Steve Bannon Knows: Big Media Party Is The Enemy

Hooray for Steve Bannon!!! Steve Bannon said this week what we wrote years ago. Recall we called it the “Big Media Party” back in November 2007:

The rise of a new political party – The Big Media Party.

Readers of Big Pink will notice that we regularly refer to “Big Media” not the generally approved MSM (Main Stream Media) utilized by Big Bloggers and the idiot “frame” obsessed to describe the current state of American journalism. [snip]

It is with that history in mind that we refer to the modern media establishment as “Big Media”. Big Media therefore is “big” not so much because of the size of their resources as because of the influence their members could exert on many companies and in many fields of activity.

The Big Media Party fights for its power and their interests. The Big Media Party is an animal of prey and the prey is the public. These are not crusading journalists of yore fighting to right some miscarriage of justice perpetrated by corrupt public officials or exposing sneaky business leaders enriching themselves via fraudulent practices. The Big Media Party fights for the power and privileges of Big Media, with deception and distortion, against the public interest.

We wrote our analysis of the “Big Media Party” during the election cycle which pitted Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama. We saw clearly that the Big Media Party and the cabal of Democrat power brokers such as Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi wanted to shift the party/coalition of FDR, which defended the white working class, into the abomination which is the Obama coalition. Kennedy/Reid/Pelosi succeeded in their aims but ultimately failed because their success led to President Donald J. Trump – which is exactly what we predicted would happen.

So abusive and deceptive is Big Media, the Big Media Party, as especially witnessed during the 2016 election against Donald J. Trump, that the majority of the public now understands these are not people nor an institution which protects American values.

So transparently self-interested is the Big Media Party, so failed to report anything like “news”, so abusive and determined to promote propaganda is the Big Media Party, so contrary to reality is Big Media “reportage” that many Americans were genuinely shocked at the November 2016 election results.

Those like us here at Big Pink, who understood (as we repeatedly stated), that 2016 was a change election and that the candidate of change would win, were not surprised on election night 2016. We watched the Big Media Party warp election coverage to try to manipulate the outcome. On the Friday before the election we predicted a Trump win and spoke to the meaning of a Trump victory:

The biggest win for the American people when Trump wins: calculated, data driven, “ground game”, bloodless, poll dictated, campaigns will have been beaten by a candidate and campaign that spoke in plain English, not poll calculated and crafted terminology.

Second biggest win for the American people when Trump wins: SMASH BIG MEDIA AND THE RULING POLITICAL CLASS. The scum will be driven from the pond. The vampires will be garlicked. The snakes in the pit will be killed by the American people – with the Trump stick.

All the above is our long-winded way of celebrating Steve Bannon’s burst of honest reality in the pages of the New York Times this week:

Trump Strategist Steve Bannon Says Media Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’

WASHINGTON — Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s chief White House strategist, laced into the American press during an interview on Wednesday evening, arguing that news organizations had been “humiliated” by an election outcome few anticipated, and repeatedly describing the media as “the opposition party” of the current administration.

The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,” Mr. Bannon said during a telephone call.

I want you to quote this,” Mr. Bannon added. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.” [snip]

The elite media got it dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong,” Mr. Bannon said of the election, calling it “a humiliating defeat that they will never wash away, that will always be there.”

The mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign,” Mr. Bannon said. “Look at the Twitter feeds of those people: they were outright activists of the Clinton campaign.” [snip]

“That’s why you have no power,” Mr. Bannon added. “You were humiliated.” [snip]

“The media has zero integrity, zero intelligence, and no hard work.”

“You’re the opposition party,” Mr. Bannon said. “Not the Democratic Party. You’re the opposition party. The media’s the opposition party.”

We just hit peak Big Pink. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Steve Bannon!

Steven Bannon agrees with us that Big Media is the “opposition party”. “Not the Democratic Party, You’re the opposition party.” We read that and we faint every time, giddy with joy, exhausted from peak Big Pink trips to Nirvana! The Big Media Party Is The Enemy:

As we have written repeatedly, Big Media is the enemy. The Hollywood establishment and the lowlifes of the entertainment industry are but another swamp that must be drained. Fortunately, for every American who sees the need to destroy Big Media and the cohorts of the left, Donald J. Trump will soon be President of the United States. Sometimes you get what you need.

We needed someone to declare that Big Media is a political party, the real opposition. That that someone is Steve Bannon is extra luscious because of who Steve Bannon is:

White House and Hill GOP leaders are astonished by the unambiguous, far-reaching power of Steve Bannon and policy guru Stephen Miller over, well, just about everything:

They wrote the Inaugural speech and set in fast motion a series of moves to cement Trump as an America-first Nationalist.
They maneuvered to get more key allies inside the White House and positioned for top agency jobs.
They wrote many of the executive orders, sometimes with little input from others helping with the transition.
They egged on Trump to take a combative approach with the media, China, Mexico and critics.
And Bannon punctuated the week with a full-throated, Trump-pleasing bashing of the media … [snip]

Pre-conventional wisdom: A conservative leader told Axios’ Jonathan Swan that Reince Priebus’ people were feeling like they “won November and December,” having filled the White House with so many loyalists. The spin was that Reince was outmaneuvering Bannon and would be the real power source. But now it’s dawning on them, as Trump makes his early moves, that maybe they spoke too soon.

The dull and lame-brained do not think Big Media can be beaten. These defeatists believe the best strategy is the one Hillary Clinton employed, which is to collaborate with the enemy and eventually turn into the servants of the Big Media Party. How did that work out?

Joe Scarborough advises President Donald J. Trump to surrender, because “the media always wins”:

After the first super successful week it is clear President Trump will listen to Steve Bannon. That’s why Trump trumps.


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  1. I think Obama is hanging around Washington DC and will run for a third term in 2020. Does anyone agree? His legacy is being dismantled by Trump and he is young enough and could win in 2020 if all these ant-Trump forces are able to sustain the type of hatred and fear they expressed in that March. I am concerned as Obama is all about himself and he this is not out of the real of possibilities. 😩


    Surprise! Trump doing what he said he would

    In his first frantic week at the White House, Donald Trump is doing almost exactly what he promised to do during his campaign, stunning those who thought he’d adapt his style as president.

    Trump has signed an executive order to begin building a wall on the Mexican border and doubled down on his promises to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and repeal ObamaCare.

    Actions to temporarily suspend visas for people coming to the United States from a number of Muslim nations are expected to come soon. [snip]

    President Obama famously said that “elections have consequences” in explaining to Republicans why he was moving forward with a nearly $1 trillion stimulus plan and his signature healthcare bill.

    Now Trump is showing Washington and the world the truth of Obama’s words.

    During the campaign, Trump’s critics dismissed his ambitious agenda as rhetoric that he’d back away from once in office.

    If candidate Trump beat the odds and made it to the White House, they said, the Trump Show will surely grind to a halt once he’s confronted with the realities of governing.

    It hasn’t turned out like that at all.

    “Enough all talk, no action. We have to deliver,” Trump told Republican lawmakers Thursday. “This is our chance to achieve great and lasting change for our beloved nation.”

    Hours after taking the oath of office last Friday, Trump returned to the White House to sign an order directing federal agencies to “ease the burden of ObamaCare.”

    Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, followed that with a memo telling federal agencies to stop issuing regulations.

    In the days since, Trump thrilled social conservatives with an executive order blocking foreign aid for international organizations that provide abortions, a traditional priority for new Republican administrations.

    Trump fulfilled one of his main campaign promises by pulling the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

    He froze hiring for non-military federal employees and attempted to move two controversial pipeline projects forward by signing a pair of executive actions that could speed approvals for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access projects.

    Trump also signed an executive order that expanded the definition of criminal immigrants who are considered priorities for deportation. The order also called for federal funds to be stripped from so-called sanctuary cities that do not help federal authorities enforce immigration law. [snip]

    Amid the frenzy, Trump and Vice President Pence were in almost constant contact with lawmakers about implementing the president’s agenda.

    Trump courted lawmakers from both parties with fancy receptions and meetings at the White House and on Capitol Hill. Trump even jetted to Philadelphia to address Republicans gathered for the winter meeting on Thursday, where he laid out his priorities for the coming weeks.

    Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.), a key Trump ally, summarized Trump’s action-filled first week with one word: “Firehose.”

    “It’s refreshing and it’s energizing,” Reed told The Hill right after Trump spoke at the joint congressional GOP retreat. “I think it’s not only the nature of the president and his new town, and his bringing to the office a private sector-based mentality. It’s also unleashing the power of the American people.

    “For so many years, it’s been a hamstrung by the bureaucracy of Washington and we’re cutting that red tape to empower the American people again.”

  3. Obama economy:

    The U.S. economy lost momentum in the final three months of 2016, closing out a year in which growth turned in the weakest performance in five years.

    The gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of just 1.9 percent in the October-December period, a slowdown from 3.5 percent growth in the third quarter, the Commerce Department reported Friday. GDP, the broadest measure of economic health, was held back by a jump in the trade deficit.

    For 2016, the economy grew 1.6 percent. It was the worst showing since 2011 and down from 2.6 percent growth in 2015.

  4. President Trump will erase Obama:

    A GOP Regulatory Game Changer
    Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009.

    Todd Gaziano on Wednesday stepped into a meeting of free-market attorneys, think tankers and Republican congressional staff to unveil a big idea. By the time he stepped out, he had reset Washington’s regulatory battle lines.

    These days Mr. Gaziano is a senior fellow in constitutional law at the Pacific Legal Foundation. But in 1996 he was counsel to then-Republican Rep. David McIntosh. He was intimately involved in drafting and passing a bill Mr. McIntosh sponsored: the Congressional Review Act. No one knows the law better.

    Everyone right now is talking about the CRA, which gives Congress the ability, with simple majorities, to overrule regulations from the executive branch. Republicans are eager to use the law, and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week unveiled the first five Obama rules that his chamber intends to nix.

    The accepted wisdom in Washington is that the CRA can be used only against new regulations, those finalized in the past 60 legislative days. That gets Republicans back to June, teeing up 180 rules or so for override. Included are biggies like the Interior Department’s “streams” rule, the Labor Department’s overtime-pay rule, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s methane rule.

    But what Mr. Gaziano told Republicans on Wednesday was that the CRA grants them far greater powers, including the extraordinary ability to overrule regulations even back to the start of the Obama administration. The CRA also would allow the GOP to dismantle these regulations quickly, and to ensure those rules can’t come back, even under a future Democratic president. No kidding.

    Here’s how it works: It turns out that the first line of the CRA requires any federal agency promulgating a rule to submit a “report” on it to the House and Senate. The 60-day clock starts either when the rule is published or when Congress receives the report—whichever comes later.

    “There was always intended to be consequences if agencies didn’t deliver these reports,” Mr. Gaziano tells me. “And while some Obama agencies may have been better at sending reports, others, through incompetence or spite, likely didn’t.” Bottom line: There are rules for which there are no reports. And if the Trump administration were now to submit those reports—for rules implemented long ago—Congress would be free to vote the regulations down.

    There’s more. It turns out the CRA has a expansive definition of what counts as a “rule”—and it isn’t limited to those published in the Federal Register. The CRA also applies to “guidance” that agencies issue. Think the Obama administration’s controversial guidance on transgender bathrooms in schools or on Title IX and campus sexual assault. It is highly unlikely agencies submitted reports to lawmakers on these actions.

    If they haven’t reported it to Congress, it can now be challenged,” says Paul Larkin, a senior legal research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Mr. Larkin, also at Wednesday’s meeting, told me challenges could be leveled against any rule or guidance back to 1996, when the CRA was passed.

    The best part? Once Congress overrides a rule, agencies cannot reissue it in “substantially the same form” unless specifically authorized by future legislation. The CRA can keep bad regs and guidance off the books even in future Democratic administrations—a far safer approach than if the Mr. Trump simply rescinded them.

    Republicans in both chambers—particularly in the Senate—worry that a great use of the CRA could eat up valuable floor time, as Democrats drag out the review process. But Mr. Gaziano points out another hidden gem: The law allows a simple majority to limit debate time. Republicans could easily whip through a regulation an hour.

    Imagine this scenario: The Trump administration orders its agencies to make a list of any regulations or guidance issued without a report. Those agencies coordinate with Congress about when to finally submit reports and start the clock. The GOP puts aside one day a month to hold CRA votes. Mr. Obama’s regulatory legacy is systematically dismantled—for good.

    This is aggressive, sure, and would take intestinal fortitude. Some Republicans briefed on the plan are already fretting that Democrats will howl. They will. But the law is the law, and failing to use its full power would be utterly irresponsible. Democrats certainly would show no such restraint were the situation reversed. Witness their treatment of Mr. Trump’s cabinet nominees.

    The entire point of the CRA was to help legislators rein in administrations that ignored statutes and the will of Congress. Few White House occupants ever showed more contempt for the law and lawmakers than Mr. Obama. Republicans if anything should take pride in using a duly passed statue to dispose of his wayward regulatory regime. It’d be a fitting and just end to Mr. Obama’s abuse of authority—and one of the better investments of time this Congress could ever make.

    The regulatory “deep state” can be defeated. The duly elected representatives of the people can write regulations – as the Constitution intended. The “deep state” of unseen, unelected, regulators should not have the power of duly elected representatives. The regulators should only propose regulations to Congress and then Congress can either pass the regulations or not.

  5. jbstonesfan
    January 27, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    I think Obama is hanging around Washington DC and will run for a third term in 2020. Does anyone agree?

    I disagree.

    He is a spent force that culminated in failure for the country, and for the party.

    Whatever the Republicans do to erase his legacy the dims will do even more to erase the memory of him—as the Rs did with Hoover and W.

    I doubt he realizes this now, but as time goes on it will become obvious.

    The only thing he may try to do is use whatever influence he has left to support a congressional run by the moose in high heels in North Carolina in 2018/

    Maybe Tom Ford can give her the same advice he gave Melania—throw away your Oscar de la Rentas, and dress like someone on Hee-ha.

    By the way, that is the sound that a jackass emits—heeehaw . . . . yes?

  6. Hillary Clinton was the Obama Third Term. An Obama Third Term, a.k.a. Hillary, was the only reason why her lord and master Obama chose to stay in D.C. – to rule via his puppet Hillary. Because of President Trump, Obama will have to move somewhere else (especially once subpoenas start flowing).

    Passed by Congress in 1947, and ratified by the states on February 27, 1951, the Twenty-Second Amendment limits an elected president to two terms in office, a total of eight years.

    22nd Amendment limits presidential terms to eight years, not eight consecutive years, eight years total.

  7. JB…pretty sure O cannot run for President again…or VP

    Bill Clinton actually said if it were allowed he would have tried…

  8. Joe S is the biggest freaking blowhard on TV…he hijacks that show with his useless nonsense and interruptions and any chance he gets he talks about himself and what he did in Congress…he likes to go on in monologues…

    the funniest thing i ever heard come out of his mouth was about a week ago when he said that the “one thing he could say without any doubt is that O and his people never lied to him” omg…that’s a naive or intentional lie right there

    and finally … message to Joe S…we know you think you have the inside track on President Trump…and you have him all figured out…but get a clue…he doesn’t even need you one bit…he can freeze you out at any time…and don’t you forget it…

    the truth is Donald is doing just fine on his own…in case you didn’t notice from your little perch…He was just inagurated President of the USA…you are a blip on a predicable, boring morning news show…one with basically the same people who same the same thing and nod their heads and agree with each other

    President Trump has much more important things to do…he is ‘the MAN’ of action…

    in fact, you might consider…O became the President that embodied “no we can’t”
    and Donald embodies “Yes, he will”

  9. Wbboei, the acceptance speech in North Carolina primary video you posted is the best Michelle has ever looked. Best outfit too!

  10. …and may I just say…that the second biggest blowhard on TV…is Chris Cuomo…

    Cuomo thinks he is just the smartest guy on TV…he thinks cutting off and interrupting the person he is interviewing every time the person makes a point and directing the discussion in a circular, round and round discussion just proves how smart he is…and how great he is at “gotcha”

    clue to Chris Cuomo…you’re not…you are just trying to evade the answers you do not want to hear…this morning was a good example…caught it in the middle when he had a guest on that will be proving voter fraud…

    Cuomo could have explicit evidence right in front of him and he would say…so, what does that mean…he is actually the most annoying person on TV

    Chris Cuomo…the jokes on you

  11. Joe couldn’t stand in the ring with Tucker for 30 seconds, actually I would love for Tucker to take the smug idiot on.
    I’m still amazed anyone pays any attention to him and the ditz Mika

  12. Admin
    January 27, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Wbboei, the acceptance speech in North Carolina primary video you posted is the best Michelle has ever looked. Best outfit too!

    Yes. A vast improvement over what we have seen.

    The outfit Melania work at he innaugeration was classic.

    The outfit Moose wore was de-casse.

    Yet big media tongues dragged over her.

    Which proves that big media is not only liars

    They are de classe themselves/

  13. admin
    January 27, 2017 at 4:38 pm
    Why would this be limited to Obama’s years? Would it not cover any rule without a report?

  14. After all the actions in one week of President Trump, it makes me wonder what the hell those other presidents were doing for years on end.

  15. Doesn’t it make you wonder what Hillary’s first week would have been like?

    Would we have even seen her?
    Would she just open the floodgates to one & all?

    Would be a completely different…and slow motion world…

  16. Mechells outfit was ghastly. Looked like she and the fraud woke up, after a long night of drinking and fighting, she really looked hungover, went to the maids closet, grabbed anything, put a clip in her hair, didn’t even look like she combed it, no make up and angry Balck woman scorned look intact.

    And walked out the door…

    Thank God…

  17. In the comments below, Richard Fernadez discussed the IMPACT of the Trump revolution on Europe, and the speed with which he is implementing a new agenda. The left assures us that the will not succeed. If that were true, they would not have to engage in the hysteria that consumes them now. For if failure is as inevitable as they say it is, then they could sit back and wait for it to occur. The fact that they are hysterical suggests to me that their real fear is that he will succeed, in which case they will become unnecessary, and may in the fulsomeness of time be perceived for what they are: TRAITORS.
    Donald Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do,” writes Gregory Krieg of CNN. The pace of it however has been breathtaking. Many Washington insiders who initially refused to believe it when “Trump promised to smash the Washington power structure” are in shock. He’s “showed he would defy all norms, social and political” said Krieg. EU officials warned that Trump was heading for disaster.

    Europe’s trade commissioner took aim at President Trump on Tuesday, arguing that his proposed restrictions on international trade and immigration are “doomed to fail.”
    “Those who, in the 21st century, think that we can become great again by rebuilding borders, re-imposing trade barriers, restricting people’s freedom to move, are doomed to fail,” Cecilia Malmstrom said at a conference in Brussels, according to prepared remarks.

    But Europe’s deepest fear must be that he would succeed rather than fail. By bolting the post-War coalition structure and working frankly to maximize American national advantage, Trump leaves the other coalition partners facing an excruciating dilemma. Should they follow suit and maximize their own interests? Or should they try to sustain the PC multilateral world with their own resources?

    With America’s closure to mass uncontrolled immigration the pressure inevitably be on Europe to accept the Middle Eastern millions. Can Europe stand by and watch as Trump strikes separate deals? Which country wants to be the last to maintain open borders AND welfare in a world where America is in frank pursuit of energy dominance, security and trade? Cecilia Malmstrom appears to be volunteering Europe. Can it do it?

  18. Gonzo Michelle went for the austere, severe look on Inauguration Day. She looked absolutely dour when Trump & Melania pulled up. I was wondering why she would choose to look so bad on her husband’s last day in office. Was it so the nation would feel sorry for? Was she going for the “I’m in mourning look?” She looked terrible.

  19. Steve Bannon’s comments about the media’s “zero integrity” and “zero intelligence” are even more impressive when considering the context; those comments were in reply to the writer’s absurd question about whether he (Bannon) was concerned about Sean Spicer losing credibility with the media.

    “Asked if he was concerned that Mr. Spicer had lost credibility with the
    news media, Mr. Bannon chortled. “Are you kidding me?” he said. “We
    think that’s a badge of honor. ‘Questioning his integrity’ — are you
    kidding me? The media has zero integrity, zero intelligence, and no hard

    Can it get any better than this? I hope that this kind of exchange is not the peak, but that it keeps getting ramped up at every press conference.

  20. Mike Marks
    January 27, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    This is the lesson the RINO NEVER understood.

    The best defense is a good offense.

    And a good offense is one that makes they wish they had never asked the question to begin with.

    Compare how the RINO like Ryan would respond.

    Shawn is of course a colleague and a fellow Republican


    I cannot agree with anyone who casts aspersions on the press

    The press is protected by the first amendment

    The press guarantees an informed public

    The press is our only protection against tyranny.

    I say this to the press: Heck of a job, Brownie.

  21. Wbboei @ 9:26PM:

    Antonio Guterres, the new head of the U.N. and a committed globalist, gave a similar “inevitable” assessment at the Vision Europe Summit at the end of November (post-Trump election). His entire keynote speech at the summit is available at the VES website; I was unable to link it. Like the trade people, he also pontificates that open borders and unlimited multiculturism and migration are inevitable, and should be accepted by the world as such. A great rationale for the U.S. withdrawing from the U.N. immediately.

  22. Bannon did a wonderful job of disarming the press when they endeavored to secure an admission against interest.

    In a more formal setting, what I would say is: “I do not agree with your question”

    I have used this many times in negotiation, when my adversary asked a question designed to box me in.

    Typically what they demand in that case is a yes or no answer.

    The reaction I get from the questioner is akin to what you get in boxing when the adversary moves in and you stick him in the nose with a left jab.

    (In a less formal setting, fuck off will also do the job.)

  23. he also pontificates that open borders and unlimited multiculturism and migration are inevitable, and should be accepted by the world as such.
    The first line of this old song says it all:

  24. Wbboei @ 9:59 PM:

    Agreed. With his globalist backers, Ryan still seems to have delusions of being able to manipulate and out-maneuver Trump. But my concern about this lessens with each passing day. Trump and Bannon will squash Ryan if he continues to try obstructing the agenda.

  25. “admin
    January 27, 2017 at 4:38 pm
    Why would this be limited to Obama’s years? Would it not cover any rule without a report?
    If that legal/admin. theory is correct then it could apply to rules issued after the date in 1996 when the bill was signed into law.

  26. “A GOP Regulatory Game Changer
    Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009.”

    Wow Admin, that is AWESOME, America is protected once again!

  27. First the camel, and now THIS moose. I love them both.
    In line with topic of this post. Michael S. Malone, published Fall 2008. From my OneNote file:

    Media’s Presidential Bias and Decline
    The traditional media are playing a very, very dangerous game — with their readers, with the Constitution and with their own fates.

  28. Bannon was purposely misunderstood by the media. All they heard was shut up when he was telling them to listen instead of screaming like hysterics. Fixating on the trivial, using one manipulated sleazy agit-prop theme of the day, and ignoring the structural revolution going on in the federal bureaucratic, legal and business sectors of the country, they are trying to save what little power they have left.

    The “news” divisions are small but important parts of media corporations. They don’t make money (except for Fox) but are important in pushing the agenda of the owners in their other endeavors. These news divisions are owned by large media companies, who are in turn owned by larger corporate conglomerates, who produce television shows and movies, book publishing, “lifestyle” magazines, etc. These globalist corporations need to drive opinion and trends and acquiescence to make money and gain more and more power.

    The “media” is losing money. Making stinkers, garbage, rot, and too obvious agit-prop they have steadily lost audience. Ever bolder they even invaded the drama of sports with SJW crap and sports coverage with prissy preachy loons. They lost audience and are stuck with enormous financial obligations to pay for sports content that has a shrinking audience. Once the watching habit is broken it doesn’t come back. Crappy overpaid players, coaches, and “broadcasters” are loosing ad revenue.

    Now they are in a fix. Loosing more money than they dreamed possible with these “shows” consisting of bad movies, bad television programs and bad sports and not wanting to be wiped out and bankrupt they need a bailout. They just spent 20 months or so attacking the now President of the United States Donald J Trump. Who to bail them out? CHINA! They have globalist money still. We think. Maybe. Let’s sell out to them!

    Trump is saying no. You will go bankrupt and fizzle out slowly like you deserve. New media can come in and innovate and take your place in a free US market without authoritarian Chinese blood money propping you up. Lucky Trump.

  29. Jeff Bezos, zillionaire purveyor of cheap Chinese crap, slave wage paying tech and retail infrastructure destroying monster, bought the WaPo to serve his business interests. After he and his minions best efforts, he LOST the election as much as Hillary did. He is now stuck with a staff of stupids writing garbage at an increasing hysterical and worthless OLD media company. The Grahams unloaded it on him. He is reduced to getting his slow-witted staff to using Twitter (how edgey! and proggy!) in begging for their twitter readers to buy a subscription to the worthless rag. Why would anyone? They can read about their old media stupidity in NEW media. For free! At the meeting for tech leaders with Trump, Bezos looked like a rapidly desiccating corpse. Cause and effect you creep.

  30. Continuing in the view of loons and hysterics, Mexico has gone nuts. Like a cornered rat, Mexico is hissing and spitting and threatening. Why they are threatening to cut off the tomato supply in the US!

    Let’s be honest here. This is about drugs. Illegal drugs. Mexico is a narco state. The narco kings run the place. Sure they grow tomatoes. To put in trucks to ship to the US in which to hide the drugs.

    Who is screaming the most about the crackdown on Mexico. On first glace it appears to be the those impacted by the expected supply squeeze of drugs. Users, distributors, politicians who get “donations” from the supply chain members, etc. It is very big business this industry of addiction, misery, death and money. And like all successful criminal organizations (like the Mafia or globalism or ISIS) they pay off those willing to ignore their activities or help them out very, very well. Cut off the money. That is what they are screaming about in reality.

  31. Here is a good read for Trump supporters on the “how to”:

    …Here’s the deal. Around November, the Congressmen and Senators will begin to campaign. They will be a year out, and in order to keep their seats in the midterm election in November of 2018, there will have to be a good track record for the next year, with visible results within 6 to 8 months. There is also no excuse, now. The Republican party holds the House and the Senate. There is nothing from a legislative perspective that the President cannot accomplish, at least for the next year and nine months.

    Of course, this will take solidarity within the Republican Party, and the Republicans have not had a very good track record in this department…with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan being the prime example. Ryan refused to back the President before the elections when Hillary Clinton was conducting the “smear” campaign with the closet conga line of “damsels in distress” videos and “boo-hoo” interviews. Then when the President won, Ryan did a complete-180.

    That solidarity may not be able to be coaxed, but it can be coerced, by the people with the power of their votes. This will take action: by individuals writing and phoning en masse, and by groups (as mentioned earlier) and organizations.

    When these Representatives and Senators realize their jobs are on the line, they’ll act: not for the good of the issue, but to keep their job.

    So, the President is off to a good start. We need to wish him as much success as possible. We also need to help him out. How? By being proactive with the Congressmen and Senators of our States to bring matters to their attention. The election is over, and Donald Trump is now the President, but the real work is just beginning. If the people do not push these politicos with correspondence backed with the power of the vote, then the politicos will take a Merovingian stance and sit around idly. We the people have a chance to make a change, and it’s in our hands. The president is off and running, but even a champion racehorse needs a jockey for direction, and the jockey in this case is an informed and active public that keep him on the right course: the one to reflect the will of the people.

  32. Now they are in a fix. Loosing more money than they dreamed possible with these “shows” consisting of bad movies, bad television programs and bad sports and not wanting to be wiped out and bankrupt they need a bailout. They just spent 20 months or so attacking the now President of the United States Donald J Trump. Who to bail them out? CHINA! They have globalist money still. We think. Maybe. Let’s sell out to them!
    Has this thought crossed their mine? Does a bear shit in the forest? The problem is the optics. Therefore, it tis done what they conclude is in their interest to be done, it must be done in an opaque manner, with dummy corporations to whom they supply the money. Ergo, the Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, must follow the money, and determine whether this sort of acquisition threatens national security, or poses the risk of monopoly. The same principle must be applied to their potential acquisitions in Hollywood. Your larger point is an extremely astute one, namely that in the event the EU collapses, it is not unlikely that China would step in to save it, and to use that vehicle as an instrument of economic control. If so then Europe would be hit by two destructive forces: the Muslim invasion and Chinese economic control. What’s a Rothschilde to do?

  33. I would have to go back and check but I seem to recall that China once sought to purchase Union Oil and the deal was nixed, for national security reasons. In the information age, a nation with a penchant for communist propaganda, must not be allowed to acquire a MAJOR foothold in the broadcast industry. I have no problem with having RT (which I find to be far more credible than big media) or even al Jezerah because they do express a different point of view, but they are not dominant news networks. On the other hand, it the red Chinese were allowed to purchase one of big media outlets, that is a horse of a different color. This is not in any way shape or form and endorsement of what we have today. In some ways the current big media staffs are no less pernicious. And, if Dick Morris is to be believed, the China lobby has a decisive impact on that they report and do not report about China. In fact, in his opinion, they are half way there to exercising the degree of control which acquisition would give them. This back door relationship must be exposed, because it will really start to bite when Trump turns his attention to their currency manipulation, and big media goes off the rails blaming Trump, in service of their Chinese and other masters. The ability of the American People to realize that big media is not merely a dishonest broker, but a puppet for the globalists who own them, or finance them, will become crucial as Trump proceeds to clean out the swamp and exposes the incestuous relationships which define Washington. I lived there during the Korean War, and the Viet Nam war, and my recollections such as they were, it it was never like what we have today. It has become the epicenter of the neo lib and financial empire which seeks to rule the world, at the expense of everyone in it. Not for nothing did a compromised man like Tom Browkaw call it “The New Versailles.”

  34. Disraeli must have foreseen the rise of the big media beloved messiah and god that failed, because these words attributed to the former prime minister capture the essence of Obama:

    (A master of sophistry, i.e. the use of fallacious arguments, with the intent to deceive his audience)

    Inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity,

    Gifted with an egotistical imagination that can at all times

    Command an interminable and inconsistent series of arguments

    To malign an opponent

    And glorify himself.

  35. American ThinkerNavigation Menu

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    January 28, 2017
    Behold: A Celebrity Patriots Can Admire
    By Elise Cooper
    Professors, political commentators, celebrities, and even some in the mainstream media have engaged in rhetoric to denounce Donald Trump. It appeared that Lady Gaga sported an outfit resembling a Nazi uniform at Hillary Clinton’s final rally, and then there was Madonna at the women’s march in Washington, D.C., who told the crowd that she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” In addition, Hollywood stars and those in the press have gone over the line by describing Trump and his administration as “Hitlerian.”

    This comparison is ridiculous, considering that Trump’s son-in-law and daughter are Orthodox Jews, and giving an invocation at the inauguration was Rabbi Marvin Hier, the dean of The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which confronts anti-Semitism. People should not forget that during Hitler’s regime, there were political opponents thrown into prison, with many executed; the mass slaughter of Jews and gays along with other ethnicities; Russian prisoners of war killed; forced labor camps; the Nuremberg laws of 1935; children experimented on; and the Final Solution of the Jews. By comparing Trump to Hitler people are trivializing the Holocaust’s victims.

    Celebrities such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Meryl Streep are described as brave, a true inspiration, and heroes. But what have they really done besides using hyperbolic language? Have they fought for human rights around the globe? In many Middle Eastern countries such as Iran and Iraq, women are used as “slave girls,” beaten, abused, and executed. In Nigeria, the Boko Haram terrorist network kidnapped two hundred schoolgirls only because they were Christians. In Afghanistan, acid was thrown in the faces of three teenage girls just because they wanted to attend school, while in Syria ISIS is executing homosexuals. Yet the celebrities are quiet. They do not know what the word courageous means.

    They should take a lesson from a celebrity who was bold, daring, and fearless: Marlene Dietrich.

    Author C.W. Gortner, who has a recently published book, Marlene, wants people “to remember what she did during World War II. It is important to recognize she was a German who stood up to the Nazis. She stood up for what she believed in. She called Hitler a tyrant and a lunatic publicly.”

    She did more than speak out. As the Nazis became entrenched in power in the 1930s, Marlene helped her countrymen. She supported those who came to Hollywood with money and referrals and even gave them a place to sleep. In 1937, her entire salary for Knight Without Armor ($450,000) was put into escrow to help the refugees. Peter Riva, her grandson, tells of how she and others in Hollywood would try to get visas to help German Jews like Peter Lorre and Billy Wilder. And Marlene did much more, contacting German Jewish film workers, about sixty-five, who were not famous, such as the make-up woman, and telling them, “I am sending you money to get on the next train to Paris. Pretend you are going away for a weekend, and when you arrive, I will give you train tickets to Portugal.”

    Gortner describes how Marlene had been asked to return to Germany by people associated with Adolf Hitler in the late 1930s to make films there. They offered her a prestigious German medal that would gain her access to Hitler. After turning them down, Marlene became a U.S. citizen in 1939. As a result, her films were banned in her native land, and Hitler signed a warrant putting a bounty on her head.

    As the world war began and news of all the concentration camps in Germany became public, Marlene decided to do her part for the war effort. She tirelessly worked on war bond drives and recorded anti-Nazi messages in German for broadcast to demoralize the Axis troops. Asked by the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the CIA, she would contact those in the German government and military, asking them to become spies. Riva explains, “Because she had a distinguished and unique voice that everyone knew, they needed her help. With her, they could prove to people that they were not really Nazis and were part of the Allied effort to enlist their help. After talking to them, she would hand the phone off to the Americans to do their magic.”

    Could anyone imagine that the Hollywood stars and celebrities of today would embed themselves with the troops on the front lines? In 1944, that is exactly what Marlene did. She began a ten-month tour, performing for allied troops in Algeria, Italy, and France, many times within a few miles of the German lines. Billy Wilder later remarked that she was at the front lines more than General Eisenhower. Marlene was entertaining U.S. troops at Bastogne in the Ardennes on December 15, 1944, only hours before the city was targeted by a massive German counteroffensive in what became known as the Battle of the Bulge. Learning that she was in the area, SS general Sepp Dietrich redoubled the bounty on her head. Fearing for her safety, Generals George S. Patton and James M. Gavin gave her guns to defend and protect herself, worrying that the enemy wanted to capture her and then utilize her for propaganda purposes.

    She lived with the troops, and not in some plush hotel. Riva relays the story of comedian Danny Thomas: “He told me, ‘Your grandmother wanted to get us all killed. If there was even a few minutes of daylight, she had us get on the back of a flatbed truck and entertain the soldiers, even if there were only ten of them.’ She did not care about her own safety and did not fear the bombs falling. Having endured pneumonia, dysentery, frostbite, and lice, her attitude was, the soldiers are not complaining, so why should she?” In fact, Marlene commented, “After having performed for soldiers at the front, no other audience could ever measure up to this experience. Well, does it take courage to decide which side to take? No!”

    But she was courageous. In November 1947, she received the Medal of Freedom, one of her proudest accomplishments, as well as the French Légion d’Honneur.

    Too bad celebrities today do not have the same moral compass as Marlene Dietrich. Aware that her most effective weapon for fighting the Nazi regime was her presence on the front lines, she thought of herself as a soldier in her own right. As Riva said, “the troops allowed her to fulfill her hope for a victory against the Nazis.”

    It is inappropriate and irresponsible for people to compare the Jewish refugees or the Holocaust to today’s issues. Celebrities today should take a lesson from yesteryear’s stars, such as Marlene Dietrich, who either enlisted or became embedded with the troops – not in the safe zones, but on the front lines.

    The author writes for American Thinker. She has done book reviews and author interviews and has written a number of national security, political, and foreign policy articles.


    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  36. Terri McAuliffe grandstanding at Dulles over detained refugees. He’s really, really mad, stomping feet mad. Jackass.

  37. alcina
    January 28, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    Terri McAuliffe grandstanding at Dulles over detained refugees. He’s really, really mad, stomping feet mad. Jackass.
    lol 😆

  38. They ( looney left that don’t care about American citizens or women’s rights cause I guess it’s ok to rape, behead, throw acid on, stone them to death) are going crazy at the airports!!!

  39. More, strong leaders agree:

    Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to Twitter on Saturday to hail new US President Donald Trump’s decision to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

    On Wednesday, Trump signed an executive order telling officials to begin to “plan, design and construct a physical wall” along the 3,200-kilometre (2,000-mile) US-Mexico border, making good on a campaign pledge.

    In an interview with American channel Fox News on Thursday Trump justified his decision, citing Israel which, he said, had managed to “stop 99.9 percent” of illegal immigration by constructing a wall.

    He was referring to the more than 240-kilometre barrier Israel completed in 2014 along its border with Egypt, a route previously taken by many African illegal immigrants and traffickers.

    President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea,” Netanyahu tweeted in English, adding the Israeli and American flags.

  40. Big Media is furious with President Trump because President Trump is doing what Candidate Trump and President-Elect Trump said he would do. President Trump is on the job and giving authority to border guards. A while back Big Pink published an article that summarized the Trump policy on illegal immigration – “Enforce the law“. President Trump will enforce the law and Big Media is furious:

    Trump’s executive orders dramatically expand power of immigration officers

    Washington (CNN)The immigration executive orders signed by President Donald Trump this week could amount to a vast expansion of authority for individual immigration officers and a dramatic increase in efforts to detain and deport undocumented immigrants.

    The order lays out a series of categories of undocumented immigrants that immigration law enforcement officials should prioritize for removing from the country, a reaction to what was criticized by the right as lax enforcement of immigration law by former President Barack Obama.

    But experts say the descriptions include virtually every person in the country illegally and give broad latitude to individual immigration officers to decide who should be detained for deportation. [snip]

    The order says the priority will be removing deportable immigrants who “have been convicted of any criminal offense; have been charged with any criminal offense, where such charge has not been resolved; have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense; have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter or application before a governmental agency; have abused any program related to receipt of public benefits; are subject to a final order of removal, but who have not complied with their legal obligation to depart the United States; or in the judgment of an immigration officer, otherwise pose a risk to public safety or national security.” [snip]

    “I think it covers just about every illegal alien in the country,” said Hans von Spakovsky, a legal expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, which has been strongly influential on Trump’s policy. “It’s also very clear that the No. 1 priority is people who have been charged and convicted with criminal offenses, and that’s the kind of violent criminals who should be out of the country.”

    We excerpted the informational portions and left out most of the CNN article because it is mostly opinion of how bad President Trump is for enforcing the law. The curious can visit CNN.

  41. Funniest story of the day:

    Boston Mayor Marty Walsh took a swift and firm stand in response to Trump’s order. [snip]

    In fact, Walsh went so far as to open the doors to city hall itself for anyone fearing deportation.

    “That means if people want to live here, they’ll live here,” he said. “They can use my office. They can use any office in this building. Any place they want to use, they’ll be able to use this building as a safe space.”

    We should all travel to Boston, say we fear deportation, live in City Hall for free. Free room and board and they better not ask for ID!

  42. Trump is simply using what the Obama administration started.

    “The President Obama  Department of Homeland Security already targeted those seven listed countries for the past several years as nations of concern.
    In February of 2016 the Department of Homeland Security announced that was continuing its implementation of the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 with the addition of Libya, Somalia, and Yemen as three countries of additional concern.”
    DHS: “limiting Visa Waiver Program travel for certain individuals who have traveled to these countries.” DHS noted “the three additional countries designated today join Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria as countries subject to restrictions for Visa Waiver Program travel for certain individuals.”

  43. Trump(Bannon) best Trolls ever!!! Bought domain…connects to “Make America Great Again” message at!!

  44. If you took the time to watch the video by Paul Craig Roberts, then you will recall that he spoke briefly about what has happened within the CIA. There are two main functional wings of the agency. One of them is involved in analysis. The other is the deep state side which is involved in espionage, toppling governments, and promoting the globalist agenda. They were the ones who worked with Soros, Brzeznksi and Sax, plus the Rand institute to overthrow former Soviet governments, and when they were through Soros bragged to a French journalist the old Soviet empire is now the Soros empire. They are also perverted into spying on Americans, which is a dirty dirty business. Brennan was its current leader until Trump slit his throat, and now Mike Pompeo will go in and try to get the deep state wing of the CIA under control. Unfortunately, under Obama, the deep state wing rogue now has more power than the analytical wing, and they have been implemented in assassinations around the globe, and in this country, i.e. Kennedy, Reagan etc. You can see this in Larry’s critiques of the agency–he was in the analytical wing, and that wing is working for the American people. It should be noted that some members of big media are de facto agents of the deep state wing—Josh Rogin of WashPo being a prime example. When Tulsi went into Syria to get a first hand view of the situation, and had an opportunity to discuss the situation with Assad and concluded that the CIA fiction that we are aiding moderate Muslims is a goddamned lie, that we (meaning the CIA) are aiding and abetting al Quaeda, and all the people of Syria who are being slaughtered by the thousands ask is that we stop aiding the terrorists. The CIA was threatened by this report, so they sicked the wholly owned assets like Rogin on her. Rogin is scum of the earth.

  45. The judge who issued this TEMPORARY restraining order was appointed by Obama and has been on the court for only a year.

    The fact that the judge limited the tro to deportations, but left intact the part that relates to immigration suggest the judge knows she is on thin ice.

    This will be obvious when there is a hearing on the merits.

    As Turley points out, has the right to do take this action under Supreme Court precedent, a 1952 statute, and the past practice of prior presidents including Carter.

    Given the fact that the ban is temporary, and the intent is to give the FBI time to develop a program for safe vetting, the specious claim that this is anti Muslim will not stand.

    If you want to get Turley’s view, take a look at the link below beginning that the 8 minute mark.

  46. This judge is a rookie.

    She screwed up.

    She should have denied the injunction.


    Because for an injunction to issue

    Plaintiff must prove

    That there is a likilhood of success on the merits

    If this little judge had read the case law

    She would have known that plaintiff cannot prevail on the merits

    I do not know who is head of the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District (it was Lynch, in my time it was Maloney)

    Traditionally, that has not been a strong office.

    This was a Brooklyn judge so that would be the venue

    I expect they raised those points and they were ignored

    When there is a hearing on the merits I predict the injunction will be lifted.


    On Trial: Lawsuits Against Trump On ‘Muslim Immigration Ban’ Will Fail Fast

    Council American-Islamic Relations announced an intention to sue President Donald Trump over his executive order banning most immigrants from Syria, and other countries that lack certain vetting standards and have issues with terrorism. Overnight, refugees who were in the air on the way to the United States are now being detained, and have also filed legal actions. The ban is perceived by some as a partial Muslim ban. Either way, at any trial, the law supports Trump’s order, and CAIR or others are likely to lose, completely, conclusively and quickly. [snip]

    The Constitution gives Congress and the President exclusive, plenary control over immigration. This is how both Carter and Obama could single out various states or beliefs to exclude migrants on that basis, as both did.

    First, the Constitution gives Congress the right to determine naturalization, and Congress gives the President express power to do as he did. Section 1182 of Title 8 directs the President can “by proclamation” suspend entry of “all aliens or any class of aliens” as the President “may deem appropriate” whenever the President merely “finds” any such alien group “would be detrimental” to the interests of the United States.

    This extraordinarily broad power finds direct and clear affirmation by the Supreme Court in a sequence of decisions. As the court explained in the Valenzuela-Bernal case:

    “The power to regulate immigration—an attribute of sovereignty essential to the preservation of any nation—has been entrusted by the Constitution to the political branches of the Federal Government.”

    The Court, “without exception”, called this power “plenary,” empowering the Presidential prerogative as expressly delegated by Congress, with the right to “make rules for the admission of aliens.”

    The Congress carved out protection only for a limited class of aliens: those who qualify for an immigrant visa. Even here, the only limits are race, sex, nationality, but no limits on the presidential power to exclude based on religion, terror designations, poor vetting documentation or anything that can be called a matter of “procedure.” All refugees can be legally excluded. All Muslims can be legally excluded. All Sharia law supporters can be legally excluded.

    Thus, the federal court is likely to dismiss the CAIR case, as the issues raised go mostly beyond the jurisdiction of the court, a political question in which the Court is the wrong venue for CAIR’s complaints.

    Another liberal lawsuit loss likely awaits. Maybe the lawsuit lovers would benefit from what former President Obama once reminded us all: elections have consequences.

  48. Other presidents would have waited until they had their nominee on the Supreme Court. Donald knew this would happen, and he knew moving now will complicate the senate approval procedure. The response of his nominee will have to be I will not comment on a case which may come before me. In negotiations this is called the pig pot tactic. It hearkens russian peasant woman who complains to her husband about the pig he has brought into the house, so he brings in a cow, whereupon she complains about the pig and the cow so he brings in a bear, and when she is at her wits end he removes the bear and cow, and she is grateful and no longer worries about the pig.

  49. Bibi is really putting all his marbles on Trump. I think it is clear that Israel will now be a partisan issues with republicans firmly backing her and dems opposing her in the Obama anti-Israeli policies he put in place. Bibi likes the wall so all hell is going to break lose as the liberal Jews in leadership positions are quick to condemn but gave Obama a pass on every anti-Jewish action he took till the very last day.

  50. Treasury pick is big trouble . . .
    We must take the period between now and February 28, when President Donald Trump addresses a joint session of Congress, to either have Glass-Steagall implemented by that time, or have its re-imposition announced as a major component of that speech, if not the central component of that speech. Lyndon LaRouche has proposed to put a fine, sharp point on the spear-head of this campaign: stop “Soros munchkin” Steven Mnuchin from becoming United States Treasury Secretary. Lyndon LaRouche has warned repeatedly that the British Empire is still alive and dedicated to crushing the American System of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. George Soros has always been one of the key assets of the British oligarchy and now they have openly declared their intent on destroying any effort to restore the American System in their former colony.

    Steve Mnuchin, the George Soros “mole” deployed to wreck the Trump Administration from the position of U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, was an employee of Soros Fund Management and a business collaborator with Soros for 15 years. Paul Gallagher reported last night, among other things, that “Mnuchin has been joined in politics and finances with George Soros since at least 2002. After 12 years at Goldman Sachs — think of pro-Wall Street Secretaries like Robert Rubin and Hank Paulson — Mnuchin was recruited by George Soros to run the Soros-backed SFM Capital, which was created to buy ‘risky assets.’

    “Mnuchin also worked for Soros Fund Managment. Backed by Soros, he founded Dune Capital Management with former Goldman colleagues.”Soros stated two weeks ago in Davos, Switzerland that he is fully committed to seeing President Trump fail. He also confidently stated that Trump’s would not be directly because of him, but because of “conflicts within his administration and Cabinet”.

    In an exchange with Senator Maria Cantwell, when he was asked whether he favored a return to Glass-Steagall, Mnuchin flat-out stated, “No”. This is in direct contradiction to the explicit stand in favor of Glass-Steagall that President Trump announced in a 45-minute address given in Charlottesville, North Carolina during the election. In fact, then-Presidential candidate Trump made that pledge in the context of speaking about providing credit to African-American owned businesses; the speech appears on line with the title “New Deal for Black America”. Here are President Trump’s own words, as uttered in Charlotte, October 26, 2016:

    “Today, I want to talk about how to grow the African-American middle class and how to provide a new deal for black America…

    “Dodd-Frank has been a disaster making it harder for small businesses to get the credit they need. You folks know that.

    The policies of the Clintons brought us the financial recession through lifting Glass-Steagall, pushing subprime lending, and blocking reforms to Fannie and Freddie. Two friendly names but they’re not so friendly.

    It’s time for a 21st-century Glass-Steagall and as part of that a priority on helping African-American businesses get the credit they need.”

    It’s our job to get rid of Steven Mnuchin, so that “21st-Century Glass-Steagall” means FDR’s Glass-Steagall, plus smashing derivatives speculation–not double-talk that leaves the banks and Wall Street and the City of London in control of the United States. Time is of the essence.

  51. Tony Stark
    January 29, 2017 at 3:00 am

    Before clearing customs and immigration a passenger is in international no mans land. They do not enter US territory until clearing that bureaucratic legal hurdle. This is the same procedure everywhere in the world (I know because I got snagged as I looked like a possible IRA bomber years ago at Gatwick near London many years ago-I’m not even Irish but ancestors from the general vicinity). This court may not even have jurisdiction on that “territory”. This is the area that a president has complete control IE international jurisdiction.

    When EO’s are issued a complete set of regulations or procedural orders come with it from the agency for the Joe Smoe who works the line in this case at the airport or border station. A customs or immigration agent does NOT interpret legal language. The media is acting like they do. They do NOT. They work from the procedures that are given to them by the agency lawyers and bureaucrats who are specialists.

    The legal injunction issued late by this judge also has to be interpreted, written into procedures, given training to Joe Smoe, AND given a point in time to implement. Immigration lawyers don’t run in with a court order and demand some Iraqi’s release. First off they can’t get past TSA. The prior rules stay in place until that happens. Since the newbie Obama judge issued it after the policy writers had gone home for the night it won’t be looked at until they report back for duty. Federal judges know this. Immigration lawyers worth spit know this. Media who has zero experience with the real world don’t know jack. Their reporting is misleading, written to confuse and alarm, and shows a deep ignorance and disregard for facts and how government works practically. It is written to elicit emotional responses from ignorant people. Court injunctions can take TWO WEEKS to be implemented if it is a complicated issue, like this is, and the parties involved sit there until the procedures, appeals, negotiations, hearings are complete. That includes “refugees” or green card holders or spotted owls or oil drillers. No one is entitled to instant “administrative relief”. Not even CAIR or hysterical progressive blabbermouths on twitter.

    Since the immigration loons and lawyers seem to want civil insurrection to advance the rights of non-citizens over the rights of citizens to be able to access an airport, or use a public highway in the general vicinity, the full hearing or even an appellate court injunction may be issued in short order since they are threatening public safety. Idiots.

    These full blown hysterical meltdowns every few days is getting old. They are wearing themselves out, cannot pick a few targets with flibbertigibbets like Michael Moore getting butthurt over an Iranian filmmaker (the public could care less and doesn’t like Hollyweird, Iran the vicious terrorist sponsor state nor their elitist virtue signalling) who are stepping all over the Dems messaging and target setting. As usual they pick “art” (and ticket selling and sneering superiority) to champion instead of blacks getting murdered over Mexican drugs in Chicago for which they give no s(*#$. Hopefully their emotional exhaustion and collapse is coming to spare us further outbursts. Trump got them to pick the most unpopular group possible to champion. Lucky Trump.

  52. admin
    January 28, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    “The order says the priority will be removing deportable immigrants who “have been convicted of any criminal offense; have been charged with any criminal offense, where such charge has not been resolved; have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense; have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter or application before a governmental agency; have abused any program related to receipt of public benefits; are subject to a final order of removal, but who have not complied with their legal obligation to depart the United States; or in the judgment of an immigration officer, otherwise pose a risk to public safety or national security.” [snip]

    “I think it covers just about every illegal alien in the country,” said Hans von Spakovsky, a legal expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, which has been strongly influential on Trump’s policy.”

    Yes. That is the law as written in specific statutory language. That is not an expansion but simply an order to enforce what already IS instead of ignoring it all with Obama’s magic wand. And it is intended to cover every illegal alien because their first act in the US was to break the law by trespassing and violating US sovereignty. The immigration rights crowd and illegal aliens are in shock that the law as written will be enforced. This isn’t new it is old. They knew it was coming but not this fast and hard and without warning or leaks. As usual the progs fiddled and piddled thinking it would be in year three because that is what they would do and our last presidents have been a bunch of pikers and look squirrel from the Trump White House. Some say…who could have guessed…this is not normal. Lazy asses who ignored the electorate caught flatfooted without a clue. Again.

  53. The legal injunction issued late by this judge also has to be interpreted, written into procedures, given training to Joe Smoe, AND given a point in time to implement.
    This is a temporary restraining order, which prevents the government from proceeding until a hearing his held. That will probably be in 10 days—30 days is too long. At that hearing, the clear legal precedent empowering the president to do what he is done will be presented. At that point, this little judge will be between a rock and a hard place, having previously issued a NATION-WIDE order (that will be an issue as well, i.e. whether a Brooklyn district judge can issue an injunction binding in the western district of Washington, although there is some precedent for this. I return to my original point, which was, in order for an injunction to issue, in this case, a permanent injunction, the ACLU will have to show that despite the preponderance of legal precedent to the contrary plaintiff is likely to succeed on the merits. Knowing the ACLU as I do, I think we can assume their argument will be that this is order is a de facto ban of a religion, and is therefore unconstitutional. Given the fact that this religion is openly hostile to the values of this country that is a narrow reed on which to hang your case. Nevertheless, you should expect them to cite Trump’s original statement on the subject, which was to ban Muslims. Whereupon the government will point out, as Guilani did last night that he, Muckaeey (former attorney general) fashioned a policy at Trump’s request which removed the religion and the criterion and substituted terrorism, and resulting risk to the nation as the criterion for exclusion and/or removal. Given this precedent, the little Judge will be hardpressed to make this temporary restraing order a permanent injunction. Consequently, the attenuated process of awaiting judicial wisdom on the subject and then training homeland security officials accordingly prior to proceeding will be avoided. If this little judge bucks the case law and legal precedent, their is a remedy beyond professional embarrassment, and depending on the political makeup of the 2nd circuit, an immediate appeal will be filed and the case will be resolved that that point. Of course, plaintiff could still appeal but by then, Trump should have his nominee on the Supreme Court, because I am confident that McConnell will invoke the nuclear option bequeathed to him by dirty Harry (Reid).

  54. Put yourself in the position of the little judge. You were appointed by Obama. Most likely you hate Trump. You have astroturfed rioting. The ACLU who has above average lawyers, smarter than you or your law clerk. They are doing their typical the sky if falling in routine. You are a newby. If you deny the tro, they hang you in effigy. If you grant the tro you are the toast of Manhattan. Under those circumstances, mindful of the Machiavelli’s statement that whoever foresakes what is for what ought to be, would you stand your ground? Or would you do a John Roberts belly flop and dissemble? As Robert Jackson once said, the court, in his case the supreme court has only the pen. It has neither the power of the sword (executive branch) or the purse (legislative branch), both of whom are in the hands of the other party, and your lord protector douchebag Obama or his corrupt justice department cannot help you.





  55. Compare and contrast the decision of another judge in another era, who looked to his conscience rather that to pleasing the elites, and avoiding their scorn.
    Kaufman is best remembered as the judge who presided over the espionage trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and imposed their controversial death sentences. Roy Cohn, one of the prosecutors in the case, claimed in his autobiography that his influence led to Kaufman’s being appointed to the case, and that Kaufman had imposed the death penalty on Cohn’s personal advice. This claim has not been verified, although it has been shown that after Kaufman learned that the FBI and Justice Department opposed death penalties in the case, he asked the prosecution to withhold its recommendation before issuing his death sentence. In his summing up Judge Irving Kaufman was considered by many to have been highly subjective: “Judge Kaufman tied the crimes the Rosenbergs were being accused of to their ideas and the fact that they were sympathetic to the Soviet Union. He stated that they had given the atomic bomb to the Russians, which had triggered Communist aggression in Korea resulting in over 50,000 American casualties. He added that, because of their treason, the Soviet Union was threatening America with an atomic attack and this made it necessary for the United States to spend enormous amounts of money to build underground bomb shelters.” [4] Kaufman said that he had gone to synagogue to pray before issuing his death sentence; this enraged Supreme Court justice Felix Frankfurter, who later wrote to judge Learned Hand, “I despise a judge who feels God told him to impose a death sentence,” and also told Hand that he was “mean enough” to stay on the court long enough to prevent Kaufman from having a chance to take Frankfurter’s place in the so-called “Jewish seat” on the Court.[3][5]

  56. Sean Spicer @sean_spicier is very spicy on Twitter, especially today. We retweeted some of his stuff ’cause it is so good. Here’s one we haven’t retweeted yet:

    The Sean Spicer that works for President Trump can be found at

  57. Admin: I could be persuaded to admit them, if I could be certain they would behead only the right people, like . . . the ACLU. I mean, that entity with a name that designates the Orwellian use of the English language is so indifferent to the risks their policies impose on the American People, that it would be fitting and proper for them to have a little of their own skin in the game. Theirs is the hypocrisy of Ryan or Zuckerberg who demand open borders while building walls and moats around their own personal residences.

  58. In the final analysis, there is no constitutional right for aliens to emigrate to this county. But perhaps in the wally world of Justice Brier, there is.

  59. From the article you posted Wbboei:

    Federal immigration law also includes Section 1182(f), which states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate” (emphasis added).

    Section 1182(f) plainly and sweepingly authorizes the president to issue temporary bans on the entry of classes of aliens for national-security purposes. This is precisely what President Trump has done. In fact, in doing so, he expressly cites Section 1182(f), and his executive order tracks the language of the statute (finding the entry of aliens from these countries at this time “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States”).

  60. The only good Obama in the family.

  61. “the ACLU. I mean, that entity with a name that designates the Orwellian use of the English language is so indifferent to the risks their policies”
    There was a time when I proudly carried my blue ACLU card next to my concealed weapons permit. Looking back, if the ACLU was ever the defender of the Constitution and civil liberties, the high point and turning point was the Village of Skokie case. The backlash generated by the ACLU’s success in that case accelerated the process of turning the ACLU into the SJW, pandering, political hacks that they are today. Too bad, society needs an organization that fights the unpopular fight; the ACLU showed it’s true colors during the eight years of Obama.

  62. SHV
    January 29, 2017 at 1:27 pm
    I too was a member.

    The thing that drove me away was their embrace of affirmative action.

    Coincidentally, that was the same thing that drove Professor Van Alstein out of the organization.

    A quota by any other name is still a quota.

    But a lot has changed since then.

    The left wing establishment has rejected individuals in favor of group representation.

    And the left wing establishment has used the issue of race to dismantle the constitution.

    For example, this article by one of the leading attorneys in the early civil rights movement rejecting Obama/Holder approach to voting rights, root and branch.

    And then there have been some excellent actors like Robert Vaughn and Sam Waterston (Law and Order) who left the democrat party over these and similar issues.

    The commitment of the left to the individual, and its independence from corporate control from Soros, inter alia is, no more.

  63. Tony Stark
    January 29, 2017 at 1:54 pm
    Sen. Schumer channeling former Speaker John Boehner.
    I have always thought of Schumer as a caring person, who makes great personal sacrifices for the betterment of mankind, sort of a Jewish brand of Mother Teresa.

    On the other hand, I could be wrong. He could be a vicious vindictive backstabbing politician who does not give a rats ass about anyone but himself.

    If so, then he has plenty to cry about.

  64. Just back from weekly grocery shopping duties. Check-out line mags included LIFE 2017 First Ladies edition. Front page: Jackie, Moose, Eleanor and Laura. Is it me, or was someone missing? Who could that be?


    KATIE HOPKINS: Trump’s immigration crackdown is a clear message to the Muslim world – get your own houses in order before you come to ours

    Have you noticed? There has been more outrage from the left over Trump’s so-called Muslim ban, than over terror itself.

    More gnashing of gums and loud wailing, more placards decrying the plight of a few tourists and travellers, than over the bodies blown apart by Islamic extremists at Brussels airport in March last year.

    So much collective outrage, in fact, I wonder how on earth a ban imposed by 16 countries on Israeli citizens has remained in place for quite so long with such quiet acceptance.


    In its wild lament, the left has missed the point entirely. Trump is sending out a message.

    His 90-day ban on seven Muslim countries is in place to achieve one thing and one thing only: Trump wants you to understand America has borders, and from now on it’s going to protect them.

    He is going to build a wall with Mexico. He is going to reinforce Homeland Security. He is pouring funds into the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement services.

    And thanks to the outrage, the placard-waving protests, the Clinton News Network and the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, you all know about it.

    So everyone is now clear. Perfect.



    not only is their more outrage from the left about the ban than the terrorism…the left is constantly trying to ‘explain’ and/or even justify the terror…

  66. alcina
    January 29, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    alcina…besides the obvious, the actual 2017 First Lady, Melania…sounds like they ‘overlooked’ Hillary too

  67. One of the things Paul Craig Roberts mentioned in the video was the way the deep state has managed to achieve continuing profitability for themselves is by substituting cheap foreign labor for US labor, rather than increases in productivity. The end result is cannibalism, i.e. 95 million people of working age not working, and college graduates with huge student loans which cannot be discharged in bankrupcty living at home and working at MacDonalds, so Obama can claim he added a job to the economy, reduced the unemployment rate, and similar specious arguments for which he is renowned. Not surprisingly, during the Reagan era, elitists got congressmen they control to give them tax incentives to move off shore, thereby making millionaires of those congressman, impoverishing their constituents, and when asked they simply quote the immortal words of Rocky Balboa, i.e. a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Or better yet, the economists tell us that in the long run everyone will be better off. That may be true enough on paper. But in reality, in the long run we will all be dead. For the service jobs, which cannot be off shored, they have opened the floodgates to illegal immigration with the blessing of McCain, Graham, Flake, Schumer etc.

    Speaking of which I turn now to the controversial topic of robots. The elites are spending billions to develop robots which have all the characteristics of humans, without the headaches, e.g. lunch breaks, pensions, wages, etc. It does not take to much imagination to realize that this is where they intend to go, after their current race to the bottom reaches the bottom. The why of it is equally plausible. During the 1960s the elites were talking about a maximum earth population of 2 billion, which will require a substantial culling of the herd from what it is today. The way to do it is through attrition and birth control and making the cost of a child so high that they do not do it. Why do you want them we ask. The answer we get is the same one we have heard before: to do the jobs human beings refuse to do. Just you watch.

    Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes imagined this possibility in 1912 when he was walking down Pennsylvania avenue at sunset. As the lamp lighter did their work, he imagined that the glowing lights were clustered like evil eggs, which would produce the new masters of the sky. He went on to say this:

    “I do not pin my hopes for the future on my country or my race. I think it probable that civilization will last as long as I care to look ahead, PERHAPS IN SMALLER NUMERS, and perhaps even bred to greatness and splendor through science. I THINK IT NOT IMPROBABLE THAT MAN LIKE THE GRUB THAT PREPARES THE CHAMBER FOR THE WINGED THING IT HAS NEVER SEEN BUT IS TO BE THAT MAN MAY HAVE COSMIC DESTINIES HE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND. And so beyond the reality of battling races and an improverished planet I catch the dreaming glimpse of peace.”

  68. The ACLU is getting “multiple reports” that federal customs agents are siding with President Trump — and willfully ignoring a Brooklyn federal judge’s demand that travelers from seven Muslim countries not be deported from the nation’s airports.

    “The court’s order could not be clearer… they need to comply with the order,” Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU’s Immigrants Rights project, told The Post late Saturday.








  69. Billionaire liberal activist George Soros is helping fund the airport protests against President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban refugees from war-torn Syria indefinitely and suspend visas from seven countries for at least 30 days, as PJ Media reported Sunday.

    This Soros connection, including reports of funding lawsuits to block the orders, begs the question: Are these protesters being paid to be there?

    The website’s Debra Heine posted tweets of airport protests against the action, which was granted a stay Saturday night by a New York Judge amid an ACLU fight to block the immigration ban and deportation of stranded travelers from those locations wanting to enter the U.S.

    This tweet’s photo showed protesters fighting deportations, ironically, by saying the first lady should be deported.

  70. I would compare what is occurring now with what a heroine addict experiences when he goes off the juice. It ain’t fun, it ain’t pretty and it ain’t pain free. But if he does not get off the juice he will be dead within a year. The point being, there is no less restrictive alternative. And the personal inconvenience for the aliens which the dims whine about is as nothing compared to the death and destruction citizens will experience if one of those self declared refugees happens to explode a dirty bomb on a Manhattan subway. How many 911s must we go through before the dims wake up and smell the coffee. And just because Schumer cares not for the safety of his constituents does not mean a priori that Trump cannot and should not.

  71. …way OT..

    Indulging in my guilty pleasure & watching red carpet for SAG Awards…so far so good…no politics
    Show starts at 8…

    wonder how long it will take for the inevitable and someone (s) to start in & ruin the show

    I know it won’t last & the preaching & Hollywood outrage is coming

    Pls spare us…

  72. I never saw these politicians cry when innocent folks were beheaded or mowed down by trucks..but have a temporary ban against potentially dangerous Muslims and they all are weeping like little sissies.

  73. President Trump also understands there is a Big Media Party:

    In an interview with David Brody from Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), President Trump called the mainstream media the “opposition party.”

    “I think the media is the opposition party in many ways,” Trump said. “I’m not talking about everybody, I know people like yourself. But I know people in the media that I have tremendous respect for, I respect them as much as anybody. So I’m not talking about everybody.”

    “But a big portion of the media, the dishonesty, the total deceit and deception makes them certainly partially the opposition party, absolutely. I think they’re much more capable than the opposition party. The opposition party is losing badly. Now the media is on the opposition party’s side,” the president told Brody.

    “They treat me so unfairly that it’s actually hard to believe that I won,” Trump added.

  74. admin
    January 29, 2017 at 7:35 pm
    When President Trump calls big media the opposition party,

    He needs to be clear on what exactly they are opposed to.

    When the Brits speak of the loyal opposition

    They mean a party that is no less committed to the commonwealth than they are

    But has a fundamentally different way of achieving it

    The difference with our media is they are opposed to America, its values, its liberty, its prosperity

    They are opposed to the entire idea of making this a great nation again.

    They are wholly owned subsidiaries of multinational corporations

    Who are fundamentally opposed to what we as a country stand for.

    By their own admission, they are not patriots.

    They are citizens of the world.

    Which I, like Uncle Joe, have a name for: rootless cosmopolitans.

    If you want practical wisdom, you need look no further than the maunderings of Stalin.

    He was never one to waste words, or spy a neck that he did not want to chop off.

    He would make short work of ISIS.

  75. One of my favorite Stalin stories. He was having a state dinner with some of his bootlickers, and chanced to mention what an excellent dentist he had. Upon hearing this, one of his bootlickers made it a point to visit the same dentist. The next time they had a state dinner the bootlicker told the audience that he had gone to see Stalins dentist and he was every bit as good as the General Secretary has said. He turned to Stalin expecting to receive a vote of confidence, but received only a blank stare and stony silence. Next day the dentist was poisoned and the bootlicker was found dead in the dentists chair with half his mouth drilled out. He was a wonderful hombre, and the world misses him very much.

  76. jb: Many years ago, I had lunch with Herb Stern in his law office in Roseland NJ many years ago. This was after his tenure on the third circuit, and US District Judge for Berlin. He got me a club sandwich and he had gefilte fish. Is it possible that Schumer was weeping because he got bad gefilte fish?

  77. lol I was thinking the same thing, Lu…. best I can come up with… maybe he was worried that when he was under laughing gas (whatever they used then) that he might spill some secrets, which the dentist could pass on to the bootlicker…?

  78. The company I worked for years ago had major operations on JFK airport. At its height it has 3000 employees. Like everyone else on the airport we had a contract with Teamsters Local 295. At that time, it was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mafia. This was the world depicted in the movie Goodfellows, and the characters portrayed in that movie were real. The business agents were either made guys or associates. They were tough to get a contract with, but once you had an agreement they always lived up to it. One of their tactical ploys at the bargaining table was to allege that your company was violating the contract. And then they would say, why should I negotiate with you when you do not keep your word.

    Think about that question in the current context of Trump and big media. Perhaps he should point out that he has other channels for communicating with the public, therefore why should he let them interview him and his people when they distort, pervert and censor his comments? This forces him to come back and correct what they have done. He and his people have a busy schedule to attend to. They have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with an entity which bent over backwards to worship, swaddle and never criticize messiah obama, but is congenitally incapable of giving him a fair hearing.

  79. And every time they say he is attacking the press, he should say no he is attacking their lack of veracity and their double standard.

  80. Exhibit A (Testimony of Larry Johnson, former CIA Analyst:

    Unbelievable. The baseless attack against Donald Trump continues unabated. The latest target? His Presidential Memorandum governing how the National Security Council will be organized. Hell, the frigging Wall Street Journal gets it wrong. Here is their headline:

    Donald Trump Shuffles National Security Council

    Executive measure adds Steve Bannon while removing Director of National Intelligence, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    Only one little problem. That’s not what the damn Memorandum states, and I quote:

    The NSC and HSC shall have as their regular attendees (both statutory and non-statutory) the President, the Vice President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the National Security Advisor, the Homeland Security Advisor, and the Representative of the United States to the United Nations. When international economic issues are on the agenda of the NSC, the NSC’s regular attendees will include the Secretary of Commerce, the United States Trade Representative, and the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy. The Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as statutory advisers to the NSC, shall also attend NSC meetings.

    It does not say some. It does not proscribe the DNI and Chairman of the JCS from attending. Just the opposite. It reaffirms that they are “statutory advisers” and shall attend NSC meetings.

    How can the press be so damn careless? This is absurd.

  81. Lu4PUMA
    January 29, 2017 at 9:36 pm
    January 29, 2017 at 9:11 pm
    I don’t get it.
    Neither do I now that I reflect on it.

    I guess I was being nostalgic

    Wishing we could whistle up Uncle Joe

    To deal with the coke fiends in big media

  82. On the other hand, if it’s Stalins motive you do not understand, all I can do is speculate.

    “Comrade card index” was a mass murderer, a paranoid and a consummate ego maniac.

    He wanted to have information on everyone else, but was worried someone who had the same dentist might acquire similar information on him.

    Its what Lorac said.

    He had big plans to murder many of his associates, i.e. a revolution always eats it children

    He was especially paranoid about his security chief, Beria, the most hated man in Russia.

    So he gave him a Ernst Rohm send off to the great empty.

  83. Stefan Molyneux ‏@StefanMolyneux 3h3 hours ago

    President Trump negotiates a major win-win solution for the Syrian refugee crisis. What exactly was Obama doing?


    Really good question. Trump is in there for one week, makes first call to Saudia Arabia, and gets an agreement to work together on safe zones in Syria and in Yemen so the immigration craziness will end. First week, one phone call. Yes, what the HELL what Obama doing?

  84. Maybe the Saudis did it to try to avoid being included in that list of countries whose citizens are temporarily banned from entry into the US.

  85. Dennis Micheal Lynch – re:

    Stunning Arrest Made in Trump Inauguration Day Riots

    CBS 6 reports that Henrico County, Virginia, firefighter Rosa Roncales was part of an anarchist group responsible for smashing windows and starting fires last week during inauguration events.

    Roncales was arrested and charged with felony rioting for damaging property in excess of $100,000, according to court documents.

  86. Liberals Fleeing to Canada Fail to Meet Immigration Standards — he he, snicker —

    Disenchanted liberals are rushing the border to Canada to flee from President Trump only to discover they do not meet immigration requirements.

    The Daily Caller reports that one of the policies that many liberals are protesting is President Trump’s proposal to crack down on immigration and introduce “extreme vetting” measures before allowing immigrants to enter the U.S. from Syria and several other countries.

    Ironically, those very liberals who are intent on jumping ship to greener pastures are being met with similar strict sanctions and vetting policies in countries like Australia and Canada.

    According to Canada’s immigration page, its stringent immigration policies include being able to “immigrate as a skilled worker,” “immigrate by starting a business and creating jobs” or “immigrate by investing in the Canadian economy.”

    The Canadian immigration site maintains it is considered a last resort for displaced refugees and deems them not eligible if they “have another durable solution for protection, such as an offer to be resettled in another country.” The site emphasizes that they reserve a refugee program for those displaced outside of their native country, rather than individuals merely seeking to relocate from their home country to Canada.

    When an individual is accepted into the refugee program, Canada requires them to be “selected as a government-assisted or privately sponsored refugee” or be able to support themselves and dependents they are responsible for upon arriving in Canada.

    One distraught liberal posted on Facebook, “What are the actual implications of these Executive Douche Orders? Should I just pack my bags and move to Canada?” It was only after he researched strict Canada’s immigration policies that he realized as an artist he was not able to afford more than a tiny loft in New York, therefore his acceptance into Canada was next to impossible.

    Immigration policies in Australia are comparable to Canada’s and have this commonality: they focus on accepting individuals who are capable of contributing to the workforce and adding value to their economy, not being dependent on government hand-outs.

  87. lorac
    January 30, 2017 at 11:04 am
    Liberals Fleeing to Canada Fail to Meet Immigration Standards — he he, snicker —
    I wonder if that’s why Shroomer was crying.


  88. No wonder why the Fake Lying Media has been quiet about who the terrorists were who shot up that mosque in Canada.

    CBC News has confirmed the identity of the suspects in the #QuebecShooting are Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir.— Louise Martin (@LouiseMartinCBC) January 30, 2017

  89. A brave ex Muslim female Dr. Sultan from Syria, at one time listed as one of 100 most influential people in the World.

  90. Does anyone know a legit organization that fights against Islam, this is something I could support. I believe Dr Sultan that there is no “moderate” Islam, that the left wing are selling us to be slaughtered, and I very much want to help the women in these desperate situations.

    I need to contact Gellar I think.

  91. Gonzo, try ACT for America headed by Brigette Gabrielle. Like Geller, she is fearless. I am a member. I love and donate to Pammy-the-vampire-slayer every now and then when she has a particular need for a cause I wish to champion. She is the president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI).

    ACT has hundreds of chapters nationwide for like minded souls who wish to be informed and prepared for the next horrendous deed. Gabrielle just recently became a Knight of the Order of the Knights of Malta (I think that’s what their called.)

    If you have not done so or if I missed it, I suggest you read “The God Who Hates” By Wafa Sultan. and for more information

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