#Trump On Fire: Burns ObamaCare

Donald J. Trump is burning down the house in speech after speech lately. Little wonder because there is plenty of tinder to get the fire to blaze forth. The biggest fuel for Trump’s fire is now ObamaCare. ObamaCare as every logical person could see, as we did in 2009, was a catastrophe. We called it a Frankenstein let loose among the villagers prepared, willing, and able, to kill.

The villagers are now fully aware of the monster as it ravages across the countryside:

Democrats are increasingly acknowledging that the Affordable Care Act has an affordability problem.

Former President Bill Clinton said recently that people who are ineligible to get subsidies to buy ObamaCare insurance are “getting killed.”

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said this month that “the reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable to increasing numbers of people.”

Even President Obama said in a speech last week that “there are going to be people who are hurt by premium increases.”

Premium increases??? That’s not what the flim-flam man and his Lurch wife with her history of patient dumping schemes promised.

Yeah, Obama used to promise that his ObamaCare Frankenstein would be your friend. Instead, ObamaCare is a monster that kills after it robs your wallet. Barack Obama lied and ran his flim-flam scams. The Obama Dimocrats helped Obama pass the scam. If there is justice, Obama and the Obama Dimocrats will be burnt to the ground this November for what they have done:

Obama health plan hit by double-digit premium hikes

WASHINGTON (AP) — Premiums will go up sharply next year under President Barack Obama’s health care law, and many consumers will be down to just one insurer, the administration confirmed Monday. That’s sure to stoke another “Obamacare” controversy days before a presidential election.

Before taxpayer-provided subsidies, premiums for a midlevel benchmark plan will increase an average of 25 percent across the 39 states served by the federally run online market, according to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services. Some states will see much bigger jumps, others less.

Moreover, about 1 in 5 consumers will have plans only from a single insurer to pick from, after major national carriers such as UnitedHealth Group, Humana and Aetna scaled back their roles.

Consumers will be faced this year with not only big premium increases but also with a declining number of insurers participating, and that will lead to a tumultuous open enrollment period,” said Larry Levitt, who tracks the health care law for the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

Republicans pounced on the numbers as a warning that insurance markets created by the 2010 health overhaul are teetering toward a “death spiral.” Sign-up season starts Nov. 1, about a week before national elections in which the GOP remains committed to a full repeal.

“It’s over for Obamacare,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said at a campaign rally Monday evening in Tampa, Florida.

Trump said his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, “wants to double down and make it more expensive and it’s not gonna work. … Our country can’t afford it, you can’t afford it.” He promised his own plan would deliver “great health care at a fraction of the cost.”

The new numbers aren’t too surprising, said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who chairs a committee that oversees the law. It “does little to dispel the notion we are seeing the law implode at the expense of middle-class families.”

ObamaCare was always a scam. Young people who did not need health insurance because they were healthy (at most they might want catastrophic health insurance which ObamaCare banned from existence) were supposed to be forced to buy insurance to pay for the health insurance of others. Medicare was raided by hundreds of billions to pay for the ObamaCare scam. The worst part of ObamaCare was that those who took care of their health were to be punished with high insurance costs to pay for insurance for those who did not take care of their health. It was a scam by which the Federal Gangster Government would force citizens by the coercive powers of the state to give their money to the health insurance companies and in turn, because of high premiums and shockingly high deductibles, when you needed the insurance to pay, you would get nothing but more bills. It was a scam from top to bottom.

The mathematics of the scam never made any sense as we so often pointed out. Health insurance could be obtained when needed and because insurance could not be denied because of preconditions it meant that a person who purchased ObamaCare only during a medical emergency would be rewarded. After the medical emergency ObamaCare could be dropped by such a person without consequence. Forced “grace” periods made it easy to buy ObamaCare only when medical emergencies made it a smart choice.

ObamaCare never made any sense. We knew from the very beginning that people would be smart enough to take advantage of a system that had so many built in welcome mats for scam artists. ObamaCare was the product of a scam artist so naturally it attracted more scams.

Now the very basic foundation of the scam is there for all to see:

The Obama administration is trying to calm the panic over soaring ObamaCare premiums by pointing to subsidies many will receive to offset the cost — but analysts and GOP lawmakers counter that those subsidies nevertheless will stick taxpayers with a rising bill.

With enrollment set to begin Nov. 1, the administration announced Monday that premiums are set rise an average of 25 percent across the 39 states served by the federally run online market. Some states, such as Arizona, will see premiums jump by as much as 116 percent. [snip]

Analysts say it’s safe to assume taxpayer costs will rise. Miller noted that HHS reported an average subsidy of $291 per month in 2016. A 25 percent increase in premiums would theoretically translate into an extra $73 per month, or about $870 a year per person.

“If you assume conservatively that there’s 10 million people getting subsidies, that’s an extra $8.5 billion in extra costs taxpayers are getting hit by going into next year,” he said.

Other experts warned this is likely to continue as long as premiums keep rising.

“Its real simple, premiums are going up and up, and subsidies are going to go up with them,” Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum and a former CBO director, told FoxNews.com.

Didn’t Obama say ObamaCare would bring premiums down? Yes Obama said ObamaCare would bring premiums down but ObamaCare premiums continue to rise. Deductibles will rise too.

If anyone thinks Donald J. Trump won’t win Arizona wait till Arizonians learn their premiums might go up by “as much as 116 percent”. In state after state as the higher premiums are announced on November 1, Donald J. Trump will rise to #1 in the vote counts.

Donald J. Trump is on fire as he burns down ObamaCare:

“It’s over for ObamaCare!!!”

Everywhere he goes, Donald J. Trump is on fire with substance and detail as he attacks ObamaCare:

The scam known as ObamaCare is over! says Donald J. Trump as he details some of the big problems of ObamaCare. As November 1 approaches those who support ObamaCare face a Frankenstein monster Halloween. This year Halloween won’t be on October 31, it will be November 1.

Donald J. Trump promises to slay the Frankenstein monster called ObamaCare. The villagers are happy to see Trump come to their rescue.


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  1. Admin: I am glad that news of these astronomical premium increases for Obamacare are coming out now, before the election. Previously, Obama was trying hard to suppress this information until after the election, so people would not know about this when they voted.

  2. Admin: not sure you saw this one:

    October 25, 2016 at 8:26 pm
    Study: Voters Turning to Internet for Election Information

    Voters are increasingly rejecting traditional methods of obtaining information such as radio and television and instead turning to the internet, research has shown.

    The survey, which was commissioned by Google conducted in partnership by a Republican and Democratic research firm, found that internet media has become the most prominent source for people obtaining information on politics.

    Robert Blizzard, the Republican researcher from Public Opinion Strategies, said “persuadable voters [are] now going to get their information less from TV, but really online.”

    “In terms of TV, the percentage of Americans who are cutting the cord is obviously growing by the day,” Blizzard continued.

    Traditional methods such as television still play a role in informing voters about politics, especially for hearing from candidates and “setting the tone for the race,” Blizzard added, but internet media such as news sites, fact checkers, and social media profiles are fast becoming the most effective method of communicating with undecided voters.

    “The notion that campaigns are trying to reach these late deciders, and they’re not getting their information from from television, is significant,” said Julie Hootkin, who co-conducted the survey for Democratic party pollsters Global Strategy Group.

    The study surveyed 500 “persuadable voters” across swing states such as Florida, North Carolina, and New Hampshire between 13th – 18th October.

    Despite Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in some polls, the Republican nominee has a far greater following on social media platforms, with 11.7 million Facebook followers to Clinton’s 7.5 million, and 12.7 million Twitter followers to Clinton’s 9.9 million.

    Trump has also generated far greater engagement from his social media postings compared to Clinton. Whether this ha

  3. Lou Dobbs ‏@LouDobbs 30m30 minutes ago
    Lou Dobbs Retweeted Jack Posobiec
    The Clinton Cartel Suddenly Has a Mole or two, and More Than a Few Leaks
    #MAGA #TrumpPence16 #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #DobbsLou

    Dobbs added,
    Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec

    Clinton Foundation CEO flees country after leaking emails


  4. I was thinking about those machines flipping republican votes to Hillary – I don’t know what’s up with that, but at least you could make sure to pay attention, then to draw attention to it, get your vote corrected, possibly have that machine taken off the line.

    But what worries me more are the machines that flip the votes after the results have gone off the screen. We heard a lot about those machines in 2008… the machine’s computer tallies things up, then creates a more palatable percentage for each candidate (whatever was programmed in). Those are obviously more dangerous, because we’d never know….

    Really, there’s no excuse for not having a paper trail so that there could be valid recounts.

  5. Admin: wonderful post. Timely to the cause.

    The Donald is in Fla.. watching early voters go to the polls. He is so happy seeing the majority of voters wearing his hats, pins and accompanying Trump paraphernalia. I don;t think he has been told just yet about the existing voter fraud that has been reported by the early voters today in Texas and Fla.

    repost from last thread:


    Austin Director of Elections ignores Election Fraud


    Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas
    “She voted straight Republican and the vote had changed to Clinton!”

    Residents of at least two cities in Texas are complaining that they voted for Donald Trump only to see the voting machine switch their ballot to Hillary Clinton.

    Early voting for the 2016 presidential election started yesterday for people in some areas who have been given the opportunity to avoid the long lines on November 8.

    However, in Amarillo, a woman was shocked to see her ballot flip from Republican to Democrat.

    “Gary and I went to early vote today,” wrote Lisa Houlette on Facebook. “I voted a straight Republican ticket and as I scrolled to submit my ballot I noticed that the Republican straight ticket was highlighted, however, the Clinton/Kaine box was also highlighted!”

    “I tried to go back and change and could not get it to work. I asked for help from one of the workers and she couldn’t get it to go back either. It took a second election person to get the machine to where I could correct the vote to a straight ticket,” she added.

    Meanwhile, in Arlington, Texas, another voter reported a similar experience.

    “I had a family member that voted this morning and she voted straight Republican,” wrote Shandy Clark. “She checked before she submitted and the vote had changed to Clinton! She reported it and made sure her vote was changed back. They commented that It had been happening.”

    Social media forums are also ablaze with concerns about votes being switched.

    “Multiple reports on my Facebook, Periscope, Snapchat, and Twitter from my friends in Texas, and all of them had their vote switched to Clinton automatically,” one post on The Donald Reddit is headlined.

    The reports are alarming, especially given the fact that the media, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and even President Obama himself have all attempted to dismiss Donald Trump’s concerns about vote rigging as a baseless conspiracy theory.

    A good person to ask about reports of vote rigging in Texas would be Texas Director of Elections Keith Ingram, but given that he ran away from our reporters – that might prove to be difficult. video below

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71


    Read more interesting developments and the video at link:

    i.e Election Fraud and Cutting off Paper Audit Trails

  6. If this app info can be put out on ALL Social Media venues and go viral. It may make an awesome difference
    in this election. Catching the thieves where they sleep!


    “True the Vote”.. Offers Smartphone App to Report Voter Fraud

    Texas-based election integrity organization True the Vote has released a smartphone app that allows users to report voter fraud and irregularities.

    VoteStand, available for both iPhone and Android users, is advertised to be the “first online election fraud reporting app” available to voters across the country “to quickly report suspected election illegalities as they happen,” according to True the Vote. The free app operates much like a social network where users can send updates about polling place issues, voter intimidation attempts and others to identify problem areas. VoteStand incidents can take the form of text or photo reports, geotagged to the user’s location.

    “VoteStand can be used to capture your voting experience,” True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    True the Vote told Breitbart Texas that it hopes to spread the word about election problems now and leverage the crowdsourced information to help promote various policy reforms in the months ahead when state legislatures are again open for business.

    “VoteStand helps build evidence for a broken process,” Engelbrecht said. “The app helps you get the word out in real time.”

    As of now, several complaints have already been published inside the app from California, Florida and others. True the Vote encourages users to report voting machine malfunctions like seen in Amarillo and Chambers County, Texas so the watchdog can quickly alert appropriate election officials.

    The app is available for download now for iPhone and Android users.


  7. Newt Gingrich slapped back at Megan Kelly tonight…

    flipping thru the channels tonight happened to see Pense being interviewd by Kelly…as usual she manages to slip in “the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault” She can never stay on “the issues” always has to go off on sex talk…Pense was gentlemanly and got back on message

    …up next was Newt Gingrich…and once again, she slips in that if Donald is a “sexual predator”…Newt hit back (paraphrasing)…”he’s not…and you and your are show are obsessed with sex..said he sat there watching her just drag Pense thru the sex accusations and he has had it with her and her show…etc…

    they went at it…she tried to silence him by over talking him…and in closing she said something like he, Newt, needs to get help for his anger issues…and he said she needs help for her issues

    …again, paraphrasing but that was the essence…got pretty intense…


    btw…I am not buying this BS excuse all of BM uses when they say Donald has caused them all to talk about his issues…instead of the “issues”

    Baloney…the whole BM purposely ignores and avoids discussing anything of substance and love living in the gutter and talking about gossip and made up and manufactured scandals…

    shall we say BM likes to “entrap” Donald…as in, ‘entrapment’

    Professor Norpth on Lou Dobbs tonight confirming and restating his prediction that Donald will win by 5 points with an 87% chance to win…

    music to our ears…he says…”Its a change election”

  8. Lorac says:

    Really, there’s no excuse for not having a paper trail so that there could be valid recounts.


    except to make it easier to cheat and the little people can’t do a single thing about it…

  9. I wish someone would just shut them all up, just say, look, we know Bill’s a predator, and let’s say that Trump is, too. So, whoever wins, there’s going to be a predator in the White House. It’s a MOOT POINT! (except that Bill is going to have a lot of time on his hands…) Now, let’s go back to the issues you keep using this issue to avoid.

  10. http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/10/25/radio-host-derek-hunter-i-dislike-trump-but-will-vote-for-him-the-media-needs-to-be-destroyed/

    Radio Host Derek Hunter Breaks Ranks with Never Trump: ‘The Media Needs to Be Destroyed’

    In an op-ed for Townhall, Never Trumper radio host Derek Hunter explains why he now feels compelled to vote for Donald Trump.

    From Townhall:

    Bias has always been a factor in journalism. It’s nearly impossible to remove. Humans have their thoughts, and keeping them out of your work is difficult. But 2016 saw the remaining veneer of credibility, thin as it was, stripped away and set on fire.

    More than anything, I can’t sit idly by and allow these perpetrators of fraud to celebrate and leak tears of joy like they did when they helped elect Barack Obama in 2008. I have to know I weighed in not only in writing but in the voting booth.

    The media needs to be destroyed. And although voting for Trump won’t do it, it’s something. Essentially, I am voting for Trump because of the people who don’t want me to, and I believe I must register my disgust with Hillary Clinton.

  11. Obama Big Media supporters perplexed about ObamaCare:


    CBS Anchors Bewildered by Obamacare 25 Percent Premium Hikes: ‘What Happened?’

    The anchors of CBS This Morning expressed bewilderment on Tuesday at the sharp premium hikes in Obamacare insurance plans, with one asking for an understanding for “why this is happening.”

    When Obamacare open enrollment begins in 2017, the cost of mid-level plans will rise by an average of 25 percent in the 39 states served by the federal online exchanges. In addition, major providers like Humana, UnitedHealth, and Aetna have scaled back or dropped out of the Obamacare exchanges, leaving roughly 20 percent of consumers with only one insurer to choose from.

    After Charlie Rose read out the report, Norah O’Donnell said, “We need a bigger understanding of why this is happening.”

    “We sure do,” Rose said.

    “Because the idea was not only to spread coverage around, but that by spreading the coverage around, not only would it help people get more preventative care, but then it would ultimately bring the costs down, and instead, the premiums are skyrocketing,” O’Donnell said, sounding exasperated.

    “And so the question is, what happened?” Rose said.

    “Yeah, and who’s profiting on this?” O’Donnell asked.

    “What can be done?” Gayle King, a Barack Obama donor, asked.

    “Is the way the law was set up failed? It’s a really interesting story,” O’Donnell said.

    Former President Bill Clinton, the husband of Democratic nominee and Obamacare supporter Hillary Clinton, diagnosed some of the law’s problems earlier this month, calling Obamacare “the craziest thing in the world.”

    “You’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people that are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half,” Clinton said.

    ObamaCare was and is a flim-flam scam.

  12. Kelly has gone off the deep end.

    She is the one with anger issues–not Gingrich.

    How would you like to be her shrink—trust me she has one.

    She comes to your office seeking god knows what.

    The receptionist shows her into your office.

    You invite her to lay down on the couch.

    You shut the door so there is HIPPA privacy, etc.

    Okay Meegan, tell me about your anger problem.

    You sit down in a chair, pull out a pencil

    She starts blabbing about Trump Ailes, Trump O’Reilly, Trump and the worm she is married to

    You pull out a pen and start writing–wishing you had become an accountant so you would not have to listen to this

    Then all of a sudden she looks at you and screams rape

    She calls a press conference, accuses you of holding her hostage, calls you a rapist–even though you never left your chair

    And you–you call your malpractice carrier and your criminal defense attorney.

    And then you wonder how do I get my reputation back–because it is all false inuendo.

    Five minutes later she would be calling a press conference accusing me of rape.

    She is a sicko.

  13. I doubt that her little anger routine plays well with the audience on FOX.

    She belongs somewhere else–cnn or some other booby hatch.

  14. After Charlie Rose read out the report, Norah O’Donnell said, “We need a bigger understanding of why this is happening.”

    “We sure do,” Rose said.
    If Rose and O’Donnell had an IQ above room temperature they would not puzzle over this one:

    It all gets back to the insurance principle of adverse selection which is baked into Obamacare.

    For example, an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant which sets one price for all customers risks being adversely selected against by high appetite (and hence least profitable) customers.

    Another example is in offering health insurance, the types of customers most likely to apply are those who are most prone to accidents[citation needed].

    In both cases, the seller suffering from adverse selection should protect himself by screening customers or by identifying credible signals of quality, see signaling games and screening games.

  15. I am being cruel.

    I will bet you dollars to donuts that Megan was molested as a child.

    That would explain this hyperbolic reaction.

    None of the other women who have interviewed Trump has manifested this reaction.

  16. I remember one of Learned Hand’s essays which was an obituary to a man he had great admiration for.

    It was a grand piece of literature, think his name was Simon Flexner, but the thing he admired about him was the fact that he was well ronded, modest in his views and was “no crusader or friend of crusaders”. He compared him to others who the inequities of the life make ever restive, and are unable to spend an hour in quiet conversation or find distraction in a beautiful piece of art or literature.

    Megan is an example of the latter, and it is nerve racking to listen to. Her hatred for Trump is persistent and maniacal.

  17. Who is Megyn Kelly trying to kid? The way in which she worded her “sexual predator” comment was clearly an attempt to label Donald Trump as such. Sorry, but there’s too many inconsistencies with the stories of the accusers for me to believe them. And unfortunately, just one liar in the group of accusers affects the veracity of the group as a whole. Just the timing of the accusations is dubious. How convenient to have accusations, in some cases going back decades, to be made public at a crucial time in a presidential election. Then, when you take into consideration the comments of females who have been around Trump and witnessed beautiful females throwing themselves at him while he rebuffed them, something does not ring true with the accusations. I don’t write these comments in a flippant manner. I would hope that those who truly have been subjected to sexual abuse have their stories believed and their justice served.

  18. This is interesting.

    Roger Stone is convinced that Hillary intends to steal the election, not through fraudulent votes, but through voting machines.

    The incident of vote switching in Texas that Mrs. Smith reported shows that this concern is real, rather than illusory.

    The question, then, is how do we prevent Soros, the DNC and Megan Kelly from stealing the election from Trump?

    According to Roger, there is a litmus test widely used by governments to determine whether the election was fair.

    If the actual vote tally is within 2% of the exit polls then the election is deemed fair.

    Therefore, Roger is working with a team of IT people to develop a program to analyze that result.

    And he is working with a team of legal advisors to ensure that this program is admissible to prove the election was stolen.

    The other day, I discussed the legal standard for overturning an election–that is what would need to happen.

    Suffice it to say it is not easy, but it may be necessary.

    See 4 minute mark et. seq.


  19. I am back on this Megan Kelley thing. At the beginning of the interview she tries to make the case that the Republicans will lose the Senate because they nominated Trump. That is a very defective argument. The reason they will lose the senate, and they definitely will, is because the Senators they elect are mushballs, and have betrayed the voters. And, just to be clear, when Kelley says this is the fault of the party, what she is really doing is condemning the 14 million voters who voted for him, which puts her on the side of the elitists, and against the people. And when Gingrich makes the case that the polls are not conclusive, Kelley swiches gears and starts calling Trump a sexual predator, and when he pressed back on that point, she invokes the word if, even though she has just done push polling. I think it is more than just being pissed about what he said to her at the first debate. Kelley had the first question, and the purpose of that question was to destroy him, and she has never ever given up on that mission. Which is why I say she is pathological. One thing she will not get is more interviews from Trump officials, and she will lose the eyeballs of Trump supporters, which is a large portion of the FOX audience. I think Murdock son #2 may be wrong that Kelley is the future of FOX News. She may turn out to be the death of FOX News.

  20. MSNBC meme this AM is the Trump campaign is losing its mind, citing the Newt Gingrich meltdown. yeah, right..

  21. wbboei
    October 26, 2016 at 4:21 am
    She may turn out to be the death of FOX News.

    I was still watching a little Fox Business during the day but I will stop. It isn’t that great recently anyway. The only way to show displeasure these days is “NO EYEBALLS”. The Murdochs’ are in full globalist meltdown to send their “creature” out acting like this. The internal polling must be terrifying if they have to resort to outright slander.

  22. wbboei
    October 26, 2016 at 2:54 am

    I am being cruel.

    Women who are hyper-sexualized, as Kelly is in dress, private life interviews, and posing at her advanced age have a problem. This rather than their brains got them the attention so they keep on keeping on. She is also rather stupid and a bad lawyer. She just slandered a law-suit junkie with the money to back it up working for a media company. Think Rolling Stone and their current legal difficulties.

  23. “It’s Me-A-Gen’ Kelly” has been ordered out by the Murdoch’s to start a diversion stink to get Trump off the “drain the swamp”, Crooked Hillary, and dirty media roll he is on. She is their “talent” and they use her like a rented mule. Trump needs to ignore her, send out “lady” surrogates who go “there she goes again that poor butthurt child. bless her heart!”.

  24. This could get interesting. On Twitter, hacker KimDotCom is hinting he has Hillary’s deleted emails:

    Kim Dotcom ✔ @KimDotcom
    Bleachbit(ch) can’t bleach it 😂

  25. As far as insurance goes, this system is so messed up.
    My daughter has a friend who just recently bought a 400,000 dollar home, but dropped their heath insurance due to cost. Of course immediately the baby got a sever case of meningitis and had to be flown to a specialty hospital. The cost was over a million dollars. Baby now receive’s daily PT…all of the cost was picked up by a foundation. ..all of it, so here they are in this 400,000 dollar house and stated they will continue not to have insurance due to cost.
    I don’t know what to make of it. I think they were really lucky, but the system of having no health insurance worked for them…this time. It’s the people with health insurance that are getting screwed it seems.
    I just had to deal with a health concern that if I didn’t have insurance, and at the time I had good insurance, would have cost me a million dollars easy.

  26. Mrs Smith,

    Texas voting fraud…Is LBJ alive?

    If this state turns blue, we are lost…but at the rate of illegals, anything is possible.
    I always look at Texas as the last bastion. ..

  27. The Donald reminds me of little David from the Bible,
    Fighting the giant Goliath,
    With only his little Slingshot.
    But he had God and good on his side, So he slew that Giant.
    And The Donald will Slay the Giant Corruption that is destroying, Our once great nation. 😀

  28. They use to say James Brown was the hardest working man in music…

    I think Trump is the hardest working man…period!

    I did see Brown in Austin at Stubs..he was 80 I beleive, and though he didn’t do his signature splits, he was masterful.
    I had an opportunity to see him 30 years earlier, but I got a late admission at work and couldn’t leave till MN. I always regretted that.
    My daughter did see him at Memphis inay, which I highly recommend, a few years earlier…Memphis in May is actually reasonalble, big acts, and not crazy, crazy crowded…then I recommend Gus’s fried chicken…you will have a wait of about 1.5,hours and up. Maybe take out would be better. Met a lady there that brings a cooler of the chicken home every year. They have a few franchises, even one in Austin now.

  29. In my opinion, and there are videos on YouTube that show the possibility of this, the scariest form of vote fraud is that which is unseen and unprovable. Electronic voting machines are susceptible to programs that can manipulate the vote totals for any of these machines. A 60% to 40% actual vote for Trump can, through manipulation, turn into a 60% to 40% victory for Hillary, and none of us would be the wiser. After all, when we vote, we see that everything seems to have gone smoothly with our votes, so there is no reason to even suspect fraud.

  30. I read today that some unhinged man destroyed Donald Trumps star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. I hope that he has to pay for the repair/replacement of it.

  31. I just donated to Trump again, not a large amount, but we have to fight this.

    I feel weird donating to a billionaire, I need it more than him, but, I feel I need to put my money where my big mouth is.Anyone know how to turn off an automatic comma that is non stop in inappropriate ways on my phone?

  32. The violence is unreal towards Trump and his,supporters. Hate to say, first time I don’t have a sign on the lawn.
    And I don’t just usually have a sign, I go full Metal jacket.
    Last time I had the empty chair with homemade signs of Benghazi, Hispanics for Romney, Women for Romney, it keep getting taller and taller. Then I took it with my 2 Pitts to a busy street for 2 hours. I must of looked bat sh#t crazy, but I hated obama so much.And that just gets stronger everyday…

  33. nomobama – I agree, I was saying that upthread – it’s the machines we know exist that don’t show the flip that are most worrisome…

  34. I have a removable lawn sign on my truck. I also wear a Trump tee shirt periodically. I live in a community that doesn’t allow lawn signs, so that’s out of the question for me. No problems yet.

  35. gonzotx

    October 26, 2016 at 11:40 am

    My daughter did see him at Memphis inay, which I highly recommend, a few years earlier…Memphis in May is actually reasonalble, big acts, and not crazy, crazy crowded…then I recommend Gus’s fried chicken…you will have a wait of about 1.5,hours and up. Maybe take out would be better. Met a lady there that brings a cooler of the chicken home every year. They have a few franchises, even one in Austin now

    Poor Memphis. It’s a God awful place.

  36. Gonzo – Don’t doubt it. Lord knows they’ve tried enough things that have turned out to be complete disasters that they’re bound to hit on one by virtue of sheer #s.

  37. Megan Kelly has lost her mind. Her behavior is proof that Mr. Trump is doing better than they are letting on. He is a “sexual predator”? She has issues……Mr. Trump cannot help her. She needs to ask her shrink for another this week. Hannity is the only one I watch on that network now. Talk about projection.

    O’Donnell and Rose wondering what happened to Obamacare? I just had to laugh at them. They tried to ignore the story about the premiums going up, until it was impossible to do so anymore. Big Frauds all of them.

  38. Healthcare is a scary thing, which when you are young, you don’t really think about.
    I am appalled that California is now with holding treatment for patients deemed terminal.
    Not everyone termed terminal dies in 6 months. There are stories that give hope, and they are real.But you can buy assisted suicide pills for $1.22

    That they will pay for.

    I don’t know the answer, but I do know that many people aren’t ready to die and want to fight, but when insurance refuses to pay…what choices do you have?

    I am afraid what has taken place in California, will be implemented throughout America.

    Soylent Green…

  39. This is for all the marbles…
    I am fearful…
    I don’t want to be, but I think after the Brexit vote, they realise they would need to coalesce and defeat the American public with everything they have…

    I’m a cup half empty person no matter how hard I try to be a cup half full…

  40. Not at home so I can’t do the research

    Are ES&S voting machines connected to Soros?

    Those machines are suspended in texas

  41. gonzotx

    October 26, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    This is for all the marbles…
    I am fearful…
    I don’t want to be, but I think after the Brexit vote, they realise they would need to coalesce and defeat the American public with everything they have…

    I’m a cup half empty person no matter how hard I try to be a cup half full…

    Don’t be afraid Gonzo. They can’t create enough election fraud to overcome the massive landslide that is coming. Their absurdly biased poll sampling is not taking into account the independents and people who seldom vote that are going in for Trump. It’s going to be a massacre.

    EVERYONE sees how MSM is busting its gut to slander Trump. It isn’t unnoticed.

  42. Only halfway through the Project Veritas video.

    No surprise, this beyond corruption. Where the hell is the law? Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t apply to the upper crust.

  43. There’s a Trump Lawn sign Fairy Godmother in our area.
    They keep popping up. Even places where lawn signs for anyone have never been before and are not supposed to be now.

    More fun with Donald!

  44. I voted today in West Palm Beach Florida. I wondered if I would have a better chance getting my vote counted, there or in Boca Raton where it is more red than blue. But decided they would be flipping fewer votes where there were already the most.

    The location was bordering on the low income area of WPB, but still what you could consider downtown. The poll workers were about 75% African Americans. But there was not a single AA there to vote.

    I have no idea how my vote was counted or how it will be transmitted. But it goes with a prayer.

  45. There is a line in Orsen Well’s movie The Magnificent Ambersons, which was the next picture he made after Citizen Kane.

    It is the story of a wealthy family in Indianapolis, that rose to prominence in the slower moving agrarian existence of the 19th century and got swept away in the industrial age. One of the characters in that movie who happens to be a lawyer has a yen for the daughter in that great family who is by all accounts worthy of the family name. But nothing comes of it. Later we see a son of that woman who is a spoiled brat, who typifies the idiom that the first generation makes the money, the second manages it and the third squanders it.

    The lawyer, by then forty, tries to talk sense into the spoiled brat, but it proves to be of no avail. Reflecting upon that failure, he is heard to say, I guess it is one of those things that forty cannot tell twenty.

    In a parallel sense that is Megan’s problem. For if Megyn is fifty and pretends to be twenty, as evidenced by the risque photos that appear on her website, thinks she is twenty–which is more acceptable conduct at that age, then by what sophistry of reason is she qualified to tell twenty, forty or anyone what to do. Instead, she should focus on healing herself.

  46. There is record voting in South Texas…think heavy Hispanic, hell, I believe English is the second language down there, San Antonio too.
    I’m thinking major cheating, I’m thinking illegal aliens. ..

  47. Remember how I wrote that I attended the Trump rally in Ocala, FL back on the 12th. Well, someone posted this video about the line to get into the rally. I was already inside the venue by this time because the line shown in the video was even longer than what I witnessed that day. Note the Hare Krishnas in the beginning of the video. I mentioned them in my comment about this rally. They were chanting whatever they chant, and then one of them would say “Trump”. Lol

  48. Scott Adams, high priest of persuasion on social media, has gone all in against Hillary Rodam Clinton, and the globalist cabal she represents. He is targeting the soft Hillary supporters.

    His strategy is in three (3) parts:

    1. first, he announces that he is supporting Hillary, because he fears for his safety if he does not.

    2. second, he waits for the project veritas tapes showing that Hillary is actively engaged in the violence at Trump rallies, and participates in daily conference calls wherein such matters are discussed. (Note: no plausible deniability now).

    3. third, today he comes out strong for Trump because he does not like Hillary’s bullying.

    Zap! There go the soft Hillary supporters. Adios muchachos companera de mi vida.

    Scott’s strategic brilliance is likely to move a ton of soft supporters away from Hillary. And the beauty of it is it will be largely invisible to big media, who deals with outmodes tools, and dead sea scrolls. They are going the way of the buggy whip, and this is the last presidential election in which they will be a factor. And they fucking know it.

    Here is the proof:

  49. wbboei
    October 27, 2016 at 12:06 am
    It’s a coincidence that you would link this video. I just started following this YouTuber today. He seems to be a straight shooter. I mainly am interested in his political posts only, though.

  50. Michelle: Hillary Is On Drugs

    Michelle Obama, widely acknowledged as Hillary Clinton’s most effective campaign surrogate, is concerned that the Democrat presidential nominee’s health is so fragile that she depends on stimulant drugs to get her through the grueling race for the White House.

    Both Michelle and Barack Obama have been concerned with the state of Hillary’s health since her presidential campaign began. The Obamas know that Hillary suffers from a slew of severe and debilitating health issues, all of which I have exposed in my latest New York Times bestseller Guilty as Sin.

    According to a guest who stayed overnight in the White House and was present in the Family Residence during a discussion of Hillary’s health, Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett, the president’s chief adviser, agreed with the first lady that Hillary has relied on booster drugs during her campaign rallies and three debates with Donald Trump.

    They came to that conclusion after a recent meeting with Hillary in the White House, where Hillary made an effort to persuade the president and first lady to coordinate their public appearances with Robby Mook, the Clinton campaign manager.
    CARTOONS | Robert Ariail
    View Cartoon

    When Hillary suggested that the president and the first lady submit their speeches in advance to Mook in order to make sure they were on the same page as Hillary’s campaign, Michelle Obama broke out in derisive laughter.

    “Michelle made it plain that she and Barack knew how campaigns work better than Hillary or Mook,” said the source who participated in the discussion. “After all, Barack cleaned Hillary’s clock during the 2008 Democratic Party primaries.

    “During the heated discussion over campaign coordination,” the source continued, “Hillary suddenly broke out in a coughing fit. The president offered Hillary a glass of water, but Hillary’s coughing only grew worse.

    “The president became so alarmed that he summoned one of the five doctors who rotate on duty 24/7 in the White House Medical Unit. The doctor rushed to the Oval Office.”

    While the doctor was administering to Hillary, the president, the first lady and Valerie Jarrett stepped outside and turned the Oval Office over to Hillary and the doctor. After a while, the doctor emerged and told everyone that he was able to stop Hillary’s convulsive coughing and that she was all right.

    “The experience left the president and first lady shaken and worried,” said the source. “It was clear to them that Hillary was not well. They know how exhausting and draining a presidential campaign is. Clearly, the Hillary they saw in the White House was different than the Hillary the public has seen during her rallies and in the debates.

    “They concluded that there was no way that Hillary could make it through such a demanding ordeal without getting some help from booster drugs.”


  51. A straw in the wind or a trend?


    Randy Quaid, former Hollywood actor and brother to Dennis Quaid, literally screamed his support for then-Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders back in July.

    Quaid seemed just a little upset that Bernie was throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton after failing to beat her in the polls:

    “Hashtag, yell! Hell no Bernie, we won’t vote for Email-ary. Hell no Bernie, we won’t vote for Email-ary.”

    Since Sanders dropped out of the race, the seemingly troubled actor has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

    The actor’s latest video shows the, shall we say, quieter side of the 66-year-old.

    Take a look and take note of that homemade shirt:

    “I switched, and I’m glad I did. Vote for Trump. Bernie, this is for you.”

  52. Thanks for all the knowledge admin and other posters have shared here.

    For whatever it is worth, I would like to share one of my own ideas in this very important election. I think the motivation for the smear comes not only from Trump’s own words, but also from an SNL skit about Hamilton Jordan’s drug use.The smear used against DJT seems like it is taken right from this SNL skit about Hamilton Jordan, Jimmy Carter’s chief of staff. He had a rep for cocaine usage and Bill Murray played a talk show host who interviewed three people who purportedly witnessed Hamilton Jordan doing cocaine. One of them, played by Jane Curtin, claimed that Jordan also PAWED HER LIKE AN ANIMAL. Every time another celebrity was brought up in the conversation Curtin’s character claimed the new celebrity also PAWED HER LIKE AN ANIMAL. At the end of the skit, Curtin’s character places her hand on Bill Murray’s character (the famous talk show host) clearly implying that she was merely projecting her own desires on the celebrities she claimed PAWED HER LIKE AN ANIMAL. The thrust of the skit was that all the “witnesses” of Hamilton Jordan doing coke were bold-faced liars. This episode of SNL appeared on 10/13/79. I don’t know, but it would seem that DJT could defuse some of this attack by advancing a female proxy to go out and talk about the allegations having as much credibility as Audrey Peart Dickman (Curtin’s character) in this SNL skit.

  53. gonzotx
    October 26, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    There is record voting in South Texas…think heavy Hispanic, hell, I believe English is the second language down there, San Antonio too.
    I’m thinking major cheating, I’m thinking illegal aliens. ..

    The cheating is mostly in cities now in Texas. Any irregularity will be met by loud resistance in smaller population counties. The “Valley” is a basket case right now due to the drug cartels and being overrun with illegals and drugs. They will vote Trump to clean it up. They are being displaced by criminals and Mexican/Central American terrorists. I know several Latino Democrats from south of San Antonio who are Trump supporters and want the invasion pushed back into Mexico and they claim most feel the same way they do. It isn’t really politics anymore but survival.

  54. The cheating is mostly in cities now in Texas. Any irregularity will be met by loud resistance in smaller population counties. The “Valley” is a basket case right now due to the drug cartels and being overrun with illegals and drugs. They will vote Trump to clean it up. They are being displaced by criminals and Mexican/Central American terrorists. I know several Latino Democrats from south of San Antonio who are Trump supporters and want the invasion pushed back into Mexico and they claim most feel the same way they do. It isn’t really politics anymore but survival.
    Mormaer: that is a VERY accurate insight. The elites in Washington, who would never stoop to visit these areas, treat all Hispanics as the same, and intuit that they support illegal immigration and that support is monolithic. They believe race is the controlling factor in voting behavior when in fact it is economics. The greatest economic threat to Hispanic communities in border towns is the threat of violent death at the hands of the cartel that chooom boy Obama loves so dearly, and from economic competition from unending waves of illegals. Faced with a dire situation, and given the nature of the threat they will choose survival over racial solidarity. Yet, our Harvard trained elites do not understand this.

    It is only when you start thinking outside the proverbial box that new insights occur. There is no question in my mind that the elites fully intend to crash the stock market, sure as day follows night. This is how those who worship at the feet of Rothschile have operated ever since the Napoleonic Wars. The question I have been asking myself is when, not if, they do this, to consolidate their control, because it less destructive physically than a nuclear war with Russia, one that the military which they cannot fully control, compared to the financial markets which they control completely, how will they deal with the resulting crisis. The answer is hiding in plain view. They will invite in millions of people from China with money, and will herald them as the rescuers of a bad economy. They will snap up (like an alligator–love that big media term, snap up, when what they really mean is steal) the distressed real estate, will be granted immediate citizenship if they bring money with them, and they will achieve their goal of undermining American culture in favor of multi-culturalism. That is the trick they have up their sleeve, and unless I am wrong Cass Sunstein who is presently engaged in develpoing the legal structure for globalization while his uber incompetent wife tanks our foreign policy will also make sure this transition can occur when the time is right.

  55. Do the worker bees in big media understand what we do? I doubt it. All they understand is the word has come down from on high that they are to attack trump by all means foul and fair if they hope to maintain their jobs. I saw Carl Cameron the other day on television–he is the chief political correspondent for FOX News and he opened his report with an exasperating expression saying now (%$#^&&*#@!) Trump is attacking the poles, as in what is wrong with this man. From Wallace’s trick question which tried to trap Trump into blindly accepting an election result predicated on pervasive fraud, to having the audacity to attack polls which by the wikileaks show oversample dims by 9 percentage points, ignore the impact of social media, etc. Again, with Ailes gone, and Murdocks ugly spawn now running that network, the globalist agenda undergirds what they are doing. Their mission is to convince Trump supporters that their cause is futile when in fact the opposite is true. In doing this, their time horizon is limited, because, as stated earlier, this is the last election when they will be the controlling factor. Their treachery is obvious to anyone who is paying attention. That is one problem. The other problem is they do not want feedback, just eyeballs from their audience. Social media allows feedback, and will drive them under. I think they know it. I went to see Westfied who took over after Alderich at ABC. He then became the guru who was going to allow them to transition. This has been a failure and the reason is obvious. Social media is the closest thing you will find to a pure democracy while big media, owned and operated by multinationals is strictly top down. Simply put, oil and water do not mix.

  56. As I see it, or perhaps imagine it, the enemy here is concentrated in three (3) discrete, yet interlocking sectors of the economy: finance, high tech. and big media. The resulting marriage between outfits like Goldman Sachs who wants to gut entitlements while promoting illegal immigraton and Google with Eric Schmidt and Jeff Zucker (a remittance man from NBC, now at CNN and negotiating with the spawn of Mudock to take over FOX) are what Clausewitz referred to two centuries ago as the “center of gravity” of our enemy, i.e. globalist cabal. They are, in that sense the end game of the transition of our economy from the industrial to the information age.

  57. Finally, just as a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while, and a broken clock is right twice a day, Java the Slob who goes by the theatrical name Michael Moore correctly intuits a Trump victory. However, he misses the boat entirely when he posits the reason. This is not a “fuck you” to the elites, which makes it sound more like a hissy fit. And it is passing strange, at least to me, that the same guy who produced that Hollywood movie classic Roger and me depicting what the head of GM did to working people would fail to grasp this essential point. And what is that point? It is a well documented and perfectly rational fear that the elites are destroying this nation and along with it the lives and futures of millions of Americans, that they are doing so with reckless abandonment, in pursuit of a toxic vision which brooks no dissent. This gets back to the discussion I had with the Cuban banker who told me about the social party he attended on the upper east side thirty years ago after he graduated from Princeton. Interesting enough that is the same venue, i.e. the upper east side where the controllers of big media reside, according to Sharly Attksisson. These were financial people however, not big media jockstraps, but they sounded exactly the same. They referred to politics (which is the highest form of power) as “the game” and they approached it with a sense of utter detachment as to the societal consequences of their self serving finanacial schemes because regardless of what happened they and their loved ones would be safe, and could acutally benefit financially from the chaos they created.

    As flies to wanton boys are we to Gods
    They kill us for their sport—–Thomas Hardy

  58. WaPo admits this day that the media has been running an agitprop campaign against Trump and the American public. After endless rigged polling, announcements of no chance does Trump have this: “These are accurate, statistically sound statements. But they are something else, too. Declarations that Trump is highly unlikely to win also serve as counters to the Republican nominee’s warning that the “rigged” election could be “stolen from us.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/10/26/the-media-is-priming-donald-trump-supporters-for-a-loss/

    The polls started turning yesterday. As I suspected the professional polling companies are not going to sacrifice their businesses for agitprop contracts that comes along every four years. They did what they were paid to do, spit out rigged polling, so the media progressive globalists could run their “Trump will never win” scheme as far as possible. It is psychological warfare. But these pollsters can’t stay viable if they produce shit that is wrong on election day. It spills over into their marketing research business and no one with sense wants an incompetent pollster unless they are willing to tell clients “we lied” and that won’t sell a marketing research contract either. The consultant and academic hacks can but they are only open for business in election years.

    Now the ass-covering begins. WaPo leaped first by fessing, sort of, up. Hillary’s agitprop campaign appears to have failed. Lucky Trump.

  59. gonzotx
    October 27, 2016 at 10:22 am

    It has been touch and go for a while. I was getting a little nervous. And bugged out to the beach for a little bit to get some perspective. Like Scott Adams predicted this is a three act movie with Trump the comeback hero. He has great timing based on a lifetime of high risk business experience, hard work, and sheer gall. The lower you go the greater the comeback victory. I really think Trump has a preternatural ability of knowing when to leap. Some of it is learned, some is practiced, and a lot is just a born in instinct. It is great fun to watch.

  60. I am watching Scent of a Woman and I literally feel I am watching this election during the Private school, the Baird school, who represent the Media, the Globalists, and elists, trying to railroad Toby Mcguire and Pacino in that moment is Trump…

  61. ADMIN: it is neither theory or supposition, but a known fact, a known fact, that Soros intends to steal this election with the voting machines. Furthermore, during the early voting phase, it was discovered that certain machines in Texas were flipping Trump votes to Clinton. Therefore, if the vote flipping machines can be identified as Soros machines, then we have a rational basis to insist that certainly in Texas, but in all other states where Soros machines are installed, that the secretary of state be required to provide a mail ballot option. If this is not done formally, then we may run into a situation where the polling people do not have paper ballots, and never anticipated this contingency, or did assume it and are in the bag for Soros. This would be a good investigation for Breitbart to undertake, since they have an office in Texas.

    October 27, 2016 at 10:22 am
    Alert Alert!!!


  62. ok…a report from the field…

    I just voted in blue, blue broward, fla…before entering…the place has many Trump signs all over the area…not one single Hillary sign…

    …also people with Trump stickers, etc…everyone giving each other thumbs up…stopped to talk to a few of the Trump people that are ‘monitoring’…said that almost everyone is voting for Trump…and some of the people working there are even quietly saying they are for trump…most of the workers are AA…

    so fwiw…frankly i was surprised that Hillary had no representation at all…

  63. When (if) Trump wins, and the rapidly declining health of Hillary can no longer be hidden, will the left finally see they were being taken or will they say the loss was simply too much for her to bear and blame Trump for causing her sickness?

  64. The left wasn’t being taken. The left is all in for Hillary, so they already know the story. They DON’T care.

  65. Donald Trump is speaking in Springfield, OH as I type this. I have listened to many of his speeches in the recent past. Today, he really hit hard on illegal immigration, the Syrian refugee program, and ISIS. He was a tad more tough in his pronouncements. People at his rallies eat this up.

  66. Well Tony, I heard on Laura, one of the Podesta emails, she needed to be sobered up at 2 pm for an interview after 4pm… maybe the email server to run State Department was a ploy to either keep people in the dark about:

    1.) Drinking
    2.) Health
    3.) Drugs
    4.) Drugs& Drinking
    5.) Drugs, Drinking& Health

  67. The story is much too sad to be told, etc.

    a. HRC sets up a private server so those communications would be protected against FOIA requests by the media, future litigants, judicial watch. As a result, those communications were not secure, and presented an ideal opportunity for foreign governments to know our deepest secrets, and the identity of those who are helping the United States at great risk to their lives.

    b. HRC receives a Congressional supoena for those emails, and immediately orders a subordinate to delete and scrub them. Obama claims he had no knowledge of this, but we learn through wikileaks that not only did he have knowledge of that server, he communicated with her on it, which is about what you would expect from a pathological liar like the big media beloved messiah.

    c. The FBI conducts a year long investigation to determine the pertinent facts, and then refer the matter to the Justice Department to decide whether to prosecute. At the conclusion of the investigation, the husband of the target holds a private meeting with the attorney general, and promises her among other things that if his wife is cleared she will re appoint the attorney general after she becomes president. Simultaneously, the head of the FBI is told that he will receive an appointment to the Supreme Court when she becomes president, if he does her this one little favor, stepping out of the traditional role, doing the dirty work of the attorney general for her, and tanks the investigation, giving everyone immunity and destroying the evidence.

    d. Thereafter, the head of the FBI does exactly that to the chargrin of those who believe in the rule of law, and equal justice under he law. When people object to his unlawful action, he pretends to be hurt, and gets away with it, mostly. However, he puts a permanent stain on the FBI that they are not particularly happy about. And the premier former US Attorney in the DC circuit says something about good prosecutors hating criminals, but hating even more dirty cops, and he proceeds to label Mr. Comey just that–a dirty fucking cop. Like stink on shit, that monicur will stick to the much esteemed Mr. Comey, even if he makes it on the Supreme Court with the approval of trusty RINOs like McCain, McConnell and Hatch who are morally bankrupt themselves.

    e. But what about those 33,000 emails, gone forever so says Hillary, and I have to agree you have got to be even more sex obsessed than Megan Kelly to want to read about her yoga lessons. By the way, these shiller from Pokeestan keep calling me and offering swell deals on viagra. When I tell them that I do not take the stuff, they do not take no for an answer, instead they cut the price and double the volume. Just to get rid of them, I have her Meegan Kelly’s email address as a sure fire buyer in due course, and perhaps user as well.

    f. The problem is, you can bet your sweet bippy they are out there. NASA has them. Wikileaks has them. Foreign governments have them. And I have no doubt there is a black market out there offering them to NYT and WashPo, and third parties involved one way or another in the campaign process. Because they contain top secret information it would be illegal to possess them, with one exception: the press can publish them if it chooses to do so, just as NYT did with similarly confidential information over the objections of Nixon. When Nixon sought an injunction, the lower court (Maximum John Sirica, a lifelong democrat denied it). When the case went to the Supreme Court, they upheld the district court and the court of appeals, and issues a per curiam opinion. The holding was that claims of national security must yield to freedom of the press. But they did not tell us how far beyond established news channels, who have a partisan axe to grind, does this right to publish top secret information extend? The answer is unclear, at least to me.

    g. The question is pertinent today because of the rise of social media and websites. And for those like Floyd Abrams who prevailed in the Pentagon Papers case, who will argue that it extend only to long established venerated institutions like NYT and WashPo–and not to social media, the reply has to be that at the time that the first amendment was passed there was no NYT or WashPo. There were however citizen journalists, and pampleteers who are pretty much the same as the social media we have today. It therefore follows that citizen journalists should have the same right to publish that information as the New York Times does.

    h. My private opinion is that if there is a bona fide claim of national security, and a showing of imminent harm, then confidential information should not be published, even though that constitutes a prior restraint. Loose lips do sink ships. Or worse.

  68. In the past, one could have argued the right to publish confidential information should not be expanded beyond established new organizations like NYT and WashPo, because they have lawyers, are paragdigms of practical wisdom, and are capable of weighing the equities and deciding whether the item is appropriate for publication.

    However, they are no longer entitled to such a presumption. Their irresponsible behavior in the context of the 2016 campaign proves they are incapable of weighing the equities, and making sound editorial decisions. They have abdicated their role as journalists and become crass partisan no different really than the denisons of the Clinton campaign who plan hits on Trump supporters. So if the argument that the right to publish should be confined to big media based on their judgment, the verdict is clear they have no judgement, and cannot be trusted to do what is right to protect the nation. Therefore, either it is time to trim the sails of the Pentagon Papers case, or else though open the doors to social media. Judges love to split the baby, but here there is no middle ground. Everyone should have that right or no one should have that right.

  69. Admin, sorry if this is a rookie question. Does the electoral college have to go with the popular vote? Could Trump win Florida just to have the EC vote Dem? Has that ever happened before? If they would rig Super delegates could they right the EC?

  70. NJLURKER 2
    October 27, 2016 at 6:00 pm
    There may be some states where that is true, but the Florida Governor fancies himself a mini-Trump. Rick Scott basically bought his election by significantly outspending his opponent, using a lot of his own money. The state is foul with his croney-capitalism. But I think he very much supports Trump.

    Florida is just a problem because we have soros machines scanning and counting our paper ballots.

  71. Lu4PUMA
    October 27, 2016 at 8:56 pm
    As the article concludes, Assange should release any smoking gun email now otherwise he will find out that President Hillary Clinton wasn’t joking about droning him.

  72. Donald Trump just said at his rally in Geneva, OH that Mike Pence’s plane had just skidded of the runway, and narrowly missed crashing.

  73. omobama
    October 27, 2016 at 9:18 pm
    Donald Trump just said at his rally in Geneva, OH that Mike Pence’s plane had just skidded of the runway, and narrowly missed crashing.
    That fucking Soros had better have an airtight alibi/

    Just kidding . . .

    Then again, many a truth is said in jest.

  74. I know I am dancing with myself on this one, but we have all wondered at one time or another, how do we defeat big media, who are journalists in name only. For some people, the moment of truth came when they saw NYT plant stories which are knowingly false, for others it happened when they censored information which the public needed to know, for Monetell Williams it reportedly came when an NYT reporter threatened to post his home address on the internet if he did not cooperate with him in an article which was intended to take down Trump. This whole business of turning over the internet to a 3d party controlable by NYT gives them the power to protect their narrative and to prevent competition. From a business standpoint it imposes an entry barrier, and from a political standpoint it stifles dissent. The other thing you have to watch out for is their efforts to deny bloggers the protection of the first amendment which they enjoy. Again, if anyone should be entitled to that protection, it is the blogger who is the mirror image of the patriot in the basement. Not some multi billion dollar multi national corporation that aspires to engage in propaganda. If anything, the blogger needs protection more that the NYT which has a battery of lawyers fully capable of protecting it. I believe that the precedent established in New York Times vs Sullivan, holding that no claim for defamation of a public figure should lie unless it shows it is known to be a false, or manifests a reckless disregard to the truth. I also believe that the Pentagon Papers decision allowing journalist to publish confidential government information in the absence of a real and palpable risk to national security as opposed to a theoretical one, should apply to bloggers and NYT to the same degree. I look forward to a day–hopefully in my lifetime, where the NYT is displaced by the citizen blogger. That day will come sooner if the entry barriers they are setting up now, i.e. take over of the internet, and denying bloggers the same first amendment protection as NYT enjoys, and nothing less.

  75. Carr: Don’t hang around Doug Band this weekend
    Howie Carr Friday, October 28, 2016

    BILL’S BILLS: Another WikiLeaks dump Wednesday revealed former President Bill Clinton’s longtime aide Doug Band’s corporate consulting firm, Teneo, arranged more than $50 million in ‘for-profit activity’ for Clinton, including a $3.5 million annual payment from Laureate International Universities in exchange for Clinton serving as honorary chairman.

    I wouldn’t want to be standing too close to this Doug Band guy anytime soon, especially not 
before the election Nov. 8.

    Another thing I wouldn’t want to do is have to write a life insurance policy for Doug Band. In case you haven’t been paying much attention to the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation as 
detailed in the WikiLeaks dumps, Doug Band’s role is summed up nicely in this headline from the 
L.A. Times:

    “An aide says he once arranged for $50 million in payments for Bill Clinton.”

    Fifty million! And now it’s all laid out, in public documents, by Doug Band himself. Far, far beyond a reasonable doubt, if you want to get technical about it. Even James Comey could make this case — but he wants to keep breathing, too.

    These latest leaks really do explain the whole breathtaking pay-to-play aspect of the Clinton Foundation. Band is bragging about his prowess as an extortionist, although he prefers to call it “the unorthodox nature of our roles.” But he does point out with some pride that his shakedowns, I mean charitable outreaches on behalf of Bill Clinton, “guided more than $30 million for him personally, with $66 million to be paid out over the next nine years.”

    Wow! Whatever happened to, “Never write when you can speak, never speak when you can nod, never nod when you 
can wink”?

    These people didn’t just write it down, they emailed it out, on unsecure servers.

    Amazing enough that the mobsters running this racketeering enterprise are totally out in the open, not even bothering with masks. But the outfit’s capo, or consigliere, is the odds-on favorite to become the next president of the United States.

    Everybody trying to understand this Clinton Foundation grift is asking themselves, “How come nobody ever thought of this kind of mega-scam before?”

    My answer would be, earlier racketeers dreamed of such a grift, but they quickly realized they could never get away with it. They would have been locked up faster than Al Capone or 
Whitey Bulger.

    But these are the Clintons. They make the Kennedys seem law-abiding. And we are no longer in “America,” we live in a banana republic, where everything is for sale, from the top down.

    In this new world, this Venezuela North, Doug Band ran all the rackets for the Clintons — he was to Bill what Kevin O’Neil was to Whitey, the guy who picked up the envelopes, who kept the books. Band got Bubba the gig with Laureate International Universities, a for-profit chain of colleges. He became “honorary chairman” — for $3.5 million 
a year.

    Consider that one. “Honorary chairman.” I thought “honorary” meant it was, like, an honor, and therefore you didn’t get paid. By the way, Bill also insisted on 
becoming “honorary chairman” of Band’s firm, Teneo. That 
honor came with an honorarium of $2 million a year.

    Actually, I’m surprised Band is still walking around. Not only does he know way too much, but in the emails, he’s always ripping Chelsea Clinton. He calls her a “spoiled little brat” and says of her backstabbing, “the apple doesn’t fall far …”

    I’m staying out of Fort Marcy Park this weekend. I’d advise Doug Band to do the same.

    Listen to Howie 3-7 p.m. on WRKO AM 680.

  76. Tony Stark
    October 28, 2016 at 12:42 am

    Like the person who stood in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square.

    That woman is saying something the open border types and media do not want said. If there were not 30 to 40 million illegal aliens in this country, she and other people like her, would have jobs, be self supporting and not homeless OR there would be adequate resources available to help her instead of every illegal parasite siphoning off resources. For whatever reason, she cannot compete with slave wages and live a decent life. She is at the bottom of the economic ladder because globalists put her there. Cheap and disposable labor is more important to them than the welfare, dignity, health and well being of a fellow citizen. It doesn’t matter if she is a junkie, mentally ill, a bum because all of that is also directly related to her economic and social plight. And she is smart enough to know it. Social and economic revolutions start at the bottom not at the Clinton (money-laundering) Foundation.

  77. wbboei
    October 28, 2016 at 4:40 am
    Isn’t this much the same method that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton use for their shakedowns of large corporations?

  78. This election will decide many important things, not the least of which is who runs this country, i.e. the American People or the CEOs of mainstream media. Bear in mind, 14,000 primary voters nominated Trump and 20 big media ceos are hell bent on destroying him, not because he is wrong on the issues, and surely not because he would be worse for the country than Hillary, but because he threatens the corrupt order which every member of that ceo cabal benefits from. When Trump talked about draining the swamp each of them knew he was talking not about some abstract problem, some iguius fatis of a fevered imagination. Not a chance. The culprit he was talking about was them. And he is right because it is patently obvious that big media cares not for the truth, for the profession, for the constitution, the nation or its people. And, in 2016, they are are all in to elect a criminal, who they know will destroy the country. And now they say they are shocked to learn that they are hated by the American People. But given their track record, how could it be otherwise.

  79. nomobama
    October 28, 2016 at 4:49 am
    October 28, 2016 at 4:40 am
    Isn’t this much the same method that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton use for their shakedowns of large corporations?

  80. Now that we know certain things, like the pay to play scheme, the terrible judgment on foreign policy matters, the utter disregard for the security interests of this nation, what she really thinks of the American People, the pathological lying, and the dream of the destruction of the nation state, a vote for Hillary is also a vote to ratify all of these bad acts in their entirety. That presents a bit of a moral dilemma for anyone who wishes to think of themselves as honest and trustworthy.

  81. What’s sad is that some people just don’t care about the lying and the corruption. I don’t understand it. My conclusion is that they are very stupid people.

  82. I think that Hillary has lost Florida, and that there is nothing she can do at this point to win here. Don’t be surprised if she has perhaps one more event here, and then that’s it.

  83. Tony Stark
    October 27, 2016 at 9:15 pm
    Trump has had very good timing and Assange is aware of that as a critical issue. I think we will see the most major things starting Nov 1.

  84. Have you seen the homeless guy guarding Donald’s star as pictured at Drudge?
    Gateway reveals the sign’s message: “20 Million Illegals and Americans Sleep on the Streets in Tents. Vote Trump.”

    For me, it is today’s postcard. And for Donald, I pray it is the rallying cry that brings him to DC.

    Remember BO came in as Lincoln.
    Then refused to attend 150th anniversary of Abe’s “of the people by the people for the people” address.

  85. nomobama

    October 28, 2016 at 6:53 am

    That’s a homeless female guarding the star.

    Better yet. Her message is stronger than “his” would have been
    re Oregon standoff acquittal. cue Nat King Cole “The Party’s Over” (Live December 17, 1957)

    Uploaded Feb 2010.

  86. nomobama

    October 28, 2016 at 6:53 am

    That’s a homeless female guarding the star.

    Knowing The Donald!!
    I bet she won’t be homeless much longer. 😀

  87. We just voted early in Texas. The staff said they had never seen anything like it. The turnout is enormous. Lucky Trump.

  88. Hillary’s new slogan:

    “Eight more years–of corruption, division and decline”

    Megan Kelly—where do I sign?

    Just make sure I get my $20 million salary.

    I really enjoy watching the wit brothers take over FOX from their evil father.

    The older one is half wit, the younger one is dim wit.

    Yes, Half and Dim, that is the pair that Kelly’s lawyers are negotiating with.

    Want proof that they aint too bright?

    Fine, I will give it to you right now.

    One minute they say Megan Kelly is the future of FOX News.

    Then five minutes later they are saying things like there are other people who would kill for her time slot.

    Consistency they say is the hobgoblin of small minds.

    But shooting your bargaining position in the foot like these two idiots have done are indicative of even smaller ones.

    Smaller even than Rubio’s . . . oh well, you get the idea.

  89. FBI has reopened the investigation into HRCs emails. They’re saying new emails have been found. Don’t know if it has to do with the 33,000 missing emails.

  90. Comey, under pressure from the investigators he threw under the bus to exonerate Hillary, has announced that the bureau has announced that the bureau will re-open the investigation based on the discovery of new emails which bear on the issue of criminality. Shortly thereafter, we see an interview with CNN where a “reporter” from WashPo states that the prospect that this criminal investigation will dog her into the White House and may lead to a Watergate secario in her first term MAY affect SOME voters IN THE SUBURBS. Whereupon the moderator acts INCREDULOUS and asks do you really think so.

    Two comments: first, big media is so far down the path of their narrative that they cannot see the forest for the trees. And that means their analysis has no relationship to reality. They live in the age of fake, they have promoted it, and now they are fast becoming its victims. Live by the lie, die by the lie. Second, I firmly believe that he FBI had these emails all the time, that Comey suppressed them, and only because the reputation of the agency is now in the tank that agents came forward and said if you do not re open this negotiation we will all go public–and you cannot fire us all.

    I started to write something here about how things are faring in the ground war–we are winning despite the fraud, the air war–we are winning because big media has become a broken record, and the action is with wikileaks, project veritas, and the resurgence of the national security scandal, plus news that Lynch is taking the Fifth, and the cyberwar, where Soros is manipulating the machines. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but I think it is more probable than not that there will be a significant deviation between the exit interviews vs. the machine driven results, evidence of which is emerging in Texas where I am told 80,000 people have signed a petition. A future lawsuit is not unlikely, and how that will affect the push to appoint a replacement for Scalia is an imponderable.

    In the final analysis, the people of this country should be asking themselves three questions:

    1. do you favor change or continue the status quo?

    2. who do you want to run this country–the elites or the people??

    3. if this election is stolen by the globalists how will we respond???

  91. Bear one thing in mind with respect to James Comey:

    As Joe Di Genowa told us, Comey IS a dirty cop.

    The fact that he has re-opened the investigation he previously shut down

    Was not a voluntary act on his part.

    I believe he had no choice.

    Old muckrakers deserve to die, but they live on to trouble the living stream

    And so it is with Carl Bernstein

    He had 22 reporters trying to dig up dirt on Trump

    His book has just come out—to late

    He was asked about the reopening of the criminal investigation on Hillary

    All he could say was she should call the FBI

    Lots of luck with that one

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