#VPDebate SusPence: Bill Clinton Helps Mike Pence At Candy Kaine Expense

Mike Pence, as we wrote, has a lot of ammo against Candy Kaine and Pence just got an additional boost from Bill Clinton just in time for tonight’s VP debate. We can’t believe Bill Clinton was this dense. Perhaps Bill is tense and thereby decided to make sense and call out Hillary’s pro-Obama nonsense. Hence, Bill Clinton slammed ObamaCare:

Bill Clinton slams ObamaCare as ‘craziest thing in the world’

Bill Clinton, the husband of the Democratic presidential nominee, knocked President Obama’s signature piece of legislation — the ObamaCare health care law — as “the craziest thing in the world.”

“You’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care, and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half and it’s the craziest thing in the world,” the former president railed at a rally in Michigan on Monday.

Clinton also said the system is hurting moderately successful small businesses — the ones that aren’t doing poorly enough to be subsidized and fall just above the line.

Mike Pence can use this issue to attack “good Catholic” Candy Kaine and his support for ObamaCare and the war against the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Mike Pence did not need Bill Clinton’s attacks on ObamaCare in order to fence with Candy Kaine and win. But Bill Clinton’s bout of honesty about ObamaCare helps Pence send Candy Kaine to the hospital, licked, bruised and beaten.

Mike Pence only needs common sense to dispense with Candy Kaine tonight. But ObamaCare is still a big issue. As Byron York wrote, Hillary Clinton has been entirely silent about ObamaCare:

The Affordable Care Act is Barack Obama’s signature achievement as president. It is the Democratic Party’s most important legislative accomplishment in two generations. It is something Hillary Clinton, although she left the Senate by the time ACA became law in 2010, worked for all her adult life.

So why doesn’t Clinton at least mention this great achievement as she campaigns for president?

A look at transcripts of Clinton stump speeches since she kicked off the general election campaign on Labor Day finds the Democratic candidate almost never talks about Obamacare. She doesn’t promise to expand it. She doesn’t promise to protect it. She doesn’t extol its benefits. She just doesn’t mention it.

There’s no doubt Obamacare is in trouble. Enrollment in the exchanges has fallen far short of projections. The purchasers of policies have turned out to be older, and in need of more care, than expected. Major insurers are pulling out of the exchanges altogether. Premiums are going up. Deductibles are skyrocketing, meaning many are left to pay most of their healthcare costs themselves.

Here’s one all-too-common headline, from Bloomberg on Friday: “Near ‘Collapse,’ Minnesota to Raise Obamacare Rates by Half.” The situation is being repeated around the country.

Mike Pence should force corrupt Candy Kaine to defend what Hillary Clinton won’t defend. Candy Kaine should be forced to beat up on the Little Sisters of the Poor on national television.

There is a lot for Candy Kaine to defend. Hillary Clinton has recently been attacking Wells Fargo bank for their corruptions. Mike Pence should force Candy Kaine to attack Warren Buffet who owns a big chunk of Wells Fargo as he raises money for Hillary2016.

Candy Kaine should also address the tax avoidance strategies of Hillary and Bill Clinton, particularly those on their estate Trust. For that matter Candy Kaine should be forced to defend himself for his tax increases record as opposed to the tax cutting record of Mike Pence. It’s dollars and cents, it’s the economy stupid.

For that matter Mike Pence might ask Candy Kaine about the tax avoidance strategies of Hillary and Bill Clinton and why they are aghast at Trump’s tax deductions when they took their tax avoidance schemes so far as to dispense with old underwear, old shower curtains, old jogging shorts, and other junk, in order not to pay taxes.

And as we wrote, Candy Kaine should be forced to explain his own corruptions and profits from money he was given. Candy Kaine has a lot of ‘splaining to do. Candy Kaine should explain his corruptions and the #RiggedSystem in English not Spanish.

The only possible salvation for Candy Kaine tonight from Mike Pence is the bizarre broadcasting of the VP debate at the same time as a big baseball game. We won’t waste our time watching grown men chase balls and get paid handsomely for the childishness. We’ll be watching and reading the comments section for outrageous insults, barbed wire wit, and shouts of jeers and cheers. Debate night at Big Pink is a frat house meets sorority house festival of joy. Get thee hence!

Tonight’s debate might actually matter:

Why Tim Kaine, Mike Pence may be the most important VP candidates in years [snip]

“In terms of age, this is the oldest match up in presidential history, so it may be more important to focus on the VP candidates than in past presidential elections,” Merolla noted. Trump is 70 and Clinton is 68. At age 57, Pence is a year younger than Kaine.

We previously made our predictions and recommendations for tonight’s debate. Byron York has similar views:

Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton is asymmetric warfare. The showdown between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine Tuesday night will be, for the first and only time in this campaign, a symmetric warfare matchup, with a governor and former lawmaker going against a lawmaker and former governor.

But everyone knows the Pence-Kaine showdown will really be about Trump and Clinton. And with Donald Trump under 24/7 attack from the Clinton camp, the Democratic Party, and much of the media, Mike Pence will be the man under pressure Tuesday night at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

How will Pence deal with it? First of all, he has prepared. A lot. He’s been working since the convention, enlisting a former Trump rival, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, to play Kaine in the debate preps. He has done mock debates. He has gone through four big binders of material multiple times, plus a bunch of videos.

In other words, Pence has done the old-fashioned, conventional-style debate preparation that Trump eschewed. And remember, Pence’s prep is on top of his dozen years in the House of Representatives, with service on the Foreign Affairs, Judiciary, and Agriculture committees, plus three years in the Indiana governor’s office.

But Pence had to prepare for more than questions on jobs, national security, immigration, Obamacare, and other issues. He knows that he must also be ready to be quizzed, or attacked, on virtually every controversial thing Donald Trump has said in the course of a long campaign. That’s something the Foreign Affairs committee did not prepare its members to do.

On that score, Pence has been doing his prep right out in the open. [snip]

The bottom line is, Pence has not shied away from hostile interviews. He knows how the game works in this campaign. And he knows the game will be on in Farmville.

Unlike the man at the top of the ticket, Pence has worked with one team of advisers this whole campaign. They are the ones helping him prepare for the debate. It’s been a thorough process — again, unlike the top of the ticket.

None of that guarantees Pence will win. Tim Kaine has his strengths. But if things go his way Tuesday night, Pence has an opportunity not only to win, and not only to help a Republican ticket that has had a hard week. He has an opportunity to show his boss how it’s done.

In July we wrote that “Pence makes sense” as a VP choice. Tonight we will see if our analysis was correct not only on the rust belt strategy but on the man himself.

Tonight, without recompense, we will watch Mike Pence use eloquence to make an intense yet condensed defense by going on offense with good horse sense and thereby make a dense, no sense, drop his pretense and dispense with his misrepresents in the very state from whence he came.


148 thoughts on “#VPDebate SusPence: Bill Clinton Helps Mike Pence At Candy Kaine Expense

  1. Donald should turn to Hillary in the debate and say if you are so against Wells Fargo and Wall St why don’t you return all the money they donated and paid to you…and Bill

  2. Laughing at the last paragraph of this post.

    S, Trump should ask her why she has accepted the donations. I can just picture that dopey smile on Hillary’s face as she says “well…”.

  3. …as some of you probably know…we here in So Fla are dealing with the drama of a hurricane…will it hit us or not…

    however in the middle of all of this I got to watch most of DT in Arizona and he was on fire…

    if DT can only use HALF of what he says in these rallys and direct it at Hillary he wins the debate…(debate Oct 9)

    if DT can remember to stay on his fantastic message and back it up with all this info he uses in his rallys, including his incorporation of SOROS and Hillary’s doners who use the same tax tactics…and put Hillary on the defense he will be fine…but he has to be quick on his feet…on the offensive and not let her box him into another defensive and explaining posture

    PIVOT AND DEFLECT…PIVOT AND DEFLECT (feels like that ‘bend and snap’ dance bit from a Reese Witherspoon movie, i think Legally Blonde)

  4. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-04/clinton-foundation-hacked-exposing-thousands-donor-databases-pay-play-folder

    As Guccifer notes,” It looks like big banks and corporations agreed to donate to the Democrats a certain percentage of the allocated TARP funds.”

    Guccifer 2.0 also posted a note to Julian Assange who was mocked on Tuesday morning after he failed to produce Clinton documents he has long claimed to have.

    “P.S. I’m pleased to congratulate Wikileaks on their 10th anniversary!!!,” Guccifer 2.0 writes. “Julian, you are really cool! Stay safe and sound!”

  5. Hillary Clinton Caught Bussing in Supporters to Small PA Rally

    Jim Hoft Oct 4th, 2016 80 Comments

    Hillary Clinton held a small campaign rally in Haverford, Pennsylvania today with her daughter Chelsea and Elizabeth Banks.

    Only a few hundred turned out to see the Democratic nominee.

    And ONCE AGAIN the corrupt media will not report on the unbelievably small turnout to see Hillary Clinton in rally after rally.

    So the campaign bussed in supporters. It’s the Hillary way.

    Video at link:


  6. On Bill’s comments yesterday about Obamacare, Trump said at his Prescott AZ rally today, “I’ll bet he went through hell last night!” 😆

  7. “Experts” at Politico are sure Tim Kaine will beat Mike Pence:


    Tim Kaine isn’t Mike Pence’s only opponent Tuesday night in the only debate between the vice-presidential hopefuls — Pence also has to cope with the big shadow cast by his party’s standard-bearer, Donald Trump.

    That’s one reason Democratic members of The POLITICO Caucus — a panel of swing-state activists, strategists and operatives — are more optimistic about Kaine’s chances of delivering a winning performance than Republicans are about Pence’s.

    Virtually all Democratic insiders surveyed last week, 97 percent, expect Kaine to get the better of Pence at Longwood University. In comparison, fewer than three-quarters of Republicans, 74 percent, think Pence will win.

    “Pence will have to defend Trump and his year-plus of inflammatory comments,” said a New Hampshire Republican, who, like all insiders, completed the survey anonymously. “Kaine won’t.”

    Kaine in a blowout,” an Iowa Republican predicted. “He has a personality. Pence does not. His attempts to explain Trump are among the most tortured I’ve ever seen. … Pence goes about it with all the passion of a dead fish skittering along the concrete at [Seattle’s Pike Place] Market.”

    Other Republicans who thought Kaine would outperform Pence were critical of the Indiana governor’s style.

    Kaine may have better appeal, if only because Pence is too ‘Cracker Barrel’ for moderate, upper-middle-class suburban constituencies,” a Michigan Republican said.

    “Tim Kaine is the relatable neighbor next door,” an Iowa Republican added. “Mike Pence is the guy you feel the need to impress in church.”

  8. Mike Pence on foreign policy can attack Obama on Russia. U.S. relations with Russia are sinking:


    Kerry’s comments on Tuesday are his first since the State Department pulled out of bilateral talks with Russia, following the crumbling of a peace deal that once offered brief hopes of a cease-fire.

    On Monday, the Obama administration claimed that Russia was refusing to rein in Syrian President Bashar Assad, leading to escalated bloodshed and a humanitarian catastrophe in the city of Aleppo.

    The Kremlin has made an “irresponsible and profoundly ill-advised decision” to stick by Assad’s side, Kerry said Tuesday.

    “Together, the Syrian regime and Russia seem to have rejected diplomacy in furtherance of trying to pursue a military victory, over the broken bodies, the bombed out hospitals, the traumatized children of a long-suffering land,” Kerry said. “People who are serious about making peace behave differently than the way Russia has chosen to behave.”

    Russia, for its part, has blamed the U.S. for the breakdown of a tentative cease-fire over the last few weeks, claiming that Washington continues to support Islamic extremists among the anti-Assad rebels.

    The Obama administration’s decision to pull the plug on talks with Russia was seen as an especially dispiriting low in its efforts to stem the chaos in Syria, which have so far been ineffective. The ongoing violence has left an estimated 400,000 people dead and created a political vacuum that allowed for the growth of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and other extremist organizations.

  9. http://thehill.com/media/299172-pence-weighs-in-on-campaign-coverage-this-s-is-really-fun-to-watch

    “It’s like almost every day they come up with something new and different,” Pence said Monday in Ashland, Va. “They say, ‘Now we got him.’ ‘He said this.’ ‘We can parse that.’ You with me?”

    ” ‘He tweeted this.’ And they think they finally got him. And then they turn on the television the next morning and Donald Trump is still standing stronger than ever before and fighting for the American people,” Pence told the crowd.

    This s— really is fun to watch, I’ll tell you what.”

  10. Elaine Quijano (hereinafter “EQ” is the moderator).

    Blue tie and red tie on the opposing players. At the table.

    EQ: Presidential leadership. Your qualities and skills.

    Kaine: Barbara Johnson walked out of school here 65 years ago to protest racial segregation. I am running with a woman. I was asked to be VP to make lives better. Results. Missionary, soldier, governor, senator. My primary role is right hand to Hillary. We trust Hillary Clinton. My son is deployed. Trump as CIC scares us.

    Pence: Enormously important time. America weakened, ObamaCare, lack of jobs. I grew up in a farm in Southern Indiana. I bring a lifetime of experience. Farm, congress, governor.

    EQ: You praise Hillary’s character. Emails?

    Kaine: Hillary held on to her passion from her youth to now. Families and kids. Children’s Defense Fund. A sharp contrast to Trump. Business career on the backs of others. Birther issue. Calls Mexicans rapists. Insult driven, selfish Trump.

    EQ: Trump risky choice. Erratic.

    Pence: You have run an insult driven campaign. Hillary was architect of Obama foreign policy. Syria today is falling apart. Emboldened Russia.

    Kaine: You praised Putin.

    Pence: I hit a nerve. Hillary/Kaine is a campaign of insults. Trump business career employed thousands. People question Hillary’s trustworthiness because of foreign campaign contributions. Clinton Foundation accepted contributions while she was SOS.

    Kaine: Osama bin Laden was alive when Hillary became SOS. Russia expanding. Iran nuclear weapons. Hillary worked on these issues to eliminate Iran nuclear weapons without firing a shot.

    Pence: Iraq overrun by ISIS. Failure to negotiate status of forces agreement.

    Kaine: Bush said we would leave. Iraq did not want U.S. Troops.

    Pence: It was a failure of the SOS.

  11. EQ: Your economic plans increase debt.

    Pence: Obama administration doubled national debt. Indiana has balanced budget. Increased education spending. $2 billion in bank. Kaine raised taxes. Unemployment doubled. American families struggle with war on coal and ObamaCare, increase a trillion in taxes. More of ObamaCare and even Bill Clinton calls ObamaCare crazy. Trump has a plan to get America moving again. Lower taxes. End war on coal. Repeal ObamaCare and Obama executive orders. Get America moving again. Good trade deals. Get economy growing then we have the resources.

    Kaine: A “you’re hired” Hillary or a “you’re fired” Trump. Clean energy. Pre K education. Promote fairness with higher minimum wage. A tax plan that targets middle class and asks wealthy to pay taxes. Pence wants to eliminate minimum wage. Pence wants tax breaks for rich. Clinton plan will grow economy. Trump plan helps Trump. Won’t show tax returns.

    EQ: Tax returns. Trump “brilliantly used laws”.

    Pence: What you just heard is more taxes, two trillion more in spending. Hillary/Obama/Kaine millions more in poverty. You can roll out the sunny side but this economy is struggling. The answer is not more taxes.

    EQ: Trump used law to not pay taxes.

    Pence: Trump is a businessman not a career politician. His tax returns show he faced difficult times 20 years ago. Our tax code encourages business to recover. As to not paying taxes, Donald Trump has created tens of thousands of jobs. Hillary will raise taxes.

    Kaine: Trump said he will release his taxes. He said last week not paying taxes was “smart”. Not paying for military and teachers is smart? Gov. Pence had to give Trump is tax returns and Trump won’t give them to public.

    Pence: Trump has released financial disclosures. Hillary will raise taxes, Trump will cut taxes.

  12. EQ: Social Security.

    Kaine: We will protect SS. Retire with dignity. We’ll look for strategies to keep it solvent. Hillary will never privatize SS. Trump said SS is a ponzi scheme. Congressman Pence wanted to privatize SS.

    Pence: There they go again. Trump and I have said we will meet the obligations of SS and Medicare. These are scare tactics. Hillary wants to raise taxes. Trump will cut taxes and meet obligations of SS and Medicare.

  13. EQ: Law enforcement and race relations. Cops have too much to do?

    Kaine: I was a city councilman. We reduced homicide rate. Community policing works. People and police must trust each other. That’s the model. More aggressive model does not work. Trump wants stop and frisk. Mental health reform, gun control, Hillary is for.

    Pence: My uncle was a cop in downtown Chicago. Cops put their lives on the line every single day. Community policing works. Law enforcement must have the tools and support they need. Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Trump. Badmouthing of those that seize incidents to talk about racism is wrong. We saddened by loss of life. Hillary calls it “implicit bias” in everyone. Stop seizing on moments of tragedy. Enough of using every incident to badmouth police.

    Kaine: Philando Castile in St. Paul was killed for no reason. Sentencing in his country is biased against blacks and minorities.

    Pence: African-American police officer killed a black man and Hillary said it was implicit racism.

    EQ: Senator Scott talked about racism.

    Pence: I signed criminal justice reform in Indiana. Errors in system must be corrected. What Trump and I say is don’t assume the worst about law enforcement. They put their lives on the line every day. We need stronger leadership to stop crime and support police.

    Kaine: Respect must come from both sides. Trump has called Mexicans rapists and criminals. Trump has called women fat pigs. Insulted Cain. AA’s living in Hell. Birther issue against Obama. Trump demeans people.

  14. EQ: Undocumented immigrants.

    Pence: Trump has a plan. Hillary wants open borders that drive down wages. Criminal aliens. Trump will deal with border security. That’s why border patrol has endorsed Trump. Once we remove criminal aliens we will work on other plans. Kaine says ours is an insult driven campaign but it is Hillary who said “basket of deplorables” and “irredeemables” about those that support Trump. Hillary is the insult driven campaign.

    Kaine: Hillary apologized. Trump did not apologize to McCain or women or Obama for birth certificate. Hillary and I want comprehensive immigration reform. A bipartisan reform. More border control. Trump proposes to deport 16 million. Get rid of birthright citizenship. Deportation force.

    Pence: Immigration and Customs Enforcement endorsed Trump. Hillary is for open borders. They call it comprehensive immigration reform but it is amnesty. They put border control last. That’s the game they play.

    EQ: How many will be removed?

    Pence: Secure the border then deport criminal aliens first. Heartbreak of people killed by illegal aliens. Move them and those that overstay visas. Enforce the law. Then we can reform the immigration system. That’s the order: border security first. When you go back to the senate I will work with you.

    Kaine: Trump said they will all be gone. Go to the tape. See what Trump said. We’re a nation of immigrants.

  15. EQ: Terrorist threat.

    Kaine: Bin Laden is dead. Many terrorists killed. Only Hillary Clinton can stop terrorism. Hillary was senator of NY during 9/11. She wiped out Bin Laden. Disrupt finance networks. Work with allies. Trump twitter war with Miss Universe. Trump wants to fire generals. Trump likes dictators and will get rid of allies. Trump wants other nations to get nuclear weapons.

    Pence: Hillary is the architect of foreign policy and America is less safe. Weakened America’s place in the world. Lack of leadership. We all lived through 9/11. Hillary failed to get status of forces agreement. American soldiers lives were squandered in Iraq by Hillary and Obama. Iran agreement gives Iran nuclear weapons.

    EQ: Home grown terrorists cannot be blocked from coming in.

    Pence: It begins with reform of our immigration system to protect our people. Don’t bring in people who are hostile to American way of life. Hillary wants to increase immigration.

    Kaine: Seventh Circuit said you can’t discriminate against Muslims.

    Pence: Because they said their “was no evidence yet” of terrorism threat from them. The Paris 9/11 woke people up. We’ll put American security first.

    Kaine: We won’t disciminate.

    Pence: Director of FBI said we can’t tell who is coming in for certain. We must err on the side of safety of American people.

    EQ: Hillary says “intelligence surge”. What is that?

    Kaine: Partnerships with private sector and allies to get information. Create stronger alliances. Trump says NATO is obsolete. Hillary sanctions regime stopped Iran nuclear weapons.

    Pence: Trump spoke about this earlier this week. Hillary Clinton had a private server in her basement with drone strike information. Cyber security?

    Kaine: DOJ said it was not criminal.

    Pence: If our sons did that they would be in prison.

  16. Kaine reminds me of a creepy drunk Clown, he always looks like he just got off a bender, unkempt. ..

    And once again the Democratic Moderator…2 against one!

  17. EQ: Syria

    Pence: Hillary’s #1 job at State Dept. was “Russian reset” then Russia invaded Ukraine. Weakness in Syria. Russia and China are investing in their military. We must rebuild our military. On Aleppo we should establish safe zones, work with our Arab partners, meet Russian provocations with strength, strike military targets in Syria. Deploy missile defense shield in Poland. Trump will be a strong president.

    Kaine: UN resolutions should be observed. Trump praises Putin, has business dealings with Putin friends. Trump said Putin is a better leader than Obama. I am offended by Trump not paying taxes. On 9/11 Trump did not pay taxes. Hillary went to D.C. to get money, Trump avoided paying taxes.

    EQ: Aleppo?

    Kaine: He will not support teachers and military.

    EQ: No fly zone, where? safety?

    Pence: [Kaine interrupts again] Stop interrupting. The Russian bear never dies, just hibernates. Ukraine, Crimea, Middle East, and now we say “no more talks”. The safe zones have a framework. Work with allies in region. I served in Foreign Affairs committee. Hillary weak and feckless.

    Kaine: We stopped Iran nukes. Less troops in middle east. Trump wants more nukes for Saudi Arabia, Japan.

    Pence: We need to make investments in our military. You keep saying Hillary prevented Iran from getting nukes. That’s not what Israel thinks. You boycotted Netanyahu’s speech. I worked in Congress on a bipartisan basis. We agreed to only remove sanctions on Iran only when they renounced nukes but now they get billions in a ransom payment.

  18. EQ: Russia. Ukraine. Assad.

    Kaine: Don’t praise Putin. Trump says he is a great dealer. Trump has business dealings with Russians. SOS Hillary went toe to toe against Russia. Protested in a letter.

    Pence: Trying to keep up with the insult driven campaign. Don’t put words in my mouth. This is Washington D.C. versus reality. Hillary’s reset resulted in invasion of Ukraine. Trump said it won’t happen again. Rise of aggressive Russia has Russia now in Iran and Syria. $150 billion to Iran and Syria is imploding. Allepo. ISIS grows. Kaine praises Hillary and Obama foreign policy? $400 million in cash in ransom payment to Iran.

    EQ: Putin has no respect for Obama and Hillary?

    Pence: Trump is strong. This whole Putin thing. Our economy is 16 times bigger than Russia’s. It is a painful fact that Putin has been stronger than Obama and Hillary.

    Kaine: Leadership. Trump praises Putin.

    EQ: What went wrong with the Russia reset?

    Kaine: Putin. Hillary worked with Russia. Hillary worked on Iran nuclear weapons. Hillary does not praise Putin as a great guy. Trump praises Putin.

  19. EQ: North Korea nukes?

    Pence: Modernize military. Effective American diplomacy. Denuclearize Korea peninsula. NK flouting America. Hillary Clinton set up a private foundation which accepted tens of millions from foreign governments. The Clintons found a way to get the foreign governments to contribute. Pay to play politics.

    Kaine: Clinton Foundation is high rated charity. It does good work. Trump foundation is bad.

    Pence: Trump Foundation is private organization that gives almost all to charity. Clinton Foundation gives a small amount to charity.

    EQ: If NK threatened, would you take action?

    Kaine: Depends on what NK threatened. Congress just passed sanctions package. Trump owes money to China banks.

  20. EQ: Religion.

    Kaine: I was a missionary. I practice my religion. I am against death penalty. I upheld the death penalty as governor.

    Pence: My Christian faith is the heart of who I am. For me sanctity of life is a principle. Indiana is the most pro-adoption state. Hillary Clinton and Kaine support partial birth abortion. A child almost born can be aborted under Hillary/Kaine. Hillary wants to repeal law that prevents state funded abortion. The dignity and worth of every human life.

    Kaine: Hillary is a Methodist. The public servant cannot mandate that to everyone else. We support Roe v. Wade. Trump will jail women.

    Pence: Trump will never do that. Trump is not a polished politician like you and Hillary. There is a choice here. It is a principled position. You support Hyde Amendment and Hillary does not. Young people embrace life. Provide options for adoption.

    Kaine: Why doesn’t Trump trust women to make decisions for themselves?

    Pence: Because a society is judged by how it treats his weakest.

  21. EQ: Unify the country if you win?

    Kaine: Trump is one insult after another. Hillary was respected in congress. Hillary worked across the aisle.

    Pence: This is a challenging time for our nation. America’s place in the world is in question. ObamaCare, war on coal, bad economy. Hillary has failed. It will take leadership to do it. Rebuild our military. Respect of the world. Trump’s career has been about building. Trump has gone through hard and good times as a businessman. That’s what we need. We will have unity.


  22. Quick take: Mike Pence schlonged Candy Kaine. Pence did well personality wise and with his arguments. Kaine had his talking points but he was too obvious in pushing them.

    Overwhelming win by Pence. Pence made sense.

  23. Elaine Quijano tried repeatedly to rescue Kaine but only succeeded in helping him dig a deeper hole for himself. As we tweeted, Kaine won the “most obnoxious” prize tonight. Pence made sense.

  24. For once Frank Luntz group says the obvious:


    Frank Luntz Focus Group: ‘Kaine Is Interrupting Too Much’

    FARMVILLE, Va. (CBSNewYork) — A focus group being conducted by CBS News contributor Frank Luntz believes Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is interrupting Republican nominee Mike Pence too much during the debate.

    “Kaine is interrupting too much,” Luntz tweeted. “The focus group wants the moderator to lay down the law and shut him up until it’s his turn.”

    The debate is being moderated by CBS News’ Elaine Quijano.

    Luntz said Pence is “winning” the debate because Kaine is interrupting constantly.

    “Mike Pence is winning because Tim Kaine cannot debate like an adult without interruptions,” Luntz tweeted.

    There are 26 people taking part in the focus group during the vice presidential debate being held at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

    Luntz said 21 people in the focus group think Pence won, four believe Kaine won, and three said it was a tie.

    Who won tonight’s debate?

    • Mike Pence: 21
    • Tim Kaine: 4
    • Tie/Neither: 3

  25. I only watched the last third of this debate. I will watch a recorded version later tonight. Anyway, the thing that stuck out the most for me was how obnoxious Kaine was. I wanted to slap him a shot because I knew that Pence was too much of a gentleman to do so.

  26. I didn’t think I could dislike someone more than Hillary but Kaine managed to convince me otherwise tonight. He came across as rude and obnoxious and Pence as calm, cool and collected. Pence won this by a mile.

  27. Joe Scarborough afraid:


    Donald Trump has become voters’ default choice

    Donald Trump has become the default choice for voters in 2016. Just as Democrats and Republicans return home to their party as presidential campaigns wind deeper into fall, swing voters who can’t seem to select the best of two bad options always seem to wander back to Trump.

    The GOP nominee had a rough spring, capped off by his attack on a “Mexican” judge who was actually born in Indiana. Trump’s poll numbers dropped, but over the next few weeks they slowly made their way back up into Clinton territory. [snip]

    If I were a Clinton supporter or just an average citizen who doesn’t care to live out the plot line of a Cormac McCarthy novel, I would be very afraid. Given Trump’s behavior over the past week (and month and year), Trump should be down 20 points by now and the media should be speculating about Clinton’s cabinet choices. But that is not our fate. Instead, Americans seem to be buckling up for one more month of chaos, crude comments, leaked Democratic documents, the appeasement of Russian barbarism, ill-prepared debate performances and the worst presidential choice in U.S. history.

    This week will show Trump falling further behind in the polls. But if the past is prologue, expect him to climb his way back into the race and keep elites and influencers on the edge of their seats until election night. Trump appears to be the default position for millions of voters. And if he stops working every day to drive them away over the next four weeks, Trump could still be elected the 45th president of the United States.

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    Washington Times Poll HERE

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  47. Watch Mika.

    She makes a lot of sense–after she stops making faces.

    Barnacle Mike on the other hand is an idiot.

    The district director of the Clinton campaign I worked with in Laredo, worked with him on the Boston Globe.

    This was before he was canned for plagiarism–and hired by msnbc, where dishonesty is a job related qualification.

    According to her, Barnacle Mike is lazy and is a mile wide and 6 inches deep.

    Here he claims that the reason Hillary is not catching fire is because she has not told us where she wants to go.

    Seems to me if Hillary did as Barnacle Mike suggest did people would like her even less.

    But Mika nails it here, after she stops making faces.

    You don’t suppose Trump was the annonoumos source who put out that NYT story to watch big media go nuts.

    That is not like him . . . is it?

    Personally, I think he sort of likes driving them hysterical.

    But watch Mika.

    What she sees in Joe, I will never understand.

  48. Wow. Now amnesty is in the hands of whatever GE brings us.

    “The Supreme Court kicked off its new year Monday
    [ October 3, 2016 ] by rejecting President Obama’s attempt to revive his deportation amnesty, leaving stand a June ruling that keeps a nationwide injunction in place and leaves the big immigration questions up to voters in November.
    ” Immigrant rights groups howled in protest, and said they’ll try to rally voters to punish Donald Trump, the GOP’s presidential nominee, and to back Democrats ….”

  49. Wbboei, in the video you posted Willie Geist makes the important point. In polls during Trump’s supposedly big slump, the independents are moving in great numbers towards Trump. The independents are the ones who will determine the winner.

  50. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/house-republicans-trump-election-229098

    House Republicans spent all summer sweating that Donald Trump’s chaotic campaign would cost them dearly in November, and maybe even open a path for Democrats to seize control of the chamber. But five weeks before Election Day, those fears have largely subsided: Republicans are still pegged to lose seats, but top party strategists are increasingly bullish that a cascade of defeats isn’t at hand.

    There’s still time for that to change, but the telltale signs of a wave election typically surface by this point in the cycle, and it hasn’t happened yet. The GOP’s internal polling shows not one of their incumbents running behind, Republicans claim, and the generic congressional ballot — a critical early indicator of the election outcome — has inched closer to even after trending in Democrats’ favor.

    “We’re in a much stronger position than anybody thought [we’d be],” said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who boasted last week that Democrats have gone from “cocky” to “nervous” about their House prospects. “Sit down with [Democratic] leadership and compare their notes from a month ago to today: I think you’ll see a less optimistic attitude than you saw a month ago.”

    GOP would have to lose 30 seats to lose the House. It’s not going to happen.

  51. http://www.mrctv.org/blog/watch-cbs-moderator-repeatedly-attack-pence-vp-debate

    Watch CBS Moderator Repeatedly Challenge Pence in VP Debate

    CBS News’ Elaine Quijano repeatedly attacked Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) during the 2016 vice presidential debate in Farmville, Va., on Tuesday.

    The debate moderator criticized Pence for failing to answer questions when he was unable to get a word in with constant interruptions from Hillary Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.).

    On the subject of immigration, in addition to her initial question, Quijano overstepped her role of moderator by pressing Pence on whether illegal immigrants would be “forcibly removed” under Trump’s plan.

    “Governor, how would these millions of undocumented immigrants leave? Would they forcibly be removed?” she asked.

    She appeared to support Sen. Kaine on his criticism of Trump, answering back to him, “right,” in agreement.

    Kaine said, “This is important, Elaine. When a guy running for president will not support the troops, not support veterans, not support teachers…”

    “Right,” Quijano responded, before Kaine even finished his remark.

    Kaine went on to overrun the moderator, taking control of the debate by speaking over both Gov. Pence and Ms. Quijano.

    The debate quickly became one-sided:

    Quijano later stopped Pence short in his discussion of the Clinton Foundation even though Kaine had ample time to defend the charity and attack the Trump Foundation.

    Plenty of videos at link.

  52. I wish that Pence had told the moderator, excuse me, this is very important information for the American people and you and Senator Kaine have had more than ample time to promote your antiTrumper agenda… and then proceed to finish.

  53. I spent the morning doing storm prep. It is crazy everywhere. Gas, banks, stores. I have most of my supplies, fortunately.

    We are expected to see 100 MPH winds tomorrow night.

  54. October 5, 2016 – Democrats Gain On Republicans In Florida, North Carolina, But Lose Ground In Ohio, Pennsylvania Senate Races, Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll Finds
    Florida: Rubio 48 – Murphy 44
    North Carolina: Ross 46 – Burr 46
    Ohio: Portman 55 – Strickland 38
    Pennsylvania: Toomey 50 – McGinty 42

  55. Well Gore is not exactly a youth attractor is he?
    Mr. Gore the world is ending crowd, maybe a few, but his over the top environmental rhetoric, and his buying of AL Jazeer a while back, which I think he sold, he totally lost me.

    And I love the environmental lectures while he is flying around in a jet crisscrossing the world…talking of carbon footprints! Talk of hypocrisy. ..

  56. gonzotx
    October 5, 2016 at 5:18 pm
    Well Gore is not exactly a youth attractor is he?
    Mr. Gore the world is ending crowd, maybe a few, but his over the top environmental rhetoric, and his buying of AL Jazeer a while back, which I think he sold, he totally lost me.

    And I love the environmental lectures while he is flying around in a jet crisscrossing the world…talking of carbon footprints! Talk of hypocrisy. ..

    Things must be bad when they have to call ManBearPig out of retirement! I’m serial!

    Still one of my most favorite South Park episodes of all time. 😄

  57. might be a good idea if Pence is in on Donald’s debate practice…

    Pence is the “velvet glove” and knows how to effectively do the Pivot and Deflect dance…

    He could ‘gently’ guide Donald and give him some pointers or do some role playing…

    Donald has to avoid Hillary’s traps at all costs…and ignore them and just go on to spread his message on the issues…

    He has got to do that…no more wasting time…discipline with a capital D…it is not about him…it is about what he, the messenger as he likes to call himself, is going to do to “Make America Great Again”

    Stick to the message…forget reacting to Hillary…that is just what she wants…

    I hope we in South Florida are still standing to see the debate on Sunday…going to be a rocky few days here…

  58. Me-Again Kelly….

    Looks as though, Me-Again Kelly wants the Trump Presidency to be all about her.
    She is looking for a Blood Feud; she is starting to have blood coming
    out of her eyes, or ears or wherever…
    Only this time it is with Sean Hannity; Me-Again Kelly is trying so hard to be relevant again and she just lost that possibility…

  59. Fat chance:


    A former Miss Universe who says Donald Trump ‘fat-shamed’ her and called her ‘Miss Piggy’ says she’s done battling the billionaire.

    Alicia Machado will not give any more interviews on the way Trump treated her, representatives for the Venezuelan-born beauty queen told DailyMail.com,

    We will not be discussing the Trump subject any further,’ an email from her reps at Anderson Public Relations Group said.

    A statement from Machado that accompanied to the message blasted Trump and his campaign for ‘launching insults and are attempting to revive slanders and false accusations about my life, in order to humiliate, intimidate, and unbalance me.

    ‘These attacks are cheap lies with bad intentions,’ she said.

    After Hillary Clinton put a spotlight on Machado’s strife with Trump in the first general election debate, the 39-year-old’s dirty laundry spilled out into the public.

    Video from a Spanish reality TV show Machado participated in showed her having sex with another contestant while she was engaged to baseball star Bobby Abreu.

    It was further revealed that she was listed as an accomplice in an attempted murder in 1998, two years after she carried the Miss Universe crown.

    Machado allegedly drove the getaway car and threatened to kill the judge overseeing the case. Her then-boyfriend was indicted in the criminal case.

    Clinton’s campaign has been unwilling to admit to knowing, or not knowing, about Machado’s past.

  60. TerryDo, enjoy Big Media gossip:


    Looks like the drama won’t just be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the next much-anticipated presidential debate.

    Anderson Cooper — who has just signed a new long-term deal with CNN — and ABC’s Martha Raddatz are moderating the town-hall debate together, and the rival network anchors are already feuding over who gets to grill the candidates on the most blistering topics.

    Sources describe the DC meetings among ABC and CNN producers, the on-air talent and network brass ahead of Sunday’s presidential debate as “acrimonious at best.” Another added, “There won’t be just two presidential egos in the room on the next debate night, there will be four.”

    A TV insider said, “Getting the two networks together has been a challenge. They are feuding over petty things, such as ‘Who does each particular topic?’ Both Anderson and Martha want to shine, to be tough on the candidates, and not to be accused of bias. There’s a lot at stake. So there’s a lot of turf-grabbing going on — attempts to box each other out to get the territory they are most well-suited for.

    “Martha has vast experience covering national security, so she wants that topic, but Anderson’s team is being aggressive because he wants it for himself. The questions are fielded from the audience, so they are struggling to figure out how things will flow.”

    The source continued, “They are supposed to be deep in rehearsals — the anchors and their teams have met a bunch of times, and the atmosphere has been acrimonious at best, at all levels, from the producers right up to the execs.

    “Now CNN is running trailers for the debate, trumpeting the event as ‘Hosted by Anderson Cooper.’” The source added, “This has infuriated ABC News boss James Goldston. CNN has erased the name of the only female host of a presidential debate this cycle, and someone who was widely praised for her performance last time.” Meanwhile, ABC’s promos list Raddatz as a “co-anchor” but don’t mention Cooper.

  61. Trump’s taxes. Taxpayers agree with our initial reaction:

    “Nobody wants to pay taxes. As long as you don’t break the law, as long as you didn’t do anything unethical, tax payers are fed up with the tax code and they actually did not hold him responsible for that. What they don’t like is how his employees were treated. The goal for the average American is to find some way to reduce their taxes.”

  62. Leaked Memo Confirms Hillary Was Given Questions Ahead Of Interview

    Yesterday, in the latest indication that few things involving Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are left to chance, we reported that Brennan Leach, a child actor and daughter of a PA Democratic Senator, was used to ask staged questions at a recent Hillary town hall. And while there has been some unconfirmed speculation that the Democratic presidential candidate may have colluded with Lester Holt during her first presidential debate, we now have further proof that “preparation” for Hillary means being fully informed of what is about to take place well ahead of time.

    According to a leaked memo obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, the Clinton campaign was sent all questions one week by the program before the interview between Clinton and Harvey on Feb. 17. The memo was sent by campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney, formerly an MSNBC host, and communications staffer Betsaida Alcantara. In it the Clinton aides wrote one week before the taping that “Steve is known to be a host who goes out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable. We coordinated closely with the show’s producers on the script and format of the show.”


  63. Of course Frank gives Hillary info, bring up that employees or contractors weren’t paid, they nearly never are when you lose or go bankrupt however.

  64. Well I had my outside hurricane prep done by sundown yesterday and have been organizing, making ice, cleaning and doing the laundry while we still have power. I had most supplies, except for size D and lantern batteries and they were no where to be found since Tuesday. The stores were all mobbed.

    I am about 2.5 miles from the shore and we are getting our first rain bands come through. I have shutters up so I actually cannot see outside except for my peep hole, unless I open the door. The worst of it is supposed to hit about 40 miles north of where I am.

    It is like a sauna out there and I am not looking forward to loosing the AC. I will also be reporting for emergency service as a state employee.

    Life is a trip.

  65. not to sound like a broken record…but…I cannot understand why either Donald, Ivanka or DT’s PAC’s have not started bombarding the airways with testimonials from all the people Donald has helped, given jobs to, randomly helped all over the country…

    they need a much better proactive, positive ad campaign to counter all the negativity Hillary tries to spread about him

    He should have more women out there singing his praises…etc…

    there are so many stories about people he has helped throughout his life…many with no fanfare or publicity…

    where are they? call to arms get out there and be heard…put them on the airwaves…

  66. FYI…just heard there is a ‘wobble’ in the hurricane that is keeping it off shore a little long and should make things better for the WPB area…

    Stay safe all…

    tomorrow morning cannot come soon enough…

  67. Lu,

    the latest sounds like your conditions are improving a bit…better than what they have been saying for the last day…

    just heard that they ‘eye’ is 100 miles off the shore of Ft L…they were expecting it to be 60 miles off…so evidently those 40 miles make a big difference

    same for WPB area, they way it is staying further off shore than anticipated and continuing to go north…

    seems to be improving…not going away…but improving for WPB going south…i hope so…

    sounds like the Treasure Coast still is in bull’e eye…

    wish you well…not fun…

  68. Lu
    just heard another report on nbc 6…definitely improving for WPB…saying winds are not going to be as strong as they said…now projecting somewhere around 80 mph

  69. don’t get me wrong 8o mph is no picnic, but getting in the tropical wind category and definitely not as bad as the 140 they were projecting for almost a direct hit on WPB…

  70. Donald will be doing a town hall soon


    I hope he hits Hillary hard during Sunday’s debate on Haiti…

    How in the world did the Clintons get away with that theft…totally shameless and greedy…

    the Clintons collected millions and millions of dollars that people from all over the word donated SOLELY to help some of the poorest people in our hemisphere

    the poor Haitians…and they left the high and NOT dry…totally unprotected and still living in tarps…from the earthquake years ago…

    and now those same Haitians are suffering even more from this hurricane…

    the clintons could have taken those millions and built sturdy homes and buildings for them to live in…given them jobs to help build them…

    but no…they squandered all those donated millions are their friends who profited from their own self interest and follies in Haiti

    someone has to hold them accountable on this…I hope Donald makes everyone understand just what they did and right to her condescending face for all to hear and see…

  71. Well, my area got off easy as the storm jogged north. I had at least three power blips but it is on this morning. Lots of others did lose power.

  72. Just read a headline that Clinton lead is safer, didn’t click on it. I’m going to guess it’s electoral or “they” have given up all pretense, and have all the cheating perfected so “no sweat”.

    I heard Trump will be in Wisconsin the night before the next debate…sooo…he’s not prepping? Or prepping on the plane?

  73. gonzotx
    October 7, 2016 at 9:10 am

    Just read a headline that Clinton lead is safer, didn’t click on it. I’m going to guess it’s electoral or “they” have given up all pretense, and have all the cheating perfected so “no sweat”.

    I heard Trump will be in Wisconsin the night before the next debate…sooo…he’s not prepping? Or prepping on the plane?


    Truth and Honesty needs no preparation. 😀

  74. I’ve seen quite a few references to voter fraud investigations in different states lately. I’m hoping this means these states’ voting rolls will be cleaned out by the election next month. I’ve noticed they don’t mention which political party benefits from this cheating, although that last TX link mentions it was in black and hispanic areas, so that suggests dem.

    But while it is so discouraging that there is so much voter fraud, I realized how refreshing it is to see so many investigations going on. I’m certain there was a lot of cheating in 2008, but you didn’t see anything like this. Maybe “law and order” is creating a groundswell, is taking effect before it takes office lol

  75. Truth and honesty didn’t do so well last time..there is an art to debating well, to checking ones ego as to not take the bait and getting your message out.

    That is the Art of Debate…

  76. HILLARY IS 45 !


    and yes, this happens to be a good thing, after 44 men we finally get the first woman being president!

    No clue what happend to this particular blog…. the idea to prefer a guy like Trump (a joke really!) over the most qualified candidate for president maybe ever….

    And no, Hillary was not a good person in 2008 that now somehow moved over to the ‘Dark Side’… the force was with her then and is with her now.


  77. Your right, you have no clue because your stuck on gender and not what is best for America.

    So I said I had to stop with the FB BS and I come here and we have a drive by…lol

    32 days, deep breathe.

  78. gonzotx
    October 7, 2016 at 3:28 pm
    Woman4power….be gone…
    Your a joke on this blog. We stand for truth and America…

    We stand for truth, justice and the American way!

  79. The mere fact zhee is apparently so fired up is because zhee is currently being paid to beat and demoralize the deplorables.

    According Mahatma fighting is the third stage before victory.

    #1 First they ignore
    #2 Then they make fun of you
    #3 Then they fight you
    #4 Then you win

    We appear to be in stage 3. That bodes well for the basket of irredeemables.

    Doing good, Zhir!

  80. So WomanWantingPower thinks Trump is going to lose, so she comes here with the intention to make Trump supporters feel bad.


  81. As a matter of fact, it’s rather obot-y. Those other Hillary supporters have sure been absorbed by the borg….

  82. Well, “they” just released a old hot mic, 11 years old, and apparently Trump said something to the effect “grab her pussy”…

    He’s admitted to it, was locker room banter…

    Ye gads

  83. In 2008, obots always came to Hillary blogs to harass us. Hillary supporters never went to obot blogs to do the same.

    Now, Trump/former Hillary supporters get harassed by Hillary cult people. But whenever I read Hillary blogs, I’ve never seen any Trump/former Hillary supporters bothering them.

    Obama was a cult. I think the people who have stuck with Hillary are cultish, because it’s all about Hillary, facts be d*mned. That must be why they now love Obama. Similar personality types between the obots and the Hillary cultists.

  84. Twitter is all aflutter with old stuff Trump said.

    Trump was a rich playboy, he was a womanizer, he said vulgar things.

    OMG. I had no idea.


  85. The left makes an excellent point:

    It is wrong for us to call the invading hordes illegal immigrants

    The word “immigrant” when used in this context is all of the following

    Racist, nativist, homophobic, and not nice (sob)

    The politically correct term is alien

    Specifically, illegal alien

    If we can all just agree on that term

    Then sure as day follows night

    That way everyone can be happy,

    Everyone can have self esteem

    And everyone do their virtue signalling

    In the meantime, here is Ann

  86. woman4power
    October 7, 2016 at 3:22 pm
    Hillary was no saint in 2008, but she had some semblance of her own self. She had 8 years to demonstrate her abilities. And, take your own advise and breath deep so your brain can work now, she has sold out to the Dark Side. The Dark Side of the Force is what is with her now. Soros and his ilk own her.

  87. Sooo..its ok to let back into the WH a man who had sexual relations with a young, very young Woman, received BJ’S and literally simulated vaginal penetration with a cigar, a cigar.
    I literally can not look at a cigar anymore…

    And all the feigned gasps about Donalds crude language..
    Hey, I didn’t like it, never did, but the hypocrisy. …

  88. woman4power
    October 7, 2016 at 3:49 pm
    Trump will be rapidly forgotten… remember Harry Goldwater…
    32 days, deep breathe…

    If you think we’re going to tolerate 4 more years of criminality and destructive policy, you’d better think again. She can try to enforce the globalist agenda to destroy the United States if she dares, but she’ll destroy it in the process, and you can cheer that along the way. You control freaks don’t get to push us around, any more.

  89. Ive been on blogs and twitter fighting the drones.

    Oh they are so pumped up, guess they forgot about Bills history.
    Actually, they never cared. I know I was disgusted but at the time I still suppprted him. When I think about it, I am ashamed of my cognitive dissonance.

    Hillary is a prime example of a lying, thieving, politican. The things she did to the womem who came forward, the things she said…Benghazi..??I want her and obama to pay for that somehow, her by losing the election, him by being forgotten.

  90. Thanks to Drudge emphasizing the Wikileaks email dump and their contents, this latest distraction about what Trump said 9 years ago is going to fail.

  91. The media will not get out the wiki links and I don’t think left wing nuts really read Drudge…
    It will up to us and Donald.

  92. This already has a million legs.
    We’re posting my Sunday column early: It recounts how Trump forced himself on a young woman–in Ivanka’s bedroom http://nyti.ms/2dLMFdJ

    Ryan on Trump: “I am sickened by what I heard today”

    Pence alone will go to Wisconsin tomorrow.

  93. PS. After reading tne new post, I went back to twitter. Despite admin’s very good advice, I panicked and posted the comment above. Settled in for the night.

    Had another tweet in mind, so am back here and I’ve done a scan of the new #Debate2 post. Feeling better again.

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