They Want Civil War: Leftist Thug Terror On #FlagDay @RealDonaldTrump Birthday

Leftist thugs want a civil war. The first shot came today. Fort Sumter is here? NRA member Donald Trump Jr. gets it right:

Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday appeared to link the shooting at a congressional baseball practice that injured at least five to the controversial production of “Julius Caesar” in which the slain Roman dictator was outfitted in a way that resembled President Trump.

Following the shooting Wednesday morning, President Trump’s son retweeted a comment from CNN and Fox News contributor Harlan Hill, who drew a straight line from “events like today” to “glorifying the assassination” of the president in a theatrical production.

A gunman in Alexandria, Va., fired scores of rounds at Republican lawmakers and aides who were practicing before the bipartisan Congressional Baseball Game, which was set to take place on Thursday.

GOP Majority Whip Steve Scalise (La.), an aide to Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas) and others were wounded, according to multiple reports.

The tweet refers to the Public Theater’s New York current run of “Julius Caesar.” The actor playing Caesar is intended to resemble Trump with blondish hair, a two-piece suit with a long tie and an American flag pin.

The president’s son is among those who have questioned if art that is turned into “political speech” could affect its taxpayer funding after the Shakespeare in the park production.

The play followed on the heels of the public outcry when comedian Kathy Griffin posed in a photo shoot where she held a fake, bloody severed head that resembled Trump.

Scalise is undergoing surgery after being shot and he is said to be in stable condition, according to his office.

The leftist thug has been sent, via express bullet train, straight to Hell. The death of this leftist thug means one less vote for his idol Bernie Sanders the socialist kook. Also this leftist’s trip to Hell means one less “superfan” of Rachel Maddow.

There are a lot of details. It was the security detail of Steve Scalise that returned fire on the leftist thug. If not for the fact that Steve Scalise is a member of the GOP leadership and therefore has a security detail, the leftist thug would have been in a free fire zone able to kill Republican congressional members and staff at will:

Scalise and several others were injured, but it could’ve been far worse, the senator — who was there — said. [snip]

But according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who was there, it could have been far, far worse. Had Capitol Police not been there as part of a security detail for Scalise, Paul said in an interview with MSNBC, “it would’ve been a massacre.”

Paul explained that after the gunman fired 50 to 60 shots, hitting Scalise and others, he was eventually taken down by Capitol Police. But, he pointed out, those Capitol Police officers were only there in such force because Scalise himself — as Majority Whip, he is a member of the Republican leadership team who travels with a security detail — was present.

“Everybody probably would’ve died except for the fact that the Capitol Hill Police were there, and the only reason they were there is because we had a member of leadership on our team,” Paul said. “If Scalise wouldn’t have been on the team — unfortunately he was hit and I hope he does well — but also by him being there it probably saved everyone else’s life, because if you don’t have a leadership person there, it would’ve been no security there.”

He continued: “Because there’s no escaping a guy with — if he’s got several hundred bullets, and we had no weapons, and no place to hide. So if he would’ve advanced on the rest of us, there would’ve been no chance. The only chance we had was that the shots were returned by the Capitol Hill Police.”

Time to get armed in D.C. if you are a Trump supporter. Time to get armed in college if you are a Trump supporter too. Time to get armed everywhere in America if you are a Trump supporter. Think we exaggerate or overreact? Not with these animals on the loose:

Left-Wing Twitter Celebrates Shooting of Rep. Scalise

No sooner did news break that a gunman shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) were left-wing Twitter users celebrating the attack — in which two Capitol Police were also shot, as well as a congressional staffer, and possibly more.

Activist and media personality, Tariq Nasheed, appeared to indicate support for the shooting on Twitter: [snip]

Author Malcom Harris, “joked”(?) that the shooter may have simply been acting in self-defense: [snip]

Twitter user “Leon Trotsky” wrote that Scalise’s shooting was “karma” for his “tea bag” beliefs: [snip]

Twitter user “Charles Oakley” wrote that “the KKK fucker deserved it”: [snip]

Technology writer WaltIsFrozen said the attack will have a “silver lining” if the shooter was indeed targeting Republicans specifically: [snip]

“RestlessNews” created a meme that suggested the attack is the definition of “karma”: [snip]

Other left-wing Twitter users said they hoped this shooting would encourage Scalise to rethink his support for gun rights — as he’s a “whore” for the NRA: [snip]

Others tried to use the atrocity as an excuse to make jokes about health-care reform: [snip]

Others suggested the Scalise shooting was justified owing to the congressman’s beliefs: [snip]

UPDATE: The shooter, identified as James T. Hodgkinson, appears to be a Bernie Sanders fan. His Facebook page reads, “Democratic Socialism in Three Words: ‘We the People.'”

One of his most recent posts says, “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” [sic]

“I want Bernie to Win the White House.” he wrote Aug. 12th, 2016.

The goal of the leftist thug was to ‘to kill as many Republican members as possible’. The leftist thug who changed his voting address today to Hell wanted to destroy President Trump and anyone who supports President Trump. To which we say “Go To Hell”. Done.

* * * * * *

Today is not “send a leftist thug to Hell” day. Today is Flag Day. Today is President Donald J. Trump’s birthday.

President Trump received an early birthday gift when this week his wife Melania and young son of 11 years Barron Trump moved to the White House now that young Barron has finished his school year.

We wish President Donald J. Trump a very happy birthday and a healthy and long life well past the next eight years he will live in the White House.

Today is also Flag Day. The “President’s Own” The Marine Band is a happy confluence of the birthday and Flag Day as they play “Stars and Stripes Forever”.

Hear that leftist thugs?

As to the American flag itself, the symbolism is appropriate and lifts the patriotic heart. In addition the American flag has a lovely design – it is a lovely flag. There are other flags that are nice looking, but the American flag has a certain oomph to it. That deep blue field with the glow of stars on it, the stripes of alternating red and white which while resting colorfully grabs the attention with it’s dignity.

The American flag when in movement, when the wind catches it…

It’s a grand ol’ flag. It’s a high flying flag.

Forever in peace may it wave. It’s a emblem of, the land… the home of the free and the brave.


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  1. There are three causal factors at work here:

    1. globalization

    2. cultural marxism

    3. a perverse media

    All this is being orchestrated by the deep state.

    The goal is to replace the republic with a fascist dictatorship.

    One of the tools is HARP, whose patent tells the story.

    The Andrea Mitchell Woodward interview touches on this.

    They id vulnerable people and direct those waves to them.

    What was once sci fi is now quite real.

    Believe it or not.

  2. In light of threats against the First Family and other officials, I hope NO EXPENSE is spared in protecting them. If funds need to be diverted from pet liberal causes, so be it.

  3. The traditional FBI analysis, which has been completely ineffective, is to attribute violent behavior to single white male loners. The more analytical explanation lies in technology, working against a population thrown off balance by the three factors mentioned above, i.e. globalism–in all its manifestations, cultural marxism (the so called Frankfurt school that emigrate here in the aftermath of World War II, and became the AIDS virus that killed our educational system, and a corrupt media shackled to corporations and the CIA—which is why all the leaks go to NYT and WashPo. The HAARP technology was deployed in support of the 2006 surge in Iraq, it pacified the population, and a 3 star air force general was shocked that Woodward (who was originally in Navy Intelligence) that he could not talk about it. I understand the way it works is they flood these electromagnetic waves over the target population and the vulnerable members go blatto, while most are pacified. Interestingly, the Russian duma has taken up this issue, fearful it will be used against them by the CIA. To what end? That question is answered above. If you want to know who the evil doers are, its not Congressman Scalise, who is a bit of a joke, but certainly no threat. The evil doers are the titans of Google, Amazon, and their ilk, who have hundred billion dollar contracts with the CIA and are actively involved in subverting our system though a soft coup.

  4. MerlinTobie, get the money from the National Endowment of the Arts which funds calamities such as the once great Public Theater founded by Joe Papp. Defund the arts entirely from government funds and watch the left fall apart.

  5. To think that the party that once ostensibly stood for peace, love and tolerance has openly embraced acts of violence is quite an indictment on what liberals of the 60’s really became.

  6. gonzotx
    June 14, 2017 at 11:14 am

    Nothing good will come from that “Special” council S


    Gonzo…agree…this is why we cannot be browbeated into silence…We have to speak up and we have to encourage and/or demand our representatives speak out and protest against PDT be unfairly prosecuted and railroaded out of office…We have to demand FAIRNESS from the SCouncil…which he is not respecting right now…

    We have truth on our sides…we are not calling for violence…we are not carrying weapons and assaulting people at their rallies because we want to silence them…
    We are not using “art” to assassinate the President…or using “art” to behead him…

    We are not Hollywood hitting, threatening and attacking the President, his family or republicans at every chance we get, of the winning Golden State warriors basketball team refusing to show any objective respect for the office of the WH and the President of the USA…on and on and on…

    our President…is working his heart out to get our country back on track…and gets no acknowledgement from his oppositon or help…only nonstop, irrational vile, vicious and violent attacks…

    We are the Persistence…to SOLVE problems, not create them

  7. JB…it is even worse than that…they are teaching the youth to become violent, narrow minded and devoid of any communication or compromising skills…

    they are sick…if a psyhcologist were to analyze the current Dimocratic party they would recommend they be committed for treatment…they are a danger to themselves and to the rest of us…

  8. USAToday:–comey-william-otis-column/102827924/

    Robert Mueller should recuse himself from Russia investigation

    Former FBI director is too close to his successor, James Comey, to be impartial.

    Robert Mueller is a man of integrity with a long record of public service. In the abstract, he would be the right selection as special counsel in the Russia investigation. Under the specific circumstances of this case, however, with his longtime friend James Comey at the center of the inquiry, Mueller’s the wrong choice. The public cannot be as sure as it needs to be of his objectivity.

    This is true for reasons similar to those that prompted Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the same investigation. Sessions testified Tuesday that he felt he had no proper choice because he had a potential political conflict of interest, having been a campaign adviser to President Trump. Mueller should likewise step away because he has a potential personal conflict of interest, having been a longtime friend of a crucial witness, Comey, and Comey’s key ally at the most important moment of his career.

    Under the present circumstances, however, and not without regret, I believe that the same ethics rules the attorney general cited in his Tuesday testimony counsel against Mueller’s continuing to serve in the role assigned to him.

    28 USC Section 528 provides:

    The Attorney General shall promulgate rules and regulations which require the disqualification of any officer or employee of the Department of Justice, including a United States attorney or a member of such attorney’s staff, from participation in a particular investigation or prosecution if such participation may result in a personal, financial, or political conflict of interest, or the appearance thereof. Such rules and regulations may provide that a willful violation of any provision thereof shall result in removal from office.

    28 CFR Section 45.2 provides in part:

    Disqualification arising from personal or political relationship.
    (a) Unless authorized under paragraph (b) of this section, no employee shall participate in a criminal investigation or prosecution if he has a personal or political relationship with:
    (1) Any person or organization substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution; or
    (2) Any person or organization which he knows has a specific and substantial interest that would be directly affected by the outcome of the investigation or prosecution …

    (c) For the purposes of this section:
    (2) Personal relationship means a close and substantial connection of the type normally viewed as likely to induce partiality. … Whether relationships (including friendships) of an employee to other persons (outside his or her family) or organizations are “personal” must be judged on an individual basis with due regard given to the subjective opinion of the employee.

    Comey and Mueller have been friends for nearly 15 years. They were partners in the episode that defined Comey’s professional persona more than any other in his public service. It would be surprising if it had not also forged a permanent bond with Mueller.

    It was Comey, as deputy attorney general, and Mueller, then head of the FBI, who together confronted White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales in the hospital room of then-seriously ill Attorney General John Ashcroft in a successful attempt to block the White House from implementing a surveillance protocol that Gonzales and, tentatively, President George W. Bush favored. [snip]

    In essence, in the early stages of a still-shocked nation’s response to the 9/11 attacks, Comey and Mueller stood arm-in-arm at the Pass at Thermopylae.

    Comey now finds himself at the center of the Russian investigation over which Mueller presides. Questions swirl around Comey — about whether the president wanted/hinted/hoped/asked/directed/or something else the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn to be stopped/abandoned/slowed/soft-peddled/something else. This is probably the central element of the obstruction of justice case that Trump’s opponents would like to see made against him.

    Questions also swirl about Comey’s notes about this conversation and why he gave them to a private individual (professor Dan Richman of Columbia Law) to convey to journalists. Additional questions have arisen about whether this curious and seemingly devious means of putting the contents of the notes in the public domain (leaking, in other words) was designed specifically to bring about the appointment of a special counsel outside the president’s direct reach — and, indeed, whether Comey wanted, expected or intended his friend Mueller to get the job. [snip]

    One thing that can be said with clarity is that, under the ethics rules cited by Sessions, Mueller has a long-term relationship with Comey that “may result in a personal … conflict of interest, or the appearance thereof.”

    Mueller is therefore disqualified. I hope and suspect that Mueller, whom I believe to be a partisan of the rule of law, will see this. If he doesn’t, I hope Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will.

    Experienced attorneys prefer rule-orientation and properly fear self-justification, a ubiquitous flaw in even the best of men. There is no way Comey is anything but a central witness in this investigation — if not a subject. Even less is there a way Mueller can be expected to evaluate Comey’s credibility with the fresh neutrality, arm’s-length curiosity, and objective sharp eye his job demands.

    William G. Otis is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center, a former federal prosecutor, and former special counsel for President George H.W. Bush.

  9. as usual Daily Mail has the photos and poignant coverage of Steve Scalise dragging himself across the field to save his life leaving a trail of his blood…

    and Republican Rep. Mo Brooks was also there but was not hurt. He described using his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding on Scalise’s leg and Senator Rand Paul helping cut Steve’s pants so he could help with the wound.

    see photo…the hero that saved the day…

    US Capitol Police Officer David Bailey is being hailed as a hero for returning fire on the gunman with his pistol despite being injured himself



    Fox has raw footage of the event…the shots go on forever…unbelievable…it is a MIRACLE no one was killed

  10. what a piece or work…today’s version of the far left dimocrats…the dimocrats have spawn what they called for…–comey-william-otis-column/102827924/


    A brutal foster father

    Hodgkinson had a history of violence that did not rise to the level to prohibit him from legally owning a firearm.

    Hodgkinson was the foster the father of at least two girls. The first, Wanda Ashley Stock, 17, committed suicide in 1996 by pouring gasoline on herself and setting herself on fire after a few months of living with the Hodgkinsons, the Belleville News-Democrat reports. The Hodgkinsons gave an interview to the paper after her suicide, calling her a “very practical, level-headed girl.”

    The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services would not release Hodgkinson’s foster record to The Daily Beast, citing privacy laws.

    In 2002, Hodgkinson became the foster father of another girl whom he allegedly abused.

    In 2006, he was arrested for domestic battery and discharge of a firearm after he stormed into a neighbor’s home where his teenage foster daughter was visiting with a friend. In a skirmish, he punched his foster daughter’s then 19-year-old friend Aimee Moreland “in the face with a closed fist,” according to a police report reviewed by The Daily Beast. When Moreland’s boyfriend walked outside of the residence where Moreland and Hodgkinson’s foster daughter were, he allegedly aimed a shotgun at the boyfriend and later fired one round. The Hodgkinsons later lost custody of that foster daughter.

    “[Hodgkinson] fired a couple of warning shots and then hit my boyfriend with the butt of the gun,” Moreland told The Daily Beast on Wednesday.

    Hodgkinson was also “observed throwing” his daughter “around the bedroom,” the police report said. After the girl broke free, Hodgkinson followed and “started hitting her arms, pulling her hair, and started grabbing her off the bed.”

  11. Doesn’t today make you wonder what kind of people would go tonight…or any night thereafter…and sit thru that play in NY that assassinates PDT…

    or what kind of a theatre company would stage that kind of aggressive violence on a day and night like today…

    contrary to what has been reported Steve Scalise is still in critcal condition and I heard Rep Wendstup, who is a doctor, and assisted caring for Steve’s wound say that all they could be sure of at that point is they stopped the bleeding…they have no idea where the bullet is lodged, if near a vital organ, etc or the damage the lodged bullet has done…

    I hope we get better news on his condition by tomorrow…

    Have that theatre company and their patrons and SPONSORS no decency at all….

  12. @S I see you still put stock in WaPo re: special counsel expanding scope of investigation.

    WaPo also said Comey was going to deny that he told Trump he wasn’t under investigation. But you go ahead and fret over what WaPo says: Obstruction of what? (you have to have an inderlying crime) lol

  13. I was busy all afternoon and not tuned in to news. I watched the local news on CBS for about 45 minutes including 20 min of FBI on the shooting and NOT one word about the shooter being a Bernie supporter and rabid anti Trumper.

    I switched to FOX and the whole story was there. But they’re all ignoring the fact that it’s another violet Dem using gun violence. Also this should be a wake up call to the congress that they are also at risk like the rest of us and they should start fighting back too.

    The sad part is I no longer respect or trust the FBI to investigate. I expect them to bend to partisan motives.

    Admin: any hope for being able to load the site on an IPad in the near future???

  14. Lou Dobbs has me worried this evening for the first time. He sees a real threat from Mueller if Trump doesn’t get control of the Justice dept soon.


    Are We Nearing Civil War?

    President Trump may be chief of state, head of government and commander in chief, but his administration is shot through with disloyalists plotting to bring him down.

    We are approaching something of a civil war where the capital city seeks the overthrow of the sovereign and its own restoration.

    Thus far, it is a nonviolent struggle, though street clashes between pro- and anti-Trump forces are increasingly marked by fistfights and brawls. Police are having difficulty keeping people apart. A few have been arrested carrying concealed weapons.

    That the objective of this city is to bring Trump down via a deep state-media coup is no secret. Few deny it.

    Last week, fired Director of the FBI James Comey, a successor to J. Edgar Hoover, admitted under oath that he used a cutout to leak to The New York Times an Oval Office conversation with the president.

    Goal: have the Times story trigger the appointment of a special prosecutor to bring down the president.

    Comey wanted a special prosecutor to target Trump, despite his knowledge, from his own FBI investigation, that Trump was innocent of the pervasive charge that he colluded with the Kremlin in the hacking of the DNC.

    Comey’s deceit was designed to enlist the police powers of the state to bring down his president. And it worked. For the special counsel named, with broad powers to pursue Trump, is Comey’s friend and predecessor at the FBI, Robert Mueller.

    As Newt Gingrich said Sunday: “Look at who Mueller’s starting to hire. … (T)hese are people that … look to me like they’re … setting up to go after Trump … including people, by the way, who have been reprimanded for hiding from the defense information into major cases. …

    “This is going to be a witch hunt.”

    Another example. According to Daily Kos, Trump planned a swift lifting of sanctions on Russia after inauguration and a summit meeting with Vladimir Putin to prevent a second Cold War.

    The State Department was tasked with working out the details.

    Instead, says Daniel Fried, the coordinator for sanctions policy, he received “panicky” calls of “Please, my God, can you stop this?”

    Operatives at State, disloyal to the president and hostile to the Russia policy on which he had been elected, collaborated with elements in Congress to sabotage any detente. They succeeded.

    “It would have been a win-win for Moscow,” said Tom Malinowski of State, who boasted last week of his role in blocking a rapprochement with Russia. State employees sabotaged one of the principal policies for which Americans had voted, and they substituted their own.

    Not in memory have there been so many leaks to injure a president from within his own government, and not just political leaks, but leaks of confidential, classified and secret documents. The leaks are coming out of the supposedly secure investigative and intelligence agencies of the U.S. government.

    The media, the beneficiaries of these leaks, are giving cover to those breaking the law. The real criminal “collusion” in Washington is between Big Media and the deep state, colluding to destroy a president they detest and to sink the policies they oppose.

    Yet another example is the unfolding “unmasking” scandal.

    While all the evidence is not yet in, it appears an abnormal number of conversations between Trump associates and Russians were intercepted by U.S. intelligence agencies.

    On orders higher up, the conversations were transcribed, and, contrary to law, the names of Trump associates unmasked.

    Then those transcripts, with names revealed, were spread to all 16 agencies of the intel community at the direction of Susan Rice, and with the possible knowledge of Barack Obama, assuring some would be leaked after Trump became president.

    The leak of Gen. Michael Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, after Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for the hacking of the DNC, may have been a product of the unmasking operation. The media hit on Flynn cost him the National Security Council post.

    Trump has had many accomplishments since his election. Yet his enemies in the media and their deep state allies have often made a purgatory of his presidency.

    What he and his White House need to understand is that this is not going to end, that this is a fight to the finish, that his enemies will not relent until they see him impeached or resigning in disgrace.

    To prevail, Trump will have to campaign across this country and wage guerrilla war in this capital, using the legal and political weapons at his disposal to ferret out the enemies within his own government.

    Not only is this battle essential, if Trump hopes to realize his agenda, it is winnable. For the people sense that the Beltway elites are cynically engaged in preserving their own privileges, positions and power.

    If the president cannot rewrite Obamacare or achieve tax reform, he should not go around the country in 2018 wailing about Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. They are not the real adversaries. They are but interchangeable parts.

    He should campaign against the real enemies of America First by promising to purge the deep state and flog its media collaborators.

    Time to burn down the Bastille.

    “Big Media and the deep state”. Wise words and good advice from Pat Buchanan.

  16. Venus

    June 14, 2017 at 8:19 pm
    @S I see you still put stock in WaPo re: special counsel expanding scope of investigation.


    I am not still putting stock in the WaPo re: sc expanding the scope of investigation…
    I simply indicated the breaking news and stated as if we didn’t see this coming, as in, yesterday Sessions had a good day and pushed back, all day today the news was re: the attempted murder of repub candidates…and almost like clockwork at @ 7 pm the ‘obstruction investigation by Mueller’ broke…
    as in…the leakers are back to their old tricks and attempting to snag the headlines and the narrative again…

    that’s all…

  17. Steve Scalise’s medical update:

    Update: 9:30 pm

    MedStar Washington Hospital Center said House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition Wednesday night as the result of a gunshot wound to the hip and will require more surgery.

    “Congressman Steve Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. The bullet travelled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding. He was transported in shock to MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a Level I Trauma Center. He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. He has received multiple units of blood transfusion. His condition is critical, and he will require additional operations,” the hospital said in a statement.

    Scalise was one of four people shot while at a practice baseball game in Alexandria, Va., shortly after 7 a.m. EST Wednesday. The shooting suspect, James Hodgkinson, was killed by police.

    Scalise’s condition has remained critical since the last hospital update around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

    President Trump and his wife Melania visited Scalise at the hospital late Wednesday.

    I hope he improves soon…so sorry to hear this…

  18. The democrat party and big media own this act of violence, and all the others that will inevitably follow. This nutcase simply acted upon what all of them have been saying and thinking. That is enough to make them–all of them co conspirators in this effort to promote civil war and bring down this country. They are evil people and while they may profess shock and sorrow, do not believe a word of it. Secretly, they love it, and they will not stop. All of them are thus condemned for what they are: enemies of the American People. The word that best describes them is traitors. They are just like the moderate Muslems, who either promote terrorism, or condone it by not reporting it.

  19. To prevail, Trump will have to campaign across this country and wage guerrilla war in this capital, using the legal and political weapons at his disposal to ferret out the enemies within his own government.

    Not only is this battle essential, if Trump hopes to realize his agenda, it is winnable. For the people sense that the Beltway elites are cynically engaged in preserving their own privileges, positions and power.

    When Pat Buchanan notes the beltway elites are cynically engaged in preserving their privileges, and power–he is correct.

    That means their interests are not patriotic.

    They are MERCENARY.

    When Pat Buchanan contends that this war is winnable– he is also correct.

    Throughout the ages, when mercenary armies go up against patriotic ones, the patriotic armies prevail.

    For example: the American Revolution (against King George), the Mexican Revolution (against Maxmillian), the Cuban Revolution (against Baptista), the Battle of Diem (against the French) bien phu, etc.

    In each of those cases, the mercenary army lost.

    Whether or not that happens here will depend upon President Trump, and Congress.

    Congress can start by defrocking Mueller, who has already shown his hand and proven that he is anything but fair and impartial.

    Like the character in Alice In Wonderland: first the verdict, then the facts,

  20. Well, it finally happened. We’ve been saying for months now that the breathless false narrative created by the media about Trump supporters was going to lead unstable people to do bad things. We’ve seen it in Berkeley, where masked Antifa thugs attacked “Nazis” (or anyone in a Trump hat). Then there was Kathy Griffin’s disgusting mock beheading of President Trump, where she put the Left’s violent fantasies on display, followed up very shortly with Shakespeare in the Park featuring the stabbing assassination of Donald Trump to wild applause and standing ovations. These people are sick in the head.

    Now a Republican congressman is in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound he received during a congressional softball practice. The shooter allegedly asked a Representative Ron DeSantis if there were Republicans or Democrats playing. Upon hearing they were Republicans, he opened fire. Luckily, he was a very bad shot (as we all imagine anti-gun nuts to be). Squeezing off a reported 50 to 60 rounds and only hitting one congressman in the hip in a field full of them seems hard to do. We are all grateful for bad aim and for Capitol Police who returned fire, stopping the attack. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is being treated for his injuries.

    Sanders ‘Sickened’ That Alexandria Shooter Was Volunteer on His Presidential Campaign
    Meanwhile, as blood still sits on the baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, the Shakespeare in the Park players are getting ready for tonight’s bloody performance, where they will symbolically slay the Republican sitting president. I would like to remind you that after Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot, Sarah Palin was blamed by nearly every network for having a map with districts up for grabs shown with targets over them (one of which happened to be Giffords’ district). We were told that her map incited the shooting. These same people, however, aren’t all over CNN right now making the connection between the play featuring Donald Trump being murdered or Kathy Griffin’s bloody beheading and the shooting of Republicans playing ball.

    Instead of calls for restraint and civility, Twitter is alive with celebration over evil Republicans being shot and targeted. The demonization continues.

  21. There is a small pen of chihuahuas yapping wildly that Trump should be impeached because, because, because—the doggies will get back to us later with a reason. (The real reason is simply that they don’t like Mr. Trump.) Were that to happen, it would precipitate the gravest crisis since South seceded.

    But I don’t expect it to happen. Why? Because Trump is succeeding like gangbuster nearly everywhere: judicial appointments are one thing all his supporters point to, but there is also his roll-back of the regulatory burden, his plan to cut taxes, to ditch and replace Obamacare (it’s happening), his enforcement of the immigration laws, his revitalization of the military, and on and on. The man has had a startling string of successes, though the media won’t tell you that.

    He’s also had some failures and made some missteps—of whom can that not be said?— but taken all in all, the first four months of his presidency has to be counted a remarkable success. Moreover, as Conrad Black argues in The National Interest, Trump is actually winning the war on Washington.

    His greatest problem, Black points out, is not “spurious charges or media hostility . . . but the cowardice of congressional Republicans.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is true, though when it comes to craven cowardice we should leave out poltroons like James Comey who couldn’t leak his own memorandum to the press without drawing in a close friend to do the dirty work.

    Success has a way of blotting out or at least marginalizing criticism. As Trump forges ahead, quietly racking up victory, the yapping chihuahuas are going to appear more and more absurd to the public. Those pups are yapping, but as the old Arab mot puts it, the caravan is nevertheless traveling on. Forecast: 10 % chance of crisis, 90 % chance of sun. A major criticism of Trump concerned temperament: he was supposed to be too thin-skinned, too erratic, too apt to go off half-cocked to be trusted with the presidency. But here he was addressing the nation in today’s shooting crisis: calm, grave, determined, articulate—all of things one wants a President, at a time like this, to be.

    This may not be quite the end of Trump’s travails. But as Churchill said after the Second Battle of El Alamein in November 1942, though “this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

  22. We are truly living in a Bizarro age of corruption and lawlessness; there is effectively no law enforcement at this time for the D.C. establishment elites of both parties. Who knew that when Trump pulled the band-aid off this scab that the filth would be this widespread?

    Lois Lerner publicly ADMITTED (and apologized) that the IRS abused their authority under her watch; no investigation by the Obama administration or accountability and she is enjoying her six-figure retirement pension.

    Hillary Clinton publicly ADMITTED (and said it was a mistake) that she used an illegal un-secured email system to conduct government business and destroyed government documents and evidence; no investigation by the Obama administration or accountability and she is freely (although dejectedly) walking in the woods.

    Loretta Lynch publicly ADMITTED (and said that she “certainly wouldn’t do it again”) that she met privately (colluded?) with the husband of a target of an FBI investigation (matter?) days before a prosecution decision was to be made. No investigation by the Obama administration and she is freely calling for violent resistance.

    Several sanctuary-city mayors have freely ADMITTED that they will not follow federal laws.

    And these are just the ones who have ADMITTED wrongdoing.

    Then the Republicans come into power with the presidency and both houses of congress and the first investigations (five of them) are for …. Trump??!! And agreed to by the Republicans?

    I like Sessions and think he’s somewhat feisty but he may be a little too genteel for this fight. Trump is outnumbered and the other side is not playing by laws and rules. Sessions recused himself out of principle but you can’t do that when your enemy has no principles and violates laws freely.

    If Sessions doesn’t start to fight back by ordering grand jury investigations into Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch (all obvious admitted felons), James Comey, and other deep-state leakers, then I would recommend replacing him with someone like Jay Sekulow. Then again, perhaps Sessions has already ordered such investigations and is correctly keeping quiet about it. We’ll see.

    We need a bigger fish than Reality Winner.

  23. First opinion on the Supreme Court written by Justice Gorsuch is unanimous:

    Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first Supreme Court opinion Monday stayed true to what Gorsuch promised in his nomination hearing and to the reputation for good writing he developed as an appellate judge.

    Gorsuch was the author of a unanimous decision in favor of a company involved in a debt collection dispute. The court ruled that Santander Consumer USA does not fall under a federal law aimed at unscrupulous debt collectors. The company purchased defaulted car loans and sought to collect the money owed.

    “Disruptive dinnertime calls, downright deceit and more besides drew Congress’ eye to the debt collection industry,” Gorsuch began his opinion in a case that was argued less than two months earlier.

    But he quickly framed the issue not about whether the company’s practices are prohibited, but instead whether it can be called a “debt collector” that is covered by the law.

    Everyone agrees that the term embraces the repo man — someone hired by a creditor to collect an outstanding debt. But what if you purchase a debt and then try to collect it for yourself — does that make you a ‘debt collector’ too?” Gorsuch wrote.

    It does not, he concluded in the balance of his 11-page opinion that included a brief grammar lesson on participles, past and present. Santander does not qualify as a debt collector because it purchased the loans in question and was not trying to collect on someone else’s behalf, Gorsuch wrote.

    In the end, he said, Congress can change the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, to cover anyone who tries to collect a debt.

    Courts “apply, not amend, the work of the people’s representatives,” Gorsuch wrote.

    Refreshing to see someone on the high court who speaks to what the written law says, not the outcome desired.

  24. One of life’s great losers tried to kill a Trump supporting Congressman yesterday. The threads are coming together than he specifically targeted one of the leadership and a progressive hated Southerner. Scalise is in grave medical danger because of where he was injured. The femoral artery, significant orthopedic injuries, as well a organs are in the vicinity of his injury. Of course he was also in shock by the time he got to the hospital. BUT House Democrats took his staff some pizza! The media assured anyone who would listen that he was going to be AOK. It seems that like everything else the media is completely ignorant about anatomy as well as trauma. Also traumatized was the ten year old son of a congressman who had the gall to go with his father to a ball practice and retrieve balls. But he will be AOK too. What ten old doesn’t shake off a mass shooting like a hangnail. Like Barron Trump seeing signs advocating raping your mother, your father’s head held by a comedienne witch, baying mobs demanding your family’s execution (including baby nieces and nephews) this is the new normal for progressive globalists. Or it is if globalist feudal lords of DC, Seattle, NYC and various other Sodom’s have their way.

    The bi-partisan bleating yesterday of the Ryan’s, Frum’s and assorted other GOPe flunkies, along with the baseball game will go on for underprivileged kids. Cue the candles and prayers. Why? They want to kill you. Personally I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire. They should be shunned. And anything the Dems want I would deny on principle.

    An eye for an eye is tempting of course. But asymmetrical warfare is much better. Who exactly is enabling as as we saw yesterday and so hot to trot with the murder porn? Media. News media, popular media, social media, crap media,. Media. How do you gut them like a fish. Cut off the money.

    This can be accomplished many ways. The morons of the “arts”, media and all of their hangers on are totally dependent on other people’s money. If anyone wants to support them and their “art” personally with their own money so be it. But collective payment (punishment or extortion) for this crap needs to be stamped out with a vengeance. NEA budget zeroed out. The same with PBS and their virtue signalling programing taking up valuable broadcast bands owned by the public. A thousand channels of garbage through cable? A la carte mandatory. No one who has cable should have to pay for lefty propaganda in mandated fees paid to CNN, the NBC lineup of garbage, 200 channels in a language they don’t speak, social engineering sports freaks, or home shopping addiction networks. If someone wants it fine. I don’t think most of these “news” or news channels will be solvent very long. And if they do manage to hang on the salaries of their “stars” will be reduced to what they are worth which is minimal.

    Progressives care about money. Bernie the socialist down with the struggle is accumulating vacation dachas and sports cars. Hillary is trying to reconstruct the donors party for another run at the money scheme, and Obama is shilling for his presidential library and his new jet set freebie lifestyle (will he have an official vodka sponsor next?). Everything we saw yesterday is about money. The attempted murderer was mad about his share of the freebies disappearing. His social media was full of butthurt over not getting his. Or what he thought was his due. He had lost his state issued license to demand payment from homeowners as sanctioned by the state of IL before they could get a home loan or insurance payments. He also had a history of abusing (very badly) foster children who taxpayers were paying him to care for. He was psychotically fixated on getting his instead of earning it and he hated Republicans and Trump who were a threat to his gravy train. This is the face of the progressive voter. Gimme. You pay me. If you don’t I’ll kill you. This creepy bastard is gone and he can be angry with the devil. Cut off the money. All of the rest is rationalizing and bull$(!#.

  25. this morning i did a quick tour of cable to get a quick idea of the “spin” on yesterday’s attack…
    when i hit msnbc Mark Halpern was asking Senator Thune if Mueller’s investigation was a ‘witch hunt’
    Thune replied ‘no, he has to be able to complete his investigation bla, bla, bal’

    the bottom line…the establishment republicans are not even going to raise the idea that Mueller has stacked his investigative team with hardnose Democrats/clinton dims…

    not one word about it…you would think given a charged question like that…a republican would at least mention that…say something about FAIRNESS …but no…not this bunch…they don’t see it…they don’t question it…same pat answer that comes from Ryan…

    no back up or pushback for PDT…

  26. We certainly do need a bigger fish than reality loser. When I first heard her name I just shook my head in disbelief.

    This is all you got Sessions?

    By the way, Scalise had to have a second surgery and is unconscious in ICU. Dang phone keeps changing his name to Scalia as it did above.

  27. S

    They are all in on it, only thing I can think of is that we the people rise up and call them non stop to end this charade and put the pressure on them I detest them as much as the Democrats, maybe more, at least with the Dems you know the knife is coming.

  28. House Democrats took Scalise staff some pizza!
    For what purpose?

    1. to celebrate under the pretext of consoling?

    2. to console while secretly celebrating?

    Time was, the form of the political argument questioned the opponent’s judgement, but never his commitment to the country.

    Today, the big media qua democrat cabal party has rejected that argument in toto, and civility along with it.

    Today, the big media qua democrat cabal engages in distortion and the politics of personal destruction.

    That it would come to the attempted assassination is hardly surprising. They have corrupted the morals of the market place to that degree.

    They have brainwashed a generation to the point of savagery, which is easily triggered into violent acts including murder.

    For those who are part of this cabal to take his staff to pizza is mawkish.


    You have got to be kidding me.

  29. Sickening.

    Dems preach unity in the wake of shooting?

    Those who have spent the last eight years preaching disunity and building their entire political model around it, now preach unity?

    This reminds me of the maniacal child who kills his parents, and when he is captured and put on trial, begs for mercy because he is an orphan.

    Accordingly, I reject their faux call for unity, and the crocodile tears the shed.

    The sole purpose of this staged event is to evade responsibility for creating the very conditions that brought us to that point.

    I am not sanguine that this will prove to be an inflection point that causes them to move to the realm of sanity. Experience has shown it is not in their DNA.

  30. Trumps out tweeting again…
    Taking on Mueller, calling out…

    President Donald Trump challenged the authenticity of the reported investigation into charges that he obstructed justice by firing former FBI director James Comey, suggesting that it was just the latest attempt by his political enemies to damage his presidency.
    “They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning. “Nice.”

    Citing anonymous sources close to the investigation, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was interviewing senior intelligence officials to see if Trump tried to influence or block the Russian investigation into Mike Flynn.

  31. Look who is blaming Trump–not the dims, not the media, not Soros, not BLM, not the deep state, Trump, for the assassination attempt against the Republican whip by a Bernie (I am sickened he missed), Sander:

    Mark Sanford, a pillar of civic virtue, an upstanding man, an unimpeachable source, and a devotee of taxpayer financed assignations, for malleable leaders of such stature . . . . .

    In making this irresponsible and disloyal statement, it would appear that he has forgotten the wisdom of the old saw:

    Public figures who live in glass houses should not throw stones . .


    Rep. Mark Sanford — the Republican politico from South Carolina who used taxpayer dollars to made adulterous visits to his girlfriend — is now blaming his ex-wife for ending his marriage plans to the Argentine named Maria Belen Chapur.

    Mr. Sanford and Ms. Chapur first announced their affair in 2009, after the then-governor disappeared for several days. His aide told the world that Mr. Sanford was hiking the Appalachian Trail. He was actually visiting Ms. Chapur in Argentina.

    Mr. Sanford (aka old balls of flint and heart of stone) later admitted the affair in a lengthy, rambling and tearful press conference.

  32. In addition, this Stan Laurel look alike has totally forgotten Reagan’s 11th commandment: thou shall not attack fellow Republicans.

    Democrats follow that rule to the T when scandals arise with fellow democrats. Not only do they not attack, they counter attack the accuser, whether that accuser is a child, the little sisters of the poor, or Sean Hannity, whoever.

    For the RINO however, it is a commandment more honored in the breach than in the observance, and that is why they are such losers. LOSERS!

  33. In the aftermath of this attempted assassination, the question the big media dim cabal should be asking themselves is Biblical (Matthew 16:26):

    “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?”

    Unfortunately, atheists that they are, the question never arises. They are what the Russians call “dead souls”.

  34. Portions of a Steiff article from six years ago apply here in spades, to the weak kneed RINO, and all patriotic Americans who have the intestinal fortitude to ask people like Franken, et al the only question that matters at this point, indeed the one that calls them out, the very question Welch asked McCarthy after he engaged in similar tirades against liberty: have you no decency?
    Famous commie lawyer William Kunstler, who is now firmly ensconced in the 9th Circle, used to say “I do not believe in public attacks on socialist countries, even where violations of human rights may occur.” Or rather, “what’s a little genocide between friends.”

    But it is significant because now the rules going forward are clearly defined.

    I will not “denounce” anyone on my side because nothing anyone on my side says can come close to comparing to what the Left tosses about every day. And when saying whatever it is that gets the left’s panties in a wad, the people on my side are not trying to destroy the culture of this nation and pervert (quite literally in many cases) our laws and traditions. These people are trying to destroy Christianity itself.

    How anyone can claim Rush Limbaugh calling Fluke a “slut” is even in same league with the Randi Rhodes, maybe drunk maybe not, discoursing on the religion of Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley? It isn’t. Not even close.

    So I join with Dr. Fish in affirming that “FAIRNESS IS FOR SUCKERS” and that our first loyalty is to our allies.


    Many moons ago, the inestimable Thomas Crown wrote:

    “Should the entire American Left fall over dead tomorrow, I would rejoice, and order pizza to celebrate. They are not my countrymen; they are animals who happen to walk upright and make noises that approximate speech. They are below human. I look forward to seeing each and every one in Hell.”

    (NB: is it any surprise that the response to the assassination attempt was to order Pizza?)

  35. Never let a crisis go to waste.

    If this is to be what it should be, i.e. an inflection point, then forget about this unity horseshit. That is the practical equivalent of unilateral disarmament, because sure as little green apples the left will not stop.

    This crisis should be used to put a heavy burden of proof on the dims and the media when they say anything untoward. It should be the modern day version of Remember The Alamo, words that ring throughout the land.

    This assassination is attempt is 100% their doing.

  36. In the aftermath of this attempted assassination, the question the big media dim cabal should be asking themselves is Biblical (Matthew 16:26):

    “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?”

    Unfortunately, atheists that they are, the question never arises. They are what the Russians call “dead souls”.


    Yes. And the path back to the land of the living is also Biblical (Matthew 7:7):

    “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”

  37. Wbb,

    I called Sanfords office, they say his words were taken out of context, I called her BS.
    I called McConnells office, tried Ryan’s, no human will answer the phone at any office he has, called my Senators and Congressman.

    So tired of these yellow belly baffoons.

  38. Wbb,

    I called Sanfords office, they say his words were taken out of context, I called her BS.
    Oh? Really?? Well then what, IF ANYTHING, has he done to correct the records, to put them in context.

    I you are so disposed, call them again and ask that question.

    And then ask them to send you a copy of his “clarification”, so the people in his state, and across the nation know he was misquoted, and do not hang his ass by the sour apple tree for things he never said.

  39. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday offered to give political asylum to former FBI Director James Comey, poking at tensions between Comey and President Trump.

    “If Comey will be under the threat of political persecution, we are ready to accept him here,” Putin said at a press conference, according to Russian state media outlet TASS.
    Sounds reasonable to me.

    Russia, that shining citadel on the hill, has always been willing to offer asylum to Leakers, like Comey.

  40. Thune is a horses a$$. He was on TV talking highly of Mueller and saying there was no reason for him to step down, no conflict of interest.

    He’s one I didn’t call but will tomorrow, I’m sure it will make a big difference

  41. The shooter in this case was RADICALIZED by the left wing media.

    The left wing media is no different than the terrorist training centers.

    The have pumped enough poison gas in the air to incentivise Bernie supporters and Mad cow devotees to shoot Republicans.

    The media must be deemed to intend the logical and probable consequences of this vile act beause their vile rhetoric inpired it 100%

    The Republicans must not do what they typically which is reel back in horror, refuse to politicize the event and blather on endlessly about a unity which exonerates the guilty party.

    They must do the exact opposite. They must do what I said earlier today. They must use it as a rallying cry to push forward the Trump agenda, and when Schumer stands up to block them they must invoke this incident, and accuse him of being soft on terrorism.

    If they are not up to that task, and I mean corker, collins, flake, light in the loafers, and Murkowki, and the rest of those camp followers, they must be told to get out and let someone who is willing to defend western civilization to pick up the battle axe they are unable to wield, so the fight can go on. If they fail to do that, the left will destroy this country.

  42. No one to believe left:

    Rosenstein warns Americans to ‘exercise caution’ about anonymous reports

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said Thursday evening that Americans should “exercise caution” before believing anonymously sourced reports, an apparent reference to ongoing leaks surrounding the investigation into alleged connections between Russian officials and President Trump’s campaign.

    “Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories any stories attributed to anonymous ‘officials,'” Rosenstein said in a statement, “particularly when they do not identify the country — let alone the branch or agency of government — with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated.”

    Though Rosenstein’s statement did not reference the Russia investigation specifically, it was released hours after the Washington Post reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Jared Kushner — Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law — over his finances and business dealings.

    Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller, did not comment on the Post report when reached by Fox News, but did say that the special counsel’s office “has undertaken stringent controls to prohibit unauthorized disclosures that deal severely with any member who engages in this conduct.”

    Trump and his supporters have repeatedly complained about leaked reports about the progress of Mueller’s investigation, many of which have appeared in either the Post or The New York Times.

    On Wednesday, the Post reported that Mueller was examining whether Trump has tried to obstruct justice and was seeking interviews with three administration officials: Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence; Michael Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency; and Richard Ledgett, the former NSA deputy director.

    Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Trump’s personal lawyer, responded Wednesday evening to the Post report by saying: “The FBI leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal.”

    The Post report cited anonymous sources who were briefed on requests made by investigators. It was not immediately clear whether the FBI was the source of the information.

    The president himself took to Twitter Wednesday morning to complain about the “phony story” in the Post, then did so again in the afternoon to question why Hillary Clinton’s conduct during the probe of her private email server was not under more scrutiny.

  43. Not sure if this is a joke or true:

  44. This from last summer is harsh, could incite violence. IDK if it made the rounds then.

    It is not enough to simply beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again.
    Retweets 5,687
    Likes 8,555
    5:03 PM – 13 Jun 2016

  45. Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller, did not comment on the Post report when reached by Fox News, but did say that the special counsel’s office “has undertaken stringent controls to prohibit unauthorized disclosures that deal severely with any member who engages in this conduct.”–UNLESS THEY ARE DEMOCRATS/DEEP STATERS, IN WHICH CASE THEY SHALL BE GIVEN TRANSACTIONAL IMMUNITY.
    Gov. Mike Huckabee ✔ @GovMikeHuckabee
    Yikes! Robert Mueller called me; wants to talk; Don’t know what it’s about, but it will be leaked in NY Slimes or Wash Compost tomorrow.
    There is nothing Mueller can say to convince me that he is after the truth.

    He is a deep state operative.

    How do I know?

    Three compelling reasons:

    First, he is Comey’s mentor, and Comey set the stage to ensure he would be appointed. He read Rod Rothstein for the political coward he is, and knew if he pushed the envelope through the New York Slimes he appoint his mentor to get even with Trump for firing him.

    Second, he met with Comey off the record before he testified to further this conspiracy. As former director himself, he has the same interest as Comey does in covering up past misdeed, including flagrant abuses of civil liberties, and the utter politicization of that agency.

    Third, he hired bitter partisans to man the guns of this faux investigation. Partisans who were major contributors to Obama. And he has sent them out in all directions without a limited scope of work.

    Bottom line: the public is not stupid. Mueller will deepen the widespread distrust of government. He is as much of a political hack as the Mullen and his Pickering were on Benghazi in protecting Deep State interests, and overlooked relevant evidence to deliver the not guilty conclusion the deep state wanted.

    And if you believe Mueller that there will be no leaks you must also believe in the Easter Bunny. The only thing you can be sure of is there will be no leaks critical of Comey, FBI abuse, or Obama.

  46. I would like to think this Kamala Harris 2020 thing could not happen, but we have seen the play book and the fact she is a AA woman makes it a real possibility. The demographics are shifting and Trump ‘s victory was really the last stand by a lot of what I guess the media refers to as flyover state voters. Time is not on our side.

  47. Too many people assumed, without thinking it through, that the appointment of Mueller would end the collusion with Russian fantasy promulgated by the deep state. They came to their senses when the realized his deep relationship with Comey, his orchestration of comeys testimony to ensure he was appointed by that naif Rosenstein, and his appointment of democrat operatives to man the investigation. The fact that Thune sees no problem with this marks him as a sucker. Long ago he co sponsored a bill I wrote for the cattle industry. I was more impressed with him then than I am now.

  48. jbstonesfan
    June 16, 2017 at 10:07 am
    I am not that pessimistic.

    I think what we are seeing is devolution.

    The states will be taking over many of the things the fed has done.

    And the red states will not succumb to taxation without representation.

    If you want to worry about something consider this:

    Howard Schultz is likely to run and unlike Harris he has a proven track record of success.

    She is the flotsam and jetsome of identity poitics which is wearing very thin.

    Interestingly, the one pjmedia worries about is that crustacean Bernie Sander, iman to the beltway assassin who shot Scalise, at the best of NYT.

  49. wbboei

    June 16, 2017 at 11:17 am


    wbboei…i know you have mentioned Howard Schultz as a dem candidate before…and I do not doubt that he might run…

    imveryho…but I think the power of the far left ‘identity politics’ is strong and will effect choosing their candidate…

    the current dim party does not function like the dem party we recall…they are prisoners to the crazies…the far left loons will turn against the Dims if they do not go radical…i could be wrong…but my intuition tells me the Dims will have go far left to satisfy their “base” especially after Hillary fiasco…I think they are going to first try to secure the black and hispanic vote and create the ‘minority momentum’ O pulled off…

    I just don’t see Shultz catching fire with their base…but i could be completely wrong…look at all the repubs that thought they had it, Rubio, etc…and fell one by one…

    it is reported that Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician on the dim side…i can’t see his volitale supporters being happy with HS…the identity politics thing will make itself heard…it really is all the base has…some people think Al Franken is going to make a run…
    i think they are going to demand a ‘minority’ candidate or at least part of the ticket…the dim “base” does not care about a record of proven success…they are not rationale, they want open borders, now they sympathize with islam, women are taking a back seat to transgenders…just look at them in the streets and Perez, Gillibrand…they have jumped the shark…

    it will be interesting to see how it evolves…many of them are starting to fantasize and ‘position’ themselves…

  50. Schultz, imho, would be a candidate in the vein of a Mark Cuban, but without the bombast of Cuban…

    Cuban’s ego is big enough that he would run just for the fun of running against PDT

  51. admin
    June 16, 2017 at 2:56 am

    Not sure if this is a joke or true:

    It’s a joke. Which is bad news for Muellar that he is a now viewed as a joke. He is supposed to be a serious and honorable man but is being made fun of by a Arkansas Baptist preacher. Complaints, accusations, Muellar would relish but not being made fun of by a hick and goober. The memo or whatever it was, a snit-fit really, by Rosenstein last night is the real laugher as he stomps his widdle foot as Muellar and crew careen out of control like a drunks in a clown car. The leaking has reached the preposterous and ridiculous phase. I think some of the leaking is “fake” leaking to the fake news to drive the “they are all idiots” meme.

  52. I wonder why the kooky left doesn’t seem to think that their savagery will not result in a response from patriotic Americans who are just biding their time? If any harm comes to our President #MAGA Trump or his family, I suspect that a price will be paid by those who have been fanning the flames. Certainly they must realize that everyone already know who they are. As they push their hate, they invite a response. And as usual, they are the instigators, and as such, any reactions will more than likely be directed at them. It is truly a sad day in this country when level headed people are now contemplating how to best protect themselves and the country from a radical element that has no desire to live in peace and harmony.

  53. Cuban born violinist Luis playing the Star Spangled Banner today at speech by PDT in Miami


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