Praise Kek! – @RealDonaldTrump Is NOT My Father!!!

Update: It’s Trump Day 100. The celebration rally is on tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Trump country Pennsylvania (see the video at end of this update). There is much to celebrate.

Lots of winning. The DailyKooks types are weepy still as they realize that the pussyhats and crying spells won’t stop President Trump. The DailyKooks thought President Trump would be impeached on Day 1 and here we are at Day 100, with more than three and a half years to come along with the second term four years.

More winning – Barack Obama and bottom heavy Michelle thought they were the father and mother of the country, not the hired public servants they were. Michelle acted like the fat mom telling the kids to not eat what she eats. Those days are over not-my-mama. Yup, the just confirmed new Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on Monday will dump the Michelle Obama food program at schools which led to horrid food schoolkids would dump in the dumpster.

More more winning winning! Trump hating Politico sums up the Trump effectiveness in a headline and subheadline: Trump’s immigration crackdown is well underway – The president has engineered a major shakeup during his first 100 days in office — by combining a quick stroke of the pen and his forceful rhetoric. Read it and weep DailyKook snowflakes.

More winning, more winning, more winning!!! Remember Mark Penn, the Hillary2008 and Bill Clinton pollster? Penn was dumped by Hillary Clinton and in 2016 Hillary hired an Obama pollster more interested in protecting Obama than helping Hillary. This led to Hillary’s delusions Shattered forevermore in 2016. Mark Penn is back. Penn is a good pollster just a lousy campaign director/manager. Penn has lots to say about Trump. We excerpt just the snippets of highlights in a must read article from Mark Penn:

Why the polls are wrong about Trump. Again.

Today we live in a polling bubble – surveys taken from the perches in New York, Washington and Los Angeles may be obscuring rather than illuminating many of the underlying views and trends of the American electorate. [snip]

Most media analysts and modelers concluded a Hillary Clinton victory was in the bag. [snip]

Most polls have moved away from voters or likely voters to U.S. adults with no screen for registration or even citizenship. And the questions often focus on storylines and narratives critical of Trump. [snip]

First, Trump is likely NOT at 40 percent approval with the American electorate. He is likely higher. [snip] Six million voters opted for a libertarian candidate and most of those votes would never go to a liberal Democrat. And when all of the congressional votes were tallied, Republicans got 3 million more votes than the Democrats and won a majority of both the popular vote and of the seats in Congress.

The recent special election in Georgia came out about the same as the Trump/Hillary vote, with Republicans nosing out Democrats. As The Washington Post poll reported, a replay of the Trump/Hillary race would today come out more for Trump than Hillary.

So what is the disconnect between polls that show his job rating at 40 and the electoral results? The major network polls all now report “U.S adults” as the sampling frame, not people who voted in the last election or expect to vote in the next one. The non-voters include 11 million undocumented aliens and a lot of folks who liked neither candidate and stayed home, as well as younger people who have lower rates of participation. These polls should not be confused with the views of the American electorate.

If you look just at the past voters, Trump is holding his base – The Washington Post said that 94 percent of Trump voters approve of the job he is doing. [snip]

Third, the media echo chamber has, I think, made it more difficult for people to express their political views, especially to live interviewers. [snip]

Trump campaigned on a unique set of issues that indicted bad trade deals for economic dislocation, supported the police over the Black Lives Matter movement, called for making NATO members pay their fair share, and deporting criminal undocumented aliens. He called for repeal and replacing ObamaCare, lower taxes, more immigration police and a border wall paid for by Mexico. [snip]

In the end, Trump had a fairly powerful message that spoke to a lot of voters. He is now attempting to turn that message into policy. [snip]

That was the ultimate mistake of 2016 and the polling bubble: The election turned not on Hollywood Access or Huma Abadein’s laptop, it turned on serious issues too easily dismissed by polling focused on Trump’s temperament, conflict of interest, tweets and Russian conspiracies. [snip]

On key issues he has a lot of support, especially when it comes to America being taken advantage of by its allies and trading partners, failing to stand up to its red lines, and the need for change that drains the corruption and gridlock of Washington. Don’t let the polling bubble obscure the fact that the forces – pro and con – that produced the surprise upset last November are just as powerful today.

Read the whole dang thing while you wait for President Trump tonight.


Not that we would mind, the inheritance alone would be kinda nice, but President Donald J. Trump is not our father. President Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States. In other words, President Donald J. Trump is a public servant. A freakin’ PUBLIC SERVANT. President Trump is not our father!!!!! Barron Trump may accurately state “President Donald J. Trump is my father.” Don Jr., Eric, Tiffany, and Ivanka, may likewise declare truthfully “President Donald J. Trump is my father.” But everyone else should clearly shout “PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP IS NOT MY FATHER!!!!!!! PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT!!!!”

Why do we have to write something so obvious? Why do we have to raise our blood pressure and scream out what is beyond dispute??? Because… because there is an idiot in Ohio… an idiot in Ohio that claims otherwise. The name of the idiot from Ohio?

Governor of Ohio John Kasich:

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a dangerous idiot:

“When you’re running a big job like that, you have to not only use your head and your heart, and they have to work together,” Kasich said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “And what he needs to know is he’s the father of America, and that carries a heavy responsibility.”

NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!! Donald J. Trump is not the “father of America”. Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States. He’s a public servant. He works for us. HE WORKS FOR US!!!!!

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a dangerous paternalistic idiot. We have our fathers. We don’t need another government issued “father”.

George Washington, the first President, was called the “father of the country” because he was a singular figure that helped birth this country. But George Washington rejected the paternalistic role, the lordship, the “father” to children role louts such as John Kasich believe in.

The danger is that because Kasich believes the role of an elected public servant is to be a “father” the paternalism oozes out of every policy pore.

Political hacks like John Kasich (and destructive demons like Barack Obama) believe themselves to be anything but what they are. They are servants but believe themselves to be gods.

Public servants deserve no more respect than a waitress at a cheap falling down restaurant. A waitress (or waiter, although now political correctness demands we call these workers “servers”) deserves respect at the same level as a public servant elected to office. But neither public servant nor restaurant servant deserves anything more than respect of a basic human level. That’s it.

Offensive wannabe overlords like John Kasich (who looks like a methamphetamine addicted bum, is ugly as a car crash non-survivor, smells as bad as a corpse, eats like a pig at a trough, has shoes that appear to have been dug up after being buried in sewage, and dresses like he gets his clothes out of a paper bag he’s been carrying for months) think they are the “father” of the little people that don’t know any better.

We’re not kidding. John Kasich is a pig who has been saying this type of paternalistic crap about being our “father” for years. We’re not kidding. Kasich has been saying this crap for years and years. Public servant John Kasich thinks he is a “father” of the people and wants President Trump to be just as stupid and paternalistic:

Speaking to reporters outside the White House, Kasich said Trump “listened a great deal to my concerns” and “was very generous with his time.”

“I also told him that, I remember back when I first became governor, there was some things that I was doing to the point where my wife said to me ‘you’re the father of Ohio, act like it,'” Kasich said.

John Kasich has a personal life drama he is dealing with still. His parents got killed and he has not gotten over that. But that is his personal problem. Kasich can be a father to his children, and leave the rest of us to our fathers.

This paternalistic attitude exemplified by John Kasich is dangerous idiocy. It leads to public servants believing their job is to tell us what to do. To improve our lives. To better us. To lord over us. To instruct us on how to lead our lives.

The paternalistic attitude exemplified by John Kasich is a dangerous idiocy. It is the servants telling the masters what to do. No. The American people are the masters and we tell the public servants what to do. That’s why Donald J. Trump won and John Kasich lost. Donald J. Trump listened to what his public masters told him to do. John Kasich lectured his public masters as if they were slack-jawed servants.

John Kasich is loved by Big Media. Both John Kasich and Big Media share the mentality that they are the masters. To Kasich and Big Media the public are dumb dogs to be led by the leash.

The American people voted for Donald J. Trump to be the top public servant, a.k.a. President, because Donald J. Trump is a servant that will do what the people elected him to do. That’s why President Trump is tops:

The Ever-Trumpers: Revisiting his backers from 2016, we find they still like him [snip]

Anyone either hoping or fearing that the stumbles of Trump’s young administration have shaken the faith of his core backers will find little support here. There is certainly disappointment, especially around Trump’s inability to deliver on his signature promise to get rid of Obamacare, but in almost identical words they blame someone else for it, specifically congressional Republicans. (Cruz: “Why didn’t they have a plan?” Neal: “I don’t like that we still have rogue Republicans that are just not supporting.” Frisbie: “Why haven’t they been working for the last eight years planning on what they’d do if they got control again? They should have had a plan.”)

At the 99 day mark, the voting public masters are happy they hired President Trump:

No regrets: 100% approval at 100 days from these Trump voters [snip]

The president scores a perfect 100% approval rating in the USA TODAY Trump voter panel, a nationwide group of 25 Trump voters who make up a sort of floating focus group on how the president fares among those who backed him.

​”He’s not being pushed around,” Deidra Brady, 48, of Broadway, N.C., says approvingly. Tara Kimble, 61, of Breaux Bridge, La., predicts with Trump-like bravado that history will judge him as a great president: “He’s doing a better job than anybody has done.

While reviews from presidential scholars and the broader public are mixed at best, these core supporters remain solidly in Trump’s corner. The sturdiness of that support, also reflected in national polls, gives the president a reliable political base even as he struggles to expand his appeal to those who didn’t back him on Election Day.

Indeed, their assessments are more positive now than they were amid the afterglow of his inauguration in January. Almost half now say Trump is doing better than they expected when they voted for him.

President Donald J. Trump works hard. President Donald J. Trump is a good public servant.

A bad public servant is someone who thinks he is a “father” or a king. John Kasich is bad enough with his paternalism. But that goofball Paul Ryan (something is wrong with that boy) is the worst.

Paul Ryan can’t get anything done that the people want. Paul Ryan will putter about and pretend like he is working, but he is not. Paul Ryan is like the servant supposed to be polishing the silverware but only manages half a spoon polished in a week (while the other silver spoons find themselves at the local pawn shop). There’s something wrong with that boy. It’s like Paul Ryan is the goofball young son of Nancy Pelosi. She at least got horrible things done, like passing ObamaCare. Paul Ryan can’t seem to get the job done. Paul Ryan, bad public servant, has to be fired.

Today at the NRA, President Trump spoke about Paul Revere (we wrote about how President Trump is like Paul Revere and Churchill, sounding the trumpet alarm to wake up the sleeping). President Trump spoke about how he is a public servant. President Trump spoke about why Americans rose up against the “Redcoats” of the British Empire. Americans fought the Revolution because we are the masters, not the servants. “We are ruled by our citizens.”

President Trump promises he will “never, ever, let you down.” That’s what a public servant promises. To do his job. That’s why President Trump was hired. He’s a public servant, not a Barack Obama style golden calf.

President Trump is a public servant. President Trump does his job.