The Revolution’s Here: President Trump’s Firsts, Triumph Over Phony #WomensMarch

Update: President Trump is like Motown Records in it’s heyday – the hits just keep on coming! Today President Trump approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Many presumed President Trump would wait on those until his EPA nominee was confirmed by the Senate, but President Trump won’t be delayed. President Trump also signed an executive order commanding the “… Commerce Department to maximize the use of U.S. steel in constructing the pipes for these projects. ‘We will build our own pipelines. We will build our own pipes. … Like we used to in the old days,’ he said.”

In addition, President Trump signed executive orders again ordering the Commerce Department to streamline the “extremely cumbersome” process of obtaining permits for manufacturing projects. Another executive order commanded expedited “environmental reviews and approvals.” President Trump declared “We can’t be in an environmental [review] process for 15 years if a bridge is going to be falling down or if a highway is crumbling.”

President Trump also ordered the EPA to “freeze its grants and contracts” be “temporarily suspended, effective immediately”!

Yesterday President Trump met with Big Labor leaders and the Labor chieftains proclaimed the meeting to be “incredible“. Today President Trump at 9:00 a.m. met with automobile industry leaders. The auto industry leaders emerged from the meeting with “a lot of confidence” and encouraged by President Trump.

President Trump also announced his Supreme Court nominee will be made public next week.

That all happened before noon. This Trump guy appears to be high energy.


President Trump’s first week day and first week will be filled with surprises and gifts galore. This might be an update kind of day as developments develop.

On President Trump’s first half day, Friday, he was inaugurated and signed several executive orders which will have bite as time goes on. On President Trump’s first weekend day he attended a prayer service. Also on President Trump’s first weekend day there was a funeral called the “women’s march”.

The phony “women’s march” on Saturday was a funeral attended by corpses. The phony “women’s march” was a celebration of Islam, that hates women. The phony “women’s march” ignored the fact that Trump was elected by a majority of white women. The phony “women’s march” was seriously “a day late”.

Imagine if the phony “women’s march” had taken place on the day after Hillary Clinton was nominated as the first woman presidential candidate of a major party – we would have taken it to mean a serious challenge and the birth of a counter-revolution by reactionary forces prepared to fight. Imagine if the phony “women’s march” had taken place a few days before the November 2016 election. Imagine the boost of high energy that would have provided Hillary2016. But no, that didn’t happen.

The phony “women’s march” literally was “a day late” – as President Trump was inaugurated a day earlier. The phony “women’s march” which excluded Hillary Clinton from it’s list of prominent “leaders” was phony because it did not represent all women. The phony “women’s march” was phony because in actuality, put aside the publicity, it was a funeral. All the women and men who attended the “women’s march” participated in their own funeral. The corpses walked about, walking dead, unaware they were dead and all their works buried.

Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, Eno as he is known to all his ambient/Bowie/U2/Coldplay music fans, explains the Trump revolution via Brexit:

My feeling about Brexit was not anger at anybody else, it was anger at myself for not realising what was going on. I thought that all those Ukip people and those National Fronty people were in a little bubble. Then I thought: ‘Fuck, it was us, we were in the bubble, we didn’t notice it.’ There was a revolution brewing and we didn’t spot it because we didn’t make it. We expected we were going to be the revolution.”

Here at Big Pink we saw the revolution start back in the days of the Tea Party in 2009. We saw the revolution gain strength every election since then. We saw the revolution get it’s leader in June 2015. Years before, we understood the 2016 election would be a change election and the candidate of change would win. On election night we understood the vastness of the change election was a revolution. Now the revolution’s here.

“The revolution’s here and you know that it’s right.” The revolution is here but it is not Abbie Hoffman or Jerry Rubin at the barricades – it’s Milo the modern day “yippie movement” man flamboyantly gaying around in support of President Trump and the West. Imagine that, a gay man who understands Islam is out to kill him, and women and anyone in favor of freedom and liberty for all, because he is gay, or because of ovaries, or because thoughts must be suppressed by the establishment so the establishment can benefit and by Islam so that Islam can conquer and inflict itself on freedom loving peoples.

Yeah, the revolution is here and it’s the first Monday of the revolution. What will President Trump do? What has President Trump done?

Well, it’s good riddance to TPP as President Trump has now signed an executive order to that effect. There’s now a hiring freeze at the previously ever expanding Federal government thanks to a newly signed executive order. NAFTA will be renegotiated or get killed too. The Mexico City policy on abortion is back which stops taxpayer funded abortions overseas, per an executive order. President Trump spoke with the Egyptian president, his ally against Muslim terrorism. President Trump also met with ten manufacturing business leaders (Ford, Dell, Tesla, Dow, Under Armour), to discuss his plans to cut taxes and regulations. About those regulations, President Trump said he wants to cut regulations by a stunning 75% or more! Later in the day President Trump will meet with Labor leaders and American workers. President Trump is working diligently and rapidly to fulfill that long long list of things he promised to do on his first full work day.

On Friday President Trump will meet with his first world leader – a woman – British Prime Minister Theresa May. Take that phony “women’s march” cadavers.


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    The Anti-Semite Who Organized the ‘Women’s March on Washington’

    A leading organizer of the Women’s March was the Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. This group was founded shortly after 9/11—not to condemn the attacks, of course, but rather, to lament “the heightened sense of fear and the acts of blatant discrimination aimed at [the Muslim] community” in the racist wasteland known as America. On the premise that all government efforts to forestall additional terrorism constituted Nazi-like fascism, Sarsour and her organization played a central role in pressuring the New York Police Department to terminate its secret surveillance of the many Muslim groups and mosques suspected of promoting jihadism.

    Sarsour is also a member of the Justice League NYC, which seeks to draw public attention to what it portrays as an epidemic of police brutality against African American civilians in New York City. The group’s constant drumbeat is the claim that the United States is awash in essentially the same ugly strain of racism as was prevalent in the days of slavery and Jim Crow.

    An outspoken critic of Israel, Sarsour avvidly supports the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement, a Hamas-inspired initiative that uses various forms of public protest, economic pressure, and lawsuits to advance the Hamas agenda of permanently destroying Israel as a Jewish nation-state. 

    Vis-a-vis the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict, Sarsour favorsone-state solution where an Arab majority and a Jewish minority would live together within the borders of a single country. She made clear her opposition to Israel’s existence as a Jewish state when she tweeted in October 2012 that “nothing is creepier than Zionism.”

    In 2004, Sarsour acknowledged that a friend of hers as well as a cousin were both serving long sentences in Israeli jails because of their efforts to recruit jihadists to murder Jews. Moreover, she revealed that her brother-in-law was serving a 12-year prison term because of his affiliation with Hamas.

    Speaking of creepy realtives, Sarsour’s husband, Maher Judeh, mourned the 1998 death of the Hamas “master terrorists” Adel and Imad Awadallah; he praised the heroism of a Palestinian Authority police officer who had carried out a shooting attack at a checkpoint in Israel; he has expressed support for the terrorist organization Fatah; and he has lauded the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary organization.

    Lots more at link.

  2. The Judicial Branch and President Trump:

    The analysis shows that Trump will inherit 108 vacancies, representing roughly one in every eight life-term federal judicial positions (12.41%). Not since President Bill Clinton has a president had the opportunity to fill so many vacancies in the federal courts at the start of his first term. After breaking down the data by circuit court and district court to compare percentages, the report finds that Trump has the third-highest percentage of circuit court vacancies and the second-highest percentage of district court vacancies among recent incoming administrations.

    In this analysis, Ballotpedia also sought to find out what possible vacancies might occur throughout Trump’s first term by examining the number of current judges who are eligible for senior status on their respective courts. Overall, in addition to the 108 current Article III vacancies that Trump will inherit, another 172 judges will be eligible to take senior status by January 20, 2017, and an additional 47 judges will be eligible in the 2017 calendar year. Counting existing vacancies and judges who could possibly take senior status, there could be as many as 438 vacancies by December 31, 2020, representing more than half (50.3%) of the 870 life-term Article III judicial positions under current law. The analysis shows that the majority of both circuit and district judges who could take senior status during the next four years were GOP nominees.

    One half in first term. Second term?

  3. A superb analysis admin. While the idiot who runs hot air describes this so called womens march as an incipient tea party movement, your characterization sees through that kind of bullshit and calls it for what it is. These kind of marches, bear a striking resemblance to the rabble of Paris, which Burke commented on, which is the final nail in the leftist coffin: these people are so consumed with the rights of man, that they have totally forgotten his nature. Small wonder then, that someone got shot by the mob here in Seattle. The other thing that was worth noting was the utube video featuring a deranged middle aged woman who confronts a stranger who sits down beside her on an airplane, asks him whether he is going to Seattle to protest or to celebrate–she cannot imagine that someone would have any other reason to go there on that particular day, and then proceeds to call him all sorts of names, and threaten to vomit in his lap. Just another social justice warrior doing her thing. Trouble is there is a city full of them now here in Seattle, including our blob of a mayor, who is bent on making this a sanctuary city. Now perhaps you can understand why when I went to the Trump celebration on election day, all the attendees I spoke with plan to be out of this city in 5 years. Years ago, we were dealing with labor problems in the Bay Area, and wondered why the workforce in San Francisco was so radical. My friend, an old man and member of the Geary Family, as in Geary square, gave me that answer I was looking for: San Francisco has never had a depression. That is what is happening here, and in other coastal cities, therefore, they live in a bubble, and the politics that emerge in that sort of cauldron is ipso facto radical.

  4. If Trump can remake the liberal Ninth Circuit Court into a more conservative court, then San Francisco’s bubble of progressive contentment will get punctured pretty quickly.

  5. It is a well known fact that whatever a new administration hopes to accomplish during its term must be started in the first hundred days, when its power is at it apex and the power of the opposition is at it nadir. THIS IS WHY big media is opposing him at every turn, as with that ridiculous MTP interview bay rat boy–with the little gottee, those his pot belly, and his eyes that look like two piss holes in the snow.

    I ran into one of the lost souls who invested all his hopes and dreams in that snake oil salesman Bernie. He told me he was proud of Bernie for confronting de Voss over the fact that she has contributed millions to the Republican cause. This question, from a man who himself took a large bribe and bought a nice beachhouse to fold his tent in the primary. But the larger point is, what was the INTENT of these contributions. If they were to advance policies that would improve the sorry state of education in this country, rather than to buy access and influence for business endeavors, which other donors routinely do as an exercise in crony capitalism, then something should have been said about that, and she could have said her only regret was that she did not contribute more for the benefit of the country, but now, in the current position she has been appointed to, she will complete that job.

  6. Admin: Here is further confirmation for what you have said about this Women’s March. And from a Muslim. (Note: I found this cite at Powerline).

    By my draft research, which I’m opening up for crowd-sourcing on GoogleDocs, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. March organizers and the organizations identified here haven’t yet returned queries for comment.

    On the issues I care about as a Muslim, the “Women’s March,” unfortunately, has taken a stand on the side of partisan politics that has obfuscated the issues of Islamic extremism over the eight years of the Obama administration. “Women’s March” partners include the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has not only deflected on issues of Islamic extremism post-9/11, but opposes Muslim reforms that would allow women to be prayer leaders and pray in the front of mosques, without wearing headscarves as symbols of chastity. Partners also include the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which wrongly designated Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim reformer, an “anti-Muslim extremist” in a biased report released before the election. The SPLC confirmed to me that Soros funded its “anti-Muslim extremists” report targeting Nawaz. (Ironically, CAIR also opposes abortions, but its leader still has a key speaking role.)

    Another Soros grantee and march “partner” is the Arab-American Association of New York, whose executive director, Linda Sarsour, is a march co-chair. When I co-wrote a piece, arguing that Muslim women don’t have to wear headscarves as a symbol of “modesty,” she attacked the coauthor and me as “fringe.”

    Earlier, at least 33 of the 100 “women of color,” who initially protested the Trump election in street protests, worked at organizations that receive Soros funding, in part for “black-brown” activism. Of course, Soros is an “ideological philanthropist,” whose interests align with many of these groups, but he is also a significant political donor. In Davos, he told reporters that Trump is a “would-be dictator.” Bottom line: Soros is behind it, and the marchers are what Lenin referred to as useful idiots.

  7. correction: that last sentence does not belong. It was to have been part of my introductory comment.

    You will recall the paper I wrote about Soros in 2009, which gave me an informed sense of how evil he is. Moralists can debate the question of whether the right to life is sacred, and that is at the center of the abortion debate. If it is sacred, then they can debate whether the elimination of one life, mostly used up at this point, to save a million lives would be a moral act. I think the utilitarian argument on that issue is the right answer. Others may disagree. But no one who lives in the real world can deny that there are certain people who pop up in our lifetime who are the personification of evil, Mao, Pot Pal, Stalin. And, the name Soros, the old Nazi should be added to that list.

  8. I’m disappointed that it appears tthe campaign promise to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem is not going to happen. I understand all Presidents promise this and cave to both to internal pressure from State Department and Arabs threatening “it will be instigation to violence”.( like the hey need any excuse), but I thought Trump meant it.

  9. jbstonesfan
    January 23, 2017 at 3:54 pm
    I’m disappointed that it appears tthe campaign promise to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem is not going to happen. I understand all Presidents promise this and cave to both to internal pressure from State Department and Arabs threatening “it will be instigation to violence”.( like the hey need any excuse), but I thought Trump meant it.
    Let me see…’s his first full day in office. Go troll over at Uppity.

  10. JB
    What is wrong with you?
    Today is day one and his sec state has NOT yet been confirmed. It would be foolish to take such a strong step BEFORE his Sec state is confirmed. I expect some announcement after his upcoming meeting with Netanyahu….perhaps a joint statement. Why not wait and see if that happens.
    Trump is fearless. The embassy will be moved. I would bank on that.

  11. JB, you damned eeyore. Where in the hell did you get that garbage? The butthurt Uppity Blog?

    The latest said that Spicer said they were at the earliest stages “of even talking about it”.

  12. “We are at the very beginning stages of even discussing the subject,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer told ABC News on Sunday about the embassy’s location”

    Now where in the world do you get we’re not going to move the embassy from that?

  13. I am not a troll. It is an important issue to me and some of my friends voted for Trump for this single issue, so it’s a big deal to us. I understand some are angry that I was honest and stated who I voted for and why, but lets try to continue the discussion in a reasonable fashion. I stated yesterday that the march was made up of people whose positions (sans abortion rights) I disagreed with. I appreciate administrator pointing out the source as I was unaware, but not surprised to learn this.
    PS-I got the information from a headline in the Jerusalem Post that says Trump is noncommittal.(see below)

    Some of the comments suggest that the title is misleading and after reviwing it again (I read it quickly ) perhaps I erred in my characterization.

  14. The only comment made about it was what I posted above. It’s another instance of having to parse through propaganda to see what was actually said. I’d have thought you understood that by now.

  15. JB…perhaps you can become an ambassador and a bridge to the resisting Hillary supporters…and carry the realistic message of:

    “Give the man a chance”

    geesh…this man has done more in one day…actually invited to the WH and communicated with MORE diverse people on his FIRST day in office than O did in probably at the least, a whole year…excluding all the parties O and MO made up excuses to have…then they had no problems inviting Hollywood, basketball players, rap singers, etc…

  16. I am trying S and appreciate as always your civility towards me. Recall, however, my family (wife, in-laws, etc) by and large voted for Trump so we are “bad Jews” to our liberal (ex) friends. I was the only one in the immediate family who voted for Hillary (apparently an irreparable sin ) but after a couple of weeks of licking my wounds and venting, I moved on and came back to the site I love. I have tremendous pressures in my life like many of you, and I come here to learn, share my thoughts, and truthfully find it therapeutic and entertaining most of the time.

  17. S
    January 23, 2017 at 5:50 pm
    I had a lot of Hillary friends on FB. I did not post a lot of Trump stuff before the election because I did not think I would change any of those minds. Since the election, I have been making an attempt to present the “give Trump a chance” stuff. Remember Murphy from Pumapac? Well, she unfriended me. Quite a few of the others, too.

    They do not seem to be blaming BO for stealing Hillary’s chance, it is all on Trump. Just childish.

  18. American workers want protected borders to protect their jobs – even in California:

    An estimated 650 criminal offenders are released onto California’s streets every month in violation of the transfer request into federal custody. California denies almost two-thirds of the nation’s rejected alien detainer requests. To deter sanctuary jurisdictions from harboring convicted criminals, the Trump administration should require Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to publish a weekly report of all released criminal aliens that will be a public record.

    There are crucial reasons for state and local governments to allow law enforcement to fully cooperate with federal law. Sanctuary cities are magnets for previously deported aliens, gangs, drug traffickers, and other alien criminals who increase the crime rate.

    An October 2014 report from ICE that was made public in 2015 detailed 276 sanctuary cities that released 8,145 illegal migrants of whom 1,867 were later arrested 4,298 times with multiple violations amounting to 7,491 charges. Illegal migrants are 3.5 percent of the U.S. population but are 37.6 percent of federal sentences and 13.6 percent of all offenders sentenced for crimes nationwide. The undocumented comprise 12 percent of murder sentences, 20 percent of kidnapping sentences and 16 percent of drug trafficking sentences. Unauthorized migrants are about 7 percent of the California population but over 12 percent of the state prison population. [snip]

    An IGS-UC Berkeley poll shows that 74 percent of Californians want sanctuary cities ended; 65 percent of Hispanics, 70 percent of independents, 73 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans. [snip]

    House Appropriations Chairman Rep. Culberson was quoted saying that if the state of California does not change its law, the state will owe taxpayers a refund of $1.2 billion for previous federal funding. The congressman is referring to the Trust Act which since its 2014 passage has contributed to a 44 percent decrease in deportations from 15 counties with large illegal migrant populations. To stop the added taxpayer burden that will result from these penalties, the Trust Act must be overturned by the voters with a ballot measure containing permanent state laws that allow full cooperation with federal law. This solution is advocated by numerous law enforcement organizations. [snip]

    A new attorney general can prosecute under the alien harboring and shielding statute, a federal felony for which a convicted public official can be fined, and or imprisoned. If Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, is confirmed as the new U.S. attorney general, it is probable these state defunding measures will be fully enforced while initiating other powerful penalties against the sanctuary state of California and its officials for violating federal law.

    The Dems are refusing to vote in the Senate because they know what is coming: the law will be enforced.

  19. JB & Lu…

    I know the “give the guy a chance” idea is very challenging around Hillary people or the lefties…forget the far left…they need therapy

    As I mentioned I stick to talking about cats or home remodeling around my closest friend…she is a highly educated & very intelligent person but she is completely irrational & uncontrollably emotional on this topic

    I don’t do facebook…just not for me

    JB..actually you are lucky…you have your wife & family members to support you in your new direction

    Keep trying…and think positive…

    I am so happy that we have pulled this off and we have such a dynamic man who will use common sense running the show…

  20. Dems refuse to vote on nominees. It takes a while for Senate Republicans to wake up:

    Republicans Rethinking Relationship with Schumer after Pompeo Incident

    Burr on Schumer: “He lied.”

    Republican leadership is rethinking its relationship with Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer after Schumer betrayed a promise to allow a vote last Friday on President Donald Trump’s pick for CIA director, according to a top Republican lawmaker who spoke to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

    Schumer agreed to a Friday Senate vote for the confirmation of Kansas representative Mike Pompeo in exchange for a Republican concession to delay Pompeo’s hearing by one day, TWS reported Monday. The deal went awry when Oregon senator Ron Wyden and other Democrats objected to the Friday vote, pushing it to Monday, sources said. Wyden denied knowing about any agreement between Schumer and Republicans to TWS Monday.

    A heated exchange between Schumer and Arkansas senator Tom Cotton on the Senate floor followed. Confronted with charges that he betrayed his word, Schumer said that his promise to allow Pompeo through applied to him alone and not that of 47 other Senate Democrats, according to sources that witnessed the exchange.

    Senate majority whip John Cornyn told TWS Monday that the incident is causing Republicans to reevaluate relations with Schumer.

    “I guess what we’re going to have to do is to find out when he does make a deal, is he speaking for himself or is he speaking for the Democratic caucus?” he said. “You didn’t have to wonder about that when you were dealing with Harry Reid.”

    The incident does not help trust between Senate Republicans and Democrats, he added.

    “I think we’re going to have to come to some sort of understanding, and I’m not sure what that is yet,” Cornyn said.

    The Texas senator also cast doubt on Schumer’s explanation as to why the agreement fell through.

    “Unfortunately a deal was made with Senator Schumer and I think it was assumed that he spoke for his conference,” he said. “Apparently that wasn’t the case.”

    We assume that when you’re the Democratic leader you’re empowered to speak for your caucus,” he added.

    Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, who was involved in the agreement, denounced Schumer for his actions.

    He lied,” Burr told TWS. “I don’t make the same mistake twice.”

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” It’s not the first time Schumer lied, just as Hillary who should remember, but by now will refuse to say, how 2×4 Schumer lied to her.

  21. Admin @ 7:32 pm

    Admin…it is so hard to believe what has been allowed to go on under O

    No regard for the law or the safety of the citizens O & the irresponsible Democrats are supposed to protect…

    And the damn media who withholds and hides all this from the unsuspecting public & puts us all in more danger

    Those statistics are unbelievable…that goodness the Donald will finally put an end to it

    Reminds me of listening to Donald today when he was talking to the business people about trade and he said

    “I can’t believe it took so long and no one else ever did it”

  22. Tony Stark
    January 23, 2017 at 7:05 pm
    Perhaps you known that Jim’s father, Jimmy Hoffa Sr. supported Nixon.

    He hated Bobby Kennedy etc.

    If his father had been leading that union, they would have been with Trump from day 1.

    The Teamsters are no longer part of the AFL-CIO.

    They were part of it from 1903-1957 when George Meaney kicked them out because of Mafia connections.

    This was not an act of conscience however because the International Longshoremans union and the Laborers which were likewise under the control of the mob stayed.

    My friend Jackie Presser put them back in when he became general president.

    His son removed them again in 2008 and joined with the SEIU (a radical group controlled by Andy Stern, an anarchist) in a so called Coalition of Unity.

    The only advantage of being there now is he is free to disregard the pronouncement of Trumpka (UMW) who is part of the democrat party machinery.

    With all that said, I wish Jim had done what his father did, and get on board the Trump train from the beginning.

    Had he done so he would have had some input on the choice of Labor Secretary–he would be in the catbird position right now.

    Instead, he is just a spectator. And maybe a cheer leader, because this is where his interests lie, as a legitimate union leader.

  23. Btw…for any hillary lurkers…look at the stats in Admins article on santuary cities…Hillary would have continued that & more

  24. admin
    January 23, 2017 at 7:46 pm
    Dems refuse to vote on nominees. It takes a while for Senate Republicans to wake up:
    I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

    Never interrupt an enemy in the middle of a mistake.

    Blocking Pompeo, a man with sterling credentials, ought not to be a hill to die for.

    On the other hand, if they wish to cast themselves as obstructionist and anti American this is a very auspicious beginning.

    Schumers duplicity is not what makes me happy however.

    I have known and understood his m.o. for almost twenty years, when he was in the House.

    What I like about this is the guy left holding the bag is Burr, who has been up to this point anti Trump

    And dying to investigate Trumps alleged connection to Putin.

    Yes, Burr is a cocksucker but now he has bigger things to worry about.

    And that is very good.

  25. Well, its an education. I knew Schumer was arrogant, duplicitous, deceitful, anti American and schmarmy.

    But I never realized, until now, that he is stupid.

  26. Scenes from a funeral:

    Where Were All The Women’s March Protesters in November?

    “Where are we going?!” a frustrated millennial asks her boyfriend.

    “The same direction as the crowd, toward the stage,” said her boyfriend.

    Everybody is going everywhere and nobody knows what they’re doing,” she responds. [snip]

    Fences still standing from the inauguration yesterday lead entire flocks of human bodies into dead ends. Every gap in the fence is a bottleneck. The crowd grows denser closer to the Capitol, as though people are lining up for a phantom inauguration. [snip]

    The crowd, aware of its own size, emits giddy screams that ripple and grow. Its awareness is evocative of a baby opening and closing its fists, suddenly cognizant of its power to move its own extremities. The screams occur for no discernable reason. [snip]

    I feel like I’m at cheerleading camp, or that an early Jezebel comment section has come alive, and taken mushrooms, and multiplied a millionfold.

    Where was this during the campaign? Why is this happening now, arguably too late for real change? Is “making a statement” the same as making a change? Was Hillary Clinton really that uninspiring? Did all these people vote? Trying to work one’s way through tens of thousands of people and to a gap hole in a chain link fence is a much bigger pain in the ass than voting. [snip]

    “There’s no point in going up there,” says one woman. “You can’t hear anything.” The stage which very few people can see or hear or access is allegedly studded with stars. It is star-studded. [snip]

    A Black Lives Matter chant starts, builds, and dies down. A tiny biracial girl with curly hair asks her caretaker, a white woman, what the people are yelling. “They’re yelling Black Lives Matter,” says the woman.

    Just black lives?” the little girl asks.

    “No,” says the woman. “All lives.” [snip]

    Women’s March attendees find each other delightful. They are enamored with their own cleverness. [snip]

    “What is this march even about?” a twentysomething man asks his female companion.

    “It’s about rights!” she hisses. He seems chastised, but I’m not sure he should be. It’s not clear what the march is about, beyond expressing solidarity, women flexing their collective muscle. Women joining together, with some of their man-friends, to embarrass Donald Trump by showing him up on the day after his inauguration. But beyond that, it’s hard to say how unified this crowd is, ideology-wise. Many women who are marching made plans to march before the organizing committee put out its agenda, which makes the whole thing seem pretty bait-and-switchy. That north of half a million women showed up in DC, around the same number showed up in New York City, that other cities saw crowds in the tens and hundreds of thousands, does not mean that every attendee would reliably contact their congressman about every item on the Women’s March agenda. [snip]

    It seems like the march is going in every direction at once, and no direction. [snip]

    I am immediately depressed. Cell phone towers have been overwhelmed, and I haven’t been able to check the news for hours. My bones are cold. I walk home and turn on the television in time to see a split screen of Madonna dancing about feminism and a massive crowd shot from above, in Boston. The screen flickers. Now it’s a crowd in Chicago. Seconds later, New York City is onscreen. Austin, Texas. Mexico City. There must be millions of people marching today.

    Where were we in November? Where will we be tomorrow?

  27. The question I normally ask when one side accuses the other side lied to them is, was there really a meeting of the minds, or did they have a different understanding about what was and was not agreed to. But when one of those parties is Chuck Schumer, the man whose handsake is like squeezing a jelly donut, and runs over people when there is a camera in the picture, that question is unnecessary, and we know from the get go who is lying.

  28. “What is this march even about?”
    Globalism. And until the globalists can produce robots to do their bidding, all they have is useful idiots like you.

  29. When will President Trump move the American embassy to Jerusalem as promised? We have a guess:

    The White House confirmed President Donald Trump invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington in early February in a phone call between the two leaders Sunday.

    A senior administration official said that moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv remains a priority for the president but cautioned that it would not be happen quickly. No announcements are expected Monday or in the coming days, the official said, adding that working on the issue will be one of the first tasks awaiting Jared Kushner, a senior adviser and son-in-law to Trump.

    The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, told Israeli Army Radio on Monday that he is in contact with the White House about moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

    “I do know, from the talks I’ve been holding with members of the American administration, that they are serious about their intention,” Barkat said. “They have several assets in Jerusalem that could provide a solution. I definitely think that you don’t move an embassy in a day.” [snip]

    With scant discussion with the incoming administration about its actual plans for the embassy, Netanyahu convened his national security team and ordered Israeli security services to prepare for possible scenarios of worsening violence if the Trump administration made an early announcement upon taking office. The meeting came amid Palestinian efforts to head off an embassy move, writing world leaders and increasing media outreach. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Jordanian King Abdullah II in Amman on Sunday to coordinate moves against the possible relocation of the embassy.

    In the weeks leading up to his inauguration, Trump’s advisers had floated the possibility of initially having the US ambassador to Israel work and live in the US consulate in Jerusalem, while the American Embassy remains in Tel Aviv. Diplomatic sources said such a plan could be a compromise — that allows Trump to move on fulfilling his pledge on Jerusalem — which Israel and the Palestinians both claim as their capital — without starting his term with a firestorm a formal relocation of the embassy from Tel Aviv would almost certainly bring.

    Trump has named New York lawyer David Friedman as his ambassador to Israel, pending Senate confirmation.

    Among the options being considered are for Friedman to begin work Jerusalem, either from a hotel suite or a designated office in the US consulate.

    Friedman, who already maintains a home in Jerusalem, has long been a proponent of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and, upon being named, said he looked forward to working “from the US Embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.”

    The 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act calls on the US to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate the embassy there. [snip]

    Israeli sources have suggested the May 24 Israeli holiday of “Jerusalem Day” as a possible date for a more official move toward relocation. That national holiday commemorates the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City following the June 1967 Six Day War and typically is marked by ceremonies and memorial services.

    Early February or May 24?

  30. The so called women’s march and their irrational confused message and demands, the ridiculous inclusion of radical Muslim women… maybe they need to take a look at this, understand who the enemy really is… and maybe madonna and Ashley Judd need to decrease the plastic in their faces, it’s scarier than sh$t!

  31. The little tail wants to wag the big dog:

    Revenge of the bureaucrats

    Federal workers fume over Trump’s vows to freeze hiring and shrink the government.

    President Donald Trump is setting himself up for a messy clash with the country’s 2.1 million federal employees as his administration quietly preps plans to cut the size of the government workforce.

    As one of his first acts Monday, Trump signed an executive order freezing most federal hiring. His team is also fine-tuning plans to shrink several agencies focused on domestic policy, according to sources close to the transition.

    Now, the president is about to find out how much power these maligned workers have to slow or even short-circuit his agenda.

    Disgruntled employees can leak information to Capitol Hill and the press, and prod inspectors general to probe political appointees. They can also use the tools of bureaucracy to slow or sandbag policy proposals — moves that can overtly, or passive aggressively, unravel a White House’s best-laid plans. [snip]

    Thousands of federal workers belong to powerful unions that can mobilize their representatives in Congress. [snip]

    Still, many federal workers admit they are freaked out — demoralized by their portrayal as part of the DC “swamp” and anxious about being asked to dismantle rules and regulations they’ve labored over for years.

    “What I am hearing from federal employees is a degree of apprehension that I have not heard since the Reagan transition,” said Jeffrey Neal, who ran human resources for Homeland Security’s 190,000 employees in the last job of his 33-year-long government career.

    “For some of them, it’s PTSD — ‘Oh my God, is that what we’re going back to?'” said one former Obama administration official. “They’re scared.”

    Federal workers are also concerned that Trump may get support for gutting civil service protections from the Republican-controlled Congress. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) is pushing a legislative package that would make it easier to fire federal workers, among other things. And House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has said he broadly supports overhauling civil service rules.

    Earlier this month, House Republicans quietly resurrected an 1876 rule that would allow them — with the sign-off of a majority of both the House and Senate — to use spending legislation to reduce the salary of an individual government employee, a move that infuriated union members. [snip]

    If they’re close to retirement, they’ll probably just leave,” said a career EPA employee.

    That employee expects those who stay to fight actions they deem ill-advised or illegal by quietly providing information of what is happening inside their agencies to advocacy groups and the media.

    “It was very typical during the Reagan administration for somebody to stick something in a manila envelope and take it to the Post Office and mail something to the National Wildlife Federation,” the employee said.

  32. gonzo – I love that little video !

    They’re all standing there, repeatedly saying , “Who’s got the power? We’ve got the power!”Again and again ad nauseum. Then a mild mannered small Asian guy in glasses says, “hey! hey! This is a library”, the room gets silent, and he walks away, his job done. I cracked up!

    First – guess it’s the rules-observing Asian guy who HAS THE POWER – ROFL
    Second – obviously these chanters are not on the Dean’s List, not even knowing you are to be quiet in a library.

    Big Embarrassing Fail lol

  33. gonzo – I love that little video !

    They’re all standing there, repeatedly saying , “Who’s got the power? We’ve got the power!”Again and again ad nauseum. Then a mild mannered small Asian guy in glasses says, “hey! hey! This is a library”, the room gets silent, and he walks away, his job done. I cracked up!

    First – guess it’s the rules-observing Asian guy who HAS THE POWER – ROFL
    Second – obviously these chanters are not on the Dean’s List, not even knowing you are to be quiet in a library.

    Big Embarrassing Fail lol

  34. WashPo reports that Mike Pompeo was confirmed today by a 66-32 margin, which means 14 dems crossed over. Query whether Schumer was one of them. Washpo then misrepresents what is going on. It takes the side of the agency which is 100% out of control, and criticizes Trump for his questioning their accuracy and loyalty. Finally, WashPo quotes Mike Morrel, a proven purgerer when he should have no place in the discussion. They want Pompeo to be an honest broker between the agency and Trump, and to prove this they give credence to the very man who proved to be a fundamentally dishonest broker, and a partisan hack, and the author of the false talking points on Bengazi.

  35. Thousands of federal workers belong to powerful unions that can mobilize their representatives in Congress. [snip]

    Still, many federal workers admit they are freaked out — demoralized by their portrayal as part of the DC “swamp” and anxious about being asked to dismantle rules and regulations they’ve labored over for years.

    As part of the swamp??

    They have got it all wrong.

    Lois Lerner, Jeh Johnson, ET at the IRS, Comey and his second in command, Brennan and his gang of theives

    All of them and all of their underlings

    Are the swamp.

  36. Federal workers fume over Trump’s vows to freeze hiring and shrink the government, the same way cancer cells hate radiation and chemotherapy. But sometimes such measures are necessary and proper in order to save the life of the patient, or in this case, the republic. The European Union which the big media beloved messiah sought to impose on us was based on the tyranny of clerks, which is what these power hungry bureaucrats revel in. To paraphrase that oracle of wisdom Uncle Joe Stalin: here we have a bureaucrat. And here we have a problem. No bureaucrat, no problem.

  37. JB you have to to trust Trump to do what he promised in re. moving the embassy to Jerusalem. First, he is an honorable man. Second, his relationship with Bibi is solid. It is a question of timing and priorities. Should he do this now, or should he deal with Iran first. Both are priorities for him and for Bibi. The problem is there are people on both sides of the question who are not real players, but are trying to exert influence from the sidelines over the timing and content, and the article you cited is one example.

  38. I’d happy to learn Friedman will be working out of Jerusalem as that is a strong signal and would piss off the lefties, Euros and others. I am amazed once again with all the sh– going on in the world, the press keeps asking about this move as if it were the equivalent of nuclear testing by N. Korea. The MSM really are really anti-Israeli. I can’t think of one station that is fair let alone neutral on the Israeli/Palestinian issue (and they always put some left wing , anti-Israeli Jew on who shows that Jews are against the settlements). I have also noticed over the last several decades that black anti-Semitism goes totally unchallenged whereas if you if question anything about an AA politician you are a racist.

  39. There is beauty in eliminating these regulations. For when they are eliminated, vast armies of faceless bureaucrats with a gaze as pitilessness as the sun, who are charged with enforcing those eliminated regulations are no longer needed. These “public servants” do not need to be fired, although many of them should be. Instead they can be placed on indefinite furlow. Whereupon, they can do what that idiot Pelosi (aka Miss Luberack twenty face lifts ago) encouraged out of work people to do with a vengamnce —to paint, to write, to bask in the beauty of nature, to study oriental religion, to see the world as their oyster, to sip elegant coffee in their birkshire boots and pressed jeans, to default on their student loans, to get evicted from their living quarters, to survive on the street, to turn to prostitution, and then run for congress based on that illustrious resume. La dolce vita, if you can afford it.

  40. There is a very good possibility that Schumer has screwed his position as minority leader. The roster for Dems up for reelection for 2018 in the Senate is so bad they may start cuttin’ and runnin’ from him sooner rather than later. Delaying this particular slot in this ham handed and hysterical way is very suspicious. What exactly at the CIA needs to be hidden that a couple of days delay is worth ruining a US Senator and tainting the entire caucus? It must be a real beauty. And Brennan sniping hysterically from the sidelines indicates severe stress especially since Clapper and Comey have been held over by Trump. Just a wild guess here but it involves ISIS and oil theft.

  41. wbboei
    January 24, 2017 at 12:31 am

    There is beauty in eliminating these regulations. For when they are eliminated, vast armies of faceless bureaucrats with a gaze as pitilessness as the sun, who are charged with enforcing those eliminated regulations are no longer needed.

    Transfers to Hazard, Ky or Roswell, NM, “early out” retirement packages that are stingy, forced retirements for the long of tooth and hanger on, RIF’s (reduction in force) for eliminated positions with the opportunity to chase illegal alien tax frauds as a new profession, a desk sitting in the basement with no internet or phone connection jobs, elimination of “travel” and switch to teleconferencing, no bonus money, etc. It is grim. And the public is all for it. Gleeful even.

    The hiring freeze on the very first day in the very first minutes by Trump seems inspired. Obama, as most presidents do, tried to “burrow in” flunkies, apparatchiks, and loyal followers into the professional civil service when it was apparent they were not being hired by PR, law, tech companies like hot cakes. They have no skills beyond the usual political hack which are not really transferable to honest businesses. The political consultant business model was busted by Trump. AND they were carrying no clout probably the opposite. The pouty face photos and tales of crying jags in the White House is not a recommendation either.

    So they did the burrowing in thing late. Being stupefied by the election and leading from behind as usual they started late at it. Permanent civil service positions rather than White House staff and political appointees are competitive positions. Advertised and “open” anyone qualified can apply within the time frame set for “filling” the job. These rules are set. Then personnel goes through and eliminates the non-qualified leaving a list to rate and select for interviews. This is a long process. Then they select for hire. Then comes the background check, verifying of academic record and all the other stuff. It takes months. Anyway all that is now moot. None of them could have reported for duty yesterday which was the cutoff and now the selection process will start over and that is even if the new agency heads deem a job vacancy needs to be filled or if it is a made up slot to house a White House straggler. They really thought Hillary was going to keep them in the White House or find a place for them. Never assume anything. Team Trump seems to be very good at playing the bureaucracy game. He said he has very, very good lawyers.

  42. Update: President Trump is like Motown Records in it’s heyday – the hits just keep on coming! Today President Trump approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Many presumed President Trump would wait on those until his EPA nominee was confirmed by the Senate, but President Trump won’t be delayed. President Trump also signed an executive order commanding the “… Commerce Department to maximize the use of U.S. steel in constructing the pipes for these projects. ‘We will build our own pipelines. We will build our own pipes. … Like we used to in the old days,’ he said.”

    In addition, President Trump signed executive orders again ordering the Commerce Department to streamline the “extremely cumbersome” process of obtaining permits for manufacturing projects. Another executive order commanded expedited “environmental reviews and approvals.” President Trump declared “We can’t be in an environmental [review] process for 15 years if a bridge is going to be falling down or if a highway is crumbling.”

    President Trump also ordered the EPA to “freeze its grants and contracts” be “temporarily suspended, effective immediately”!

    Yesterday President Trump met with Big Labor leaders and the Labor chieftains proclaimed the meeting to be “incredible“. Today President Trump at 9:00 a.m. met with automobile industry leaders. The auto industry leaders emerged from the meeting with “a lot of confidence” and encouraged by President Trump.

    President Trump also announced his Supreme Court nominee will be made public next week.

    That all happened before noon. This Trump guy appears to be high energy.


  43. This KellyAnne Conway person fights like a girl:

    “Inside the ball we see a fight between two guys in tuxes and then suddenly out of nowhere came Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway who began throwing some mean punches at one of the guys,” Gasparino wrote. “Whole thing lasted a few mins no one was hurt except maybe the dude she smacked.”

    Gasparino emphasized in the post that he did not “exaggerate” any part of his account, adding, “Now I know why trump hired her.”

    That’s real woman power, not a pussyhat marcher.

  44. I don’t know about Spicer.. I would prefer someone like Ari Fleisher…didn’t like him when I was on the other side, but the guy cuts like butter , quick on his feet.

    Trumps energy is superhuman, I feel like a 90 year old lady compared to him.

  45. Mormaer
    January 24, 2017 at 7:18 am

    We know where lying Obama is headed–Palm Springs, Hawaii, etc.

    But what about his henchmen and acconplices?

    It is reasonable to assume that:

    Some of them will go to the Kennedy School of Government.

    Some will become headliners on MSNBC, CNN, NBC.

    Some will go to work for Soros, or other foundations.

    The common purpose of these organizations is to bring down the country.

    And to promote their obscene globalist agenda.

    Nothing could be more clear.

    Accordingly, I have spoken with Nemesis and she has put a curse on all of them

    Beyond that, it is my earnest hope and desire that they get everything they deserve.

    In which case, the prohibition of the 8th Amendment in re. cruel and unusual punishment

    Must be waived with respect to them in the name of retributive justice.

    The first target should be Soros, whom I now believe is indictable.

    Based on his consistent track record of supporting organizations that

    Either incite violence, or threats against the President.

  46. I would prefer someone like Ari Fleisher…didn’t like him when I was on the other side, but the guy cuts like butter , quick on his feet.
    I saw him cut Matthews to ribbons, while laughing at him.

  47. Trump must clean out the CIA before he makes any move against Soros.

    There is the Brezekskii group within the CIA who are loyal to Soros, and whom, along with the Rand instititute partnered with him in the colors revolutions of the 1990s. In addition they specialize in wet works operations that Podesta referred to following the untimely death of Scalia, and the big push by big media to replace him immediately with another leftist.

  48. The evidence which has emerged against the now enbittered Brennan is that he was a member of the Communist Party as a youth, that he worked in Saudi Arabia and was flipped into becoming one of their agents, pursuant to the old pertrodollar agreement, and of course, he leaked information on Trump to big media. And yet he is delusional enough to believe he had a right to stay on. I think what he is sweating out is the possibility that evidence or testimony will emerge that will render him indictable.

  49. The control point for Soros is the City of London. That is the group that needs to understand that if they do not pull his chain and flush him down the toilet then they will find themselves where they do not want to be, i.e. in the kleig lights.

  50. The term of the FBI Director is 10 years.

    Whereas, the Director of the CIA has no fixed term.

    Nevertheless, the traitor Brennan is bitter that he is being run off?

    Go figure.

  51. Wbb,

    Exactly about , Ari…guy is quick and witty, Spicer is nervous and gets tongue tied at times, it’s an art…

  52. so someone who didn’t even vote for Trump dares ask when he will keep his promises? WTF Those uppity slugs making hijabs from American flags President Trump has done more in 2 days that Obummer did in 8 years

  53. Wow. I have been able to finally change my name and password.

    Happy, Healthy, peaceful 2017 to all Big Pinkers. Those who agree with the majority of us or not. Sometimes if you do not listen to the other side then you don’t understand their thinking and will not be able to deal with them.

    All Hail to our New Commander-in-Chief! President Donald John Trump.

    It is difficult when you seem to be the lone voice in a sea of negativity about our President.

    I have coined a new slogan: “Oh yes we can Make America Great Again, with renewed Hope and Change”. I have been using it quite effectively to shut people up.

    One more piece of news. Under the cover of night, the Obamas have been flown by Richard Bronson’s private jet to the British Virgin Islands to continue their vacation on his private island, Necker Island.

  54. Not thrilled with Dakota access, far as I’m concerned, if it’s on Indian land, leave them alone. We’ve done enough to them.

    I don’t know how all the Indians involved feel about it or if it’s a fringe.

  55. Harmia,

    All for listening to the other side, it’s how we all got here, but the insanity of the left has become violent and unstable and you can’t have a dialogue with them.

    There is no there there…

    With the Media encouraging violence , lying, and trying to unstabalize the Country, we are past what use to be debates.

    Just look how they treat Trump, his son who is all of ten and the rest of the family.

    Mean, unhinged creeps.

    Good luck with your dialog

  56. Being a chemical engineer, the re-industrialization of America and the opportunities that brings has a lot of appeal. But there is nothing like having had several of your co-workers die slow horrifying deaths from it, to know that it is something that needs to be done right. America lost industry to lower standards and foreign sweat shops. I have to wonder what they will be bringing back here.

    So safety and environmental standards are really the big question. Simply unloading regulations is dangerous. Our regulations need massive streamlining and overhaul. And what of accountability for damages? Will special interests continue to rule the courts and protect “industry”. They make profits from paying pennies on the dollar for the damages they do.

    One way of cost justifying a safety or environmental project is to do a probability analysis on a catastrophic event occurring and multiply that to what it costs. If the cost is not there to justify the corrective action, the projects do not get done. Yes, I used to calculate the cost of killing people to justify such projects. Seems like the always got dropped from the budget, anyway.

    Yea, they want their pipeline and say it will kill fewer people than alternative transportation. Glad it is not near me.

    Trump made promises about clean air and water that he better keep.

  57. The Men’s March Against Fascism didn’t have nearly as many signs.

    Thought it would let me embed the picture, a picture of our troops on D day storming the beach…

    I am hating Madonna, and company more and more each day…

  58. The Brennan led CIA has been caught in yet another smear operation against Trump. The specific target is General Mike Flynn, who is one of the finest people in government, whose only sin is being an honest man, when the establishment demands fealty and loose morals. For at least six months, and more likely a year, I have maintained two thing which may have been obscure before but are no patently obvious: first, Trump must put a blow torch to the top 1/3 of the CIA, because it has been irretrievably compromised. Second, he must gather the evidence to prove that John Brennan is a foreign agent, which ironically is the very thing he accuses Trump of being. This is a common theme among dimocrats: invariably they accuse the other side of doing what they themselves are doing covertly. If they dig into Brennans affairs, they will find far more than a dry hole. They will have to build an oil rig and cap it before it innundates the entire City of Washington and other foreign capitals.

  59. If you peruse the rogues gallery of CIA directors since 2005 (with the exception of General Pateraus), you will understand why that agency is out of control, preys on innocent Americans, spies on Congress, and presumes to pick winners and losers in presidential elections. Lets put it this way: if you were in a communal shower with these jackal, and a your bar of soap fell on the ground, would you dare pick it up. I sure as hell woundn’t and I will bet you Milo woundn’t either.

  60. Alex Jones has some wonderful guests on his program. If he would just shut the fuck up and let them talk everyone would be the wiser. But Alex is a wannabe preacher and he cannot control himself. Today he has Bruce Fein on his program. Not only is this man widely respected on Capital Hill, I remember Biden, arguably the dumbest man on Capitol Hill and a groper as well, stopped a hearing when Bruce showed up and introduced him as the smartest man in Washington. Since he is not a lobbyist, a staffer, an attorney or god forbid a congressman, he might well be right. Alex is hitting the high notes right now, and acting like the battle is won. Bruce comes back and tells him to take a deep breath, take this whole thing day by day, realize that the regulatory state had 3 million stakeholder in government and like the Leviathan it is it will not die easily. Also, he makes the correct assumption, namely that government will always be run by knaves, thus the only answer is to have sound functional institutions (which is why I find Roberts to be such a problematic figure). Then he proposes an indirect approach for draining the swamp. I assume Trump and his people are listening. The relevant discussion begins at the 1hr 10 minute mark.

  61. Bruce is founder of a botique Washington law firm, staffed with people from all the federal agencies. Mega beltway firms, like Morgan Lewis, Williams and Connolly, Wilmer Cutler Hale and Dorr etc. do this a well.

  62. The case of the rabid progressive Hillary-ite Denver FBI special agent in charge is very interesting.
    Posting to her Facebook political ideology and mouthing off about it to her posse of acolytes, her flunkies “liked” it, then giving an interview to media (who gave her clearance to do that?) giving justifications that have nothing to do with her clear violations of the Hatch Act. Which I might add as agent in charge she is responsible for giving training on to her underlings especially in major election years.

    Ms O’Grady’s cow, the said agent’s name is Kerry O’Grady and like the cow she has caused a great deal of damage, seems to be a story picked for a specific time and purpose to go public NOW since she was doing her virtue signaling, impulsive behavior and employment violations back in October 2016. Exactly zero was done by her supervisors about it. Could they have agreed with Ms O’Grady’s cow and have been expecting a different election outcome? Or just be lazy incompetents?

    This is an excellent example of a critical agency run by idiots, affirmative in hires/promotions (she is female and aggressively PC) in which the bureaucracy does not believe that laws apply to them. Since Ms O’Grady’s cow is law enforcement the this is especially poignant. Ms O’Grady will be made an example and her nest cleaned out.

    Since the current Secret Service director (who did nada with the gross Hatch Act violation by one of his major districts special agent in charge) likes to give out operational information on who and who isn’t armed in President Trump’s protective detail, and what their individual duties and responsibilities are to any would be assassins or terrorists, he might be in a spot of trouble.

  63. Mormaer
    January 25, 2017 at 6:34 am

    What a wonderfully diverse and progressive culture we have in the Secret Service. On the one hand, you have a cabal of young male agents with testosterone poisoning who are more focused on dangerous liaisons with Brazilian prostitutes than protecting the president. And here we have militant man hating lesbian agent, who freely admits that she will not take a bullet for this president, because she does not agree with him politically. And because she is a supervisor, her views will affect the readiness of her team to fulfill its core mission. Instead, they will look the other way if there is a mortal threat. No bra burning for this little chickadee, who makes any sane male want to burn all the beds, and her supervisors cower because being good bureaucrats, they gave up the ghost twenty hears ago, and at this point, all they are really interested in is making it to retirement, and double dipping on social security. I realize that Learner was allowed to walk and keep her pension, but she is being sued civilly and that may bankrupt her. But I see no particular reason why this feminazi who renounces the core mission of her agency should be allowed to keep her pension. It is a profound mistake to remove this one individual, and tell ourselves that will deter this sort of thing, or to retrain them. This agency needs to be fumigated from top to bottom. This is a cultural problem. Here we go again: here we have an agency. Here we have a problem. No agency. No problem. This critical job should be handed over to the US Marine Corps. They WILL take a bullet for the agency.

  64. This is the kind of thing Dana Rhorbacker could sink his teeth into. Its the easy case, and it invites a sanctimonious lynching. He is good at that. And perhaps we can get Pelosi to say something like this is not about protecting Trump, it is about gender equality. Once the press gets a hold of it, this feminazi will be given the Nobel Prize.

  65. In the entire universe is there a more dysfunctional place than the federal bureaucracy? And according to Bruce Fein there are OMG three million of them. The swamp is nearly as large as the Pacific Ocean.

  66. And don’t give me this crap about there are mostly loyal patriotic Americans working for these agencies. These are self serving bureaucrats. Nothing more. It gets back to this story I told you before, about the attorney who went to work for the Washington Attorney General’s Office in 1972 and was told his client was the public. He left twenty years later, and was told his client was not the public, but that bureaucrat down the hall. When he went to work there, attorneys stayed for 5 years, and then went into private practice. Today, they spend their entire careers there and they bring in their family. The cultures stink and the agencies grow like a cancer, looting the public and curtailing liberty. That is the price of big government. And ever since Kennedy made the mistake of creating government unions, everything has gone to hell. They are now a political force to be reckoned with. Bad medicine.

  67. Admin: this is from the founder of PJmedia.

    Upend the ‘Faux System’ of White House Journalism


    Excuse my ignorance, but I had no idea — until reading about the recent kerfuffle cum journalist Twitter brawl — that by tradition the Associated Press always gets to ask the first question at White House press briefings. (It was given on Monday to the New York Post, creating consternation.)

    Which leads me to ask: Who anointed the AP and made them king?

    In fact, why would anybody ever, by tradition or for any other reason, always get to ask the first or even the fifth question at a White House press briefing or conference?

    Or, to drill down a little further, why does any media outlet get preference over any other when it comes to asking questions? Or still further, who determines what reporters and organizations get into the briefing room in the first place to sit forever in rows one or two?

    Well, um… professionalism.

    Oh, I see. Is that a degree from Columbia Journalism School? Hemingway didn’t even go to college and could outwrite everyone in that briefing room by an exponential factor. Journalism isn’t brain surgery or even anesthesiology. It’s an occupation for ambitious hustlers with a gift for gab not so different from screenwriting, but not so high paying.

    The truth is that those organizations are indeed there by tradition, a tradition of droit du seigneur and corporate thuggery that makes you yearn for the extension of anti-trust legislation.

    You get the position, you keep the position. It’s a game of rich, entrenched bullies that happen to be monolithic media companies anxious to preserve their monopolies. We all know their names and logos, which have been drilled into us as the purveyors of all information from early childhood. As it was so succinctly put by A. J. Liebling back in 1960: “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to the man who owns one.”

    Does this system profit the people? Is it anything even approximating what the Founders envisioned for our press? Or does it exist for the benefit of those privileged journalists and their corporate bosses?

    Pretty obvious, isn’t it? So when Sean Spicer announced the other day there would be four Skype seats in the White House press room for journalists from presumably smaller, outside-the-Beltway outfits, I applauded. But I asked — four? Why not forty?

    Forget “faux news.” We have a “faux system” that needs to be upended. Without that, it’s “garbage in, garbage out,” as they say in computerland. And not just for that obvious reason defined by what Barack Obama might have termed a lack of “fairness” — that Trump lost the popular vote by nearly three percent but he loses the vote inside the briefing room by, I would guess, nearly ninety percent. It also makes for restricted viewpoints and boring, repetitive questions with little originality and no substantive information beyond what we could learn from communiques.

    Actually, the system itself is institutionally unfair. It hasn’t changed in any significant sense in decades, as if the ghost of the UPI’s Helen “Sitting Buddha” Thomas were still plopped down in the front row as she was since the Kennedy administration.

    The question is what to do about it. First of all, move out of that tiny briefing room with its (deliberately?) small number of seats that encourages this continued monopolistic system. Find a decent venue where a reasonable number can gather. Encourage new voices — not just journalists or even bloggers but maybe actual citizens to ask questions. The people, right and left, don’t need a filter. They know what they want to know, probably better than those who ask questions for them.

    Yes, there are many problems inherent in this that would need to be worked out, many snafus, real and imagined, along the way. But this is the time to do something about a moribund system.

    Will Trump and his administration have the courage to do it, to really upend what is essentially a license for permanent elitism?

    We shall see. But instead of a perpetual battle between Trump and the press — a war that has barely started yet has already become tedious beyond words — it would be nice to find a new way of working that would actually inform the citizens of this democratic republic so they could make the necessary educated judgments. What we have now is close to the reverse.

  68. It took President Trump’s election to get this done:

    Days into Donald Trump’s administration, heads are finally beginning to roll at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Two notoriously corrupt employees in Puerto Rico were fired this week, indicating that more may be on the way.

    One is the hospital’s CEO, DeWayne Hamlin, who offered an employee $305,000 to quit after she played a role in exposing his drug arrest. [snip]

    Under former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald, the agency ignored years of evidence about shoddy work ethic, theft and whistleblower retaliation. The VA finally began a months-long investigative proceeding last year, after an outside agency, the Office of Special Counsel, prodded VA leadership.

    Even as it knew of the problems, McDonald tapped Hamlin to mold other VA employees in his image, having him serve as a “coach” at the Leaders Shaping Leaders training session in September. McDonald said the training is the number-one way to shape the agency’s culture.

    Paperwork reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation shows that bosses openly told Rosayma Lopez that she was being fired for refusing to fabricate a reason to fire another employee, Joseph Colon, after he exposed that Hamlin had been arrested at 3 a.m. in Florida on suspicion of drunk driving while in possession of pills for which he had no prescription. Diversion of opiates from VA facilities is a major issue. After ethics officials blocked that firing, he attempted to pay her to quit using $305,000 of taxpayer money, which would have been the largest settlement in recent VA history. She refused the money.

    Also in September, Leah Bradley, the VA’s general counsel under McDonald, told Congress that Hamlin’s attempts to get rid of Rosayma Lopez were not retaliation, even though the investigation was ongoing, she did not cite any evidence, and ultimately the evidence apparently concluded otherwise.

    The other person fired recently is a woman who took part in an armed robbery, then kept her job while she was in jail, and continued to work in the hospital’s security office while wearing an ankle bracelet.

    Lots of other shocking corruption at VA in the link.

  69. The federal government hacked into Sharyl Attkisson’s computer when she was investigating the Benghazi disaster. She writes about this in her first book Stonewalled, and leaves no doubt in the readers mind that this unconstitutional attack on the first amendment actually did occur. Their motive was to cover up what the government, in this case, the Brennan led CIA was doing in that venue. As there was a sharing of information between the CIA and the FBI, the FBI obtained a copy of their report, and was most likely involved in the undercover operation. Therefore, Sharyl requested a copy of her investigative file, which every journalist is entitled to under the Freedom of Information Act, and Supreme Court precedent, which I believe predated the Obama court. Obviously, the intelligence community does not want the public to know the extent of their surveillance, or more important than that, what they were actually doing. My theory is that because Brennan is a Saudi Agent, they feared that whistleblowers inside their agencies were talking with Sharyl about what the CIA was up to in Benghazi, and they were bent on knowing who those leakers/truth tellers were so they could fry them. In addition, they would discover the extent of Saudi involvemnt in setting our war objectives in the Middle East. And that is why they have denied Sharyl’s request for her file. It is why she has hired an attorney to sue them. And it is why Trump will lean hard on that agency to give Sharyl what she wants. I would hope that Congress would summon to a hearing the agency managers who are holding back what she is legally entitled to. But this cannot occur as long as James Comey is there. He is, as former US Attorney Joseph de Genowa succinctly put it: a dirty cop. And while Obama loved dirty cops, since he and they share the same natural affinity for breaking the law, you can be pretty damned sure Trump would rather fry them than look at them.

  70. admin
    January 25, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    And who pray tell was the Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee in the Senate?

    Why Bernie Sanders, the idol of millennials.

    His website informs us that one of his highest priorites (second only to that beachhouse he purchased after he dropped out of the race and supported Hillary) is making certain that veterans receive the care and benefits they deserve.

    However, given the fact that at least one ceo of that agency has been stealing drugs intended for veterans, and offering taxpayer money intended for them to buy off whisteblowers, and is defended in those endeavors by the general counsel of that agency

    Without being too cynical or racist or whatever the latest term of opporborium provided to use by big media

    One is tempted to ask: where the fuck was the old socialist crackpot while this kind of shit was going on right under his fucking nose.

    Silly question. The answer is right there on his website. Ensuring that veterans have the care and benefits they are entitled to.

    Such is hypocracy of the system, to say nothing of its corruption and the state of its dysfunction.

    As the former Chairman and a current member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, one of Sen. Sanders’ highest priorities in Congress has been ensuring that our veterans receive the care and benefits they have earned.

  71. Bernie, bless his sanctimonious, deranged and malevolent heart, could not run a whore house in a gold rush.

    As demagogues go, he is not even a credible one.

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