It Was A Revolution: @RealDonaldTrump At The Bridge

Update: Earlier this year, in May, on Memorial Day, we wrote an article with this opening paragraph:

No traditional Memorial Day article from us. We can’t anymore. In the past few years we feel somewhat shameful on Veterans Day and Memorial Day as we see what Barack Obama and his gangster government have done to this country. So we can’t write rah-rah or solemn commemorative articles to cheer on Veterans or those who gave their “last full measure of devotion”. Not with Barack Obama as president.

The article from Memorial Day ended with this paragraph:

On Wednesday, May will be gone – it will be June. Six months of this horrid Obama last year almost gone. Six months gone. Soon there will be a new president and America will be great again. That’s good news.

Good news indeed. We can’t wait to have a grand Thanksgiving and a Very Merry Christmas. Today we thank with full and happy hearts, and without any shame for our country, our veterans. May God bless and keep you veterans on this glorious and redemptive Veterans’ Day.


After 16 years, 16 heartbreaking years of horror, America and the world stand before the bridge with Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump, the revolutionary as important as a founding father, is about to lead America and the world across the bridge to the 21st century. We should all rejoice.

The American revolution of 1776 was a conservative revolution – our middle class revolutionaries would not hang priests nor rename months and days. The French revolution and the revolutions of 1789 were all radical revolutions out to destroy not only the political system but the entire social order. In 1776 America it was a conservative revolution expressed in “taxation without representation is tyranny”. That was 1776. In 2016 we have witnessed another revolution

Let’s fully understand and appreciate the great moment we are in. American democracy was designed as a sort of controlled revolution from the very beginning. The idea was that there was a government in power and every four years we held an election by the people in which that government would either be overthrown or remain in place – all within the framework of the Constitution. It all worked until recently.

The rise of the monster ruling class in which neither political parties nor candidates, neither institutions of finance nor education, cared about change in any meaningful way, meant the notion of a controlled revolution no longer worked. With the rise of the ruling class in America there was never any real change. All that happened in our elections was a change in technocrats that ran the machine.

That “uniparty” construction led to this moment, this revolutionary moment. Donald J. Trump has restored the Republic. Donald J. Trump is very much like all revolutionary leaders who stage a revolution from the hills then ride to take over the capital. Donald J. Trump is our very own Katniss Everdeen.

We are at the great moment. Consider what Donald J. Trump has achieved. Donald J. Trump has destroyed the Clintons. Donald J. Trump has destroyed the Bushs. Donald J. Trump has destroyed Big Media. Donald J. Trump has destroyed the neo-con Republican Party. Donald J. Trump has destroyed the Democratic Party. Donald J. Trump has destroyed the Obamas and the Obama Dimocrat Party. That’s why we so often referred to Trump as “the Final Avenger”.

We are at a great moment. Donald J. Trump confronted the powerful at the behest of his white working class army and beat Big Labor. Donald J. Trump declared that a nation without borders is not a nation and Trump followed that with a call to stop illegal immigration. Donald J. Trump then beat all the politically correct weapons designed to silence him and beat the open borders, globalization, Chamber of Commerce, low wage, export jobs, ruling class financiers.

We are at a great moment. All the fear mongering from the foreign policy wing of the ruling class Donald J. Trump also beat. All the threats from foreign leaders and the American fifth columnists Donald J. Trump also beat.

We’ve been damn right in our analysis since 2007. It was the working class that mattered, particularly the white working class that for so long has been not only ignored but despised by the totalitarians of the left. We’ve been damn right about the need to kill Big Media and the Big Media Party. Recall we advised Hillary Clinton to run as an independent and wrote this speech for her:

My fellow Americans. You know me. You know what I stand for. You might not always agree with me but you know my love for this exceptional country and my belief that America is and must remain a beacon of light for all the world.

You know me and you know that I like every other political figure in this country have been part of the problem. I have been a supporter of the Democratic Party even when I disagreed with the direction and policy positions of the party. But now it is time for a change. It is time for a new politics. It is time to finally cross the bridge into the 21st century that Bill Clinton talked about in 1996.

Crossing that bridge has been a long time coming. At the beginning of the century a Republican president led us astray. Eight years later a Democratic president has us wandering down the wrong track into oblivion.

A recent study concluded that our citizens have “near zero impact” on government policy. This means our democracy is no more.

The blame for the loss of our democracy is directly attributable to our political parties which care more about themselves than about the American people. The founders warned us. The founders did not want political parties. James Madison stated that, human passions, have, in turn, divided mankind into parties, inflamed them with mutual animosity, and rendered them much more disposed to vex and oppress each other than to co-operate for their common good.

As I said, I have been part of the problem but now I want to be part of the solution. Republicans hate Democrats. Democrats hate Republicans. Republican voters are angry with the Republican Party and Democrat voters are angry with the Democratic Party. Let’s end this. Let individuals stand for office on their own.

There once was a need for political parties. We needed them to organize for our political interests. But that is no longer true.

With our technology such as the internet and cell phones and text messages and emails and websites we can organize almost instantaneously.

A candidate for political office does not have to adhere to the narrow confines of a party ideology for the sake of party support. A candidate can now come to the American people and say I believe in this socially liberal policy and at the same time I believe in this fiscally sound policy and I ask for your support and financial contributions. It is then for the people to decide.

That’s why today I am asking for your support unencumbered by the chains of a political party and free to speak for the common good not narrow interests.

Whatever party you belonged to, whatever faction once had your allegiance, join me as we finally cross the bridge into the 21st century.”

For all intents and purposes it was Donald J. Trump that delivered that speech. And Donald J. Trump won because everything from that speech written in August 2014 is what determined the winner of 2016.

Donald J. Trump will be one of the great American presidents. How can we say that one day after Trump became President-elect Trump? Because we have seen President-elect Trump on the job and we know his history. On his first day, hours after he became President-elect Trump, the President-elect spoke with the opposition party leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer. On his first day the President-elect spoke with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. The President-elect even spoke with the occupant of the White House.

Unlike the present occupant of the White House, Trump is not flouncing about making silly speeches and debuting pompous signage. President-elect Donald J. Trump is on the job. President-elect Donald J. Trump is ready, willing, and able to govern as he prepares for the first hundred days. President-elect Donald J. Trump is prioritizing what he will do on the job, not dreaming about big speeches before big crowds adoring him and golf vacations that last for weeks. President-elect Donald J. Trump is on the job and his agenda is there for all to see.

Already, Canada has agreed to renegotiate NAFTA, Mexico has agreed to renegotiate NAFTA, and TPP is dead. Because Trump opponents like Senators Ayotte, Heck, Kirk, lost their elections while Trump supporters nationwide won on Trump’s coattails, the Republican Party has now been fully destroyed and fully reborn. The Prairie Fire we spoke about on the eve of the Iowa primary consumed the old Republican Party while the party Obama destroyed is dead and buried.

We are at a great moment. It’s a revolutionary moment. Donald J. Trump the revolutionary promised to take the chains off the American people, particularly the white working class, and unshackle the American economy and American power and promise. Donald J. Trump promised to Make America Great Again.

President-elect Donald J. Trump will Make America Great Again, for all, as the founding fathers and mothers intended.