HillaryIs44 Officially Endorses @RealDonaldTrump For President

Since 2007 we have been the preeminent Hillary Clinton support site. For years we called ourselves a “pink aircraft carrier” willing, able and ready to defend and support Hillary Clinton. After 2008 we compared ourselves to soldiers in “winter quarters” willing, able, and ready-for-Hillary the moment she declared herself a candidate. Today we endorse Donald J. Trump for president.

Our readers deserve a fuller explanation as to why we, who have supported Hillary Clinton for so long, now endorse fully and urge every American to vote for Donald J. Trump. We will begin with a brief revisit of our history in order to make clear our support for Hillary Clinton has been unquestioned. We will then make the case for Donald J. Trump.

* * * * * *

When we began to publish in April 2007 we were effectively the only Hillary Clinton support site. We were therefore attacked by the Wall Street Journal‘s Peggy Noonan as a backdoor Hillary Clinton campaign operation. The attacks against us came with regularity.

Soon enough just about everyone in Big Media started attacking us. In 2008 the Big Media candidate was Barack Obama and we had to be stopped. Chuck Todd lied about us alongside Tim Russert on Meet the Press and the attacks have never stopped.

Nate Silver under his nom-de-plume at the DailyKooks website took up his hatchet-man role for the Obama campaign to hack at us. Politico offered a bounty against our readers whose pictures appeared on the website. Politico writer Ben Smith went so far as to research contributions to the Hillary Clinton campaign for those who contributed in amounts we suggested, then contacted the contributors to intimidate them. Politico attempted to plant malware against us as well.

By 2012 we wanted Hillary Clinton to run against Barack Obama again. Ben Smith’s latest listicle publication Buzzfeed attacked “ubiquitous” us in “Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Dead-Enders Fight On“.

Even unto this 2016 election cycle we celebrated Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. On the day Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy we mocked Bernie Sanders and all her Democratic Party opponents as we warned them to “Bow Down Bitches” to Hillary.

But in that celebratory article on announcement day we issued a warning to Hillary2016:

Hillary 2016 will destroy itself in the general election if Hillary is seen as Obama’s Third Term.

Our warnings began in 2013. In The Hillary Clinton 2016 Muddled Message Mess written in September 2013 we made it clear that 2016 would be a change election and the candidate of change would win:

Hillary Clinton 2016? Is it “time for a change”? Or is it “stay the course”. Thus far, it is mush. In recent interview articles with Hillary we read of policy “disputes” with Barack Obama at the same time as support for Barack Obama. This is too cute by more than a half. [snip]

Hillary Clinton should position herself as the candidate of “CHANGE!”. Repeat the positions taken in 2008 and note how wise that course would have been. Declare it is “time for a change” to effective leadership and unite the white working class with her campaign for change.

Hillary Clinton tried the old, tired, pre-Youtube, pre-Internet, trick of “be all things to all people”. It was a muddled message mess. An unforgiven muddled message mess in the age of Youtube and the Internet.

It got worse.

Two months after Hillary Clinton’s announcement, another candidate made his announcement to run for President of the United States. We were stunned:

Donald Trump has one great strength which was on ostentatious display today as he announced his 2016 presidential run in a TelePrompter-less 52 minute speech. [snip]

Donald Trump speaks English, not the mush-mouth mumbling of the political class which poses as a dialect of English. Donald Trump in his announcement speech used a word that few, make that zero, politicians use. Donald Trump used the word “stupid” to lambaste the stupid political class that rules our country like Soviet era Romania, and about as successfully. [snip]

Donald Trump understands that Americans don’t want to be eating crumbs off the table of plutocrats and the political class. Trump infused the old stale bromide “the best social program is a job” with vitality and vigor. Trump told Americans not to be satisfied with government handouts but to glory in all the triumphalism of having a job that pays real money not just subsistence.

Here was Donald Trump, plutocrat and disjointed speech maker, the very very rich guy, denouncing the Republican Party leadership for ObamaTrade. It was not the first time Trump denounced Republican leadership and ObamaTrade. [snip]

Mexico and illegal immigrants? Trump almost declared war on Mexico and while acknowledging some illegal immigrants are good people, focused on the criminals and scoundrels that cross the border. The bombastic Trump even declared that as president he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico and that he would get Mexico to pay for building the wall.

As Trump swerved from topic to topic like a drunk in a bar, spitting out enough one liners to explode Twitter, he still managed to captivate.

In one brief hour, Donald J. Trump became the undisputed candidate of CHANGE. Big change.

A year earlier we wrote a proposed speech for Hillary Clinton. It was a speech in which Hillary Clinton could declare herself free of the failed politics and parties which have led so many Americans to declare we are on the “wrong track”. It was a speech on how to cross the “bridge to the 21st century”. Hillary Clinton never delivered that speech, but a year later Donald J. Trump came damn close.

Donald J. Trump all this year has said what needs to be said. Donald J. Trump has said it all fearlessly. Donald J. Trump is a leader.

On education and Common Core, Donald J. Trump wants to abolish Common Core while Hillary Clinton supports the Common Core abomination.

On trade policy and TPP in particular Donald J. Trump is entirely correct and we simply do not believe Hillary Clinton. Indeed, to our surprise Donald J. Trump has never mentioned Austen Goolsbee and the “fix NAFTA” lies told in 2008 by Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton is engaged in the same Austen Goolsbee type lies about TPP.

On Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, the man to trust is Donald J. Trump in large part because of his positions on NAFTA, TPP, and illegal immigration.

While Hillary Clinton ends her campaign with sick calls for “an intervention” to stop Donald J. Trump supporters from voting for him, Trump has followed our advice and on the first day of November staged an all out substantive attack on ObamaCare. In the closing days of the 2016 campaign Hillary Clinton is the undisputed candidate of the ruling class status quo engaged in substance-less personal attacks against a foe who grows stronger every day. In the closing days of the 2016 campaign there is no doubt that Donald J. Trump is the candidate of change and of substance.

We waited and considered a long time before writing this endorsement. We waited until every debate finished. We waited until every issue was discussed. We waited until every character flaw was revealed. We waited for any excuse to vote for and endorse Hillary Clinton.

The strongest pro-Hillary Clinton arguments propounded in our comments section and in the political world can be boiled down to three.

Argument #1 for Hillary is the “experience” argument. We believe this argument falls short. Hillary Clinton has plenty of political “ruling class” experience, but Donald J. Trump has a different kind of business experience which at this moment in the nation’s history is more valuable. Trump also has not been involved in the tragic policy mistakes which have led to the mess we are in. Donald J. Trump is opposed by the neo-cons and their fetish for endless Middle East wars which deplete our treasury and achieve nothing but to weaken us and the West. Donald J. Trump, like Winston Churchill is the last best hope for the West and the values of the West.

Argument #2 for Hillary is the “she’s lying” argument. This is actually the strongest argument we find for Hillary Clinton. But it is also unpersuasive. This argument posits that Hillary Clinton is lying and she does not mean the foolish nonsense she spews to her fan base on the campaign trail. This argument begs us to believe that Hillary Clinton is lying about what she says on the campaign trail and once in office she will be a rational president governing from the center of the political spectrum. We find this argument unpersuasive because Hillary Clinton is now a captive of the left. Once in office Hillary Clinton will not be free to be rational. Of course, the entire premise of “vote for Hillary, she’s a liar” is self-evidently flawed.

Argument #3 for Hillary is the “time has come for a woman president”. This argument has self-destructed at the hands of Hillary Clinton herself. As women throughout Europe have been attacked by Muslim men, Hillary Clinton has remained silent in order to get votes from Muslims in America. Likewise Hillary Clinton for the same reasons has remained silent against female genital mutilation during this campaign.

But the strongest counter argument against the “time has come for a woman president” can be seen by what has been done to women candidates. Those who argue for women in this context are also the ones who have attacked Sarah Palin in the most vicious terms. These monsters not only attacked Sarah Palin, they attacked her child who suffers from Down’s Syndrome. But it is Hillary Clinton herself who made the argument against voting for a candidate because she is a woman:

“I would also add, it’s not enough to be a woman. You have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women,” Hillary Clinton said at a Wednesday campaign event for Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Bruce Braley, Joni Ernst’s opponent in Iowa.

“It’s not enough to be a woman” is the argument Hillary Clinton herself made. The policies have to be paramount, said Hillary.

The policies in this election boil down to one word: CHANGE!

This election as we have repeatedly written is a CHANGE election. The candidate of change will win and will deserve to win. The candidate of change is Donald J. Trump.

In 2007 we began to publish and we named our website “Hillary Is 44”. It wasn’t her age, “44” referred to our hope that Hillary Clinton would become the 44th president of the United States.

After the 2008 election cycle some thought we should change our name because Barack Obama occupied the office as the 44th president of the United States. We persevered with our Hillary Is 44 name because, we cleverly argued, Grover Cleveland was elected twice to nonconsecutive terms which meant that the next president after Barack Obama would become the 44th person to take the oath of office which meant Hillary Clinton could still be “44”. It was a “Clintonian” clever devise on our part.

Now that the 2016 election cycle is almost over, our name which began with such high hopes has taken on another meaning. Hillary Clinton is become the Obama Third Term if she is elected. Hillary Clinton is running as the Obama Third Term. To us it is as if Hillary Clinton indeed is now 44. “Hillary Is 44” is now an epithet.

The United States cannot survive an Obama Third Term. We cannot survive more debt, more deficits, more war, more gangster government, more government control of the economy, more politically correct totalitarian government, more identity politics which insults our humanity and individuality, more abuse by the IRS against political opponents, more government control of health care, more lies piled upon lies by high officials protected by the “Department of Justice”. We do not want an Obama Third Term under any guise.

We strongly urge a vote for Donald J. Trump on November 8. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


205 thoughts on “HillaryIs44 Officially Endorses @RealDonaldTrump For President

  1. For our longtime readers: we had to do it. We could not remain silent. Hillary Clinton has become the Obama Third Term and we will not support another four years of horror.

    For those of you that have been with us on this long trip since 2007, we thank you for your support. Those of you that feel betrayed or unhappy, we have in good faith explained ourselves.

    May we all do the with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves….

  2. Nate Silver is a dunce. He said Trump had a 2% chance of getting the nomination. Then a month ago he said this:

    Silver doesn’t know much about baseball (he’s supposed to be a baseball statistician) and knows even less about politics.

  3. Disgusting on several levels:


    Hillary Clinton wants Michelle Obama in her Cabinet

    Hillary Clinton told “Extra” on Monday night she would consider appointing first lady Michelle Obama to a Cabinet position if she wins the presidential election next week.

    In an interview with Tracey Edmonds, the Democratic nominee said Obama would be a fitting member of her administration.

    “She’s made it pretty clear she wants to focus on important issues like girls’ education around the world — she and I actually talked about it when we were together in Winston-Salem — and I want to be the best partner I can be for whenever she wants to do be involved in government again. I think she wants to take a break from it, but if she ever wants to do anything like that, I would be the number-one person,” Clinton said.

  4. Admin,
    I have been following this site since 2008 and rely on it as an independent source of news and astute commentary.
    I hope this blog will continue after the election under a new name- perhaps Big Pink.

    One question raised by your post. is this. Knowing what we now know about the depth and breadth of the Clinton’s corruption, how could anyone consider voting for her even if she had expressed positions of Change?

  5. A Trump loss would guarantee this:


    Obama’s Israel Surprise?
    Fears grow of a final days presidential ambush at the U.N.

    The Middle East has few bright spots these days, but one is the budding rapprochement between Israel and its Sunni Arab neighbors, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, thanks to shared threats from Iran and Islamic State. Now the Obama Administration may have plans to wreck even that.

    Israeli diplomats gird for the possibility that President Obama may try to force a diplomatic resolution for Israel and the Palestinians at the United Nations. The White House has been unusually tight-lipped about what, if anything, it might have in mind. But our sources say the White House has asked the State Department to develop an options menu for the President’s final weeks.

    One possibility would be to sponsor, or at least allow, a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction, perhaps alongside new IRS regulations revoking the tax-exempt status of people or entities involved in settlement building. The Administration vetoed such a resolution in 2011 on grounds that it “risks hardening the position of both sides,” which remains true.

    But condemning the settlements has always been a popular way of scoring points against the Jewish state, not least at the State Department, and an antisettlement resolution might burnish Mr. Obama’s progressive brand for his postpresidency.

    Mr. Obama may also seek formal recognition of a Palestinian state at the Security Council. This would run afoul of Congress’s longstanding view that “Palestine” does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood, including a defined territory and effective government, though Mr. Obama could overcome the objection through his usual expedient of an executive action, thereby daring the next President to reverse him.

    Both actions would be a boon to the bullies in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, while also subjecting Israeli citizens and supporters abroad to new and more aggressive forms of legal harassment. It could even criminalize the Israeli army—and every reservist who serves in it—on the theory that it is illegally occupying a foreign state. Does Mr. Obama want to be remembered as the President who criminalized Israeli citizenship?

    The worst option would be an effort to introduce a resolution at the U.N. Security Council setting “parameters” for a final settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. The French have been eager to do this for some time, and one option for the Administration would be to let the resolution pass simply by refusing to veto it. Or the U.S. could introduce the resolution itself, all the better to take credit for it.

    As the old line has it, this would be worse than a crime—it would be a blunder. U.S. policy has long and wisely been that only Israelis and Palestinians can work out a peace agreement between themselves, and that efforts to impose one would be counterproductive. Whatever parameters the U.N. established would be unacceptable to any Israeli government, left or right, thereby destroying whatever is left of a peace camp in Israel.

    The Palestinians would seize on those parameters as their birthright, making it impossible for any future Palestinian leader to bargain part of them away in a serious negotiation. Arab states would find their diplomatic hands tied, making it impossible to serve as useful intermediaries between Jerusalem and Ramallah. It could refreeze relations with Israel even as they finally seem to have thawed.

    President Obama may be the last man on earth to get the memo, but after decades of fruitless efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict it might be wiser for the U.S. to step back until the Palestinians recognize that peace cannot be imposed from the outside. If Mr. Obama is still seeking a Middle East legacy at this late stage in his presidency, his best move is do nothing to make it worse.

  6. It’s happening folks – NYPD Department Chief threatens to release the emails if Clinton “and her crew” are not indicted.


    “What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”


    “People are going to prison,” he said.

    Meanwhile, FBI sources said Abedin and Weiner were cooperating with federal agents, who have taken over the non-sexting portions the case from NYPD. The husband-and-wife Clinton insiders are both shopping for separate immunity deals, sources said.

    “If they don’t cooperate they are going to see long sentences,” a federal law enforcement source said.

    NYPD sources said Weiner or Abedin stored all the emails in a massive Microsoft Outlook program on the laptop. The emails implicate other current and former members of Congress and one high-ranking Democratic Senator as having possibly engaged in criminal activity too, sources said.

  7. Please pardon me if you’ve already seen this video and posted it – but if not – would you please take a look?
    It’s been on DRUDGE – but I wondered if you had any thoughts about it.

    Julian Assanges (Wikileaks) was fed emails form former and members of several US intelligence agencies who feared a wholesale takeover of the US by the CLINTONS and their minions/handlers.

    So it was NEVER “THE RUSSIANS” who hacked and were supplying emails to WIKILEAKS at all. Not that most of us thought it was “The Russians” – sure, they may have hacked, but, if so, they weren’t the ones that were sharing with Assange. It was certain Americans. This was an inside job.

    So several other rumors abound on the Internet. Among them:

    Rumor – word has come about that Hillary Clinton has transferred 1.8 Billion Dollars to Qatar.

    Rumor – if Hillary doesn’t win the election, it could be the the Clintons – and possibly Obama – will flee to countries “friendly” to them.

    Rumor – Wag the Dog scenario – Obama may want to provoke Russia into a war or proxy war in the mIddle east.


  8. Admin, your insight is strong. You have reached a conclusion that I reached back in 2008 when Hillary thought it good to become a member of the Obama administration. She duped her supporters then, and she continued to dupe them during her State Department stint. She was and is such a disappointment. I’ve since come to realize that the Clinton’s are not who they claim to be. They are a duo out for themselves and their posse, not for the people, and the Clinton Foundation, among other things, is proof of this. With this written, I thank you for writing honest posts and for displaying tolerance for those who were not always in synch with you. Actually, that is a rare quality anymore on the web since so many websites are just echo chambers, and therefore not truly credible. Let’s all help “make America great again”! #MAGA!

  9. blowme0bama
    November 2, 2016 at 1:16 pm
    The NYPD has deep roots in the investigation of organized crime. They honed those skills surveilling and prosecuting the Gambinos, Luccheses, Genoveses, Bonannos and Columbos all of whom were centered in their jurisdiction. It is clear from the emails that Eric Schmidt and the top echelon of Google are up to their necks in the Clinton coup. Faceboook as well. But they are going up against government security people who operate on a much more sophisticated level against Chinese, et. al. hackers. In that sense, the Clinton coup are out of their league. I believe Soros hackers are from the Merkel government, but I have no proof of it. Call it a hunch.

  10. Once again…true to the character of this blog and you Admin…you have established yourself as a paragon of COURAGE…and virtue…in pursuit of the truth…

    I…”we”…stand with you…and thank you…

  11. BREAKING…voter fraud…where else? in Broward County in Florida…and where has Hillary been the last couple of days…Broward…

    evidently the GOP will be filing a lawsuit because Brenda Snipes office is opening ballots without having the canvassing people validate them first…

    …in addition I have heard that Snipes’ office sent out absentee ballots and then made up some reason to resent more Absentee ballots to the same requests…therby giving out two abseentee ballots per one request…

    Broward and Dade counties are amongst the most corrupt in all of the country…

    no one can tell me there is not VOTER FRAUD…down here…it is all over the place…shady government officials…and very lax protocols…

  12. Another woman coming out at 3 pm Pacific time saying Donald Trump raped her when she was 13 years old. Does anybody really believe these women anymore? This Clinton ploy is going to make people more reluctant to believe people who really are sexually abused. I hate this.

  13. So proud to see Hillaryis44 do the right thing! I was thinking earlier in the week way back to 08 when I worked my fingers off making phone calls for Hillary into TExas! I cried when she lost and I remember the tribute video that someone here made saying “Go Rest”

    Somewhere in that “rest” the monster we now see before us was given RISE

    YES SHE IS A MONSTER just like Samantha Powers said!

    I pray that Trump wins and I”m working my a$$ of here in my state for him I just came in from more sign working and was so proud to see this

  14. I saw that Lisa Bloom thing and yes she is Gloria Alred daughter and NO I don’t believe a word of it

    People are seeing though the media and the bs

  15. Admin> be glad your advice was not taken. Suppose it had been. She would have become president. But the scandals would have dogged her to the grave, culminating in a larger than Watergate scandal which would have brought down the entire system. The best political analyst in the country is you. But there is no way that you–or anyone else could have saved her and Bill from THIS:


    Just received instructions for “helping Donald”. It involves a website which I’m not in a jury to check out. It suggests that I disperse information from the site, truthForThePeople dot com. However it tries to appear knowledgable about elections and assumes I am an idiot.
    I’m thinking perhaps tomfoolery of Romney or Ryan sympathizers.

    So far I’m not considering GOING to that site. Part of their message:

    “So will you join with us to participate as it may be the key and only way to electing Trump!! Also as Donald said: “what do we have to lose!” And remember the internet crosses states lines, so even if your state is secure for Trump or has no chance of victory, your efforts still carry over to others via your sharing and them also being encouraged to share!!!

    It’s simple: get a balanced message out using all forms of communication with true information to low information voters and undecided/Independents. Use social media and hands on grassroots local efforts. We are just a handful of average people who decided to take action and provide a game plan rally around and to win over those last few remaining voters (note some states still have as much as 10% undecided and they will determine who is president). The web site “truthforthepeople dot com is designed to reach them with truth and not appear to be so Trump lopsided, but rather let the facts lead to the logical conclusion that Trump is our best choice. Undecideds need information rather than negative ads.”

    Has anyone else seen it?

  17. Silent coup? Counter coup? Obama told to stand down? Hillary to be arrested? Pedophile ring? NYPD going public?

    Implausible? Certainly not, given both Weiner’s and Bill’s past recklessness. On the other hand, no reputable websites or media outlets (even “friendly” ones) are covering these stories and no one from the NYPD is named or speaking on the record. Are there any concrete examples anywhere of how this counter coup is manifesting itself, other than Doug Schoen bailing from the Clinton campaign and Donna Brazile getting fired from CNN? Nobody seems to be taking any legal action on any of the wikileaks revelations as far as I can tell.

    I respect Admin and the commenters here immensely. There seem to be things happening with these investigations but they’re all over the place. Is any of it on the level (with reputable sources)?

  18. Mike – Yeah I won’t even upvote anything that is not corroborated when I’m on Twitter. There’s too much untrue crap flying around out there.

  19. Mike Marks
    November 2, 2016 at 5:10 pm
    Silent coup? Counter coup? Obama told to stand down? Hillary to be arrested? Pedophile ring? NYPD going public?
    Death by a thousand cuts or bombshell. I think we all want that final conclusive “kill shot” that just destroys the democrats once and for all and seals this. I’m certainly suffering from election fatigue big time. How Trump has managed to do this for 18 months is beyond me.

    So many emails, rumors, innuendo, lies. Hard to tell what’s what anymore.

  20. To summarize what is in the video linked to Admin above:

    The Rosetta Stone of CGI corruption

    The Young Turk is a left wing journalist who quit MSNBC because he would not play ball with them, and go easy on the Clintons. He now has his own website. He has gone through the Podesta emails and discovered two of them which the rest of the media is overlooking that are the real smoking gun. Both of them are from Doug Band who owns a company called Teneo which operated as a middle man between corporate America and the Clinton foundation, and was at the center of the pay to play scheme. Two of his emails are of particular importance

    1. Chelsea is a spoiled brat memo: this one deals with his frustrations over the fact that Chelsea, believing that CGI is a legitimate charity cannot understand why large checks are being written to Teneo. He wants her to stop digging because if she keeps digging and finds out what is going on it could be bad for all of us. So he asks Podesta and Mills to get her under control. Then, believing this to be an email that will never see the light of day, he proceeds to outline how the pay to play system operates.

    2. The leveraging the foundation memo: this one lists the huge contributions which multi national companies are making to the Clinton Foundation, how these contributions are being kicked back to Bill and Hillary, how these donors are then able to secure access to Hillary as secretary of state etc. In particular, he notes that Dow Chemical contributed $16 million to get help on a dispute involving a $9 billion dollar contract with another contributor to CGI, played golf with Bill, and immediately after the round made another $500,000 contribution to CGI.

  21. Just so you know, the young guy I post here from time to time, who does a fine job analyzing the debates, thinks what Steve is saying about a coup and a counter coup is a bunch if crap, he says he does not care that Steve was a spy chief, and thinks he is not credible because he believes 9-11 was an inside job etc. Of course, the young man has no chops when it comes to this sort of work, does not seem curious about where the wiki leaks came from, and has no explanation of the missing pages in the 9-11 report. It is fine to be skeptical, but if that is all you are, then it leaves a lot of holes in your understanding of the situation. I think he is fighting above his weight class in this area. Still, I post his comments here for what it is worth, in case you too are skeptical.

  22. Admin, thank you for all that you do. For being true to yourself and to the American people.

    I am grateful to you and the posters here for the information that you have provided. Without this site and Drudge I would be in the dark. I cannot stand to listen to the TV unless it is Hannity. I can only take a few minutes of the other cable channels and networks. In the morning I check to see what is the leading story for the day. Two minutes and then I move on. To Drudge for the headlines. then to Big Pink for the in depth stories and opinions.

    The posters at big pink have directed me to sites I did not know about.Thank you to all of you for keeping me sane this election cycle. Keep the information coming. There are many of us who do not post, but we lurk. Been a lurker since early 2008.

  23. Mike Marks, Juliet16, we adhere to the Occam’s Razor rule. “Occam’s (or Ockham’s) razor is a principle attributed to the 14th century logician and Franciscan friar William of Ockham. Ockham was the village in the English county of Surrey where he was born. The principle states that “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.”

    The “entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily” is also thought of as “Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.”

    In other words, “The widespread layman’s formulation that “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one” appears to have been derived from Occam’s razor.”

    We mostly ignore wild conspiracy theories when a simple explanation will suffice. For instance, we all know that the Clintons and the Obamas hate each other but right now to all appearances they are cooperating with each other. This we attribute to the fact that even though they hate each other they have mutual interests at the moment to cooperate with each other. What arrangements these “mutual interests” take are fun but entirely unprofitable to speculate upon. When they have a falling out we attribute this to the fact that they hate each other therefore they occasionally will revert to their animosity even when they should continue to cooperate with each other out of mutual interests.

    A lot of the conspiracy theories running wild lately are entirely irrelevant. Who really cares if there is a mass conspiracy of silent coups and counter coups and counter counter counter coups. The “Mad Magazine” characters “spy vs. spy” are a comic example of trying to make sense of all the spy v. spy machinations.

    What we do know is that this is a change election. The candidate of change wins. That’s all you really need to know.

  24. I think the reasoned position on most things is to make a preliminary judgement based on the law of probability, subject to revision as new facts come in, than to hang in semi divine repose with nothing but skepticism and doubt. In one of his essays, Judge Learned Hand made a similar point, referring to a hypothetical by the famous Harvard intellectual of his day, William James—something about frogs swallowing any object that looks red, even if in rare circumstance it contained a bait hook, because on the odds, a frog that swallowed things that were red fed rather than dead most of the time. And the frog that never did anything would die of starvation. When Druge tells us that he was told by a Supreme Court Judge that if Hillary wins you will be shut down, I believe him, which means claims that the globalist influence has spread to the courts is not far fetched. In fact two Judges on the Supreme Court today–Breyer and Ginsberg have both expressed a preference for international law over the constitution in public commentaries. And who can forget the dive poor John Roberts took over Obamacare, and the laughing Podesta and other did over email that they had scared him into abandoning his principles.

  25. This is not a conspiracy theory. We wrote long ago about Hillary Clinton’s “stupid” campaign and strategy. We wrote that Hillary should have made her strongest outreach to the white working class (which was her strongest group in 2008) and not rely on the Obama coalition (which mostly hates her. Hillary decided contrary to our advice and has focused on black voters and the Obama coalition as her path to the White House. As we predicted blacks will not vote for Hillary in the percentages and numbers she needs to win. Hillary’s strategy is now exposed, as we predicted, as entirely stupid:


    Early voting update: Black vote declining with 24.4 million ballots cast

    Washington (CNN)A dip in African-American turnout has knocked Democratic early voting numbers off their 2012 pace in key battleground states like North Carolina.

    The trend is also evident in early vote data from other swing states that could play key roles in deciding the election, including Florida and Georgia.

    A Latino uptick will not rescue Hillary2016. Hillary needed huge black numbers in states such as North Carolina to win the election.

  26. This is not a conspiracy theory. The New York Times:


    African-Americans are failing to vote at the robust levels they did four years ago in several states that could help decide the presidential election, creating a vexing problem for Hillary Clinton as she clings to a deteriorating lead over Donald J. Trump with Election Day just a week away.

    As tens of millions of Americans cast ballots in what will be the largest-ever mobilization of early voters in a presidential election, the numbers have started to point toward a slump that many Democrats feared might materialize without the nation’s first black president on the ticket.

    The reasons for the decline appear to be both political and logistical, with lower voter enthusiasm and newly enacted impediments to voting at play. In North Carolina, where a federal appeals court accused Republicans of an “almost surgical” assault on black turnout and Republican-run election boards curtailed early-voting sites, black turnout is down 16 percent.

    The NYTimes blames racism when the truth corresponds closer to simply blacks voted for a black man in big numbers and not a white woman. Just like Oprah the great defender of women who profited off this false reputation but when push came to shove in 2008 went with the black man not the white woman. We write this would happen years ago. Hillary refused to listen. Now she will die from stupidity.

    In Florida black turnout is down from 25% in 2012 to 15%, according to the race-baiting New York Times.

  27. In other words, “The widespread layman’s formulation that “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one” appears to have been derived from Occam’s razor.”
    If the simple explanation can explain everything, then that is the way to go. The problem comes in when it cannot. The Soviet Union fell partly because its economy could not match the output of the United States, but at another level it failed because Marxist theory could not explain what was happening in the world. Paradigmatic change–driven by technology creates a new set of assumptions, rules and outcomes. Therefore, the effort to understand the larger picture is a continuing challenge. The perfect example of this is the Trump campaign. He defied conventional wisdom at every turn. Yet he is likely to become president.

  28. This is not a conspiracy theory.


    With just six days left until Americans go to the polls, Hillary Clinton’s once commanding national lead has collapsed to less than 2 points. Once hopelessly behind in the electoral count, Donald Trump has now surged to within striking distance. Real Clear Politics’ state poll averages puts the electoral contest at 273 to 265 in favor of Clinton — a dramatic tightening from just two days ago when it was a 304 to 234 Clinton landslide.

    “Look out kid, it’s something you did.”

  29. This is not a conspiracy theory.

    “Look out kid, it’s something you did.”

    “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

    The wind blows for change. The candidate of change wins.

  30. http://news.hamptonu.edu/release/Hampton-University%27s-CPP-Latest-Poll-Shows-VA-Voter-Shift-from-Clinton-to-Trump-Post-Email-Investigation#

    Hampton, Va.— The latest Hampton University Center for Public Policy (CPP) poll reveals that the FBI’s decision to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation may have triggered a boost for Donald Trump with likely voters in Virginia.

    Democratic Presidential nominee Clinton had a two point lead before the email news story broke on Friday Oct. 28. She is now trailing three points behind Republican Presidential nominee Trump.

    With only six days left before the November Presidential election, Trump has jumped ahead of Clinton, erasing a 12 point deficit reported by the CPP in early October. This surge for Trump demonstrates again how erratic the run for the White House has been as we head into the final days of Decision 2016. This is the first time Clinton has trailed in the CPP polls this year, the latest poll was conducted Oct. 26-30.

    When Virginians were asked if the election were held today, 44 percent of those surveyed would vote for Trump and 41 percent would choose Clinton, while a high percentage of voters remain undecided (15 percent). This is a major shift from just one month ago when Clinton led Trump by 12 points. (CPP poll, October 2016 – Clinton 46 percent , Trump 34 percent).

  31. gonzotx @ 5:22 PM

    “Mike…you want honesty and truth before the election from our media or uniparty?”

    Yes, I do want that, but I realize that’s a pipe dream at this point. I’m just trying to caution people here not to get excited by unreliably-sourced reports that seem too good to be true. They may turn out to be true eventually, but we should wait until they are on the record by more-or-less reliable people.

  32. wbboei
    November 2, 2016 at 5:55 pm
    I agree. This kid is smart, but his analysis of Steve Pieczenik is off, in my opinion. I see that the admin seems to agree with the kid, but I believe that it was important for people to know what might be going on behind the scenes. The timing of his videos is good, too, as he gives people a reason to vote Trump, and not fall for the attempts of both the Clinton campaign and the media of shaming people for supporting Trump. Steve’s videos are not a side show. They are presented as background to the Wikileaks videos of which most everyone seems to believe are significant news events.

  33. Admin @ 6:14 PM

    “What we do know is that this is a change election. The candidate of change wins. That’s all you really need to know.”

    Don’t I also need to know that “It’s the metadata!”? 🙂

  34. caught the end of discussion of Brett Bair with Brit Hume…Bair breaking a story about Clinton Foundation is under serious investigation and implied someone is going to be indicted…did not say who…

    in next segment Hume was talking to Fred Barnes and said it seemed that Hillary was the person implied that would be indicted…said tomorrow WSJ will have more on this story…they speculate if any of the other media will pick up this breaking news…

  35. …not to be redundant…but did anyone catch Hillary last night when she reacted to a protestor in Ft Lauderdale who had a sign and was saying that Bill was a rapist…

    She really lost it…screaming and pointing her fingers…if that is any example of her temper…reminds me of when she yelled to Congress at Benghazi hearings “What difference does it make”…or when she is yelling “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”

    she really goes off and loses control of herself…if she already has a problem with people liking her…this is definitely not going to help her…scary behavior…tantrums really…

  36. Admin — thank you for all your insights and hard work these last 8 years (I can’t believe it has been that long). I found you like a voice in the all-Obama-all-the-time wilderness during the 2008 primaries. I followed a similar path as you regarding Hillary but I was done with her a little sooner. If she had resigned and told the truth after 9/11/2012 instead of lying and jailing an innocent man to help give cover to Obama, I would have continued to have faith in her. But she sold out.
    Simple as that.
    I’m so glad this place exists. I hope you continue after the election.

  37. Nomo @ 7:28 PM

    The Wikileaks emails are significant news events, whether or not they’re covered by MSM. But it’s not explained exactly how they’re going to lead to Hillary and Bill being arrested for associations with underage children, or Loretta Lynch being indicted, as Steve teases on various videos. Who knows what’s on that laptop? Probably some pretty seamy stuff if Weiner is involved. I’m just waiting until something official is reported in order to reduce false expectations.

  38. Admin I also thank you for all you do. I’ve been here mostly lurking since 2008. Daily reader but don’t comment much. I, too am like Venus. I was semi-done with Hillary when she accepted the position from the man who had abused her-Obama. Then about the time of Benghazi I was completely done with her. I knew she was lying and that poor guy she threw under the bus for “the video” was innocent. I was heartbroken for the lives that were needlessly lost in Benghazi. She and Obama were running arms and they sacrificed those men to keep a secret. How disgusting.

  39. Donald live in Pensacola, FL on OAN now

    he is looking good with black MAGA hat on, no tie and black sports jacket

    he is one cool dude for 70 years old…limitless energy

  40. nomobama
    November 2, 2016 at 7:28 pm
    Many years ago, while I was in the middle of my career, my company was the target of an acquisition and merger, which later occurred and ended up a mega disaster for all concerned. Before I was brought into the discussion, there was a eerie sense of foreboding in the air, one that you could not quite put your finger on, but you could cut it with a knife. That was one of those times, when conventional explanations could not suffice. Or, as the General Council of the Teamsters Union used to say, just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you. It is that same sense that many of us have felt today over the past decade or so. Like I sit down with a Wall Street guy and ask him for how things are going–he says great. Great, I say? When we have a $20 trillion debt, 95 million people of working age not working, and perhaps as many as 40 million illegals in the country? Great when we have a president who manifests only contempt for the American people, coupled with a bizarre interest in all these treaties which give away our jobs? Great when both parties promise to address the problem, and neither one does. There are times in history when megapolitical change occurs, because it has to. And this is one of them. The remarkable part to me is that whereas the smart money would sense that as coming and seek to channel it whereas the new money believes they can stifle it. The smart money, if it wants to channel change would figure out a way to sell the end state to the masses, give them a role in it and compensate the losers, rather than thinking it could ram that change down their throats, and move from democracy to dictatorship in a decade and not have consequences. And when those in power become this arrogant, and this detached from reality, and this contemptous of their fellow citizens it defies the normal back and forth of the political process. It is, as Pat Caddell noted, a pre revolutionary situation.

  41. S
    November 2, 2016 at 8:05 pm
    Donald live in Pensacola, FL on OAN now

    he is looking good with black MAGA hat on, no tie and black sports jacket

    he is one cool dude for 70 years old…limitless energy
    He is an eagle.

    But we are the wind beneath his wings.

    I believe he loves what he is doing.

    For the other party, this is an onerous chore.

  42. NoMoBama, we try not to censor any evidence that comes here whatever the source. We trust everyone here to be smart enough to make up their own minds based on the evidence. We love Shakespeare: “Give every man thy ear but few thy voice.
    Take each man’s censure but reserve thy judgment.”

    We read news from any and every source. We read and consider every news source from Big Media outlets and from the most and least rational of other sources. We’re not afraid of opinion or free speech. We read and watch from every source – then we make a value judgement. We do know that just because something is accurate does not make it important.

    As to the conspiracies running around lately, they might or might not be true. But we don’t think they really matter. Trump is doing well because he fights and he is the candidate of change. If Trump did not fight and was not the candidate of change no conspiracy would save him. If Hillary had made the correct strategic decisions (such as be the candidate of change and stay with the Clinton coalition not the Obama coalition) no conspiracy against her could beat her – she would be winning bigly.

    This is a change election. The back and forth does not really matter. We did not think the Access Hollywood tape really mattered.

    We believe, and wrote at the time, that the Access Hollywood tape had the effect of turning some Trump supporters into “shy” Trump supporters. We knew they never really left Trump, they just took a “time out” before returning to the fray.

    For that matter, we don’t think the Hillary email story is that big a factor either. Trump voters had come home before the FBI and we believe Trump’s surge came from his attacks on ObamaCare and the news of the ObamaCare premium hikes.

    The FBI story allowed everyone to freely admit what they were feeling and not to be shy. “Shy” Trump voters came out and proclaimed they were Trump supporters after the FBI report.

    The “undecided” voters are not “undecided” – the undecided are really voters who have yet to admit they will not vote for Hillary Clinton. Hillary has been in politics for decades and is running as the Obama Third Term. Hillary is the equivalent of the incumbent. If a voter is undecided on the incumbent they are probably a vote for the challenger. The FBI story gave permission for a lot of the “undecided” and “shy” voters to admit to themselves and their neighbors that they will not vote for Hillary and will probably vote for Trump.

    It’s a change election. That’s all you need to know.

  43. This is the segment of Bret Baier that S commented on above:

    Fox News confirms FBI has been investigating Clinton foundation for a year – Active and Aggressive investigation ongoing – DOJ wanted FBI to destroy laptops but agents refused and have the laptops – immunity is nullified if anyone lied during the interviews

  44. I sure would like to know when we get to see Hillary’s 30,000 deleted email. Do they hold the mystery of what really happened in Benghazi?

  45. https://www.bloomberg.com/gadfly/articles/2016-11-02/trump-to-beat-clinton-echoes-brexit-in-u-s-election-betting

    Trump Gives Betting Markets That Brexit Feeling

    Markets are obviously jittery at the sudden possibility that a Donald Trump presidency isn’t as far-fetched as it previously seemed.

    So it looks like a good time to get some counsel from the real experts out there: British bookies. And, well, tighten your chinstraps folks: The pattern of bets looks very similar to what occurred before Britain voted to leave the European Union.

    Yes, the odds favor Clinton to win: Trump’s odds are currently 5/2 and Hillary Clinton’s are 2/5, according to a compilation of various gambling sites done by Oddschecker.com. For you non-degenerate gamblers out there, that means a $2 bet on Trump wins you $5, while a $5 bet on Clinton wins you only $2.

    So way more people are betting on Clinton, right? Not at all. The phenomenon is similar to the pre-Brexit action, when the odds favored what most sober-headed pundits believed would be the result: Remain. However, more actual bets were placed on Brexit. The odds reflected how much money was wagered, not how many individual bets were placed. In this case, more money is being bet on Clinton but Trump has attracted a larger number of wagers.

    By this (admittedly bizarre) metric, Trump has been in the lead since March and pulled way ahead last month [snip]

    All in all, 61 percent of bets on the two candidates have favored Trump but only 40 percent of the combined stakes are riding on the businessman, according to the web site. Yet when assigning an “implied probability” of victory, the web site uses the odds rather than the number of bets. As a result, Clinton’s 71 percent implied probability looks similar to what the go-to presidential horse-race site FiveThirtyEight is showing.

    But there’s no getting around the fact that more bets are being placed on Trump. He may be catching up by the amount of money as well. On Monday and Tuesday, following the news that the FBI had discovered more e-mails related to a probe of Clinton, 91 percent about 100,000 euros ($111,000) in wagers placed with Irish bookmaker Paddy Power Betfair were for Trump, Bloomberg News reported.

    Could these betting trends be foreshadowing a major surprise in the same way they did with Brexit? (Don’t even get us started on the weird coincidence that the Clinton campaign slogan “Stronger Together” sounds an awful lot like the Remain slogan “Stronger In.”) Ask me again next week.

    Brexit was a change election.

  46. It is shocking to see how far Red State blog has fallen since Trump won the nomination.


    And a Playboy magazine with him on the cover.

    This thing started when they uninvited Trump to the conservative function last February, and Erickson turned the wheel over to Wolf.

    You would think they would have more concern for the country.

    This battle will not end when Trump wins the presidency.

    That will be simply the end of the beginning.

  47. Indictment probable Secret recordings and DOJ running interference for Hillary. Don’t know when or whether it is Bill or Hill, but it is coming. Just as I had said before, Cheryl Mills and the other staffer’s computers were not destroyed. They are providing new material. 99% chance exists that 5 different foreign entities accessed the computers. WSJ and Fox are on this like flies on turds.

  48. Admin> Rest assured, I am all for Occums Razor.

    It is the best defense we have against quantum leaps into oblivion.

    As far as skepticism is concerned, that is one of the skills a cross examiner must learn to master.

    But I submit this is more than a simple change election.

    When we talk about globalists vs nationalists, some see it as tin foil hat stuff.

    Yet the reality of what is occuring today in Europe suggests otherwise.

    The latest edition of Hillsdale College publication

    Draws the issue which lies at the heart of the election a week from now into high relief.

    It is why I say this is not just a change election, it is a megapolitical one.


    Who We Are As a People—The Syrian Refugee Question

    Nothing has provoked the ire of America’s bipartisan political class as much as Donald Trump’s recent proposal that the U.S. should suspend the acceptance of refugees from Syria and other terrorist-supporting nations until we find a way of perfecting the screening process to ensure that we are not admitting terrorists or terror sympathizers. On its face this proposal was not unreasonable. Most of these refugees do not have adequate documentation, intelligence agencies do not have sufficient information to determine whether or not they have terrorist connections or intend to engage in terrorism, and the heads of our security agencies have warned that active terrorists will inevitably slip through security screening cracks. Nor is it as if there was no reasonable alternative. Wouldn’t it have been better, as Trump and others have suggested, to address the refugee crisis by setting up security zones in Syria or other Middle Eastern countries where refugees could find safety and where Muslim nations might feel obligated to help finance their care? In addition to making sense from a national security perspective, this would also have been a more humane solution, since it would not have uprooted the refugees from their homelands and injected them into an alien way of life. (snip)

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who recently named Merkel as her favorite world leader, has frequently indicated that acceptance of refugees is an important reaffirmation of America’s commitment to diversity. It is a reaffirmation of “who we are as Americans,” she has said, as if the American character is defined by its unlimited openness to diversity. To show the bipartisan nature of this commitment, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has used the same phrase to explain his approval of the refugee program. In both cases, the clear implication is that America’s commitment to diversity outweighs considerations of national security. Indeed, in what can only be called a self-willed delusion, proponents of the refugee program seem to believe that their commitment to diversity makes us stronger and more secure as a nation, and that any opposition to the program is racist, xenophobic, and most particularly Islamophobic. (snip)

    Consider what this means. Germans have been warned that it is their duty to accommodate themselves to newly arrivedrefugees and not to place politically incorrect demands upon them—that is, not to demand that the refugees adapt to German ways. Some have advised German women in particular that if they don’t wish to be harassed by male refugees, they should cover their heads and be accompanied outside of the home by a male. Will this be a part of America’s politically correct future? (snip)

    Merkel, like Obama, bases her immigration policy on a globalist view of the world. Secretary of State John Kerry propounded this view in a recent commencement address, warning Americans that we must prepare ourselves for a “borderless world.” But a world without borders is a world without citizens, and a world without citizens is a world without the rights and privileges that attach exclusively to citizenship. Rights and liberties exist only in separate and independent nations; they are the exclusive preserve of the nation-state. Constitutional government only succeeds in the nation-state, where the just powers of government are derived from the consent of the governed. By contrast, to see the globalist principle in practice, look at the European Union. The EU is not a constitutional government; it is an administrative state ruled by unelected bureaucrats. It attempts to do away with both borders and citizens, and it replaces rights and liberty with welfare and regulation as the objects of its administrative rule. Constitutional government—to say nothing of liberal democracy—will not be a part of the politically correct, borderless world into which so many of our political leaders wish to usher us.


  49. I haven’t logged in for awhile on here Admin although I do check in from time to time. I’m sure I will still do so in the future. I have learned a lot about politics on this site over the years and I think Admin you have been remarkable astute on many things..even amazing at times…

    But I hope it’s still OK to voice a dissenting opinion here. While I don’t agree with every policy Hillary favors, after taking a close look at Trump, seeing how he behaves, and listening to his words there is no way that I could ever vote for such a person. I’m frankly appalled that anyone could. He has too much behavior I find repellent, too little words on actual policies, and too little respect for others. So in this particular election I can’t accept your political viewpoint and reasoning Admin–I just don’t agree. I know I am a political novice but I believe Hillary will win this election. I don’t believe that Trump is currently on track for victory-there is too much contrary polling saying otherwise. And I wouldn’t underestimate women being motivated to make a historic choice for President.

    I do realize that the only poll that truly counts is on election day. So I guess we will see if what you predict comes true. To those here who are supporting Trump I respect your choice even though I completely don’t agree. Please don’t be nasty to me–I just felt I should should stick up for those who believe otherwise.

  50. And that is the unseen part of the puzzle that terrifies me.

    Conventional wisdom understands a policy of open borders as being nothing more and nothing less than a desire of RINOS beholden to the Chamber of Commerce for cheap labor, and DINOs like Schumer for cheap votes.

    If that were all, a reasonable accommodiation might be possible.

    But it is clear from the comments of Soros, Hillary, Merkel, Kerry, and high tech business leaders that what we are talking about when we speak of open borders we are talking about something far more radical.

    For a policy of open borders entails per force the dissolution of the nation state, citizenship and the rights that inure to it.

    That is the world of George Orwell, not George Washington. It is a world that I would never care to live in.

  51. AmericanGal
    November 2, 2016 at 10:45 pm
    Then you are prepared to accept a policy of open borders, with all it entails?

  52. Years ago, the late Lord Reese Mogg and James Davidson wrote a book called The Great Awakening, which was a sequel of sorts to Spenglar’s book The Decline of the West. In it they noted that the corruption endemic to inner city political machines, while harmful in and of itself, is as nothing compared to the harm done by improvident government policies, done for the best of reasons. Appros of that, a policy of open borders is a greater threat to this country than the pay to play schemes we keep reading about. One is reversible. The other is not.

  53. As I said, I don’t believe in all Hillary’s policies. But I definitely don’t believe in all of Trumps either…and not in Trump himself..

  54. AmericanGal, thanks for your honest opinion. The main article addressed most of your points so we won’t belabor them with repetition.

    The article did not address who will win because it was meant to explain why we made the Trump endorsement. By our standard, it would not have mattered a whit if Trump was fifty points behind Hillary and sure to lose – we would have made the same value judgment and endorsement.

    As to personality issues, they were not addressed either in the main article. We don’t think personality is what matters. As we wrote long ago, the voters are in a snake pit and Trump is the stick. We don’t care if that stick is birch, maple, elm, or cherry – as long as we can beat back the snakes.

    Thanks for your respectful expression of opinion and we hope you will continue to read the site.

  55. Then what you are saying is you like like Hillary and you dislike Trump.

    Personally, I don’t care about personalities.

    My concern is about policies.

    And open borders scares me to death.

  56. The latest bombs via the Wall Street Journal:


    Secret Recordings Fueled FBI Feud in Clinton Probe
    Agents thought they had enough material to merit aggressively pursuing investigation into Clinton Foundation

    Secret recordings of a suspect talking about the Clinton Foundation fueled an internal battle between FBI agents who wanted to pursue the case and corruption prosecutors who viewed the statements as worthless hearsay, people familiar with the matter said.

    Agents, using informants and recordings from unrelated corruption investigations, thought they had found enough material to merit aggressively pursuing the investigation into the foundation that started in summer 2015 based on claims made in a book by a conservative author called “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” these people said.

    The account of the case and resulting dispute comes from interviews with officials at multiple agencies.

    Starting in February and continuing today, investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and public-corruption prosecutors became increasingly frustrated with each other, as often happens within and between departments. At the center of the tension stood the U.S. attorney for Brooklyn, Robert Capers, who some at the FBI came to view as exacerbating the problems by telling each side what it wanted to hear, these people said. Through a spokeswoman, Mr. Capers declined to comment.

    The roots of the dispute lie in a disagreement over the strength of the case, these people said, which broadly centered on whether Clinton Foundation contributors received favorable treatment from the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

    Senior officials in the Justice Department and the FBI didn’t think much of the evidence, while investigators believed they had promising leads their bosses wouldn’t let them pursue, they said. [snip]

    Amid the internal finger-pointing on the Clinton Foundation matter, some have blamed the FBI’s No. 2 official, deputy director Andrew McCabe, claiming he sought to stop agents from pursuing the case this summer. His defenders deny that, and say it was the Justice Department that kept pushing back on the investigation.

    At times, people on both sides of the dispute thought Mr. Capers agreed with them. Defenders of Mr. Capers said he was straightforward and always told people he thought the case wasn’t strong.

    Much of the skepticism toward the case came from how it started—with the publication of a book suggesting possible financial misconduct and self-dealing surrounding the Clinton charity. The author of that book, Peter Schweizer—a former speechwriting consultant for President George W. Bush—was interviewed multiple times by FBI agents, people familiar with the matter said.

    The Clinton campaign has long derided the book as a poorly researched collection of false claims and unsubstantiated assertions. The Clinton Foundation has denied any wrongdoing, saying it does immense good throughout the world.

    Mr. Schweizer said in an interview that the book was never meant to be a legal document, but set out to describe “patterns of financial transactions that circled around decisions Hillary Clinton was making as secretary of state.”

    As 2015 came to a close, the FBI and Justice Department had a general understanding that neither side would take major action on Clinton Foundation matters without meeting and discussing it first. In February, a meeting was held in Washington among FBI officials, public-integrity prosecutors and Leslie Caldwell, the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division. Prosecutors from the Eastern District of New York—Mr. Capers’ office—didn’t attend, these people said.

    The public-integrity prosecutors weren’t impressed with the FBI presentation, people familiar with the discussion said. “The message was, ‘We’re done here,’ ” a person familiar with the matter said.

    Justice Department officials became increasingly frustrated that the agents seemed to be disregarding or disobeying their instructions.

    Following the February meeting, officials at Justice Department headquarters sent a message to all the offices involved to “stand down,’’ a person familiar with the matter said.

    Within the FBI, some felt they had moved well beyond the allegations made in the anti-Clinton book. At least two confidential informants from other public-corruption investigations had provided details about the Clinton Foundation to the FBI, these people said.

    The FBI had secretly recorded conversations of a suspect in a public-corruption case talking about alleged deals the Clintons made, these people said. The agents listening to the recordings couldn’t tell from the conversations if what the suspect was describing was accurate, but it was, they thought, worth checking out.

    Prosecutors thought the talk was hearsay and a weak basis to warrant aggressive tactics, like presenting evidence to a grand jury, because the person who was secretly recorded wasn’t inside the Clinton Foundation.

    FBI investigators grew increasingly frustrated with resistance from the corruption prosecutors, and some executives at the bureau itself, to keep pursuing the case.

    As prosecutors rebuffed their requests to proceed more overtly, those Justice Department officials became more annoyed that the investigators didn’t seem to understand or care about the instructions issued by their own bosses and prosecutors to act discreetly.

    In subsequent conversations with the Justice Department, Mr. Capers told officials in Washington that the FBI agents on the case “won’t let it go,” these people said.

    As a result of those complaints, these people said, a senior Justice Department official called the FBI deputy director, Mr. McCabe, on Aug. 12 to say the agents in New York seemed to be disregarding or disobeying their instructions, these people said. The conversation was a tense one, they said, and at one point Mr. McCabe asked, “Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?’’ The senior Justice Department official replied: ”Of course not.”

    This should have been resolved long ago, but there was stonewalling from the Clinton side and now, days before election day, they reap the whirlwind.

  57. The smartest woman I know tells me repeatedly if we lose this election we lose our country.

    Open borders is the megapolitical issue of this election.

  58. Open borders is the death of all the generations before you have built for you. Toss it way because a man says mean things.

  59. AG

    I would suggest you do some independent research on the Clintons…away from the established media…you could start with what they did with all the money that was donated to help the Haitian people after the devasting earthquake…millions of dollars were donated from people all over the world and Bill and Hill were put in charge of the money distribution…start with that…as the tip of the iceberg…you never hear the media mention it…but the Haitians believe they were robbed by the Clintons and essentially nothing was done for them…

    do the research objectively, not with rose colored glasses…

    how will you feel if all the emails that covered up all the pay to play that Hillary erased or “bleached” have now been discovered and are being analyzed and she gets indicted for a multitude of crimes and mishandling of highly classified info that now…today…is confirmed has been hacked by at least five countries…that could open her up to blackmail…you won’t hear CNN or MSNBC talking about that…

    no just Trump and his personality…

    Trump’s personality is a minor issue compared to the substance of the issues Hillary has tried to conceal but now by divine intervention are all being exposed…

    I will leave it at that…I was once where you are now…I fought so many battles for Hillary and Bill…and to have to accept that they have evolved into greedy, calculating, dishonest…globalists has been heart breaking…but my country comes before the behavior they find routine and acceptable…how did they go from being broke to now acquiring over $200 million dollars and the Clinton Foundation in excess of billions of dollars from wheeling and dealing with dictators…

    you won’t hear about that on CNN and MSNBC or in the NYT…so many Hillary supporters don’t want to hear it…don’t want to dig and do independent research…they would just rather not know about it…

    if she wins, we will lose…try reading the article Doug Shoen, a faithful Clinton friend and their pollster as far back as the 1990’s has written…

    Doug Shoen has been an ardent supporter of Hillary to this day…go check up on what he said just this week…or take a look at what Ed Rendell, former Governor of PA and a longtime loyal friend to the Clintons is on record saying about CGI, etc…

    I will close by saying…the Clintons I supported and fought so hard for…the Clintons I argued and defended for the last two decades would never screw the Haitian people the way Bill and Hillary have…that is for starters…money, power and greed have changed them both from the “do gooders” I once believed them to be…

  60. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/11/02/fbi_sources_tell_fox_news_indictment_likely_in_clinton_foundation_case.html


    1. The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year.

    2. The laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have not been destroyed, and agents are currently combing through them. The investigation has interviewed several people twice, and plans to interview some for a third time.

    3. Agents have found emails believed to have originated on Hillary Clinton’s secret server on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. They say the emails are not duplicates and could potentially be classified in nature.

    4. Sources within the FBI have told him that an indictment is “likely” in the case of pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, “barring some obstruction in some way” from the Justice Department.

    5. FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton’s server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information had been taken from it.


  61. Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs for their World Series win. Our World Series/SuperBowl/Wimbledon/TripleCrown/Christmas/Olympics/Grammy/Oscars/Tony/Woodstock is next Tuesday.

  62. 1: Hillary Clinton would be an historically bad choice as president.
    2: I am appalled that anyone would believe otherwise.
    3. I question those who say that Trump has no plans, nor formulated policies. They have obviously tuned him out because he has mentioned quite a few of them.
    4. I wonder what part of Hillary stating that she has one opinion for the public and one opinion in private that people don’t understand. This concept came directly from her lips. Is it that people like being lied to, or am I missing something here?
    5. Donald has too little respect, yet Hillary referred to 25% of all Trump supporters as irredeemable and deplorable. Hillary has attacked Trump in harsh terms, especially questioning his temperament and his abilities. Yet, we witness Hillary’s so-called abilities and all we see are broken promises as a Senator, and death and destruction as the Secretary of State. Her capabilities are lacking as far as I am concerned.
    6. Pathological lying is not an endearing trait. There is plenty of video showing Hillary to be one of the most pathological people in politics, only rivaled by a couple of other politicians, most notably Barack Obama. I don’t like being lied to, and politicians that lie are contemptible because voters placed them in power based on trusting their words.
    7. Although his detractors like to refer to him as dark and divisive, much of what Donald Trump states is all about hope and inclusiveness.
    8. If females are voting for Hillary because they see this as an historic choice, I will just point to the historic choice of Barack Obama and point out how making a choice based on race or gender is setting the bar very low for choosing a president.
    9. Hillary Clinton is a chameleon, and she is not trustworthy.

  63. I long ago came to the place where I was finally glad that Hillary was ignoring admin. Because I believe if she *had* listened, it would have just been reflected in her “public” self, and she would have won and been the corrupt person we can now see so clearly she is.

    And people disagree, which is okay. But IMO, I no longer think that she “changed”. When you look back at her lifetime of scandals, starting with being fired from the Watergate case when a new lawyer, to the Arkansas scandals, to renting out the Lincoln bedroom – it all fits in with who she is today. I think we were fooled by her public self, but now we have access to her private self.

    lol I look back at all the agonizing I did over the years after 2008, trying to figure out if she was being blackmailed, or if she was just going along to get along, or x, or y, or z….. it didn’t occur to me (until it did) that there was no reason to figure out why she had changed – because she hadn’t. It was my original understanding of her which was what needed explanation lol

  64. I am glad that they have located the homeless woman that protected Trumps star. I wonder what Donald has planned for her?

  65. lorac, you’re correct in my opinion. Hillary and Bill have somethings psychologically wrong with them. As they have gotten away with things, they have become more brazen. I have to wonder about all of the people that they have hurt on their quest for power.

  66. I’ve always loved playing sports, but not watching them – except during the Olympics. But I’m glad I watched the Cubs tonight – I grew up in a suburb, and all you ever heard was that they always lost but had the most loyal fans.

    And I’m so glad they won, because I read a really sweet article the other day, a 108 year old woman who was a few months old the last time the Cubs won the World Series. They had a picture of her sitting in her little assisted living room, talking about hoping to live long enough to see them win again. (Now I just hope she doesn’t keel over tomorrow!)

  67. A comment on Breitbart – I couldn’t help but laugh

    ArmchairMike • 13 hours ago
    Only one woman I know of will be voting for Hillary and that’s my Grandmother, I hate that she will do it but I have a tough time changing her mind when she died in 1998.

  68. I cannot say how outrageous it is that you would support Trump for president. He is the scariest candidate we have had for president in my life time. Your hatred for Obama has twisted your logic.

  69. Wikileaks research and connect the dots. It doesn’t look good at all. The request went out to help put together all the pieces of the puzzle although they have a very good argument right now.

    “I believe I have connected a convicted child abductor who was caught stealing children in Haiti with the Clintons.”


    From one of the people researching

    Clinton Campaign had some interest in the New Life Children’s Refugee case. Everybody except the leader (Lauren Silsby, whose last name I searched to find these e-mails) was released. Silsby herself was only sentenced to the time she had already served awaiting trial. Sounds like classic Clinton corruption if you ask me. Relevant e-mails:

    Huma to Clinton: Haiti prosecutors urge prison for Silsby

    Huma to Clinton: Haiti Drops Kidnapping Charges

    Discussion about making a statement- lots of names here

    Could be normal Secretary of State business or something much darker, but we need to dig into this pedophilia link more.

    After reading this and this, I think we should be looking into the hotels located in Cabarete and Magante- specifically new developments in Magante and any preexisting ones in Cabarete large enough to house 100 orphans- the e-mail mentions leasing a 45 room hotel and converting it into an orphanage as an interim solution. From there- FOLLOW THE MONEY!

    Is this the connect the dots stuff that the NYPD Special Crimes Unit linked on the laptop? They already know.

  70. Now if only the FBI will announce that they found the missing 33,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop tomorrow or Friday. That will be just as monumental as Comey’s bombshell announcement last week.

  71. Looks like Trump will make his grand finale rally in NH Monday night, full circle from February 9, 2016.

    I am very worried about NH, the polls have shown HRC consistently ahead. This State is full of Bernie-bots, left-over hippies and earth-mothers. Hoping for a final Trump surge of sanity in NH on Tuesday.

  72. AmericanGal,

    I really wonder about people who come to a pro Trum board to post pro hillary crap.

    What’s your point?

    Obviously you haven’t learning anything.

    How about changing your name to NomoreAmeriagal

    Cause that’s where we are heading if the monster hillary wins.

    And buy a few head scarfs and hire some male to walk you around.
    Don’t believe me? I live across a street from a mosque

  73. Well, Julian Assange assures us that contrary to the unproven allegations of the Clinton campaign, the wikileaks information did not come from Russia. Rather, they came from three sources:

    1. Assange, who spoke with Pilger at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been for four years, also accused the US presidential candidate of being a pawn of behind-the-scenes interests, and voiced doubts about her physical fitness to take charge of the White House.

    a. wikileaks uploaded 30 k from her private server

    b. DNC provided 20 k from members sypathetic to Bernie (Note: that explains the murder of that young DNC staffer)

    c. unnamed (but most likely US intelligence sources) 50 k stripped from Podesta email


    Assange spoke via telephone to a conference in Argentina. © Peter NichollsAssange claims ‘crazed’ Clinton campaign tried to hack WikiLeaks
    “Hillary Clinton is just one person. I actually feel quite sorry for Hillary Clinton as a person, because I see someone who is eaten alive by their ambitions, tormented literally to the point where they become sick – for example faint – as a result of going on, and going with their ambitions. But she represents a whole network of people, and a whole network of relationships with particular states.”

    Over the past nine months, WikiLeaks uploaded over 30,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, while she was Secretary of State. This was followed by nearly 20,000 emails sent to and by members of the US Democratic National Committee, exposing the party leadership’s dismissive attitude to Bernie Sanders, and his outsider primaries campaign.

    Finally, last month, WikiLeaks posted over 50,000 emails connected to John Podesta, Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, and a close associate of the current presidential frontrunner.

  74. The point I guess is this: the democrat party has become the instrument of the wealthy who are dumping on the middle class. As such, they are utterly incapable of representing the people of this country. They are not of us for us, or by us. They are, for all intents and purposes, an occupying force, that marches to the drum of of those unseen interests, no different than Hillary. Those democrat officials who believe otherwise are ignorant as swans. Again, my concern does not lie with corruption. My godfather who ran politicians at the federal and state level used to say an honest politician is one who stays bought. I accept that statement as reality. My concern lies with the people who are doing the buying. In the past, they saw the American People as either incidental beneficiaries of their get rich quick schemes, whereas to day, the current crop of elites, many of them high tech and finance have contempt for the American people, and that is evident in the private speeches Obama and Hillary make to their high dollar donors disparaging us. In their eyes, we are not merely bitter clingers, deplorables. or 51 per centers, etc. We are expendable. No politician of the prior era who purports to represent all of us would have been so brazen, so crass, so contemptuous of the American People. The attitude, in turn, is the pre cursor to the scape goating of white men in this county, albeit never the ones running the system, but ultimately it expands to everyone

  75. alcina,
    New Hampshire, for the longest time, was a conservative outpost in the northeast. What happened there? Was it an influx of people moving into the state from liberal Massachusetts? I’ve wondered about this in the past.

  76. Wbboei,

    They have come to believe that globalism is most beneficial to themselves. I believe it boils down to money, and under which system they will be enriched more.

  77. The above is not a case of first impression:

    Federalist No. 10 (Federalist Number 10) is an essay written by James Madison as the tenth of The Federalist Papers, a series of essays initiated by Alexander Hamilton arguing for the ratification of the United States Constitution. Hamilton chose and invited John Jay and James Madison to contribute as co-authors under the pseudonym “Publius” (the pseudonym under which all of The Federalist Papers were published, and under which Alexander Hamilton started the series with the Federalist No. 1). Published on November 29, 1787, Federalist No. 10 is among the most highly regarded of all American political writings.[1]

    No. 10 addresses the question of how to guard against “factions”, or groups of citizens, with interests contrary to the rights of others or the interests of the whole community. Madison saw factions as inevitable due to the nature of man – that is, as long as men hold differing opinions, have differing amounts of wealth, and own differing amount of property, they will continue to form alliances with people who are most similar to them, and they will sometimes work AGAINST THE PUBLIC INTEREST, and infringe upon the rights of others. Thus, he questions how to guard against those dangers.[citation needed]

    Federalist No. 10 continues a theme begun in Federalist No. 9; it is titled, “The Same Subject Continued: The Utility of the Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection”. The whole series is cited by scholars and jurists as an authoritative interpretation and explication of the meaning of the Constitution. Jurists have frequently read No. 10 to mean that the Founding Fathers did not intend the United States government to be partisan[citation needed] and others have argued that given Madison’s clear understanding that partisanship is inevitable, he suggests that a representative republic form of government is more effective against factions than a direct democracy.[citation needed] Thus, Madison saw the Constitution as forming a “happy combination” of a republic and a democracy and with “the great and aggregate interests being referred to the national, the local and particular to the State legislatures” the power would not be centralized in a way that would make it “more difficult for unworthy candidates to practice the vicious arts by which elections are too often carried.”

  78. nomobama
    November 3, 2016 at 10:01 am

    They have come to believe that globalism is most beneficial to themselves. I believe it boils down to money, and under which system they will be enriched more.

    Exactly. As predicted by Hamilton. As predicted by Patty4Hill, who made brief appearances on this blog in 2008, and saw clearly from the vantage point of China where she was working at the time what was happening. Specifically, how globalization sucked a large portion of the worlds wealth into a few hands in this country, and how along with their newly acquired wealth came the inevitable desire to control the world, politically, as well as economically.

  79. wbboei
    November 3, 2016 at 10:05 am
    Yes, there is a benefit to being a democratic Republic over a democracy. Our founding fathers were a brilliant lot.

  80. I’m for Hillary 44. I’m for Crooked Hillary getting no more than 44 percent of the votes in 2016–and that includes the illegal aliens voting illegally (felons), the dead, and people voting multiple times.

  81. “Eighty-eight percent (88%) of voters say they are now certain how they will vote. Among these voters, Trump has a 10-point lead over Clinton – 53% to 43%. Johnson gets two percent (2%) and Stein one percent (1%). This is the first time any candidate has crossed the 50% mark. Among those who still could change their minds, it’s Clinton 36%, Trump 36%, Johnson 22% and Stein six percent (6%)”.

    “Clinton and Trump both earn 83% support from voters in their respective parties and have just over 10% support among voters in their opponent’s party. Trump holds a double-digit lead among unaffiliated voters, but these voters are also the most likely to say they could still change their minds”.


    I agree with the admin. This is a change election. Most who have indicated that they are still unsure of who they will vote for are likely pick ups for Donald Trump since THIS IS AN ELECTION ABOUT CHANGE.

  82. The data above that shows each candidate having 10% support from the opposing party needs to be clarified, in my opinion. By the numbers, that would mean that Donald Trump has more Democrats supporting him than Hillary has Republicans supporting her, however slight that advantage may be. Every vote counts, at least in a fair election. I base my conclusion on the fact that there are more registered Democrats than registered Republicans in the US. Thus, Donald is ahead on that score, even if it’s only by thousands of votes.

  83. The Drudge Report is displaying a photo of Hillary that made me chuckle. It’s a snapshot from a video of her rally the other day in Florida where she was ANGRY at the “Bill is a rapist” protester.

  84. Again, if you can get past the narrator’s voice, she provides some information that is interesting. She said that at Hillary’s last campaign event in Pompano Beach, FL, the people at the event were yelling “lock her up”. Her vehicle pulled up, but she never got out because of this, and she left the event without making an appearance. LOL. I read yesterday that there were people doing the same thing at a Clinton rally on Saturday in Dade City, Florida which is the county seat of the county in which I reside. There were Trump supporters who greeted her at this small rally as her motorcade pulled in. I saw video of that. I’m haven’t seen any video yet of the actual attendees yelling “lock her up”, though. I am surprised that she even held a rally in Dade City. It’s not a big, big town that’s located in a more rural area, and I would guess that the people in eastern Pasco county are more conservative as a whole. Yet, it’s fairly close to Lakeland, and the Tampa Bay Area, so perhaps people would show up from those areas. I would have thought that Lakeland, albeit in a different county (Polk county) along the I4 corridor would have been a better place for her to hold a rally, especially with its larger African American population. They say that the I4 corridor is where the election will be won in Florida. I4 extends from Tampa northeast through a few counties to around the Daytona area. I wish that I had known about her rally because I would have helped greet her. LOL!

  85. American Girl
    I do not have to like the POTUS.
    He or she must just do the Job, they were elected to do.
    I detest my Plumber!!!
    But he keeps the Toilet flushing.
    And that is very important to me. 😆

  86. nomobama
    Yes, NH was very conservative until the Masshole invasion in the 80’s. unfortunately at the time, I was one of them. 😲

  87. Donald Trump will be holding three rallies today in Florida (12pm) and North Carolina (4pm and 7pm). In addition Melania Trump will be delivering a speech in Pennsylvania (2pm). Governor Mike Pence will be in Iowa (11am), Michigan (3:30pm), and Pennsylvania (6:30pm).

    The Donald Trump rally in Jacksonville Florida is taking place at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center at 12:00pm EDT:

  88. I do wonder Admin, if Hillary took your advise, would you have supported her, knowing all you know?

    It isn’t just the stupid campaign, it’s the criminal she is, Bill is…I wonder if they always were…

  89. Gonzo,

    That was basically the same question I asked admin after this last post.
    I could not support this corruption and who could trust anything she says she is for?

  90. Let me just say that I really don’t care for the “hood” subculture. I care about our American culture, regardless of race or creed. With this written, I post this video for two reasons. 1: To show that there are blacks from the “hood” who support Trump. 2: If you go to 4:45 in the video, this black female could not have said it any better. #MAGA!

  91. Probably means nothing because I know “signs” don’t vote, but we’re on a trip to Pittsburgh (from Tampa), to visit some relatives this week. We’ve been doing some siteseeing today, driving about 1 1/2 hours outside of Pittsburgh to the Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Waters house. Trump signs everywhere, at least 50 to 1 compared to Clinton. In Tampa, there are almost no signs for either candidate.

    For what it’s worth.

  92. Outris
    November 3, 2016 at 6:00 pm
    I’ve driven around some areas of Tampa, particularly areas off of South Dale Mabry and I have seen some Trump signs, but no Hillary signs. I’ve also seen some near from State Road 54 down to Bearss Ave in Tampa. In my area of northwest Pasco County and especially Hernando county and Marion County, there are Trump signs evident, but no Hillary signs. Every Friday in Tampa, at around 5:00pm, there are groups of people on either side of Dale Mabry, just north of Limebaugh Ave that do sign waving for Trump. I never see any such thing for Hillary.

  93. More interesting stuff from Steve, if Alex would just stfu. I think he is right about Chelsea being the only one with a conscience.

  94. Watch this video if you need to understand the Clinton Foundation “pay to play” scheme. Cenk, of whom I am not a fan, spells it out clearly. His discussion is about a Wikileaks dump that exposed Doug Band’s (Teneo consulting) corruption.

  95. Wbboei, Chelsea is no different than her parents. She married into a crooked family. She claims that money is really nothing to her, but then gets paid obscene amounts for little work, and purchases a purportedly $10 million dollar apartment in Manahattan. I find these facts at odds with having a good conscience. Chelsea was kept in the dark probably as a means to protect her. If anything, it is more of her naïveté than anything else.

  96. nomobama
    November 3, 2016 at 7:35 pm
    I think you are probably right.

    To tell you the truth, Steve lost me at the tail end of that video.

    The other thing that did not pass the bullshit detector was the idea that he could appeal to the better angels of Obama, Jarrett and Michelle to force Hillary to step down for the good of the country. And the line of crap—which I know is sales talk, i.e. puffery, but that to get Obama to do the right thing, tell him he saved the county from the financial crisis of 2008? How? Through the pay to play stimulus plan? Through Glass Steegel? And he made us energy self sufficient, thus eliminating our dependence on Saudi Oil? How? By killing the Keystone Pipe Line? The entire suggestion that Obama would do anything for the good of the country is cloud cukoo land. If Hillary stepped down, Obama would try to put his own man in there, e.g. Michelle. The one thing I am certain of is that Mike Flynn is the real deal, as are some members of the FBI, NYPD, Guliani are solid as well.

  97. I’ve updated the map below to reflect our internal polling. Red states are still considered safe Trump states. Blue states fit safely in Hillary’s column. Gray states are toss-ups, but the new addition of pink states show where our hard work has been paying off the most.


    As you can see above, we have strengthened our leads in six battleground states: Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, and Nevada. If this trend continues until Election Day, we can bank on 266 electoral votes.

    From there, we only need ONE of the following states to win (in order of where we’re doing best): Colorado, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, New Mexico, or Minnesota.

    With a clear path to victory, we just announced an aggressive $25 million final ad-buy in the 13 most winnable battleground states. Tightening polls have even forced Hillary to make her first-ever ad-buy in Wisconsin.

    With ObamaCare falling apart, our sharpened focus on the issues, and the FBI’s reopening of their investigation into Hillary’s emails, Donald Trump has shot up in national polls while Hillary is losing momentum even in traditionally blue states of Minnesota and New Mexico.

    I say this with full confidence: we can win this election.

    We cannot rest until every single one of those pink states is red — and we pick up at least ONE more toss-up state. I won’t stop fighting now. And I hope you’ll step up with me at the final hour.

    We’re so close to winning, but it’s not in the bag.

  98. http://www.businessinsider.com/new-hampshire-polls-trump-leads-clinton-2016-11

    Republican nominee Donald Trump, who trailed Hillary Clinton by near-double digits in the state of New Hampshire last month, has suddenly mounted a comeback in the key battleground state.

    Three polls in the Granite State released Thursday showed Trump at least tied with Clinton, the Democratic nominee, in the state. In one survey, he gained a 1-point advantage, and in another, he was up 5 points.

    It was a pointed shift from just more than a week ago, when Clinton led by an average of 8 points in the RealClearPolitics polling average of the state. The swing comes amid signs that a turbulent week for the Clinton campaign — including the news of the FBI’s reactivated investigation into her private email server — has taken a toll on the Democratic nominee’s poll numbers.

    A Boston Globe/Suffolk University poll that showed the race deadlocked at 42-42, for example, found that 49% of New Hampshire voters said the revelations made them less likely to support Clinton, while 45% said they wouldn’t affect their votes.

    “Both Trump and Clinton seek to win 48% of the New Hampshire vote, which should be good enough to win the state,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.

  99. S
    November 3, 2016 at 6:06 pm
    Piers Morgan won the first ‘Celebrity Apprentice’…he gets Donald and goes after Hillary…and O

    Wow, that’s an unexpected surprise. What I know of Piers is that he is all about (anti) guns – guess I assumed he was an ideologue and one issue voter. For him to put down his gun thing (since based on that, he should prefer Hillary), and look at the bigger picture for whom would be the best president is a big deal, I think.

  100. People, this is beyond disgusting. People on The_Donald poured through the latest emails, did a little research and found this.

    Email from John Podesta’s brother Tony, forwarding an invitation from a Marina Abramovic to a “Spirit Cooking” dinner: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/15893

    Looking up the woman, gets you her webpage and a graphical book she created. http://www.editionjs.com/img/abramovic/ (Archive: http://archive.is/15yMm)

    And a youtube link on what “Spirit Cooking” actually is.

    (Archive: https://vid.me/EPlE)

    What in the name of God are these people into?

  101. I just watched this video of Alicia Machado with Donald Trump. Does this look like a fragile little girl as Alicia has been trying to portray herself back then? To me, she appears sassy, and I don’t see the fear that she purportedly had of Donald back then. My guess is that she was more afraid of having the title stripped from her for breach of contract, and having to return any of the prizes that she had won.

  102. I don’t get what happened here exactly. How did this man find this “key”? What was he doing at the time?

  103. I don’t know how Trump does it. He’s older than me, flies around the Country each day, everyday, 3 speeches minimal a day, TV, radio..No matter how this turns out, he is going to have to sleep for 2 weeks straight.

    A little mania is a good thing. Alot, not so much…He seems to have a handle on it.

  104. My latest snail mail:
    “Career politicians and media, by tacit agreement, never utter a word about the huge influx to America of illegals and refugees. Now that Donald has made clear what’s going on, ordinary citizens are furious; Elite in #TheSwamp & Media are afraid their long-planned #Globalism is about to come to a halt.

    If debated, as it should be, they’d lose.

    So they destroy Trump who clearly states:
    “These are my goals, as president.
    …The world must know that we do not go abroad in search of enemies, that we are always happy when old enemies become friends, and when old friends become allies.
    …Americans must know that we are putting the American people first again. On trade, on immigration, on foreign policy – the jobs, incomes and security of the American worker will always be my first priority.
    No country has ever prospered that failed to put its own interests first. Both our friends and enemies put their countries above ours and we, while being fair to them, must do the same.
    We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism….”
    http://www.donaldjtrump.com/press-releases/donald-j.-trump-foreign-policy-speech April 27 2016

    I’ve taken to sending a copy of each issue to Trump at his Tower. I request “no acknowledgement”, but occasionally they send me a bumper sticker in return mail.

    Hillary signs. Yesterday there was a sighting here of the first one. I have to say my body reacted badly – for I experienced one of those blurred vision episodes which lasted 10 minutes.

  105. Do you feel excited?

    Not me.

    Not now at least.

    It is becoming boring.

    Because we know the polls big media builds all it coverage around are wildly distorted.

    Boring because they are now claiming that the reason they are savaging Trump is because he is dangerous

    Unlike the candidate the support.

    It is preposterous for them to say they are trying to protect the nation.

    That is the big lie.

    The truth is they do not want to see the swamp drained because they will go down with the rest of the filthy water.

    We know Donald is doing much better than their phony polls suggest, so to watch the obsess over the polls is irrelevant.

  106. No matter how this turns out, he is going to have to sleep for 2 weeks straight.
    If they steal it he won’t be sleeping.

    The country will grind to a halt.

  107. Michael Goodwin had an article this week assailing the flagship of mainstream media, the NYT, where he began his own journalistic career.

    He had high praise for the editor of the newspaper back then—Abe Rosenthal

    Rosenthal’s headstone reads “he kept the paper straight”, meaning he did not let its liberal bias decend to the level we see today.

    So what has happened in the interim.

    Well, what I can tell, Young Arthur, a playboy took over the ownership interest.

    The rumors of him and Caroline Kennedy being an item circled around New York a decade ago–both of them married to others.

    But it was the succession of editors he hired in the meantime that appear to account for its demise/

    Bill Kelleher, son of the chairman of Standard Oil, was an elitist who steered the paper in that direction.

    His successor Jill Abamason was a Bohemian, with four tatoos, one for Harvard, one for her husband etc. and she swore on a stack of bibles (Toras?) that based on knowing her well, that Hillary was as honest as the day is long.

    Her successor is this light weight Dean Baquette, who is a would’t hurt a flee Trump hater, who when asks if he is Black, acts insulted and explains, no monseiur, I am Hatian. Nevertheless, he supports Clinton. Unlike Rosenthal, he encourages the worst instincts of their left wing reporters. If they lean left, he leans even further left.

  108. And then there is the major stockholder Carlos Slim, a Mexican telecommunications tycoon who is really Arab

    But even though Slim is a major stockholder Baquette claims he exerts no effect on the newspaper.

    Honesty is not their strong suit.

  109. The media is forced to cover the drip, drip, drip of Diki-leaks but is resolved to connect no dots. Mrs. Weiner is attending fund-raisers and thus has NOT been dropped or isolated from HDQ or other staff because she is so chic and irreplaceable in that blank dead eyes way. Mr Weiner is “co-operating” but seemingly at an unknown locations for treatment of sex addiction (a convenient and politically correct ruse for his ilk and as a witness protection scheme by the FBI and/or his lawyers). CBS (of all sources) says a couple of Hillary State emails have been found on the Weiner Laptop (I love saying that which I think will pass into crime lingo as meaning something like pure dumb luck criminal evidence). CBS goes to great pains to omit as much information as possible as in “was it classifed”, one of the deleted emails, how many of the 650,000 have been screened, etc. Floating tiny factoids shot out by media to fanny cover, play dumb and make sure it makes little sense to a horrified public.

    And obscured beyond recognition or outright ignored is the original crime or Original Sin. Illegal as hell too. Using private email to conduct government business. The White House, Hillary Dept of State, DOJ and media are just ignoring the issue of gross violations of records laws, national security, etc which are all felonies. Exactly what laws does the Obama administration follow besides obscure made up rules and directives they come up with on what not to discuss, investigate and mention to the public before an election that they are so outraged over the FBI and Comey mentioning in public. Statutory law is optional but DOJ regs based on nothing but political gamesmanship are sacred. Wikileaks less interesting bon mots generated via Podesta’s slime trail indicates the entire upper bureaucracy uses G-mail instead of the .gov system. Even the Secret Service assisted Hillary et al in their circumvention of records and national security law in trying to fix what the morons of Clinton Inc were too stupid (and cheap!) to set up and use.

    The reasons for illegal and off-.gov communications are obvious. No FOIA digging into “their” business, no answering to the public for anything ever, pay for play, money laundering, conspiracy, “no intent” Comey quotes, little stuff like that. Then there is this odd printing of stuff in the Weiner Laptop household. They have an huge ass honking commercial printer in their shoebox digs in NYC (my son lives in one and his mother finds it appalling but we live in Texas so shoot us)? When it gets printed it isn’t traceable after that is it? Is it in a filing cabinet somewhere? Guess what ran through the FBI’s mind when Mrs Weiner said that to them? Are the hardcopies at State? The Weiner apartment? Clinton Foundation? The Saudi Cultural Ministry? The Muslim Brotherhood world headquarters? Where did it go? And why? And these hardcopies seem to have been regularly misplaced and then have to be retrieved for the addled Mrs Weiner.

    All of this diversion of the Original Sin that was being executed by EVERYBODY in Obama-land. No biggie. Everyone does it even the DOJ. No crime trail. No intent. Not for the bosses anyway. Oh yeah I forgot. Wikileaks says in one that Mr Weiner was in charge of getting “secure phones”? FOR WHAT!?! There are several federal agencies for that. Why give that job to a black-mailable horndog non-genius? Anyway thank god for the moronic and hubristic Weiners. And Lucky Trump.

  110. admin

    thank you for posting the latest NH polls. that is good news, though I will still be a nervous wreck this Tuesday.

    It has been a weird election season, for sure. Zero chatter at work. Aside from a couple of close friends, no one is saying anything, nothing! Everyone seems to be holding back. Holding back for the big event November 8th.

  111. Mormaer
    November 4, 2016 at 6:21 am

    Your comment put a knot in my stomach. Trump is right. We need to drain the swamp. Corruption at the highest levels of government is eroding faith in government, and make America unsafe.

    Indeed, where are all the copies of the emails that Huma Abedin made? Her methods scream espionage! I don’t believe her one bit as far as her reason for printing emails at home. Our government has been compromised, and there are a lot of traitors in our midst. They have infiltrated all areas of the government, and even the military. Comey is no hero, in my opinion. He is as tainted as the rest of them. I cry inside for this country.

  112. wbboei
    November 4, 2016 at 3:04 am

    Another comment that put a knot in my stomach. Yes, I agree with you about the polls, but continue to feel that the faux polls will be used as the backup to steal this election. I’ve felt this way about them for months. God, I pray it’s not going to happen. This “key” that Bev Harris has mentioned is my biggest concern. There would be no way of knowing that an election theft occurred. I believe Trump is ahead, and has been ahead for most of this election cycle. I hope that there is an answer to this “key” situation.

  113. holdthemaccountable
    November 4, 2016 at 2:54 am

    Your last sentence made me laugh. I needed that today.

  114. Gonzo, there are times that Donald looks pretty tired, but then I see him again at some event or on some news story on the web, and looks too good to be 70. He is a tough cookie. I admire him for that.

  115. henry
    November 4, 2016 at 6:19 am
    Abe allowed and perpetrated the Kitty Genovese manufactured story because it fit a meme he wanted.
    Can you be a little more specific on that one, Henry.

    I have reasons of my own for questioning Goodwins premise that he was the consistent force for truth that Goodwin makes him out to be.

    He was a Zionist for sure, and that came across loud and clear in his editorial pages.

    And although I have a high regard for Bibi, some of those before him, like Mechanan Began, who as a terrorist himself blew up the King David Hotel in 1947 killing 200 British guests, and was partly funded by the American mobster Mickey Cohen, and the control AirPac has exerted over US policy give one pause, and certainly do not merit the blind support we saw from Abe. (Note: Sadat was the better man.)

    Nevertheless, whatever his faults may have been, I take Goodwin at his word when he says Abe gave the paper some semblance of balance, which is something it totally lacks now with weirdos like the ones mentioned calling the shots. They are everything that is meant by the world decadent, and if we give their opinions any sort of weight this country will go down the tubes.

  116. Therefore, I regard it as a happy coincidence, or perhaps no coincidence at all, that NYT revenues are cratering to the tune of down 97%. A precipitious loss of readership can be assumed from that fact.

  117. nomobama
    November 4, 2016 at 11:52 am
    If this is a wave election for Trump and they steal it for Hillary the resulting debacle will radiate through all venues, and all levels of this society. The idea that the people are powerless to stop this theft of democracy is a snare and a delusion.

    I have been frustrated with Hillary all along. I feel a sense of betrayal. But my angst, and hatred was never really about her. It was about those dark movers behind the scene who are using her candidacy, just as they used the candidacy of the big media beloved messiah to transmorgify this nation into a dictatorship, to confiscate our wealth, and to disenfranchise us. That is where Steve and others lose me thinking that the problem begins and ends with Hillary. It is that whole group of traitors, schemerers and hangers on that must be destroyed, and I would expand upon the unfortunate remark by Eric that Duke should catch a bullet, by saying by that logic the entire globalist cabal should suffer the same fate, if there is any justice under heaven.

  118. OMG, this was so fun to watch. I love the lady on the left, who by the way is a DEMOCRAT! Watch the one on the right. Her rapid blinking is a sign of her being uncomfortable with what she is saying. Props to the Trump supporter in this video!

  119. When Steve was struggling to come up with something he could say to Obama to get him to pull the rug out from under Hillary, he proceeded to list two things that were not merely false, but would have no impact, i.e. that he saved the stock market and freed us from foreign oil. As pointed out, Obama did neither of those things, and it is foolish to suggest that a direct appeal to his better angels would go anywhere. If the goal is to have an impact, any impact, on that Soros asset, in the hope that he would exercise some degree of independent judgment absent up to this point, you would need to wrap his legacy around his neck and squeeze. Tell him, for instance, that if he is personally at risk in this scandal, because he was using the server under an alias, and that will be his legacy if he does not take forceful measures now to correct the situation.

    As for his legacy, the one thing he has done is to distance us from Israel, and to adopt the same model for them which was applied to South Africa, and Rhodesia 60 days ago, that they are a racist, occupying force, and the end game of that model is not a two state solution but a diaspora.

  120. I want to believe that Trump will do his damndest to #DrainTheSwamp. IMO, that HAS to include RICO against SOROS and all his entities – when that funding is dried up, this bogus astroturf garbage we’ve put up with for 20 years will dry up as well. There is likely at least an argument that Google, Twitter & Reddit may be charged with some sort of election fraud through their manipulation of data designed to suppress information damaging to HRC this election cycle. Also, there is plain, blatant collusion between the HRC campaign and the major media outlets. This should, at a minimum, justify legislation requiring that every reporter identify, in every thing they publish, their political donations. I see no 1A problem with that.

  121. The little rat boy, Chuckie Cheese Todd, introduces Gingrich as a “current” supporter of Trump, and proceeds to aske him three focus group honed, heavily edited tactical questions that flow from their continuing premise that Trump won’t win. Whereupon, Gingrich steps out of the trap and hammers back on him, the bottom line being you and I are friends Chuck, but you and your ilk are a bunch of liars. The last question is whether there will be peace and acceptance of election results the day after, and Gingrich gives a fateful reply, which is different from the conditions that existed in 2001, by projecting a Wisconsin scenario of guerilla warfare, which may go on for a decade.

  122. I am laughing at the faces at the Clinton party. Bunch of sad sacks. ✌🏻️✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

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