Death Sentences: Amazing @RealDonaldTrump – Pennsylvania, China, Taiwan, Renzi, Italy, Europe, Big Media

Several death sentences appeared in the past 72 hours. Judge, jury, executioner is President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

Death Sentence #1: “We Don’t Need You Guys Anymore”. Die, Big Media, Die. This death sentence was spoken by Dick Cheney, authored by Donald J. Trump:

Cheney To CNN’s Barbara Starr: Trump Took Us To Point Where We Don’t Need You Guys Anymore

CHENEY: I think one of the reasons people get so concerned about the tweets is it is sort of a way around the press. He doesn’t have to rely upon, uh, rely upon — this is the modern era, modern technology. He’s at the point where we don’t need you guys anymore.

Die Big Media, die. Trump gets around Big Media with his Tweets. A single camera trained on the elevators in Trump Tower commands all the attention. The camera ignores the Big Media Trump haters. The American public can see who goes up and down without a pundit. [We’ll have more from Cheney shortly.]

Death Sentence #2: “President-elect Trump also congratulated President Tsai on becoming President of Taiwan earlier this year.” The wise Gordon Chang understands the immeasurable vastness of what President-Elect Donald J. Trump did here:

Beijing today lodged a formal protest with the U.S. because President-elect Donald Trump, bypassing established diplomatic channels, spoke to Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen yesterday by telephone. [snip]

Why? In a few short minutes over the phone, Trump implicitly recognized Taiwan’s status as a sovereign state, thereby breaking with decades of settled China policy.

The call, as many have noted is the first known interaction between a U.S. president or president-elect with his Taiwan counterpart since the Carter administration broke diplomatic relations with the island.

Regardless of what Trump and Tsai said to each other, the fact the call took place would be sufficient to upset Beijing’s leaders, who view Taiwan as part of their People’s Republic of China.

Tsai, on the other hand, believes she heads a state called the Republic of China. Formally, her government takes the position it has sovereignty over all China but, as a practical matter, acts as if it is sovereign over only the main island of Taiwan and scattered islands it in fact administers.

Washington recognizes Beijing as the lawful government of China but in substance maintains the dispute between the two sides is unresolved and insists the resolution of the matter, when it occurs, be peaceful. The Taiwan Relations Act, U.S. legislation passed in 1979, provides for unofficial ties with Taipei and creates limited obligations to protect the island from Beijing. This American posture has continued, with only minor modification, since that time.

Trump, however, seemed to change everything Friday.

The entire take on China/Taiwan by Gordon Chang deserves a reading. China for a long time has played North Korea and nuclear bombs against the United States and its allies in an obvious way but the West and its hapless diplomats have responded like running dogs for a decayed decadent system. Trump changes all that.

Let’s go back to that Dick Cheney appearance:

FMR. VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY: One of the most important things [President-elect Trump] can do is exactly the opposite of what his predecessor did. With respect to Iran and nuclear weapons, and don’t make the mistakes that the situation he is inheriting from the Obama administration represented. With respect to our status in the world, the capabilities of our forces, the belief on the part of I believe many of our friends and allies that they can no longer trust the United States or count on our guarantees. I think we need to do major progress and reverse the Obama policies and not that’s not a place for President Trump to start.

That’s pretty much what we wrote last month: do the opposite of what Obama did. And what Carter did too. American policy on China is not working. Rewrite the China policy. President-Elect Donald J. Trump pronounced a death sentence on the currently not working China policy. Foreign policy experts are shocked and in a fury. President-Elect Donald J. Trump is exactly right and Trump changed China policy before he is president, with a single telephone call he answered. Good job!

Chang sums it up:

What Trump has done is not “reset” Washington’s relations with China but put them on an entirely new footing. Up to now, Beijing has kept the initiative, and American presidents, especially George W. Bush and Obama, have merely reacted, trying to build friendly relations in spite of increasingly bold Chinese moves. The concept was that Washington had to maintain cooperative ties, increasingly considered an end in itself.

Trump, by seemingly not caring about Beijing’s reaction, has cut China down to size, telling its autocrats he does not fear them.

Just about everyone assumed the Chinese would create a crisis for Trump in his first months in office, just as they created crises for both George W. Bush—in April 2001 with the detention of the crew of the U.S. Navy EP-3—and his successor—the harassment of the Navy’s unarmed reconnaissance vessels, the Impeccable and Victorious, in March and May 2009.

Instead, Trump took the initiative and created a crisis for China’s leaders, and he did that more than a month before taking the oath of office.

Therefore, Beijing is bound to find the next months unfamiliar and unsettling.

There is, if you need a metaphor, a rather large bull in the china shop. And, yes, that could be a good thing.

Death Sentence #3: “President-Elect Donald J. Trump.” The deadliest sentence of all. It finished off the surrender monkeys of the West. It destroys the Euro. It destroys the European Union. It destroyed Matteo Renzi on Sunday, as predicted a month ago:

Trump’s triumph puts Italy’s Renzi in difficult position

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the U.S. presidential election is likely to make it even harder for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to win a crucial referendum on constitutional reform set for December.

Renzi was one of the few world leaders to publicly endorse Hillary Clinton and Trump’s triumph has not only put the Italian premier in a difficult diplomatic position, it has also underlined the rise of anti-elite sentiment around the world.

This factor is weighing against Renzi because at the moment for many Italians he represents the establishment,” said Roberto D’Alimonte, politics professor at Luiss University in Rome. [snip]

“The Trump win does show that populism continues in 2016 and suggests a ‘no’ vote in the Italian referendum could be stronger than we assumed,” David Zahn, the head of European fixed income at U.S. fund manager Franklin Templeton, told Reuters. [snip]

Italy’s anti-establishment 5-Star Movement currently heads the opinion polls and its founder, Beppe Grillo, hailed Trump’s victory, seeing it as a vindication of his own maverick stance.

“It is those who dare, the obstinate, the barbarians who will take the world forward. We are the barbarians! The real idiots, populists and demagogues are the journalists and the establishment intellectuals,” Grillo wrote on his blog.

Jumping on the U.S. election bandwagon with an eye to the forthcoming referendum, former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (Go Italy!) party put out Tweets saying “In America, they voted NO”.

The group’s parliamentary leader Renato Brunetta called on Renzi to resign immediately and not even wait until Dec. 4, saying his pro-Clinton stance had weakened Italy’s standing.

From this day forward Matteo Renzi is politically finished, he is a dead man walking,” Brunetta said in a statement. “No other European country sided with one of the two contenders like Italy did. Now Renzi must reap the consequences and take responsibility for his bad choices.”

Matteo Renzi, like François Hollande, Barack Obama, and David Cameron, is the past. Donald J. Trump is the future. Renzi’s 20 point loss was indeed “stronger than we assumed”:

When Beppe Grillo started to make headlines as the leader of Italy’s biggest protest party more than six years ago, it was hard to avoid the puns. A comedian turned politician, Grillo was laughed at and branded a “clown.”

But by 2013, the laughing subsided, and German magazine Der Spiegel already had called him “the most dangerous man in Europe.” Three years later, he may finally be living up to that description, according to his critics.

On Sunday, a majority of Italians voted against legislative reforms in a referendum, according to major exit polls. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who had pushed for the reforms and was forced to call the referendum, admitted defeat on Sunday evening and announced that he would hand in his resignation on Monday. [snip]

Similar to Trump’s “drain the swamp” political message, Grillo has taken a strong anti-establishment and anti-corruption stance, accusing Renzi of preventing economic and anti-corruption reforms. [snip]

Referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Gillo said in an interview with the Financial Times last year: “They have a kind of illness, it’s called alexithymia, which means difficulty recognizing the emotions of others: pain, pleasure, joy. . . . They don’t care if they have to put tens of millions of people into hunger to balance an account, it’s collateral damage. We’ve entrusted our lives to people who know nothing about life,” he said.

Life just got a boost in Italy and world-wide because of Donald J. Trump.

Will this last? Can this go on? Is this Donald J. Trump victory/victories just a one time magic moment that will flicker away like a candle that dies leaving only a trail of smoke? Look to Pennsylvania for the answer.

Death Sentence #4: “he made Philadelphia irrelevant.”

As we analyze the numbers from election night, we can only be amazed. The Decision Desk analysis concludes that everything Hillary2016 did was right if only the opponent was not Donald J. Trump. Michael Barone finally came to the conclusion we did last year that Hillary2016 would destroy lumps like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, even Ted Cruz:

Would Another Republican Have Defeated Hillary Clinton?

Donald Trump charted a new course to the presidency, and both parties have a great deal to learn from it. [snip]

That opening was the fact that Democrats were taking for granted their above-national-average support from non-college-educated outstate voters in their determination to build a new, “ascendant” majority of blacks, Hispanics, single women, and Millennials. They figured that outstate Obama voters were locked into the Democratic party and didn’t need any special attention. Turns out they weren’t and they did.

So the familiar partisan lines of the past 20 years have been redrawn, and now we have a more downscale Republican party and a Democratic party confined to its coastal and campus cocoons.

As we wrote so many times before, the Obama “coalition of the ascendant” was a suitable demographic for a situation comedy on TV, but not as a foundation for a political party that wants to govern and grow. The numbers from election 2016 confirm our analysis.

Will it all last? As Decision Desk notes, what Donald J. Trump did was astounding and deserving of respect:

Ring Around the Collar: The Philadelphia Suburbs And The 2016 Election

In June, I authored an article for The Federalist in which I argued that Donald Trump would not win Pennsylvania because any gains he might make with white working class voters would be insufficient to overcome the steep losses he was likely to suffer in the Philadelphia area. [snip]


Trump did badly in the Philly collar. From the Clinton campaign’s perspective not badly enough, perhaps; and certainly not the 20-30% debacle many polls were forecasting. Yet his margins in the Philadelphia area normally would have been enough to keep the Keystone State in the Democrats’ vaunted “blue wall.” Barack Obama won 690,000 votes in the Philly suburbs in 2012. Hillary Clinton received 729,000. Romney got 567,000. Trump dropped to 550,000. That’s a swing of 46,000 votes to Clinton. [snip]

What Donald Trump demonstrated with this year’s electorate is that a historic turnout by white working class voters could be and in fact was – contrary to the expectations of all but a handful of pundits – sufficient to negate the Democrats’ traditional advantage in the Philadelphia region and put Pennsylvania in the GOP column for the first time since 1988. Whether this lesson can be repeated is an open question, but it is one students of American politics will be studying for many years to come.

UPDATE 12/02/16

Since this post was published, the City of Philadelphia released its final vote tallies for the 2016 election. Donald Trump’s total increased to just under 109,000 votes, while Clinton’s soared to 584,000 votes, an increase of 21,000 and a mere 4,000 short of Obama’s 2012 total. Delaware County also has updated its figures. Hillary Clinton’s margin improved to 67,000 votes, as she did 12,000 votes better than Barack Obama did in 2012. Trump’s total in Delco also rose by 4,000 votes. He now stands 5,000 votes above Mitt Romney there. [snip]

Incorporating this new data yields the following updated results. Clinton’s total in the Philadelphia collar stands at 737,000 votes, an improvement of 47,000 on Barack Obama’s 2012 total of 690,000. Trump’s total rises to 554,000, which is 13,000 short of Romney’s count. This means Clinton’s improvement in the suburbs, which initially stood at 46,000, is now 59,000 votes. The updated totals in Philadelphia also reduce the swing there from 35,000 towards Trump to a more modest 17,000. Instead of coming out of the Philadelphia region only 11,000 votes ahead of Barack Obama, as my original calculations indicated, Clinton came out 32,000 votes ahead. What these updated results tell us, therefore, is that in Philadelphia Hillary Clinton performed more like Barack Obama, and Donald Trump performed even worse than Mitt Romney, than initially believed. In other words, Trump’s victory in Pennsylvania, impressive as it was, was even more impressive than it seemed at first glance.

Trump pulled off the near impossible: he made Philadelphia irrelevant. Whatever one thinks of the man, this feat is worthy of, nay demands, respect.

Read that again: Trump’s victory in Pennsylvania, impressive as it was, was even more impressive than it seemed at first glance. He made “Philadelphia irrelevant.”

It’s a death sentence for the Dims.

China, Europe, those that want to destroy the West, take heed. President Donald J. Trump is not Barack Obama. Trump is not even president yet and already the heads roll.

America’s enemies, take heed – America and the West are back, ready and willing to fight.


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  1. A moose in high heels:

    Ready for Michelle? Political Committees Form In Support of Political Run by First Lady

    While First Lady Michelle Obama and the president have repeatedly shot down the notion that the first lady would ever consider running for political office — let alone the presidency — that hasn’t stopped political committees from filing with the Federal Elections Commission to support a potential candidacy.

    One of the groups, Ready for Michelle PAC, filed with the elections commission on Oct. 31 and says on its website that its goal is to “get the ball rolling by identifying a network of supporters, volunteers, and donors” to support the first lady should she seek public office. Donald Garrett, who leads the group, told ABC News that the group has currently collected about 1,000 signatures though an online petition, in addition to just under $1000.

    The only catch, as the group itself acknowledges, is that the first lady would have to be convinced to run.

    “If she can be convinced to run, we can provide her with an early advantage against any opponents,” the website says.

    But that could be a tall order.

    As recently as the day after Election Day, President Obama ruled out the possibility that his wife would ever enter the political arena.

    “Michelle will never run for office,” President Obama told Rolling Stone magazine in an interview Nov. 9. “You can see the incredible resonance she has with the American people. But I joke that she’s too sensible to want to be in politics.”

    The name of the group, Ready for Michelle, harks back to the early calls for Hillary Clinton to seek the presidency. The super PAC Ready for Hillary formed shortly after Clinton stepped down as secretary of state.

    Two other groups, Ready for Michelle 2020 and Friends of Michelle 2020, have also filed with the elections commission within the last month.

    “Let’s put an Obama back in the White House in 2020,” says the Ready for Michelle 2020 website.

    That’s all they have left. Andrew Cuomo might be indicted after his top aides, already indicted, are convicted. O’Malley? Warren? Castro brother #1? Castro brother #2? Socialist Bernie?

    Moose is all they have left to try to recreate the comic “Obama coalition”.

  2. That would be a awful, disgusting mistake to say Rudi did not make the vetting process…
    He was not only loyal from the get go, he was mayor of New York, a DOJ with the Cajones to clean up NYC, which was not easy, a brilliant mind, a Presidential candidate and loved by Trump supporters, loved, me being one.
    There is an article at CTH saying he has a drinking problem and because of that and Trumps brother it is a major no no.Hence why he hadn’t been seen in 2 weeks.
    Please…the only thing I had any question is his age, he has been looking frail, but so have a few of his appointees. I know he has world wide business dealings, but most of his pucks seem to and are collectively the richest advisors in history.
    I will be majorly upset and depressed if so.
    This doesn’t pass the smell test.

  3. Tony Stark, Trump is up to smart optics in meeting Gore.

    Personnel is policy:

    President-elect Donald Trump has selected a climate skeptic to lead his Environmental Protection Agency transition team, a man whose beliefs are distinctly at odds with President Obama’s environmental policies.

    The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) Myron Ebell is also viewed by many as a top candidate to become the next head of the EPA. Ebell’s research focuses on questioning what he calls “global warming alarmism” and opposing energy rationing policies, according to his biography on CEI’s website.

    In 2012, Ebell, in a Frontline documentary entitled “Climate of Doubt,” described former Vice President Al Gore as “the perfect proponent and leader of the global warming alarmist because he’s very politically diverse and controversial.” Gore, after a failed presidential bid, emerged as one of the leading climate change activists for his role in the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” He had already written about the environment in his book, “Earth in the Balance.”

    Ebell and other climate change deniers have collectively described the “global warming consensus” as “phony.”

    “We believed that the so-called global warming consensus was not based on science, but was a political consensus, which included a number of scientists,” he said.

    Ebell’s environmental ideology aligns with beliefs held by the president-elect. Trump has referred to climate change as a “hoax.” And his “America First” vision on energy and climate change includes revitalizing the coal industry, lifting regulations on oil and gas industries, as well as nullifying the international landmark agreement dedicated to halting the effects of climate change because they’re “bad for US business.”

  4. I have read that Ivanka does not hold the same opinion as her father on environmental issues, I would have to search to see if that’s true.
    The original meeting was Ivanka and Gore, not Trump, so it would be interesting to know how the meeting evolved.

  5. gonzotx
    December 5, 2016 at 7:42 pm
    I have read that Ivanka does not hold the same opinion as her father on environmental issues, I would have to search to see if that’s true.

    I don’t know about environmental matters, but I’ve read that she believes in AGW. That’s not an environmental matter, its a scamming matter. It pisses me off to think of the hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars wasted on this bullshit. Think of all the good for actual environmental matters which WORK such as habitat preservation and restoration with a portion of that money. No, instead, fraudsters found a way to extract more money from the battered middle class in order to accelerate their new feudalism.

  6. More good news from this commentary by Rush…

    Well, Trump is not on defense, folks. We are on offense with Donald Trump. And that’s one of the big invisible unspoken reasons why he has such loyalty is because people who support him are just like a lot of you in this audience, fed up with being on defense and being on a team that never fought back, much less went on offense. But these tweets and this erratic or unpredictable behavior keeps Trump’s opponents on defense, and, believe me, it is a delight to see it.

    Another thing that Trump is doing with these tweets, he’s leading. And because he’s leading, he’s holding everybody’s attention. What will Trump do next? What will Trump do next? Nobody’s asking, what’s Pelosi gonna do next, what’s Harry Reid? You know, we’re not steeling ourselves for what assault is coming at us next. We’re all looking on eagerly: What’s Trump gonna do next? How’s he gonna bamboozle ’em next? How’s Trump gonna end-run ’em next? That’s what’s everybody excited about here.

  7. I love to read your “read” on the world Admin. Yes I do! I am not even a little tired of winning! Never. I think that Trump has a lot of leverage with China including our water they are importing from the Great Lakes, which Obama has allowed Nestle to ship over there by the boatloads. That’s a biggie to China. I imagine the leaders are very nervous about note. Also note: Trump meeting with Romney’s nemesis Jon Huntsman, former Ambassador to China. Interesting times.

    The name Montserrat, you mentioned awhile back. If you are reading this? I chose that name after an opera singer named Montserrat Caballe. On a personal note. I spent many years in music. (No more off topic)

  8. I am hoping that Ivanka’s meeting with Al in which she got her father to attend is a sop to her and her husband (I find her husband a puffed up little dork from a line of idiot half ass criminals) and their boringly uninformed small time “on trend” views. The tittle-tattle that Ivanka and Justin are looking for a house in DC (if true) will mean she and he are nosing around for “positions” of influence which is not surprising for the family he hails from. Petty New Jersey crooks would find it difficult to pass that by. It is one thing to be an informal family and occasional adviser and quite another for them to set up shop in DC. The opportunism and greed looks bad from both of them.

    The first eight or nine minutes of this Jones video ties together the anti-globalism (which is corporate fascism with an new name very conveniently hatched post WWII) movement around the world pretty well. And he is right that the technocrats and bankers keep exposing themselves as the very freaks they have denied being. Italy was on course to fully integrate (give up all sovereignty) to the EU UNTIL they were flooded with migrants. The last wave from Africa (who refuse to eat lasagna and demand free Prada tennis shoes) before they move on to the rotted corpses of Germany and Sweden who sacrifice their young girls to murderous depravity without a peep opened even the most brainwashed in Italy. And they need to brick up the door to the Vatican and this crazy virtue signaling globalist pope.

  10. Stabby and vehicular attemped murderer at Ohio State mother doesn’t understand why he was “killed” as he sliced people open and rammed them with a borrowed car. “His mother kissed her son for the last time as his body was prepared for burial.”

    “She was crying, and said, ‘I love you my son. I know they kill you for no reason,'” said Ahmed Sh. Ahmed, director of the mosque.”

    Revoke her permanent residency and deport her. If the concept of self-defense by anyone being attacked by a moronic madman or by law enforcement in the protection of others lives is too advanced a concept for her, she is simply too stupid to live here. And she has hired a lawyer who wants “answers” and money. Moocher, thief, con-artist, who “left” her husband in Somalia for Pakistan and then the big grift in the US. Investigate Kasich for importing as many of them as he could cram into Ohio. Follow the money.

  11. Well I am not the only one looking at why Somali’s are being imported. To make money! Who would have thought it. These people are being imported like livestock. How much went to John Kasich? And was there any wonder he crashed the news conference of law enforcement to tap dance out excuses on why he has burdened his state with the costs and dangers of filling it up with violent Muslims whose IQ averages 70 (some higher and some LOWER which are considered handicapped with learning disability).

  12. Morman,

    “They” have given Trumps SIL most of the kiddos for the success of the campaign on a shoestring budget. Saying he was a master of the $5 bucks a vote vs $10 for Hillary. His use of free and low cost media changed the paradigm. I don’t think you agree…
    Ivanka has been a bit more 8n4volved than I expected, but you can’t deny the success of the campaign
    Whatever they put together worked. I just don’t want them to have Donald’s unfettered ear against all others and I do think there is an internal fight going on between those 2 and paid consultants like KAC…
    I haven’t heard too much of the other children since the election?

  13. Which story is funnier? This one about Joe Biden for president in 2020?

    “I am going to run for president in 2020,” Biden told a group of reporters in the Capitol when asked about his political future. “What the hell man, anyway.”

    Or this one about a fool who went full tilt nuts on election night:

    How I Ended Up In A Psych Ward On Election Night
    A top Hillary fundraiser’s fall [snip]

    Terror drove me to this interrupted state. I was afraid for the nation, for the stigmatized and oppressed. I was also afraid for my own life. Because the values and principles I hold dear felt fatally incompatible with the hate and bigotry that Trumpism had come to stand for. I did not want to live in a world that would elect such a man as president.

    Or this one about cancelled parties because of Trump:

    Annual holiday party for fashion industry canceled because Donald Trump won the election [snip]

    In an interesting approach to this years’ election drama, the couple went ahead and printed their invitation pre-Trump victory with an illustration of Hillary in a Santa suit waving a flag with the caption “Make America Merry Again.”

    Pathetic losers all. Which one is funnier in their dramatic delusions we have not decided.

  14. Doesn’t get any better Administration, 60 Minites…and as one astute observer noted, 60 Minutes staff didn’t even try to assist the disabled person who came to their rescue after the fact.

  15. A tough year to be a Democrat.
    Or, he was riding really high until he fell.

    Feds recommend 17 to 21 years in prison for Fattah
    Updated: December 6, 2016

    This in spite of the fact that White Bro Bob Casey testified in Fattah’s defense.

    PS admin. I recently renewed my presence on FB and per Foxy’s reminder, I’ve put this link there.
    Restoration of that account was so I can see what DJT is doing. My posts are public, but friends are not allowed. Not certain what that gets anyone other than me.

  16. Local bar is having a blast claiming I won the election for Trump. Gay dude that went full on Trump train kinda threw people for a loop. It was fun. Little by little different people started supporting him. My sister in law was in my living room she whispered that she was voting Trump. I said no one can her you. I was laughed at about Donald. So much fun to watch as the support grew. I have been reading here since 2007. Admin sang praisesfor Trump way backbthen

  17. It confounds me how the dims are operating. Its like third tier sociology department calling the shots. Painting straight white men as monsters might win an Emmy on a show 6 people watch but it is not something real. Girls, women have fathers and brothers and sons. The rough aspect of Trump was a non issue. The only people I knew that got upset about pussygate where the same people that make everything into a vagina war. Had CNN been a little less biased I think Hillary would have one. They were so tone deaf and kept screaming sexism it was tiring. Every ad I saw for Hillary in the days before made me tired. Trump came on like a hurricane. Sorry did not identify with being broken. Thats what she was selling.

  18. I always wondered what happened to ABM90 does anyone know? I am sorry that Hillary became such a loser! I was WITHHER in 08 but her policies become so distant for me as a regular American!

    I worked HARD for Trump and I”m proud that I am seeing what a UNIQUE and SMART POTUS he is going to be!


  19. Lots of confusion tonight over Michigan. The bottom line, according to our analysis, is that the recount in Michigan will be terminated. Repeat: the recount in Michigan will soon be over even though there are two court decisions tonight that seem to contradict each other. We’ll sum up after we post the two articles on the decisions:

    LANSING — The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the Board of State Canvassers never should have allowed a recount requested by Green Party candidate Jill Stein to proceed, because she has no chance to overturn the result of the presidential election in her favor and is not an aggrieved candidate.

    The panel ordered the board to “reject the Nov. 30, 2016 petition of candidate Stein that precipitated the current recount process.”

    The ruling came out almost simultaneously with a 2-1 order from the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals which upheld U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith’s Monday order that the recount must get under way at noon that day, which it did.

    The combined effect of the two rulings appears to set up further court proceedings in front of Goldsmith and the Michigan Republican Party has already filed for another federal hearing.

    “The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in our favor, determining that the petition for recount filed by Dr. Jill Stein should have been denied,” said Ronna Romney McDaniel, chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. “Dr. Stein is not an aggrieved candidate as she has no chance of winning the election in Michigan.”

    Attorney General Bill Schuette said: “I’m grateful, and I know Michigan taxpayers agree, that the Michigan Court of Appeals has adhered to the rule of law,” given that estimates of the cost of the recount are as high as $5 million — more than $4 million more than the fee Stein was required to pay.

    Andrea Bitely, a spokeswoman for Schuette, said the Michigan Court of Appeals said that “there is no conflict between” its order and the federal district court’s temporary restraining order, so the recount should end immediately.

    “To ensure clarity for Michigan taxpayers, (and as recommended in the Sixth Circuit’s opinion issued this evening), the Attorney General is now filing in the federal district court a motion to dissolve the temporary restraining order,” Bitely said.

    Mark Brewer, an attorney for Stein, said the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to stay the Republicans’ request to stop the recount, so it will continue until all the parties can get back to federal court to plead their case, again, before Goldsmith.

    That article is a bit confusing. This one is a bit clearer:

    Despite dueling court rulings, Michigan recount keeps going

    A federal appeals court upheld the Michigan recount that’s been under way since Monday in an opinion issued late Tuesday, just moments before a state appeals court issued an opinion saying the recount should never have been allowed to begin.

    The dueling appelate opinions appear to set up further proceedings before U.S. District Judge Mark Goldmsmith, who ordered the recount to begin Monday, two days before state officials had scheduled it to start. [snip]

    Though that’s a blow to the Michigan Republican Party, which sought to stop the recount, the ruling also contained hope for state Republicans, because it was limited to Goldsmith’s action in doing away with a planned two business day delay in starting the recount in Michigan. It didn’t address whether the recount itself was lawful.

    Minutes after the 6th Circuit issued that opinion, the Michigan Court of Appeals released a 3-0 opinion, following a hearing Tuesday afternoon, saying the state Board of Canvassers never should have allowed the recount to proceed because Stein — who received just over 1% of the vote — did not qualify as an “aggrieved candidate” under state law.

    In affirming the judge’s order, the 6th Circuit said: “If subsequently, the Michigan courts determine the … recount is improper under Michigan state law for any reason, we expect the district court to entertain any properly filed motions to dissolve or modify this order in this case.” [snip]

    The Michigan Republican Party will file a motion tonight with Goldsmith to dissolve his order, said Sarah Anderson, spokeswoman for the party.

    “Our understanding is that 6th circuit upheld Judge Goldsmith’s ruling, but also said that … if Michigan courts determine that the recount is improper that he should entertain a properly filed motion to dissolve the order,” she said. “We’ll be making that motion and expect that recount will be stopped.”

    In short, the federal appeals court is ordering federal district judge Goldsmith to do what the Michigan court determined – stop the recount. Recount’s over in Michigan.

    Michigan already filed it’s vote to the Electoral College. That vote will not change. Trump gets Michigan’s 16 electoral votes which puts him over 270. Trump wins again.

  20. Henry, if we recall correctly you once wrote you are from PA. If so, thanks and congrats. PA was the keystone in the Trump victory. Every vote/voice for Trump in PA got him the victory.

  21. Apparently the voter fraud was so corrupt that they literally can not do a complete recount in MI. THey apparently ran votes through the machines more than once in several municipalities the day of voting, it’s a real clusterf%ck…
    That is how hillary got her votes. The cheating was over the top. Who knows how many millions of votes in actuality.

  22. Merkel is now calling for a ban on burkas in Germany. I think it’s a good step, but as far as her motivation, I think she’s just trying to save her hide in the next election.

  23. ⚔️Patriot 4 Trump ‏@BigStick2013 10h10 hours ago

    You may not no this Boeing donated millions to Clinton Foundation — Trump is not dumb Boeing expected a return, MSM will ignore

  24. myiq (crawdad hole) tweeted a photo of Trump in Oval Office. Santa and Jesus are both in front of him, and Trump is saying, “welcome back, gentlemen”.

    My job started calling the Xmas party the “holiday party”. I get that, then Jewish people can feel welcome (sorry, I don’t care about those other $*$&5#$). But I don’t agree about “holiday tree”, which they call the Xmas tree. It’s NOT a holiday tree, it’s a Xmas tree. To me, the tree thing is like calling the mennorah (sp?) the “holiday candles”. No, you wouldn’t do that, because they’re specifically Jewish. I see the tree as no different.

  25. David A. Clarke, Jr. ‏@SheriffClarke 18h18 hours ago

    “Fake news” was born in August 2014 in Ferguson MO. when @MSNBC @nytimes @washingtonpost @CNN all propagated the Hands up, Don’t shoot lie.

  26. Lou Dobbs ‏@LouDobbs 2h2 hours ago

    .@realDonaldTrump in NC: “I’m asking you to dream big again as Americans, to believe in yourself, to believe in your country.” #MAGA #Dobbs

  27. Official Team Trump ‏@TeamTrump 3h3 hours ago

    “We will be the Administration that ENDED illegal immigration.” – @realDonaldTrump

  28. Paul Joseph Watson ‏@PrisonPlanet 11h11 hours ago

    CNN is putting out fake news that Trump might put Muslims in camps. This will radicalize actual jihadists. Chilling.

  29. Democrats for Trump ‏@YoungDems4Trump 1h1 hour ago

    There are two teams now.

    Team Trump
    Team Soros

    You have to pick a side.

  30. Dinesh D’Souza ‏@DineshDSouza 21m21 minutes ago

    When white supremacy was a real force, the Democrats were doing it. Now that it’s a spent force, they’re trying to blame it on the right.

    What is the face of REAL bigotry in America?
    Democrats still reflect the values of their KKK history. Wikileaks emails show that they still speak about blacks and hispanics as they always have, just privately now instead of publicly.

  31. Detroit Voter Fraud so Extensive Half of Initial Votes Ineligible for Recount… … via @thelastrefuge2

    Cudas to Jill Stein for exposing extensive voter fraud by dims. Project Veritas should hire her. It being Detroit, sure as God made little green apples, those were votes for Hillary which must now be set aside for fraud. At this rate, Trump’s margin is likely to grow. What many people do not realize is that the Trump campaign let many questionable ballots go through so they would not be accused of impeding the process, whereas thanks to this recount, those questionable votes will be excluded, in which case, his margin of victory will widen. Jill has made the case for voter ID and machine verification, believing it would all cut the other way. St. Joan.

  32. Admin
    yep I am in Pittsburgh but went to Temple in Philly.
    I was thinking about what you wrote.
    In my limited world I was the first to get behind Trump. I was vocal. I’m not what you would call a typical Republican voter. I voted for Palin not McCain. There was so much silent support for Trump. I bought my Dr and lawyer Crippled America. I had supported Hillary with a vengeance in 2008

  33. Ugh. Kindle froze and posted. My doc and barrister are both early 30’s and female. They got behind Trump. I was disgusted in 2008. Felt powerless as the party transformed. The MAGA hat was brilliant. I’d like to think I helped a bit. Say I moved 25 votes if 2800 people were ground warriors across PA and informed people what cnn was not Trump beat Hillary with that support. The media was full on Alinsky . So much ridicule. Wearing that hat screamed I am not being told what to think by Anderson Cooper. I am defiant. People loved it. My sister in law whispered she was voting for Trump in my living room.
    I don’t think Milo can be given enough credit. This young adults falling to pieces over chalk on campuses. They are minority they are just given biggest megaphone by schools. Not a genuine reflection.
    I read Madonna can’t sleep since electionand she says its because women hate women.
    Her offering oral sex was foul. Perception. I thought it was gross. Madge is in her fifties. That becomes associated with Hillary. So out of the norm. Her surrogates seemed to harm her. I like crude humor and always got a kick out of Chelsea Handler. Went to watch her new Netflix show. Turned it off. She is funny but she oozes hate for Trump. Her career not mine but her meanness was a yuuuge turnoff.
    I eat cereal at night. Yummy no cook time no clean up. Not going to march in the streets against Kelloggs. I’ll just buy General Mills. Doesn’t require any thought or effort.
    I don’t think the progs realize they have lost the grip. Everyone knows about Rules for Radicals. Look at deplorables. It became an anthem within hours. Trump Republicans became brutally funny.
    Sure has been one hell of a ride.

  34. Venus
    December 7, 2016 at 8:38 am
    Time Magazine basically had no choice — names Trump Person of the Year. It must have killed them. The article itself drips with their bitter tears — delicious!
    Perhaps he will give Obama a signed copy of that rag when they ride together in the limousine at the inauguration. Obama could then hang it on the wall at his presidential library caption to read: the end of me.

  35. Henry, if you like Milo, check out Blaire White. She has her own channel on YouTube. Young, brilliant, gorgeous, trans and very conservative in most of her views. She is delightful to listen to and she has a wicked sense of humor.

    She and Milo make me wish I’d have started my conservative bent in my 20s and not my 40s.

    For me it feels like a great time to be a gay guy who is out of the political closet.

  36. Felix
    I have mixed feeling about transgender people. I do not get it. I have known a few in passing. I hope I have never been rude. I am more of a general asshole. Far too lazy to pick out a specific group. I don’t get it. Not my place to judge. The recent hoopla has made me less sympathetic. I don’t see why we can’t let children be feminine or masculine. Putting on a dress does not a woman make. Blaire White is very intersting. I’ll watch a few more. I am fine with adults doing whatever just no hormone treatment for kids. Maybe I am missing something. I’m from a big family and grew up with cousins that lived down the street. I always had a universe of family. Thevkids I see on local news suing schools to pee sitting down always seem disconnected. I could be wrong just strike me as its the parents pushing it.
    I watched two Blaire White videos. Intrigued. She is an adult make your own decisions. Cutting off her penis does not effect me. I am gay. Not really sure how LGBT gets all lumped together. Like we all hold same values. I like Camille Paglia but think Rosie is a monster. Trump was such a yuuuge personality. He mocks himself. Speaking only for myselfI felt like I was bursting at the seams as kid What was Streisand.
    Been reading lots of articles with Hollywood saying he is a malignant narcissist. I don’t think Micheal Moore should be passing out clinical diagnoses. Malignant Narcissism is really bad. They cannot laugh at themselves. Trump does Moore is obese and slovenly not the picture of mental well being

  37. One other thing if you have watched Roger & Me. Michael Moore takes this poor woman that had obvious mental difficulties and paraded her own film. She sold rabbits and had an obvious coping shortage. He portrayed her lot like it had something to do with the auto industry decline. He is so fake. What kind of person feeds off the truly powerless. The sight of him makes me sick. He is a leftest god.

  38. I’m on the fence about most trans-people too. The reason is today it seems to be a fad. The true number of trans people is very tiny. Always has been. Blaire still has her thang. She doesn’t believe she will ever part with it. Therein may lie the difference. She is essentially a gay guy that wishes to live life as a woman but is upfront with the fact she is still a male. Contrast that with the bulk of trans-folk (even dragon-kin) they live in a fantasy land were there is an infinite number of possible genders to pick from and you can often change your mind. (idiots)

    I like Blaire because she goes after political correctness, third-wave feminism and social justice warriors. She does not see herself as a victim in any way, shape or form. Still, she calls out all those who claim victimhood status without grounds to do so.
    Give her a shot. Maybe watch a couple more videos.

    Regarding Paglia, I have loved her command of the English language in print for many, many years. Spoken word, not so much. She relies on “OK” too often between sentences, though I confess, those sentences are filled with fascinating information and imagery.

    Michael Moore is a slob and a commie imbecile. He should go live in Cuba. He loves the island so much. Useful idiot never thought when he went to study their healthcare the commies would only take him to the places that actually looked like they were clinics and hospitals. We still have relatives in Cuba and they contact my mom on a regular basis begging for aspirin, band aids, alkaselzer and cough drops.

    I hate commies. They screw up everything they touch.

  39. I don’t understand why this election is so hard for people to figure out. The Republican candidate needs to be able to get his message out, without using the Media. And he needed enough money to run without owing his donors. Trump was the only candidate with those abilities. Look at the reaction to his immigration policy. None of the other candidates had sense enough to take the same position.

    I worked Decision Desk. I listened to them bad mouth Trump and knew they were wrong. I talked to Brandon by phone on the day of the election. He seemed to expect a Hillary win. I told him Trump would win because it was a change election. AndI told him about the stories of people in the hospital, making that last vote. I knew they were not voting for Hillary.
    I hope people will pay less attention to polls and learn to talk to people around the country.

  40. Felix
    I will watch more. I was impressed. She is very articulate. I liked listenning. There was a groundswell of nontraditional support for Trump. I wonder how someone views it from the sidelines. I can’t be objective as to why I supported him. Too close. There was a gay movement. Why?

  41. Donald keep tweeting…cable news is reduced to gossip amongst themselves…they are no longer ‘news’…they do not report the ‘news’ or inform…they try their best to brainwash…

    …and did I mention they have become so boring…boring…they keep repeating the same boring stuff over and over again…

    (btw…by chance I caught a segment of Van Jones new show…race, race, race…all grievances…all the time…could not take it…had to immediately flee…that bad)

    “You know, I think they’re so openly partisan that I can’t even hardly turn on CNN in the morning, that they’re going on and on about potential conflicts of interest,” Paul said. “Not that they’ve said this is a conflict of interest. They just go on and on and on, so it’s clearly a partisan network, and there’s no news.”

  42. Just as a note on Global Warming, there is direct proof of it in the trend in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    Carbon Dioxide effects the average thermodynamic properties of air such that the same amount of heat will create higher temperature in a given volume of air, as the carbon dioxide level increases.

    It is simply incorrect to say Global Warming is a hoax. It would be accurate to say the science has been politicized into a hoax. It would be nice to see a sensible approach to the problem. Using our natural resources is another way to rob the future and so they should support the development of sustainable energy sources. For instance, there are microorganisms that convert carbon dioxide to biofuel. Solar also changes the heat balance of the atmosphere. It would be a bad mistake to deny the global warming issue and fail to develop solutions.

    Shutting down the coal industry as China belches smoke is just plain stupid.

  43. Termites create more CO2 than all human activities combined.

    For starters, CO2 is actually a rather flawed “greenhouse gas.” When CO2 is first introduced into the atmosphere it rapidly absorbs as much heat (in the form of infrared radiation) as possible. But it doesn’t take long for CO2 to become “optically saturated.” This means that after reaching roughly 0.0020 percent (20 parts per million) of the atmosphere, CO2 starts fading. From then on, it takes ever-doubling amounts of CO2 to trap the same amount of heat. By the present concentration of 0.04 percent (400 parts per million), CO2 is essentially saturated—and can’t meaningfully trap much additional heat.
    This limitation of CO2 actually runs completely counter to the prevailing notion that adding more CO2 to the atmosphere will continue to trap ever greater amounts of heat. In truth, basic science demonstrates exactly the opposite, which is why climate scientists actually base most of their projected warming on “positive feedback” from water vapor.
    Significantly, water vapor functions as the predominant heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere. And so, when climate scientists use computer models to predict future warming due to man-made climate change, they are essentially saying the following: We know that CO2 rapidly fades as a greenhouse gas. We think that before CO2 becomes saturated, it will raise global temperatures enough to add more water vapor to the atmosphere. This added water vapor will trap more heat, which will raise temperatures more, which will add more water vapor. The result will be a feedback loop that keeps driving a rise in temperatures.
    There’s a major flaw in this theory, however, and one that climate scientists have never been able to solve. Simply put, water vapor in the atmosphere inevitably transitions to clouds. And cumulus clouds not only reflect solar radiation back into space but also produce rain—which not only lowers surface temperatures but also scrubs CO2 from the atmosphere.
    Regardless of the cloud problem, this presumed climate “sensitivity” to CO2 is the overall engine of man-made warming and continues to be programmed into computer models. But it remains a tenuous argument. So the real question should be: Well if CO2 isn’t driving global warming, what is?
    And that brings us to the second point that I try to make—the issue of solar variability. Over the past 150 years, the sun’s output has increased quite significantly—to levels not seen in as much as 2,000 years. Many people assume that the sun’s output is constant, but in fact, it ebbs and flows on various short- and long-term cycles. And so, not only did solar activity increase sharply during the 20th century, but this same increase in output corresponds quite closely with other warm periods recorded over the past few thousands of years.
    Sadly, advocates of man-made climate change essentially discount solar activity as a meaningful contributor to global warming. Their reasoning is that changes in solar irradiance (“brightness”) are quite small compared to the overall, observed warming of the 20th century. However, this view overlooks the related—and larger—impacts of solar variability, including atmospheric ionization and cloud formation. And so, when considered together, these associated factors demonstrate a more complete picture of solar variability’s relevance.

  44. Further, NASA has been fudging the temperature record. Follow @steveSgoddard . He’s made ferreting out NASA’s temperature fraud his passion.

  45. blowme0bama
    December 7, 2016 at 8:13 pm
    The author is not knowledgeable about thermodynamics or the characteristics of carbon dioxide. What I have posted is a direct measure of a trend and a molecule that has thermodynamic properties. His “optically saturated” stuff is just bullshit and so is his article.

  46. blowme0bama
    December 7, 2016 at 8:17 pm
    My point has nothing to do with the temperature measurements. I am basing my position on the rising carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere and the thermodynamic properties of carbon dioxide.

  47. Lu,
    Their Models simply do not work, period. They can’t tell you tomorrow’s temperature within 5 degrees, how in the hell are they going to tell you the temperature 40 years from now?

  48. India is also taking the gold from its citizenstill, actually going into their houses..n

    Nowhere is gold worshipped like it is in India, but you don’t even hear whispers…

  49. Vicky Retweeted

    Guido Fawkes ‏@GuidoFawkes 11h11 hours ago

    BREAKING: Parliament votes 461-89 to trigger Article 50 by 31st March 2017


    Finally, Brexit will be followed through on…

  50. lorac
    December 8, 2016 at 1:07 am

    The “Remoaners” have been tediously exposing themselves as globalist shills in a UK supreme court case saying that the UK public is not supreme but rather only Parliament is. Theresa May just kneecapped them by pulling a surprise vote in the Remoaners beloved supreme body of all thing British and rendered the idiot lawsuit moot. The UK is out of the EU. Both Parliament and popular vote referendum now stand. The EU and Euro may collapse before the ink is dry on the divorce.

  51. blowme0bama
    December 7, 2016 at 8:54 pm
    The temperature of the atmosphere is not predictable because many things effect it. The temperature rise due to an extrapolated rise in carbon dioxide levels is hard science. Beware of those who tell you otherwise. That this science is politicized and misused is very dangerous, because there is a real issue here.

  52. Since the election I have been trying to get a fix on how Trump is going to govern. His opponents, both Dems and the GOPe, the media when they weren’t hysterical, the permanent government of civil servants/think tanks/contractors/lobby shops/SJW lawyers seemed very cocksure that he would not be able to accomplish his campaign promises because they are set for life in sinecures, money and the pecking order and he couldn’t do anything about them.

    Not shockingly, the Clinton Foundation, which is a lobby shop, think tank and sinecure parker of butts out of federal service waiting to be cycled back on the public payroll, saw their donations reduced by about 50% in days. Then a story in the WaPo about a lobby shop that had stupidly hired a bunch of Democratic flunkies, with contracts!!! signed, BEFORE the election and now they are stuck with them. Much of the wailing coming out of DC is about realizing they are unemployed with no glimmer of federal or lobby jobs on the horizon. The vast Clinton campaign which had double, triple, quadruple the number of climbers that Trump employed who find their climb up the greasy pole stopped cold and all of their low or no paid work will go unrewarded at Hillary has fewer and fewer chits to pass out with the donor money drying up and the US Treasury denied her. They lost and losers don’t get the jobs and positions and perks and power. They do snipe, gripe and whine a lot.

    Hints of civil service reform, a general clean-out and downsizing of agencies are circulating. This is fairly standard stuff for a Republican president. Trump’s business and campaign history of not tolerating do-nothing deadwood is worrying DC though. But of more importance immediately is who is going to be directing these agencies and Cabinet staff. Trump is a big picture guy. He hires people to do the work to meet his big picture goals and hit his targets. Hiring generals is a natural for the next level as they are trained to do this. So is Sessions, McMahon, etc. All are used to working in various types of teams. Could Mitt do this also as SOS? Absolutely. Besides the SOS is not going to be as important in this administration which is going to be all in on domestic policy. The appointment of the number one litigant stopping the EPA from Oklahoma is some very funny trolling.

    So what is driving Trump’s specific picks for these agencies? Sessions is an expert, legal theorist, and law and order guy. He just wants to enforce the already existing laws and doesn’t need any new ones. This has not been obvious to the public as he sat in the Senate. But the Democrats that served with him know it and are dreading it. And loyalty to Trump which is very important as it means he can trust him implicitly and basically turn him loose. The same to a great extent with Flynn. For HHS a Kelly appointment is throwing a curve-ball. Instead of the narrative of an anti-immigrant racist which was already pre-written, Kelly will be very difficult to fight as an anti-dope smuggling crusader who is going to shut down a porous and lawless border which had been opened to drug cartels by Obama. This is a brilliant pick. It kills the open border advocates arguments. Are they really going to oppose a crack down on drug smuggling and criminals running back and forth over the border terrorizing border residents and killing our young people with cheap dope? Carson is for outreach to blacks and a sincere advocate for improving their opportunities and lives. Attacking him in the media for being a decent person is just the kind of mistakes that Trump elicits from his mindless opponents. Will Carson be successful? Does it matter since he is at least trying which is more than Obama ever did.

    So Trump is appointing “organization” guys (and gals). The next level beneath them will be the “mechanics” who implement everything. And it is moving faster than anything they have seen in DC since WWII. Trump is leaving them confused, flat-footed and breathless. Then he tweets about something unrelated or off the wall sending Dems and the media off on a wild goose chase. Lucky Trump.

  53. Trump’s initial governing is going to be part hostile takeover. It is a little bit too early to know exactly what that tack is going to be as there are several ways to do it. But it is going to be interesting.

  54. Mormaer at 6:02 am
    Thank you for such great information and insight. I’m sharing it with my friends.

  55. Henry, I always knew there were a lot of us out there that leaned right. Take me for example. Other than being a gay guy and having believed for a long time in legal domestic partnership status, there is not anything about me that could be called “liberal.” It took May 31, 2008 and the rules and bylaws committee to make me see what my grandfather had been warning me about my whole life. I operated under the liberal label because of one single issue. Other than that I had nothing in common with the platform the democrats were promoting. Not to mention, as the committee proved, there was nothing democratic about the democrats.

    I was (and am) prolife, deeply religious, carry my NRA and CCP cards with me wherever I go and, yeah, I pack heat: S&W, MP 9mm Shield. Since I have always considered myself a fiscal conservative there really was nothing holding me to the democrat plantation. I escaped.

    It is my belief that the Orlando terrorist attack in June of this year made a lot of gay people question the democrats’ platform. Basically, inundating our country with people who want us dead. Muslims are now at the top of the victim totem pole. Without question. I think a lot of people saw that for the first time. Trump coming out and publicly stating we had a right to live and breathe free resonated. I already loved him but that day I loved him more.

    After Orlando the democrats came out and spewed anti-gun rhetoric and spread pro-Islamic-talking points. They did not use the words Islam and gay in the same sentence. They were more concerned someone would pull a hijab than they were about the fact 50 people had been slaughtered because they were in a gay club.

    Big, big difference. I think a lot of people noticed and they voted accordingly.

    Again, just my opinion.

  56. Outris
    December 8, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    Obama, just STFU. You are no longer relevant and still blaming Bush for your failure.

    He is very Wrong in this. 👿

  57. President-Elect Donald J. Trump will be at Ohio State tonight. John Glenn died today and Ohio State and perhaps will receive the praise due from Trump:

    An authentic hero and genuine American icon, Glenn died this afternoon surrounded by family at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus after a remarkably healthy life spent almost from the cradle with Annie, his beloved wife of 73 years, who survives.

    He, along with fellow aviators Orville and Wilbur Wright and moon-walker Neil Armstrong, truly made Ohio first in flight. [snip]

    Glenn lived a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! life. As a Marine Corps pilot, he broke the transcontinental flight speed record before being the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962 and, 36 years later at age 77 in 1998, becoming the oldest man in space as a member of the seven-astronaut crew of the shuttle Discovery.

    He made that flight in his 24th and final year in the U.S. Senate, from whence he launched a short-lived bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984. Along the way, Glenn became moderately wealthy from an early investment in Holiday Inns near Disney World and a stint as president of Royal Crown International.

    In one of his last public appearances, Glenn, with Annie by his side, sat in the Port Columbus airport terminal on June 28 as officials renamed it in his honor — the John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

    In addition to his world-famous career in aviation and aerospace, Glenn had a relationship with that particular airport that is likely second to none. Glenn, who turned 8 the month that Port Columbus opened in July 1929, recalled asking his parents to stop at the airport so he could watch the planes come and go while he was growing up in New Concord, 70 miles east of Columbus.

    Glenn recalled “many teary departures and reunions” at the airport’s original terminal on Fifth Avenue during his time as a military aviator during World War II. He and his wife Annie, who had been married 73 years, later kept a small Beechcraft plane at Lane Aviation on the airport grounds for many years, and he only gave up flying his own plane at age 90.

    Privately, this man who had been honored by presidents and immortalized in history books and movies, told friends that for an aviator, seeing his name on the Columbus airport was the highest honor he could imagine.

    Glenn, who lived with Annie for the past decade in a Downtown Columbus condo, dedicated his life to public service, devoting many of his later years to Ohio State University, which in 2005 converted the century-old Page Hall into the John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy and the School of Public Policy and Management. It is now the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

    “He was very proud of the Glenn College,” said Jack Kessler, chairman of the New Albany Company, a former Ohio State trustee and longtime friend of the Glenns. “It’s a legacy that will carry on his mission toward good public policy.”

    While Glenn held office as a Democrat, he wasn’t partisan, Kessler said. “I never heard him say a bad thing about anyone. Some of his best friends were Republicans, and he could work with anyone.”

    Surrounded by dozens of students striving to earn master’s and doctoral degrees from the institute, Glenn said at its dedication, “If we inspire a few young people into careers of public service and politics, this will all be worth it.”

    Remarkably physically fit and energetic, Glenn only began encountering health problems in 2013 when he had a pacemaker implanted and missed some public appearances due to vertigo.

    In 2011, he and Annie both had knee-replacement surgery, which kept them from repeating a planned road trip like the impromptu 8,400-mile journey throughout the West they took a year earlier in their Cadillac when she was 89 and he 88.

    Raised in New Concord, where he and Annie both went to Muskingum College, Glenn aspired to be a medical doctor, but World War II sidetracked that ambition and launched a life of uncommon achievement and bravery. At age 8, he took his first ride in an open-cockpit airplane and ended up virtually living life in the sky, continuing to fly until 2011 when he put up for sale the twin-engine Beech Baron he had owned since 1981.

    “I miss it,” Glenn told The Dispatch in 2012 “I never got tired of flying.”

    Glenn flew 149 combat missions in World War II and Korea, where his wingman and eventual lifelong friend was baseball legend Ted Williams. In Korea, Glenn earned the nickname “Old Magnet Ass” due to his skill in landing his airplane under any condition, even after it was riddled with bullets and had blown tires.

    Born not far from New Concord in Cambridge on July 18, 1921, Glenn and his parents moved about 10 miles west in 1923 to New Concord. His father was a plumber and his mother a teacher who joined a social group called the Twice 5 Club, which got together once a month. Another couple in the club had a daughter, Annie Castor, who was a year older than Glenn, and the two toddlers often shared a playpen while their parents played cards.

    Their relationship evolved into a quintessential American love story, with the spark between them first igniting when they were in junior high school.

    “To write a story about either of them, if it doesn’t include the other, then it just isn’t complete,” their daughter, Lyn, told The Dispatch in 2007. She and her brother, David, a California doctor, survive.

    John and Annie were married on April 6, 1943, and the next January, as they held each other searching for something to say as he prepared to ship out for combat in the South Pacific, John said, “I’m just going down to the corner store to get a pack of gum.”

    From that day on, she kept a gum wrapper in her purse.
    To many with disabilities, Annie became a heroine in her own right as she struggled to conquer near-debilitating stuttering.

    For more than half of her life, she counted on others to speak for her, publicly uncommunicative in a world that demanded more from her as her husband’s fame ascended.

    Through it all, John stood by Annie, who, in 1973, underwent an innovative treatment regimen that dramatically improved her speech to the extent that she was delivering speeches on behalf of her husband’s 1984 presidential candidacy.

    Glenn, who received his pilot’s license in 1941, was at home in the sky, soon evident after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and he left Muskingum College to enlist in the Marine Air Corps. In the Pacific, he flew 59 missions over the Marshall Islands.

    After being stationed in China and Guam when World War II ended, Glenn was a flight instructor in Texas before being transferred to Virginia. When the Korean War broke out, Glenn applied for combat duty, and flew 90 missions. Overall, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross six times and was awarded the Air Medal with 18 clusters.

    After returning from Korea, Glenn became a test pilot. He set a coast-to-coast speed record in 1957, piloting a Navy jet fighter from California to New York in 3 hours and 23 minutes. In 1959, he was selected as one of the country’s first seven astronauts, a historic group immortalized in Tom Wolfe’s 1979 book The Right Stuff, the basis for a movie of the same name.

    The United States was enveloped in a cold war with the Soviet Union, and after a series of U.S. rockets had blown up, the American psyche was dealt a blow in 1961 when Russian Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space and the first to orbit Earth.

    The third American in space after suborbital missions by Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom, Glenn finally equaled Gagarin’s achievement by blasting off on Feb. 20, 1962, after weather and mechanical problems caused his mission to be postponed 10 times.

    Crammed into the 7-foot-wide Friendship 7 space capsule atop a 100-foot-tall Atlas rocket loaded with 250,000 pounds of explosive fuel, Glenn launched 160-miles into space, orbiting the world three times at 17,500 miles per hour.

    Reflecting many years later, Glenn would say that computers were the greatest technological achievement during his life, but there were none on Friendship 7, and deep into the flight he had to take manual control of the capsule when systems malfunctioned.

    As the capsule descended for a watery landing, mission control feared that its heat shield was peeling off. Well past four hours into the flight, Glenn was told of the problem and knew he could be burned alive in an instant (Annie was notified to expect the worst), but the astronaut stayed focused even as fiery pieces of his spacecraft flew by his window.

    “You didn’t really have time to think about it,” he told students at COSI Columbus 45 years later. “Long before you actually got to the flight itself, you sort of made peace with mortality.”

    Safely splashing in the Atlantic Ocean 800 miles southeast of Bermuda, Glenn’s historic flight invigorated the nation and catapulted him into American lore. He addressed a joint session of Congress and rode in a convertible with Annie as 4 million people cheered him in a Manhattan ticker-tape parade.

    In 2007, 45 years after his historic orbital mission, Glenn told a Columbus audience how much he longed to return to space right away, only to learn years after leaving the space program that President John F. Kennedy, fearing the worst, secretly had barred him from other flights to spare the country the potential loss of a national hero.

    Glenn admitted in that speech that he was jealous in 1969 when fellow Ohioan Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon.

    In 1964, only two years after his famous flight on Friendship 7, Glenn ran in the Democratic Senate primary against incumbent Sen. Stephen M. Young. But only six weeks after announcing his candidacy, Glenn dropped out of the race after damaging his inner ear in a bathroom fall, an injury that caused severe dizziness and balance problems. He recovered eight months later.

    Glenn ran for the Senate again in 1970, but lost in the primary to Howard M. Metzenbaum, whom he defeated in a rematch four years later. He handily won election that fall over Cleveland Mayor Ralph Perk and won re-election by huge margins in 1980 and 1986.

    After winning re-election in 1980 by the largest margin in Ohio history, Glenn ran for president in 1984. He was seen as the leading challenger to former Vice President Walter F. Mondale for the Democratic nomination, and was the candidate many considered to have the best chance of defeating President Ronald Reagan in the general election.

    But plagued by a disorganized campaign and with a centrist theme ill-suited to a liberal-dominated Democratic primary process, Glenn finished back in the pack in the important Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. He borrowed $2 million to compete in the Southern primaries, but he didn’t win a state and dropped out of the race.

    The debt remaining from that race, which rose to more than $3 million, became a campaign issue for Glenn in subsequent Senate races and nagged him until 2006 when the Federal Elections Commission finally allowed him to close the books on it after years of chipping away.

    The third term of his four in the Senate was dominated by a Senate investigation into allegations that he improperly interceded with S&L regulators on behalf of Charles Keating, who had raised or donated $242,000 to Glenn’s political committees. Glenn personally spent more than $500,000 to defend his honor, and the Senate Ethics Committee cleared him of wrongdoing.

    “I spend half a million dollars on my defense, and I wouldn’t pull back a penny of it,” Glenn said then. “The reason I felt so strongly about it was that it involved my honor, and if I had to sell everything I had and mortgaged the house, I would have done everything I could to see the truth come out.”

    In his final year as a U.S. senator in 1998, Glenn was reborn as an astronaut. At 77, he orbited the Earth with six astronauts aboard shuttle Discovery, once again rendering his body and mind to the study of science, providing insight into how the oldest man ever launched into space held up. Glenn, remarkably fit, became an inspiration once again to mankind.

    The events of John Glenn’s life, and his footprint on history, are chronicled in countless books and beyond. The Friendship 7 capsule is in the Smithsonian, his papers and memorabilia are archived at Ohio State, and his life with Annie — and much more — are displayed at the Glenn Historic Site in New Concord.

    A humble giant fell today.

  58. My sister never forgave Glenn for testifying against women in the Astronaut program before Congress. You had to be a test pilot in those days and women weren’t allowed to be test pilots.
    He said he wasn’t antiwomen, but protest/Astronaut pilot, something like that.
    But the women, called Mercury 13, actually had better test scores than the men.
    There is a movie waiting to be made of them.
    I think he was a product of his times AND an American hero.

  59. “This is not exactly the speech at the Capitol I hoped to be giving after the election,” Clinton said. “But after a few weeks of taking selfies in the woods, I thought it would be a good idea to come out”

    Hah… a few weeks hiding in the woods is more like it. And this from the woman who wanted to be POTUS. Please Hillary, go back in the woods and stay there where you belong. Loser.

  60. I just listened to the first few minutes of Hillary Clinton’s speech today.

    In those few minutes Hillary. she who dragged Travon Marten’s lying mother around with her to campaign for her said:

    “The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year — it’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” Clinton said during a speech on Capitol Hill.

    “This isn’t about politics or partisanship,” Clinton continued “Lives are at risk — lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days, to do their jobs, contribute to their communities.”

    “It’s a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly,” she said.

    I wish I could run into her in the woods to ask her face to face what is she thinking. But what good would ever come of it, she is a liar, she lies to herself as much as to us. I can’t believe I worked for her, sent her money, flew to Denver to be a witness for Hillary, for truth and for history.

    Here is the link see if you can stomach it.

    Never mind they ruined George Zimmerman’s life. NOW it gets serious – Hillary sees herself as an injured party – thinks she got hurt.

    No Hillary you just can’t recognize that truth made it through your industrial strength filter and you got served. Oh snap.

  61. Betty
    December 8, 2016 at 9:03 pm
    I do not think we did wrong supporting Hillary in 2008. She has just been consumed by the Dark Side these last 8 years.

    So sad.

  62. Betty
    December 8, 2016 at 9:03 pm
    The thing about being a loser is that no one really cares what they say anymore. As Navy SEALs are taught during their BUDS training, it pays to be a winner.

  63. My husband and I own an investment property in Canada, a hotel share managed by the Four Seasons. In 2010 the commercial property owner wanted out because they were losing money. All of the property owners got together and decided to buy them out. Luckily some of the owners are attorneys and they took on the negotiations. The negotiations went on for years, back and forth, etc. Yesterday we got word that the commercial property owner no longer wants out. The deal is off and it’s business as usual. Everyone is stumped. I replied that it’s Trump. Markets/people are bullish since Trump’s election. The majority owner of the commercial property is Bill Gates.

  64. Lu4PUMA

    Yes it is sad, I did think she was wonderful back then. What happened? I remember thinking she must be being blackmailed, threatened in some awful way by the evil Obama cabal.

    Now I think the Clinton Cabal is aligned with the darkest, most evil intentioned people on this earth – people who have no love for humanity. And though I thought that it was Obama who went bump in the night I now know it is Hillary who bumps back.

  65. Lu and Betty – certainly we can disagree on this, so I’m not thinking this is going to change your mind. But I just can no longer believe that something “happened” to Hillary. There was “stuff” all along (getting fired from Watergate – her first legal job, persecuting Bill’s accusers, all the Arkansas scandals) and it fits in with the stuff we have seen unfold in real time since 2008. I don’t think Hillary changed, instead I think I just stopped excusing all the old stuff as “right wing conspiracy”….

  66. Rex Tillerson has emerged as a favorite of Trump for SOS. As president of ExxonMobile Mr Tillerson has extensive experience internationally.

    Bwahhahhahha! Gasp. Bwahahhaha.

    Tillerson is a great white among super-sharks. Has taken on Obama administration, OPEC and is in the middle of strategic law suits to eviscerate, bankrupt, and eliminate global warming/climate change public officials, phony scientists AND their donors. He already knows Putin. The bed shitting in DC, Brussels, and Riyadh must be epic at the very thought of this one. But being SOS would be a step down career wise for old Rex. But he is a superb organization guy.

  67. The LSM is railing about Trump picking Rich people.
    Well Hello!!! If you wanted success? Would you go to a successful person? Or a homeless man on the Street. 🙄

  68. Portmann is one of 7 well known GOPe who went “Shameful Seven” to sink the promising career of new Conservative Chris McDaniel in 2014 and never paid the price. Mitch McConnell was biggest sinner, giving $50K and he’s doing well too.

    GOPe Announce Plans To Go “Full Mississippi” on Donald Trump To Destroy Him….
    Feb 24 2016

  69. foxyladi14
    December 9, 2016 at 9:39 am
    I know it has already been talked about, But here she is. 😆


    If this doesn’t personify ‘If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit’, I don’t know what does.

  70. To stamp his mark upon his Presidency, The Donald should IMMEDIATELY invite the Dalai Llama to visit the White House immediately he gets settled in.

    Just imagine what that would signal to the Red bunch of murderous clowns in Beijing! Fantastic!

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