Devos, Immigration, Filibuster: President Trump’s New Theme Song

Update: Winning. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


There’s a new song in town. The mocking “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” was Donald J. Trump’s campaign theme song. The defiant “Heart of Stone” as in “you’ll never break” heralded the beginning of the Trump years at the inauguration. Now there is a new President Trump theme song which demonstrates the difference between Barack the Boob compared to get-it-done Don.

Today, Betsy Devos is the new Secretary of Education after the latest 24 hour prank by Obama Dimocrats intent on denial. Tomorrow Jeff Sessions will be confirmed as the new Attorney General to head the Department of (finally!) Justice. Tonight there will be courtroom antics on the West Coast regarding President Trump’s “extreme vetting” of passengers from a bunch of “terrorist friendly” countries. Four of these countries are so debased they don’t even have American embassies due to lack of security.

Later in the month there will be further filibuster antics by Obama Dimocrats to block President Trump’s choice, Neil Gorsuch, from the Supreme Court. This spasm of “resistance” by the deluded Obama Dimocrats will also fail.

This week though, the attention will be on the President Trump temporary “travel ban” to Make America Safe Again. While others chew on their toe nails with worry, we’ll be dabbing some color on our fingernails. Why? Because no matter what happens today or tomorrow President Trump will win all these fights. We’ll lay it all out below. But first, let’s listen to that new President Trump theme song because it explains so much about why Barack the Boob failed while President Trump is all success:

* * * * * *

Yeah, time is on Trump’s side, yes it is. And don’t think for a second that President Trump doesn’t know it.

Barack the Boob ran for president having done nothing but self advancement in his life. Barack the Boob was a lost boy when he was inaugurated. Barack the Boob was entirely befuddled as to how to run the vast American government because Barack the Boob had never run any business or large organization. Never. During the campaign Barack the Boob tried to sell the notion that his campaign was a vast enterprise and Barack the Boob staked his silly claim to experience running a large enterprise on his campaign! It was a silly claim. Barack the Boob proved just how silly, the moment he bungled the oath of office and continued giving speeches after he occupied the White House.

Barack the Boob never ran a large enterprise so he did not know what to do other than invite sports and movie stars to the White House. Consider the dire consequences if Barack the Boob had known what he was doing.

All that immigration stuff he tried to do at the end of his term might have succeeded if Barack the Boob had done it earlier in his term and known what to do. That broken filibuster on lower court judges would have been so much more successful if the filibuster had been broken early in Barack the Boob’s term. On issue after issue, Barack the Boob struck too late, too stupidly, and therefore failed. Obama failed because he should never have been president due to lack of experience, lack of love of country, lack of a coherent world view.

President Trump will not fail. President Trump knows how to run a vast enterprise so he will not fail. Neil Gorsuch will be the next Supreme Court justice. President Trump and the Senate Republicans won’t even have to get rid of the filibuster to confirm Neil Gorsuch, as has been discussed in our comments section. For those interested in the details of how to confirm Neil Gorsuch without getting rid of the filibuster Sean Davis explains the back and forth of Senate rules, particularly Rule 19.

There is no need to get rid of the filibuster in the Senate. The Republican Senate can get rid of the filibuster if it so chooses. Our advice, which echoes President Trump, is a quote from Shakespeare: If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well, It were done quickly. In other words, if ya gotta do it, do it fast. If the Republican Senate is to get rid of the filibuster they might as well get full advantage of it for the next eight years at least (and it will still pay dividends under President Pence). The sooner it is done, the greater the chances of success in later initiatives, and the greater the chances of electoral victory. In other words, a virtuous circle.

If the filibuster falls on Supreme Court nominees just be aware that it is very likely that the entire filibuster, for every issue, is likely dead also. As we wrote previously, the Obama Dimocrats are in full “resistance” mode and will continue their Barackesque petulance and temper tantrums until they wake up in 2019 to Republican supermajorities in the Senate and Supreme Court. The looming disaster is what even Rahm Emanuel is “chill pill” warning Obama Dimocrats about today.

No amount of Obama Dimocrat “resistance” will block Neil Gorsuch from the Supreme Court. Likewise, West Coast “resistance” court antics will not stop President Trump from ultimate victory.

The tomfoolery on the West Coast will end in a President Trump victory. At some point it will all wind up in the Supreme Court and President Trump’s current appointee Neil Gorsuch and later appointees will eventually make it to the Supreme Court. President Trump will prevail.

We’re not going to waste time here with detailed discussions of the West Coast court antics. Byron York has done a masterful job of that already:

Byron York: Justice Department demolishes case against Trump order

Byron York is not alone. The Associated Press has debunked Judge Robart’s inappropriate claims in court:

Fact check: No arrests from 7 nations in travel ban? Judge in Seattle was wrong

That the judge in Seattle even asked the question was entirely inappropriate and demonstrates the political, not legal, nature of the temporary injunction he ordered against President Trump’s immigration order. The duty of the court is to determine whether or not President Trump has the authority, not the wisdom of the order. The judge, by his question, proved he is biased against President Trump’s legal order.

Likewise, the Ninth Circuit will be biased against President Trump and will likely rule against President Trump. Then it will likely all go to the Supreme Court which is currently split 4-4 so the Ninth Circuit order will probably rule the day. But it won’t matter. It just won’t matter. Time, is on Trump’s side, yes it is.

Assume all the worst. Assume the Ninth Circuit rules against President Trump. Assume Justice Kennedy refers the entire matter to the full court instead of granting a stay all on his own. Assume the Supreme Court is deadlocked so that the Ninth Circuit leftist loons prevail. Assume the West Coast “judge” issues a preliminary then permanent injunction against President Trump’s immigration order. Assume all the worst, that the courts will not care about the law but instead about their “feelings” and political views. Assume all the worst. It won’t matter. It just won’t matter. Time, is on Trump’s side, yes it is.

Once Neil Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court, President Trump can try again. Once the next justice appointed by President Trump is on the Supreme Court, President Trump can try again. All President Trump has to do is file a slightly altered executive order and the whole process will begin again. Except, the next time, the Supreme Court will be at full Trump. President Trump eventually wins on his immigration executive order because President Trump is correct on the law.

The losers in all this will be the American people and the Obama Dimocrats. The American people will be made less safe. At some point the terrorists flooding into the country because of the West Coast leftist court loons will attack. Who will benefit? President Trump. President Trump will be able to point at the Obama Dimocrats and the leftist loons in the court system and denounce the blood on their hands. Time is on Trump’s side, yes it is.

There are other losers. Silicon Valley. The technology companies have come out in oppostion to President Trump. They have intervened in the courts and filed amicus briefs against President Trump’s order. They will regret it:

Trump’s Next Immigration Move to Hit Closer to Home for Tech

President Donald Trump’s clash with Silicon Valley over immigration is about to become even more contentious.

After the new president banned refugees and travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Microsoft and others railed against the move, saying it violated the country’s principles and risked disrupting its engine of innovation. Trump’s next steps could strike even closer to home: His administration has drafted an executive order aimed at overhauling the work-visa programs technology companies depend on to hire tens of thousands of employees each year.

If implemented, the reforms could shift the way American companies like Microsoft Corp., Inc. and Apple Inc. recruit talent and force wholesale changes at Indian companies such as Infosys Ltd. and Wipro Ltd. Businesses would have to try to hire American first and if they recruit foreign workers, priority would be given to the most highly paid.

Our country’s immigration policies should be designed and implemented to serve, first and foremost, the U.S. national interest,” the draft proposal reads, according to a copy reviewed by Bloomberg. “Visa programs for foreign workers … should be administered in a manner that protects the civil rights of American workers and current lawful residents, and that prioritizes the protection of American workers — our forgotten working people — and the jobs they hold.”

Technology companies on the West Coast want to protect their profits, not American workers. That is the source of the “resistance” to President Trump from the technology oligarchs.

Again, they will rue the day they opposed American workers and President Trump. Time, is on Trump’s side, yes it is.

It is possible that President Trump could prevail in the Ninth Circuit. We’ll light a sparkler if the Ninth Circuit does the right thing. Justice Kennedy could also issue a stay all on his own if the Ninth Circuit stays on it’s leftist lunacy, and we’ll light the same sparkler in that event. Mostly, we’ll yawn. Eventually, as we wrote earlier, Trump prevails:

Trump is stronger than national polls suggest

President Trump is still popular in core Republican strongholds, even though he has suffered a dip in the national public opinion polls.

Trump’s approval rating is 45 percent, an underwater mark previously unseen for a president this early in his first term. But Trump’s image and his policies are holding up just fine among voters in Republican districts and states key to the president’s ability to drive his agenda through Congress, and his party’s success in 2018. [snip]

While his national numbers aren’t good, Trump is much stronger in the states that could decide the outcome of the midterm elections, according to Republican operatives who have reviewed polling produced since New Year’s Day. For now, that suggests Democrats are less likely to benefit from the president’s struggles nationally than has been the case in past election cycles.

Like Trump’s loss of the national popular vote, Republican operatives say the president’s high disapproval numbers are being driven by dissatisfaction with his leadership in progressive, high-population metro centers, like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

The midterm elections, however, are going to be fought on Senate battlegrounds that include red states like Missouri and West Virginia and swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all won by Trump.

Missouri is a perfect example.

The “show me” state will show Obama Dimocrats the door in 2018. The 2018 elections will provide President Trump massive victories. Every day, while Rahm orders “chill pills” for Obama Dimocrats, President Trump continues to work and win. Did we mention this is only week 3 of President Trump? There are several hundred weeks to come. Every day President Trump pulls out a win, like a super human Tom Brady.

Ha! Tom Brady. Remember all those times that Barack the Boob declared such and such of his favorite sports team would win only to watch them go down in flames? Barack the Boob is the kiss of death. President Trump made an outlandish prediction about the Superbowl and outlandish prediction came true.

As the Superbowl game played, Donald Trump, Junior scored a funny:

Yeah, we’re did we see that before?

Lesson: don’t bet against President Trump. Time, and tide, are on Trump’s side.


132 thoughts on “Devos, Immigration, Filibuster: President Trump’s New Theme Song

  1. Yes, they are making Americans less safe. Think of the Trump Tweets if there is a terrorist attack.

    Should this matter be brought before the courts of the Patriot Act?

  2. It won’t be just “Trump Tweets” Lu4PUMA, if there is an attack which implicates those who blocked President Trump’s order.

    It will be an assault on the 9th Circuit which will lead either/and to “reform” by splitting the Circuit and Trump appoints all the new judges in the new circuit, or Trump nominees to the 9th Circuit will ignore the suggestions of senators from those states.

    That would be just the beginning. Trump would also demand the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court take action against the 9th Circuit and the scrutiny of the circuit would be heightened by the high court. The 9th Circuit is playing with fire.

  3. There’s a kerfluffle in the Senate right now (on C-SPAN) regarding Senator Warren. It seems Hatch alleged she impugn a senator so she is in violation of he rules. Warren is on the warpath and appealing the ruling.

  4. Because it worked so well against DeVos:

    Senate Dems plan all-nighter to protest Sessions

    Fresh off an all-night talkathon on the Senate floor to protest President Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Education, Senate Democrats are planning another overnight debate.

    This time, they will be protesting Trump’s pick to serve as attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.).

  5. admin
    February 7, 2017 at 8:46 pm
    There’s a kerfluffle in the Senate right now (on C-SPAN) regarding Senator Warren. It seems Hatch alleged she impugn a senator so she is in violation of he rules. Warren is on the warpath and appealing the ruling.
    Who could blame pow wow the Indian girl–Warren

    The sun in this video is Trump

    The damage the sun is doing is to the progressive empire

    As it wilts on the vine

  6. admin
    February 7, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Yes these all nighters are getting old.

    The next step is a walk out.

    They are reluctant to do that however.

    For if they did the public would realize that Trump could rule without them

  7. I just called Nordstrom, they dropped Ivankas line and lied about why, saying it wasn’t selling but CEO sent email out 2 days ago dissing Trump and then this happened. They will try to give you the line her merchandise wasn’t selling but I called them on it.

    By Phone. Contact the corporate headquarters of Nordstrom at 206-628-2111. You can also call the toll-free number, 888-282-6060. The corporate offices of Nordstrom are located in Seattle, Washington.

  8. I think the last week trump has shown he does in fact have the temperament to be POTUS as he has shown great restraint given the media, courts, and NGO’s have worked hand and hand to tie up his nominations and make it procedurally difficult to accomplish some of his more important campaign issues.

  9. And on the other thread jb stated he thought Trump should compromise on his immigration,… hmmm no, if anything he should go full metal jacket. Compromise with these thugs and you are done.
    Like the fraud compromised on anything, and if Hillary was elected, which she will NEVER be by the way, we would be getting fitted for our hijab as I write.

    But then, jb would still be voting for her cause she’s a woman and gee, he always supported the Clintons, even when she stuck a knife in Israels back.and took hundreds of millions for pay to play, and left 4 men to be murdered and an ambassador sodomized, tortured and paraded around in the streets before he died, a friend no less she says, and they lied to the American people, their families and let an innocent film maker go to prison, I could go on but I won’t…

    I just have a hard time hearing you tell Trump what he should be doing when I know where the hell we would be right now if Hillary had won… pretty sure your 401 would not be up over $100,000 either.
    Yes we all make mistakes, and I have made plenty and maybe this rant is another, but I haven’t heard you say it was a mistake, maybe that’s it. Cause I’m not Jewish, but I have always loved Israel and the Jewish people.
    I just don’t understand how you could compromise her very existence.

  10. My friend, the really brilliant one, told me today that she sent an email to the Trump campaign proposing the very idea I raised on this blog a couple days ago, i.e.send grievances over the application of the travel ban, extra vetting–call it what you will only don’t call it a Muslim ban as big media does, send all of them to the FISA courts for resolution. Cases such as this require a judicious balance between civil rights and national security. And when there is clear cogent and convincing proof of an imminent threat, that cannot be ignored. Judges like Rogan, or the three judge panel are not equipped to weigh the national security piece becaus they lack the background, training and temperament. Furthermore, to my knowledge no direct evidence of ethe clear and present danger the nation is facing, i.e. ISIS movements to and within this nation, been presented to them, in camera, where is should be. With nothing more than generalities, judges like these are unlikely to see the need for any curtailment of civil liberties. I cannot help but think back to that conversation I mentioned with the British special forces guy, prior to 911.

  11. Gonzotx, as we have always had a good relationship, apparently until I voted for Hillary. I can admit when I make a mistake. In this case it was a choice, albeit an unpopular one here. I have attempted to support Trump now that the election is over and we should move on as we likely agree on most issues than disagree. By the way, I do not have a 401k (actually an old roll over IRA from when I worked for a firm) but yes, I am heavily invested in the market. I as a Jew, I am very appreciative of your support for Israel.

  12. jb I don’t think you should hold your breath about ACA. I heard Trump say something like it should be done by the end of this year. And he has said previously that there would be a seamless transition, so they would have to have the replacement ready to go at that same time that ACA is totally dismantled.

  13. This is one excellent video, I saw it on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight. It’s really dismaying how the rise of transsexuals has been minimizing real women. So the dems favor Muslims over women, and now favor transsexuals over women. And of course 3rd wave feminism follows suit. She mentions that you can’t say “pregnant woman” anymore, which I read last week. It might hurt transsexuals feelings because they can (sort of) look like a woman, but can’t get pregnant.

    For heaven’s sake, lots of real women aren’t able to get pregnant, whether through genetics or it not working out with a guy in their lives, and no one worried about *their* feelings. It’s so past time to get back to reality instead of raising snowflakes who are so offended and have no coping skills. The 1st wave really must be turning over in their graves, “I starved myself and tolerated force feeding to get you the vote, and you get the vapors if you hear a word you don’t like????”

  14. Trump’s approval rating is 45 percent, an underwater mark previously unseen for a president this early in his first term.

    Another benefit of Trump having time on his side – he can have a historic increase in approval ratings once more people tune out the media and watch what Trump does – he can retire as the record holder of starting from the lowest approval and ending with the highest lol

  15. So are we mincing words choice vs mistake
    Kind of like 401 vs IRA, different tax law

    So before “we” move on, which I so hate that term because it is so overused and I find people use it when they don’t want to deal with something uncomfortable in most instances, not because there isn’t necessarily a resolution and therefore leaves at least one side with very much unresolved issues…

    Simple yes or no question, if the election were today, would you vote for Hillary ?

  16. I saw a video today, set in Saudi Arabia, in a road, somewhat recently. There were people standing around, even a few cops were standing there just watching. Some husband declared that his wife killed their kid, and without any court process, due process, he and a couple others dragged her down onto the ground. She was screaming (screaming words) the whole time. Then he cuts off her head with one of those big knives. The screaming immediately stopped.

    It was devastating. This wasn’t ISIS. This was some husband. And apparently it’s not out of the ordinary, judging by the inaction and lack of concern from the spectators.

    I wish we could just wash our hands of these barbaric cultures.

    I definitely think any potential immigrants must agree that the constitution and individual rights and women’s rights and gay rights and freedom of religion and the separation of church and state are superior to Sharia, and will be deported if found they lied. There are two European countries now that allow Muslims to have child brides if they immigrate in with them. I read an article today saying that a lot of French people have moved to Hungary or Poland because those countries still feel European instead of Muslim. It’s just crazy. Western countries are the most evolved, and people are letting them be destroyed. I’m so glad some European countries are starting to wake up. First Brexit (assuming it ever happens), then France and the Netherlands vote in the next couple of months. I hope LePen and Wilders win. These countries need their own Trumps.

    And while I’m pontificating – I hope we get voter ID required in each state, and after seeing Maxine Walters a few minutes ago, I hope we start giving IQ tests before people can be allowed to be in Congress. She and Hank (of island tipping fame) must really be benefitting from gerrymandered districts.

  17. Hillary just put out a video saying that the future is female. I saw a reference yesterday to Chelsea wanting to seek political office. If that’s true about Chelsea, then I think Hillary was talking about Chelsea.

    Her wedding cost millions of dollars and they paid for it with funds from the Clinton Foundation, funds which were to go to needy people. She also got paid a huge salary for doing nothing, also from those funds for needy people. Disgusting.

  18. Lorac,
    They are so barbaric it is stuff nightmares are made of, Before 9/11 I don’t think I ever heard of the things they were doing and the numbers.
    They will lie about everything to come here and it doesn’t matter, at least it hasn’t. These fools think it can’t happen here, we’ll take a look at Dearborn, they are here and they are practicing Sharia.
    Germany has gone full bat crazy, not only are they telling women to dress different, cause getting raped is the women’s fault of course, but judges have ruled it is ok to marry a child as long as the child doesn’t complain about it.
    How crazy can you be.

    I can not wrap my head around it.

  19. after seeing Maxine Walters a few minutes ago, I hope we start giving IQ tests before people can be allowed to be in Congress
    Consider yourself lucky. What you see was Maxine on a good day. A rich little ripe little plum again at the tender age of 78. Bewitched bothered and bewildered is she. And more than a little teched in the head.

  20. Oh, I forgot, instead of saying “pregnant woman”, we’re supposed to say “pregnant person”.

    The funny thing is, a lot of these new ideas (mandates) they’re coming up with that seek to protect the feelings of transsexuals – they don’t want to put too much attention on female / male – but transsexuals are ALL ABOUT that. They don’t transition to look like regular people – at least from what I’ve seen, the women who become men want to look really butch, and the men who become women want to look really fem. They don’t want to just change their gender, they want to change to an extreme of that gender. So I actually think they’re more into extreme traditional gender roles than the average person actually is.

  21. Hillary needs to go away maybe she can go wind surfing with obama on the private island of Mr virgin airlines. Ahh, the wealthy, I think Trump ahould plant some 2000 or so muslims on that island
    Maybe we will be lucky and a shark is nearby.

  22. gonzo, it’s all regressive, all the advances of western culture are being stripped away by being allowed for certain people.

    Just imagine how regressive our future here would be if Hillary had won. Imagine that – the first female president, presiding over a country giving away women’s rights (among other things).

  23. You know how they show pictures of an ear being grown on the backs of frogs or pigs?
    I’m thinking we will be seeing vaginas and penises pretty soon hoping or walking around ready for transplant.

  24. Hillary just put out a video saying that the future is female.
    Her powers of prognostication leave something to be desired.

    Last time she told us she was the inevitable candidate.

    When she lost she told us, when you hear footsteps, keep walking.

    Today, with all the exposure she is facing, she needs to update that a little.

    When you hear footsteps, run for you life to your lawyers office and demand asylum.

    Or, to a foreign country with no extradition treaty with the US.

  25. gonzo, you said you’re on twitter, you should check out AMDWaters, she’s in Britain, and the head of UK Sharia Watch.

  26. I know I say this often but the mosque across the street from me I hate seeing the women all wrapped up and walking behind the men.
    Then the children, only boys are allowed to play games and they are dressed up in their Muslim garb .
    Never do you see the little girls, never

  27. Oh, also KTHopkins, she’s pretty wild, I guess she has a radio show, she’s also in Britain. But she’s been asking people to tell her, if we’re so bad, why do Muslims keep wanting to move to Christian countries.

    I think she knows the answer is, as many Imams have said, to take over. She just can’t get anyone to answer her because they can’t say the actual answer lol

  28. wbboei, all those snowflakes in your town, I didn’t know you guys got all that snow there lol

    I don’t understand why, if it’s true previous presidents have put on temporary bans, why that doesn’t at the least make it a simple matter of precedence….?

  29. Could the Democrats be planning their “Resistance” and recovery to be a national party again be any worse? Crazy old paw paw Bernie debating Ted Cruz (a young, quick, hardworking lawyer) and loony, querulous voiced, skinny fist waiver granny Warren getting slapped down by the Turtle. Remind everyone that you are the party of the future and not a grave. All that was missing was them zipping around cursing in their Hoveround Medical Scout scooter. Add in Nancy of Sonoma not knowing what century it is. And pull a second all-nighter of Resistance to the inevitable and one of them is going to wind up in the hospital. There is no fool like an old fool. Democrats are the party of decay.

  30. JB, when a bully puts abusive demands on you, to stop their abusive behavior, they are just looking for an excuse to continue their behaviors.

    Your vote is nobody’s business but yours.

  31. A bully aren’t you priceless ms Lu but as sure as God made little green apples there you are calling people names

    Your mirror must be broken

  32. Mormaer
    February 8, 2017 at 6:46 am
    Au contrare Mormaer.

    The dims have a sound plan for rebounding from their devastating loss.

    The key to it is committing suicide.

    At this point, they dismiss the causal factors for their loss

    And that is to be expected in what Admin has been calling since 2008 the age of fake

    In the age of fake, the biggest faker is king–case in point Obama

    The problem is fake is heady stuff, and the more you imbibe, the more delusional you become.

    Such that now they have told themselves sua sponte

    That Hillary was an effective candidate with a clear vision

    And white working class males are racist, sexist, and ignorant, therefore do not count

    Such that the reason they lost was because they failed to nominate a far left candidate like Bernie

    Or Warren who is somewhere to the left of Marx, and a living breathing crackpot

    This delusion will last through at least two election cycles

    I do not know where that congressman from Hawaii will be at that time

    But oh my god is she impressive

    If they would run her they could get back in power

    But they are too delusional to do anything sensible like that.

  33. General Barry McCafferty who just happens to be on the payroll of NBC is appalled that Trump would say the United States, like any other great nation, has dark moments in its history, where it has seen fit to kill people. That statement has made him the toast of the chattering class, and they use it to bludgeon Trump.

    I do not know what the were teaching at West Point between 1960 and 1964, which was when he was there. But I cannot imagine that it was objective history. Nor can I imagine that he ever read the War is a Racket Speech by the former Commandant of the Marine Corps who got the Medal of Honor, which trumps the silver stars Barry has. Nor has he applied critical thinking skills to the war in Iraq, and the million deaths across the region. Oh we have got blood on our hands.

    If he really believes that, then I shall not scruple to say I have finally met a 70 year old virgin. And if not, then he is yet another ex military man who is on sale to the highest bidder, which in this case just happens to be NBC, who never let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of their phony narrative.

  34. imho…we need to stop badgering each other if we are trying to find common ground…I say this from personal experience, I have mentioned my best friend, a friend who has been there for me thru thick and thin and I mean thick and thin…is having a very difficult time with me voting for DT…I was the number one cheerleader of the Clintons in our circle from 1992 to 2008 in Los Angeles…organized fund raisers, etc…

    she and i have never had a negative word prior to this election, but she is often actually very angry with me that I voted for him and even feels betrayed…at the beginning I tried to discuss but I can see that she is too emotional and…I had hoped we would get to a place where we could kid around about it…but that is not happening so I leave it alone…I don’t want to be the one to cause her more pain and throw gas on the fire…and she has her own reasons for the way she feels…and she is entitled to them…

    the friendship is too important to me to throw away over politics or a difference in opinion or a vote…reminds me of the story I heard about a woman leaving her husband because he voted for trump…

    I am not going to force my opinion on her and on my end I just try to avoid it, especially when she really goes after him…she and i have gone thru too many experiences on a human level to waste on fighting over that…during our friendship, we both lost our parents, etc…stuff that is really important on a personal and deep level…

    people need space to work out their own feelings and choices…the bottom line is there is so so so much polarization…and hate…as it is…so when there is a chance to meet half way…regardless of the past…imo…that is progress and it is positive…especially because in our present time…it is rare and fleeting…so I do not think it is helpful to push it away…strength in numbers as we go forward makes sense…

    times change…circumstances change…and people’s opinions and choices change…

    I would hate to be chained to some of the opinions…or heaven forbid…some of the choices…I made or had at other stages in my life…oh goodness no! (what was I thinking!)

    we evolve…

  35. Polls:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 53% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove.

    Reuters poll: Trump approval 50.1%

    Democratic voters are sending a clear message to their elected officials in Washington: Stop Donald Trump at all costs.

    A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll of 2,070 registered voters, including 740 self-identified Democrats, shows that just 34 percent of those Democrats said they want their party’s elected officials to find ways to work with the new president. A 56-percent majority said Democrats in Congress should stick to their principles, even “if that means blocking all legislation or nominees for government posts.”

  36. This is the way to do it: Stop the whining; Stop the fighting; Just get the job done.

    A top Senate Republican is warning that the Senate could work around the clock as they try to confirm three more of President Trump’s nominees.

    Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) stressed that how late the Senate is in session is up to Democrats. Absent a deal, he said lawmakers will stay in Washington through Saturday.

    “We can do it cooperatively so we can burn time when we’re out of session or if they won’t agree to that, we can stay in session 24 hours,” he told The Hill, asked about the schedule for the rest of the week. [snip]

    Cornyn said Republicans are ready to stay in 24/7 if that’s needed. “A lot of our members are happy to do that,” he said.

    One Republican senator has to preside over the Senate when it’s in session.

  37. They have no “principals” to stick to.


    There’s a difference , it’s one thing to vote for someone despite the years of evidence pointing towards a monstrous outcome that person winning would have been, but to go to another blog, voice vitriol and then come back and want to sing let’s all get together and forget the past, but I would do it all over again, well fool me once, something is really off with that concept.

    I think there’s a real trust issue for me. I feel it’s somewhat like Hillary, say one thing to one group and a different thing to another.

    I don’t wish JB any ill well, I just don’t know him anymore. Spoke to him for years on this blog and he was someone else on another. Maybe that’s the nature of these blogs, you can be who you want to be depending on how you want to invent yourself.
    And that’s the way I feel and why it bothers me and people don’t have to agree with me but it is what it is.

  38. A top Senate Republican is warning that the Senate could work around the clock as they try to confirm three more of President Trump’s nominees.

    Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) stressed that how late the Senate is in session is up to Democrats. Absent a deal, he said lawmakers will stay in Washington through Saturday.

    “We can do it cooperatively so we can burn time when we’re out of session or if they won’t agree to that, we can stay in session 24 hours,” he told The Hill, asked about the schedule for the rest of the week. [snip]

    Cornyn said Republicans are ready to stay in 24/7 if that’s needed. “A lot of our members are happy to do that,” he said.

    One Republican senator has to preside over the Senate when it’s in session.

    Absent the whereases and the wherefores, this is the perfect preamble for resort to the nuclear option. In other words, we vetted every argument they had, we remained in the chamber for days, until it became clear to us that their only goal was to be obstructionist, invalidate the election, and leave the country in a state of limbo. They gave us no choice to do to them what Harry Reid did to us, for the sake of raw power, rather than to protect the nation, which is why we are moving forward.

  39. foxyladi14
    February 8, 2017 at 12:13 pm
    When I met David, he had a small organization called the Center for Individual Rights and Personal Responsibility of Los Angeles. He as grown in size scope and importance since then. He has always been a voice for truth. His insights on Soros figured heavily in the research that Mrs Smith, Confloyd, the Princeton Banker, and my brilliant friend all contributed to. And when I invited him to a Republican fundraiser in Sun Valley twenty years ago, there were plenty of Republicans who crashed the gate, without making a contribution to our candidate, to hear him speak. I spent the day and the next morning with him, and it was very insightful, and inciteful.

  40. Matt Drudge rips the GOP for inaction on ObamaCare, tax cuts
    9:29 a.m. ET

    Matt Drudge, the highly influential founder and editor of the Drudge Report, ripped the Republican Party on Wednesday for forgetting where its priorities really lie. The GOP “should be sued for fraud,” Drudge tweeted, questioning why Republicans have yet to deliver on promises to repeal ObamaCare and cut taxes.

    Drudge suggested in one tweet that maybe Republicans aren’t cut out to lead, pointing to a report from The New York Times about Senate Republicans’ vote Tuesday to “formally silence” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for “impugning” attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) by reading a searing letter written by Dr. Martin Luther King’s widow, Coretta Scott King:

    No Obamacare repeal, tax cuts! But Republicans vote to shut Warren? Only know how to be opposition not lead! DANGER
    5:18 AM – 8 Feb 2017
    Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts last month.
    Republican Senators Vote to Formally Silence Elizabeth Warren
    Ms. Warren was accused of impugning a peer when she condemned Senator Jeff Sessions’s nomination for attorney general while reading a letter from Coretta Scott King on the Senate floor.
    632 632 Retweets 1,102 1,102 likes
    Drudge urged the GOP to get “back to basics,” instead of continuing on with “just lots of crazy”:

    View image on Twitter
    View image on Twitter
    Republican party should be sued for fraud. NO discussion of tax cuts now. Just lots of crazy. Back to basics, guys!
    5:36 AM – 8 Feb 2017
    958 958 Retweets 1,618 1,618 likes
    Twenty minutes later, Drudge pointed to a specific example of what the White House has made time to do — and what it hasn’t. Becca Stanek

    White House eyeing executive order targeting ‘conflict minerals’ rule… Meanwhile, is Obamacare penalty tax still in place?
    5:56 AM – 8 Feb 2017
    353 353 Retweets 629 629 likes

  41. If you need ANY further proof that the Republican leadership lacks the will and capacity to lead, you need only consider the headline that the confirmation of de Vos proves that McConnell knows what he is doing. The author of that nonsense was jurnolister Chris Cilezza, an unmitigated liar. He is keen to endorse this action, so he can defend their inaction on matters of consequence to the American People, such as Obamacare, spiraling deficits, and open borders. Thus, I would amend his headline to read as follows: McConnell know what his donors wants. Or in the words of the head of Tamany Hall, I seen me opportunities and I took em.

  42. I was upset over the loss and vented . Not the end of the world . Anyway, I am concerned over the headline and link on Drudge regarding delay in repealing ACA. We all want that. If the GOP does not come through on that they ( and Trump) will have a very ugly midterm elections.

  43. Well if you voted for Hitlary you surely do not want ObamaCare repealed and replaced! She was keeping it and doing even MORE damage to the American workers I thank GOD every day that evil vile creature lost and I would NOT shed any tears or feel bad if I woke up one morning to find she has descended straight into hell

  44. The Bush years were bad enough, but the last 8 have been even worse. The people who realized what a bad mistake was made in ’08 and came together on these blogs really helped me through these tough times. I have no apologies for supporting Hillary in ’08 or in hoping that vision of her would reemerge in 2016. I am grateful for Admin’s insight into the situation and now I am hopeful Trump will lead the nation in the right direction.

    I am saddened by what has happened to Hillary and would leave her with this:

    Hillary does not matter anymore, but the spirit that brought Big Pink together is everything.

  45. Gorsuch is either playing nice to Blumenthal or we may have another Souter on our hands.
    The difference betwween Souter and Gorsuch is that Souter was thought to be a stealth candidate, who was assumed to be a conservative, but had no record, specifically, no law review articles, or judicial opinions to support it. The goal of Bush Sr. was to not have the third name he submitted Borked, etc. Gorsuch has a conservative record extant and is a well published writer. Consequently, there is far less risk that he will go to the dark side.

  46. Hillary does not matter anymore, but the spirit that brought Big Pink together is everything.
    Its an ill wind that blows no good.

  47. Lu4PUMA this one works for us too:

    The lyrics to “She’s come undone” cut close to the bone as to Hillary.

    She’s come undone
    She didn’t know what she was headed for
    And when I found what she was headed for
    It was too late

    She’s come undone
    She found a mountain that was far too high
    And when she found out she couldn’t fly
    It was too late

    It’s too late
    She’s gone too far
    She’s lost the sun

    She’s come undone








  49. I have a question for all our legal scholars…

    what if Donald’s executive order does go to the supreme court and Gorsuch is not yet on the supreme court…and the present supreme court votes 4 to 4…

    isn’t that bad for DT and us…because it would then stand with the lower court’s opinion, correct?

    or is it the case that it would not even reach the supreme court until Gorsuch is on the court?

    …seems we need him to be on the court for it to go the President’s way…and in the name of common sense…

    I have heard it could take until at least April for Gorsuch to be installed on the court…


  50. The wall is a non negotiable.

    The other items, i.e.

    1. corporate tax cuts

    2. border tax

    3. chinese currency manipulation

    Should be packaged into a single proposal

    Which strikes a balance between

    1. job growth

    2. consumer purchasing power

    3. fiscal stability

  51. wbboei
    February 8, 2017 at 7:15 pm
    The difference betwween Souter and Gorsuch is that Souter was thought to be a stealth candidate, who was assumed to be a conservative, but had no record, specifically, no law review articles, or judicial opinions to support it. The goal of Bush Sr. was to not have the third name he submitted Borked, etc. Gorsuch has a conservative record extant and is a well published writer. Consequently, there is far less risk that he will go to the dark side.
    While I sympathize with Trump’s sentiments on this matter, I do think it unseemly for the president to openly criticize individual judges or the judicial system as a whole. On this issue, I do agree with Gorsuch (and McConnell, for that matter). I see Gorsuch’s remarks as nothing more than a defense of the honor and independence of the judiciary.

  52. matthew77
    February 8, 2017 at 8:44 pm
    Our judiciary is FOUL with judges with special interests who do not recuse, but use their positions as politicians in robes, to enrich themselves. They are rotten with corruption and half belong in jail. I hope Trump kicks ass.

  53. matthew77
    February 8, 2017 at 8:44 pm
    February 8, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    While I sympathize with Trump’s sentiments on this matter, I do think it unseemly for the president to openly criticize individual judges or the judicial system as a whole. On this issue, I do agree with Gorsuch (and McConnell, for that matter). I see Gorsuch’s remarks as nothing more than a defense of the honor and independence of the judiciary.
    Keep in mind that federal judges do not stand for election, but hold their offices for life and good behavior.

    Keep in mind that many of them see themselves as a bevy of Platonic Guardians free to substitute their judgement for the will of the people.

    Keep in mind that most of them rose through to ranks by kissing the asses of politicians in one party or the other.

    Billy Beeks who was the senior judge for the Western District of Washington when I was young, came out of the same law firm as this Robart, i.e. Lane Powell Moss and Miller, used to keep photos of Scoop Jackson and Warren Magnuson behind him on his credenza and told people those democrats two (whom I liked) will get me a judicial appointment.

    On the one hand it is important to preserve the fiction that the judiciary is neutral and objective, but a more nuance view of them supports what Trump is saying. It is hard for me to say they should be immune from criticism.

    Lest we forget, Gerald Ford, who later became President and was better know for shanking his drives off the first tee and hitting a member of the gallery in the head–this he did twice, was hot on the trail of Wild William Douglas when he was on the Supreme Court and did such noble things as granting standing to trees to sue in federal court.

    In the final analysis for Trump to call a spade a spade. If Andrew Jackson were alive today he would be going much further than Donald has, and he received the same response for the entrenched establishment in his day, as Donald is receiving today.

  54. Our judiciary is FOUL with judges with special interests who do not recuse, but use their positions as politicians in robes, to enrich themselves. They are rotten with corruption and half belong in jail. I hope Trump kicks ass.
    Outside the Fifth Circuit?

  55. matthew77
    February 8, 2017 at 8:44 pm
    Maybe I did not think this through.

    If you are saying he cannot criticize the court because to do so undermines majesty of the court, I cannot agree.

    But if you are saying that there are better ways to so that, then I think you have a fair point.

    The criticism should be with a scalpel rather than a meat axe.

    After all the strategy of his critics is to expand upon everything he says, and then condemn it.

    He is better off limiting it, and focusing it with laser intensity. For example:

    You might think it is a bit odd for a federal judge sitting in Seattle to issue an edict binding upon the nation that prohibits my administration from protecting the public from the clear and present danger of an imminent attack, but inasmuch as I am a litigant in this proceeding, and this judge has tied my hands, I really couldn’t comment, etc.

  56. Recap

    Yesterday’s wins:
    Left: Pence had to break tie in Senate.

    Right: Devos.

    Today’s Wins:

    Left: Ivanka can’t sell shoes at Nieman Marcus

    Right: Sessions


  57. Seen in the comment section of a UK website


    A Muslim boy asked his mother, “Mama, what’s the difference between Democracy and racism? ”

    Mother dressed in her Burka says “Well, son, Democracy is when the UK tax payers work hard every day so that we can get all our benefits ……..You know, like free housing, free health care, free education and grants to build our Mosques and Community Centres and so and and so forth, You know… that’s a Democracy

    “But Mama, don’t the UK tax payers get angry about that?”

    “Sure they do….and that’s what we call racism!”

  58. The Queen, who is one of Europe’s most respected and long-serving royals, said politicians needed to “put their foot down” and strictly uphold the country’s principles of democracy and gender equality in her unprecedented rallying cry.


    And she admitted that the sheer scale of the new arrivals seen across Europe over the last 18 months had changed her views of immigration which, as a young woman in the 1960s, she and other Danes saw as “exciting”.

    Speaking about the cultural values some migrants bring with them, she said: “We cannot pretend that it wears off by itself. It won’t. Many of us thought that people who come to a strange place are a kind of a blotting paper that absorbs everything new.

  59. Czech Republic president Milos Zeman said that it is “impossible” to integrate Muslims from the Middle East into European societies because their core values are too dissimilar to those of Western populations.

    In an outspoken interview the veteran left-winger blamed the New Year’s Eve rapes in Cologne on “Muslim culture” and said people who want to live according to Islamic law should not move to Europe to settle.

  60. There are some points of light in various European countries. I’m hoping one of Mormaer’s preference cascades takes over, and western culture gets saved.

  61. Ivanka can’t sell shoes at Nieman Marcus
    First Nordstroms, now Neiman Marcus?

    These ceo are colluding on this, I guarandamnedtee you.

    Ivanka should pull her merchandize from their stores, and reward their competitors.

    I loved the part about John Nordstrom.

    I used to caddy for his son, Everett Nordstrom at Seattle Golf club in the 1960s

    I see he died while playing golf at Seattle Golf club in 1972.

    He was a dignified guy, with a great practice swing, but his real swing was too short.

    The guys running it today are yuppies and they lean left.

    And it is a highly political business environment internally.

    I am not sure they are old enough to have met their grandfather, John Sr. I have my doubts.

    So when they say the oppose Trump because their grandfather was an immigrant

    The fail to point out that he was a legal one.

  62. It’s not right what they are doing to Ivanka but not unexpected either. If we have seen anything during the Obama years is that the left is okay with freedom of choice IF YOU AGREE WITH THEIR CHOICES FOR YOU. Don’t feel too bad, howeve3r,m as she appears to have a wonderful family and obviously money is not the issue for her. I am sure Ivanka will continue to be successful in her endeavors. I do think, however, this is why Melania has wanted to avoid Washington and deep down probably has mixed feelings about her husband being POTUS.

  63. I wish to start a movement. The impeachment of federal Judge Robart. Not only does he spout nonsensical lies (no terrorists from the seven “pause” countries) he does so with ZERO research. This is rank incompetence. His bubble is so thick he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. I think he is playing stupid and all butthurt for the poor refugees flooding in with fake ISIS issued Syrian passports when he is really Judge “Google” for cheap labor trying to scare off the White House and President Trump from examining their tech’s slave labor scheme with H1B’s. But I’ll take his word that he is stupid. He exhibited judicial misconduct of the grossest kind (and he is a whiny ninny) therefore he’s gotta go. As for the three panel on the Ninth? Curly, Moe and Larry watch too much fake news and need to be reprimanded for putting their judicial careers on the line for using non-evidence to hector a lawyer who doesn’t have the same morning routine of watching crap on tv while drinking coffee. Citing non-administration sources saying “OMG it’s a MUSLIM ban!” and having absolutely ZERO classified or otherwise national security briefings before bleating out nonsense for the approval of their radical chic cocktail cronies must be punished. The hearing was the level of junior high girls fighting over cheer-leading uniforms with the adults (ugh, I hate to say I have first hand experience from years ago). I’m not a lawyer but are these people really judges? Impeach them. We pay for better than this. Morons.

  64. Sessions was confirmed after the Democrats showed their true colors. Why exactly in the future should any Republican vote for any Democrat in the Senate? Or any bill, appropriation, name of a Post Office, day or any other thing a Democrat wants? Schumer who has worked with Sessions for twenty years showed his ass. A clown and not fit to be in civil company, this boob suddenly has objections to a man who has had a better career and life than he has.

    With immigration law now to be followed by the DOJ and agencies charged with enforcing it, the entire scheme will begin to collapse. It is not fun, profitable, enabling or cool if the po-po are on your butt. And the endless free resources are just threatened to be cut off will see refugee migrants sadly trekking through the snow to Canada, cash charging construction workers heading to their ranchos in Mexico, and Middle eastern playboys getting their Lamborghini’s impounded for drag-racing and running over people in LA. Get picked up and you get dumped at the airport or over the border without your shit. How many of then have friends who will ship their stuff to them when they could just steal it all? Leave now and take your crap with you. Save yourself the legal fees too. These are opportunists and the opportunity now has a price.

  65. According to,
    Sessions is scheduled to be sworn in Thursday morning, February 9. According to a schedule sent out from Vice President Mike Pence’s office, he and President Donald Trump will participating in Sessions’ swearing in ceremony in the Oval Office at 10:30 a.m. Eastern. You will also be able to watch the swearing in on the White House’s YouTube page.

    Sessions has said that he is resigning his current office at 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, February 8.

  66. I agree with everything you say, but my point has been this: If the administration cannot affect a change of venue to a forum that understands the security risk Trump is moving against, that being the FISA courts manned by Article IIII judges who have been confirmed by Congress, and who by the nature of the knowledge and cases they have heard since they specialize in this area of the law, then in the alternative, the Justice needs to box the judges who are, by default, hearing these cases in. The way to do that is to present clear evidence that ISIS has salted its way into the waves of illegals, in which case the judge who discounts that risk is betting his career and his standing in the community if he ignores that risk. Years ago there was a judge who sat on the Supreme Court of New York (which is a trial court not an appellate one) who let violent offenders out on bail, and the did struck again, no surprise that. He was a black judge and he cited Frederick Douglas’s quote black people must agitate in perpetuity against the white establishment, and Bruce decided, sua sponte, that agitation should not stop at the court house steps. He sat on the court for 25 years, but earned the emnity of those charged with enforcing the law, because he was indifferent to the dangers his improvident decisions wewre having on the community. He was known as “turn em loose bruce”. Getting back to the discussion last night, this is why judges should not be immune from criticism. Too often their decisions reflect a private agenda, that flies in the face of the core mission of the judiciary. I hate to say it, but it is true.

  67. The reason they are not doing that is they have highly sophisticated means of detection which they do not want to disclose, and the FISA judges know what they are. Indeed disclosure could cost lives. But they could present this evidence, if it exists, and I am pretty damned sure it does, to Rogan in camera, meaning in private. But then the question is would it do any good, and how could they be sure that he would hold it inviolate. These are imponderables. And you would really know a lot more about this judge, meaning his moral character, intellectual capacity and politics to make that monumental leap of faith. Put differently, all men may be equal in the eye of the law, but sadly all judges are not. Pontius Pilot tends to be the norm, rather that the exception.

  68. Justice Holmes called surveillance a dirty dirty business. And when it is used against American citizens, and journalists, as it was under CIA Director Brennan and NASA chief Clapper, for purely political purposes, both of whom lied about it until they got trapped, then I cannot disagree with what Holmes said, i.e. a dirty dirty business. But when those same capabilities are used for a benign purpose, which is to say properly, to protect the people of this nation, then there is nothing dirty about it. And when a president, charged with protecting the nation against a clear and present danger is thwarted by a judge on flimsy legal grounds, he leaves the nation at risk. As for the appellate court, the world that exists atop Nob Hill, Telegraph Hill, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill and Twin Peaks, which define the city of San Francisco is not the real world, and its habituate have never had to face the hard cold facts of life. In a community such as that, which is the world of the 9th circuit, the fog that rolls in in the afternoon is a permanent condition.

  69. jbstonesfan
    February 9, 2017 at 1:06 am
    It’s not right what they are doing to Ivanka but not unexpected either. If we have seen anything during the Obama years is that the left is okay with freedom of choice IF YOU AGREE WITH THEIR CHOICES FOR YOU.
    soft tyranny.

  70. There are several tenets at the heart of neo lib doctrine, which is has finally hit a wall.

    One of them is this:

    Any person in any part of the world has a right to move anywhere in the world they want,

    and the citizens of that town, city, state, province or country must:

    1. accept them,

    2. pay for them, and-

    3. tolerate their intolerant cultures they bring with them.

    The aim of this program is two fold

    1. to enslave the world

    2. to begin the process of reducing the human population

    3. through death panels, and the substitution of robots for human labor.

  71. Well well well, the CIA (Catholics In Action) funded a study designed to make the Muslim Brotherhood look good enough to be the successor to legacy regimes in the Middle East who had supported the US, and peace with Israel. That study became the talking points for the CIA, big media, and the really, really, really(?) smart people as in think tank types in Washington. And Obama gave the Muslim Brotherhood an office inside the White House, and input in the failed Arab Spring strategy devised by Power, inter alia. The myth of moderate Muslim was thereby created, and it was then extended to forces like al Quaeda and ISIS, who were depicted in those terms. What the big media beloved–and god almighty did the love him, messiah, omnipotent and omnicient he was missed was this little gem. (P.S. you have really got to hand it to those Catholics in Action, yes? About them, the American People need to say this: falso in uno. Falso in omnibus.)
    After 9/11, a joint U.S.-European intelligence analysis on the Muslim Brotherhood that raised concerns about the organization’s global goals was obtained:

    As the spread of Islamic radicalism began to accelerate a few years ago, a team of U.S. and European intelligence agency officials collaborated on a secret study of a sensitive subject: the global operations of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Their classified report highlighted what its authors saw as disturbing trends. Founded by fundamentalists in Egypt in 1928, the Brotherhood has grown rapidly in recent years and established beachheads in over 70 countries, including virtually every major nation in Europe and the Middle East, as well as many parts of Africa. According to the report, the group’s members “frequently communicate and meet in secret” and appeared to have access to hundreds of millions of dollars.

    The group’s leaders now publicly disavow violence, and in many countries, operate openly in the political process. But the Brotherhood’s goals, the report states, have remained constant: the creation of a worldwide Islamic caliphate that would govern according to sharia, or Quranic law.

    “Regardless of any moderate statements to the contrary,” the report states, Muslim Brotherhood members “still abide by the following radical theme proudly displayed on their Web site: Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

  72. Well now isn’t this nice.

    Houston, one of the armpits of the nation, is telling the illegal aliens, hey mon, mi casa es su casa.

    Suppose we make them eat those words.


    By measuring the size of their homes, figuring how many illegals could be squeezed within its four walls; checking their net income to determine how much those illegals will partake from social safety nets, and make those stark enthusiasts for illegal immigration foot that bill; and have them sign a binding contract to that effect.

    None of the tragedy of the commons downside. Let those who want open borders pay for it out of their own pocket, rather than imposing that cost on society as a whole. And see just how quickly they change their tune.

    Suddenly mi casa es su casa become mi dinero (money) no es su dinero. Have them sign that contract, to prove to the world that they are not the blatant hypocrites they appear to be.

    Its like the scene from the movie Cromwell and asks them are you a hyprocrite? To which they instantly reply no! To which he then says,then prove it– sign!!!

  73. foxyladi14
    February 9, 2017 at 12:00 pm
    No Pussy hats allowed.

    perhaps we should design a hat in honor of our new president, topped off with a couple of brass pom-poms.

  74. wbboei
    February 8, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    If you are saying he cannot criticize the court because to do so undermines [the] majesty of the court, I cannot agree.
    But if you are saying that there are better ways to so that, then I think you have a fair point.


    That’s all I’m saying. I don’t even think he needs to mince words. But I think personal attacks are too much: “… this so-called judge …”.

    Please don’t misunderstand. I agree with Trump completely. I think that Robart is a mediocre judge and a bleeding-heart liberal, and that his ruling is entirely motivated by politics.

    Nevertheless, I think it unseemly for Trump to insult him personally, in the same way I would have thought it unseemly had Obama’s military detail given him the finger instead of a salute when he stepped out of the presidential helicopter.

    Salute the uniform, not the man.

    I think that’s all that Gorsuch is saying. And I do agree with you that Gorsuch’s “demoralizing” comment does not portend a Souter-like about-face down the road.

  75. Wbboei, how do you see the travel restrictions resolution? I think the stay “stays” in place and won’t be heard by SCOTUS.

  76. jbstonesfan
    February 9, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Wbboei, how do you see the travel restrictions resolution? I think the stay “stays” in place and won’t be heard by SCOTUS.
    For now, yes.

    But I do not think he can allow the stay to stand, because it is bad law, and having embarked on that course he needs to see it through.

    When Gorsuch gets on the court, he Sessions will march forward.

    The more interesting discussion is here.

    The painful autopsy that tees up the critical question, against a political backdrop similar to east Berlin after WWII.

    Was our beloved messiah good for the party or bad for the party? Was he our alpha or omega.

    (Hint: girliemon was no alpha)

    Or, to put it as their visionary messiah would, uh uh uh, in the long arc of history, or maybe even before, will we all be dead politically.

    Lets table that question, too painful, lets go to Hawaii and windsurf with him. We can charter a C-47 and bring our big media whores with us and have a jolly good time. Believe me, their negativity, sniping and lies will not be missed.

    We are the same sort of lazy fuckoff that he is. Ergo, carpe diem, lets party. Jurnolisters gone wild.

  77. Sessions is the key… now we have him, let heads roll, figuratively speaking, of course.

    May God protect him

  78. Well well, l am sure LaRaza is behind this, illegal immigrant, just happens to be a mother of 2, not clear on husband but he’s not a citizen, has felony history because she stole ID and SS# to work, hasn’t bothered however to try to get citizenship, was deported by a judge years ago but got a stay, regularly checks in at local office as was cited and just happened to bring along a protest group when they said, new Sheriff in town, sending you back to Mexico, just happen to be pictures and national news…

    Also a few months too old to qualify for dreamers and of course the felony disqualified her.

  79. matthew77
    February 9, 2017 at 1:47 pm
    Suppose Trump had said it this way instead.

    As president, my highest duty is to keep the country safe.

    To do so, I have various tools at my disposal.

    One of those tools is to detain, vet and deny entry to foreign nationals

    When the pose a threat to public safety.

    The legal authority for my position is clear.

    Yet this judge has chosen to ignore it.

    Let us hope there is no terrorist attack on the nation

    Between the now and the time I get this improvident decision reversed

    My administration will do everything we can to prevent it

    But if there is such an attack

    And the tool this judge has denied me could have prevented it

    Then obviously, the blame will fall on his head.

  80. One of the enduring questions lawyers must ask themselves is can they criticize the courts, or whether as officers of the court they are precluded from doing so. It depends on the context. If they criticize a court in a case they are handling, then that is obviously verbotten, because it undermines the rule of law. Darrow pushed that doctrine to its limits when a judge told him he hoped that Darrow was not being disrespectful to the court, and he replied your honor is entitled to hope. But to criticize another court in the context of political debate is protected by the first amendment. Nonetheless, he must ask himself whether he should exercise that right in the particular situation. Often, the best answer is no, simply because that lawyer does not have all the facts before him that the judge does, and the judge should be given the benefit of the doubt. But when Judges inject themselves into the political process, and substitute their transformative agenda for the constitution, under the Warren doctrine of the living constitution, then they have usurped a legislative function, and they are fair game for lawyers or anyone else.

  81. wbboei
    February 8, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    What happened to me in the 5th circuit, happened all across the nation. I have not studied all the circuits, but did look around enough to see the 2000 changes in the civil suit laws were used to shut them down. Now all there are, are large class action suites where they quote big numbers but never tell you how may people divided the settlement.

    That is why women now make 80% of what a man does, for the same work. It is all about the lower wages and it could not be done without the judiciary’s decision about how to apply the laws.

    The system is rigged. It is rigged so you just cannot win.

  82. I see where the 2nd circuit has fallen through its ass on the travel ban.

    If I did not care about the loss of life this will lead to, I could say, bravo:

    1. Trump has fulfilled his promise to push as hard as he can to protect the nation

    2. And the courts have assumed the risk that a terrorist act will occur, despite best efforts.

    The courts may not realize it right now, but they have stuck their necks out a country mile.

    If worse comes to worse the public will not be charitable toward them.

    My guess is they will not be that lucky.

  83. wbboei
    February 9, 2017 at 6:43 pm
    The courts have been Trumped in a deadly game of chicken.

    I wish he would use the FISA courts.

  84. That is why women now make 80% of what a man does, for the same work
    I have seen many compensation programs over the years.

    None of them specified sex as a determining factor.

    How then does this disparity come about.

    Lets first be sure that there is one—are the jobs really identical

    Or is someone sliding in some concept of comparable worth

    If you determine that the jobs are identical

    Then you must decide whether the employees are identical in terms of tenure, job history, performance, etc.

    I will concede that there was rampant discrimination within the white house on ground of gender

    But to make the same allegation about society at large requires additional evidence.

    And I don’t have that evidence.

    Do you.

    Specifically, what do you have to show that the jobs and the employees were identical except for their gender?

    As for the 80% figure, that was true in the Obama White House.

    But you need to drill down below the top line.

    Unless you want to apply the repudiated legal doctrine of comparable worth.

  85. wbboei
    February 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm
    Agreed WB. I work for a large company (over 100,000 people worldwide) and have never seen any such evidence, either in the teams I have managed (men and women) nor in the managers I report to, many of whom are women. Been with this company nearly 20 years and worked in many departments with many different managers. Sorry, have never seen it.

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