiss of death. Beyond that, who does he hang out with. You know him by the company he keeps, because in the real world, birds of a feather flock together, and those who disagree with them never make the cut. The evidence to date is clear and unequivocal: he is Comey’s best friend, Comey has a vendetta against Trump, Comey by his own admission and through selective leaks forced the appointment of a special counsel, and thanks to that dunce (or knave) Rosenstein appointed him, Mueller then appointed bitter political opponents to man the torpedoes against Trump, and helped Comey shape his testimony before Congress. Simply put, Mueller is a fixer. Nothing more. Nothing less. His motive in doing what he is doing is to cover up what the FBI has been doing to the American People including the time when he was director. In sum, Mueller is a bad man. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a confederate, or is too dumb to spit. A cynic would say, that is your opinion. Show me hard proof. A realist would say res ipsa locitur, which means the thing speaks for itself.

  17. so interesting…


    CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story

    The specter of a $100 million libel suit scared CNN into retracting a poorly reported story that slimed an ally of President Trump’s — and forcing out the staffers responsible for it, The Post has learned.

    The cable network’s coverage of Trump transition-team member Anthony Scaramucci came amid federal scrutiny of corporate parent Time Warner’s pending purchase by AT&T — and the widespread belief among media execs that CNN President Jeff Zucker can’t survive a merger.

    CNN immediately caved after Scaramucci, a financier and frequent network guest, cried foul and threatened to take legal action, sources said Tuesday.

    Scaramucci got an unusual public apology but still hired a top Manhattan lawyer to put further pressure on CNN and “look after [his] interests in this matter,” one source said.

    Sources also said the three journalists responsible for the retracted story — reporter Tom Frank, editor Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris, who headed the CNN Investigates unit — were urged to resign.

    “They called them in and said they’d pay out their contracts, but they should leave immediately,” one source said.

    Zucker was afraid of facing a high-profile suit from Scaramucci while the US Justice Department weighs the proposed $85.4 billion media merger.

    Meanwhile, a CNN insider said staffers are furious at “having lost the moral high ground because of this story.” Sources said Zucker tried to rally his staff during a Tuesday morning conference call.

    “Zucker stressed that this issue was a ‘lapse in editorial standards’ and said it was a lesson to all reporters and editors to continue to strive for strong, accurate reporting,” a source said.

    At last week’s Cannes Lions festival in France — where Zucker boasted that viewers trust CNN “more than ever” — rumors were rife that he’d be out of a job if the AT&T deal goes through.

    “It’s not just Jeff Zucker, all Time Warner executives are anxious about if they will survive the merger,” a media source said Tuesday.

    “What is interesting is that the AT&T execs who will decide who goes and who stays are [AT&T CEO] Randall Stephenson and [AT&T Entertainment Group CEO] John Stankey — who have a very good relationship with the current administration.”

    President Trump — a fierce critic of CNN — publicly opposed the merger during the campaign. Sources said Scaramucci, a frequent guest on CNN to defend the president, was treated like a star at Saturday’s wedding of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Louise Linton in Washington, DC.

    “Everyone at the White House has been high-fiving each other over Anthony’s success in embarrassing CNN,” one attendee said.

    “Trump is thoroughly enjoying this, and Anthony got endless slaps on the back at Steve’s wedding.”

    The retracted story was based on a single, anonymous source who claimed the Senate Intelligence Committee was probing ties between the Trump administration and a Russian government-owned investment fund.

    The story, posted on CNN.com on Thursday, also claimed the Treasury Department was believed to be investigating Scaramucci over a purported Jan. 16 meeting with the fund’s director general.

    In an Editor’s Note posted late Friday, CNN said the story had been deleted for not meeting “editorial standards,” with the network later revealing a “breakdown” in pre-publication vetting that typically involves “fact-checkers, journalism standards experts and lawyers.”

    White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday she wasn’t sure if CNN’s handling of the matter was “good enough” for her boss, who went on a Twitter tirade against the news channel earlier in the day.

    “I think that we have gone to a place where if the media can’t be trusted to report the news, then that’s a dangerous place for America, and I think if that is the place that certain outlets are going, particularly for the purpose of spiking ratings, and if that’s coming directly from the top, I think that’s even more scary,” she said.

    “I think that we should take a really good look at what we are focused on, what we are covering, and making sure that it’s actually accurate and it’s honest,” she added.

    CNN’s retraction of the Scaramucci story was the latest in a string of recent embarrassments, including the firing earlier this month of “Believer” series host Reza Aslan after he called Trump a “piece of s–t” on Twitter.

    The network also fired comedian Kathy Griffin — longtime co-host of its New Year’s Eve coverage — over a photo that showed her posing with a prop resembling Trump’s bloody, severed head, and had to own up to a story that incorrectly predicted what fired FBI Director James Comey would testify about before Congress.

    CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Following Friday’s apology, Scaramucci tweeted that “CNN did the right thing. Classy move. Apology accepted. Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on.”

    On Tuesday, he retweeted a message from CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter saying that “nothing in my story should be taken to imply that Scaramucci is under investigation,” as well as a meme portraying Trump as Batman driving the Batmobile.

    The image also shows Vice President Mike Pence as Robin, holding the “Bat Phone” and saying: “SORRY HE CAN’T TALK RIGHT NOW — HE’S BUSY WINNING!!!!”

  18. A proposed $85 billion acquisition of AOL by AT&T?

    A proposed $14 billion acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon??

    A proposes acquisition of Google by Amazon???

    The Justice Department needs to kill these deals.

    And to hell with Bill Clinton who allowed mega corporations to buy big media.

    The guy to watch in this sinister affair is Bezos.

    He looks like Lex Luther, arch villain of the Superman comics.

    Who seeks to destroy this country.

    Life imitates art as Bezos plans to eliminate many jobs through robotics.

    And his ownership of WashPo is designed to cover up his foul deeds.

  19. Sadly, with the corrupt big media we have in this country, the salient facts of Lex Luthers plan to take over the entire economy, and political system, goes largely unreported. Like nickel bag whores they are, our elite big media is for sale to the highest bidder. That is the alpha omega of the most trusted name in news, and its counterparts.

  20. Jeff Zuckerman.

    Just look at the corpus delecti, such as it is.

    And then tell me he does not look like a prick with ears.

    This is not an abstract point.

    If at some point he were to meet with an untidy fate

    The crime would not be murder, but merely castration.

    Shades of Peter Abelard

    Who in the middle ages suffered that same fate

    For crimes less serious that what Zucker has done.

    If his whole game is to lie to make money.

    He needs to go into the used car business.

    And take his Harvard diploma with him.

  21. Kick ’em when they are down Mr. President. Kick ’em when they are up Mr. President. Big Media is the enemy:


    Trump Claims Victory Over ‘Fake News CNN’ in Wake of Project Veritas Video

    Project Veritas released a new video Tuesday, revealing CNN management officers discussing the network’s decision to cover the Russia story despite a lack of evidence. President Donald Trump responded Tuesday morning, declaring the video proof that he was right to attack CNN as “fake news.”

    “Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories. Ratings way down!” the president tweeted.

    While the video is indeed embarrassing to CNN, there have been no reports of management changes in the works, and it is too early to say whether or not CNN’s ratings will decline as a result of the videos.

    Trump also did not stop with CNN. “So they caught Fake News CNN cold, but what about NBC, CBS & ABC? What about the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost? They are all Fake News!” the president declared.

    The Project Veritas video shows CNN producer John Bonifield admitting on tape that the Russia story was all about ratings and “mostly bullsh*t.”

    “I mean, it’s mostly bullsh*t right now,” Bonifield says. “Like, we don’t have any giant proof.” He goes on to say that “all the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business.”

    “Just to give you some context, President Trump pulled out of the climate accords and for a day and a half we covered the climate accords,” the CNN producer explained. “And the CEO of CNN (Jeff Zucker) said in our internal meeting, he said good job everybody covering the climate accords, but we’re done with that, let’s get back to Russia.”

    Tellingly, Bonifield actually says, “I think the president is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me. You have no smoking gun, you have no real proof.”

    This video is an unmitigated disaster for CNN, and Project Veritas announced that it is only part one of its “American Pravda” video series going undercover at American mainstream media outlets.

  22. Kick ’em when they are down Sista:


    Sarah Palin is suing The New York Times for defamation, according to documents filed in federal court Tuesday that were obtained by The Daily Caller.

    The lawsuit has to do with an editorial the NYT ran on June 14 that falsely smeared Palin as inciting the 2011 shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords by a mentally ill man. There is no evidence to support the NYT’s implication that Palin played a role in inciting the Giffords shooting.

    “Mrs. Palin brings this action to hold The Times accountable for defaming her by publishing a statement about her that it knew to be false: that Mrs. Palin was responsible for inciting a mass shooting at a political event in January 2011,” Palin’s suit states.

    “Specifically, on June 14, 2017, The Times Editorial Board, which represents the ‘voice’ of The Times, falsely stated as a matter of fact to millions of people that Mrs. Palin incited Jared Loughner’s January 8, 2011, shooting rampage at a political event in Tucson, Arizona, during which he shot nineteen people, severely wounding United States Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and killing six, including Chief U.S. District Court Judge John Roll and a nine-year-old girl.”

    The lawsuit states that the paper “published and promoted its Editorial Board’s column despite knowing that the linchpin of its ‘sickening pattern’ of politically-incited shootings was the false assertion that Mrs. Palin incited Loughner to murder six people, among them a child and federal judge, and seriously wound numerous others.”

    It goes on to state: “As the public backlash over The Times’ malicious column mounted, it responded by making edits and ‘corrections’ to its fabricated story, along with half-hearted Twitter apologies–none of which sufficiently corrected the falsehoods that the paper published. In fact, none mentioned Mrs. Palin or acknowledged that Mrs. Palin did not incite a deranged man to commit murder.”

    Palin claims the editorial “exceeded the bounds of legality, decency and civility by publishing the false and defamatory column.” She is seeking a minimum of $75,000 in damages. [snip]

    In the NYT’s editorial, which has since been updated, the editors claimed there was a “clear” link to incitement between Jared Loughner’s attempted assassination of Giffords, and a map Palin had created that placed crosshairs over districts that Republicans needed to flip in the 2012 election. No such link exists.

    Win or lose, the important aspect is to fight Big Media and bring a spotlight to Big Media lies.

  23. wbboei
    June 28, 2017 at 1:18 am

    Oh it gets worse. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4645656/CNN-removed-story-threatened-lawsuit.html
    “According to sources cited by The New York Post, financier Anthony Scaramucci threatened legal action against the network after reading its false June 22 report that he met with Russian money men in the days before the inauguration.”

    “The Post claims the suit sought $100million in damages and was enough to scare CNN President Jeff Zucker into retracting the article and demanding the resignation of three senior journalists who were involved in its conception.”

    “Tom Frank, editor Evan Lichtblau and Lex Haris, all resigned over it, a decision which the Post claims was urged by senior executives.”
    They were shit-canned with a some money and non-disclosure agreements to STFU and go away.

    “The scandal comes amid AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, CNN’s parent company. According to the same anonymous source, the decision to retract and apologize to Mr. Scaramucci was hurried along by the transition by bosses trying not to rock the boat as the deal, which has been criticized by the US government, goes through.”

    I bet. Has CNN been scandal-mongering and lying to pump up the ratings and stock price to get a better ATT acquisition price? Believe it or not dumber things have been tried. ATT should tell TimeWarnerCNN to clean their stables NOW or deal off. No wonder Zucker the F’er hopped to. He’s next. What a bird brain.

  24. This whole Scaramucci, DOJ leak, via dumbass and loon Elizabeth Warren Senate office as cut-out, CNN’s recent hire of Lichtoau (collector of treasonous counter-intel from Republican presidents only Pulitizer prize fame) with Zucker (with merger and Wilber the Sec of Commerce watching closely) running the show seems like a very accomplished set up.

    Two of Trump’s best pals are central characters. One public, Scaramucci, and one, Wilber with every contact on Wall St calling him, not. Completely FAKE Russia information is “leaked” and winds up with Warren the crooked corporate Harvard lawyer who is always looking to make a buck for herself and smear her enemies. The NEW investigative unit at CNN gets the FAKE dirt from her and has zero confirmation of what is essentially gossip. One source at Warren’s office (Warren of course) and it is 100% bull. It smears a very close Trump ally and incredibly wealthy man, and most importantly NOT a government employee, who aggressively pushes back with lawyers instantly all ready to go. CNN is stunned by the rapid response after years of getting away with murder and their new and particularly nasty, treasonous ex-NYT hit-man Lichtau who is squashed like a bug and doesn’t know what hit him as are his collateral damage flunkies. ATT who has to navigate DOJ, Commerce, Treasury, and the SEC (controlled by Trump and his men) goes WTF are you doing? Firings, no more Russia without the oversight of the HR (what? HR can fire them all?) and Scaramucci lawyers hanging off the CNN building grinning at them. CNN’s own staff leaks it all to the NYPost and Daily Mail. Masterful and ingenious.
    Lucky Trump.

  25. Now Sarah is going after the NYTimes. LOL. Lawfare can go both ways. Use the left’s tactics against them.

  26. ” The cable network’s coverage of Trump transition-team member Anthony Scaramucci came amid federal scrutiny of corporate parent Time Warner’s pending purchase by AT&T — and the widespread belief among media execs that CNN President Jeff Zucker can’t survive a merger.”

    “CNN immediately caved after Scaramucci, a financier and frequent network guest, cried foul and threatened to take legal action, sources said Tuesday.”

    Oh gawd that is funny. Do not play pool with Donald Trump. An eight ball will fly out of the side pocket at your head and the sticks will shoot off the rack for your ass. Trump is a moron. Yessiree.

  27. Con’t.”“It’s not just Jeff Zucker, all Time Warner executives are anxious about if they will survive the merger,” a media source said Tuesday.”

    “What is interesting is that the AT&T execs who will decide who goes and who stays are [AT&T CEO] Randall Stephenson and [AT&T Entertainment Group CEO] John Stankey — who have a very good relationship with the current administration.”

    Time/Warner/CNN picked the wrong side in the election. They are in the shit now. DO NOT mix politics with business. Never. Ever.

  28. In the middle ages, there was the science of alchemy, which was intended to turn lead into gold.

    No small task that.

    And rarely if ever successful.

    But that did not stop them from trying.

    Today we have Jeff Zucker.

    President of CNN,

    And star of a new movie entitled.

    How a Harvard trained prick with ears

    Managed to fool everybody.

    And turn shit into apple butter.

    The movie opens with the scene from Project Veritas.

    Where a senior producer of the fake news network

    Tells an undercover investigator with a real news network

    That CNN in general and the prick with ears in particular

    Lie for a living to drive up ratings, advertisers, and dare I say it

    Stock price for an impending sale of the business.

    This is akin to what a ceo told me in a similar setting, i.e.

    I don’t care what you do, just get me a headline.

    So they give him what he wants

    And then rat him out without knowing

    Journalists are whores, but they hate to be reminded.

    So how does the prick with ears respond

    To this clear and unambigous attack on his credibility

    He says thing that do not pass the red face test

    Things like we value diversity of opinion

    (Note: an eight year old caught stealing cookies could do better than that)

    And things like we are, more than ever, the most trusted name in news.

    And on that fine point I do agree:

    CNN can be trusted to lie cheat and steal to the ignoranti who listen to them.

  29. John Wayne said never apologize. It is a sign of weakness.

    Today, we have these hall monitors of political correctness.

    Whenever someone crosses their imaginary line, they demand an apology.

    In so doing, they elevate themselves over their hapless victim.

    If John Wayne were alive today he might modify his axiom thusly:

    Never apologize for offending those who go out of their way to be offended.

    This was a comment on the pj media site re. the attempt by big media to pillory MacEnroe for telling the empirical truth about women’s tennis.

    The only way to test the proposition is to have a new version of the Billy Jean King match featuring a top male pro, rather than a washed up has been like Bobby Riggs.

    Personally, this is not an issue. I would rather watch Serena Williams play tennis than a top male pro.

    But that is not enough for the feminists. In ever walk of life they have to prove they are better. God pity the damned fool who marries one. God pity Meagan Kelley’s worm of a husband, who by the account of her first husband describes as more of a wife than a husband.

  30. The media will do anything to bash Trump — and now they’re hurting
    By Michael Goodwin June 27, 2017 | 10:38pm | Updated

    It was many years ago, but the memory lingers of the first time I was embarrassed to be a journalist. It was a steamy summer afternoon and reporters and photographers were shoehorned into a small Manhattan apartment for a civic group’s announcement.

    As we waited, a photographer wearing a “Press” card in his battered fedora picked up a bud vase from a table, pulled out the rose and drank the water in one gulp.

    The hostess was horrified and shrieked, “What are you doing?” He looked at her as if she were nuts and said simply, “It’s hot in here and I’m thirsty.”

    I laugh now at the outlandishness of the photographer’s behavior, but at the time I cringed and wondered: Do I really want to be a journalist and end up like that?

    America should be so lucky now. Bad manners are the least of it.

    In the sixth month of Donald Trump’s presidency, we are witnessing an unprecedented meltdown of much of the media. Standards have been tossed overboard in a frenzy to bring down the president.

    Trump, like all presidents, deserves coverage that is skeptical and tough, but also fair. That’s not what he’s getting.

    What started as bias against him has become a cancer that is consuming the best and brightest. In rough biblical justice, media attempts to destroy the president are boomeranging and leaving their reputations in tatters.

    He accuses them of publishing fake news, and they respond with such blind hatred that they end up publishing fake news. That’ll show him.

    CNN is suffering an especially bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, even trying to make a virtue of its hostility to the president. In doing so, executives conveniently confuse animus with professional skepticism, and cite growing audiences as proof of their good judgment.

    The bottom line matters, and there is certainly an audience for hating Trump all the time. But facts and fairness separate major news organizations from any other business looking to make a buck, and a commitment to them creates credibility and public trust.

    That’s how CNN sold itself for years — boring but trustworthy. Now it’s boring and untrustworthy.

    For all its bravado, the network might be having doubts about its course. Its apology for and retraction of a story connecting a Trump associate to a Russia investment fund, and the resignation of three journalists involved, suggest the network fears it has lost control of its own agenda. It also issued a special edict barring all Russia coverage without approval from top bosses.

    CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story
    CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story
    That’s hardly a solution to a problem that starts at the top. The secret recording of a CNN producer by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas catches the producer saying that CEO Jeff Zucker relentlessly pushes stories on Trump’s ties to Russia even though, the producer says, the subject is “mostly bulls–t.”
    Russia, Russia, Russia is a fixation for all the networks, with a new study by the Media Research Center showing 55 percent of Trump coverage on nightly broadcasts was related to the Russia investigation.

    That adds up to 353 minutes of airtime since May 17, compared to 47 minutes on Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate pact, 29 minutes on the fight against terrorism and 17 minutes on the efforts to repeal and replace ObamaCare, according to the Daily Caller’s summary of the study. It said tax reform got a mere 47 seconds of coverage.

    Too much coverage is far from the only problem with Russia reporting. Writing for The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald shows how reckless CNN, the Washington Post and others have been, and makes two key points.

    First, that mistakes are “always in the direction of exaggerating the threat and/or inventing incriminating links between” Russia and Trump. Second, that all the false stories “involved evidence-free assertions from anonymous sources that these media outlets uncritically treated as fact.”

    He’s right, and I would add another dimension: For all the focus on Russia, the media totally missed a key point. To wit, the Obama administration did nothing about Vladimir Putin’s attempt to interfere in the 2016 election even though the White House knew about it for months.

    Of course, most media organizations spent eight years cheerleading everything Obama did, and it’s no secret that members of his administration, along with career Democrats, are the anonymous sources feeding the anti-Trump narrative.

    Still, it is remarkable that, if it weren’t for the unproven allegations of Trump collusion, the media would have no interest in the Russia story at all. This despite the fact that leading officials, including both Democrats and Republicans, have called the interference an “act of war.”

    But it’s a strange war — one that is important only to the extent Trump can be linked to it. Otherwise, who cares?

    Sketch artist recreates Sean Spicer briefing after White House camera ban
    Sketch artist recreates Sean Spicer briefing after White House camera ban
    A similar selective outrage is happening with daily White House press briefings. Tired of being the mouse in a cat-and-mouse game of torture, Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, has kept the briefings basically intact but ordered live cameras and audio equipment turned off.
    Predictably, the press corps has reacted as though Trump has shredded the Constitution, burned the Declaration of Independence and peed in their beer. Reporters are complaining bitterly and some murmur about a boycott, which would be like gouging out their last eye.

    The White House Correspondents’ Association weighed in, saying, reasonably, that the briefings are important sources of information. But then it went off the rails, with its president, Jeff Mason of Reuters, saying televising them is “clearly in line with the spirit of the First Amendment” and that “doing away with briefings would reduce accountability, transparency, and the opportunity for Americans to see that, in the US system, no political figure is above being questioned.”

    As Mason’s claims grew more grandiose, I flashed back to that photographer drinking from the bud vase so long ago. He was wrong, but honest and devoid of pretentious self-importance.

    On the other hand, there is nothing honest about the claim that letting reporters perform for the camera in the White House keeps faith with the First Amendment. It’s just inflated self-interest hiding behind the Constitution.

    And really, really embarrassing to those of us who love journalism.

  31. Nice article by Chris Cillizza explaining why the Dims are struck with Nancy Pelosi for the foreseeable future:


    Cillizza is not one of my favorite pundits, but at least is one of the less virulent Trump haters at CNN.

    Nancy Pelosi can’t be beaten

    Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large
    Updated 2:49 PM ET, Tue June 27, 2017

    (CNN) In the wake of Jon Ossoff’s special election loss a week ago, calls began, again, within some corners of the Democratic caucus that it was time for Nancy Pelosi to step aside as the highest ranking House Democrat.

    Republicans had, again, used Pelosi as a cudgel in the campaign — bashing Ossoff as a national Democratic pawn who would go to Washington and vote for a radically liberal agenda championed by the California Democrat.

    And, there’s a real argument — I’ve made it before! — that the Democratic party needs Pelosi to step off the stage in order for a next generation of leaders to emerge. (Pelosi is 77 years old.)

    But anyone who thinks Pelosi can be knocked out of leadership just doesn’t know much about how House Democrats work — and how strong Pelosi, still, is.

    First, there is the fact that Pelosi has zero plans to leave. “I’m a master legislator, I’m experienced in terms of knowing institutional memory of the Congress,” she said Monday on CBS’ morning show. “If Hillary Clinton had won, I might have gone home. But with Donald Trump in the White House, with a Republican majority in both houses, no way.”

    Then there is this: You don’t beat something with nothing.

    For all the chatter about the need for Democrats to rethink their top leadership following the Ossoff loss, there’s no one in their ranks who could come anywhere near winning a majority of Democratic caucus votes against Pelosi.

    Consider the last two challenges to Pelosi. In 2010, after Democrats lost 63 seats and control of the House, Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina challenged Pelosi. He got 43 votes. Six years later, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan challenged Pelosi; he got 63 votes to her 134.

    There are a few reasons for this.

    1. Pelosi’s fundraising

    She is, aside from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, is the best fundraiser in the history of the Democratic party. And it’s not even close. Since Pelosi got into Democratic leadership in 2002, she has raised almost $568 million for the party and its candidates — including $141.5 million in the last election alone, according to figures provided by her office. That’s a stunning amount of money. There’s no one else among House Democrats who could come close to touching that number. And all those fundraising dollars buy her a whole lot of good will among her colleagues.

    2. The liberal bloc

    The drastic losses suffered by House Democrats in the 2010 and 2014 elections had the seemingly contradictory effect of helping Pelosi. Why? Because the parts of the Democratic herd that were thinned were largely the moderate and conservative members. The Democrats that remained were the most liberal bloc, those representing districts where it is almost impossible for them to lose. Those liberals have always been Pelosi’s base of support within the Democratic caucus. And their voices got much more influential even as the Democratic party was being decimated nationally.

    3. A weak bench

    Five years ago, there were a handful of aspiring Democrats in the House seen as the party’s next generation of leaders. Now, almost all are gone or significantly weakened. Chris Van Hollen is in the Senate. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is badly damaged after a stint as the chair of the Democratic National Committee. Xavier Becerra returned to California to be the state’s attorney general. People like Seth Moulton of Massachusetts or Kathleen Rice of New York, who have been two of the loudest voices against Pelosi of late, are too junior in the chamber to put up a serious fight. Then there is the fact that Pelosi — whether by design or helpful accident — is surrounded by a current crop of leaders that are just as old as she is. House Democrats’ #2 — Steny Hoyer of Maryland — is 78. The number three ranking Democrat, Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, is 76.

    Bookmark this piece. Every time you hear chatter about a “serious” effort to oust Pelosi, pull it up.

    Unless and until the three points above change — and I don’t see how, in the near term, they will — there is no way anyone is beating her.

    Pelosi is now virtually guaranteed to go out on her own terms — whatever and whenever she decides those will be.

    Correction: This post misidentified Rep. Kathleen Rice. She represents a district in New York.

  32. The most brilliant article I have read on the current state of big media—an empire in decline. Their decline may in fact save the country. Words can scarcely describe the contempt they deserve for that they have done to destroy this country. They are right out of the tales of the crypt and for those who say there are good people in those organizations who do not agree with this but remain silent for the sake of their careers—lord knows there is always some excuse, some rationalization of moral cowardice, but in the final analysis, it is what it is. They need to be sluiced with the rest of their slime into the dust bin of history, because they are the enemy of the people. The tipping point for this, came, I believe, when Trump did the unthinkable, and refused to attend their press dinner. Yet for those who are keen to find a root cause, I would simply say this: they are morally incapable of accepting the fact that elections–even those they disagree with have consequences. And it is not merely the fact that they do not like the new direction, it is the fact that the sins of the prior administration, in which they invested their hearts, minds and souls (assuming they have any) which are right out of the pay to play uber corrupt Chicago playbook, which is why Illinois will go bankrupt. Meanwhile, Roger Simon has no equal in terms of explaining what is occurring amid all the tumult and shouting. The Leviathan is dying before our eyes, and should be buried in the La Brea tar pits in La Ciudad de Nuestra Senora La Regina de Los Angeles, right beside Obama Boulevard. If I had a vote on the city council I would opt to change the name of the Santa Monica Boulevard to the Obama Path to The Future, because even on a good day, it is paralyzed by gridlock, adorned with broken down cars abandoned by drug gangs, polluted, crowded, boiling hot, suffused with road range even as the picture of that wart faced big eared messiah fades first into the portrait of Orwell and then into oblivion.

    Why James O’Keefe Is a More Honest Journalist than the MSM

    The rap on James O’Keefe — whose latest bombshell caught CNN’s quasi-Marxist star pundit Van Jones with his well-tailored pants down — is that his Project Veritas videos are “unfairly edited.”

    I have news for O’Keefe’s critics. All videos (and films) are basically unfairly edited, as Sergei Eisenstein and the early Soviet directors demonstrated a hundred years ago. It’s the nature of the medium. Some things get left out and others put in.

    Nevertheless, the video or movie camera is a recording device. On close examination, looked at specifically, the actual photographs and recordings finally don’t lie, juxtapose them how you will. Van Jones did say “Russia is a nothingburger!” The network’s John Bonifield did call CNN’s Russia narrative “bullsh$t” concocted for the money. The repellent lady from Planned Parenthood did offer to sell fetal parts. The equally repellent Democratic Party operatives did instigate violent demonstrations at Trump rallies to make the candidate’s supporters look like thugs. O’Keefe himself did walk back and forth undettered across the Rio Grande from Mexico to the USA dressed as Osama bin Laden to show the pathetic level of our border security.

    I could go on. There are many more, including examples unmasking the shibboleths of voter registration, but the point is obvious. Despite some selective editing (but not any that materially alters the facts) and sometimes overly portentous music (why bother when you have the goods?), what James O’Keefe reports is true. It happened.

    Because they so often rely on leaks — no photographs, videos or anything like them, often nothing concrete at all — what the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and so many others (even the front pages of the Wall Street Journal, alas) report is very often, one is tempted to say most often, either a distortion or an outright lie. This is particularly true when what they are reporting has political relevance — and so much does.

    If not the root cause — that’s uncontrolled and unacknowledged bias — this excessive reliance on leaks has seriously exacerbated the precipitous decline of the mainstream media. For much of our media, leaks are an opium-like drug that clouds their thinking and to which they are literally addicted. They are waiting for the phone to ring like the junkie is waiting for his next fix. That the leakers all have motivations of their own, known and/or unknown, yet are able to remain anonymous to the public, makes what they leak almost de facto dubious and unreliable, in fact dangerous (as well as illegal, obviously).


    Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Become the New Plague
    Yet the MSM reporters gobble them up, eager to scoop their competitors and at the same time — much like overweight, self-satisfied picadors — weaken Trump and his administration for the final kill, doing, in their own eyes anyway, good works while advancing their careers.

    O’Keefe has revealed them to be fools, remarkably unsophisticated in their response to his revelations. (Jeff Zucker, et al., looked like dimwits walking into the most obvious trap by dismissing Bonifield as a mere “medical” producer with the famous Van Jones already queued up for humiliation.) At this point, only the most naive believe what the MSM says. CNN is already a joke, but the NYT, WaPo, etc. are not far behind. We are all reading Pravda now.

    Ironically, Woodward and Bernstein are responsible for a lot of this. They made a giant success off leaks, turning journalists into culture heroes (really false gods) to be portrayed by Redford and Hoffman in the movies. Generations of aspiring journalists sought to follow in their footsteps — to be these false gods. Only there was no there there. No Nixon to upend. So they turned Trump into the New Nixon and manufactured a crime to go along with it.

    W & B also inadvertently encouraged a new kind of leaker that is endemic today. Call him or her the “score settler,” a loathsome character lurking in the bowels of the Deep State or intelligence agencies, a remnant of the previous administration, who thinks his or her reasons for telling a partial, misleading truth are justified, are for the public good, when they are almost invariably only for their own good or some supposed ideological good they wish to impose regardless of the wishes of the voters in a democracy. (These are both often enmeshed.)

    This created an extreme, almost pathological, will-to-believe the leakers on the part of the MSM as illustrated by the recent firings (sorry, “resignations”) of three CNN employees in the face of a $100M lawsuit. One of these credulous employees, Eric Lichtblau, was once a Pulitzer Prize winner at the New York Times.

    Leakers and Journalists Are Destroying Our Republic
    Woodward, to his credit, seems to have recognized how extreme the situation has become. He chided the NYT today, saying, “Fair-mindedness is essential.” His own paper, under Bezos, has become even worse. But never mind. Give him credit for a half-truth. (By the way, CNN’s Jeff Zucker is a working stiff compared to Jeff Bezos. What’s Bezos’ excuse?)

    But more importantly — it’s over. Well, if not over, a new, positive rung has been reached. The MSM, as we knew it, is, if not destroyed, seriously wounded. They are — channeling a phrase from the Vietnam Era — a “pitiful, helpless giant.” The work begun in 2004 when many of us spoke out against Dan Rather’s deceitful promulgation of the forged Bush National Guard papers on “Sixty Minutes” has, thanks to O’Keefe and others, not to mention the irrationality of the MSM itself, finally reached a critical mass. If only Andrew Breitbart were here to see it.

    Celebrate for ten seconds. But as another of the original group, Glenn Reynolds, keeps reminding us — don’t get cocky.

    Roger L. Simon is an award-winning novelist, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of PJ Media. His latest book is I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already. He tweets @rogerlsimon.

  33. I am sorry but today is one of the funniest in a while…
    you have Crazy Mika and Delusional Big Joe attacking their “former friend” PDT nonstop every single day, they call him a liar, racist, thug, smuck, pooper, etc every day and enlist their panels to agree and add to their list…on Morning Joke…

    then you have BM and celebrities beheading PDT with a blood trail of his head and assassinating him in central park night after night with multiple knife stabs…

    coincidently while republican congressman/senators were being hunted and shot at…one of them fighting for his life…

    …and CNN, MSNBC, WP & NYT insulting and attacking PDT nonstop morning, noon and nite with accusations from ‘anonymous sources’ frequently having to be retracted…
    they attack him, his family, his friends and his supporters over and over again…

    investigations up the gazoo for over a year…

    and PDT takes one big swat at alleged adultress Mika and her delusional aging wannable “rocker” eman…and suddenly BM is in a tizzy…(Delusional Rocker Joe music video is hilarious and the joke is on him…no talent fantasy world)

    suddenly MSNBC and never trumpers are aghast and BM is crying because they say the President is endangering THEM…the poor little reporters who attack him every day in every way…now they fear for themselves because he hits back…

    sorry…this is who PDT is…you play with fire…you are going to get burned…or cinged…

    he is not your pansy or punching bag…deal with it…

    Twitter has gone nuts…pro trumpers are having a ball…

    Life is never dull…or not funny…with PDT…

  34. …and I forgot to mention those said above are not happy just attacking PDT every day, they have to include his family, his wife, children, in-laws, friends, supporters, cabinet members etc

    give a fair minded person a break…I love that he fights back…when you have a media, celebrities and journalists that are “below the dignity of their profession” you have to hit them where they understand just how low they have sunk…

  35. Consider the source, I am hoping this is the usual Fake news by the unhinged Joe

    Scarborough: “I’ll Testify Under Oath” Trump Admin said Kushner will be De Facto Secretary of State

    Mark Finkelstein | 6/29/2017 – 8:30am
    “I’ve been told by four people in the administration . . . that Jared Kushner was going to be the de facto Secretary of State”

    Joe Scarborough has an explanation for the way Rex Tillerson has reportedly said he’s been thwarted as Secretary of State. On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough said he would “testify under oath” that Trump administration members said that Jared Kushner “will be the de facto Secretary of State.”

    Scarborough later said, “I’ve been told by four people in the administration over the past six months that Jared Kushner was going to be the de facto Secretary of State.”

    Scarborough’s statements came during a discussion of this Politico article, reporting that at a White House meeting last Friday, in the presence of Kushner and Reince Priebus among others, Tillerson:

    “unloaded on Johnny DeStefano, the head of the presidential personnel office, for torpedoing proposed nominees to senior State Department posts and for questioning his judgment. Tillerson also complained that the White House was leaking damaging information about him to the news media.”

    MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Politico says the Secretary of State unleashed his anger at a White House staffer in charge of personnel with Jared Kushner and Reince Priebus in the room. The report said Tillerson’s pent-up frustrations “exploded last Friday.” He reportedly yelled about damaging leaks from the White House and the, quote, torpedoing, of his hand-picked nominees for the State Department.

    . . .

    JOE SCARBOROUGH: What Rex Tillerson did was patriotic. And way overdue. This White House, because Donald Trump wants his son-in-law to be de facto Secretary of State —

    MIKA: The guy with no experience.

    JOE: — and anybody that knows what’s going on in there knows that. He wants Jared to be the de factor Secretary of State. So they have cut Rex Tillerson off at the knees, every single day. They don’t let him put in qualified people in the State Department, they’re talking about slashing things by a third.

    MIKA: They have been doing little events with Ivanka.

    JOE: Because they’re thinking, hey, we don’t really need a Secretary of State. Which is basically what they’ve said. Jared is going to be running everything himself. so they are, now they’ve gotten to a situation—they said it—I’ll testify under oath they said it, repeatedly. Jared’s going to be the de facto Secretary of State.

    . . .

    I have been told by four people in the administration over the past six months that Jared Kushner was going to be the de facto Secretary of State.


  36. gonzotx — that “Jared is de facto SoS” is Fake News and let me help you understand how you can tell.
    The guy who used to run Exxon, and made himself vastly wealthy doing so, does not bitch to journos about how badly the WH is treating him or talking about him — that’s what a politician would do. The guy who used to run Exxon, and made himself vastly wealthy doing so, RESIGNS if he doesn’t like the way the WH is treating/talking about him and he goes on with his retirement like he planned to before Trump asked him to serve.
    The idiots making up these stories only know how a politician acts, not as an independently wealthy former executive acts.

  37. btw, in Sept 2016 Delusional Big Wannabe Rocker Joe’s son fell down a staircase and fractured his skull and it was thought serious

    …even with the constant barrage of insults from cheater Mika and Big Joke, PDT called Joe to console Joe and let him know he was there for him…and on MJ, the big oaf said that PDT told him “this is what truly matters, family, this other stuff means nothing”
    and Mika and Joe felt gratitude for PDT and his personal touch and caring…

    then they turned on him again with a vengence…there is a place in hell for people like these two…and their big mouths will catch up with them…they are disgusting…and will do anything for attention…they call PDT a narcissist…

    I call them attention whores…they will go as low as they can imagine to go…and for what?

    they are “below the dignity of their profession” and have no objectivity at all…consumed by irrational hate…


  38. I have never agreed with Tom Delay but he hits it on the nail on the head today and has the courage to say it, not like all these other kiss ups


    Tom DeLay on Trump’s Mika Tweet: ‘I Love It … Do More of It’

    Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay says he approves of President Donald Trump’s highly-personal attack on Mika Brzezinski and believes she and her “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough are getting a taste of their own medicine.

    “I love it. I just love it,” DeLay, a Texas Republican, said Thursday in an interview with Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg.

    “He is a fighter and he’s not going to be bullied. And the press is, particularly Mike and Joe, they are notorious about bullying people … So going after them is perfect. I think he needs to do more of it.”


    Morning Joke are bullys every single day

  39. S — Crazy Mika & Psycho Joe were part of the DNC plan to “help” Trump win nomination because Hillary *wanted* to go up against Trump as an “easy win.” There was a wikileaks Podesta email — Trump, Carson & Cruz were called “Pied Piper” candidates and a win of the nomination by one of them would cause the GOP to split/not fully consolidate behind the nominee. Trump, with his high negatives, it was theorized, would be the easiest one of the Pied Piper candidates to beat during the GE.
    Cue Joe & Mika — look at their coverage of Trump during the primary — they did EVERYTHING they could to promote him. After he won the nomination, then they went negative on him, although not as batshit insane negative as they are now — the batshit insane negativity started after Trump won the GE — they can’t stand the fact that their brilliant “plan” backfired — that Trump, in fact, was on to them & used their plan against them. That’s why he didn’t meet with them at Mar-A-Lago over New Year’s. They can’t face the fact that they helped Trump become POTUS, so they’ve dissolved into raving lunatics.

  40. S

    Interesting about Tom Delay. Glad Greta is out at the prison, I didn’t watch her show, but was she not negative enough?

    I actually think anyone, despite previous work, if affiliation is with Fox, the Left will NEVER support them.

  41. Actually when you think about it, Greta and Megan left successful shows at Fox…

    Then they get Ailes out…

    Then they get O’Reily out…

    Maybe divide and conquer, crazy like a fox?

    Not that Fox,

  42. Venus
    June 29, 2017 at 4:18 pm
    Absolutely right.

    But Mouse, you are not alone,
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best laid schemes of mice and men
    Go often askew,
    And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
    For promised joy!

    Still you are blessed, compared with me!
    The present only touches you:
    But oh! I backward cast my eye,
    On prospects dreary!
    And forward, though I cannot see,
    I guess and fear!

  43. The business model of US news media’s implosion continues at warp speed. The NYT staff pathetically did a Starbuck’s run and called it a “protest”. Chief backstabber, er, editor Dean Baquet announced his new plan to save the old grey mare, er, gray lady, from ruin by firing (all or most?) of the copy editing staff. Did no one tell Dean in his hundreds of years of newspaper business experience that firing quality control is well known in ALL business circles as the step just before “tits up” or the “last gasp”. Now the world will see the incredible spelling and erudition of the Harvard trained journalists as they typo and drop participles on their way to glory.

    CNN confirmed to be Hate Trump All the Time to jack up ratings to inflate stock price to gouge ATT in a merger. ATT retaliates by telling media that CNN is a garbage asset which will be spun off into the sun at first opportunity. The Man Who Looks Like a Thumb, Zucker, is in hiding fearing his Time/Warner firing for being a moron with a bad plan. Really bad. Not really a plan. More of a hysterical twitch.

    The Trashiest Couple on TV, Crazy Low IQ and Psycho (their meth names?), get the kill shot down at the trailer park (NBC) for their bizarre (are they druggies?) antics. Yes they are awful, but No nice people talk about them. Old, ugly, stupid, and tacky (with funny looking heads) the media must look after their own so this ghastly gatecrashing pair must be defended. It is beyond the pale they say that a US president would notice a sliced up hag bleeding on his doorstep trying to sneak into his magnificent estate’s party with her boring and pompous handler/boyfriend/dealer so they can pose and schmooze.

    These are our “betters” folks. People so superior they demand that they dictate what is to be our society, culture, government and economic systems. We already knew they were idiots but now they are proving it out in the open for all to see. And we are supposed to pay them for the privilege. The money is running out for crap media, no one is going to bail them out and they are being laughed at by everyone they tried to ruin.

  44. Do not enter the US illegally and especially don’t bring your kids to increase the mooch factor. Cries and exhortations of “breaking up your family” will be ignored since you broke up your family in Latin America or the Middle East or Africa when you came here to begin with. “ICE spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez: “ICE aims to disrupt and dismantle end-to-end the illicit pathways used by transnational criminal organizations and human smuggling facilitators,” Rodriguez said. “The sponsors who have placed children directly into harm’s way by entrusting them to violent criminal organizations will be held accountable.” http://nypost.com/2017/06/30/feds-plan-to-arrest-parents-who-smuggled-kids-into-us/

    Hardest hit and loudest whining from NGO’s who profit fabulously from minor children “placement” and immigration attorneys who get paid by taxpayers to gum up the immigration process. Of course these children should be returned to their home countries so they won’t be exploited in the US. The parents, NGO’s, immigration attorneys, state officials, federal officials, etc enabling this entire grift are part and parcel of human trafficking of children who are unable to give legal consent and being treated like cattle. Cut off the money. If they can’t profit they won’t do it including parents.

  45. The unanimous Supreme Court decision removing the stay on President Trump EO barring US visas from terrorist hellholes was interesting in that it specifically called out the “refugee” NGO’s and told them not to even think about trying to bypass their decision or that of the President.

    Since it was unanimous (even the extreme lefties) I got the understanding that the Supremes, who are also representing the entire federal court system, DO NOT wish to be turned into a bog of immigration crap as specifically threatened by the failed state of narco-Mexico (they were going to hire lawyers for all of them and file a federal lawsuit for every illegal until they saw the hourly rate that is). There is an administrative system for immigration that already exists and it isn’t the rarefied federal courts who don’t mess with MS 13, identity thieves and fence hoppers caught red-handed. There is a strong self-preservation streak running in the Supremes and they aren’t going down with the progs over this one. Being the supremo of a failed court system is like being king of a burned out derelict building.

    And Texas (and nine other states) is threatening to sue to get rid of Dreamers. Like now not in five years. Enough already we won the case they say and it is true.

  46. What is wrong with Rep Peter King against Kate’s Law?

    with all those gang members in NY & Long Island what is wrong with him?
    there must be a money trail to his pockets…

  47. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How could any fair minded stockholder question the leadership of the prick with ears. I have met some REALLY dumb CEOs in my time, but Harvard trained Zucker really does take the cake. Not even close. He should retire and write a book entitled self immolation without matches for dummies.


  48. Mormaer,

    Sadiq Khan, the a-hole the Dims used to attack Trump during the campaign, will certainly feel his pocketbook affected by the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the travel ban to proceed, especially since he works as an immigration lawyer.

  49. I started my day off thinking about what an abysmal society of haves and have nots has been developing and then…



    According to Axios, behind the constant media scandals, “one of the most consequential and contentious internal debates of his presidency unfolded during a tense meeting Monday in the Roosevelt Room of the White House” where with “more than 20 top officials present, including Trump and Vice President Pence, the president and a small band of America First advisers made it clear they’re hell-bent on imposing tariffs — potentially in the 20% range — on steel, and likely other imports.”

    In other words, Trump – true to his campaign promises – is set to launch a global trade wars after all, one where then main country impacted would be China, however the collateral damage would extend to Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany and the UK.
    Related Video
    ‘Think what we can accomplish in the first 100 days’: Trump, over and over again

    And what may be even more striking is that Trump overruled his cabinet, as “the sentiment in the room was 22 against and 3 in favor — but since one of the three is named Donald Trump, it was case closed.” Axios adds that while “no decision has been made, the President is leaning towards imposing tariffs, despite opposition from nearly all his Cabinet.”

    Needless to say, if Trump follows through, the outcome would have a profound effect on U.S. economic and foreign policy; Trump will formalize his decision in the coming days.

    What is also notable, is that this is the first time – so far off the record – in which Trump has openly defied his Wall Street establishment advisors, while siding with the Bannon “populist” front:

  50. And what may be even more striking is that Trump overruled his cabinet, as “the sentiment in the room was 22 against and 3 in favor — but since one of the three is named Donald Trump, it was case closed.” Axios adds that while “no decision has been made, the President is leaning towards imposing tariffs, despite opposition from nearly all his Cabinet.”

    This guy who runs Axio –Mike Allen is a remittance man from Politico. I fell for his bullshit about being an honest journalist, and he had a mission statement suggesting that he was not what I now know he is, not an honest journalist at all, but a Trump hater. Any member of Trump’s cabinet who would leak this information–22-3, trade war, etc. should be fired, for that dastardly deed and for being named HR McMaster. Unless, Trump wanted this leaked. He is, after all, a negotiator. And it does not make sense that he would initiate a trade war with China after his meeting with their premier. Maybe it is just a good old and well deserved fuck you to Merkel (perish the thought) and to the little velvet whip in Paris (or as the Globalist periodical The Economist bills he, i.e. the savior of Europe, second only to Karl Marx.

  51. Now that Russia, Russia, Russia! has imploded the next big prog media thing will be Trump is crazy and must be removed from office. Low IQ and Psycho segued into this almost seamlessly. Next they will be praying on air for him. As two low level and expendable media hacks nearing the end of their shelf life their concern over his mental health is touching and maybe even their meal ticket. Random paid pop psychologists are also appearing on television to discuss things which they have never heard of namely game theory, Clausewitz and Sun Tzu which they confuse with “relationship issues”. Trump is supposed to treat the media like his girlfriend (no that was Obama and Trump isn’t Obama) who is having a problem with leaving the house after breaking the mirrors and chewing the carpet during a psychotic break and forgive them. Random nutter Democrats in the congress are trying to make hearings on Trump’s sanity a thing forgetting they are in a super minority with a increasingly senile minority leader. This is just another made up ruse to continue getting money out of the donors since Russia!, recounts, and impeachment have all bombed. I guess the old Stalinist move to declare anyone who doesn’t agree with them crazy is easier than dealing with the march to criminalize sanctuary cities and states formally and statutorily as well as the end of the honey pot of fed money for their migrant wandering clientele. It is easier, lazier, and requires minimal brain power explaining to just scream crazy. You also have to consider the mental abilities of their voter base to comprehend complex issues other than “feelings” so “crazy” as the plan it is. For now. Until the next shoe drops.

  52. Watch McCabe at the FBI. He is a real prize. Staff retaliator with EEO troubles, conflict of interest, Hatch Act violator, and general all round cretin who got rid of his competition by shit-talking them. He is stonewalling over the “unmasking” because he and Comey were the culprits as well as leakers. I would not be surprised if it was a side deal for blackmail as he appears to be a money-grubber too. He is that dirty. And Holder’s middle of the night tweet was a warning to shut up. Watch McCabe squirm.

  53. Lu4PUMA
    June 30, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    “Axios adds that while “no decision has been made, the President is leaning towards imposing tariffs, despite opposition from nearly all his Cabinet.”

    Needless to say, if Trump follows through, the outcome would have a profound effect on U.S. economic and foreign policy; Trump will formalize his decision in the coming days.

    What is also notable, is that this is the first time – so far off the record – in which Trump has openly defied his Wall Street establishment advisors, while siding with the Bannon “populist” front:”

    If true, which it probably isn’t with all of the fake leaking and fake news stories, it makes sense.

    Trump entered office with every imaginable institutional barrier and obstacle imaginable. A hostile takeover. He couldn’t fire everyone like a good hostile takeover can by clearing the deadwood, so he sneaks around getting some to expose themselves and get canned, others to be fooled and think he is going with their way of thinking and stop impeding him (Wall St and big corporate), big footing others (EPA and Energy), and maybe getting allies to MAKE him do things he claims he doesn’t want to do (Texas threatening legal action if Dreamers are not gotten rid of because Texas won the lawsuit and they want it enforced pretty damn quick and ok we will play the bad guy). Trump’s tactics are all over the place. And he is tweeting “looky squirrel”. All the while establishing his presence and consolidating power. This is a hostile takeover with a lot of sneaking, diversion, and unorthodox tactics causing confusion especially for the left.

    Also please notice this “leaked” story is right before G-8 in August and dealing with Merkel. LOL.

  54. I would say the “leak” was allowed with intent and intended to put all players on notice that they need to get right and make fair deals with him, or anything could happen.

  55. Mormaer
    July 1, 2017 at 5:20 am
    Gorbuchav faced some of the same obstacles that Trump does in uprooting the entrenched hostile bureaucracy, with one salient exception. One he gained power the version of Pravda switched sides, and fell in line with the new democratically selected leader. By contrast, here the American Pravda owes its allegiance to the old guard and committed to removing the democratically elected leader, in order to preserve their own power, perks and privileges. The sooner big media in this country dies, the sooner this nation will be free. It has morphed from something marginally respectable into something will has no place in a free nation.

  56. Gorbuchav faced some of the same obstacles that Trump does in uprooting the entrenched hostile bureaucracy, with one salient exception. Once he gained power the Russian Pravda switched sides, and fell in line with the new democratically elected leader.

    By contrast, the American Pravda owes its entire allegiance to the old guard and is maniacally committed to removing the democratically elected leader, for the sordid purpose of preserving their own power, perks and privileges.

    The sooner big media in this country dies, the sooner this nation will be free. It has morphed from something marginally respectable into something will has no place whatsoever in a nation which aspires to be a free one..

  57. Binge watching the HBO miniseries John Adams again with a friend from Maine who had never seen it before. He kept yelling how great this show was as he was watching episode 2 “Independence”.

  58. A lovely surprise last night:
    President Trump Full Speech Celebrate Freedom Rally 7/1/17. Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
    Streamed live 10 hours ago
    President Trump Celebrate Freedom Rally 7/1/17. Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C. President Trump and Robert Jeffress in Honoring Veterans at the Kennedy Center. Washington, D.C.

  59. We need Trump to keep winning.

    The American People Are The Number One Target: “They Are Tightening The Screws”

    A little more than a week ago it was announced that Whole Foods was bought by Amazon.com for just under $14 billion. One of the major problems with this is that Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon has deep ties with the CIA and the Federal government. Wal-Mart being fully in the government’s pocket and now Whole Foods brought under thumb as well, how much longer before Kissinger’s “Food as a Weapon” principle is brought to bear? A good article was just released by Jon Rappaport entitled Buy your food from the CIA: Amazon buys Whole Foods, that is worth reading.

    As if that connection is not nefarious enough, there is more: it appears a new cloud technology is being produced for the CIA from…you guessed it…none other than the CIA, as is excerpted here:


  60. btw…when you hear the critics going after PDT for his latest CNN tweet…remind them of O interviewing a blogger who eats her cereal in her bathtub…

    no sense of humor for PDT and lots of laughs for all the asinine cries for attention from O…

  61. The NYT, WaPo and CNN. Corporate gone wrong. The NYT is going through massive cost cutting to the level that it affects their core product which is purportedly elegant and elite word-smithing so they get rid of their English teachers. The WaPo staff under the assumption that Jeff Bezos has bottomless pockets which he is willing to share with great joy with them is being told that Jeff will not have advertisers mentioned negatively in “stories”, etc putting the lie that WaPo will take on any story. CNN is a garbage asset in a mega-merger trying to create some kind of value of itself so they don’t go back to being a local Atlanta tv station chasing car wrecks and running mattress ads. All three sold their soul to corporate sugar daddies and now the money is being cut off.

    Carlos Slim bought into a dying and hideously mismanaged by boobs newspaper (which was bleeding cash and needed a blood infusion) to promote his global businesses which depend on open borders, narco governance and global corporate control (and to get a little class since he is known as a declasse Mexican thug). Jeff Bezos bought a rag in the hometown of the federal government HQ to influence policy for his monopolies to prosper and specifically to help rig a national election in 2016. CNN is a raggedity asset of big media also mismanaged, shrinking, passe, mostly on in nursing homes and captive audiences in airports who now have iPhones to look at instead of the blaring tv. The owners of Time/Warner/CNN are trying to unload it to a chump like ATT as a lagniappe they don’t want.

    All three of these “assets” are PR, propaganda and lobbying shops peddling misinformation, agit-prop, and brain washing. Journalism has nothing to do with it. They were bought up by wealthy business interests (or individuals) to promote their own economic or legal interests. Their inept and failed plans in 2016 are being exposed and a sorrier bunch of traitors would be difficult to locate in history. Since they didn’t win, or even influence very much, the 2016 election their “value” to their owners is now being examined and is deflating like a party balloon. From being sold as scrap (CNN), to salary and staff cuts (NYT), to the WaPo trying to hang onto every ad nickel (pennies really to a guy like Bezos) the 2017 value is very different to the 2016 presumed value pre-Trump.

    Slim, Bezos, and Time/Warner are looking at sunk costs. Enormous and horrific sunk costs of organizations which didn’t meet their goal of electing Hillary and globaism and running amok with corporate fascism. Not only was the money spent in years leading up to 2016 for the set up, and the entire Obama is God costs (he is now an exile literally), and the continuing money needed to keep these dead whales afloat for four to eight Trump-Years gone for nothing, they have to consider is it worth it to keep pumping money into a black hole. Payroll, overhead, tech, the f’ing phone bills, of these useless “influencers” are causing the owners to order economies or cost cutting or say get rid of it.

    Trump knows all about assets that don’t work out. And when you stop throwing money down the rat-hole. The employees and various enablers at the rat-hole always say “we can save it, it’s still good, see what we did” to keep it rolling along absorbing money thrown at it by the owners terrified of having to acknowledge failure and a write off. Trump is goosing the rat-hole OWNERS. Getting them to dig it bigger, deeper, and to hemorrhage more of the owner’s money that is not going to do them any good. The employees are in a panic. Who is getting fired? Who is unnecessary? Who is disliked or not loyal enough? Who is willing to make a fool of themselves to keep their job? Or bleed like Low IQ Mika for the job? That is what is playing out. If they weren’t such egg sucking dogs it would be sad. But it is funny. And deserved. Sunk costs.

  62. An afterthought. The more time, money, planning, EMOTION that the corporate media spends defending themselves and continuing the fails, the less time, money, planning and emotion they put into turning their failures around. The common parlance is Trump is living rent free in their heads but he really has hi-jacked their OODA loop and it is 100% planned and expertly executed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OODA_loop

  63. Amazing it got through the censors , from legalinsurrection..
    WaPo’s Ignatius: Fighters in Syria cheer at mention of Trump name
    Mark Finkelstein | 7/3/2017 – 8:30am

    “One Syrian Kurdish commander used a vulgar term, in Spanish it would be cojones, to describe what President Trump has got and why they like him.”

    On a morning when you would have expected the Morning Joe panel to be all about Trump’s CNN wrestling tweet, a Washington Post editor/columnist painted an amazingly positive portrait of the president’s actions in Syria.

    WaPo’s David Ignatius has just returned from a week in Syria. He was almost apologetic in prefacing his remarks: “I’m going to say something that in some ways is sympathetic to Trump.”

    He then proceeded to say that he was told by top US commanders that “the most daring and decisive” attack in the battle of Raqqa would not have happened if it hadn’t been for President Trump’s decision to delegate authority to commanders in the field.

    Ignatius’ contrasting depiction of the Obama administration was incredibly damning: “under Obama, that would have taken a couple of weeks of White House meetings and they still wouldn’t have made up their mind.”

    Ignatius also said that the name Trump was cheered whenever it was mentioned during meetings Ignatius had with Syrian forces trying to take out Assad. One Syrian commander praised Trump for having what Ignatius described as a vulgar term that in Spanish is “cojones.”

    DAVID IGNATIUS: I’m going to say something that in some ways is sympathetic to Trump. As I traveled across Syria, meeting with Syrian fighters who were trying to take down the regime of Bashar al Assad, every time the name “President Trump” was mentioned, there were cheers from the audience. One Syrian Kurdish commander used a vulgar term, in Spanish it would be cojones, to describe what President Trump has got and why they like him.

    More seriously, the big attacks that have taken place around Raqqa, one in particular, a surprise landing by helicopter, I was told by the top US commanders, would not have taken place if it hadn’t been for President Trump’s decision to delegate military authorities down to the level of command. I mean, under Obama that would have taken a couple weeks of White House meetings and then they still wouldn’t have made up their mind.

    In this case there was not one meeting. They just said, General Townsend, the commander in Baghdad, you decide. And three days later, these Kurds who’d never seen an airplane or helicopter had been helicoptered across a lake for a surprise attack that is probably the most daring and decisive of the war. So, do need to put this in perspective. Yes, there are a lot of people around the world who are appalled, but there are some people who say this image of strength that he’s projecting is something that they like.

  64. Unbelievable…Rinos everywhere…after I post the above I have to find this…I can’t believe what has happened to this country and how far the traitors are willing to go. From Breitbart

    Hapless: GOP-Led Panel Approves Amendment That Would End Trump’s Authorization of Force Against Jihadist Groups
    2 Jul 2017
    WASHINGTON, D.C. — A Republican-led House panel, in a rare show of bipartisanship, has voted to approve an amendment introduced by a Democrat to revoke the 2001 law that grants the president the authority to wage war against al-Qaeda and its affiliates without the consent of Congress, a move that restricts President Donald Trump’s ability to fight terror.
    On Thursday, the House Appropriations Committee adopted the new amendment to rescind the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Force (AUMF) by a voice vote, as part of the $658 billion U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) spending bill
    The only lawmaker to oppose the measure was Kay Granger (R-TX), the chairwoman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, arguing that the policy has no place in a spending bill, reports the Hill.

    Passed shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. homeland, American presidents have since used the AUMF to justify military action against various jihadist groups, including al-Qaeda foe the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

    ISIS was originally an al-Qaeda offshoot, but the terrorist group broke away from Osama bin Laden’s organization in 2014.

    Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced the measure, which does have some bipartisan support on the other side of the Capitol from Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Tim Kaine (D-VA).

    The amendment would repeal “the overly broad 2001 Authorization of Use of Military Force, after a period of 8 months after the enactment of this act, giving the administration and Congress sufficient time to decide what measures should replace it,” said the California Democrat.

    The House Foreign Affairs Committee questioned its appropriations counterpart’s authority to pass such a measure, saying the panel does not have jurisdiction.

    “House Rules state that ‘a provision changing existing law may not be reported in a general appropriation bill.’ The Foreign Affairs Committee has sole jurisdiction over Authorizations for the Use of Military Force,” argued Cory Fritz, the Foreign Affairs panel’s deputy staff director for communications, reports the Hill.

    The measure would revoke the AUMF 240 days after the defense appropriations bill is enacted by the full Congress, forcing U.S. lawmakers to pass a new authorization in the interim to continue combating ISIS, al-Qaeda, and their respective affiliates.

    Congress has been unable to pass a new AUMF to combat ISIS and al-Qaeda.

    After approving the defense spending legislation Thursday, the appropriations committee sent the bill to the House floor for a vote.

    Seemingly surprised, Democrat Congresswoman Lee welcomed the approval of her amendment, blasting the AUMF as “a blank check to wage war anywhere, at any time, and for any length.”

    Rep. Lee seized the opportunity to condemn President Trump as “erratic” and inexperienced.

    “This issue is more urgent given the erratic behavior and inexperience of our current Commander-in-Chief,” declared the lawmaker. “No president should have a blank check for endless war, least of all President Donald Trump.”

    The Independent points out that some Republicans supported the Democrat congresswoman’s amendment, including Reps. Chris Stewart from Utah, a former Air Force pilot and Tom Cole from Oklahoma, the chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Labour, Health, and Human Services.

    “We are at war against an enemy that did not exist in a place that we did not expect to fight,” declared Congressman Cole. “How an AUMF can be stretched 16 years, certainly before I was in Congress, is beyond me.”

    According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the AUMF has been used more than 37 times in 14 nations since U.S. lawmakers adopted it in 2001 to justify military action, “including non-lethal military activities such as detentions and military trials.”

    Former President Barack Obama invoked the authorization measure 19 times, including to justify U.S. military efforts against ISIS and its offshoots. George W. Bush used the AUMF on 18 occasions.

    President Trump has removed restrictions put in place by his predecessor, granting the Pentagon the authority to make Afghanistan battlefield decisions on its own, including setting troop levels.

  65. Mormaer
    July 3, 2017 at 6:43 am
    Wonderful stuff.

    You have a wonderful grasp of corporate dynamics.

    And an equally wonderful way of expressing it.

    Working for a corporation is a stall fed existence.

    Big media is the classic case.

    Their culture breeds steers not bulls.

    The angst you describe among the steers right now is real and palpable.

    You can smell the desperation.

    You can see the fear.

    The title to the 1940s tells you all about them.

    “They were expendable.

    Notice how their producers have followed the same track as Hollywood.

    Sign reads: anyone over 29 need not apply.

  66. And while those Orphans in the Storm are huddled together contemplating existential questions and their future fate, every day the barbarian in the White House is kicking the doors down of their castle, once thought to be impregnable. The fear, the whining, the recriminations, the failure to see the real problem. It is not Trump. He is merely the agent. It is a revolt against them–all of for their arrogance, their avarice, and at the end of the day, their incompetence. Their days of merrily fucking the middle class like a house cat are over.

  67. Foxylady,12:29

    Probably promising that they will be back in power in 3 years… or sooner…asshats.
    The new SK leader is a weasel snowflake

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