New YouTube: The Temperament Of @RealDonaldTrump And The #MAGA #TrumpTrain

We created a new Youtube to address the issue of Donald J. Trump’s temperament. Or is it “temperment”? It’s not a “temper tantrum” to assert yourself and try to save the world. Donald J. Trump has the right temperament to be president.

Consider, the car is going over the cliff, there’s a guy trying to take control of the wheel and brakes to stop the car from hurtling over the cliff. Should the guy trying to prevent the disaster be demure, shy, and polite, as he sees the cliff getting closer and closer? Or should the guy trying to save the situation be vigorous and bold as he tries to stop the looming, ever closer, catastrophe?

Our YouTube answers the question. Donald J. Trump is trying to stop the car from hurtling over the cliff, the bus from going into the ditch, the plane from hitting the building, the economy from tanking, the world from perpetual war, the people from losing their freedom, the child from drowning, the orphan in the storm from being swept away.

This is a time for bold leadership. A Winston Churchill who was mocked even as he was right and eventually saved the West. This is a time to raise up a Gideon.

Donald J. Trump can win. It’s up to the voters. Help Donald J. Trump win the 2016 presidential election. It’s time to Make America Great Again.


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  1. from end of last thread

    So the election is one day away. Has wikileaks released everything? I thought I heard they were going to release something that would get her arrested… although perhaps I assumed they meant before the election. Anything *after* the election may rid us of her, but not of the threat that she represents, because it won’t be Trump taking over at that point.

  2. Rep. Steven Smith ‏@RepStevenSmith 10m10 minutes ago
    Rep. Steven Smith Retweeted WikiLeaks

    It cost an estimated $5,000,000—for a WEDDING. There is nothing sicker than running a fake charity for personal enrichment. #DrainTheSwampRep. Steven Smith added,

    Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation resources for her wedding — email from top Bill Clinton aid Doug Band

  3. So mentally, how is everyone holding up?

    Can’t believe we are here, at the doorstep of such a divergent road…

    We’ve lost so many along the way.

  4. Jtjames,

    I think we are all bracing ourselves, but I know I will be horrifically depressed if Hillary wins…

  5. mentally not good… I’ve found myself screaming at people for little things… just told off my husband…. I’m literally on the edge.

  6. jtjames

    November 6, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    I think we all need to brace ourselves, the chance that Trump can pull off a win on Tuesday is slim at best….
    Trump may lose, but completely disagree with “slim at best” comment. Sorry… but Trump hasn’t worked his ass off for “slim at best”….. ever.

  7. JT, we’re all on edge, but we can’t be Eeyores, and I’m as guilty as anyone of falling into that trap. Trump is still out there today working his ass off across the country, for you, me and the rest of us. Let’s keep the home fires burning and the positive vibes flowing his way.

  8. I’m way up in years with negligible family, so it is easy for me to decide there will be none of the traditional Christmas activities here if Donald loses. And that’s how I’m leaning. I don’t think it will be in my heart and I’m not going to force it.
    But in that instance, Donald may not be able to quit advocating for the people and the Republic. He certainly has the means and the mind to. For one thing, he could team up with admin and the great video talent unveiled here today. What a delightful surprise.

  9. I’m beyond agitated about this election. I have started to consider how I will react if Trump does not win. No matter how troubling and destructive a 3rd Obama term would be, I feel there is a greater issue. If Americans are either too ignorant or too inured to corruption to elect Hilary, what does that say about our country. I will not continue to live among a population that condones and endorses widespread government corruption.
    Although we are of retirement age, neither my husband or myself wish to retire or could afford to retire. We are struggling here.
    It would be difficult financially to move but if Hillary is elected I’m going to try to convince my family to emigrate. Australia is the only country I can think of with a moderate climate where English is spoken and illegal immigration is not a threat to their culture.
    Only a large scale rebellion and fight here would change my mind. A Hillary election will flood the country with millions more poor Hispanics as well as large numbers of Muslims, a problem for all of us, especially gays and Jews.
    The US will become a primarily Spanish speaking country with a much lower standard of living. It will not be the America which drew our families in the first place.

    I still believe Trump will win and I will hope and pray for that until its over.
    FYI My husband is a registered D and will vote for Trump.

  10. Australia does have a Muslim problem, and you must be able to sustain yourself or have a skill they need…unlike America.

  11. My understanding is that the government has spoken out against Islamism or any behavior that conflicts with their values.

  12. The period of time between November 9 and January 21 will be significant.

    One way or another there will be an election challenge.

    Of course, I would like to believe otherwise, especially if it is a blow out election.

    But I don’t think it is realistic—that the election will settle things with finality.

    The goal of the corporate media is to pretend this thing is close, so Clinton can challenge them.

    This is what I referred to and defined yesterday as psychops.

    The big point however is if Hillary steals it, then Trump will contest the result.

    And contemporaneous with that the worst of what Wikileaks has will be revealed.

    That is why Assange said the wikileaks will continue past the election.

    That is beneficial whichever way it goes.

    If Trump wins, it will undermine the faux election challenges which the Hillary campaign will launch.

  13. admin

    diggin’ your video. love the music (Mozart?) please identify. also the FDR speech before congress. it still gives me chills.

  14. Maybe this will help:

    My favorite interviewer—so much better than Meeeeeeagin, interviews Jeff Sessions.

    He is a picture of optimism.

  15. gonzo

    how are we holding up? it’s like a freaking roller coaster of emotions. I have to believe the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.

  16. I’ve also heard you have to prove you can support yourself in order to move to Australia – and they’re not the only country like that. It drives me nuts when people here say our immigration system is broken – because what they mean is they system will only be “fixed” when everyone who *wants* to come here, gets to come here – which is basically open borders. People act like we’re strange because we want borders, even though other countries try to have them, or we’re strange for wanting to get rid of birthright citizenship, which other countries don’t have. We really need Trump so we can be a nation again.

    wbboei saying up above that Trump would fight if he loses if he thinks it’s due to fraud, that gave me hope, I had forgotten that… after all, our last “love” said she would fight, but then joined the opposition.

    here’s something on Australia – not as general as I was looking for (ie, must have $X in the bank or work or family, etc), but maybe it’s somewhere on the page – this page is about how to come if you have a skill and are going to work

  17. Alcina, it’s the Beethoven 3rd. The Eroica.

    Beethoven called his Third Symphony Eroica (“Heroic”). The Eroica is two hundred years old yet still seems modern.

    In this symphony Beethoven began to use broad strokes of sound to tell us how he felt, and what being alive meant to him. The piece caused a sensation and changed the idea of what a symphony could be.

    When Beethoven called this piece “heroic,” he wasn’t kidding. It’s bigger, longer than a symphony had ever been. It’s confessional, even confrontational.

    Just the scale of it was huge, unprecedented—and daunting for its first listeners. It foreshadowed the world that Wagner and, ultimately, Sigmund Freud would explore—the realm of the unconscious. That’s what was so revolutionary. [snip]

    The first movement of the Eroica was unprecedented in scale, in part because he had so much to say. Beethoven uses a huge spectrum of keys to express different worlds of emotion.

    Each new experience of the themes gets darker and deeper. He develops the movement as a way of expressing what really happens in life—the wrong turns, the confusion, the sense of helplessness and entrapment.

    In the first movement of the Eroica, Beethoven takes his listeners on a wild journey through the emotional extremes that can be wrought from a few simple themes.

    More at the link on the other movements.

    We thought the “Heroic” symphony suited Donald J. Trump just fine.

    For those experiencing emotional unrest, we suggest a break and listen to the entire symphony.

  18. I feel that it will either be a squeaker through Hillary cheating, or it will be a blowout win for Trump. I lean towards a blowout for Trump, because I really believe in that monster vote below the surface for Trump – I really believe it’s there and the people are energized. I tried earlier today to imagine what it would be like if he loses, but I stopped myself – if it happens, it will be in two days, no need to even bother imagining.

    What I choose to imagine is all these fakey talking heads shaking their heads afterwards, saying to each other, how did we miss this? That feels good lol

    And I believe that Trump really has hope – he’s having his last rally at 11 pm on Monday night. If he didn’t have real hope at this point, I don’t think he’d bother with that.

  19. blow, I’ve seen a lot of people on twitter saying blacks are freaking about that, too… one even said they didn’t care about pay to play, but the occult wakes them up

  20. I am not sure that calling for a special prosecutor at this point is wise.

    Lynch is up to her eyeballs in this conspiracy and will end up going to jail if all the facts are known.

    Question: how likely is is that she would appoint someone who will uncover facts that send her to jail?

    Answer: the chances are less than zero.

    Proof: her appointment of Peter Kadiz—Podesta’s best friend to handle the email scandal.

    Conclusion: the primary goal of anyone Lynch would appoint as Special Prosecutor would be to perpetuate the cover up.

    And the problem is, Trump would be hard pressed to remove, because his own party demanded it.

    I would keep my powder dry on that one, for now.

    I want Trump’s attorney general, Rudi, to handle that appointment.

  21. HoldThemAccountable, whatever happens don’t surrender to despair. If the worst happens it is even more important than ever to celebrate your holiday traditions. Those Christmas “festivities” have a deeper meaning than decorative. In times of strife it is those traditions, which may not be “in my heart” at the moment that provide the greatest solace and meaning.

    There’s really not much point to celebrating Christmas or holidays such as Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July only in good times.

    We think Trump will win. But win or lose, we’ll take refuge in Christmas and the rituals of the West.

  22. funny, HRC will be in Grand Rapids, MI Monday afternoon. Trump will leave NH Monday night, fly to Grand Rapids and have his last rally there before midnight. Unbelievable. The guy really knows how to get in someone’s head.

    He will have the last say in Michigan. I want that State!

  23. Here’s a little more of that Eroica analysis to inspire HoldThemAccountable:

    What kind of strange, isolated, lonely, crazy individual was he in danger of becoming? That was the real terror.

    As Beethoven’s personal crisis deepened in 1802, he took refuge in the village of Heiligenstadt. He hoped that the quiet of the countryside would bring relief to the distortions in his hearing. And he needed time to get himself together—to face the decision, literally, of whether to live or to die.

    In Heiligenstadt, he wrote the most important document we have that reflects the turmoil in his life. The so-called Heiligenstadt Testament is a kind of last will, or possibly a suicide note.

    It wasn’t meant to be read during his lifetime. But it reveals Beethoven’s state of mind just before he wrote Eroica. Somehow he found the strength to go on. In the works that follow the Heiligenstadt Testament, he inserted his humanity into the very fabric of the music.

    Time to live, not die. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

  24. Admin: speaking of Beethoven, there is also the Fifth Symphony, which was theme song of the D-Day landing to take back the continent of Europe in the dark days of World War II.

  25. FBI director just told Congress that they haven’t changed their opinions about Clinton….?

    Fox News saying that Chaffetz just tweeted that

  26. Trump will have something to say about Comey’s latest letter from today:

    FBI Director Comey says agency won’t recommend charges over Clinton email

    FBI Director James B. Comey notified key members of Congress Sunday afternoon that after reviewing all of the newly discovered Hillary Clinton emails the agency stands by its original findings against recommending charges.

    Comey wrote that investigators had worked “around the clock” to review all the emails found on a device used by former congressman Anthony Weiner that had been sent to or from Clinton and that “we have not changed our conclusions expressed in July.”

  27. It has been tough going Admin, for the last 9 years. Actually since 9/11 in my mind.
    It does seem at this point that if Trump does not win, there is no there there.
    Hard to see anyone but a globalist winning from here on out, with the blatant cheating, for God’s sake the President of the United States encouraging illegals to vote…how traitorous, and not a peep from the media, millions upon millions of illegals, refugees,
    I think it would literally take a full blown,rebellion to change things if Trump loses and frankly, I don’t see the American populous willing to go to the extreme they would need to. We have a youth population of safe houses.
    The system with 20 trillion in debt, and growing can not sustain itself. is terrifying because outside of a few bright lights, our Government is in the dark and refuses to turn the light on. They would rather feed it’s citizens to the abyss.

  28. Laura Ingraham ‏@IngrahamAngle 56m56 minutes ago

    Minnesota Nice! Crowd waiting for @realDonaldTrump at hangar. Fire Chief closed it at 5,000. 12,000 outside.

  29. I think Comey hides behind this “intent” thing – oh, things were classified, but her intent wasn’t to hurt America…

    So if I accidentally exposed classified information and got someone killed, but I didn’t mean for them to be kiled – that’s okay? I don’t think so. I think “intent”, as I said, is NOT important and is being used to protect Clinton….

  30. Trump is really pissed that whoever set up the audience didn’t enlarge the area instead of leaving almost 3x the people off to the side…

  31. There were 650,000 emails to comb through, a hundred letters of resignation on his desk…
    This does not pass the smell test.
    So rigged…so rigged…

  32. 650,000 emails. nothing here. what total bull shit. anyone with half a brain knows this. this will backfire big league and not in HRCs favor.

  33. I hope Trump ignores Comey’s latest play. It will do him no good to play into this at this point in time. Pretend it didn’t happen.. Let HRC respond.

  34. Political Polls ‏@PpollingNumbers 6h6 hours ago
    CBS/YouGov Poll,

    Among Those Who Plan Voting On Election Day:

    Trump 49 (+8)
    Clinton 41

    Trump 51 (+16)
    Clinton 35

  35. alcina, I agree… and I think he should stay focused on the positive about how his presidency will look like… keep people up… don’t let them imagine he may be worried (and pesonally, I don’t think he really is worried)

  36. As far as Comey is concerned, this end result was exactly what some had speculated when he announced the reopening of the investigation. They said it was probably a set up in order for Comey to re-affirm his original decision not to indict Hillary which would then make her emails a mute point.

    How long did previously take for the FBI to complete its first investigation? There were far fewer emails to investigate, and yet it took much longer than a week to complete the first investigation.

    With Comey’s recent announcement, I wonder if there will be more FBI leaks. I also wonder what affect his announcement will have on Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Anthony Weiner?

    Personally, I believe that Comey is done once Donald Trump is our president. Yes, I agree with the admin here. DONALD TRUMP WILL BE PRESIDENT!

    Thank you, Julian Assange and Wikileaks, for what has come to light from these emails will propel Mr. Trump to the presidency. All hail the chief!🇺🇸

  37. wbboei
    November 6, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    Here is a FANTASTIC interview with Charles Ortel, who has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for years.

    He has some important things to say on that subject, and–

    Some PROFOUND observations about what people need to be thinking about when they go to the polls (30:15-35:48)

    I think it is fair to say that this man is a GENIUS, and he is on the side of the angels

    Here are a few of the highlights:

    1. throughout history, the struggle has been to bring the elites under the rule of law

    2. since 1992, they have broken lose from it, and they defy the law with impunity

    3. there is a smoking gun memo from 1996, from the legal counsel to the Clinton Foundation, warning them they are operating illegally

    4. they have failed to cure those problems, and they lied to Obama (or else he was in on it) that it was in compliance.

    5. it will be easier for prosecutors to prove that the charity is a fraud, than to prove pay to play

    6. if the prosecutor alleges fraud, the Clinton Foundation will have to prove it has operated lawfully at all times material

    7. it will be impossible for the Clinton Foundation to meet that burden of proof

    8. the practical effect of their failure to do so will be that the donors will have to pay taxes on their contributions

    9. this scandal will reverberate though all the major charities who have acted as donors–which will be very bad for them

    10.the Clintons, the Bushes and the Obamas are all tied in to this thing (note: no wonder the Bushes are voting for Clinton)

    11.there is a long list of law firms, accounting firms, and members of the political class who will be in trouble here as well

    12.this is a bigger scandal that Watergate or Tea Pot Dome

    13.Obama will find it difficult to pardon the wrongdoers here because it will be inimical to his interests

    14.and, even if he did so, they would still be subject to prosecution by states and foreign governments

  38. Wbboei, I read a few months ago that the reason why things have not taken off with the investigation of the Clinton foundation is that it would bring down a large part of the Washington elite. I suppose that there is a lot of stonewalling, but once that wall is breached, look out!

  39. nomobama
    November 6, 2016 at 5:30 pm
    Sure looks that way doesn’t it.

    I happened to be watching an old film noix movie last night called The Good Die Young.

    It is about a conspiracy by four men, one of who is a sociopath, the others are just chumps who are suckered into his plan.

    It starts off as a simple robbery, but quickly degenerates into murders and eventually all are killed

    The memorable line by one of them who is no longer interested in the money but is running for his life is:

    How did I ever get into this mess.

    There have got to be a large number of people in Washington who are beginning to ask themselves the same question.

    People who erroneously assumed they were among the untouchables.

  40. I found out yesterday that a couple that I am friends with who usually do not vote unexpectedly found themselves voting early since they were already at a courthouse to handle a legal matter, and since early voting was taking place at the time, they decided to fill out two ballots for Trump (in Florida). If they hadn’t gone to the courthouse that day, they would not have voted at all. I had spoken to them several times about Trump, and my initial thoughts were that they had some positive vibes about Hillary initially. I guess some of what I told them sunk in. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out. Consider them part of the monster vote because they haven’t voted in YEARS.

  41. The suspense is killing me here. Where are the last WikiLeaks? Coming overnight? Somebody needs to spill the beans on what happened in Benghazi. And WTF are all these rumors of depravity in Haiti and the Bahamas? Children, sex and Satanism? Where are the videos? I want to see a grand finale here.

  42. lol after saying how Hillary has big name musicians at her shows lately, Trump has Ted Nugent playing right now

  43. Trump is way off schedule on this 5 event day – he was late to second one and he’s 45 minutes late already for 3rd one. The fourth one is supposed to start in 1.25 hours…

  44. lorac
    November 6, 2016 at 6:43 pm
    lol after saying how Hillary has big name musicians at her shows lately, Trump has Ted Nugent playing right now
    The difference being people didn’t come to Trumps rally to see Ted Nugent.. If Hillary doesn’t have musicians she’s got no one to talk to because no one shows up

  45. I have said it before Comey is a dirty cop.

    The only way this happens is if he was promised a pardon.

    This last minute reversal of his prior reversal just shows what he is.

    And invites more leaks by the FBI.

    He has declared war on his own organization.

    And he will reap the whirlwind for it.

    In the short term, he should be dismissed as a joke.

  46. Outris – you know he’s popular when there are 23,000 people – on just one stream – watching an empty stage lol

  47. how can there be nothing there???

    NY Post reporting Hillary had her made print up classified documents…her maid did not have security clearance

    …how about all the tech people she had…that admitted under oath before congress…that they had access to all the classified documents but did not have security clearance..

    So what is the FBI saying…Hillary can do anything and no charges…not to even mention the pervert Weiner…

    WTF is going on with the FBI and Justice Dept…can everyone else do this now that Hillary has set this precendent


    and how about hearing that Chelsea used Clinton Foundation to pay for her multi million dollar wedding…and her flunky husband used the foundation to funnel clients

    the whole thing stinks and anyone with a brain can see Hillary is guilty of gross negligence and perjury…and the Foundation is one big laundering scheme for the benefit of the Clintons…

    sickening…they have a lot of people…her supporters…fooled

  48. If Hillary wins she will be accountable to no one…totally uncontrollable and ruthless…

    the worst condition I have seen our country in…

  49. Deplorable Scott ‏@ScottPresler 19s20 seconds ago

    Guys, this is good news.

    FBI Director Comey knows Trump is going to win. He isn’t charging Hillary, so Obama can’t pardon her.

  50. Looking at how S has reacted, it may have been better for Hillary to wait until after the election for the announcement.

  51. lorac

    November 6, 2016 at 7:05 pm

    Outris – you know he’s popular when there are 23,000 people – on just one stream – watching an empty stage lol
    Lorac, very true. 23,000, watching an empty stage, waiting for Trump…. in Michigan.

  52. I can’t imagine allowing your “maid” to handle classified documents and that’d ok.

    People are in prison for God’s sake for far less.

  53. gonzotx

    November 6, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    I can’t imagine allowing your “maid” to handle classified documents and that’d ok.

    People are in prison for God’s sake for far less.
    The list of things the Clintons have done that would have put others in jail is endless. Truly awful what they can get away with. Amazing what can be done when aren’t afraid to “take people out”. A full fledged crime organization.

  54. Well Packers lost, their season looks gone, we shall see. If the whole team had as much fight as Rodgers and Trump…we’d be singing a different tone.

    Trump has shown what true grit is and I am humbled.
    It’s the stuff people like Patton are made of…always wondered how you got your forces, teens and young men in their 20’s mainly, to buy into facing death, the courage these great young soldiers displayed, and still do.
    We were a different Country then…now our vast majority of teens and 20’s want “safe places”..
    If Hillary is elected, there will no longer be anymore safe places left.

  55. Well, Trump has run an amazing campaign. He has overcome a lot of obstacles. Now, the last run. It is that last count that worries me. The system is designed for the cheat. Seems like the precincts votes should be fed back to them for verification on the count. At least have a public database where people can check their precinct votes.

  56. Lu4PUMA
    November 6, 2016 at 8:30 pm
    Well, Trump has run an amazing campaign. He has overcome a lot of obstacles. Now, the last run. It is that last count that worries me. The system is designed for the cheat. Seems like the precincts votes should be fed back to them for verification on the count. At least have a public database where people can check their precinct votes.
    Add that to the list of things that Trump needs to fix.

  57. There are about 200,000 precincts nationally averaging around 800 people per precinct. People should organize and follow up on checking their precinct count as recorded and counted.

  58. alcina
    November 6, 2016 at 4:27 pm
    650,000 emails. nothing here. what total bull shit. anyone with half a brain knows this. this will backfire big league and not in HRCs favor.

    You are right.

    It doesn’t pass the red face test.

    It merely confirms what Trump is saying, i.e. that the system is corrupt.

    And Comey, as I have said all along, is a dirty cop.

    This is what dirty cops do when they are offered a get out of jail card.

  59. Here is the other thing to keep in mind:

    The Trump army is an organic one, who are dedicated to their country.

    The Clinton army is one of mercenaries, who are dedicated only to a paycheck.

    From the Revolutionary War to operation Barbarosa to Diem Bhen Phue the advantage goes to the former.

  60. Lu4PUMA
    November 6, 2016 at 8:47 pm
    I guess Virginia is now the convicts state. Well Admin was not counting them anyway.
    Neither was Trump.

    So really this is coal to Newcastle, who needs everything EXCEPT more coal.

    This is from the same governor who corrupted the #2 man at the FBI, and is under criminal investigation himself.

    Perhaps that is why he decided to restore voting rights to ex cons.

    I doubt it is convicts, just ex cons.

  61. Non-stop TV ads here in Virginia for both candidates all week. Why would they both waste money on advertising if Hillary is that far ahead? The frequency of ads tells me that it’s a lot closer in Virginia than the media would have you believe. That’s MY poll.

  62. Trump’s plane just arrived to 4th stop in PA – he’s running 2.5 hrs late for this rally. The last rally, the 5th rally, in VA was supposed to start an hour ago. I know he’s working so hard – I just feel so bad for the rally goers – of course they’re happy to see him whenever – but they wait so long in line already….

  63. Cross Examination of James Comey

    Q-1: Sir, you are a member former member of the law firm Hogan and Hartson, true?

    Q-2: And that firm did work for the Clintons, correct?

    Q-3: One of your partners in that firm was Loretta Lynch?

    Q-4: And she is now the attorney general to whom you report as FBI Director?

    Q-5: One of the associates in that firm was Cheryl Mills?

    Q-6: And she is now counsel to Hillary?

    Q-7: And a target in your investigation?

    Q-8: To whom you gave immunity?

    Q-9: And got nothing back from in return?

    Q-10: One of your other partners in Hogan and Hartson was Sandy Burger?

    Q-11: And he was indicted for the felony of removing sensitive information from the National Archives, relating to WJC?

    Q-12: And you got him off on a misdemeanor?

    Q-13: And you were a director of HSBC Bank?

    Q-14: That bank has a long history of laundering drug money, true?

    Q-15: And they made an $81 million contribution to the Clinton Foundation?

    Q-16: Given this long association with the Clintons, why did you not recuse yourself from the current investigation?

    Q-17: Help me understand why, if there was no conflict of interest, why did you deviate from normal prosecutorial practices?

    Q-18: Specifically, why was there no subpoenas and no grand jury?

    Q-19: Why did you give immunity to the targets of that investigation and receive nothing in return?

    Q-20: And why did you agree to destroy material evidence that could have been used for further prosecutions?

    Q-21: You exonerated Secretary Clinton because you found no intent to violate those laws?

    Q-22: Yet you had false exculpatory statements by Clinton, correct?

    Q-23: And there was clear evidence of the wilful destruction of documents–after a subpoena was issued?

    Q-24: And in all other cases, absent a confession, that is how intent is trypically proven, true?

    Q-25: Yet you say no prosecutor in the land would take this case?

    Q-26: And you claim that the FBI agents and attorneys who worked with you on the case shared that view?

    Q-27: Would it surprise you to learn that none of the agents and attorneys who worked on the case held the opposite view?

    Q-28: Why did you misread the statute to require intent, when gross negligence is all that is required?

    Q-29: In normal cases, the FBI does the investigation and then refers to matter to Justice to determine whether to indict?

    Q-30: Why did you arrogate that justice department responsibility to yourself?

    Q-31: After you closed the case, the NYPD found 650,000 emails on a separate computer?

    Q-32: Many of those emails were unavailable to the FBI before because the devices were destroyed by the targets?

    Q-33: And now, two days prior to the election, you claim there is no there there, and exonerate Clinton a second time?

    Q-34: You are an extraordinary man, Mr. Comey. A real credit to public service.

    Q-35: As it was physically impossible for anyone to comb through 650,000 emails in the time involved?

    Q-36: Even with Podesta’s best friend spearheading this investigation?

    Q-37: Through what act of palmistry, table tipping and tea leave reading you were able to make that determination?

    Q-38: Can you think of any reason why you are known in Washington circles as “Comey the Cleaner”?

    Q-39: Are you really that dumb?

    Q-40. Or, do you just think the American People are?

  64. Correction:

    Q-27: Would it surprise you to learn that contrary to your assertion, NONE of the agents and attorneys who worked on the case agree with you?

    (Note: this means his is a bald faced liar)

  65. I am trying my best to sound optimistic, which is hard for me, but I’ve done a tour of blogs I sometimes frequent, and people are all over the place and not much overt optimism.

  66. The last speech in Virginia will be at MN..MN…

    Was supposed to be at 9:30, but delays…

    There are thousands of people waiting, thousands. Bless their hearts and Bless Donald J Trump and these United States of America…

    Long may she wave…

  67. Additional Question:
    Q-41: You have asked those within the FBI who disagree with your decision to identify themselves?
    Q-42: I commend you Director Comey for your . . . openness.
    Q-43: You are aware, are you not, that this Administration has been ruthless toward whistle blowers?
    Q-44: And that the young DNC staffer who was leaking to Wikileaks was murdered?
    Q-45: And that two other members of Wiklileaks have been killed in the last week?
    Q-46: And that Hillary proposed taking out Assange with a drone missile?
    Q-47: And that Podesta talked about assassination two days before Justice Scalia expired?
    Q-48: And that witnesses to Benghazi have been told that they will end up in a cage if they speak out?
    Q-49: In that case, can you understand why your agents are reluctant to take you up on your offer?

  68. Wbb,

    If only the Media asked one of your questions.
    I think it’s appropriate that it’s you and I this late night, 25 hours before the first voting…
    What is the name of that place, somewhere in NE that begins at MN and has like 11 people?

  69. gonzotz@11:23PM

    I’m overtly optimistic. What do these other people know that we don’t? He has at least a 50/50 chance and probably higher since he has momentum, no last-minute surprises that will change anything, and undecides (or people who don’t talk to pollsters) normally break for a challenger. Nobody knows anything more.

  70. Mike Marks, you are right to be optimistic. The big state in this election is Florida followed by Ohio. Today the favorite “analyst” of the Obama horde (and Big Pink hater), Nate Silver, said this:

    Political statistician Nate Silver officially projected that Republican nominee Donald Trump will win the highly influential swing state of Florida, according to an analysis published Sunday.

    Trump has a 52 percent chance of winning Florida, compared to only a 48 percent chance for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the polls-only forecast published on 538. Trump made incredible progress in the state, coming up from a 22 percent chance as of Oct. 15. Clinton has fallen from a 78 percent chance of winning the state since Oct. 15.

    Silver angered the Obama Third Term horde.

  71. Has James Comey Disgraced the FBI?
    By Larry Johnson

    Short answer? Yes!!

    The very last thing we need in the United States is the perception that law enforcement is crooked and is pulling punches based on whether a target is politically connected and wealthy. Welcome to Jim Comey’s FBI. It is perceived to be crooked.

    News broke today that the FBI has looked at 650,000 emails in a week. Does that make sense to you? That means over the last 10 days that FBI Agents would have to review 65,000 messages a day. That works out to almost 2800 messages per hour. Assuming one person can review an average of 30 messages per hour that means there had to be at least 93 FBI Agents working around the clock. Does that sound feasible?

    But the review does not really matter. As I pointed out in yesterday’s post (Hillary Clinton’s Unlawful Conduct) on the latest batch of State Department emails there is irrefutable evidence that Hillary sent classified material over her unclassified server and sent it directly to her daughter, but used a pseudonym. That establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that Hillary knew what she was doing. It was a purposeful act.

    Then we have today’s news courtesy of the NY Post that Hillary’s maid was handling classified info:

    As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos show. But the housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material.

    In fact, Marina Santos was called on so frequently to receive e-mails that she may hold the secrets to E-mailgate — if only the FBI and Congress would subpoena her and the equipment she used.

    This new information further destroys Hillary’s claim that she did not act with knowledge or intent. The hell she did!!

    Here’s the problem with Comey–what he did in July, what he did a week ago and what he did today–he is not the prosecutor. It is not his job to make the final decision whether or not someone broke the law. He has crossed a line into the political world. Hillary’s culpability here is quite clear. Classified emails are not mistakenly or inadvertently put onto an unclassified server. They are only put there by intent. Comey’s insistence that there is not a chargeable offense here is beyond laughable. It is absurd and betrays the concept of equal justice under the law.

    We now know that we live in an America of selective justice and political enforcement. God help you if you are on the wrong side.

    On this point Donald Trump is right–the system is rigged in favor of the wealthy and the powerful.

  72. Glass half full or half empty? For all the pessimistic nonsense about Trump’s chances, few write about the half empty glass for the Obama Third Term. Nate Silver caught up with our analysis today when he noted that it is not only Trump that can be seen through a glass half full/half empty analysis:

    Nate Silver: Clinton one state away from losing Electoral College

    Hillary Clinton is one state away from losing the presidential election, FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver said Sunday.

    While the Democratic presidential nominee has a 65.7 percent chance of winning the presidency on Tuesday, she is not “in a terribly safe position,” the pollster said on ABC’s “This Week.”

    “The electoral map is actually less solid for Clinton than it was for Obama four years ago,” Silver said. [snip]

    In FiveThirtyEight’s election forecast, Clinton has the 270 electoral votes needed to clinch the White House.

    “Clinton has about 270, so she’s one state away from losing the Electoral College,” he said.

    “You would rather be in her shoes than [Republican nominee] Donald Trump, but she’s not in a terribly safe position.”

    Trump will win.

  73. Trump must win…

    Here’s to the overtly optimistic, I raise my glass to you.

    Let’s win this one for the gipper in all of us.

  74. Trump calls his speech: “The Midnight Special”. Says this election will determine if the country is run by the people or the “corrupt ruling class”.

  75. gonzo, I’m not so sure it’s pessimism as last minute jitters – we’re down to the wire and soon we will KNOW – so I think people are just nervous. I feel like he is going to win in a landslide, but still I’m nervous as heck, because we just don’t know what will happen.

  76. I don’t know how this guy does this…
    He’s still having fun, sounds good, energetic.
    I have been listening to most of his stops the last 2 weeks,

  77. Admin@11:55pm

    No pollsters are ever held accountable for anything except their last prediction before Election Day; who ever checks what they said 3 months ago? Therefore, they have a tendency to bring their polls into some sort of reality as the race closes.

    My optimism is still based more on the fact that, after everything thrown at Trump for the last year and a half by Democrats, never-Trumpers, GOPe, Cruz, Kasich, Lindsay Graham, the media, movie stars, etc., they all admit that he’s still competitive in the race. That’s a remarkable feat and all I need to know to maintain my optimism (except that it’s a change election :-))

    Last I heard, the media are acknowledging the massive numbers of Trump rally attendees but are trying to temper it with “but will they turn out to vote?”, very similar to what they said during the primaries.

  78. It might be worth a mention that Leesburg, the site of this rally, is about 35 miles west of D.C., a section of Northern Virginia that is strongly Democratic (at least for the last two elections). The strongly conservative areas are concentrated in the southwest part of the state.

    To me, the most important demographic in this election is the conservatives, both in this state and in the rest of the country. They stayed home for both Romney and McCain, although many pollsters had assumed they would at least turn out for Romney. While Trump is most likely considered less conservative than either Romney or McCain, some feel that the importance of the election, as well as their dislike of Hillary, will bring them out this time. That would make a big difference.

  79. Both Randy Evans and Ed Rollins think that Comey’s extraterresterial powers to discern the contents of 650,000 emails, helps prove Trump’s point that they system is rigged. Both of them felt this was a big plus. Of course big media is trying to say this is a clean bill of health which it clearly is not, because the conclusions of the July report that she was grossly negligent, and engaged in an obstruction of justice, and lied to the fbi–those findings stand.

    The other thing is whereas before they was only one torturous path to the 270 figure, Kelly Ann reports there are now seven (7) different paths to that number. And Rollins, who is a real glass his half empty sort of guy is bullish for the first time about Trump’s chances to win. (See 25:10-31:32 in the video below).

    When I heard Palmeri crowing about Comey’s most recent reversal I thought of what the Persian king said when he thought everyhing he had to squeeze out a victory against the Roman Legions, i.e. one more victory such as this and I shall be undone.

  80. I find this feasible for a Trump victory. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was how the election unfolds, give or take one of the smaller states in the electoral college. Trump is going to win if the election is fair.

  81. All presidential elections give me hope. I am exceptionally hopeful this presidential election. Our country is looking for a real leader, a person who will be his own man. Trump is that choice this election. Hillary is beholden to special interests. Trump has been correct on that point all along. Either we will have a president that is with us or against us. In this election, I believe that most people know which candidate is the real deal, and not corrupted by international interests. Donald wins on freedom from the oligarchy that has been systematically trying to squelch our voices and our desires. This is going to be a great victory for America.

  82. I have to wonder if it will come down to cyber warfare over attempts to hack the election results. There must be a way to monitor for such activity.

  83. Lorac,

    It does not matter how late Trump was or how long he spoke. Everyone know what he is up against and that he is making a run. People in line must know they will probably not get in. They are going to show their numbers. They know they are being lied to and want to. They are now speaking up as they have not been able to for years. They will show their numbers and watch the results. If the election is stolen, it will be obvious and the resistance will form.

    The People are showing their numbers.

    Hear their voices.

    Count their votes.

  84. wbboei
    November 7, 2016 at 1:56 am
    Comey will not shut up. The Clinton campaign has fought for a couple of years to “hush” it up, minimize and divert, and nay say. They rigged some kind of blackmail, payoff, bully move to make sure Bernie did not use it against Hillary. They got the White House to lie, the DOJ to quash, pulled every stunt possible to delay release of any kind of information, and then Wikileaks showed how desperate they were to make it all go away. Then the leaks started from the FBI.

    It really doesn’t matter what old Jim Comey has to say. He keeps bringing it up. It will not go away. The entire mess is emblematic of the “not” smartest people in the world running the US government, doing whatever they want, ignoring very clear statutory law, having ZERO comprehension of why we have such laws and why we have had to pass statutes against criminal acts such as insider trading, national security and treason. Blaming it on Hillary’s paranoia (she is always the wronged little woman) is a ruse. Mafia dons claim they are picked on because they are Italian for crying out loud. Crooks ARE paranoid because they don’t want to be caught not the other way around.

    While the Clinton Foundation is in the most legal jeopardy in the US (those fat cat donors are going to have to pay taxes on their bribes-WITH PENALTIES!) the mess is international. The spider web of self dealing “do-gooders” will be spun out for the next decade. If Hillary is elected she will be a named plaintiff in fraud proceedings in South America. What fun. Obama’s “turn” at the bribery and influence pedaling circuit in in dire shape. The Iranians are hooting at him because his turn at the scheme blew up before he even got going.

    Comey’s whiny last minute cri de coeur to save his own crooked ass is ridiculous. Laughable. The Dems should have ignored the scuttlebutt on the investigations and kept their plan of delay and obfuscation, but they got Comey to make a ridiculous statement of no “intent” whatever that means. Then he backed over them with the steam-roller, and yesterday rolled over them again. Too late. He just confirmed that the top brass at the FBI is in the middle of Trump’s described “swamp”. The question now is are they snakes or pole cats.

    We are led by fools, dumb asses, cowards, and crooks. Credential-ism, croneyism, and greed is the standard instead of merit. They are simply too brainwashed or stupid to understand cause and effect. Our inferiors are running the whole shebang into a ditch. And it has never been so obvious. Lucky Trump.

  85. Comey has a brother who is a “real estate” expert for the firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s TAXES. Not a CPA nor tax lawyer but a real estate “expert”. Wikileaks has shown that the Clinton Foundation has known about their “tax” problems for quite a while and they have done NADA to fix it because the tax deduction shit is part of the scam to pull in the money from “donors”. Multiple institutional audits have told them this and they just wait a couple of years, hire another one, and hope for better news. They thought good IRS insurance was having the FBI director’s brother working for your tax shop. Where are those two scumbag idiot’s emails? Any “loans” or gifts to each other? The “charity” IRS audit office in Dallas is collecting info per a Dallas lefty rag’s story. How interesting that Comey reverses a few days later. The wind keeps shifting on old Jim as the roof caves in. Tax fraud and its implementation gets them every time.

  86. Janet Reno passed yesterday. Some are recalling Waco and Cuban boy Elian.
    Echoing Mormaer, lucky Trump.

  87. lorac

    Ted Nugent is a Michigander by birth. Detroit boy, very conservative. That is probably why he was at Trumps MI rally, to show support.

    I am so hoping for a Michigan win tomorrow!

  88. I agree with Lu above…the people waiting in long…and late lines…know what Donald is up against…most will understand that he is barnstorming the country for “the movement” and will be happy to show their support…

    …these rallys have become a “happening” where vendors, musicians and all kinds of people show up…so whether they get in or not…they are at a ‘party’ packed with excitement and common purpose…

    I think they will be ok…

    in fact, if by any stretch Donald does not pull this off…there are going to be a lot of people going into withdrawal and sorely missing their Donald “fix”

    …a person I know told me they have Donald on 24/7 and “can’t imagine what it will be like without him”

  89. I think one of the “telling” things about where we are at right now is suddenly the BM has discovered that the ‘people are voters and voters are people’…because they are suddenly using the phrase “the human element” “the human factor”…”and the ‘human element’ is the unknown that could ride Donald into the WH…”

    imagine that…they are now hedging a bit because there is that fact that real living people still have to vote and will be showing up to vote…(and their “polls” could be wrong)

  90. RCP has moved VA into ‘toss up’ column taking it away from Hillary

    (DNC and Hill in the ethers to McCaulliffe – get those prisoners from the prison to the polls)

  91. Mormaer
    November 7, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Lawlessness runs in his family. His father Ed Mezvinsky, who was a Congressman from Iowa, was arrested for swindling investors of millions of dollars back around the 2000 timeframe. He even stole money from his own family. There must be some “crooked” gene out there

  92. Blaming it on Hillary’s paranoia (she is always the wronged little woman) is a ruse. Mafia dons claim they are picked on because they are Italian for crying out loud. Crooks ARE paranoid because they don’t want to be caught not the other way around.
    When they are winning, they brag.

    When they are caught, they cry.

    When Donna got caught red handed

    She claimed she was being persecuted

    For being a Christian woman

    That defense might work in an ecclesiastic court

    But not in a civil one.

    She would have been better off claiming racial discrimination

    Hoping to land in the court of a judge appointed by Obama

    Who would do what they do best

    Subordinate law to politics

  93. For those of us old enough to remember the Mohawk haircut that was all the rage in the late 50’s, I think Nate is working on a reverse Mohawk, with that strip of receding hairline up the middle of his forehead.

    However, this much I can say for sure. His alogorithms have proven to be akin to frogs, snails and puppy dog tails, when it comes to predicting this election, therefore, he is striving to save his reputation and this haute coffiure of his is intended to be a distraction.

  94. foxyladi14
    November 7, 2016 at 11:01 am

    Any idea where this was? I wonder why his sign was all crumpled? Was this at the Obama rally in which Obama couldn’t get the crowd to listen to him after a Trump protester started heckling him? Obama had mentioned the Trump supporter was an old man.

  95. Hillary cancels fireworks
    That is a relief.

    No rockets red glare.

    No bombs bursting in air.

    But has she also cancelled the drone attacks?

  96. Hillary cancels fireworks
    On second thought

    Why disappoint the tots?

    Why not go ahead with them anyway.

    And charge the cost to the Clinton Foundation?

  97. foxyladi14
    November 7, 2016 at 11:15 am

    More than anything, government corruption and voter fraud are my biggest gripes. led are all disenfranchised when voter fraud occurs.

  98. The decision to barnstorm in blue states during the closing days of the campaign is sound.

    On paper, he stands to win all of them.

    But in practice, there are imponderables, such as the extent of turn out, cheating etc.

    If there are 9 paths to victory, then it is prudential to cover all those bases.

    Because you cannot be sure which ones will pops.

    It is akin to the principle of diversification.

    And when you have 9 ways you can win, your opponent has 9 ways she can lose.

    It is hard for Soros to cover all those bases.

    But time will tell.

  99. Technical difficulties caused CSPAN to suspend coverage of Hillary’s speech in Pittsburgh. She started at 12:20 PM and 15 minutes in the “Signal lost” warning kept popping up. Host of program brought it back to studio.
    Then played rerun of McGinty just earlier at same rally.
    Katy hyped it up. Most reprehensible lie she told to the U of Pitt crowd? KKK endorsed DJT.
    The students behind podium as slow to cheer, but do manage healthy decibels at times.
    Have no explanation.
    From the home TV set on last day of campaign. Last I checked, CSPAN to Hillary was still down.

  100. well I finally saw my first Hillary sign in deep blue Florida…

    it was on a white truck and said ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’



  101. Outris
    November 7, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    I think that people would find it strange that Hillary would give a fireworks display for a Trump victory.

  102. They are saying all the polls sans LA Times show Hillary in lead…

    Quick to point out mile long line to hear obama…never do they tell the truth of Trumps lines.

  103. I previously saw one video of these two females debating each other on Fox News. The female on the left handles herself well, consistently pummeling the female on the right. The previous debate that I saw had the woman on the right with a constant smile. Where is her smile in this more current debate? Perhaps she’s not so certain that Hillary is going to win?

  104. gonzotx
    November 7, 2016 at 1:05 pm
    They are saying all the polls sans LA Times show Hillary in lead…
    “They” are lying. IDP has him up 2. Trump leads in early voting by over 125,000 in both FL and NC.

    Etc, etc.

  105. S
    November 7, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    well I finally saw my first Hillary sign in deep blue Florida…

    it was on a white truck and said ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’



    Got one on my truck. lol.
    Next to the Trump Pence sign. 😀

  106. It’s a change election that’s all you need to know,
    It’s a change election that’s all you need to know,
    It’s a change election that’s all you need to know ….
    And Trump is the change candidate!

  107. Surprise! Real Clear Politics now reporting that New Mexico is now considered a “toss-up” state!

    Blue fire wall?

  108. Totally fitting for her campaign. This happened to HilLIARy either yesterday or the day before in Florida. A couple of points: 1). I hate her finger pointing. It’s aggressive and a big turn-off to me. 2). I was expecting her to melt.

  109. PAY ATTENTION Gloria Alred and your daughter & all former Big Pinker:

    the whole Donald Trump raped an underage girl is FALSE…ALL MADE UP…she has confessed to lying


    The Huffington Post jumped on the bandwagon of anti-Trump sentiment after she made her claims, asking: ‘Donald Trump Is Accused Of Raping A 13-Year-Old. Why Haven’t The Media Covered It?’


    But has been told that elements of what Johnson had claimed crumbled at the last minute.

    Her claims can today be exposed as untruthful, the key fact being that Donald Trump was not involved whatsoever.

    A source with knowledge of the controversial case told ‘Katie Johnson’s account had been believable and compelling right up until the last minute.

    ‘But new information emerged that suggested she had not been telling the truth.

    ‘Ultimately it was discovered that Donald Trump’s name had been inserted into this, he was not involved whatsoever. After that she had no credibility.’

    The revelation slaps down any suggestion that Johnson dropped the case thanks to a secret financial settlement with Trump, as has been speculated on social media.

    It also clears Trump of any hint of wrong doing in association with the lawsuit.


    GOT THAT…a big lie…I could name names that have been pushing this big lie…but they know who they are…another big lie to try to destroy Donald Trump…

  110. For those whose nerves are already shot, I would caution against watching any of the TV election coverage tomorrow. If there is anything less reliable than telephone polls or online polls, it is making predictions and creating narratives from exit polls. They do it every election and exit polling is notoriously unreliable. In 2004, for example, early exit polls showed a win for Kerry, but Bush eventually won the election. Also, if you recall 2000, there was an early TV call for Bush, which later had to be rescinded and eventually went to the Supreme Court. People in parts of Florida heard the call and didn’t bother to vote. If you have been unnerved by TV coverage up to now, it will be 100 times worse tomorrow. View with caution.

    I have never understood why news organizations, like AP and TV networks, are permitted to “call” elections before all of the votes are counted, based solely on their own counts and exit polls. Should be called by FEC when they have all the numbers in and verified, even if it takes a week.

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