Update: Kiss of death Obama campaigned for Hillary in Pennsylvania. Hillary lost Pennsylvania.

Kiss of death Obama campaigned for Hillary in Michigan. Hillary lost Michigan.

Kiss of death Obama campaigned for Hillary in Florida. Hillary lost Florida.

Kiss of death Obama campaigned for Hillary in North Carolina. Hillary lost North Carolina.

Kiss of death Obama campaigned for Hillary in Ohio. Hillary lost Ohio.


The candidate of change won. It was a change election. That’s all you need to know. Pennsylvania, where the Dimocrats nominated Hillary Clinton, and where on Monday night an orgy of delusion featured Springsteen, Bon Jovi, GaGa, lantern-jawed Moose and her Squirrel husband was staged, carried Donald J. Trump to victory on the shoulders of Democratic voters who said “Fuck You” to the political ruling class.

We knew this would be the result. Barack Obama is the kiss of death. The moment Hillary Clinton embraced the kiss of death… it was over.

Since 2008 we have written repeatedly about the need to address the concerns of the White Working Class. We wrote and wrote about it. Hillary rejected her supporters from 2008 and whored herself to the Obama situation comedy coalition.

It never occurred to the dumbest campaign we have ever seen, Hillary2016, that if Hillary Clinton lost us they were in real trouble. Democrats abandoned Hillary Clinton for Trump in states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. That’s why fifty percent of union members voted for Donald J. Trump the billionaire, even as Big Labor donated tens of millions to the Dimocrat Party of Obama.

Now comes Trump, the Final Avenger. All those who threatened to leave the country if Donald J. Trump won better keep their promise.

Big Media has finally been destroyed. Megyn Kelly along with George Will, Krauthammer, and John Harwood, can go to Hell. The political consultants have been humiliated. The totalitarian left must be put into cages and beaten bloody.

Barack Obama and his evil works will be destroyed. Go to Hell ObamaCare. We’ll also soon see his transcripts and secrets.

Barack Obama, the kiss of death, destroyed the Democratic Party. Barack Obama in 2009 had super majorities in the Senate and control of the House of Representatives. The majority of states had Democratic Party governors and legislators. In 2010 and 2014 the Republican Party took over the Senate, House and the majority of governorships and legislatures. Barack Obama and his cruel joke ObamaCare destroyed the Democratic Party. Now Barack Obama and all his works are consigned to Hell.

The IRS will be investigated for their political attacks against political opponents. Lois Lerner better leave the country.

The Clinton Global Initiative will be destroyed by an army of Special Prosecutors. The FBI will be restored to crime prevention not crime protection. Gangster government of Barack Obama is over.

Rezko, Valerie Jarrett, Michelle “patient dumper” Obama better prepared to testify at grand juries that will investigate their crimes. Expect the Obamas to run away from Washington, D.C. and abandon their newly purchased home, in fear of subpoenas.

The Bush family destroyed. Mitt Romney destroyed. Glenn Beck destroyed. The neo-cons of Bill Kristol destroyed. Paul Ryan must resign the Speakership. Donald J. Trump is now the undisputed leader of a reborn Republican Party.

Hillary Clinton never listened to us, never learned.

President Elect Donald J. Trump.