#DebateNight 2 Pus*y Riot: @RealDonaldTrump Nuclear Fallout Falls On #Hillary2016

It’s over. By Tuesday he will resign. He’s lost the capacity to lead.

That first paragraph is not a prediction. It is a memory. A memory with lessons for Republicans. A memory to lash hypocrite Democrats.

We remember a get together with liberal activist Democrats years ago. The Monica Lewinsky story broke that very hour. George Stephanoupoulos predicted Bill Clinton could not survive until his State of the Union speech. Big Media and Democrat politicians knew it was all over. At our little get together the overwhelming consensus was “it’s over for Bill”. There was one voice that disagreed.

At that get together we stood up to scoff at the conventional wisdom. Our prediction was “this will make Bill stronger than ever.” A few days later Bill Clinton’s poll numbers jumped up sixteen percent. Republicans thought the Lewinsky sex scandal would finish him off and Democrats who wanted a leftist in office wanted Bill Clinton gone. We based our contrary opinion that night on the fact that Americans knew Bill Clinton was not a choir boy. We knew Americans don’t like contrived controversies to distract from the big issues. Which brings us to tonight and the presidential debate at 9:00.

What should Donald J. Trump do? Take a page from Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton survived and thrived because at the State of the Union speech he demonstrated personal control and stamina and stuck to the issues American care about. Trump should sincerely apologize, say he has changed during this presidential campaign, and say he will speak to the issues Americans face.

At that point to everything Hillary Clinton says Donald J. Trump should reply with “but what is your private view, the view you really hold behind closed doors with your Wall Street donors?”

Hillary Clinton and the moderators will not let Trump do that. They will continue with their Pussy riot. At that point we will discard all our previously held opinions which are that sex scandals against the Clintons don’t profit Republicans. At that point Donald J. Trump can make a very spirited and successful attack against Bill Clinton’s predatory behaviors and Hillary Clinton’s defense of same. Republicans will finally get the fight on sex they always wanted. This time they will finally win.

Well, not all Republicans will win. Donald J. Trump, when pressed tonight about Paul Ryan, John McCain, Jason Chaffetz, Kelly Ayotte, and others running for office who have denounced Trump or even declared they will not vote for Trump could declare that many of his voters will now abandon those who abandoned Trump. Republicans in close elections like Ayotte, Kirk, and Heck, should be told in certain terms that Trump voters will not vote for those who stab Trump in the back. The pressure on Paul Ryan, booed by Trump supporters yesterday at a Ryan rally, should make clear to the GOP establishment that if they attack Trump, Trump voters will attack them.

As to Hillary Clinton, she should abandon the Pussy riot attacks. Donald J. Trump will attack if Hillary Clinton tries the Pussy riot attack.

Donald J. Trump can ask young women how they can support a candidate that has attacked women who complained about rape? Trump can remind young women that Hillary Clinton stood by Bill Clinton – who used a young woman in the White House as a cigar humidor. Donald J. Trump can ask young women not to have as their role model either Hillary Clinton who defends a sex predator and who’s top aide remained by the side of her husband even as Anthony Weiner sexted erect penis pictures, took engorged penis pictures with his 4 year old son next to him, and even sexted a 15 year old girl. See what we mean. Young women who connect the dots will not like the picture. This can get very ugly. Very ugly.

As we advised earlier, Donald J. Trump should stick to the issues. At the same time every response from Hillary Clinton should be “rinse, repeat” questions and Trump should ask “but what is your private view, the view you really hold behind closed doors with your Wall Street donors?” If Trump wants to reach out to Bernie Sanders supporters this is how to do it. Bernie Sanders supporters, as Yahoo news reports, are “seething”.

Also as we advised before, Donald J. Trump should ask how someone in public life for decades has managed to amass well over a hundred million dollars. Trump can ask why all the Hillary Clinton proposals have not been done by Barack Obama. Trump can ask why in her long career Hillary Clinton has not achieved what she say she will now finally achieve. It all rather a simple line of attack from Trump.

Trump, as we advised, should remind the American public tonight that Bill Clinton knows that ObamaCare is crazy and does not work. ObamaCare viciously extracts money from the hardworking middle and working classes to give to big insurance companies. Why does Hillary Clinton defend ObamaCare?

But the big atomic issue, the nuclear bomb that has blown up Hillary2016 is the latest Wikileaks release. Hillary Clinton’s dream is “open trade” and “open borders”. That’s a nightmare. Donald J. Trump should stick to the issues tonight. There is no bigger issue than Hillary Clinton’s lies to Bernie Sanders’ voters and the American public about “open borders”.

“Open borders” is a game changer. It is a nuclear bomb that has detonated. Hypocrite Democrats who defended Bill Clinton’s cigar in vagina exploits and Big Media focused on their Pussy riot have not realized the nuclear fallout will begin tonight.


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  1. recent video of 3 of Bill’s victims saying how Hillary came after them, and the (my words) and the scum that came out of HER mouth

    Paul Joseph Watson ‏@PrisonPlanet 56m56 minutes ago
    “Hillary Clinton is a fake feminist.”

    “No woman who advocates for women attacks the victims of sexual assault.”

  2. (I do love how current events – the election and Muslims – have led Republicans to stand up for women and gays lol)

  3. https://www.yahoo.com/news/sanders-supporters-seethe-over-clintons-leaked-remarks-wall-225213392.html

    Sanders supporters seethe over Clinton’s leaked remarks to Wall St.

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Supporters of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday expressed anger and vindication over leaked comments made by Hillary Clinton to banks and big business that appeared to confirm their fears about her support for global trade and tendency to cozy up to Wall Street.

    Clinton, who needs Sanders’ coalition of young and left-leaning voters to propel her to the presidency, pushes for open trade and open borders in one of the speeches, and takes a conciliatory approach to Wall Street, both positions she later backed away from in an effort to capture the popular appeal of Sanders’ attacks on trade deals and powerful banks.

    The excerpts of remarks by the former secretary of state, made in 2013 and 2014 in closed-door meetings where audiences paid to attend, were published online on Friday by WikiLeaks, which sourced them to the email account of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman. [snip]

    “This is a very clear illustration of why there is a fundamental lack of trust from progressives for Hillary Clinton,” said Tobita Chow, chair of the People’s Lobby in Chicago, which endorsed Sanders in the primary election.

    “The progressive movement needs to make a call to Secretary Clinton to clarify where she stands really on these issues and that’s got to involve very clear renunciations of the positions that are revealed in these transcripts,” Chow said. [snip]

    Still, Clinton has struggled to win support from young “millennials” who were crucial to Sanders’ success, and some Democrats expressed concern that the leaks would discourage those supporters from showing up to vote.

    “That is a big concern and this certainly doesn’t help,” said Larry Cohen, chair of the board of Our Revolution, a progressive organization formed in the wake of Sanders’ bid for the presidency, which aims to keep pushing the former candidate’s ideas at a grassroots level. “It matters in terms of turnout, energy, volunteering, all those things.” [snip]

    “Bernie was right about Hillary,” wrote Facebook user Grace Tilly, “she’s a tool for Wall Street.”

    Clinton is the politicians’ politician – exactly the Wall Street insider Bernie described,” wrote Facebook user Brian Leach.

  4. I think, even if not in words, Trump needs to show – hey I’m not perfect but what you see is what you get, and I’ve grown since meeting with all of you for the last 18 months. With Hillary, who spends her time at fancy fundraisers instead of meeting the people and who admits she is out of touch, she lies, she has private and public opinions, she can’t be trusted, this is her lifetime pattern.

  5. “The progressive movement needs to make a call to Secretary Clinton to clarify where she stands really on these issues and that’s got to involve very clear renunciations of the positions that are revealed in these transcripts,” Chow said. [snip]

    Oh, for heaven’s sake. Go to the liar to ask about the truth of a lie in order to get another lie.

    Get a clue. You can SEE who she is.

  6. At that point to everything Hillary Clinton says Donald J. Trump should reply with “but what is your private view, the view you really hold behind closed doors with your Wall Street donors?”

    Yes, yes, yes!

    “Open borders” is a game changer. It is a nuclear bomb that has detonated. Hypocrite Democrats who defended Bill Clinton’s cigar in vagina exploits and Big Media focused on their Pussy riot have not realized the nuclear fallout will begin tonight.

    Oh, wow. It went right by me. You’re so right. Even most dems don’t want open borders.

  7. I’m rather anxious about tonight, in case there’s someone in the smallest town of Maine who hadn’t noticed by my yak yak yak.

    Thanks, admin, for the calm and measured (and wise) analysis. It’s very reassuring. I’m sure there are so many others, including lurkers, who feel the same way.

    Now maybe I can do some chores lol

  8. Lu – that’s what’s in that tweet (photos) of that Paul guy I put above.

    I *had* forgotten about them. I *hate* that word. But it’s an important point. The special snowflakes who need their safe spaces can be quite nasty.

  9. sorry Lu – it wasn’t that – it’s something I posted on the last thread – doesn’t matter though! Your point is the important thing.

  10. At that point to everything Hillary Clinton says Donald J. Trump should reply with “but what is your private view, the view you really hold behind closed doors with your Wall Street donors?”
    That is brilliant admin.

  11. That poll by Politico and Morning Consult is way better for Trump that the headlines suggest. The poll was designed to skew the results against Trump but still Trump does very well.

    How did the poll attempt to skew the results. Every pollster knows that you do not ask leading questions. If you want to skew a poll against a person you do so but asking a bunch of questions asking if they knew these horrible facts about the person. Then you ask “do you approve or disapprove of this person?” After all the horrible information fed to the respondents by the poll the results will show the respondents do not approve.

    That’s what the Politico poll does. The Politico/Morning Consult poll shows the respondents the Trump video before they ask the questions. This is an attempt to skew the poll. The problem for Politico/Morning Consult is that Trump does very well:


    Exclusive poll: GOP voters want the party to stand by Trump

    A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted after the Republican nominee’s lewd comments went public shows a sharp partisan divide.

    A wave of Republican officials abandoned Donald Trump on Saturday, but, at least for now, rank-and-file Republicans are standing by the party’s presidential candidate, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted immediately after audio was unearthed Friday that had the GOP nominee crudely bragging about groping women and trying to lure a married woman into an affair.

    Overall, fewer than 4-in-10 voters — 39 percent — think Trump should end his presidential campaign, while only slightly more voters, 45 percent, think he should not drop out. [snip]

    As of now, GOP voters largely want the party to stand behind Trump. Nearly three-quarters of Republican voters, 74 percent, surveyed on Saturday said party officials should continue to support Trump. Only 13 percent think the party shouldn’t back him. [snip]

    But the new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll is the first scientific survey to gauge voters’ immediate reactions to Trump’s comments. The technology of Morning Consult’s Web-panel survey allowed respondents to view both the video in which Trump, off-camera, explicitly describes women who allow him to kiss them and grab their genitals with impunity because of his celebrity — and Trump’s subsequent midnight apology video posted early Saturday morning.

    All poll respondents were showed the video in which Trump converses off-camera with “Access Hollywood’s” then-anchor Billy Bush (coincidentally, a cousin of Trump’s former GOP rival, Jeb Bush). Respondents were asked, after the video, to describe how they felt about the clip, on a scale from zero (very negative) to 10 (very positive), with 5 defined as “neutral.” [snip]

    More than three-quarters of Republicans, 78 percent, said Trump shouldn’t end his campaign. And more independents, 44 percent, said Trump should stay in the race, compared with only 35 percent who thought he should drop out.

    A number of high-profile, down-ballot Republican candidates distanced themselves from Trump on Saturday, but there’s little indication voters are preparing to punish continued support for Trump among other candidates. If a GOP candidate continued to support Trump, 39 percent of voters overall said it would make them somewhat or much less likely to vote for that candidate, compared with 23 percent who said it would make them more likely to vote for that candidate, and 31 percent who said it wouldn’t affect their vote.

    But again, GOP voters reacted differently than voters overall. Some Republicans, like Ayotte and Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, have for months balanced personal ambivalence toward Trump with efforts to avoid alienating pro-Trump voters in their battleground states. And even after watching the video, 41 percent of GOP voters said continued support for Trump would make them more likely to vote for the down-ballot candidate, while only 12 percent said it would make them less likely to vote for that candidate.

    In fact, there’s evidence that cutting Trump loose could hurt Republicans like Ayotte, at least initially.

    The poll was designed to destroy Trump. But Trump prevails. It is GOP establishment candidates that have most to fear from stabbing Trump in the back.

  12. Lu – did you ever see the Stephan Molyneux (sp?) 45 minute youtube about the fall of the Deutsche bank and what it would mean? I was wondering what you would have to say about it when I watched it.

    If you’re interested in watching it sometime

  13. Shep Smith (can’t stand him) just said that the Clinton camp said that Hillary is going to come out swinging about the Trump issue tonight. Eh, that angry look doesn’t look too well on her, and her voice might get screechy – Trump’s not the only one who needs to watch the presentation tonight. But Hillary, you go right ahead and turn people off, I won’t object lol

    That Shep Smith a few minutes ago said that Trump issued a – I think his words were – “a kind of apology”. What a jerk.

  14. As stated earlier, I think Trump, with his opening remarks, should apologize again for his off record comments. (there will be many watching who never heard his taped apology) This will diffuse the Hillary attack. Trump can then respond with any further Hillary onslaughts with “I apologized to the American people, where are your apologies, Secretary Clinton?” and then rattle off the countless Hillary insults and lies.

    Americans love a heartfelt apology.

  15. tweet I just saw:

    Thanks to @WeSearchr, @HillaryClinton’s rape victim #KathyShelton attending tonight’s #debate. Yes, she is there!

    I hope they mean she has a ticket, not just that she is planning to go inside – because I think it’s invite only. And I wonder if she’ll be seated where Hillary can see her, and if Hillary knows what she looks like as an adult

    This is the woman – well she was actually a girl when it happened – who was raped and Hillary defended her accuser, made up lies about the girl, then laughed about it all

    Let’s Fly Hillary’s Rape Victim Kathy Shelton To The Next Debate

    website where they raised the money to fly her out


  16. Red Alert, Red Alert!!! Big Media now terrified the pussy riot won’t work.


    The Trump tape doesn’t matter


    At this point, I believe that Donald Trump, as he has suggested, could actually shoot someone and it would not matter to the 40-45% of Americans who still appear to be voting for him. [snip]

    If you think this latest controversy will finally beat him, you are wrong. If you can’t understand how someone could “still” vote for Trump after all “this,” consider what makes this such an unprecedented election.

    This election isn’t about greatness, the future, or even Donald Trump. It’s about defiance.

    To his supporters, a vote for Trump is a way to flip the middle finger to the system, the media, the elite, the liberals, the know-it-alls and the people who pretend they’re better than “us.”

    Every dangerous and disgusting thing Trump says proves he’s not fit — and that’s the point. He’s not fit for the current “system.” And that is exactly his appeal. When he opened his apology by saying, “I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not,” he was making it clear:

    I’m not “pretending to be perfect,” like “Hillary Clinton and HER KIND.” [snip]

    On Thursday, I drove almost three hours north on Highway 94 in Minnesota. Not one Clinton sign. Not one. That matters.

    Saturday, in a hotel lobby in New Jersey, I spoke with a woman who’s terrified that Trump is going to win. Her husband is a lifelong Democrat and he’s voting for Trump, because he’s “sick of how broken Washington is.” That matters.
    The phrases I’ve heard over and over from Trump’s supporters in Ohio, Colorado, Virginia and elsewhere are: “he’s not another politician” and “he’s flawed, like me.” That matters.

    And equally troubling, Clinton supporters still feel like “there’s no way” he’ll win. That matters.

    Major newspapers are not endorsing Trump for the presidency. It doesn’t matter.

    Former President George H. W. Bush is reported to be voting for Clinton. It doesn’t matter.

    Polls in some swing states show Trump with narrow leads. According to Clinton’s fundraising emails, “Trump has TOO many paths to 270 electoral votes.” And she’s right to be nervous. Anger is a powerful emotion. What Trump represents is real. Concern about Hillary’s ability to fix a system she’s been inside of her whole career is real.

    She tried to laugh him off at the first debate. She can no longer afford to do so. “Stop Trump” isn’t a rallying cry, it’s an admission of defeat.

    Trump won’t go up 16%. But he won’t go down without a fight. Trump will rise because he fights.

  17. Red Alert, Red Alert!!! Big Media realizes “it’s over for Trump” is wrong.


    Trump’s Meltdown Won’t Hurt Him As Much As People Think

    The conventional wisdom in the wake of Trump’s meltdown over the past two days is that his campaign is finished. Republicans are disinviting Trump from their events, saying they won’t vote for him, or even asking him to withdraw. But no matter how bad it looks, it’s not entirely clear how much this story actually damages Trump. [snip]

    Are any of these types going to vote against Trump based on his disgusting comments from 11 years ago? Probably not.

    Where this hurts Trump is with Republican rank-and-file voters who didn’t vote for Trump in the primary, already dislike him and may simply stay home in November. It’s less of a persuasion problem for Trump than a turnout problem. But most of those voters will still likely trudge to the polls come Election Day.

    Big Media knows pussy riot will not hurt Trump. Big Media has decided to once again trash Trump voters as stupid racists and misogynists. This strategy will only push Trump voters to become “shy” Trump voters who will lie to pollsters. This stupid strategy will only bring Trump more support.

    It’s Trump and Trump voters against the establishment.

  18. This election isn’t about greatness, the future, or even Donald Trump. It’s about defiance. To his supporters, a vote for Trump is a way to flip the middle finger to the system

    I think this writer is correct that there is defiance against the system operating, but s/he’s wrong that it is *all* that is operating. It *is* also about greatness and the future. And it *is* also about Trump, because aside from the flaws, he’s the one most likely to make the changes we need. It’s not just about thumbing our noses at TPTB, we expect results from Trump.

  19. lorac
    October 9, 2016 at 7:25 pm
    What fun remembering the good old days! 😆

  20. Tony lol admin posted a link to an old essay, so I was looking at it and saw his name. He was a good guy. I hope he’s okay.

  21. They’re showing a video of DeNiro all upset about Trump. He’s worried about the direction of the country. I really wish someone could shove all the Hillary facts in their faces (these actors doing these videos) and ask them to talk about the direction of our country THEN. Defend YOUR candidate from HER serious issues. Don’t just lash out. Defend HER. Yeah, they won’t touch the facts.

  22. Stefan Molyneux ‏@StefanMolyneux 19m19 minutes ago

    .@RogerJStoneJr is reporting that Hillary’s debate plan is to refuse to shake Trump’s hand, followed by Cooper serving her setup question.

  23. This election isn’t about greatness, the future, or even Donald Trump. It’s about defiance. To his supporters, a vote for Trump is a way to flip the middle finger to the system
    Only a moron could write such drivel.

    A moron who confuses cause and effect.

    The defiance is not the cause, it is the effect.

    And the root cause is a deep seated concern that the world they cherish is being replaced by an Orwellian one.

    That is a far cry from flipping the bird at the elites.

    It is a revolution in being, and we have only seen the beginning of it with Trump.

    That stupidity leads them to believe that if Trump were gone things would revert back to where they were before.

    Frankly, that is the common delusion among RINOs.

    On the other hand, we must not understimate to elites.

    We must not underestimate the elites.

    But neither should we underestimate them.

    As John Lehman once said about the Russians they are not 10 feet tall. Only 8 feet tall.

    Obamacare is living proof of just how fallible they really are.

    These Ivy League pretenders.

    The most worrisome part may not be then ideal state they shoot for but never achieve.

    The most worrisome part my turn out to be the transition, which is where most business mergers fail.

    And failure at that stage could destroy the world.

  24. @lorac I hope it is true, but it no longer matters to me. To me, the change must happen now, and I know that it will take a long time to undo the damage that the UniParty has done. Our government mandates are out of control. The amount of greed and control that stems from the top is beyond anything imagineable. The loss of our middle class in such a short period of time is astounding. The status quo must exit. I live in a sanctuary city. I have witnessed the devastation that has taken place when you have “open borders.” It destroys communities. I deplore PC. These people have and will continue to make wealth on the backs of those that have worked honestly hoping that the country that they were born in is the same country that they will die in.

  25. I wish I knew how to bring tweet videos here.

    I just saw one by Nigel Farage. He said that the last 48 hours (the wikileaks revelations) have shown that Hillary sees everything he has fought against for the last 20 years, the EU, as a prototype for the world government. The loss of sovereignity (including our Supreme Court “not being so supreme” because we’re part of a big supernational government), open borders, etc.

    I love Nigel. I wish he would be the head of Great Britain to work with Trump.

  26. mcnorman – I agree with you – but I don’t know which you’re responding to 🙂

    And I hear you – I live in a sanctuary city 10 miles from MX….

  27. O’Reilly is asking Goolsbee, a Hillary supporter, if she has any vulnerabilities…. what’s the point? Why even ask him that? He’s going to tell you? lol

  28. Goolsbee is saying that when these Bill scandals came out, people were sympathetic towards Hillary.

    True. But then we found out how she threatened the women and how she characterized them. Way to only talk about one part of the picture. OK, O’Reilly has just mentioned that, surprise surprise.

  29. @lorac the comment concerning the greatness of a future under a person who is not beheld to a desk filled with IOUs.

  30. One basic observation few have taken note of: Hillary2016 made a truly stupid mistake by pushing this story. Supposedly Hillary’s strenghts are in the policy arena. But now this debate is not so much about policy but about, um, pus*y.

    In other words, why would Hillary let the debate move from her supposed area of expertise to a down and dirty street fight at which Trump excels?

    Tonight Hillary will get the first question. By rights the question should be about the latest Wikileaks emails. Then at Trump’s turn they can ask about the Trump video. That is what should happen if the moderators want to be fair. But we don’t expect that so the first question will likely be about the video.

    From the very first question we will see of the debate is fair or not.

  31. The clinton female “victims” are sitting together in the audience
    They were just on camera on cnn

    Donald will not be shrinking into the background tonight

    Watch for the moderators to explain hillary’s answers

  32. Readers tonight from around the world: welcome. We have readers from almost every continent tonight. Middle East, Australia, European Union, Great Britain, Asia. Welcome all to American politics at the most brutal.

  33. I usually leave my glasses by the front door when I come home, and don’t touch them again until I leave again.

    I just put them on. I want to see every nuance lol

  34. Hillary won the coin toss and chose to go first. Does that mean the last person at the end to speak will be Trump?

    Oh, Hillary wants to speak for every American. Hmmm EVERY basket?

  35. He just committed himself to never having forced a kiss or grope on a woman. It better be true, or they’ll come out with something. I’m suspicious, because Cooper was really pushing for an actual answer – he asked 3-4 times.

  36. Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz.

    Undecided voters supposedly, chosen by Gallup.

    No handshaking by candidates as they came out.

    Cooper: Appropriate behavior model for today’s youth?

    Hillary: Teachers are concerned about this campaign. Children. Respect each other. Celebrate diversity. Bring everyone in. I am positive. My slogan is “stronger together”. I’ve set forth big goals. I hope we will come together. I want your vote. I want to be the president of all Americans.

    Trump: I agree with that. I began this campaign because I don’t like what is happening to this country. My concept is Make America Great Again. ObamaCare is horrible with higher premiums. Iran deal paid ransom to Iran. We have tremendous potential. $800 billion deficit. Make great trade deals. Today 2 more police shot. We have to take care of all. Fix inner cities. Make America Great Again.

    Cooper: Video tape. Locker room banter. Sexual assault.

    Trump: I did not say that. I am not proud of my locker room talk. I’ve apologized to my wife and those offended. We have a world with ISIS chopping off heads. I am embarrassed by it but it is locker room talk. I will take care of ISIS.

    Cooper: You say you did not grope women without consent?

    Trump: Locker room talk. I have never done those things. I will protect our borders. Make America Safe Again. Make America Wealthy Again.

    Hillary: Past 48 hours I thought about this. Other Republicans I disagree with. But with Trump, he is not fit to be president. Donald talked about what he thinks about women. The video represents what Donald thinks. During this campaign Trump has insulted women, embarrassed women. He denigrated a former Miss Universe. It’s not just women that raises questions about his fitness. He’s targeted Muslims, disabled, immigrants. This is not who we are. America is already great because we are good. We will celebrate our diversity. This is the America I love.

    Trump: It’s just words. I heard these words when Hillary ran for senate to bring back jobs and failed. She’s failed in every way possible. She’s done a terrible job for African-Americans. She campaigned… [cut off]

  37. Enough of the sex crap, we are in 20,000,000,000,000 in debt….
    Our manufactoring has moved to Mexico, China and Indonesia…we need jobs, jobs,jobs…We have illegal aliens, 30 million that are sucking up our resouces, many on welfare, over burdening our schools and medical system…this must stop.

  38. Raddatz: This tape is massive. Did campaign change you?

    Trump: That was locker room talk. I’m not proud of it. I have great respect for people. Look at what Bill Clinton did to women. Bill Clinton was the most abusive person to women. Hillary Clinton attacked these women. Here tonight is a woman who was raped at age 12 and Hillary got the rapist off. Bill Clinton was impeached, paid $800,000 to Paula Jones, disbarred. Words I said 11 years ago are not as bad. She should be ashamed.

    Hillary: He gets to decide what he wants to talk about. His choice. Michelle Obama advised us “when they go low we go high”. This is not just about one video. He never apologizes to anyone. The Kahns he attacked for weeks. Never apologized to the judge who’s parents were Mexican. Never apologized to Obama for the racist lie of the birth certificate.

    Trump: You owe Obama an apology. Sidney Blumenthal and your campaign manager started the rumors. You owe Obama the apology. I’ve seen the commercials of Michelle Obama talking about you. You lost that race and did not win against Bernie Sander fair and square. You must apologize for the 33,000 emails you acid washed. The boxes of emails are missing. If I win I will instruct the attorney general to look at all your lies and deceptions. The people of this country are furious. The FBI is furious. You got a subpoena then deleted emails. People’s lives have been destroyed. You should be ashamed about yourself.

    Clinton: Everything he said is untrue. Go to my website to fact check him. It’s good with Donald Trump’s temperament that he is not in charge.

    Trump: Because you’d be in jail.

  39. Hillary -= we’re lucky Trump isn’t in charge of our laws

    Trump throws out – because you’d be in jail

    The crowd hooted!

  40. Raddatz: Comey said you were extremely careless.

    Clinton: That was a mistake. I would not do it again. I am sorry about that. No evidence anyone hacked my server. No classified material ended up in wrong hands. I take classified material seriously. Always have in senate and always.

    Trump: Yet she did not know what the letter “C” meant. Classified. You think deleting 33,000 emails was fine? 33,000 she said were about her daughter’s wedding. I am disappointed that Congress and the Justice Department let this happen. You deleted after getting a subpoena from Congress. She should be in jail.

    Clinton: It’s just not true. We turned over 35,000. I want the questions from the audience.

  41. Wait – Hillary keeps insisting these wikileaks releases are coming from the Russians. Regardless, someone has hacked in to get them. How can she say no one hacked her server?????

  42. Trump: Why aren’t you Anderson bringing up the emails? It’s 3 on 1.

    Cooper: ObamaCare

    Hillary: Trump wants to repeal ObamaCare. I want to fix it because premiums are too high. Many got ObamaCare insurance. Those with employer insurance got benefits too. No life time limits, women can’t be charged more, under 26 you can be on parents policy. I want to save what works. Get costs down. Help business. If we repeal we lose everything. We’d have to start all over again.

    Trump: Great question. ObamaCare is a disaster. We all know it. Prices going up. Getting worse. It’s imploding in 2017. They want to keep giving ObamaCare money from Congress. We have to repeal and replace. Something much less expensive. Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines and not have monopolies like now. In Canada single payer services are very slow. Hillary wants single payer. Your deductibles are going up. Repeal and replace.

    Cooper: Your husband called ObamaCare crazy.

    Hillary: He clarified his statement. ObamaCare was to fill the gap. Many without insurance got ObamaCare. That was the slot for ObamaCare. Trump does not say we give it back to insurance companies. Let’s not throw it away.

    Trump: Hillary, everything about it is broken.

    Cooper: How to fix it?

    Trump: Break out restrictions, the boundary lines. It was almost done. Jonathan Gruber said it was all a great lie, a fraud. Get rid of the lines to keep preexisting conditions and protect people. Also, block grant to the states via Medicaid.

  43. Peter Schiff ‏@PeterSchiff 13m13 minutes ago (the economist who predicted the 2008 crash)

    Hillary Clinton going to jail is reason enough to vote for #DonaldTrump

  44. Hillary: He clarified his statement. ObamaCare was to fill the gap. Many without insurance got ObamaCare. That was the slot for ObamaCare. Trump does not say we give it back to insurance companies. Let’s not throw it away.

    She was referring to us as having job-based insurance, and Obamacare was to help those without.

    Well, it’s not the simple. The regulations and higher premiums affected everyone who already had insurance.

    Trump brought up with Gruber. Good for him!

  45. Cooper: Islamaphobia?

    Trump: There is a problem. Muslims have to report problems. Many people in San Bernadino saw the bombs but no one reported them. It’s a difficult situation. Orlando, Paris, World Trade Center – all radical Islamic terrorism. Hillary won’t say it. But that is the problem. Before you solve it you have to say it.

    Hillary: I’ve heard this from many Muslims because so many Muslims like the Kahns have been attacked by Donald. Muslims have been here since Washington’s time. Muhammad Ali was a Muslim. It’s very dangerous to engage in Trump type demagogic statements. Muslims must feel they are wanted. That’s what I want to see. To defeat ISIS we need Muslim nations. This is a gift to violent jihadist terrorists.

    Raddatz: Total ban on Muslims?

    Trump: Captain Kahn was a hero. He would be alive if I was president. Unlike Hillary I would not have invaded Iraq. We need extreme vetting. [interruptions and protests by Raddatz] It’s called extreme vetting. We have no idea who the people coming in are. Hillary wants tens of thousands more to come in. I believe in safe zones over there. We cannot have hundreds of thousands from Syria without knowing who they are.

    Raddatz: You want 65,000 more.

    Clinton: I will not let anyone who poses a danger into our country. Think of the picture of the little boy. Russian aggression is also a problem. We will have tough vetting. But important not to ban based on religion. This causes distress. What he said was extremely unwise and dangerous. What Trump says is used to recruit fighters. This is the 12th time he denies he was for the war.

    Trump: I was against the war you voted for it. [Martha interruption] When Hillary was SOS she did not send them back. Bernie Sanders said she has bad judgement. Drugs coming in through border and ICE endorsed me. I understand the border. She’s got bad judgement should never be president.

  46. Raddatz: Wikileaks. Public and private response? Two faced?

    Clinton: I said that about Lincoln. It was about how Lincoln passed the 13th Amendment. You have to keep working at it. Our intelligence community says the Russians are directing the attacks to influence our election. They’re doing it to elect Trump because he likes Putin or wants business in Russia. Release the tax returns.

    Trump: So ridiculous. She got caught in a total lie. She lied. Now she blames the late great Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe Big difference between Honest Abe and you. I don’t know Putin. Anytime anything wrong happens she blames Russia. I don’t have business in Russia. Taxes. I pay millions. Warren Buffet and Soros took massive deductions and they give her money.

  47. He is doing better with message and some zingers

    He should have pounced on not only her emails but her server…her secret server is the issue

  48. Trump – she doesn’t do anything except talk

    Donald – you missed it – she doesn’t do anything but talk UNLESS YOU GIVE HER A DONATION – pay to play@!!!!

  49. uh oh careful Hillary – went around world advocating for women’s rights

    Trump say it say it say it – and you took their money while letting them rape and kill women!

  50. Cooper: Taxes.

    Trump: She complains about tax law but she did not change it when she was in the senate. She’s been doing this for 35 years. Get rid of carried interest provisions. Get rid of regulations. Bring tax rate down to 15% from 33% Hillary will raise your taxes really high. I will lower taxes. We will thrive. There is no growth in this country. China would never put up with our growth rates. She is raising taxes massively.

    Clinton: Everything he said is not true. He has not paid taxes in 20 years. He gives corporations the biggest taxes ever. Donald takes care of Donald. He will raise taxes on middle class. $250,000 under no tax raise. I voted to close loopholes. The Buffet Rule I am for. Make up for lost time. Invest in hard working families. Gains have gone to the top. Trump paid zero in taxes. That is wrong. Pay your fair share.

    Cooper: You taxes published. Did you pay?

    Trump: Of course I do. Her friends that give her money do the same. I understand the tax code. Hillary’s friends want the carried interest provision which Hillary protects. Soros and Buffet do the same. I pay tax. I have write offs, depreciations. If she had a problem with that why didn’t she do something about it? She’s all talk no action. Bad judgment on taxes, Libya, Iraq. ISIS is now in 33 countries.

    Clinton: I am against carried interest?

    Trump: Why didn’t you do it? If you were an effective senator…

    Clinton: The president was Republican. My record is the Childrens Health Insurance Program. I changed the adoption system. I helped rebuild NY after 9/11. Many responders have health benefits because of me. I advocated for women’s right around the world. I negotiated with Russia. Lots of legislation I sponsored or co-sponsored. You have to be able to get along in Washington.

  51. (sigh) mcnorman, obviously you need to go to Hillary.com to find out the truth, you’re listening to lies lol

  52. I can’t believe Radditz is standing up for the government against Trump – she’s another what’s her name

    Now she’s asking him a follow up question, just from her own curiosity (and desire to get him?)

  53. She advocated for women’s rights around the world..

    But she supports, and receives millions and millions of dollars from the Saudis where women can’t drive cars, where honor killings are part of daily life, where women are property and gays are thrown off roofs…
    Lying hillary

  54. Raddatz: Syria. Aleppo. Holocaust?

    Clinton: Catastrophic. Russia wants Assad in power. I want a no fly zone. Russians have to be “leveraged” to do this. Russian ambitions are the problem. Russia wants Trump as president. I’ve stood up to Putin. Worked with Russia on arms and Iran sanctions.

    Trump: The “line in the sand”. Obama drew that line. It was laughed at. She talks tough about Russia but our nuclear program is in trouble. In terms of nuclear we are old and tired, Russia is new. She talks tough. She talks about “rebels” but does not know who they are. Libya was a disaster. Everything she’s done is a disaster. You helped make Iran more powerful with $150 billion in cash. Russia and Syria are against us. Because of our weak foreign policy they are aligned against us.

    Raddatz: Respond to our question.

    Trump: We must knock out ISIS. Syria is now Russia. Hillary and Obama made Iran strong. We must knock out ISIS. Aleppo has already fallen. It’s tragic. We announced what was going to happen in Mosul before it happened. How stupid is that.

    Raddatz: there are reasons…

    Trump: I can’t think of any. That’s why so many military officials have endorsed me. Patton and MacArthur are spinning in their graves.

    Raddatz: Everything’s failed. Troops?

    Clinton: No American troops. No occupying force. I am for the Special Forces troops we have there.

    Raddatz: What would you do different than Obama.

    Clinton: I hope things will be better when I become president. We need to all be in this together. Go after Bagdadi. I was involved in these types of operations. Arm the Kurds.

    Trump: She went over a minute but when I go over by seconds you stop me.

    Cooper: Can you unite us?

    Trump: Yes. She calls Americans “deplorables”. I will make things better. Her husband signed NAFTA. At the last debate she lied. She called TPP the “gold standard”. I will be the president of all the people. African-Americans, Latinos, 40% poverty in inner city, jobs essentially nonexistent. What do you have to lose? She’s been talking about the inner city for 35 years. Nothing will happen if she is elected. She’s all talk, nothing gets done.

    Clinton: 67% of New Yorkers voted for me. I have tried my entire life to work for children and families. I am proud of my 30 years in public service. I worked for disabled children. I worked for Latinos in south Texas to register to vote. The letters I get fear they won’t have a place in Donald Trump’s America. Children listen to what is being said and they are afraid. Bullying is up – the Trump effect.

    Cooper: Basket of deplorables? How can you unite?

    Clinton: I said I was sorry. He incites violence at his rallies. Insults women, Latinos, Muslims, disabled – he never apologizes. I am proud of the Sanders and Clinton campaign.

    Trump: We have a divided nation. Very divided. Vilence in inner cities like Chicago. Increase in violence. She has tremendous hate in her heart. She said deplorable but you did not mention she said “irredeemable”.

    Cooper: Discipline in leadership?

    Trump: She said she would be awake at 3:00 in the morning. Ambassador Stevens asked for help 300 times. She only talked to Sid Blumenthal. Tweeting is an effective form of communication.

    Cooper: Trump have discipline to be president?

    Clinton: No. That’s why so many have endorsed me. I watched my husband take a deficit and turn it into a surplus. I worked with George Bush. I admire Obama. He inherited a recession. He will send us back to recession.

  55. Raddatz: Supreme Court?

    Clinton: Appoint real life experience who know how life works. The current court has gone in wrong direction. Reverse Citizens United. Voting rights are still important. Stick with Roe v. Wade and marriage equality. Some of Trump’s choices will reverse that. Change the balance on the Court. Senate has not voted on Obama’s nomination. Dereliction of duty.

    Trump: Scalia was a great judge and I will appoint judges in his mold. Highly respected judges. People that will respect the Constitution. Second Amendment under siege by Hillary Clinton. I invested in my campaign over $100 million. Why doesn’t Hillary fund some of her campaign she has hundreds of millions. You’ve made a lot of money even when Secretary of State.

    Clinton: I respect the 2nd Amendment but want to close the gun show loophole.

    Cooper: Energy needs and fossil fuels.

    Trump: Energy is under siege by Obama. EPA killing these companies. Foreign companies are buying our companies. I am for alternative fuels. I am for clean coal. Hillary wants to put our coal mines out of business. I will bring our energy companies back, pay off our budget deficits and debts. We’re putting our energy companies out of business. China is selling us our steel. Go to West Virginia and Ohio and Pennsylvania to see what they are doing to our miners.

    Clinton: That was interesting. China is dumping steel and Trump is buying it. I fought against that. You know we are energy independent. The middle east still controls much oil. We produce a lot of natural gas. We must remain energy independent. I have a comprehensive plan. I want clean renewable energy. Create millions of new jobs. I have a plan for coal country.

  56. Raddatz: One positive thing about the other?

    Clinton: I respect his children. Able. Devoted. There’s a lot at stake in this election.

    Trump: Well I consider her statement of my children a great compliment. They are wonderful kids. Hillary does not quit or give up. She’s a fighter. I don’t like what she fights for. I consider that a good trait.


  57. Unite the country? Stay classy:


    Clinton Spokesman To Trump: ‘Go Fuck Yourself’

    A foreign policy spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had tough words for Donald Trump during Sunday’s presidential debate.

    “Go fuck yourself,” Jesse Lehrich wrote on Twitter during the contentious debate.

    Lehrich, a longtime Democratic operative, was responding to an exchange in which Trump said that he would not have sent American troops into Iraq and that, because of that, Army Capt. Humayun Khan would still be alive.

  58. Is Megyn Kelly cutting herself yet? Trump was very good. He had a narrative this time. Paul Ryan and Jason Chaffetz in tears at the Mitt Romney garage.

  59. @admin Yeah, I thought the same myself. As for the sanctimonious RHINOS, well there time is coming as well. I will NEVER forget how DT was admonished at the first debate because they wanted him to swear that he would support the nominee if it was not him and he wouldn’t go rogue third party. The elites better start learning what “on your knees” means. We have not forgotten any of their bad behavior.

  60. Memo from Big Media to Big Media: Cancel the Trump funeral. Trump won tonight’s debate. We’ll have to try harder to bring him down.

  61. ugh Megan Kelly – she keeps saying that the Trump video were the talk of the country for the last 48 hours

    For heaven’s sake, you and the other media caused that! It’s disgraceful that the wikileaks release that shows so many serious Hillary problems was NOT the talk of the country in that same 48 hours!

  62. Admin… you need to update the list from your post last year that listed all the things that were supposed to be the end of Trump ,😀

  63. Outris, the additions from just the first two days of this weekend would force a long list of additions to “it’s over for Trump” chronicles.

  64. Wow. Lutz is saying that his focus group of undecideds liked Trump, and now Lutz thinks that Trump is still in the race.

    One woman said she didn’t like the locker room talk, she has daughters, she wants a president who will respect women – well, excuse me, but how does someone who harasses victims of her husband respect women? Not to mention everything else (donations, etc) Do people just block out half the truth?

  65. Via CTH:

    Drudge Poll HERE

  66. PBS Poll HERE
  67. BuzzFeed Poll HERE
  68. Fox5 San Diego Poll HERE
  69. New Jersey dot Com Poll HERE
  70. Hollywood Gossip Poll HERE
  71. Breitbart Media Poll HERE
  72. PolitiOpinion Poll HERE
  73. 5NewsOnline Poll HERE
  74. Click On Detroit Poll HERE
  75. Right Scoop Poll HERE
  76. Fox6 Milwaukee Poll HERE
  77. WHNTNews Poll HERE
  78. Mediaite Poll HERE
  79. TIME Poll HERE
  80. Heavy Dot Com Poll HERE
  81. Poll Me Straw Poll HERE
  82. The Horn News Poll HERE
  83. Q13 Fox Seattle Poll Here
  84. KPLC Lake Charles Poll Here
  85. Conservative Review Poll Here
  86. Katica ‏@GOPPollAnalyst 22m22 minutes ago

    Hilary 155K Tweets

    155K Tweets trending with a misspelled name. lol

  87. Over the past thirty years, in Arkansas, later in Washington, the Clinton machine practiced the politics of personal destruction. They don’t just do it, they revel in it. And it worked for a long time against a gutless Republican establishment of Beta Males politicians and Beta Male jurists like John Roberts. But back in the day there was a guy named Lee Atwater and he was ever bit their match and then some. He died before he went head to head with the Clinton machine, but if he had lived–well like two gunslingers both fast and I would hate to live with the difference. Well, Atwaters partners did live on and their names are Manafort and Stone. And they are with the Trump campaign. And they are working for someone who John Wayne described in the best movie ever made according to Speilberg–The Searchers, when his character Ethan Edwards trail Chief Scar who massacred his family chases that devil across the blazing sun and frozen winters from Anadarka agency in east Texas to the buffalo country in Montana, because he was as driven by a deep sense of revenge, and was a critter that just keeps coming after you. You want to go low, good, I will go lower, because the politics of personal destruction works both ways, and the information Trump has has the added advantage of being true.

  88. We didn’t need a focus group to say what the focus group said well after we said it:


    Luntz Group: Trump’s P***y Remarks Are Bad, But Clinton’s Email Fiasco Is Still Worse

    Pollster Frank Luntz has been monitoring the debate through his focus group and found that Donald Trump isn’t doing to terribly. Halfway through the debate, 17 felt Trump was winning, 9 said it was a draw, and only four noted that Clinton was winning. Another interesting aspect was the group’s reactions to Trump’s 2005 remarks about women and Clinton’s email fiasco.

    A lot of media attention was focused on Trump’s awful 2005 comments, where he said he tried to sleep with then-Access Hollywood Nancy O’Dell, who is married, and his frank discussions about groping women this weekend. Yet, Luntz noted that Clinton’s email controversy was of higher concern, and they didn’t believe her response to the email question.

    Katie wrote about how Trump promised to prosecute Clinton—a first in American history—over her email situation, which was Trump’s highest, rated moment in the debate. Another interesting angle is that going after Bill seemed to be unpopular with this group, but tying Hillary’s attacks to the women who have accused Bill of sexually assaulting or harassing them is effective. Also, and I’m sure you all saw this tonight as well, the group saw that Trump did some good debate preparation.

    The Wikileaks release was an atomic bomb in Hillary2016 hindquarters.

  89. Clinton Spokesman To Trump: ‘Go Fuck Yourself’

    A foreign policy spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had tough words for Donald Trump during Sunday’s presidential debate.

    Tough words?

    Is that what this is?

    A meltdown would be more like it.

    No wonder our foreign policy is in shambles.

    This clown belongs in a straight jacket.

  90. The Wikileaks release was an atomic bomb in Hillary2016 hindquarters.
    Ya think?

    You were the first to say it.

    At the same time everyone else was obsessed with jock talk gate.

  91. Trump’s campaign is doing a well deserved victory lap on Facebook. They’ll probably raise at least $10 million in the next few days from contributions.

  92. Wife’s remark about whining from Clinton camp over Bill’s accusers being on the front row: “Wah wah wah, my pussy hurts!”

  93. Trump was masterful tonight, and Hillary was left stunned. As soon as I heard Trump say the if he were president Hillary would be in jail, I knew she was in trouble. I was very pleased with his performance. Thankfully, Trump is not a politician, nor a policy wonk, but still, he gets it. Hillary can speak her in the beltway blah blah blah, but it doesn’t make her any smarter than Trump. She’s a political actress spouting lies. Americans are tired of politicians like Hillary who say one thing for public consumption, and another to their big moneyed supporters that totally contradicts the lies said to regular voters. Hillary doesn’t get it. Her methods are being shunned. Americans want real change, not Hillary change. Thank you, Donald Trump for not letting us down.

  94. Admin. I just spent the most productive 2 hours watching 3 videos by this brilliant millenial who supports Trump.

    Those videos commence here:

    In the first video he does an intensive post debate analysis giving a big victory to Trump.

    Mindful of the tape which he discounts and the wikileaks which he elevates he characterizes the election this way:

    A contest between a drunken frat boy and a pysychopathic sorority sister

    He prefers the drunken frat boy because the worst thing that will happen is he will say stuff and then pass out

    Whereas the psychopathic sorority sister will Kneecap you (shades of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction)

    He believes Donald won the debate convincingly but not totally—60-40 he says.

    He won it because after an initial stumble he went on a fierce attack.

    And he said the reaction on Clinton’s face changed to worry after the third question.

    He says he needs to go even more aggressive in the final debate and that will put her away.

    He applauded Trump for going after the donor class around Hillary who have evaded scrutiny thus far.

    The best line of the night was Trumps promise to put Hillary in leg irons.

    And then there’s the blue tail fly:

    The follow-up video predicts a Trump victory where he wins 299 electoral votes.

    It relies in part on the RCP average, and other factors.

    He relies on the fierce passion of Trump voters which pales those of Clinton by comparison.

    He relies on the fact that Assange has launched a war of attrition week by week.

    A death of a thousand cuts. A war of attrition, as opposed to strategic strikes.

    He relies on the rumor that James Okeee has a tape featuring racist tapes.

    The third video talks about the epochal changes in politics

    Hillary is the last candidate of the television age.

    Television is irrelevant now because it has been displaced by the internet and social media.

    Social media abhors long policy speeches which are Hillary’s forte.

    It favors a candidate who speaks in terms of Henny Youngman one liners that stick.

    Trump is a past master at this and he filled the airways with that which made people forget the tape.

    There is a lot more red meat in these videos.

    They are well worth an investment of time for us–as they will pay big dividends in terms of understanding

    And in terms of reassurance that contrary to big media predictions the sky is not falling in.

  95. Peter Schiff ‏@PeterSchiff 4h4 hours ago

    Hillary Clinton really needs to win now, as it’s either the White House or the Big House!

  96. Mike Cernovich ‏@Cernovich 1h1 hour ago

    Scoop, damaging video dropping this week. It’s going to hurt #RottenHillary. Staffers will be fired. Stay tuned! #Debate

  97. “Because you’d be in jail”

    Direct hit that will be played over and over again. Brooklyn HQ must be shitting.

  98. alcina – I have a feeling that Hillary’s “sailor’s mouth” was in overdrive tonight lol especially after she got into the liquor she said she wanted to have…

  99. Hillary’s answer in the debate that she likes that Trump’s kids turned out well reminded me of something. When Chelsea married her husband, I read that his father was some kind of financial crook. I thought, well, that doesn’t mean the son is like that, and he must not be, because the Clintons wouldn’t put up with that. Now that we see all the pay to play crap that was going on (even back to renting out the Lincoln bedroom, another vast right wing conspiracy that I guess turns out to be true, oy), it’s not odd at all that his father was a crook – his family fits right in with the Clinton family.

  100. Greg West ‏@GregWest_HALOJM 5h5 hours ago

    #Debate fly found dead, FBI believes there are no suspects after assuming jurisdiction, ruling it a suicide.

    (Photo of dead fly with the words:)

    Fly found shot in back 5 times.
    FBI believes it may be a suicide.

  101. He relies on the rumor that James Okeee has a tape featuring racist tapes.

    wbboei – that guy has a lot of videos and only one was after the debate. Which ones are the 2nd and 3rd you’re talking about? (mostly I’m interested in the one referencing James O’Keefe)

  102. @lorac Chelsea’s father in law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Mezvinsky

    Her spouse made a lot of money and then boom went Greece. It is said that he used Hillary as an inside source but the hedge fund went belly up anyway. http://www.wsj.com/articles/hedge-fund-co-founded-by-chelsea-clintons-husband-suffers-losses-tied-to-greece-1423000325

    $$$$$ seems to be the running theme in this family.

  103. h/t Denise.

    Vox Day on Gab:

    Melania Trump isn’t merely loyal and hot, she’s a Troll Empress.

    “In a weird twist tonight, she wore a blouse that has quite a coincidental name. Her fucshia top that ties neatly at the neck? Why it’s described on Net-a-Porter as Gucci pussy-bow silk crepe de chine shirt.”

    Coincidence. Right….

  104. Yep!!

    nycjoe (@billthevoter) says:
    October 10, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Just scanning MSM , boy are they thoroughly PISSED! To go to a Cowboy metaphor , they had the rope and the tree and the horse , all set for the final hiha , but Trump pulled a CLINT EASTWOOD and bravo to him . They sourly say ” OK, he managed” to save his sinking campaign etc ” he is still falling in the polls” etc BS they saw a President last night and it wasn’t Hillary and they know and fear that.

  105. lorac
    October 10, 2016 at 6:41 am
    He relies on the rumor that James Okeee has a tape featuring racist tapes.

    wbboei – that guy has a lot of videos and only one was after the debate. Which ones are the 2nd and 3rd you’re talking about? (mostly I’m interested in the one referencing James O’Keefe)
    If you go to the end of the first debate, when it ends, the next two follow in succession.

  106. You can see why this guy is probably the top screen writer in Hollywood, even though he has received only a single Oscar nomination. The only thing holding him back from the recognition his communication skill deserves is his mildly conservative leanings. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. Except perhaps in Hollywood, where he is scorned. That group has always been trouble, but a studio system managed to keep them under control. Read A Cast of Killers by King Vidors brother if you doubt what I am saying. It involves the murder of a silent movie director, wherein a rising starlet, and the cover-up that ensued by the Prosecutor’s office. Then as now Los Angeles is a company town, only now Red China is moving in. If the through that waste of protoplasm De Niro in the hole for a year, then I would say, oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. But here is Roger L. Simon, founder of PJ Media, whose practical wisdom and restraint on political matters is to say the least admirable. And alas, hard for me to emulate.
    Panicky GOP Leaders Should Come Home after Trump Wins Debate #2

    I was disturbed so many Republican leaders deserted Donald Trump within hours of the publication of the now infamous 2005 video, though I wasn’t surprised. Most politicians are cowards, prone to panic. But they didn’t stop to think.

    For one thing, Trump is running against (hello, planet Earth!) Hillary Clinton, whose husband did far worse than talk dirty. He did dirty—a lot of it, often in the Oval Office of the White House–and ended up being disbarred. And Hillary herself is known to have seriously harassed the very women who were victims of her husband’s creepy misogynistic behavior. What a pair.

    Furthermore, Trump was correct in the debate in calling Hillary a “criminal.” She is, as the Wikileaks are in the process of making painfully clear, if anyone was so stupid or fundamentally dishonest (like the FBI and the Justice Department) not to see or admit already.

    In one of this first batch of Wikileaks, Hillary goes on at length in a speech about the specifics of how meticulously careful she was about security details when in foreign countries, removing the battery from her BlackBerry before she got off a plane, etc., the very information she suddenly couldn’t recall nineteen times, pretending to be a security idiot, when being interviewed by the FBI. There’s so much more it’s not even worth getting into at the moment because it’s not the subject of this article, but, as I said, this is only the first of ten weekly tranches promised by Assange. It will go on and on past the election. Heaven help our country if she is elected.


    But back to those timid (I’ll try not to call them cowardly again) Republicans who bailed instantaneously the last day or so. Just who did they think Donald Trump was in the first place? St. Francis of Assisi? Everyone with an IQ in triple—make that double—digits knew who he was. But then they ran off at the first ugly video. As we all know, there will be more, especially since Trump won the second debate handily, sending the mainstream media into a case of the vapors. What if he wins the third as well? He certainly has most of the substantive arguments in his favor.

    Social Media Reactions to the Sex Scandal Showdown
    No doubt many of those Republican leaders are now weighing their choices. Should I go back? What if more garbage comes out? (It will, but so what?) What if I remain a Trump critic? Will he be vindictive if he wins? (Maybe not, but you certainly won’t be getting any plum appointments.)

    The real point here is that that pundits, politicians, and media will all agonize about what to say based on their own self-interest, often coming to the wrong conclusions. But the people are smarter. They know a crock when they see one. The public has long ago factored in The Donald’s colorful past. Some care, some don’t. They’re more concerned about our country than the media and the politicians are, both of whom are largely concerned only with themselves.

    So, as you can tell from my headline, I have a suggestion to the panicked Republicans—get it together, pull on your storied big-boy pants, and join with Donald against Hillary. The reasons are so myriad they’re almost not worth mentioning, but I’ll just say the Supreme Court and the economy. Not enough? I’ll add rebuilding the military and health care. Still unconvinced? Want more Syrian refugees with twelve second cousins in ISIS in your hood? If that doesn’t do it for you, well, good bye. But hang on tight for the Hillary administration when the rule of law disappears from America. And do your best to ignore the Wikileaks as they come out for the next ten weeks—or is it fifty? As they say, what you don’t know, won’t hurt you.

  107. Bill looks awful…he has really aged prematurely and rapidly

    I think Hillary was very foolish to pull this sexist stuff with Trump…he warned her months ago…how does she think she can stand there and people do not look to her own well known “elephant in the room” or the “big dawg” Bill…his infidelities are legendary…does she believe her own lies??? is she in denial??

    does she think…and her complicit media think…people cannot see and hear and understand who did what…and when…

    She is in the process of destroying Bill and his legacy…hope she is happy with herself…


    Paul Ryan is an opportunist…no core…no guts…he would rather have Hillary win than be seen supporting Donald because of his “words”


    the other big weapon that Donald did not use last night and he has to go full court press exploiting in the next debate…

    is that Hillary is a globalist…she plans on open borders…he has to say it over and over again so it will sink in…

    …and link that again to her plans for expanding migrant and illegal immigration…


    just today in the news:

    Donald needs to bring up these examples and turn directly to Hillary (as he did very well last night) and say:

    How many of these men have you already allowed into the USA? and where are they? who are they?

    and How many more are you willing to admit into the USA…now knowing full well that the danger is increasing with these men that cannot be vetted?

    How many American lives are you, Hillary, willing to gamble with to let these unknown people in…and then the American people are on the hook to pay for their stay and settlement here…


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