Reality Show: Where’s Hillary? Plus: @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump SuperPowers #2, #3

Hillary Clinton is back in the woods, hiding. It’s the first smart move she’s made in years. We’ll explain below.

On the day Donald J. Trump announced his presidential run we declared his most powerful weapon was his use of the English language to communicate in clear unapologetic American English, even as Oxford University debate professors scoffed. Today, in light of the “you’re fired!!!” blasted out by President Donald J. Trump to Comey the Clown we expound on the Trump Secret Weapon #2 and #3. We’ll explain below.

Hang on to your Bat-girdles… the worst is yet to come!!!!

* * * * * *

Hillary Clinton has disappeared. President Trump fired F.B.I. Director Jim Comey and Hillary Clinton has remained absolutely quiet. We’ll explain why, now.

Throughout the presidential campaign in 2015/2016 then candidate Donald J. Trump spoke to huge rallies of supporters who shouted “Lock Her Up!!!” Once candidate Donald J. Trump won the election because of his victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s heart softened, along with, some would argue, his head. No longer did President-Elect Donald J. Trump want to “Lock Her Up!!!” President-Elect Donald J. Trump sweetly declared that he did not want to see his vanquished opponent dragged off to prison in an orange outfit which few can pull off fashion-wise.

To this kindness, Hillary Clinton replied with some trepidation. Hillary Clinton first vowed to help President Trump succeed. That was Phase I of Hillary into the woods.

Into the woods went Hillary Clinton looking for the magic items to make her wishes come true. Then came Phase II of Hillary and her magic beans.

The magic beans were the bean soup of excuses Hillary Clinton made to herself and Big Media to explain away her stunning loss to the guy that Big Media hated and that had held absolutely zero elected office. But the complete Phase II of Hillary Clinton’s Grimm Fairy Tales began the day Donald J. Trump became President Donald J. Trump and President Donald J. Trump appeared with F.B.I. Director James Comey who appeared to be secure in his job.

F.B.I. Director James Comey was a fool to believe his job was secure just because he appeared at a staged event with President Donald J. Trump. But an even bigger fool was Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton believed James Comey would remain F.B.I. Director. James Comey had protected Hillary during the presidential campaign by (1) not indicting Hillary with the false excuse that the law to prosecute required “intent”; (2) providing immunity to many top Hillary aides without getting anything in return; (3) never putting Hillary Clinton under oath and never recording on video the “interrogation” of the supposed “winner” which could be seen repeatedly on television just before the election of 2016.

Hillary Clinton believed James Comey would remain F.B.I. Director and therefore she was safe from further prosecution. Apparently Hillary Clinton never saw Donald J. Trump’s reality show “Apprentice” nor “Celebrity Apprentice”. Just because President Trump appeared with Comey for a televised event did not mean Comey would not be fired.

At that point Hillary Clinton came out of the woods to attack President Trump. Phase II was a “blame the Russians” excuse mongering to attack the legitimacy of President Trump’s election and also to try to rally the losers who voted for her.

Phase III of Hillary Clinton’s descent into madness was her declaration that she was about to start a political action committee called “Onward Together” as a rerun of her failed “Stronger Together”.

“Onward Together” was Hillary Clinton’s most fatal mistake. She now faces prison and a life wearing a hideously unfashionable orange jumpsuit.

Shortly after Hillary Clinton raised her head to announce “Onward Together”, F.B.I. Director James Comey lost his head in a reality show called “Loser Clown Apprentice” hosted by President Donald J. Trump.

Hillary had once again miscalculated badly. Hillary should have taken President Trump’s act of grace in not prosecuting her as a gift. Instead Hillary calculated that she was safe with Comey and that she could attack President Trump.

Hillary Clinton should have breathed a sigh of relief that she would not be imprisoned and found a way to make her life with granddaughter Charlotte happy. Instead Hillary Clinton chose to “resist, insist, persist, enlist”. Somehow Hillary forgot about the Inspector General.

So why is Hillary Clinton hiding now that James Comey lost his battle with President Trump? Because there is an Inspector General investigation which likely means a Hillary indictment.

There are two Inspector General investigations at the F.B.I.

The first investigation is to determine whether the F.B.I. conducted the Hillary Clinton email investigation competently and according to law and the rules of the F.B.I. The second investigation by the Inspector General is to determine whether now acting F.B.I. Director McCabe acted ethically when he refused to recuse himself from the Hillary Clinton investigations because his wife who ran for political office in 2016 accepted donations from Hillary Clinton friends and cronies. In addition Acting Director McCabe did not disclose his wife’s involvement in political office seeking and donation fundraising. The investigations of the Inspector General are mostly ignored by Big Media even as the consequences of the investigations pose massive ramifications for Comey and Hillary:


Following President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, Andrew McCabe, the deputy director, will temporarily lead the bureau. The president dismissed Comey because of his handling of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, according to a memorandum by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, but McCabe is also under scrutiny for his involvement in the Clinton emails matter.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General announced in January that in response to requests from members of Congress, organizations and the public, it was opening a review of the FBI’s handling of the Clinton matter. Among the aspects that the office said it would review were “allegations that the FBI deputy director should have been recused from participating in certain investigative matters.” [snip]

“FBI’s senior leadership should never have allowed that appearance of a conflict to undermine the bureau’s important work…. If Mr. McCabe failed to avoid the appearance of a partisan conflict of interest in favor of Mrs. Clinton during the presidential election, then any participation in this inquiry creates the exact same appearance of a partisan conflict of interest against Mr. Trump,” Grassley said. [snip]

Comey was also a subject of the inspector general probe, and the review will likely continue without him, Michael Bromwich, who was inspector general under Bill Clinton, told Newsweek Tuesday night. Bromwich told Newsweek in March that a review of this scope will perhaps take at least a year and involve interviewing witnesses and reviewing electronic communications. The office will then provide its findings to the Justice Department and to the public, and the department will decide on sanctions, which could be suspension or termination.

McCabe has real problems with these investigations. But Comey, even though his head is rolling down a hill somewhere, has bigger problems:

The Justice Department inspector general will review broad allegations of misconduct involving FBI Director James B. Comey and how he handled the probe of Hillary Clinton’s email practices, the inspector general announced Thursday.

The investigation will be wide-ranging, encompassing Comey’s various letters and public statements on the matter and whether FBI or other Justice Department employees leaked nonpublic information, according to Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz.

The inspector general’s announcement drew praise from those on both sides of the political aisle and again put a spotlight on Comey, who emerged as a controversial figure during the 2016 race. [snip]

Comey has also been criticized for months by former Justice Department officials for violating the department’s policy of avoiding any action that could affect a candidate close to an election. President-elect Donald Trump has notably declined to commit to keeping the FBI director.

Brian Fallon, a former Clinton campaign spokesman, praised the investigation Thursday. [snip]

Horowitz wrote that his inquiry will extend back to at least July — when Comey announced he was recommending the Clinton case be closed without charges. [snip]

And he said he would also probe whether Peter Kadzik, the Justice Department’s assistant attorney general for legislative affairs, “improperly disclosed non-public information to the Clinton campaign and/or should have been recused from participating in certain matters.” Kadzik used to be the lawyer for Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, and WikiLeaks released hacked emails showing communications between the two men about the State Department’s review of Clinton emails for Freedom of Information Act purposes. [snip]

The tarmac meeting could be encompassed in the investigation of possible leaks of information, and Horowitz wrote that his investigators would consider “other issues that may arise during the course of the review.”

Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R- Iowa), chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, took note of the omission.

“It’s good to hear that the Inspector General agreed to my request to look at multiple concerns that I raised throughout the investigation,” Grassley said in a statement. “Conspicuously absent, though, is any specific reference to the Attorney General’s failure to recuse herself from the probe, particularly after her meeting with former President Clinton. It’s in the public interest to provide a full accounting of all the facts that led to the FBI and Justice Department’s decision-making regarding the investigation.”

This is deadly stuff and explains why Hillary Clinton is back in the woods, not heard from since Comey was schlonged by President Donald J. Trump.

Hillary Clinton is back in the woods because she understands that an F.B.I. Inspector General report that declares Comey and McCabe acted either illegally, unethically, or in violation of rules and regulations PUTS HER IN GREAT PERIL. If the Inspector General concludes the Hillary Clinton email investigation was improperly, illegally, or unethically, handled, then the obvious course will be that the Hillary Clinton investigation will be reopened. Hillary Clinton better get ready to wear orange jumpsuits even Martha Stewart could not fashionably wear.

Hillary Clinton should have been grateful to President Trump when he declared he did not want to “Lock Her Up!!!” Instead Hillary miscalculated that Comey would protect her.

In all this President Donald J. Trump revealed his other secret weapon! English is President Donald J. Trump’s superpower #1. President Trump has two other superpowers for us to consider today.

Superhero President Trump has several superpowers. A third superpower is one the ancient Greeks first discussed: Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad“.

Consider this entire Comey/Hillary episode. President Trump was generous when he put aside “Lock Her Up” as an aim. Hillary Clinton in Phase I promised to help President Trump. Then in Phases II and III Hillary Clinton lost her mind and decided she was safe with Comey at the F.B.I. and therefore could attack President Trump.

How did President Trump respond? He let the dogs run wild in Phase I and II of Hillary’s miscalculations. Then in Phase III, President Trump struck.

President Trump struck in two ways against Hillary Clinton. First President Trump struck back politically via Dan Scavino:

Trump adviser vows to release video of Hillary’s concession

A key member of President Trump’s communication team says he has video of Hillary Clinton’s concession call and is promising to release it in the near future.

On Tuesday, Trump’s social media director, Dan Scavino, tweeted a screenshot of a telephone call Clinton aide Huma Abedin made to Kellyanne Conway on election night to concede. The photo shows a two-minute call from Abedin at 2:30 a.m., with her telephone number blurred out.

This is a clever attack against Hillary Clinton’s political posturing. First Hillary Clinton said she would not question the election results – then Hillary Clinton questioned the election results and blamed everyone and everything except her “muddled message mess” of a campaign. In one fell swoop President Trump calls out Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisies as well as dominates the news cycle the moment the video/audio of the concession calls are made public.

After the political attack threat of release of the election night concession, came the beheading of Comey the Clown. Therein we see Superhero President Donald J. Trump’s third and very powerful superpower: reality.

President Trump has an amazing capacity to gauge reality. Donald J. Trump was a reality show star. But in the greatest game of reality TV President Donald J. Trump is King of Reality.

President Trump fired Comey in a most unexpected and most unusual manner. It was a transcontinental schlonging. Big Media, the left, the kingdom of kooks, went mad, hysterical! And that is how President Trump wins.

No need to restate all the madness of Big Media and the left at President Trump’s removal of Comey. Anderson Cooper rolled his eyes, “it’s a coup”, “Trump will be impeached in 30 days”, Trump will be impeached in 15 days”, “IT’S OVER FOR TRUMP, IT’S OVER FOR TRUMP, IT’S OVER FOR TRUMP, IT’S OVER FOR TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Once again, it’s over for “it’s over for Trump”. Trump hater Jack Shafer at Trump hater Politico sees the schlonging of them all:

No, Firing Comey Won’t Prove Trump’s Undoing

The president has wormed his way out of far worse jams.

The permanent crisis that is the Trump administration broke new, deeper ground on Tuesday afternoon as Baby Donald sacked FBI Director James Comey, whose sleuthing into connections between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia had discomposed him. The public uproar sounded immediately, as the cable channels went Full Bore Blitzer in their coverage and nearly every commentator and anchor (outside of the Fox News Channel) spotted the parallels between the Comey canning and President Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, the 1973 firing of an independent special prosecutor snooping into his Watergate misconduct and crimes. [snip]

The Comey affair surpasses all previous Trump-devised news events in part because it came so unexpectedly. [snip]

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin went falsetto in his outrage, correctly noting that Trump’s given rationale for the firing—Comey’s handling of the Clinton email case last summer—was a tissue-thin pretense: He had decided Comey must go and assigned the backing documentation to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. That the president had the right to fire Comey didn’t make the firing at this junction right, Democrats, a scattering of Republicans, and the non-Fox commentariat howled, setting the stage for what promises to be a weeks-long news festival of accusations and recriminations. [snip]

Of course, an entire Zappos warehouse of shoes may drop, but Trump knows from experience that he can still bend the news arc in his direction and take the news edge off his lawful act with a well-timed wrist flick. [snip]

The usual Trump Twitter bullshit, which he resorted to Wednesday morning, won’t be enough to stay the criticisms and calls for an independent counsel. [snip]

As I write, there are 32 Comey stories above the fold at

The current crisis is a case in point. Trump’s wits have allowed him to survive worse crises than this. File today’s New York Times and Washington Post in a safe place and revisit them this time next month. Trump may eventually face the comeuppance his foes dream of, but not over shoving Comey out the door.

That insult heavy “analysis” does not fully understand why President Trump will outlive “it’s over for Trump” heave hos. Why will President Trump survive and thrive? Why has President Trump, like candidate Trump, survived and thrived? Because President Trump’s view of reality is congruent with reality.

What astonishes is that not only does President Trump see reality, President Trump acts boldly on his vision of reality. President Trump succeeds because what Trump sees as reality is reality.

Do Americans share Big Media’s hysteria over Comey? Even leftist Big Media sees the non-writing on the FaceBook wall: Despite the wall-to-wall media coverage, most Americans — according to Facebook interactions — cared less about James Comey being fired than other big moments so far in the Trump administration.

The F.B.I.? Consider this: FBI Gives Hollywood Hacking Victims Surprising Advice: “Pay the Ransom” Hacking is a major and growing problem and the F.B.I. does not inspire confidence at all in any of this. Hacking, emails, F.B.I. says “pay the ransom”. Is that what the F.B.I. did with Hillary? Does the F.B.I. think the anti-Trumpers there can win against President Trump if the F.B.I. Trump haters there attack the President? All an F.B.I. or Comey attack against President Trump will prove is that many in the F.B.I. are using their legal powers illegally to act politically. Result will be Trump makes his point and wins again.

Consider all the news other than Comey the Clown related news from these past few days. Remember way back to last week when Obama Dimocrats giddily proclaimed the Republicans would lose the 2018 elections because of ObamaCare repeal? Then reality hit. Aetna is pulling out of ObamaCare. Premiums will rise dramatically. Disaster for Obama Dims. Trump got reality right (ObamaCare is in a death spiral). Obama Dims got reality kooky (and don’t care ObamaCare is in a death spiral).

Consider, it’s not just Aetna:

With the latest departures, more than 40 percent of U.S. counties would have only one insurer selling coverage on their marketplaces for next year, according to data compiled by The Associated Press and the consulting firm Avalere. That assumes no other insurers leave and none step in by the time customers start shopping for coverage in the fall.

These state-based marketplaces, known as exchanges, were established by the Affordable Care Act as a place for customers to compare prices and buy coverage, often with help from income-based tax credits. They provided coverage for about 12 million people this year.

The idea was that competition for customers would keep prices low. But insurers faced big losses in some markets, and they got less financial support from the government than they expected. They’ve been raising prices and pulling out of some markets altogether in response.

When insurers leave, prices rise.

As we’ve written before, President Trump has thus far not gotten rid of cost sharing programs which the courts have ruled illegal. But that is a Trump card that will finish off ObamaCare in all its evil forms when President Trump goes all out to enforce the law as written and as challenged in the courts.

Consider, more Obama Dimocrats are hauled off to jail for corruption.

Consider, President Trump is making the steel industry great again, says the New York Times.

Consider, President Trump is making the coal industry great again.

Consider, the OPEC oil cartel thieves worry about President Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again. OPEC wants America to stop producing so much shale oil because oil prices are plummeting with the over supply. “I think [OPEC] are now acutely aware that they don’t have the kind of influence they used to have 10 years ago, and that shale is now the swing producer in the market.” President Trump schlongs OPEC!

Consider, China and President Trump art of the deal. After months of bashing China for its trade practices, the Trump administration said it had agreed with Beijing on a broad range of measures aimed at improving the access of American beef producers, electronic-payments providers and natural-gas exporters, among others, to the world’s second-largest economy.

Big Media is focused on hysteria. President Donald J. Trump is using his superpowers to Make America Great Again.

In the battle of Big Media hysteria versus President Donald J. Trump, the reality is that President Trump sees reality.

President Trump’s superpowers – he makes his enemies go mad, he speaks in American blunt power English not Oxford/Harvard debater masturbators’ mush-mouth muddles, and he sees and acts quickly on his vision of reality which is the reality of most Americans.


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    Byron York: What Grassley and Feinstein said about Trump, the FBI, and Russia

    One of the most dramatic moments in then-FBI Director James Comey’s May 3 appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee came when Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal tried to press Comey into revealing that President Trump is a target of the FBI’s Russia investigation.

    “You have confirmed, I believe, that the FBI is investigating potential ties between Trump associates and the Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, correct?” Blumenthal asked the director.

    “Yes,” said Comey.

    “And have not, to my knowledge, ruled out anyone in the Trump campaign as potentially a target of that criminal investigation, correct?”

    “Well, I haven’t said anything publicly about who we’ve opened investigations on,” replied Comey. “I briefed the chair and ranking on who those people are. And so I can’t — I can’t go beyond that in this setting.”

    “Have you ruled out anyone in the campaign that you can disclose?”

    “I don’t feel comfortable answering that, senator because I think it puts me on a slope to talking about who we’re investigating,” replied Comey.

    “Have you — have you ruled out the president of the United States?”

    “I don’t — I don’t want people to over-interpret this answer,” said Comey. “I’m not going to comment on anyone in particular, because that puts me down a slope of — because if I say no to that, then I have to answer succeeding questions. So what we’ve done is brief the chair and ranking on who the U.S. persons are that we’ve opened investigations on. And that’s — that’s as far as we’re going to go, at this point.” [snip]

    Blumenthal’s tactics were so concerning that on Thursday, at a business meeting of the Judiciary Committee not devoted to any aspect of the Russia affair, Republican Chairman Charles Grassley and Democratic Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein both addressed the subject.

    In a carefully-written statement, Grassley said that he and Feinstein were indeed briefed by Comey on the particular individuals targeted in the current FBI investigation. And Grassley strongly implied — in fact, did everything but come out and say directly — that the president is not one of those individuals.

    “Mr. Comey testified before the Judiciary Committee last week,” Grassley began. “Sen. Blumenthal asked him whether the FBI had ruled anyone out as a potential target of the investigation of allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. In response, Mr. Comey stated: ‘Well, I haven’t said anything publicly about who we’ve opened investigations on. I briefed the chair and ranking on who those people are.'”

    “Mr. Comey did brief Ranking Member Feinstein and me on who the targets of the various investigations are,” Grassley continued:

    It would not be appropriate for me to reveal those details before the professionals conducting the investigations are ready. So I will not answer any questions about who are targets of the ongoing Russia investigations. But I will say this: Shortly after Director Comey briefed us, I tweeted that he should be transparent. I said he should tell the public what he told Senator Feinstein and me about whether the FBI is or is not investigating the president. On Tuesday, the president’s letter said that Director Comey told him he was not under investigation. Senator Feinstein and I heard nothing that contradicted the president’s statement.

    Trump, of course, said in his letter firing Comey that Comey had told Trump, on three separate occasions, that Trump was “not under investigation.”

    Finishing his statement, Grassley called on the FBI to “confirm to the public whether it is or is not investigating the president. Because it has failed to make this clear, speculation has run rampant.” In what appeared a clear nod toward Blumenthal, Grassley called on the FBI to brief all members of the Judiciary Committee “on what is actually going on.”

    “Hopefully, that will help temper some of the unsubstantiated statements that have been made,” Grassley said.

    Feinstein had a prepared statement of her own to make concerning the Comey firing, much of it criticizing the White House’s changing rationales for taking action, plus calling for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate. But before she began her prepared remarks, Feinstein said a few words addressing what Grassley had just said about Trump and targets of the investigation.

    “Thanks very much, Mr. Chairman,” Feinstein said. “I very much appreciate what you’ve said, and it’s very accurate, and we were briefed. And the nature of the briefing was a counter-intelligence and criminal investigation that the FBI was carrying out, and more than that I will not say, either.”

    What to make of the Grassley-Feinstein exchange? While nothing is ever completely clear in the Russia affair, it seems that Grassley was saying that Comey had told him, and Feinstein, that some individuals were targets of the FBI Russia probe, and that President Trump was not among them.

    Reality versus kookdom. Trump wins.


    So what’s actually bigger news in terms of how it affects the country and the people who live here? Aetna insurance quitting the Obamacare exchanges next year, or no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia? Does anybody…? Can anybody tell me what this collusion is alleged to be? Can anybody? Originally they said that the Russians hacked the election, so what was the hack? There is on-the-record testimony from election officials — both parties and President Obama — saying it’s impossible to affect the vote and the counting of the vote. Not possible. [snip]

    So what is the hack? Podesta’s emails? Well, that wasn’t a hack. That was a phishing attack that Podesta fell for. Had Podesta not been an idiot, his emails would have never ended up anywhere. What’s the collusion? Does anybody know? You ought to know. Since last July, the FBI’s been investigating Trump and the collusion with Russia. What is it? Have you ever heard anybody ever identify what the collusion is? Do you know? Does anybody know? Is there any place that I can go to find out what the Russians did? [snip]

    Okay, so there has no evidence of any collusion yet. Well, why do we think there has been collusion? Because Hillary lost? Why do we think this? What is the collusion? Did the Russians somehow make Podesta fall for a third-rate phishing scheme? Did the Russians arrange for Hillary to set up her illegal, home brew server? Did the Russians help the Democrats conspire against Bernie Sanders to cheat him out of the Democrat nomination?

    Because that did happen. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and the Democrat Party did it. I think these investigators had better be very careful of what they wish for. What if this investigation eventually reveals collusion between Barack Obama and Russia on any number of things? What if this investigation eventually reveals collusion between Russia and the Democrat Party? There isn’t any with Trump so far.

    Are we missing the mother of all scandals here? And I don’t say this haphazardly. Who weaponized the FBI against Donald Trump? Who started all of this? That, ladies and gentlemen, would be Barack Obama. Just as he has weaponized every other federal agency, the IRS to the EPA. Isn’t a real scandal here that Obama sicced the FBI on his party’s political opponent, the Trump campaign, the minute Trump won the GOP nomination? Where is there any outrage? And why? Why was there an investigation ongoing of the Trump campaign?

    Why did the president of the United States okay and maybe order an investigation of the Republican presidential nominee? Back in July. I’ve got the stories. I’ve got ’em here from the LA Times. I’ve got ’em from the AP. There is no question, ladies and gentlemen, this happened. I’ll give you just one example here. This is the LA Times: “Comey Says FBI Began Investigation into Russia Meddling in July.” Why? What “Russia meddling”? “FBI director James B. Comey told Congress the FBI launched its investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. election nearly nine months ago.”

    This is story is dated be back in March. “He said the FBI started investigating the matter in July and that its work was still in the early stages. He declined to say when the investigation might concluded. Comey refused to comment when asked by [a Democrat congressman from Connecticut] if the investigation had uncovered evidence of collision between Trump campaign associates and Russia.” We have a phony, fake, made-up dossier of fake events that did not happen, supposedly tying Trump to espionage in Russia, in Moscow. This is one of the most amazing hoaxes!

    It’s been going on since last July. We’re coming up here on nine, 10 months here of this, with no evidence! [snip]

    They have been insane ever since nine p.m. on election night, and now look who it is who does not want to accept the outcome of the election. Now look who it is that is running and chasing a myth, running around chasing a lie that somehow the Russians stole the election from them. The entire month of October, all of November leading up to the election, not one reference to that. Because, remember, they thought they were gonna win and they didn’t want there to be any taint of this massive landslide, glass-ceiling-breaking election.

    They wanted this election to be the most legit, the most thorough, the most honest it had ever been! There wasn’t gonna be any Russian investigation. There wasn’t gonna be any Russian involvement. No way, no how. Hillary was gonna win this straight up and hands down. Except she didn’t.

    Reality bites. The scandal is Obama weaponizing legal institutions to commit political crimes.

  3. @admin
    Kudos on a this post. You have me laughing so hard that I started tearing. After 8 arduous years of Hell on Earth, I think we might be getting back to some semblance of normalcy.

  4. Thank you, Admin.

    It’s easy to forget that our very own Bruce Wayne has gotten this far knowing how to handle all of Gotham’s super villains.

    As a lovely lady has already said above, “Let Trump be Trump.”

  5. good post…

    in addition, lest we forget that when the DNC got hacked they refused to give their computers to the FBI to investigate the matter…and hard to believe, the FBI (hmmm Comey and McCabe at the head) allowed the DNC to keep their computers and let them use a private company of their own choice

    What about our national security? the FBI seemed to take a cue from Hillary to farm out computers that should have extra special protection…

    now…how does the FBI allow an ‘alleged’ hack by the Russians or Wikileaks on the DNC computers to be so casual as to allow the DNC to keep their computers…what the hell kind of investigations were the FBI conducting…? that is asinine on its face…

    so they can drag out a ‘fake’ investigation on PDT for months with no evidence and Comey can play footsie over and over again in senate hearings and the like refusing to answer if the President of the USA is under investigation so as to keep suspicions alive that he might be…yet they let the DNC destroy or withhold evidence that might provide information leading to the possible Russian/Wikileaks hack…

    give me a break…thank Goodness that we have Inspector Generals to supercede the selective activity or lack thereof of the heads of the FBI…

    imo…because BM will never look at these facts and will continue to spin it all against PDT, I hope that PDT will stop feeding this story and stop reacting and tweeting about it…it is now in the hands of the Inspector Generals…they are giving indications that they “get” what really went on…let them handle it…

    I want to hear and see PDT selling to the people all the good things he is doing and accomplishing…put a full stop to talking and tweeting about this story and maybe make a simple statement like “It is in the hands of the Inspector Generals” now and as he likes to say “we’ll see what happens and that is all i will have to say about it”

    (skip the name calling, skip hitting Comey, etc)

    let the best salesman of the USA spend his time selling his policies and accomplishments…force the media to pay attention to that…he has a full plate with healthcare, taxes, trade, immigration, etc…PDT…sell your policies to the people …explain what you are doing and why it will make the lives of the American people better…

  6. It’s still not possible for me to login or if I do,it doesn’t allow me the block to post.

  7. one other thing…earlier i was watching the business channel and someone had what I think is a great idea…

    he said that PDT should organize the daily briefings by topic, for example he said Fridays briefings should be for Business reporters and they should be talking about and asking questions related to business affairs…evidently the business news is most prominent on Fridays

    …and what happened to the variety of new people they were going to let in for the briefings…they were skyping people in and they had more conservative outlets in to ask questions…
    what happened to that?

    all i heard was John Decker from Fox news attacked the reporter from the Gateway Pundit and called him a racist, etc in front of all the liberal reporters in the briefing room

    now it seems they are back to the same old people and the same old hostile questions

    Speicer is too nice to them…he gives them way too much time and too many questions…cut the time in half

  8. and here is an interesting tidbit…talk about going way back with the Clintons

    President Bill Clinton was criticized for some of his pardons and acts of executive clemency.[1] Pardoning or commuting sentences is a power granted by the U.S. Constitution to all sitting United States Presidents.

    While most presidents grant pardons throughout their terms, Clinton chose to make nearly a third of them on January 20, 2001, his last day in office. This came to be known as Pardongate[2][not in citation given]. While Clinton pardoned a large number (450)[3] of people compared with his immediate predecessor Republican George H. W. Bush, who only pardoned 75, the number of people pardoned by Clinton was comparable to Republican Ronald Reagan and Democrat Jimmy Carter, who pardoned 406 and 566 respectively.[4]

    b>Federal prosecutor Mary Jo White was appointed to investigate the pardon of Marc Rich. She was later replaced by then-Republican James Comey, who found no illegality on Clinton’s part.

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    We are still beating the hamsters to fix the problems. We think the problems stem from WordPress and Firefox somehow. We had problems with Firefox for a long time and we finally dumped it as our browser. But somehow, Firefox which installed some of our software is screwing things up and we are having to go line by line on the code to find the culprits.

    As of now what people are suggesting is to log in via the comments RSS feed on the Meta widget in the right hand column. Clean reboots with Control-shift-R pressed simultaneously help to bring up comments if you post one but can’t see it.

    Some of the problems are beginning to clear up but too many still remain. This weekend we will be having a major session of beatings on the hamsters until they get things straightened out. Blood will flow. The beatings will continue until morale improves – along with the website.

  10. Yeh, that seems to work at times. Anyway, I guess Judge Jennie will get a ratings bump tomorrow during the full interview. Amazing how a force like O’Reilly went away without a whimper. Unfortunately, it also gave a boost to Maddow and the left’s sick obsession that Russia somehow effected the election. Trust me, as a former Clinton supporter(and some of you were at one time) she managed to run two (2) awful campaigns , the first giving us Obama and the last resulting in Trump. I have been impressed with some of his accomplishments but he has a very difficult road ahead caused in large part by his own party . The “resistance” is not a surprise or unexpected and Trump and his team should have been better prepared on how to handle it. His spokespeople are in way over their head and he could use a real pro.

  11. Big Media talks about how firing Comey now was “bad timing”. On the contrary, the timing could not be more perfect.

    Trump wisely waited until Gorsuch was confirmed before giving Comey the axe. His goal was to have the Dims force the GOP into the nuclear option. They foolishly walked into his trap.

    Now Trump needs only 51 votes to confirm his new pick for FBI chief. Say hello to Director Gowdy.

  12. Despite your ongoing serious problems with the hamsters, you managed to come up with this brilliant post in time to confront Fake’s mid-Friday meltdown. Amazing.
    Ongoing gratitude to Big Pink Trumpet.

  13. Comey’s office was “raided” while he was away preening and getting fired in Los Angeles. Reminder: It is not Comey’s office as he is a temporary occupant on sufferance of the US taxpayers and he nor the FBI staff own jack squat. Days later the president tweets Comey after a NYT’s story which is a typical whiny screed from Comey’s flunkies (allegedly but it is probably Comey himself) rationalizing his squirrel behavior and many fire-able actions.

    What did Sessions find in Comey’s office? The ASSUMPTION after the tweet is Trump did the recording of a post inaugural working dinner (which big Jim virtuously NOW says he was reluctant to attend-exactly why is unknown since he wouldn’t stay out of the Obama White House). Who is the domestic “spying” agency? The FBI. Who was supposed to track down leakers of classified material? FBI. Who is dragging their feet? FBI. Who covered the Obama White House’s ass in domestic spying on political rivals? DOJ and FBI of whom they are a part. Who is stalling on giving Congress any material for their oversight responsibilities? FBI.

    Jim, Jim, Jim. You thought you could outsmart Trump. And Sessions. And you could lie to and/or blackmail a president. You believed the swamp legend that Trump is dumb and as you told your apparatchiks “crazy”. Out of habit and hubris you ran to the NYT to vent your spleen and got slapped. Dumb old Jim. The media is loosing their mind because they lost a source and a firewall for Hillary-Obama. And another swamp creature bites the dust. Plead the fifth Jim when you get subpoenaed.

  14. The team named their model rocket “Trump”.

    @01:58 •President Trump: “How did you come up with the name ‘Trump’, anybody have an idea?”
    •Student: “Simply because it conquers all.”
    •President Trump: “Ohhh, they’re never gonna put that on television.”

  15. Unlike the last guy, Please notice!!
    No nose in the air, Like he is better then us. Trump is a working Man, A builder of big beautiful things. Not afraid to get his hands dirty!! 😀

  16. As we wrote repeatedly, and wrote again, and will write again: It’s over for “it’s over for Trump”. Axios sees the writing on the website:

    Parallel universes: D.C. freaks; Trump Country shrugs [snip]

    Out in the country, though, the parallels in the public reaction are striking:

    Trump stands accused of doing something that would sink most politicians, or at least elicit remorse.

    Instead of lying low or backing off, Trump escalates.

    His staff panics but sticks with him.

    Democrats feel certain he’s toast.

    All of us in the media spring into 24/7 outrage.

    And like Trump himself, the firing is broadly unpopular: In Gallup, 46% disapprove, while 39% approve.

    But just like with the “Access Hollywood” tape, the vast majority of Republicans — and especially the Trump base — seem unfazed. For all the media/Democrat/Twitter histrionics, consider:

    The Gallup daily tracking poll shows Trump’s approval has held steady (40% the day of the firing, 41% two days later).

    Polls show two countries: In NBC News/Survey Monkey, 79% of Rs thought Trump acted appropriately, and 13% of Dems.

    Most elected Republicans are backing Trump or staying silent. AP reports that at the Republican National Committee’s spring meeting out in Coronado, Calif., party leaders defended the president’s actions and insisted that they would have little political impact.

    The Comey topic is hot in traditional media, but cold on Facebook: Seven other events of the Trump presidency trended harder.

    Be smart: Don’t underestimate how much wiggle room Trump bought himself with his voters and conservatives by putting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, enforcing the red line in Syria, and muscling a partial repeal of Obamacare through the House. He has a long leash with Trump Country.

    Even with this analysis Big Media still does not get it. It’s not Gorsuch, nor Syria, nor ObamaCare repeal, that gives President Trump his appeal. Trump has support because he fights for reality in clear American English while driving his opponents mad.

    The article previous to this one on Axios was titled Dumbfounded, demoralized GOP publicly defends Trump which entirely contradicts the latest bit of Big Media Axios dumbassery.

    Big Media cannot get its narrative straight because Big Media is concocting narratives which are contrary to reality. President Trump sees reality and acts on it. PDT saw Comey was a clown, got fed up with Clown Comey, “you’re fired” Clown Comey ensues. Big Media sees these same events and tries to fit the square pegs into Watergate round holes.

    Reality bites.

  17. Question: why do progressives in the mainstream media, academia, and everywhere else those losers secrete themselves make fools of themselves attacking Trump?

    Answer: David Goldman, who writes for the Asian Times, claims that it is because Trump calls out these high flautin’ Greeks in crude waya, on what they really are, rather than what they pretend to be. As a result, they experience acute anxiety, which leads to Trump derangement syndrome

    “The progressives felt themselves on the verge of turning America into a gigantic echo-chamber. Except for tiny pockets of resistance, they control the universities. They dominate the mainstream media and mainstream culture. They had the Supreme Court as of Obergefell. And they had a Democratic administration ready to cut off funding to schools that didn’t let boys-who-say-they-are-girls into the girls’ room.

    And into this triumphalist delirium, there intruded the raucous Queens accent of Donald J. Trump, the most politically incorrect contestant for national office since Andrew Jackson. The progressives have responded by retreating into deep fantasy, with tutus and pussy hats (which, one might add, are a micro-aggression against transwomen who do not have vaginas, and should be replaced by a hat that depicts a part of the anatomy that everyone has).

    Trump did not merely derail the progressive political agenda. He turned the lights out on the Holodeck and left the snowflake-identities of the self-inventors to melt in the wholesome light of day, and the progressives will never stop raging against him.”



    5:10 p.m.

    An association of FBI agents says it supports a former Michigan congressman and ex-FBI agent, Mike Rogers, for FBI director.

    The FBI Agents Association is urging President Donald Trump to nominate Rogers for the bureau’s top job. Trump fired James Comey from the position on Tuesday.

    At least six candidates are slated to interview at the Justice Department on Saturday. Rogers isn’t among them, but he is on a list of more than a dozen people the president is considering.

    The agents association says Rogers’ experience makes him the best candidate.

    Rogers worked for the FBI as a special agent based in Chicago in the 1990s and briefly advised Trump’s transition team on national security issues. His name was floated as a possible replacement for Director Robert Mueller in 2013.


    Fox news reported that there were eight people that were interviewed today and Rogers did interview late this afternoon


  19. Mike Rogers would be a TERRIBLE choice. He has run committees before and his investigations went nowhere. There was a major conflict of interest involving his wife. He quit Congress to be a radio personality, and flopped. He is NOT the guy to clean up the FBI!

  20. JB—you may want to check out Walter Russell Mead’s next book:

    The Arc of a Covenant: The United States, Israel, and the Fate of the Jewish People will be published by Knopf in 2017.

  21. foxy—that commencement speech at Liberty University is wonderful.

    The point that struck me was: never be afraid to challenge a corrupt and incompetent power structure, because that is how we change to world.

    The people we today defending the corrupt system are sanctimonious hypocrites. Anderson Cooper is a perfect example. A real schmuck.

    The sanctimony on the one hand, and the hypocrisy on the other, make them the lowest form of like there is. They are nauseous.

  22. Still having trouble logging in, but Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s (see MOAB). Will do wbboei.

  23. Tracking this incredible situation which is what should be headlines sustained nationwide. Re the horrendous #Amtrak188 crash in Philadelphia and this city’s disgraced DA Seth Williams, still in power. It relates directly to Comey’s legal interpretation leading to forgiveness of Hillary, as well as depravity of Dems. The revised “reality” did make national news. The whole story however, is nearly lost.

    Judge orders Philly DA’s Office to charge Amtrak engineer Bostian

  24. The tech hamsters seem to have plugged up the Comments RSS workaround for iPhone and iPad users. Not exactly a step forward.

  25. The DNC is currently arguing in court that it, and not the voters, has the right to pick the primary winner.

    I wonder how well that will go over with the remaining base?

  26. re: new FBI Director
    above i simply mentioned that Rogers was under consideration and appeared late Sat, not meant in any way as an endorsement…just providing info to discussion as it broke on Sat

    imo…if PDT had fired Comey in January and put Rudy G in then it probably would have worked
    at this stage of the game, DT can’t choose a partisan, so that seems to eliminate Gowdy…and Cornyn

    i cannot imagine DT appointing Merrick Garland, that to me sounds ridiculous…and McCabe sounds like a no, as in, no brainer to me with all the baggage he brings…in fact, the sooner he is sidelined the better

    sounds like many people that are against a Special Prosecutor are leaning towards Ray Kelly, in that, he is a solid guy with law enforcement/investigator background…and some state that he has worked with both sides of the aisle and would be easier to be confirmed…

    also find it a positive move that asst depury AG will be going to congress, I believe the Senate, to speak to them regarding Comey on Thursday…hope he puts this whole thing to bed with specifics of Comey’s wrongdoings…(the Dims are immature emotional kids trying to distract and “resist” at every turn doing nothing for the American people)

    any thoughts? Wobbei and Tony S?


    also heard some contradictory banter about how DT gets his new FBI director confirmed…did hear that all he needs is the 51 votes (and Mormaer stated that above0…
    if that is in fact correct, why is Schumer blabbing on about no confirmation of FBI D if no Special Prosecutor…sounds like Schumer is right back where he was with Korsuch…and powerless to demand anything…except blab on for a while to further distraction

    ….also can anyone further expound on the whole special prosecutor issue…as I understand it, it has expired and I believe the President would have to sign off on it, as Bill Clinton did way back when to his disadvantage…and ended up leading to his impeachment…

    How can they all be calling for a SP when DT has to sign off on it and in all likelihood would not
    and thoughts on that?

    especially with 10 ongoing investigations currently going on…when is enough enough…insanity


    finally, why hasn’t DT fired the IRS John Koskinen.?

    I can’t understand why DT has left so many O people still in power…he really should have taken them out in Jan because now everything is nonstop political…drip, drip, drip


    Admin, fyi…update…can still access and read website from my phone but cannot leave comments, it just does not process letting me in after I go thru the routine of password and adding up numbers it asks for…so if there are any new comments that are actually there I can’t see new ones…and can’t add anything

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