#POTUS @RealDonaldTrump Vindicated: London Terror Attack, #RockvilleRape, Nunes Intel Bombshell

President Trump bugged:

“I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions, the intelligence community collected information on U.S. individuals involved in the Trump transition,” Nunes told reporters.

Details about U.S. persons involved in the incoming administration with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reports.

He said that “additional names” of Trump transition officials had been unmasked in the intelligence reports and indicated that Trump’s communications may have been swept up as well. [snip]

“I want to be clear — none of this surveillance was related to Russia or the investigation of Russian activities or of the Trump team,” Nunes said. [snip]

The information was “legally brought to him by sources who thought we should know it,” Nunes said, though he declined to provide further detail. [snip]

Nunes later told reporters at the White House that he believes the details should “bother” the president and his team because some of the collection seemed “inappropriate.” [snip]

Trump said later Wednesday that he felt “somewhat” vindicated by Nunes’s revelation.

As we previously wrote, the scandal is the “unmasking”. Next Tuesday former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates (the one who shirked her duty to defend President Trump’s travel ban in court therefore fired by PDT) will appear at an Intelligence Committee hearing. At some point Comey the Clown will have to return to ‘splain all of this after his assurances that nobody did what was done. So will Barack Obama:

The FBI is not cooperating with the House of Representatives’ investigation into the NSA’s surveillance of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, the chairman of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), said today. [snip]

“We don’t actually know yet officially what happened to General Flynn,” Nunes said of how communications from Gen. Flynn’s calls were leaked to the press. “We just know that his name leaked out but we don’t know how it was picked up yet. That was one of the things that we asked for in the March 15th letter, was for the NSA, CIA, and FBI to get us all the unmasking that was done.”

“And I’ll tell you, NSA is being cooperative,” Nunes continued, “but so far the FBI has not told us whether or not they’re going to respond to our March 15th letter, which is now a couple of weeks old.”

Nunes also reported that as of now, he “cannot rule out” President Obama ordering the surveillance.

And contrary to earlier media reports, Nunes clarified that the surveillance was not related to the FBI’s investigation into possible collusion with Russia. This surveillance, he emphasized to reporters, does not “have anything to do with Russia.”

Trump Vindicated!

In France a few days ago, the police declared themselves perplexed as to the motives of a killer who shouted something about Allah as he went on with his attempted killings. French police cannot unravel the mystery as to why the Allah shouting killer killed.

Today London police will soon be perplexed:

FOUR people are dead – including police officer and terrorist – and 20 more injured – after killer mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before killer is shot attacking police in Parliament grounds

The police reports from London describe the wonton, er, wanton killer as “middle-aged and Asian”. While we merely studied anthropology and are not “experts” at determination of racial or ethnic origin we suspect this killer is not “Asian” as we understand the term.

Skin complexion? Not “black” but most assuredly “dark” of skin. Not the usual complexion most people associate as “Asian” in the sense of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian or Chinese. In fact, what can be seen in photos released thus far by the DailyMail, the killer in question had a beard which began at his sideburns and followed a path to the chin and back up to the other sideburn. It’s not a “Fu Manchu” beard we associate with “Asian”. No, this beard is very similar to the one worn by El Sayyid Nosair.

Take a look for yourself: the Mirror too has a photo of the dead killer. We would say more “middle eastern” than “Asian”. Although the killer was driving a Hyundai 4x4n which is an “Asian” car.

Good thing Britain went Brexit as President Trump suggested. Maybe once they regain control of their borders Britain will be Great again. Trump Vindicated.

Then there is the Rockville rape. Trump Vindicated again:

Two illegal-alien teenagers who were placed in ninth-grade classes at Montgomery County Schools, Maryland, have been arrested and charged with the brutal rape of a 14-year-old girl, and at least one of the boys had a pending deportation order from ICE.

The boys, identified as Henry Sanchez, 18, of Guatemala and Jose Montano, 17, of El Salvador, approached the young girl in the hallway near the gymnasium inside Rockville High School during school hours about 9 a.m. on Thursday.

Montano asked her for sex.

The girl refused — twice.

So the two boys forced her into the boys bathroom and then into a stall.

Montano pushed her into the corner of the stall and began kissing her neck, despite her repeatedly telling him to stop. He unzipped her top, forcibly removed her clothes and the two proceeded to rape her at the same time, then traded positions and raped her again.

She cried out in pain, the report says, but the assault continued. By the time it was over, they had raped her anally, orally and vaginally, according to the police report. [snip]

“18-year-old criminals set to be deported should not be a freshman in our public schools,” stated a post on the website of Help Save Maryland, an organization that opposes illegal immigration.

Maryland is perhaps the most welcoming state for illegal aliens and refugees in the Eastern United States, with Montgomery County the most welcoming county in the state. Maryland gives in-state tuition rates to illegal-alien college students, and its legislature is considering a bill that would declare Maryland the country’s first sanctuary state. Montgomery County is already a sanctuary county, denying 63 ICE requests to turn over illegal-alien criminals last year, Fox News reported.

These policies helped create a culture that allows a young girl to be raped and sodomized in a bathroom stall by two illegal-alien boys, at least one of whom was ordered to be deported, border hawks told WND.

Thus far we have not heard Hillary Clinton denounce this rapists. Thus far we have not seen hordes of women in pussy hats march on Montgomery County demanding justice for this girl. Thus far we have not heard Chelsea Clinton, about to be awarded a “lifetime achievement” prize from Variety, say anything about the Rockville rape.

Some other bleeding heart liberals however, have been “woke”:

Some Obama Dimocrats however will continue to lie and protect the rapists:

Trump vindicated again. How many times has Trump been vindicated even as Big Media declared such vindications impossible before they emerged as fact?

Tomorrow President Donald J. Trump will face a tough challenge. The House of Representatives votes on an “ObamaCare repeal/replace”.

On April 3 the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on the Gorsuch nomination. On or before April 8 the U.S. Senate will vote on the confirmation of Gorsuch to become Justice Gorsuch of the Supreme Court.

Will President Trump be vindicated again and again? Will President Trump get tired of vindication?

Tomorrow, the President Trump potential vindications continue.


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  1. Lou Dobbs reporting just now that a deal has been worked out with the Freedom Caucus and the votes for ObamaCare repeal/replace will be there tomorrow.

  2. More Obama sabotage at the White House, including edits of PDT executive orders:


    The Obama administration worked in its final weeks in office to undermine the incoming Trump White and continues to do so, according to multiple sources both in and out of the White House.

    Behind the effort, these sources say, are senior government officials who previously worked under President Obama and remain loyal to his agenda. These individuals leak negative information about the Trump White House and its senior staff to a network of former Obama administration officials who then plant this information in key media outlets including the Washington Post and New York Times.

    Meanwhile, holdovers from the Obama administration are working to undermine the Trump administration’s agenda through efforts to alter official communications, a number of administration officials confirmed in conversations with the Washington Free Beacon.

    Multiple sources expressed concern over what they described as an unprecedented effort by the former administration to subvert President Donald Trump’s team. These sources would only speak on background because they were not officially authorized to publicly discuss the situation, which is said to have fostered a level of discomfort and distrust in the West Wing.

    The Free Beacon first reported on several portions of this effort earlier this year, including separate campaigns to undermine current CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, both of whom were subjected to leaks aimed at undermining their credibility.

    “We have members of the former administration at the highest levels who through their actions after January 20 have demonstrated their refusal to recognize the results of the general election,” one senior administration official told the Free Beacon. “They have pursued, organized, and managed a comprehensive subversion of the new administration.”

    In one instance, Trump administration officials found evidence that the administration’s executive order banning travel from certain Muslim-majority nations had been selectively altered to bring it more in line with Obama-era talking points.

    Several hours before the orders were set to be signed by Trump, officials noticed that language concerning “radical Islamic terrorism” had been stripped from the order and replaced with Obama-era language about countering violent extremism.

    West Wing staffers quickly scrambled to rewrite the order to bring it back in line with Trump’s rhetoric, sources told the Free Beacon. The alteration of these directives is said to have spooked some senior officials working on the issue.

    Lots more on “vacation” schemes designed to prevent PDT from hiring staff and the plots of Ben Rhodes, at link.

  3. Good news on the ObamaCare repeal/replace effort:


    At press time, it appeared that Trump still lacked the votes in the House, but late-breaking developments suggested a deal that could win over House Freedom Caucus members remained possible.

    Trump promised a group of 18 GOP lawmakers at the White House that he would support an amendment in the Senate that would repeal ­ObamaCare’s essential health benefits.

    That pledge, which also included a commitment from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), lawmakers said, was enough to bring on board a key conservative, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa.)

    Conservatives have been demanding the change to these rules, which mandate what insurance plans must cover. By repealing them, conservatives say, healthcare premiums would be lowered. [snip]

    It is not certain that the deal offered by Trump would be enough to win over the Freedom Caucus members, but it is also possible that the White House could go further by adding language on the essential health benefits directly to the House bill. [snip]

    Rep Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the conservative group’s chairman, said Wednesday night he is “optimistic” about a deal and “encouraged” by talks.

    Meadows said Trump has been the crucial factor and even called him during a Freedom Caucus meeting Monday night.

    President Trump has now effectively pushed Ryan aside and dealing directly to get the votes needed even as Trump rewrites the legislation.

    It sounds like the legislation is getting much much better than the mess Ryan wanted to pass.

  4. President Trump has now effectively pushed Ryan aside and dealing directly to get the votes needed even as Trump rewrites the legislation.

    It sounds like the legislation is getting much much better than the mess Ryan wanted to pass.
    I love it.

  5. Healthcare reform will pass (and it will NOT be what the NeverTrumps and those who swore up and down how *great* Obamacare would be are telling us it is), Gorsuch will be confirmed, the idiot SJW judges in Hawaii, Washington and the 9th circuit will be smacked down and the travel bans will be enforced, and Trump vindicated on his “wiretap” claims.

    Not tired of winning.

  6. A follow-up on the prospects of ObamaCare repeal in the Senate after the new Trump language is added to the House bill:


    Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said on Wednesday that the Senate parliamentarian has told him that it may be possible for Republicans to push harder on repealing Obamacare’s regulations than the current House bill, which contradicts the assertion by House leadership that the legislation goes after Obamacare as aggressively as possible under Senate rules.

    “What I understood her to be saying is that there’s no reason why an Obamacare repeal bill necessarily could not have provisions repealing the health insurance regulations,” Lee said in an interview with the Washington Examiner, relating a conversation with parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough about reconciliation he had on Tuesday.

    Lee also said that the parliamentarian told him it wasn’t until very recently, after the unveiling of the House bill, that any Republican even asked her about the possibility of repealing regulations with a simple majority.

    With a House vote currently expected on Thursday, Republican leadership is scrambling for votes, trying to stave off a backlash from conservatives that could sink the bill. One of the issues conservatives have raised is that the House bill leaves most of the regulations in place, thus not combatting one of the main complaints about Obamacare – its skyrocketing premiums and limited choice. [snip]

    House Speaker Paul Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong, when asked about this by the Washington Examiner last week, said “We’ve worked closely with the Senate to carefully craft the bill to repeal and replace the law to the full extent allowed under the rules.”

    But having met with the parliamentarian, who plays a key role in advising the presiding officer of the Senate over what’s in bounds during reconciliation, Lee is more convinced than ever that this is not true.

    “One of the things we’ve been told over and over again is the bill was no more aggressive than it has been… in part because of Senate rules,” Lee said. “And the Senate rules are something those defending the bill have repeatedly pointed to in defense of why they wrote it the way they wrote it. The parliamentarian said, there’s not necessarily any reason that would categorically preclude you from doing more, both on the repeal front and the replacement front, all sorts of things are possible.” [snip]

    To be clear, Lee wasn’t suggesting the parliamentarian indicated that repealing the regulations would be definitely doable, but that, “There’s no reason categorically to conclude you couldn’t.”

    He added, “She was also saying until very recently, nobody had even asked her about it. And yet one of the arguments consistently used by those behind the bill is, ‘This thing is the most aggressive we can pass and can get through Senate rules.’ And it’s just not true.”

    He also suggested that authors of the bill were inconsistently applying their understanding of the reconciliation process.

    “That’s one of the things that I find so stunning about this House bill,” he said. “It still does include things that could be really problematic, and that some have suggested could even be fatal. So it’s not as if they have crafted it in the most cautious manner possible relative to the reconciliation rules.”

    Asked to comment, a senior Senate leadership aide referred back to my own earlier reporting on the matter. Last week I cited sources within Senate leadership who said that Senate Republicans were engaged in ongoing discussions with the parlimentarian, the first goal of which was to get a bill to the Senate that doesn’t automatically get ruled out of order on procedural grounds, thus blowing up the entire process before Republicans get a chance to offer amendments. Sources said leadership was open to pushing further, including on the regulatory front, though one aide described the possibility of getting rid of the regulations through reconciliation as a “long shot.”

    This is along the lines we’ve been suggesting would make for a much better ObamaCare repeal bill.

    Paul Ryan has used the Senate rules excuse to push through his bad policy choices. Now, Mike Lee has exposed Ryan. Ryan did not consult with the Senate parliamentarian before he made his assertions on what can and cannot be done because of senate rules.

    ObamaCare was passed through reconciliation. Anything that was passed through reconciliation can be undone through reconciliation.

  7. The problem with all these “deals” is that they miss the fundamental problem with all this legislation. The health insurance companies are not in the business of providing healthcare. They are in the business of not providing it. The money paid to them goes to COE bonuses and administrators whose job it is to deny our claims.

  8. The pre-existing conditions protection was one of the things Trump campaigned on keeping in our healthcare laws.

  9. Lu4PUMA, as this website wrote since 2009, the “pre-existing conditions” mandates are whatever they are but they are not health insurance as we understand those words to mean.

    Insurance can never be a business which tolerates “pre-existing conditions” coverage. It just can’t. It is illogical and crazy.

    How can any insurance company or business provide coverage to an individual with “pre-existing conditions”? It can’t. A perfectly healthy person who never buys insurance gets cancer then applies for “insurance” – how can any business approve this madness? The moment an insurance company allows “pre-existing conditions” coverage is the moment that company goes out of business. That’s one of the reasons ObamaCare never made any sense.

    The whole concept of “pre-existing conditions” coverage is akin to a person who does not get fire insurance for their house until their house burns down.

    While a solution must be found or rather financed for those with pre-existing medical conditions, that solution can never be “insurance” as we understand that term. An individual with “pre-existing conditions” taken on by a company whose business is to sell insurance means all those without pre-existing health problems will have to pay. We recall that in a study of health care in Alaska more than half the expenditures by health insurance companies were for the care of 27 people.

    ObamaCare never made any sense financially because it sought to remove the notion of risk. For instance, someone who is minimally sick can continue to engage in smoking, getting fat, getting drunk, getting drugged up for recreation, safe in the knowledge that others will pay for their bad behaviors.

    Also, the notion that a healthy person will have to pay huge costs to pay for the health care of others is contrary to logic. That means that a person who by good genes or healthy living is punished financially.

    While sympathy is due to those that have a “pre-existing condition” there should also be consideration of those who are healthy. The healthy should not be made to pay unduly high premiums and deductibles to subsidize those that are ill because of their bad behaviors.

    Usually the picture presented of those with “pre-existing conditions” is that of an innocent child with a deadly disease. We certainly should have compassion for people like that (as the Shriners hospital and St. Jude’s Hospital for Children do). But there are people who abuse themselves physically and are not in any way sympathetic (the Muslim killer in London for instance certainly has a pre-existing condition due to getting shot).

    Just because we want someone with a pre-existing medical condition to get medical treatment does not mean that insurance is the way to do it.

  10. Admin: after 10 years, I still haven’t the foggiest who you all are.

    But the way you are able to predict, to analyze and to argue your case so effectively——- in real time

    Putting all the twenty million a year talking heads of our DEARLY BELOVED and I mean every word of that (not) Big Media to shame

    Suggests to me political war room experience.

    More deponeth sayeth not.

  11. admin
    March 22, 2017 at 9:13 pm
    Lu4PUMA, as this website wrote since 2009, the “pre-existing conditions” mandates are whatever they are but they are not health insurance as we understand those words to mean.

    Insurance can never be a business which tolerates “pre-existing conditions” coverage. It just can’t. It is illogical and crazy.
    Adverse selection

    That’s the problem

    This is not foreign to my experience–or thinking

    Pre existing conditions is the antithesis of underwriting

    Thus, what we are really talking about here is an entitlement for the lame, sick and lazy (me)

    Which could never survive on its own merits

    UNLESS subidized by the young and healthy

  12. Here we go:

  13. admin
    March 22, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    The other thing my 179 IQ friend told me

    (Note: Moose’s IQ is 115, and the Messiah is 130, just to give you some frame of reference)

    Lots of things crash if this the Trump plan does not pass.

    She tells me, strictly on the QT that Obama secretly and in violation of two court decisions

    Looted other government programs people rely on to subsidize Obamacare, and it is all going down the tube

    The Trump plan has got to go through

    Personally, I have never seen anyone who is as good as he is, except for one of those de rigeur Hercules movies

    Many of us pray for his success, and tell ourselves that he loves this game of high stakes poker

    And when you have achieved everything else in terms of material gain, the profound question is

    What else is there

    Pity Alexander the Great, who after conquering the known world, wept, because there were no more worlds to conquer

    This is far better for Donald than retiring to the golf course (euch) or clipping coupons, or building more casinos.

  14. admin
    March 22, 2017 at 9:13 pm
    My daughter had a congenital problems with Achilles tendons and her leg bone alignment that resulted in chronic dislocation of her knees. She actually broke one of her kneecaps during a dislocation. The problem could not be permanently corrected until she stopped growing. Then she had surgery to realign the bones and repair some of the damage to the cartilage in her knee. The insurance company tried to deny the repair as “experimental” as it was a new technology that transplanted cartridge grown outside of her body, for the repair. I had a major fight to get it covered.

    She still needs regular physical therapy for her condition. That, and any future problems she has with her knees, will be denied health insurance coverage as you so propose.

    My situation is not unusual.

    So what good is health insurance that does not cover what you need?

    So we have to pay?

    It is all crap. What the hell good is health insurance that does not cover anything?

    It is corporate welfare or the health insurance industry.

    What part of what we are paying in, is actually used for healthcare? THAT is the problem. And the cost of the healthcare itself.

    Trump campaigned on maintaining the pre-condition protections and coverage for dependents up to 26 years of age.

    Trump campaigned on opening up the corporate welfare system to competition to keep costs down.

    Instead it is a corporate welfare deal.

    Crap. Just crap.



    Adverse selection is a phenomenon that is endemic to insurance of any kind, including health insurance. It occurs whenever
    people make insurance purchasing decisions based on their own knowledge of their insurability or likelihood of making a
    claim on the insurance coverage in question. This can happen in a variety of ways. For example, the applicant might have
    information about the risk that is not known to the insurer, or the insurer might have access to the information but be unable
    to incorporate it fully into the price of coverage, due to factors such as antidiscrimination laws or the limitations of the
    insurer’s rating system.

    Health insurance may be particularly susceptible to adverse selection where adverse selection can even occur in a fully
    transparent and competitive pricing environment. Members of the public can and will make decisions about when, whether
    and what to purchase based on knowledge of their own personal health. For example, a health insurer might offer two
    different plans, one with comprehensive coverage and another with a high deductible and more limited benefits (“catastrophic
    plan”). The population buying the catastrophic plan will likely be younger and healthier than the population buying the
    comprehensive plan. In addition, a wide range of consumer protection laws limit the ability of insurers to consider health risk
    in underwriting and rating.

    Adverse selection can also take place between insurers, between benefit plans and between markets. In an environment that
    allows adverse selection to occur unchecked, the insurance-buying public, will in large part, delay the decision to purchase
    health insurance until, in their estimation, coverage is needed: If I am allowed to get a homeowner’s policy while my house is
    burning, why should I pay for one earlier? Therefore, instead of a large number of individuals purchasing and paying for
    health insurance to cover the claims of a relatively small number who incur substantial health care costs, far fewer individuals

    are paying premiums to cover those same health insurance contingencies. Most high-risk consumers remain in the insurance
    pool to collect benefits, while younger and healthier consumers might leave the pool and stop paying premiums, thereby
    raising the unit cost of health insurance considerably. It is imperative to minimize adverse selection in order for health
    insurance to remain a financially viable product.

    As the new health insurance market reforms take effect in 2014, adverse selection will remain a factor. The remainder of this
    paper reviews the tools health insurers typically use today to minimize adverse selection, the tools included in the federal
    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “Affordable Care Act,” or ACA), and additional tools and options available
    to the states to further minimize the impact of adverse selection when Exchanges become operational in 2014.

  16. Admin, you are 100% correct in your analysis of insurance and pre-existing conditions. My husband who is an insurance agent says the same thing to people. It’s like taking out an insurance policy for your home after the house has burned down is how he always explains it to people. How would an insurance company ever make money doing that? It can’t. An insurance company cannot sustain itself by paying for pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies are a business like any other and the only way they can continue to cover pre-existing conditions is to pass the costs on to healthy people which also isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair and insurance is not a “right.” Just drop the restriction on not being able to purchase insurance across state lines and the price will come down because of competition but get the government out of my healthcare.

  17. “Just because we want someone with a pre-existing medical condition to get medical treatment does not mean that insurance is the way to do it.”
    What the American Public wants, ie. affordable, unlimited health care without insurance underwriting risk cost adjustments, is financially impossible. Eight years ago, the American Public was receptive for an honest discussion about how to deliver “healthcare”; the healthcare industry, Uni-Party, and Obama killed that opportunity. Obamacare did accomplish what was said, eight years ago, as it’s primary objective; It killed what remained of the public’s trust in the Fed. Gov’t as a fair arbitrator in constructing a healthcare system for all. There is no going back and starting over, Obamacare, by design, makes that goal impossible. Politically, the Repubs are probably best off letting Obamacare follow it’s build in design and implode by 2019. I don’t think that there is any painless way to undo the Obamacare financial and emotional damage.

  18. The beauty of public paid medical procedures:


    The first U.S. inmate to have taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgery says she’s been mistreated since being transferred to a California women’s prison, where she now has a beard and mustache because officials have denied her a razor.

    In a hand-written federal court filing, convicted killer Shiloh Heavenly Quine called her new housing at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla a “torture unit.” She said she’s unnecessarily isolated from other inmates and denied basic items.

    State officials say she’s being treated like other female inmates. All initially are denied privileges like razors and TVs as they are evaluated.

    Quine, 57, had the surgery she had long sought in January and was moved from a men’s prison last month. She said she is being treated as if she’s a newly arrived inmate and denied rehabilitation programs and privileges even though she’s been serving a life sentence since 1981.

    Quine is housed alone in a cell but said she still has no privacy to perform required intimate post-operative procedures and is enduring “a restrictive isolation” that is pushing her toward anxiety, depression and sadness.

    Her beard and mustache are having a “huge impact on day to day life” and are making the transition to life as a woman more difficult, she wrote in a filing received Friday at the court.

    The department has “no legitimate penological objective but harassment” in denying shaving access, she wrote. Quine asked the federal judge overseeing her lawsuit to order prison officials to provide electrolysis to remove her facial hair, or at least a razor.

    Corrections department spokeswoman Terry Thornton said all female reception center inmates are routinely denied razors and televisions along with other privileges while they are evaluated. Inmates can’t have razors until officials are confident they won’t harm themselves or others. [snip]

    Quine’s attorneys at the nonprofit Transgender Law Center did not respond to repeated calls and emails over two days.

    Quine was known as Rodney James Quine when she and an accomplice kidnapped and fatally shot 33-year-old Shahid Ali Baig, a father of three, in downtown Los Angeles in 1980, stealing $80 and his car during a drug- and alcohol-fueled rampage.

    Baig’s daughter, Farida, tried unsuccessfully in court to block Quine’s surgery. She objected to inmates getting taxpayer-funded surgery that is not readily available to non-criminals.

    My dad begged for his life,” she said in January. “It just made me dizzy and sick. I’m helping pay for his surgery; I live in California. It’s kind of like a slap in the face.”

    Quine had been housed in men’s prisons for 36 years despite living as a woman since 2009.

    California settled her lawsuit in 2015 by agreeing to provide the surgery. The state then became the first to set standards for other transgender inmates to undergo the operation.

    Her lawsuit also led a federal magistrate to provide transgender female inmates housed in men’s facilities with items such as nightgowns, scarves and necklaces, though Quine’s attorneys are still sparring with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation over the details.

    Spend the money on this idiot (give this creep a razor and let him/her off himherself), illegal immigrants (all who make a good case as to why they deserve free medical care), neer-do-wells, and everyone will be happy right? Probably not.

  19. admin, I’ve read many times people from Europe complaining that their media calls Muslims “Asians” – alongside other complaints that often the media won’t specify the race or nationality – not so different from here! But saying “Asian” is deliberately a way to avoid saying “Muslim” in their media and political class…

  20. Lorac, “Asian” is their way of not saying “Muslim”. It’s like here in the U.S. you can’t mention when a criminal is black:


    In the early morning of December 30, 2016, the Chandler Police Department received a call from the residents of 4600 block of West Boston Street regarding First Degree Trespass and Aggravated Criminal Damage. The homeowner placed a Menorah in their front yard to celebrate Hanukkah.

    Sometime during the night the Menorah, which is approximately eight feet in height and constructed out of PVC pipe, was reconfigured into a swastika.

    On March 17, 2017, Chandler Police Department arrested four suspects in connection with this case. One adult male suspect has been identified as 19-year-old Clive Jamar Wilson. The other three suspects are male juveniles.

    All four suspects were processed and released pending submittal of charges to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

    At this time, all four suspects will be charged with one count of First Degree Criminal Trespass (Class 6 Felony) and one count of Aggravated Criminal Damage (Class 6 Felony).

    Detectives are still conducting an active investigation.

    Notice, no mention of this perpetrator’s race or background even though before the arrests white Trump supporters were blamed. Thus far no “hate crime” charges filed even though it was a Menorah twisted into a swastika.

    There is a picture at the link of the “Asian” euphemism in this case. Take a look.

  21. Lorac, “Asian” is their way of not saying “Muslim”

    Oh, yes, I agree, that’s what I was trying to say, rather clumsily lol

  22. “One of the things we’ve been told over and over again is the bill was no more aggressive than it has been… in part because of Senate rules,” Lee said. “And the Senate rules are something those defending the bill have repeatedly pointed to in defense of why they wrote it the way they wrote it. The parliamentarian said, there’s not necessarily any reason that would categorically preclude you from doing more, both on the repeal front and the replacement front, all sorts of things are possible.” [snip]
    WTF? So what is Ryan up to?

  23. “Several hours before the orders were set to be signed by Trump, officials noticed that language concerning “radical Islamic terrorism” had been stripped from the order and replaced with Obama-era language about countering violent extremism.”

    How many staffers in the White House have access to an official Executive Order in order to be able to change the wording in the signing copy hours before the signing? If this is true, it seems like something that could be traced and remedied rather easily.

    Why doesn’t Trump just fire ALL of the Obama appointments in the whole Federal government already? Having vacancies in those positions would probably be less dangerous than having saboteurs, wouldn’t it?

  24. If this healthcare bill gets negotiated to be a really good thing, I sure hope it doesn’t get called RyanCare, as it won’t be like what he has put forward, plus I don’t like the guy lol

    Mike – what you’re saying makes sense to me…

  25. lorac:

    If the healthcare bill is passed and is successful, the media will call it RyanCare, regardless of Trump’s participation. If there is any kind of failure associated with the bill at any point, they will refer to it as TrumpCare.

  26. lorac
    March 23, 2017 at 12:22 am
    It’s also the Fake News Media’s way of turning people who believe in a quasi-religious, fascist ideology into a race, thereby turning anyone who opposes unrestricted Muslim immigration into racists.

  27. Ryan has been telling us that repeal/replace has to proceed in phases, due to constraints imposed by the reconciliation process.

    So I find it interesting that the Senate parliamentarian is saying that’s not true.

    In fact, apparently no one even asked her what was possible under the rules of reconciliation.

    This seems to suggest that Ryan has other reasons for not pushing harder.

    Someone (I think it was wbboei) suggested that Ryan is basically letting the insurance industry call the shots.

    Seems plausible. I can’t think of any other reason why Ryan didn’t even talk to the parliamentarian.

  28. Mike Marks, check out the link to the second comment. It explains some of the difficulty in hiring people.

    Additionally, the previous administration permitted staff to accrue substantial amounts of vacation time in its last year in office. As soon as team Trump entered the White House, it was obligated to pay out all of these hours. White House sources say the cost was in the millions of dollars.

    The payout prevented the Trump White House from hiring key staff in its opening days due to insufficient funds, according to those familiar with the situation. Flynn, for instance, was able to hire only 22 people to work on the White House National Security Council, which topped around 420 staffers under Obama.

    They put landmines everywhere,” according to one senior administration official.

  29. USA-ExDemocrat‏ @mike1aaa 4h4 hours ago

    USA-ExDemocrat Retweeted Doran Harader
    ♦️ #MaxineWaters

    #RepMaxineWaters is sure a candidate for #TermsLimits ♦️

    #AmericaFirst #TrumpsArmy #TrumpStrong


    Doran Harader‏

    Maxine Waters (D-CA) caught on tape bragging that Obama has secret database on EVERYONE…
    http://ln.is/oh7AS by #solmartpropert1

  30. Our healthcare is being used to provide corporate welfare to the health insurance industry. Just how much are they supposed to profit off of our human misery? This is not about a house that burned down. It is about human lives.

    Trump needs to keep his campaign promises. If the health insurance industry can’t do the job – fire them all.

  31. Lorac: Eric Schmidt who is the head of Google prepared this for him. I remember reading that at the time. Pelosi talked about it.

  32. Obamacare would have worked a whole lot better if the CEO’s bonuses were based on the price of the insurance instead of the price of their stock.

  33. If they can penalize us 30% for discontinued coverage and deny our preexisting conditions, they can limit corporate pay and bonuses with penalties for raising prices

    Otherwise they will use our healthcare for corporate welfare

  34. admin credibly can keep us upbeat. ty
    I want to call this shocking but I guess in this day, it is not. And #Fake has its own issues.

    Tim Barber‏ @ABC7TimBarber Mar 21
    Illegal immigrants accused of raping 14 yo in #Rockville High.
    @ABC7News at 11 banned from meeting to discuss,
    but parents took video/gave us
    10 replies 58 retweets 41 likes

    PS and horribly OT, but I cannot stop thinking about her:
    There is a 16 year old cat up for adoption. Her name is Hope.

  35. I think at some point we have to ask ourself what kind of nation do we want to be in regard to healthcare. People who are healthy have no idea the costly burden having a chronic disease, or catastrophic disease can do to a family.
    The costs can be in the millions.
    Insurance’s have the sly way of dropping you by easing your premiums to a point you can’t afford them. Then what? You are forced to lose everything to qualify for Medicade.
    Is this the responsibility of the young and healthy, the well off, rich, personal responsibility alone?

    I dont want families to be wiped out to care for an ill family member. Wiped out both emotionally, financially and often times spiritually.
    I think there has to be a middle ground.
    Personally, I want Medicare for all. It’s not bad, not Cadillac.
    Healthcare shouldn’t be for profit in my mind, there was a time it wasn’t and you could buy insurance so cheap you almost got it out of a Cracker Jack box.
    There is a saying, there, but for God, go I…

  36. And just let me add, I am not in favor of sex change operations for criminals, nor healthcare for illegals unless it is an emergency situation. I don’t think illegals should have access to our care and mama Sita running across the border to give birth so the whole family can attend Camp USA, should be repealed IMHO.

  37. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-security-france-lepen-idUSKBN16U0O2?il=0

    France shudders after London attack, Le Pen demands border controls

    Far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Thursday said the lone-wolf attack outside parliament in London underscored the need for tighter border controls, as France shuddered at an incident that reopened wounds inflicted by similar assaults at home.

    Security is a major campaign issue ahead of next month’s close-fought presidential election, in which Le Pen is seen reaching the second round on a nationalist, anti-immigration platform.

    Wednesday’s attack has dominated French news coverage and served as a poignant reminder of militant attacks on French soil that have killed more 230 people since the start of 2015.

    The problem we have nowadays is this form of low-cost terrorism,” the National Front leader told BFM TV and RMC radio, adding “we must control our borders”.

    Three French schoolchildren were among those hurt by the London attacker who ploughed into pedestrians as he sped along Westminster bridge toward the British parliament.

  38. So often we discover that “racist” crimes turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by some black person. Sometimes the hoax takes the form of a crime such as a fire as when that black man set fire to a black church he attended all the while trying to blame Trump and Trump supporters.

    Now we see this spreads:


    A 19-year old dual American Israeli living in Ashkelon has been arrested, suspected of being behind most of a series of bomb and other threats to Jewish communities in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand that date back around six months, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

    As of Thursday, with a gag order on the probe being lifted by the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court at the same time it extended his detention, sources indicate that most of the threats against the Diaspora communities and organizations led investigators back to Israel. [snip]

    The suspect used very complex methods to shield himself from identification and being caught, and law enforcement had to use a variety of their own complex methods to find him.

    Law enforcement finally searched the suspect’s house on Thursday. They are only now able to piece together the breadth and methodology of his operations.

    There are still few details available about the suspect’s profile, but he is not in the IDF, not ultra-Orthodox, at some point made aliya and possibly has psychological problems and few friends.

    The suspect’s father has also been detained and is being questioned as to whether he knew about the suspect’s activities, including the suspect’s use of an unusually large antenna and other unusual hardware that could have drawn suspicion.

    It is unknown how many others might have worked with the suspect, but it is believed that he was the main operator of the scare-spree and might have even acted completely on his own.

    As of Thursday, it was still unclear what the suspect’s motivations were for the many threats, which made international headlines and got US President Donald Trump caught up in accusations that he was light on antisemitism when he did not initially harshly condemn the scares as well as desecrations of Jewish graves, which presumably were not connected to the suspect.

    Israel intends to indict the suspect in its own courts, but it is unknown as of Thursday whether other countries such as the US might also seek to extradite and try him.

    Another anti-Trump narrative destroyed. Trump vindicated again.

  39. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39369202?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_breaking&ns_source=twitter&ns_linkname=news_central

    A French national of North African origin has been arrested in the Belgian city of Antwerp on suspicion of driving at a crowd, officials say.

    A car was driven “at high speed” on De Meir, the northern city’s main shopping street, before it was intercepted. There were no reports of any injuries.

    Knives, a non-lethal gun and some unidentifiable liquid were found in the car, prosecutors say.

    This will perplex European police departments and European politicians. Why oh why did this “Asian” do this? There are no clues. No one can figure out the motivation. It’s a mystery. Why? Will we ever be able to unravel this mystery?

    He has been identified by name as “Mohamed R”. This mystery will never be solved.

  40. Per Drudge links, health bill vote may be delayed. I also see, not surprisingly, dems likely to filibuster Gorsuch. I think getting Gorsuch on bench is priority and then legal issues thrown by left can hopefully be fast tracked to SCOTUS(and hopefully Gorsuch follows his prior conservative history and Kennedy stays right of center). My concernis Gorsuch , like Roberts, won’t want to be seen as “killing healthcare” for millions.

  41. Per Drudge links, health bill vote may be delayed. I also see, not surprisingly, dems likely to filibuster Gorsuch. I think getting Gorsuch on bench is priority and then legal issues thrown by left can hopefully be fast tracked to SCOTUS(and hopefully Gorsuch follows his prior conservative history and Kennedy stays right of center). My concernis Gorsuch , like Roberts, won’t want to be seen as “killing healthcare” for millions.

  42. Hold ‘Em, why not adopt Hope? I have a really soft spot for older animals. I have 6 (4 cats, 2 dogs) and all but one rescues. The only one that was a baby when adopted is a tuxedo-cat, Theo.

    I have one black cat, Salem, whom I fell in love with while surveying the local rescue website. Wouldn’t you know it, when I went to the shelter she was the only one that was interested in me. She is my constant companion. Even loves opera and big band. Particularly Harry James with Helen Forrest vocals.

    If you can, give Hope a chance.

  43. Le Pen, “far right?” Just like Wilders is “far right.” The EU is so far left that anyone even slightly to the right is now “far right.”

  44. My own take on Nunes:

    He could not share the information with the other committee members. They would have spread the word and he could have been deep-sixed long before making his findings known.

    We live in very interesting times.

  45. a few thoughts…

    glad to see that “bleeding heart liberal” is opening her eyes and recognizing that what was once “liberal” and “to be a democrat” is not that anymore

    to be a democrat these days is embarrassing…starting with their leadership…Shumer and Pelosi…such childish behavior and name calling…awful examples for their base…useless…


    I am not an insurance expert but regarding ‘pre-existing conditions’ why can’t people with pre-existing conditions just pay more for their insurance…it seems only fair if you will be using it more and bring “health conditions” to your policy then you should pay more than a healthy person who hardly uses their insurance

    i mean, by example, if i have a bad driving record then i will pay more for car insurance…if i have bad credit, then i will pay a higher interest rate

    only makes sense


    finally, imo…I think Nunes is trying to box in Comey…he probably has reached his breaking point observing all the sabatoging of PDT that is going on…and that all the insiders know about…and all the lying…

    Comey is playing a very political game…pitting everyone against each other…and making things even more divided than they are already…

    …something wrong with Comey and his actions…just doesn’t seem proper…or ethical…

  46. btw…why aren’t the Democrats outraged that the new President of the USA and his team and family are being spyed on????

    where is their outrage? is this ok to them? will they mind if spying starts on O and his family?


    also to emphasize…that former liberal quoted above makes an excellent point…why would parents want to send their kids to public schools that are bringing in illegals and older illegals that are now raping and harming young girls…and/or putting them at risk…

    and effecting the quality of education all the american and legal students are getting because the teachers cannot teach kids that speak over 19 different languages and are a lower levels of comprehension in their learning skills than the students they are paired up with

    this is the dumbing down of American public education…and we the taxpayer are paying for it…

    why? to what end? the democrats are destroying the fabric of the struggling middle class…and endangering their children

    it is sick…

  47. The democrats (and more than a few Republicans) are not outraged because they already knew.

  48. why? to what end? the democrats are destroying the fabric of the struggling middle class…and endangering their children

    it is sick…
    That is how they want to control us.

  49. Liz on Fox’s Risk & Rewards just had Larry Klayman on and he talked about Montgomery…said Comey was not telling the truth the other day…and that Klayman is taking this out to the public and has offered to bring Montgomery to a private hearing for congress to hear all the info he has…

    serious stuff…Klayman says “they” have survellience on Supreme Court, etc and could make everyone suseptible to being blackmailed…

  50. Felix…you are right they all knew and know…but now that it is breaking out into the open how can they not show “outrage” for the flagrant breaking of the law…

    my bet is it Ben Rhodes as the ring leader

  51. Felix…to clarify…i mean the Congress and the Dims in the Congress…they can huff and puff all they want…but if evidence comes out that the O admin broke the law what are they going to do…especially after all their hysterics on a made up charge against PDT…

    the O admin can’t even cover their tracks after loosening all the info going to all intelligence agencies to make it easier to leak it all…

    this is where the REAL investigation needs to go…and the Dims deserve for it all to boomerang HARD right back into their faces and failing party…

    if it looks like sabatoge and it walks like S…then…it is…..

  52. btw…I hope the Dumb Dims do fillabuster…

    and then it is up to McConnel to nip that cancer in the bud…no discussion…no pleading…no anything…

    go nuclear and stop this insanity…

  53. We should all do a betting pool on this. I’m torn between Ben and Susan Rice and the Persian slumlord. Both Rice and slumlord said after the 2012 election that they were going to look for payback for all the people that they felt slighted them during the election season. How could they do that do that unless they had access to this stuff? I’ll sleep on it though. May end up siding with you. There’s no way they will all be brought in. Which brings me to the following: they are all going to need a fall guy.

    The second betting pool is who that fall guy will be. My money is on Lynch. I also think she is the reason why Comey has not been more forthcoming. What does she have on him or what was he a party to?

  54. one last thing…

    Paul Ryan is not ready for prime time…he does not have enough experience for the big time…

    he put together a plan for Ocare that alienated his whole party…he would not allow any discussion and acted like a dictator…his way or no way

    …enter PDT…who now has to undo all the BS Ryan created and save the bill

    the most ironic thing of all…is as soon as Ryan ran into a roadblock he could not stop himself from going before the cameras to keep praising DT and Pence for rolling up their hands, bla, bla…as if to disassociate himself from his bill that was failing and by slight of hand suddenly put all the hard work on DT

  55. interesting Felix…

    I can’t understand why the repubs or their allies do not start to connect the dots out loud as to the conflicts of interest that Comey has with the Clintons and former bank associations

  56. Final thoughts of the day on all of this:

    Clinton was going to be president in name only. That was the deal. Obama had intended to remain in control long after he had left office. Clinton just wanted to be the first female president.

    It’s the reason why Uncle Joe did not run. It’s the reason they cheated against Bernie. Though I dislike both of them I have a very hard time believing either one would allow Obama to retain control.

    But the blue wall crumbles. Trump wins. Their plan falls apart. Move on to Plan B. Surveillance of the transition team begins. Anything to take Trump down. Admiral Rodgers meets with Trump. Tells him what’s going on. Trump has known all along. Tweeting what he knew to be a fact (and purposely calling it by a wrong name) was part of the plan.

    House of cards begins to fall in on itself.

    Not only have the Democrats known, but they don’t care. It has been done to them too. They may used certain of these techniques themselves. Sitting Senator Feinstein went on record to say she was being spied on by CIA drone. They are all used to this stuff. They just thought they were playing with an idiot. They believed their own spin.

  57. Gonzo I agree with you. I ‘m very surprised by admin’s comments. I believe in universal not for profit health insurance. Americans who are not billionaires can lose everything if they get the wrong disease- thru no fault of their own. Just as we assume responsibility for educating all our children, including very expensive kids such as those with autism and other learning disabilities, why shouldn’t we spread the risk amongst all of us for a basic standard of healthcare. Obviously that should not include tax dollars for sex changes unless there is a genetic lack of clarity requiring it and no tax funded care for illegals. In fact, I think foreign workers should have to show proof of insurance to come here. Why should I subsidize the seasonal worker who comes to work in a private resort.

  58. Felix_the_Infidel
    March 23, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Hold ‘Em, why not adopt Hope?
    What a lovely group of buddies you have!
    I wish I could take her.

  59. S, I agree with most and yes, I was one of those dumb liberals(alneit virulently anti-democratic party since Obama). The pre-existing conditions is a very difficult issue because we all want people with certain illnesses to not be denied coverage because they are sick, yet, it is the middle class that is subsidizing these costs as the cost of basic healthcare (and I am not even talking about a excellent PPO like I have that is ridiculously expensive) can and often exceeds 20% of a families annual gross income!!!It’s also hard to take away something that now millions of people are relying on. Adm. point about insurance is 100% correct as it is a risk tolerance decision. However, unlike let’s say Homeowner’s insurance, the ability to get coverage can in some cases be a life or death decision. No easy answers .

  60. It sure looks to me like lyin’ Ryan is sandbagging Trump on healthcare.

    The truth is Trumpcare sucks and is being written for the Healthcare Corporations to provide the whole healthcare industry with corporate welfare at the public’s expense.

    I do not know if Trump could transform it into something decent or not. I sure would like to see him win – for the healthcare consumers.

  61. jbstonesfan
    March 23, 2017 at 7:00 pm
    They could come up with something reasonable if they tried. They are not trying. They are all trying to get a piece of the action. And that means keep costs up and get the suckers to pay. Big Pharma gets their piece, the medical device industry gets their piece, the healthcare providers get their piece, the insurance industry gets their piece.

    A 10% penalty for non-continuous coverage and protection for pre-existing conditions should be the standard. People with excessive costs may need to be dealt with through other means, including concerted efforts to get costs down.

    But low costs are not the objective of the healthcare industry. It is not healthcare. It is sickcare. And it is one nasty swamp that needs to be DRAINED!

  62. Optimist, we’re realists. You’ve hit a gold vein of notions we find so very foolish. We don’t wish personal offense to you or those that have opinions on health care and/or health insurance but some of what you wrote sets us off every time.

    First, one of our biggest peeves, a notion that we wish to demolish, is this infantile utterly stupid notion of some organization that is “not for profit”. This response deserves a book length load of screams and denunciations because the so-called “not for profit” sector is a dangerous myth.

    The entire notion of a “not for profit” is an elitist construct in opposition to those vile “capitalist pigs” who engage in unseemly “for profit” enterprises.

    Why does anyone who believes in “not for profit” not realize that indeed a “not for profit” is constantly thinking of profits? Does anyone think these high minded “not for profit” organizations don’t traffic in money? in profits? Certainly the “not for profits” we ran or participated in kept an eye on the bottom line of profits.

    The so-called “not for profit” organizations are “for profit” in every sense of that definition except in how the tax code categorizes them. For years, Blue Cross was a “not for profit”. For years professional football was a “not for profit”. Does anyone seriously think Blue Cross or the NFL disdained “profit”?

    All the “not for profit” organizations be they cultural organizations (Metropolitan Opera) or educational organizations (unions) are very much interested in profits. Only the “not for profits” call profits something else. In this Orwellian world “profits” are called “donations”. It’s like the old Soviet Union where the political commissars destroyed the class distinctions of “first class” and “second class” in solidarity with the working class– by renaming them “soft class” and “hard class”.

    While some “not for profits” are wonderful in their intentions (we think here of people who dedicate their lives to help abused dogs, cats, and other animals other than human) don’t kid yourself that money isn’t a necessary focus for them.

    All the “not for profits” need to take in more money than they expend – THAT IS CALLED PROFITS!!! All the wonderful “not for profits” that pay employees for services, the directors and managers of those “not for profits” will willingly kill other “not for profits” for profits for their own organizations. The salaries for the “not for profit” workers are indeed profits. Do not confuse a “not for profit” with an association or a group of people (like a knitting club) who just get together to have fun.

    So please, spare us the belief in “universal not for profit health insurance”. That unicorn has rainbows to chase.

    Putting aside our loathing for the entire notion of “not for profit” because it does require a book length exposition let’s take a quick look at health insurance/care.

    We understand a parent of a child or a member of a family that thinks the entire federal treasury should be expended on the cure of their sick or infirm family member. We understand that. If someone we care about is sick we want the entire world to stop and the entire planet be deployed to help pay the costs of hospitalization and recovery. But we also understand that in trying to devise a system of health care or think up the best way to deal with issues of health that that is not a wise course.

    An insurance scheme, as has been understood until recently, requires that as you write “we spread the risk amongst all of us”. But consider auto insurance. In that scheme “we spread the risk amongst all of us”. But what if a driver of 20 years experience with not a single accident/collision on his/her record is contrasted to a driver of 5 years experience with an accident/collision every several weeks. Should both these drivers pay the same level of insurance costs?

    You write that “Americans who are not billionaires can lose everything if they get the wrong disease-through no fault of their own.” Isn’t that a pretty good argument for catastrophic health insurance? Isn’t catastrophic health insurance – with a low premium (well under $100 a month) and a high deductible ($5,000 minimum) a pretty good idea for a large part of the population? With this type of insurance, which ObamaCare banned, a family can pay for minor health costs out of pocket (possibly bringing down overall health costs as the cost conscious consumer will force prices down) and yet be insured for high cost medical conditions.

    In these examples what we see is that logically insurance works best for people in similar circumstances. That’s why employer based health insurance has been so attractive for so many years. Health plans of great variety, as Trump proposes, are a very real solution. Health plans for young healthy people should be cheaper because they don’t use as much in services. Health plans for sicker people should be more expensive because they do use much more in services. That does not mean that other schemes should not be devised to provide assistance to the sicker populations.

    Your example of education seems to us less a goal than a cautionary tale. We can’t imagine something worse than using the education system as a health model. The notion gives us the shivers. Do you know what is going on in the schools? In New York City for instance we received an email from a teacher that says that teachers must now include the culture and language of all their children in lesson plans and the classroom. Sounds fine for unicorns. But in practice this means that if a teacher writes the word “today’s aim” on the whiteboard those two words have to be written in every language of children in that classroom – and examples for all those cultures have to be included not just “jack and jill went up the hill” in the classroom.

    As to illegals and sex changes they have to be included in any “universal” scheme of the type you dream of, don’t they? Or do you abandon “universal” at leisure? During the ObamaCare debate we often heard that illegals had to be given medical treatment in order to prevent them from spreading diseases. We thought that was a financial unicorn too.

    As we calm down, we apologize for any undue harshness in our response. We don’t mean to offend. We understand that health care/insurance is not like car insurance or home insurance but in many ways it is. It’s insurance but it is about life too. But life is also about money. We certainly would never want to bankrupt our family if we were in a horribly pained near death situation just so that we could live a few extra days or hours in misery (of course if ever that would come to pass we can see that possibly we would yell out the contrary – “use every medical device, spare no expense, keep us alive because we have to vote in the next election against Michelle!”)

  63. If this ends in removal of Paul Ryan it will be worth it:


    Trump demands Friday vote on health care plan
    If the House rejects the GOP plan, the president says, Obamacare will stay.

    UPDATE: 7:42 p.m.: President Donald Trump is demanding a vote Friday in the House on the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said. If the bill fails, Trump is prepared to move on and leave Obamacare in place, Mulvaney said.

  64. What fresh Hell is this?:


    Potential ‘smoking gun’ showing Obama administration spied on Trump team, source says

    Republican congressional investigators expect a potential “smoking gun” establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the president-elect himself, will be produced to the House Intelligence Committee this week, a source told Fox News.

    Classified intelligence showing incidental collection of Trump team communications, purportedly seen by committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and described by him in vague terms at a bombshell Wednesday afternoon news conference, came from multiple sources, Capitol Hill sources told Fox News. The intelligence corroborated information about surveillance of the Trump team that was known to Nunes, sources said, even before President Trump accused his predecessor of having wiretapped him in a series of now-infamous tweets posted on March 4.

    The intelligence is said to leave no doubt the Obama administration, in its closing days, was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.

    The key to that conclusion is the unmasking of selected U.S. persons whose names appeared in the intelligence, the sources said, adding that the paper trail leaves no other plausible purpose for the unmasking other than to damage the incoming Trump administration.

    The FBI hasn’t been responsive to the House Intelligence Committee’s request for documents, but the National Security Agency is expected to produce documents to the committee by Friday. The NSA document production is expected to produce more intelligence than Nunes has so far seen or described – including what one source described as a potential “smoking gun” establishing the spying.

    Some time will be needed to properly assess the materials, with the likely result being that congressional investigators and attorneys won’t have a solid handle on the contents of the documents – and their implications – until next week.

    Because Nunes’s intelligence came from multiple sources during a span of several weeks, and he has not shared the actual materials with his committee colleagues, he will be the only member of the panel in a position to know whether the NSA has turned over some or all of the intelligence he is citing. [snip]

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo is also sympathetic to the effort to determine, with documentary evidence, the extent of any alleged Obama administration spying on the Trump team, sources said.

    If this comes to pass Obama will need ObamaCare.

  65. Adm, if I understand you , essentially we are talking about a catastrophic health care policy for those with pre-existing conditions. They pay for basic care (physicals, routine doctor appointments, x-rays, prescriptions, etc) but should they require more costly care, public funds would then kick in to cover said care.

  66. @admin

    As we calm down, we apologize for any undue harshness in our response. We don’t mean to offend.

    Wow, that is some composure. I thought you held yourself together quite well. Myself, I can’t get past the second sentence without sounding as if I have serious case of Tourette Syndrome when discussing healthcare, education or insurance.

  67. I have worked for “for profit” and “not for profit” hospitals, in the past and recently, and I can tell you there was a difference once upon a time.
    It is true that all organizations must make a “profit” to exist, but the amount and the way services are delivered, and to whom, varied greatly.
    I don’t know what changes in regulations there have been in regards to “not for profit”, but they have become much more like “for profit” in terms of management. It may be that there is just so much money to spread around.
    The obama administration has all hospitals competing against each other for a pool of money and if you are not in the top tier, you get nada. Some of it was good, like low infection rates, better outcomes, decreased fall rates, etc, but much of it was very costly, and time consuming data gathering.
    With decreased monies coming in, there was increase in staff to patient ratios for nurses and all other medical professionals. Same holds true for Dr office visits. They have to push through the patients to earn a living and I have learned to talk very fast and make sure I don’t bring up anything that the appointment was not made for. Just so much time per patient
    As far as people with health problems paying higher premiums, that’s reasonable to a point. But I don’t really trust Insurance companies to keep the premiums in any range most reasonable people would agree on.
    Just as an example, 11 years ago my husband and I were on private, not employee health insurance. Because he had a Dx of high blood pressure and I had a simple hypothyroid, med cost of $7 a month, they wanted to charge us 3,000 a month. That’s not deductible or co insurance, just monthly premium . We had the sin of being over 40, which is about where insurance companies want you to be dead.
    I imagine if I had had cancer prior, I would never have gotten covered.

  68. JB,
    “Public Funds” to cover more costly care. I can only imagine the hoops one would have to jump through to qualify for said limited money.
    The out of pocket for x-rays, lab, Dr visits, Meds, would bankrupt most people with chronic conditions.
    We will have to disagree on healthcare because what I see is insurance care, not health care. I’m thinking most people commenting or supporting these limited coverages haven’t been personally effected.
    And yes, I agree that if your obese, smoke or drink heavily, or do street drugs which lead to health problems, there needs to be financial consequences. That’s a horse of a different color.

  69. UPDATE: 7:42 p.m.: President Donald Trump is demanding a vote Friday in the House on the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said. If the bill fails, Trump is prepared to move on and leave Obamacare in place, Mulvaney said.
    Admin, don’t you ever get tired of being right?

    Trump is showing us how a master negotiator rolls.

    As he says in “Art of the Deal”, at some point you have to be prepared to walk away from the negotiating table.

    It’s not a bluff. He really is willing to move on.

    In fact, I think he prefers that outcome. It was his original proposal, remember?

  70. Someone mentioned yesterday that they heard that Obamacare took money from other programs. I remember hearing a long time ago that Obama was taking money from Medicare to prop up Obamacare. And more recently I read that he had been taking it from funds earmarked for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And of course, they premiums and deductibles had to shoot up for many in the middle class.

    Trump says Obamacare is failing and will crash. It will happen sooner (and allow Trump to make something better) if he makes sure that no more money is diverted from other programs. It really pissed me off when I heard he was taking money from the elderly.

  71. If he walks from repealing Obamacare kiss 2018 midterms and 2020 re-election good by. A majority of his supporters want that law replaced.

  72. jb, I think he is still dedicated to replacing it – the question is how to get there. I believe if he ends up walking away, his belief is that it will fail on its own (in rallies he always said it would fail in 2017? 2018?), and then he can just start fresh…..

  73. Amy Mek‏ @AmyMek 9h9 hours ago

    Meanwhile in the UK…

    Muslims launch campaign to ban dogs from public spaces & teach infidels how to respect Muslims! #NationalPuppyDay

  74. Why did Trump jump on board the Ryan plan? Has Trump forgotten his promise to lower premiums etc? How can he insist that Republicans in the House repudiate their promises to their constituents?

    The answer is our health care system is currently on the verge of collapse, because of what Obama did during his second term. He stole the profits of Freddy Mae and Freddy Mac which amounted to $250 billion dollars to pay for the unfunded liability of Obamacare to private insurers. These insurers were forced to cover the rising costs of medicaid

    Question: why are those costs rising astronomically. Answer: because today, illegals now consume a whopping 37% of all medicare costs are consumed not by American citizens, but by the illegals Obama invited into the country. Let me repeat that: 37% of all medicaid costs are now going to illegals. This is why the also why these insurance companies have increased the premiums and deductibles for American citizens.

    The House of Representatives filed suit against Obama, HEW and Treasury, claiming that the power to raise money resides with Congress, not the Executive Branch. The case was House of Representatives vs Burwell. The Court held that Obama had no right to siphon off these monies, yet he continued to do so, which was illegal. Then on March 15, the debt ceiling went into effect. This has created a perfect storm for the system to collapse.

    That is why Trump is pushing hard to get this bill passed. The taxes it provides are necessar to keep the health care system afloat. Under the medicare and medicade program, government pays the doctor and hospitals quarterly. Today, without those taxes there will be no money left to pay them. Trump has been trying to tell members of the freedom caucus that they need to get on board. They are refusing to do so, because they say it would violate their promise to constitents. Trump is saying he cannot believe how these people cannot seem to connect the dots. The lights are on but the elevator does not go to the top floor.

    They debated on whether to come out with the real story, namely that the influx of illegals approved by Obama is the greatest reason why our health care system is tanking. Advisors worry if he does that, so the American People can know the truth, then big media will shout from the roof tops at the top of their lungs, racist.

    This comes from a high source in the Administration.

  75. McNorman, in the comment we included some unnecessary language that can appear to belittle Optimist. That was not the intention. The “fury” is directed at this leftist notion that somehow “non-profits” are morally superior to “for profits”. The very terms are leftist mind manipulation. Better terms would be “companies that legally avoid paying taxes so we can appear morally superior” versus “we need to make money to continue to exist and pay taxes that make the society function, unlike the deadbeats with morally superior airs”.

    A look at the list of “not for profit” companies (like the NFL used to before they were shamed publicly) that make millions to pay employees always steams us. Recall John Edwards and his “Two Americas Foundation” which was a “not for profit” vehicle for his pre presidential announcement travels and to pay for his ho. Clinton Global Initiative? The entire list of presidential libraries/foundations which serve to enrich former rulers currently free to make millions more off the taxpayers also infuriates us.

    And no, JBStonesFan, that is not what we mean. What we do mean is that for people with little to no health problems the wisest course for them as individuals and for the health care market as a whole, is to purchase a catastrophic health care policy in order to forestall any emergency that could devastate them financially but otherwise pay for less onerous costs out of pocket (for one thing it is cheaper to do so than to pay higher monthly premiums for full service health care).

    For those with pre-existing conditions there really is no such thing as insurance because the financial scheme does not exist that can fairly pay for their treatment without financially afflicting the healthy. For those with pre-existing conditions the best solution in a perfect world would be what is called “charity”. See St. Judes and the Shriners Hospital for an example.

    However because this is not a perfect world those with pre-existing conditions should be placed in a “medicaid” type system to help as much as possible with bills and health care costs. For these patients there has to be some “discipline” to control costs. For instance, a patient on this type of program better be on a very healthy health regimen such as no smoking, drinking, recreational drugs. With these patients there should also be assistance from churches and other institutions which once used to help people in need – before the government stepped in to muck everything up.

    Also for those with pre-existing conditions on a medicaid type program the population in this group should have the “medicaid” program be able to negotiate price reductions for drugs and hospitalization. Recall, Barack Obama in January 2009 agreed with the representative of Big Pharma (after he attacked them personally during the presidential campaign) that he Obama would not allow medicaid and medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices.

    As to hypochondriacs, we don’t really know what to do with them other than maybe… well… we know some very lovable hypochondriacs so we won’t smack them down here. Suffice to say that some people abuse systems no matter what the system is and they have to be dealt with.

    Overall our theory is that realism should prevail, not delusions. ObamaCare was an expensive lesson on what not to do.

  76. Andrew Lawton‏Verified account

    Canada’s Parliament has just declared criticism of Islam off-limits. The anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103, passed by a margin of 201 to 91.

  77. I got you. So those less fortunate would rely on , inter alia, public and private largess with some type of medicaid kick in and cost reduction.
    Likewise, I know question if I have been throwing away money all these years paying huge premiums (25k this yr) instead of taking a $600-700 a month plan and a 10k deductible. I have some health issues that required MRI’s and other images, but even out of pocket, it would have been about 7500k and still less than my current premium.

  78. JbStonesFan, just so no one thinks we are nuts or cruel, there is the rise of cash only doctors:


    When Art Villa found out, after one too many boating accidents, that he needed a total knee replacement, he began asking around to see how much it would cost. The hospital near his home in Helena, Mont., would charge $40,000 for the procedure, he says. But that didn’t include the anesthesiologist’s fee, physical therapy or a stay at a rehabilitation center afterward. A 2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield study found that one hospital in Dallas billed $16,772 for a knee replacement while another in the same area charged $61,585.

    It was in the midst of this confounding research that Villa, who’s 68, heard about the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, whose business model is different from that of most hospitals. There, the all-inclusive price for every operation is listed on the website. A rotator-cuff repair for the shoulder costs $8,260. A surgical procedure for carpal tunnel syndrome is $2,750. Setting and casting a basic broken leg: $1,925.

    The catch is that the whole facility is cash-based. It doesn’t take insurance of any kind. Not Aetna. Not Cigna. Not Medicare or Medicaid. Patients or their employers pay whatever price is listed online, period. There are no negotiated rates, no third-party reimbursements and almost no paperwork. “We say, ‘Here’s the price. Here’s what you’re getting. Here’s your bill,‘” says Keith Smith, who co-founded the Surgery Center in 1997 with fellow anesthesiologist Steven Lantier. “It’s as simple as that.”

    To Villa, the model seemed refreshingly subversive. The Surgery Center would charge $19,000 for his whole-knee replacement, a discount of nearly 50% on what Villa expected to be charged at his local hospital. And that price would include everything from airfare to the organization’s only facility, in Oklahoma City, to medications and physical therapy. If unforeseen complications arose during or after the procedure, the Surgery Center would cover those costs. Villa wouldn’t see another bill.

    Sometimes called direct pay, and closely related to concierge care, this sort of business model was once seen as the perquisite of rich folks and medical tourists from foreign lands. But nowadays many of the people seeking cash-based care are middle-class Americans with high-deductible insurance plans. For a patient with an $11,000 family deductible, for example, it might make more sense to seek out a cash-based center like the Premier Medical Imaging facility in Minneapolis, which offers a basic MRI for $499, than to cough up the several thousand dollars that the same procedure generally costs at a traditional hospital. Cash payments don’t count toward a patient’s deductible, but for some it’s worth the gamble.

    This model does not work for many but the innovation is welcome. Part of the reason it works is because the medical facility/practitioner does not have to pay salaries for personnel to process insurance claims which cuts down on a lot of other costs (such as space which the processing takes up).

    A lot of innovation instead of throwing money down the insurance rat hole is needed. Also, as President Trump has noted Americans pay high prices for drugs which cost very little in other countries. Medical procedures in other countries are also much cheaper.

  79. Admin, thanks for the info about the cash-only hospital. Here’s an article from their website that might interest you:

    Lies You Believe Series (Part 2)
    by Surgery Center of Oklahoma | Jan 17, 2017 | Blog |

    Here’s a lie you believe: Not-for-profit hospitals don’t make a profit.

    …Not really.

    “Not-for-profit” means they don’t pay tax. That’s what it really means.

    And what a competitive advantage that grants a hospital when they have no tax burden whatsoever. Imagine what your life would be like if you did not pay taxes at all.

    How would your standard of living change?

    You can tell these so-called not-for-profit hospital, or watching them buy out physician practices in an effort to maximize their market share in a community.

    “Not-for-profit” means “does not pay tax.” So how do they achieve the accounting fiction of not making a profit? Well, they do this by looking for red ink wherever they can find it. You see, many of these not-for-profit hospitals are making so much money, they have to find red ink wherever they can. Even if they have to invent it with fictional, gigantic hospital charges.

    What they don’t collect, they write off as a loss, which helps them maintain the fiction of their not-for-profit status. This is a lie I think many of you believe, and it’s a good one to start out with. We’ll see you next time.

  80. The problem with the profits in healthcare industries (besides the fact that they can kill people) is that they are being determined by laws instead of real competition. These systems are nightmares. The cancer industry is one of the worst. Allowing cancer causing agents in our commonly used products, pushing too many mammograms for women and there are even conspiracy theories that doctors who find cures, are murdered. Early detection technologies are not covered and dismissed as “experimental”. By the time people find their cancers they have to go through chemotherapy, another horror where the best technologies are limited in access. And that is only one example. My point is that there is a lot of waste and the system is a swamp that needs to be drained.

    Actuarial tables to not model the system correctly for preventative medicine. The system is designed to perpetuate sickness.

    In a system with limited resources, eventually some will have to be told to go die. We know that was not David Rockefeller and his 7 heart transplants up to age 101. He may not have been on Obamacare, but he was certainly party to designing the system. Be warned. Healthcare is a swamp that needs to be drained.

    You cannot apply free market criteria to a market that is anything but free. With limited resources, the bonuses of CEO’s represent medical treatments that were not provided to someone who probably died as a result.

    We need to have more say in the utilization of the resources and not leave it to the Corporations and monsters like David Rockefeller.

  81. jbstonesfan
    March 24, 2017 at 3:09 am
    It is not just a matter of funding excessive cost people and illnesses. It is identifying the excessive costs, doing root cause analysis and improving the system. You have one pool of essentially healthy people whose costs can be shared without excessive burden and another of not. That is the group you open to competition for solutions and take away from a system that perpetuates them.

  82. I think Trump needs to get out there and explain how obama financed this healthcare operation. All we hear is the sky is falling, the sky is falling and we have heard that too much about many programs. It’s like the calling “fire” when there isn’t any and eventually you ignore the problem and then a real fire happens and no one responds in time.
    All people see is a rising of the debt ceiling and printing of more money and then the screamers die down and everyone goes on their merry way. The can is always kicked down the road and life goes on.
    But only it’s not going to this time, we are at critical mass. People need for it to be spelled out in black and white. Obama robbed Medicare of 500,000 million ( wasn’t that just initially, Probably so much more!), 37% of all medical costs to treating illegals, Fannie May of how ever much and so on. Then have it explained how it effects people .
    Yes the Globalists will scream but people need to see the facts over and over because too many times the truth tellers are shouted down and programs are rescued with the kicking can method and people don’t believe reality anymore.

  83. The Surgery Center of Oklahoma has an article on cost-sharing ministries, which offer a low-cost alternative to traditional medical insurance.

    See, for instance, this website.

    A Values-Based Option for Health Care

    Obamacare Exempt

    Medical cost sharing is an affordable way to plan for unforeseen medical bills. It is like-minded individuals and families sharing medical expenses together. Our members are exempted under the ACA (Obamacare).

    Do the Math!

    As a member, monthly costs range from $107 for a single member under 30 years old to $449 a month for our most comprehensive plan for a family, which shares 100% of medical expenses up to $1,000,000 per incident.

    Choose Your Doctor

    Because this is NOT INSURANCE you are not tied into a traditional network. You can see any doctor or go to any hospital that you would like. We’ve found that 97% of all health care providers are willing accept our members.

    Take Charge of Your Health-care!

    What a novel idea! Like many Americans, you too may be fed up with having others tell you what you have to do regarding your health-care and what your mandated treatment options are when you get sick or injured. Maybe you do not want to go the prescribed route. Maybe you do not agree with the prognosis or the government mandated protocol for your individual situation or that of your family.

    We invite you to learn more about Medical Cost Sharing. It is a breath of fresh air and is a truly affordable way to plan for unforeseen medical bills. Now you can take charge of your life and your health-care and legally opt out of the establishment system of Obamacare and health insurance.

    What is Medical Cost Sharing?

    Simply put, Medical Cost Sharing, also known as Health Sharing is the sharing of medical expenses done by a group of like-minded individuals and families who have decided to take back control of their own health-care decisions. Officially called Health Care Sharing Ministries, members are exempt under Obamacare as a religious exemption and are not required to pay the individual mandate penalty.

    These health conscious individuals believe in the Founding Fathers. They believe in our Declaration of Independence and as such, strongly believe and recognize that our rights come from God and not from any agency or man made government. To quote the founding document of the United States:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Are our bodies not a significant part of our Life? If we do not have control of our own bodies then what liberty do we have? And lastly, Thomas Jefferson defined the pursuit of Happiness as being property. If our own bodies do not belong to us as our own property then do we really own anything?

    Our Medical Cost Sharing community also shares the belief that we have the right to worship how we please. We believe that we have a right and a duty to help our fellow man when he or she is in need. We also believe that it is our right and duty to treat our bodies with respect and in ways that promote good health and minimize sickness and disease. Lastly, we believe that it is our God given right to direct our own health care decisions, free from government involvement or oversight.

    Are you willing to try something new?

    What we are inviting you to try is called Medical Cost Sharing or Health Sharing. It is NOT Health Insurance. It’s Better! Why? Because first of all it allows you, the individual, to make your own health-care decisions for yourself and for your family, not the government or agency protocols that some bureaucrats thousands of miles away have mandated. There are no networks of limited, authorized practitioners. You actually do get to choose or keep your doctor. You get to choose the facility that you go to.

    Secondly, Medical Cost Sharing falls under the religious exemption to Obamacare. Our members are totally exempt from the individual mandate and the related tax penalties. All the information is documented here on our site.

    Lastly, because it is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE it is not hamstrung with all the hassles, regulations and oversight that is health insurance. Medical Cost Sharing is a voluntary system of individuals who want to help their fellow man and in turn receive help when they need it as well. Our non-profit organization, using modern technology and efficient and streamlined administration, has proven that health-care needs can be met affordably. With maximum out of pocket unshared amounts of between $500-$1,500 per year, you are assisted with unforeseeable medical expenses of up to $1 million per incident with our most comprehensive program. Monthly costs range from as low as $107 a month to $449 depending on your marital status and age.

    Do I Qualify?

    As a community, we believe in sharing one another’s burdens and other common Christian values. We do not use tobacco in any form. We do not abuse alcohol or drugs. You qualify to join us if you agree with our shared beliefs and meet minimal criteria.

    Why are monthly costs so low?

    We examine costs up front. Most people just go to the doctor and have no idea what their health care costs. Many people purchase care without becoming informed. We share in our actual costs, not projections. And we keep administrative costs very low.

  84. Admin

    When I refer to not for profit health insurance, I was referring to expanded medicare for all with pre retires paying.
    Medicare operates at about a 3% cost whereas private insurers cost about 20 -24% because they need to generate profits for their investors. That is what I meant. The fact that we offer education to all does not mean that in any way I endorse the public schools here though in principle I believe in Public education.
    I have taught in both private and public schools and I can tell you that private schools do a much better job for less money. Generally private school teachers are much better educated.
    I believe that Medicare has been an extremely successful program and the reasons it is in trouble now are do to rising
    cost through out the system and the rape of medicare to fund this Ocare garbage.
    My Dad was a surgeon and I remember the days before Medicare where half of each hospital floor was a ward for those with no money or insurance. Doctors worked on these patients often for free; it was required of all staff that worked in the hospital.
    With all due respect, I think your rant was a little off topic.

  85. Let me be clear because so many here have confused not for profit health INSURANCE -Medicare- with not for profit health care providers, that I referenced not for profit INSURANCE.

  86. Optimist,

    That’s been my thought process too, Medicare plan for all citizens. Everyone contributing.

  87. @admin
    Clarification, I understood that the words were meant as a general statement of what the left believes and not aimed at any particular person. I was glad that you addressed the issue in the manner that you did. The internet is wonderful, but thoughts are only snippets. Snippets can be taken in many ways. It is easy to jot down a quick statement when there is much more to that thought that will never be relayed. You have always been very kind and patient in disseminating your views.

    My comment related to my own angst when trying to discuss healthcare with many who don’t understand what happens on the “other” side of the fence. I work on the “other” side of the fence. I have watched the system disintegrate with horror. If I had not been witness to the mess that is healthcare today, I also would also have hope that it could be fixed easily. I am pragmatic and what I see is a vast swamp that will take much to drain.

  88. Cash pay is a misnomer. It is referred to as prompt pay. I was told that this had to do with legal issues? ALWAYS ask about prompt pay (which is cash pay) before you do anything. You would be surprised at the discounted amount. Admin you are spot on. Cut out the insurance personnel and you can make these adjustments without hurting the bottom line. Keep in mind that practices usually have a 90% overhead. Keeping that overhead down allows for lower costs to the patient. There are many things that can be done to help the patient/consumer. The consumer doesn’t truly understand the hydra that is called healthcare insurance. IMHO whether it is Medicaid, the VA, Medicare (and it’s nefarious advantage care plans) or private insurance, it is ALL in dire need of reducing regulation, torte reform, purchasing across state lines, and using high risk pools.

  89. I agree with Trump’s campaign statement that though he also believes in some from of universal system, the fiscal and administrative mess were are in now precludes that for now. The goal must be to increase availability and bring down costs.

  90. Correction: The comments about Obama tanking the system did NOT come from the Administration. It came from Corsi and congressional sources. The only thing Trump said on this subject is that Obama left him a real mess.

  91. For some time now, we have heard about this pedophile ring, sometimes referred to as pizza gate. I did not show much interest in it myself, because it strained credulity and many of the people talking about it were no more worthy of belief than our dearly beloved big media. Lately however, I have begun to listen, because credible sources close to the NYPD who have been blocked by Comey are reportedly confirming that it is happening and are filling in the blanks. Here is what they are saying.

    This pedophile ring is a world-wide conspiracy, involving the exploitation of children. Much of that exploitation takes place in foreign countries, in the Middle East and in Africa. These children are tortured, sexually abused, and in some cases murdered. And all this is captured on film, which is then circulated around the world. Consumers of this product include potentates in the middle east, and in New York and Washington.

    Two years ago, the NYPD commenced an investigation into the extracirriuclar activities of Anthony Weiner—the former Democrat congressman and husband of Huma Abdein. They took custody over his computer and discovered the entire scheme in question, with names and dates. Those names included a very substantial number of members of Congress, including Schumer and Tom Perez (DNC).
    The NYPD was determined to take this case to a grand jury, and we all heard rumblings about that. But the FBI took jurisdiction of the case, because the conspiracy crossed interstate lines, and international borders. Whereupon, to protect the powerful, FBI Director James Comey blocked the NYPD from proceeding with the case locally.

    Sources close to the Administration confirm that this information is likely to come out in the near future, at which time all hell will break lose. But they do not want it to come out right now, because it would thwart administration and congressional efforts to get a health care bill and to cut taxes to get this economy growing and fend off the financial grim reaper.

    If this is true, then it may explain the motive behind all the anti Trump hysteria which is being directed from the top. If those at the top can create a crisis, or drive him out of office, or impeach him, as they have been trying to do ever since he was elected, and if they can keep the ironclad control over the media, because some in those ranks are also implicated, then they may reckon that they can make all of this disappear.

    Time will tell whether this proves out, or is simply the maunderings of a toxic dream.

  92. Optimist, Lu4PUMA, it’s all word games. Do you think Medicare is “not for profit”? If you do, do you think that is good?

    Whether it is “not for profits” or “for profits” or “government sponsored” it is always “for profit” and if not, there is a problem. In ANY enterprise, government, for profit, so-called “not for profit” the Charles Dickens rule for happiness applies. The audacious Charles Dickens wrote: “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen [pounds] nineteen [shillings] and six [pence], result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.” In other words, income should exceed expenses.

    A medical health care or health insurance system that is not solvent will always be the source of misery. Optimist, we were not “off topic”. The notion that finances can be ignored because something calls itself “not for profit” or is “government sponsored” is unicorn territory.

    Finances are important to the outcome. For us however the issue is health care, not health insurance. As you note about your father before Medicare there was a system that worked. If you read what we wrote, your dad and us could walk hand in hand on this issue.

    We care about health care not health insurance. To hell with health insurance. We rather have good health than “good insurance”. Frankly, if people would invest more on good food and good healthy habits many would not have to spend so much on “health insurance”. But we understand that some people through no fault of their own are afflicted with disease. There are better things to do to help these people than a health insurance scheme.

    Why not bring in more doctors through immigration policy and have them work as your dad did “for free” for a certain amount of time? Why not increase the number of doctors dramatically as well as the number of medical schools along with funding for such increases? Instead of producing an army of lawyers every year via government loans and promotion by our elected lawyers have the money flow to create more doctors and medical practitioners. The medical professions will be angry that their fees and wages would go down because of supply and demand, but solely on the question of health care we need a lot more doctors and nurses and other medical practitioners to flow from schools.

    There are a lot of other solutions to acquisition of good health care. Why not have computers diagnose disease and reduce medical costs? Most of the diagnosis end of medical treatment can be done by computers. The work of diagnosis is really not that complicated. Computer algorithms, reviewed by doctors, can cut costs dramatically there. [And this is true of lawyers too by the way. A lot of the work lawyers do can be transferred to computers because in medicine and law much of the work is a matter of data acquisition and then matching the data of symptoms/disease to a list of diseases/treatments. See this article on the rise of Robo-lawyers for more as to how this situation is developing: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/04/rise-of-the-robolawyers/517794/).

    It’s about health care, not health insurance. The problem is that everyone is chasing the health insurance unicorn.

  93. One final thought on this Medicare for all dream. You do this and you are in for a world of hurt. We once thought this might be a good idea too, but we learned. As we saw during ObamaCare the more you surrender health care to health insurance via the government the more you will see medicine politicized.

    The government and politicians will use health insurance/Medicare/Medicaid to favor the leftist “disease of the day”. What you will have is a politicized health care lobby that will demand increased funding for whatever constituency demands more funding.

    You want to make things worse – go with more government controlled health insurance.

  94. Bravo, admin. Perfectly stated. The problem with skyrocketing premiums is that people look to insurance for EVERYTHING. When insurance has to pay for everything, it’s going to be very, very expensive. Catastrophic coverage would make it so much more affordable.

    And yes, I understand and sympathize with people who have family members with terrible illnesses. Catastrohpic coverages would have benefited them as well if those policies had been available, though they’d obviously be burning through their deductibles at a $5,000 – 10,000 per year clip. I don’t think it’s too much to expect that someone with a terrible illness should be obligated to pay for some of their treatment.

  95. Did Obama Abuse Raw Intelligence?

    I couldn’t have seen those transcripts when I led the House intel committee.

    Peter Hoekstra
    March 23, 2017 6:56 p.m. ET

    It was remarkable when Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, revealed Wednesday that Trump campaign officials were caught up in the inadvertent collection of intelligence. Read between the lines with a clear understanding of the intelligence community, and it’s positively astonishing.

    Starting with the premise of Mr. Nunes’s announcement, there’s evidence to show that communications involving people connected with the Trump transition were collected by America’s intelligence apparatus. We don’t know the particulars, but it could include conversations between Trump transition staff and foreign officials whose conversations were subject to intelligence monitoring.

    Things begin to get a little frightening when we learn that this inadvertent collection of Trump staff conversations was followed up with transcriptions of those conversations and the disclosure (or unmasking) of the persons involved in the conversation. These transcripts would be considered raw intelligence reports.

    When I was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, I was routinely involved in briefings as a member of the “Gang of Eight”—both parties’ leaders in the House and Senate and on the intelligence committees. I cannot recall how many times I asked to see raw intelligence reporting and was refused because that stuff is just not made available to policy makers.

    But according to Mr. Nunes, such information made its way to the Obama White House before Inauguration Day. Few if any people working in the White House would ever need to see raw intelligence. Like intelligence committee members, they are typically consumers of intelligence products, not raw intelligence.

    The raw transcripts of masked persons—or unmasked persons, or U.S. persons who can be easily identified—making their way to the White House is very likely unprecedented. One can only imagine who, at that point, might be reading these reports. Valerie Jarrett? Susan Rice? Ben Rhodes? The president himself? We don’t know, and the people who do aren’t talking at the moment.

    Then we have the testimony earlier this week from FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers. Mr. Comey said there was no basis to support the tweet from President Trump that his “wires” had been tapped by Barack Obama. What he didn’t say—and wasn’t asked—was whether information was collected on Trump staff by other means. Mr. Trump was a little inarticulate in the context of Twitter’s 140-character limit, but it seems he got the general picture right.

    Then there’s Mr. Comey’s testimony that the FBI had been investigating Trump staff for eight months. It almost certainly included surveillance; an investigation without surveillance would approach farcical.

    Adm. Rogers told the House Intelligence Committee that there are strict controls in place for masking and unmasking the identities of people caught up in the inadvertent collection of information and the distribution of this kind of material. It now appears he either misled the committee or doesn’t know what’s happening inside his own agency. If Mr. Nunes is right, the rules either weren’t followed or were much less stringent than Adm. Rogers let on.

    Last, and rather damningly, I believe that Mr. Comey and Adm. Rogers would have to have known that raw transcripts of captured conversations that included members of the Trump team were at the White House. It is inconceivable that people in those positions of power would not know. While this may not be criminal, it is at least a cause for them to be fired.

    My greatest concern—the one that keeps me awake at night—is that the awesome powers of our intelligence community might have been corrupted for political purposes. While we’re not witnessing broad, Stasi-style surveillance of citizens, it’s clear there have been serious errors of judgment and action among our otherwise professional intelligence community. This is truly scary. We have to learn the entire truth before anyone, in or out of Congress, can again have confidence in our intelligence community.

    Mr. Hoekstra, a Michigan Republican, was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, 2004-07.

  96. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/03/23/potential-smoking-gun-showing-obama-administration-spied-on-trump-team-source-says.html

    Republican congressional investigators expect a potential “smoking gun” establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the president-elect himself, will be produced to the House Intelligence Committee this week, a source told Fox News.

    Classified intelligence showing incidental collection of Trump team communications, purportedly seen by committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and described by him in vague terms at a bombshell Wednesday afternoon news conference, came from multiple sources, Capitol Hill sources told Fox News. The intelligence corroborated information about surveillance of the Trump team that was known to Nunes, sources said, even before President Trump accused his predecessor of having wiretapped him in a series of now-infamous tweets posted on March 4.

    The intelligence is said to leave no doubt the Obama administration, in its closing days, was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.


  97. Here is more of what came from the top of a congressional office (not the administration) as noted above:

    If Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do not make their sweep payment to the Treasury on March 31, the two mortgage giants can begin rebuilding their capital base which protects taxpayers from ever having to bail them out in case of an economic downturn.
    In the same executive order that President Trump signs to end the Net Worth Sweep on March 31, he can also remove the “executive privilege” President Obama placed on some 11,000 documents the Obama administration fought desperately in the courts to keep the American people from seeing.

    The Obama administration confiscated all earnings from these two Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) in an unlawful and unconstitutional criminal scheme that has stripped Fannie and Freddie of the capital needed to continue operating safely, while depriving all private and institutional investors of the dividends due to them as stockholder owners.

    In what now amounts to the largest theft of corporate dividends in U.S. corporate history, the Obama administration Treasury Department has confiscated over $260 billion from Fannie and Freddie since August 2012.

    Why did Obama steal $260 billion from Fannie and Freddie?

    First, in 2012, Obamacare was at risk going bankrupt after Congress refused to appropriate funds to pay the required subsidies to insurance companies to provide the low-income health insurance upon which Obamacare depended.

    This left the Obama administration scrambling to find a spare $130 billion somewhere in the federal budget that could be diverted to pay the insurance subsidies for that purpose, even though it was illegal and unconstitutional for the Obama administration to do so.

    Second, leaked documents from Sec. Geithner’s Treasury Department, the Obama administration was prepared to “wind down” Freddie and Fannie, knowing that taking all earnings from the two mortgage giants inevitably would leave the GSEs without sufficient capital to operate.

    This effectively would have ended the middle-lass American Dream of home ownership because without Fannie and Freddie, no U.S. underwriter has been willing to offer the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage that millions of first-time home-buyers need to be able to both make the required down payment and afford the subsequent required monthly mortgage payments.

    The leaked Treasury Department documents reveal that Sec. Geithner had planned that after Fannie and Freddie were closed, the mortgage market would be turned over to Wall Street and big banks – two of the Democratic Party’s largest sources of campaign contributions.

    The result of the Obama plan would be to transform middle-class America from a nation of home owners to a “well-housed” nation of renters, on the model of major cities throughout the European Union.

  98. whether this is a good or bad bill…it is not the final bill

    I cannot understand how the repubs, knowing that this bill is in its intial stage…will have to go to the senate…and changes…and then probably back to the house for more changes…
    knowing all that…why can’t the repubs work it out so that this bill passes

    that is alot better than having Ocare still in charge and also disgraceful that all those repubs would vote with Pelosi and the dims…

    pass it…and keep the arguments and amendments coming…and keep fighting but if it goes down…all bad headlines…and nothing good comes from the repubs siding with the dims and letting this fail

    the republican congress will be a joke…they really did have 7 years…plenty of time for this to be workable…as DT would say…this will be a disaster if this goes down…imo…

    the republican congress looks inept to me…

  99. The other thing is that the rumored take over of retirement plans ranging from 401 k, IRAs and Roths is apparently true. This was scheduled to occur this spring, and would have happened if Hillary had been elected. Of course, there have been many warnings about this, at sites like WND, Drudge, Breitbart, Jim Rickarts, as well as intimations by people like Dick Morris. But you never knew whether or not these rumors were true. Often you just do not know. This one apparently is true, but for Trump it would have happened, and the driving forces are the national debt, and the greed of Wall Street. This is similar to the time when Bush tried to put the social security fund in the hands of Wall Street. This is the sort of thing big media is supposed to be reporting, to keep politicians honest, as opposed to the bread and circuses and Trump hate they deliver to the nation day in and day out, 24-7. How did this happen? But when they got in bed with Obama, they developed a terminal case of propaganda from which they are unlikely to recover. Why would they go so far out on a limb in terms of credibility. And why would they all do it? What are they afraid of? Pizza gate? Or more? Suffice it to say, without an honest press all is lost. Society can tolerate a range of opinion in big media. What it cannot handle is a monolithic narrative peddled by all members of big media, which is exactly what is happening now.

  100. S
    March 24, 2017 at 2:38 pm
    Comey spotted via live tape going into the WH in the last half hour
    Fair warning of what is going to come out?

    Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on that wall?

  101. Let me be clear because so many here have confused not for profit health INSURANCE -Medicare- with not for profit health care providers, that I referenced not for profit INSURANCE.
    It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about non-profit health care or non-profit insurance or non-profit lemonade stands.

    The principle is the same.

    “Non-profit” simply means that expenses equal revenue.

    There are all kinds of ways to jack up expenses to make this happen.

  102. Comey has been very successful so far in keeping the scandals of the rich and powerful bottled up.

    But if the president obtains that evidence through sources independent of the FBI which Comey rules with an iron hand, there is little Comey can do about it.

    Comey is like the little boy all 6 ft 5 of him, with all his fingers and toes in the dikes, and they continue to spring leaks. There will come a point where it is no longer possible to keep everything bottled up.

    It is like Bismarks remark about some damned thing in the Balkens.

  103. wbboei…maybe Comey has suddenly “remembered” some info that support DT…

    Lies of omission…Comey made a big thing of denoucing that O wiretapped DT but gave no indication of any other “survellience”…Comey purposely wrote the bad headlines that made DT look like a fool…

    maybe Nunes helped ‘jog’ his memory…

  104. Admin

    As you note about your father before Medicare there was a system that worked. If you read what we wrote, your dad and us could walk hand in hand on this issue.
    Absolutely not! There was no system…just lots of indigent patients. My father was a Urologist so his practice had many elderly patients. Half of his work was for free…no compensation at all. Having spent 4 years overseas during WW2 in the medical corps, my parents couldn’t afford a home until after the passage of Medicare. BTW, my father took the 80% and didn’t bill the remainder….patients didn’t have it anyway….and he was grateful to get partial compensation.

  105. Hey Admin and others out there. How willing are you all to work for free and to be on call 24/7? Unbelievable comment! Where are the free plumbers and electricians and dentists to help us when we don’t have the money? As JB knows, lawyers can also required to work for free but at least it is not often.

  106. We have universal care now. Anyone, any illegal can walk into a hospital and not be refused emergency care. Savvy illegals here have learned that if they call an ambulance when their kid has a fever or a woman is about to give birth,they will not be turned away as the law deems coming by ambulance to be an emergency.
    Its an expensive unfair system that we are all being billed for.

  107. I don’t think it’s too much to expect that someone with a terrible illness should be obligated to pay for some of their treatment.
    The reality now is that a person must liquidate all of their savings, pensions etc before Medicaid kicks in after a catastrophic illness. It can literally ruin a family financially. If you have been responsible and have savings, own a home, you’re screwed. However it is done, that’s an issue that needs to be fixed.

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