How And What @RealDonaldTrump Wins On Tuesday

Donald J. Trump will win the 2016 presidential election. Four days before Election Day here is our forecast of what states, at a minimum, Trump will win:

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A Trump loss of a state like New Hampshire with few electoral votes still gives Trump the win in our calculation. Colorado is our biggest doubt but we side on a Trump victory there (and a solitary loss in Colorado still gives Trump the win). A Trump win of (yeah, we think two of those states go to Trump) Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, (Minnesota!!!???), would be icing on the cake, the cherry on top, sauce on the big red meatball.

That is what Donald J. Trump will win in the electoral college which means a four to eight year lease on the White House. The American people though will be the big winners. A Trump victory will mean the American people will have so many victories with a Trump win some will get tired of winning. We won’t.

The biggest win for the American people when Trump wins: calculated, data driven, “ground game”, bloodless, poll dictated, campaigns will have been beaten by a candidate and campaign that spoke in plain English, not poll calculated and crafted terminology.

Second biggest win for the American people when Trump wins: SMASH BIG MEDIA AND THE RULING POLITICAL CLASS. The scum will be driven from the pond. The vampires will be garlicked. The snakes in the pit will be killed by the American people – with the Trump stick.

Third biggest win for the American people when Trump wins: Barack Obama and his toxic gangster government will be destroyed once and for all (especially after the FBI gets new leadership and bleaches the rot from government). [Bonus third biggest win: Paul Ryan will be thrown out on his well muscled ass from Quisling control of the House of Representatives.]

Fourth biggest win for the American people when Trump wins: America will be great again, in deeds, not just words.

Fifth biggest win for the American people when Trump wins: jobs, jobs, jobs, a revitalized economy, a government and president that loves America and the American people, a government and president that will fight Muslim terrorists and Muslim ideology, a government and president that believes in the values of the West, a government and president that defends Judaeo-Christian culture and values, a government and president that puts America first.

How will Trump win? Trump is the candidate of change in a change election. That’s all you need to know.


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  1. I am hoping your right Admin. I’m from Wisconsin, it went solid for obama last election with Ryan on the ticket, he being from Wisconsin, having a Republican Governor that is well liked and Trump did not win the primary to me, Wisconsin is going blue, especially with traitor Ryan and the Governor Walker not being supportive. Who can forget the fiasco about a month ago when Ryan disinvited Trump to the big rally?
    Now I know Ryan got booed, but Walker was there. Just too many variables in Wisconsin and they will use Milwaukee to cheat.
    Minnesota would be shocking, but after the mall killings by the religion of peace and the huge muslim Somalian population there, and all that entails…maybe, but still doubtful..but it is the land of Jesse Venture and the Minnesota Vikings….who can forget the blatant cheating that put a comedian in the Senate..
    A mean one at that.
    Michigan, so much dirty Democratic politics, so many ways to cheat, huge Muslim population again.
    Pennsylvania…just don’t see it either.

    I sure hope I am wrong

  2. One of my favorite Beatles songs of all time.
    They really did sing about peace, hope and love.
    This rap BS…oye vey

  3. Hillary’s campaigning with this boob and his Moose on Monday night. The kiss of death:

    Barack Obama lost control of a Hillary Clinton crowd in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Friday as it began to boo a protester.

    The president was criticizing Donald Trump when the crowd turned against an “elderly” Trump supporter.

    Obama repeatedly tried to get the focus off the protester and back on him, but failed.

    “Hold up, hold up,” he said as the crowd booed.

    Between smiles and stern looks, Obama finally snapped at his audience.

    “Hey everybody, everybody, hey!” he yelled, growing increasingly impatient.

    “Listen up! Hey! I told you to be focused and you’re not focused right now!” he shouted, pointing at the crowd.

    “Listen to what I’m saying! Hold up!” he continued as the audience ignored him and continued chanting.

    “Hold up!” he said several more times as the crowd continued to focus on the protester.

    “Everybody sit down and be quiet. Everybody sit down and be quiet for a second. Now listen up! I’m serious, listen up!”

    Obama went on to say the “older gentleman” was supporting his candidate and “he’s not doing nothing.”

    But the crowd continued to boo and heckle the protester.

    “This is what I mean about folks not being focused,” Obama said.

    After telling the crowd to “not boo, vote,” the professor continued to lecture his audience. “Now, I want you to pay attention because if we lose focus, we could have problems.”

    Focus lost by this loser.

  4. Admin:

    That electoral map MINIMUM looks realistic to me.

    If one believes at I do that the big media driven polls significantly understate the support which exists for Trump because they over sample democrats, ignore the monster vote, discount the impact of wiki leaks disclosure, likewise the FBI investigation into the missing emails, Clinton Foundation, under sample blue collar whites, ignores the fact that Trump is surging while Hillary is declining, and pretends this is not a change election etc. then one might assume the electoral vote for Trump could be closer to 400 than 300.

    However, cutting against that high number, and making your minimum number seem more plausible to me is the fact that widespread cheating will occur, both on the ground and through switching of votes on the machines. I think we are past the point where the election can be stolen, but the obvious attempt to do exactly that will diminish prospects for a blow out. And the rest of the month may be beset with election challenges of the most frivolous sort.

  5. A beautiful map to behold. However, my greediness wants Michigan, wicked bad.

    The big question is, how quickly do the Obama’s decide moving into the digs at Washington’s fashionable Kalorama neighborhood isn’t such a great idea? hhmmm, on second thought, maybe they move back to Hawaii?

  6. Tony Stark
    November 4, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    What a lying sack of sh!t she is! “They were replicating damaged ballots”. Bull! No ballots are even supposed to be open yet. I hope that this situation is corrected quickly. This is what is wrong with early voting. It gives the cheaters way too much time for their scams.

  7. gonzotx
    November 4, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    Actually, I think that Trump has an excellent shot at winning in Minnesota. I’ve read how one big Democrat county has had polling done that showed Trump ahead in that particular county. As for Wisconsin, I believe that the Republican Party is even stronger there, meaning a pretty good chance for a Trump victory. Pennsylvania will go Trump. Count on it.

  8. Tony and Nomobama…re:

    …just what I have been talking about…Broward and Dade county are two of the most corrupt counties in all of the USA…

    FYI…Hillary was greeted at the Pompano Beach voting location by Trump supporters with Trump signs and saying “Lock her Up’…she didn’t even get out of her car…

    …today I went to Lowes (to continue my DIY projects; cabinets all painted/proud of myself)…anyway I was eavedropping on two men talking…both of them saying they have already voted for Trump…one said, everyone in his building is voting Trump…

    …then I continued on to Boca Raton (to Z Gallerie)…not one Hillary sign…but Trump signs everywhere…took the scenic ride home thru the “rich” Hillsboro Beach area…more Trump signs…

    I do not know one person who is supporting Hillary in Broward county…my neighbor tells me all his gay friends are voting for Trump…

    SO…Brenda Snipes must be under immense pressure to deliver Broward to Hillary…because I do not think the votes she needs are there…

    Once again, Hillary’s camp will be happy to cheat…just like when Donna Brazile gave her the debate questions…Hillary and her camp have no integrity…

  9. Following up on my siteseeing around Pittsburgh yesterday, today we headed north including areas of Amish country. Signs for Trump 100 to 1 over Hillary. Trump signs EVERYWHERE. At a gas station we stopped at next to I-79, there was guy with a “Trump Shop” selling t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers etc.

    For what it’s worth.

  10. Despite the media measuring the curtains, the Clinton/Obama camp sure doesn’t ACT like they’re heading for a landslide victory. Not a scientific measure but interesting to note.

  11. You’ve been one of the few right on Trump from the beginning, admin.
    From your lips to God’s ears.
    I’d love MI & PA too — I’ve got a bad feeling re: highjinx in FL, so it would be nice to have a cushion. 🙂

  12. Venus
    November 4, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    As “S” wrote above, there is evidence of Trump support in Florida, and barely any for Hillary. Where I live in Pasco county Florida, you see some Trump signs here and there, but never any Hillary lawn signs. In the past 2 days, I’ve seen 2 cars with variations of Hillary stickers on them. In the past, I’ve only seen vehicles with Trump stickers or Obama stickers. When the primary was still in gear, I only saw vehicle with Bernie stickers. Just north of me in Hernando, Citrus, and Marion counties, I’ve only witnessed Trump signs, including the very large signs that you see from time to time. This information is only anecdotal, but it is my experience. I know of one person voting for Hillary because he’s afraid of Trump…lol.
    Also, recently I read an article on line about how voting may go in southwest Pasco county (I live in northwest Pasco county) which has many predominately white working class areas, the ones that snobs refer to as white trash havens. Evidently, there are those who voted for Obama in the past that are now disgusted with the outcome of their decision to do so, and are now Trump supporters by a significant percentage. Hillary would have to have these working class votes to win, in my opinion, and yet she is doing worse with them than Obama did. In my opinion, there is no way that she is winning this state. I sense it, but then one reads a story about how a big county like Broward is casting fraudulent votes, and you have a concern that this election will be stolen.

  13. Outris
    November 4, 2016 at 6:34 pm
    In a fair election, your experience indicates a Trump win. In Pennsylvania, that is supposedly Democrat country. Hillary needs more than just a win in the Philadelphia area to win Pennsylvania. Even in the counties of northeast PA, which typically votee Democrat, these people are Trump supporters (think Scranton, Wilks-Barre, etc.). It’s the same story in the northwest Erie, PA area. Normally Democrat, polls show Trump ahead there. If Hillary is not capturing the votes of these people, then there is no way that she can win in PA.

  14. I keep telling myself: “No matter what the polls indicate, actual votes are a different matter.”

    Anyone can answer a phone call and respond with an opinion – but as to whether they actually go to the polls and vote – that’s a different matter. And Trump supporters are highly motivated to actually go vote- whereas for Hillary not so much.

    I’m not even to bothered by “voter fraud” here and there.

    What i am concerned about is wholesale electronic election fraud. By that, I mean when votes are uploaded, i fear that the databases can be hacked or tampered with.

    I’m not even worried about individual machines being tampered with. it would take too much effort to tamper with so many machines – why bother? You can just as easily let all the votes be uploaded and tamper with them as they are added to a central database.

    THAT is my big worry.

    The only thing that even halfway calms me down is that the Team Trump is backed by at least one person who is knowledgeable about software, etc. and the risks I’m talking about (Robert Mercer) and others who may not be naive about election fraud (Stephen Bannon, and others).

    I can only hope and pray that they’ve thought through this found a way to ensure that it doesn’t happen in any battleground states.

    Is anyone else concerned about that?

  15. Hillary has JZ, Beyonce, Pharrell, etc…but Donald has Riley’s mom…if any of you just saw Riley’s mom speak at Donald’s rally in Hershey, PA…she blew away all the razzamatazz of Hillary’s hype…

    …and tugged on everyone’s heart strings…that was so moving, genuine and touching…

  16. admin
    November 4, 2016 at 6:41 pm
    We warned Hillary not to tie herself to Obama. Today, Gallup polls which have consistently declared Obama is “popular” has Obama below 50%. Kiss of death.
    Well, now, lets take 50% figure, and parse it out:

    less the D+9 oversame (9%)=41%

    less the monster vote (new voters+ timid voters who either say they are for Obama and aren’t) (10%)=31%

    less the undersampling of blue collar voters (4%)= 27%-

    less the enthusiasm deficit among former supporters for whom he has delivered nada (2%)=25%

    less half of the 95 million million unemployed who want a job and cannot find one (5%)= 20%

    By the end of his tenure Bush was around 25%.

    If my scientific adjustment is accurate, the the big media beloved messiah is swimming with the fishes, poll wise.

  17. That’s a big rally in Hershey, PA. It looks like Donald is having another rally tomorrow morning in Tampa, FL at the same venue he appeared in last time he was there. I think that I may go again if I am up to it. I wasn’t feeling 100% today.

  18. can anyone here imagine what it would really look like if BM had represented Donald’s campaign fairly…

    if they had shown all the enthusiasm and variety of regular people or “folks” that support him…if they had shown the size of all his rallys and zeroed in on the people…instead of attacking his supporters

    if they has shown his “movement” in its evolution and glory…

    if they had taken any time at all to discuss his policies in an objective manner…

    if BM had exercised any…even 10% of their time…to be fair to Donald…instead of going purposely out of their way to destroy him…


    today I was thinking of all the money and attack ads that were flung at Donald during the primaries…and he STILL perservered and won and became the nominee

    then with all those negative ads behind him…Hillary has spent over $100 MILLION in negative ads against Donald…and she has had the collusion of BM to do the other half of her dirty work in taking Donald down and branding him as ‘dangerous’

    AND WHAT HAS HAPPENED…Donald has pulled even with Hillary and has the momentum to finish his last challenger off…

    …for a political novice…a business man who has never run for anything and is running for office…the highest office…for the most powerful job in the world…this man…Donald Trump…had done the most remarkable job and accomplished almost the impossible…he has 4 more days to go…to close the biggest deal of his life…and ours…

    May the positive force be with you Donald…and bring the power back home to us…the people…

  19. Trump will win:

    The ‘leftover people’ may deliver a win for Trump [snip]

    If Trump should win on Tuesday, however, the message will not be merely that a majority of Americans sought to change failing Obama-era policies. For Democrats, an equally critical issue will be that many working-class men and women — who, arguably, once made up their core constituency — will be among those voting for change.

    These working-class voters have heard Trump say that he will bring mining back to coal country, whereas Clinton more highly prioritizes climate change. They have heard Trump tell Ford executives that he will slap a 35-percent tariff on cars imported from factories moved to Mexico, while Clinton prioritizes the health of the corporations (and the donations of CEOs) more than the resurrection of American industry. They have heard Trump talk “extreme vetting,” while Clinton calls for a 500 percent increase in Syrian refugees. And they know that the refugees are coming to their towns and not to Montgomery County or Westchester or Bel Air.

    The NASCAR-loving, country music-listening, culturally conservative working class doesn’t exist just in the Rust Belt or the South. It also exists in Massachusetts. These are the people whose salaries have ebbed as the 1 percent has prospered. These are, in the late novelist Carson McCullers’s words, the “leftover people.” They know, as The New York Times recently trumpeted, that the rich this year are voting for Hillary Clinton. They know they are not. And they might just win.

  20. Ok. So this is what it has come to with our evil politicians and their associates. I am truly heartbroken, and disgusted with these immortal sickos and their predatory behaviors, especially towards children.

  21. admin
    November 4, 2016 at 10:38 pm

    One part of me says “tied” is not good enough. But then I realize that these results are showing momentum for Donald Trump, much like a tsunami. Add the so-called pro-Trump “monster vote” that is under the radar, and this could be a route in Trump’s favor. Admin, do you believe that there is this “monster vote” waiting in the wings to express itself on Election Day?

  22. admin
    November 4, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    I totally relate to this. We ARE the vast majority in America.

  23. Rosey Grier is unrecognizable to me today. I am also glad to see that the homeless lady has been found. I had read that either yesterday or the day before. I wonder what plans Donald Trump has for her?

  24. Rosie Grier
    Anyone remember Free to be …. you and me?
    TV special with Marlo Thomas. Rosie knit and said it was okay for boys to cry.

  25. nomobama
    November 4, 2016 at 11:58 pm
    Well now, there’s one Dr. Kevorkian

    Sadly, he retired too early, i.e. 75

    So much to be done.

    And so little time.

    Just think what it would be like if he was still “practicing”.

    In that case, he would be doing a land office business . . . .

    Catering to the special needs of social justice warriors.

  26. nomobama
    November 4, 2016 at 10:57 pm
    This is another reason why the polls are not informative.

    I am thinking Trump will win by more than 300 electoral votes.

    If the cheating can be kept under control, then closer to 400.

  27. is anyone keeping an eye on Anonymous and the pedophile island drama?
    the satanism angle is also being revealed. it is really freaky.
    sounds like conspiracy theory stuff and I won’t post it but wow is it wild.

  28. good explanation of what is happening by Anonymous.

    Anonymous is very active right now on youtube and twitter.
    I have watched quite a few of their videos along with alex jones

    suggested p-ring code-words.

    “May or may not be accurate.
    Need to verify:

    Pillows = drugs
    jizz = map
    Pasta = little boy
    Cheese = little girl
    Hotdog = young boy
    Pizza = young girl
    realtors = people that clean up any evidence
    ice cream = male prostitute
    walnut = person of colour”

  29. S
    November 4, 2016 at 8:29 pM

    Here it is. I was very moved by this. I sense that the way she felt about Donald Trump is the REAL Trump beyond the bluster and bravado. He’s a good guy, and not the monster that #TherealmonsterisHillary tried to paint him.

  30. sirmrks
    November 5, 2016 at 5:08 am

    This, if true, is horrific. I have to write the Wikileaks has been true all along so why doubt this? This is satanism, in my opinion. God protect us from THEM.

  31. wikileaks is now posting certificates of authenticity now with their posts. WikiLeaks ‏@wikileaks 13h13 hours ago
    DKIM certification of email authenticity in plain english:

    couple things I posted on facebook.

    PBS is actually the clinton network. must be competing with CNN clinton news channel… WikiLeaks ‏@wikileaks 16h16 hours ago
    Hillary Clinton Coms Director Jennifer Palmieri: PBS will obey my instructions to change air time for news “story” on Clinton and #TPP.

    The latest WikiLeaks dump reveals Team Clinton boasting about hiding Hillary for months and still getting…

    Sanders had non-aggression pact with Clinton who had “leverage” to enforce it Robby Mook (“re47”) email reveals

    reddit and 4chan guys are digging though the emails:
    Hot dog = little boys Stand = brothel / collection
    Context: “Missing your hotdog stand” to Podesta.
    Hillary requests a Hot dog without a bun ( no mention of condiments / sauces whatsoever ). I’ve yet to figure out what “without a bun” refers to but at this point I theorize a circumcised boy.a/

  32. sirmks, nomo – I haven’t studied this, but what I’ve seen so far is there is an email from (Podesta?) to (?) that says something about blood …? My sense is there has been a big jump from that (which may be a personal joke) to the occult, and a jump from the two emailers involved, to the whole campaign and Hillary herself.

    In terms of the flights to “pedophile Island” – I listened to that part and didn’t hear anything very specific. My assumption is that some emails referred to the Clintons flying on the guy’s plane, presumably to that island. There was some mention of Haitian girls, but where is the connection to the Clintons? I just don’t see the *evidence* of the Clintons being pedophiles.

    I’m not saying there is no pedophilia going on. But it just seems to me that InfoWars is doing a lot of jumps and generalizations based on discrete pieces of info that could be interpreted otherwise, and ending up at some pretty specific accusations – based on stuff that wouldn’t stand up in court.


  33. folks there is crazy stuff in the emails reddit guys are chewing through.
    some are claiming this is about drugs others… UGH
    ragecry 5 points 12 hours ago
    Interesting stuff…here are some more things.
    Reference to pizza and chicago style hot dogs in the same email:
    RE: Pizza
    Aaric Eisenstein: Anybody want to order pizza for delivery? It’s nasty out there.
    Reva Bhalla: i might be interested since Dan Burges lunch cheated on me again
    Dan Burges: Yeah, but here she is, at my desk, jumping on the security lunch bandwagon….
    Reva Bhalla: thats right…chicago style hot dog baby
    Greg Sikes: Does Fred have anything to do with the ingredients used for the security lunch bandwagon???
    Dan Burges: Anthrax included…
    Why does this seem so far out of context? Reva appears to be making a sex joke to Dan. Why would she specifically mention chicago style hot dogs during a pizza delivery order? “Chicago style” is slang for “no pants” and Dan is talking about a female at his desk “jumping on the bandwagon”. And if we’re talking pizza wouldn’t we just say what kind of toppings are we getting, instead of “the ingredients used for the security lunch bandwagon”?
    RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”
    Don Kuykendall: To celebrate all you hot dogs out there. Aaric, you can participate as well!
    Fred Burton: I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long ago, assume we are using the same channels?
    Aaric Eisenstein: If we get the same “waitresses,” I’m all for it!!!
    It’s these same Stratfor guys again…talking about pizza and chicago dogs. Who would “waitresses” refer to?
    At this point it’s probably a good time to introduce you to Fred Burton. He worked for the U.S. State Department and is a security/terrorist mastermind. I wouldn’t be so quick to write these emails off as casual banter.
    Reference to pizza and the colors black/white in the same email:
    Did you leave a handkerchief
    I just came from checking the Field house and I have a square cloth handkerchief (white w/ black) that was left on the kitchen island. The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus?
    Come on, a pizza-related handkerchief? There is no such thing. People use handkerchiefs for wiping up bodily fluids. This has got to be sex related.
    RE: headcount for pizza [Stratfor leaks]
    Does the pizza offer include those of us who can’t make the meeting because we’re out here editing? ‘Cos if so, count me in. This e-mail is color-coded in black and white and will combust in 30 seconds.
    So what is this strange relationship between pizza, chicago style hot dogs, and the colors black/white?

  34. lorac I have read all night on this and there is plenty to tie it to that particular island.
    including proof that hillary has been there six times. this stuff is not for general consumption though.
    even though the emails check out as authentic. this is so terrible that I cannot post 1/4 of it.

    here is a good overview of what we are seeing break in the next few days
    it is interesting that they selected trump because they would tie him to the pedo island but he wa too whiley and wantded nothing to do with the wole twisted crap pile… this was posted in june by a fbi insider:

    this wikileak is nothing compared to what I have been reading tonight: Revealed: Rahm Emanuel also used a private email server to conduct government business

    wonder if old rahm was hacked?

  35. fun reddit comments. when you can freak out the people who are desensitized by the worst of the internet you know it is BAD.

    And just like that the worst nightmares that neither Aldous Huxley nor George Orwell could dare imagine have become our reality. I’ve always held Alex Jones’ conspiracies in question, most of them I never thought could be a possibility in the realm of practicality. But this?
    This is madness.

    So, I’m desensitized as fuck. It takes a LOT to make me furrow my brow in shock and disapproval.
    That being said…
    That deeply unsettled me.

    I remember reading that email, I thought spirit cooking was some bullshit hippy crap and I didn’t even bother looking into it… fck me man these people are literally satan worshippers.

    Holy fuck I need a drink…..fck me…actually I think I need to go to Church…and I’m a pastafarian at best.

    I feel you, I’m a non believer too. I kinda feel like I could use some Jesus right about now. Ugh.

  36. last one:

    Robert Anthony Podesta is listed on the 2008 Bohemian Grove guest list. Is this Tony Podesta?
    Then there is Hillary saying: “Minerva agrees”
    Why is Clinton being asked about violating the ‘violating the owl/minerva rule”?
    And who can forget:
    “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . ”
    Anyway back to Minerva (the owl). Where else has the owl appeared? Bohemian Grove where they carry out (apparently mock) child sacrifices.
    Bill Clinton asked about Bohemian Club
    Where else?
    Well Little St James Island – where Epstein and his pedo friends fly to on the Lolita Express.
    What do we see on that island? What appears to be a fcking temple with an owl on it.
    Video of the temple

  37. lol Hillary had a big crowd last night – had to get Beyonce and a rapper to play a concert. That’s what Obama use to do in 2008!

  38. sirmrks,

    That is a lot of sewage to wade through. I find some it not even believable. To have all that wealth, and be so degenerate and foul. And you have to be dirty to join the club, I guess. God bless my simple life. I would rather toil amongst the populous, regarded as a disposable commodity to be controlled, that to live one day so evil. They must have such sick souls.

    DT has destabilized the whole system and if they steal the election, could bring the whole thing down. We will have chaos and riots and I think I will be there with my pitchfork. He is sitting at the table of a very high stakes game, indeed. I think that is why they are saying he is gaining in the polls, that have not really changed so much. They are paving the way to letting him win the election without looking like fools.

    That is how Trump wins.

  39. L.J.’s take

    One of the emails released by State Department on Friday (thanks to pressure from Judicial Watch) removes any doubt that Hillary Clinton acted with intent to send classified information through unclassified channels. Click on this link to view the original email. Warning–there is not much to read because almost all of the text has been blocked out because it is classified.

  40. smirks –

    Some of those podesta emails concerning pasta, pizza, cheese, bacon, walnuts, are innocuous. The 4chan and redditors are waaay down a rabbit hole with that stuff.

    However, the invitation to Tony Podesta asking of John would be attending the “Spirit Cooking” dinner, and the Abramovic’s YouTube demonstrating what spirit cooking actually is, is legitimate – requires only Abramowic’s own video to understand. They’re trying to say it’s performance art – well, it’s damned weird “art” if it is with recipes of blood, breast milk, semen and urine painted on walls into weird symbols if it is. That excuse isn’t going to get very far.

  41. Nature abhors a vacuum.

    And Lord knows big media has given us one.

    By abandoning the truth, they have opened the door to alternative media.

    In their own search for the truth, people are turning to people like Alex

    Who is part evangelist, and part ham actor—some lost strain of the Barrymore family perhaps.

    They suffer through his diatribes that the sky is falling in but you are the resistance ad infinitum.

    They do so because they get the truth that dare not speak its name in the stately pleasure palace of big media.

    Insiders come on that program and tolerate Alex’s interruptions because they have message they want the American People to hear.

    Therefore, it is fair to say that a guy like Alex has more credibility than an alabaster saint like Brokaw

    Browkaw who sits on Soros boards, and draws a paycheck from him.

    These reports of Satanic rituals from wiki leaks are like catnip for Alex

    The reason I say that is because it is an outward and visible sign of inward corruption.

    He has labored in the vineyards to make that point about policies, but bad policy choices are explainable

    Whereas this stuff really is not.

    Next to being singled out by Hillary, these revelations will light Alex’s fire.

    At a minimum they cause reasonable people to say, maybe he is worth listening to after all.

  42. I believe the satanic rituals are the religion of the progressive.

    Most who march under that banner would scoff at the notion.

    But they cannot see the forest for the trees.

    There is a spiritual side to man.

    And if traditional religion is relegated to the dust bin of history,

    Then spiritualism, especially in elite circles, will ultimately take on this form

    As it often has over the centuries

    In fact, it was prevalent in the upper class in Victorian times in England

    And the de Sade for whom the term sadism was coined was French nobility

    The concentration of wealth and this sort of thing is predictable.

  43. lorac

    Regarding Hillary’s concert tour ’16, we have her and James Taylor in Manchester, NH tomorrow.. I’d rather do laundry.

  44. Melania Trump just introduced Donald in Wilmington, NC. Holy smokes.. how smart is that? She owned the crowd.

  45. This is from a commenter at Vox Day. I think it’s important info to have, when considering some of these stories:

    First paragraph.

    “If you’ve ever dreamed of strolling through a museum with a slice of pizza and glass of wine in hand, you need to befriend superlobbyist Tony Podesta. Known about town as a legendary political “fix-it” man, Podesta has turned his Kalorama home into a shrine to contemporary art, ranging from relatively under-the-radar artists such as Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic to those who are much better known (like French sculptor Louise Bourgeois).”

    Biljana Djurdjevic. Do a Google Image Search. I’ll wait. (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…)

  46. Only now, as their concerted 24/7 efforts to take down Trump have failed

    Only now, as they find themselves on the wrong side of a landslide election

    Only now, as the contemplate the loss of credibility, access and influence

    Only now, as the contemplate the vain hope for a reproachment with a candidate they moved heaven and earth to destroy

    Only now, as their anti American narrative perish under withering assault by wiki leaks

    Does the Bezos globalist machine decide to release evidence of Clinton corruption they have been sitting on for years

    Too little.

    Too late.

    Fuck off.

    We don’t need your lies.

    We don’t need you.

  47. From 2 days ago:

    If the polls closed right at this moment (which they won’t) and if the results in each state perfectly mirrored the current RealClearPolitics average of polls in each state (which they won’t), Hillary Clinton would be elected president by an electoral college margin of 8 votes.

    From her high in the polls a week or two ago, Clinton’s leads in a number of critical battleground states have collapsed or evaporated entirely. The election could come down to one state with four electoral college votes that flips from Clinton to Donald Trump and, boom: A 269-269 electoral college tie, and a vote by the House of Representatives to decide on the next president — who, given the composition of the House, would almost certainly be Donald Trump.

    On Thursday, that Clinton state with four electoral college votes raised its hand. Hi, New Hampshire! Two new polls, from Boston Globe-Suffolk University and WBUR-MassInc put the Granite State at a virtual tie, with the continuing trend in the state away from Clinton. That’s Trump’s 269th electoral college vote. Or, really, his 270th: Polling in Maine’s second congressional district (which allocates one electoral college vote separately) has Trump in the lead. He wins the states he holds now and that one in Maine? President Donald Trump.

    The trend is stark for Team Clinton.

  48. Admin: The scum will be driven from the pond. The vampires will be garlicked. The snakes in the pit will be killed by the American people – with the Trump stick.
    From Podestas emails to your blog, before his satanic ritual came out.

    Prescient, again.

  49. What the Hell is this about? Our article talks about Minnesota as a possibility but Trump….:

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said at a rally in Tampa, Fla. Saturday that he’ll be campaigning in Minnesota before election day.

    “We are doing well in so-called Democratic strongholds. We are going to Minnesota,” Trump said.

    The announcement comes as a surprise days ahead of Tuesday’s election in a Democratic stronghold state where Trump is behind his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The RealClearPolitics average has Clinton up by six points in Minnesota. The election forecast from 538 gives Clinton an 80.4 percent chance of winning the state’s 10 electoral votes.

  50. With this comment.

    Yes. WikiLeaks and Anonymous have agreed to hold off until all the “insiders” are able to be placed in safe spaces. Wiki says that those “insiders” that have been helping them for awhile have been killed. But this time, the CIA, FBI and NYPD are actually assisting wiki

  51. JFK said he would like to have a Harvard education, and a degree from Yale.

    Hillary has a degree from Yale–a law degree.

    Until now I was underwhelmed.

    But now I see just how wrong I was.

    Apparently, a law degree from Yale gives her the remarkable ability to know interiew questions in advance.

    But that is not all.

    It also allows her to memorize the answers in advance–or read them off a teleprompter.

    Think back now, to that interview with the young Turk.

    He told us that he was told by Zucker, who now professes great shock that Brazille would feed questions to Hillary

    That MSNBC is an insider with the administration.

    Well . . . QED:

    Makes me wonder how old friends like pm 317 are processing all this new information about Hillary.

    Those bloody Russians, etc.

  52. What tickles my fancy is the vague hope that at some future time, the big media beloved messiah will find himself in the same court room as Hillary answering for the crime and the cover-up.

    They may hate each other, but they really are an item.

    Through thick and through thin, we’re gonna go through together, etc.

    All the way to impeachment.

  53. Notsothoreau
    November 5, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    Never heard of this artist. I just reviewed some of her art, and it’s not the type of art that I would be interested in. She seems to like to paint people in their underwear among other things. It’s not very appealing to me.

  54. Ok…here is my question. ..

    We are starting to hear about percentages of early voting coming in…X for dems…Y for repubs

    But what does that really tell us…in other words just because the number is for a D or R…that doesn’t confirm they voted for that party

    For example, my friend is a registered Democrat…he came
    with me to vote…his ballot says Dem…but he voted for
    Trump…the repub

    So what , in fact, do these early numbers really tell us??? I know alot of registered dems voting for Trump

    And in Florida they are talking about a large Hispanic turnout…but many of the a Cubans are voting for Donald

    Anyone have any insight on this phenomena? ?

  55. S, I agree with you, I was thinking the exact same thing. They *know* a LOT of dems are voting for Trump, so I think that’s why they’re emphasizing the straight party numbers, so we think there is Hillary support that isn’t really there.

  56. alcina, lol

    I grew up liking JT’s music. It turned my stomach when he did his John Kerry stunt. But I can’t imagine anyone older than 20 voting for someone because their music favorite said to – but I know some do.

    At this point I think Hillary and her people are just hoping that some bigger rally numbers encourage others to get out and vote – trying to manipulate people into thinking there is excitement for her (that is really for the concert).

  57. I really don’t know which way the wind blows, and maybe that’s because of endless political disappointments…

    Clearly Trump gets the crowds, clearly he has had to fight the Dems, the Media, the Republican’s, massive illegal voting probably never seen at this size in American politics…and of course the cheating.

    He has worked his butt of, I’ve never seen anyone work so hard for the Presidency in my life.
    I have come from looking at him as a curiosity, if not oddity, to endless respect, if not love.

    He deserves this, America desperately needs him, the World needs him.

    Trump 2016…let’s roll

  58. nd in Florida they are talking about a large Hispanic turnout…but many of the a Cubans are voting for Donald
    S: that was exactly my thought when I heard this.

  59. I was watching the Trump event and apparently someone nay have had a gun, they wised Trump out and took the asshat out.

  60. What’s going on at the rally ? There was a protestor, and it took a long time to get him out – RSBN was aimed toward ruckus not Trump, Trump didn’t talk that whole time, and my video keeps locking up….

  61. It apparently was a gun, still not 100% sure, and a man, don’t know if same, someone in the chat room said, I’m here. And I’m going to shoot Trump…

    This is insane…

  62. Some jerk with a gun just tried to rush Donald Trump while he was speaking at his rally in Nevada. I’m glad he is ok.


    BREAKING NEWS – Donald Trump is rushed off stage by Secret Service while speaking during Reno rally after protester ‘with a gun’ is tackled to the ground in the crowd

    Secret Service agents rushed Donald trump offstage on Saturday evening during a rally in Reno, Nevada after they determined a protester in the audience with a gun posed a threat to the Republican presidential candidate.

    ‘Go! Go!’ agents shouted as they whisked him away and a combination of local police and private security wrestled the suspect to the ground.

    Thousands of people scattered like a sea of bodies, screams rang out and authorities dragged the man away as he kicked and strained.

    Trump returned to the stage just five minutes later.

    ‘Nobody said it was going to be easy for us,’ Trump declared. ‘But we will never be stopped. Never, never be stopped.’

    ‘I want to thank the Secret Service. These guys are fantastic. They don’t get enough credit. They don’t get enough credit. They’re amazing people.’

    Trump had spotted the protester and claimed he was a Hillary Clinton supporter before asking security to ‘take him out.’

    As he returned to his speech, Trump thanked a group of fans near the stage who had stepped in to subdue his would-be attacker.

    ‘You were amazing, fellas,’ he said.

    ‘I saw what you were doing. That’s a tough group of people right that… Nobody messes with our people, right?’

    Trump then returned to his regular speech.

    Federal agents and tactical officers from Reno Police removed the man and placed him in a bathroom near a secure entrance where Trump’s motorcade and the press vehicles were staged.

    Two audience members told that they had seen the man holding a firearm. That has not been confirmed by law enforcement.

    As police and good Samaritans took him down, the crowd surged backward and strained against the press section.

    ‘CNN sucks!’ one man yelled. ‘You people caused this!’

  64. I don’t understand how someone was able to get a gun into Trump’s rally. They make you go through metal detectors before you can get in.

  65. People did not scatter, I was watching it live, a few, but insignificant…

    I think after 9/11 people are willing to jump in. You have to use your head, but like I told my kids when they were young, if someone grabs you and tries to force you in a car, don’t go, never, cause what they have planned for you is far worse than anything they can do to you as you fight.
    Fight, sctach ,kick, scream, punch and run…just don’t get in that freaking car.

  66. I would say his return to the stage and resumption of the rally was excellent.

    The protestor who told CNN this is your fault is 100% correct.

    The milenial posted below has some very interesting things to say on the subject.

    He is attacked by CRT (correct the record shills) for analyzing current events.

    The reason they do so is because rational analysis of sensational events point to the real culprits.

    They want people like Alex Jones to be the go to guy for Trump supporters so they can dismiss them as loons.

    He is right to this extent.

    As an Alaska lawyer I knew used to say: try the benign explanation first.

    But sometimes that leads to the wrong conclusion.

    For when the millenial applies that principle to the big lie promoted by big media

    He concludes Clinton has bribed their top people

    To me that misses the point as well.

    Why not say this instead:

    The reason big media is promulgates big lie is because

    They are owned by multinational corporations who want open borders

    So goods and labor can move seamlessly across the world, and–

    World government which they can co opt via crony capitalism

    And he who pays the piper calls the tune

    Therefore, what big media is there to do get the public to accept this end state

    And they do it through psychops

    The problem now is big media has overplayed its hand

    Their lies have become transparent to over 80% of the public

    They are no longer the reliable tool they once were for the elites to use against us

  67. Admin,

    What’s your opinion on Nevada. ..Some guy named Ralston, a pollster I guess said it’s going Clinton, early votes 75,000 more Democrate.
    Apparently he had a good record, and without Nevada…no Trump win?

  68. gonzotx — are you seriously asking “without Nevada . . .no Trump win?”
    Subtract 6 from the 281 and that leaves you with ___?

    Answer: 275

    And how many does it take to win?

    Answer: 270

    Do you see how silly your question is now?

  69. gonzo, all they’re doing is counting dem and repub ballots turned in – they’re not looking inside the ballots. A dem ballot turned in doesn’t necessary have a vote for Hillary inside of it…

  70. I get a bad headache listening to some people at FOX News. This John LeBovier, a failed RINO from New York, claiming that Trump’s strategy is to go with the base rather than expanding the map to new republicans. The statement goes unchallenged. Trump is showing over 2x the support from Blacks that Romney did, because he has made that part of the outreach of his campaign. This guy has got to be a never trumper to be saying stupid shit like that. And that means he does not want to see the swamp which no doubt enriches him drained.

  71. gonzotx
    November 5, 2016 at 11:00 pm
    Ralston is a clintonista.

    A survey of his recent blog chapters confirms this.

  72. No Venus, I dont think I’m stupid. You are making assumptioms, you know what they say about people that do that don’t you?.

    Try not to count your chickens just yet…

  73. Nomobama,

    The gun could have been planted previously.I heard that the original protester was in the back and possibly(?) was used as a diversion and then this jackas# supposively pulled a gun was up front,I was watching live and it did happen in that manner so it is suspect. Hope they have the original protester and grill his ad#. Heard reports of 4 shots, but no affirmation yet.
    Of course Media is blaming Trump and his “violent rhetoric”..these people are just useless and embaressing themselves at this point.
    I also heard they are comparing Trumps near hit with Hillary’s staring fiasco, with the whatever he is, telling her to keep talking, that she had been “frightened” by a “aggressive” Trump suppoter…not lying, these people are certified cray cray.
    You can not make this sh#t up.

  74. Wbb,
    I figured that, but thanks, I know there will be massive cheating, Reid, Mr one eye, will see to that, so close is scary.
    But then, I am so stupid, just ask Venus…

  75. It’s over for Trump. New Iowa poll tonight:

    Iowa Poll: Trump opens 7-point lead over Clinton

    Donald Trump has surged to a 7-point lead over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton among Iowa voters, firmly establishing the Republican presidential nominee as the favorite to win the state’s six electoral votes on Tuesday.

    Trump is the top choice for 46 percent of Iowans who have already cast a ballot or plan to do so on Election Day, according to the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll, compared to 39 percent who say they’re for Clinton.

    That makes the state Trump’s to lose, political analyst Amy Walter said.

    “The bigger surprise on election night would be if he lost Iowa, not that he won it,” said Walter, national editor at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

    Ann Selzer who runs the DMR poll is considered the best of the best of pollsters and always gets Iowa correct. It’s over for Trump in Iowa, he doesn’t need to go there anymore, he’s won Iowa. [Hardest hit: Loser Mitt Romney]

  76. gonzotx
    November 5, 2016 at 11:00 pm

    I’ve seen it written several times in the past that it’s normal for more Democrats to vote early in comparison to Republicans. Republicans vote in greater numbers on Election Day. A couple of things to consider. As lorac wrote above, not all of the unopened ballots that are Democrat ballots will have votes for Hillary. Then again, not all Republican ballots will have votes for Trump. And, we cannot forget to consider the quantity of ballots that were returned by independents. There is also the spoiled ballots that need to be considered, too, but they are likely few in number. I wouldn’t be too concerned, but it would be better if the Democrats had less of an advantage at this point in time.

  77. It’s over for Trump, part II:

    Top forecaster changes call: Race no longer ‘over’

    Influential election forecaster Charlie Cook is backing off his call that the presidential race is “over.”

    Cook, the publisher of the Cook Political Report, made headlines last month when he tweeted: “Take a close look at the new Fox News poll released tonight. This race is OVER.

    Now, with polls tightening both nationally and in several key states, Cook says he still thinks Donald Trump will lose but no longer considers it implausible that the GOP nominee takes the presidency on Tuesday.

    “The race is in a different place than 8 or 9 days ago when there was virtually no path for Trump,” Cook told The Hill on Saturday. “So yes, like everyone else, we’ve revised our assessment.”

    Nine days ago, Cook held a definitive view of the race. When The Hill asked whether he could imagine a “moonshot” scenario in which Trump could win, he replied, “No.” [snip]

    At midday Saturday, FiveThirtyEight’s forecast model gives Trump a 35.4 percent chance of winning the election. On Oct. 17, the same model gave him an 11.9 percent chance.

  78. gonzotx
    November 6, 2016 at 12:30 am
    I thought about a planted gun, too, but wouldn’t you think that a sweep would be done before a rally, and that the rally location would be secured in at least a day in advance? I didn’t hear anything about shots being fired. If so, the attacker should have taken a couple for the team. You know, I would be incredibly angry if they hurt our new president.

  79. gonzotx

    You read what I wrote (“silly”) as “stupid.”

    Says all I need to know about you.

    You also jump to the conclusion that I’m the one counting chickens . . .

    Says even more about you.

  80. admin
    November 6, 2016 at 12:49 am

    as you know, chaaaaaaaaaaaarlie has a worse track record than the weatherman

    but like the weatherman always manages to keep his job

  81. Venus,

    Get over yourself, silly, stupid, your inference was the same.
    And for the record, I never had you in mind when I was asking.
    I was interested in the person making the claim, which Wbb answered without an insult.
    Maybe you need to rotate around the sun a few more times…

  82. Nomobama,

    Like I said, haven’t found definite report about gun, but several people who said they were there posted it and there were “pops” and a few people ran and others wrestled the perp to the ground.
    In a big venue I would imagine a few places might be difficult to sweep.
    Who knows, surely more info will be out tomorrow.

  83. gonzo, just watch, tomorrow the Hillary advocates will suggest that Trump had that person planted to get a sympathy wave just before the election…

  84. If you want to see a powerful closing statement, watch this, particularly when she shifts gears from Hillary to Trump at the 4:35 mark.

    Let me put it to you this way.

    If this were a court room and I represented the other side of the case and I heard the opponent–judge janine open this powerfully, I would ask for a recess, get on the phone, and tell client send in boxloads of money because she has got the jury in the palm of her hand and if we do not settle, our goose is cooked.

    Lets hope her comments have the same impact on voters.

  85. Apparently there was no gun, police let the guy go, his name was linked to Wikileaks, something to do about a political book that sounds like hillary’s mantra, how to be in office and lie to the people.Theres a question if he bought 2 or 1500?
    Registered Republican.
    Thinking he wanted his 15 minutes.
    From Chicago.

  86. Take an orangutan like this one, stick 4 stars on him, and what have you got? An orangutan with four stars. This is the kind of heated rhetoric and empty threats that have no place in diplomacy, and can lead the other side to miscalculate, as Barbara Tuchman recounted so well in The Guns of August. Milley is his name and he is exactly the kind of gasbag Obama wants, because he will make a lot of noise, but as we saw with the vanishing red line when the gasbag is called, there will be no one there to back him up. There are some great generals–like Michael Flynn, David Patreaus, Stanley McCrystal. But Obama wants mindless gasbags like Milley Mouse to do his bidding.

  87. gonzotx
    November 6, 2016 at 1:59 am

    Get over yourself, silly, stupid, your inference was the same.


    You meant “implication” — a speaker implies; the hearer infers.

    I’m not responsible for your INFERENCE from something that I did NOT imply.
    That’s all on you.
    You can be as offended as you want over something I plainly did not say.

  88. heh heh

    Obama rebukes Toomey over new ad using the president’s words
    Updated: November 5, 2016
    BRISTOL — Wading deep into the final days of Pennsylvania’s critical U.S. Senate race, President Obama rebuked Sen. Pat Toomey Saturday over a new ad featuring the president’s previous praise of the Republican for sponsoring a bill to expand background checks on gun buyers.
    “Pat Toomey may have done the right thing on one vote, but courage is telling Pennsylvania voters where you stand on the tough issues, not just the easy ones like background checks,” Obama said in a statement released by Democrats’ Senate campaign arm. “Pat Toomey won’t tell Pennsylvania voters where he stands on Donald Trump, trying instead to have it both ways by telling different people what he thinks they want to hear. That’s not courage.”
    Obama made clear he supports Toomey’s Democratic challenger, Katie McGinty, in a tight race that could determine control of the Senate.
    His statement came in response to a new Toomey television ad running in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and highlighting the president’s praise in 2013 after Toomey sponsored a background check bill. That measure, introduced in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school massacre, has become central to Toomey’s political survival as he seeks cross-over votes.
    Democrats, who have spent millions trying to discredit Toomey on gun laws, also launched two new television ads, backed by a non-profit group that keeps its donors secret, hammering the senator for opposing proposed bans on assault weapons….

    This senator is usually mum on Trump but supports Donald’s Sanctuary & refugee stances. Challenger McGinty, who until now has hidden her millionaire status, modified her progressive stance when her numbers began to fall. How in bed is she with Dems? Even Harry Reid is on her band wagon. So she’ll revert to left on that if she wins. Trojan Horse.

  89. The guy that rushed the stage last night was released within 2-3 hours. I was touring online when he was let go. He never had a gun but people panicked and were screaming “gun.” He had a sign that said Republicans Against Trump that he was trying to hold up but people said he reached into his waistband which made people think he had a weapon. He is a Hillary operative and supporter. Bloggers took a screen shot of his Facebook before he scrubbed it and he had the Hillary logo on his main page. He scrubbed his Facebook of the Hillary logo within 2-3 hours after the event happened. Then he put out a statement on FB how he was “attacked and beaten up by Trump supporters” and he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s trying to say he’s a Republican that just isn’t voting for Trump but he’s a liar. He is a Hillary supporter.

  90. So what I’m reading on Twitter (WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC BACKUP) right now is that this guy that disrupted the Reno rally is named Austyn Crites. Supposedly he lives with three other people at his address that all registered to vote on the same day. One woman at his address was an unrelated woman that would be 90 years old and died in 2002. This woman who died in 2002 has voted with mail-in ballot six times since her death. One other person at his address that was registered to vote is his brother but when he registered to vote his name was misspelled. The significance of this is the brother gets to vote twice. Yes, this is being whispered about all over the internet. When a person registers to vote under a misspelled name it is rarely caught and they usually do this to vote twice. Once under his correctly spelled name and one under his incorrectly spelled name. These people are registered to vote in California but it appears that this Crites guy also has voted in Nevada. How is that for voter fraud? BUT it doesn’t exist. Right?

  91. I don’t care how lofty or even right a person’s ideas may be, if you show up in the midst of thousands and thousands of people who are feel differently and are all pumped up, you’ve got a streak of stupid in you….

  92. This week, Judge Jeanine interviewed a Hillary surrogate who said that at these events with the music headliners, they have a voter registration table, and buses to take people to go early vote (they’re only having the music stars in the early vote states).

    I wonder how many drunk or high people are all juiced from the musical stars’ event, then just go vote as they’re told.

  93. I still can’t get over that Brazile was the only focus (and not even that much at that) of the discovery that she gave debate questions to Hillary twice. The biggest focus should be on the candidate who accepted them! Media sucks.

  94. The little rat boy, Chuckie Cheese Todd, introduces Gingrich as a “current” supporter of Trump, and proceeds to aske him three focus group honed, heavily edited tactical questions that flow from their continuing premise that Trump won’t win. Whereupon, Gingrich steps out of the trap and hammers back on him, the bottom line being you and I are friends Chuck, but you and your ilk are a bunch of liars. The last question is whether there will be peace and acceptance of election results the day after, and Gingrich gives a fateful reply, which is different from the conditions that existed in 2001, by projecting a Wisconsin scenario of guerilla warfare, which may go on for a decade.

  95. Yolanda
    November 6, 2016 at 10:29 am
    Two additions to your excellent reporrt

    1. the culprit claimed to have a gun

    2. he will be prosecuted

  96. The question going forward will be how do we prevent the globalists from exploiting internecine conflict to their own ends. What will have to occur, is they must be dragged out of the shadows, and shown to be what they are. What happens to them after that is an imponderable.

  97. At the risk of repeating myself, the goal here is simple and straightforward:

    To prevent the globalists from maintaining control of the country after Obama has been relegated to the dust bin of history.

    If Hillary were to win, the globalists would maintain that control, even if she was subsequently forced out through an impeachment.

    The only advantage of an impeachment is it would drag the big media beloved messiah into the fray.

    BECAUSE, if you believe Obama was not getting his cut from the pay to play scheme of the Clinton Foundation

    He being a denizon of the corrupt world of Chicago politics

    Then you must also believe in the tooth fairy.

  98. So the election is one day away. Has wikileaks released everything? I thought I heard they were going to release something that would get her arrested… although perhaps I assumed they meant before the election. Anything *after* the election may rid us of her, but not of the threat that she represents, because it won’t be Trump taking over at that point.

  99. The period of time between November 9 and January 21 will be significant.

    One way or another there will be an election challenge.

    Of course, I would like to believe otherwise, especially if it is a blow out election.

    But I don’t think it is realistic—that the election will settle things with finality.

    The goal of the corporate media is to pretend this thing is close, so Clinton can challenge them.

    This is what I referred to and defined yesterday as psychops.

    The big point however is if Hillary steals it, then Trump will contest the result.

    And contemporaneous with that the worst of what Wikileaks has will be revealed.

    That is why Assange said the wikileaks will continue past the election.

    That is beneficial whichever way it goes.

    If Trump wins, it will undermine the faux election challenges which the Hillary campaign will launch.

  100. Here is a FANTASTIC interview with Charles Ortel, who has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for years.

    He has some important things to say on that subject, and–

    Some PROFOUND observations about what people need to be thinking about when they go to the polls (30:15-35:48)

    I think it is fair to say that this man is a GENIUS, and he is on the side of the angels

    Here are a few of the highlights:

    1. throughout history, the struggle has been to bring the elites under the rule of law

    2. since 1992, they have broken lose from it, and they defy the law with impunity

    3. there is a smoking gun memo from 1996, from their legal counsel, warning them they are operating illegally

    4. they lied to Obama (or else he was in on it) that it was in compliance.

    5. it will be easier for prosecutors to prove that the charity is a fraud, than to prove pay to play

    6. if the prosecutor alleges fraud, the Clinton Foundation will have to prove it has operated lawfully at all times material

    7. it will be impossible for the Clinton Foundation to meet that burden of proof

    8. the practical effect of their failure to do so will be that the donors will have to pay taxes on their contributions

    9. this will reverberate though all the major charities who have acted as donors

    10.the Clintons, the Bushes and the Obamas are all tied in to this thing

    11.there is a long list of law firms, accounting firms, and members of the political class who will be in trouble here as well

    12.this is a bigger scandal that Watergate or Tea Pot Dome

    13.Obama will find it difficult to pardon the wrongdoers here because it will be inimical to his intersts

    14.and, even if he did so, they would still be subject to prosecution by states and foreign governments

  101. Hi, um..let’s see here….small claims suit against Senator Feinstein.

    Hill’s acceptance of the DNC nomination *re-activated* legal charges (at least, investigation) of political corruption against State (under Hillary, where the forged document was released) and against Davita Vance Cooks (whose GPO “created” the document).

    There’s a 5 year statute of limitation for the forged document in Ann Dunham’s passport application; the 5 year limitation ended in 2015.

    Sadly for Hillary, the law allows EXTENSIONS of the time frame when the conspiracy has yet to conclude.

    By accepting the nomination and being endorsed by the person who benefited from the forged passport page, Hillary wrapped herself up in a political corruption investigation.

    Why NO ONE has popped up with political corruption charges:

    Sadly, the forged document was “deleted” from every other site–except for the “conspiracy” sites on Obama–and a marked up forged passport page is now resident on the Small Claims suit against Senator Feinstein set for December 29 @ 1:30 pm at Inglewood Courthouse, Los Angeles.

    Please note the Marked-Up Passport page (the 1971 Waiver for Ann Dunham (google Dunham passport) was specifically and deliberately directed at, and is speaking directly to, Hillary herself.

    The page looks crazy, but it’s to let her know that someone figured out what she did. For instance, the information on “jus soli” (it’s Latin Dative case, and it means “Law ALONE on the Soil…in the United States) and the information regarding the actual working of the Health Care Law (it doubles as an immigration bill) is to let Hillary know that I know (I filed the suit) how the law works and that all the *supporting documents* will be offloaded for the benefit of the general public on December 29–LA Small Claims allows only one additional page to be filed with the suit.

    Have a happy day!

  102. 1. first, Comey cannot possibly know there that there is no smoking gun because he has not been through the 650,000 emails

    2. second, his he prior testimony that Clinton was guilty of gross negligence in protecting our most important secrets will hang her in the eyes of those who have not voted yet.

    3. third, the video that would seal the deal would be one which shows Comey being examined by Gowdy and admitting under oath that she was guilty of all that. That is lethal to Comey and to her.

    Gingrich accuses FBI’s Comey of ‘cave’ in Clinton email probe
    By POLITICO STAFF 11/06/16 04:13 PM EST

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    Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, a chief surrogate for Donald Trump, accused FBI Director James Comey of caving to political pressure in his announcement on Sunday that the agency is standing by its conclusion that no case against Hillary Clinton is warranted.

    Two days before the election, Comey threw another curveball, telling lawmakers that recently discovered evidence did not change the agency’s decision in July that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against Clinton for her handling of classified material through her private server while at the State Department.

    “Comey must be under enormous political pressure to cave like this and announce something he cant possibly know,” Gingrich wrote on Twitter.

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  103. The best point of all. For him to take that position when there is no way he could have examined all those emails is conclusive proof that the system is rigged. In that sense, it plays directly into Trump’s hand.

  104. ferrarisgirl
    November 6, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    I am not following you here. I understand why you wrote with regards to a court date in December, but how is Hillary involved? I haven’t heard of this before.

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