#IntelligenceBriefing: Smart @RealDonaldTrump And Tillerson Versus Putin, Russians, And China

President-Elect Donald J. Trump is so smart few analysts notice just how smart he is. Trump knows something Obama never learned and it is called “priorities“. President-Elect Donald J. Trump has a smart strategy against Russia’s Putin, and against China, which is easy to see, but few notice because they are so busy chasing shiny objects (such as “hacking”) due either to political posturing or sheer stupidity. Those who want analysis above the superficial, read on.

Mitt Romney was mocked at a 2012 debate by Obama when Romney declared Russia to be America’s “number one geopolitical foe”. We’ve written repeatedly about Putin’s toughness and smarts and about his very dangerous aims, such as the Goldfinger Grand Slam Strategy, so we are not fools about Putin. Yet we agree with what Trump is doing because “priorities”.

For eight years we mocked Obama often and in part because he did not have “priorities”. To Obama everything was a “priority” and when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. President-Elect Donald J. Trump has priorities and right now Russia and Putin are not nor should they be the #1 priority of President Trump.

Why is President-Elect Donald J. Trump correct to view America’s #1 geopolitical foe as not the #1 priority? Because Russia’s strength is Russia’s weakness and President-Elect Donald J. Trump has a clear cut strategy to win the fight against this dangerous geopolitical foe. In one word, that strategy, that strength, that weakness, is “oil”.

Did you notice that Rex Tillerson, the former Exxon Mobil CEO, is the man chosen by President-Elect Donald J. Trump to be the Secretary of State? Yes, the guy that knows the most about oil than just about anyone else, who knows Vladimir Putin very well, who knows the oil markets better than Obama knows where to buy the most potent weed to smoke – that’s the guy Trump has chosen to be Secretary of State.

President-Elect Donald J. Trump knows how to bring Putin and Russia to heel. It’s called “oil”. Charles Krauthammer, in between his limited vision and hatred of Trump, understands Russia’s strength is also it’s weakness:

“The Russians have been obsessed with missile defense systems since Reagan invented the idea. They know that we are technologically advanced. They are only a superpower because they have nukes. Their economy produces nothing but oil, gas and vodka.

Do you want to bring Russia to it’s knees and cut Vladimir Putin’s… um, knees, off? Stop drinking Russian vodka and flood the markets with oil and gas. Trump doesn’t drink vodka, so he is already one step ahead of many on that one.

Trump also wants to boost American production of oil and natural gas. If Trump does this Putin can say goodbye to his cut, …um, knees. President-Elect Donald J. Trump understands all of this. Raise American oil and natural gas production, prices fall, Russia goes into an economic spiral and must retrench. Raise American oil and natural gas production and the American economy booms (especially if via import tariffs on oil, production can be kept profitable).

President-Elect Donald J. Trump also understands that the Middle East and American policy in the region is driven by our love and support for Israel, and, mostly by the world-wide need for oil. All of this is why Rex Tillerson is such a smart choice for Trump.

To deal with Russia as America’s number one geopolitical foe requires America to be an economic superpower and that is why Trump says to Make America Great Again, Make America Rich Again.

President-Elect Trump knows how to handle Russia and Vladimir Putin. But intelligence dictates that China takes priority. You first have to make America Rich Again.

China! Have you noticed what President-Elect has already done on China? Hint: personnel is policy.

President-Elect Donald J. Trump nominated a friendly face, Iowa governor Terry Branstad, to be the American Ambassador to China. Governor Branstad is a long time friend of President Xi Jinping of China and other Chinese leaders. Why did President-Elect Donald J. Trump nominate Branstad? Think Mary Poppins – a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Better make that a sackful of sugar! Look at who else President-Elect Donald J. Trump has named to help him with China:

The president-elect announced the creation of a new National Trade Council inside the White House to facilitate industrial policy and named an ardent skeptic of trade with China, economist Peter Navarro, to head it.

Later, he tapped billionaire investor Carl Icahn to serve as special adviser on overhauling federal regulations, a job with sweeping implications given Mr. Trump’s campaign promise to remove 90% of federal rules that affect American jobs. [snip]

On trade, Mr. Trump has promised to withdraw the U.S.’s pledge to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement with Japan and other Pacific Rim nations that Congress has yet to ratify, and he has called for the U.S. to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico.

But it is with China, which isn’t a party to either agreement, where Mr. Navarro has taken his harshest tone.

He has written several books with provocative titles, including “The Coming China Wars” in 2008 and “Death by China: Confronting the Dragon—A Global Call to Action” in 2011, and struck up a correspondence with Mr. Trump several years ago after he saw an interview in which the New York businessman spoke approvingly of Mr. Navarro’s China analysis.

“What we share in common is a deeper understanding of the key structural problem facing the U.S. economy, and it’s the trade issue,” said Mr. Navarro in an interview before last month’s election.

Labor groups have long complained about U.S. trade agreements and are likely to support Mr. Trump’s efforts to adjust policy in ways that bolster domestic manufacturing and curb imports.

Make that several sackfuls of sugar. China won’t like going up against Trump’s smarties:

US President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday named veteran steel industry trade lawyer Robert Lighthizer, a harsh critic of China’s trade practices, to be his chief trade negotiator, responsible for better deals aimed at reducing US trade deficits.

Trump announced his selection in a statement from his transition team on Tuesday, saying Lighthizer would help “fight for good trade deals that put the American worker first“.

Lighthizer was a deputy US trade representative during the Reagan administration, where he helped to stem the tide of imports from Japan in the 1980s with threats of quotas and punitive tariffs.

He returns to lead the agency after nearly three decades as a lawyer representing US steelmakers and other companies in anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases, helping to establish import duties that have reduced Chinese steel imports by billions of dollars.

Lighthizer, who is with the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom, has argued in public testimony that China has failed to live up to commitments made in 2001 when it joined the World Trade Organization and that more aggressive tactics are needed to “force change in the system”, even if it means deviating from WTO rules.

Years of passivity and drift among US policymakers have allowed the US-China trade deficit to grow to the point where is widely recognised as a major threat to our economy,” Lighthizer wrote in 2010 testimony to Congress’s US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Lighthizer is regarded as an experienced tactician with an intimate knowledge of trade tools that were widely used before the WTO was created in 1995, including “Section 301” tariffs that were used against Japan in the 1980s to stem a tide of imports of Japanese steel and vehicles.

See what Trump is up to? Priority 1: boost the American economy first. Priority 2: Deal with China (thereby nuke nutjobs in North Korea too). Priority 3: then deal with Russia and the Middle East. Priorities!

Have no doubt, China understands that President Trump is no chump, unlike hapless punk Obama. China is scared and resorts to bluster:

“May the arrogant Americans realise that the United States of America is perhaps just a shooting star in the ample sky of history,” said an editorial in the Communist party-affiliated Global Times newspaper.

All the nonsense about hacks and Russia and sh*t are just a way for political opponents of President-Elect Donald J. Trump (in two weeks “President” Donald J. Trump and Happy New Year for us) to delegitimize Trump.

We can’t blame them for these tactics because the NeverTrump forces have no other cards to play. So they drone on about nonsense hacks and trot out liars such as Clapper to make fools of themselves and try to make fools out of the American people. Even Trump hating leftists such as Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi smell the B.O. stink from Clapper’s crappers. Computer security expert John McAfee smells the same stinky lies.

The latest back and forth of “intelligence briefings” for Trump about Russian hacks even as these allegedly top secret reports are published at Big Media outlets before Trump sees them – are all shiny, meaningless, nutrition-less, nonsense.

The big news is President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s “personnel is policy” priority appointments. That’s why China is worried. That’s why Putin wants to be friends.

That’s why President Trump will succeed and Make America Great Again!


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  1. http://heavy.com/news/2017/01/robert-lighthizer-wife-kids-bio-donald-trump-cabinet-united-states-trade-representative-china-free-policy-position/

    Robert Lighthizer shares Donald Trump’s views on trade, namely that workers are being hurt by trade agreements like NAFTA and that taxes on imports should be implemented in order to help U.S. industries

    In a 2008 New York Times op-ed, Lighthizer said that free-trade proponents “…allow no room for practicality, nuance or flexibility. They embrace unbridled free trade, even as it helps China become a superpower. They see only bright lines, even when it means bowing to the whims of anti-American bureaucrats at the World Trade Organization. They oppose any trade limitations, even if we must depend on foreign countries to feed ourselves or equip our military. They see nothing but dogma — no matter how many jobs are lost, how high the trade deficit rises or how low the dollar falls.”

    Assuming he is confirmed by the Senate, Lighthizer will be tasked with the job of renegotiating trade deals, something Donald Trump repeatedly promised to do throughout the campaign. In particular, Trump is a critic of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he brought up at nearly every single campaign rally. He also promises to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    “He will do an amazing job helping turn around the failed trade policies which have robbed so many Americans of prosperity,” Trump said of Lighthizer in a statement.

    Robert Lighthizer and Donald Trump are also on the same page in that they both believe the U.S. must be tougher on China when it comes to trade, arguing that the country is engaging in unfair trade practices and currently manipulation.

    In 2011, when Donald Trump was considering running for president in the 2012 election, Lighthizer praised him in an op-ed for The Washington Times, particularly defending his hard-line stance on China.

    In the article, Lighthizer says that China has used “currency manipulation, subsidies, theft of intellectual property and dozens of other forms of state-sponsored, government-organized unfair trade to run up a more than $270 billion trade surplus with us and to take U.S. jobs.”

    Lighthizer goes on to ask, “On a purely intellectual level, how does allowing China to constantly rig trade in its favor advance the core conservative goal of making markets more efficient?”

    Trump has threatened to impose a 45 percent tariff on all goods imported from China.

    Lighthizer will be working on issues of trade alongside Peter Navarro, who has written a series of books arguing that the U.S. must be tougher on China when it comes to trade, including The Coming China Wars, Crouching Tiger: What China’s Militarism Means for the World, and Death by China

    In an op-ed in The Los Angeles Times, Navarro defends Trump’s hardline stance on trade and his threat to impose a 45 percent tariff on goods from China.

    “Let’s set the record straight,” Navarro writes. “Trump will impose countervailing tariffs not just on China, but on any American trade partner that cheats on its trade deals using practices such as currency manipulation and illegal export subsidies.”

    When Navarro’s book Death by China was adapted into a documentary film in 2012, Trump gave it a glowing review, saying, “Death by China is right on. This important documentary depicts our problem with China with facts, figures and insight. I urge you to see it.”

    Navarro will be the head of the National Trade Council, a new agency Trump is creating. In a statement released this week, the president-elect’s transition team said that Lighthizer will “work in close coordination” Navarro.

  2. JON KARL, ABC: So when the Chinese hacked OPM in 2015, 21+ million current and former government employees and contractors had their personal data stolen by the Chinese. Why did the White House do nothing publicly in reaction to that hack? Which in some ways, was even more widespread than what we saw here from the Russians?

    JOSH EARNEST: These are two cyber incidents that are malicious in nature but materially different.

    KARL: 20 million people had their personal data taken… fingerprints, social security numbers, background checks. This was a far-reaching act–

    EARNEST: I’m not downplaying the significance of it, I’m just saying that it is different than seeking to interfere int he conduct of a U.S. national election. I can’t speak to the steps that have been taken by the United States in response to that Chinese malicious cyber activity–

    KARL: But nothing was announced. There was not a single step announced by the White House.

    EARNEST: It is true that there was no public announcement about our response, but I can’t speak to what response may have been initiated in private.

    KARL: But no diplomats expelled, no compounds shut down, no sanctions imposed, correct? You don’t do that stuff secretly.

  3. Looks like a Another mentally ill person was able to obtain firearms and keep them as much as I support the Second Amendment this loophole needs to be addressed .We don’t even know if it really is an ex military person because Canadian airline said they never had anyone on the plane with that name

  4. One of Trump’s standard campaign routines that always gave me a chuckle, when discussing the topic of U.S. trade deficits, was to describe people like Carl Icahn, Peter Navarro, and Robert Lighthizer as “horrible, disgusting people” but fantastic negotiators and deal-makers. He was, of course, just speaking tongue-in-cheek (in his typical New York way) but it showed the great respect and expectations that he has for these people to help him achieve great economic goals for the country.

  5. The much ballyhooed unclassified report, Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections, was published today and it turns out to be an elaborate farce and charade. This product is shameful. It is poorly written and totally lacking in actual evidence. This document stands as a prime exhibit of the politicization of the intelligence community.


  6. The intent of this farce may be to have de- legitimatize Trump, but it will do far more to de-legitimatize the FBI and CIA based on the reactions of people who have solid credentials in the filed of cyber hacking, and former CIA analysts who know how to objectively evaluate evidence. This document has about as much credibility was the disgraceful Mullen-Pickering report.

  7. There is no getting around it.

    Congress is a complete joke.

    To be heaping praise on two proven liars as they present a phony report raises serious doubts about the efficacy and bona fides of Congressional oversight.

    Put differently, can a body who behaves in this disgraceful ass kissing manner to organizations it should be supervising with a skeptical eye capable of over seeing that agency.

    Congress is haven and home for thieves and liars.

    My godfather who was one of the leaders in the democrat party 70 years ago used to say an honest politician is one who stays bought.

    Today, they do not deserve even that much credit—unless they are men of integrity like Jeff Sessions.

    Unfortunately, he is the rare exception.

    Most of them are like Jeff Flake, or greaseball Schumer.

    Incapable of pursing the general welfare of the nation.

  8. The treacly praise being heaped on the so-called “intelligence” community by some members of Congress and many in the media could inflict a diabetic coma on an otherwise healthy person. It is corrupted and the problem starts at the top. I am referring to Jim Clapper and John Brennan. They are proven liars. Donald Trump is absolutely on solid ground to doubt anything these two scoundrels claim to be true.—Larry Johnson, former CIA analyst.


  9. What people fail to understand, however, is that the United States is not bombing the Middle East into submission because of its immense power, but because it is losing its power, influence, and control throughout the region.


    Mikhailov also seemed to indicate that other players in the region, such as China and Malaysia, would coordinate with the potential training exercises within the next few years. Russia has also offered the Philippines sophisticated weaponry, including aircraft and submarines.

    The United States has only one move left: surround Russia’s borders with NATO troops and missiles, which they are doing quite rapidly. Sooner or later, however, the United States will have to admit its very real decline in world standing and will have no choice but to learn to coordinate global affairs with the likes of Russia and China.

    Let’s face it — what is the alternative?


  10. gonzotx
    January 7, 2017 at 1:42 am
    Amazing how use we are to such tragedies. Hardly topic and f discussion anywhere

    Agreed Gonzo,

    Posting again my comment at the end of the previous article.

    As callus as it sounds, 5 dead PER DAY has become the norm in Chicago Land…aka The City Obama Built.

  11. An Austrian integration expert has advised the government that public employees should be banned from wearing Islamic headscarves in the workplace.
    Integration expert and government consultant Heinz Fassmann made the proposal to the government this week. According to Fassmann, it is important for the government, which provides services to all, not to be shown to promote any religion and that the state should be “above all religions,” reports Die Presse.

    If such a ban is not enforced, Fassmann claims, “you run the risk of importing certain religious conflicts into the civil service” and cited the religious conflicts within the Islamic world between Sunni and Shia practitioners.

    Fassmann added he does not believe headscarves should be banned in all public places saying, “there is freedom, everyone can dress as he likes,” but affirmed it was needed within the scope of public service. “When asked whether teachers in public schools should be allowed to wear a headscarf, I would clearly say: No,” he said.

    Fassmann, when questioned about the wearing of Christian crosses in classrooms, said he didn’t have a problem with them as Christian tradition had been “historically grown” in Austria so presents no issue.


  12. I keep seeing articles that people are trying to persuade Hillary to run for mayor of NY, and other articles saying she’s thinking about it.

    But de Blasio is so far left, she would need to move back to center to run against him. I hate that about politicians. Obama has said it about himself in the past, and now they’re saying about Hillary, that “the message wasn’t right”. Well, it seems to me that you should have a stable message that you believe in, and either people want it or they don’t. I know it’s commonplace, but IMO it’s just wrong that they just look for a message that will get them elected.

    And if Hillary is really considering this, it will just blow me away. Just retire, if you want to contribute, do some real volunteer work (not pay for play). What is it with some of these people that they just have to be some kind of big boss? Even at her advancing age. If she runs and loses, what next? Running for city councilwoman? Just have to get some win somewhere and feel important…???

  13. Lorac

    Imo…this talk of hillary running for NYC mayor is to keep her politically relevant…and a source of power…to keep the money and influence pouring into CGI & Clinton Foundation…reports have stated the donations are drying up…no power…no money

  14. Just makes one reflect on what a racket she had going at the state dept…does anyone really wonder why she went into deep secrecy with her server

    Karma really caught her with her hands in the cookie/ money jar

    And there are still thousands of secretly deleted emails that she never wanted to see daylight

    A fall from grace…


    Tom Browkaw, Brian Williams
    Madcow, and Kelly the disgraced
    With every virtue, every grace,
    Ah what avails the sceptred race,
    Here you see-the four of us,
    And there are so many more of us
    Gutter spawn that must succeed.
    We know how Caesar conquered Gaul
    And how to whack a cricket ball
    And befuddle the one and all.
    Yes we’re liars, never tentative
    And prototypical representative (s),
    Of the Harvard breed,
    And owners of those homes serene and stately
    Which only lately—since Trump reformed Washington
    Seem to have run to seed!
    The Stately Homes of Georgetown,
    How beautiful they stand,
    To prove the upper classes
    Have still the upper hand;
    Though the fact that they have to be rebuilt
    And frequently mortgaged to the hilt
    Is inclined to take the gilt
    Off the gingerbread,
    And certainly damps the fun
    Of the MSNBC scum
    But still we won’t be beaten,
    We’ll scrimp and scrape and save,
    The playing fields of Harvard
    Have made us frightfully brave-
    And so if the Van Dycks have to go
    And we pawn the Bechstein Grand,
    Nevertheless we’ll stand
    By the Stately Homes of Georgetown.
    Here you see
    The pick of us,
    The country may be heartily sick of us,
    Still with sense
    We’re all imbued.
    Our homes command extensive views
    And with assistance from the Jews
    We have been able to dispose of
    Rows and rows and rows of
    Gainsboroughs and Lawrences,
    Some sporting prints of Aunt Florence’s,
    Some of which were rather rude.
    Although we sometimes flaunt our Harvard conventions,
    Our good intentions
    Mustn’t be misconstrued.
    The Stately Homes of Georgetown (and Chevy Chase)
    We proudly represent,
    We only keep them up for
    Our Red Chinese friends to rent,
    Behold us in our hours of ease,
    Uncertain, coy and hard to please.
    The Stately Homes of Georgetown
    In valley, dale and glen
    Produce a race of charming,
    Innocuous young men—Madcow included
    Though our mental equipment may be slight
    And we barely distinguish left from right,
    We are quite prepared to fight
    For our principles,
    Though none of us know so far
    What they really are.
    Our duty to the nation,
    It’s only fair to state,
    Lies not I pro-creation
    But what we pro-create;.
    The Stately Homes of Georgetown,
    Tho’ rather on the blink
    Provide a lot of reasons
    For what we do and think.
    Tho’ we NEVER admit we may be wrong,
    Our conviction that we are right is strong
    Tho’ it may not be for long,
    We’ll hold on to it
    We might as well hold the bat
    Till they knock us flat
    But still if the populists
    Becomes too wild
    And we’re forced to use the rod,
    Thank God
    For the Stately Homes of Georgetown

  16. Obamas Legacy, with big media clings to like a drowning man clinging to a razor blade.

    Now if that big media blood just happens to attract the sharks, I will be rooting for the sharks.

    The Columbia School of Journalism, and the Kennedy School of Government will suffer a financial reversal.

    What Hath Obama Wrought?

    Naturally, the country’s first affirmative action president doesn’t see it that way; no doubt, by his lights, he’s still every bit the equal of FDR and Abraham Lincoln he’s always thought himself to be. For a chief executive like Barack Hussein Obama, coddled practically from birth by a series of handlers, sycophants, media worshipers, excuse-makers and hagiographers, being an utter failure means never having to say you’re sorry. The half-black president with the Muslim name was supposed to at least bring some cultural empathy to the thorny, if not to say intractable, problems of the Middle East — not just the eternal Arab-Israeli conflict but the even more eternal Muslim-Muslim conflict, not to mention the collateral damage of the one-sided Muslim-Christian conflict. That he hasn’t solved any of it is not his fault, but that he has exacerbated it most surely is.

    In domestic affairs, the Choom Ganger from Punahou has been baldly lying about such sub-rosa proclivities as same-sex marriage and hairy transvestites in the ladies’ loo until he was well past his final election. In both areas, however, he’s been a disgrace to the office and to the country, and we will be well rid of him when he finally leaves on Jan. 20.

    Obama’s foreign policy, in the end, was not primarily about the rest of the world—it was about transforming the character of America. So where are we eight years on? Gelded, as he intended. And, to coin a phrase, that’s one of the many reasons we now have Donald Trump. America never has been and never will be a neutered metrosexual among nations. As the Obama-ites are about to find out.


  17. There are a lot of people out there, barely hanging on and many who have fallen. I had a tough week at work, where everyone is stressed out as management continues to drive for more for less. It made it hard to hear the songs of the angels. I feel like I have been a hunted animal for the last sixteen years.

    Change is coming, none too soon.

  18. wbboei
    January 7, 2017 at 5:40 pm
    The Bush years were no better than the Obama years.

  19. • wbboei
    January 7, 2017 at 11:27 am

    “The Stately Homes of Georgetown,
    How beautiful they stand,”

    Loved your poetic analysis wbboei
    The façade must be maintained…………

  20. The CIA has a big problem. No one believes them. When I say “no one” I mean no one in their pay or influence sphere. With a history of Arab Springs, arming ISIS, WMD’s that don’t exist, and now a silly report laying out how Russian’s “degraded” the most self-degraded candidate in memory they got bupkis. A permanent government bureaucracy that wants to wow the rubes with cloak and dagger and smartie pants “analysis” they are reduced to being hooted at and mealymouthed media allies trying to say how hard the rank and file work. Really? So it is upper-management’s fault that they produce garbage costing taxpayers untold billions of dollars. The public is to accept this because “they work hard”? Sounds like Hillary. She said she worked hard too. Working hard and failing is even worse than screwing off and failing. The US government is not a participation prize.

    The US intelligence apparatus is used to snookering the inexperienced. Or gullible. Or dumb. The rubes come to DC from the sticks and get snookered by the cons and their cloak and dagger crap. Or something like that. Their current problem is an international business man, not a corporate cog guy either, who is used to reading “intelligence” that he purchases for making business decisions. If the intelligence is bad, wrong, stupid he can make costly mistakes and he won’t be buying from that group (of retired or enterprising spooks) any longer. The CIA, being a bureaucracy, is used to being paid if they make ghastly errors or not. Based on merit they should have gone out of business with “weapons of mass destruction”. Instead they got even more money. And less accountability. So their product (intelligence) degraded even more. Pleading for the dignity and feelings of the everyday spook or analyst is the last refuge of scoundrels. They produce institutionalized, globalist and heavily politically correct crap and are overpaid jokes. Organizational failure like this is so common in a hostile takeover it is pathetic. They are usually surprised when their old tricks don’t work anymore.

    Trump has been purchasing intelligence for decades. It has been accurate or he wouldn’t have kept on paying for it. It is produced by EX (retired or they quit) CIA as well as other intelligence experts from the military or foreign allied personnel. These experts for hire also have sources and contacts within the intelligence agencies. See Clapper and Brennan’s problem? They are being called on their shit and at least some of their staff is ratting them out to old comrades or for some ching-ching. Bureaucracies degrade over time with favoritism, rotten cultures, and bad leadership. Obama politicized the spooks to an extent that they are now unable to produce anything better than the “report”. Asinine and childish really and this is the top of their game. And they are reduced to the ruse of protecting the employees feelings. More PC. The public is tired of it and making fun of them. Fire most of them. Remake it based on merit.

  21. TerryDo
    January 7, 2017 at 10:08 pm
    Yes indeed Terry.

    At ALL cost, the facade must be maintained.

    With a stiff upper lip.

    You can ask them to lay down their self flattering unction.

    But that, unfortunately, is an exercise in futility.

    An Ivy League product must maintain the PERCEPTION of superiority.

    And that means they must deny the truth, whenever it conflicts with the narrative.

    To do anything less is unthinkable.

  22. But even worse.

    It is, as they would say with appropriate disdain: “common”.

    This thing happened in Spain in the seventeenth century.

    The bureaucracy took over and the regulations they passed

    Which were highly beneficial to the elites

    Doomed the once great Spanish Empire to a long sad decline.

    Or, as the great big media beloved messiah would say

    And his “contemptibles” in big media ever his echo chamber

    Would echo, domini, domini, etc

    The bent the cost curve in the wrong direction

    But Spain was unfortunate to have only King Phillip

    How much luckier are we to have . . .

    Let me see, what is it, oh . . . here it is

    “An intelligent man, in an intelligent house, in an intelligent city”

    According to race baiting Eugene Robinson of WashPo—

    Where have you gone Joe Dimagio our nation turns its lonely eyes to you

    Predictions of such force, and certainty always end in failure

    But in Obama’s case, the failure is not merely political, it is megapolitical

  23. See Clapper and Brennan’s problem? They are being called on their shit and at least some of their staff is ratting them out to old comrades or for some ching-ching
    True. Larry Johnson, an ex CIA analyst, has been scathing of what the CIA has produced on this issue. Others have called this a soft coup. And then there is the book mentioned at Powwerline, by an ex agent. Finally, there is the comment by the former CIA Director that under Brennan the agency has become a threat to this country and to the world. The bottom line here is beyond cavil. That rogue agency has become nothing short of a menace.

  24. This is a first: Donald Trump is guilty of an understatement, of making a molehill out of a mountain. He called the Washington furor over Russian hacking a “witch hunt” when it is actually far more sinister and dangerous.

    Witch hunts end. The Washington mob aims to make sure the election never ends and that Trump can never govern.

    There are no modern precedents to the scandalous attempts to smear and undermine the president-elect. Nearly nine weeks after his victory and less than two weeks before he takes the oath, the voter-nullification plot is growing more vile.

    It began when the Clinton campaign and her donors tried to overturn results in key states, then tried to steal the election outright by intimidating electors of the Electoral College.

    When all that failed, the establishment forces that opposed Trump all along — the Obama White House, members of both parties, the Democratic media and Big Government activists — switched their goal to thwarting his presidency. One example: They aim to deny confirmation to as many as eight Cabinet picks.

    This is not mere politics. This is half the country going rogue in a fit of madness.


    Most alarming is the newest recruit to the confederacy. The intelligence community, including leaders of the FBI and CIA, is pushing the Russian hacking narrative in unscrupulous ways.

    Consider that the same media organizations that led the campaign assault on Trump were leaked details of the hacking report before Trump saw it.

    The leaks came after Trump expressed doubts about Russia’s role and any election impact. Lest the rookie miss the message, Chuck Schumer, the Dems’ man in the Senate, made like a Soprano in a TV interview: “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

    Going public with classified information, which the leakers did, is a crime, but these days it’s acceptable if it serves the left’s political purpose.
    Is Schumer suggesting CIA analysts would stay silent about a terrorist plot? Would they feed Trump misinformation to get back at him?

    Going public with classified information, which the leakers did, is a crime, but these days it’s acceptable if it serves the left’s political purpose.

    As for the report itself, there’s not much there there, at least in the version made public. It is full of assertions that Vladimir Putin wanted to hurt Clinton and help Trump, but zero evidence is offered. I repeat: zero evidence.

    Instead, the 25-page document serves up a dog’s stew of innuendo and anecdotes. Examples include that Russian television operating in America said nice things about Occupy Wall Street.

    Well, so did President Obama and half the Democratic Party. Is Obama a Russian agent?

    Another silly example is that Russian TV runs lots of anti-fracking reports. Well, Gov. Cuomo also opposes fracking. The report cites the fact that Russian TV anchors are required to have social-media accounts as proof of Putin’s evil intent.

    Here’s a fact that really matters and it’s not in the report: The FBI concluded that Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee without ever inspecting its computers. The gumshoes say the DNC balked, but party leaders say the FBI never asked. In the end, it let a private firm search the computers for evidence.

    None of this is normal. And it’s no excuse that Trump himself often veers outside the lines. He won the election fair and square, period.

    Then again, some Democrats can’t bring themselves to admit that. Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, was spitting fire after she was briefed on the classified report.

    MORE ON:

    ‘I never work with douchebags’: Russian woman denies being spy

    Trump: Only ‘stupid’ people are against US relations with Russia

    Trump tweets that he blames DNC for Russian hacking

    Report reveals why Putin wanted to undermine Hillary
    Asked if she believed hacking cost Clinton the election, Pelosi declared to reporters: “You were accomplices in this. Every single day you reported there was an e-mail that was embarrassing to the Clinton operation, without saying we know this because of a disruption by a foreign power of our election system. You knew that.”

    Wow, so journalists are “accomplices” when they report embarrassing news. Nothing could be more Putin-like than her view of the media’s job.

    To be clear, it may be true that Putin ordered that the e-mails of John Podesta and the DNC be stolen and given to WikiLeaks. But officials also admit that Russia hacked our government and industries for years and always pushes negative propaganda about America, including during the 2012 campaign.

    So why the sudden DefCon outrage, especially when the intelligence report concludes there was no attempt to change vote tallies?

    The furor amounts to sounding five alarms for a dumpster fire. It’s a dumb overreaction, or part of the effort to thwart a president the establishment doesn’t want. Either way, intelligence leaders are proving they are part of the swamp that must be drained.

    By all means, America needs better cybersecurity and a retaliation policy to act as a deterrent. The current president has no interest in the issue, so perhaps we’ll get better policies when we get a new president. Assuming, of course, the man who won the election actually makes it to the Oval Office.


  25. During the glorious reign of big media beloved messiah, there has been a noticeable uptick in random violence.

    The unfortunate incident in Fort Lauderdale, the attack in the Navy Yard in Virginia the black man who burned down the black church, the slaughter at Fort Hood.

    Big media has contorted itself into a pretzel blaming it all on Sarah Palin.

    Which is exactly what you would expect from those proven pathological liars.

    But those who seek the truth must look elsewhere.

    The Fort Hood incident was clearly attributable to radical Muslim theology.

    But the two most recent attacks–in the shipyard, and in Fort Lauderdale have a different genesis.


    This program was supposedly abandoned in the 1970s, at the behest of the Church Committee.

    But it was never abandoned at all—that was only a cover story.

    The two killers mentioned above were subjects in this program.

    And they were triggered as a distraction

    In the case of the Fort Lauderdale shooter

    He was in that program, he went to the FBI and complained

    That the CIA had taken over his mind

    Whereupon the FBI put him through a psychiatric evaluation

    And then, gave him his gun back

    Why would they trigger him when they did?


    On the day of the attack, two things were scheduled to take place

    First, the senate vote confirming Trump.

    Second, the press conference by the attorney for the DNC official who was killed for leaking info to Wikileaks.

    As Michael Goodwin’s article notes, the globalists will do anything to destroy Trump and protect their own.

  26. Palestinian terrorism in Israel and not a word from Israeli haters Obama and Kerry. I’m sure they will blame it on the settlements.

  27. Richard has put identified the reason why the globalists must betray America.

    They have no choice in the matter.

    Essentially, the country has grown too small for their supernova ego.

    They all aspire to become Cecil Rhoades.

    But,in the end, most of them become sinecures, i.e. people who contribute little, but enjoy vast wealth and fame.

    In Hollywood, they call them De Niros.

    At Harvard, they call them alumni.

    In the Justice Department parlance–this was when we had a Justice Department

    We called them “ghost employees.

    And in nation state parlance we call them Kim Philby—

    Or, liberal Icon Alger Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

    The eternal return of all things—Neitzsche

    For if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you.


    As a practical matter reforming Washington requires the rediscovery of a purpose more specific than merely greasing the wheels of the political sausage machine. All client-agent relationships must either be particular or meaningless. The last 8 years have been one of endless psychological retreat. The descent of Russians into the midst of that emptiness is not only unsurprising but inevitable. The power vacuum which devastated America’s overseas alliances are ripples of an implosion that began at the center itself. Perhaps the last word on betrayal should go to Kim Philby. The Cambridge spies betrayed Britain during its imperial decline because it had suddenly become too small for men who imagined themselves born to rule. A BBC retrospective on the Philby captured his opportunism. England had left him with nowhere else to go.

    But if Philby betrayed, he was also betrayed, not by others, but by his own love of power and the conviction that he had joined an elite that had history on its side.
    The idea that he had been recruited by a highly-selective and superior organisation was important to Philby. Defending his decision to become a Soviet agent in the Foreword to My Secret War, the memoir of his career as a spy that was published in 1968, he wrote, “One does not look twice at an offer of enrolment in an elite force.”

    “Elite” is the name of the country ambitious men find on the day they cast off the old. For people who only ascend ladders, betrayal is just another rung they haven’t climbed.

  28. An inspiring comment about Messiah Obama:

    “Praise Muslims, Ignore Christians, Blame Jews.”

    That can’t be correct…

    John Kerry needed a 90 min speech to just scratch
    the surface of the WISDOM of how peace is achieved
    with people to do NOT even accept your right to… … … exist.
    Give them everything they need to kill you !!!

    The ONE…
    The OBAMA…
    Had “His” lips moving… … again… when “He” said…
    Ahhhhh…. Ummmmm…. Let “Me” be clear…
    ( “I” will always have Israels back.” )

    It… It… stirred up such fond memories of… … … “RED LINE”
    ONLY 500,000 + Syrians have died on that one…

    Just REMEMBER that when the A Bomb made in IRAN
    goes off on American soil and tens of thousands are DEAD in the street
    you know LGBYQ; Women; (D); Transgenders; NOT- EAGALS; Children;
    Public Union Members; even some Irredeemable Deplorables; & (R)’s;
    that YOU voted for OBAMA… TWICE !!!

  29. The Warped Perspective of Big Media

    There may be nothing quite as disgusting in our culture as the spectacle of media commentators trying to prop up one of their dishonest narratives with the latest atrocity. The ghoulish and soulless attempts by journalists to capture the moment of our outrage and yoke our emotions to the service of their leftist agendas is pitiful and hateful, a base display of the corruption of what used to be American journalism.

    And of course, our journalists debase themselves without profit. The process is a lie in and of itself since each individual incident proves nothing and changes nothing. Even if the next terrorist doesn’t happen to be a Muslim — even if Christmas comes to Media Town and he happens to be a white male in a MAGA cap — it will still be Islamists doing violence on every continent, still Islamic majorities that plunge nations into dysfunction and inequality, still the Koran that preaches attitudes toward women and gays and non-believers and government itself that cannot easily be adapted to the modern world, assuming they can be adapted at all. So put your imaginary MAGA Terrorist in jail for sure, but it doesn’t change the general reality of our situation one bit.

    The recent atrocity in Chicago is like a spotlight shone on these media distortions. It has entangled journalists like Laocoon in the serpent of their own racial pathology. Four black people kidnap and torture a mentally disabled white man while screaming anti-white and anti-Trump obscenities. Clearly a lead story. Clearly an act of evil. Clearly a light shone on yet another Democrat-run city that has become a cesspool of violence.

    Fake News: CBS Radio Report Implies Chicago Torturers Were White, Victim Was Black

    But our journalists have so corrupted themselves with narrative-building lies about race that they find it impossible to report the story plainly. CNN’s Don Lemon — and really, the man is an idiot — says of the torturers: “I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.” (One remembers the parody song “Officer Krupke” from West Side Story with juvenile thugs declaiming: “We’re depraved on account of we’re deprived!”)

    Or read Tavis Smiley who, inexplicably, has a show on PBS: “The unrelenting media focus on this random incident, is, to my mind, unbalanced and unwarranted…. I wonder: How many fellow citizens who can’t stop their social media commentary about this sick incident have been just as outraged and outspoken about the regular harassment and abuse that black teenagers and other black fellow citizens endure daily at the hands of white cops?”

    Yeah, I must’ve missed the white cops torturing a disabled black man while shouting, “F— Obama.” I guess the media under-reported it.

    The problem these knuckleheads have is that their own corrupt logic condemns them. If it is true that a police officer who happens to be white shooting a criminal who happens to be black is evidence of systemic racism (the data show it’s not), then these black pieces of garbage torturing a white man while screaming anti-white slogans can fairly be claimed as evidence of systemic anti-white bigotry in sectors of black culture.

    But on our side — I mean, the side of decent human beings searching for truth as opposed to corrupt journalists propping up narrative — the entire narrative enterprise should be discarded. It is the racial understanding of human behavior that is itself deceiving and distorting. And the left’s attempt to “redress” historic anti-black racism with present anti-white racism is a fool’s errand that only serves the racist lie.

    In fact, the Chicago torturers don’t represent “black people” any more than do Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas or Martin Luther King. Dylann Roof doesn’t represent “white people” or “American culture” any more than John Glenn or George Washington. These are individuals acting on good and bad ideas and doing good and evil according to those ideas. If there is a bigger story behind any of it, it’s the ideas not the color of people’s skin.

    But if journalists reported that story rather than their tired black-versus-white fairy tales, they would not only expose the truth behind these horrible incidents but also the malevolence of their own political bias. They will not do it.


  30. wbboei
    January 8, 2017 at 8:08 am
    This thing happened in Spain in the seventeenth century.

    The bureaucracy took over and the regulations they passed

    Which were highly beneficial to the elites

    Doomed the once great Spanish Empire to a long sad decline.

    Ah Phillip. One could argue was the first modern globalist. Riches from the enslaved new world which he hoped would buy England in a marriage first to poor, creepy, old, unloved Mary then Elizabeth who got away. Mary under Phillip’s tutelage almost tore England apart with religion to take over their economy then he got bogged down in Holland (he wanted their trade smarts and routes) which was another wealthy PROTESTANT country targeted. Phillip’s religious fervor is always cited but first and foremost he was a money grubbing thief who used “religion” as a cover story for his crimes. Regulations to control economies, cultures and peoples goes back a long way. Phillip would fit right in with the globalist, neocon, open border, cult enviros and oil grabbers at Davos. Spanish globalists currently are still some of the worst as evidenced with their control in Mexico, Central and South America both directly and by culture.

  31. wbboei
    January 8, 2017 at 7:58 am

    An Ivy League product must maintain the PERCEPTION of superiority.

    Historically like the “Grandees of Spain”. Inbred, busted but still superior in manner. self perception and outlook. Grandee of Spain is not a pejorative for nothing.

  32. Wbboei, a Big Media surprise as Rick Santelli (of CNBC) confronts NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to Chuck Todd’s shock:

    RICK SANTELLI: To see Russians happy because Trump won, on Election Night, I never saw you so unhappy. You pick sides. Everybody picks sides.

    ANDREA MITCHELL: That’s not true, Rick. That’s just not true.

    CHUCK TODD: Who picks sides? Who picks sides, Rick?

    MITCHELL: Let’s get back to the facts here.

    Let’s get back to the facts, indeed!

  33. Meryl Streep attacked Donald J. Trump last night during the Golden Globe awards ceremony last night. Hollywood stars loved the attack.

    Today, Kellyanne Conway responded:

    Well, done Kellyanne, well done.

  34. Piers Morgan used to hate Trump but lately not so much:


    Sorry, Meryl but that hypocritical anti-Trump rant was easily the worst performance of your career (apart from that time you gave a child rapist a standing ovation) [snip]

    Last night, Streep received a Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes, and chose the moment to launch a very personal attack on Donald Trump.

    She began by saying that Hollywood, foreigners and the press are ‘the most vilified segments of American society right now’.

    At which point the cameras panned out to hundreds of the richest, most privileged people in American society sitting in the audience in their $10,000 tuxedos and $20,000 dresses, loudly cheering this acknowledgement of their dreadful victimhood.

    She then said that if all the ‘outsiders and foreigners’ were kicked out of Hollywood, ‘you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.’


    I haven’t heard such elitist snobbery since Hillary Clinton branded Trump supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’.

    For your information, Ms Streep, tens of millions of ordinary Americans love football and the MMA and would be quite happy watching their favourite sports at the expense of the next Woody Allen film.

    Her real target, though, was Trump. She’d come to take him down, and that is exactly what she proceeded to do.

    ‘There were many powerful performances this year that did breathtaking, compassionate work,’ she said. ‘But there was one performance that stunned me. It sank it hooks in my heart, not because it was good – there’s nothing good about it. But it was effective and it did its job. It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege and power and the capacity to fight back.’

    Meryl’s bottom lip began to tremble.

    ‘It kind of broke my heart when I saw it,’ she cried, ‘and I still can’t get it out of my head. This instinct to humiliate when it’s modelled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, filters down into everybody’s life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing.’


    Really, Meryl?

    For starters, the incident to which she referred didn’t happen last year, it happened in 2015. There’s even been another Golden Globes in between then and now, at which it was never mentioned.

    Second, Trump has always furiously denied – and has again today on Twitter – he was mocking the reporter’s disability and a Conservative website produced video evidence of numerous other instances where he made the exact same gesture to fully able-bodied people when attacking them. (See here and decide for yourself)

    Third, the reporter is hardly a powerless individual with ‘no capacity to fight back’; he’s a long-time Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist at the New York Times, a paper that’s trashed Trump for decades.

    But putting all that to one side for a moment – and if Trump WAS mocking a man’s disability then I agree it was disgraceful – let’s move to what Streep said next: ‘Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.’

    At this point, I laughed out loud with incredulity.

    Not at the words themselves, which are laudable.

    No, it was at the hypocrisy.

    You’d be hard-pushed to find an industry that encourages more disrespect and violence than Hollywood.

    A place where rich powerful people make billions of dollars by regularly pandering to the lowest common denominators of sexism, racism, homophobia and misogyny.

    And happily exploit ever more hideous, graphic violence to make a fast, easy buck.

    And seethe from every tinsel-encrusted pore with the very kind of nasty, power-based bullying that Meryl Streep claims to be so incensed by in Trump.

    So great though her censorious words indisputably are, they would be perhaps better directed at her own back yard.

    To highlight just one example of Streep’s shocking hypocrisy, what about the 2003 Oscars when she leaped to her feet and gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation after he was announced as winner of Best Director for The Pianist?

    She was joined by numerous superstars in the room, many of whom were also seen on camera last night applauding and cheering as Streep attacked Trump’s supposed immorality.

    Clearly, their collective high moral values are a movable feast.

    At the end of her speech, Streep launched a passionate defense of the press. ‘They’ll need us to safeguard the truth,’ she said.

    Now, I’ve been a journalist for over 30 years. I love my industry, warts and all, and I welcome any support.

    But when it comes to the truth, many parts of America’s media were found severely wanting in this election campaign.

    Frankly, a lot of the coverage was a fact-starved partisan disgrace as they fought to see who could sink deeper into the tank for Hillary Clinton.

    The mainstream US media, having gleefully fuelled Trump’s candidacy for months to suit their own self-serving commercial interests, then turned on him like spitting cobras when he looked like he might actually win.

    It’s also a fact that no president in modern times has been so anti-press, or so intent on attacking press freedom, as Barack Obama, one of Streep’s heroes.

    Under his administration, the US government has set a new record for withholding Freedom of Information Act requests. Obama’s also used the Espionage Act to prosecute whistleblowers who leak to journalists more times than all previous administrations COMBINED.

    So yes, the stench of hypocrisy throughout Streep’s speech was putridly pungent.

    My overriding disappointment though is that she missed a massive opportunity to do something really constructive.

    How much more effective would it have been had the most powerful woman in Hollywood called for unity not division, demanded a stop to all the teeth-gnashing and wailing over the election result, and urged Donald Trump in his inauguration speech to preach tolerance, fairness and equality?

    That would have been a truly courageous and admirable thing to do.

    Instead, Meryl Streep poured another 100 gallons of oil onto an already inflamed toxic fire.

    She will get exactly what she wanted: today, she’s the toast of Hollywood, the darling of social media and a heroine to every Millennial in the world.

    I’ve seen people on my Twitter feed say they actually wept with joy at her words.

    But the reality is that she’s also enraged tens of millions of Americans who voted for and like Donald Trump, not to mention those who love their football and MMA.

    And she’s simply re-confirmed to them what Mark Wahlberg said a few weeks ago when he urged actors not to talk about politics:

    A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, with the everyday guy out there providing for their family.


    Meryl, I still love you dearly, but you had a chance to bring your country together last night and you blew it.

  35. admin
    January 9, 2017 at 9:36 am
    Lets parse that one out:

    1. When Andrea says: lets get back to the facts.

    2. What she means (literally) is: lets get back to our one sided narrative.

    3. What she means (subtext) is: we are to the manor born. Our opinion carries the weight of law. And I went to an Ivy League school albeit a second tier one.

    Notice how excitable Chuck Todd is when anyone suggests contrary facts. It is as if they stuck a hot poker up his you know what. What a pathetic little creature he is.

  36. My comment about Phillip was facetious.

    He did make one enduring contribution to civilization, and that was Escorial in Madrid.

    The corruption you describe coincided with the rise of a highly regulated economy.

    And that is the end game of all regulatory schemes.

    They drive out good money, destroy competition, and are subject to political influence.

    I can think of no better example than the IRS sedition during the imperious reign of the big media beloved messiah.

    The reincarnation of Phillip.

    And, a destroyer of worlds.

  37. I thought it was inappropriate but not unexpected for celebrities to make ” statements ” against politicians as this always occurs. I’ve got over my personal disappointment and any true believers in our democracy have to hope for the best going forward.
    As a caveat, I never got over Hillary losing to Obama, but it was his policies , particularly hatred for the Jewish people’s homeland that truly made me despise him. I am hopeful Trump will be a friend to Israel despite the loathsome ,self hating Jews attacking him. ( and I hope Mel Gibson is not one of his friends)😉.

  38. Love this quote from the above link.

    “The speed with which the term became polarized and in fact a rhetorical weapon illustrates how efficient the conservative media machine has become,” said George Washington University professor Nikki Usher.

  39. Mathews upset cuz Kushner is pro-settlements”..very happy that Kushner will have trumps ear on Israel.

  40. Admin: there has been a fair amount of discussion about the charge that Russia hacked the elections, and the bogus nature of that oft repeated big media claim, and the bona fides of the authors of that charge–Clapper (a perjurer), Brennan (a liar and mastermind of rogue operations), and Comey (a dirty cop).

    Here is a link which to a discussion on RT television, which puts the final nail in the coffin. And, also important, it answers some questions which have arisen along the way. The speakers are Woolsey, Larry Johnson (our friend) and a lady from M-1 5. As you know, Woolsey, a former director of the CIA (1993-5), offered his services to Trump. He was nominally part of the transition team, but Trump did not use him, and so he resigned.

    If you watch the interview as a whole, and in particular the segment from 1100 to 1400 you see why Trump did not use Woolsey. He is a mile wide and inches deep in his assessment. Larry, on the other hand, drills down on the matters Woolsey generalizes about and identifies the smoking gun which Woolsey does not see. The woman from MI-5 confirms Larry’s assessment, and Woolsey is left looking to me at least like a fool. Thank God Trump did not select him. He never was the man for the job.

  41. wbboei – I just came here to make this comment, but saw you alluded to not thinking Streep is a good actress. I don’t personally care for what I call “period pieces” (I’m not sure my usage is the same as the official usage – to me it means I don’t particularly care for movies made about historical times). So I didn’t care for a lot of her work, but I loved her in Mama Mia, and It’s Complicated. I couldn’t stand her character in Kramer vs Kramer, but I think she probably did a good job depicting who that character was. So my like or dislike of her is more related to the type of work she is doing, I guess. But I would never consider myself a big Meryl Streep fan, just a fan of some of her work.

    But what I wanted to say is, IMO Streep is widely considered one of the best actresses today, in part because of the wide range of roles she has taken. So when Trump tweets that she is overrated, I think to most people that comes off as petty. I think Trump has the opportunity to blaze new paths with social media, particularly in being able to talk directly to the people. But – sorry to anyone this bothers – I really think it makes him look insecure and immature when he does these personal attacks. And in this case I think it was glaring, because the attack will be recognized by most to be inaccurate.

    And he recently tweeted about how Schwartzenegger (sp?) isn’t doing as well in the ratings as Trump did on Apprentice. It just jumped out at me as so unnecessary. But he didn’t support Trump, so I guess Trump feels he needs to “get him back”. I just find it petty and insecure, and I hope Trump continues to use twitter but finds a way to be more mature about it. I’ve heard Trump say he has a thick skin, but it’s kind of like Obama saying that racial divisions are better since he got elected lol

  42. Just remember, when Woolsey offered his services to Trump, he said the CIA was a rogue operation.

    That is a far cry from what you see and hear in that interview.

    What I see in the interview form him is not clarity but obfuscation.

    Ask him a simple question- like what time is it, and he tells you how to build a watch.

    On the other hand, perhaps he has a private position and a public position–like you know who.

  43. Streep is widely considered one of the best actresses today
    Is the cupboard today really that bare?

    Widely considered by whom?

    The same people who consider Obama to be one of our best presidents?

    To me, she uninteresting.

    If you want to see a good actress I commend to your attention Lilly Palmer, or Marlene Dietrich.

    Actresses of another era, but timeless.

  44. Lorac, here is a clip of one movie Lilly Palmer appeared in with William Holden–The Counterfeit Traitor. I highly recommend the entire movie to you, if you have not seen it.

    The Cuban banker told me that when he and his sister were young and had just escaped to the United States, they were sitting at the table and she told her father how much she loved him. However, she went on to say that if William Holden walked into the room all bets were off. Very sad the way he died. But when Louie B Mayer found himself at that point he said something profound: nothing matters.

  45. I for one will no longer watch any of Meryl Streep’s movies and will relegate them to the to-be-forgotten pile.

  46. I think the answer is to watch the movies…….on video…not in a theatre…..butTURN OFF the stupid celebrity awards shows. Let their ratings drop. That’s how we let them know that we’re only interested in how they do their jobs, not anything else.

  47. I have always enjoyed watching the Awards shows as my guilty pleasure & probably because I worked in the industry when I lived in Los Angeles and loved it…I do love the fashion and creativity…and have no problem with acknowledging it

    BUT…all my enthusiasm and enjoyment goes out the window when anyone of them get on the stage and start lecturing & pontificating. ..let’s face it…they are a big room talking & agreeing with themselves

    So by definition they are in their own elite bubble and imo guilty of the narrow mindness & perspective & group thought they accuse others of…and most egregiously. ..they excuse their “own” of the behavior they attack others for…

    we are just beginning the “Awards Season” and I know it is futile to expect them to stop the grandstanding…I wish the hell they would…and open their minds to understand they are insulting half the country…AND ruining the damn show

    ZIP it…

  48. My last word on Alice the goon Steep. She is the epitome of what Hollywood has become. The reason they love Obama is because he is like them in the sense that he rails against the establishment, conveniently forgetting that he is not only part of the establishment, but at its pinnacle. The old adage you cannot have your cake and eat it never crossed their mind. It was cowardliness not courage that impelled her to condemn Trump when she knew that her audience was of a like mind. Not at all speaking truth to power. Like that line by Komaraovsky in Dr. Zviago, I wonder if they will sing in tune after the revolution. There is another aspect to it as well. Hollywood has no strong men or strong male roles left. And the actors we see today are a reflection of that. It has become a wasteland of strident women, weak men, special effects, virtue signaling and mind numbing repetition. Gone as well are the directors like John Ford, Henry Hawks, Bill Wellman, Raoul Walsh, and Henry Hathaway. Steep and her ilk would never have made it to first base if they were the directors. So the entire scene has changed, and I for one hope that the Red Chinese buy up Hollywood, and put the poor players who infest their corridors of power today out of their (and more importantly our) misery.

  49. Do the Democratss have no senators to play gotcha with Sessions who don’t sound (and look) like reanimated corpses? And Lindsay Graham has aged twenty years since Trump’s election. He looks like an old man. Is he worried about something?

  50. William Holden, now there was a man…

    Cory Booker, Black, trying to take the obama throne, clearly obvious… this will not help Democrats it’s so obvious.

  51. OMG wbboei, Streep is the spittin’ image of Alice the Goon. Perhaps she can play her in the next Popeye movie. Too funny. 😜

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