#DebateNight High Stakes #MAGA: Las Vegas Fight For America With @RealDonaldTrump Vs. #Hillary2016

Tonight’s the night. We’ve already discussed expectations and what strategy both the candidates and the moderator should pursue. We won’t belabor the points we previously made.

We will watch/listen tonight to see if the Trump campaign at the highest level will utilize a certain CC/C line of attack. If not tonight, perhaps in the coming days. We’ll see tonight. If CC/C comes into play, we’ll cheer.

Tonight the topics as announced by the moderator Chris Wallace will be:

The topics selected by Wallace, not necessarily to be brought up in this order, include:

Debt and entitlements
Supreme Court
Foreign hot spots
Fitness to be President

The format calls for six 15-minute time segments, with each 15-minute segment focusing on each of the topics.

Things for Trump and Hillary to remember: (1) it’s the economy stupid, (2) this is a change election and the candidate of change wins; (3) Hillary will goad Trump as her smartest strategy and maybe even attack Trump’s family; (4) Trump should talk about grand themes and not allow himself to be goaded – reply CC/C.

Trump’s guests tonight include the mother of slain American Sean Smith who died in Benghazi and that was an honorable invitation, as provocative as it is.

Speaking of goading, Trump also has a distraction/guest that brings the Las Vegas debate into the realm of a really big show.

Can’t argue with Malik on that.

Viva Las Vegas!

It’s high stakes and Donald J. Trump is The Gambler who wins bigly.

After tonight’s debate, Big Media will twist tonight as a Trump loss no matter what happens.

As usual, our comments section will make rude noises, smart observations, witty banter, and all around smart alekyness. It’s fight night in Vegas.


187 thoughts on “#DebateNight High Stakes #MAGA: Las Vegas Fight For America With @RealDonaldTrump Vs. #Hillary2016

  1. More from Vegas:


    In the hours before the third and final presidential debate, attorneys for Danney Williams, the 30-year-old who has for decades claimed to be the black son of Bill Clinton, were in Las Vegas to announce their intention to file a paternity suit demanding DNA evidence from the former president.

    Accompanying the dramatic announcement is a rap music video celebrating Williams that has begun to go viral on the Internet.

    “Justice for Danney Williams” is the title of the piece produced by the act Freenauts. It can be found on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

    George V. Gates IV of New Orleans and Bruce Fein, of Washington, D.C., held a press conference Wednesday with Williams in Las Vegas, the site of the debate.

    The attorneys announced their intention to seek legal action against former President Clinton to obtain DNA evidence for a paternity suit they plan to file. They claim that Clinton, actively blocked by Hillary Clinton for political reasons, has failed to make good on child support obligations since Danney was born.

    Viva Las Vegas!

  2. Last two debates, it was popcorn. This debate is pizza. I just ordered mine with extra cheese, Italian sausage and mushrooms. That is for the cheesy BM, the failed global (Italian) economy and the public that is treated like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed bullshit).

  3. S

    October 19, 2016 at 8:33 pm

    one more thing…I heard Nigel Farage on Lou Dobbs earlier…and Dobbs asked him to compare what was going on before the election with Brexit…

    and he said basically the same that all the establishment was against it bla, bla, bla

    but the interesting point was…he said the odds makers had it 12 to 1 against Brexit
    whereas the odds makers now have Trump 4 to 1…so he thinks if Donald can speak clearly and talk about his plans he has a very good shot

    also heard DT prepped for debate with Chris Christie playing Hillary…(tell that to the guy who created Naked Hillary in NYC…if anyone saw that clip yesterday…sorry…hell they did the same thing to Naked DT)


    according to Cavuto, add Ambassador Chris Stephen’s fiance and the latest woman to claim Bill sexually assaulted her…to the people that will be at debate tonight

  4. Fitness to be President…a loaded question aimed toward Trump, bit in reality, it should be Hillary for numerous reasons

  5. Hillary in white pantsuit, Trump in red tie.

    Wallace: Supreme Court. Several appointments for next president. Originalism or living document, the Constitution?

    Hillary: SC the central issue this election. What kind of rights for Americans? SC on the side of the people not powerful and wealthy. SC should be for LGBT and women’s rights. No to Citizens United. Keep marriage equality. Keep Roe v. Wade. I will nominate like this. Confirm Obama’s appointment.

    Trump: SC is what it is all about. We need the right justices. Justice Ginsberg made inappropriate comments about me and my supporters. Uphold all amendments including second amendment. Hillary will diminish 2nd Amendment. Justices I appoint I have named. Pro-life, conservative, scholars, interpret the Constitution as Founders intended. Justices should not interpret the way they want things to be but should follow the Constitution as written.

    Wallace: Guns? Clinton you don’t like Heller decision?

    Hillary: I support gun ownership. Goes back to founding. But I believe in reasonable restrictions. 33,000 people a year killed by guns, close gun show loophole. I disagreed how SC applied Heller to the 2nd Amendment.

    Wallace: How will you protect 2nd amendment?

    Trump: DC v Heller she was very angry about. It was a well crafted decision.

    Hillary: Dozens of toddlers injure themselves with guns so I was upset. But I respect the 2nd Amendment. Donald is supported by the NRA and they run ads against me. We will try to save these 33,000 lives.

    Wallace: You support national right to carry?

    Trump: Chicago has toughest laws and tremendous gun violence. I am proud of NRA endorsement. I am honored. We will appoint justices that will support the 2nd Amendment.

  6. On abortion, Mook in an email said that they were all on board for third trimester in a Podesta email. Public vs Private.

  7. Wallace: Abortion? Overturn Roe?

    Trump: If it is overturned it will go back to states. I believe it will happen because I will nominate pro-life justices. The states will then make the decision.

    Hillary: I support Roe and women’s right to choose. So many states put stringent regulations on women. They defund planed parenthood. Donald wants to defund Planned Parenthood. I will defend womens right to choose. He said there should be punishment for women who abort.

    Wallace: You said the fetus has no constitutional right?

    Hillary: Roe says there can be restrictions only for life of mother on abortion. These are painful decisions. The U.S. government should not make these personal decisions.

    Trump: Late term partial birth abortion is terrible. Rip the baby out of the womb just as the baby is to be born. It is not OK with me. It is OK for Hillary to rip the baby out on the final day.

    Hillary: That is scare rhetoric. Meet with the women. This is a worst possible choice. The government should not make it. China used to force abortion and in Romania used to force women to give birth.

    Trump: No one has the right to abort a baby two or three days before birth.

  8. I can’t support late term abortion. Like I said in the past, as a nurse, I never met a woman that lost a child say she lost her fetus, it was always her baby, always…

  9. There’s no proof, Hillary!!! And call her on her deflection! Answer about open borders! Yay he just did it, “great pivot” lol

  10. Wallace: Immigration? Trump you want restrictions, Hillary you want no restrictions?

    Trump: She wants to give amnesty. We need borders. In the audience are mothers who lost their children to illegal immigrants. We have no country if we have no border. Border Control agents and ICE endorsed me. They want strong borders. I was in NH and their biggest problem is heroin coming across the border. We must keep the drugs out. We get the drugs, they get the cash. We need the wall. I will get the bad drug dealers out immediately then focus on others.

    Hillary: I think about Carla who is worried her parents might be deported. Her parents are illegal she is not. I don’t want to see families split and a deportation force. 15 million people he wants to deport. A massive law enforcement rounding up people onto trains. An idea that will keep our country apart. I voted for border security. I want our resources to get rid of the violent. As to the wall, Trump choked and did not raise it with Mexican president. I will introduce comprehensive immigration reform in first 100 days.

    Trump: I had a very good meeting with the Mexican president. I will negotiate with Mexican president on the horrible NAFTA. Hillary voted for the wall.

    Hillary: I voted for border security. But Donald started with bashing Mexicans. I am also arguing undocumented immigrants will be good so they won’t be exploited. Trump built Trump Tower with illegals. Get everyone out of the shadows. No exploitation.

    Trump: Millions under Obama have been deported. We either have a country with borders or we don’t. Millions did it the right way and it is unfair to them. Someone runs across the border and jumps in line ahead of the legal. She wants open borders.

    Hillary: There will be no open borders. This used to be bipartisan.

    Wallace: You were paid 250,000 dollars by Brazilian bank and said your dream was for “open borders”.

    Hillary: I was talking about open borders for energy. That Wikileaks leak is from the Russian government. This is from Putin to influence our election. Most important question is will Trump condemn Russians and reject Putin’s help?

    Trump: Great pivot to get away from her “open borders” remark. She wants open borders. She wants 550% of Syrians more than Obama. We don’t know who these people are. She wants open borders. Putin says nice things about me. Putin does not respect Hillary nor Obama. Nuclear warheads Russian increase.

    Hillary: Putin wants you as his puppet. You encourage espionage against our people. You break up NATO, get help from Putin who wants you. 17 agencies conclude it is Russia who is hacking to influence our election.

    Trump: Hillary you have no idea.

    Hillary: He won’t believe the agencies.

    Trump: Putin has outsmarted her in Syria and everywhere else.

    Wallace: Do you condemn Russian interference?

    Trump: I never met Putin. It would be great to get along with Putin. Putin has outsmarted Hillary and Obama. Russians are happy with the dumb START treaty she signed. Russia took over the middle east. She has been outsmarted by Putin. And always will be.

    Hillary: Trump has advocated more countries get nukes. Wants to use nukes. The president has control over nukes. The top officials are against Trump’s finger on the nuclear button.

    Trump: Many national security officials support me. Japan and other countries get rich off our protection. Japan and Saudi Arabia should pay more. This is another Hillary lie.

    Hillary: You said “enjoy yourselves” to nuke weapons. US kept the peace. Trump wants to destroy our alliances.

  11. I can’t support late term abortion. Like I said in the past, as a nurse, I never met a woman that lost a child say she lost her fetus, it was always her baby, always…

    gonzo, I think those people who said that to you miscarried, ie, wanted their child…? It might be different than those who are having late term abortions about what they call it…?

    I don’t like late term, either, although if the mom’s life is in danger, I feel she takes precedence. But I don’t believe there are that many late term, and certainly shouldn’t be, really shouldn’t even be that many at all, with all the birth control, including the morning after pill, available. I don’t have the stats, but I suspect the late term abortion thing is mostly a dem talking point. I really think it’s mostly for mom’s health reasons or there is something seriously wrong with the baby.

  12. I think Trump should say he wants to encourage better jobs to be created. Minimum wage jobs are not meant to support a family – that’s not a reason to double minimum wage. I don’t know what amount it should be, though. But minimum wage jobs are meant to be starter jobs – kids need starter jobs. If you’re middle aged and working minimum wage, IMO that’s on you. You didn’t go to school or get any training, you popped out kids you couldn’t afford or when really young, or something. Minimum wage should be starter jobs, they’re unskilled jobs for heaven’s sake, and then you move on and up. IMHO anyway.

  13. Anyone wanting to understand late term abortion is usually saline induced. Saline burns the baby, baby could be born alive and there CANNOT be a physician present legally. I worked in the business 40 years ago. This is something that is beyond horror.

  14. gonzo’s right, the debt was 10 trillion when Obama took over. Two hundred whatever years of presidents and we got to 10 trillion. In fewer than 8 years, Obama doubled it. Incredible.

  15. Not really, If you remember the murdering Dr in, was it La..he had baby parts everywhere. And truly Planned Parenthood is almost always in the ghettos or poor neighborhood’s.

    At this point in medical advances, baby’s 18 weeks old are being saved and living full lifes.
    That’s second trimester. ..

  16. @gonzotx
    I know. Times have changed. My point is that in that rare case where there is danger to the life of the mother, that is the choice of the family. No one should take that away, but to open 3rd trimester to everyone for anything is not a good thing.

  17. Wallace: Economy. Your plans good?

    Hillary: When middle class thrives America thrives. I want biggest jobs program ever. New jobs in clean energy to fight climate change. Help small business. Raise minimum wage nationally. Equal pay for women. Preschool. Technical education. College debt free. No tuition for public college as I worked with Bernie Sanders. Higher taxes for wealthy. 10 million new jobs. Trump’s plan will lose jobs with tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Trickle down economics on steroids.

    Trump: Her plan will double your taxes. As to Japan and Saudi Arabia they have to pay up. I am a fan of NATO but they have to pay up. Hillary tells them they don’t have to pay up. Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia have to pay up. We can’t afford it anymore. I want free trade but smart trade. She supports NAFTA which destroyed jobs here. I will negotiate great trade deals. I will cut taxes massively. Bring back trillions back to country. Our country is dying at 1% GDP.

    Hillary: He advocates for big tax cuts. I will not raise taxes on anyone under $250,000 and not add to the debt. He adds to the debt. My husband brought down the national debt. Obama inherited a national disaster. We must invest in people and new jobs and education. Cutting taxes does not work.

    Wallace: Your plan is similar to Obama stimulus which did not work. Is your plan even more Obama stimulus?

    Hillary: Obama inherited an economic disaster. I believe Obama saved the economy. It was a terrible recession. I propose we invest from the ground up not top down. I do not increase debt. Incomes are beginning to increase.

    Wallace: Your numbers don’t add up? Unrealistic.

    Trump: India is growing at 8%, China at 6%. We are at 1% and going down. The anemic jobs report tells the story. Our country is stagnant. We don’t manufacture. China sells here. I met many who cry and see the factories that are closed because of her husband’s NAFTA. One of the worst things ever. She now wants TPP. She lied. She called TPP the “gold standard”.

    Hillary: I saw the final agreement for TPP and came out against it. Trump shipped jobs to Mexico and other countries. China dumps steel in our country. Donald buys their steel and aluminum. I will have a trade prosecutor.

    Trump: Why the hell haven’t you done it the last 30 years? You have experience. Bad experience. For 30 years you haven’t done it. You talk but you don’t get anything done. In State Department 6 billion dollars went missing with you in charge.

    Hillary: It’s not true. In 70s I worked for Children’s Defense Fund while he was sued for discrimination. Same in 80s and 90s. He insulted Machado. He hosted Celebrity Apprentice. I tried to help kids and families.

    Trump: I built a massive company. Worth billions. Started with 1 million loan. If we run the country like I run my companies we would be proud. Take a look at ISIS, Libya, Iraq. She gave us ISIS. Now ISIS is in 32 countries.

  18. So, how does everyone feel so far with Trump’s performance? I’m too stressed out to dare watch. I won’t even read the quotes. Just interested in people’s reactions!

  19. Wallace: Fitness for president? Women have come forward. Why so many women come forth? Is what Bill did worse?

    Trump: Many of those stories are debunked. Her campaign started this. The latest leaks show her campaign paid for the violence against my rallies and supporters. Her campaign illegally started violence. She got these people to step forward.

    Hillary: We heard what Trump did to women. His response was to deny because they were not attractive. He went on to say “look at her”. He attacked the woman reporter. Said they are disgusting. He believes women to make himself bigger. Women knows what that feels like. That’s who Donald is. We need to show who we are and reject Trump. America is great because America is good.

    Trump: Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Those stories have been largely debunked. Possibly this was started by her campaign. What is not fictional is her destruction of 33,000 emails. Now a General is being prosecuted and going to jail for one lie. A four star General but she gets away with it. This is not fiction.

    Hillary: When Trump is pushed on something like these women he denies responsibility. He never apologizes. He went after a disabled reporter, the Kahns, McCain, a federal judge who’s parents are Mexican. This is a pattern of darkness. That is not who America is.

    Trump: She caused the violence at my rallies then talks about the violence at my rallies.

    Wallace: You promised to avoid even appearance of impropriety with Clinton Foundation but donors got contracts for donations? Pay to play?

    Hillary: Our country’s interests. The Clinton Foundation does a lot of good and I am proud. 11 million with AIDS get treatment, enviromnent..

    Trump: It is a criminal enterprise. Saudi Arabia get millions. They push gays off buildings, treat women horribly. But you took millions. Why won’t you give back the money. In Haiti they hate the Clintons because of what the Foundation did.

    Hillary: 90% of the money is given. We have highest ratings. Compare us to Trump Foundation. Haiti is poorest country. We spent millions in Haiti. Helped small business.

    Trump: They don’t want you to help them anymore. The Trump Foundation is a small foundation. The money went to Fisher House which funds veterans.

    Hillary: But he has not released his tax returns. He has not paid a penny in income tax. Half of all undocumented immigrants pay taxes.

    Trump: People like her passed laws we use. Same as Soros and Buffet who are her donors. Hillary you should have changed the law if you did not like it. You don’t change the law because you give money to your friends on Wall Street.

    Wallace: Rigged election? Pence said you will accept result as did your daughter. You?

    Trump: I will look at it at the time. What I’ve seen is bad. The media is so dishonest. They poisoned the minds of voters. The voters will not be fooled. The voter rolls have millions of people registered to vote that should not be on the rolls. Also, she should not be allowed to run. She has committed serious crimes. She should not have been allowed to run based on what she did with emails.

    Wallace: Tradition has loser come together.

    Trump: I will keep you in suspense.

    Hillary: Trump always claims things are rigged against him. FBI concluded I did nothing wrong. He claimed the primaries were rigged against him. He claimed the emmys were rigged. It is troubling. 240 years of free and fair elections. Obama said he is whining and not up to the job. He is denigrating our democracy. I am appalled.

    Trump: What the FBI did is disgraceful. Met with her husband privately.

  20. oh c’mon, there are often recounts after relections, we had the whole chad thing a while back, wanting to make sure you feel something was legit is not horrible,, and Trump has never said it wouldn’t be peaceful

  21. oh he says once “maybe we should go in”, and she says he’s on record saying it many times, liar! Then she says multiple sources – oh all her media friends keep repeating the same thing, that’s not separate independent confirmation!

  22. Wallace: Mosul. U.S. troops to stop ISIS?

    Hillary: I am encouraged by Iraqi army efforts. I will not support American soldiers as occupying force. That will reconstitute ISIS. We must press on into Syria. We have a lot of work to do because of Iranians and Russians. I want an intelligence surge. Don’t let terrorists buy weapons. No fly zone.

    Trump: Mosul. We had Mosul. Now we are fighting again to get Mosul. Three months ago they announced the attack against Mosul. ISIS left because we lost the element of surprise. Stupid. To look good for election Obama started the Mosul attack. The big winner in Mosul will be Iran. Iran also got from us the stupidest deal ever. Iran is taking over Iraq and we made it easy for them. Iran is the beneficiary. Hillary was there when she voted to attack Iraq and also when we left.

    Hillary: I said it was a mistake. He denies he supported it. Google it. He has not told the truth. I did vote for it. Mosul is a Sunni city and the border of Syria. We need to go after them. They are digging underground then move into Syria.

    Trump: We don’t get anything. You are unfit. John Podesta said some ugly things about you. Bernie Sanders says you have bad judgement. Podesta said you have terrible instincts.

    Hillary: Bernie Sanders supports me and says you are the most dangerous.

  23. I don’t know, I think this moderator is trying to do well… I think he might be a little scared, though, I keep hearing his voice give a little bit

  24. Wikileaks Wikileaks is all he has to keep on saying so that folks will do their homework. Schmidt CEO Google is in her pocket.

  25. Apollos5600
    October 19, 2016 at 10:01 pm
    So, how does everyone feel so far with Trump’s performance? I’m too stressed out to dare watch. I won’t even read the quotes. Just interested in people’s reactions!

    Trump doing very well. Hillary is pissed. Her eyes are all wonky

  26. Wallace: Aleppo? You said it has fallen and it is not true. You said Russia is fighting ISIS.

    Trump: Aleppo has fallen from any way you see it. This was because of Hillary Clinton. Assad was tougher than Obama and Hillary. Assad aligned with Russia and Iran. We gave Iran 1.7 billion in cash. Assad has aligned with Russia and Iran. We back “rebels” but we don’t know who they are. Even if you overthrown Assad you might wind up with something worse. This has caused the great migration and she wants more to come in. This is a Trojan Horse.

    Wallace: No fly zone? Obama says no. A no fly zone means war with Russia.

    Hillary: A no fly zone can save lives. There are concerns. But this will take a lot of negotiations with Russia and Syria. I think we can strike a deal. As to Trump’s claims about refugees I will not slam the door on refugees. We will vet carefully. The killer in Orlando was born in Queens.

    Trump: It’s ridiculous. “She will defeat ISIS.” She let it happen. Russia took over during one of our “cease fires”. Our country is so outplayed by Putin and Iran. Our leadership is stupid.

  27. Hillary has been reading her prepared answers all night. Her face has been looking down at the podium more times than not.

  28. It is obvious that she has been going over and over and over on interlinking the canned stuff. Gawd, if women think she is the savior…they are so wrong. I’ve read far too many emails to know that even her campaign staff thinks she is off her rocker.

  29. It is hard to stop her…she talks over everyone

    He just called her such a nasty woman
    And your husband disagrees with you

  30. Wallace: Debt. Under Clinton plan debt rises 85% under Trump 105%.

    Trump: They’re wrong because I will bring in many jobs and bring our growth from 1% to 4 or 5%. We will create a tremendous economic machine. We need the kind of country that made things. Our political hacks and trade deals hurt us. We have great business people but we use political hacks who made contributions. We will create an economic machine and people will go back to work.

    Hillary: His slogan is Make America Great Again so I ask when was America great? He criticizes our government. He attacked Reagan. This is how Donald thinks about himself. The debt? I pay for everything with my plan. We will tax the wealthy and corporations. That will not slow down our economy. Rebuild the middle class. He started off with his millionaire dad.

    Trump: I did disagree with Reagan on trade. I want smart deals.

    Wallace: Entitlements. Medicare. Social Security. Huge cuts if nothing is done. Will you make a deal for tax increases and cuts to programs?

    Trump: Repeal and replace ObamaCare. It is destroying our small and big businesses. It is a disaster. It will die of its own weight. Premiums are rising. She wants to keep ObamaCare and make it worse.

    Hillary: We need more money for Social Security with taxes on the wealthy. Raise the cap. I will not cut benefits. Women. Donald proposes huge cuts with dire consequences. The Affordable Care Act if repealed with hurt other programs. I have a plan.

    Wallace: One minute closing

    Hillary: I am reaching out to all Americans to make our country what it should be. We need your talents, your skills. I want to make life better for all of you. I will stand up for families. Preschool, college.

    Trump: She raises the money from people she wants to control. Make America Great Again. Fix the military, take care of our vets. Our police are disrespected. Our inner cities are a disaster. I will help Latinos and African Americans unlike Hillary who just talks. Make America Strong Again. We can’t take four more years of Obama and that is what you get with Hillary.


  31. I hate when she pretends to wave at someone and scrunches up her face in that fake smile, like she keeps seeing best friends out in the audience…

  32. Megyn Kelly is a clown and a deceiver so I don’t trust her judgment. What do you all think? Yours is the more valuable opinion.

  33. Or for heaven’s sake they’re saying the big issue is that he didn’t say he would automatically accept the election results. Well, I think that just means the media and dems are going to push it. Why in the world would you agree to something ahead of time, what if he has reason to believe there was cheating? Are we to think that if Hillary thought there was cheating, she wouldn’t hold off accepting the results????

  34. Well, he missed some opportunities to bring up the recent documentation on the voter fraud and some of the wikileaks stuff. But he came across strong and true. She did not. And the Russian stuff was really bad, sounding like bad conspiracy theory stuff.

  35. Well, my impression was he left too much on the table. He could have slaughtered her. It’s easy sitting back here without that pressure, but I was underwhelmed with the opportunities to ram WikiLeaks and the Project Veritas videos up her ass he bypassed.

  36. I mean, if it is someone in her own party cheating her, she’ll take it. But IMO she’d stand up if she thought the republicans had cheated her.

  37. Trump clearly won — those saying he left too much on the table are wrong. He got in Veritas, Wikileaks, Podesta, Heller (2nd Amendment), she’s all talk, no action, disaster as SoS, 30 year politician, HAITI!! — no way he could bring in everything.

    Hillary was rehearsed & insincere. She came off like the phony she has become under Obama’s tutelage.

  38. He could have gone after her more… had Chris not interrupted him every time she scratched her chin. Now go vote on Brietbart. Trump is behind

  39. That was, of course, a great opportunity to say, “If the elections are fair, of course I will accept the results, however, we’ve seen just this past week that operatives hired by the Democratic National Committee have used shell companies to purchase vehicles and bus people to vote multiple times, across state lines… THAT is not a “free and fair election Chris, and if that sort of thing happens in THIS election, we’re not going to accept it, and understand this Hillary, we have people watching you”.

  40. Yes, Trump had some missed opportunities, but the debate was only 1 1/2 hours, not 24 hours. There is so much to say in such a tight format. The only issue that I had with his performance is that sometimes he is speaks assuming that people know what he is alluding to, and if they dont, they won’t understand his point.
    Trump did ok. It would have been great to see a knock out blow, but that wasn’t quite the case. He did sting her sometimes.

  41. Hillary’s Dr was there and the other guy, who ever he is, they went to her immediately. How weird, how weird.

  42. I didn’t see that Gonzo. I watched on YouTube, which cut off before that. I did hear Hillary clear her throat in the very beginning. There is something there. It’s not normal.

  43. What would help Donald out from tonight until November 7th, is if Hillary has another medical episode in public.

  44. On national debt and economy – Chris, no one has EVER taxed themselves to prosperity. What she is saying is more top down spending where Washington decides what the money you earn is spent on, and frankly, it’s always spent on schemes and donors that are multiple times inefficient than leaving it in the hands of the people who EARN it. She knows better how your money should be spent than you do, that’s what she’s saying – no country has EVER taxed themselves into prosperity – I don’t know how many times it has to be shown over and over yet they still don’t get it. We sure got a lot out of that trillion that we gave Obama in 09 didn’t we? What happened to that money Hillary? What happened to THAT trillion dollars of the citizens’ money.

    immigration / economy – Chris every job that goes to one of her amnestied aliens is a job that’s taken away from an American Citizen. You give an American a job and he’ll earn his way.

  45. gonzo, that’s a secret service guy, the pin he wears is for the secret service. I saved a good article about it. I can look for it if you want to see it. It also shows how the “injector” was a pen flashlight.

  46. Hillary was definitely looking odd tonight. She forgot her answers a couple of times and her eyes looked dopey. I think her handlers were afraid she would do a face plant before they got her off stage. I truly believe a percentage of the TV audience was watching this debate for the same reason people watch NASCAR…. hoping there would be a big crash. Had the debate been longer… might have happened.

  47. In this debate, Trump basically said that if you want change, vote for me. If you want a continuation of the Obama administration, vote for Hillary. The admin is right in the past. People don’t like the direction that the country is headed. That is an indictment of both Obama and Hillary. I suspect that Trump will get the vast number of votes from those who want change. If a voter is still undecided from today onward to election day, Trump will probably get there vote on November 8th. These voters know what they already have with Obama. They’ll opt for the change with Trump.

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  77. Ugghh I can’t watch these people, and all Megyn Kelly wants to do is talk about Trump and women. Time to turn on USA and watch NCIS reruns lol

  78. Turn off the Big Media. We all know what they are going to say. If Hillary had admitted to lying and killing people in Benghazi, the media would still say Donald was responsible somehow.

  79. Lorac,

    I do not believe that guy, he is AA,is SS. He has been glued to her, he has at one time been caught telling her on mic, it’s ok, just keep talking. He is there because of her illness. What he is, I don’t know.

  80. Is Kelly condemning her for giving Hillary questions, or is she denying it’s even true? I can believe either one, since Fox, at least, would want to build up Wallace and their sagging ratings.

  81. kelly grilling her on who gave her the questions to give to the clinton camp…. brazille denying of course saying that the emails are not legitimate… she’s was as stuttering mess

  82. nomobama
    October 19, 2016 at 11:06 pm
    I did not watch the debate.

    I did a quick check of the “non-scientific” polls.

    The sense I got from them was she won the debate.

    I wanted him to be tough on her.

    He wasn’t.

    The question is why.

    He backed off on some of his tough positions.

    As supporters we did not like that.

    But I strongly suspect that he is shooting for the independents

    Also, instead of pounding the floor on wiki leaks and project veritas and he let those issues slide.

    Knowing what the subject matter areas were I cannot believe that was an oversight.

    I think it was tactical.

    Part of a turning of the screw strategy which will play out over the next couple weeks.

    That would not have been my choice, but at this point, my feeling are immaterial.

  83. @lorac
    Something in Hillary’s voice got my Grey to start laughing and then the other three joined in. I have four in all. I couldn’t stop laughing which made it worse because they kept laughing.

  84. I think overwall that Trump won a tactical victory in this and the first debate and perhaps a substantive victory in the second one, especially with his retort about her going to jail. I doubt that the debates really changed that many people’s minds anyway on how they are going to vote.

  85. One of the wonderful things about this format is the real time analysis.

    I say something that sounds sensible (to me)

    Then, a moment later I am proven wrong.

    Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive.

    But to be wrong was very heaven.

    This guy says it all: Trump won. He did what he needed to do.

    I have not gone through it but the opening statement by him probably tells the story.

    But you may find it interesting.

    Admin. please open this link when you get the chance.


  86. wbboei
    October 20, 2016 at 12:00 am
    October 19, 2016 at 11:06 pm
    I did not watch the debate.

    I did a quick check of the “non-scientific” polls.


    I don’t know what polls you are looking at — 8 out of 10 show him winning by large margins.
    She was exposed for wanting open borders, the corruption in the Foundation (Haiti), she defending abortion in the 9th month, laughed at inappropriate times, wanted more refugees, has been in public life 30 years with no accomplishments but de-stabalizing Middle East and spewed her talking points regardless of what the question was.
    My mom –a reluctant Trump supporter –said she sounded phony and Trump was authentic. That’s what matters.

  87. I also voted and checked out the non scientific polls and I found Trump winning them 2 to 1 wbb.

    Of course the CNN poll and others had Hillary winning, they probably had the numbers BEFORE the debate…

    Many commenter’s on sites such as CTH and ACE wanted him to punch harder, but with the moderator already siding with Hillary, I think it would have escalated and I think his aim was to not let that happen. I think all and all he did well, his best and comments from the people who watched and support him seem to agree he won.
    He’s not a polished debater like Hillary and always having to debate her and the moderators is a ridiculous situation. Hillary looked tired and she was not on top of her game.

  88. Venus,

    I have indicated in the past that there is an authenticity to Trump that Hillary lacks. Trump talks to the people, not over the people. No amount of smooth, political talk as done by Hillary can disguise her lies. No one wants to be lied to, and Hillary is remembered as someone who cannot help herself when it comes to the art of lying.

  89. Some possibility Hillary has people trying to troll the polls. Breitbart of all places, which usually shows a lopsided win for Trump, had Hillary victorious despite the majority of commentators thinking Trump won and won big. However, Trump winning the majority of online polls except a few like Breitbart–which would be a natural target for Hillary’s robots.

  90. Paul Ryan deserves what he is getting. I bet Donald Trump will push to have him replaced if we are fortunate enough to see Donald elected.

  91. I thought two of his strongest moments were when he hit her hard on Haiti…and said it out loud that the Haitians hate the Clintons…the Haitians must have been jumping for joy that SOMEONE FINALLY spoke up for them…

    next, Donald was very strong when he hit her on Saudi Arabia and Cutter…declaring how they throw gays off buildings and kill women and she takes millions of dollars from them…

    …then he turned to her and asked her “why don’t you give the money back”

    that was the knockout for me…her phony smile and long winded words disappeared…

    He should make an ad out of that moment with voiceover of how much money she and CGI have taken from those countries

  92. She really does come across very programmed

    funny part when she was repeating some of her attacks on Trump that she did in the last debate and Wallace said we already heard all of that last time…

    good one for Wallace…

  93. Brazile always thinks she is right and will get the last word and if anyone differs with her she thinks she can shut them up or put her “cool act” on and throw them off with her “charm” offense…getting down with it…like she is the coolest one above all others…

    She is another liar caught up to her neck in all the sleaze going on with the Dims and this campaign…

    Kelley did get tough with her…she was relentless and wouldn’t let Brazile off easily…i was surprised…

  94. My friend who is now Mrs. Smith’s friend as well and is a communications/media expert scores the debate for Trump. I told her that the early polls I saw indicated that Hillary was winning 2 to 1 including on Breitbart (not Drudge). She said that was because Hillary dominated the first on third of the debate by talking over the moderator and running over her time. Then Trump became more assertive and that gave Wallace the spine he needed to exert better control. But in the second third and the close, Trump was much more effective. He seemed genuine while Hillary came across as robotic. She was very impressed with his closing. She felt that Wallace did a reasonably good job as moderator and asked Hillary some tough questions that she never answered.

  95. what is wrong with Hillary’s supporters? Are they so insecure that they have to go around stealing Trump signs and starting violence at Trump rallys?

    Why don’t they just focus on their candidate?

    stealing Trump signs…really??? petty people…and dishonest tactics…pathetic and Donald hit when he said “her sleazy campaign”


  96. These two jackals are lefties, therefore do not go past the three minute window.

    As that segment opens we find the charismatic Jim Sensebrenner, giving a riveting speech commending Paul Ryan until he is taken aback by critics in the audience, and handles them like the klutz he is. And when Paul takes the podium and tells us how we have always fought to make a better world for our children, and to give people choices, some wag asks him what about Trump and he too is dumbfounded. Eventually he finishes his stem winder and is vigourously booed as he walks off the stage. I am a sucker for a happy ending.


  97. didn’t watch, but woke up about 2/3rds into it. was listening only. Hillary was in the middle of a response, non-stop elevated braying. it sounded very close to the “why aren’t we 50 points ahead you might ask” voice. horrible. very horrible from an audio only perspective.

  98. wbboei
    October 20, 2016 at 1:34 am
    What is a Jimmy Dore? I am certain of one thing he is, not funny. Anyway, it was funny watching Trump supporters sticking it to Paul Ryan.

  99. alcina
    October 20, 2016 at 4:13 am
    didn’t watch, but woke up about 2/3rds into it. was listening only. Hillary was in the middle of a response, non-stop elevated braying. it sounded very close to the “why aren’t we 50 points ahead you might ask” voice. horrible. very horrible from an audio only perspective.

    Yeah, she did get to points where she was trying to talk over the Wallace and then Trump where she had that shrill shouting quality in her voice.

  100. Jesus,
    The mene is Trump lost because he won’t accept Carte Blanche the results of the election.
    Guess we all have forgotten about Gore and 2000, or Franklin in MN.
    If it wasn’t that they would make something up…Laura saying he lost and 7 points behind.
    I’m calling BS.
    Apparently hillary wad perfect as always..

  101. Gonzotx — the media freaked out when Trump wouldn’t pledge to support eventual nominee at 1st GOP debate — look how that turned out.
    The only people with a problem with Trump saying he wants to see what happens before committing are the ones claiming Russia is interfering with our elections and/or the Never Trumps who still don’t accept the primary results. They are hoisting themselves on their own petard.

  102. Gonzo, based on the “Hmmm,” I’m curious what you are thinking. You think the Luntz group was stacked against?

  103. I don’t trust Luntz..
    But, it’s interesting that focus groups have Trump winning and the Media is pounding his comment about the results of the election and saying he lost.
    I do think if it wasn’t that answer, it would have been another.
    Clearly he knew that question was coming, he could have done better, explaining the cheating, the recent video, etc.
    But in the end, they would have been pounding something else, probably woman’s rights.
    It’s ridiculous.

  104. Upcoming Live Events

    Donald J. Trump in Delaware, OH 10/20/16 12:30 rsbn.tv/watch-donald-trump-rally-in-delaware-oh-live-stream-live-stream/
    Donald J. Trump in Fletcher, NC 10/21/16
    Donald J. Trump in Johnstown, PA 10/21/16
    Donald J. Trump in Newtown, PA 10/21/16
    Donald J. Trump in Virginia Beach, VA 10/22/16
    Donald J. Trump in Cleveland, OH 10/22/16

  105. Today, 10/20/16, is Hillary’s 7th consecutive day off her campaign trail.

    Today, her running mateTim Kaine will lead Early Vote Rallies in Charlotte and Durham North Carolina,
    President Obama will rally for her in Miami Gardens Florida,
    First Lady Michelle will lead an Early Vote Rally in Phoenix Arizona,
    Vice President Joe Biden will lead an Organizing Event in Nashua New Hampshire.
    If Elected President, Who Will Run Our Country For Her?

  106. Holdthem,

    Read the schedule you just posted and there is your answer to who will be running the country. 😡

    The only reason Hillary wants to win is to be the first woman president. Like a queen, she will delegate the work and just show up for some occasional hand waving.

  107. Trump’s latest:

    Friend, you heard me say it last night, Hillary Clinton is a puppet.

    During her whole career, one thing that stands out is she always pushes the agenda of the elite liberal donor class.

    She has no principles of her own, and she has never – not even once – put your interests ahead of the Wall Street billionaires and Hollywood liberals who stuff her pockets.

    America needs an independent thinker, a leader free of the corrupt insiders who use their money to rig things against you.

    I have spent my whole campaign with one goal in mind, putting someone who will work for the American people back in the White House.

    Friend, I’m asking you today to make a contribution of $250, $100, $75, $50 or $25 to our movement because we must fight to Make America Great Again!

    After last night’s final debate, it is clear I am the qualified choice for President of the United States.

    Your urgent support is critical today, because if Crooked Hillary gets in the White House she will continue doing the bidding of globalist campaign donors who do not care about the American people.

    When her donors want open borders, Hillary wants open borders.

    When her donors want job-killing “free” trade agreements (like TPP), Hillary helps to draft those agreements (and then pretends to oppose them on the campaign trail).

    When her donors want a 500% increase in Syrian refugees, Hillary falls in line and demands that your neighborhood (but not hers) swing open your doors for un-vetted people from nations filled with terrorists.

    If you look closely enough during her debates and campaign events, you might even be able to see strings coming up from Crooked Hillary’s arms!

    America doesn’t need a puppet, America needs a leader.

    It’s time to cut the cord! Help me put Americans like you first with a pro-jobs, pro-borders, pro-law and order agenda in the White House.

  108. Well Rush is supporting Trump hard this am and laughing at the media, Dems and Republicans for pushing the rigged mene…good for him..

  109. Trump or his surrogates should say:

    On Monday we learn of a scheme of massive national voter fraud by the democrat party nation wide and orchestrated from my opponents campaign, on Tuesday we learn more about the who, what, why, where and how, with the actual plotters on tape, and on Wednesday you ask me whether I will accept the election results next month unequivocally, without hesitation, and without recourse? And when I say I will wait and see what happens, and you go to pieces? If the results are legitimate, I will of course accept them, but just because we have a result, assuming we do, does not mean it is per se legitimate, when there is substantial evidence to prove that it is not. To accept a fraudulent election result would be a great service to the big money interests that PAY your luxurious salary ergo you represent, but not to the American People whom I represent.

  110. Listening to the Ohio rally, I think he just let us know what the plan is.

    What I just heard was him telling her, “I dare you to cheat. I will expose you if you do.”

    Am I wrong?

  111. Here’s that water buffalo and self described “Christian woman” fending off claims, based on clear cogent and convincing proof that she leaked the question to roly poly rolin Martin. Her defense is a little hard to follow: first, she claim wiki leaks are stolen. Second, she claims they are altered documents. Third, she claims that the condemnation she received from Tapper was no big deal. Fourth she says she loves Tapper and respects Kelly–so fucking what? Fifth, she claims she does not receive such information which is contradicted by a prior statement by her that she sometimes receives such information. Whether this was a credible response to the question, or a de facto admission of guilt, the jury will decide for themselves.

    If any juror cannot decide it may be helpful for them to know that it was fat dona and little roly poly (the recipient of the purloined question) who did a turkey in the straw dance together in Denver when they stole the nomination from Hillary. Heading to read making bacon. But this time, it is proving to be just a touch different for this devote Christian woman, with burglar’s tools in her purse. You may enjoy parsing through her defensive meandering incriminating evasive inartful response. It speaks for itself.

    Admin: please open:

  112. Clarification: roland martin of cnn, sent to debate question which was suppose to be kept secret until the debate, to donna brazille, who forwarded it to the Clinton campaign, as revealed by wiki leaks—whereas St. Bernard never saw it until the debate. More shit on the tie of CNN. They are not a news organization, or even a propaganda mill, they are evil incarnate, including that self professed Christian woman.

  113. Donald Trump makes me laugh sometimes. One case in point was what he said at his rally in Ohio today. A major announcement … he’ll accept the results of the election if he wins!

  114. The headline for the above video should be the title of Tom Wolfe’s satire: A Good Christian Woman Show Black Lives Matter How To Mau Mau The Flack Catchers, if you accidentally fuck up, and inadvertently waive your Miranda rights.

  115. Hillary looked horrible on the plane after the debate. Donald is right again. They are pumping her up with something, and then when she comes down, she looks like she needs a few days of sleep.

  116. Limbaugh just said that when Hillary mentioned how long it takes from the command to launch nuclear missiles to these missiles actually being launched, she showed that she isn’t presidential material.

  117. Hillary was definitely barely holding on health wise last night. The last 45 mins of the debate her eyes looked hazy and after the debate (see picture on Drudge) her left eye was crossing again.

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