HillaryIs44 Officially Endorses @RealDonaldTrump For President

Since 2007 we have been the preeminent Hillary Clinton support site. For years we called ourselves a “pink aircraft carrier” willing, able and ready to defend and support Hillary Clinton. After 2008 we compared ourselves to soldiers in “winter quarters” willing, able, and ready-for-Hillary the moment she declared herself a candidate. Today we endorse Donald J. Trump for president.

Our readers deserve a fuller explanation as to why we, who have supported Hillary Clinton for so long, now endorse fully and urge every American to vote for Donald J. Trump. We will begin with a brief revisit of our history in order to make clear our support for Hillary Clinton has been unquestioned. We will then make the case for Donald J. Trump.

* * * * * *

When we began to publish in April 2007 we were effectively the only Hillary Clinton support site. We were therefore attacked by the Wall Street Journal‘s Peggy Noonan as a backdoor Hillary Clinton campaign operation. The attacks against us came with regularity.

Soon enough just about everyone in Big Media started attacking us. In 2008 the Big Media candidate was Barack Obama and we had to be stopped. Chuck Todd lied about us alongside Tim Russert on Meet the Press and the attacks have never stopped.

Nate Silver under his nom-de-plume at the DailyKooks website took up his hatchet-man role for the Obama campaign to hack at us. Politico offered a bounty against our readers whose pictures appeared on the website. Politico writer Ben Smith went so far as to research contributions to the Hillary Clinton campaign for those who contributed in amounts we suggested, then contacted the contributors to intimidate them. Politico attempted to plant malware against us as well.

By 2012 we wanted Hillary Clinton to run against Barack Obama again. Ben Smith’s latest listicle publication Buzzfeed attacked “ubiquitous” us in “Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Dead-Enders Fight On“.

Even unto this 2016 election cycle we celebrated Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. On the day Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy we mocked Bernie Sanders and all her Democratic Party opponents as we warned them to “Bow Down Bitches” to Hillary.

But in that celebratory article on announcement day we issued a warning to Hillary2016:

Hillary 2016 will destroy itself in the general election if Hillary is seen as Obama’s Third Term.

Our warnings began in 2013. In The Hillary Clinton 2016 Muddled Message Mess written in September 2013 we made it clear that 2016 would be a change election and the candidate of change would win:

Hillary Clinton 2016? Is it “time for a change”? Or is it “stay the course”. Thus far, it is mush. In recent interview articles with Hillary we read of policy “disputes” with Barack Obama at the same time as support for Barack Obama. This is too cute by more than a half. [snip]

Hillary Clinton should position herself as the candidate of “CHANGE!”. Repeat the positions taken in 2008 and note how wise that course would have been. Declare it is “time for a change” to effective leadership and unite the white working class with her campaign for change.

Hillary Clinton tried the old, tired, pre-Youtube, pre-Internet, trick of “be all things to all people”. It was a muddled message mess. An unforgiven muddled message mess in the age of Youtube and the Internet.

It got worse.

Two months after Hillary Clinton’s announcement, another candidate made his announcement to run for President of the United States. We were stunned:

Donald Trump has one great strength which was on ostentatious display today as he announced his 2016 presidential run in a TelePrompter-less 52 minute speech. [snip]

Donald Trump speaks English, not the mush-mouth mumbling of the political class which poses as a dialect of English. Donald Trump in his announcement speech used a word that few, make that zero, politicians use. Donald Trump used the word “stupid” to lambaste the stupid political class that rules our country like Soviet era Romania, and about as successfully. [snip]

Donald Trump understands that Americans don’t want to be eating crumbs off the table of plutocrats and the political class. Trump infused the old stale bromide “the best social program is a job” with vitality and vigor. Trump told Americans not to be satisfied with government handouts but to glory in all the triumphalism of having a job that pays real money not just subsistence.

Here was Donald Trump, plutocrat and disjointed speech maker, the very very rich guy, denouncing the Republican Party leadership for ObamaTrade. It was not the first time Trump denounced Republican leadership and ObamaTrade. [snip]

Mexico and illegal immigrants? Trump almost declared war on Mexico and while acknowledging some illegal immigrants are good people, focused on the criminals and scoundrels that cross the border. The bombastic Trump even declared that as president he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico and that he would get Mexico to pay for building the wall.

As Trump swerved from topic to topic like a drunk in a bar, spitting out enough one liners to explode Twitter, he still managed to captivate.

In one brief hour, Donald J. Trump became the undisputed candidate of CHANGE. Big change.

A year earlier we wrote a proposed speech for Hillary Clinton. It was a speech in which Hillary Clinton could declare herself free of the failed politics and parties which have led so many Americans to declare we are on the “wrong track”. It was a speech on how to cross the “bridge to the 21st century”. Hillary Clinton never delivered that speech, but a year later Donald J. Trump came damn close.

Donald J. Trump all this year has said what needs to be said. Donald J. Trump has said it all fearlessly. Donald J. Trump is a leader.

On education and Common Core, Donald J. Trump wants to abolish Common Core while Hillary Clinton supports the Common Core abomination.

On trade policy and TPP in particular Donald J. Trump is entirely correct and we simply do not believe Hillary Clinton. Indeed, to our surprise Donald J. Trump has never mentioned Austen Goolsbee and the “fix NAFTA” lies told in 2008 by Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton is engaged in the same Austen Goolsbee type lies about TPP.

On Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, the man to trust is Donald J. Trump in large part because of his positions on NAFTA, TPP, and illegal immigration.

While Hillary Clinton ends her campaign with sick calls for “an intervention” to stop Donald J. Trump supporters from voting for him, Trump has followed our advice and on the first day of November staged an all out substantive attack on ObamaCare. In the closing days of the 2016 campaign Hillary Clinton is the undisputed candidate of the ruling class status quo engaged in substance-less personal attacks against a foe who grows stronger every day. In the closing days of the 2016 campaign there is no doubt that Donald J. Trump is the candidate of change and of substance.

We waited and considered a long time before writing this endorsement. We waited until every debate finished. We waited until every issue was discussed. We waited until every character flaw was revealed. We waited for any excuse to vote for and endorse Hillary Clinton.

The strongest pro-Hillary Clinton arguments propounded in our comments section and in the political world can be boiled down to three.

Argument #1 for Hillary is the “experience” argument. We believe this argument falls short. Hillary Clinton has plenty of political “ruling class” experience, but Donald J. Trump has a different kind of business experience which at this moment in the nation’s history is more valuable. Trump also has not been involved in the tragic policy mistakes which have led to the mess we are in. Donald J. Trump is opposed by the neo-cons and their fetish for endless Middle East wars which deplete our treasury and achieve nothing but to weaken us and the West. Donald J. Trump, like Winston Churchill is the last best hope for the West and the values of the West.

Argument #2 for Hillary is the “she’s lying” argument. This is actually the strongest argument we find for Hillary Clinton. But it is also unpersuasive. This argument posits that Hillary Clinton is lying and she does not mean the foolish nonsense she spews to her fan base on the campaign trail. This argument begs us to believe that Hillary Clinton is lying about what she says on the campaign trail and once in office she will be a rational president governing from the center of the political spectrum. We find this argument unpersuasive because Hillary Clinton is now a captive of the left. Once in office Hillary Clinton will not be free to be rational. Of course, the entire premise of “vote for Hillary, she’s a liar” is self-evidently flawed.

Argument #3 for Hillary is the “time has come for a woman president”. This argument has self-destructed at the hands of Hillary Clinton herself. As women throughout Europe have been attacked by Muslim men, Hillary Clinton has remained silent in order to get votes from Muslims in America. Likewise Hillary Clinton for the same reasons has remained silent against female genital mutilation during this campaign.

But the strongest counter argument against the “time has come for a woman president” can be seen by what has been done to women candidates. Those who argue for women in this context are also the ones who have attacked Sarah Palin in the most vicious terms. These monsters not only attacked Sarah Palin, they attacked her child who suffers from Down’s Syndrome. But it is Hillary Clinton herself who made the argument against voting for a candidate because she is a woman:

“I would also add, it’s not enough to be a woman. You have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women,” Hillary Clinton said at a Wednesday campaign event for Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Bruce Braley, Joni Ernst’s opponent in Iowa.

“It’s not enough to be a woman” is the argument Hillary Clinton herself made. The policies have to be paramount, said Hillary.

The policies in this election boil down to one word: CHANGE!

This election as we have repeatedly written is a CHANGE election. The candidate of change will win and will deserve to win. The candidate of change is Donald J. Trump.

In 2007 we began to publish and we named our website “Hillary Is 44”. It wasn’t her age, “44” referred to our hope that Hillary Clinton would become the 44th president of the United States.

After the 2008 election cycle some thought we should change our name because Barack Obama occupied the office as the 44th president of the United States. We persevered with our Hillary Is 44 name because, we cleverly argued, Grover Cleveland was elected twice to nonconsecutive terms which meant that the next president after Barack Obama would become the 44th person to take the oath of office which meant Hillary Clinton could still be “44”. It was a “Clintonian” clever devise on our part.

Now that the 2016 election cycle is almost over, our name which began with such high hopes has taken on another meaning. Hillary Clinton is become the Obama Third Term if she is elected. Hillary Clinton is running as the Obama Third Term. To us it is as if Hillary Clinton indeed is now 44. “Hillary Is 44” is now an epithet.

The United States cannot survive an Obama Third Term. We cannot survive more debt, more deficits, more war, more gangster government, more government control of the economy, more politically correct totalitarian government, more identity politics which insults our humanity and individuality, more abuse by the IRS against political opponents, more government control of health care, more lies piled upon lies by high officials protected by the “Department of Justice”. We do not want an Obama Third Term under any guise.

We strongly urge a vote for Donald J. Trump on November 8. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!