An Atomic Bomb Explodes In Brooklyn: James Comey And The FBI ReOpen #HillaryEmails Scandal – Greatest Election Ever!!!

Update II: Surprise! It’s October! Rolling Stones sing the election 2016 song:

Heard from friends of mine, you’ve been telling lies
How I was wrapped up in you
But surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise
I never wanted you that bad
‘Cause I knew you was telling lies
Knew you was telling lies
I could see it in your eyes

It’s all over now.


Update: Shock on shock. The FBI investigation is reported to be reopened because of – – – Anthony Weiner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erection day!!!!!! Most turgid election ever!!!!!

Hillary Clinton in her speech today has stayed mum! She’s going to talk about it next week when it is a few days from Election Day???? Crayzeeeee!!!! Greatest election ever!!!!!!! October surprise: This still will force Big Media to cover the WikiLeaks emails.

It’s over for Trump! He’s President.


This is the greatest election in American history! Only an idiot would say they are tired and want it to end. In ten days it sadly ends.

Why is the 2016 election the greatest election in American history? Because it is the equivalent of a stress test, a sea trial, a shakedown cruise, for our democracy. This 2016 election will determine if the American people will tolerate a political ruling class or guillotine these pretenders to the sovereign throne of the people. This election will determine if Big Media will continue to deceive the electorate. This election will once again determine whether this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

On one side we have a candidate who has never ever run for public office or served in any government office. This candidate mostly has run his campaign without the modern day manipulative techniques designed to manipulate the voters and extract every last vote possible by the use of computerized data. This candidate has run an inspirational campaign based on CHANGE, BIG CHANGE. This candidate’s name is Donald J. Trump.

On the other side we have a candidate who has held multiple government jobs and is the spouse of a man who was a state attorney general, a governor, and the President. This candidate has run a campaign with few public appearances and entirely on all the modern day manipulative techniques. This candidate has a campaign with zero inspiration other than identity politics. This candidate has embraced a muddled message mess as her campaign. This candidate relies entirely on shifting positions depending on what the polls say she should say to get votes. This candidate’s name is Hillary R. Clinton.

The candidate Donald J. Trump has run against attacks from his own party, Big Media, and the entire corrupt political ruling class. The candidate Donald J. Trump has repeatedly been pronounced dead with the epitaph “it’s over for Trump”. The candidate Hillary R. Clinton has repeated been called the winner and next president by the entire political ruling class.

But… but… but… all that came to an end today. Donald J. Trump, mocked and scorned by the political ruling class, now has more than a real chance to win the presidency. Why? The FBI.

As we type, Donald J. Trump in Manchester, New Hampshire continues his assault on ObamaCare. But first Donald J. Trump commented on the news today:

FBI probing new Clinton emails

The FBI is probing new emails related to Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey said in a Friday letter.

“In previous congressional testimony, I referred to the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had completed its investigation of former Secretary Clinton’s personal email server. Due to recent developments, I am writing to supplement my previous testimony,” Comey wrote.

“In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation,” he added.

“Although the FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be signifcant, and I cannot predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work, I believe it is important to update your Committees about our efforts in light of my previous testimony,” Comey concluded.

THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! Why is it a game changer? Because now Big Media will have to report on the reasons for this FBI change and that means Big Media will now have to report on all the Wikileaks emails, the Project Veritas videos, and the myriad other scandals Big Media has ignored and not informed the American people about. The Big Media blockade of news will now have to end.

Big Media cannot hide this. Big Media will try to continue to block the news with the device of little coverage. But you can’t hide an atomic bomb. CNN has been forced to report the news today.

The polls already reflected a surging Donald J. Trump – before the FBI atomic bomb attack. Next week will be the fireball across Hillary2016 Brooklyn headquarters. Recall what we wrote earlier:

An atomic bomb before the second presidential debate just exploded inside #Hillary2016. Total devastation ensues. [snip]

We’ll get back to ObamaCare. But the paramount issue of Sunday’s debate exploded in a mushroom cloud in Brooklyn today.

The nuclear bomb that just took out Hillary2016 was dropped by Wikileaks.

Big Media refused to report on the atomic bomb from Wikileaks. Big Media is the “see no evil, hear no evil, report no evil” monkey in service to the ruling class. But now we see the fallout of the atomic bomb attack as hair begins to fall off the scalps of Brooklyn Hillary2016 heads.

Did this atomic bomb explode because FBI agents threatened a revolt if Comey did not reopen the investigation? Did FBI agents threaten to go public with the corruption at the Department of Justice? Is that why this bomb has exploded this close to the election? Or did the FBI finally get it’s hands on the missing emails as recently reported?

Comey and the FBI might not do anything before the election or might even declare another “no action” report. But the damage is done. Big Media will have to report this news. More importantly, Americans will break the Big Media blockade of news about Wikileaks revelations and use the Internet to get the news they need even as early voting nationwide is affected by the news. Big Media will try to say this is a nothingburger. But Americans via Donald J. Trump will hear the news no matter how much Big Media tries to say the atomic bomb fallout is just sunburn.

It’s a change election. One candidate is the candidate of change. One candidate has embraced his destiny to fight the ruling class. Bill Clinton knows who the candidate of change is. “Trump has his finger on the pulse of the electorate’s mood” said Bill Clinton:

It’s a change election. That’s all you need to know. Today an atomic bomb of CHANGE exploded in Washington, D.C.


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  1. Even the “insider” dopes at Politico understand this race (before today’s news) is not over:

    GOP insiders: Polls don’t capture secret Trump vote

    ‘I personally know many Republicans that won’t admit that they are voting for Trump. I don’t like admitting it myself,’ said a Virginia Republican.

    Those battleground state polls that paint such a grim picture of Donald Trump’s prospects against Hillary Clinton? Most Republican insiders don’t believe they’re accurately capturing Trump’s true level of support.

    That’s according to the POLITICO Caucus — a panel of activists, strategists and operatives in 11 key battleground states. More than seven-in-10 GOP insiders, 71 percent, say the polls understate Trump’s support because voters don’t want to admit to pollsters that they are backing the controversial Republican nominee.

    Why open yourself up to physical attacks and ridicule? Trump voters will fight back on election day in the ballot box.

  2. Update: Shock on shock. The FBI investigation is reported to be reopened because of – – – Anthony Weiner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erection day!!!!!! Most turgid election ever!!!!!

    Hillary Clinton in her speech today has stayed mum! She’s going to talk about it next week when it is a few days from Election Day???? Crayzeeeee!!!! Greatest election ever!!!!!!! October surprise: This still will force Big Media to cover the WikiLeaks emails.

    It’s over for Trump! He’s President.



    New Emails in Clinton Case Came From Anthony Weiner’s Electronic Devices

    WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement officials said Friday that the new emails uncovered in the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server were discovered after the F.B.I. seized electronic devices belonging to Huma Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton, and her husband, Anthony Weiner.

    The F.B.I. is investigating illicit text messages that Mr. Weiner sent to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. The bureau told Congress on Friday that it had uncovered new emails related to the Clinton case — one federal official said they numbered in the thousands — potentially reigniting an issue that has weighed on the presidential campaign and offering a lifeline to Donald J. Trump less than two weeks before the election.

  4. Brilliant article Admin.

    65 journalists submitting their work to Hillary for prior approval?

    Shades of something we saw a couple years ago, at the 3:13 mark

  5. Even before today’s news #Hillary2016 was sinking:

    Clinton holds a slight 48-44 percent edge over Trump among likely voters, with Libertarian Gary Johnson at 4 percent and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 1 percent in the survey completed Sunday through Wednesday. Clinton held a six-point edge in the previous wave and a 12-point edge in the first wave of the tracking poll by ABC News Sunday (50 percent Clinton vs. 38 percent Trump). In a two-candidate contest, Clinton holds a five-point edge over Trump, 50 to 45 percent.

    Trump’s growth in support from 38 percent to 44 percent is fueled by shored-up support among Republican-leaning voting groups as well as a significant boost among political independents. Trump has made up ground among whites, particularly those without college degrees and women. Trump now leads by a 30 percentage point margin among white voters without college degrees, up from 20 points from this weekend. White women now tilt toward Trump by 48 to 43 percent after leaning 49 to 43 percent in Clinton’s favor before.

    Trump saw his biggest gains among political independents, favoring Trump by a 12-point margin in the latest tracking poll, 49 to 37 percent, after giving Clinton a narrow edge in late last week.

    Watch what happens once today’s news is reflected in the polls.


    Doug Kaplan, managing partner at Gravis Marketing, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily to break down the latest Breitbart News/Gravis presidential poll, which showed a statistical tie between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, brought about, in part, by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s voters breaking for Trump.

    “We take a random sample of voters, and we do both phone calls and online responses,” Kaplan said of the poll’s methodology.

    He said those online responses were “different than online polls.”

    “Most people would think we just go on a website. We have a panel that people have opted into, of cell phone users only that we email, which is about 30 percent of our poll,” he explained. “The other 70 percent we do automated phone calls, where we call a random sample off the voter list, and then we ask the questions, people type in on their phone, ‘press 1, press 2, press 3’ for who they’re voting for.”

    Kaplan admitted he was “a little shocked” by the dead-heat results of the latest poll.

    “We have some other polls in the field, not to disclose them at this point, but there’s been a movement for Trump since the last debate,” he said. “Something changed in the race, and it’s against the conventional wisdom. You see it in other polls, as well, where it’s significantly changed, where he’s closed the gap.”

    Kaplan attributed this movement to Trump picking up independents and Gary Johnson’s voters “going towards Trump. Also, he said he could see Trump “consolidating the Republican base more, where he’s getting 90 percent instead of 80 percent, so he’s closing the gap, for sure.”

    “It’s been better news cycles for him over the last week, since the debate,” he added. “A lot of the bad news, with the women and tape and all that, it’s been out there for almost a month, which is probably good for him because now … the focus is more about WikiLeaks or Podesta’s emails, the Clinton Foundation, and those are all great issues for him. I think that that’s why the Republican base is now going from 80 percent for him to 90 percent for him, and that’s why you see the race much closer.”

  7. You have to wonder why the Weiner would have access to these possibly classified emails, right? He should not have had any access.

    I was wondering what people here thought of this new revelation? Nice to see that the admin has already posted on it. I also believe that Hillary can kiss this election good bye.

    I see that the admin has asked the main question that I had with regards to the new information which is “Why now”? Is it possible the Comey is actually trying to help Trump in some way? It seemed like even though he recommended that charges not be brought against Hillary in the past, he still provided a lot of what should have been damaging information about Hillary’s emails. My guess is that Comey was threatened (that should not have mattered) in the past, and was instructed to get Hillary out of her mess. Yet, these emails give him the opportunity to right a wrong, although as far as I am concerned, his reputation is mud, and he will surely be in for it once Trump is elected.


    Hillary’s chief of staff used personal email for State business
    May have received classified national-security information

    NEW YORK – Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, Cheryl Mills, may have received classified national security information through one of two or three personal, unsecured email accounts she regularly used to communicate with Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

    The evidence is in the latest cache of emails released by Judicial Watch, as well in Clinton-related emails attached as exhibits to the deposition Judicial Watch took with Mills in a lawsuit regarding Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.

    Approximately 10 percent of Abedin’s emails released through Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act requests were addressed to one of Mills’ various personal email addresses.

    Several were found to contain such highly sensitive material that the State Department redacted 100 percent of the content pages, marking many pages with a bold stamp reading “PAGE DENIED.” [snip]

    A second email dated May 15, 2009, was sent by Abedin from her State Department email to her personal email, presumably Abedin apparently was archiving in her personal email account an email Hillary Clinton sent her from Clinton’s private email server at

  9. What God has joined together let no man tear apart.

    Guess who Chelsea’s husband is.

    Clue: the wedding reception was at the home of George Soros.

    Like others, I assumed that was just a political affair.

    Turns out there’s more.

    It was a family affair.

    Chelsea’s husband’s uncle is George Soros.

    Now we know who is running the Hillary campaign.

    Until he decides it is unwinnable.

    And then he will bail.


    Bernstein: FBI Would Not Reopen Case Unless New Evidence Was “A Real Bombshell”

    Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein comments on the FBI’s shocking Friday afternoon announcement that they are reopening the investigation into Hilary Clinton’s email server because new evidence has come to light.

    CARL BERNSTEIN: Well, there’s no question that the e-mails have always been the greatest threat to her candidacy for president, that her conduct in regard to the e-mails is really indefensible and if there was going to be more information that came out, it was the one thing, as I said on the air last night, actually that could really perhaps affect this election.

    We don’t know what this means yet except that it’s a real bombshell. And it is unthinkable that the Director of the FBI would take this action lightly, that he would put this letter forth to the Congress of the United States saying there is more information out there about classified e-mails and call it to the attention of congress unless it was something requiring serious investigation. So that’s where we are…

    Is it a certainty that we won’t learn before the election? I’m not sure it’s a certainty we won’t learn before the election.

    One thing is, it’s possible that Hillary Clinton might want to on her own initiative talk to the FBI and find out what she can, and if she chooses to let the American people know what she thinks or knows is going on. People need to hear from her…

    I think if she has information available to her from the FBI or any other source as to her knowledge of what these e-mails might be, hopefully she will let us know what they are and what is under discussion here.

    Right now we’re all talking in a vacuum but I want to adhere that in the last, oh, 36, 48 hours, there has been an undercurrent of kind of speculative discussion among some national security people that something might surface in the next few days about e-mails, and I think the expectation in this chatter — and I took it as just chatter but informed chatter, to some extent — was that it would relate to another round of WikiLeaks e-mails, which our Justice Department people seem to be saying is not the case, but there has been some noise in the national security community the last day or two of this kind of possibility of some kind of revelation.

    But this is her achilles heel and we have to remember that it also comes on the — back to the word heel — of the revelations about the Clinton Foundation. So the confluence of all of this is bad for her as it stands now but with some knowledge she might be able to stop, turn things around, and give us some idea of what’s going on in a way we might not otherwise know, and also it’s very possible that some members of congress very quickly are going to get an idea of what these e-mails are, and what this is all about, and for whatever purpose put some information out there.

    Big Media blockade of news is broken.

  11. I will give you a perfect example:

    Soros, Brzezneksi, a gang from the CIA and the Rand Corporation launched one of their colors revolution—the Cedars Revolution in Lebanon to install a crony capitalist like they always do-when it went south, Soros was the first to bail. He is evil incarnate. But he is not stupid.

  12. He’s not so smart as to figure a way around the principle, “what goes around, comes around”. Stated differently, in the words of Robert Plant: “[y]our time is going to come”.

  13. Trump in Maine does the smart thing: mentions the FBI investigation then continues attack on ObamaCare. That’s how you win.

  14. Big media is trapped by its false narrative.

    That narrative failed to anticipate these developments.

    The sense of the media talking aheads is that they can diminish this.

    Won’t happen.

    So they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

    They cannot react effectively because the culture, the incentives, and the directive of their ceo/

    Since they now rely on consensus decision making nothing will change until the 20 ceos agree it will change.

    They are on conference calls every day with eachother, but this will not be resolved in a single conference call.

    It will be awkward, messy, and in the end it will be every man for himself.

  15. Update II: Surprise! It’s October! Rolling Stones sing the election 2016 song:

    Heard from friends of mine, you’ve been telling lies
    How I was wrapped up in you
    But surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise
    I never wanted you that bad
    ‘Cause I knew you was telling lies
    Knew you was telling lies
    I could see it in your eyes

    It’s all over now.


  16. Have you considered the possibility that Newt went on the Kelley file to give Kelley enough rope to hang herself, which is what she did. And then to point his finger at her and call her on it. Two days later, things may look a little different. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, she, Ryan and big media as a whole are coming to the realization that they picked the wrong side? Do you think that her salary demand for $20 million, just lost a decimal point? I mean, what good will she be to that network or any other when Trump wins and they will be looking for ways to bury the hatchet with the new Sheriff in town. She will be a reminder that they were against Trump before they were for him. Hannity may be more to their liking by then. And she will have a hard time getting Republicans other than Jeff Flake and other vestiges of the old cabal to come on her show. Maybe she can go back on the Howard Stern show and talk about the things that really matter to her.

  17. McNorman, it can’t be shut down. There is now a penis involved. This is a sexy story. Carlos Danger is a headline grabber and this story can’t be shut down. Big Media could try to ignore or shut down the Hillary email story. But Big Media cannot shut down a penis story featuring Anthony’s weiner.

    We speculate:

    Carlos Danger, a.k.a. Anthony Dick, er Anthony Weiner, has been sexting with a 15 year old girl. This prompted an investigation. The FBI which negligently or corruptly never looked at Weiner’s phone during the Hillary email “investigation” was forced to look at Weiner’s phone for dick pictures he might have sent the 15 year old girl.

    Looking for dick pictures, the FBI instead found Hillary emails with incriminating evidence on them – which is saying a lot because just the fact there were Hillary emails in Weiner’s briefs, er Weiner’s phone, is bad and criminally negligent enough.

    Here is where it gets interesting. The FBI is ready to prosecute Anthony Weiner. Weiner could be sent to the penitentiary for many many years for his sexting of a 15 year old girl across state lines. So, ANTHONY WEINER CUTS A DEAL.

    Weiner schlongs Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Hillary2016 for a plea deal to avoid a decades long imprisonment.

  18. @admin YES!!! He will cut a plea deal. These are tidbits from Annonymous.
    ICLOUD shared accounts are awesome thanks WIENER!
    ICloud backup
    They didnt use BLEACH BIT on they’re Personal computers they seized all the computers in Huma’s house they ran recovery software BAHA!!!
    There was a boat load the saw a big CLASSIFIED stamp on them lol
    In one WIKILEAK she states I am writing from Hillary’s account taking care of some things “Huma Abedin” in order to do that she logged it in

    Lynch should have never met with Bill on the tarmac.

  19. wow!

    at another event today and unable to see any tv or media…I leave and get in my car @ 4 pm and hear all hell has broke loose…for Hillary…

    listening to the radio…Joe DeGenova was on speaking with some woman…he says…everyone knows Comey is a dirty copy…he says Comey was forced to do this because there was going to be a mutiny if he did not…’

    …and then he says…he has been told by credible sources within the FBI that they actually have the laptops that they were supposed to destroy…evidently there are particular laptops that the FBI did have and Comey or his Assistant ordered the FBI agents to destroy them…but they did not…so they have them and all that is on them…

    DeJenova goes on to say that if Comey did not take action, the other FBI agents threaten to expose everything they have!!!


    Loretta Lynch pleads the 5th..WTF? the top justice person pleads the 5th?
    what kind of a game are the Dims playing…total…total…corruption


    finally, if you think back…Donald warned everyone that Anthony Weiner probably has classified information…he said it a few weeks ago…

    Donald’s instincts are freaking amazing…

    ****************karma…please do your justice and save us…

  20. I bet there is information between Hillary and Huma trying to remember and figure out what incriminating info was in the emails and talking about how they could get rid of them…

    I bet they show intent…and obstruction…

    Outris…is does seem ‘perfect’ but not if the other FBI agents were going to go public in revolt…

  21. Comey added: “Although the FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant and I cannot predict how long it will take to complete this additional work, I believe it is important to update your Committees about our efforts in light of my previous testimony.”

    Come on… its either significant or not. Don’t BS and tell us you don’t know yet. If it is not, then why bother with the announcement???

  22. admin
    October 28, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    I agree that it is likely Weiner flipped on them when they dropped him like a hot rock.

  23. Hillary’s health has been an issue, ever since it was first raised by those sexist, racist, homophobic, xenaphobic critics who cannot stand to see a woman in the White House, and more than they could stand to see a black man in thw White House eight years ago.

    Well, those deplorables have also noted that one day Hillary appears to be on death’s doorstep one day, and a day later she is perky, alert, 30 pounds lighter, and her clothes fit differently.

    I reject the idea that Hillary has a double who fills in for her when she is not up to it. I would prefer to believe that it is simply a case of better living through chemistry. And, truth to tell, I am more concerned about Trump’s health only 6’3” and 236 lbs.

    Nevertheless, the DNC went to great lengths to obtain the debate questions in advance. I watched Hillary in 26 debates in 2008, and trust me she did not need to know the questions. So why this high risk move now.

    Well, if the Hillary that appeared in the first debate who was a picture of health was not the real Hillary, then you would need to have the debate questions in advance so she could be properly programmed, and signalling to Lestor the Molestor would also be helpful. Yes?

    And, if that is true, then I must say that this was not the best job that the CIA has done to create an imposter in a tense political situation. Weight differences, and clothing differences should have been taken care of, in which case no one would be the wiser.

  24. FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant
    I am sorry.

    One does not reopen a closed investigation for reasons you cannot determine preliminarily.

    If you doubt this, think about how hard it is to reverse a conviction based on new evidence.

    There has to be some evidence that provides probable cause–beyond the discovery of email which you had all along.

    Nevertheless, this serves two (2) purposes:

    First, it gets him off the hook for now, and avoids a mutiny which would get very messy.

    Second, it keeps the investigation alive, and will follow Hillary into the Oval Office if she wins.

  25. The family laptop was what did it. Huma did not have clearance for classified info. When they were looking for the child porn stuff on the family computer, they had to rebuild the data. Guess that’s when the lights came on cuz all of the stuff that was erased everywhere else was alive and well on the “family” computer. Ask anyone who lost critical info during Katrina and they will tell you that anything can be rebuilt.

  26. All the classified documents were found on Huma Abedin’s laptop she shared with Anthony Outlook Express via POP3 server. Wow, just wow. The NYPD took all devices. They made a log and that log went to the FBI.

  27. Admin.

    You are right.

    The claim that this was discovered through a Weiner investigation is the best possible insurance against the risk that big media will bury it along with every other piece of evidence that conflicts with their pre determined narrative. Their tools are worn out–phony polls, censorship, and driving a narrative which is out of touch with reality. I have heard tell that this same divergence between theory and reality is what brought down the Soviet Union. Marxist doctrine could no longer explain unfolding events, and the coercion failed becausew of Solzhenitsyn and because four star hotels in Siberia which overlook the scenic uranium mines were all full.

  28. mcnorman
    October 28, 2016 at 8:33 pm
    All the classified documents were found on Huma Abedin’s laptop she shared with Anthony Outlook Express via POP3 server. Wow, just wow. The NYPD took all devices. They made a log and that log went to the FBI.
    Three birds with one stone.

  29. blowme0bama
    October 28, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    I was going to say, this change of heart has nothing to do with anything new they’ve found.

    If by “they” you mean the FBI, that is true.

    But sometimes the cover story is even better than the truth.

    Like Admin said, the angle of the dangle wiener story may even capture the attention of megan kelly who is not otherwise fascinated with sex.

  30. wbboei

    October 28, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    “…the angle of the dangle wiener..”
    I see what you did there.

  31. McNorman your last post about the emails being found on a Weiner family laptop seized by the NYPD is what I’ve put together from many websites I’ve gone to today. Heard it was emails in the thousands from regular old Outlook express. Can’t piece together yet if it’s any of the 33,000 emails that were supposedly bleached out forever but the statement that it’s thousands of emails leads me to believe it may be part of the ones Hillary thought were permanently gone. I wonder how many had to do with yoga sarc/. I sure hope this helps Trump but we’ll see by polls in the next few days.

  32. Yes Yolanda. They seized several electronic devices, but it was the laptop that had the outlook sync on it. I suspect everything is on there because Huma had three emails that she was using to transfer work material to. When they were searching for the child porn, they came across the classified stuff. I give credit to Comey for not having told Hillary and co that the investigation was on again. Regardless of how this plays out, the cat is out of the bag and the damage is done. There will be nothing but this coverage for the weekend and the Sunday blah blah shows. CNN is apoplectic in their coverage tonight. Best election ever!

  33. I give credit to Comey for not having told Hillary and co that the investigation was on again.
    He is petrified.

    Does not want to get in any deeper than he already is in.

    Apparently, it was the New York police department and not the FBI that discovered the emails.

    I expect that the young lawyers at Williams & Connolly (Kendall’s firm) are Tenting Tonight On the Old Camp Ground—or the law library over this reopening of the email investigation, after all the high fiving they did a few weeks ago when Comey took the dive.

  34. The dark mover behind the scene of inquity. (Note: he is not a zionist however, he is a globalist, and he hates Israel)

  35. Tonight the people in these places are in great fear and tears:

    Paul Ryan’s home
    Mitt Romney’s home
    Jeb Bush’s home
    John Kasich’s home
    Glenn Beck’s home
    Obama occupied White House
    Brooklyn Hillary2016 headquarters

  36. definitely unexpected.
    I can hardly wait until nov 1st the the rest of hillary’s surprises are released by
    anonymous and wikileaks.
    they stated they were waiting until november so the democrats cannot run a different candidate.

  37. Donna Brazile ✔ @donnabrazile
    Good grief.


    Oh, Donna, better put on some nice shoes, because there’s a flying house heading your way….

  38. In case you are interested, here is an explanation of how the msm polls are rigged, and why, therefore, Trump is doing far better than what those polls say. The main reason for this is, as we suspected, voter suppression. The other reason is so the public at large will not be surprised when the Hillary people, whom they support, steal it, assuming they are able to do so. That is the alpha omega on the subject.

    1:14:50 et. seq.

  39. This whole “missing email” thing has never made sense to me. You don’t write an email and just *put* it in to a computer, instead you send it to someone else. As revealed today that they never searched the computers of one of her closest aids, Huma, suggests they were just going through some motions and not really having a true investigation….

    There isn’t much time left. I really, really want something definitive to be found, even if the trial would be much later off. Because I do NOT want a president who is under FBI investigation while serving, especially since that means it would be Hillary…

  40. Piers Morgan used to hate Donald Trump. Lately though he writes stuff like this:

    Dikileaks just blew up in Hillary’s face – and she has nobody to blame but herself. Trump’s good week just turned into a game-changer


    This election race has become infamous for surprises but nothing surely quite to rival today’s FBI bombshell about Hillary Clinton’s email server?

    Just when it seemed like Donald Trump’s presidential hopes were dead and buried, along comes a game-changing October Surprise of epic, possibly result-influencing proportions.

    FBI director James Comey’s astonishing revelation that NEW ‘pertinent’ emails have been found on a NEW electronic device, weeks after the investigation into Hillary’s email usage ended with no charges is bad enough.

    Even worse for her is that the device was uncovered during a separate FBI investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting of an underage girl, revealed by

    Weiner, of course, is the estranged husband of Clinton’s No1 aide Huma Abedin. The device belongs to either him or her.

    It doesn’t get much closer to the candidate than this.

    So at the precise moment Hillary was beginning to plan what curtains to put in the Oval Office, her campaign has been engulfed by a new tidal wave of sleazy headlines in every form.

    It couldn’t be more horrific timing for Clinton given there are just 11 days to the election, because it plays straight to Trump’s central campaign narrative of ‘Crooked Hillary’.

    She can’t be trusted, he told us.

    Her use of a private email server was a criminal scandal, he insisted.

    The FBI decision to clear her of any wrongdoing was a fix, he raged.

    The whole damn system is rigged, he roared.

    Now, Trump’s Christmas has come early.

    In fact, given he hates Weiner even more than he hates Hillary, you could make that 10 Christmases coming at once.

    It’s an extraordinary, unprecedented situation and it’s very hard to predict what will happen next.

    Hillary herself was one of the last to hear about the development when it blew up because she was on her plane with, irony of all ironies, no Wi-Fi.

    By the time she walked off, with a forced smile and distinct slump to her shoulders, she will have calculated just how big a deal this is and what a massive problem it may prove to be.

    Hence the furious response from her campaign chief John Podesta demanding that Comey explain his actions.

    I can’t say I’m as surprised as many others that the email scandal has come back to haunt her.

    A year ago, I wrote a column for after yet another series of email-related revelations erupted, that was headlined: ‘Stick a fork in her because Hillary’s done. Nobody will ever trust her again.’

    I said then: ‘The email scandal that engulfed her several months ago is still raging as ferociously as it was, in fact more so. It won’t go away because it stinks to high heaven and nobody believes almost anything she’s said about it.’

    I added: ‘The more Hillary has protested her innocence, the more guilty she’s looked…. This is a woman who promised ‘transparency’ but has delivered the complete opposite. She looks like every other dodgy politician in Washington.’

    Then I concluded: ‘Hillary’s private email server has become her personal Nemesis. It will drag on and on and on, dragging her further down with each new revelation.’

    It’s not an exaggeration to say this could cost her her the presidency. Her slumped body language showed it. And I predicted it 13 months ago

    Well here we are 13 months later, a week before the election, and the scandal has reached dramatic new heights.

    We don’t know yet what these emails say, who wrote them, or how damning they might be, but we do know they must be materially significant to the original investigation because it defies belief that Comey would have pulled this trigger if they’re not.

    It’s very possible we may not know the crucial answers until after the election, which might be the worst-case scenario for Clinton because it will simply allow Trump to pound away until November 8 without any concern about her being exonerated again before it’s too late.

    What this bombshell will indisputably do is galvanise Trump, rally his base, deflate Clinton’s, and almost certainly influence some independents.

    So it’s not a wild exaggeration to say it could actually cost her the presidency, fear of which caused stock markets to instantly tank on the breaking news and betting odds on a Trump victory being suddenly slashed.

    If it does, then Hillary only has herself to blame.

    She has not been transparent about this email business from the start and everyone knows it, even her own staff as illustrated by the Wikileaks revelations we’ve been reading over the past few days.

    The big question is why?

    Perhaps these new emails will give us the answer.

    Perhaps they won’t.

    Either way, huge damage has already been done, momentum has switched to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is fighting for her political life.

  41. Here is an interview with Gingrich which speaks to the issue of lateral and top down pressure on Comey, as well as the pressure from bottom up from the agents of the organization he leads. The latter being what is widely reported, and is becoming conventional wisdom.

    It has become apparent through wikileaks that Comey had a RICO case against the Clinton Foundation which was air tight, as Andrew McCarthy will explain in an article tomorrow. Not just a possible case, not just a case, but an air tight case, one that he kicked to the curb when he dismissed the matter.

    So why did he do so? We know from a prior article I posted that he wanted an appointment to the Supreme Court, and he believed Hillary would give him one if he shut down the investigation.

    In doing so, he assumed two things: first, that she would become president, and second, that he would be awarded the position. But given the Trump surge, those prospects have dimmed. And we now learn that Hillary reportedly promised the Supreme Court position to the sister of young blue eyes, Paul Ryan, who missed his calling and should have auditioned for the role of Richie Cunningham on Happy Days.

    Now of course, his failure to follow proper procedure, and is aborting of the investigation has come under intense scrutiny. The judicial watch videos I posted two days ago, tear him limb from limb. And the emerging consensus in Washington is that he is, in the words of Joe DiGenowa, a crooked cop.

    In essence, he made a Faustian Pact, and the devil is calling him on it. His one chance to save himself from being a co conspirator in a scandal which pales Tea Pot Dome by contrast was to re open the investigation. Therefore, that is what he is doing. All we need to do now is wait until the morning and read the RICO case that Andy lays out.

  42. Piers Morgan connects several of the dots, but is flummoxed on the why of it. Why, he asks, was she not transparent about the emails? There are two people who do not know the answer to that question. One is living in a cave in Afghanistan, and his cable news subscription has expired. And the other, alas, is our buddy Piers. The emails she tried to dispose of deal with the pay to play scheme of the Clinton Foundation qua State Department. She kept them on a private server so they would be beyond the reach of FOIA requests by Judicial Watch, among others. And she destroyed them two years later, when the Congressional subpoena was issued, so they would be beyond the reach of Congress. Pagliano’s claim that he was given the order to destroy them before the subpoena, and forgot to do so until afterwards, is a lie. A lie that the FBI under Comey never tested him on, before giving him immunity and thereafter a get out of jail free card. I think his gun control nonsense has stifled Piers brain, for him not to see the obvious at this late stage in the proceedings.

  43. I think it is at the 13:30 mark that Guilani confirms something I surmised earlier today, namely that the re-opening of the investigation was not because of the Weiner thing, but because it was becoming increasingly obvious to everyone, and not just the FBI agents that he aborted the original investigation, and instead of fading away, wikileaks and other forces were calling his hand. Therefore, the decision for him came down to a simple choice: go down with the ship, or save himself. Reopening the investigation was his only sane choice other than suicide. Suicide would get messy, and it would give Alex a tingle down his leg, whereas now he is merely in hillbilly heaven

  44. We really need to thank Jay Sekulow for his dogged persistence against corruption in government. I don’t think the man gets enough accolades.

    Admittedly, I don’t get the opportunity to read everything on this blog. I just read wbboei’s comment about Comey wanting to be appointed to the Supreme Court and also how Hillary offered a justice position to Paul Ryan’s sister which I did not know. Much of the political class in this country has devolved into a sordid group of self-serving leeches who only look out for themselves and their close associates. Government service is no longer about serving the people, but about serving themselves. We ARE SICK OF IT! When Donald is elected, I hope that he is able to get term limits passed because that is the most effective way for we the people to be protected from the parasites in the political class. I have to write that what has happened in the past 24 hours is stunning. There must have been some pretty obvious indications behind the scenes that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had information that they were LOSING big league to Donald Trump, and the media was no longer going to be able to keep it under wraps. Comey was the first big rat to jump ship.

  45. wbboei
    October 29, 2016 at 3:04 am
    I totally agree with you. Comey has been in the DC bubble in which a Trump victory was so far out of the realm of possibility that it was never considered until VERY recently. When it hit him that a special prosecutor would be appointed and HE would be one of the auxiliary targets, he balked and switched sides like the calculating fink he is. Someone with juice told him that Trump is going to win. They still won’t admit it and say “may” win. It is totally a butt-covering maneuver. It is also outside of the FBI which he cannot control in that it was the NYPD who searched the Weiner’s electronic devices and THEN gave it over to the FBI. Comey doesn’t and can’t control the NYPD. Since Comey had no requirement to give this information to Congress but he is sucking up now to Trump or at the minimum trying to avoid being a special prosecutor target. And their is the possibility that Weiner “flipped” with the NYPD determined not to be the only one going down in the Hillary email mess. Weiner is a pervert but not necessarily a traitor.

  46. I am most interested in seeing what actions will now be taken against Podesta, Mills, Abedin, Lynch, Palmieri, plus Obama once this all shakes out.

  47. I chuckled about the “My ding-a-ling” song linked above. The song popped into my head yesterday after Weiner was brought back into the spotlight.

  48. I’m trying to read Hillary’s body language in this video. There is a part of the video in which she is either fuming inside, or she wants to cry. I am not sure, to be honest. What it does tell me is that she looks defeated regardless infer attempts to show otherwise. Good!

  49. And also, note her looking down for a good portion of the video. To me, that screams “I know what they found”, or at least “I have a good idea of what it might be”. She agains lies in this video about only Republicans getting the Comey letter about the reopening of her email investigation. I guess my main take about Hillary’s body language is that she is lying again. She can’t help herself.

  50. “However, another witness told agents that he and another Clinton aide with an IT background built the new server system “at the recommendation of Huma Abedin,” who first broached the idea of an off-the-grid email server as early as the “fall (of) 2008,” ostensibly after Barack Obama was elected president”.

    So, who is Huma Abedin really? Why is she so trusted, and compromised at the same time? There is a good story here that needs to come to light.

  51. Reddit is great. Those IT guys know their stuff. They can and do easily explain many fine points to Hillary’s mishandling of email as it pertains to IT itself. In fact, it was a Reddit person who figured out that Combetta, the River City Platte employee who handled Hillary’s hidden emails, was a Reddit User named “stonetear” who was on Reddit 2 years prior (one day after the emails were subpeoned from FBI) asking the IT community’s advice on how to delete and even CHANGE emails, to which they told him it was against the law and could not do it.

    It was hilarious when Reddit figured it out and started a thread talking about it and then in real-time, Combetta, “Stonetear” started to delete the emails from Reddit while they were watching. The call went out immediately for ALL Reddit people on-line to immediately start saving the emails! It was a hoot. I digress.
    Anyway, regardless if they are in the oh so important “top 100”, they provide an invaluable service to America as patriots working for the “right” team, they are smart, informative and super funny as they cover all and everything Trump.

    Reddit is also the first to dive into the WIKIleaks emails as soon as they are dumped and they post the findings before anyone else. They are young and appear to never sleep!

    Just thought I would share on Reddit!

    I’m sharing the above comment taken from a Breitbart article. Does anyone here participate in Reddit?

  52. Trolling twitter frank luntz commenting that there’s a big scandal coming next week doesn’t say who but hints at trump. They’re gonna throw everything at home now we ain’t seen nothing yet! I want this over

  53. in fact, it was a Reddit person who figured out that Combetta, the River City Platte employee who handled Hillary’s hidden emails, was a Reddit User named “stonetear” who was on Reddit 2 years prior (one day after the emails were subpeoned from FBI) asking the IT community’s advice on how to delete and even CHANGE emails, to which they told him it was against the law and could not do it.

    nomo – The Breitbart writer was mostly right – it was a Reddit/twitter user named Katica who found it, and she posted her discovery on Reddit. 🙂

  54. Not a navy person, so could be wrong – I found this online
    One website: ABANDON SHIP NP11335RB
    Explanation: (not part of the call) In the Abandon Ship call, when assigned equipment is to be provided, the word passed is as follows:
    Pipe: All Hands.
    Word Passed: All hands stand by to abandon ship. Provide.
    Bugle: Abandon Ship.
    Word Passed: All hands stand by to abandon ship. Provide.
    Explanation: (not part of the call) When assigned equipment is not to be provided, the word passed in the Abandon Ship call is changed accordingly to sound this way.
    Word Passed: All hands stand by to abandon ship. Do not provide

    This emergency order, calling all hands to action, includes either the word, “Provide,” or the phrase, “Do not provide.”
    The command to be delivered would depend on whether or not life jackets, emergency rations, etc., should be provided under the circumstances.

    another website Abandon Ship Alarm: When the emergency situation on board ship goes out of hands and ship is no longer safe for crew on board ship. The master of the ship can give a verbal Abandon ship order, but this alarm is never given in ship’s bell or whistle. The general alarm is sounded and every body comes to the emergency muster station where the master or his substitute (chief Officer) gives a verbal order to abandon ship.
    Here’s a cool site – lots of wavs

  55. I think maybe for Comey we need the sound of a rat leaving a sinking ship…. I think maybe he knows that Trump is going to win and is covering his butt and slithering away…

  56. Abandon Ship Alarm: When the emergency situation on board ship goes out of hands and ship is no longer safe for crew on board ship. The master of the ship can give a verbal Abandon ship order, but this alarm is never given in ship’s bell or whistle. The general alarm is sounded and every body comes to the emergency muster station where the master or his substitute (chief Officer) gives a verbal order to abandon ship.

    perfect. it is what I envisioned happening at Brooklyn Headquarters yesterday.

  57. from foxy’s upthread wikileak

    “They’re blue collar, poor white trash, and similar to ‘the Jew’s’ supporters and we can peal them away.”
    “They’ll believe anything.”
    “We beat Romney by reminding them that he was rich.”

    Our betters do not know the difference between peal and peel.

  58. I woke up this morning realizing that I was a fool to disparage Morgan for asking the question of why Hillary was not just transparent with the emails. I chalked it up to the fact that those emails contained clear, cogent and convincing evidence of a pay to play scheme involving the Clinton Foundation, and there is every reason to believe that is true. But I failed to consider the likely possibility tht there was additional information on those emails which implicated other people, specifically, her boss Obama, and George Soros. For we now know that Obama, contrary to his assertions that he never knew about the private server until he learned about it in the press, we learn that not only was he aware of it, he was using it to communicate with Hillary, thus raising the inevitable question what did HE say in those emails, which would have been impeachable then, and today could lead to the destruction of his big media constructed legacy which begins with FBP (first black president) and ends with the greatest civil rights victory since 1964, which is how the NYT described the Unaffordable Care Act. I would not expect to see emails from Soros, because he is too careful. I would however expect to find evidence of the marching orders he has given to his two minions, being discussed back and forth between the two of them, never suspecting that it was not secure. I apologize for not identifying that possibility to you last night, but the hour was late, I was tired, etc. But I think it is quite real, which partially vindicates Morgan. By the way, it is amusing to see Obama invoke the same defense to the private server—I didn’t know about it until I read about it in the press, AND I get to the bottom of this soon, whereupon soon becomes the twelth of never. Yes, I know he sounds like a broken record by now, but I say it is a vast improvement over the soliloquy of the water buffalo Donna Brazil, who gives you that deer in the headline look, proclaims herself to be a Christian woman, and then drones on about evil in our midst. That one is right out of Amos and Andy.

  59. It seems the two former law partners have a slight difference of opinion. One, the captain of the good ship USS Indianapolis, sees the sharks circling and says, don’t worry about that torpedo that ripped a hole in the hull, or the water filling the engine room, or the sharks circling the boat, don’t worry, be happy, eight more days and we will all be in port celebrating. The other is running from bow to stern, from focs’l to fantail, staring at the torpedo, the flooding and the sharks, and says we aint gonna make it to port skipper, its every man for himself, and I would sooner take my chances with these sharks than with Rudi Guliani, my former boss as SDNY with all the goods he has on us. So under that sort of duress, not created by Trump as one wack job of the left contended but by the very coverup they connived which is coming apart at the seems.

  60. I try not to give much credence to astrology, but this is hopefully not going to happen because she predicts a Hillary win, but then a disqualification. Perhaps the disqualification will result in a Trump win after all? Personally, I believe that Trump is going to win outright.

  61. If Hillary is amenable to stepping down, so Obama can try to install his wife as the nominee, over Bernie who has the legal right to be the nominee since he had the second most primary votes etc., then two results are foreseeable: first, Hillary says, okay jackal, I will step down, and I will not reveal what you said in the emails you put on the private server, but I demand a pardon for me and my family. Second, if the end result is that Bernie becomes the nominee, whom Wall Street welcomed like the Black Plague, then I can imagine a scenario where Soros borrows a page from the final chapter of his mentor Hitler, and retreats to the Fureher Bunker, pulls out a walthus ppk and makes the world go away. If Obama tries to install his wife, given the fact that early voting has commenced, then according to Constitutional Law Professor Johnathan Turley that would be illegal, immoral and political suicide. However, Michelle, like Marie Antoninette has the undying love of the people, and Obama after all is a law professor himself, so he does not need to listen to Turley. We can only hope that if Obama opts for Door III, which is war with Russia, that the generals who are tasked to execute that order just as a lowly Soviet Submarine Commander refused to follow Nikita Kruschev’s order to launch nuclear missiles during the Cuban Missile Crisis, just 58 short years ago.

  62. Isn’t it ironic that it would come down to this for the Big Media Beloved Messiah. I mean this is the first president in history to worry ONLY about himself, so much so that everything he does had to be focus grouped, scripted and delivered through a teleprompter, and who weighed every single solitary decision in terms of what was politically expedient for him, rather than whether it was good or bad for the American People–that at the end of 8 years, a guy like that would be forced to pardon Hillary and face the harsh verdict of history. Its like Death warning the hero: Live, I am coming. Or better still. Live. I am Comey.

  63. Comey is now chasing Hillary only because people with pitch forks–and FBI credentials better than his are chasing him. It is a Satanic Comedy.

  64. “They’re blue collar, poor white trash, and similar to ‘the Jew’s’ supporters and we can peal them away.”
    “They’ll believe anything.”
    “We beat Romney by reminding them that he was rich.”
    Henry, we knew all along that they loved us.

    But it is reassuring to hear them say it in writing.

    Come Valentines Day some of them may be in jail.

  65. I expect that the daily conference call of the big media ceos this morning was a somber affair. None of the high fives and Bronx cheers that animated their earlier discussion. Their vision of being charter members of the global elites, for rigging this election, seems may now seem more like the maunderings of a toxic dream.

  66. foxyladi14
    October 29, 2016 at 5:00 pm
    I read yesterday that the two laptops that were part of the immunity deal with Cheryl Mills and the other flunky who’s name I can’t recall, and which were supposedly destroyed, were never destroyed. I was glad to read that, but I am still waiting to see confirmation of this.

  67. Comey’s failure to indict Hillary on account of violations of national security laws drew strong rebuke from Republicans and they compared this to the fact that the FBI and justice department indicted a former 4 star general for a similar offense and pleaded guilty in a couple weeks ago to lying to the FBI about it. The story behind the story however is interesting. What the general did was leak information to a New York Times reporter about a computer virus which was placed in Iranian computers by US and Israeli intelligence because he allegedly believed that this would save American lives. This information was widely known within the political class, but unknown to the general public, and was certainly known to our enemies, so the degree of harm is debatable. What made the case unusual is there is a longstanding tradition within the political class of prosecuting each other for financial or sexual indiscretions, but the would not prosecute each other for policy related transgressions. Part of the reason was professional courtesy, and part was self preservation. On the other hand they will prosecute ordinary Americans who commit policy related transgressions with a vengeance as we see with Snowden and Manning. So why did they go after this general. The answer is he pissed off the Republicans by delivering a report favorable to something the Obama was doing, and so when those same Republican hold him up and cry for him that he was prosecuted and Hillary was not, the tears you see from them are crocadile tears. The public should have the right to know what the government is doing, and if something is well known within the beltway, someone should not go to jail for getting it out to the American People. This is a perfect example of why Trump is right, we need to drain the swamp, including the RINOs.

  68. You know what terrified Comey? It wasn’t the fact that he had a mutiny on his hands. He was prepared for that, and knew that if he fired a couple of the ring leaders, and threatened the pensions of the rest of them, he could put down the rebellion. And he could remind them that he has a 6 year term, and he will be watching for future signs of revolt. What terrified him was that after he destroyed the remaining evidence and handed out immunity deals like candy canes at Christmas, he assumed he had committed he perfect crime, and was on a fast track to the Supreme Court. But then, when the FBI agents confronted him yesterday, he realized that there is no perfect crime, and in his case he failed to destroy ALL the evidence. They had some evidence in their possession which he had not destroyed and they were prepared to go over his head to the American People with it. In hindsight, I am sure he realized that if he been thorough in his investigation and asked for Huma’s computer, he could would have had the evidence and could have destroyed it as well, but he failed to ask for it:

    The best laid schemes
    Of mice and men
    Gang aft agley
    And leave us all
    With grief and pain
    For promised Joy
    Still thou art blessed
    Compared to me
    The present only toucheth thee
    But backward now I cast my ee
    On prospects drear
    And forward tho I cannot see
    I guess and fear – – – — – – – – – – Robert Burns

  69. What cnn is trying to do now is to paint Comey as a Republican operative. They mention this in their narrative. Then they bring on a Repubican who knows him personally, and hired him for the ACA job. He was clear that Comey had a democratic party past. At that point, CNN bushwacks the Repubican, by schlepping in this Ari, a motor mouth troll from Fact Check who gives a book report on how Comey is a de facto Republican. You can see this for yourself at the 1:46 mark. The point to be noted is that Fact Check is a Clinton/Soros financed operation. Mike Cernovich has pointed this out, and noted that 25% of his traffic when he writes something critical of the Clintons comes from trolls like this one. The going rate for trolling is $16 per hour, and Soros is the finacier.

  70. correction: ADA job, i.e. Assistant District Attorney, Southern District of New York (Manhattan), working for Rudi Guilani.

  71. I have a different opinion than a lot of people as to why Comey is doing this. I don’t feel it had anything to do with mutiny or pressure from within.

    I think the NYPD after seizing ALL the electronics in the Abedin/Weiner household, because of the sexting scandal with the 15 year old, discovered the emails. It would be kind of hard for Comey to shelve emails that the NYPD was aware of. It would have eventually leaked that the NYPD had the Abedin/Weiner family laptop that had a lot of classified emails from Hillary on it. That is what I feel forced Comey’s hand. He had been pressured by the committee to reopen or to indict Hillary and he refused but with these new emails where a lot of people in law enforcement were aware of them, he had no choice.

    I know a lot of important people that supposedly have inside sources think it was insider pressure that did it and there are many articles floating online about it but I don’t see it that way.

  72. Just saw this just now on Twitter from MicroSpooky:

    Rumor has’s bad. From NYPD fb group

    got a hot rumor that the feds were forced to reopen the Hillary email case. why you ask? apparently the NYPD sex crimes unit was involved in the weiner case. on his laptop the saw ,,,,,emails. they notified the FBI. Feds were afraid that NYPD would go public so they had to reopen or be accused of a coverup. My source says there were huma/hillary emails revealing intent to destroy evidence/obstruct justice….anybody

    That’s where the tweet ends. I don’t know how to post tweets here or I would have done so.

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