Cartoon Day: Show Pony Comey Phony Baloney V. Hulk Trump Smash

Update: #ArrestComey. Jimmy “Olive Oyl” Comey admitted Obama thug Loretta Lynch interfered in the investigation of Hillary Clinton yet Comey kept his mouth shut when the law requires him to speak out. Olive Oyl Comey also provided a government document to his crony at Columbia University with the intent that the government document be leaked. Jonathan Turley makes the case for #ArrestComey based on 18 U.S. Code § 641:

One of the most interesting new disclosures today in the Comey hearing was the admission by former FBI Director James Comey that he intentionally used a “friend” on the Columbia law faculty to leak his memos to the media. Comey says that he did so to force the appointment of a Special Counsel. However, those memos could be viewed as a government record and potential evidence in a criminal investigation. [snip]

The problem is that Comey’s description of his use of an FBI computer to create memoranda to file suggests that these are arguably government documents. Comey admitted that he thought he raised the issue with his staff and recognized that they might be needed by the Department or Congress. They read like a type of field 302 form, which are core investigatory documents.

The admission of leaking the memos is problematic given the overall controversy involving leakers undermining the Administration. Indeed, it creates a curious scene of a former director leaking material against the President after the President repeatedly asked him to crack down on leakers.

Besides being subject to Nondisclosure Agreements, Comey falls under federal laws governing the disclosure of classified and nonclassified information. Assuming that the memos were not classified (though it seems odd that it would not be classified even on the confidential level), there is 18 U.S.C. § 641 which makes it a crime to steal, sell, or convey “any record, voucher, money, or thing of value of the United States or of any department or agency thereof.”

There are also ethical and departmental rules against the use of material to damage a former represented person or individual or firm related to prior representation. [snip]

Moreover, if Comey was sure of his right to release the memo, why use a law professor to avoid fingerprints?

I find Comey’s admission to be deeply troubling from a professional and ethical standpoint. Would Director Comey have approved such a rule for FBI agents? Thus, an agent can prepare a memo during office hours on an FBI computer about a meeting related to his service . . . but leak that memo to the media. [snip]

Comey’s statement of a good motivation does not negate the concerns over his chosen means of a leak. Moreover, the timing of the leak most clearly benefited Comey not the cause of a Special Counsel.

Comey colluded with Deep State leakers to destroy President Trump because Jimmy Comey is a Deep State Swamp leaker. #ArrestComey #ArrestDanielRichman.


Olive Oyl. James Comey is Olive Oyl. A talk skinny bitch always getting into trouble yelling for someone to help her when she is the one that got herself into trouble in the first place.

The Great President Donald J. Trump? Hulk. The Incredible Hulk. Hulk smash.

That whiny bitch Phony Baloney Comey admitted today that he was pressured and interfered with in an investigation and he felt, as usual, concerned and uncomfortable. Whiny bitch Comey admitted that the corrupt official that pressured and interfered with his investigation was Obama crony Loretta Lynch. Phony Baloney Comey vindicated President Trump:

North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, the Republican chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, asked Comey, “Did the president at any time ask you to stop the FBI investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. elections?”

The former FBI director replied, “Not to my understanding, no.”

Burr followed up by asking if any member of the administration made this request, and Comey replied, “no.”

Whiny bitch-boy Phony Baloney Comey who investigated, then contrary to the law did not prosecute Hillary Clinton, confessed he too is guilty of the same crimes as Hillary Clinton! Hillary Clinton was investigated for her violations of law in the way she negligently handled classified government documents. Well, Phony Baloney Comey did the same thing only much worse and Phony Baloney Comey admitted his criminal acts with government papers:

Former FBI Director James Comey acknowledged that he orchestrated the leak of a memorandum detailing his private interactions with President Donald Trump during testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Thursday morning.

“I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter,” Comey said. [snip]

He added that he did so in hopes that his account might spur the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Trump campaign’s contacts with elements of the Russian government, and any subsequent cover up.

So in order to influence government policy and appointment, Comey leaked classified government documents from a law enforcement agency during an active investigation.

Phony Baloney Comey corruptly leaked classified government documents of an investigation because he wanted to steer the investigation corruptly.

Senator Marco Rubio asked the right questions of corrupt Comey:

Later in the hearing, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) noted that one of the three things Trump asked Comey was: “Can you please tell the American people what these leaders in Congress already know — what you already know, you told me three times — that I am not personally under investigation.”

“You know,” Rubio continued, “this investigation is full of leaks, left and right. I mean, we’ve learned more from the newspaper sometimes than we do from our open hearings, for sure.

“You ever wonder why, of all the things in this investigation, the only thing that’s never been leaked is the fact that the president was not personally under investigation, despite the fact that both Democrats and Republicans and the leadership of Congress knew that and have known that for weeks?

Good news for the Great President Donald J. Trump did not leak because Comey the whiny bitch did not leak it. Comey only corruptly leaked information damaging to President Trump.

The Comey revelations that he was a leaker explains why as Director of the F.B.I. Comey did not pursue investigations against leakers. Comey corrupted his office to protect himself and other leakers. Comey corruptly leaked to influence a federal investigation. That’s a crime.

Arrest Jim Comey!


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  1. Real news:

    Senate GOP paves way for Obamacare repeal bill

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) fast-tracked the House bill on Thursday, placing it on the Senate calendar and allowing it -as expected- to skip over the committee process.

    Senate Republicans are writing their own proposal, but will use the House bill as a shell to get their own bill through the upper chamber. McConnell’s move will allow him to quickly bring up the legislation once Republicans are ready to vote.

    McConnell predicted after a closed-door caucus lunch this week that Republicans would be moving forward with their legislation in the “near future.”

    “We’ve had plenty of time to discuss this issue. … We’re getting close to having a proposal to whip and take to the floor,” he told reporters during a weekly press conference.

    Republicans want to pass their Obamacare repeal and replacement bill this summer, with some members pointing to the July 4 recess while other members want to pass it by the August recess.

    ObamaCare repeal and replace matters, not criminal leaker Comey.

  2. Wow, can I post from my phone?

    Got to say whinny Comey is a byt$h through and through.

    He evoked his wife, his mommy and “Lordy” and all the usual suspects who were calling for his head because, of course, he was responsible for hillarys loss, now are claiming him big, strong and lovely window dressing… we know he fits in with the drapes by his own account.

    I’m just sorry Trump had to go through this…

    Fox is now pretty much all antiTrump including Judge Nap, he has a few like Hannity, but very few supporters besides the American people. But we are his voice and we must fight back with him, we must win.

  3. Rubio should have followed up with…

    Mr. Comey, while you were with the FBI and after you left, did you ever leak any other information besides your notes to your friend to “get yourside of the story out to the public”

    Mr. Comey, while you were the Director of the FBI, did anyone else in the FBI leak any information, as you are on record as having done, to the public?

    Since you left the FBI do you know of anyone in the FBI who has also leaked information to the public?

    Who and What?

  4. Good to see Kasowitz saw and stated what we saw and stated:

    While President Trump stayed unusually silent on James Comey, his lawyer stressed Thursday that Comey’s testimony proved that Trump did not collude with Russia during last year’s election nor try to obstruct justice in the FBI investigation — and went on to accuse the former FBI director of directing unauthorized news leaks designed to damage the president.

    Comey’s testimony, attorney Marc Kasowitz said, “makes clear that the president never sought to impede the investigation into attempted Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

    “And in fact, according to Mr. Comey, the president told Mr. Comey ‘it would be good to find out” in that investigation if there were “some ‘satellite’ associates of his who did something wrong.'”

    In attacking Comey’s testimony — as Trump surrogates did throughout the day — Kasowitz said the ex-director “admitted that he unilaterally and surreptitiously made unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the president.”

    Trump’s lawyer was referring to the memos Comey kept on conversations he had with the president.

    In testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey said he moved to make aspects of his contemporaneous memos public by enlisting a friend to share contents of his own notes with a reporter, after the president suggested in a tweet there might be secret recordings of his conversations with Comey.

    Comey said he hoped news reports would prompt the appointment of a special counsel. Indeed, the Justice Department appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the Russia probe just one day after the existence of the memos was disclosed.

    Yet Kasowitz said the New York Times reported on the memos before that presidential post. Calling Comey’s action “retaliatory,” Kasowitz said that “we will leave it the appropriate authorities to determine whether this leaks should be investigated along with all those others being investigated.” [snip]

    Kasowitz’s statement did not address Comey’s testimony before the Senate panel that he kept notes out of concern that Trump might later lie about the nature of their conversations.

    Comey said he began documenting his interactions with the president starting with his first meeting on Jan. 6 after a tense briefing at Trump Tower. “It was the subject matter and the person I was interacting with,” he said. “It was the nature of the person. I was honestly concerned that he would lie about the nature of our meeting.”

    In the hearing, Comey also said Trump “defamed me and the FBI’’ after the president dismissed him last month. “Those were lies, plain and simple, and I am so sorry the FBI workforce had to hear them, and the American people were told them,” Comey said. [snip]

    In his written statement defending Trump, Kasowitz said the president “never pressured Mr. Comey” into dropping the Russia investigation, and never sought a loyalty oath from the FBI director.

    The attorney did say that “the Office of the President is entitled to expect loyalty from those who are serving in an administration,” and that Trump has been betrayed by people leaking privileged information.

    “It is now established that there the president was not being investigated for colluding with the or attempting to obstruct that investigation,” Kasowitz said. “As the committee pointed out today, these important facts for the country to know are virtually the only facts that have not leaked during the long course of these events.”

    Trump watched parts of the hearing with top aides, including members of his legal team, in a private dining room at the White House.

    He did not tweet about the Comey hearing, nor did he mention the testimony specifically during a midday speech to a group of religious conservatives. Trump did, however, tell supporters that “we’re under siege,” and “we will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever.” [snip]

    In his testimony, Comey also essentially confirmed the president’s claim that on three occasions the FBI director told the president he was not personally under investigation – statements Comey said Trump urged him to make public.

    In his written statement, Comey said the FBI and Justice Department believed there were a number of reasons not to make that kind of statement publicly, “most importantly because it would create a duty to correct, should that change.”

    In addition to the Comey hearing, Trump has had what spokesman Sean Spicer called “a full day” of presidential activity on Thursday.

    It included the midday speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference, and a mid-afternoon meeting with a group of mayors and governors to discuss infrastructure plans.

    Trump’s focus, Spicer said, “is going to be on pursuing the agenda and the priorities that he was elected to do.”

  5. to Comey, how will we ever know what the outcome of the investigation of Hillary Clinton would have been, in view of the fact that the AG shut it down and you, Mr. Comey, acted as the Prosecutor and made the decision not to investigate further or have a grand jury called?

    Why didn’t you insist that the AG, Lynch, recuse herself and give the investigation to the Deputy AG?

    How can you say you could not find “intent” when you gave all the people close to her “immunity” and you did not even interview her, your staff interviewed her for 2 hours on a holiday weekend without putting her under oath and with no written notes taken?

    Do you think that was a fair investigation?
    and you want to “indict” PDT in the public arena as a liar because he used the word “hope”

    give us a break…

    freaking “whiner” was the first word that came to mind when that man first opened his mouth today…

  6. a tweet that says a lot…


    Jubal E. Harshaw ‎@alimhaider

    Comey couldn’t determine HRC’s intent, but he can read Trump’s mind.

    1:13 PM – 8 Jun 2017




    First and foremost, I am perfectly willing to accept Comey’s account in this hearing. However, even accepting those representations as true, they did not describe a crime or an impeachable offense. Comey confirmed that Trump actually agreed that it would be a good idea for the Russian investigation to go forward and not be terminated artificially.

    Comey also confirmed that Trump only expressed a “hope” that the Flynn investigation would end – a statement that Trump made repeatedly publicly. He also confirmed that Trump was primarily asking him to make public what he had already told Congress – that he was not under personal investigation.

    Obviously, Trump does not come over well in this account (an account that he had denied). Comey testified that he immediately began the practice of writing down notes from meetings with Trump after the election because of “the nature of the person. I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting.” Again, however, having a duplicitous or dishonest nature is not an impeachable offense. Indeed, if that standard were applied in Washington generally, it would be a ghost town.

    The saturation of Watergate analogies in the media, however, seems wildly detached from either the actual testimony or history. If Watergate was a cancer growing on the presidency, this is still little more than a canker sore – not great to look at but hardly life threatening. It could get worse but what Comey described in his testimony was boorish and even brutish but not necessarily an indictable or impeachable offense. Article I is not a book of etiquette for presidents. If Trump said these things to Comey, they are incredibly improper and ill-advised. Yet, the Nixon comparison works in favor of the position of Trump more than it does Comey.

    Comey recounted his discomfort over allegedly being told that Trump wanted assurances of his loyalty and repeatedly asked him to scuttle the investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. However, Comey confirmed that he did in fact assure Trump that the president was not under investigation not once but three times. That is significant on two levels. First, if it was grossly inappropriate for Trump to ask the question (and it was), it was equally inappropriate for Comey to answer it (three times). Second, whatever Trump asked of Comey was done in the knowledge that he himself was not viewed as a target for investigation.

    Comey also confirmed that Trump asked for him to end the investigation of Flynn, not the Russian investigation as a whole. Flynn had just been fired the day before and Trump could argue that he was expressing sympathy for an aide who had been put through a great deal and was still only accused of relatively minor criminal conduct like violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

    I tend to view these things through the lens of a criminal defense counsel and there are a myriad of possible interpretations other than obstruction. The same can be said of the loyalty discussion. Trump’s young administration was being ripped apart by leaks from national security and law enforcement sources. Comey was widely viewed with suspicion by many in the administration. The comment could be viewed in that context rather than some grand Watergate-esque conspiracy.

    That brings us back to Watergate. On CNN, Jeffrey Toobin pointed to John Dean sitting next to him to reaffirm that this was now a strong case of obstruction. Toobin stated that Dean (who agreed that the evidence supports a charge of obstruction) knew what he was talking about because he went to jail for obstruction during Watergate. However, the Dean comparison only highlights the overhyped analogy. Dean pled guilty to giving hush money to the Watergate burglars to keep them quiet. That is obstruction. Telling an FBI director that a recently resigned aide is a good guy (something Comey agreed with) and he hoped that he could be now left alone is hardly analogous.

    A comparison to the first article of impeachment for Nixon is equally illustrative. The much-touted article accused Nixon of not expressing his desire for the termination of one (but not all investigations) or the suggestion that he might not retain a director for a lack of loyalty. It details extensive criminal conduct on the part of Nixon “to delay, impede, and obstruct the investigation of such illegal entry; to cover up, conceal and protect those responsible; and to conceal the existence and scope of other unlawful covert activities.”

    What followed that statement was a list of nine specific allegations including false and misleading statement to investigators, withholding evidence, procuring false testimony of others, interfering with federal and congressional proceedings, the payment of hush money to witnesses and targets, misuse of the CIA to obstruct the investigation, passing along investigative information to criminal suspects to assist their efforts to evade prosecution, making false information to the public to conceal criminal conduct, and rewarding possible witnesses for their silence of false testimony. Virtually all of those listed items are crimes in their own right.

    Of course, one of the most striking differences is that James Comey is no John Dean. Dean went to Nixon to confront him on the cancer growing on the presidency. Comey said nothing to Trump about his misgivings in meeting alone or his comments. He wrote a memo to file. While he did (to his credit) raise the issue with his staff, Comey admits that he did not raise the impropriety of Trump’s questions or conduct with the president.

    Comey’s testimony is more illustrative of his view of the nature of Donald Trump than the nature of any alleged crime. A criminal defense counsel would have a field day on these facts if a charge was ever brought. Every factual assertion can be either menacing or mundane, depending on your assumptions about Trump and his motivations. In comparison to the first article of impeachment of Nixon, it is the difference between high crimes and high anxiety.

    Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. He served as the lead defense counsel on behalf of Judge Thomas Porteous in the last impeachment trial in the United States Senate.

    Comey didn’t like Trump so Comey committed crimes and leaks to destroy Trump. Arrest Jimmy Olive Oyl Comey!

  8. Chris Matthews:

    Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia collusion theory ‘came apart’ with Comey testimony

    Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Thursday the accusation that President Trump directly colluded with Russia to interfere in the U.S. election “came apart” following former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony in front of Congress.

    In his written and spoken testimony on Thursday, Comey said that he never felt that Trump had tried to impede the FBI’s investigation into Russia, even that the president had encouraged it and he suggested that former national security adviser Mike Flynn wasn’t at the heart of the investigation.

    The assumption of the critics of the president, of his pursuers, you might say, is that somewhere along the line in the last year is the president had something to do with colluding with the Russians … to affect the election in some way,” Matthews said on MSNBC, following the testimony.

    And yet what came apart this morning was that theory,” Matthews said, listing two reasons why. First, he said Comey revealed that “Flynn wasn’t central to the Russian investigation,” and secondly, he said that kills the idea that Flynn might have been in a position to testify against Trump.

    And if that’s not the case, where’s the there-there?” Matthews said.

    In his testimony, Comey confirmed media reports that Trump had asked him if he could drop the FBI investigation into Flynn and that the president had asked for his “loyalty.” But Comey also asserted that he had told Trump that he was not personally under any investigation and that the president had encouraged the Russia investigation, even if it implicated any of his associates.

    The hearing lasted nearly three hours and was followed by additional closed testimony in the Senate.

  9. Theresa May potentially blown up in UK. Her weakness and mealy mouthed condemnations of Muslim terror changed too late. Add Terrorist attacks and that may have done her in if the latest election day poll results are to be believed.

    Terrorists win!



    The admission of leaking the memos is problematic given the overall controversy involving leakers undermining the Administration. Indeed, it creates a curious scene of a former director leaking material against the President after the President repeatedly asked him to crack down on leakers.

    Besides being subject to Nondisclosure Agreements, Comey falls under federal laws governing the disclosure of classified and nonclassified information. Assuming that the memos were not classified (though it seems odd that it would not be classified even on the confidential level), there is 18 U.S.C. § 641 which makes it a crime to steal, sell, or convey “any record, voucher, money, or thing of value of the United States or of any department or agency thereof.”

    There are also ethical and departmental rules against the use of material to damage a former represented person or individual or firm related to prior representation. The FBI website states:

    Dissemination of FBI information is made strictly in accordance with provisions of the Privacy Act; Title 5, United States Code, Section 552a; FBI policy and procedures regarding discretionary release of information in accordance with the Privacy Act; and other applicable federal orders and directives.”


    By the way, waking up in the middle of the night (as described by Comey) is not generally the best time to decide to leak damaging memos against a sitting president. There are times when coffee and a full night’s sleep (and even conferral with counsel) is recommended. Leaking damaging memos is one of those times. Moreover, if Comey was sure of his right to release the memo, why use a law professor to avoid fingerprints?

    I find Comey’s admission to be deeply troubling from a professional and ethical standpoint. Would Director Comey have approved such a rule for FBI agents? Thus, an agent can prepare a memo during office hours on an FBI computer about a meeting related to his service . . . but leak that memo to the media. The Justice Department has long defined what constitutes government documents broadly. It is not clear if Comey had the documents reviewed for classification at the confidential level or confirmed that they would be treated as entirely private property. What is clear is that he did not clear the release of the memos with anyone in the government.

    Comey’s statement of a good motivation does not negate the concerns over his chosen means of a leak. Moreover, the timing of the leak most clearly benefited Comey not the cause of a Special Counsel. It was clear at that time that a Special Counsel was likely. More importantly, Comey clearly understood that these memos would be sought. That leads inevitably to the question of both motivation as well as means.


    In his testimony former FBI director James Comey echoed a view that I alone have been expressing for several weeks, and that has been attacked by nearly every Democratic pundit.

    Comey confirmed that under our Constitution, the president has the authority to direct the FBI to stop investigating any individual. I paraphrase, because the transcript is not yet available: the president can, in theory, decide who to investigate, who to stop investigating, who to prosecute and who not to prosecute. The president is the head of the unified executive branch of government, and the Justice Department and the FBI work under him and he may order them to do what he wishes


    I write this short op-ed as Comey finishes his testimony. I think it is important to put to rest the notion that there was anything criminal about the president exercising his constitutional power to fire Comey and to request – “hope” – that he let go the investigation of General Flynn. Just as the president would have had the constitutional power to pardon Flynn and thus end the criminal investigation of him, he certainly had the authority to request the director of the FBI to end his investigation of Flynn.

    So let’s move on and learn all the facts regarding the Russian efforts to intrude on American elections without that investigation being impeded by frivolous efforts to accuse President Trump of committing a crime by exercising his constitutional authority.

    Alan M. Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus and author of Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law and Electile Dysfunction.

  12. Update: #ArrestComey. Jimmy “Olive Oyl” Comey admitted Obama thug Loretta Lynch interfered in the investigation of Hillary Clinton yet Comey kept his mouth shut when the law requires him to speak out. Olive Oyl Comey also provided a government document to his crony at Columbia University with the intent that the government document be leaked. Jonathan Turley makes the case for #ArrestComey based on 18 U.S. Code § 641:

    One of the most interesting new disclosures today in the Comey hearing was the admission by former FBI Director James Comey that he intentionally used a “friend” on the Columbia law faculty to leak his memos to the media. Comey says that he did so to force the appointment of a Special Counsel. However, those memos could be viewed as a government record and potential evidence in a criminal investigation. [snip]

    The problem is that Comey’s description of his use of an FBI computer to create memoranda to file suggests that these are arguably government documents. Comey admitted that he thought he raised the issue with his staff and recognized that they might be needed by the Department or Congress. They read like a type of field 302 form, which are core investigatory documents.

    The admission of leaking the memos is problematic given the overall controversy involving leakers undermining the Administration. Indeed, it creates a curious scene of a former director leaking material against the President after the President repeatedly asked him to crack down on leakers.

    Besides being subject to Nondisclosure Agreements, Comey falls under federal laws governing the disclosure of classified and nonclassified information. Assuming that the memos were not classified (though it seems odd that it would not be classified even on the confidential level), there is 18 U.S.C. § 641 which makes it a crime to steal, sell, or convey “any record, voucher, money, or thing of value of the United States or of any department or agency thereof.”

    There are also ethical and departmental rules against the use of material to damage a former represented person or individual or firm related to prior representation. [snip]

    Moreover, if Comey was sure of his right to release the memo, why use a law professor to avoid fingerprints?

    I find Comey’s admission to be deeply troubling from a professional and ethical standpoint. Would Director Comey have approved such a rule for FBI agents? Thus, an agent can prepare a memo during office hours on an FBI computer about a meeting related to his service . . . but leak that memo to the media. [snip]

    Comey’s statement of a good motivation does not negate the concerns over his chosen means of a leak. Moreover, the timing of the leak most clearly benefited Comey not the cause of a Special Counsel.

    Comey colluded with Deep State leakers to destroy President Trump because Jimmy Comey is a Deep State Swamp leaker. #ArrestComey #ArrestDanielRichman.


  13. By Charles Hurt – The Washington Times – Thursday, June 8, 2017
    Mark this down as the week Donald Trump won re-election.
    The television split screen Wednesday captured it perfectly.
    On one side, U.S. senators — the same ones who have failed to fulfill key parts of the agenda that got Mr. Trump elected — were squabbling, interrupting, misleading and orating about Russian mirages around every corner. All of Washington screeched to a halt for this big breathless intelligence committee hearing.
    On the other side of the screen was Mr. Trump himself, standing on a tarmac in Ohio and talking to victims of Obamacare.
    One more giant health care insurer had dropped out of the state’s Obamacare markets, leaving 18 counties with no government health insurance. The stories of raised rates and jacked premiums Mr. Trump told were horrific.
    Gee, I wonder why America hates Washington and Congress and the media so much. And I wonder how Mr. Trump ever got elected with all his sordid ties to the Russians.
    Well, I will tell you why. Because nobody gives a flying frog about this whole stupid Russia story, for which there has not been a scintilla of evidence linking Mr. Trump to any of it.
    Yet, more breathless coverage Thursday morning on sacked FBI Director Jim Comey’s sensational testimony tried to make the Watergate hearings look like middle school mock debate.
    There was nothing new, of course, out of the Comey hearing because Mr. Comey himself had already leaked all of it to the press. At the same time as he condemned government officials over leaking to the press, Mr. Comey shamelessly described how he, too, had leaked all of his private exchanges with Mr. Trump to the press.
    Since when, by the way, does an underling get to determine whether private Oval Office conversations with the president are subject to executive privilege?
    Not only that, Mr. Comey specifically leaked all of this confidential information to The New York Times — a publication that he also singled out for the paper’s alarming tendency to publish fake news. Making matters even worse, Mr. Comey described how pernicious the fake news published by The New York Times is, because the people who know the truth can’t refute the fake news.
    Mr. Comey leaked everything, as Mr. Trump’s attorney noted, except one important detail: Mr. Trump is not — and never was — the target of any investigation involving Russia or anything else.
    That was the one thing Mr. Trump wanted known so that he could get on with making good on his campaign promises. Despite all the caterwauling by Democrats and leaks from the intelligence community and fake news in The New York Times, nobody in a position of authority ever thought Mr. Trump had improper ties to Russia.
    That’s not to say Russia did not attempt — as all global players do — to influence the election. Mr. Trump just never had a thing to do with it.
    The only revelation of election rigging came from — that’s right — former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, famous for meeting secretly with Bill Clinton on the tarmac while Mr. Clinton’s wife was under investigation for her rampant disregard for national security.
    Not an “investigation,” Ms. Lynch instructed Mr. Comey. It is just a “matter.”
    Gee, I wonder what is the source for that hot tip for lying your way out of a jam like that? Guess it depends on what the definition of “is” is.
    Perhaps the worst part of all of this is the reason Mr. Comey gave for leaking confidential, perhaps privileged, information: He wanted a special prosecutor appointed.
    In other words: pure retaliation.
    This, despite Mr. Comey testifying that he understood that the president had the right to fire him at any time for any reason — or for no reason whatsoever. Also, he testified that he did not know the reason he was fired.
    Still, Mr. Comey did not like the unknown reason that the president didn’t even need to have. So he retaliated.
    The swamp strikes back.
    So, let’s recap Thursday’s testimony.
    The only verified leaker exposed: Jim Comey.
    The only person we know is not and never was under investigation for ties to Russia: Donald Trump.
    The only person exposed for trying to influence an election: Loretta Lynch.
    The only paper accused of publishing fake news: The New York Times.
    The only person who attempted to obstruct justice: Loretta Lynch, and probably Bill Clinton.
    It’s gonna be a fun seven more years.
    • Charles Hurt can be reached at and on Twitter via @charleshurt.


  14. Comey is a strange duck.

    He demanded a public hearing for what?

    To spill his guts on things that will land him in the hoosegow, lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

    In doing so he threw everyone under the bus– including himself.

    Yes. The Pope, as he is called, has made a fine mess of things.

  15. Yes, arrest C omey. Also arrest his lawyer friend who leaked information to the media at his request, and also arrest Loretta Lynch based on Comey’s revelations.

  16. Before the end of the weekend, preferably by Friday morning, there should be a raid of Comey’s house and the home of the friend who leaked to the New York Times. The F.B.I. should raid both homes and seize computers and files to see what else has been leaked.

    If the F.B.I. does not send this clear cut message to the employees of law enforcement, particularly the F.B.I. employees then the organization is complicit.

    Likewise Comey’s friend Mueller should arrest Comey and his friend immediately. If not, Mueller is complicit.

  17. It would give me great pleasure to see Comey taken to task and jailed alongside any of his cohorts from the FBI (as well as the Columbia Law prof).

  18. Btw…where’s Newt?
    Must be out of the country otherwise he would be analyzing

    It is so obvious that Comey was trying to set up Donald…deep, deep state on display

    On my phone for the second time…progress admin

  19. Watching the BBC looks like conservatives the largest party but lost seats and a hung parliament

    What does that mean, does May remain Prime Minister
    What happens to that weird Labor guy Corbin?
    Sounds like still more votes to come in
    Anyone know?

  20. S, here are our quickie answers to your questions:

    The Conservative Party will be the biggest party by far but not win enough seats to control Parliament.

    The big question on who forms the next government depends on how many seats the Conservatives win. As of 1:30 a.m. EDT the Conservatives are projected by the BBC to have already won 312 seats. To have a majority the Conservatives need 326.

    If the Conservatives win 316 seats (4 more than their current 312, with 11 seats still to be decided) then they will form the next government. We predict this because it is likely that with 316 seats the Conservatives can form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party of Ireland. The DUP has thus far won 10 seats. This means 316 Conservative seats plus 10 DUP seats will have the governing control. If the Conservatives don’t get to 316 seats, they have a major headache and will have to sell their souls to get another party to join with them. [One thing to consider however is that because of the refusal by most Irish parties to participate in Parliament the reality is that only 322 votes are really needed to govern. This means that the Conservatives should already have enough votes to govern alongside DUP.]

    Win or lose, we believe Theresa May has to be removed as Prime Minister and as head of the Conservative Party. Her replacement should be shorter Trump lookalike Boris Johnson. Unlike May, Johnson is not afraid to say what he means and mean what he says.

    As we have written, Theresa May deserved to lose this election. She is a mess, who wasn’t a horror, but she did not lead in a Trumpy manner. The day of the London terror attack by Muslim terrorists, May lectured the country that Islam is the religion of peace and that the terrorist were not real Muslims. We watched her say that and thought at that moment she had to go.

    May tried to have it the old establishment way. May played it safe and easy instead of telling harsh truths. Only the day before the election did May finally declare that terrorists have to be deported from the UK even if that meant changing the law to permit that to happen. It was too late to save herself.

    Mind, Jeremy Corbyn is as crazy as crazy can be. He wants more Muslims brought into the UK and wants more and more government spending of money the government does not have. If Corbyn even comes close to 10 Downing the British stock exchange and the economy will freefall. Corbyn is a nut even fruitier than Bernie Sanders. But at least Corbyn like Sanders says what he means and means what he says.

  21. In 1993, Colin Ferguson shot and killed 6 people and wounded 19 on the Long Island Railroad in Garden City, NY. He was allowed to conduct his own defense even though he clearly had no idea how to do so. This led to a slew of nightly jokes from late-night comedians about Ferguson’s legal incompetence. One came from David Letterman (in the days when he still had great writers):

    “Today, at the LIRR trial, Colin Ferguson picked himself out of a lineup.”

    Today, James Comey seems to have picked himself out of a leaker lineup. Bizarre.

  22. Last I looked the Conservative party had 313 seats.
    It’s not really a Conservative party in the American sense, name only actually in common.
    No one in Europe wants small government, there is no Tea party there.
    One is just more radical than the other it seems.
    Where is the next Thatcher, certainly Churchill is turning over in his grave, as many of our founding fathers are.

    I possibly will be able to post this from my phone, but at times I can’t post anywhere, won’t take my password and even if I send for a password change I never get the link to do it.

    If Comey, Lynch and others are not thrown in jail, we can just stop this pretense of our Constitution and laws.

    I have little faith in Comeys buddy Mueller that met with the slime prior to his testimony, talk about collusion, geez…

  23. Top Five Facts and Examples Showcasing Comey’s Political Motives…
    Posted by sundance
    After watching James Comey and crew (Brennan, Yates, Clapper, etc.) testify for more than 11 months (July ’16 through June ’17), hopefully we don’t have to see any of their faces broadcasting false narratives on TV again. That said, here’s the top five facts that showcase how badly James Comey politicized the FBI:

    Number FIVE – James Comey stated under oath, and included in his written statement, that it was his decision to speak alone, one-on-one to President-Elect Trump on January 6th in Trump Tower as Comey asked everyone else to leave the briefing. Comey held no issues with a private conversation with the incoming President.

    However, a month later on February 14th, in the oval office, when President Trump asked everyone to leave the room for a one-on-one, James Comey testifies it was “inappropriate” for a private conversation.

    Number FOUR – James Comey stated to congress on March 20th, he intentionally did not brief congressional intelligence oversight/leadership of the counterintelligence investigation, that began in July 2016, until March 2017. He intentionally kept congress in the dark.

    There was no reason to keep congress in the dark, unless Comey held a political motivation to do so such that he could operate his agenda without any oversight.

    Number THREE – James Comey told President Trump he was not under investigation three different times from January 6th through May 2017. Comey also notified the congressional oversight Gang-of-Eight in March and April that President Trump was not under investigation. However, Comey intentionally refused to tell the public the same thing he was telling President Trump and congress.

    However, worse yet, James Comey was telling President Trump there was no factual or substantive foundation behind the ‘Russian Pee Dossier’; yet simultaneously Comey was using the ‘Russian Pee Dossier‘ as evidence to gain FISA warrants against Trump Administration officials.

    Number TWO – James Comey admitted to congress than he personally leaked information to a friend with instructions to deliver to the media (New York Times), despite his own prior assertions to congress and to the American electorate, that leaks to the media by officials was toxic and damaging to the integrity of the FBI.

    There were several avenues available to Comey to deliver the content of his memos to congress including directly delivering them to oversight; or holding a press conference. There was no reason to manufacture media leaks, to accomplish a political goal, unless James Comey held a political motivation to do so.

    Number ONE – James Comey justified in his statements that on February 14th he did not inform his recently confirmed boss Attorney General Jeff Sessions, of the content of the oval office meeting with President Trump – or his suddenly overwhelming feelings of impropriety, because he anticipated Jeff Sessions would be forced to recuse himself from anything to do with the Russian investigation..

    There was nothing known on February 14th which would establish a need for Sessions recusal. There’s no reasonable basis for such an assumption on February 14th, unless it was Comey’s intention to leak FISA-granted surveillance of Russian Ambassador Kislyak, having an innocuous meeting with Senator Jeff Sessions, to the Washington Post. A disingenuous, albeit politically framed, leak did factually surface on March 1st.

  24. Mike Marks, Comey today proved what few believe is possible is possible. Comey fucked himself. Contortionist.

  25. admin
    June 9, 2017 at 1:43 am
    “Win or lose, we believe Theresa May has to be removed as Prime Minister and as head of the Conservative Party. Her replacement should be shorter Trump lookalike Boris Johnson. Unlike May, Johnson is not afraid to say what he means and mean what he says.”

    Hear! Hear! Theresa May is their Jeb Bush. Either Johnson or Gove who championed Brexit, May did not and has been a disaster on all things Brexit, has made a complete pudding of it all. She has mush for policies and is a connected apparatchik and now is going to pay for it. Why she could not bring herself to finish off that old communist nut of a radical fool Labourite is probably the oddest thing of it all. She is just another globalist for open borders. Look where it got her.

  26. It looks like Comey has been hanging out with his “friends” who have been filling his head with “resistance” and virtue signaling. All dumbasses. The cameras did not show it during the hearing but he had a row of “counsel” sitting behind him that looked like the posse of of has-been or never-wases legal talent from the OJ Simpson trial. Swamp creatures, loons, sinecure holders, and Alcoholics Anonymous attendees. I’m afraid we saw a long time kiss-ass mediocrity who flew too close to the sun just melt. Trump had Comey’s number before he ever met him and he scared the shit out Jim Comey. Trump’s sources, which are everywhere, told him what Comey was and is. Trump kept giving him rope and Jim was too silly to know not to use it. He is a leaker so his career is over. And of course a leaker would not want to investigate leaks because it was him! Idiot.

  27. Reality Ninny girl is the warning to all of the little ninnies in the government and their handlers. No bail. Sit in jail. Have your entire pathetic life drug out for view and disgust by the public.

    She had bosses. They were either supportive or so politically correct that they would not review how off the charts odd she is. An Iranian languages flunky who went native. These people are supposed to be supervised. Was this forbidden in the Obama era? They didn’t notice this squirrel girl? Why the hell not? And her co-workers? The taxpayers are supposed to pay for this shit? Her parents look like they have been pole-axed so she is a sneak too probably from childhood. And shipping girls off to the military straight out of high school in Texas is not common unless they have an attitude problem. She is from Kingsville which has a state university so she was NOT college material. ALL the local kids with a half brain or more can go there and cheap. She did not which as a Texas parent tells me a lot. And her moving violations record (lengthy) says she has a problem with authority. She can smirk in the lockup. More lurid tattoos will have to wait for the big prison though.

  28. The website automatically logged me in on my browser! Bwahahah! I didn’t have to go to weird browser and CTL-SHFT-R this time which is a lot of trouble when you only have one hand without a coffee cup in it. I’m at the beach in our luxurious tiny shoe-box condo. Someday I’ll tell the horror story of buying and rehabbing it. My wife has very good (expensive!) taste and I’m just the wallet. But she likes it so that is all that matters. Just sitting in the dark on the balcony watching the tide roll in reading the most excellent commentary by admin and ALL of the best commenters on the internet is the way to start the weekend.

  29. admin
    June 8, 2017 at 9:48 pm
    “Likewise Comey’s friend Mueller should arrest Comey and his friend immediately. If not, Mueller is complicit.”

    Of course Mueller is already complicit. Almost certainly he took the job knowing his boy was the leaker and if he didn’t he is a fool. And he has “met” with Comey his beloved protege and ass-kisser. Mueller needs to resign NOW and say the whole thing was set up over false premises. Mueller should be ashamed to have promoted the career of this sniveling, butthurt child and fraud. Comey threw Mueller under the bus as a throw away, cover my butt, thoughtless whine. What gratitude. And those suckers at DOJ who fell for this stunt and rushed out to appoint special counsel to appear “fair and honorable”. Sessions and Rosenstein especially. Oooh. Not me boss! Chicken-shits. We PAY them to do the hard stuff not run like rabbits. Lo-retta, Mueller, Hillary, Bill, etc. all of them under the bus. If they would only stay there.

  30. wbboei
    June 8, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    “Yes. The Pope, as he is called, has made a fine mess of things.”

    I presume it is Pope Alexander VI ,one of the Borgias. What a bunch of creeps are in DC.

  31. The F.B.I. should raid both homes and seize computers and files to see what else has been leaked.

    If the F.B.I. does not send this clear cut message to the employees of law enforcement, particularly the F.B.I. employees then the organization is complicit.
    This must be done.

    For the sake of their own credibility.

    As things stand, their reputation is in the gutter.

    This has been known to happen.

    It happens when law enforcement is politicized.

    It happens when it is perceived, by virtue of its actions an inactions

    Not as a public servant

    But as a occupying force.

    But here it is far worse.

    As things stand, the FBI and the CIA jointly and severally

    Are agents of sedition against our government.

    Truly, the enemy within.

  32. before I forget to mention the obvious…

    Chris Wallace is definitely part of the Swamp…

    that man can take any…any…good…sunny…news for PDT and immediately rain on it and spotlight his perception of PDT’s wrongs…
    a mouthpiece on the air…at Fox…for the Swamp

  33. I concur…the reporters at Circa are sitting on more info connecting Comey to Lynch that they plan to release soon…

    now DC and its Swamp dwellers are wondering about how much more Comey has leaked…er, for the dwellers how much now will be exposed…and although they lost one of their key players…

    …very hard to see how Mueller will be ‘objective’, Comey “kissed” him numerous times yesterday and admitted he ‘set up’ the opportunity for his friend to catch his throw…almost sounded like “in code” Comey was saying to the Swamp ‘don’t worry I have put the fix it with SCounselor and this charade will not end with me being axed…the torch has been passed…(and BM has picked it up and is running with PDT is not in the clear and they are still in full attack mode…the story still all goes on with SCounsel’s investigation)

    finally, doesn’t it all now become clear why PDT fired Comey in the manner he did…at first some wondered PDT might have been more gracious…

    now that we can see, albeit only a drop of what PDT can see…it is clear that Comey was a traitor to PDT and working to take him down from within…

    Comey’s work computers have already been seized and hopefully sequestered in a safe place…yet as mentioned above…what about all his home communications…who knows what that man has removed or the other channels he has created…

    …if the little ‘innocent white girl’ could pull off what she did the imagine…Comey even uses the same tactics as the little traitor with his “oh shucks, boy scout, Oh “Lordy ” “I wasn’t strong enough”, “gee, I never thought of that” Cognitive Dissonance BS”…imagine what damage Comey did and could continue to try to do…

    He needs to be dealt with in the same manner as the “innocent little white girl with her hair up in a bun”…all his leaks need to be exposed…

  34. Romney is holding his annual E2 3 day conference. It began yesterday and includes Uncle Joe Biden who will talk about his new PAC American Possibilities PAC, which allows him to raise money for [Dem] candidates, pay for politically related travel costs and maintain relationships with donors. Invited guests attending include RINOS: Graham, McCain and Ryan. Trump was invited, declined. and

  35. Admin, your site is running like a top today. Speedy, no hesitation, no interventions needed. Kudos and thanks!

  36. Big important story which confirms what we’ve been writing – – from of all places — the New York Times:

    The Democratic Party Is in Worse Shape Than You Thought

    Sifting through the wreckage of the 2016 election, Democratic pollsters, strategists and sympathetic academics have reached some unnerving conclusions.

    What the autopsy reveals is that Democratic losses among working class voters were not limited to whites; that crucial constituencies within the party see its leaders as alien; and that unity over economic populism may not be able to turn back the conservative tide.

    Equally disturbing, winning back former party loyalists who switched to Trump will be tough: these white voters’ views on immigration and race are in direct conflict with fundamental Democratic tenets.

    Some of these post-mortem conclusions are based on polling and focus groups conducted by the Democratic super PAC Priorities USA; others are drawn from a collection of 13 essays published by The American Prospect.

    A consistent theme is that the focus on white defections from the Democratic Party masks an even more threatening trend: declining turnout among key elements of the so-called Rising American Electorate — minority, young and single voters. Turnout among African-Americans, for example, fell by 7 points, from 66.6 percent in 2012 to 59.6 percent in 2016.

    Priorities USA, in surveys and focus groups, studied “drop off voters,” those who lean Democratic but failed to vote in either 2014 or 2016. By and large, these voters were members of the coalition that elected and re-elected Barack Obama:

    Priorities found that drop off voters were distinctly lukewarm toward Hillary Clinton:

    Priorities also studied Obama-to-Trump voters. Estimates of the number of such voters range from 6.7 to 9.2 million, far more than enough to provide Trump his Electoral College victory. The counties that switched from Obama to Trump were heavily concentrated in the Midwest and other Rust Belt states.

    To say that this constituency does not look favorably on the Democratic Party fails to capture the scope of their disenchantment.

    The accompanying chart illustrates this discontent. A solid majority, 77 percent, of Obama-to-Trump voters think Trump’s economic policies will either favor “all groups equally” (44) or the middle class (33). 21 percent said Trump would favor the wealthy.

    In contrast, a plurality of these voters, 42 percent, said that Congressional Democrats would favor the wealthy, slightly ahead of Congressional Republicans at 40 percent. [snip]

    If the Priorities analysis is bleak, the 13 American Prospect essays are even more so. [snip]

    In a separate argument, Nicholas Carnes and Noam Lupu, professors of political science at Duke and Vanderbilt, challenge a basic premise on the left — that the populism of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren could have stemmed the loss of non-college whites to Trump.

    Carnes and Lupu contend instead that the oft-cited theory that Trump won because of support from the low-income white working class is itself wrong. [snip]

    Democratic pessimism today stands in contrast to the optimism that followed the elections of 2006, 2008 and 2012.

    At that time, the consensus was that Democrats had found the key to sustained victory. The party saw its future in ascendant constituencies: empowered minorities, singles, social liberals and the well-educated.

    Democratic activists saw the Republican Party as doomed to defeat without a radical change of course because it was tied to overlapping constituencies that they viewed as of waning significance — for example, older, non-college, evangelical white Christians.

    Today, in a world of angry, fearful voters, it is liberal optimism that is at a low ebb — buffeted by a drumroll of terrorist incidents, rising levels of hostility toward immigrants and a broad animus toward difference, the unknown and the other.

    Before 2016, no one, Democrat or Republican, thought that the man who would bring about radical change would be Donald Trump, except, perhaps, Trump himself.

    For all the harm he has done, continues to do and proposes to do, Trump has successfully forced Democrats to begin to examine the party’s neglected liabilities, the widespread resentment of its elites and the frail loyalty of its supporters.

    We left out a lot from the article. There are, from Dim strategists, attacks on Obama and Hillary we left out. There’s lots we left out because, heh, we wrote that article back in 2007. Our crystal ball is at least a decade ahead.

    Any Dim strategist that read this website (hi, Mark Penn) for insight could have told Hillary and the Obama Dims that something was wrong simply by reading our evolution from strong Hillary supporters to The Trumpet.

  37. Alright, alright, we won’t “resist” the demand for Obama-bashing. Here’s some more from a complete version of the NYTimes article (without linking to the venomous Times:

    Stan Greenberg, the Democratic pollster, writes in his Prospect essay:

    The Democrats don’t have a “white working-class problem.” They have a “working-class problem,” which progressives have been reluctant to address honestly or boldly. The fact is that Democrats have lost support with all working-class voters across the electorate, including the Rising American Electorate of minorities, unmarried women, and millennials. This decline contributed mightily to the Democrats’ losses in the states and Congress and to the election of Donald Trump.

    Greenberg voiced an exceptionally sharp critique of his own party and its candidates. First, he takes on Barack Obama:

    Working-class Americans pulled back from Democrats in this last period of Democratic governance because of President Obama’s insistence on heralding economic progress and the bailout of the irresponsible elites, while ordinary people’s incomes crashed and they continued to struggle financially.

    Hillary Clinton does not escape Greenberg’s wrath:

    In what may border on campaign malpractice, the Clinton campaign chose in the closing battle to ignore the economic stress not just of the working-class women who were still in play, but also of those within the Democrats’ own base, particularly among the minorities, millennials, and unmarried women.

    Greenberg does not stop there, shifting his focus from individual Democratic politicians to the Democratic Party itself:

    Past supporters pulled back because of the Democrats’ seeming embrace of multinational trade agreements that have cost American jobs. The Democrats have moved from seeking to manage and champion the nation’s growing immigrant diversity to seeming to champion immigrant rights over American citizens’. Instinctively and not surprisingly, the Democrats embraced the liberal values of America’s dynamic and best-educated metropolitan areas, seeming not to respect the values or economic stress of older voters in small-town and rural America. Finally, the Democrats also missed the economic stress and social problems in the cities themselves and in working-class suburbs.

    Along parallel lines, three analysts at the pro-Democratic Center for American Progress, Robert Griffin, John Halpin, and Ruy Teixeira, argue that:

    Rather than debating whether Democrats should appeal to white working-class voters or voters of color — both necessary components of a successful electoral coalition, particularly at the state and local level — a more important question emerges: Why are Democrats losing support and seeing declining turnout from working-class voters of all races in many places?

    Griffin, Halpin and Teixeira argue that

    Democrats allowed themselves to become the party of the status quo — a status quo perceived to be elitist, exclusionary, and disconnected from the entire range of working-class concerns, but particularly from those voters in white working-class areas.

    In the 2016 campaign, they continue,

    rightly or wrongly, Hillary Clinton’s campaign exemplified a professional-class status quo that failed to rally enough working-class voters of color and failed to blunt the drift of white working-class voters to Republicans.

    What a piece of work is that Texiera. We’ve been slamming his sham work since 2007. He is one of the most guilty destroyers of the once great Democratic Party.

    Texiera and John Judis argued that the “ascendant” Obama coalition would win elections forever due to demographic changes in the electorate. We mocked their assertion. Texiera and Judis declared the white working class could be ignored in favor of the “ascendant” “creative class” mopes. We laughed at them and in detail noted how and why they were wrong. The Obama Dims laughed at us. We have the last laugh.

    As to Hillary Clinton, only now do these dopes quoted in the article see what we wrote back in 2012/2013: 2016 would be a change election, the candidate of change would win. The candidate of change won. The Obama Dimocrat third term status quo candidate lost.

    We’ll go polish our crystal ball while these scammers and idiots polish their turds.

  38. Wonder why so many are disgusted with government? Our pubic schools:

    After parents watched their children play piano, sing, and show off their art and creative writings at a school talent show, the president of the local PTA surprised them with an erotic drag queen performance.

    Students in the Manhattan public school district, some as young as five years old, watched as Public School 96 Parent Association President Frankie Quinones gyrated onstage to a song in a short, black sequined dress and matching thong, which he spread his legs to show the audience. Quinones was the final act of the evening and was billed as a “Special Surprise Performance!” There were nearly 200 families in attendance, according to the New York Daily News.

    Parents were outraged by watching a grown man wiggle his tongue at the audience and suggestively writhe around the floor.

    “People were horrified,” Raquel Morales, who was with her fifth-grade son, said. “It looked like a nightclub performance. I’ve been asking for an apology from the district for the last week, and they’ve been ignoring it.”

    All that she’s been told is that ”the performance was about LGBT awareness.”

    Morales’s son said, “I saw her doing things like sticking her legs out and shaking her bottom and it felt weird. I don’t know why they would do that for an elementary school.”

    Quinones is a drag queen performer around New York City and has two children enrolled at the PS 96 school over which he is president. After this year, he will no longer be PTA president. The district assures it is because he “has served the maximum number of terms permitted as president” and is “unrelated to the controversy.”

  39. As I posted the other day, the collusion issue was BS, but the Flynn issue more problematic. It’s going to be a long, drawn out investigation likely leading to no finding of obstruction of justice but it’s effect on the administration may be severe.

  40. Today, in a world of angry, fearful voters, it is liberal optimism that is at a low ebb — buffeted by a drumroll of terrorist incidents, rising levels of hostility toward immigrants and a broad animus toward difference, the unknown and the other____

    If this is what they believe then they will keep on losing. Trump voters are smart voters more than fearful and certainly NOT ” buffeted by a drumroll of terrorist incidents, rising levels of hostility toward immigrants and a broad animus toward difference, the unknown and the other”

  41. The CNN panel from last night did not go as CNN anticipated. CNN thought Comey the Clown would be believed even by Trump supporters. Not quite.

  42. Another CNN clown yanked:

    BREAKING: CNN Axes Reza Aslan for Firing Off Disgusting Anti-Trump Tweets

    Variety’s Brian Steinberg reported on Friday afternoon that CNN has cut ties with far-left Believer host Reza Aslan following a nasty June 3 tweet using an expletive to attack President Trump following the London terror attacks. Promising more to come, Steinberg provided a CNN statement announcing the decision:

    “CNN has decided to not move forward with production on the acquired series ‘Believer with Reza Aslan,’” the network said in a statement. “We wish Reza and his production team all the best.”

    Aslan came under fire earlier this month after using profanity to describe President Donald Trump in the wake of remarks the President made about the terrorist attacks on London. In the tweet, Aslan called Trump “a piece of s–t” and expressed dismay at Trump’s use of the tragedy to promote his desire for a so-called “travel ban” on certain kinds of people hailing from specific countries in the Middle East. The author later apologized, saying, “I should have used better language to express my shock and frustration at the president’s lack of decorum and sympathy for the victims of London. I apologize for my choice of words.”

    “Believer” would have entered a second season if it had been picked up.

    The Trump ban hammer strikes them down, one by one. It’s adding up. Winning.

  43. made my day…

    June 9, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    The CNN panel from last night did not go as CNN anticipated. CNN thought Comey the Clown would be believed even by Trump supporters.

    the interviewer tried his best to steer them and change their minds…
    no dice…

  44. Many years ago, Reagan’s secretary of labor was subjected to a witch hunt launched by evil dims who will do ANYTHING fair or foul to claim power. Trust me. They will sell you or me down the river in a New York minute, and never look back. When Ray Donovan was finally cleared of wrongdoing he asked the only question that really mattered at that point: how do I get my reputation back?That same question should be asked by CNN in the aftermath of the Comey testimony. If they have the guts to do it, they will find that that ship has sailed. Anyone who watches that network for anything more than a misplaced love interest in Dana Bash is delusional. If they watch it for the hot scenes where Dana does a scorching interview they are certifiable. Wake me up when its over. And what about werewolf Blitzer? He is like a cony island carnival barker with as much mental give and take as as a scottish terrier watching a rat hole. And then, there is Mrs. Vanderbilts precious baby boy–Anderson Cooper. What a waste of protoplasm, I mean celebrity, he is.

  45. Hey CNN–we have got a pedophile mayor in Seattle we can send you to fill out your bench. It falls under the maritime law of salvage. Some say March is the cruelest month. If so then June is the month of vindication against all those who would bring down the nation for power and profit. Kill them all and let god sort them out, as the expression goes. The denial of bail to the first leaker, whose mother describes her as passionate is an excellent first step. My guess is if she was passionate before then as the song goes we have only just begun. I make this pledge to you: if some errant Judge assigns me that case, I shall resign from the bar. There are, as you know, fates worse than death.

  46. I get so frustrated with the children who fall for the fairy tale that Trump is the problem. Unlike every other politician Trump owes nobody. He got there with his own money. And THAT makes all the difference in the world. If the children had a lick of sense they would cast aside Bernie, who is so much like the proverbial dog who chases cars hoping he never catches them and has to drive. They would form a tea party, declare that the establishment is the enemy, and appealing to Trump to listen. And he would because when push comes to shove he is more of a democrat than a Republican and he is not out to line his pockets. This suggestion was first proposed by Nial Ferguson, and to my mind it has great merit. These are the people who are really trapped by the system and by an establishment that diverts them from the main cause. Unfortunately, this is like teaching pigs to sing: it does no good and it annoys the pigs.

  47. This seems like a pretty accurate timeline on Crooked Comey and the why of his rapid rise. (click tiny + to enlarge to a readable font size) At least through Wednesday when this is dated. Today Trump tweeted that if there are any recordings with Comey he might release them in the future. LOL. Bad Trump to torture poor old Jim.

  48. Attention world: Comey did not leak, he shared the information, with people who had no right to it. Sharing is good. Leaking is bad. Now that I know he shared it, and not for crass political purposes, but to see that justice was done, I realize he is a patriot, rather than a scoundrel. Silly me to have thought less of him, The fact that he would fall on his sword over this one, suggests to me he has more to hide, and that more will also implicate Brennan and Clapper, who are no strangers to sharing.

  49. And is there any end in sight for this craziness?

    “School officials, parents, and girls on opposing teams have bent themselves into pretzels to appear “accepting” and “tolerant” of Yearwood’s gender proclamations. But, even as everyone walks on eggshells to grapple with the situation, Yearwood is racking up a record of wins in girl’s track, easily blowing away all competitors.

    Yearwood seems both arrogant and defiant celebrating the wins as if they are deserved and even expected.

    “It feels really good. I’m really happy to win both titles,” Yearwood recently bragged to the media after winning the Class M contest. “I kind of expected it. I’ve always gotten first, so I expected it to some extent. … I’m really proud of it.””

  50. After Comey testimony anti-Trump law professor changes his mind on the contours of the “investigation”:

    Comey said during testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to refer to the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as a “matter” instead of an “investigation.”

    Comey said the request he recalled “gave me a queasy feeling.” It also echoed language the Clinton campaign itself was using.

    “That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude I have to step away from the department if we’re to close this case credibly,” Comey said.

    After hearing Comey’s Thursday remarks, Jed Shugerman, a law professor at Fordham University, said he could no longer “stand by my earlier criticism that the GOP was asking about Clinton email to distract from the Trump questions.”

    “They may have intended to change the subject, but they found a real subject to investigate further,” he added in an email to Business Insider.

    The professor called the apparent pressuring of Comey to use “matter” instead of “investigation” a “huge mistake” and “a partisan intrusion” on Lynch’s part.

    It “probably changed history by making Comey more skeptical about her and the Clintons’ role,” he said. “I inferred that it had an effect on Comey that may have changed how he handled the investigation later. She will face very tough questions. And it validates the follow-up questions on the Clinton campaign on their handling the email.”

    “We will hear a lot about this,” he added. “It does not rise to obstruction, because it was wording/semantic, not the substance of investigation, but Comey was right to be troubled. Lynch and Bill Clinton should be called to testify and explain their behavior. What’s obstruction for the goose is obstruction for the gander.”

  51. Former AG Mukasy on the Lynch lies and Comey clowning which we think are criminal in nature as they politicize a law enforcement agency:

    The former attorney general under George W. Bush said Loretta Lynch made the Department of Justice “an arm of the Clinton campaign” by instructing then-FBI Director James Comey to mislead the public about the Clinton email investigation.

    “What makes it egregious is the fact — and I think it’s obvious that it is a fact — that the attorney general of the United States was adjusting the way the department talked about its business so as to coincide with the way the Clinton campaign talked about that business,” Michael Mukasey said in an interview with Newsmax on Friday.

    “In other words, it made the Department of Justice essentially an arm of the Clinton campaign,” added Mukasey, who served as the attorney general from 2007 until 2009. “That is a betrayal of the department and of its independence to illustrate that clearly that the attorney general was essentially in the tank for Secretary Clinton.”

    Comey testified on Thursday that Lynch successfully pressured him into using the Clinton campaign’s spin on the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.

    Lynch told Comey to call the investigation a “matter” rather than an “investigation,” Comey said. When he asked Lynch why, he said, she dodged the question, saying: “Just call it a matter.”

    Comey emphasized that the order, “gave the impression that the attorney general [Lynch] was looking to align the way we talked about our work with the way the political campaign was describing the same activity, which was inaccurate.”

    Comey said he complied with Lynch’s directive to use the “inaccurate” terminology because it “wasn’t a hill worth dying on.”

  52. Big Media understands that unless President Trump is separated from Trump supporters/voters, the 2018 and 2020 elections will be reruns of 2016 with Trump triumphant.

    That is a summary of the entire Big Media strategy. Big Media must separate Trump from Trump voters/supporters if Trump is to be destroyed. That is why CNN held that post Comey testimony show with Trump supporters. Thinking Trump supporters would attack Trump, CNN instead was hit with a reality winner of Trump supporters/voters even more solidly behind Trump and even more antagonistic against Big Media and Trump’s enemies.

    CNN found out all the Big Media anti-Trump hysterics are having a contrary effect and only united Trump more closely with Trump supporters/voters. CNN is not alone in their anti-Trump narratives and the schlonging by reality of Trump supporters solidly with Trump:

    Trump Country Largely Unfazed by Comey Hearing

    As the political world consumed the testimony of James Comey Thursday like it would a major sporting event, Republicans outside Washington gave a collective shrug. [snip]

    Republicans watching from afar differ from their inside-the-Beltway brethren. From a vantage point aided by geographical distance from Washington, many of these GOP professionals see a president stymied by a sustained Democratic-resistance attack (never mind that Republicans control both the House and Senate) and media narratives they perceive to be pre-ordained.

    A lot of our people view this as just a continual re-litigation of an election the Democrats lost,” said Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the North Carolina GOP, who said 800 Republicans came to a party gathering last weekend to hear Kellyanne Conway and Lara Trump speak. “Nothing that James Comey says is going to impact whether they can put gas in their car, whether they can feed their family, whether they can take an additional day at the beach or the mountains this summer.”

    While the solidity of Trump’s base isn’t surprising, the partisan lens through which events like the Comey testimony are viewed gives clues to how congressional Republicans might behave when it comes to the president. GOP lawmakers often lament Trump’s twitchy thumbs on Twitter and the ways in which he consistently distracts from the tasks at hand—this week was supposed to be dedicated to infrastructure policy, after all—but they haven’t thrown their hands up yet.

    A new ABC News/Washington Post survey, for example, shows a sharp party divide on issues like the fired FBI director. While 88 percent of Democrats and a majority of independents think Trump fired Comey to protect himself, 71 percent of Republicans believe his ouster was for the good of the country.

    Honestly, they don’t seem to care too much about all this Russia mumbo jumbo,” said Kyle Hupfer, the GOP chair in Indiana, a state Trump won by 19 points and where his vice president used to be governor. “[Comey] is the same person that every Democrat wanted terminated six months ago, and now he’s the darling of the Democratic Party?”

    While Republican senators on the Intelligence Committee that conducted Comey’s hearing praised the former FBI director’s service and thoroughness, some pressed him in a way that took focus off the president and put it on Comey.

    Among the questions from Republicans: Why didn’t you tell the president it was inappropriate to meet alone, or flag concerns with Congress? How is it that in this leaky environment, the director’s assurance that Trump was not the subject of an FBI investigation did not trickle out? You claim Trump said he “hoped” the FBI could let go of the investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, but how do you know that was meant as a directive and not simply a suggestion?

    House Speaker Paul Ryan argued that Trump is “new at this” and is not versed in protocol as it pertains to interactions with the FBI. “When the FBI director tells him on three different occasions he is not under investigation, yet the speculation swirls around the political system that he is, that’s frustrating,” Ryan said. “I think the American people now know why he was frustrated.”

    In an effort to show progress on agenda items despite the cloud of the Russia investigations, House Republicans touted the passage Thursday of a bill aimed at tearing down parts of the financial reform bill. [snip]

    While Comey appeared in front of the intelligence panel, Trump gave an address to the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. “We’re under siege. You understand that,” Trump told the friendly audience.

    The president also took aim at Democrats over the stalled health care repeal bill, even though Republicans have not solicited help from the opposition. “They are obstructionists,” Trump said. “They are bad right now for the country. They have gone so far left that I don’t know if they can ever come back.”

    Trump supporters speak of lack of legislative progress in similar terms. “They wanted Donald Trump to make change and are growing weary [of] the Democrats and media obstruction,” said Hupfer, the Indiana GOP chair. “They expect folks to be a lot more cooperative than they’re being.”

    Locally, this belief serves as something of an organizing and mobilizing tool for the party, even if members have little too sell by the way of legislation in next year’s midterms. “The understanding that the left is at war with the president and will use any means necessary to defeat him” is energizing the base, said Pennsylvania GOP chair Val DiGiorgio. “I have asked the administration to send surrogates here and to talk about the president’s agenda and get them informed and energized.”

    GOP operatives point to the president’s executive orders unraveling Obama-era regulations, the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, and consumer confidence as signs of progress.

    Outside the Beltway, Republicans accept the chaotic nature of Trump. They know he rules with an iron fist, punches back and know there is some political fallout from that,” said GOP strategist Leslie Sanchez. “The distrust of powerful institutions is palpable, so he gets more benefit of the doubt.”

    There is still a tremendous amount of base support and a hopefulness about a reform-oriented agenda,” Sanchez added. “But the political reality is less encouraging.” [snip]

    “Republican activists and committee people are anxious to see their hard work pay off … and that means getting reforms,” said DiGiorgio. “If we don’t get any progress, we are going to have an issue with our own base. But if we do, we could pick up support in areas more swing areas.”

    Trump’s base is not just Republicans, although articles from Big Media attempt that deception. In 2018 Trump will have even more victories in swing areas. By the time 2020 rolls around the Obama Dims will look around and only see a devastated political landscape for themselves.

  53. More Trump winning on illegal immigration as the Big Media left yelps in pain:

    In September 2014, Gilberto Velasquez, a 38-year-old house painter from El Salvador, received life-changing news: The U.S. government had decided to shelve its deportation action against him.

    The move was part of a policy change initiated by then-President Barack Obama in 2011 to pull back from deporting immigrants who had formed deep ties in the United States and whom the government considered no threat to public safety. Instead, the administration would prioritize illegal immigrants who had committed serious crimes.

    Last month, things changed again for the painter, who has lived in the United States illegally since 2005 and has a U.S.-born child. He received news that the government wanted to put his deportation case back on the court calendar, citing another shift in priorities, this time by President Donald Trump.

    The Trump administration has moved to reopen the cases of hundreds of illegal immigrants who, like Velasquez, had been given a reprieve from deportation, according to government data and court documents reviewed by Reuters and interviews with immigration lawyers.

    Trump signaled in January that he planned to dramatically widen the net of illegal immigrants targeted for deportation, but his administration has not publicized its efforts to reopen immigration cases.

    It represents one of the first concrete examples of the crackdown promised by Trump and is likely to stir fears among tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who thought they were safe from deportation.

    While cases were reopened during the Obama administration as well, it was generally only if an immigrant had committed a serious crime, immigration attorneys say. The Trump administration has sharply increased the number of cases it is asking the courts to reopen, and its targets appear to include at least some people who have not committed any crimes since their cases were closed.

    Between March 1 and May 31, prosecutors moved to reopen 1,329 cases, according to a Reuters’ analysis of data from the Executive Office of Immigration Review, or EOIR. The Obama administration filed 430 similar motions during the same period in 2016.

    Jennifer Elzea, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, confirmed the agency was now filing motions with immigration courts to reopen cases where illegal immigrants had “since been arrested for or convicted of a crime.”

    It is not possible to tell from the EOIR data how many of the cases the Trump administration is seeking to reopen involve immigrants who committed crimes after their cases were closed.

    Attorneys interviewed by Reuters say indeed some of the cases being reopened are because immigrants were arrested for serious crimes, but they are also seeing cases involving people who haven’t committed crimes or who were cited for minor violations, like traffic tickets.

    “This is a sea change, said attorney David Leopold, former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “Before, if someone did something after the case was closed out that showed that person was a threat, then it would be reopened. Now they are opening cases just because they want to deport people.” [snip]

    Between January 2012 and Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20, the government shelved some 81,000 cases, according to Reuters’ data analysis. These so-called “administrative closures” did not extend full legal status to those whose cases were closed, but they did remove the threat of imminent deportation.

    Trump signed an executive order overturning the Obama-era policy on Jan. 25. Under the new guidelines, while criminals remain the highest priority for deportation, anyone in the country illegally is a potential target. [snip]

    Since immigration cases aren’t generally public, Reuters was able to review only cases made available by attorneys. [snip]

    In Velasquez’s case, for example, he was cited for driving without a license in Tennessee, where illegal immigrants cannot get licenses, he said.

    A white citizen who drives without a license will be punished. Obama wanted to make illegal immigrants able to flout U.S. law for crimes American citizens get punished. Then they wonder why Trump won.

  54. Oh wow, if this works, I’m able to log in through Chrome the old fashioned regular way – no pressing certain letters while turning in a circle and clicking my heels 3 times lol

    Outris, that boy running on the girls’ track team infuriates me. He has had no surgery and no hormones. And the photos I saw when the story first came out showed very muscular quads, and even a pencil moustache. ANY person who truly feels like a woman is not going to keep a moustache, which makes me incredibly suspicious. It’s like he’s flaunting the fact that he can get away with this.

    And I think admin posted it, that PTA president who ended the kids’ talent show by dressing in drag and dancing inappropriately – I am SO SICK of transsexuals, transvestites, boys with moustaches pretending they are girls, whatever – ALL of them – being grouped with gays. They do such outlandish things, and it’s always reported as “LGBT” issues. Gays and transsexuals are two different things! Sorry – pet peeve.

    It’s like – they say they identify with the opposite gender, so they have to let them in. I want to say, I do NOT identify with YOU and I want to kick you out! Out of the “woman group”, out of the “gay group” Form your own group and identify with EACH OTHER lol

  55. Watched Trump’s press conference with the Romanian president yesterday.

    Enjoyed Trump’s summation of Comey’s testimony: “No collusion, no obstruction, he’s a leaker.”

    Also loved his unequivocal assertion that he never asked Comey to let Flynn go, and never demanded loyalty.

    When Jonathan Karl asked Trump whether he would repeat those claims to Mueller under oath, Trump responded without hesitation that he would.

    When asked about the tapes, Trump answered coyly that he would be talking about them in the next few days, and added that “you [the press] are gonna be very disappointed”.

    Most pundits are taking that to mean there are no tapes. I believe they’re wrong, as usual. I think that there ARE tapes, and that they will clearly show that Trump’s version of what happened is the more accurate one.

    I do notice a distinct shift in tone from the administration. It feels like they really do feel vindicated, and therefore feel liberated to go on the offensive.

    I hope they do that. I’ve been thinking for months that Trump needs to go on the offensive. Stop merely reacting to all these stupid, petty, and FALSE accusations, and go after the real villains: The leakers and the liars that have been pushing this false narrative. Get them back on their heels. Let them be on the defensive for a change.

    It’s not enough that the liars on the left simply give up. These people are TRAITORS. Trump should go after them with every thing he’s got. He should not stop until they are utterly DEFEATED. I want to see no mercy. I want to see careers ruined, people thrown in jail, lives destroyed.

    And I want to see Trump supporters start a movement — a national movement — to declare that we’ve had enough of this bullshit. I want to see millions of people marching to the National Mall in D.C. to demand that our president be left alone to do the job we elected him to do.

    Time for this witch hunt to end. Dems, if you’ve got something on Trump, whup it out. Put up or shut up. NOW.

  56. Big media is demanding safe space for Muslims.

    Not in the middle east, but in this county.

    I like the idea, but not the venue.

    Therefore, I propose an alternative

    Muslims on Mars.

    Plenty of safe space out there.

    Plenty of room for a caliphate.

    Keith Elison can be their guide.

  57. . Frankly if I were Attorney General, about 20 minutes after his confession today in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Deputy U.S. Marshals would have raided his home and office. As well as Mr. Richman at Columbia Law School.

    Those records and documents must be recovered. Mr. Comey had no business releasing them. It’s an extraordinary admission on his part. It’s lawless. We wonder why we have leakers in the government when the FBI Director is playing these little games for political points or because his tender ego is bruised. This is outrageous.

    He took an oath to the Constitution and he’s betrayed it in no uncertain terms.”

  58. This dynamic duo are a prosecutor’s delight.

    Comey for confessing to a crime without being placed in custodial interrogation, therefore Miranda does not apply.

    Richman, never believed his friend would sell him down the river, and when Comey did exactly that, what did the law professor do?

    He went into hiding, an act which shows knowledge of guilt. Therefore, the no intent defense much favored by the sainted Comey does not apply

    And then we learn today that Batman just died.

    Its the law of threes.

  59. Outris
    June 9, 2017 at 7:59 pm
    And is there any end in sight for this craziness?


    this is ridiculous…and so unfair to the girls…biological girls…
    what is this world coming to…

    as usual, the female gender is getting screwed…at the expense of the whims of others…

    what if this boy that thinks he is a girl now changes his mind and goes back to thinking he is a boy…
    do his records winning as a “girl” stand

    who is standing up on behalf of the girls…insanity…

    Logged in with out all the hoopla
    Comey is dirty
    The WHOLE WASHINGTON knew Trump was NOT being investigated
    HOWEVER why his team hasn’t been pushing back harder I still have to figure out
    Still think he needs a WAR ROOM/BRAIN ROOM to fight back against the JOURNALISTS on twitter ….they are the BIGGEST LIARS

  61. “James Comey says there is a pattern to his dealings with presidents: he is an honest man who only needed to create memos to document his conversations with Donald Trump, because Trump is untruthful. But that isn’t the real pattern. The real pattern is that Comey is a snake in the grass who creates tendentious, self-serving memos that can later be used to cover his own rear end or to discredit presidents, but only if they are Republicans.”

    James Comey’s has been leaking and making himself the hero of various schemes, cluster-f’s, and sick weirdness for apparently decades. The above is conclusion by the blog writer from yet another self-glorifying leak by Comey from years ago in some crappy book. Attention seeking, personality disordered, or whatever he seems to have some variation of Munchausen Syndrome or perhaps that of an arsonist who burns down the barn only to stand on the sidelines watching the fire and expecting praise for calling the fire department.

    I think Trump spotted him (and was told by security who are ex-FBI) as a fabulist liar and leaker early. I think he kept him on to give him rope. Comey also apparently tried to smear Jess Sessions in his swan song in the closed session by the Senate Committee on Thursday. Sessions is appearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee Monday (before which Comey refused to appear). Maybe Sessions will talk about what was found in Psycho Jim’s office.

  62. Woo hoo! I can comment again!

    As for Comey and the memos, I suspect there never was any memo. His butt buddy professor seems to be hiding from Congress, and Comey is acting like he doesn’t have a copy of his own. Supposedly Meuller might have a copy, but nothing is confirmed.

  63. I was wondering what you all think about the upcoming special congressional election in Georgia in which Democrats has high hopes. I think that they are wishing on a star, just like the previous two special elections in both Kansas and Montana in which their candidates LOST.

  64. Some of you probably know of this website already, but for those who don’t, there is a Drudge Report competitor website called “” that may be a worthwhile source for real news links. I will visit both websites.

  65. Mueller and maybe Rosenstein need to resign if they were so thoroughly gulled by Comey the Nutjob. Or they were simpatico. Either way they have no business in their current positions. They must explain themselves or get the hell out. With Muellar having such a glaring and unethical conflict of interest he has some nerve not having already resigned. And Rosenstein is an idiot not to have picked up on this whole mess and appointed Comey’s crony and such a wretched insider. Dipshits.

  66. No, Foxyladi14, NO. “Give those Gerbils an extra treat!!” Seriously?

    We believe in “spare the rod and spoil the gerbil”, er, hamster. We are not 100% back up but cannot deny there has been some improvement in website performance. Still, the rod will not be spared.

    The reward for the failed hamsters that have through their incompetence obstructed this website will be: beatings. More and more beatings. Beatings ’till they bleed even more.

    Furthermore, the beatings will continue until morale amongst the hamster corps improves.

  67. Puerto Rico just voted for statehood. Maybe Congress can grant California its independence if it decides to admit Puerto Rico.

  68. Joy in Texas has this scoop:

    Hillary called Donald, and informed him that one of the Supreme Court Justices was about to expire, which would create a vacancy on the court.

    So she asked him Donald whether he would allow her to switch places with that soon to be dead jurist.

    Whereupon, Donald replied:

    Its okay with me,

    But you need to ask the mortician.

  69. Klavan On The Culture

    Corruption and Collusion: Obama, Comey, and the Press

    By Andrew Klavan June 11, 2017

    It now seems clear that Barack Obama was a corrupt machine politician in the worst Chicago mold. He used the IRS to silence his enemies, and the Justice Department to protect his friends. His two major “achievements” — a health care law that doesn’t work and a deal that increased the power and prestige of the terrorist state of Iran — were built on lies to the public and manipulation of the press. And that’s according to his own allies! Only the leftist bias and racial pathology of the media kept his administration from being destroyed by scandal, as it surely would have been had he been a white Republican.

    I don’t mention this to bring up old grudges, but for what it says about the current moment and the week just passed. Here’s some of what we recently learned:

    Former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony concerning former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s corruption confirmed our worst suspicions about the Obama DOJ. In an apparent attempt to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Lynch told Comey to refer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s abuse of classified material as “a matter” rather than an investigation. And, as we already knew but Comey confirmed, Lynch’s secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton so underscored Comey’s sense of her crookedness that the self-serving drama queen Comey actually went around her to publicly declare Hillary guilty-but-not-guilty.

    “It won’t get much attention, but that was pretty damning,” said CNN’s John King of Comey’s testimony about Lynch. You can translate “it won’t get much attention” into “we won’t give it much attention.”

    But all that was nothing compared to the brutal, nearly 300-page report released last week by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, a report absolutely blasting the previous Obama AG, Eric Holder. The report details how Holder and the Obama administration labored to cover up the details of the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal — a scandal which, unlike the non-collusion-with-Russia non-scandal, was implicated in the murder of an American law officer. Even the mom of the slain officer couldn’t get the truth out of Holder and his cronies. The report says Holder considered the officer’s family a “nuisance” because they were trying to get him to tell them how exactly the lawman died at the hands of gangsters who were wielding guns Obama’s DOJ had allowed them to buy.


    We’ve heard a lot from Comey and the press this week about the precious independence of the Justice Department. And yet Attorney General Holder once said, “I’m still the president’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.” Holder was also the first attorney general ever to be held in contempt of Congress for not turning over documents relating to Fast and Furious. And, speaking of obstruction of justice — we were speaking of obstruction of justice, weren’t we? — President Obama asserted executive privilege to make it easier for Holder to keep those docs in the dark. Hey, nothing’s too good for the president’s wingman!

    What a sleazy bunch they were! Hiding their corruption behind the color of their skin. Criticized for Fast and Furious in 2011, Holder said: “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him, both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.” What a sleazy bunch.

    So let’s remember. Obama is the nefarious machine pol who appointed James Comey to head the FBI in the first place. This is the Comey who took no notes when he spoke with Obama, no notes when he questioned Hillary about her emails, no notes, apparently, during the cover-up conversation with Lynch that left him with “a queasy feeling,” but who suddenly began documenting his exchanges with Trump — exchanges that Trump says never happened. This is the Comey who let Hillary off the hook because he somehow knew she didn’t intend to share classified information (a matter that doesn’t exist in the relevant law), but who cannot comment on whether Donald Trump intended to obstruct justice when Trump expressed his hopes about an investigation.

    And the Obama administration — this crooked gang of liars and colluders — this is the gang that was deemed “scandal free” by virtually every “mainstream” news outlet. Indeed, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson had to leave CBS News in large part because CBS would not run her work on Fast and Furious.

    My point is not to excuse Trump for any of his inappropriate and sometimes boorish behavior. I hope he learns better. My point is simply this: when you are listening to Comey, and when you are listening to the news media sanctifying Comey or indeed demonizing Trump, just remember who it is you are listening to: unindicted co-conspirators in an administration that was rotten to the core.

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