Ten Years After: From Hillary Clinton To @RealDonaldTrump

The country, had to hit Ba-rock bottom. We are reconciled to the Barack Obama presidency now that it is over. We are reconciled to the Obama occupation of the White House because we realize that as painful, as horrible, as destructive and hateful as it was, the country had to hit rock bottom. The eight years of Barack bottom horrors had to be endured so that we could enjoy the election of Donald J. Trump, the man that ran on the idea of “Make America Great Again”.

It’s our tenth anniversary. On April 19, 2007 we began to publish this website. How does the preeminent pro-Hillary Clinton website go from there to proud support of Donald J. Trump? How? Donald J. Trump answered that question for us all with the selection of his campaign theme song: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want. . . but if you try… sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.”

America needed Donald J. Trump. To get there, to get to the top, we had to endure the Obama swamps, the bottom of the barrel. We had to hit Ba-rock bottom.

A Hillary Clinton victory in 2008, as much as we wanted it, was not what the country needed. A John McCain victory in 2008, as much as we wanted it, was not what the country needed. A Mitt Romney victory in 2012, as much as we wanted it, was not what the country needed. We didn’t get what we wanted. We got what we needed.

John McCain, war hero, was not about to end the neo-con wars. Mitt Romney was the cause of our meltdown when we realized that he would not win. Mitt Romney at best would have been a slow motion mud-slide like President George H.W. Bush. Hillary, McCain, Romney would have been much much better presidents than Barack Obama. But the country needed to hit Ba-rock bottom just like any drunk or addict before it could recover, get better, become great again.

After the disaster called George W. Bush, we thought it could not get worse. We were wrong. George W. Bush was the top lid on a barrel of bottom called Barack. In early 2007 we saw what Hillary2008 and Hillary Clinton did not see. We saw the threat Barack Obama posed.

So, we began to publish in order to convince the campaign and our very high up in Democratic Party politics friends that Obama was a threat. We supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 and were attacked by just about every Big Media outlet, from the left, right, and center. The DailyKooks hated us. All the Barack Obama supporters hated and attacked us for telling the truth about that lowlife from Chicago.

We pointed out that almost nothing was known about Obama and the little that was known was ugly. We talked about Giannopoulos and Rezko and the freezing tenants, but no one cared. The Obama cult of clowns and corruption was intoxicated on that elixir of political depravity, Hopium.

We warned Hillary Clinton in 2007 and onwards that Barack Obama had to be exposed as a liar and corrupt Chicago clown. But Hillary Clinton 2008 was a campaign that thought they would win and needed to tolerate Obama in order to win the general election with a unified Democratic Party.

We supported Hillary Clinton in 2008. We supported the Hillary Clinton that for clarity’s sake declared that she was prepared to “obliterate” Iran. We supported the Hillary Clinton that had a well thought out health care plan. We supported the Hillary Clinton that supported Israel. We supported the Hillary Clinton that supported abortion rights for women and demanded abortion be “safe, legal, and RARE”. We supported the Hillary Clinton that fought for what she believed was right and did not give up.

Commenter Wbboei loves to quote Tallyrand on the restoration of the Bourbon kings in France, “they had learned nothing and forgotten nothing”. Same with Hillary.

As in 2008 when she did not attack Barack Obama with the ferocity required so that she would win the general election with a unified Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton in 2016 learned nothing. Hillary2016 handled socialist kook Bernie Sanders as a doddering grandpa she would tolerate so the unified Democrats would glide to victory with her at the prow of the Titanic.

That was the least of her unlearned lessons. After the treachery of Barack Obama and her fellow Democrats in 2008, Hillary Clinton in 2016 welcomed all the men with blood drenched knives from 2008 into her latest venture. We warned Hillary to no avail. Some of our readers were offended when we asked the question that needed to be asked in October of 2014: Is Hillary Clinton Stupid? Or Sabotaged? The answer in retrospect is that Hillary stupidly sabotaged herself.

Hillary in 2016 hired Obama loyalists for her campaign. These Obama loyalists cared more for Obama than Hillary. At times it appeared that Hillary cared more for Obama than for Hillary. Hillary Clinton, despite our warnings, increasingly turned herself into a human shield for Barack Obama.

ObamaCare was hated by the public in every poll. Bill Clinton called ObamaCare “crazy”. Obama shield Hillary Clinton defended ObamaCare. Hillary did not say, “ObamaCare is a mess, we need to replace and repeal it. I know how to do it. We’ve seen how government cannot run our health care system well so we must rethink all our assumptions and come up with a better plan. I will come up with a better plan than the one I had in 2008 now that we have seen the horrible job government has done with health care. We must be guided by the facts and our experiences. I will repeal and replace ObamaCare.” Someone else, with a winning message, said what Hillary should have said. He won.

The new technologies in health care, especially sonograms, should have caused Hillary Clinton to repeat “safe, legal, and RARE” in regards to abortion. Instead Hillary Clinton became an abortion absolutist for abortion on demand and no time limit on the procedure, not even minutes before child birth. It was an untenable position. Why not face reality and declare that the viability tests of Roe v. Wade had to be respected and maybe even restructured with less time available to abort. It took a former pro-choice New Yorker to voice the overwhelming public opinion and attack “partial birth abortion”. After the Gosnell horrors were revealed, a smart pro-choice candidate should have learned a more centrist path on this issue.

A woman candidate should have spoken out on the horrors of female genital mutilation even if it offended Muslims. Hillary stayed quiet.

On Israel and Iran, Hillary Clinton applauded filthy Obama attacks on Israel and a horrible nuclear agreement with Iran. Donald J. Trump stole the old “obliterate” posture against Iran once voiced by Hillary Clinton.

In 2016 we endorsed Donald J. Trump and denounced Hillary Clinton:

Donald J. Trump all this year has said what needs to be said. Donald J. Trump has said it all fearlessly. Donald J. Trump is a leader.

On education and Common Core, Donald J. Trump wants to abolish Common Core while Hillary Clinton supports the Common Core abomination.

On trade policy and TPP in particular Donald J. Trump is entirely correct and we simply do not believe Hillary Clinton. Indeed, to our surprise Donald J. Trump has never mentioned Austen Goolsbee and the “fix NAFTA” lies told in 2008 by Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton is engaged in the same Austen Goolsbee type lies about TPP.

On Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, the man to trust is Donald J. Trump in large part because of his positions on NAFTA, TPP, and illegal immigration.

While Hillary Clinton ends her campaign with sick calls for “an intervention” to stop Donald J. Trump supporters from voting for him, Trump has followed our advice and on the first day of November staged an all out substantive attack on ObamaCare. In the closing days of the 2016 campaign Hillary Clinton is the undisputed candidate of the ruling class status quo engaged in substance-less personal attacks against a foe who grows stronger every day. In the closing days of the 2016 campaign there is no doubt that Donald J. Trump is the candidate of change and of substance. [snip]

The policies in this election boil down to one word: CHANGE!

This election as we have repeatedly written is a CHANGE election. The candidate of change will win and will deserve to win. The candidate of change is Donald J. Trump.

In 2007 we began to publish and we named our website “Hillary Is 44”. It wasn’t her age, “44” referred to our hope that Hillary Clinton would become the 44th president of the United States.

After the 2008 election cycle some thought we should change our name because Barack Obama occupied the office as the 44th president of the United States. We persevered with our Hillary Is 44 name because, we cleverly argued, Grover Cleveland was elected twice to nonconsecutive terms which meant that the next president after Barack Obama would become the 44th person to take the oath of office which meant Hillary Clinton could still be “44”. It was a “Clintonian” clever devise on our part.

Now that the 2016 election cycle is almost over, our name which began with such high hopes has taken on another meaning. Hillary Clinton is become the Obama Third Term if she is elected. Hillary Clinton is running as the Obama Third Term. To us it is as if Hillary Clinton indeed is now 44. “Hillary Is 44” is now an epithet.

The United States cannot survive an Obama Third Term. We cannot survive more debt, more deficits, more war, more gangster government, more government control of the economy, more politically correct totalitarian government, more identity politics which insults our humanity and individuality, more abuse by the IRS against political opponents, more government control of health care, more lies piled upon lies by high officials protected by the “Department of Justice”. We do not want an Obama Third Term under any guise.

We let the facts lead us to our conclusions. We did not let our conclusions lead us to our facts.

The facts are that Hillary Clinton, as a political tactic or in an honest conversion, became the Obama third term. We warned against that. We warned that 2016 was to be a “CHANGE” election, years before Hillary2016 came into existence. Instead of CHANGE, Hillary chose “status quo”. It killed her.

Donald J. Trump became the candidate of change. Trump savaged, with the joy of a child lasciviously licking an ice cream cone in August, all that Obama implemented. Hillary? Hillary mumbled about something about saving something about mumble, mumble, that added up to a dog chewing on it’s own vomit. It was disgusting.

To increased agitation by some of our readers, we heightened our attacks against Hillary2016. We called Hillary2016 the “dumbest campaign ever”:

But overall, Hillary2016 takes home the prize for klutzes and clods. [snip]

Bernie Sanders’ “A Future To Believe In” is a variation of Obama’s “Change You Can Believe In”. It’s an attack against Hillary and her credibility. But don’t tell Hillary2016 that. They’re liable to hurt their wittle heads. The Sanders’ campaign has many Obama aides as does the Hillary campaign. But somehow Hillary2016 does not understand that the assault on her is an attack on her credibility, honesty, trustworthiness. Hillary Clinton blathers on about this plan and that plan and “I will do this” and “I will do that” but few believe her because, well, Hillary is not “change you can believe in” or represents “a future to believe in”. The attacks on Hillary Clinton are personal and she responds with policy. Have you ever seen anything so stupid? It’s 2008 all over again, only dumber because we’ve seen this before.

By September 2016, the “dumbest campaign ever” hit new lows:

Has there ever been a political campaign dumber than Hillary2016? No. Hillary2016 is the dumbest campaign ever. [snip]

Some campaigns stumble due to unexpected events, unmet expectations, lack of money or even some plain ol’ circumstances beyond control. But Hillary2016 is plain ol’ stupid. [snip]

From before its inception and since we have written about two particularly stupid assumptions Hillary Clinton stupidly accepted. Stupidity #1: the necessity to hire campaign operatives for Hillary2016 more interested in protecting Barack Obama than helping Hillary Clinton. Stupidity #2: acceptance by Hillary Clinton of the pro-Obama hires explanation for why she lost in 2008.

The pro-Obama Praetorian Guard infesting Hillary2016 convinced Hillary Clinton that her big problem in 2008 was she kept on changing strategies and tactics instead of sticking with the political plan outlined by her campaign when it began. This is an entirely stupid lie. Hillary was defeated in 2008 in large part because Big Media protected Barack Obama no matter what Obama did, and attacked every Obama opponent as racist no matter how valid and non-racist the attack was. Hillary Clinton did not lose in 2008 because she changed her strategy when circumstances changed. If anything Hillary Clinton should have been swifter to change and much much more “nuclear” in her attacks on the corrupt Chicago crony Barack Obama.

That rewritten history lie by Barack Obama operatives infesting Hillary2016 has negative dramatic impact on Hillary2016. [snip]

Donald J. Trump is the one in total control of this presidential race and Donald J. Trump is the one who not only sets the agenda but also the narrative and all the cul-de-sacs of that narrative.

Hillary2016 and Hillary Clinton are irredeemably stupid if they think the “I am the responsible, experienced, and most qualified candidate” strategy will win the White House in 2016. It didn’t in 2008 when Hillary Clinton faced a fey legislator without accomplishments other than self-promotion. Hillary Clinton’s “experienced” strategy failed in 2008 and it will fail in 2016. But don’t tell any high level Hillary Clinton operative that because they will enter a psychotic state of denial. [snip]

Contrary to all our repeated warnings and advice Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 chose a stupid strategy. We warned that 2016 would be a change election. The “change” candidate would win. The “stay the course” candidate will lose. Hillary Clinton chose to follow the Obama Praetorian Guard advice, and “stay the course” became the Hillary2016 strategy. This has led to catastrophe. [snip]

Can any of this be documented for the numbskulls at Hillary2016? Yeah. We wrote in 2013 this was a change election and the candidate of change would win. From Egypt to ObamaCare we wrote it was the candidate of change that would win.

The white working class should have been the bedrock of the Hillary2016 campaign. But Hillary Clinton abandoned the white working class so the white working class went to Donald J. Trump. Now the black vote is walking away too.

The black vote had to come out in Obama sized numbers for Hillary Clinton and in the election overall. But the black vote is slipping away from Hillary2016. [snip]

Hillary2016 is the dumbest campaign organization ever. [snip]

A smart campaign would have seen this disaster coming. A smart campaign could correct it’s stupid moves. A smart campaign would rethink it’s strategy and tactics. A smart campaign would see disaster coming. Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 won’t know what hit them.

We could quote hundreds of thousands of words we have written over the years that have been deadly on target. But we won’t. We assure you, we are as tired of writing these punishments as much as Cassandra loathed her accurate prophesies which were also not listened to.

But we mention our Cassandra style prophesies because there is a new book about Hillary2016 published this week. The new book confirms the utter stupidity of Hillary2016:

Hillary ran the worst presidential campaign ever

So guess what? In the last weeks before the election, the Hillary Clinton campaign did no polling. No. Polling. Whatsoever. Oh, it had data. Lots and lots of data. Analytics, even. Data analytics! But it had no independent information on the overall field of battle in states like Florida, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

So when the election began to turn Donald Trump’s way, the Clinton campaign had no idea.

This is one of the thousand revelations in “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” the new book by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes that, for political junkies, redefines the word “juicy” for our time.

Campaign honcho Robby Mook “was worried about overspending . . . so he declined to use pollsters to track voter preferences in the final three weeks of the campaign.” Mook had learned from his time on the Obama 2012 campaign, Allen and Parnes write, that “old-school polling should be used for testing messages and gauging the sentiments of the electorate and that analytics were just as good for tracking which candidate was ahead and by how much in each state.

Guess not.

Allen and Parnes report that the Republican National Committee did know — but just couldn’t accept it. The RNC didn’t brief reporters on early November polling data it had developed in Michigan and Pennsylvania “because the upticks there were so rosy that party officials didn’t believe their own data.”

The day after the election, Hillary asked Mook “which decisions had been misguided, where they had erred in strategy and tactics. ‘Our data was wrong,’ he said . . . ‘OK,’ she replied.” [snip]

Hillary’s dead-end defenders and those who want a Satan-ex-machina explanation for the November result can point to FBI Director James Comey’s stop-and-start-and-stop email investigation or Russian meddling. But “Shattered” should shatter any illusions that the Hillary election machine would have run smoothly or successfully in their absence. The campaign was a disaster from the get-go.

Hillary2016 was the dumbest campaign ever, as we wrote at the time, and as many now write in retrospect.

Donald J. Trump won for many reasons. One big reason for the victory is Trump’s management style so mocked by Big Media and Obama Dimocrats. This is a harsh truth for Obama Dimocrats and Trump haters, but we, latter day Cassandra, have spoken.

Today, wrapped up in full Cassandra garb, we speak prophesy again. At some point, Barack Obama and his lies will all be exposed. Already we see investigations into Obama’s corruption of intelligence agencies to spy on Donald J. Trump and President-Elect Donald J. Trump. But we mean much much more. Our prophesy relates to all the many articles we wrote about Barack Obama and his crooked henchmen back in the 2007/2008 election cycle. All that stuff, Rezko, school grades, the freezing tenants, all that stuff at some point will emerge. Some of the Obama dirt will emerge sooner rather than later:

Think You Know Everything About Obama? Guess Again, Says David Garrow

The Pulitzer-winning biographer is about to dump hundreds of pages of Obama on us next month. And his version of young Barry’s life doesn’t track precisely with the one we know. [snip]

For more than 8 eight years, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian has been toiling away at what will be the most comprehensive biography ever published on Obama’s life when it comes out on May 9. [snip]

“This covers everything from when his father leaves Kenya in the late 1950s, really up through 2016, though the book primarily focuses on the period up through 2007.”

Despite Obama being in the public eye for more than a decade, Garrow chuckles at the idea that there is little of significance left to learn about the former president.

“I think that people irrespective of their political views or partisan identification will be astonished—I cannot say that too strongly—will be profoundly astonished by how much important substance of Barack Obama’s life has not previously been known,” Garrow said.

Indeed, Garrow is extremely critical of what he sees as the shallowness of the media’s coverage of Obama’s history.

“What most disappointed me back in the context of 2008 was how little interest U.S. journalists of all stripes took in the eight years that Barack spent in Springfield, Illinois, in the state legislature,” Garrow said. “There is not even, as we sit here today, a good magazine article out there about Barack’s time in the Illinois state legislature.” [snip]

“Barack and his closest friend in the early 1990s, when they were in law school, wrote several hundred pages of a proposed book manuscript that was never published,” Garrow said. “Particularly the 140 pages or so of that manuscript that are about race give significant insight into Barack’s thinking, you know, when he was leaving law school, about to enter into public life in Illinois.”

Asked whether any of the revelations in his book could have derailed Obama’s candidacy had they come out in 2008, Garrow said quite possibly.

Had some Republican opposition researcher come up with” the book manuscript he wrote in law school, Garrow said, “there are multiple things that could have been used to Guinier him,” referring to how Republicans used controversial comments made in law review articles to derail President Bill Clinton’s nomination of Lani Guiner for assistant attorney general for civil rights in 1993.

There are other examples,” Garrow added. “I think even back in 2008, 2009, from the very get-go, I was surprised at people’s willingness to assume that Barack’s memoir, Dreams From My Father, was without question historically reliable.

“I thought from the beginning that that was probably too charitable a presumption,” he went on, hinting that his book will pick apart claims made in Obama’s highly praised post-law school memoir.

Garrow has met several times with President Barack Obama to discuss the book, though most of what went on in those conversations, he says, is off the record. Nonetheless, Garrow admits Obama “very strongly” disagrees with some of the claims he makes in the book.

“What I would fairly say, and we see this again very much in the present day, is that when one becomes president of the United States, it’s not uncommon for that person to think that their memory, their version of events, inescapably trumps all other people’s versions,” he explained.

But Garrow has done his homework. “I, all told, did more than 1,000 interviews for this,” Garrow said, noting the book is nearly 1,500 pages long. “It’s well over more than 200 pages of end notes,” Garrow pointed out. “The index, which was what I most recently had to sign off on, is 68 pages.”

Garrow is probably too sympathetic to Barack Obama to really unload on Barack. Garrow has written books on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement of the 1960s so it is likely he will hold back on calling scum “scum”. But this will be the first book that begins the search at the bottom of the barrel.

There will be more books and more revelations about Barack Obama and the books and revelations will be released before the 2020 elections and maybe Barack Obama will be off vacation by then. An avid reader for all these books will be one, President Donald J. Trump. And President Donald J. Trump will let us all know exactly who Obama is, even more than he has already. We will enjoy President Trump as he enjoys his reading.

That’s the other reason President Trump won. He is so young and happy. Hillary Clinton on the other hand probably lost in 2016 because she was too old.

We don’t mean “old” in years. We mean “old” as we wrote about in 2014’s The Shield Maiden Of Chappaqua

Donald J. Trump, older in years than Hillary Clinton romped across the country in a perfect representation of what Democrats once called themselves, “happy warriors”. The “politics of joy”.
Hillary Clinton on the other hand, younger in years than Donald J. Trump, became a shield maiden:

Aragorn: You have some skill with a blade.
Eowyn: The women of this country learned long ago, those without swords can still die upon them. I fear neither death nor pain.
Aragorn: What do you fear, my lady?
Eowyn: A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.
Aragorn: You are a daughter of kings, a shield maiden of Rohan. I do not think that will be your fate.

Unlike Bill Clinton who fought his party and the left and dragged both to the center and victory, Hillary Clinton clipped her wings and stayed inside those gilded bars. Then use and old age led her to accept the cage. Instead of using her skill, she hid behind her privilege. Then failure took her.

Donald J. Trump, older in years than Hillary, was a happy warrior. He fought with valor against his own party and everyone else. Trump won. Trump deserved to win.

Ten years after we began to publish, we are at peace.


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  1. As tough as it is to accept, you comments regarding Hillary are correct. We said many times we opposed her serving as SOS but she seemed , as you say, to be more concerned with Obama than her core values.

  2. Next ten years:


    Democrats begin to wonder: When do we win?

    For all the roiling anger and energy at the grass roots, the party still fell short in Georgia and Kansas. And Democratic prospects in upcoming elections aren’t promising.

    As it became clear late Tuesday evening that Jon Ossoff would fall just short of the 50-percent mark in the first round of voting in a suburban Atlanta special election, Democrats back in Washington started leafing through their calendars and asking: When does the winning start?

    Ossoff’s moral victory — capturing 48 percent of the vote in a conservative-oriented district — was welcome, but after two successive close-but-no-cigar finishes in House special elections in Georgia and Kansas, a new worry is beginning to set in.

    For all the anger, energy, and money swirling at the grass-roots level, Democrats didn’t manage to pick off the first two Republican-held congressional seats they contended for in the Trump era, and the prospects aren’t markedly better in the next few House races coming up: the Montana race at the end of May, and the South Carolina contest on June 20.

    Their best shot at knocking Donald Trump down a peg appears to be Ossoff’s runoff against Republican Karen Handel, also scheduled for June 20. But the Democrat will be an underdog in that contest, when there won’t be a crowded field of Republicans to splinter the vote.

    After that, it’ll be a further five months before the New Jersey and Virginia elections for governor, leaving some strategists and lawmakers wondering how to keep the furious rank-and-file voters engaged in fueling and funding the party’s comeback — especially given the sky-high expectations that surrounded Ossoff’s ultimately unsuccessful run at the 50-percent threshold that was necessary to win the seat outright. [snip]

    Now, with Ossoff falling short of an outright win despite an unprecedented surge of campaign cash and national attention — in a district which Hillary Clinton lost by just 1 percentage point in 2016 — comes the potential for another round of fingerpointing within the party. The worry: that if operatives and voters continue their practice of quietly blaming one another for losses, as they did after a narrow defeat outside Wichita last week, the current level of runaway enthusiasm and budding trust in the national party leadership could sputter out long before the 2018 midterms. [snip]

    With the approach of a Montana contest that will see national resources poured in while political celebrities like Sanders descend on the state to support candidate Rob Quist, the question Democrats are asking themselves is whether it will be enough — and how to keep the grass-roots energy stoked as Trump’s administration passes the 100 day mark. Trump won Montana by 21 points, after all, and the race in Georgia to replace Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price illustrated that a combination of Republican infighting, the Trump factor and an avalanche of campaign cash still isn’t enough to guarantee Democratic success.

    The South Carolina race to replace Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney will take place under similarly difficult conditions — in a district Trump won by 18 points, and in a state where he won by 14. [snip]

    “The biggest driver of enthusiasm right now is the rejection of Trump and the Trump agenda,” said party strategist Jesse Ferguson, a former top official at the party’s House campaign wing. “There have been far more successes in resisting the Trump administration than anyone would have expected on November 10, whether it’s beating back the health care repeal or some of these special elections in state legislatures, or closer-than-expected congressional races.”

    With the political map glaringly free of obvious near-term win opportunities, Schatz believes the party’s messaging needs some refining. In his view, that means officials at the DCCC should cut the doom-and-gloom messaging in their fundraising emails — a significant way the party communicates with backers.

    “I don’t mind the occasional call to action that is based on a negative emotion, it’s the declaring final defeat at the start of the third quarter that bugs me. ‘All is lost’ is a preposterous thing to say to a voter or a donor, and to use words like ‘crushing’ is a total misunderstanding of how to motivate people,” he said on Tuesday, just hours before the DCCC sent out a Nancy Pelosi-signed note with the subject line “crushing loss.”

  3. Leftist drama queen Frank Rich:


    An Ossoff Victory Would Not Have Saved the Democratic Party

    Democratic hopeful Jon Ossoff won 48.1 percent of the vote in last night’s Georgia special election for Tom Price’s House seat — not enough to avoid a runoff, but a strong showing for the candidate who campaigned on “Make Trump Furious.” Will this strategy translate to 2018?

    This little race was fun while it lasted, and may have been the most successful jobs program (albeit for journalists) of the Trump presidency. But even if Ossoff had actually won it’s hard to see how this contest was a bellwether for 2018 or much else. Georgia’s sixth district, we keep being reminded, is “ruby red” and hasn’t sent a Democrat to the House since the state’s native son Jimmy Carter was president. But it is also a wealthy suburban Atlanta district in which Trump beat Clinton by barely a single percentage point (as opposed to Mitt Romney crushing Obama by 23 points in 2012). With a war chest of $8.3 million and facing a divided field that included 11 Republicans, Ossoff performed a shade better than Clinton (who received 47 per cent of the vote to Trump’s 48) but couldn’t put it away. Maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t. If he had, one could imagine Democrats prematurely declaring Mission Accomplished and hailing Ossoff as potential presidential or vice-presidential timber — at least until everyone remembered that he will not have reached the constitutionally mandated age requirement of 35 by 2020.

    Ossoff notwithstanding, the party remains in desperate need of a new generation of national leadership that might lead it past the Clinton-Obama era — MSNBC has a more fervent following among liberals than the party and its aging Establishment. The most hopeful signs for the Democrats are at its grass roots — as first exemplified by the Women’s March and most recently by the weekend’s tax protests, both of which have made Trump furious. How this energy can be maintained and organized to powerful effect in the 2018 midterms is a question that cannot be answered by special elections in quirky congressional districts. Almost six months after the 2016 election, many Democrats are still trying to get their minds around the autopsy: Witness the fact that the journalistic account Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, released as Georgians went to the polls yesterday, is the No. 1 Amazon best seller, a runaway phenomenon that caught even its publisher by surprise; Amazon now lists the print edition as out of stock for “one to two months.” There may be more meaning in that landslide than Ossoff’s 48.1 percent plurality.

    We hear whistles as they run past the graveyard and crash blindly onto the speeding TrumpTrain.

  4. Happy anniversary. So glad I stumbled across big pink back in 2007. I hope you’ll be here for another 10 years!

  5. so true about Hillary…

    imo…bottom line…she was lazy…she felt entitled and believed she paid her dues when she stepped aside for O…as some of the analysis for the Shattered book have suggested…Hillary…and all the people she surrounded herself with…thought she was going to win…she made the mistake of ‘believing her own press’ and all the support from Hollywood and protection from the media…She really believed she had this in the bag…she lived and thrived in her own bubble…go take a look at her at that Catholic event she attended with Donald…Donald left when it was finished…Hillary stayed on and on holding court like she had just become Queen…with all the media fawning over her…Couric, Nora O’Donnell…etc

    BUT…in truth…she was riding on Bill and O’s “laurels”…she is quoted as saying “she could not understand what was going on in our country”…and she never figured it out…she just rode on their coattails thinking if it worked for them it would work for her…there wasn’t anything special about her…she became a clone…or vehicle…for someone else’s legacy…and all the while enriching herself along the way…i know some don’t like hearing that but it is true…

    for most of her campaign she was ‘missing in action’…gone for long periods of time…Where was Hillary?…off in Hollywood and New York raising money and having fun with her celebrity buddies…

    …one of the ironies from all of this…after Hillary outraised and outspent DT by over 2 to 1…is to read that Robby Mook was a penny pincher and did not want to spend too much money…hence, no polling, signs, etc…

    Where in the hell did all their millions go? i guess on the tv ads attacking Trump all day and night…the ones that people tune out after being bombarded with her negative messaging nonstop

    when you come right down to it…all Hillary had going for her was her belief that Donald Trump was unfit to be President…and that was it…that was her whole campaign and her whole message…and she came across as (like it or not) angry and like a teacher scolding her class…

    …then she went full speed ahead…and attacked the voters…half the country were deplorables, racists, homophobes, etc…and that wasn’t enough…she then labeled them unredeemable…lost causes…

    not very inspiring…who wants to listen to that for the next 4 years…

    and now we can all see very clearly that Hillary simply cannot accept responsibility for her own actions…she seems to live in her own mind and has trouble undertanding reality…

    …in her mind her actions are always someone else’s actions…and she still refuses to accept responsibility for her anything she did…always finding someone else to blame or point the finger towards…her behavior succeeded in creating an atmosphere where the majority of people lost trust in her and labeled her a liar…at the very least…

    one thing she did seem to have was a lot of nerve…she pulled off some stuff that most people would have ended up in jail for but she must have believed she was invincible or the ‘fix’ was in to protect her…

    She did not offer anything positive…

    it is sad, but now in hindsight I truthfully do not think she would have made a good President…she had no core…no center…of her own…

  6. A few thoughts, is it time for a name change, Donald is 45…

    When does the book come out, you deserve the recognition beyond the bloggers here. And unless your independently wealthy, the money that will surly come forth.


  7. Bravo for the last 10. May you continue for many more…
    Sometimes I feel as though I got a free political science degree just from reading the page and the comments. So much wisdom all around.
    Good luck to all…

  8. Wow, just wow admin…standing ovation from this neck of the woods. Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary. It truly has been a bumpy ride. Your summary hit the nail on the head.

  9. Here’s why it matters… blood in the water…



    Early on after the Times article I recognized that O’Reilly likely would not survive. The allegations were too serious, and the pressure tactics on advertisers were designed to work in just such a situation.

    The use of organized attacks on advertisers will continue, and will be used against conservative personalities who are not accused of anything near what O’Reilly was accused of. There’s blood in the water now.

  10. http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/bill-maher-dems-have-not-learned-2016

    The broken clock that is Bill Maher may once again be right. Now that America has President Trump, the famed comedian says the Democrats have not learned from the shellacking they received in November of 2016.

    In an interview on HBO’s The State of the Union Interview, Maher morosely lamented to not having seen Democrats “who have learned the lesson” from 2016, which is to say the politically correct and culturally suicidal in regard to Islam.

    “When you’re nowhere, you can only go up,” he said. “I don’t, unfortunately, see a lot of people who have learned the lesson so far.”

    So who are these recalcitrant sticks in the mud? Maher sees two categories: the true liberals and “kale eaters,” the former kee ing the Dems afloat with the latter “dragging this party down.” By “kale eaters,” Maher means those so infused with asinine political correctness that they protest “The Vagina Monologues” for being insensitive to transgenders.

    Now that Hillary has left a vacuum of leadership, Maher nominates California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom would be a good replacement due to his “charismatic” persona. Just one problem there: Gavin Newsom is a white male.

    Just show you have a pair of balls,” he said. “That’s what they can’t stand, is that namby-pamby sh*t. When they go low, you go lower.”

    It’s hard to imagine how the Democratic Party could go any lower, but they always manage to find a way.

  11. Agreed gonzotx. If you recall I posted it would be hard for him to survive this ( and frankly if the allegations are true, he should have been let go a long time ago). I was neither a fan or detractor of O’Reilly as at times his pomposity was overwhelming but I did like him calling out the left. The larger picture is that what started under “W” has really formed into a highly effective and motivated alt left. If they can’t win at the ballot, the threat of boycotts and loss of $$$ has proven to be effective.

  12. Qui Tacit Consentire:

    As every married person knows, silences can be pregnant with meaning, even if the meaning is not immediately clear. The silence in the French press about a recent startling event in Paris is surely pregnant with meaning. On Monday, April 3, an Orthodox Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi, a doctor aged 66, was thrown out of a window to her death by an African man aged 27. He was her neighbor in the flats where she lived. According to witnesses, whose testimony has yet to be confirmed, the man, who had been harassing her with insults for several days, shouted “Allahu akbar!” as he threw her.

    Also, according to unconfirmed reports, neighbors had called the police because of the young man’s behavior. Three policemen came but did nothing, deciding that it was up to other authorities, presumably psychiatric, to act. At any rate, the young man was transferred to a psychiatric clinic almost immediately after his arrest. [snip]

    It would be stretching credulity to suggest that the young man’s victim was chosen at random, that he might just as well have chosen someone else. If this is so, it reveals something unpleasant about the man’s cultural milieu.

    But why the silence in the press? The case was certainly dramatic enough to be worthy of a mention under the rubric of faits divers. I happened to learn of it only through a Parisian neighbor, a Jewish shopowner. The story had appeared in La Tribune juive, and probably caused a shudder among French Jews, all the greater because of the silence of the press about it.

    Was this silence commanded or coordinated from above? Perhaps no one wanted to raise the temperature in the runup to one of the most contested elections in recent French history, in which there is the possibility—an outside possibility, but still greater than ever before—of a victory for the far Right.

    The afternoon that I learned about the case, I went to an exhibition marking the 30th anniversary of the trial for crimes against humanity of Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon, who ran the Gestapo there during the Occupation. It was held at the Mémorial de la Shoah, a Parisian museum and study center devoted to the history of the Holocaust. If there is any small museum in the world more defended against car bombs and with tighter security, I do not know it.

  13. JBStonesFan, viewership for O’Reilly rose every time a new charge was revealed. The boycotts and advertisers who fled did not impact Fox News because the advertisers continued to buy ads on Fox News, just not on O’Reilly.

    What killed O’Reilly and Roger Ailes is the “vision” of the Murdoch boys:


    Fox News’ handling of the renewed harassment allegations is a reflection of greater company conflicts and a generational shift as Rupert hangs on to a bygone era and James and Lachlan plot a risky new course.

    Last July, after Gretchen Carlson sued the Murdoch-controlled 21st Century Fox and Roger Ailes, the then-head of Fox News Channel, for sexual harassment, Rupert Murdoch told his sons, both Ailes enemies, that paying off Carlson without a fight would mean more lawsuits. Easy-money settlements always bring more claims. James and Lachlan Murdoch, however, were eager to get rid of their nemesis, and the most direct way to do that was to accept Carlson’s claims after a quickie investigation and then use a big payoff — $20 million — to end the dispute and calm the storm.

    Nine months later, the chickens coming home to roost, Fox has continued to collect a string of look-alike claims against Ailes and against ratings giant Bill O’Reilly, with a firestorm of recent press attention on what The New York Times is calling the “O’Reilly revelations.” [snip]

    Murdoch Senior is said to be saying, “I told you so.” James, CEO of 21st Century Fox, is blaming it on the Fox News culture and has hired Paul Weiss, the same law firm that performed a two-week investigation of Ailes, to probe O’Reilly (there is, too, a Department of Justice investigation of how settlement payments were made, which Rupert dismisses as DOJ liberal politics and which his sons see as indicating more Fox News dark arts). This is a reflection of greater family and company interests and conflicts. For 86-year-old Rupert, Fox News is a key part of his legacy, as well as the family company’s health: the most profitable news outlet ever ($1.5 billion in profits this year) and among the most influential. For James, 44, and Lachlan, 45, the hope is to reshape this legacy, to move Fox away from what they see as its retro, Trump-style views toward, well, something nicer (and to do this profitably, they hope, somehow).

    The Murdoch interests have, however, now been joined — with Murdoch Senior arguing it’s his sons’ own damned fault — to the flashpoint issue of sexual harassment. And while they could rationalize losing Ailes because Fox News, even without him, remains powerful, it would be harder to rationalize a loss of O’Reilly, who, at 8 p.m., is the most-watched host on cable and supports the entire evening schedule. [snip]

    Confusing matters, the Murdoch sons also see O’Reilly and Ailes as part of a bygone era — their father’s. Pay no attention that it was precisely this sensibility that has been such a powerful audience draw at Fox. (Of note, to the lasting outrage and confusion of liberals, Trump, despite the bygone era suggested by his Billy Bush “pussygate” tape, was elected anyway.) The Murdoch sons, while in important ways financially supported by the profitable, culturally backward views at Fox, see their job as taking the company into a new era.

    The sons’ plan was to make Fox the network of Megyn Kelly rather than of Ailes and O’Reilly. That plan foundered on widespread resentment at the network toward Kelly for her part in Ailes’ ouster and on the election of Trump. Suddenly, Fox’s “when America was great and men were men” appeal was even stronger.

    One solution has been Tucker Carlson, a conservative but less of a dour, bygone-era one, who has scored significant ratings at 9 p.m. But an important aspect of those ratings is that he is firmly sandwiched between O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Both retro men are, even beyond their huge salaries (nearly $20 million a year for O’Reilly; $14 million for Hannity), vastly rich — O’Reilly, 67, from books; Hannity, 55, from radio and real estate — with dedicated audiences who’d likely follow them wherever. The worry at Fox is that they need Fox less than Fox needs them, and they might soon leave too.

    The liberal hope is that media pressure will continue to force advertisers to reject O’Reilly (no matter that liberals have frequently been aghast when conservatives have urged advertiser boycotts of liberal media). But, in fact, so far advertisers have merely moved to other Fox shows, which depend on the O’Reilly spillover audience. If O’Reilly, who is on a pre-planned vacation, returns April 24 and the ratings remain strong, those advertisers likely will be back on his show.

    Murdoch Senior has remained largely remote from this dispute, but he reportedly has been paying attention again. He is said to be worried that his sons are moving toward a radical break — “re-imagining Fox,” is what James is said to call it — and hastening the end of an era that, in television terms, so far has been more popular and unyielding than any cozier new one.

    Vacuums get filled. The Murdoch boys don’t seem to be as sharp as the old man. If they continue to force on Fox News their “vision” the Murdoch boys will discover the Fox vacuum will be filed by a Steve Bannon or a Trump News or an Ailes/O’Reilly/Hannity entity.

  14. Had not heard about the poor woman in France!!! Just horrible and not a word!!! I wonder why!!!
    Watching Don Lemon now and can’t stand that Lisa Bloom . Yes, it appears the revenue would be redistributed on other programs so perhaps it is the above. Nonetheless, the left uses economic boycotts and violence to get there way. Look at how the leaders of the BDS movement against Israel pressure companies and artists not to perform or engage in business with Israel. Fortunately, Israel is so cutting edge on technology that most businesses are undeterred by these loon.

  15. The so called reporters who wrote Shattered knew all this ‘juicy’ stuff about Hillary’s ‘doomed’ campaign while it was going on, yet they only reported praise for her and it. In other words, they helped cover up the incompetent muddled mess that was Hillary’s campaign to trick the voting public. Story after story appeared about the ‘chaos’ and incompetence in the Trump campaign –turns out it was bs — Hillary was the one who couldn’t run a campaign. Now these same lying ‘reporters’ tell the truth to make a buck and cover up their own role in it.

  16. Admin:

    Ten years in the blogsphere is an eternity

    Its like sixty years in the real world,

    So, for us, this marks our diamond jubilee.

    Which calls to mind the words of Houseman

    On that prior auspicious occasion, i.e.

    Look left, look right, the hills are bright,
    The dales are light between,
    Because ’tis fifty years to-night
    That God has saved the Queen.

  17. T-Rex tees up Iran:

    Rex Tillerson Denounces Iran For “Exporting Violence… Destabilizing More Than One Country At A Time”

    TILLERSON: The Trump administration is currently conducting across the entire government a review of our Iran policy. Today I’d like to address Iran’s alarming and ongoing provocations that export terror and violence, destabilizing more than one country at a time.

    Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, and is responsible for intensifying multiple conflicts and undermining U.S. interests in countries such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, and continuing to support attacks against Israel.

    An unchecked Iran has the potential to travel the same path as North Korea and take the world along with it. The United States is keen to avoid a second piece of evidence that strategic patience is a failed approach. A comprehensive Iran policy requires that we address all of the threats posed by Iran and it is clear there are many.

    Iran continues to support the brutal Assad regime in Syria, prolonging a conflict that has killed approximately half-a-million Syrians and displaced millions more. Iran supports the Assad regime even as it commits atrocities against its own people, including with chemical weapons.

    Iran provides arms, financing and training and funnels foreign fighters into Syria. It has also sent members of the Iran Revolutionary Guards to take part in direct combat operations.

    In Iraq, Iran provides support to some Iraqi militant groups, primarily through the Quds Force, which has been undermining security in Iraq for years. Iran maintains a longstanding hostility towards Israel, providing weapons, training and funding to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations. In deed and in propaganda, Iran foments discord. Just yesterday, the regime reportedly exhibited a missile marked “death to Israel” during a military parade.

    In Yemen, Iran continues to support the Houthis’ attempted overthrow of the government by providing military equipment, funding and training, thus threatening Saudi Arabia’s southern border. Interdictions by Emirati forces in Yemen and coalition forces in the Arabian Sea have revealed a complex Iranian network to arm and equip the Houthis.

    Iranian naval vessels continue to undermine freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf by harassing U.S. naval vessels that are operating lawfully. Iran has conducted cyber attacks against the United States and our Gulf partners. Iran has been behind terrorist attacks throughout the rest of the world, including a plot to kill Adul al- Jubeir who was then the Saudi ambassador to the United States.

    Whether it be assassination attempts, support of weapons of mass destruction, deploying destabilizing militias, Iran spends its treasure and time disrupting peace. Iran continues to have one of the world’s worst human rights records. Political opponents are regularly jailed or executed, reaching the agonizing low point of executing juveniles and individuals whose punishment is not proportionate to their crimes.

    Iran arbitrarily detains foreigners, including U.S. citizens, on false charges. Several U.S. citizens remain missing or unjustly imprisoned in Iran. Apart from the abuses inside Iran’s own borders, it is the threat it poses to the rest of the world. Iran’s nuclear ambitions are a grave risk to international peace and security. It is their habit and posture to use whatever resources they have available to unsettle people and nations.

    With its latest test of a medium-range ballistic missile, Iran’s continued development and proliferation of missile technology is in defiance of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231. And it has previously stated it will conduct a second test flight of the Simorgh space launch vehicle which would put it closer to an operational intercontinental ballistic missile.

    Any discussion of Iran is incomplete without mentioning the JCPOA. The JCPOA fails to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran. It only delays their goal of becoming a nuclear state.

    This deal represents the same failed approach of the past that brought us to the current imminent threat we face from North Korea. The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran.

    The evidence is clear: Iran’s provocative actions threaten the United States, the region and the world.

    As I indicated at the beginning, the Trump administration is currently conducting a comprehensive review of Iran policy. Once we have finalized our conclusions, we will meet the challenges Iran poses with clarity and conviction.

    First North Korea, then Iran.

    Best wartime president since FDR.

  18. I had a long conversation with a friend of mine tonight

    It turns out some of my fears are unfounded

    But they are not irrational, given what big media is reporting

    Admin’s comment that the facts drive the narrative rather than the reverse

    Has produced a situation where they are seldom right but never in doubt

    For me it has been not just helpful, but extremely helpful

    To understand the Trump management model of a wheel

    And we can thank Admin for that brilliant insight

    What it means is the widely reported rise of McMaster and the fall of Bannon

    Is like the Twain quote: rumors of my untimely death have been greatly exaggerated

    And I am told it is 100% big media contrived bullshit

    How can we tell if something is media contrived bullshit?

    You won’t know, UNLESS you understand their narrative

    Which consists of three (3) parts

    Point 1: Trumps policies are failing (as opposed to I inherited a mess)

    Point 2: Trumps administration is falling apart (the game of thrones)

    Point 3: Trump is repudiating his campaign promises

    Any big media story which makes one or more of those points

    Raises a rebuttal presumption that it is FAKE NEWS

    The only way it can be rebutted is with clear, cogent and convincing evidence

    Not rumors, inuendos or testimony from unnamed sources

    If that is all they have, then we must treat it for what it is, fake news

    The other thing to realize is the motive behind this narrative

    It is not to speak truth to power

    It is not destroy the county

    In order to cover up their crimes, and

    In order to get back in power

    The thing they do not seem to understand is

    If they helped destroy the country

    Then by what sophistry of reason

    Do they expect they will be given the tiller?

    In sum, by knowing the motive, and the 3 parts of the narrative

    We (meaning I) are less susceptible to it, or becoming discouraged.

    Speaking of which Gonzo was right about the demise of Reilly

    My friend tells me this was a calculated decision

    It had nothing to do with his boorish behavior

    The goal was to discourage his audience

    At the same time they are banning other sites from Facebook and Google

    My friend has been following this on twitter

    And most of the comments are despondent, as in who do we go to now for the truth

  19. Correction: he other thing to realize is the motive behind this narrative

    It is not to speak truth to power

    It IS to destroy the county

    Lets not pretend their motive is anything but that.

    When they tie the presidents hands in a crisis, and cast him as evil

    Their motive cannot be anything else, but to destroy the country.

    It is somewhere between sedition and treason.

  20. I have thought for sometime another station, conservative, would appear with the right financing.
    The sons do not understand the golden egg they were given.

    It’s about to fly the coop.

  21. matthew77
    April 20, 2017 at 1:24 am
    Correct. There is some masterful diplomacy going on right now, and big media refuses to report it.

  22. Congratulations to Admin and all commenters on the 10th anniversary of this blog.

    Overshadowed by the Gorsuch confirmation, Rod Rosenstein’s confirmation for Deputy Attorney General was finally voted out of committee by 19-1 vote on the same day (pretty surprising vote considering all the delay and opposition). However, Gorsuch’s confirmation by the full Senate was squeezed in right before their well-deserved (/s) spring break; Rosenstein was not afforded the same courtesy. Hopefully, Rosenstein will be confirmed shortly after the great deliberative body returns to town next week. It will be interesting to see what assignments Sessions gives him. Supposedly, he will take control of the Russia-hacking probe (from which Sessions recused himself), which now should include the Rice-Obama spying scandal, as well as others.

  23. The Seattle Times is a perfect example of what I am talking about.

    Every day, in bold letters, above the fold you find another anti Trump headline.

    It even supercedes stories about our pedophile mayor, Ed Murray.

    For one brief shining moment they got into a graphic description of his body parts

    Which the people who actually read that newspaper found disgusting

    But then they lurched back into Trump hate,

    Suddenly, the sanctuary cities mayor and pederast was entirely forgotten

    When FDR said I don’t care what they say about me, just spell the name right

    I am not sure he took cognizance of all the possibilities implied by that sweeping comment.

  24. Mike Marks
    April 20, 2017 at 1:55 am
    Good. This was the guy Sessions wanted. Lets hope he wipes the smirk off Rice’s face and sends her to the hoosegow where she belongs.

  25. Wbboei @ 1:59 am:

    Absolutely. Sessions has been quite impressive so far in implementing Trump’s just-follow-the-existing-laws immigration policy (Sessions was Trump’s advisor on that issue during the campaign). Sessions’ public appearances explaining the policy have also been effective. Looking forward to seeing Rosenstein get started on some long-delayed investigations; maybe looking into some FBI replacements.

  26. “The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected pleas for review hearings from more than 60 Central American women and children who are facing immediate deportation — handing a legal victory to President Donald Trump’s administration as it steps up efforts to enforce federal immigration laws.”
    “The migrants, represented in their appeal by the American Civil Liberties Union, argue that because they were immediately placed in the removal process they have been denied their right to a federal review. A lower court, though, decided that they have no such right because they are not American citizens and don’t satisfy the requirements met by immigrants who do receive hearings.”
    “The lower court ruling basically puts the asylum seekers on the same legal ground as undocumented immigrants who are refused at the border before they can enter the United States.” http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2017/04/17/Supreme-Court-rejects-appeal-for-Latin-American-refugees-seeking-US-asylum/9161492448577/

    It seems the plan to gum up the federal courts with immigration cases is a no go. Economic migrants claiming to be “refugees” isn’t going to get them a federal lawsuit either. The Mexican government’s plan on legal warfare against the US citizen is now in the trash-heap. “Refugees” (even fake ones) are afforded special status and if they can’t get recognized by the courts (who would be overrun with it all which is the open borders plan or at least was) then the deportations are free and clear to continue. The federal court system sidestepped a big pit that they are not intended to deal with on any level. The cases can now be thrown out and the courts do not have to deal with them.

  27. The Calexico fence jumper Dreamer is having trouble keeping his story straight and his lawyers are liars. While a “documented” dreamer he also has three driving without a license and a shoplifting conviction. Those alone make him inelible for “dream” status. Leaving the US without notifying INS is another disqualifier as is entering illegally by hopping the fence and being chased down. That is five reasons he isn’t a “dreamer” anymore.

    Entering the US illegally on its face means no respect for US laws, social rules, and in general causing law enforcement a headache. He is dumb and/or contemptuous of the standards which allowed him to take up space in the US. The usual plea that “dreamers” don’t know anything about or anyone in Mexico is obviously untrue since he wants to run back and forth over the border without anyone in authority knowing about it. Mexico and “Mexicans” want to run back and forth at will with no limits or checks. They almost had that with Obama but it ended and they need to get used to it. Besides the Supreme’s just told them don’t look at us as we got nothing to do with it. Eventually the illegal alien industry will catch up.

  28. Canada is seeing a huge upswing in “illegal crossings” all along the border. The Canadian version of INS let it be known that after filing for “refugee” status that a huge percentage of the crossers were found to have legal issues (nearly 60% and I guess the rest were family) in the US. Like deport-able legal issues. This would indicate that they are running from deportation and are migrant criminals moving on to the next scam with the new boobs. While some are Central American or even South American, most are Muslim from Africa like Somalia. And sure enough ICE recently started cracking down on criminal Somalis and rounding ’em up for deportation. I wonder if ICE called the Canadians and filled them in or they figured it out on their own. Either way their border patrol has been announcing this information to their media.

  29. Happy Anniversary admin. Thank you for all your hard work and insights. Hillary may have stuoidly/stubbornly turned a blind eye to your warnings but the rest of us appreciated it.

  30. Is O’Reilly’s Firing Really About Trump?

    Rupert Murdoch should sue his sons.

    James and Lachlan seem intent on destroying Fox News or at least reforming it drastically, which in the final analysis comes to the same thing.

    The sons think they’re the new hip thing, but they’re the opposite. They’re terminally square. And not just because Fox was the only big-time conservative game in town and therefore could lap CNN and MSNBC, as the network has done for years, but because liberalism isn’t nearly as cool as the boys think it is. It’s actually stodgy and vastly more old-fashioned than conservatism and certainly libertarianism.

    (I know that’s hard to comprehend for some — it’s so contrary to conventional wisdom — but think about it for two seconds.)

    Nevertheless, if I were Sean Hannity, I’d be watching my back. Bill O’Reilly — whatever his behavior — may only have been the first to go.

    The real target in the defenestration of Bill was not O’Reilly himself but very obviously Donald Trump. He’s the Big Kahuna the obscenely named “Resistance” (hey, you idiots, that was about Auschwitz, not tax reform) is after and Bill was only a stop along the way. Indeed, several of Bill’s accusers, represented by the daughter of Gloria Allred, appear to be people who find Trump particularly loathsome. And the original story was broken by the New York Times, the literary capital of the “Resistance.”


    The timing of the attacks on O’Reilly — who everyone knew for years was not a saint, sort of like Bill Clinton and half the stars in Hollywood we hear pontificating on a daily basis — is also far from coincidental. O’Reilly, although he pretended to even-handedness (no journalist is), was one of Trump’s most staunch defenders in the media, arguably his most powerful one. For the “Resistance,” he had to go.

    If I were Fox talent right now, I’d be very nervous and especially careful about saying anything too positive about Trump. I’d remember to add a few negatives, maybe more than a few, to undercut any approving statements about the president or his policies, just like they do it on CNN. The Murdoch boys will be watching. Like characters in a Greek tragedy, the brothers have taken over and are maneuvering their aged father off stage. And Fox News is the big loser in this drama.

    A possible winner, however, is Newsmax, the only other serious conservative television network on cable. Despite having some good shows and interesting guests (including yours truly, so I should recuse myself, but I won’t), they haven’t made much of an impact so far, in part because they have a degraded video feed that looks amateurish.

    Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy has been dickering back and forth with the cable companies for years now about getting a full high-def feed. It would seem this would be the time to get the money together and take the plunge. He might even draft a certain Bill O’Reilly as his lead commentator.

    Which leads me back to O’Reilly. Watching The (No O’Reilly) Factor on Wednesday night, hosted by Dana Perino, was an extremely odd, almost disembodied experience. Perino, an intelligent and attractive woman, appeared to be straining and barely mentioned O’Reilly until the end. Then all she said were no more than encomiums that sounded as if they were written by lawyers. Undoubtedly, they were. She gave absolutely no details on why O’Reilly was no longer there, even though much of America had been discussing the rumors for days. Evidently the Murdochs didn’t want her to say anything. So Bill went to Italy, met the pope, and never came back. Actually Perino didn’t even say the much. The elephant in the room not only remained the elephant in the room — it multiplied.


    Did what Bill supposedly did really amount to a firing offense or were his accusers just looking for money or fame, as O’Reilly himself has implied? Or was it just a political hatchet job by the seemingly endless legions who spend all their waking hours and seemingly most of their sleeping ones doing their best to oppose, discredit, and destroy all things Trump?

  31. Now we finally have the reason why Megan Kelly attacked Trump:


    With the ouster of Roger Ailes and now Bill O’Reilly, Rupert Murdoch’s son has overthrown his own network as he moves to reinvent the family company’s profit machine at great risk.

    After The New York Times wrote about the sexual harassment claims leveled at Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly and the settlements made by the company and O’Reilly himself, James Murdoch, according to 21st Century Fox sources, kept repeating with horror to his friends and executives: “This is on the front page of The New York Times!

    These sources say James Murdoch’s long-time annoyance if not disgust with Fox News became cold fury after the Times’ April 1 story — even though several of the O’Reilly settlements had happened when James was CEO of the parent company. This was a similar reaction to what had followed the harassment suit by former anchor Gretchen Carlson against Fox News chief Roger Ailes in July. Every time Fox controversies spilled over into the wider world, James took it personally. “It was somehow against him,” says one person close to the Murdochs.

    Fox News is a business he should not be in, he had told people before, despite its major contribution to 21st Century Fox’s bottom line —20 percent of its profits came from Fox News last year, the biggest-earning division in the company. Presumably, he meant the in-your-face world of conservative cable news with its mega personalities. Indeed, James regarded many of the people at Fox News as thuggish Neanderthals and said he was embarrassed to be in the same company with them.

    But, likewise, it would be hard to imagine how James could have been regarded with more contempt by many of the people at Fox News. James was rather exhibit No. 1 of the liberal elite entitlement that Fox had so profitably programmed against. “Fox [News] is an important brand, but it needs to develop, and, to some extent, be reformed,” James said when I interviewed him ten years ago in his office as the chief executive of the Murdoch-controlled Sky TV in Britain, whose significantly less-partisan news operation he extolled as a ratings and journalistic model.

    He seized his first opportunity for reform in July when, over his father Rupert’s protests and his brother and co-executive Lachlan’s ambivalence, he pushed for the ouster of Ailes, the network’s founder and almost all-powerful executive. When the O’Reilly story hit the Times, he overrode his father and brother again — and, by the same method he had used with Ailes, hiring a Democratic-associated law firm, Paul Weiss, to perform a rubber-stamp investigation. (In neither the Ailes nor O’Reilly investigations were the targets of the investigation interviewed.)

    It was, he proudly told friends, a right decision rather than a business decision. The billionaire scion was aligning himself, profits be damned, with a new generation of corporate responsibility. That put him quite directly at odds with his father. It would be quite inconceivable to imagine Rupert sacrificing sure profits for greater good or a better image; indeed, his company had always been a pirate company.

    But that really is the larger point — in which Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes were in the end just collateral damage — it isn’t his father’s company anymore.

    If the expulsion of Ailes, and, even more dramatically, O’Reilly, mean anything, it means most of all that James is in charge.

    And, most immediately, this means that Fox News, that constant irritant in James’ view of himself as a progressive and visionary television executive, will begin to change. Virtually overnight.

    In some sense, with the ouster of Ailes and now O’Reilly, James has overthrown his own network. With them there, both men possessing vast industry, institutional, political and corporate powers, it would have been impossible for the owner’s jejune son to have forced change. Now with them gone it’s nearly a clean slate. Fox News must become something else. The almost certain instant erosion of Fox’s prime time audience, built on the spillover of O’Reilly’s long-unbeaten 8:00 hour, means the existential moment begins, practically speaking, immediately.

    Rupert, 86, is said to be watching this in some disbelief, but with some pride too. He has long believed that what many others see as his son’s arrogance and superciliousness is actually brilliance. And while Rupert may disagree with much of James’ instincts and actions —quite proved inadequate in the London phone-hacking scandal for which James received much of the blame — he yet seems pleased that he would be up to taking them.

    James’ dream, wherein he hopes to match his father’s accomplishments, and which he has been spinning for all who might listen for many years now, is of combining Sky News and Fox News with the vast Murdoch reach and producing some ultimate global news brand. Where Fox News is parochial and America First, the new global brand is worldly and unlimited. It will give his family’s company, once the pirate company, new meaning and new stature — a force for stability instead of upheaval. Murdoch media, in an age of populist disruption, will stand for the established world order.

    Risk, in Murdochland, is good. Risk is one of Rupert’s top business virtues. But where his father took risks in defiance of the respectable world, James, with some kind of head-smacking irony, is now risking the profits and influence his father created (with no small help from Ailes and O’Reilly) in pursuit of some ultimate respectability.

    James Murdoch should listen to the Rolling Stones’ “Respectable”.

  32. Did California vote for President Trump?


    North Korea nuclear threat: should California start panicking?

    As rhetoric between North Korea and the US ratchets up, should major cities on the west coast be worried about a missile strike? Experts say the answer is tricky

    In test blasts, military parades and propaganda videos that show San Francisco and Washington DC in ruins, North Korea has broadcast its intention to be a world nuclear power. Less clear, experts say, is how close the secretive nation is to realizing its ambitions to threaten the mainland of the United States.

    As rhetoric between the two nations has ratcheted up in recent weeks, residents of major west coast cities such as San Francisco, Portland and Seattle have begun to ask out loud: should they be worried?

    After five nuclear tests in a decade, North Korea has already shown that it poses a nuclear threat to South Korea and Japan, roughly 80,000 American soldiers stationed in those countries, and to China, its nominal ally. But although Kim Jong-un has dramatically increased missile testing since he took power in 2011, North Korea has yet to test an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that could cross nearly 5,500 miles of the Pacific. [snip]

    In February, North Korea fired a medium-range missile into the Sea of Japan, travelling about 300 miles. North Korea has also developed a missile with an estimated range of 2,200 miles, almost halfway to Hawaii, but so far struggled to launch it.

    Until North Korea begins ICBM tests, it will be difficult to gauge the country’s capabilities, said Joshua Pollock, a senior researcher at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California.

    “If they do get to the point where they decide to start a campaign of ICBM flight testing, that will allow them to work through the usual technical difficulties,” he said, noting that they had an “impressive” record of solving problems. “It will allow them in time, I’m confident, to create a reliable weapon.”

    But Pollock was wary about any timeline. “They could flight test an ICBM today and it could work or it could take them a year or two,” he said. “I really hesitate to say anything about it.”

    Other experts have offered cautious estimates, based on the rate of testing in the last six years. “If everything proceeds as is, it’s likely by 2020 that they could have a system reaching the United States,” Bermudez said. “It should be viewed as an emerging threat.”

    After the fifth test last fall, Siegfried Hecker, the former director of Los Alamos National Lab, the cradle of the first atomic bomb, gave a similar assessment. “Left unchecked, Pyongyang will likely develop the capability to reach the continental United States with a nuclear tipped missile in a decade or so,” he wrote in a post for 38 North.

    While North Korea cannot hide its missile tests – even short-range tests are usually visible to satellites – it has performed nuclear tests in a tunnel system beneath a mile-high mountain. The secrecy means experts know relatively little about how small or sophisticated North Korea’s bombs are, or how many exist. Experts agreed, however, that North Korea probably has the means to fit a warhead to an ICBM.

    It’s within the range of their technical capabilities and competence,” Bermudez said. “That doesn’t mean they could easily or successfully do it.” [snip]

    “It’s likely that any cyberwarfare campaign would not be able to stop either the nuclear program or the ballistic program, only delay it.”

    California as a sanctuary state for incoming nukes. California can repopulate with illegal immigrants.

  33. alternatives to Fox news down the road could very well be Newsmax…contrary to some of the things Chris Ruddy may have said, he has been solid for Donald and they are good friends…Chris is based in Florida…

    and then there is the new kid on the block…OAN…


    currently OAN is carried by AT & T, but i do not believe it is available on Comcast (big surprise)

    OAN was the only channel…cable or otherwise, that covered every single rally that DT had during the entire race…

    if some investors pumped money into OAN and Newsmax they could very well become two strong conservative voices on TV

  34. California as a sanctuary state for incoming nukes. California can repopulate with illegal immigrants.
    Yeah. Unfortunately, I live in California. Would love to move, but it’s hard to say goodbye to the Silicon Valley job market.

    Anyway, California need not worry about North Korea. Trump will protect California, even though they didn’t vote for him.

    And yes, I can say “they” instead of “we”.

  35. Kurt Schlichter gives great advice for Obama Dimocrats. Continue what you are doing! Resist! Stay the Course!


    Don’t change. That’s it.

    Don’t change a thing, Democrats.

    The problem isn’t you. It’s those stupid idiots who won’t obey you because they’re stupid idiots. How can those idiots be so stupid?

    Who knows? But what’s clear is that it’s not your fault. It’s theirs. So when the going gets tough, and you aren’t making progress – in fact, when you’re moving backwards – what’s the smart play? Double down!

    Hey, the dealer’s showing an ace in a face-heavy deck and you’ve got a six, what do you do? Double down!

    Double down on Russians! So Trump flattened their buddy’s air force? Big whoop. It’s pretty clear that was some sort of cunning 4-D chess move a complete buffoon like The Donald would make – or not! He’s totally guilty of something, because he has to be! Don’t let yourselves be fooled by the utter lack of any evidence of Russian collusion from The One’s intensive wiretapping efforts getting spilled to house organs like WaPo and the NYT. Just ignore the fact that the Obamaminons in the federal government usually leak harder than Bernie Sanders at a tickle party!

    Double down on tax returns! People care! Doubtless somewhere in his tax returns is the smoking gun where Trump scribbled “I [heart] Vlad!” right on them in big letters like it was some sort of IRS Form 1040-Pee Chee. Sure, Rachael Geraldo Maddow looked foolish when Don Capone’s vault came up a dry hole – $38 million in taxes is a lot of money even to a Clinton – but clearly that dumb, stupid, idiot, moron of dumbness Trump tricked her into it!

    Double down on familiar faces! Don’t buy the idea that your leaders are wizened windbags a decade past their sell-by dates. Nothing says sexy like Chuck Schumer. He’s hotter than Bobby Sherman! And the kids love their Nancy Pelosi, the Lena Dunham of the Chardonnay-and-Volvo set.

    Plus, you have a terrific bench full of up-and-commie superstars! How about that Chelsea? America eagerly awaits 2024, because America wants Jeb Clinton.

    America needs Jeb Clinton.

    Don’t make our mistake. When the Republicans managed to lose to Faily McWorsethancarter in 2012, we stupidly looked inwards like a bunch of suckers. Both officially and unofficially, the party reexamined its premises, thought through what it had been doing, and like a bunch of dummies, asked itself what it could do better. The results were a bit surprising – it turned out that the people it expected to show up and vote for its candidates weren’t exactly in tune with the people back in Washington who thought they knew what was best. And what happened next was ugly.

    Remember Eric Cantor? No, me neither. And adios to K Street Johnny Boy Boehner, the guy with 100% of the cheesiness factor of the Rat Pack and 0% of the cool.

    Republicans discovered that 58-year old voters supporting their families on $35 an hour whose jobs some rich donor was shipping to Juarez needed a better answer than, “Well, if you ever read Milton Friedman, you’d know that you’re obsolete. Go learn computers or something. Maybe you can land a data entry gig for $10.25 an hour. Maybe.”

    Republicans realized that while importing a zillion serfs from Third Worldistan might help make Milton Wellington von Moneybags marginally richer, their own constituents were having to put up with their jobs getting taken – after they trained their replacements – and their kids getting shot, either by gangbangers or by jihad-loving freaks. We learned that perhaps calling our own voters “racist” for objecting to being figuratively passed around the cellblock was counter-productive.

    And before our re-think, we Republicans thought our voters were up for pretty much any war. Sure, our constituents have always defended this country, but after the last 15 year cluster-fark, they had gotten a tad disenchanted with getting blown-up whilst being moved around the international chessboard by a coterie bow-tied tuffboys who never had to worry about the lead heading their way. It turns out our voters were only for wars that were important enough to our security that we actually intended on winning them.

    Who would have thought it? Well, a party that did the hard work of looking at itself and figuring out where it went wrong. But you Democrats don’t need to do that. You’re perfect just the way you are.

    Run someone in Louisiana who thinks it’s open season on a baby any time before that last toe slips out? Hell yeah! Those Cajun cousin kissers will take what you give them and like it!

    Put someone on the ballot in deer hunting country in Pennsylvania who thinks the Second Amendment’s recognition of our God-given right to keep and bear arms means we get to keep and bear arms? Hell no! You Democrats must ensure that every Democrat candidate everywhere embodies the passions and the prejudices of weenie San Francisco tech dorks!

    Now, I’m telling you this as a friend, the same kind of a friend you are to working people, to our troops, to American patriots: I sincerely hope that you stick to your principles, that you never doubt yourselves, and that you never waver.

    You’re perfect just the way you are.

    Don’t you ever change.

    New Obama Dimocrat slogan: “Don’t CHANGE and HOPE!”

  36. Two Marine Le Pen campaign workers shoot at cops in center of Paris.


    French police officer killed by gunman in Paris ‘terror’ attack

    A police officer has been killed and another wounded in what police believe was probably a terror shooting incident in Paris.

    Police sources say the officers were attacked on the Champs-Elysee and the person who fired on them has also been killed.

    At least two attackers are reported to be involved and authorities are warning people to avoid the area.

    French media are reporting two shots were fired in the incident and one of the attackers is still at large.

    Many police vehicles can be seen on the famous avenue.

    A witness identified only as Ines told French television station BFM that she heard a shooting, saw a man’s body on the ground and the area was quickly evacuated by police.

  37. The freaking French…

    Too EARLY to name it a terrorist attack

    WTF, do they live in California or something!

    The World has gone insane

    Time to send these goons back to hell…

  38. just thinking…

    remember all those criminals that O gave early release to

    remember all those illegal immigrants and cartels that were caught at the border and then O enforced “catch and release” (not to mention arming them with /ak-47’s during Fast and Furious)

    …wonder how many of them were ‘released’ and went right into the streets to ‘resist’ at college campusus and DT rallys…

    …wonder how many of them were ‘recruited’ to disrupt our country and keep it in a state of chaos…and keep spreading and perpetuating the PDT hate…

    wouldn’t it be interesting to track where all those ‘released’ people are now…and how many of them turned out to be young men…and just what are they doing with their freedom…

    perfect candidates for recruitment


  39. Fox reporting that Isis is taking responsibility for attacks in Paris

    Just keep inviting them in all over Europe and make it easier for them to kill & destroy…

  40. http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/20/politics/us-north-korea-china/

    Chinese air force land-attack, cruise-missile-capable bombers were put “on high alert” on Wednesday as the US sees evidence that the Chinese military is preparing to respond to a potential situation in North Korea, a US defense official tells CNN.

    The official said the US has also seen an extraordinary number of Chinese military aircraft being brought up to full readiness through intensified maintenance.

    These recent steps by the Chinese are assessed as part of an effort to “reduce the time to react to a North Korea contingency,” the official said

    Such a contingency could include the risk of an armed conflict breaking out as tensions on the peninsula have increased in the wake of multiple North Korean missile tests. The US and Pyongyang have ratcheted up their rhetoric, with the latter’s state media warning Thursday that a pre-emptive strike by North Korea would result in the US and South Korea being “completely destroyed in an instant.”

    Beijing has long been concerned about potential instability in North Korea should the regime in Pyongyang collapse, fearing both an influx of refugees and the potential of reunification under a South Korean government closely allied to the US.

    China is also opposed to the US military’s presence in South Korea, protesting the recent US and South Korea decision to begin deploying elements of the THAAD missile defense system. [snip]

    And China appeared to reciprocate Wednesday, with Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang saying Beijing was “gravely concerned” about North Korea’s recent nuclear and missile activities while simultaneously praising Washington’s approach to the issue.

  41. I hope healthcare reform is not dead. My premium is coming up and may be going up at least 25%. I already pay over $1200 for a very good PPO just for myself .

  42. Alcina

    I love that song and Bob Hope so much.

    He was a great guy all around, loved his comedy, acting, love of country, his work with the USO and military….

    We don’t have anyone like him anymore. When Bob Hope asked you to entertain the troops, you went.

  43. admin
    April 20, 2017 at 8:42 pm
    Looks like China is threatening to preemptively strike or invade North Korea or participate in a joint US-South Korean-Chinese effort to take down the regime there.

  44. “James regarded many of the people at Fox News as thuggish Neanderthals and said he was embarrassed to be in the same company with them. (Snip) Michael Wolff”

    James Murdoch is a live specimen of a fool in the process of self-undoing…
    Self-Undoing, where you sabotage yourself and are the creator of your own downfall.

    The Good News James, you weak Sagittarian, we will be only too happy to help you with that downfall… Tick Tock, Tick Tock……………………….

  45. So how is this different from the Clinton Uranium deal?


    The interests of the Country will be secondary to the Corporation. Rex will tell you that what is good for EM is good for the Country. Get used to being a disposable commodity to be managed. If you think Rex Tillerman is anything but another elitist sociopath, you are kidding yourself. I am watching to see how Trump manages this swamp monster.

  46. A great background article regarding socio-economic catastrophe in France before the first rung of their election: https://www.city-journal.org/html/french-coming-apart-15125.html
    “… Guilluy was fascinated by the figure of the “Bobo,” an acronym combining “bourgeois” and “Bohemian,” which described the new sort of upper-middle-class person who had emerged in the late-nineties tech-bubble economy. The word may have faded from the memory of English-language readers, but it stuck in France. You can find Bobo in any good French dictionary, alongside bébé, Dada, and tutu.”
    “For Brooks, “Bobo” was a term of endearment. Our nouveaux riches differed from those of yesteryear in being more sensitive and cultured, the kind of folks who shopped at Restoration Hardware for the vintage 1950s Christmas lights that reminded them of their childhoods. For Guilluy, as for most French intellectuals, “Bobo” is a slur. These nouveaux riches differed from their predecessors in being more predatory and less troubled by conscience. They chased the working-class population from neighborhoods it had spent years building up—and then expected the country to thank them.”

    Take the time to read the whole thing. BoBo’s are sociopaths and globalists. How the BoBo’s took over the world essentially.

  47. Looks like China is threatening to preemptively strike or invade North Korea or participate in a joint US-South Korean-Chinese effort to take down the regime there.
    As with any potential war, the question is what is the political objective? The objective we can all agree on is the elimination of the nuclear threat which the North Korean dictator is brandishing with reckless abandon, and is perfectly capable of launching. But the long term goal is where Chinese interests and our interest are likely to diverge. Whereas, our goal is to seek the reunification of Korea, with Seoul in charge, China’s likely objective (People’s Liberation Army, which is the most powerful force in their government), is most likely, to install a new communist regime in North Korea that they can control. If the North Korean dictator is deposed by China, the world will breathe a collective sigh of relief, and they will not ask too many questions about Chinese motivations, or his replacement. Big media will do what they always do, which is to hide the truth, hail this as a new era, an era where China grew out of its Middle Kingdom mentality into a true world leader
    and give all the credit to them, and none of it to President Trump who engaged in diplomacy worthy of Karl Von Metternich (Kissinger’s hero) the Austrian statesman who arranged the Peace Treaty of Vienna after the Napoleonic Wars in 1815.

  48. In a major victory in the ongoing Lois Lerner scandal at the IRS, non-profit election integrity organization True the Vote defeated an IRS motion to quash discovery in True the Vote v. IRS. The ruling means that everyone involved in the scandal could be compelled to submit every document related to the case and be deposed by True the Vote’s legal team.

    From their press release:

    Judge Reggie Walton of U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia just issued a critical order in True the Vote v. IRS case. The order compels the IRS to submit to discovery and depositions, giving True the Vote a long-awaited opportunity to expose the full scope of the discriminatory practices used by the Internal Revenue Service to target and abuse organizations and individuals who expressed political views in opposition to the Obama Administration.
    In an exclusive interview, the lawyer representing True the Vote, Jim Bopp, Jr., cheered the ruling:

    What we have now is an opportunity to find out who did what. The IRS has doggedly fought anyone finding out what happened and how it happened that they launched this comprehensive campaign to attack and undermine and adversely treat Tea Party and other conservative groups. We finally get an opportunity to find out.
    Bopp says that the suit does not seek monetary damages:

    What we want, of course, is an order by the court to prohibit the IRS from ever discriminating based upon political viewpoint of any organization in how they treat and deal with it. Conservative organizations were selected for adverse treatment by the Obama administration and the IRS.
    We want the court to prevent that from happening, no matter if the group is conservative or liberal. They shouldn’t be targeted for their views.

    The process of discovery could have stunning implications. There are mountains of documents and dozens of bureaucrats potentially involved:

    We have no idea how far up the chain this goes, but we’re going to find out.
    Despite the ruling, Bopp is prepared for more stalling tactics by the IRS:

    The case was filed in 2013. They’ve fought hard to obstruct discovery. We don’t think their obstruction will end with this court order. We’re concerned that we’re going to face further obstruction, even though they’re ordered to do it.
    True the Vote, founded during the rise of the Tea Party movement, is a conservative non-profit organization dedicated to rooting out voter fraud and securing free and fair elections across the United States. Its suit against the IRS claims its application for non-profit status was targeted for extra scrutiny due to its politically conservative cause. Lois Lerner was the head of the Exempt Organization unit for the IRS under President Obama, and stands accused of deliberately targeting conservative groups for delays and denials of applications for tax exempt

  49. No need for Ringling Brothers, Obama Dimocrats are a three ring circus:


    The Democratic National Committee and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are under fire for supporting a mayoral candidate with a mixed record on abortion, highlighting divisions within the party even as the DNC seeks to mend fences with its high-profile unity tour.

    The tour, which kicked off Monday, seemed to get off to a rocky start. But the biggest bump came when progressives began withdrawing support for Omaha, Nebraska mayoral candidate Heath Mello after discovering that, as a Nebraska state senator eight years ago, he supported an abortion-related ultrasound bill. [snip]

    Sanders and DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison — subbing in for DNC Chairman Tom Perez, who has headlined others legs of the cross-country unity tour with Sanders — will hold a rally in Omaha Thursday evening to support Mello, a Democrat challenging the city’s incumbent GOP mayor.

    DailyKos, the liberal blog that helped Democrat Jon Ossoff raise millions in Georgia’s special congressional election, withdrew its endorsement of Mello Thursday morning.

    And NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue released a statement excoriating the national party for embracing Mello.

    “The actions today by the DNC to embrace and support a candidate for office who will strip women — one of the most critical constituencies for the party — of our basic rights and freedom is not only disappointing, it is politically stupid. Today’s action make this so-called ‘fight back tour’ look more like a throw back tour for women and our rights,” Hogue said.

    Contradicting initial reports — and Mello’s campaign manager — Planned Parenthood of Nebraska said they never gave Mello a stellar rating. “Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska has never endorsed Heath Mello for public office,” the group said in a statement. [snip]

    The DNC added the Omaha stop to their tour at the request of Sanders allies, including Nebraska’s state party chair.

    Sanders was criticized on social media Wednesday night for telling the Wall Street Journal that he didn’t know if Ossoff is a “progressive,” even as he was preparing to support Mello. While Sanders’ endorsement of Ossoff would likely end up in a GOP attack ad in the conservative district, critics accused Sanders of a double standard. Meanwhile, the flap could reignite questions about whether there’s room within the Democratic Party for anti-abortion candidates. [snip]

    It’s not the first hiccup on the tour. Earlier, Perez was met with boos, apparently from Sanders supporters.

    This clown show billed as a “unity tour” features Bernie Sanders and DnutC Perez. It started with Bernie Sanders declaring that he is NOT a Democrat. Some unity tour when half of the clown show declares it is not a member of the club.

  50. High tech San Francisco can’t keep the lights on:


    A massive power outage in San Francisco on Friday morning caused a blackout in neighborhoods across the city, from the Financial District to the Presidio, forcing the closure of businesses, a federal courthouse and a BART station, officials said.
    A spokesman for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. said at least 90,000 customers lost power.

  51. admin
    April 21, 2017 at 2:00 pm
    That black out will be no problem for the most reversed federal circuit court of appeals in the country.

    I refer of course to the Ninth Circus.

    History has shown beyond cavil, that they are used to operating in a state of pitch black darkness.

    Like anaerobic bacterium, they require neither light or oxygen, but can cause grave damage to the host.

    The itsy bitsy teenie weenie Hawaiian Judge What-son is a fine example of this pernicious life form:

    “Watson called Trump a bigot in his opinion, determined out of the blue that campaign speeches are enforceable in court, and ruled based on what he wanted US policy to be.

    You don’t, as a federal judge, get to impose your judgment over that of the Executive and Legislative branches and then take shield behind the idea that you are an impartial arbiter of fact.

    Watson needed to be called out.

    Watson really needs to be impeached because he has forfeited any presumption of “good behavior” by his actions.”


  52. Marine LePen doing what Hillary couldn’t (because Hillary would not speak the truth about Muslim terrorists and Islam):


    French Elections: Marine Le Pen Backed By Quiet Army of Women

    COGOLIN, France — Muslims preoccupy Jennifer Troin.

    I’m worried about my nieces having to wear the veil,” said the soft-spoken 29-year-old.

    This fear has helped propel the young mother to the far-right of the political spectrum ahead of key presidential elections Sunday — and into the arms of the hard-line National Front party. [snip]

    But most of all, it was the party’s charismatic leader, Marine Le Pen, who captured Troin’s loyalty.

    She fights for women’s rights against Islam,” she said. “I vote because of Marine.”

    Troin is part of a quiet army of female National Front supporters, who could well tip the balance of the election and give the presidency to the hard-right.

    An FN victory would rewrite the continent’s political playbook, given the party’s pledge to take France out of the European Union. [snip]

    But few doubt that the party’s anti-immigrant and anti-establishment platform is resonating.

    The Front’s anti-Islamic message is especially potent in France, whose 4.7 million Muslims make up around 7.5 percent of the population. Islamist militant attacks have killed more than 230 people over two years and plunged the country into a long-term state of emergency.

    This anxiety deepened on the eve of the election after a gunman ambushed three Parisian police officers on the Champs-Elysees late Thursday, killing one and wounding two others. ISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting and French President Francois Hollande said it was likely a terrorist attack.

    Meanwhile, the FN’s influence has spread from its heartlands along the Mediterranean coast and in the rust-belt north, into rural “forgotten” France.

    Polling institute Elabe recently predicted that 22 percent of women would vote for the National Front in the first round Sunday — almost 5 percent more than in 2012.

    With just days to go, polls show the race is tightening. Centrist Emmanuel Macron is edging his way ahead on 24 percent and Le Pen is a fraction behind on 22.5 percent, according to Bloomberg polling. [snip]

    The FN’s ability to motivate French women could be decisive. Traditionally, it has struggled to attract female voters amid accusations of sexism, racism and anti-Semitism. [snip]

    In France we respect women, we don’t beat them, we don’t ask them to hide themselves behind a veil as if they were impure. We drink wine when we want, we can criticize religion and speak freely,” she said during a rally Monday night, comments clearly aimed at Muslims.

    During the rally, Le Pen pledged to suspend all visas from non-European migrants hoping to join their families in France — often code for immigrants from mainly Muslim North Africa and the Middle East.

    After Thursday night’s attack in Paris, she again singled out what she sees as the threat posed by Islam.

    It is a war in which there can be no retreat because all our population and all our territory are exposed,” she said.

    If Hillary wants to know why she lost in 2016, she can look to France and Marine LePen.

  53. From everything I read about the Murdock sons, they are the prototypical trust fund babies.

    The expression die yuppy scum describes who and what they are.

    In the early days of WWII, things were not going too well.

    They asked General Patton for his analysis and he said the problem was simple.

    Not enough of our own officers are getting killed.

    And until that happens they will never understand what war is.

    When I look at the Murdock boys and other members of our insulated elites

    I have to wonder whether Patton’s cure does not apply with full force and effect to them.

    They are so into themselves that they have no sense of the wider world.

    Only if they feel personally at risk will their attitude change.

    How that comes about is an imponderable.

    But until it does they will continue to destroy the world.

  54. Hillary lost because to the core, she cares for no one but herself . I imagine her insides are black and the texture of coal.

    She fooled us all for a period of time.

  55. “The country, had to hit Ba-rock bottom.”
    Good humor and sage analysis. Hearty congratulations to the “we” of the Big Pink organization, and thank you for all ten years. Many times I did not know what to think until I’d consulted HillaryIs44. That often gave me pause, but was so true.

    These days I find myself more suited to Twitterdom. limiting comments here to what some might find interesting, such as these today:
    Immigrant bakers in Queens call for Day without Bread as they prepare to lose jobs
    This is about Trump/Sessions holding employers accountable for their workers’ paper documents. A couple dozen were told last month to get their documentation in order with DHS or be fired. Today was the deadline. They chained themselves to trucks, are asking for one day when everyone refuses to eat daily bread, and more protests.

    Dem Senator Bob Casey has been on nearly daily town halls and otherwise acting inappropriately. The pieces finally fit for me – he’d like to have VP slot in 2020.

    Saving most unpalatable for last, Barry’s back. He’ll hold a forum for youth and young to spark their interest in politics and civics … and won’t knock Trump…..
    Its scheduled for Monday where he and Mooch used to opine with Ayers – U of Chicago.

  56. By “kale eaters,” Maher means those so infused with asinine political correctness that they protest “The Vagina Monologues” for being insensitive to transgenders.

    Everytime they change something so that “transgenders” aren’t offended, ie, make it so we have to pretend real women don’t get pregnant, or don’t have vaginas, etc – they are offending the majority of the population. When does OUR feeling offended (and made invisible) count….??? Sheesh…

  57. One of my heroes was the actor and adventurer Sterling Hayden.

    He was a guy who lived life on the edge.

    From his days with the OSS in world war II, to his time in Hollywood which he could not stand, to his final years sailing alone in the South Seas.

    I mention him here because he had some advice that would be useful to our money grubbing self serving political class, who could not do the right thing for the people of this country if their lives depended on it, as some day they might.

    Here are a couple of apt quotes for them:

    “To be truly challenging, a voyage, like a life, must rest on a firm foundation of financial unrest. …

    “In the worship of security we fling ourselves beneath the wheels of routine-and before we know it our lives are gone.”

  58. Dear Admin:

    Sorry to say; I have not been the prolific poster
    as I had been when this site began 10 yrs ago when first I was known here as Tellurian, a refugee, freshly expelled from DU. That happened solely because I was a staunch Hillary defender… The abuse from Obama trolls at Democratic Underground to the Hillaryites at that time was legendary. (Hell’s Kitchen) However, I absorbed and summarized the experience as a learning curve. People wouldn’t actually speak to you using such inflammatory verbiage if/when you were face to face. At the time, that was a Truism.

    Fast forward 10 yrs… and VR has become our NEW REALITY in REAL TIME.

    I felt it important today just to let you know… There are those of us faithful out there that religiously read this site everyday- hearing the most informative news of what is going on in our world according to Big Pink. Thanks posters for all the great links and ideology you bring here..

    TY admin for your, ‘always right’ insights. Whether you know it or not, you have gotten us through ‘thee’ most difficult time that anyone one of us posting here has experienced- the last most difficult time, WW11..

    In my book- That is high praise for this irreplaceable blog…

    XX OO to everyone 🙂

  59. It just occurred to me – those women in one of those women’s marches that were dressed as “vaginas”**, were being offensive – not to classy people – but to transgender male to females! Real women are supposed to be invisible! Those real women in costumes were making the transgenders feel offended, for sure! Those far leftists must be so stressed – they keep breaking their own rules! The left labia doesn’t know what the right labia is doing!

    ** drives me nuts when they are referred to as “vaginas”. Vaginas are a potential space. When those crazy women dress up in that costume (or someone says, “I could see her vagina!”), they’re talking about the vulva. You’d need a camera with a light to see the vagina lol

  60. It’s one thing to flirt or express your interest, but when your interest is not reciprocated or verbally rejected, you stop – otherwise it’s harassment. And he is married, I believe. There’s an innocent, harmless, just fun kind of flirting, and there is also the determined, serious kind. I think women usually know the difference – are they being playful, making a long work day a little fun, or are they actually seriously interested in going out with you?

    I’ve heard for a long time that O’Reilly was a pig. This stuff isn’t new. It could well be that there was a concerted effort to get him out. It could also be that some women are trying to cash in. But the complaints have been going on for so long that I don’t doubt he has a problem. I don’t know whether it was right to let him go. But I do firmly believe that the Fox management team is at fault for not putting a stop to his behavior a loooong time ago.

    As Matthew said (ps – XXOO – that’s innocent, appreciative flirting!), it’s not fair to women to have that type of workplace.

    When the management says, oh he brings in so much money, what can we do? My first thought is – you’re the only right wing tv station around, and no one else is going to pay him that salary – so what can HE do but toe the line if it’s drawn red in the sand (a Trump line, not an Obama line) ?

    Anyway, I just don’t want to lose sight of the fact that long term reports seem to indicate that O’Reilly had a boundary problem with women, regardless of what different factors worked together to lead to his downfall now….

  61. Great essay, admin. This will be helpful to save for the ongoing need to explain why my website is called Hillary when it supports (and I support) Trump lol

    Thanks for explaining it better than I could have – plus I often get caught up excoriating Obama so my explanations aren’t so succinct lol

  62. I think the Murdoch son James (apparently Lachlan is on board now too) must hang out in Hillary’s circle. They all seem really out of touch with the growing zeitgeist – and James, you want a “global enterprise” – well this growing zeitgeist is a growing GLOBAL zeitgeist – at least it terms of the first world.

    Fox, for all its good and bad, creams the other cable stations. What kind of Einstein wants to become more like the losers….?

  63. I remember when Ailes was in trouble for sexually harassing his female subordinates – O’Reilly was really upset about it. He said he didn’t want his station disparaged – but really, he was objecting to Ailes being in trouble for behavior similar to his own….

  64. I keep thinking about that woman who said she was trying to escape Saudi Arabia. She had a layover in the Philippines on the way to Australia. Her family convinced authorities in the Philippines to take her passport and basically hold her hostage until they came and retrieved her. She insisted she would be killed by her family. Journalists waited by the airport her plane was to arrive at in Saudi Arabia and never saw her.

    I wonder if we’ll ever hear the rest of the story.

    I also wonder how she was going to live in Australia – I think you have to show proof you can support yourself there, have a certain amount of money maybe… maybe she was going to overstay a visa.. I hope she’s okay…

  65. Fresno killer – he has a Muslim name. I wonder how long “his people” have even been in America – I’ve read most blacks in America aren’t even descended from slaves anymore….

  66. oops I missed mentioning a step for anyone who doesn’t read the article – he wants black people “let go” and he wants blacks to have reparations….

    I say we “let him go”, and when we prevent him from coming back, we can say he was “never ours to begin with”…. the little butterfly that got away lol

  67. Tennessee‏ @TEN_GOP Apr 20

    Don’t believe CNN. Jeff Sessions is going after leakers from the Obama administration who are trying to sabotage Trump. Not Julian Assange.

  68. Tennessee‏ @TEN_GOP Apr 20

    Luckily this Julian Assange story seems more like CNN fake news. Jeff Sessions was asked about leakers and he never even mentioned Assange.

  69. Here is why Coulter, Milo, and O’Reilly matter.

    The uncanny power of words has featured prominently in recent news. Politico describes how Berkeley became “a hotbed of violence in the Trump era” in response to witches like Ann Coulter. (snip)

    In canceling a planned speech by conservative author Ann Coulter at the University of California, Berkeley, school officials made a startling admission Wednesday: They could not guarantee the safety of the controversial speaker or her crowd. … The entire episode, which follows a February riot and a melee in the city Saturday, served as a jarring acknowledgment that Berkeley, a one-time cradle of anti-war protests and the Free Speech Movement, has emerged as the leading theater of protest violence in the Trump era. (snip)

    Apparently there are ideas, like the incantations that Coulter is likely to utter that are dangers in themselves, which summon devils from the vasty deep and provoke an involuntarily reaction in whoever is unfortunate to hear them. When Howard Dean tweeted “hate speech is not protected by the first amendment” he was warding a danger which does things to people from which they must be defended against. (snip)

    Shoot down the warlocks and witches wherever you may find them. Yet how can mere words have such power? How can ideas be so feared? To understand why it is instructive to regard speech which turns people into human IEDs. Clearly that is a spell. Manifestly that is dangerous speech. But why does it have such power?

    What the Antifa, Howard Dean and the Venezuelan regime call contemporary “hate speech” is code for a culture to rival their own. They fear culture not speech. What makes it so dangerous is it dares to do what the progressives have done themselves. Critical speech could be tolerated for so long as it lacked a sense of identity but it became an existential threat with the first stirrings of self-consciousness behind the words.

    The reason antifa hates Coulter is she represents what is now a rival culture. Antifa ignores Jihadi messaging because they represent what is for the moment an allied culture. Classic free speech issues have nothing to do with their opposition to it. We are witnessing not a clash of ideas but battle of consciousness.

  70. Richard’s post answers another question which some have wondered about:

    How can feminists support cultures that practice genital mutilation?

    The answer is simple and straightforward.

    Regardless of the glaring contradictions of doing so

    Feminists thugs and Muslim thugs are allies against traditional culture.

    This is also why feminists came running to the defense of WJC after years of railing against sexual harassment.

    It is why you cannot have a civil conversation with them.

    And if you can’t have even that much, they are dead to me.

    There is no incentive to engage, and if you make the mistake of doing so, even for a common cause.

    Watch out for the daggers when your back is turned.

  71. The clash of civilizations is what shakes and destabilizes the world.

    The clash of competing cultures is what shakes and destabilizes this country.

    Big media has chosen the wrong side.

    And Obama was its clearest mascot, its poster child, its most satanic manifestation.

    Like the trust fund baby at FOX, if they succeed

    They will kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

  72. TEN YEARS! Congrats Admin!
    As a Hillary supporter in 08 I will admit I was devastated when she lost!
    Watching Hillary as she became “Obama III” was also devastating
    My support for her turned to “cold anger” because she in 08 was the candidate who had it all!!!!
    My favorite rally of hers was in PA when she campaigned in the black coat in the pouring rain and I cried that night because I knew in my heart that “our” dreams were slipping away
    Within the next few weeks a book is coming out which will address ALL OF THE OBAMA that the media REFUSED to “vet” during 08 and again in 12!! I am sure that much of what ADMIN has reported on will be part of that book! I am praying that this book will expose him for the FRAUD that he was and the STAIN he has left on the USA

    I proudly supported, worked and contributed to the Trump campaign! The UNI PARTY in Washington DC is our BIGGEST obstacle along with the Democratic Socialist Party

    Admin you are the BEST!

  73. wbboei
    April 22, 2017 at 11:26 am
    When men define feminism, it is always a disaster.

  74. Donald continues his chess game…will have a big rally in PA during the petty little correspondents dinner



    Bill Maher getting fed up with the liberals and their nonsense…embarrassing



    On his show “Real Time” Friday night, Maher said it is becoming a nationwide problem that colleges restrict free speech unless its “exactly what liberals want to hear.”

    “Berkeley used to be the cradle of free speech,” Maher said. “And now it’s just the cradle for fucking babies.”

    “I feel like this goes on all over the country on campuses — they invite somebody to speak that’s not exactly what liberals want to hear and they want to shut her down. I feel like this is the liberals’ version of book burning. And it’s got to stop.”

    “[The First Amendment] doesn’t just mean shut up and agree with me.”

    it is actually worse than little babies…this is orgnanized violence…and the police just stand there and do nothing

  75. Lu4PUMA
    April 22, 2017 at 1:22 pm
    April 22, 2017 at 11:26 am
    When men define feminism, it is always a disaster.
    When Steinham defines feminism it is nazi ism.

    Don’t take my word for it.

    Read Camile Paglia.

    Hint: she is not a male.

  76. In case you are unfamiliar with her writings, Paglia makes a sharp distinction between gender equity feminists vs. thug feminists.

    Gender equity feminists want believe in equal treatment, and are willing to work hard to achieve it.

    Her example is Amelia Erhart.

    Steinham and her ilk, i.e. she calls her Stalin are the opposite.

    They are part of the counter culture.

    Many of them have personal issues.

    They play the role of victim and they demand reparations.

    Hearts with one purpose alone.
    Through summer and winter seem.
    Enchanted to a stone.
    To trouble the living stream–Yeats (Easter 1916)

  77. it is actually worse than little babies…this is orgnanized violence…and the police just stand there and do nothing

  78. wbboei
    April 22, 2017 at 3:52 pm
    When men define feminism, it is always a disaster.
    When women define feminism, it is sometimes a disaster.

  79. Bill Maher is a very close friend of Ann Coulter. I wonder if he would be so outspoken if not? She is also on his show a lot.
    That being said, I’m glad to hear someone from the other “culture” say something.

    I do know he does not hold the same love for the Muslims as his “culture ” does.

    Wbb, absolutely, all feminist are not created equal, and those taking front and center these days are Nazis.

  80. actually even chris matthews was speaking out against the college students and their attempts to silence free speech

    as in that is one of the biggest reasons for going to college…to hear different points of view…and either engage…or not…to see and hear things you may never had…things that are different from what you grew up and the people you knew just in your neighborhood…

    one would think that most of the “adults” in the Dim party would understand this and frown and discourage violent silencing of all free speech…

    BUT…not these dims…not Pelosi or Schumer…the DNC head…what a piece of work he is to inspire the youth…and then there is Maxine Waters…isn’t she something…

    these Dims…and their celebrity friends…encourage and inspire the silencing of all opinions other than there own…and in fact…make up things to inspire these kids…

    and let’s just be honest…they all know this is being organized and financed by Soros and the like…

    the dims are starting to look…and sound…like communists…and frankly i just saw an article that states that Communism is on the rise in the USA

    wow…these college kids are nothing like the boomer college kids…like us or not…we were open…we explored…to say the least, these kids are so narrow minded…they live in their own tunnel vision…pretty sad…reality will one day wake them up

  81. one more gripe…

    what in the world has Chelsea Clinton ever done to receive all these accolades?

    this glorification she is receiving is like O winning the Nobel Peace Prize

    …based on nothing…no deeds or special accomplishments…in Chelsea’s case her husband failed…last i heard not even working

    i don’t have anything against her, but she has done nothing to suddenly be front and center and some authority on anything…

    it is like we live in an alternative universe…and one is delusional…delusions of grandeur of the elite

  82. Trumps weekly address

    “My Fellow Americans,

    A new optimism is sweeping our country as we return power from Washington and give it back to the American People, where it belongs.

    For too long, American workers were forgotten by their government – and I mean totally forgotten. Their interests were pushed aside for global projects, and their wealth was taken from their communities and shipped across the world, all across the seas.

    My Administration has offered a new vision. The well-being of the American citizen and worker will be placed second to none – and boy do I mean second to none.

    Since Day One I have been fighting for the hardworking people of this country – and this week we took historic action to continue delivering on that promise.

    We did so in one of the many proud industrial towns of our nation – Kenosha, Wisconsin – with the men and women of Snap-On, who make American tools for workers around the world. They were there, and they loved what they heard, and they loved what they saw.

    In Wisconsin, I signed an Executive Order to Buy American and Hire American. I took historic action to ensure that Federal Projects are made with American Goods – and to keep American workers and companies from being cheated out of contracts by countries that break the rules and break every regulation in the book to take advantage of the United States. That’s not going to happen anymore.

    I also took action to reform our immigration system so that it puts the needs of American workers first – the duty of government is to represent the citizens of the United States, and that is what we will do.
    Whether it’s removing job-killing regulations, protecting our borders, or unleashing American energy, we are keeping our promises and delivering for the American Worker.

    During my visit, I talked about how America is a nation that honors work. We honor grit. We honor craftsmanship. We honor the skilled tradespeople who turn rock and steel and iron and cement into works of art and grace and beauty. There’s tremendous talent there, believe me.

    The wrench and ratchet are not only tools, but instruments that help build cities out of deserts and send ships across oceans. And the tools of craftsmen and the masons are just as important as the tools of the doctor and the dentist or the CEO, or even the tools of politicians, believe it or not – and their work is every bit as noble. They take pride in their jobs, and we take pride in them.

    No longer will the concerns of these hardworking Americans go unanswered.

    By making government answer to our citizens, we are removing the limits on our future and setting free the dreams of our people.

    As long as we do this, optimism will continue to soar. Hope will continue to spring. And this country we love will grow stronger and stronger day by day.

    Thank you, God Bless you, and God Bless America.”

  83. S,

    Both out of work S and looking for public handouts I am sure…

    Out of work: Chelsea Clinton’s husband Marc Mezvinsky shut down his hedge fund in December just weeks after Hillary lost election

    By Chris Spargo For Dailymail.com
    16:08 08 Feb 2017, updated 02:30 09 Feb 2017

    Marc Mezvinsky shut down his hedge fund Eaglevale Partners back in December
    He is now in the process of returning money to investors in the fund
    Mezvinsky was seen going for weekday jog in middle of afternoon last week

    He and wife Chelsea Clinton are now both without a full-time job

  84. From ACE

    It’s elementary.
    Has autumn (in Australia) brought out a bit of attention to reality? Australia unveils major changes to citizenship process. Via Maggie’s Farm:

    Aspiring citizens will undergo tougher tests on their English language skills and ability to demonstrate “Australian values”, PM Malcolm Turnbull said.
    Applicants must also have completed four years as a permanent resident – three years longer than at present.

    The move comes two days after Australia unveiled stricter visa requirements for skilled workers from overseas.

    Mr Turnbull said the changes would ensure that migrants were better integrated into the community. . . .

    Sounds to me like some of the “Australian values” noted could be adopted as “American values”, too.

    Maybe reality started to set in (in Australia, I mean) a while ago. Remember when Obama agreed to have prospective immigrants to Australia who were being stored, sort of, on a little island shipped to the USA?

  85. Lu4PUMA, you wrote “When men define feminism, it is always a disaster.
    When women define feminism, it is sometimes a disaster.

    Unfortunately for you what you wrote is now considered, by our new feminist overlords, as bigotry of the highest order.

    Haven’t you heard that gender is “fluid”? One day you can consider yourself a woman. A few hours later you might identify as a man. In between that fluidity you might have been transgender. You might soon consider yourself a “furry”. Think we’re joking? Check up what a “furry” is: http://www.adjectivespecies.com/2013/10/14/furry-as-a-queer-identity/

    In the new topsy-turvy world of the left, true feminists might be men who are open to gender fluidity while women who believe in women’s rights might be considered facist genderite members of the patriarchy.

    Check out what is happening at Harvard University: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/09/02/harvard-allows-students-pick-new-gender-pronouns/C0EXpZHw09zwCzo4hVhjdJ/story.html

    Harvard University for the first time is allowing students to choose their preferred gender pronoun from a list including such gender-neutral identifiers as “ze, hir, and hirs,” a move the college said is aimed at increasing inclusion on the campus.

    College administrators said the students can make their choices known during registration. According to researchers of gender and sexuality, some students who do not identify with the commonplace pronouns like “he” or “she” feel invalidated in social settings.

    Violations of the new social order will have consequences both social and financial: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2017/2/24/committee-expands-social-group-sanctions/

    People who consider themselves “women” (ban sororities!!!) will be most adversely affected by the new social order of “inclusion”: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2016/5/7/groups-criticize-new-sanctions/

    Defining someone as a “woman” or a “man” is evil. Here are some of the new gender categories you must learn: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/transgender-gender-identity-terms-glossary/

    If you are an old man who never won an athletic award you can now consider yourself a 5 year old girl and compete in a sponsored race to win a trophy you were denied as a 5 year old boy. If you were never good at basketball or another sport you can simply claim to be a different gender or different race or different age and compete at sports or whatever to win retroactively. We’re personally eyeing a spelling bee for 10 year olds, to enter and win.

    The beauty of the new social order is that if you do not get what you want you can sue in courts and win on the basis of discrimination. We can’t wait for the first time someone claims to be of a different language group than the one presumed. Imagine someone who makes French sounding sounds and claims that is French. Schools already are banned from correcting spelling “mistakes”. If you get arrested claim you are a different gender every few hours and get moved about the prison. You can always sue.

    We like the idea some people are already acting on which is to attach adjectives to themselves as a gender identity and claiming to be “the allpowerful (blank)” as their gender identity.

    We are preparing to consider gender reassignment very soon ourselves. We invite you all to join us. Our new gender will be something along the Greek gods or maybe the Roman ones. When we enter a room we will insist, under force of law, that all bow down and worship us as they exclaim “Hail! Great religious entity yet to be revealed!” We haven’t decided yet whether to be Zeus or Aphrodite, or maybe Odin or another pagan.

    “Women?” “Men?” That is so old hat and bigoted: http://itspronouncedmetrosexual.com/2011/11/list-of-cisgender-privileges/#sthash.sSmLhUEM.dpbs

    Embrace the new!

  86. More gender madness, which Tony Stark posted earlier:


    At the once-prestigious Harvard University, anything is possible…including daily changes to your gender, according to a new guide published by the school. [snip]

    Harvard University, as time-honored and treasured as it is, has also succumbed to this new nightmare from the left.

    “Harvard University’s Office of BLGTQ Student Life has designed a new school-sponsored gender diversity guide for students aiming to ‘fight transphobia’ and describing gender fluidity as being able to change ‘from day to day.

    “The guide was distributed to students on campus, according to Campus Reform, and asserts gender fluidity as a proven fact. It opens by proclaiming the differences between biological sex and gender identity.

    “’Sex assigned at birth and gender identity are not necessarily the same,’ the heading reads. ‘Sex assigned at birth, gender identity, sexual orientation, hormonal makeup, physical anatomy, and/or how one is perceived in daily life are not necessarily related.’

    “’There are more than two sexes,’ the guide continues in bold letters. ‘Many factors influence “biological” sex, including internal and external genitalia, hormones, and chromosomes.’”

    Our new world order of the left:

    “Girl power” is discrimination. “Sororities” are criminal organizations to discriminate against transgenders. Women’s clubs and their leaders must be led in chains to the jails. “White males” are only half the problem that must be destroyed – “woman power” is a thought crime.

  87. admin
    April 22, 2017 at 6:34 pm
    As a person, I could claim that my male/female traits are well balanced. I have always had issues with the roles, the female one being ill suited to me and my best talents. But make no mistake, I love being a woman and have never wanted to be anything else.

    The feminist movement has been infiltrated and subverted. Inclusion is an essential part of feminism. But that is about the inclusion of women in governance and society. The subversion is to take inclusion to the extreme so that we are to embrace our own murders.

    And the activities are not about roles in the society, they are an attack on gender identity. This is the dehumanization promoted by the globalists. Dehumanized, disposable commodities willing to embrace their own murders. That is todays globalism.

  88. Transgenders are what the old borderline personality disorders were, which were preceded by the multi personality disorder .

    Can’t wait for the next disorder.

    Now the sad part is that there are real transgenders, as there are real multi personality disorders,but they are far and few. Now it is so vogue to be a transgender and it has the overwhelming backing of the looney left and money of the globalist to destroy our culture for nefarious reasons.

    This is a fight to the death I fear…

  89. One last one on “fluidity” featuring a “bishop” and a white black woman:


    American race-faker Rachel Dolezal has returned to the limelight with her first ever visit to Africa on a lecture tour about race – a move which has been met with outrage, calls for a boycott and a string of scathing memes.

    Police flanked Ms Dolezal’s first key note event after a hostile meeting with mostly black students who objected to her insistence that she had ‘an authentic black identity’ despite admitting to being ‘biologically white’.

    The 39-year-old, who was labeled an ‘ethnic fraud’ after passing herself off as a black woman for more than a decade, recently took a Nigerian name to make herself sound more authentic.

    The shamed black activist, who now calls herself Nkechi Amare Diallo, outraged her young black audience in Johannesburg after equating her claim to being ‘trans-black’ with the trans-gender experience of Caitlyn Jenner.

    I still identify as black… maybe trans-black is a good compromise because it identifies that I was born to white parents but have an authentic black identity,’ she insisted as students of the University of Johannesburg tutted loudly and shook their heads in disbelief.

    The mother of three, who has been forced to make ends meet by braiding hair after failing to get work since she was ‘outed’ as white woman two years ago, was invited to South Africa by a retired black bishop who wholeheartedly supports her extraordinary claims.

    Clyde Ramalaine told MailOnline he backed Ms Dolezal’s right to compare herself with transgender Caitlyn Jenner, who won Olympic glory when she was still known as Bruce, and argued there was an unfairness in the way the two had been treated.

    ‘I find it amazing that Bruce Jenner can be celebrated on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and yet no one has ever said to him ‘but you deceived people all those years, you were in a male locker room, you slept with women’,’ he said.

    The former priest, who still styles himself Bishop, is managing director of Tsiloab Hoaldings, the communications company that organised the event.

    He went on: ‘No one accuses Bruce Jenner of living a lie, or calls him a fraud. He is celebrated for his bravery in being truthful about his true identity.

    ‘Yet Rachel is vilified, is treated as a pariah, accused of lying about who she really was.’

    She has chosen to self define and that’s her right. Can’t we just live with who she wants to be? I embrace Rachel as she defines herself,’ he insisted.

    The mother of three was unmasked two years ago as a white woman after building a successful career as an advocate for black issues, based on wild exaggerations about her background.

    Despite being exposed as a fraud, Ms Dolezal was invited to the inaugural Quest for Non Racial South African Society Dialogue in Johannesburg.

    Deriding Ms Dolezal’s claim to ‘racial fludity’, she was told by a member of the mostly-black audience of students that , ‘Only a white person could claim blackness and tour the world talking to blacks about blackness.’

    Another attendee demanded to know, ‘What are your daily experiences as a black person? Is it wearing braids, what is it? [snip]

    In her new book, In Full Color, she confesses she did not meet a black person until she was ten and began fantasising about being black after reading National Geographic and Sports Illustrated magazines. [snip]

    ‘She is just sick or a fraud. Can you imagine a black person from Africa being given a visa and this special treatment to go to America or to London claiming to be white and having the red carpet rolled out for them?

    ‘This is just another example of white supremacy, why must we have to listen to her?’

    Marion Stevens, a white feminist whose organisation supports transgender women in South Africa was appalled that Ms Dolezal was using the issue to underpin her arguments.

    ‘If she is going to use transgenderism to back up her notion of trans-racialism, she is barking up the wrong planet.

    ‘It is audacious of her to come to South Africa where she has no appreciation of our history to perform black feminism. Having her here is the last thing we need.’

    A phony black “bishop” extols a phone white black woman and defends her using the transgender defense. It’s a mad world. Maybe she’s a “furry”?

  90. At Trinity College Dublin, a science experiment started 69 years ago has finally yielded results, after pitch was observed dripping for the first time ever, and proven to be a viscous fluid. Tar pitch, a carbonic substance also known as bitumen or asphalt, is so thick it appears solid at room temperature.Jul 19, 2013
    Pitch is a liquid, finally drips after 69 years – …

    Black is thicker than Pitch…and you can take that to the bank.
    Years of AAU, high school and college basketball taught me that lesson and the affirmative action obama is the exclamation point.

    Little miss Rachel apparently never learned that lesson and I have to think the Bishop had to have ulterior motives…I’m thinking money.

  91. From legalinsurrection

    (Fu$king animals) mine of course
    And where are the feminist?
    Oh, wearing pussyhats…

    Second Doctor Arrested for Female Genital Mutilation in Michigan
    Mary Chastain | 4/22/2017 – 6:30Pm
    The doctor and his wife own the clinic where another doctor allegedly performed FGM on minors.

    Last week, authorities charged Dr. Jumana Nagarwala for female genital mutilation on a 7-year-old-girl. Now authorities have arrested and charged the doctor and his wife, the owners of the Burhani Medical Clinic.

    Officials arrested Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, 53, and his wife Farida Attar, 50. They face charges for “conspiring to perform genital mutilation on minor girls by letting a doctor use their clinic to perform the procedure.”

    From Detroit Free Press:

    According to the complaint, Attar has admitted to authorities that Nagarwala has used his clinic after hours to treat children ages 6-9 for problems with their genitals, including genital rashes, but that she only saw the patients “when the clinic is closed on Friday evenings or Saturdays.” She never billed for the procedures nor documented them, the complaint said, noting multiple other young girls have told authorities that Nagarwala also performed gender mutilation on them.

    Nagarwala has claimed through her lawyer that she did not engage in any actual cutting, but rather that she removed a membrane from the genital area using a “scraper” and gave it to the parents to bury in the ground as part of a religious custom within her Indian-Muslim community, known as the Dawoodi Bohra. The parents have not been charged. One of the girls in Minnesota was temporarily removed from the home but is now back with her parents.

    The complaint alleges that Farida “held the girls’ hands ‘in order to comfort them.’”

    Here is timeline within the complaint:

    Here, according to the unsealed complaint, is what investigators saw happen outside the clinic at 6 p.m. on Feb. 3:

    At 6:09 p.m., Nagarwala arrived at the clinic.

    Four minutes later, Attar handed her a white bag in the parking lot. The two went inside the clinic.

    At 6:22 p.m., Attar’s wife arrives and enters the clinic.

    At 6:25 p.m., a mother and 7-year-old girl enter the clinic. They leave almost 20 minutes later. Then, a second mom and her daughter enter. They leave about 20 minutes later.

    At 7:03 p.m., Nagarwala left the clinic.

    Authorities discovered that Attar communicated with the Indian Muslim community in Minnesota on a regular basis. He made “50 phone calls in [a] three-month period starting last fall.”

    In one of Farida’s phone calls, the authorities heard her “telling one Michigan member of the religious community not to cooperate if investigators inquire about the procedures.”

    Attar’s defense lawyer spoke to the media:

    “Dr. Attar is not aware of any crimes committed at his clinic,” defense lawyer Mary Chartier told reporters outside court. “This is frightening for them and terrifying.”

    She criticized the government for waiting until Friday to arrest the doctor.

    “It’s classic gamesmanship by the government, knowing they would spend the weekend in custody,” she said. “I’m not surprised the government would pull that stunt.”

  92. I think we are all tolerant of different life styles. The issue is whether those who do not share those values have to have them imposed or mandated into their lives. The HRS stuff is killing small businesses.

  93. JB,

    No way should a population of 0.05% be able to demand and force their views on the other 99.95%. This gender bending, pronoun demanding group of misfits need to crawl back to the crevices they oozed out of.
    It’s like the gates of hell broke loose.

  94. I have worked with transgenders for many years, and all they ever wanted was to be accepted. We really never talked about their decisions. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, the health field is very accepting, but this new wave of gender warriors have done gone lost their minds.
    This Is a bridge too far .

  95. Tennessee‏ @TEN_GOP 2h2 hours ago

    Simple little fact that says it all:

    18,000 terror suspects in Belgium

    Belgium’s army has just 12,000 members.

  96. gonzo, it’s not just .05 because the left and the media are embracing it – there are a lot of cheerleaders and they’re the ones propelling it I think

  97. Lorac,
    Just giving the numbers of actual real trans, not wantabees and supporters of everything anti-establishment

  98. jbstonesfan
    April 22, 2017 at 10:40 pm
    The other point is, what obligation, if any, do we have to be tolerant of other religions which are themselves intolerant of us and our values? Rather that twisting ourselves into a pretzel to justify that, why not simply recognize what is going on here. The left is using any wedge issue it can find to bring down western civilization, and this one is simply the issue de jour. Their purpose is to erase ALL indicia of individual identity, and to put all people in fungible groups they can get fighting with each other, thus allowing them to do pretty much anything they want without it being seen for what it is.

  99. I start with the premise that Germany has never really rejected Nazi ism. It has simply taken on a different form, called the EU. With Brexit and the hoped for victory of Le Pen in France, the death camp matron, i.e. Frau Merkel and her country will acceded to the unenviable position of being the guarantor of all the sick men of Europe. Whether the kraut’s worship of authority and sense of cultural superiority, they being the self proclaimed heirs to the Holy Roman Empire, will yield to reality is questionable. The perverse ideology of the second worse chancellor of Germany will eventually lead that country to rack and ruin. And the economies of the nations who rely on Germany will be controlled by German bankers.

  100. foxyladi14
    April 23, 2017 at 12:10 pm
    Comey is a beacon of lawless corruption.

    He needs to be removed forthwith.

    If tis done
    What ought to be done
    Tis best it be done

  101. This son of a bitch Macon who got the most votes in the French election is a globalist. He worked as a highly paid investment banker at ROTHSCHILD & Cie Banque. He took on a socialist veneer to consolidate all public power in government, and to stamp out nationalism. He is no damned good.

    Macron worked as an Inspector of Finances in the French Ministry of Economy between 2004 and 2008. In 2007, he served as deputy rapporteur for the Commission to improve French economic growth headed by Jacques Attali.[8] Macron paid €50,000 to buy himself out of his government contract in 2008,[11] and left to work as an investment banker at a highly-paid position at Rothschild & Cie Banque.[12]

  102. Le Pen now has to deal with the collusion of all the major politicians calling for her defeat in the runoff, and the globalist money of the Rothchilds. & Co

  103. These left wing rioter who have zero comprehension of whose interests they are serving are what Lenin referred to derisively as:


    Useful to the globalists.

    Paid and radicalized by Soros.

  104. Question: what do 1870, 1914 and 1939 have in common.

    Answer: dates when Germany attacked France and destroyed their country

    Question: why would France wish to tie its future to Germany, the most powerful economy in the EU?

    Answer: nuts. Get out of the EU. Out!!!

    Question: if you want out, why would you hitch your wagon to a candidate who worked for the House of Rothschild–Macon?

    Answer: nuts.

  105. Mulvaney was on Fox and got the post Oreilly treatment by smart a$$ Wallace, Sessions was on with snuffulufagus and was treated like vermin…

  106. Gingrich tells Stepandfetch it, and his panel of idiots, YOU HAVE BEEN WRONG IN ALL YOUR PREDICTIONS IN RE. TRUMP, and Trump is the most divisive president since Lincoln, and when asked in that case can he govern and Gringrich grins and says yes of course he can because the president has great power to change the system. I am sure this totally deflated Stepandfeth it and his blue ribbon big media panel of Pulitzer Prize winning plagiarists and useful idiots who are too boring to pay attention to except when they are being used as a punching bag, which is all they are good for.


  107. wbboei
    April 23, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    sp. 39 year old Mannie Macron arch globalist and Rothschild pet

    A very weird dude since adolescence. One could say he has some issues. “But there is more to Brigitte than style. The couple have never hidden the fact that she is deeply involved in his career: Macron’s former chief of staff has recalled how during his time as a minister she would attend meetings and a recent France 3 TV documentary showed her helping him prepare key campaign speeches.”
    Svengali mommy syndrome.

  108. Mormaer
    April 24, 2017 at 3:43 am

    Svengali mommy syndrome.
    Lady MacBeth:

    in re. sovereignty

    Manny’s better half might well say:

    “Out, damned spot. . . . .

    Slavery for the French People.

    Lets all drink Rhine wine in the hot tub.

    And return to Vichy government.

    Run by Deutsche Bank.

    Nazis of a different kind.

  109. foxyladi14
    April 24, 2017 at 10:45 am
    The left has lost control of government, so they resort to these meaningless attacks on our history.

    The more they attempt to eradicate history the more that history comes to life and fights back.

    The left are hate filled untermechen who bear the mark of Cain.

  110. Can a Nazi be respectable?

    That all depends on what you think of Merkel and Deutsche Bank.

    “Heute Europa, Morgen die Welt!”

    Today the Europe (i.e. the EU), tomorrow the world (i.e. World Government)

    Nazis of a different kind.

  111. Near 100 Days, Trump’s Biggest Problem GOP, Not Dems

    Approaching the vaunted one hundred day benchmark, it’s clear the Republicans, not the Democrats or their faithful media allies, are the biggest threat to Donald Trumps’s presidency.

    Lost in various ego and ideology-driven agendas, the GOP legislators are doing their best to elect Elizabeth Warren president in 2020. Perhaps they should turn over their donor lists to the Massachusetts senator and make things easier and more direct.

    This may or may not speak poorly for Trump’s managerial skills. And it doesn’t account entirely for his poor poll numbers. But if there is a cancer on his presidency, it is coming largely from his own party’s inability to enact legislation when they have undisputed control of Congress and the executive branch.

    It’s almost as if the Republicans have a death wish and don’t really want to govern, subconsciously preferring to be an opposition party that doesn’t have to take responsibility for their actions, only for criticism.

    Beyond that, a number of the GOP congresspeople are cowardly, cowering before the overwrought hot heads who almost always populate town hall meetings or declining to align with Trump because of his poll numbers.

    Ironically, this self-destructive behavior on the part of congressional Republicans is occurring at a time when Democrats are exceptionally weak. They have little or no strategy and almost no policies to offer the public. Shopworn liberal-progressive ideologies have less appeal than ever.

    With all this in their favor, it’s evident the Republicans can’t stand prosperity. More even then Trump and his administration, the victims of the GOP fecklessness are the American people who, as usual, are left out in the cold as those inside the Beltway indulge in their usual self-preservationist tap dance to nowhere.

    Unless the GOP gets its act together, what we are looking at is one of the greatest squandered opportunities in American history. It could almost be read as a criticism of the democratic system itself — the ratification of E. M. Forster’s famous caveat Two Cheers for Democracy.


  112. How does it come to pass that a Rothschild puppet named Macron is characterized as a “centrist”.

    Big media keeps calling him that.

    It is a goddamned lie.

    Macron is no centrist.

    He is the opposite.

    He is a globalist.

    A proponent of the road to serfdom.

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