New YouTube: The Temperament Of @RealDonaldTrump And The #MAGA #TrumpTrain

We created a new Youtube to address the issue of Donald J. Trump’s temperament. Or is it “temperment”? It’s not a “temper tantrum” to assert yourself and try to save the world. Donald J. Trump has the right temperament to be president.

Consider, the car is going over the cliff, there’s a guy trying to take control of the wheel and brakes to stop the car from hurtling over the cliff. Should the guy trying to prevent the disaster be demure, shy, and polite, as he sees the cliff getting closer and closer? Or should the guy trying to save the situation be vigorous and bold as he tries to stop the looming, ever closer, catastrophe?

Our YouTube answers the question. Donald J. Trump is trying to stop the car from hurtling over the cliff, the bus from going into the ditch, the plane from hitting the building, the economy from tanking, the world from perpetual war, the people from losing their freedom, the child from drowning, the orphan in the storm from being swept away.

This is a time for bold leadership. A Winston Churchill who was mocked even as he was right and eventually saved the West. This is a time to raise up a Gideon.

Donald J. Trump can win. It’s up to the voters. Help Donald J. Trump win the 2016 presidential election. It’s time to Make America Great Again.