Gideon In America: @RealDonaldTrump Saves Israel In Fight With Obama, John Kerry, Clinton

Here’s our viable ten step alternative to John Kerry’s delusions on the middle east peace process:

(1) The United States informs the Arab gulf oil states that continued intelligence sharing, security (and protection from Persian Iran), will require billions of dollars be given to Egypt every year; (2) Egypt reduces it’s high levels of unemployment with a massive increase in it’s Army manpower and armed forces; (3) Egypt purchases military hardware and training from the United States; (4) Egypt protects the Arab gulf oil states; (5) Egypt annexes the Gaza Strip and kills all the leaders of Hamas; (6) Egypt governs the Gaza Strip until such time as the Palestinians grow up and stop terrorism and if they don’t grow up, Egypt remains in control; (7) Egypt demilitarizes the Gaza Strip and may only bring in armored divisions, under Israeli supervision and agreement, to kill off opposition from Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists; (8) Egyptian armies will maintain order in the entire region in Arab states such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, as well as guarantee the peace with Israel – all backed up by American power in defense of Israel; (9) a federation controlled by Jordan of the West Bank Palestinians will govern the Palestinians in the West Bank; (10) if ever the Palestinians agree to recognize the existence and right to exist of Israel only then, at the discretion of the Jordan, Egypt, and Israel, will such consideration be provided by those three powers in consultation with the United States.

[N.B.: We have one more proposal we’ll post at the end.]

If you think our proposals are not viable or outright “nuts” consider John Kerry’s truly bizarre “solutions” that have guided American policy for decades. Does anyone really think that at this point in history the “two state solution” with Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the Palestinians is anything but a crackhead delirium ?

John Kerry said today “Ladies and Gentlemen: it’s vital that we all work to keep open the possibility of peace, and that we not lose hope in the two state solution, no matter how difficult it may seem — because there really is no viable alternative.” Well, we just provided a viable alternative that is more logical and likelier to happen than Obama/Kerry/Clinton’s fevered dreams as enunciated by the heavily Botoxed John Kerry today:

1. Provide for secure and recognized international borders between Israel and a viable and contiguous Palestine, negotiated based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed equivalent swaps. [snip] …No changes by Israel to the 1967 lines will be recognized by the international community unless agreed to by both sides.

2. Fulfill the vision of UN General Assembly Resolution 181 of two states for two peoples, one Jewish and one Arab, with mutual recognition and full equal rights for all their respective citizens. [snip]

3. Provide for a just, agreed, fair and realistic solution to the Palestinian refugee issue, with international assistance, that includes compensation, options and assistance in finding permanent homes, acknowledgment of suffering and other measures necessary for a comprehensive resolution consistent with two states for two peoples. [snip]

4. Provide an agreed resolution for Jerusalem as the internationally recognized capital of the two states, and protect and assure freedom of access to the holy sites consistent with the established status quo. [snip]

5. Satisfy Israel’s security needs and bring a full end to the occupation, while ensuring that Israel can defend itself effectively and that Palestine can provide security for its people in a sovereign and non-militarized state.

Dream on you Botoxed lummox! Bill Clinton tried some of this nonsense and it all blew up in his face because the Palestinians lied and refused to sign on. The bottom line is our ten point plan is more viable than John Kerry’s Botox in crackpipe huffing.

John Kerry’s “hate Israel” speech, authored by Israel hater Barack Obama is part of a bigger plan by Obama to destroy Israel. The Kerry speech should never have happened, says the second highest ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives:

A key Democratic leader on Capitol Hill is calling on Secretary of State John Kerry to cancel his Middle East peace speech scheduled for Wednesday — coming days after the US allowed an anti-Israel resolution to pass the United Nations.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), the Democratic whip in the House of Representatives and the second- highest ranking Democrat in leadership, released a blistering statement Tuesday night calling on the Obama administration to cool it.

“Now, it is my understanding that Secretary Kerry, in the last few days of this Administration, intends to outline the parameters of an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. This flies in the face of the United States’s longstanding position that such a formulation should be reached only through negotiations by the parties and not by the United States, the United Nations, or any other third party,” Hoyer said.

I urge Secretary Kerry and the Administration not to set forth a formula, which will inevitably disadvantage Israel in any negotiation,” Hoyer added.

Instead of turning against Israel, Hoyer urged Kerry — and by extension the rest of the Obama Administration — now to stand with Israel.

The United States must now take steps to signal unequivocally to the entire world that we will continue to stand by our ally Israel as it seeks to build a future of peace and safety as a Jewish state and an equal member of the family of nations,” the Democratic House leader said.

Lost in the Chappaqua woods, Hillary Clinton is still silent. So much for courageous leadership from this alleged woman leader who ran for election as the Obama Third Term.

The alleged strong woman leader remains silent but oddly, the Russians, the freakin’ Russians have something to say in defense of Israel:

Calling it an attempt to bring the US Domestic agenda to the UN, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov rejected John Kerry’s proposal to impose a Middle East solution on Israel in a telephone conversation Tuesday, with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. [snip]

It is a bit strange that Russia is protecting the Jewish State from anti-Israel actions by the American president and secretary of state.

It’s not only the Russians that see Obama/Kerry statements as an attack on President-Elect Donald J. Trump. A leader of Jewish settlers said pretty much the same thing:

In a radio interview, Erdan said Kerry’s speech was part of a broader effort to hinder the incoming administration of Donald Trump, who has signaled he will have much warmer relations with Israel.

This step is a pathetic step. It is an anti-democratic step because it’s clear that the administration and Kerry’s intention is to chain President-elect Trump,” Erdan told Israel Army Radio.

Erdan, a member of Netanyahu’s Likud Party and inner Security Cabinet, said Obama administration officials are “pro-Palestinian” and “don’t understand what’s happening in the Middle East.”

By the way, did we mention that brave woman leader Hillary Clinton is lost in the Chappaqua woods, apparently unable to comment on the latest Obama/Kerry/State Department attacks on Israel? Silence implies consent. The stink of Barack Obama and John Kerry is all over these attacks on Israel:

Leaked Document: U.S. Colluded With Palestinians 10 Days Before UN Settlements Vote

If authentic, the document, leaked to an Egyptian website, confirms some of the claims voiced in Israel against Obama since the UN vote against the settlements last week.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry and White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice told a Palestinian delegation in Washington 10 days before the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution against Israeli settlements that the U.S. would not impose a veto on such a resolution if its wording was balanced, according to a document released by an Egyptian news site. [snip]

The five-page Arabic document released by the site appears to be a summary of the meeting, composed by the Palestinian delegation. If the document is authentic, it was probably leaked by officials in the Egyptian government. [snip]

According to the document, Kerry and Rice said America’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power was prepared to meet with Palestinian UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour to discuss the matter. Rice and Kerry are said to have asked Erekat and the other members of the delegation to keep the meeting top secret. Kerry and Rice said they wanted to avoid leaks of the meeting to the media because of the sensitivity of the transition to the Trump administration. [snip]

According to the leaked document, Rice told the Palestinian delegation that the Trump administration was very dangerous for them because his positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict differed from those of all American administrations since 1967. Rice recommended that the Palestinians take seriously what Trump’s advisers were saying about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and annexation of parts of the West Bank to Israel.

So Egypt leaked the document, huh. Looks like our plan with a starring role for Egypt is kinda viable, certainly more viable than John Kerry’s crackpipe delusions. Of course, Obama does not believe his “plans” are viable at all, these are just not too subtle attacks against Israel. Barack Obama is planning new treacheries against Israel:

Multiple media outlets are reporting that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is finalizing a document that the Obama administration hopes will form the basis for a UN Security Council resolution that officially recognizes a Palestinian state before the end of Barack Obama’s term on January 20th. This comes on the heels of the UN Security Council’s adoption of resolution 2334 on December 23rd. That resolution declared that all Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal, it stated that the Security Council recognizes the 1967 ceasefire lines as the border between Israel and “Palestine”, and it officially gave East Jerusalem to the Palestinians. But it stopped short of formally recognizing a Palestinian state. Resolution 2334 speaks of a Palestinian state in the future tense, but this new resolution that John Kerry is reportedly working on would give immediate and permanent UN Security Council recognition to a Palestinian state.

Anybody seen or heard from Hillary Clinton? Maybe Hillary is getting paid off somehow in a fashion similar to how John Kerry’s daughter is getting paid off with millions from the State Department:

More than $9 million of Department of State money has been funneled through the Peace Corps to a nonprofit foundation started and run by Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show.

The Department of State funded a Peace Corps program created by Dr. Vanessa Kerry and officials from both agencies, records show. The Peace Corps then awarded the money without competition to a nonprofit Kerry created for the program.

Initially, the Peace Corps awarded Kerry’s group — now called Seed Global Health — with a three-year contract worth $2 million of State Department money on Sept. 10, 2012, documents show. Her father was then the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which oversees both the Department of State and the Peace Corps.

Seed secured a four-year extension in September 2015, again without competition. This time, the Peace Corps gave the nonprofit $6.4 million provided by the Department of State while John Kerry was secretary of state.

There’s money to be made in treachery. Ask Judas Iscariot.

Fortunately, Israel still has friends in the United States. Oddly, two men in the U.S. Senate, who hate each other (Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz), are on the same side when it comes to the protection of Israel:

Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote
Cruz: Obama plotting further action against Israel

Congress is already setting the stage to cut off U.S. funding to the United Nations in the wake of a contested vote last week in which the Obama administration permitted an anti-Israel resolution to win overwhelming approval, according to congressional leaders, who told the Washington Free Beacon that the current administration is already plotting to take further action against the Jewish state before vacating office.

Other punitive actions by Congress could include expelling Palestinian diplomats from U.S. soil and scaling back ties with foreign nations that voted in favor of the controversial measure, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Free Beacon about the situation both on and off the record.

The Obama administration is still under bipartisan attack for its decision to help craft and facilitate the passage of a U.N. resolution condemning the construction of Jewish homes in Jerusalem, a move that reversed years of U.S. policy on the matter.

The Free Beacon was the first to disclose on Monday that senior Obama administration officials played a key role in ensuring the measure was passed unanimously by the U.N. Security Council. This included a phone call by Vice President Joe Biden to Ukraine’s president to ensure that country voted in favor of the measure. [snip]

The disgraceful anti-Israel resolution passed by the UNSC was apparently only the opening salvo in the Obama administration’s final assault on Israel,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) told the Free Beacon. “President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Ambassador Power, and their colleagues should remember that the United States Congress reconvenes on January 3rd, and under the Constitution we control the taxpayer funds they would use for their anti-Israel initiatives.”

The 115th Congress must stop the current administration’s vicious attack on our great ally Israel, and address the major priorities of the incoming administration,” Cruz said, expressing his desire to work with the incoming Trump administration to reset the U.S. relationship with Israel. [snip]

The question now is whether this was the finale or the prologue of what this administration has planned against Israel,” the source said, adding that “everything is on the table right now — including funding cuts and scaling back diplomatic relations with countries that brought forward this resolution.” [snip]

Obama went to the U.N. because a U.N. resolution is functionally irreversible by normal means,” added a veteran foreign policy insider who is currently working with the incoming Trump administration. “Obama’s goal was to eliminate any limited options that could be used to repair the damage to Israel, and he gambled that Trump and Congress would be too intimidated to use the remaining big stick options. He’s going to lose that gamble.”

American leaders will now use exactly those options,” the source explained. “Everything is on the table, from systematically going after the U.N., to moving the U.S. embassy into parts of Jerusalem the U.N. says aren’t Israeli, to kicking the Palestinians out of Washington.”

“Members on both sides of the aisle are furious, so our response will be swift and forceful,” the second congressional source said. “With a Trump administration in place, any nation that seeks to delegitimize the Jewish state will need to answer to the United States.”

If Hillary Clinton had been elected, Hillary Clinton would have embraced Barack Obama’s treacheries against Israel. Silence implies consent. Hillary Clinton is entirely silent on Obama’s treacheries. Fortunately, the Almighty raised a Gideon to Make America Great Again and save Israel from B.O.’s stink.

President-Elect Donald J. Trump, soon to be President Donald J. Trump in less than 23 days, is that Gideon. Trump sees Barack Obama’s treacheries on the domestic and foreign policy fronts for what they are, treacheries:

When he announced for president we declared that Donald J. Trump’s greatest strength was his use of the English language. With his fireside Tweets, President-Elect Donald J. Trump lives up to our confidence in him. Two quotes from the soon to retire Thomas Sowell describe the incoming leader of the Free World:

Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good.”


“People who pride themselves on their ‘complexity” and deride others for being ‘simplistic’ should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.”

Donald J. Trump has been telling the truth, the simple truth, the whole truth. Barack Obama has been lying all his life.

We have one last proposal to add to our viable plan for the middle east: the countries, such as New Zealand and Senegal, that voted against Israel should (1) be made to require visas for travel to the United States; (2) then have all the visa offices and American embassies shut down in those countries; (3) a notice should be posted at the entrance to all the closed American interest sections/embassies/visa offices stating: “All inquiries and applications for travel to the United States and or any business related questions should be made, in person, to the American embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.”

Don’t laugh. President Donald J. Trump just might do it. Gideon would.


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    By de­clin­ing to veto a res­ol­u­tion con­demning Is­rael at the United Na­tions, Obama un­der­scored how out-of-step his views are from the rest of the coun­try—and on this is­sue, even with his own party. Al­low­ing the anti-Is­rael res­ol­u­tion to pass was widely con­demned, by both the in­com­ing Re­pub­lic­an ad­min­is­tra­tion and the most in­flu­en­tial Demo­crat in Con­gress, in­com­ing Sen­ate Minor­ity Lead­er Chuck Schu­mer. Jew­ish groups across the ideo­lo­gic­al spec­trum cri­ti­cized the de­cision in harsh terms, while even dovish Demo­crats such as Ohio’s Sher­rod Brown dis­tanced them­selves from the Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion’s ac­tion. Former DNC chair­wo­man Debbie Wasser­man Schultz, who sup­por­ted Obama’s con­tro­ver­sial Ir­an nuc­le­ar deal, called the U.N. res­ol­u­tion an “ir­re­spons­ible ac­tion [that] moves us fur­ther away from peace and hastens the like­li­hood that we lose the trust of our al­lies around the world.” She called the Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion’s ab­sten­tion “reck­less.”

    It’s not hard to un­der­stand why Obama’s de­cision drew such a sharp re­sponse. Sup­port for Is­rael, while slip­ping among the most lib­er­al Demo­crats, is bi­par­tis­an and wide­spread. A Pew Re­search Cen­ter’s April 2016 sur­vey showed that 54 per­cent of Amer­ic­ans sym­path­ize with Is­rael­is, while just 19 per­cent fa­vor the Palestini­ans—a his­tor­ic high in ap­prov­al for the Jew­ish state. GOP back­ing for the Jew­ish state is near-uni­ver­sal, and Demo­crats fa­vor the Is­rael­is over the Palestini­ans by a sol­id 14-point mar­gin, 43 to 29 per­cent.

    The only demo­graph­ic or par­tis­an group that holds neg­at­ive views of Is­rael are self-de­scribed lib­er­al Demo­crats, whose sup­port for the Palestini­an cause has spiked from 21 per­cent to 40 per­cent in the past sev­er­al years. Obama’s clashes with Is­rael over the Ir­an nuc­le­ar deal and set­tle­ments have turned the lib­er­al wing of his party against Is­rael, but he hasn’t been suc­cess­ful in per­suad­ing any­one else to fol­low suit.

    At a time when Demo­crats are try­ing to win back voters that aban­doned them in this year’s pres­id­en­tial elec­tion, they can’t af­ford to ali­en­ate a bed­rock con­stitu­ency of their party. But that’s ex­actly what Obama’s last-minute slam of Is­rael threatens to do. It’s no co­in­cid­ence that Obama waited un­til after the pres­id­en­tial elec­tion to take a fi­nal slap at Is­rael, know­ing full well that it would have dam­aged Hil­lary Clin­ton’s pres­id­en­tial cam­paign. Even though most Jews will con­tin­ue to vote Demo­crat­ic, small-scale de­fec­tions among Demo­crat­ic voters who care about Is­rael can make a big dif­fer­ence in states with siz­able Jew­ish pop­u­la­tions, such as Flor­ida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Trump’s nar­row mar­gin of vic­tory in all three states is a re­mind­er that every vote counts. It simply makes no polit­ic­al sense to gra­tu­it­ously ali­en­ate a con­stitu­ency that could spell the dif­fer­ence in a close race.

    Just look at the 2018 Sen­ate map to get a sense of how polit­ic­ally reck­less Obama’s de­cision could be for his party. Sher­rod Brown is one of the top Demo­crat­ic tar­gets in two years, and he is fa­cing a Jew­ish Re­pub­lic­an with close ties to the pro-Is­rael com­munity (Josh Man­del). Brown, des­pite be­ing a crit­ic of Is­raeli set­tle­ments, was one of the first Sen­ate Demo­crats to urge Obama to veto the “one-sided” res­ol­u­tion be­fore it passed. Rep­res­ent­ing a state that Trump car­ried by 8 points, Brown is ex­pec­ted to face a com­pet­it­ive reelec­tion and will need to run up his mar­gins around Clev­e­land, home base of the state’s Jew­ish com­munity.

    Sen. Bill Nel­son of Flor­ida rep­res­ents a state with the fourth-largest share of Jew­ish voters, and was not­ably si­lent in the run-up to the UN res­ol­u­tion. Sen. Bob Ca­sey of Pennsylvania has been a re­li­able sup­port­er of Is­rael, but his vote for the Ir­a­ni­an nuc­le­ar deal and in­ab­il­ity to per­suade Obama to change course at the UN will be a tail­or-made is­sue for a Re­pub­lic­an op­pon­ent. Sens. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, Claire Mc­Caskill of Mis­souri and Tim Kaine of Vir­gin­ia also face the chal­lenge of de­fend­ing the Demo­crat­ic Party’s re­cord on Is­rael to dis­il­lu­sioned Jew­ish com­munit­ies in their home states.

    In ad­di­tion, Obama’s po­s­i­tion­ing on Is­rael threatens to un­der­mine his party’s fun­drais­ing cap­ab­il­it­ies. Clin­ton’s five biggest fin­an­cial back­ers in the pres­id­en­tial cam­paign were Jew­ish, ac­cord­ing to an ana­lys­is by The Times of Is­rael, with Demo­crat­ic megadonor Haim Saban an out­spoken ad­voc­ate for the Jew­ish state. But pro-Is­rael Demo­crat­ic donors will now have second thoughts about writ­ing big checks to party or­gan­iz­a­tions. For over five years, the Demo­crat­ic Na­tion­al Com­mit­tee was led by Wasser­man Schultz, a re­li­able ad­voc­ate of Is­rael’s in­terests. If Rep. Keith El­lis­on of Min­nesota, one of Is­rael’s lead­ing crit­ics in Con­gress, be­comes the new party chair­man, it will freeze up once-re­li­able dona­tions from pro-Is­rael Demo­crats.

    At a time when the coun­try is badly po­lar­ized, Pres­id­ent-elect Don­ald Trump will find back­ing Is­rael to be a risk-free way to win bi­par­tis­an sup­port. Ex­pect the in­com­ing ad­min­is­tra­tion to woo Demo­crats, in­clud­ing Schu­mer, in con­demning the UN res­ol­u­tion and ral­ly­ing sup­port be­hind Is­rael. Obama’s go­ing-away shot at Is­rael raised the pro­file of an is­sue that had been dormant—at a time when much of the Middle East is burn­ing—and need­lessly handed Trump an early polit­ic­al vic­tory. It fits a pat­tern of Obama push­ing Demo­crats to get out front of un­pop­u­lar is­sues—Bul­worth mo­ments, as former Obama ad­viser Dav­id Axel­rod dubbed them—re­gard­less of the polit­ic­al con­sequences.

    Spend­ing his fi­nal weeks in of­fice at­tack­ing Is­rael is a fit­ting coda to the Obama’s second-term strategy of push­ing the Demo­crat­ic Party as far to the left as pos­sible. In­deed, it takes a lot of chutzpah for Obama to say he wants to help re­build the Demo­crat­ic Party when he’s busy burn­ing it down. His Is­rael policy will serve as a com­pel­ling case study of how the Demo­crat­ic Party in­furi­ated a cru­cial part of its base without get­ting any­thing in re­turn but ideo­lo­gic­al self-sat­is­fac­tion.

    Anyone seen or heard Hillary Clinton say anything about Obama’s anti-Israel treachery?

  2. In the case of New Zealand, Trump’s State Department can just move visa applicants from New Zealand into the same category as countries whose citizens cannot be thoroughly vetted such as Pakistan and Yemen.

  3. Now Debbie Reynolds, mother of Carrie Fisher, has been taken to the hospital. The fear is a stroke. Get well Debbie:

  4. “If Hillary Clinton had been elected, Hillary Clinton would have embraced Barack Obama’s treacheries against Israel. Silence implies consent.”
    IMHO, the Obama/Kerry “Road Map” for peace in the Middle East was supposed to be the Crown Jewel of Obama’s Presidential legacy. With the Clinton election a certainty, I’m sure that the road map was coordinated with Hillary and her advisors inorder to continue the glorification of the Light Bringer. The UN vote and Kerry speech are the pathetic residual scum of a much larger plan to have been enacted by the Hillary team. Hillary had gone all in with the progressives, whose core belief centers on the goodness of Islam and hatred of Israel/Jews.

  5. “In the case of New Zealand, Trump’s State Department can just move visa applicants from New Zealand into the same category as countries whose citizens cannot be thoroughly vetted such as Pakistan and Yemen.”
    What about Great Britain???? By report/speculation, they were at the center of coordinating the resolution.

  6. SHV
    December 28, 2016 at 5:28 pm
    Obviously Trump will have to persuade May’s government into following his lead from now on. New Zealand does not have the same special relationship with the US as the UK.

  7. A terrible week for Israel as Obama and Kerry seek their revenge. I was encouraged by Trumps tweet, but the resolution is likely not going to be reversed. I think the only shot is legislation proposed by the GOP to not recognize the resolution. The question is can they get 8 dems in the Senate to go along:?

  8. jtjames
    December 28, 2016 at 6:34 pm
    Gonzotx., got to stay neutral my vote is for BIG PINK!

    This is not time for neutrality…Kerry is Chamberlain, as obama is Hitler, and Hillary, whom JB clearly did not include in his comment, is Eichmann…

  9. trump will defund the UN, and I am sure he is in communication with Russia as we speak to support Israel.

    All I can say for Jewish Americans is, WTF, how can you have been so dumb for so long…

  10. The UN is a useless piece of crap organization run by a bunch of creeps. Saudi Arabia chairs the UN Committee on Human Rights. How sick is that?

    They do not need to reverse the resolution, they need to nullify it. Or they need to embrace their own nullification.

  11. Is there any wonder why our Universities and the young adults we send there are so fuc?ed up…

    VIDEO: U. Michigan Prof Dragged Off Plane by Police
    Comments Permalink

    Posted by Aleister Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 2:30pm
    “would not comply with boarding gate procedures”

    There doesn’t appear to be any real meaning behind this incident other than the fact that she wouldn’t comply with procedure. How strange.

    The College Fix reported:

    UMich professor dragged off plane by officers (VIDEO)

    A woman recently dragged off a plane by airport authorities is University of Michigan assistant professor Rhima Coleman.

    According to her faculty profile, Dr. Coleman specializes in biomedical engineering.

    Earlier this month, she allegedly would not comply with boarding gate procedures and refused to walk off the plane when asked by officers, so she was dragged off by her wrists and ankles as passengers filmed the incident, several Michigan-based news outlets report.

    “We’ve learned she had blown past the gate agent, boarding unlawfully, refusing to properly check her bags and then refused to get up and leave the aircraft. All the while she was cursing at responding officers who begged her to walk out on her own,” reports ABC Detroit (WXYZ).


    Debbie Reynolds — who rose to stardom in “Singin’ in the Rain” and quickly became a staple among Hollywood royalty — died Wednesday as a result of a stroke, TMZ has learned … just one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away … this according to her son Todd.

    Debbie was rushed to a hospital shortly after 1 PM when someone at the Beverly Hills home of her son, Todd, called 911 to report a possible stroke. We’re told Debbie and Todd were making funeral plans for Carrie, who died Tuesday of cardiac arrest.

    Debbie famously divorced Eddie Fisher in 1959 after his affair with Elizabeth Taylor. Debbie married 2 more times in 1960 and 1984.

    She played iconic roles in “Tammy and the Bachelor” and “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” … for which she earned an Oscar nomination.

    Carrie’s relationship with Debbie was the focus of Carrie’s semi-autobiographical book, “Postcards from the Edge,” which was later adapted for the big screen, starring Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine.

    Debbie’s survived by her son Todd, who tells us, “She’s with Carrie.”

    She was 84.

  13. Officially, Debbie Reynolds died as a result from the stroke, but unofficially it was from a broke heart over her daughter Carrie Fisher’s death.😢

  14. gonzotx
    December 28, 2016 at 6:01 pm
    Great Post Admin…Time to change the name of the Blog…maybe Hillaryisnot44…or Trumpis45

    I believe this came up before, and personally, I like it as it is. It stands as a monument to a politician’s betrayal.

  15. Ron Dermer is a great Ambassador/spokesperson for Israel. I went to Hebrew school with his brother many, many years ago and it is great to see him call out Kerry and Obama despite the hosts trying to drown him out. Compare him with MSNBC putting on Phyllis Bennis , a well know Jew and anti-Israeli activist who they use to justify Obama and Kerry’s treachery.

  16. Many of the points made in our article:

    John Kerry’s Final, Harmful Insult to Israel
    A shameful end to the Obama foreign policy.

    In the Obama administration’s waning days, global challenges to American interests abound. In Syria, which will be a bloody stain on the reputations of Barack Obama and John Kerry, the killing continues. The effort to free Mosul from ISIS is slowing. The rise of Iranian influence in the Gulf and the Levant, of China in Asia and the western Pacific, and of Putin’s Russia in both Europe and the Middle East, all continue. One might have thought any of these could be the subject of a final address by the president or the secretary of state.

    But one would have been wrong. John Kerry delivered what is probably the last major speech of the Obama administration Wednesday, and its subject was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and especially the growth of Israeli settlements. So the Obama administration ends where it began: obsessed with Israelis and Palestinians as if their struggle were the key to peace in the entire region, and with construction of homes in settlements and in Jerusalem as if it were the major roadblock to a peace agreement.

    In a speech that was remarkable for its length, its defensive and even whiny tone, its attack on the government of Israel, and for its lack of new ideas, Kerry tried to explain both last week’s failure to veto a UN Security Council resolution and eight years of failed Obama policy. His central argument was that the two-state solution is essential, is possible, and is being destroyed by Israeli settlements. [snip]

    The resolution passed last week will do actual damage to Israel, because calling all the settlements and even construction in East Jerusalem a violation of international law opens Israel to further boycotts and to prosecution as criminals (in local courts all over the world or the International Criminal Court) of Israeli officials or of settlers. The “balance” that moved the administration to permit adoption of the resolution was non-existent: There is in the resolution no call upon the Palestinians to stop glorifying terrorism by naming schools and parks after murderers and celebrating their “achievements.” Instead the resolution does not mention the Palestinians in that context at all and merely “calls for compliance with obligations under international law for the strengthening of ongoing efforts to combat terrorism…and to clearly condemn all acts of terrorism.” Israel is condemned but the Palestinians are never criticized in that supposedly “balanced” text. [snip]

    The key point is that the Palestinians are never penalized for glorifying terror and the U.N. resolution doesn’t penalize them either. The resolution will harm Israel and do nothing at all to the Palestinians, which means it is not balanced and Kerry’s argument here is simply false. [snip]

    Kerry presented himself as a devoted friend of Israel, but what came through far more powerfully was his complete failure to understand how progress could be made. He and Obama tried from the start to reach an impossible comprehensive deal (just as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had done) rather than focus on the incremental progress that really might have been achieved. To call for such incremental progress, three weeks before he leaves office, is folly; he wasted four years and Obama wasted eight viewing such steps as “small ball” unworthy of great men such as they. Kerry’s speech called for “realistic steps on the ground” now to establish the path forward. If only he had said that in 2013 when he took office, or Obama had said it in 2009, progress might actually have been possible.

    But why is a comprehensive agreement not possible? Here Kerry was hopeless. He said he had failed because the two parties lack trust, not because they are far apart. It is an old argument: they are an inch apart, the issues are not so hard, we will push and pull them over the line. American leaders have been trying that since 1967, and it was not so much audacity as vanity that led Kerry to believe he would succeed where all his predecessors had failed. But they are far apart, very far apart, and Kerry’s “parameters” for peace actually demonstrated that—and also demonstrated that this administration has failed to achieve anything in its search for peace except to undercut the Israeli position. [snip]

    It must first be said that his formula closely resembles the Clinton Parameters of 2000; there is nothing terribly new in his proposals. Indeed, Clinton—exactly 16 years ago this week—was more detailed in his ideas. Why it was essential, or thought useful, to restate the Clinton Parameters somewhat more vaguely, with three weeks to go before this administration leaves office, is mysterious. But in several ways the Kerry proposal actually turns back the clock—and never in a way that helps the Jewish state. [snip]

    The administration also turned back the clock by agreeing that all settlements violate international law, which will surely make it harder for the Israelis to argue that they have a right to keep some in any negotiated final deal. The previous U.S. position, in the Bush years, had been that expanding the settlements is unhelpful—a much less prejudicial formulation to the Israeli position. Here it might be added that the second of Kerry’s parameters, about equal rights for all citizens, was in essence a calumny against Israel. Israel is a democracy that guarantees the rights of Israeli Arabs, who have 13 representatives in the 120-member Knesset. Its court system protects them; its press is free; its Christian population is growing. The Palestinian Authority has held no national elections since 2006, and there is growing repression of freedom of speech and press. Kerry did not see any reason to mention this while casting aspersions on Israel. [snip]

    Kerry also treated Israel unfairly in precisely the manner Obama did in his 2009 Cairo speech by equating completely unequal things in a way that defies common morality. In Obama’s speech, he notoriously spoke of the Holocaust and then said, “On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people—Muslims and Christians—have suffered….”—as if the Israeli occupation of the West Bank were the moral equivalent of Nazi genocide. [snip]

    But the matter that most clearly shows that the parties are very far apart and that a peace deal is not at all close is Jerusalem. Kerry proposed that they share an undivided city that is the capital of both countries. How exactly does that work, in reality? He gave no clue. [snip]

    Kerry stated that the U.N. resolution last week, which called Israeli construction of homes in East Jerusalem “a flagrant violation under international law,” was nothing new and had always been the American position. And this in no manner prejudges negotiations about the final status of Jerusalem, he added. But that’s precisely the point: The United States is saying that Israel has no right to the Western Wall and must negotiate for it.

    Last week, the City of David archeological site in Jerusalem unveiled a restored 2,000-year-old road leading to the Western Wall. The road is about 150 feet long and was built near the Herodian Pool of Siloam, where worshippers cleansed themselves before walking up to the Temple. The pool is mentioned in the Book of Isaiah and the Gospel of St. John, and the road begins just south of the City of David and rises to the foot of the Western Wall’s Robinson’s Arch. But don’t worry: the Israelis can try to negotiate for control of this location with the PLO, and the United States will not do anything to suggest that Israel should have sovereignty over it—or for that matter over the Western Wall itself.

    Kerry concluded his speech by stating that “Ultimately, it is up to Israelis and Palestinians to make the difficult choices for peace.” That is certainly true, but the chances that this will happen are diminished when an administration places no real pressure on the Palestinian side and endorses their recourse to the United Nations while they refuse face-to-face negotiations. Kerry’s 70-minute apologia pro vita sua found no space to mention that twice, in 2000 and 2008, Israel made serious peace offers, but both times the Palestinians rejected them. He did not note that the Obama administration had tried and failed for eight years to get the Palestinians into serious negotiations—and that he himself had failed to move the Palestinian president into any serious effort at peace. He was left to explain and explain again why he had achieved nothing and why the administration had in the end, to use Daniel P. Moynihan’s great phrase, “joined the jackals” at the United Nations. There was a certain pathos to the speech, especially as it was Kerry’s last. He did not mean Israel any harm, and called it “a special country I immediately admired and soon grew to love.” But harm he did—and if he cannot understand this, Israelis can.

    Where is Hillary Clinton on this?

  17. Botox Kerry’s failures at L.A. Times (which thinks the Iran deal was Kerry’s greatest achievement):

    John Kerry, tireless in his diplomatic efforts, often came up empty-handed

    John F. Kerry was late to his own party.

    Staffers, journalists and other officials were gathered in the ornate Benjamin Franklin salon at the State Department on Dec. 14 for early Christmas festivities. But the secretary of State was nowhere to be seen.

    Kerry was on the telephone to various world leaders, trying to find out about a major diplomatic meeting — from which the United States had been excluded. [snip]

    The White House had called for Assad’s ouster, but his hold on power is now all but assured — thanks in large part to Russia.

    The Obama administration — specifically Kerry — had led repeated efforts to craft a diplomatic solution to ease or end the bloodshed in Syria. In the end, he was left out of the first successful cease-fire for Aleppo and a major humanitarian rescue operation.

    Kerry, 73, is nothing if not indefatigable, traveling to all corners of the world as America’s top diplomat over the last four years. But as he prepares to leave office, he confronts a mixed legacy, with a handful of successes coupled with searing defeats, especially in the Middle East.

    His inability to halt the carnage in Syria, or to block Russia’s growing influence, ranks as the most serious blot on his record. But he also got nowhere trying to end the Israeli-Palestinian standoff, or to stop Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally, from bombing civilians in Yemen. [snip]

    Kerry’s talents proved futile in another priority: trying to jump-start the stalled Mideast peace process. Kerry had hoped bringing peace to Israel and the Palestinian territories would be his signature foreign policy achievement.

    In early 2013, Kerry engaged in relentless shuttle diplomacy to the Middle East to meet separately with Israeli and Palestinian officials, attempting to coax them back into negotiations. By late summer, he had revived direct Israeli-Palestinian talks for the first time in five years.

    “This is not mission impossible,” he said at the time.

    But the talks soon broke down. [snip]

    But Syria proved the greatest calamity on Kerry’s watch.

    His inability, despite repeated efforts, to craft a lasting cease-fire or to start peace talks grew increasingly painful against the daily tragedy of bloodied children and dead families in the wreckage of another Russian or Syrian air raid. [snip]

    A day after the Syria meeting in Moscow this month, the Kremlin added salt to the American wound. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “Almost every level of dialogue with the United States is frozen.

    “We don’t communicate with one another, or we do so minimally,” Peskov said in Moscow, once again belittling Kerry’s efforts.

    In Washington, John Kirby, the State Department spokesman, sought to downplay the fact that Kerry was not invited. “The secretary doesn’t see this as a snub at all,” Kirby said.


  18. I think we need to give Hillary a break – give her a chance to get out of the forest, so she can “learn from the newspapers” that the US is betraying Israel. She just doesn’t know yet. She also doesn’t know yet about all the assaults on women in Europe last New Years. Matter of fact, she doesn’t even know yet the Islam oppresses women. Oh my gosh, she probably also doesn’t know yet that Muslims don’t like Jews or Israel. Once she finds all this out – look out !

  19. I’ve read in several articles that there are no journalists in Aleppo because of the danger. All the journalists are in other countries, writing their stories based on phone calls they get from activists who are there.

    I’ve read that Syria invited Russian into their country to help, but we are there uninvited.

    Russia supports the Syrian government, and says the rebels are ISIS. So there are two groups – army and ISIS rebels.

    From what I can tell, Obama says the “rebels”, fighting against the Syrian Army, are the good guys. I’m not sure who is ISIS then. There are 3 groups I guess in this scenario – the bad guy army, the freedom fighting rebels, and ISIS.

    How do we know what the truth is….?

  20. What’s even more amazing about Singing in the Rain was not only did she hold her own against the already famous dancers Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly, but she was only 19 years old!

  21. I loved her in Singing in the Rain, but I think Unsinkable Molly Brown might have captured her personal self, more….

  22. And Kathy Bates playing the Unsinkable Molly Brown in the Titanic movie… (because although not played by Debbie here, I think it reflects her personal character, full of umption….)

  23. ‘WHITE TRASH’: Woman abused by Asian thugs on Scottish commuter train

    A WOMAN was called “white trash” by three Asian men on a commuter train in Glasgow, who also made grotesque sexual gestures towards her.

    The men had started taking pictures of the woman and hurling abuse at her, calling her “white trash” and other names.

    They then left the train at Cambuslang and then made sexual gestures towards her, before leaving the station.

  24. Church (a CHURCH!!) makes nativity scene with Mary wearing BURKA to promote Islam

    AN Italian priest has caused outrage over his controversial nativity scene which portrays an Islamic interpretation of the traditional Christian nativity scene.

    Mr Corbo has depicted the traditional nativity scene with Mary wearing a veil and the figures of Joseph and the shepherds are all wearing traditional Muslim clothing.

    The walls of the traditional manger have been daubed with various slogans such as “Foreigners out”.

  25. Syrian migrant numbers in Germany ‘SET TO DOUBLE’ following family reunification laws

    GERMANY could soon be home to half a million additional Syrian migrants after a senior government figure warned the country’s family reunification laws could place an “extraordinarily great challenge” on local authorities.

  26. John Kerry’s son in law is an Iranian. This son in law is married to the daughter siphoning funds out of the US government for a slush fund of some type. If my memory serves said son in law is related to one of the Iranian deal negotiators who showed his ass being unreasonable, rude, walking out, yelling, dramatic during the negotiations and in specificity to Kerry personally. Kerry nobly put up with it instead of having him thrown out. Why? And why would this in-law distant relative show such disrespect? It seems to be fairly apparent at this juncture. And I really think Obama/Kerry/Rice/Rhodes/Jarrett expect to be paid for services rendered by the Iranians. The Clintons got the Saudi money.

  27. And I really think Obama/Kerry/Rice/Rhodes/Jarrett expect to be paid for services rendered by the Iranians.
    I don’t think they should be paid.

    I know they must be paid.

    The price is non negotiable.

    Thirty pieces of silver each.

    And there is a Biblical precedent for this.

  28. The reeking, smoking wreck of the Democratic party is in no shape to oppose Trump. I can’t think of really anything they have done in the past 8-10 years to promote or guarantee organizational success. Obama was made a symbolic figurehead who was eventually backed by nothing but hot air and bullshit. Without a Congress, governors, state legislatures, state parties promoting and developing new talent Obama’s “it’s all about me” party deteriorated at an amazing rate. It is now the party of oldsters hanging on, angry junior electees with no career path except waiting on the oldsters death for a tiny chance to move up, a donor class who got nothing for their bucks and trouble, and a bunch of unemployed apparatchiks seeking sinecures but checking out real estate licensing.

    Being the ultimate climber, Obama is seeking new opportunities but keeps hitting a stump. He made noises about wishing to be a senior statesman and symbolic head of the Democratic Party but there really isn’t much left after he got finished with it. Two of his mini me are seeking that dead end, Ellison and Perez the doofs. So nix that. Besides it is broke. Barack had showed some interest in being Sec Gen of the UN. Cushy do-nothing job with lots of posturing and hectoring opportunity and luxury travel still paid for by US taxpayers via UN dues. But he seems to have blown that one up too with his spite over Bibi and Trump/Congress defunding the shambles and Hamas hang-out seems very possible. An Obama Foundation based upon the Clinton Foundation/CGI money laundering/pay to play model is out since it has been exposed and Obama’s got nothing to sell in influence. His choices are grim. Go back to community organizing/agitating for Soros (who is running out of ready cash and is stretched thin) or fade away? Obama has run out of ways to fail upward.

  29. lorac
    December 29, 2016 at 1:33 am
    I think we need to give Hillary a break
    As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger, what do you mean we, pale face?

    Trust me, she does not need support from us deplorables.

    Not when she has got the Matha’s Vineyard udermenchen lining her pockets.

    And black lives matter terrorists poised for violence.

    And a billion illegals rushing to our shores whom she supports.

  30. jbstonesfan
    December 28, 2016 at 11:40 pm
    Ron Dermer is a great Ambassador/spokesperson for Israel.

    He is impressive.

  31. wbboei, If anyone would stiff them it would be the Iranians. Now more than ever since they don’t have Clinton to pressure them to pay up. The magnitude of the catastrophe for this White House bunch and the Democrats in general is just coming into view. It will get much, much worse as it all plays out. Hostile takeovers are like that.

  32. Mormaer
    December 29, 2016 at 6:29 am
    This does put the liberal jews who run big media and predominate in the reporter class to the tune of over half now, and the liberal jews of the J street ilk, and the liberal jews in Hollywood on the horns of a dilema. But given a choice between their historic homeland and Obama–their light of love, their golden calf etc. it will be Obama every single time. There is one delightful woman I know who is 90 years old looks half her age and is a billionairess. If I were a little younger I might chase her even though I know she would never have me. She is a huge Trump supporter. But all the other jews I know, rabbis and all went head over heels for Trump, and it has made things uncomfortable for me around here. They are pretty quiet on the subject now, but all of them seem to see him as their mandingo, just like those hollywood goofball gweneth pathrall does, and gets tongue tied when she tries to introduce him. This would not be a problem if I were called upon to do the honors. I would make it short and sweet and then get off the stage, which is the best advice I can give anyone who is called upon to host a political event. I would say, here is the lying sack of shit that the stupidest among you have been waiting to hear from, your tolerance for lies being what it is, endless everlasting and eternal. Within that narrow band he will never disappoint, but everything else he touches turns to shit.

  33. (continued) Ladies and Gentlemen please turn off your cell phones and lie detectors . . . I give you Barack Insane Obama.

  34. “EXCLUSIVE – Palestinian Official: We’ve Talked With White House About More UN Action On Israel”
    “The PA official added that the Paris conference (Jan. 15) is expected to call on all sides to establish a Palestinian state within the so-called 1967 borders in a relatively short period of time, perhaps by the beginning of 2019.

    “The goal is for these moves to be binding for the incoming American administration, which would have to adopt them as its platform, and also for the European Union, which is expected to step up should there be clashes with Trump,” he said.
    IMHO, Hope Obama and UN go for it….Will seal the fate of US/UN funding and of vulnerable Dems in 2018 elections.

  35. It sure looks like BO has aspirations to head the UN and dictate international law to the nations. Too bad Hillary is not in place to comply once he is gone. I guess he would do for the UN what he has done for the DNC.

    That is, unless some Nation decided to VETO him.

  36. Grizzly Steppe” – FBI, DHS Release “Report” On Russian Hacking

    As part of the “evidence” meant to substantiate the unprecedented act of expelling 35 Russian diplomats and locking down two Russian compounds without a major concurrent political or diplomatic incident, or an act of war, and which simply provides an outlets for the Democrats to justify the loss of their candidate in the US presidential election (sorry, Putin did not tell the rust belt how to vote), the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI released a 13-page “report” on the Russian action done “to compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election”, i.e., hack it.

    As the DHS writes, “this document provides technical details regarding the tools and infrastructure used by the Russian civilian and military intelligence Services (RIS) to compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities. The U.S. Government is referring to this malicious cyber activity by RIS as GRIZZLY STEPPE.”

    Where things get awkward, however, is at the very start of the report, which prefaced by a broad disclaimer, according to which nothing in the report is to be relied upon and that everything contained in it may be completely false.

    No really: “this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within. DHS does not endorse any commercial product or service referenced in this advisory or otherwise.”

    Which then begs the question who provides warranties of any kind to the allegation that Russia hacked the election, the 13-page report supposedly provides technical details regarding tools and infrastructure used by Russian civilian and military intelligence services to “compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities.”

    So with that useful background in mind, we present some more notable excerpts from the report, where we get an introduction to the alleged Russian “parties” – APT and APT 28. and note that nowhere in the report is it actually confirmed that these are the two alleged hackers or that they were instructed to “hack” the DHS (or the election as Obama puts it) by the Kremlin.

    The U.S. Government confirms that two different RIS actors participated in the intrusion into a U.S. political party. The first actor group, known as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) 29, entered into the party’s systems in summer 2015, while the second, known as APT28, entered in spring 2016.

    Both groups have historically targeted government organizations, think tanks, universities, and corporations around the world. APT29 has been observed crafting targeted spearphishing campaigns leveraging web links to a malicious dropper; once executed, the code delivers Remote Access Tools (RATs) and evades detection using a range of techniques. APT28 is known for leveraging domains that closely mimic those of targeted organizations and tricking potential victims into entering legitimate credentials. APT28 actors relied heavily on shortened URLs in their spearphishing email campaigns. Once APT28 and APT29 have access to victims, both groups exfiltrate and analyze information to gain intelligence value. These groups use this information to craft highly targeted spearphishing campaigns. These actors set up operational infrastructure to obfuscate their source infrastructure, host domains and malware for targeting organizations, establish command and control nodes, and harvest credentials and other valuable information from their targets.

    While there is more in the report below, essentailly what it does is blames several “known” Russian hacking organizations for what was simply a very unsophisticated phishing attack, one which could have been conducted by any 15-year-old in Cambodia or any other location around the globe.

    The report comes as part of a slate of retaliatory measures against Russia issued Thursday by the Obama administration in response to the hacks. The Intelligence Community in October formally attributed the attacks to Russia, but provided no evidence to support its assessment. It is unclear if this report, for which the DHS “does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding” its contents is what is supposed to pass off as “proof” that Russia hacked the US election; if so, Putin will indeed be laughing all night.

  37. Trump Responds To Obama’s Russian Sanctions: “Time To Move On”

    In a relatively weak initial statement, president-elect Trump has rather diplomatically commented that:

    “It’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things.

    Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation.”

    This response follows House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell comments on the sanctions against Russia as being overdue.

    As we noted earlier, Trump is relatively boxed in for now, so this initial statement is unsurprising…As’s Alexander Mercouris noted, like many of Obama’s other recent moves, this one is not really targeted at Russia. The additional sanctions will hardly affect Russia, though the wholesale expulsion of Russian diplomats will undoubtedly complicate the work of Russian diplomatic missions in the US.

    The true target of these sanctions is Donald Trump.

    By imposing sanctions on Russia, Obama is lending the authority of the Presidency to the CIA’s claims of Russian hacking, daring Trump to deny their truth.

    If Trump as President allows the sanctions to continue, he will be deemed to have accepted the CIA’s claims of Russian hacking as true.

    If Trump cancels the sanctions when he becomes President, he will be accused of being Russia’s stooge.

    It is a well known lawyer’s trick, and Obama the former lawyer doubtless calculates that either way Trump’s legitimacy and authority as President will be damaged, with the insinuation that he owes his Presidency to the Russians now given extra force.

    Like so many of Obama’s other moves in the last weeks of his Presidency, it is an ugly and small minded act, seeking to undermine his successor as President in a way that is completely contrary to US tradition.

    Still, tomorrow will bring the bigger headlines as Putin lays out his response.

  38. If Trump is going to meet with the CIA, he needs Woolsey there with him. Under Brennan, they are the least credible group in the world. Everything they put out is a partisan lie. As for the FBI, a fish rots from the head down and Comey is rotten to the core. And that bald headed director of the CIA, he is a self admitted liar.

    Barack Hussein Obama, in the waning days of his administration, is clearly preparing to do maximum damage to his country and its allies on his way out the door to a very comfy — and no doubt ungratefully activist — retirement. First, there was the stab in the back to Israel at the UN the other day; now, he’s threatening to “retaliate” against the Russians for “hacking” the American election:

    What this episode shows is the near-complete untrustworthiness of the CIA under career hack John Brennan, and its politicization by Obama. It also reveals the extent to which mainstream newspapers — the Washington Post and the New York Times — are so addled by partisanship that they have willingly abrogated their ethics in order to smear the new administration. As I wrote in the New York Post on Dec. 13:

    Yeah, right. This is simply another shot across the incoming president’s bow — part of the “resistance” deracinated Democrats have promised in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s surprising (to them) — but thoroughly satisfying defeat in November.

    “If the CIA Director [John] Brennan and others at the top are serious about turning over evidence … they should do that,” Trump aide Kellyanne Conway said earlier this month. “They should not be leaking to the media. If there’s evidence, let’s see it.”

    In the wake of their shocking loss, Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media have mounted a frantic, and increasingly deracinated, campaign to deny Trump the fruits of his victory in the Electoral College and thus overturn the election by any means necessary, fair or foul.

    The recounts failed, so now it’s on to the Russians. Unsourced speculation from “sources” inside the CIA says Russian agents hacked John Podesta’s emails from the Democratic National Committee, according to “bombshell” reports in the Washington Post and New York Times.

    Except that was the same “bombshell” that Jeh Johnson, the secretary of homeland security, and James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, said on the record in October. The same “bombshell” that had Joe Biden acting like John Wayne, saying the US was going to retaliate. “We’re sending a message. We have the capacity to do it. And the message — he’ll know it,” Biden said about Vladimir Putin on “Meet the Press.”

    No proof was offered then, or now, that Russia was involved. But it’s not as though voters weren’t aware of the speculation before the election, as some Democrats and columnists claim.

    So what’s changed? Now Democrats and their media allies are in panic mode, looking for something, anything, to try to change the results.

    As I’ve been saying on Twitter since the election: don’t believe a word you read in the MSM until Jan. 20, because every single “news” story will be a naked attempt at propaganda. After the inauguration, of course, the same warning will apply; it’s just that, having failed to stop Trump from taking office, the media will be on to something else in order to sabotage him and his voters.


    The mere fact that Russian agencies hacked sundry private and public institutions proves nothing.

    We do it to them as well.

    In order for that charge to hold water they must show:

    1. first, that Russian agents hacked Podesta’s emails—which he failed to take basic prudential steps to protect.

    2. second, that Russian agents did so to expose the sheer corruption of the Washington establishment–which threatens the nation and the world.

    3. third, that the information their hacking uncovered was false—because if it was true, the American People had a right to know it, and

    4. fourth, but for that that false information, the democrats would have won the election.

    This hissy fit by the insane obama will end soon.

    And then the fur will fly.

  40. Obama is a firestarter. He lights the match, then runs away, knowing he won’t have to clean up the mess. He knows he’ll be off in the shadows watching the firefighters trying to put the fire out.

    It’s all about his ego. He cares nothing about this country or the world or the damage he causes.

    He’s disgusting.

  41. Thank God we only have three weeks left of this cretin. Yes, I think Obama is a cretin, a fool and childish to boot. One week ago he gave the green light to betray Israel. Remember when he was whoring himself for Jewish votes? He promised to preserve the status of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    So much for his “promise” and assurance that he was being clear. He made his true feelings last Friday in signing off on a Security Council Resolution that rejects Israel’s claim on Jerusalem as its capital. What Barack Obama did, boys and girls, is called a big, damn lie.

    Now comes his posturing against Russia for supposedly having spearphished emails from the DNC and from John Podesta (leaving electronic footprints like the term, Derzhinsky, as “evidence” that this was a Russian intel op) and then turning the whole load over to Julian Assange and his crew at Wikileaks as part of a clever intel operation to “smear” Hillary Clinton by exposing the truth about her lies and manipulative behavior, which would then ensure the election of Donald Trump. Wow!! What an operation.

    Only one tiny little baby-sized problem–there is no hard evidence, only conjecture. Let’s review some alternative real facts:

    1. The early indicator that the info initially presented to the public alleging that the Russian Government had “hacked the DNC and Podesta” was not true was when the DNI, James Clapper, claimed on 7 October that “17 intelligence agencies agreed” the Russians were implicated. The only way that such “consensus” is reached and communicated is through a written estimate or an intelligence community memo. No such document was produced then and none has been produced as of this writing.

    2. Ambassador Craig Murray states he met with the source of the material provided to Wikileaks. The emails came via a leak, not a hack.

    3. Julian Assange has stated repeatedly that Russia was not the source.

    4. (Most important in my view) Bill Binney, given his prior experience and knowledge of the NSA collection systems, insists that NSA would know, with a high degree of certainty, whether or not a Russian hand was involved.

    Now we have the latest twist in this manufactured drama–Obama is expelling Russian diplomats (some who almost certainly are intelligence officers) and imposing new sanctions on two individuals and four different entities.

    This is a bizarre action given that Obama was waiting on the Intel Community to report on what actually happened. Remember this?
    “The President has directed the Intelligence Community to conduct a full review of what happened during the 2016 election process. It is to capture lessons learned from that and to report to a range of stakeholders,”

    Hell, why wait for a report. Let’s just go with a gut feeling. Obama is now behaving very much like a drunk who is angered after last call at a bar that he can’t get another shot of whiskey. Rather than quietly shuffle out the door and head for home, Obama has decided to throw drunken punches and smash furniture. He is leaving the bar in worst shape then when he came in the door.

    These sanctions help Putin rather than hurt him. They coincide with the news that Russia and Turkey, with the cooperation of the Syrian Government, are implementing a ceasefire in Syria today. Whether connected on not, the U.S. action will be viewed in Russia as pique by a weak, frustrated foe.

    The sanctions also will boost domestic support for Putin. The lack of clear, concrete evidence that Russia was the source and mover for the Wikileaks dump reinforces the existing perception that Obama is a spoiled juvenile who throws temper tantrums when he can’t get his way.

    But this is a dangerous action by Obama. It comes in concert with steps by NATO to put more Western troops on the border of Russia. It comes with increased bellicose calls by leading Republicans like Senators McCain and Graham for confrontation with Russia. I can understand how hardliners in Russia can view the latest U.S. actions as part of a coordinated effort to isolate Russia in preparation for an attack.

    It is important that someone on the Trump team reach out to Putin via back channel and assure them that there is a genuine desire to restore civil relations with Russia. Obama’s real target in these sanctions is Donald Trump. He is trying to box Trump in and force him into the failed, hostile relationship that Obama produced. I am hoping that Trump stands his ground and starts dealing with Russia like an adult.

    One final thought about how the U.S. Government acts when it actually has real intelligence about foreign misbehavior.I remember the process we went thru when I was at State and a terrorist attack was launched from the sea against Israel by Libyan trained and equipped terrorists. This was the summer of 1990. The Intel community subsequently pulled together evidence, which included imagery, sigint and humint, showing beyond any doubt that Libya was behind the attack. Armed with that info, my boss, Ambassador Morris Busby, and an interagency team went around Europe and North Africa and briefed key governments on our findings and informed them how the United States planned to respond. None of this was done in public. Quite a contrast with Obama. Who in the hell announces they are going to do something “COVERT?” Does he even know what the term means?

    Barack gives new meaning to the phrase, “Lame Duck.

  42. More from Larry Johnson about the Joint Analysis Report by DHS and the FBI tailored to support Obama’s lies.

    Throwing the Penalty Flag on Homeland Security and the FBI
    Larry Johnson•Thursday, 29 December 2016

    The so-called Joint Analysis Report put out on Thursday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the FBI is a pig dressed up to look like Madonna. But like the pig masquerading as an aging pop Icon, this report also is a misleading fraud.

    Let’s start with the caveat at the top of the report:

    DISCLAIMER: This report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within. DHS does not endorse any commercial product or service referenced in this advisory or otherwise. This document is distributed as TLP:WHITE: Subject to standard copyright rules, TLP:WHITE information may be distributed without restriction. For more information on the Traffic Light Protocol, see

    What in the hell? Stating up front that you cannot “provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information” is just an elegant way of stating, “WE DO NOT KNOW IF IT IS TRUE OR NOT.”

    Contrast that weasel language with that used by DEA in a drug case (this is a DOJ approved example):

    I, Chad Wilson, being duly sworn, state as follows:

    1. I am a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task Force Officer (TFO), and I have been a commissioned Police Officer of the Conway Police Department, in Conway, Arkansas, since September 6, 2004. As of June 9, 2009, I have been assigned to the Narcotics Division of the Conway Police Department. I have been a DEA TFO since January 16, 2013. Prior to being a TFO, I participated in several federal narcotics investigations, including being the local case agent in a long term methamphetamine conspiracy investigation called “Pied Piper.” I have attended training at the Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) in Little Rock in warrantless search and seizure, street narcotics, ecstasy, raves and club drugs. I have completed a 48 hour Basic Narcotics Investigation class through the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy and Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force Officer Training in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a certified law enforcement instructor and field training officer. In connection with my official duties, I investigate criminal violations of federal and state drug laws. I have been involved in numerous aspects of narcotics investigations, including, among other things, debriefing defendants, witnesses, and informants; conducting surveillance and undercover operations; executing search warrants; and analyzing documentary and physical evidence.


    2. This Affidavit is made in support of a criminal Complaint against BURNETT SMITH for the offense of Possession With Intent to Distribute Oxymorphone aka Opana and Hydromorphone aka Dilaudid, Schedule II controlled substances, in violation of Title 21 United States Code § 841(a)(1).

    3. The information contained in this affidavit is based upon information provided by other DEA special agents, other federal, state and local law enforcement officers, public source documents, and my own personal investigation.

    4. The information contained in this affidavit is submitted for the sole purpose of establishing probable cause for the Complaint mentioned herein. As a result, it does not contain every fact known to me concerning this investigation.

    Homeland Security and the FBI normally are not in the habit of doing “ANALYTICAL” reports. Why? Because by virtue of being staffed primarily with 1811 personnel, they are supposed to deal with evidence and fact, not supposition. Please recall the definition of an “1811:”

    An 1811 is the federal criminal investigator classification series established by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). OPM has defined this series to include positions that involve planning and conducting investigations relating to alleged or suspected violations of criminal laws.

    Whenever a Law Enforcement Organization reverts to the cover of “analysis,” that is your first important tell that something fishy is up. So, where is the proof. Here is what the JAR offers:

    However, public attribution of these activities to RIS is supported by technical indicators from the U.S. Intelligence Community, DHS, FBI, the private sector, and other entities.

    But I defer to a real expert on this, Bill Binney. Bill, if you check Wikipedia, “was a Russia specialist and worked in the operations sde of intelligence, starting as an analyst and ending as a Technical Director [of NSA] prior to becoming a geopolitical world Technical Director.” In other words, he knows the kind of evidence/proof one would expect to see. So I asked him what he thought about the JAR:

    Gee, I expected to see the IP’s or other signatures of APT’s 28/29 and where they were located and how/when the data got transferred to them from DNC/HRC/etc. They seem to have been following APT 28/29 since at least 2015, so, where are they? Further, once we see the data being transferred to them, when and how did they transfer that data to Wikileaks? This would be evidence of trying to influence our election by getting the truth of our corrupt system out. And, as Edward Snowden said, once they have the IP’s and/or other signatures of 28/29 and DNC/HRC/etc., NSA would use Xkeyscore to help trace data passing across the network and show where it went.

    In addition, since Wikileaks is (and has been) a cast iron target for NSA/GCHQ/etc for a number of years there should be no excuse for them missing data going to any one associated with Wikileaks.

    In other words, NO HARD EVIDENCE. Just speculative analysis based largely on electronic signatures that can easily be forged or spoofed. This is disgraceful and is a stain on the honor of all who have participated in this campaign of disinformation and deception.

    P.S., “Trace route” and “Trace watch” are two free programs on the web that can help individuals see who comes into their computer or who is sending data to them and from where. Just google these programs and readabout them. NSA and GCHQ have more advanced version.

  43. Globalists enraged! All of the usual suspects are lining up. Soros writes a screed because his world order and life’s work is collapsing. Obama awakens from his stupor after the election and starts to see the ramifications of just how screwed he is. Kerry’s paymasters give him a short timetable to destabilize Israel to get those pipelines back on track through Syria et al. Open border Paul Ryan snipes from the bleachers with old worn out war monger McCain and his stooge from South Carolina pulling out anti-communism evil empire shit from the last century. Time is short and they are stepping on their dicks in their hurried efforts before January 20.

    Speaking of their dicks, the CIA and UN (the EU and their banks are too busy falling apart) with NATO in reserve, are the tools of choice. Full of globalist apparatchiks and gophers, the nationalist populists need to paint YUGE targets on their backs and cut off da money. Obama’s “friends” are turning on him. Turkey and Iran left him out of their meetings about Syria with Putin running the show. Erdogan turning the knife saying he has proof Obama was funding (hell he was running) ISIS. War crimes in the Hague? Soros in the dock for financial fraud in Buda and Pest? This sounds ridiculous but so did the unlikely presidency, according to our betters, of Donald J Trump or that the former KGB, ignorant and crazy, leader of bankrupt Russia would be running rings around the constitutional genius and smartest man who ever lived Obama. Trump and Putin TWEET him. Like Obama is a twelve year old kid. Pictures of baby ducks and “NOT” digs at him. Using Obama’s beloved pop culture and “cool” status with the elites they are driving him crazy. Ridicule works and so does psych-ops. Both Trump and Putin are very good at it. A psychologist friend pointed out to me that Obama is showing signs of decompression whatever that is but it is bad.

    Obama is now an international joke with the added benefit of Egypt, Hamas, Turkey, Russia, and Israel PROVING he is a liar. And grossly, grotesquely incompetent. When the “Russia hacked the election” blurb is fully exposed and unpacked the silliness and idiocy will be for all to see. “Hacking” now means voted out, overthrown, shit-canned, or booted to globalists. The voters were “hacked off” (Cambridge dictionary definition: unhappy, tired, or annoyed, especially because of the situation you are in) which may indicate why Ben Rhodes, super genius-NOT, and the CIA chose this term of art “hacked the election”. Do they even realize this? Russia didn’t defeat globalists clowns with cyber-war. Voters in the UK, Hungary, Italy, Philippines, and the US did. Globalists blaming, name calling, defaming and dehumanizing non-compliant voters has been backfiring so an anti-globalist villain must be created and scapegoated. Like I said the same old open borders US globalist stooges in the US are hopping on the Obama anti-Trump globalism train. Sad! But predictable and exposing themselves. Lucky Trump.

  44. Tony Stark
    December 30, 2016 at 2:58 am

    “In other words, NO HARD EVIDENCE. Just speculative analysis based largely on electronic signatures that can easily be forged or spoofed. This is disgraceful and is a stain on the honor of all who have participated in this campaign of disinformation and deception.”

    Watchawanna bet the signatories all have their retirement paperwork in the mill? Commonly referred to as “goats” as in sacrificial. Trump said as an aside yesterday that he is going to be briefed on this junk next week. Are the signatories going to be the fools sent out to try to sandbag Trump and I presume Flynn? And hasn’t Trump hired a “cyber” guy in his soon to be White House who will probably be there grilling them. This is just running out the clock. Really pathetic amateur hour snow job. The roaches are going to scatter on Jan 20.

  45. Tony–it must be your computer or computer connection, because I was just able to post a response to holdthemaccountable.

  46. The roaches are going to scatter on Jan 20.
    Oh yes, it will fall apart in the end.

    But big media is enthralled by it.

    And they will milk it for all it is worth.

    And they will love Obama all the more.

    Those are the roaches who need to eliminated.

    They are real traitors.

  47. Seven years ago, I posted a series of interviews with an Israeli who was the world’s leading expert on the pathology of narcissism.

    He diagnosed Obama as a dangerous narcissist.

    And he warned us that in the dying days of his imperious reign

    He would turn on the country–as we are seeing

    Obama, he pointed out, was the victim of a difficult childhood

    To deal with that problem he constructed an all powerful facade

    A facade which, in later years, would mesmerize co dependent personalities

    Like childless women, Bellevue housewives, and those who say gimmme free cell phones, oh messiah mine

    But when he was unable to achieve the wonderland by night he promised them

    And as the reality of a bankrupt legacy became apparent

    What would emerge was the angry ossified child behind the facade he constructed

    And that angry ossifies child would wreak havoc and scorched earth on his successor/adversary, voters, and the country.

    Consequently, what we are seeing now, comes as no surprise to me.

  48. wbboei
    December 30, 2016 at 12:55 pm
    I recall your contributions in that regard.
    Appreciated them then, as I do now. Scary as the reality may be.

  49. Even the Vox juice kids are surprised by the Obama/Kerry stupidity, even though they too hate Israel:

    Kerry’s bombshell Israel speech is one of the most puzzling things I have seen in politics
    Why divide Democrats and unite Republicans just when Trump is about to take over? [snip]

    The Obama administration is not threatening to cut off financial aid or other forms of assistance to Israel if Benjamin Netanyahu’s government doesn’t comply with its requests. There are no peace talks underway. The UN isn’t considering any actual sanctions on Israel. And, of course, the Obama administration only has three or four weeks left in office, so even if it did have some exciting new policy initiative to announce, there would be no chance of the incoming Trump administration carrying it out.

    It’s a rhetorical hand grenade, but a policymaking dud. And while I have some thoughts about the substance of the speech, I’m mostly left wondering … why?

    Why at a time when the country urgently needs effective political opposition to an alarming new regime that is entering office with vast power but little democratic legitimacy did the Obama administration choose to lash out ineffectually in a way that unites his successor’s coalition while dividing his own party? What does Obama hope this will accomplish? And why pick a fight he’s sure to lose?

    Israel unites Republicans and divides Democrats

    Israel, for example, is an issue on which Democrats are fairly badly divided. Most Democrats — broadly in line with Obama — have a liberal-ish view on Israel that emphasizes support for a two-state solution, a democratic version of Zionism, and support of Israel’s hard security needs but not its expansive claims for territory. Most Democrats also simply don’t see this as a particularly pressing issue.

    But there is a substantial minority of Democrats — including a number of important elected leaders — who line up with conservatives in steadfastly supporting an aggressive vision of Israeli nationalism. Meanwhile, on a grassroots level many rank-and-file liberals thirst for a more critical line on the conflict than Obama or other party leaders have been willing to take. Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer condemned the UN resolution and criticized Obama for allowing it through. Bernie Sanders, by contrast, pushed (unsuccessfully) to change the Democratic Party platform to condemn Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

    On the Republican side, by contrast, support for Israel generally and the Netanyahu government specifically is now an essentially unanimous position. The growth of Christian Zionism, the small but noticeable shift of Orthodox Jews into the GOP, the increasing influence of Islamophobia on grassroots conservative politics, the Persian Gulf states’ growing rapprochement with Israel over shared fear of Iran, and the near extinction of left-wing politics in Israel all serve to make an uncomplicated pro-Israel stance a comfortable position for Republicans of all stripes.

    This makes Israel politically treacherous ground for basically any Democrat, no matter where he or she comes down on the issue. And that, in turn, helps explain why Obama’s more substantive peacemaking efforts — like the 2009 drive for a settlement freeze — never amounted to very much. Even before the GOP took the House in 2010, there was never a congressional majority for Obama’s approach to Israel. Forget winning over Republicans; plenty of Obama’s own party hasn’t been with him.

    Neocons have been the most Trump-skeptical Republicans

    This is particularly important, because as Democrats have been flinging everything they can think of against Trump’s nascent administration, the only thing that’s really gotten traction with congressional Republicans is foreign policy issues.

    From the beginning of Trump’s campaign, “neoconservative” foreign policy hawks have been the most Trump-skeptical faction of the Republican Party, pointing to his opposition to the Iraq War (which they supported), warm words for Arab strongmen like Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (who has crushed democratic opposition in his country), and willingness to effectively cede much of Eastern Europe to Vladimir Putin (whom they loathe).

    And neocons are the one faction that Trump never really bothered to kowtow to at any point, pushing ahead with wildly heterodox foreign policy ideas even while aligning his approach on taxes, regulation, abortion, guns, and other hot-button issues with mainstream conservative viewpoints.

    But if foreign policy is the exception to Trump’s ideological orthodoxy, Israel is the exception within the exception. [snip]

    Shifting the domestic debate about foreign policy off Russia and onto Israel brings those Republicans back in line with Trump.

    Meanwhile, it sets Obama and much of the Democratic base against Schumer who, as incoming minority leader in the Senate, is going to be the point person in opposing Donald Trump. Schumer is one of Israel’s staunchest supporters on Capitol Hill, and the veteran New York lawmaker was one of the most prominent Democrats to vote against Obama’s landmark nuclear deal with Iran.

    What Obama did makes no sense on the policy nor political level. The only way to make sense of what Obama did is to understand that Obama hates Israel.

    Yes, to some extent Obama wanted to set Trump up for failure, but that does not explain Obama treachery at the UN. The bottom line on that is that Trump is running circles around the boob Obama and will have no trouble jumping successfully over Obama’s “traps”. If anything, once again Obama’s stupidity and hatreds have helped Trump.

    The only way to explain Obama’s treachery at the UN is that he hates Israel and Jews generally. Obama will take money from Jews so stupid as to vote for him and an Obama Third Term. But Obama hates Jews. Hates ’em.

  50. Even some of the dimmest of the Dimwits get it:

    “Maybe this is the natural extension of what has been a very dysfunctional relationship. My worry, though, is that this, in the end, may have the very opposite effect that Obama and Kerry hope,” Murphy (D-Conn.) said of the U.S. abstention at the Security Council and Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech Wednesday defending the move. “It may be pushing Donald Trump further and further into Netanyahu’s camp such that he’s not going to be able to be an honest broker between the Israelis and the Palestinians. So in the long run, this may actually be counterproductive to the sort of goals and precepts of Kerry’s speech yesterday.”

    Speaking to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the Senate Foreign Relations Committee member said the U.N. is “just fundamentally not a fair forum for the Israelis” and that the White House should have vetoed the Security Council measure condemning America’s closest ally in the Middle East. It should be no surprise that the U.S. would object to Israeli settlement activity as it has in the past, Murphy said, but he added that there are other forums where such complaints could have been voiced.

  51. “The only way to make sense of what Obama did is to understand that Obama hates Israel.”

    Over the past eight years, it has been very clear to those with half a brain that Obama hates Israel/Jews. I give up on trying to figure out why American Jews would defend, fund and support a monster such as BO.

  52. Wbboei, BlowMeObama, try clearing your cache. Can’t see yet why you are not able to post a link. We’re looking.

  53. Israel should now do as it pleases without a thought to the UN other than to expel them from Israel and greater Israel.

    Here’s Michael Oren:

    With New Resolution, the U.N. Drives Stake Into Israeli-Palestinian Peace Hopes

    When the U.N. Security Council passed its resolution Friday denouncing Israel’s presence in territories it captured in 1967, many ambassadors broke out in applause. The decision, they believed, would deter Israel from further settlement building, advance the peace process, and help achieve a two-state solution. The Middle East and the world would benefit. But, sadly, those expectations—and the ovation they sparked—were misplaced.

    The resolution in fact poses untold dangers not only to Israel but to the Palestinians themselves, and greatly diminishes—rather than enhances—the chances for peace. It further harms the Middle East, a region that has seen far too much suffering, and should unnerve America’s allies worldwide.

    The hazards for Israel are clear. The resolution means the Western Wall and other places sacred to Jews for 3,000 years are considered as illegally occupied. It labels 600,000 Israelis as “flagrant violators of international law.” As such, Israel could be sued in international criminal courts, boycotted, and sanctioned. The goal of the initiators of the resolution was not to achieve a better two-state solution, I believe, but to deny Israel the right to defend itself and, ultimately, the right to exist as sovereign Jewish state.

    The resolution has already strengthened those in Israel who reject the two-state formula and call for formal annexation of much of the West Bank. The reasoning is such: “If the U.N. is already branding us criminals for merely settling these territories,” they ask, “why shouldn’t we go ahead and annex them?”

    Ironically, though, and tragically, the resolution also hurts the Palestinians. For eight years now, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has refused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s offer to start direct talks immediately without preconditions. But if America and the U.N. are already ganging up on Israel, what incentive will the Palestinians have to negotiate?

    Rather, they will continue to follow Abbas’s plan to avoid talks while delegitimizing Israel in world forums. Israel will survive this legal onslaught much as it did the military offensives of the past and continue to thrive. The Palestinians, by contrast, will remain stateless.

    The resolution will also harm the Middle East. A strong Israel is virtually all that stands between the Sunni Arab states and the radical jihadists in Iran and ISIS. The Security Council vote will undoubtedly reinforce those radicals and embolden them to mount further attacks not only against the Jewish State but also against its Arab neighbors. Meanwhile, the absence of peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians will further exacerbate regional instability. And the long-tormented peoples of the Middle East will receive an unequivocal message from the U.N.: the massacre of more than half a million Arabs in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen is unimportant. All that matters is Jews living and praying in their homeland.

    Finally, the resolution impairs the American credibility so vital to the world. By violating the longstanding U.S. policy that rejected any alternative—especially from the U.N.—to direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, the Obama administration has cast doubts on the reliability of American commitments. More disturbingly, by abstaining from voting on the resolution, in effect abandoning its only democratic Middle Eastern ally, the U.S. has called into question its dependability to its other friends. No American ally should rest easily.

    The U.N., which never condemned the Arab states that occupied the West Bank and Gaza before 1967, never denounced the exclusion of Jews from their holiest sites in Jerusalem for 19 years before that, and overlooked Palestinian incitement to terror, has once again shown the vastness of its hypocrisy. That double standard is hardly new and cannot add to the international organization’s discredit.

    Yet the damage inflicted by this latest Security Council resolution may be unprecedented. Israel will once again have to defend itself, the Palestinians will refuse to talk, and peace will be ever more remote. The future of the Middle East will become more hopeless yet and America’s vital friendships around the world will be weakened.

    Now is the time to start repairing. Israelis must be told that they are not illegal occupiers of their ancestral home and protected from hostile international courts. The Palestinians must be dissuaded from trying to end-run the peace process and compelled to return unconditionally to the negotiating table. Middle Eastern peoples must be assured that the world cares about them, and freedom-loving nations must regain confidence in the defender of the free world.

    All of this will require bold American leadership. In 1975, the same U.N. equated Zionism—the national liberation movement of the Jewish people—with racism. Sixteen years later, thanks to the efforts of President George H.W. Bush, that pernicious resolution was revoked. History teaches us that such injustices can be corrected and that, with courage, the worst of the U.N.’s outrages can be rectified.

  54. Glick with smart analysis:

    UN Security Council Resolution 2334 was the first prong of outgoing President Barack Obama’s lame duck campaign against Israel.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on Wednesday was the second.

    On January 15, stage 3 will commence in Paris.

    At France’s lame duck President François Hollande’s international conference, the foreign ministers of some 50 states are expected to adopt as their own Kerry’s anti-Israel principles.

    The next day it will be Obama’s turn. Obama can be expected to use the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr. Day to present the Palestinian war to annihilate Israel as a natural progression from the American Civil Rights movement that King led 50 years ago.

    Finally, sometime between January 17 and 19, Obama intends for the Security Council to reconvene and follow the gang at the Paris conference by adopting Kerry’s positions as a Security Council resolution. That follow-on resolution may also recognize “Palestine” and grant it full membership in the UN. [snip]

    Resolution 2334 harms Israel in two ways. First, it effectively abrogates Resolution 242 from 1967 which formed the basis of Israeli policy-making for the past 49 years. Second, 2334 gives a strategic boost to the international campaign to boycott the Jewish state.

    Resolution 242 anchored the cease-fire between Israel and its neighbors at the end of the Six Day War. It stipulated that in exchange for Arab recognition of Israel’s right to exist in secure and defensible borders, Israel would cede some of the territories it took control over during the war.

    Resolution 242 assumed that Israel has a right to hold these areas and that an Israeli decision to cede some of them to its neighbors in exchange for peace would constitute a major concession.

    Resolution 242 is deliberately phrased to ensure that Israel would not be expected to cede all of the lands it took control over in the Six Day War. The resolution speaks of “territories,” rather than “the territories” or “all the territories” that Israel took control over during the war.

    Resolution 2334 rejects 242’s founding assumptions.

    Resolution 2334 asserts that Israel has no right to any of the lands it took control over during the war. From the Western Wall to Shiloh, from Hebron to Ariel, 2334 says all Israeli presence in the areas beyond the 1949 armistice lines is crime.

    Given that Israel has no right to hold territory under 2334, it naturally follows that the Palestinians have no incentive to give Israel peace. So they won’t. The peace process, like the two-state solution, ended last Friday night to the raucous applause of all Security Council members.

    More smart analysis at the link.

  55. “DISCLAIMER: This report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”
    Years ago, I asked the question of what would the end look like for a failed sociopath. Well, so far it’s looking like the behavior of a piss ant banana republic dictator or a character from a Gilbert and Sullivan farce.

  56. I sent this email to 46 of people who may be former friends after this evening:

    Sorry to bring this up on the second to last night of Chanukah, but the god dam liberal Jews, and you know who you are, enabled Obama and Kerry to destroy Israel. I no longer will be friends with any super liberal Jews or non-Jews. Please govern yourself accordingly.

  57. Admin: there is a website problem that is preventing me and others from posting links and comments more than a line or two. I have had a computer expert look into this, we have cleared the cache, and we are pretty damned sure it is not the computer. Just before this happened, we were unable to connect with the website, and that may have been when the cyber attack, if any, took place. Interesting that Drudge was also hit at roughly the same time. It would appear that either the dims, or Brennan are up to no good.

  58. Trump Mocks CNN, NBC; Praises Putin: “Great Move On Delay – I Always Knew He Was Very Smart”

    If there was any confusion how president-elect Donald Trump – who for the past few days has been urging Americans to “get on with our lives” beyond the topic of Russian sanctions – felt about Putin unexpectedly taking the “high road” and refusing to retaliate tit-for-tat to Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats, he cleared it up moments ago when at 2:41pm he tweeted: “Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!”

    Or, said otherwise, “Obama is not very smart” something which the Russian embassy in the US found amusing enough to Retweet (in this particular case we are confident Retweeting does mean endorsing).

  59. gonzotx
    December 30, 2016 at 6:25 pm
    I’m sure that they, like Hollywood celebrities such as Barbara Streisand, have found ways of minimizing any mental stress from cognitive dissonance, probably with the help of alcohol and certain pharmaceuticals.

  60. lorac
    December 31, 2016 at 1:44 am
    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there are just as many if not more sexual assaults by migrants on German women on New Year’s Eve as last year.

  61. Charles Krauthammer refused to vote for Trump. Now he laments but too late for Israel:

    It’s his final, most shameful, legacy moment. “When the chips are down, I have Israel’s back.” — Barack Obama, AIPAC conference, March 4, 2012 The audience — overwhelmingly Jewish, passionately pro-Israel, and supremely gullible — applauded wildly. Four years later — his last election behind him, with a month to go in office and with no need to fool Jew or gentile again — Obama took the measure of Israel’s back and slid a knife into it.

    Many people don’t quite understand the damage done to Israel by the U.S. abstention that permitted passage of a Security Council resolution condemning Israel over its settlements. The administration pretends this is nothing but a restatement of longstanding U.S. opposition to settlements.

    Nonsense. For the last 35 years, every administration, including a reelection-seeking Obama himself in 2011, has protected Israel with the U.S. veto because such a Security Council resolution gives immense legal ammunition to every boycotter, anti-Semite, and zealous European prosecutor to penalize and punish Israelis.

    An ordinary Israeli who lives or works in the Old City of Jerusalem becomes an international pariah, a potential outlaw — to say nothing of the soldiers of Israel’s citizen army. “Every pilot and every officer and every soldier,” said a confidant of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, “we are waiting for him at The Hague” — i.e., the International Criminal Court.

    Moreover, the resolution undermines the very foundation of a half century of American Middle East policy. What becomes of “land for peace” if the territories Israel was to have traded for peace are, in advance, declared to be Palestinian land to which Israel has no claim?

    The peace parameters enunciated so ostentatiously by Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday are nearly identical to the Clinton parameters that Yasser Arafat was offered and rejected in 2000 and that Abbas was offered by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in 2008. Abbas, too, walked away.

    Kerry mentioned none of this because it undermines his blame-Israel narrative. Yet Palestinian rejectionism works. The Security Council just declared the territories legally Palestinian — without the Palestinians’ having to concede anything, let alone peace.

    The administration claims a kind of passive innocence on the text of the resolution, as if it had come upon it at the last moment. We are to believe that the ostensible sponsors — New Zealand, Senegal, Malaysia, and a Venezuela that cannot provide its own people with toilet paper, let alone food — had for months been sweating the details of Jewish housing in East Jerusalem. [snip]

    America acquiesces to a declaration that, as a matter of international law, the Jewish state has no claim on the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, indeed the entire Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. They belong to Palestine.

    The Temple Mount is the most sacred site in all of Judaism. That it should be declared foreign to the Jewish people is as if the Security Council declared Mecca and Medina to be territory to which Islam has no claim. Such is the Orwellian universe Israel inhabits.

    At the very least, Obama should have insisted that any reference to East Jerusalem be dropped from the resolution or it would face a U.S. veto. Why did he not? It’s incomprehensible — except as a parting shot of personal revenge on Benjamin Netanyahu. Or perhaps as a revelation of a deep-seated antipathy to Israel that simply awaited a safe political interval for public expression.

    Another legacy moment for Barack Obama. And his most shameful.

  62. BO is more than anti-Semitic, he has a hatred for all Western Civilization that he is now expressing. He has no bonds with family, community or country and hates all who do. So similar to the pathology of Sorfeld, this was probably a part of his selection. It is the contempt for the “tribe” he speaks of and is misanthropic.

    Malignant narcissist to the end.

  63. JB
    Your faux outrage is unbelievable. If your candidate, Hillary, had won this policy, would stand. As a Jew I’m grateful that Christians in this country care about Israel,s survival. Those of us with a brain certainly can’t count on people like you.

  64. At the very least, Obama should have insisted that any reference to East Jerusalem be dropped from the resolution or it would face a U.S. veto. Why did he not? It’s incomprehensible — except as a parting shot of personal revenge on Benjamin Netanyahu. Or perhaps as a revelation of a deep-seated antipathy to Israel that simply awaited a safe political interval for public expression.

    Another legacy moment for Barack Obama. And his most shameful.
    Yes. And Krauthammer never saw this coming? He never thought through the implications of Obama’s spiritual adviser of twenty years, whose ravings about jews and liberation were all in the public record, plus his narcissism? He preferred the destruction of Israel to voting for Trump. And now he whines about it.

  65. My prediction is the Dims will nominate Corey Booker to run for Prez in 2020 to take their best shot to revive the O coalition…

  66. Happy 2017 to all…

    …and looking forward to another year on the best and most truthful political blog out there…we call it as we see it…no spin…no lies…no self delusion and fantasy…

    …just hoping Donald will be safe…almost too good to be true and so many out to get him…

  67. Happy New Year to all Hillaryis44ers!!!

    2016 was a fabulous year when the impossible happened — Brexit, Cubs & Trump.
    2017 will be even better when that narcissistic, thin skinned “community organizer” becomes #NotMyPresident on January 20.

    I hope everyone has a safe & happy New Year and that your 2017 is filled with love, joy and prosperity.

  68. I am going to make a guess here and say it was a Muslim dressed as Santa Claus who killer 35 people in club in Turkey

  69. A friend of mine with special insight says this Pizza gate thing is a front for child prostitution, and the code you see in the Podesta emails and photos confirm this. My friend things this thing will break, and Megan Kelley is part of the cover-up.

  70. If this thing does break, then evidence will show that sex trafficking is rampant and it reaches into the top echelon of the political class, big media and big business. This is the swamp Trump wants to drain. Frankly, I have not paid much attention to this, until my friend mentioned it, and said it is a huge deal.

  71. Obama is running with the Cass Sunstein (Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, he also cut off FOIA’s until the courts got involved) plan to finish strangling the US with regulations and decrees in the dying days of his reign. Of all the “progressive” plans which failed so miserably of the Obama-ites, the Sunstein plan has succeeded. Rewarding friends and punishing everyone else, control of business, immigration, the “environment”, and the banking system, the US government has been hi-jacked by a bunch of University of Chicago fascists led by Sunstein. It was never intended as being good for the country but rather exerting control and siphoning off money. Sunstein’s idiot wife, the loon Samantha Powers, features prominently in the recent anti-Semite activity towards Israel is an example of his radical agenda towards democratic institutions and governments. If you read Sunstein’s scholarly (haha) works he is an evil genius but gets in a hurry and screws up a lot. It is very significant that Trump has designated Carl Icahn to get to the heart of the mess and reverse the most damaging and crooked regs/policies as soon as possible. This is an excellent indicator that Trump sees clearly what is ailing the economy.

    It is also worth noting that (to the best of my knowledge) every single company that says they are bringing back jobs and business to the US from overseas or south of the border says that Trump has promised them regulatory relief. This is never mentioned in the media who assiduously avoid it. Not lower taxes or cheaper wages. The largest cost is regulatory burden used as blackmail or for bribes to “progressives”. There is also a growing body of evidence that regulations were applied to companies and even entire business sectors that Obama didn’t like (or were not paying him and his cronies or opposing him politically) and others were not. This course is out of Fascist 101 featured in the University of Chicago’s work on governing. They call it socialism, environmentalism, and progressive-ism but it is government/corporate fascism with a new vocabulary and also called globalism. Unwinding it will take time but targeting the most egregious and harmful is a great start. Getting Trump appointed judges in place quickly will also blunt the lawfare route Sunstein et al plan to hamper the unwinding. While Trump is tweeting he is going for their throats.

  72. The media is starting to call the Democrats and their policies “liberal” again. The MSM headlines have lots of “liberal” references. I suspect that the term “progressive” is on the outs and now exclusively associated with Obama-ism. Or they hope it is. If they can just stop calling Dems “progressives” everyone will forget the catastrophe of Obama. Maybe. It seems to be a thing popping up simultaneously all over the place. Remember “liberal” became a derogatory term and “progressive” with contrived implications of new, hope, moving forward being the marketing target. That is now dead. So change the terminology and it will go away they hope. Obama isn’t even out of office yet and they are doing this.

  73. “Human trafficking” is currently used as a euphemism for prostitution slavery. Rotherham, the entire UK and now it is showing up in Canada. It may be here also but the media is hiding it. This is Islam and part of their legal system justified by “religion”. Ask Russia and eastern Europe about the Ottoman Turk raids to kidnap women slaves. The last slave market for women closed in Turkey in 1908.

  74. Happy New Year!

    For 16 years we have had an enemy of the people in the Whitehouse. Though the trends were developing for decades, the overt corruption and tyranny of the Bush and Obama administrations have been outrageous. They have sold us out in the name of globalism to fill their their own coffers and make their bids for world dominance. Instead of doing their job.

    I live not so far from Maralago Cay, where our new POTUS celebrated the New Year in luxury. I have see the homeless camps here and the hopeless begging on the street corners.

    Needless to say, the new bunch in office obviously expects to get something for their services and we can only hope Trump make good on including the American People in the deal.

    A very interesting piece to start the new year, Global Recession and Other Visions for 2017:

    For wbboei: The strong dollar trend will also reverse in earnest by the second quarter. About this time gold will once again glitter. Consequently, the first three months of the year will be a fantastic time to accumulate and add to your physical gold hoard. By mid-April gold will be back above $1,350 per ounce.

    And my favorite part: For example, right now, in cities across the globe, brilliant minds at the fringe of scientific propriety are but one experiment away from the big energy breakthrough humanity’s been waiting more than 45-years for. Unfettered by academic zealotry, this new scientific discovery will not come from a leading research or government institution. Like all great discoveries in our time, it will come from a small team of eccentrics operating out of a garage on a shoestring budget. What we mean is, in the words of the late Gordon MacKenzie: “Orville Wright did not have a pilot’s license.”

    While I am currently employed as a public servant, my side business is in solar and alternative energy. These last years have gotten harder and harder and I have not had the time for it that I would like to. As there is alternative news and alternative medicine, there is alternative science with so much more yet to be discovered.

  75. The FBI and DHS released a brief joint report Thursday describing “Russian Malicious Cyber Activity.” It doesn’t include forensic proof of Russian government involvement in hacking efforts, but the administration is rushing a detailed, classified report to be delivered, at President Obama’s request, prior to President Trump taking office January 20.

    There’s no standing allegation by U.S. officials that the Russians (or anyone else) “hacked” into our elections system or altered vote counts.
    So what are the allegations and facts as we know them?

    The FBI and DHS released a brief joint report Thursday describing “Russian Malicious Cyber Activity.” It doesn’t include forensic proof of Russian government involvement in hacking efforts, but the administration is RUSHING! a DETAILED, classified report to be delivered, AT OBAMA’S REQUEST, BEFORE President Trump taking office January 20.

    (My Note: never once in eight years did the big media messiah show any sense of urgency when it comes to protecting this country. BUT if something can be used for partisan advantage then it is a big rush. What a miserable cocksucker he is!

    Big media has told us that Trump is a Russian agent, and that Russia hacked the election. That is a bald faced lie. Obama’s weaponized agencies claim that Russia hacked the Podesta emails. Wikileaks, who published them, says that is categorically untrue. Big media claims that the Russians hacked the RNC, but did not produce those emails, in order to protect Trump. The RNC denies that any hacking occurred. EVERYTHING we get from big media is a lie. Everything.)

    Here are the facts:

    1. The claim that the “election was hacked” is a bit of a misnomer. There’s no standing allegation by U.S. officials that the Russians (or anyone else) “hacked” into our elections system or altered vote counts. Instead, U.S. officials allege hackers connected to the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin, under his direction, stole internal emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta and provided them to WikiLeaks. (However, the U.S. joint report issued Thursday doesn’t mention the DNC, Podesta or WikiLeaks by name.)

    Podesta Emails on WikiLeaks

    DNC Emails on WikiLeaks

    2. U.S. officials have not alleged that anyone falsified the emails provided to WikiLeaks.

    3. U.S. intel officials have named the Russian hacking campaign “Grizzly Steppe.”

    4. It seems a difficult task to prove the hacks somehow “affected the election” or “helped Donald Trump win.” For example:

    One would have to show that tens of thousands of Trump voters were planning to vote for Clinton but changed their mind based solely on the WikiLeaks emails.
    One would have to believe the emails somehow managed to only affect the electoral vote but not the popular vote (which Clinton won).
    One would have to believe the emails somehow selectively swayed voters in key swing states, but not voters in states where Clinton won.
    5. WikiLeaks disputes the U.S. assessment blaming Russia for the DNC leaks. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says: “Our source is not the Russian government… We have U.S. intelligence saying that say they know how we got our stuff and when we got it, and us saying we didn’t get it from a state.” Former British ambassador Craig Murray backs up Assange’s version: “I know who leaked them. I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider. It’s a leak, not a hack; the two are different things.”

    6. The private cyber firm Crowd Strike had already determined last June that Russian agencies were behind the DNC cyberattacks.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow
    Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow
    7. There have been many serious cyberattacks reported against U.S. government institutions, but no comparable news coverage or announced U.S. retaliatory measures. For example:

    In 2015, Russian hackers attacked the State Department email system in what was called the “worst ever” cyberattack against a federal agency.
    Also in 2015, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management reported 5.6 million Americans’ fingerprints were stolen in a malicious cyberattack.
    The GAO reports that between 2006 and 2015, the number of cyberattacks climbed 1,300 percent — from 5,500 to over 77,000 a year at 24 federal agencies.
    Last March, China government hackers continued a malicious pattern of cyber attacks on U.S. government and private networks, according to U.S. Cyber Command chief Mike Rogers. China has been linked by U.S. intelligence agencies to wide-ranging cyber attacks aimed at stealing information and mapping critical computer networks for future attacks in a crisis or conflict.
    Despite the Chinese hacking activity, the Obama administration has taken no action against China for years of large-scale cyber attacks that officials say have cost the nation billions of dollars in stolen intellectual property and compromised networks.

    Additionally, there have been no publicly-known retaliatory actions taken by the U.S. for hostile, non-cyber foreign threats such as Chinese fighter jets buzzing U.S. warships and spy planes, and Iran detaining 10 U.S. sailors. (However, the U.S. punished the sailors.)

    8. The New York Times recently quoted anonymous U.S. officials who said they concluded Russians hacked the Republican National Committee (RNC), but did not release the information to WikiLeaks, proving that the intent was to help Trump. However, the RNC states that its network systems were not successfully hacked. The Times also anonymously quoted a senior government official who said attempts to penetrate the RNC were not successful.

  76. I wish someone with more savvy than me would post on the Uppity Woman stupid twitter account! Still butt hurt and refuse to accept EXACTLY what ADM here pointed out the WHOLE campaign! Hitlary NEVER made a CAUSE for her run other than “I AM WOMAN” Same thing at uppity woman blog Seriously these people need a brain transplant IF they think that Hitlary would do ANYTHING other than what Obummer did I can’t believe tHESE women HATED Obummer in 08 but blindly followed Hitlary into his path for a second run! THANK GOD SHE WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT

  77. How George Soros Destroyed the Democratic Party
    The Left ultimately destroys itself.

    George Soros spent a fortune to turn a national party favorable to the left into an organization that has difficulty appealing to anyone not on the left. He wanted to control a country he did not understand. And, as the left so often does, he achieved his goals and in doing so destroyed them.

  78. dot48
    January 1, 2017 at 7:45 pm
    I wish someone with more savvy than me would post on the Uppity Woman stupid twitter account! Still butt hurt and refuse to accept EXACTLY what ADM here pointed out the WHOLE campaign! Hitlary NEVER made a CAUSE for her run other than “I AM WOMAN” Same thing at uppity woman blog Seriously these people need a brain transplant IF they think that Hitlary would do ANYTHING other than what Obummer did I can’t believe tHESE women HATED Obummer in 08 but blindly followed Hitlary into his path for a second run! THANK GOD SHE WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT

    Dot, ignore them. There are some seriously deranged people there. I saw one post where the Admin went off on Shadow for some relatively sane comment. Shadow then said something like “I’m out of here” or “I’m gone”.

    Gonzo will get a kick out of that. 🙂

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