President Trump Revolution Blueprint Priorities: What, When, How, @RealDonaldTrump Must Do

We know exactly what President Donald J. Trump must do, how he must do it, and when he must do it. Ignore what anyone else says. We know. We know. We know.

So what must President Donald J. Trump do? How must President Donald J. Trump do it? When should President Donald J. Trump do it? And how/why do we know the answers to these monumental questions?

We answer all the above questions, all the above questions, including why we know the answers to these monumental questions – in one simple sentence, one simple response. Are you ready?

O.K. ready? Really ready? Here it comes. The next sentence you read, the next paragraph will be our answer to all the above questions.

President Donald J. Trump must do exactly the opposite of what Barack Obooberama did in exactly the opposite way of how and when Obooberama did it.

* * * * * *

It starts today, or rather it started the early morning when Donald J. Trump became President-elect Donald J. Trump.

To know what, how, when, Donald J. Trump should do, just read what we wrote as it happened all these past eight years. Remember when Obooberama was elected and he trotted out that dorky ridiculous “seal of the President-elect” that was so pompous even Big Media choked? At the time we called Obama “the Jar Jar Binks Of American Politics“. We have been proven correct.

Obooberama also made many public appearances after the November 2008 elections. He was everywhere. You could not avoid the boob on the tube[s]. At every appearance Obama made big-assed pronouncements of who he would nominate and what he would do – and we laughed. We laughed because every time Obama said something or nominated someone – months before the inauguration – all he was doing was providing a target for investigators. Anyone remember Tom Daschle? Obama wanted to nominate him to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. But because Obooberama telegraphed the nomination so early it provided Republican opposition researchers sufficient time to torpedo Daschle.

Thus far revolutionary President-elect Donald J. Trump has not fallen into the foolishness of the Obooberama president-elect days. President-elect Donald J. Trump’s appearances and appointments have been very limited because he is doing the job required not preening for Big Media.

Trump has appointed Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus as top advisor and chief of staff respectively. Both jobs do not require confirmation by the senate. Both jobs had to be filled as soon as possible because both jobs will be an important part of the transition and staffing for President Trump’s eventual government. Both choices are excellent. Chief of Staff Priebus will be in a staff position in which his knowledge of the players and the issues will be most useful. Steve Bannon as top strategist will keep the fire in the belly during President Donald J. Trump’s White House years.

President-elect Donald J. Trump would be wise to do the opposite of Obooberama and keep the deliberations and decisions secret until the last possible moment before the calendar dictates they be revealed. Frankly, if it was up to us, no names up for appointment which requires Senate confirmation would be revealed (except in secret to top congressional GOP leaders) until after President-elect Donald J. Trump becomes President Trump at the end of January. This will continue to make the revolutionary advances of President Donald J. Trump even more immeasurable.

On that January day there will be many protests. To our minds, the more and bigger the better. These protests help Trump. Keep it up leftist loons. Continue to alienate normal Americans with your temper tantrums and silliness. Violence??? We’re not suggesting violence is good in any way, but… um… leftist violence in the streets will help President Donald J. Trump in many ways. If you want to know why leftist violence and street wackiness against President-elect Donald J. Trump and/or President Donald J. Trump helps Trump and the GOP, just read what we wrote after the Chicago riots against candidate Donald J. Trump in March of this year.

As to the substance of President Donald J. Trump’s administration, again, do the opposite of Obooberama. Just remember President Trump and GOP leaders, “It’s The White Working Class, Stupid“:

Our many discussions about the white working class, including our most recent one, have emphasized that a focus on the interests of the white working class force the party to not deviate from economic policy and jobs, jobs, jobs. “It’s the economy, stupid” works because that is what the white working class is interested in.

Deviate from the interests of the white working class and disaster follows. [snip]

The white working class forced the party of FDR to focus on the economy. Bill Clinton understood. For Bill Clinton “It’s the economy, stupid.” For Obama it was everything but fiscal probity and a focus on the economy. [snip]

A focus on the interests of the white working class keeps your head on straight. A laser like focus on the white working class’ interests’ leads to “It’s the economy, stupid.”

If you believe the #1 issue for a presidential candidate can be summed up with “It’s the economy, stupid.” Then “it’s the white working class, stupid” that should determine your policy choices.

Yeah, sing it like an early Beatles song: “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, yeah, yeah, yeah”. If the white working class is happy, the black working class is happy, the Latino working class is happy, the males of the working class are happy, the women of the working class are happy, verily even the children of the working class are happy. It’s the working class stupid!!!

It’s Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, for President Donald J. Trump. That would be the opposite of what Obooberama did. Obooberama started with a wasteful “stimulus” which only stimulated the greed of corrupt state officials and other thieves. There were no “shovel-ready” jobs as Barack Obooberlyin’ama later admitted.

Do the opposite of Barack Obooberlyin’ama President Donald J. Trump and you will be a very great and successful (and historic) truly transformational leader.

After the waste of almost a trillion dollars Barack Oboobberlyin’golfin’ama turned his attention towards the destruction of a sixth of the American economy – the health sector. ObamaCare was a mess in many ways. One of the biggest messes Barack Obooberlyin’golfin’ama made with ObamaCare was the destruction of jobs. So the destruction of ObamaCare by the great President Donald J. Trump must be made with the economy in mind. Repeal ObamaCare to create Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, yeah, yeah, yeah:

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says the President-elect is considering calling a “special session” of Congress on the day he’s sworn in to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law.

“(Trump) has talked about convening a special session on January 20 after he is sworn in as President of the United States to do this very thing, to repeal and replace Obamacare,” Conway said on “Fox News Sunday.”

It would be a pretty remarkable move,” she added.

A “special session” to repeal ObamaCare would signify the importance and dedication to the task, not because Congress needs to be called into session. A “special session” is the type of drama that President Donald J. Trump will utilize to highlight when he wants something done. Big Media does not understand this. We would not be surprised if President Donald J. Trump calls for many “special sessions” to deal with the building of the wall, the draining of the swamp, the making America great again agenda. It would force congress to produce in a set time, not dawdle and let things die from inattention.

Candidate Donald J. Trump published his agenda for the first 100 days. All President Donald J. Trump has to do to be successful and Make America Great Again is do the opposite of the Sleeveless, Clueless, Truthless, Hopeless, Penniless BarackObooberamalyin’golfin’ama.

That’s the answer! Do the opposite of what the boob did!


174 thoughts on “President Trump Revolution Blueprint Priorities: What, When, How, @RealDonaldTrump Must Do

  1. Barack Oboob will be leaving for a week on yet another tax payer paid junket today. This trip was timed to take place after Donald J. Trump was defeated and the Obama Third Term was in place. The best laid schemes of rats oft go astray.

    This was supposed to be a victory tour for Obama. Instead it is a corpse on parade.

  2. NoMoBama, soon Obama won’t hear “Hail to the Chief” when he enters a room. Soon, not soon enough, but soon, he will hear this:

    It’s more than he deserves.

  3. I hope someone who is able keep track of every where AF1 lands. I think he will be either loading up AF1 with booty from around the world to smuggle into the US aboard AF1 – or maybe he will be picking it up and dropping it off at Dubai or Qatar, where ever he bought that mansion he doesn’t want anyone to know about.

  4. A few days ago, I watched the video of the little boy who was told to leave his house by his angry cuckoo of a mom because he had voted for Donald Trump in a mock election at his school. His mom is a cruel person, and quite stupid for filming and then posting her antics.

  5. Admin, have you seen this video? The footage at the end of video from Soviet KGB defector is so apt to these times.

  6. I remember too and I hope CPS was involved.
    She is a byt#h…

    Their safe…

    Yeah right, not with this woman as mother.

  7. regarding this issue of the popular vote and who won it…

    today I heard an interesting explanation on the radio…

    essentially the man said that many of the absentee ballots will go uncounted…evidently once the race is called and they calculate who won and the percentages…once that is known and it is established that counting the remaining absentee ballots regardless of who they voted for would not effect the outcome, then they stop counting the absentee ballots

    so, according to this process many, many of those absentee ballots could be for Trump because of the military, etc…but we will never know because he has already been declared the winner either way…

  8. Loser Obooberamabama lectures Donald J. Trump on how to win:

    President Barack Obama delivered a series of patronizing backhanded compliments to President-Elect Donald Trump on Monday during a lengthy White House press conference conducted before his final trip abroad as America’s leader.

    While he praised Trump for pulling off ‘one of the biggest political upsets in history,’ Obama scolded his Republican successor for believing he can deliver on his campaign promises.

    ‘I think that he successfully mobilized a big chunk of the country to vote for him,’ Obama told reporters.

    But ‘regardless of what experience or assumptions he brought to the office, this office has a way of waking you up.’

    ‘And those aspects of his positions or predispositions that don’t match up with reality, he will find shaken up pretty quick. Because reality has a way of asserting itself.’

    Trump campaigned on an no-holds-barred agenda of dismantling much of Obama’s agenda including immigration reforms put in place without congressional input, a widely criticized Iranian nuclear deal and an Obamacare system whose pilings have grown shaky.

    But the president suggested the billionaire’s poetic rallies can never jive with Washington’s messier prose.

    ‘I think it’ll be important for him to have the room, to staff up, to figure out what his priorites are, to be able to distinguish between what he was campaigning on and what is practical – what he can actually achieve,’ Obama cautioned.

    ‘You know, there are certain things that made for good good soundbites, but don’t always translate into good policy. And that’s something that he and his team will wrestle with in the same way every president wrestles with.’

    Trump Reality hit Obozo on the face but clueless Obozo thinks his opinions still matter.

  9. admin
    November 14, 2016 at 7:40 pM

    I just gone done reading this article before I came here and saw that you had linked to it. Obama was being predictably arrogant and condescending.

    I had a blast reading all the reader’s comments to the article. One commenter referred to President Obama as “Nostrobama” because of his “amazingly concise predictions” that he was applying to our NEW PRESIDENT TRUMP. I laughed out loud at that comment. There are some very clever people out there!

  10. …all the cooks are now in the kitchen…everyone voicing their recipes…if you know what I mean…

    …but the only one that counts is The Masterchef…

    The President-elect Donald Trump will decide what he will do…and choose who he wants…he owes results only to the American people…

  11. As my mom… Someone please help me turn off autocorrect here. I prefer not to have it. I use an IPhone to post here. Any suggestions?

  12. Jerky in Chicago said that Chicago will always be a sanctuary city. The chief of the LAPD said that illegals will not be arrested for deportation. My hope is that President Trump puts the screws to the cities and police departments that encourage this lawlessness. It would be about time as far as I am concerned.

    A few days ago, I read that the county in which I live in Florida (Pasco County) is a sanctuary county, one of five counties in Florida designated as such. I am not sure if this is true or not, but if it is, I am not happy about it.

  13. Sheriff Joe lucked out. He now gets a national job with President Donald J. Trump. He’ll have more to say in Maricopa County now than he did before when Washington D.C. undermined everything he did. Now Sheriff Joe will be supervising Maricopa County immigration.

  14. President Barack Obama delivered a series of patronizing backhanded compliments to President-Elect Donald Trump on Monday during a lengthy White House press conference conducted before his final trip abroad as America’s leader.

    …. and maybe making an excuse for his own lackluster performance lol

    …then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth. This was the moment – this was the time – when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves*, and our highest ideals.

    Wow…. he got like everything WRONG lol

    *see BLM, anti-Trump

  15. I heard recently that Ryan doesn’t have the votes to remain as speaker.

    Now I hear he’s running unopposed, election is tomorrow.

    I can’t believe someone isn’t stepping up to replace this guy – all he’ going to do I think is undermine Trump.

  16. Yeah, Gwen Ifill wasn’t a fave, but sorry she suffered and condolences to her family and frieds. RIP PBS lady.

  17. The Kincannon Show ‏@kincannon_show 8h8 hours ago

    CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained.

  18. TheLastRefuge ‏@TheLastRefuge2 4h4 hours ago

    Counting the concession speech, Tim Kaine and HRC saw each other 4 times since the DNC convention in July.

  19. Vegan Posters ‏@veganposters 7h7 hours ago

    I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept. – Anon

  20. Dave Rubin ‏@RubinReport 14h14 hours ago

    Love all these pieces on how the media got it all wrong…by the same people who got it all wrong.

  21. Deplorable Myiq2xu™ ‏@realmyiq2xu2 7h7 hours ago

    Dem Strategist Mocks Trump Supporter Beat Up By Mob: ‘Oh My Goodness, Poor white people”

  22. This one made me chuckle. The word “openly” is kind of odd. If he were considering appointing a closeted gay man, the poster would have been outing him – so “openly” wasn’t really needed lol

    Katica ‏@GOPPollAnalyst 8h8 hours ago

    NATURALLY: Trump considering openly gay man as U.N. ambassador, woman to head RNC

  23. Oh Obama, you’re so FUNNY! lol


    TheLastRefuge ‏@TheLastRefuge2 8h8 hours ago

    President Obama urges President-Elect Trump to support Obama’s executive action on DACA (amnesty)..

  24. Scott ‏@realscottposton 8h8 hours ago Concord, NC

    @NolteNC Turn the WH Briefing Room into a venue for Twitter and Periscope…Cut the MSM right out and go straight to the people

  25. Hector Morenco ‏@hectormorenco 12h12 hours ago

    Liberals are trying to confuse people into believing class privilege is synonymous with being white. It’s not.

  26. I don’t know how to bring tweets over here in their original form, so I can’t show ones that have photos. But there’s a hilarious one – at the top it says, “Photo finally emerges of Trump grabbing a pussy!”

    And it’s a photo of Trump and LameDuck shaking hands, sitting down in chairs, when Trump went for his White House tour lol

  27. Rep. Steven Smith ‏@RepStevenSmith 16h16 hours ago

    @SteveKwiecin It’s not my job to be your therapist. My only advice is to turn off CNN and talk to real Trump supporters.

  28. lorac
    November 15, 2016 at 12:15 am
    Deplorable Myiq2xu™ ‏@realmyiq2xu2 7h7 hours ago


    Myiq2xu used to moderate the riverdaughter blog. She booted him off of there, and he ended up on another blog. Do you know which blog? I can’t recall.

  29. I don’t understand this Ryan vote tomorrow, after what he did to Trump, he’s a major globalist and a major asshole .
    It’s one thing to keep your enemies closer but this is drain the swamp material and pretty disgusting and one reason I didn’t want Priebus in such a high profile, his relationship with Ryan…back to HS, if not grade school.

  30. I have finally had a face to face conversation with another Trump supporter. It has almost been a week, where I have been in Hillaryland Nervous Breakdown What Has Happened-ville., and have had to listen to my friends and neighbors say the most utterly vile and offensive things about Trump supporters. But My next door neighbor T. waved to me this evening from his porch. T. is very curmudgeonly and told me at last year’s neighborhood Christmas party that he does not do the “stop and chat”. Which I respected, and took a mental note to not be too friendly to T. I do like him and his wife, they are excellent neighbors, and T. is quite eccentric and entertaining, I’ve enjoyed watching him and his family putter around their backyard this past summer, very loudly proclaiming their excited plans for lawn organization to each other. And they have a beautiful property that they have kept up very well, unlike my ramshackle house, that they are nice enough to not comment on. Which I appreciate, because my house is pretty bad. And it’s up to me to fix it and make it presentable, because my husband is always at work, and I just don’t feel like it. – But, last year, during the primary, I was new in town, and went to my polling place to Switch and Ditch, because it was obvious to me Trump would be the best one on the ticket to beat the Democrats, and so I gulp, switched from my newly oriented “:Independent” status, yes to officially “Republican” in my ridiculously far leftwing, though pretty expensive, town. I got to the polling place, and no one was there, thank God, to see me switch my party affiliation. Just a lot of retired teachers manning the polls eyeing me suspiciously when I asked for a switch party affiliation form, I obviously look hopelessly arty and leftwing. I got my form and was filling it out, and then a voice behind me, the Archie Bunker/Queens old New York accent voice of my next door neighbor T. whom I barely knew, as I was new in town. I heard him say in his loud donkey braying voice “Republican!” I turned around and said “Hi T.” He looked at me, scowling, “Hi Deep Cover.” Then we both voted. I saw him in the parking lot and we chatted a bit. I told him I was switching to Republicans as well, as Obama was so horrible that he turned me of all people into a Republican. He looked at me with such surprise. Well he said, that is a surprise. I look like a total lefty vegan. No one would ever guess. I said “Obama is just too awful. I never voted for him. But its a big secret nobody can know.” So T. of all people knows my true soul. I speak to him rarely, he is not a touchy feely guy. Though he is a good guy. But this evening I noticed T at his front woodpile, it was quite dark, but it looked like he was out and about, and then suddenly, there was some very animated waving! From T! I animatedly waved back and said “Hi T! How are ya doing?” T said in a voice full of hope and life and enthusiasm, (not his usual eyeore braying,) “A lot better now”. He said it in a knowing fashion. I called over “I hear you!” Then I said, “I am in Deep Cover. Don’t Tell Anyone.” T. then just said ,”Duly noted!” And that was it. My one true face to face contact of honest connection during this extraordinary time in our nations’ history. I didn’t even go to yoga tonight, and I really need to as I’ve been sick and have been laying around for far too long and am very stiff and creaky. But I just knew everyone at yoga, (who I am fond of, especially our wonderful teacher) would be a having a complete cow and lots of nastiness re Trump, who I think is going to be the next Teddy Roosevelt. And I just didn’t feel like going. Thank God for T. God Bless America.

  31. Deep cover,

    Good story. Sorry you feel so afraid to be comfotable. I bet there are a few more Trump supporters that would surprise you.
    I’m pretty vocal about my opinion, hard to imagine I am sure, but even I do not put bumper stickers on my car and didn’t put a yard sign in till the end.
    People are crazy weird. I did tell my husband I should just site out their with my 2 pit mixes at night in the dark, it may have been interesting…

  32. nomo – sorry, I didn’t see your question. Yes, “crawdad hole”. Right now he has a patriotic Trump header, but normally he uses headers of rivers or lakes and there will be a creepy thing somewhere in it, like an alligator lol

  33. deep cover – but that’s a neat story – even though you’re feeling isolated, maybe it will end up being the first of a few similar connections. In addition, I know you’re a little worried about being outed, but it could be that he knows others similar, and you could get to know them at least somewhat via him. Doesn’t have to be now, but maybe one day…. Or… you never know…. one of those people where you changed your registration may be similar, and one day you’ll run into her into the grocery store, and…. 🙂

  34. gonzotx November 15, 2016 at 2:22 am
    I don’t understand this Ryan vote tomorrow,
    Agreed. It does not go down well. Guess we’ll have to watch him like a hawk, protest digitally if need be, and take comfort that President Trump has bully pulpit, veto power.

  35. Liberals are freaking out over their own caricatures of Trump supporters

    They stop being people and become the are caricatures you have made of them. And that excuses your own hatred when you act in rebellion against them. (We do the same thing in war to make it easier to shoot the enemy. If we thought of that soldier in the opposite trench as a mother with children, we might be slow to pull the trigger and, thus, die, ourselves.)


    Whatever party you belong to, stop it! The two-party systems has polarized the nation purely for the survival goals of each party.

  36. Keep digging that hole:

    Harry Reid Endorses Muslim Brotherhood Shill Keith Ellison for DNC Chairman
    Elizabeth Warren said Ellison “would make a terrific DNC chair.”

    Apparently the Democratic party didn’t get the message after their devastating election defeat last week. That message is that the American people don’t want radicals with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood leading the country.

    But the Democratic party doubled down — on Sunday Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

    “My friend Keith Ellison is a terrific leader and a strong progressive who knows how to get things done,” Reid said, according to The Huffington Post. “Now is the time for new thinking and a fresh start at the DNC. Now is the time for Keith.

    Ellison has not even declared his candidacy for the influential DNC post, but according to party insiders he has been building support for a bid. Sen. Elizabeth Warren told MSNBC Thursday that Ellison “would make a terrific DNC chair.” Reid’s successor Chuck Schumer has endorsed Ellison as well, as has Sen. Bernie Sanders. A Sanders petition backing Ellison has reportedly garnered over 520,000 signatures.

    Ellison would be the first Muslim and the third black person to hold the position of DNC chair.

    Clinton supporters need not apply. Chuck Schumer betrays Israel and Jews.

  37. Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Times condemns Hillary Clinton, praises President-elect Donald J. Trump:

    First of all, President Barack Obama’s legacy will die the moment he leaves the White House on January 20. Republicans may not agree on much. But Trump and his party do agree that Obama’s policies must be abandoned and replaced. And they will work together to roll back all of Obama’s actions as president.

    On the domestic policy front this means first and foremost that Obamacare will be repealed and replaced with health industry reforms that open the medical insurance market to competition.

    With the support of the Republican-controlled Senate, Trump will end Obama’s push to reshape the US Supreme Court in the image of the activist, indeed, authoritarian Israeli Supreme Court. During his four-year term, Trump may appoint as many as four out of nine justices. In so doing he will shape the court for the next generation. Trump made clear during the race that the justices he selects will oppose the Obama-led leftist plan to transform the court into an imperial judiciary that determines social and cultural norms and legislates from the bench.

    Trump will also clean out the Internal Revenue Service. Under Obama, the IRS became an instrument of political warfare. Conservative and right-wing pro-Israel groups were systematically discriminated against and targeted for abuse. It is possible to assume that Trump will fire the IRS officials who have been involved in this discriminatory abuse of power.

    To be sure, much is still unclear about Trump’s foreign policy. But here, too, certain things are already known. Trump will vacate the US’s signature from the nuclear deal with Iran.

    Trump will not be able to repair the damage the deal has already caused – at least not immediately. He will not be able to reimpose the multilateral and UN Security Council sanctions on Iran that the nuclear deal canceled. Such a move will require prolonged negotiations and their conclusion is far from assured.

    Trump will likewise be unable to take back the billions of dollars that Iran has already received due to the abrogation of economic sanctions and through cash payoffs from the Obama administration.

    At the same time, from his first day in office, Trump will change the trajectory of US policy toward Iran. He will oppose Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. He will oppose Iran’s rise to regional hegemony.

    A second conclusion that it is already possible to draw about the Trump presidency is that Trump will be much more like the hands-off Ronald Reagan than the hands-on Obama. His past as a businessman along with his lack of governmental or political experience will lead Trump to set general policy guidelines and goals and delegate responsibility for crafting suitable policies and programs to his cabinet secretaries and advisers.

    This means that personnel will very much be policy in the Trump administration. Whereas Obama’s cabinet members and advisers have been more or less interchangeable since Obama himself determined everything from the details of his policies to the ways that the policies would be sold to the public (or hidden from the public), and implemented, Trump’s pick of advisers will be strategically significant.

    Clearly it is too early to know who Trump’s advisers and cabinet members will be. But there is good reason for Israel to be encouraged by the advisers who have worked with Trump during the campaign.

    Vice President-elect Mike Pence is one of the most pro-Israel policy-makers in America. Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is an outspoken ally of Israel and of the US-Israel alliance.

    Likewise, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, former senator Rick Santorum, retired general Mike Flynn, and former UN ambassador John Bolton are all extraordinary champions of the US alliance with Israel.

    Trump’s Israel affairs advisers during the campaign, David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, are also among the strongest advocates of the US-Israel alliance who have arisen in decades.

    The striking friendliness of the Trump election team is even more notable when we consider what Israel would have faced from a Hillary Clinton administration. Clinton’s cabinet in waiting at the George Soros-funded and John Podesta- run Center for American Progress contained no serious advocates of the US-Israel alliance.

    And her stable of advisers were not merely indifferent to Israel.

    The WikiLeaks revelations from Podesta’s emails, like the correspondences published by Judicial Watch from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, made clear that Clinton’s team included several advisers with deep-seated hostility if not animus toward Israelis and toward the Israeli government. The third thing that is already clear about the nature of the Trump administration is that it will not hesitate to abandon received wisdom on a host of issues and initiate policies that the bipartisan policy elites wouldn’t be caught dead even talking about.

    Trump’s victory was first and foremost a defeat for the American elite, what Prof. Angelo Codevilla memorably referred to as America’s “ruling class.”

    Trump’s campaign did not merely target the Democratic establishment. He attacked the Republican establishment as well. True, in his victory speech Trump said that he intends to heal the rifts in American society – presumably starting with his own party. But at least one thing ought to be clear about that reunification. As the president-elect, Trump will set the terms of the healing process.

    There is every reason to expect that at a minimum, Trump will not soon forgive the Republicans who refused to support and even opposed his presidential bid. Members of the Never Trump camp will be denied positions and influence over the Trump administration and sent into the political desert.

    Another establishment that fell on its sword in this election is the American-Jewish establishment. Led by the Anti-Defamation League, the American-Jewish establishment, including its largest donors, stood almost as one in its support for Clinton. The members of the American- Jewish leadership placed their partisan preferences above their communal interests and responsibilities. In so doing they enfeebled the community in a manner that will be difficult to repair.

    Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have antisemites in their ranks. The Jewish establishment ignored and pretended away the Democratic antisemites, even when they were burning Israeli flags at the Democratic convention. They said nothing when anti-Israel ravings that were at best borderline antisemitic of senior Clinton advisers like Thomas Pickering and Anne Marie Slaughter were published by Judicial Watch.

    On the other hand, the Jewish establishment castigated Trump as antisemitic for the presence of antisemites like David Duke on the fringes of the Republican Party. Legitimate criticisms of anti-Israel financier George Soros were condemned as antisemitic while truly antisemitic assaults on Trump donor Sheldon Adelson by Clinton backers went unaddressed.

    The consequence of the Jewish establishment’s almost total mobilization for Clinton is clear. The Trump White House won’t have an open door policy for those who falsely accused Trump of antisemitism. Jewish Americans are going to have to either oust the leaders of the groups that put their party before their community, or establish new organizations to defend their interests. Whatever path is chosen, the process of rebuilding the communal infrastructure the community’s leaders have wrecked will be long, difficult and expensive.

    Unlike the American-Jewish community, for Israel, the defeat of the American establishment is a positive development. The American foreign policy elite’s default bipartisan position on Israel was bad for both Israel and for the health and reliability of its alliance with the US.

    As I explained in my book The Israeli Solution – A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East, there was a dismaying consistency in US policy toward Israel that ran from Bill Clinton’s administration through the George W. Bush administration and on to the Obama administration. At least since the Clinton years, the received wisdom of the American foreign policy elite has been that the US must seek to swiftly cause Israel to sign a deal with the PLO. The contours of the deal are similarly clear to all concerned. Israel must surrender control over all or most of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and transfer the areas, more or less Jew-free, to the PLO.

    This bipartisan view is inherently hostile to Israel. It places all the responsibility for making peace on Israel. And as the sole responsible party, Israel is also the sole party that is guilty for the absence of peace. The flipside is similarly dismal. Palestinians are absolved of responsibility for terrorism, hatred and political warfare against Israel.

    The anti-Israel hostility inherent in the two-state paradigm has brought on a situation where even pro-Israel US officials end up joining their anti-Israel colleagues in bearing down on Israel to act in ways that are inimical to both its national security and to the very concept of a US-Israel alliance. The foreign policy ruling class’s commitment to the two-state paradigm has blinded its members to Israel’s strategic importance to the US and caused them to see the US’s only stable ally in the region as a drag on US interests.

    Many of Trump’s advisers, including Gingrich, who has been raised as a leading candidate to serve as secretary of state, have rejected this received wisdom. In a Republican presidential debate in 2011, Gingrich referred to the Palestinians as an “invented people,” and noted that they indoctrinate their children to perceive Jews as subhuman and seek their annihilation. For his statement of fact, Gingrich was brutally assaulted by Democratic and Republican elites.

    But he never rescinded his statement.

    Trump’s election provides Israel with the first opportunity in 50 years to reshape its alliance with the US. This new alliance must be based on a common understanding and respect for what Israel has to offer the US as well as on the limits of what the US can offer Israel. The limits of US assistance are in large part the consequences of the many genies that Obama unleashed during the past eight years. And the opportunities will come more in areas related to Israel’s relations with the Palestinians and the political war being waged against it by the Europeans and the international Left than to the challenges posed by the ascendance of Islamism in the Middle East.

    To be sure, Trump is inconsistent. But from what we do know we must recognize that his rise marks a deflection point in US history.

    It is a rare moment where things that were unimaginable a month ago are possible. And if we play our cards right, like the American people, Israel stands to gain in ways we never dreamed of.

    Trump had to win if the West was to be saved.

  38. lorac
    November 15, 2016 at 9:01 am
    A good run down by Sharyl Attkisson on who in the media was in bed with Hillary.

    Ugh….awful visual there. 🙂

  39. wow I went over to the dark side ..those who left here and decided that Hitlary is STILL the same Hitlary from 08 It’s UNBELIEVABLE how brainwashed they have become I can’t beleive the heads in the sand

  40. Charlie Kirk ‏@charliekirk11 23h23 hours ago

    High school students & teachers in Los Angeles walk out of class waving Mexican flags.

    And the media still wonders why Trump won.

  41. I am glad that you were able to celebrate Trump’s victory with someone else of like mind, Deep Cover. Did your husband vote for Trump, too, or are you hiding your vote from him, too?

    I guess it is kind of intimidating to be around so many progressives, but personally, I’d not hide my choice in an election. Yes, I would probably keep it quiet, but if asked, I would be honest. I really don’t give a crap about what others think, and if it lessens another’s opinion of me, then that’s his problem. I would never want to walk on egg shells to keep friends. Anyone that doesn’t allow you to feel comfortable expressing yourself is not much of a friend anyway. These types of people are self absorbed, and controlling as far as I am concerned.

    I had a situation in my neighborhood in which I was invited to dinner a few years back. At this dinner of four people, presidential politics were discussed. I let it be known that I would not vote for Barack Obama. My hosts were taken aback. They made a comment about Newt Gingrich having a say in government again if Barack wasn’t elected. They are devout Catholics, so I was kind of surprised that they supported Obama. But then again, they are New Yorkers from western Long Island (possibly Queens?). I spoke my piece, and that was that. Needless to say, I was never invited back to visit which was fine by me. We still wave to each other in passing. I wonder how they currently feel about Obama? When I see them today, I chuckle to myself that they know that I was right about Obama. It must make them a little uncomfortable.

  42. More consequences for being a jerk. I’m afraid that all these other people are afraid. I don’t understand their unwarranted fear. My guess is that they are not mentally stable people.

    Let’s see how far down PepsiCo stock will go. I rarely drink soda anymore, but I will make an effort to not purchase any Pepsi products now that I know that the CEO is a deranged leftie. I have already been boycotting Starbucks for years due to the CEO of that company being another leftie kook. I also refuse to shop at Target since that company and its CEO is all in for social engineering. Screw these people. Walmart better be very careful because they are treading on thin ice with me.

  43. I saw someone comment earlier today on another blog about the “tolerant left.” It was something along the lines of…

    “Everyone gets along and is happy. Except of course for the millions they had to kill because they did not agree with the rest.”

  44. Lorac, the Atkisson link is fabulous. It helps put things into perspective when in black and white. Tip of the ice berg, though. Looking forward to much more in her book.

  45. My recent facebook comment was intended to be a joke, in the context of a larger conversation, and only privately shared as such. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not engage in this form of rhetoric with any level of seriousness and the comment most certainly does not represent my real personal views in any regard. I apologize if anything that I said was either taken seriously, was offensive, or caused any legitimate concern. Best Regards, Matt Harrigan
    Threats are a dime a dozen. Normally, they do not warrant a response. But this one is a little different. This threat was very specific–to use a sniper rifle, to sneak into the home, etc. In addition, this guy is/was the CEO of a company that is a CIA contractor, it looks like he was their key man, not just because he was CEO, but because he was the innovator of their product which was best in class. Two things are important here: first, this guy should be watched, because he is unstable on the one hand, and by virtue of his skill set, capable of creating grave harm. Without his CIA customer, he could go to work for a drug cartel or red China, to restore his income. Or he could go postal. Seriously. The other thing that must happen is his former company should be blacklisted from any future work for the CIA, because it is virtually certain that there was a business component to his maniacal reaction, meaning someone in the CIA who supported his company, and now that individual may be out of a job, when Trump cleans up that agency. I do not care how good that company’s product is, no tax money should be spent on them or their product. That they thought enough of Harrigan to make him CEO, suggests to me that they knew what he was like, and what he is capable of–and that is a stain on them. They can peddle their product to other entities, drug cartels, ISIS etc. But not to the US government. They are OUT!

  46. Outris

    November 15, 2016 at 9:59 am

    Where did you visit Dot? The Uppity site?

    one of the new people here mentioned that she thought we ‘swore like sailors’ and that she also went to Uppity on election night…

    imo…she has us confused with Uppity when it comes to ‘swearing like sailors’

    yes, we do here on occasion and there is nothing wrong with it…but truthfully we are a pretty articulate group here and very often Admin and Big Pinkers are posting insightful and informative articles from many sources…we like to discuss ideas and strategy…

    …bottom line some of us have thought about Big Pinkers that left us …they are there and they are completely unrecognizable from when they were here…they are very, very different from when they were here…

    that is where the ‘swearing like sailors’ if going on…nonstop…and silly name calling and continous HATE for Trump and his supporters…that being us…they do not like us here

    no objectivity…very bitter and angry…for them Hate Trumps Love…and just about everything else, except for blind loyalty to their “hero” perfect Hillary…and they have found a rekindled love for O…who continues to throw their “hero” under the bus…

    Trump trumps love and freedom…at long last…free at last…



    Bill didn’t buy the excuse that Comey would cost Hillary the election,’ said the source. ‘As far as he was concerned, all the blame belonged to [campaign manager Robby] Mook, [campaign chairman John] Podesta and Hillary because they displayed a tone-deaf attitude about the feeble economy and its impact on millions and millions of working-class voters.


    During the campaign, Bill Clinton felt that he was ignored by Hillary’s top advisers when he urged them to make the economy the centerpiece of her campaign.

    He repeatedly urged them to connect with the people who had been left behind by the revolutions in technology and globalization.

    ‘Bill said that constantly attacking Trump for his defects made Hillary’s staff and the media happy, but that it wasn’t a message that resonated with voters, especially in the rust belt,’ the source explained.

    ‘Bill always campaigned as a guy who felt your pain, but Hillary came across as someone who was pissed off at her enemy [Trump], not someone who was reaching out and trying to make life better for the white working class.’

    According to the source, Bill was severely critical of Hillary’s decision to reject an invitation to address a St. Patrick’s Day event at the University of Notre Dame.

    Hillary’s campaign advisers nixed the idea on the grounds that white Catholics were not the audience she needed to reach.

    Bill also said that many African Americans were deeply disappointed with the results of eight years of Obama,’ the source continued.

    ‘Despite more and more government assistance, black weren’t economically any better off, and black-on-black crime was destroying their communities. He said Hillary should have gone into the South Side of Chicago and condemned the out-of-control violence.’


    Bill goes on…Hillary was the final nail in Bill’s Democratic Party…she listened to O and we all know where she ended up…

  48. holdthemaccountable
    November 15, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    GREECE IN FLAMES: Riots in the streets of Athens over Obama’s visit
    FURIOUS protesters have screamed for Barack Obama to “go home” and launched petrol bombs at police as the US President landed in Europe today.


  49. Lu that’s the finest BWAH I’ve seen.
    By chance I watched NBC 6:30 Lester Holt on mute. Just to find out if he’d give Greece a mention. If he did it was in the last half of the broadcast. Instead he had in depth coverage of Trump family members, Bannon, costs to secure Trump Tower on and on and on.
    Hope this is info not already here:
    How the GOP’s quiet ground game helped Trump win NC
    …It would be malpractice to take something that was successful and worked for a campaign and ignore it,” said Kara Carter, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. “Our ground game is due in part to inspiration from the Obama campaign. But we made it our own and integrated more sophisticated data and targeting….”

  50. wbboei, this is up your alley.

    There’s much mention on the AltLeft TV now of investigating the likelihood that internet lies influenced the election.

  51. Lu4PUMA
    November 15, 2016 at 6:34 pm
    Probably with, since with his buddy Priebus as chief of Staff, Trump has a direct line to Ryan and can have Priebus order Ryan around like a marionette.

  52. S,

    I do swear like a sailor…I live my life on the principals of the late, great George Carlin…may he rest in peace…7 little words…

  53. gonzo

    I read your comments all the time…if you want to see the distinction I am making take a look at a thread or a few commentors at U…two of them, in particular, that really, really surprised me…like an intense bipolar difference…

    no comparison…you sound like an esteemed scholar compared to what goes on there…

  54. Tony Stark

    November 15, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    November 15, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    for now, I think this is an example of Donald’s pragmatism…he has a very ambitious agenda he wants to get thru…he is a business man and likes to get things done and out of the “inbox”

    so for now, this is the immediate path of least resistance…to get and set his deals in action…

    one reason I am glad Bannon is there…if any of the those in sheep’s clothing think they are going to steam roll DT they better think twice


    anyone noticing how farther off the deep end CNN is…they are a joke…if I were a trump supporter I would not even go on their programs…they don’t want to listen to what they have to say anyway…still shouting them down…even now…

    I am at the point that CNN gives me “agita”…and makes me physically ill…they are so predicable…I thought they might come around to a little fairness but forget it…now they have Glenn Beck and people on talking about Trump’s impeachment


  55. Beck is psychotic lol. Who the hell listens to that mentally ill idiot?

    Impeachment, how Martians are coming, the Martians are coming is that?

  56. I watched the Don Lemon Interview with Joel Pollak Senior Editor from Breitbart. It was Don Lemon along with Egg McMuffin (McMullen-the Utah guy that ran for President) and one other guy so it was three against one. They wouldn’t let Pollak finish his thoughts without shouting him down. Pollak kept his cool and was articulate while the three others were losing it.

    I just get so mad watching anything from CNN that I don’t want to give them the clicks anymore. Pollak held his own but I don’t understand why Trump supporters would give CNN the time of day. CNN is just full of endless lies and their anchors are crazy. Giving them clicks by watching any of their videos gives them the numbers they need. I need to stop watching this type of stuff because I know my blood pressure skyrockets.

  57. Does anyone think Hillary will run for office again or be in public service in some way? I say yes. The Clintons are like cockroaches, they never go away.

  58. Unexpected vote came from both white educated men and women..really sad how a college degree does not often translate in common sense….they think this is funny.. a reality president in a reality world.

    from the other site, from someone who was always here, who liked them both and just wanted to see who would win… hmmm…. I’d say someone didn’t really like Trump at all…. so why was he here….???

  59. … and our former female blogmate says:

    – “There are KNIFE fights inside the DumpTruck camp, ALTmen fighting over positions. Bannon, DT son-in-law and Priessss, or what ever his stupid name is can’t all get along and make decisions on who gets what prize job.

    ROFL Do they get to pick of different flavors when they get their koolaid?

  60. Some will claim getting rid of this loser idiot leftist is misogyny. We say it is overdue by at least 10 years.

    Faced with the unexpected task of rebuilding their party under a Donald Trump presidency, Democrats are deliberating whether their path forward includes Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the House caucus.

    Under significant pressure from frustrated rank-and-file members, Minority Leader Pelosi postponed leadership elections until after the Thanksgiving holiday. Many Democrats have said this week they want more time to digest the lessons of last week’s “shellacking” rather than rushing to hold the elections this week.

    The Democratic caucus is weighing whether the results of the presidential election call for a replacement of their long-serving, coast-dwelling, aging leaders or whether the collective experience of the top brass is beneficial in combating a President Trump and congressional Republicans.

    “We don’t want to rush a vote to leadership for [voters] to think everything is business as usual,” said Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego. “Everything is not good. Business as usual is no longer going to work.

    In a private meeting of Democrats Tuesday morning – before deciding to delay leadership elections until after Thanksgiving – Pelosi tried to rally her caucus by pointing out the opposition party took control of Congress under the three previous presidents.

    We’ve been through hell,” she said, according to an aide in the room. “And it’s only going to get worse as he makes his appointments and we have this fight. But we have to see it as an opportunity.”

    The challenge for those clamoring for change is there is no clear alternative to Pelosi. No member has officially thrown his or her hat into the ring.

    One potential competitor is Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, a youthful lawmaker from Youngstown whose district captures critical constituencies, including minority voters, but also contains the disaffected white blue-collar voters who turned out for Trump. Ryan hasn’t ruled out a bid and has been fielding calls from some lawmakers urging him to run, but he isn’t yet actively soliticing support.

    If the congressman were to launch an insurgent bid, fellow Ohio lawmakers like Marcy Kaptur might reconsider her support of Pelosi. Kaptur and other Midwestern Democrats have expressed concern over the lack of representation of their states on the leadership team. During the Democratic caucus meeting on Tuesday, Kaptur said she told colleagues there are “certain places in the country that are missing in our leadership. If you look at who is in the leadership from our region, find me one person.”

    Pelosi hails from California, Whip Steny Hoyer from Maryland, and Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn from South Carolina. After Hillary Clinton’s losses in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin – all states President Obama won twice – Democrats are trying to figure out a message that better resonates in the so-called Rust Belt.

    Kaptur led the charge against Pelosi in 2010 after Democrats lost their House majority in the midterm election, which was seen largely as a rebuke of Obama. Several Democrats who voted for the Affordable Care Act lost their seats that year. The caucus ultimately supported Pelosi, who had been demoted from the first woman speaker of the House to minority leader. Even Kaptur acknowledges that Pelosi brings a fundraising advantage that others can’t match and which will be critical in terms of electing more Democrats to the lower chamber.

    “[Ryan] has not raised a great deal of money for others, so he will have his work cut out for him if he chooses to run,” Kaptur said.

    She expressed frustration, however, with the fact that Pelosi’s fundraising prowess has strengthened her grip on the leadership position. Ryan’s lack of extensive national fundraising is seen as a negative, and many lawmakers view Pelosi’s ability to bring in the money – she raised $141 million in the 2016 cycle – as a major reason to keep her as leader. Kaptur said she viewed the need to have leaders raising large sums as a “corrosive” problem for Congress.

    Those who have the ability to raise those large sums then fund their colleagues and are successful in internal races because of it,” she told RealClearPolitics. “It creates an unending cycle.”

    Another area of concern among Democrats is cultivating a deeper bench and bringing younger people up through leadership.

    We have to bring in fresh faces. We have fresh faces and they ought to be listened to,” Hoyer said when asked about some changes that could elevate younger members and give them more influence.

    The corrupt Dim Party leadership in technicolor.

  61. Wow, I went over to the Uppity Woman blog and just wow. They have some nutty conspiracy theories there like this one:

    “As i said earlier Pence is manoevring into position, they will move Trump into doing something he does not realise can be impeachable and then make their move. After all Trump does not know the mechanics of Washington, he is ripe for the set up.”

    They call him all kinds of nasty names that can’t be repeated here. They call his sons Donald Jr. and Eric Uday and Qusay and call Ivanka the Princess. They’re saying Trump is lying about everything. That he’s backed off the wall, Obamacare, deporting immigrants and that Russia has him in their pocket. They are so enamored of Hillary and say the election was stolen from her with Russia’s help. These are lots and lots of people that used to be here and I was pretty dumbfounded by how utterly brainwashed they are. They’ve become nuttier than a fruitcake.

  62. That’s the first and last time I’ll go to the Uppity Woman site. Their language is horrible and I felt dirty like I was pulling back the curtain and peeking in on crazy people. It sickened me.

  63. Democrats are trying to figure out a message that better resonates in the so-called Rust Belt.

    This jumped out at me. I know – politics are politics. But it seems like you should have a message, and people either agree with it or they don’t. If you lose out, perhaps other parties with their own messages should rise up and compete. Trying to figure out what message will get you to win is just all about keeping your little club intact. Changing the messages but keeping the club.

  64. Immigration activists retool their push for reform, reach out to Trump and GOP
    …Their efforts have been unfolding at the local, state and national levels, though they have generated little attention compared to the spotlight on protests against Trump and warnings by some advocacy groups about mass deportations. “By the will of the people, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, that is the fact of the matter,” said Javier Palomarez, president of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, to “Just as we asked Donald Trump to adhere to the election results, to be respectful of the process, we, as Latinos, must do the same in return. Now we need to come together as Americans and put aside differences.”
    Palomarez, who had been a vocal critic of Trump and who endorsed Hillary Clinton, said he called Michael Cohen, executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to Trump, to express his desire to work with the president-elect on immigration and other issues of concern to Latinos.
    “We both agreed to let bygones be bygones,” Palomarez said of his conversation with Cohen the day after the election. “Our job is to remove the emotion, do what’s right for this country, and offer ourselves to the extent that we can add value….”

  65. holdthemaccountable
    November 16, 2016 at 4:30 am
    According to my local sources (friends in low places) the Mexican government is trying to hire lawyers for the illegals to do all kinds of wacky things through the fed and state courts. This includes straightening out their identity fraud, change their names, file crazy residency lawsuits, etc. I was told by a local lawyer that the consulates are issuing all kinds of iffy and probably fraudulent paperwork to keep the convicted and pending felons in the country. He said he told them it doesn’t matter what name they use it is their booking fingerprint who determines who the hell they are. For some reason they think the Mexican paperwork will matter more than the US government and law enforcement paperwork. The Mex government is also “promising” payment for services rendered. My source said they will stiff them for sure. They need lawyers so they don’t have to give addresses or show up in person in government offices to be seized for deportation.

    Trump’s immigration czar also said “future criminals”. Remember Obama and prior administrations have not even tried to find, stop, root out non violent crimes by illegals. This includes identity theft, tax fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud, regular theft, insurance fraud, all felonies. When Trump gets cranked up they are almost ALL felons. Thus deportable.

    The Mexican government is a criminal cartel. They are losing their minds as their criminals, who they encouraged to commit these crimes, are coming back. They will not be eligible for re-entry.

  66. Yolanda, it took me some time to go through their posts on election night and the intervening days. It was shocking. Many folks, once here, who I had thought to be thoughtful, intelligent and well grounded were busting at the seams with violent, harsh, soaring rhetoric. It was not only disgusting, it was pathetic. I feel sadness for them. They, like Obama’s legacy, and Hillary’s lies, deceit and corruption will be relegated to the dustbin of history. Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it. They will lose again. And again.

    Exhibit A: Keith Ellison – Muslim Brotherhood Butt-Monkey

  67. Yolanda
    November 16, 2016 at 3:01 am
    That’s the first and last time I’ll go to the Uppity Woman site. Their language is horrible and I felt dirty like I was pulling back the curtain and peeking in on crazy people. It sickened me.
    I advise all of us to avoid that site. After 10 minutes I realized how sick those people are. Yolanda is on point with her comments. Amazing and sad to see the true colors from people who used to be a core group here. INSANE

  68. holdthemaccountable
    November 16, 2016 at 8:56 am

    They, the Mexican government and the illegals are screwed and they know it. No new laws are needed. None. Enforcement of all immigration and criminal law is all that is needed. When the self deportation is in full swing they are in big trouble. They are parasitic, have criminal drug and globalists ties everywhere, and there is not enough money anywhere to bail them out. The social pressure in Mexico is going to explode. The returning bums are going to want freebies and there are not any. The cartels must have the US and Canadian drug markets or they go bust. The Mexican rich who skim off almost the entire GDP of the country will be in physical danger. The US companies who relocated to Mexico now have enormously devalued assets in Mexico. Crony Mexican globalist capitalists are demoted to outsiders. Like the White House correspondents who yucked it up with Obama humiliating Trump at a public media covered event, the Mexican government in choosing to curse, threaten, name call and act like asses refusing to address real problems all they can do is whine, plot and wait for the anvil to drop. Immigration policy is determined by the president and they just spent the last year and a half insulting him and his voters. Stupid ignorant people.

  69. Notice how this demand for unity now comes most often from the side that lost.

    How ironic that they had no interest in unity when they were winning.

    When they were winning they pushed partisan advantage to the breaking point.

    And were rejected because of it–because they were dividers, not uniters.

    THAT is the imprimatur of all leftists–without exception.

    Whether it is the media, academia, bureaucrats, unions, etc.

    Never, evah, trust them again.

    And remember the three (3) tenets of progressivism:

    a. globalism: the negation of national sovereignty, and global government, i.e. the European model

    b. cultural marxism: which substitutes the white race for the bourgeois as the oppressor–this is what promoted by CNN et. al.

    c. crony capitalism. major corporation control the world, divy up the spoils, and erect entry barriers to competition

    Totalitarians by day.

    Democrats by night.

    History–particularly the history of this historic first black president has proven this and more to a fare thee well.

    Obama, who was originally assumed to be the reincarnation of Martin Luther King

    Has turned out to be the ANTI-Martin Luther King

    He is what he is

    The culprit here is big media.

    Rather than holding him accountable, they cheered him on and encouraged him as he destroyed the county.

    The biggest fear they have of Trump.

    Where will they go in the new administration to secure the access they need to be effective

    After they have made it their personal mission to destroy Trump.

    They are more fucked than they realize.

    They burned the bridges, and their seat at the table.

  70. NBCNewYork at noon, outside Trump Tower, told us Mayor DeBlasio was meeting with Trump and would have a live report with them momentarily. I watched for 30 minutes. The station kept referring to the mike set up on sidewalk for Mayor to speak. As of 12:30 he had not shown and I quit watching.

    Then I saw the NINJA Trump link above. ☺ ☺ ☺

  71. gonzotx
    November 16, 2016 at 11:14 am

    moose shouldn’t look so down in the dumps. just think, Michelle, you only have to put up with 65 more days of waking-up in a house built by slaves.

  72. georgiafl says:
    November 16, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Gone: Government of the donor, by the donor, for the donor.

    Restored: Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

  73. Outris
    November 16, 2016 at 4:26 pm
    You are proof that some Trump supporters are sexist pigs.

  74. I was told that Mike Rogers is out of the transition team?

    And no longer under consideration for director of the CIA??

    This is a great tragedy of epic portions.

    He was an FBI agent.

    He was Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee.

    He was an establishment figure.

    Neverthless this was the best decision Trump could have made.

    As an FBI agent, he was a Comey type.

    As Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee he held a lot of meetings, and nothing ever came of it.

    This may have had something to do with the fact that his wife was an officer with one of the companies under investigation.

    And the only problem with being a member of the establishment is being a member of the establishment.

    The swamp needs to be cleaned out. It does not need another crockadile slitheing between foggy bottom and k street.

    I think the cover story that he got the axe because he was a Christie man is just that–a cover story.

    But I was curious about the substitution of Pence for Christie, which coincided with the sentencing in Bridgegate.

    The offense is immaterial compared to the Clinton foundation slime.

    Trump is mad at Governor Tony Soprano because he let a married woman with children take the fall for him.

    That was his downfall.

    Suffice it to say that neither Soprano or Eliot Ness will be part of the administration.

    They are what Roger Stone and Ed Rollins warned us about–a RINO boarding party.


    Insiders say Donald Trump is ‘disgusted’ by Chris Christie
    By Isabel Vincent and Aaron Short November 13, 2016 | 7:46am | Updated

    President-elect Donald Trump is so disgusted with Chris Christie’s handling of the Bridgegate scandal that he’s kicking the New Jersey governor out of his inner circle, The Post has learned.

    “Trump thought it was shameful that Christie didn’t take the fall for [convicted aide] Bridget Kelly,” said a source close to the transition team. “Trump is really angry that Christie is sending a soccer mom to jail. He believes 100 percent that Christie was behind it all.”

    Christie’s former deputy chief of staff was convicted in federal court earlier this month along with former Port Authority executive Bill Baroni. They were charged with causing dangerous traffic tie-ups on the George Washington Bridge in September 2013 as political payback for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich not endorsing Christie.

    Kelly testified that Christie knew of the shutdown of several lanes of traffic, a charge Christie has repeatedly denied.

    The former aides could face more than 20 years in jail.

    “Trump really doesn’t like it when married women with kids get hurt in politics,” said the source. “Trump was pretty disgusted with Christie.”

    Christie’s failure to take responsibility for Bridgegate was the final straw in an already eroding relationship, said a second source, who is close to the Trump campaign.

    “She was a factor in the decision because Trump didn’t like seeing her crying,” the source said.

    When Christie again denied all responsibility for Bridgegate in an interview with Charlie Rose on Monday, Trump’s frustration grew, the source said.

    Tensions had been building for weeks between the two men, with some Trump insiders questioning Christie’s loyalty in the last month of the campaign, when it looked like Trump would lose.

    Christie canceled appearances on Sunday shows after the “Access Hollywood” video of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women was leaked on Oct. 7, the source said. He also failed to attend the second debate, and canceled campaigning with Trump in the last weekend of the race, the source said.

    Christie was formally pushed aside Friday as chair of Trump’s transition team and the job given to Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Tech billionaire and loyal Trump supporter Peter Thiel, also added to the team Friday, will have a leadership role, the first source told The Post. Christie retains a token title of vice chair but no real role going forward, sources said.

    Christie will now likely focus on what job he can get for himself in a new Trump administration. But a third source said the Trump team views him as virtually “unconfirmable” for a cabinet-level post.

    “They want to drain the swamp, and having Christie there is just plugging it up,” the source said. “He was tolerated in the past because he was viewed as a kind of nice Tony Soprano. But now that Trump is the president-elect, those days are over.”

    Some close to Trump regarded the New Jersey governor as “a stupid thug who really needed to go,” the transition-team source told The Post.

    But Christie said in a statement Friday: “I am proud to have run the pre-election phase of the transition team along with a thoroughly professional and dedicated team of people. I want to thank President-elect Trump for the opportunity to continue to help lead in this next phase.”

    A Christie spokesman did not return messages seeking comment Saturday.

    The Trump campaign refused to comment.

  75. When Christie was governor, he paid my mentor $8 million to give the corrupt NJ state dental association a proctological examination. He was the leading prosecutor his generation and he brought down the New Jersey mob, and the corrupt politicians and businessmen who were in league with them. I guess Christie felt he needed that horse power to go after those dentists. I have no doubt the bad guys were purged, but the cost seemed pretty high.

  76. wbboei
    November 16, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    It’s all about draining the swamp.

    Do you remember when Christie talked so much about himself when he was supposed to be giving the keynote address (introduction speech) for Romney at the REPUBLICAN convention back in 2012? The guy doesn’t seem to be 100% loyal, and Trump rewards loyalty, just as he should.

  77. Lu4PUMA
    November 16, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    Gosh, I don’t think of him as such. How would you describe Nancy Pelosi?

  78. Lol,
    3 NBA teams refuse to stay at Trump hotels and their coaches are verbally demonic towards Trump.Goping the NBA ratings go down like the NFL. Just tried of these overpaid, ungrateful athlete’s and their coaching staffs.
    No common sense. Now did I expect Marc Cuban’s Dallas team to stay at a Trump hotel, hardly, and I am wondering if he’s behind this.
    I was especially disappointed to hear San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich and his off the wall, leftist BS…
    To me the San Antonio Spurs were always the working man’s team. He always seemed, although arrogant, solid…not so much.

  79. Outris,

    YOU are so stupid about women that you can’t know anything about me. As far as proof is concerned, you just confirmed the pig part, too.

  80. nomobama
    November 16, 2016 at 6:50 pm
    Nancy Pelosi is a piece of human garbage. Making it a woman thing by using terms like bitch and witch is a way to stigmatize women and promote negative thing about women. Of note is that people who are told they are offensive and still persist, have a particularly bad problem.

  81. wbb: I was told that Mike Rogers is out of the transition team?
    Another angle:

    This Benghazi survivor has harsh words for Mike Rogers. From link above,
    “He said the guys on the ground lied, that no “stand down” order was given.
    Just say no to cabinet space for him in the Trump administration.”

    And FWIW about Christie, someone I don’t know replied to me as follows:
    Yossi Gestetner ‏@YossiGestetner Nov 11
    .@SecretsBedard @NolteNC @viannahlee @ByronYork transition change was simply not to elevate one loyal person over the other. Hence VP got it

    PS: My assertions that Donald escaped to DC unnoticed by media don’t mesh well with other news of this day and I regret any falsehood I’ve championed in that regard.

  82. Outris I don’t think you’re a sexist pig either. Don’t pay attention to those kind of nasty comments. Just because it’s a woman doesn’t mean the person can’t be a bitch or a witch.

  83. Lu4PUMA
    November 16, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    Have you ever referred to someone as a b!tch? I have, but I also use bast@rd when appropriate. I try not to swear, but it does come out sometimes.

    With regards to Outris, I took his comment totally different than you. To me, it would be the same as putting concrete shoes on that bast@ard Gruber.

  84. The video Tony Stark posted above makes me wonder why she would appear like that. Still sounds like a campaign speech. Maybe looking for pity to escape prosecution?

  85. Is this the new public HRC? screw the makeup I’m just going to the grocery store look? or maybe a signal that she is truly resigned. wow.

  86. The “look” last night was the VICTIM look! The OH I AM WORE OUT FROM FIGHTING THAT SEXIST PIG TRUMP LOOK
    It’s all by design folks
    Also the purple dress was a big give away

    I am so glad she LOST and now the cherry on top will be her INDICTMENT! I serously think she is MORE CORRUPT than Bill Clinton!!!

    At some late rallies Bill Clinton was trying to talk to working class folks and I think he hoped to be able to push Hitlary as POTUS to bring back the FORGOTTEN MAN

    However he was too late, he was pushed out and so were the FORGOTTEN MEN and WOMEN

    It seems now the DEMS are trying to CRAFT A MESSAGE get THAT ANOTHER EFFIN MESSAGE to the RUST BELT



    THANK YOU GOD FOR ANSWRING PRAYERS and you all pray that GOD keeps his hand on a Trump Presidency

  87. Hillary Clinton just lost the Presidential Election because she forgot where she came from. This blog, founded on rebellion against the sexism and misogyny that was used by a black man hiding behind his race, to steal the nomination in ’08. The witch picture was part of that.

    If we use the Trump election to give a pass to women haters and do not challenge them when they come out from under the rocks where they belong, we will have made the same mistake that Hillary made about where she came from.

    It was wrong in ’08 and it is still wrong now.

  88. nomobama
    November 16, 2016 at 10:43 pm
    I call people all kinds of names. I have called Obama a bitch, too. That was somewhat inappropriate. It is particularly more inappropriate to use gender terms to diminish women politicians. Or tie an entire gender to one who is rotten. If you do not believe gender bias exists or that white males occupy the upper end of the playing field (look at Trumps administration), it would not be so unfair. But it is an issue and it is unfair. It promotes sexism and discrimination against women.

    And I will take this one step further on all the accusation against Trump on sexual harassment. Because I have been in that situation several times and it is a horror. You cannot legally claim sexual harassment from someone unless you first confront them and tell them their attentions are unwelcome. So none of Trumps accusers ever had any legal grounds to stand on, coming way after the face.

    Twice I have had to do this. And someone who is sexually harassing their co-worker is not an emotionally healthy person who takes it well.

    Now, I have said that using terms like bitch and witch to attack women politicians is offensive and explained why. Feel free to debate, but I would suggest that anyone who persists in denigration, has a real problem.

  89. I have seen NO evidence that DJT or anyone in his crew hates WOMEN! Trump won 53% of the Women Vote! No evidence of that

    One of his “accusers” yesterday had to admit that they have NO EVIDENCE and NO STANDING and she just wants a “clean slate” haha

    I hope he sues them at some point

    Hitlary Clinton is a witch because she is TWOFACED ONE FACE FOR PUBLIC ONE FACE FOR PRIVATE

    I could use many other words to describe her as well

    SHE SOLD OUT to the coalition she had in 08 and it is obvious now to me that she wanted the TITLE verus actually working to make lives better

    Had she wanted to make lives better she would not have had JAYZ and BEYONCE and rapeliar Lena Dunham around her AT ALL

    I think she has Parkinsons along with being a drunk and some other serious health issues but I wont’ give her a pass

    I hope she takes her own advice and stays in her home with her dogs and her books and that I never have to hear from her again

    AND THIS FROM SOMEONE WHO MADE 600 calls for her to Texas in 08 folks SHE SOURED ME

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