The Swamp Strikes Back: Death Star Targets Cubs, @RealDonaldTrump, Brexit

The stock market rapidly rose to over 370 points in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton victory, the British courts try to overturn the Brexit vote in jolly ol’ parliamentary Britain, polls are used as poles to beat down the moral of the revolutionary masses, the Washington D.C./Wall Street/Big Media/Academia ruling class swamp is inside a fully operational Death Star, and the target is Donald J. Trump. It’s dark days for the rebellion.

There’s no way the Death Star can be blown up and the Republic restored!!! There’s no way DJT can align his flying fighter to blow up the technological apparatus of death that is the political ruling class Empire. There’s just no way.

There’s just no way to win – if you don’t fight. There’s no way to win if you don’t fight. If you go into a fight thinking of your eyes and nose bleeding from opponents’ punches, you’ve already lost. To win you have to fight with victory in sight. You have to John Paul Jones fight, fearlessly.

In Britain, Nigel Farage is tying to Make Britain Great Again. He’s leading the great unwashed masses in revolt against the ruling class courts which are in defiance of the people of Britain. But as important as the Brexit fight is – it is in the new world, America, that the swamp is rising to drown the voices of the people – because America is the leader of the free world and the West.

Fortunately for the Republic, in this election we have a fighter. Donald J. Trump is fighting the technological apparatus of data mining, mechanized poll testing, and focus group message massaging with The Force of English English spoken clearly and straightforwardly – to blow up the Death Star of the Swamp.

The Swamp must be drained. Donald J. Trump will drain the swamp. The swamp strikes back against Donald J. Trump. But Donald J. Trump returns to fight back.

In 2012 we mocked Mitt Romney. Barack Obama’s campaign was calling Romney a murderer as well as assorted other insults and Romney responded with Obama is “nice”. We mocked Romney and suggested he call Barack Obama what Barack Obama is: “nasty”. This election cycle we did not have to dispense such advice because Donald J. Trump to the horror of the ruling class, called Hillary Clinton “nasty” in a nationally televised debate. Trump fights.

Trump fights and campaigns with the energy of a 17 year old. Yesterday it was five campaign speeches in five states ranging from the last one after midnight in Virginia to an early one in Minnesota. Today it is five more states (Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan) and Mike Pence in an additional five appearances in four states (Minnesota, two in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire). This team fights.

This Trump/Pence team fights and gets results. As DrudgeReport notes: FLORIDA SHOCK: TRUMP OUTPERFORMS ROMNEY BY 130,000 IN EARLY VOTING! It’s not just Florida where Trump outperforms Romney. The backstabbers in the Republican Party, the neo-cons who have helped destroy this nation and now support Hillary Clinton, assured everyone Trump would lose more than Romney. But Trump fights and he beats Romney.

But really, who cares that Trump beats Romney? Well, the neo-cons care because a Trump win means their reign of terror ends. But what matters is, can Trump beat the Obama Third Term, a.k.a. Hillary Clinton? The polls should have the star fighter about to be blown up by the Death Star… but:

The latest polls on Monday morning gave her a lead of at best four points, and mostly less than that – a wafer-thin advantage and in most cases, well within the three-point margin of error.

Trump is predicting a ballot upset on par with Britain’s shock vote to quit the European Union, or what on Sunday he called: ‘Brexit plus, plus, plus.’ [snip]

The latest polls give Clinton a narrow national lead of between three and five percentage points, but rolling averages point to a closer race, with Trump up in some swing states.

But we are told “it’s over for Trump” again. Yet Hillary Clinton has added campaign stops well into midnight tonight. If it’s over for Trump why is Hillary Clinton forced to campaign more than she planned? Why, why, why, has Hillary Clinton canceled the celebratory fireworks scheduled for Tuesday night? Um, paging Mitt Romney:

Perhaps she didn’t want to end up like Mitt Romney, who famously spent $25,000 on election night fireworks which also never happened in 2012.

If it’s over for Trump why add campaign events and cancel the celebratory fireworks? Maybe, it because Trump is a fighter fighting for change and this is a change election. Things are certainly changed in Colorado:


Republicans took the lead in early voting in Colorado at the end of the day Friday and held the advantage through the weekend despite robust Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts.

Whatever happened to that “ground game” mechanized vote getting operation ready to stomp on the Trump??? In Florida, Trump-hating Politico is “confounded”:

Of the record 6.1 million in-person early votes and absentee ballots cast, Democrats have an advantage over Republicans of only 0.5 percentage points, with each party casting roughly 39 percent of the ballots. Though it’s a lead for Democrats, they’re not going to match their 3.7-percentage-point lead in early votes by Election Day they enjoyed in 2012. And Republicans tend to outvote Democrats on Election Day in Florida.

The early and absentee ballots won’t be tallied until Election Day, but party registration is still a strong predictor of whom voters will choose. And that’s where independents — whose support for Trump or Clinton varies by the survey — make this election so confounding. [snip]

On top of that, about 25 percent of the early voting electorate so far did not vote in 2012.

“Together, these are just a big X-factor,” said Daniel A. Smith, a University of Florida political science professor who provides the best nonpartisan research on the state’s voter rolls.

We don’t know the vote choice of the independents, and I’d be very wary of predictive models showing whether they support Trump or Clinton,” said Smith, who posts numbers daily on his ElectionSmith website. “Then you have a quarter of the electorate so far with no vote history in 2012. So we know little or almost nothing about them.” [snip]

Clinton’s campaign has taken heart with the performance of Hispanic voters — who lean strongly toward Clinton in most major polls. [snip]

Michael Halle, who works on analytics for Clinton’s campaign, tweeted on Sunday afternoon that the Democratic nominee’s team likes the trends it sees among black voters. [snip]

However, whites — who strongly favor Trump — are still overperforming their registration numbers when it comes to early voting. Whites have cast 67 percent of the ballots and make up 64 percent of the rolls. [snip]

Throughout, the proportion of no-party-affiliation independent voters has continued to grow. Of them, about 60 percent are white, 22 percent Hispanic and 7 percent black — voting percentages that roughly track the demographic make-up of registered independents overall.

Trump’s campaign notes that GOP voters are casting pre-Election Day ballots at a higher rate than ever, especially compared with the election four years ago, when Obama narrowly beat Republican Mitt Romney. Then, though Democrats had a 3.7-point lead in pre-Election Day ballots, Republicans outvoted Democrats by 1.1 points on Election Day.

Republicans now make up 1.4% more of the early vote share than at this point in 2012. Democrats make up 5% less of the early vote share,” the campaign said in a statement.

“Although Republicans are now trailing in total ballots cast [by about 33,000] Republicans were trailing by over 100,000 ballots cast. This is a remarkable improvement, and erases the 74,309 votes Romney lost the state by in 2012.” [snip]

More conservative-voting Democrats and independents registered as Republicans in 2012 than liberal-leaning Republicans and independents who registered as Democrats. So about 50,000 of the lead that Democrats had in 2012 in casting early ballots likely came from those who voted for Romney. In addition, about 40,000 more Republican Election Day voters from 2012 have voted early than Democrats who have voted early. [snip]

“You can think about this in two ways,” Smith said. “If Hillary Clinton has this vaunted ground game that can turn out voters, I can see her winning on Tuesday. But if the Clinton campaign lets off the gas, they’re in trouble.”

Politico lies when they say Florida voting is “confounding”. It’s not confounding. More Trump voters who have never voted before are voting. More whites are voting. Latinos are voting in high numbers but remember that there are a lot of Trump supporting Cubans in Florida in those Latino numbers. The older Cubans who vote and remember Elian Gonzalez woke up today to a reminder of those days with the death of Janet Reno so they will now vote. The mechanized ground game won’t stop feisty Trump voters inspired by The Force of Trump clear speaking. Trump wins must win Florida.

The vaunted “ground game” of mechanized robot voter turnout efforts hasn’t helped in Colorado. The vaunted mechanized apparatus of the “ground game” hasn’t produced turnout comparable to 2012 in Florida. So what about North Carolina?:

Another dramatic turn of events is being reported out of North Carolina this afternoon: Donald Trump has jumped past all expectations in early voting!

In 2012, Romney hit Election Day down 447,000 votes, based on early ballots. He went on to win the state by 97,000 votes.

Now, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal, Trump opens Election Day down 305,000!

EDITOR’S NOTE: A poll going into this week had Trump nearing 50% in the Old North state.

Trump losing by only 305,000 is not exactly inspirational but it is a “winner” and does raise the question about the mechanized “ground game” of imperial walkers touted by Hillary2016. The mechanized “ground game” imperial walkers failed to produce in North Carolina in 2016 at the level of 2012. Hapless Mitt Romney won North Carolina even though he was further behind than Donald J. Trump is today with early voting. So what happened to the mechanized imperial walker “ground game” in North Carolina? CNN is worried. Additionally, why is Hillary Clinton adding events past midnight in North Carolina???

The mechanized “ground game” in Iowa and Ohio both of which Romney lost? Trump wins Iowa, Trump wins Ohio. That is really no longer in dispute.

New Mexico can’t possibly be swinging can it? Maybe? Nah, can’t happen.

Unreliable Rasmussen Polls has Hillary Clinton two points ahead of Trump nationally. But the poll closest to the result in 2012 has Trump ahead:

With one day to go, Donald Trump extended his lead over Hillary Clinton, 43% to 41%, according to the latest IBD/TIPP presidential tracking poll. That comes after a third bombshell from FBI Director James Comey, who announced Sunday he would not indict Clinton for her email scandal.

Trump’s two-point lead now matches his largest so far during the 20 days of polling.

Why is everything so darn close? Maybe it’s a Trump card:

Trump Trades Traditional Republicans for Swing-State Voters

In other words, Trump has shifted the map toward him where it counts most — in the swing states that decide the election.

The education gap explains a sizable amount of this movement. States with a large concentration of whites without college degrees (e.g. Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Ohio) have shifted toward Trump while Virginia (which has a high percentage of whites with a college degree) has moved toward Clinton.

The relationship here isn’t perfect and it doesn’t explain everything. [snip]

Trump seems to be benefiting from this tradeoff (shedding college-educated whites while appealing to non-college educated whites) in swing states, but his position has weakened in some redder states. or example, Trump is leading by 7.6 points in Texas, according to the RCP average, but Romney and McCain won the state by 16 points and 12 points, respectively. Trump also seems to have traded Mormons for blue-collar swing-state voters. He leads in Utah by 13 points, while Romney and McCain won the state by 48 points and 28 points, respectively.

This trade-off could be a net positive for Trump. In a close election, some extra support in swing states would be worth giving up some votes in safe states.

That month old analysis supposed the election was not close. But it is. Except when it isn’t: Trump 48% to Clinton 43.2%.

Bill Clinton had it right in 2015:

The economic stagnancy of the Obama years is to blame for plummeting life expectancy rates among white, working-class Americans, according to former president Bill Clinton, who privately told Democratic donors that lower-income whites “don’t have anything to look forward to when they get up in the morning.”

Clinton made the remarks while speaking to at a November 2015 closed-door fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Canton, Ohio.

Echoing a theme of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign, the former president expressed his concern that white, working-class Americans have been left behind over the last eight years.

Rabid Trump hater Thomas Frank who has written long diatribes against white working class values, agrees with Bill Clinton and Trump. Frank hates Trump and fears Trump tells the truth:

By 2016, as blue-collar wages continued to stagnate and inequality to worsen, the base of the Republican party had lost its appetite for pointless culture crusades: they demanded something real. And of the 17 Republican candidates for president this year, Donald Trump offered exactly that.

He railed against a rotten political establishment that did nothing for working people; he promised to defend social security and to renegotiate the trade deals that are widely blamed for the deindustrialisation of the midwest. He also scapegoated Muslims and illegal immigrants, blaming them falsely for all manner of offences. And he did it all in the bluntest terms, with a self-absorbed way of speaking that somehow captured the imagination of this unhappy era. Even his grotesque, bombastic style seemed to confirm his appeal; at the Republican convention in July, I heard him described as a “blue-collar billionaire”.

But what has also made Trumpism possible is the simultaneous evolution of the Democrats, the traditional workers’ party, over the period I have been describing. They went from being the party of Decatur to the party of Martha’s Vineyard and they did so at roughly the same time that the Republicans were sharpening their deadly image of the “liberal elite”.

And so the reversal is complete and the worst choice ever is upon us. We are invited to select between a populist demagogue and a liberal royalist, a woman whose every step on the campaign trail has been planned and debated and smoothed and arranged by powerful manipulators. The Wall Street money is with the Democrats this time, and so is Silicon Valley, and so is the media, and so is Washington, and so, it sometimes seems, is righteousness itself. Hillary Clinton appears before us all in white, the beneficiary of a saintly kind of subterfuge.

We wrote a long time ago about the prairie fire. We wrote that Trump destroyed and recreated the Republican party into a people’s party because Barack Obama destroyed the Democratic Party into a demonic totalitarian parasite. Now comes the Obama Third Term.

The good news is that the voters, in a snake pit, have Donald J. Trump as the stick to beat back the snakes. Will the American people or the snakes win? The Cubs with their bats in the overtime inning of the World Series never had a chance to win, did they?

The vipers will be destroyed.


128 thoughts on “The Swamp Strikes Back: Death Star Targets Cubs, @RealDonaldTrump, Brexit

  1. I haven’t read this post yet…but I caught that is is about ‘revolutionaries’

    I was prompted to come here now because it hits me that this election is about the…

    rebels vs the ‘status quo’

    the old vs something NEW

    let’s go for it…!

  2. Clinton’s campaign has taken heart with the performance of Hispanic voters — who lean strongly toward Clinton in most major polls. [snip]
    So much for gross stereotypical assumptions

    1. first, the term Hispanics is overbroad when it comes to predicting voter behavior.

    2. second, Hispanics include Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Central Americans, and Cubans.

    3. third, Hispanics in Florida are Cubans, and historically they have supported Republicans.

    4. fourth, therefore a big Hispanic turn-out in Florida is likely to favor Trump

    5. fifth, Hispanics in border states like Texas are Mexicans

    6. sixth, the democrat policy of open borders subjects them to low cost competition which drives down their wages

    7. seventh, the democrat policy of open borders subjects them to drug cartels and crime in their midst

    8. eighth, the same is true of African Americans

    9. ninth, unlike the past, 20% of them have answered the question what have you got to lose and are voting for Trump

    These stereotypical assumptions and phony polls are why big media is seldom right but never in doubt.

  3. After decades of being beat down, could something good finally happen?

    I feel like I have been fighting forever, a dark cloud that came over our land.


    Trump will win! This reinforces the admin’s previous post. There is so much wrong with polling anymore that poll results need to be tweaked in order for them to reflect reality. The polling companies are just an extension of the media which are controlled by elites with an ax to grind for Trump and his lowly supporters.

    You know what pisses me off? The snobby attitude of the “better” educated toward Americans who do not have college degrees. Many of these snobs are no smarter than the pieces of paper that bear their names and the universities that they have attended. Money can purchase an education even for elitist dunces.

  5. S, I knew that they were full of sh!t when Donald Trump was accused of raping a 13 year old. I could not imagine the hurt that Donald must have felt after being accused of such a horrific thing. Gloria Allred need to crawl back under her rock.


    This video, like the one admin created above, needs to go viral.

    This one will be informative to any independent who still relies on mainstream media in making their electoral decisions.

    If you can think of anyone like that, then it would be a good idea to email the link to them, so they know they are being hoodwinked.

    Its about the last thing we can do before tomorrow.

  7. The Choice

    Pass the popcorn
    Forget just about everything you’ve been reading about polls, the candidates, the charges and counter-charges, the FBI, the emails, James Comey, everything. When you enter the polling booth tomorrow, here are the real choices:

    More of the same vs. an E-ticket fun-house ride.

    A cementing of Obama’s “legacy” or a chance to uproot it, including the Iran deal and Obamacare.

    The reinstatement of the House of Clinton, or a cleaning of the Augean stables. Bonus: a repudiation of the House of Bush.

    Takers vs. Makers

    Tax recipients vs. Taxpayers.

    A certification of the power of the American elite vs. the Jacksonian arrival of a bumptious outsider.

    Another step on the road to a banana republic by electing the wife of a former president, vs. a man with no previous political experience.

    Supine obeisance to the krack kadres of kampaign konsultants and their mechanistic get-out-the-vote approach that treats sovereign voters as cattle, or the power of a real grass-roots movement out of Norman Rockwell by way of Ayn Rand.

    Socialism vs. capitalism. There, I said it.

    A gaslighting media, thoroughly in the tank for the Democrats, vs. political reality, even glimpsed through a glass darkly.

    An ever-expanding federal government, freed from its constitutional restraints, vs. peasants with torches and pitchforks.

    The Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party (pictured above) or Real Americans, whose first allegiance is to country, not party.

    Higher taxes, higher spending, more “services,” in an ever-increasing upward spiral until systemic collapse vs. at least a modicum of financial restraint.

    The Frankfurt School and its band of cultural Marxist saboteurs vs. western civilization and the high ideals of the Enlightenment.

    Black robes and imperial presidents vs. the representatives of the people, however unworthy.

    The Ivy League, which controls the presidency and the Supreme Court, vs. The Rest of America.

    “Social justice” vs. the Constitution.

    Loathing of country vs. love of country.

    Them vs. You.

    Robert Frost once said that a liberal was a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.

    Whose side are you on?

  8. Brady. New Hampshire. We recall stopping a phone bank operation because the Patriots were playing.

    Donald Trump said Monday night that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick reached out earlier in the day to inform him of their endorsements.

    “Tom Brady, great guy, great guy. Great guy, great friend of mine — great, great champion. Unbelievable winner,” Trump told a crowd at a Manchester, New Hampshire, rally on the eve of the election. “He called today and he said, ‘Donald, I support you, you’re my friend, and I voted for you.’”

    Trump continued: “And I said, ‘So Tom. You voted for me, you support me, am I allowed to say it tonight at this massive crowd in New Hampshire?’ He said, ‘If you want to say it, you can say it.’ OK? Tom, that’s what a champ is all about.”

    The Republican presidential nominee then said he received “the most beautiful letter” from Belichick while on his plane to New Hampshire. Trump said when his staff called to ask whether he could read the letter at a rally, the Patriots coach said he would send one “that is a little bit different.”

    “So I figured he was going to take all the good things out, like most gutless people do. Gutless,” Trump said. “But he’s the opposite. He’s a champ. So he sent me the new letter and it was much better. It was stronger!”

    Trump then read the letter to the crowd. According to the New York businessman, it read:

    “Congratulations on a tremendous campaign. You have dealt with an unbelievable slanted and negative media and have come out beautifully. You’ve proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your leadership is amazing. I have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable. Hopefully tomorrow’s elections results will give the opportunity to Make America Great Again. Best wishes for great results tomorrow, Bill Belichick.”

  9. You have been on a roll Admin and I am nervous as hell.

    MY sister called me today, she is so in the left wing nutcase globalist camp it’s ridiculous.
    She was gloating…I so want to wipe that smirk off her face…off all their faces…there is no talking to these people, we can post videos, articles, they don’t believe truth, they have to come through the fire as we all did. You can’t give people insight, it just doesn’t happen that way and I will bet it didn’t happen that way for any of us. Mine started on 9/11 and continued on 5/31/08. Next Hillary selling out her suppprters at the convention, becoming SOS, and finally Benghazi.

    I have come to respect and understand Trump. I am in awe of him. It certainly wasn’t always that way and I will never forget his getting on stage with his steaks, water and other items he sells. I never laughed so hard at, and with a person running for the President of the United States. Who was this person lol.
    He truly is the blue collar billionaire and I am very proud that I have fought for him, donated and voted for him.
    Now the hope must be finalized into his winning to ccomplete this story, the story of the billionaire that saved America from the destruction by the evil Globalist empire.
    And thank you all, especially Admin, for holding my hand and setting me straight as I wavered at times through the darkness of the last 9 years.
    I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I have always felt that God did bless this nation at times when lesser nations have failed and there must be a reason for that. He placed the right men in the right postions at exactly the right times when the forces of evil fought to tear us apart, be it Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Truman or Kennedy…may he bless us 11/8/16…

    Trump 2016

  10. Admin: your bold imagination, clear insight and tough minded optimism are an inspiration to all of us. Like Trump, you are a leader.

  11. As of tonight, I am a Patriots fan. Their quarterback, their coach.

    I have no respect for teams like San Francisco, who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

    Like our political class, they sell their soul to the highest bidder.

  12. For those of you who are tuning out election coverage and going to ground I highly recommend “the crown” on Netflix Churchill at his finest!!

  13. Inside sources say Democrat internal polls (not the fluffed-up media polls) show Trump ahead in every swing state!

    This is why Hillary is doing midnight, 11th hour emergency rallies in “Democratic” states – they aren’t solid blue, despite what the mainstream media claims. Her campaign is panicking privately.

    And this is likely why they cancelled her election night fireworks show
    Trump also has far more crossover support than Hillary, i.e. more Dems are switching over to vote Trump than Republicans for Hillary (except for the Bush family & other GOP globalists, of course.)

    This explains why traditionally Democratic states are now in play – even in the Midwest!

    Remember, this isn’t a traditional Democrat vs. Republican race. This is a lone individual leading a populist movement against the entire establishment.

    The only realistic way Hillary has to win the election is through massive fraud, which Trump has a chance to beat with a tsunami of support.

    Facebook: RealKitDaniels

  14. 1. Hillary cannot win without massive fraud.

    2. Soros is planning massive fraud.

    3. But he is being watched like a hawk.

    4. Remember that trick question by Wallace?

    5. Your family has said you will accept the election result (stop) your running mate has said you will accept the election result (stop) there is a long unbroken tradition in this country of accepting election results (stop).

    6. Question: will you commit here and now to accept the election result?

    7. Answer: he had the presence of mind to say not at this time–I will keep you in suspense.

    8. Brit Hume and others condemned that answer, and ignored everything else he said in the debate.

    9. Trust me, that was yet another FOX set-up, and to his credit he refused to step into their trap.

    10. He has reserved the right to contest the election if it is stolen from him.

    11. And if they try to pull some shit on him (us) he will not do a John Roberts and fold.

    12. He will fight the forces of corruption and will have the nation behind him.

  15. The internals are so much more informative than the deadpan media polls.

    Commencing at 16:43 is Trump campaign communications directors assessment of the current state of the race.

  16. It’s so weird – I wanted sooooo badly for Hillary to win in 2008. Now I want soooo badly for her to lose, I’m actually terrified for my country should she win. I don’t even like hearing her speak anymore – I mean, I can’t stand it. I guess it’s just hitting me, because her face is everywhere right now with the election tomorrow, and I look at her face, and it’s so weird that I wanted her to win so much just 8 years ago….

  17. Trump at Michigan rally declares, “today is our Independence Day!”

    It’s Election Day as he speaks to packed rally in Grand Rapids.

  18. oh wow – almost 71,000 watching Trump just on RSBN stream – I think the highest I’ve ever noticed was 40,000….

  19. RSBN stream just a little company from Alabama…I hope this helps make them a much bigger player.
    They said they kept hearing Donald say the media won’t show the audience, and they wouldnt, even after being called out..imagine that, the gall, but it gave this station an opportunity, they Contacted the Trump Train and the rest is history.

  20. US vs Irby. Statute of Limitations for IRS filings starts not at the filing date, but when the tax benefit from the filing has finished. Trump could be looking at billions in tax penalties and perhaps an indictment or two. This would explain his fixation on lock her up, he’s projecting his inner fears outwards.
    Trump did not release his income tax returns because a tax expert would have figured out that Trump is still in hot water. Trump must win, in his own mind, so that he can order the IRS to lay off of himself.
    Trump has never been vetted, nor has the RNC. Trump most likely faces income tax fraud thanks to U.S. vs IRBY.

  21. Since you did hijack the original purpose of this site, and you were outed years ago even as you denied it.

    Trump has never been vetted, nor has the RNC. Trump most likely faces income tax fraud thanks to U.S. vs IRBY.

    Donald Trump has a potty mouth, Stole a billion dollars from U.S. taxpayers, Funded his entire Presidential campaign with income tax money he fraudulently deducted, may be fined billions by the IRS in the coming months for income tax fraud and could face charges, has bullied anyone who stole the spotlight from him, slandered his opponent and perpetually states his caustic, slanderous opinion as fact, lied about his own past and the businesses he has run right after the Michigan primary, and has lied about the businesses he has actually run into the ground. Donald Trump had to have his twitter account taken away by his advisors because of his revenge addled mind.

    Bill Clinton is the only president in the past 80 years who actually lowered his annual budget deficit each and every year he was in office. Bill Clinton is the only president in the past 80 years who left office more popular then when he was elected.

    Hillary Clinton has been voted Woman of the Year 20 times by Gallup poll.

  22. Tim Tebow ‏@TheTimmyTebow Nov 6

    Hillary: I never received classified emails.

    FBI: You had your maid print classified emails.

    Hillary: You got me. Now what?

    FBI: Nothing.

  23. Judge rejects Democratic call to restrain Trump supporters at polling places
    Updated: November 8, 2016 — 1:08 AM EST

    A federal judge on Monday rejected an attempt by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party to restrict the behavior of supporters of Donald Trump at polling places in Tuesday’s election.
    U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond, in a ruling issued a few hours after a hearing in Philadelphia, was critical of the last-minute nature of the lawsuit, filed last week.
    He said the Democratic Party “contrived to transform this litigation into a mad scramble” with the late filing and by not producing any evidence of the claim that the Republican presidential candidate and his supporters are “illegally conspiring to suppress minority voting.”
    The lawsuit was part of a wave of recent legal filings by Democratic parties in Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Michigan. Marc Elias, general counsel to the campaign of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, was listed on each action.
    Diamond, in his ruling, cited a lack of specific claims in the testimony from two witnesses called to testify by the Democratic Party during Monday’s hearing – Rev. Mark Kelly Tyler of Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church and former Philadelphia City Councilman Angel Ortiz.
    “Neither witness knew of any actual voter intimidation efforts or of any voters who had actually been intimidated,” Diamond wrote. “Rather, both were concerned that Mr. Trump’s statements ‘might’ or ‘could’ intimidate African American or Latino voters….”

  24. This is why Donald Trump will win the election: Marc A. Scaringi PennLive Op-Ed on November 06, 2016
    Donald Trump will win this election decisively. Trump will win because, like any good business owner, he assessed the real problems confronting our country and proposed real solutions…..

    Marc A. Scaringi, a Harrisburg attorney and talk radio host, was a Trump delegate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July

  25. DailyPUMA
    November 8, 2016 at 2:57 am

    First off, how does an admin of his own blog hijack the blog?

    That’s an impressive list of faults you’ve come up with for Donald Trump. I bet you if you try real hard, you can come up with an even more impressive list of Hillary Clinton’s faults. I’ll start a Iist for you. 1) Hillary aided, abetted, and praised the failed Obama presidency at the expense of every American. Your turn.

  26. LOL! Donald has a potty mouth! Hillary has a mouth like an angry, foul-mouthed trucker, but apparently you don’t hold that against her.

  27. God bless you, Admin. And God bless us all -even the flailing trolls.

    This one is for all the marbles boys and girls. God willing, we will pull this one through.

    God bless America.

  28. Off to cast my vote for Donald J. Trump. Please NH, let’s do this.
    And for my home State of Michigan, let’s flip the State red and seal the deal!

    Get to the polls everyone. Think positive. MAGA!

  29. DailyPUMA
    November 8, 2016 at 2:57 am

    Each individual has their threshold for cognitive dissonance. To come to a group discussion, who generally agree and have civil and informative discussions, to spout your virtue signaling, childish attempt at shaming of people who are more informed and reasoned than you are, and indicate your discomfort is something you are having difficulty managing. In the spirit of YOUR comments, I find you a bigot. Most of us here struggled to comprehend the level of crime, incompetence, hubris, and greed exhibited by Hillary and her coterie of users, fixers, flunkies, and dimwits. To say we were disappointed in Hill and Bill who most of us supported, and donated to for decades is an understatement. You may be for sale for a pat on the head but we are not. The old Bill is glimpsed in one of his leaked speeches and he sounds like Trump but he gave that speech in private. Hillary has never given one of THOSE speeches. Ever. Because she is incapable of it. Facing the truth is uncomfortable but it frees you. Try it sometime. Jill Stein has.

  30. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politican in our HISTORY! She left 4 men to DIE on her watch and I assume that Obummer was out partying and that he is being blackmailed! The ADMIN owns this site and for some PUMA to come here and spout off Well I Just say F*ck you beyotch

  31. DailyPUMA,

    DT has passed audits. You are crazy to think there is something legitimate there. When you have the elite and political class regularly looting the treasury the way they have been, there is no moral high ground for what Trump has been doing.


  32. I was waiting for the ignorant hillary supporters to return, how stupid was that?

    Daily puma was probably just returning from a Spirit painting exercise with hillary, bill, and podesta…

    Trump 2015

  33. In line to vote this morning. Been voting at same precinct for 18 yrs. and there has never been a line. This morning I’m outside in a long line waiting to get in. Primarily Republican precinct. MAGA

  34. gonzotx
    November 8, 2016 at 6:48 am

    The cognitive dissonance is painful. It can manifest itself similarly to a mania, depressive episode, or just plain old hissy fit. I felt it too as my attitudes shifted, dissolved, and facts hit me over the head. I have some sympathy but it has been 8 years and more than enough time to wise up and accept the truth. Even the Bernie-bots know they got played. Anyone left in the delusion is socially or economically and personally invested in the shell game continuing. People are PAID to believe lies all the time.

  35. Mormaer,

    I feel no pity or empathy for them, relatives included.
    I do beleive people have a right to their own decisions, my problem is when their decision will affect my life so completely, my family, my Country, that their ignorance and refusal to look at plain facts, and all that entails, well I just don’t have time left in my life for people like that.
    Cognitive Dissonance and all.

  36. gonzotx
    November 8, 2016 at 7:50 am

    I agree. And people have great difficulty looking inward at WHY they are so invested, stuck, and indifferent to really uncomfortable facts. It usually involves money (direct or indirect) and social status pressure which is crippling this country. The class system currently in this country is among the worst in the world. It is as bad as Mexico right now which has crippled that country since its founding. Usually they are afraid of losing the money and status they have both financially and psychologically even it is very little and doing them no good.

  37. If Carlin were here today, he woukd be voting Trump. His 3 minute stand up routine could be right out of Trumps mouth…

  38. Daily4Puma

    You are a patently uninformed shill. It’s frightening to see someone as ill-informed as you. And I mean that in the most hateful way possible.

    That is all.

  39. True that Loretta Lynch was on Clintons’ defense team during 1992 Whitewater defense?
    Might be.
    Oh my.

  40. M A G A !

    I am so excited today! I haven’t voted yet, but I’ll get there later. I think that instead of wearing red as some are purportedly doing, I am going to wear one of my 2 Trump shirts… the white one that says “TRUMP – Make America Great Again” in big red letters.

  41. Laura is non stop urah rah Trump today. She has always been in his corner but her enthusiasm was never over the top as today.
    I know she was with him the last 2 nights and maybe the crowds, his energy has had an effect.

    She keeps saying he is going to win and I have never heard her say that.
    Couple weeks ago she was saying too little too late pretty much.

  42. Trump finished his Michigan rally at about 1:05 a.m. today. Around 5:00 a.m. he was arriving in New York City. At 7:00 a.m. Trump was on Fox & Friends. At 10:30 Trump went to vote for himself.

    Does Trump ever rest? Energy of a 17 year old.


    WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (Reuters) – As voters head to the polls in Tuesday’s U.S. election, hopes have dampened among Democrats that they will make major gains in the U.S. Congress, even if their nominee, Hillary Clinton, wins the presidency. [snip]

    Americans will be voting to choose Clinton or Republican Donald Trump for president, and to fill 34 of the 100 Senate seats and all 435 House seats. Both the House and Senate are now controlled by the Republicans.

    Polling website RealClearPolitics was reporting no clear trend in polling in key House and Senate races on Monday, with Republicans up in some swing states and Democrats in others.

    An analysis of Senate races issued on Monday by political scientist Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” project at the University of Virginia projected the election would end with Democrats and Republicans each holding 50 seats.

    Continued Republican dominance in Congress could stymie any legislative agenda put forth by Clinton. A Trump victory, along with a Republican Congress, could mean a swift end for Democratic President Barack Obama’s Obamacare health reforms. [snip]

    To win control of the Senate, Democrats would have to score a net gain of five seats. Republicans currently hold 54 Senate seats to 44 Democratic seats and two independents who align themselves with Democrats.

    For months, political analysts were projecting Democrats would pick up anywhere from four to seven Senate seats.

    The outcome of the presidential race is expected to have a major impact on the outcome of the congressional campaigns, with a handful of Senate races at center stage.

  44. This is the Carlin 3 minute, could be a Trump speech, u-tube I posted earlier. Please embed Admin if it doesnt. It’s really worth a listen to.

  45. We’re checking weather reports. Wherever it rains Trump will win. It’s about to start raining in Columbus, Ohio.

  46. Did you see in that video 4 women standing in white thirty and it read Make America White Again?
    I had to look 3 times cause I was sure it was a mistake…Ahhh not so much.

  47. Mormaer…

    …unfortunately for many of ‘them’…it is a ‘hissy fit’

    if you were to venture to read what they are saying…for the most part it is all name calling, swearing and insults…no objectivity…no honest analysis of their own candidate and her flaws, etc…no honest analysis of anyone’s policies and how they will be effected by them…

    …and worse, so many of them were not only against O, but were also against Hillary’s policies, particularly when they belonged to O…but now…eh? who cares…blind support for Hillary at all costs…even it has an adverse effect on themselves and the lives of their children and grand children…

    mostly group complaining…

  48. unbelievable. Check out link at Breitbart to photo of Hilary holding hands with Lady Gaga in a Nazi like uniform.
    The most divisive democrat party in history.
    I voted in East Hampton this morning with the largest crowd I have ever seen here.
    This was the firs time in my life that I felt my one measly vote was vote for democracy over a banana republic run by a global elite.

  49. Those pictures were great S, thanks for sharing, amazing someone would throw those out Divorce is horrid, but in the end, you have pictures of your children, save them and give them to them.
    I loved the one of Donald in the kitchen with his mother. Such a common no pretense kitchen. People sure have gotten use to extravagant living.
    And the one where he is changing diapers.

    So the media including the Daily Mail have been nothing but horror to him and decide to show a softer side today I’m calling BS on that.

  50. fwiw…


    Frank Luntz
    ✔ ‎@FrankLuntz

    BREAKING: Watch Michigan.

    Working-class turnout is looking much higher than expected. Trump may actually have a chance. #ElectionDay

    12:01 PM – 8 Nov 2016



  51. Gonzo…I think you and I have this is common…we have grown to kind of love the guy…

    never seen anyone work so hard…wish my Dad was around to see DT in action…that’s how DT rolls, doesn’t take no for an answer…sees the possibilities and dreams big…and not afraid to fight for what he believes…

    one man happy warrior battering ram for justice and the people…

  52. WOW! he has photos on his twitter…this is the best I can do to get the info here…


    Quinton Jackson ‎@alaskantexanQCT

    Shock/Worry on the Hillary supporting poll worker’s face when we rolled up in two vans FULL of Black Trump supporters to vote! #PhillyVotes

    10:30 AM – 8 Nov 2016


    I love it…chills!



  53. Quinton Jackson ‎@alaskantexanQCT

    DNC tricks in Philly be damned! We getting lots of people to the polls for TRUMP! #BlacksForTrump #ElectionDay GET OUT THERE PEOPLE!! #MAGA

    12:05 PM – 8 Nov 2016

  54. …oh this is rich…the rats start making excuses at the 11th hour…

    Nate Silver: 2016 Polls Less Reliable Than Prior Years

    Many 2016 polls may prove incorrect because so many Americans are undecided or else say they’re backing third parties, says Nate Silver, founder of the polling firm.

    “Undecideds are MUCH higher than normal,” Silver said in a Tuesday morning tweet. “So risk of a polling error — in either direction — is higher than usual.”


  55. I had to laugh at Nate Silvers “polls are less reliable than prior years” statement. Well, duh. Also Frank Luntz who has been so negative now saying Trump has a chance in Michigan because working class turnout is higher than expected. Not for us. We knew there were faulty polls and a lot of disgruntled blue collar workers out there.

    These prognosticators now trying to cover their ass in case Trump wins.

  56. I’m not an anxious person but holy crap I don’t know if I can take the pressure. It’s literally feels like a fight for life or death. IM trying to stay busy and stay away from the tv. When I look back at 2008 I can’t believe we were pulling for Hillary.

  57. Matt Drudge has access to the exit polls. Here is his headline[s]:



    Unfortunately Democrats vote later in the day, usually, – so this might be a bad sign. On the other hand it might be that independents and new voters vote late.

    Other than the iffy situation in Florida (according to Drudge) the news is overall pretty good for Trump.

  58. Admin,

    I believe there is widespread cheating / dem voter fraud in PA, NV and Florida. What impact do you think that has.
    I think Trump wins hands down without the fraud.

  59. *later voters not laser voters in my post above ^^

    Also, raining in Detroit now until evening — Lucky Trump.

  60. totally disgusted
    November 8, 2016 at 4:42 pm
    Hillary will say,

    “what difference does it make?!”

  61. I would think Republican ‘ s would vote later in the day because generally they have jobs.
    Maybe I’m wrong.
    I do think he must win Florida to get this. I thought he would win Florida.

  62. I don’t get it and never will. Millions of people turn out for his rally’s and still so close. I just don’t get it.

  63. Outris,

    I know. I remember even flake Romney having some huge turn puts, not this many and not as hige, huge none the less.
    Meanwhile obama had to have optics for photography in arenas cause they were only half filled.
    I do think there is a big element of cheating, we all know there is, we wouldnt have had Kennedy without it, but today, just think about the cheating HUGE, just HUGH. ..

  64. Just want to say Thank you to Admin and all of you have posted. Heart attack is right – have not turned on television yet. As Outris said above – if we are so stressed out imagine how Trump feels. Tried not to become emotionally invested this time as 2008 was so devastating. Sad that many we worked side by side with back then to elect HRC have not reached the same conclusions that we have. They are now posting elsewhere. Thank you again everyone – this too shall pass – praying that we will be celebrating soon.

  65. These are just exit polls – just as people lied before the election about who they planned to vote for, they could be lying now about who they just voted for.

    IMO, wait for the official results.

  66. Hate my phone…

    I really don’t think I can move forward politically speaking if Trump is cheated, if WE are cheated. All the horrible things we fear will be done, they won’t even try to hid it anymore.
    We will have open borders, we will have no manufactoring jobs, we will have Syrian, Somalian refugees periodically blowing up and murdering people, we will have endless debt and Social Security will fail, the dams will burst…Spanish will overtake English…we will have a population of 600,000,000 with 350,004,004 dependent on government, ie US.
    But then I have children, and hopefully grandchildren, and I don’t know how to walk away.

  67. gonzotx
    November 8, 2016 at 5:50 pm
    Hannity doesn’t sound overtly positive


    Why *would* he? His listeners are most likely Trump voters and if he’s singing “It’s in the bag for Trump” it is Trump voters who would figure “eh, he’s got this — no need for me to go vote.”

    Also, he knows the Dems are going to try to steal FL — why help them by depressing Trump’s turnout?

    If you want to see spitting mad, go look at the rest of the MSM timelines on twitter — they are downright testy considering they have assured us their candidate is coasting to the win.

  68. Exit Poll puts “change” at top of the list, other exit polls put “the economy,” as issues driving voters.

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