First #DebateNight Of #Debates: Answers To How And Who Has The Trump Card?

Update: Debate ended. Now the real debate begins. The spin room. As we all know from decades of debates, the event itself is a matter of perception. After the debate the shaping of the perceptions begins.

We were right in our pre-debate analysis that Hillary Clinton was not a “pushover” and that she would be very prepared and formidable. She baited Trump on personal issues such as inherited wealth.

Trump’s strongest moment and weakest moment were one and the same. It was the last thing he said. Trump declared that ‘Secretary Clinton does have experience but the wrong kind of experience.” It was his strongest attack as we said it would be – but it came at the end. At the very freaking end. Was that smart or dumb? Early on it could have helped shape the debate and been a Wagnerian leitmotif throughout this opera Trump could have returned to over and over and over again. Given at the end it is the easiest thing to remember. Whatever.

Trump’s attacks on “politicians” were his best parts. Hillary’s calculated personal attacks were her strongest moments. But it won’t matter once the spinning gets done. In 2000 Big Media declared Al Gore the winner of the debate but the public declared George W. Bush the winner. Donald J. Trump will soon be in the spin room shaping the perceptions of the debate.

Begun, the spin wars have.


We know everything that can be known about tonight’s first presidential debate of 2016. Who will “win” the debate? Is this debate just a bunch of hype for big, little, print, broadcast, and pixel media? What will Hillary do? What will Trump do? What is Trump’s killer issue and his most powerful argument? What is Hillary’s killer issue and her most powerful argument?

We also have some killer suggestions for Trump/Pence 2016 but we don’t know any one in the campaign to communicate our suggestions to. Hillary2016 already has our suggestions but refuses to accept them.

Who will win tonight’s debate? Donald Trump will win for two reasons we have repeated since 2013. Reason #1: This is a change election; the candidate of change wins; the third Obama term loses. Reason #2: The medium is the message.

This is a change election and that is why Donald J. Trump wins tonight’s debate and the election. Trump is the candidate of change. Hillary Clinton has imprisoned herself as the “Obama third term” both with her single-minded campaign focus on black voters, and her complete subservience and dependence on Barack Obama to win. Also Hillary’s severe leftist turn in a crazed belief the country wants to go severe left has been a strategic mistake without hope of victory. Back in 2013 we made that clear to Hillary2016 before there was a Hillary2016. Hillary Clinton did not listen and she will lose.

This #Hillary2016 dependence on Barack Obama and black voters has led to a trap for Hillary Clinton that benefits Donald J. Trump tonight. This provides Donald J. Trump his killer issue and his most powerful argument.

Donald J. Trump’s killer issue tonight and his most powerful argument for the election is one he made explicit only recently. Trump’s killer issue kills Hillary’s killer issue and most powerful argument.

Donald J. Trump’s killer argument: “Nothing will change if you vote for her.”

“Nothing will change if you vote for her.” This is the most powerful argument for Donald J. Trump and like a magnificent flower in full bloom it has many petals to display. This Trump argument destroys Hillary Clinton’s most powerful argument. Hillary Clinton’s most powerful argument will be that she is experienced and ready to lead for the change she proposes. But to every proposal Hillary Clinton makes for her type of change, for every detailed policy proposal Hillary makes tonight, Donald Trump will respond “Lester Holt, I would say to Secretary Clinton ‘If your idea is so good why haven’t you done it already? You’ve been in public office longer than Millennials have been alive. Why haven’t you done what you say you will do already? Also, if you’re idea is so good why hasn’t Barack Obama already done what you suggest? If you try to blame the usual ‘Republicans blocked Obama’ nonsense what makes you think you can do what Obama could not do? Are you saying you are better than Obama? Are you insulting black voters? You’ve had decades of experience doing the wrong thing and that is why most of the people say the country is on the ‘wrong track’. You have been in government for decades. You are responsible for many of the disasters this country faces today. Nothing will change if Americans vote for you. I am the candidate of real change for the better. I will Make America Great Again.”

If Donald J. Trump wants to win Millennials, this argument will do it. Millennials want change. Most of the country wants real change. Not phony HOPE and CHANGE for the worse – real change for the better. If Donald Trump wants to court black voters this divide and conquer strategy regarding Obama will work for him. And of course Donald Trump can spring his traps and call Hillary a “racist” as Obama did in 2008.

Change is Donald J. Trump’s most powerful argument tonight. Hillary Clinton’s most powerful argument tonight is her experience. Trump’s argument is the trump card.

None of this is to say that Hillary Clinton will be a pushover tonight. Hillary Clinton is a lawyer and she believes very much in study and preparation. Hillary will try to taunt Trump with comments about inherited wealth. Trump is prepared for these taunts and we doubt he will go nuclear and go after Hillary’s family too. Hillary Clinton will be prepared to the max after weeks of debate preparation and mock debates. In 2008 Hillary Clinton pulverized Barack Obama in every debate. But it was a change election in 2008 as it is a change election in 2016. In 2008 Barack Obama was so outclassed by Hillary the debate moderators – The Real Danger – had to come to Obama’s rescue and they themselves attacked Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps Lester Holt will try to come to Hillary Clinton’s rescue tonight. We doubt it. We doubt it because Donald J. Trump is not a pushover who will allow himself to be Candy Crowleyed without bold push back from Trump.

We believe this will be a battle for change against stay-the-course Obama Third Term. Feverish dreams that Hillary Clinton will collapse physically or cough herself out of a job are unknown’s but we are sure that medical professionals will prop up Hillary Clinton with drugs, like the dead El Cid, if there is anything really medically wrong with Hillary. This will be change versus stay-the-course debate.

One other expectation we have is that Trump will address his most critical comments of Hillary to Lester Holt. We expect Hillary to do the same but occasionally attack Trump directly (probably at the beginning of the debate) to goad him into direct conversation and attacks which will then make Trump vulnerable to the argument that he was “sexist” when he confronted Hillary directly.

Trump will win tonight’s debate because he is the change candidate. But there is another reason why Trump wins.

As in the primary campaign Donald J. Trump wins tonight’s debate the moment he steps onto the stage. The medium is the message. What we wrote to Trump during the primary campaign applies even more tonight:

Don’t you worry for one single moment about being “presidential.” The very fact that you will be on stage with governors and senators will send the message that you are “presidential.”

Idiots from the left like Matt Bai (and the right, like Jeb Bush), persist in their argument that Trump does not want to win. For Bai and other idiots who think they are so smart, the millions spent by Trump and the non-stop campaigning by Trump is evidence that Trump wants to lose. Amazing! Bai and other idiots like him cannot believe Trump is doing so well so they convince themselves Trump does not sincerely want to win. We’re not making this up.

Idiot Bai and others can have feverish dreams about a Trump collapse all they want. But Trump will trump tonight. Donald J. Trump will win tonight’s debate. All Donald J. Trump has to do is appear on that stage and American voters will no longer have to visualize Trump as president. American voters (other than leftist loons like Matt Bai) will see Trump tonight as a presidential candidate. Americans already saw President Trump when he went on his state visit to Mexico.

Things that won’t matter significantly? We will be forced to endure a not very important back and forth on Hillary emails, the Chelsea bombing, and the riots in Charlotte. BTW, are we the only ones who see a bad omen for Hillary in the prominence recently of Chelsea and Charlotte? The bombing and attempted bombing took place in Chelsea where Hillary’s daughter Chelsea lives, and Hillary’s granddaughter is called Charlotte? Too much entrails/omens watching on our part? Probably. These issues might be important but the big issue is change, change, change.

Another big issue is jobs, jobs, jobs. Hillary will tout her big plans and Trump, as we advised above, will dump all over them easily with a “why haven’t you done this already and if the idea is so good why won’t Obama do them now?

On the economy Hillary will put forth grand proposals including the one about hiking the estate tax (death tax) on the rich. Trump has a great opportunity here to show off his real estate know how and excoriate Hillary for her hypocrisy as she has placed her residence in a trust which will immunize her, but not other Americans, from the 65% tax nonsense she spouts for the gullible.

On issues of war and peace Hillary will tout her experience. Donald J. Trump will respond with the “warmonger” charge (particularly on Libya and Iraq) that so helped Obama in 2008, and this will further endear Trump to Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Attempts by Hillary to fear-monger the public with charges that Trump wants to pull out of alliances such as NATO will be met with crisp rebuttals from Trump that what he is saying is common sense management to make our allies more responsible, not a desire to wreck the alliance system if it is working.

Will tonight’s debate matter? Ordinarily the clear answer is “no”. Few debates have really changed elections. This debate will perhaps change 1% of the vote. Not much but maybe enough in an election that is at the moment so very tight in the polls. While even Trump haters with long track records of being right about elections, predict Trump will win, the polls are tight at the moment.

The Bloomberg poll says both candidates have 46% support (Trump 43% to Hillary 41% when third party candidates are included). That’s a big drop for Hillary Clinton in the Bloomberg poll from her earlier heights. The “blue wall” is also crumbling in states Hillary expected to easily win such as Colorado (42% Trump, 41% Clinton) and Pennsylvania (45% Clinton, 44% Trump). CNN’s poll has a 1% margin of difference in both states. This is a total Hillary collapse. Nate Silver the pro-Obama shill who supposedly analyzes polling data and throughout this election has predicted an easy Hillary victory, now predicts a Trump victory as of today with 54.9% chance of victory.

Against all the ruling establishment, the political class, Donald J. Trump will win tonight’s debate and the election. It’s a change election. Nothing else matters. That’s all you need to know. It’s why Trump wins.


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    Lester Holt, moderator of the first 2016 presidential debate, has selected the topics for that debate.

    Subject to possible changes because of news developments, the topics for the September 26 debate are as follows, not necessarily to be brought up in this order:

    America’s Direction
    Achieving Prosperity
    Securing America

    The debate will be held on Monday, September 26 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. The format calls for six 15-minute time segments. Two 15-minute segments will focus on each of the topics listed above.

    All debates start at 9:00 p.m. ET and run for 90 minutes without commercial interruption.

  2. Tonight’s debate will take place on the anniversary of the first nationally televised debate between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy. Today is also George Gershwin’s birthday. Tonight is also the Metropolitan Opera opening night Gala featuring a new production of arguably the best opera ever – Tristan Und Isolde. While we wait for the debate to begin we will listen to Rhapsody In Blue and Liebestod (Love/Death with Furtwängler/Flagstad).

  3. At this late hour, the dopes are waking up to what we wrote in 2013:

    Maybe, the president’s aides – current and former – now concede, they’re going to have to live with the fact that Trump could end up in the Oval Office in part due to a backlash against Obama.

    “I’m trying to think of a series to compare it to, which was a series that started as a comedy and became a high stakes drama,” said Ben LaBolt, a former White House aide and press secretary for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. “I feel like we’re maybe in the fifth season of ‘Breaking Bad’ here. We’re way beyond the laughs, and just sitting on the edge of our seats in terror.”

    There’s not a lot of mirth in the circles I run in about him,” said another former senior Obama campaign staffer.

    A lot of “racist” talk and hatred of Trump by the Obama kooks at that Politico article. Bottom line is Hillary will lose because she took the easy path and embraced the corrupt boob Obama.

  4. Even at CNBC they see the stupidity of the Mooks at #Hillary2016:

    It was a huge mistake for Clinton to invite billionaire Mark Cuban to the debate

    There’s a reason Donald Trump has pulled into a tie or even into the lead in so many new national and battleground state polls: Hillary Clinton and her campaign are making mistakes. And no mistake is more obvious right now than Clinton’s foolish decision to invite Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban to the first presidential debate.

    It’s a mistake that shows just how unaware the Clinton camp is of how many voters see Clinton and her connections to rich and powerful elites and celebrities. Sure, Cuban’s brash style and harsh attacks on Trump in recent weeks have grabbed headlines and burned up social media. But do they really fire up swing voters? Is a billionaire really the kind of person Clinton wants people to think she’s fighting for? Or do they think Cuban’s presence in the audience so close to the podium will somehow rattle a guy like Trump who’s faced incessant heckling for 15 months on the campaign trail?

    The answer to all the above questions is of course, “no.” But the Clinton campaign’s inability to see this problem in this one case is similar to its inability to see that, when one establishment figure after another endorses Clinton, it backfires in Trump’s favor as he continues to make his case as a true anti-establishment candidate of change.

    “mook” dictionary definition: a stupid or incompetent person.

  5. Admin…

    I suspect we will have to endure Hillary bringing up “birtherism and DT”…

    I believe she is going to go for the low blows and have her daggers with her…


    also yesterday David Gergan and Mark, their political analyst (forgot his name) both had to admit that Mark Cuban backfired on Hill camp…and that Donald dropped “the bomb” on them…


    two other things…

    Hillary’s attacks and behavior (and her screaming fits ‘why aren’t i over 50 points) etc have been so over the top…really…so over the top…with BM carrying her brainwashing message…

    that frankly all Donald has to do is show some of his smiles, some charm, sound reasonably intelligent and share COMMON SENSE with the American public…to make Hillary look a bit unhinged…

    she has to be praying she does not start coughing…Karma holds the card…

  6. ..make that Donald needs to share his COMMON SENSE plans, policies and vision with the American public to connect with objective and reasonable people…

  7. btw…BM is in full brainwashing mode…all the Hillary people are saying exactly the same thing regardless of what channel you check out (he lies, good ‘teleprompter’ Donald vs Bad Donald) and then the media backs them up

    CNN has a clip they are playing of Donald “attacking” other repubs during the repub primaries…I have only been home an hour and flipping back and forth on cable channels to get the “mood” and they have already played it over five times that I have seen…they are reminding and ‘featuring’ what they consider Bad Donald…

    the media is so pathetic…how did the USA ever sink to such low standards (rhetorical)?

  8. My absolutely favorite song Admin…Rapsody in Blue….will stand the end of time…infinity plus 2 as my son said as a child…

    I can’t believe you know no one in Trumps campaign…you are political intellectual magic. guess is you have always been more of a liberal, as many here thought they were, and still do, but hillary and obama are not liberal, they are globalist and that is a horse of a different color.

    We know the front page write ups have already been written, Hillary WINS, Trump is done, stick a fork in him. We are saved!!!

    Good luck Trump, take Admin advise. ..

  9. All my liberal “friends” that I have left after the last 9 years are posting anti Trump BS at a rapid pace..
    Usually I ignore it, can’t change stupid, but I did respond to one today because they were praising NYT so much I wanted to vomit. Of course, she had been a “journalist” prior to becoming a nurse…
    Probably lost another one lol…

  10. What do you make of this?

    Just when you think Hillary Clinton is losing the 2016 Presidential race, we’re reminded just which candidate the liberal media supports.

    Hillary Clinton has been demanding that moderators and networks provide so-called “fact checking” in real time during the debate. Instead of allowing voters to hear each candidate and make up their minds, Hillary wants networks to “clarify.”

    This is the perfect way for networks to help out Hillary through biased commentary during the debate.

    Now, Bloomberg has made it official… The network will broadcast on-screen comments during the debate! NPR will do the exact same thing.

    Bloomberg TV will conduct on-screen fact checks of statements made by both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during Monday night’s debate, POLITICO has confirmed.

    The channel’s decision to conduct an on-screen fact-check sets Bloomberg apart from the other major TV networks, none of whom have committed to doing on-screen fact checks during the debate. Most will leave the fact-checking to segments in the post-debate analysis coverage.

    Clinton’s supporters have called for aggressive fact-checking during Monday’s debate, saying that members of the media have failed to adequately fact-check and correct falsehoods from her Republican rival. NBC’s Matt Lauer was recently criticized for not correcting several false statements from Trump during a presidential forum on the network.

    Spokespeople for the networks told POLITICO that on-screen fact checks would be hard to execute in real-time, which is why they were opting out. That leaves the real-time fact-checking up to NBC’s Lester Holt, the debate moderator, or the candidates themselves.

    Via Politico

    The campaigns have been debating what the role of “moderators” are. Now, we know that Hillary Clinton is winning this fight:

    The diverging views came after Fox News’ Chris Wallace, who is moderating the third and final presidential debate, said it is not his job to judge the accuracy of the candidates’ statements in real-time.

    “I do not believe that it’s my job to be a truth squad. It’s up to the other person to catch them on that,” Wallace told Fox News earlier this month. “I certainly am going to try to maintain some reasonable semblance of equal time. If one of them is filibustering, I’m going to try to break in respectfully and give the other person a chance to talk.”[…]

    The Clinton campaign feels otherwise.

    “All that we’re asking is that, if Donald Trump lies, that it’s pointed out,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said Sunday on ABC News’ “This Week.”

    “It’s unfair to ask for Hillary both to play traffic cop with Trump, make sure that his lies are corrected, and also to present her vision for what she wants to do for the American people,” he said.

    Mook argued the fact-checking during the debate is necessary because this is a “special circumstance.”

    The fix might already be in. Hillary, with her bad poll numbers and failing health, is in crisis mode. Her supporters in the media will do anything they can to help ruin Donald Trump tonight, which now will officially include liberal on-screen talking points during the debate.

    This is outrageous and unacceptable. Trump supporters must be on the lookout for these “fact checks” tonight to ensure the record is set straight.

    What do you think about the networks caving to Hillary Clinton’s demands? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.

    Read more:

  11. Admin – thanks for the opera bits. I have never seen Tristan Und Isolde. My only Wagner experience was Der Fliegende Holländer. The music was unbelievable. Nina Stemme and James Morris 2000-2001. I’ve gotta get back to the Met.

  12. Lu,

    I heard that and can’t believe it, it’s a circus, that and Michael Savage, who I don’t listen to but his Radio Show taken off the air with 20 million listeners is unbelievable because he was discussing Hillary’s health. We are living in 1984 folks.

  13. GonzoTx, our life was to the left in Dem politics before 2008 so no, we don’t know too many people on the Republican side. Years ago we met Trump and he was very nice but we don’t have his contact information. The Republicans we did know are now out of politics, except for maybe the donors and they’re not cozy with Trump or his people. After 2008 we have mostly burned our bridges to the Dem left without any tears shed on our part. C’est la vie.

    And because it has not been said yet, may we be the first to say “It’s over for Trump.” 🙂

  14. Some appropriate Rolling Stones lyrics for tonight.

    “If I could stick a knife in my heart
    Suicide right on stage
    Would it be enough for your teenage lust
    Would it help to ease the pain?
    Ease your brain?”

    Yes Hillary… yes it would.

  15. Anyone care to guess the exact time Trump will mention his meetings with President Nieto, President Al-Sisi, and Prime Minister Netanyahu? First 15 minutes? First 5 minutes?

  16. The main article mentions the bad omens of Chelsea and Charlotte. Now there’s another bad omen: the debate tickets tonight misspell Hillary’s name. Hilary.

  17. In “Between 2 Ferns”, Hillary said that Trump would probably wear his “red power tie” to the debate. He’s not. But she’s wearing a red power suit lol

  18. blowme0bama
    September 26, 2016 at 8:59 pm
    Thanks Admin, but I prefer to just follow the summaries / comments here and elsewhere.

    Given a choice between listening to rat boy Chuck Todd or our brilliant admin and the brilliant commentors on this blog, the choice is an easy one. By the way, where is Andrea? I am still fuming over that equal pay dispute.

  19. Hillary in a regular red pantsuit. Trump with blue tie. Hillary says “How are you Donald?” Both H and T smile and shake Holt’s hands.

  20. The question is loaded. Record rise in income? I hope he says your question misstates what is going on in this country.

  21. Lester begins with statistics on the economy. Then asks Secretary Clinton why she would be a better president. Hillary responds with the first reference to her granddaughter Charlotte and how she thinks about the future. Hillary then cites all her proposals for more taxes and more spending. Hillary acknowledges Donald Trump and asks for votes.

    Trump says jobs are “fleeing the country” and going to Mexico and China. “They’re using our country to rebuild China.” Trump cites the rebuilding in Mexico and China and how jobs from Ford are going to Mexico. Trump says he agrees with Hillary on childcare although they disagree on numbers and goals. Mentions Carrier. Hundreds of companies taking jobs out. His plan is to reduce taxes and create jobs. “A beautiful thing to watch.”

    Hillary: We need smart trade deals and a tax system that rewards work. Trump wants trickle down economics again. “Trumped up trickle down.” Investments to produce jobs. “Donald started with $14 million from his father. I have a different experience, my father worked hard.”

    Holt: How will you bring back jobs from countries that have left?

    Trump: My father gave me a small loan which I used to build a great company. This is the kind of thinking we need. In Mexico there is a VAT system for us. No VAT for Mexico when they sell to us. Secretary Clinton has never talked about this before. Secretary Clinton and other politicians should have been doing this for years. We owe $20 trillion.

    Holt: Specifically how do we bring back the jobs?

    Trump: First, don’t let them leave. Once you tell them they will not be able to sell their products here without a tax they will not leave.

    Hillary: Look at what happened 8 years ago. Trump rooted for the housing crisis. Five million people lost their jobs. Trillions lost in wealth. We are now on the precipice of recovery. Don’t go back to what failed us. Independent experts say his plan would blow up the debt and we would lose millions more jobs. With my plan, my investments we will have ten million new jobs. Trump says he is against green energy, I am for green energy that creates economic activity. Build on the progress.

    Trump: This country invested in a solar company and we lost a lot of money. Our country is losing so much. From the time Obama came in Obama topped all the debt in this countries history. We have to keep our jobs and give incentives for companies to make new jobs. Look at Detroit. Hillary, you’ve been doing this for 30 years, why have you not done anything?

    Hillary: I have thought about this.

    Trump: Yeah, for 30 years.

    Hillary: I’ve voted for some trade deals and rejected others. Trade is part of the economy. I will have a special prosecutor for trade deals to make sure they are fairly complied with.

    Trump: You haven’t done it in 30 years. Your husband signed NAFTA. Go to New Hampshire and everywhere and see the devastation. If you win you will approve TPP.

    Hillary: I am against TPP.

    Trump: You called it the “gold standard” then you heard me and changed your mind. So is it President Obama’s fault? He approved it. You have no plan.

    Hillary: We need sustained growth. We have a set of robust plans. Mind will create 10 million jobs your plan will lose 3.5 million jobs.

    Trump: You will increase taxes and you will increase regulations. You will regulate these companies out of business. Lester, people tell me they love my anti-regulation plan. You will raise taxes, I will cut taxes.

    Hillary: I assumed you would do this so my website has a fact checker.

    Trump: Check mine out also.

    Hillary: I will raise taxes on the wealthy.

    Trump: Look at her website. She tells you how to fight ISIS. You tell the enemy everything you want to do. You’ve been fighting ISIS your entire life.

  22. I’m not watching but on another thread, they think she is … I am sure they gave her something, I will never get that video out of my mind..

    I can’t watch, I have decided I am bad luck, football teams and Presidential debates.
    Yes, I have the power. I watch most everything a day late lol.

  23. Lester: Your tax plans.

    Trump: Major jobs. Carried interest provision goes. It’s good for the middle class. Bring back 2 1/2 trillion from overseas which politicians like Hillary have made them do. These companies are leaving our country because of bureaucratic red tape. It’s probably 5 trillion dollars which can be used for the inner city.

    Hillary: I will be blamed for everything.

    Trump: Why not?

    Hillary: Keep saying crazy things.

    Trump: Nothing crazy about bringing back money and jobs.

    Hillary: I support bringing back that money. But the “Trump loophole” for the Trump family. “Trumped up trickle down.” Slashing taxes on the wealthy hasn’t worked. Top down does not work. College debt free. Refinance college costs to boost economy.

    Trump: Typical politician. People like Secretary Clinton have made bad decisions and our country suffers. We are in a big fat bubble. The FED and Janet Yellen are political. When Obama goes to the golf course the FED will raise interest rates and the economy will fall.

  24. Wow, Trump is doing well so far.
    Admin, your comments are showing up pink, it’s great!

    And yes, it seems Trump is reading and taking your advise!
    So far, so good.

  25. Lester: Your tax returns?

    Trump: I’m under audit. I’ve filed my reports with the FEC. $694 million this year. This is the kind of thinking this country needs. Lester we have a trade deficit of $800 billion a year. Political hacks negotiate our deals.

    Lester: You can release your taxes.

    Trump: I will after my audit. I’ve been audited for the past 15 years. I will release my taxes against my lawyers’ advice if she releases her deleted emails.

    Clinton: This is an example of bait and switch. For 40 years candidates for president release their taxes. Why won’t he release his tax returns? Maybe he’s not as rich, as charitable? Owes 650 million in debt. Shady companies. No taxes paid? He does not want the country to see whatever terrible is in there. Americans should see his tax returns. Something he’s hiding. What conflicts if he gets into the White House.

    Lester: Emails?

    Clinton: I made a mistake. No excuses. I take responsibility.

    Trump: That was not a mistake. That was done purposefully. Your staff took the Fifth. As to my taxes, financial disclosure is what matters. I am underleveraged. I don’t say that to brag. It’s because this country needs someone who knows something about money. Our airports are like a third world country. We’ve become a third world country. We owe $20 trillion. Spent $6 trillions in the middle east and it is politicians like Hillary Clinton that have done this. We need new schools, hospitals.

    Clinton: And because you haven’t paid taxes. Your main claim is as a businessman so we should examine your record. I’ve met many people who did not get paid by you. You wouldn’t pay what he charged. There are thousands of people you have stiffed over the years. You refused to pay them. Good thing my late father never did business with you. You’ve taken business bankruptcies 6 times. You said you would negotiate down the national debt.

    Trump: All words and soundbites. I’ve built a great business around the world. Four times we took advantage of the laws of the nation. My obligation is to do well for my company, my family. There are many people with different stories. I just opened up ahead of schedule and under budget a new hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. Our government should do the same.

  26. Hillary was hitting him by saying that because Trump won’t release his tax returns, that must mean he is hiding something. I wish Trump would have turned it around. He did say that he’ll release his tax returns when Hillary releases her 3000 emails, but he should have said, since you’re not releasing them, there must be something hidden in them, right? What is hidden in those emails, Hillary? Pay to play????

  27. Ugh Donald!!!! Say – Hillary wants to take guns away from legal owners – they’re NOT the ones doing the killings. The way to take the illegal guns away is with stop and frisk, Hillary’s plan to take away legal guns won’t put a dent in the killings!!

  28. It does seem he needs to hit harder and not sit there explaining himself, he needs to talk about his programs, hit her pay for play big time.
    Lester had not been fair, we knee that coming in, but he needs to not play her game.

  29. gonzo – personally, I’m not seeing anything different about her vs 2008 debates.

    She only asked for a podium to stand on behind the lecturn. She didn’t ask to be seated, or to have breaks. So my guess is, for whatever reason, she isn’t worried that something bad healthwise will happen in these 90 minutes.

    I myself would have requested a sitting debate lol

  30. mcnorman – I figured it would be okay, because she was the first to say “hiding something”…. and they had been talking about tax forms and emails…

  31. Lester: Race.

    Clinton: Race is a large part of our history. We have to restore trust between communities and police. We need criminal justice reform. Many police want reform too.

    Trump: Secretary Clinton won’t say “law and order”. We need law and order in our country. Today the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed me. Many police organizations endorsed me. Many blacks and latinos live in Hell because of all the shootings. We have to stop the violence in places like Chicago where 4 thousand have been killed since Obama got in office. We have gangs roaming the streets in many cases here illegally. In many cases our police are scared.

    Lester: Stop and Frisk is illegal in NY.

    Trump: No, you’re wrong. The mayor refused to appeal the court case. You need more police. You need better community relations. Not just Chicago. In Dallas the relationship was good but 5 police were killed. We need law and order in the inner cities because the most affected are black and latino people.

    Hillary: Trump paints such a dire picture of the black community. There’s a lot we should be proud of. There are right ways to provide safety. Stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional. It doesn’t work. Too many African-American young men are in prison. We’ve got to address the systemic racism. Not just law and order. We need a plan. More second chance programs. We’re ending for profit prisons on the federal level. Common sense gun restrictions. Our police are outgunned. Terrorist watch list should mean no guns.

    Lester: You said “implicit bias” of police last week.

    Hillary: We all have implicit bias. Retrain police.

    Trump: I agree that people on a watch list should not get guns. We should help people get the ability to get their names off the watch lists. You’re the one that used the term “super predators”. Stop and frisk brought down hundreds of murders in New York City. It had a big impact.

    Hillary: Crime is down under the mayor in New York.

    Trump: Murders are up. Check.

    Hillary: Don’t go to things that sound good. The young men that live in those neighborhoods also have rights.

    Trump: The African-American communities have been let down by these politicians. They are abused and used by Democrat politicians to get votes. I just left Detroit and Philadelphia and met some of the great people of these communities. They are upset with you politicians.

    Hillary: I prepared for these debates and to be president.

  32. Lester: Birth Certificate.

    Trump: Sidney Blumenthal and Patti Solis Doyle said this happened. Highly respected reporter from McClatchy was sent to investigate in Africa. I got the birth certificate public. I want to get on to things that important to this country.

    Lester: You continued to pursue the birth certificate after it was produced.

    Trump: I got him to produce the birth certificate. Sidney Blumenthal started it.

    Lester: Racial healing.

    Trump: He should have produced it long before. I have good relations with the African-American community.

    Hillary: Just listen to what you heard. Donald knew he would be asked this. The whole racist birther lie is how he started his political career. The first African-American president was attacked by Trump. Trump in 1973 was sued by the Justice Department for racism. Obama is a man of great dignity.

    Trump: In 2008 you went after Barack Obama. As to that lawsuit, we settled.

  33. this moderator I notice is called “black” – but he has European facial features, light skin, with black type hair. So there’s a lot of white there. It’s interesting that people were separated by “race” – because really that only covers whites and blacks – not asians. Asians difference is manifested in facial features.

    If facial features were how we divided people – since the races all have different facial features but NOT different colors (asians have the same color as caucasians, and some black people are so light they’re no different than a white person with olive skin)- Beyonce wouldn’t be black, Halle Barry wouldn’t be black, Holt wouldn’t be black, well really all the black women whom are considered beautiful by our society’s standards wouldn’t be black (because the “beautiful” ones declared so by society all have European facial features). (This seems to refer to black women, though, not black men) Anyway, that just occurred to me today…. People would be differentiated by facial features – European, African, or Asian – not skin color.

    Bottom line: Donna Brazile would not be considered beautiful (not even with her current purple hair) under ANY framework….

  34. Donald should nail her on this cyber attack issue with her servers

    He has been a little too nice and restrained

    Ehat a joke her talking about cyber security

  35. Apparently slimy man Luntz has Trump winning, but that was early in debate..

    Think Drudge poll is stuck or been attacked.

  36. Lester Holt: Security.

    Hillary: I am concerned about cyber security from Russia. Trump says nice things about Putin. The Russians want to wreak havoc with cyber warfare. I was shocked when Donald invited Russians to hack us. That’s why national security people have endorsed me.

    Trump: I have been endorsed by over 200 admirals and military officials. In addition I was just endorsed by ICE border patrol agents. I’ll take their endorsements over the political hacks that have led the country to what we have now. As to cyber security we don’t know who is doing this. It could be a fat man or a state actor. We do know that in the DNC emails Bernie Sanders was robbed by Wasserman Schultz. We have to get tough on cyber warfare because even ISIS is beating us. That’s true throughout our society.

    Hillary: I put forth a plan to defeat ISIS. We’re making progress. By year’s end we might push them out of Iraq.

    Lester: Domestic terrorists. How to prevent.

    Trump: Secretary Clinton says “we will take out ISIS”. Obama and Clinton created ISIS by the way they left Iraq. ISIS would not even have formed if the troops had not been taken out the way they were. We should also have taken the oil.

    Hillary: I hope the fact checkers are working. Donald was for the war in Iraq and the war in Libya. The larger point is that Bush made the decision to leave Iraq. How do we prevent attacks? An intelligence surge to respond quickly to attacks. Donald is dismissive of our alliances like NATO. Donald insults Muslims. We need Muslim nations to cooperate with us. We need Muslim Americans to work with us too.

    Trump: You say “working with us”. They’ve been working with us for years and look at the mess we’re in. As to NATO many members don’t pay their fair share. I’m a businessman. NATO, I said is obsolete because they do not focus on terror. A short while later it was reported that NATO was starting an anti-terror section. My criticism of NATO got that done. We need to knock the hell out of ISIS. Obama and Secretary Clinton started ISIS by the way they withdrew. You were Secretary of State when ISIS started.

    Holt: You were for the Iraq War.

    Trump: No. I was against the Iraq War. I did an interview with Neal Cavuto and Sean Hannity and spoke against the War. Sean was in favor of the War. I was against it. In ’04 a magazine had an interview which proves I was against the war in Iraq.

    Holt: Why is your judgement better than she has?

    Trump: My temperament is better. She runs ads against me.

    Hillary: First NATO. Article 5 is the attack on one is attack on all invoked only once after 9/11. On Iran I worked to get an agreement to stop nuclear weapons. I heard Donald say Iran sailors taunted us and I would blow them out of the water. On nuclear weapons he said he does not care if other nations get nuclear weapons. His cavalier attitude on nuclear weapons is troubling. A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have control over nuclear weapons.

    Trump: The single greatest threat to the world is nuclear weapons, not climate change like she thinks. We defend Japan and South Korea for very little. All I said was that if they don’t pay a fair share we can’t continue to defend them. We owe $20 trillion.

  37. Lester: First use policy.

    Trump: Secretary Clinton is very cavalier about nuclear weapons. We are not keeping up with other countries. Our weapons are old. I am not for a first strike. But I’m not taking anything off the table. China should take care of North Korea. Iran and the nuclear deal is a problem. The hundreds of millions of dollars given to Iran is also a problem. The deal with Iran will lead to problems. I met with Bibi Netanyahu and he is not a happy camper.

    Hillary: Words matter. I will assure our allies in Japan and elsewhere we will live up to our security commitments. Trump should tell us what his alternative is. We must be precise in how we talk about these issues. I intend to be a leader of our country people can count on. We will stand up to bullies.

    Trump: Hillary will tell you to go to her website to read about how to defeat ISIS but it is because of her it exists. We cannot be the policeman of the world. All the things she is talking about could have been done ten years ago but were not done.

    Holt: You said she does not have the look to be president?

    Trump: Stamina. She has no stamina. She can’t negotiate trade deals. Defense deals. We defend Saudi Arabia with all their money and we get nothing.

    Hillary: As soon as he flies around the world and testifies for 11 hours he can talk to me about stamina.

    Trump: She has experience but she has the wrong kind of experience.

    Hillary: He calls women slobs. A woman in a beauty contest he called Mrs. Piggy.

    Trump: Let me just tell you, Hillary is hitting me with tough commercials. I stopped myself from saying nasty things about Hillary and her family. It is not a nice thing she has done. What is gratifying is that the polls have me either winning or tied.

  38. Holt: Will you accept the outcome of the election?

    Hillary: I believe in democracy. I hope you will get out to vote.

    Trump: I want to make America great again. The other day hundreds of people we were going to deport, 1800, were instead made citizens. I will support the winner.

  39. So – here’s something I don’t get – if Hillary has one of these terminal, serious neurological diseases, they must have given her something for her to get through this. But that begs the question, why don’t they *always* do it for her public appearances….? Why have we ever been allowed to see what people have speculated are symptoms of a serious disease…?

  40. Well, he has now had experience debating Hillary. Maybe he won’t miss so many opportunities to hit back at her.

    admin – Dana Perino is channeling you, saying Trump needs to emphasize that this is a change election!

  41. @lorac
    She’s had a lot of time off. Enough to do the drugs and learn how to work through them. The eyes in particular do not track when she is stressed. She was attacking most of the time. It was only in the beginning when she was having issues.

  42. jt – yes, that’s the other end of it – because it doesn’t make sense that she’d be okay sometimes, and not others – because they’d always give her the magic syrup to make her look okay in public events…. so maybe it’s as you say….

  43. Imho
    Donald did a good job of expressing his perspective and painting a realistic picture of our country’s state of affairs

    She threw everything at him and put him on the defensive
    He went easy on her
    I hope in the next debate he is better at taking her attacks and deflecting them and turning it around on her behavior and actions

  44. No…Hillary is not that old. You don’t see people having seizures and being thrown into cars like dead meat because they are 67…geezzz…

    TRUMP WINS. you know why? He had to fight 2 people, as usual…he wasn’t crazy or scary, and that’s what matters the most. The questions were clearly fed to Lester, the childhood molester by the Hillary camp.

  45. Sorry… don’t buy the “she’s old” crap. How quickly we forget they had to drag her fat pass into the van because she lost muscle control. There is something seriously wrong with this bitch.

  46. Update: Debate ended. Now the real debate begins. The spin room. As we all know from decades of debates, the event itself is a matter of perception. After the debate the shaping of the perceptions begins.

    We were right in our pre-debate analysis that Hillary Clinton was not a “pushover” and that she would be very prepared and formidable. She baited Trump on personal issues such as inherited wealth.

    Trump’s strongest moment and weakest moment were one and the same. It was the last thing he said. Trump declared that ‘Secretary Clinton does have experience but the wrong kind of experience.” It was his strongest attack as we said it would be – but it came at the end. At the very freaking end. Was that smart or dumb? Early on it could have helped shape the debate and been a Wagnerian leitmotif throughout this opera Trump could have returned to over and over and over again. Given at the end it is the easiest thing to remember. Whatever.

    Trump’s attacks on “politicians” were his best parts. Hillary’s calculated personal attacks were her strongest moments. But it won’t matter once the spinning gets done. In 2000 Big Media declared Al Gore the winner of the debate but the public declared George W. Bush the winner. Donald J. Trump will soon be in the spin room shaping the perceptions of the debate.

    Begun, the spin wars have.


  47. I think he was using too much shorthand, though – a lot of people tuned in who haven’t been watching rallies, etc. For example, I think he could have explained simply how bad trade deals mean we don’t have jobs here, explain what it means that X country sells us 5 billion more in goods than we sell them, etc…

  48. Kelly and Baier…the 2 that were going to have Trump thrown out of the first debate?…I could care less what they say.

  49. If I had to reduce it to a bottom line…

    I would say donald was talking to the american people about what is happening in our country
    And hillary was talking about herself. ..and talking and talking

  50. Personally, I never bother with online polls. People go to websites and say go to this website and vote! and with some of them you can clear your cookies and vote more than once and sometimes people use computer bots (or something) to automatically run up votes. I just can’t believe they are ever valid…. Not to mention the polls are always on sites that lean one way or the other….

  51. She was trying to say that he sees the inner city as this awful place when actually they have great church communities, etc, etc. I want him to hit back on that. He is NOT a negative person, his vision is VERY positive. But you have to identify problems before you can fix them…. something Hillary and Obama “we can’t say ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ don’t understand….

  52. I wish Trump would point out that saying bad things to a few individual women based on their behaviors is NOT sexism. Everyone has said bad things to a woman, including women! That’s an individual level. Sexism is at a class level. I wish he would make that point.

  53. Trump still doesn’t have the right answer on his taxes. The right answer is “My policy is exactly the same as every working family in this country. I pay the exact amount I owe in taxes under the law and not a penny more.” Say that and everyone watching will be nodding their head in agreement. To say “I’m smart” is true but doesn’t connect with the audience.

  54. So she’s 68, you don’t have seizure’s and have to be thrown in a van like a lump of meat at 67, 68, 69, 70…Jesus.
    Well polls are quoted so I vote in them for Trump.

  55. Sharyl Attkisson ‏@SharylAttkisson 22m22 minutes ago

    I would say neither candidate generally did anything to turn away his/her supporters. No giant gaffe. That’s my initial take anyway.

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  56. Sharyl Attkisson ‏@SharylAttkisson 30m30 minutes ago

    some in the media wait to hear the spinners tell them who won the debate… as if the spinners somehow litigate the truth on this opinion.

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  57. Sharyl Attkisson ‏@SharylAttkisson 41m41 minutes ago
    Sharyl Attkisson Retweeted HowardKurtz

    fair take – Sharyl Attkisson added

    HowardKurtz @HowardKurtz

    Clinton scores by staying on offense, Trump by showing he can debate serious issues; Holt tougher on Trump

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  58. Someone was tweeting for Trump throughout the debate
    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 41m41 minutes ago

    Nothing on emails. Nothing on the corrupt Clinton Foundation. And nothing on #Benghazi.

    #Debates2016 #debatenight

  59. Trump basically treated the debate with repetitious rhetoric he uses on the campaign trail. He was ill prepared to have an offensive to hit her on specific things she has and has not done during her tenure as SOS.

    DT is a quick study and will learn from the template Hillary (who btw was polished and well rehearsed) has provided in tonight’s debate.

    Dig in Donald. In the court of public opinion, you did well. But you’ve just gotten your beak wet, now you know where and how to target her gaining ground in the next debate.

  60. Admin
    I think it is long past time that you find…push…bombard. ..whatever you have to do..and find your way into trump’s circle

    You have too much to offer and you have not tried hard enough or you would have found a way
    Try calling ivanka or Hope or some of the peripheral people
    Maybe put some of your ideas together and send them certified or express mail to trump tower
    Start racking your brain to make contact and tell them you have some insight and strategy you want to offer
    Please just do it…I am so surprised with all ideas and drive you have you would let not having a contact stop you…create one
    You can make it happen…
    I am going to start paying better attention to who his spokespeople are for names
    You have valuable insight on hillary to share with them
    Maybe you can put together some debate deflection ideas for them…even draw from some comments
    You are not shy…you can do this

  61. @lorac


    On the same wavelength as Woods tonight. I thought about her email to Huma, how to send a fax and she couldn’t get it…too funny.

  62. Donald should watch this debate over and over again
    He should watch it alone and then review it with his people

    Donald needs to see and absorb where he missed his opportunities to hit back hard so the next time …I think it is oct 9…he will be ready and able

    She hit him with everything and will do it again the next time
    He cannot let her get away with it again

    One good thing…at the end. ..reminded me of an exchange donal Dr

  63. Grrrr…. how do you post a tweet here so that it’s in a nice form?

    Anyway, the tweet above had a video of Frank Luntz focus group lines over Hillary and Trump speaking. Hillary had a line, Trump had a line, and undecided had a line. When Hillary spoke, her line was highest, then Trump’s, and lowest was undecided. When Trump spoke, his line was highest but undecided was right up there with him, and Hillary was down lower. So it suggests the undecideds were leaning Trump – at least during this section of the speeches that were chosen….

  64. S – I noticed that during the debate, whoever was tweeting under his name made a lot of good points – points that Trump should have been making, IMO. They have to figure out how he can remember those points and get them in at the right times….

  65. mcnorman – from what I read recently, she really can’t use a computer AT ALL, let alone a fax! – that’s why she wanted to use the phones and blackberry. Seems to ME anyway that this is harder, you can’t TYPE on the d*mn things – but I guess if computers are too foreign to you and you don’t want to take the time to learn…..

  66. Sorry
    Reminded me of an exchange donald had with jeb during during one of the debates
    Jeb going on with words words words
    And donald said he was winning…and donald continue to win and left jeb in his dust
    Dt said same thing to hillary … she has spent millions on attacks on dt and dt has pulled even and ahead of her…that did deflate her…air out of her smarty balloon

  67. gonzo – not nice for me to say, but she always has the look to me of someone who has spent many years homeless doing drugs…. not to say SHE has, but it’s the look many of those people have… I’m sure you’ve seen them at work, too… very disheveled hair, wrinkly, weathered skin…

  68. Even dummy David Frum gets it:

    Hillary Clinton keeps answering questions.
    Donald Trump keeps executing a plan.

  69. gonzotx
    September 26, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Somethings wrong with drudge poll, think they were hit.
    They would clearly be showing at least 200,000 votes by now.

    I agree- the numbers were soft considering the volume of people watching the debate. I tried using my phone to vote and the poll req my e-mail or wdpress user info. I elected to vote on my computer and was afforded the current number calculated a few minutes before posting.

    Does anyone have results from other polls out there/

  70. Trump supporters wished he had been tougher.


    But what was his objective in this first debate?

    Two things:

    First, he wanted to rebut the Hillary16 campaign theme that he is undisciplined and unlikable.

    Second, he wanted to avoid a situation where he pressed her so hard that she collapsed on the stage.

    He achieved both of those objectives.

    And he laid the groundwork for the next stage in this process, by calling her nasty.

    He will go back on the campaign trail and ask his people do you think I went too easy on her?

    The response will be deafening.

    He can use their advice and her nastiness to take off the gloves in the next debate.

    He will have the wind at his back and if she keels over at that point, he will not be blamed.

    He did appear to be nervous in the beginning, but he got his sea legs, he will study this and be ready the next time.

    The victory she won tonight in the eyes of her partisans will prove to be a phrric victory in the weeks ahead.

  71. Donald did get in a jab at Hillary about Obama and his turban – which she vehemently denied … but The Guardian so nicely preserved:

    25 Feb 2008
    Clinton aides claim Obama photo wasn’t intended as a smear

    “…Obama and Clinton go to the polls in the Texas and Ohio primaries next week. If Clinton loses either, her bid for the Democratic nomination could be over.
    The picture showing Obama in a turban during a visit to Kenya in 2006 first appeared on the Drudge Report website today.
    The site said it was circulated by Clinton’s staffers and quoted one saying: “Wouldn’t we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were [Clinton]?”
    The picture was taken when Obama went on a visit to Africa as a senator. Obama, whose father was Kenyan, visited Wajir in the Kenyan north-east, close to the Somali and Ethiopian borders, and was dressed by locals as a Somali elder.
    The Clinton team hit back at the criticism today, saying Obama’s team had turned the picture into a row to distract attention from a foreign policy speech she gave today.
    The Obama campaign has repeatedly claimed it has been the target of dirty tricks by the Clinton team. A senior member of her staff, Bill Shaheen, had to resign last year after raising Obama’s admitted use of marijuana and cocaine as a youth.
    A junior staffer resigned in December after forwarding an email suggesting Obama is a Muslim. In the South Carolina primary last month, Bill Clinton made race an issue.
    However, the tactics are widely believed to have contributed to a backlash against the Clintons among Democrat voters.
    Plouffe described circulation of the picture as part of “a disturbing pattern”. “It’s exactly the kind of divisive politics that turns away Americans of all parties,” he said.
    Plouffe’s comments suggest that the cordial relationship that existed between Obama and Clinton in last Thursday’s televised debate in Texas was unlikely to carry into tomorrow night’s debate in Cleveland, Ohio.
    The Obama team wheeled out Scott Gration, a retired air force general and Obama supporter, who was with the senator in Kenya, to explain the picture.
    He said: “Senator Obama was given an outfit and as the guest that he was, the great guest, he took this outfit and they encouraged him to try some of it on. It was a thing we all do.”
    Maggie Williams, campaign manager for Clinton, played down the significance of the picture. “If Barack Obama’s campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton has worn the traditional clothing of countries she has visited and had those photos published widely.”

  72. Imo…The other impression that I think donald was very successful in creating is that he is and I will be a very forceful fighter for the USA…
    donald will put US back in America… US A

  73. His most powerful argument.

    According to my friend, the media expert, with the 179 IQ

    Hillary, you talk a good game, but how can anyone believe a word you say?

    You lied about Kosov, you lied to the parents of your victims in Benghazi while telling the truth to your daughter, you lied about your email server, and you lied that the FBI exonerated you.

    In a nation of laws, this compendium of lies makes you categorically unfit for high public office.

  74. DT missed an opportunity to interject:

    Hillary is a GLOBALIST, She believes a ONE WORLD government is BEST. Which I DO NOT. I, on the other hand believe the Founding Fathers had the RIGHT IDEA that has worked for us for over 200 yrs. We need to reclaim our super power status as NATIONALISTS to maintain the vision set by our forebears as a Sovereign Nation to make America Great Again, not beholding to anyone.

  75. wbboei
    September 27, 2016 at 12:23 am

    Yes, all of those points should be keepers and used as ammo for the next debate. Had DT used them tonight, he would have blown her out of the water@

  76. S, thanks for the kind words. We’ve helped with debate prep on some very big debates and they came out spectacularly well when our candidate was supposed to get creamed. We believe in setting a message and they prepping the theme to be used. The debate then flows from that theme. Every response is geared to that theme.

    As to getting pushy to reach out to the Trump campaign we confess to a certain shyness on this point because Republican inside politics are terra incognita to us.


    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer doesn’t believe Monday night’s presidential debate swayed many voters across the nation.

    “I’ve never seen one where the decorum broke down the way that it did tonight. You almost never see audience responses like we saw tonight. We were expecting a different kind of debate and I think in that way that we saw one. I don’t think Donald Trump lost any votes tonight, I’m not sure Hillary Clinton gained any votes tonight,” the former “Face the Nation” moderator said on CBS News after the debate.

    He continued, “What we saw was an example of how deep a divide is now between Democrats and Republicans. I didn’t learn very much new tonight. I thought they started off pretty well, it was fairly businesslike, and then about 15 minutes in it broke down into name-calling, and it was back-and-forth and who can shout the loudest.”

    Schieffer added that each nominee only talked to their supporters during the debate and didn’t try to reach across the aisle.

    She was preaching to her choir over here, he was preaching to his choir over here, we never saw any indication of how you can come together and form the coalitions to break the gridlock that this country finds itself in,” Schieffer said.

    CBS2’s Tony Aiello was at Hofstra’s student center for the debate, as many are voting for president for the first time. Students were split on how well Trump and Clinton did.

    I think he’s doing well. I think he says a lot of things that people think in their head sometimes, but are too afraid to say out loud. I think he’s funny,” Lauren De Pinter said.

    She’s pretty calm, cool, collected. I don’t think she’s too fazed by this. I think that she has it in the bag already, to be honest,” Priya Patel said.

  78. There is a scene in the movie The Gallant Hours where Admiral Bull Halsey addresses his staff who are despondent over the heavy losses sustained at Coral Sea—he points out that it was a tactical loss but a strategic victory. Watch: 107:15-108.11

  79. The Truth About The Washington Mall Shooting: Arcan Cetin Arrested
    Stefan Molyneux
    (this guy would be a good book-on-tape reader)

  80. Lawrence, KS police dept tweeted out that they know debates make emotions run high, but getting mad at a candidate is NOT a reason to call 911…. ROFL….. I can just see that woman who called 911 because McDonald’s didn’t put her french fries in her bag lol …. oh and they live amongst us….

  81. Admin.
    maybe it would help to think of Donald more as an independent (forget the republican stuff)…yes he is running as the repub candidate but in his heart of hearts he is his own man…

    I wish you would give it a shot…even if you make a couple of calls and ask who can you send some info and ideas directly to…then fedex it…

    in fact, didn’t someone here even mention that at one point trump’s camp was soliciting ideas from supporters…so obviously they are open to hearing good info…

    Kelly Anne is a possibility as lorac mentioned…and/or try to get a number for her directly…

    …however I would call Trump tower and just ask some questions and go from there…

    when I lived in LA i would try to make contact with the most remote and seemingly impossible people and you would be surprised how quick things can happen…if you give it a concerted try…I won’t bug you but I really do wish you would try…you have a sincere perspective that comes from the heart…and brain…I think Donald would appreciate it…he has two more debates coming up…

    don’t forget…as Donald would say “What have you got to lose?” go for it…

  82. S – I tweeted KellyAnne,, Katrina, and his 3 oldest kids…. don’t know if it will do any good. Your idea about a phone call is probably best….

  83. Didn’t watch. Looks like good call on my part. No desire to watch holt’s bias. Thought the goal was going to be have Donald lose his cool. He didn’t from what I’ve read.

  84. First my comment to JTJames-As an RN, yes, there is something neurologically wrong with Hillary. What happened to her on 9/11 was not at all normal and neither are her eye movements or facial expressions. That video with her in the bright blue dress was a head bobbing episode and the video of her at the DNC when the balloons were dropped was not normal. In both the videos, her eyes shoot over to one side. Then in the video with her from September 19, her left eye was so far towards the center that it was disappearing. I couldn’t watch the video because it kept happening over and over again and it was very disconcerting. Getting thrown in a van “like a side of beef” as a policeman described the incident on 9/11 was NOT normal even at her age. Hillary’s people have probably been holed up with her for the past week trying to get her medications just right and were probably using some that she should not take all the time. That’s why I think she is having some of these episodes sometimes but not at really important events.

    Lorac on twitter when you use a hashtag # it is to get a subject trending. Like when people tweet and they stick in #SickHillary in their tweets, it’s because they want that subject to trend. You can search and find #SickHillary but not a lot of people may be there leaving tweets. When you tweet to a certain person you look for them in the search bar. For instance if you want to find Bill Mitchell you look for him in the search bar. You’ll find him at @mitchellvii. Let’s say you want to send him a tweet, you enter his name in the search bar, pick him from the drop down list and you hit the tweet icon in the top right hand corner. A box will pop up and you’ll see the box that opens does not have his name in it. If you send him a tweet without @mitchellvii that tweet won’t go anywhere. What you’re actually doing by adding @mitchellvii in your tweet is putting in his address to send him a tweet. I’m no expert because I haven’t been on twitter very long but that’s the way it seems to work for me. I sent a lot of tweets nowhere before I finally realized what I was doing LOL.

  85. Lou Dobbs ‏@LouDobbs 32s33 seconds ago
    Lou Dobbs Retweeted Heat Street

    #TrumpPence16 Wins! Holt pulled a Candy Crowley, Hillary called all Americans racists and @realDonaldTrump a misogynist.

    #MAGA #TrumpTrain

  86. Admin…do you still have an email address for this blog

    i seem to remember you had one for ‘tips’ etc…something @admin ??

  87. lol yeah thanks Yolanda, I’m learning as I go along, too. One thing I can’t figure out is 4-5 Christian people have followed me – all I do is tweet this political stuff. Their profiles don’t say anything about Trump. Also, I followed a site for book recommendations, and immediately got another 5 followers, writers – why? lol (some of both have now fallen off) I guess I just assumed since I just tweet about politics, that I would just get Trump followers…. Anyway, it’s interesting to say the least lol

  88. Yolanda – oh but thanks for the # explanation – I wasn’t sure – I thought maybe they were sites where people went to read that subject, so I thought maybe I was reaching more people that way. But I get it now, it’s more a way to get it trending, than to get any particular message read….

  89. Isn’t it time for Assange to be releasing some emails? He said about two weeks ago he’d be releasing them in the next week or the next….

  90. Here’s Larry Johnson’s take on tonight’s debate.

    I do not think that tonight’s debate is being dramatically over hyped and is not likely to produce a game changer, which actually is bad news for Hillary. Her strategy is to call Donald Trump a liar. Being called a Liar by Hillary is like being called Ugly by an Orangutan’s hairy red ass.

    Hillary cannot run on Obama’s “record of success.” What might that be? Obamacare? Trade Agreements? Increased terrorism at home? Tepid economic growth?

    Hillary and team would have been better off taking Trump seriously and attacking his specific policies. Instead, they are trying to play the insult game and that only makes them look small and petty.

    The decisive debate will be when the Vice Presidential candidates meet. Trump’s guy, Mike Pence, will have the edge that night. Unlike previous Vice President battles, this one is likely to be consequential and will further the momentum that has shifted towards Trump.

    Hillary cannot have it both ways (though she is trying desperately to do so). If you run as the most experienced, seasoned leader in the race and then why are you whining because expectations are high for your debate performance where people expect to see an experienced, seasoned leader? Trump has been portrayed as a total buffoon. If the Donald Trump that showed up next to the Mexican President in August, look out. His calm demeanor will destroy the Clinton attempt to pigeon hole him as a mad man.

    Trump is making it a clear choice between status quo politics and a new way. Whether you believe him or not is irrelevant. That’s how he is presenting the choice and it works to Hillary’s disadvantage.

    He agrees with admin’s assessment there.

  91. Trump certainly could have blasted Hillary out of the water with both barrels, but doing so might have used up all his PR goodwill with the voters watching. I think that this first debate was more of a reconnaissance mission for Trump to find out what kind of debater Hillary is and to probe her weaknesses as well as try to appear presidential and rational instead of the loon that the Clinton campaign keeps trying to pain him as.

  92. I think Hillary proved beyond doubt that her verbal skills are vastly superior to Trump’s. Aside from that she fell flat on content. In fact, her plan for more of the same is scarey. Like she is operating out of reality.

  93. I know I’ll get blasted for this, but, Trump needs to think about the visual and acoustics on this. The cut-aways with face grimaces, poor posture, leaning over the microphones – make sure the mics are at the correct height so you can stand erect. And for goodness sake, if you must inhale through your nose, make sure it is clear. geez…

  94. A “draw” is a win for Trump. He moderated himself (to many’s disappointment) to disprove Hillary’s attack ads that he’s a lunatic/Hitler who isn’t a serious candidate & shouldn’t be allowed near the red button. Meanwhile, Hillary is still Hillary — blah, blah, blah, racist, blah, blah, blah. We know Hillary is no dummy –she is a lawyer & has been through many, many campaigns. She knows how to debate. So her doing well should have been expected — plus she was doped up to the gills (notice how s-l-o-w-l-y she spoke?) to prevent any “mishap” — what she *had* to do was be likable. She failed.

    Trump won the online polls — the MSM can laugh at them, but the Drudge poll was right in the primaries when the MSM all declared Trump DEAD after almost every single debate (just as they are now).

    Plus, even the insane spinners in the MSM declaring that Hillary won admit Trump won the first 30 to 45 minutes — which is when most people were watching. The truly “undecideds” got bored & switched after that I guarantee — they saw enough of Trump to make him a plausible choice. That’s all they needed.
    In case anyone missed it on last thread:

  95. @lorac
    Using a computer or any electronic seems to be beneath her. She reminds me of some of my clients that are very stuck on their world. She hit DT with “his” reality but she is truly one who is stuck.

    You know that I was a former Hillary supporter, but I have seen too much now. Hillary epitomizes the established polished elitist. Her demeanor displayed this perfectly. She is what she is. She was an aggressor not unlike BLM. IMHO she didn’t touch the common person as being one of us. The answers were scripted and well rehearsed. It was about her and her vision, not unlike teh won who has saturated us with “his” vision.

    As for temperment, let’s just review some of Hillary’s nastiness.


    Clinton confidant’s immunity deal looms over debate: Jonathan Turley

    FBI appears to have undermined its own investigation with ill-considered witness agreements.

    When FBI Director James B. Comey announced that there would be no criminal charges in the Clinton email scandal, there was an outcry by many who saw glaring contradictions, attempts to destroy evidence, and knowing failures to protect classified or sensitive information. At the time, I acknowledged that Comey’s decision was understandable and, while criminal charges might have been possible, this was not out of bounds of prosecutorial discretion. However, the news this week of a previously undisclosed immunity deal with a top Clinton aide raises serious questions over the handling of the FBI investigation.

    The latest recipient of an immunity deal from the Justice Department is one of Clinton’s closest aides and a figure at the heart of the email scandal, Cheryl Mills. She joins two other central figures in benefiting from such deals: former State Department staffer, Bryan Pagliano and tech specialist Paul Combetta. In addition to at least two other immunized witnesses according to the Associated Press, they represent the big three of officials involved in the underlying allegations of Clinton’s potential criminal conduct. Their collective immunization is baffling.

    For the Obama Administration, the criminal investigation into the Democratic presidential nominee and its prior secretary of State came with a heightened level of public scrutiny and skepticism. Many doubted that the administration would seriously pursue the Clintons, a family of political royalty in both Democratic and establishment circles. The easiest way for prosecutors to scuttle a criminal case is to immunize those people who are at the greatest risk of criminal indictment. Often prosecutors will avoid immunity deals in favor of offering plea bargains to key players, tying their cooperation against others to reduced sentences. Although a witness can lose an immunity deal by withholding evidence or lying, a witness can undermine cases against superiors by tailoring their accounts or memories to avoid statements showing intent or knowledge.

    Before the disclosure of the Mills immunity deal, the two prior deals were curious given the evidence against both Pagliano and Combetta. Pagliano set up the notorious private server and later joined Clinton at the State Department, where various people raised objections to her use of unsecured communications. If Pagliano was problematic, Combetta’s immunity deal was perplexing. Combetta used a product called BleachBit to eradicate evidence of Clinton emails after a telephone conference with Clinton staffers. When he used the product, he admitted that he knew that Congress had issued a subpoena ordering the preservation of the evidence. Then, this month, it was alleged by a “Twitter sleuth” that Combetta, acting under the alias “stonetear,” solicited advice on how to change email records to remove a “VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address.” Either Combetta did not disclose this effort in violation of his immunity deal or the Justice Department effectively removed a serious threat of indictment though the agreement. Despite immunity deals pledging cooperation with all parts of the government, both Pagliano and Combetta have refused to answer questions from Congress, and Pagliano is facing a contempt sanction.
    Mills is a participant in key emails and features prominently in allegations of destroyed emails. She was alleged to have been informed repeatedly of the dangers to national security, particularly regarding Clinton’s use of a personal BlackBerry. She was also central in the deletion of tens of thousands of emails that Clinton claimed were purely personal and not work related.

    Many of those emails are now known to have discussed official issues and potentially embarrassing disclosures. Mills’ role in the later investigations has also been controversial. Surprisingly, defense attorney Beth Wilkinson agreed to jointly represent various former aides, including not just Mills but Deputy Chief Jake Sullivan, Mills’ deputy Heather Samuelson, and Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines. Wilkinson is a very accomplished lawyer and there is no evidence of unethical acts. However, attorneys rarely represent parties with potential conflicts of interest and the agreement allowed for a single attorney to monitor the consistency of aides in their accounts.

    The joint representation of the Clinton aides increased the chance for a uniform account in the controversy. Making this even more concerning is that Mills was allowed by the FBI to sit in on the interviews with Clinton, despite that fact that she was a key witness herself in the investigation. Mills, who is a lawyer, did not hold a legal position at the State Department and should have been excluded from the interviews. Finally, Mills has continuing interests in the election of Hillary Clinton, a development that would place her at the very top of the government.

    Of all of the individuals who would warrant immunity, most would view Mills as the very last on any list. If one assumes that there may have been criminal conduct, it is equivalent to immunizing H.R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman in the investigation of Watergate. Mills appears repeatedly at critical moments as one of the most senior figures making decisions or monitoring events, including being informed as Clinton chief of staff of the search for emails by the State Department in response to a Freedom of Information demand in 2012 (three years before the disclosure of Clinton’s use of a private email server). In such circumstances, immunity can amount to impunity. Immunity does not remove the threat of prosecution, but it certainly reduces that threat, while the value of defending prior benefactors or loyalties can remain. Given the overlapping immunity deals, many will now find it unsurprising that Comey did not find evidence of “intentional misconduct or indications of disloyalty . . . or efforts to obstruct justice.”

    Comey removed the greatest threat that could have been used to get two underlings to implicate senior officials, and then gave immunity to the senior official most at risk of a charge. In the land of the immunized, the degree of cooperation can sometimes be as difficult to establish as the truth.

    Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University and a member of USA TODAY’s board of contributors.

  97. From the Morris charge that his performance was within the lines but inept–which is more a tactical observation, frankly, than a strategic one, as I attempted to explain above, to the Drudge poll which shows 90% thought he won, which is more a testament to their loyalty to him than to an objective examination of the evidence, to my own reaction to the 5 minutes of the damned thing I watched before I decided to go for a walk in the park because my arteries could not handle it, that the deck was loaded against him in that first question which he needed to attack rather than answer, which was essentially a statement that the country is doing wonderful but not everyone is participating in this glorious golden age which exists in their minds and within the beltway, there is, other than my genius friend who, along with Mrs. Smith were my bell weathers trying to think of something–anything else, I found this article, from one of the few people I really trust in such matters, primarily because I tend to agree with everything he says. He is, of course, the founder of PJ Media, and only an ironic deity would allow him to have the same name as that low life prick at Politico. He is a Hollywood figure, but as an old law professor and friend of mine once said about himself I am in it, but not of it. His reference to another sage of the golden age of Hollywood, Sammy (include me out) Goldwin is so on point, but he neglected to mention my favorite quote–actually the death bed confession of that giant of that era: “Nothing matters”. (We just think it does.) This piece, like so many others Roger has written, is a voice of sanity in an insane world, and for that reason alone, it is worth a read.

    After First Debate, ‘Nobody Knows Anything’

    In his Adventures in the Screen Trade, screenwriter William Goldman famously wrote of Hollywood that “Nobody knows anything.”

    He was mostly right about the movie business, except that sequels of Star Wars do tend to make a lot of money (until they don’t).

    But applied to politics, his words are one hundred percent correct. Nobody does know anything. Nevertheless, as in Hollywood, a lot of people are paid big bucks to pretend they do.

    Goldman’s was the first phrase that came to my mind after watching the Greatest Debate That Ever Lived or whatever anyone wants to call the extravaganza Monday night that turned out not to be nearly as dramatic as some were expecting.

    Who won? Beats me. Does it matter? Also beats me. (Well, I do have a suspicion, but I’ll get to that in a minute.)

    I do notice that as of this moment (8:20PM PT) the Drudge Report is showing Donald up 90% to 10% in its online poll. That’s basically meaningless considering the source. If Drudge’s poll had shown Trump winning by less that 80% it would have spelled disaster.


    As for the pundits, I can’t stand watching them. They make my head explode. And they’re basically useless. No one is more disconnected from the American public than a television pundit. When have you ever heard one say something you haven’t thought of a hundred times before? Well, maybe once in a blue moon. (You’re free to dial off me now. I’m no better.)

    Fact-Checking: Hillary’s ‘The FBI Has Exonerated Me’ Claim
    But, being a good pundit, I will say the painfully obvious. Both candidates basically got what they wanted. Hillary didn’t have a coughing fit or fall over. Donald seemed plausibly presidential. He didn’t assault Clinton or bite her head off (not that she didn’t deserve it). In the end,he may have gotten more. (As I said, more of that in a moment)

    I can’t say I’m surprised, as others have noted (okay I took a few peaks), that moderator Lester Holt asked no questions about Hillary’s emails, Benghazi, or the Clinton Foundation. That’s what the mainstream media are paid for — to be silent and practice omertà concerning anything embarrassing to Democrats. (Ironically, this leaves a big opening for one person — Julian Assange. And don’t think he doesn’t know it.)

    What did surprise me is that Trump barely brought much of this up himself. He had a huge opportunity when the subject of cyber security came up but didn’t take it. Was this deliberate or an oversight? If the former, and I suspect it largely is, it’s a clever strategy. Everyone knows about Hillary’s email/Foundation veracity issues. Trump didn’t have to make a big deal about them, especially if his goal was to appear presidential, to not seem crazy or mean to those few remaining independent voters who are not attracted to Hillary but want to be reassured about Trump. And we have to remember, the polls at this moment show him practically even or ahead and surging, a great position.

    Interestingly, as I continue to write, Drudge has abandoned his own poll and is linking to another online poll being run by Time magazine. It is currently showing Trump ahead 60-40 with well over 540,000 votes cast. That’s a significant number with a big spread and, unlike Drudge, Time is no conservative icon.

    What does this mean? Well, there was a link from Drudge and it may be his fans coming over. As I said, “Nobody knows anything.” Another round of polls will be coming out in a few days and we will be told what to think.

    Meanwhile there’s this: Trump concentrated his fire on Hilary actually having done nothing of substance in her 30 (later corrected to 26) years of public service — just talk talk talk. That approach may ultimately prove more lethal than the more obvious “Crooked Hillary.” I wonder if it was poll-tested. We’ll have to ask Kellyanne.


    But before I sign off, I have to comment on what I think was the most significant moment of the debate and it came at the end. Hillary had just gone after Donald on the sexism issue — the beauty contest nonsense, etc. — and it seemed for a moment that Trump was going to come back at her on her dreadful family life the whole world knows about. But then he stopped himself. He didn’t turn into the mean Donald and turn off a whole bunch of people.

    On Fox, immediately after the debate, Trump explained his decision to Sean Hannity. The candidate saw Chelsea in the audience and decided it was the wrong thing to do. Well done, Donald. This is the moment that may resonate in the weeks to come.

    So now I have one last online poll to report. It’s from the ultra-liberal Slate and shows Trump in the lead by 9% with 42,000 votes cast. I assumed there were no Drudge links, but I checked anyway. There weren’t.

    So did Trump win? Possibly. He seems not to have lost anyway, which was all he needed.

    But remember, in 2012, after the first debate, the pundits (mostly the same ones) were pronouncing Obama dead. All together now, “Nobody knows anything.”

    Trump Is Right on Climate Change. Dems and GOP Must Follow Him

  98. upon reflection of last night…

    I think Donald’s people drilled “looking Presidential” a little bit too much in his head…and with the combination of that advice and wanting to attract women…and, let’s be honest and face it…his lack of preparation and lost opportunities to deflect Hillary’s attacks and go after her with the most obvious responses… Donald was off his game…

    I do not know who is “coaching” him on debating but they need someone who can lay down the boom and get cracking…

    rumour had it Laura Ingraham was pitching in…I did not see her influence…she knows all the tricks in pivoting…get that info into DT’s head…

    Donald needs to start thinking of this as a negotiation and using everything in his arsenal…forget all the deference to Hillary “I agree with Hillary…to be fair to Hillary, etc)

    time to play Hardball…with a velvet glove…in a calm voice…Donald needs to prosecute his case against Hillary…she did it against him…

    Does he want a repeat of that…

    next debate is a town hall…he will be talking to the people…he can go on with his conversation with the people but he has to get tough…and get the FACTS out there and on the table…

    Ivanka…Dad needs to school himself pronto…

    whether we think the debates matter or not…this is not the time to leave things to chance…all hands on deck..

  99. On Fox, immediately after the debate, Trump explained his decision to Sean Hannity. The candidate saw Chelsea in the audience and decided it was the wrong thing to do. Well done, Donald. This is the moment that may resonate in the weeks to come.
    A profound point/

    A Clinton critic who knew the family made the counter intuitive observation that as crooked as Bill and Hillary are, and at this point, it would take a good old pre frontal lobotomy not to see it, they have kept Chelsea out of it.

    Actually, that is not counter intuitive at all, if you think back to the Kennedy clan. FDR called the patriarch of that political family, Joe Kennedy “the most evil man I ever knew”. But he kept his boys–primarily John and Bobby in the dark about most of his schemes. Teddy was always the corrup ner do well baby brother, and age did not ameliorate that condition one iota. However, by with holding the fact that he made a deal with the Chicago Mob to use its influence to turn the 1960 election for Johnny Boy, he let them go after the mob thus repudiating the old man’s promise to them of no more Keefauver (1952) and no more McClellan (1959) investigations into their sordid practices etc. and that became the motive for their assassination. By the time that line was crossed Joe Kennedy had been immobilized by a stroke, and lost his ability to communicate to John and Bobby to avoid this path on penalty of assassination. That the CIA was also involved in that affair is hardly surprising. It was, and still is, another corrupt Irish Catholic hierarchy.

  100. I neglected to put a fine point on what I meant about the first question.

    The moderator asserted that everything is going swimmingly, and recited some cooked books statistics to validate the point.

    Well . . . here’s the rub.

    The leitmotiff of the Trump campaign is change.

    But if everything is going swimmingly, as his question asserts, then their is no need or justification for change.

    That assertion is an argument of Hillary’s theme which is stay the course.

    That is why I felt it was important to take apart that first question.

  101. btw…did anyone notice that Hillary was plugging her book…that no one has heard of or is reading…

    nothing about that…instead they go after DT for talking about his Post Office job


    btw…seems the independents are revolting and not leaning towards Hillary…they are leaning towards The Donald


    add to the list…

    Donald never brought up her ‘deplorables comment’…perfect time for him to do it is at the town hall debate…

    as in…’Hillary Clinton thinks that half of America are deplorable and irredemable’..she and her elite friends do not give a damn about you…

    (to the people) why do you think all the Wall St crowd and the Hedge fund crowd are giving her massive donations…and speaking of the Wall St crowd Hillary…

    when are you going to release the speeches you gave to Wall St to the tune of over one quarter of a million dollars? Why is that another BIG SECRET you are trying to keep from American people…

    also…Donald must interject HAITI…

    he can say something like ‘I just visited with Haitians that live in Little Haiti in South Florida and they are furious with all the money that was donated by people from all over the world to help the Haitians and that the Clintons diverted to their friends instead of helping the Haitians after their devasting earthquake…Haitians who are among the poorest people in the world and were and are suffering since their devasting earthquake…

    and then turn to Hillary…where did the millions and millions of dollars go that were entrusted to you and your husband to help the suffering Haitian people?

    Hillary, that is a real disgrace…you and your husband should be ashamed of yourselves…lining the pockets of rich friends while the Haitians are still in dire need…

    Your brother was involved wasn’t he? and Bill’s friends got special deals, didn’t they?



    also why did you and President O deny that you were communicating on your secret server hidden in some bathroom wherever…President O was using a fake name and lied to the American people and CBS when he told them he found out about your server on the news….

    …then turn to the American people…let me tell you about the LIES Hillary has been telling you…

    then name the list…

  102. yes Wbboei and Admin…

    as wbb says;

    “here’s the rub.

    The leitmotiff of the Trump campaign is change.”


    but Donald has to make his case…his prosecution of her must come first…once that is established he can say …

    “that is why I am here…I am going to change all of that…I am going to work for you and right all these wrongs…I will fight for you and together we will change the mess that Hillary and O have made…and together we will rebuild the inner cities and the middle class…

    “we will make American safe again…we will make America prosperous for all again…and we will make America great again…for all of us”



    homeland security reviewing cases of citizenship that went to immigrants that were supposed to be deported and instead granted citizenship

    …hmmm…who do you think forced that into the light of day and provoked HS to act…

  103. The polices hillary talked about last night hurt small business, and they know that. Small business is America’s backbone and THEY are too big to fail. They will not vote for Hillary.
    Hillary may have stood upright, smirk and all, but she did not deliver the knockout punch.
    I do think Trump missed an opportunity, but he won in the mindset that I don’t think America saw a scaryan.
    Now he needs to learn how to debate for a full 90 minutes against tag teams…

  104. by chance just tuned into DT on OAN…turn it on…amazing

    Donald live in Miami speaking at townhall

    hispanics loving donald

    hispanic young guy speaking so highly of donald

  105. If you believe that NBC did NOT rig this debate, then you are an idiot.

    We now see exactly what they did:

    1. first, they slipped a copy of the debate questions to the Clinton campaign a week in advance.

    2. second, they steered clear of major questions that would undermine Hillary’s fitness to serve, i.e. emails, CGI, Benghazi

    3. third, their first question was a naked attempt to undermine the justification for the Trump candidacy.

    4. fourth, their moderator bedeviled Trump with follow up questions, but neery once did so with Hillary.

    NBC, like Hillary herself, has so little respect for us that they do not bother to cover up their corruption.

    Believe you me. Secretly, they laugh at us, and when they are feeling charitable, they call us deplorables.

  106. Just sent a message and link to Trump to contact Admin. Not sure how you do that, can’t find email anymore.
    And a small donation…

    If we all contact him, maybe he will contact Admin!!!

  107. ongoig list for donald to expose

    Americans are now paying expensive fines because they either cannot afford to buy useless obamacare insurance or they refuse to buy into the scam and be enslaved to the

  108. damn this new keyboard

    be enslaved to fraudulent, fake ocare for a life sentence

    donald to say he will correct and change it for something better and really affordable

    he will restore and give back their choices and freedom in choosing their own healthcare

    americans are being robbed and get nothing in

    it is anotherracket whereinssiders make Big Mony

  109. Trump was right. We don’t need her wrong type of experience. Yes, she has lots of experience at failure, and it’s not what we want or need. Clinton came across a stiff, frequently having this weird Cheshire Cat grin that I wish Donald would have walked over to her and wiped It off her face… gently, of course. Hillary was typical politician, and in this change election, people don’t want that! We are sick of it! One candidate displayed authenticity while the other displayed typical political platitudes, and faux caring. Trump won just by appearing on the stage as himself, warts and all.

  110. nomobama

    last week everyone was criticizing Hillary to smile because he had that mean scolding look on her face
    so last night she smiled all night even when it wasn’t appropriate

    and while she was taking over and directing the debate… that was her intention … to take charge of the debate

  111. S, Hillary’s smile was as fake as she is. I find it creepy. I also find her fake laugh unconvincing. She is a phony, plain and simple. I am very disappointed in myself for ever finding anything of worth in her. I now realize that I backed a fraud in 2008, but as soon as I saw her become part of the Obama fold, regardless of if she liked him or not, I admitted my error and ceased my respect for her.

  112. all day i have been trying to put my finger on what it was about hillary that even though truthfully she was prepared and fluent there was something that didn’t ring true…or good for her…(maybe this is what Mika is feeling)

    and one can understand that even though Donald was not on his game, the average person would still give it to Donald

    I think i finally figured it out in one word

    Hillary was…SMUG…

    that is not a likeable quality…a bit too much of the ‘smartest kid in the class’ that alienates everyone and does not make friends easily…

    she is too SMUG…and she was being a showoff…complete with her little self satisfied, self congratulatory wiggle…

  113. agree with you Nomobama

    let me say…warts and all…ILDT…


    donald tonight in Melbourne Florida for rally, expecting about 10,000 at hanger

    7 pm

  114. Exactly, S. She was smug, but to her detriment. She acts like nothing from her past is remembered by the deplorables. To the contrary, her past is difficult to forget. She may be able to speak like a politician, which in my opinion is not something to celebrate, but when people decipher what it is that she has to say, they see how erroneous it is. A third term of Obama is exactly what this country doesn’t need. Her smugness makes her promotion of the third Obama term even worse.

  115. I like Pat Caddell, too.

    One thing that I never see discussed is although there are immediate polls after a debate for people to indicate who won a particular debate, sometimes it takes a few hours for things to sink in, and to read other perspectives that can alter one’s original views. I wonder if any within the survey conducted by Pat Caddell have now
    adjusted their original beliefs?

  116. Well, Hillary won the rigged debate last night. She was polished and and well practiced. She did not look sick or have eye spasms. I think she should have gone a little more ruby on the red pant suit, but other than that, she had it beat. While Trump watched her, she had her eyes on the audience with a pleasant gaze. A totally professional politician.

    That would work just fine if that is what the country wants. But I do not think so.

  117. People saw a slick politicia in hillary, not a human being. Hillary does not relate to people.
    Slick reminds people of a swindler, I don’t want to say slick Willie…
    Bill, whatever you think at this point, could communicate and appear to emote with the masses.

  118. well last nights debate is already in the rear view mirror…and we are going forward

    Donald is speaking right now in Melbourne to a MAJOR packed crowd…the energy is amazing…live on fox and OAN…too bad the ‘crooked’ media doesn’t let you see the actual size of the crowd…(if this was O they would be panning the crowd and swooning…Hillary can only dream of a crowd this size)

    He was received with love earlier today in Little Havana…

    btw…Dilbert’s creator, Scott does not believe Hillary is in good health, he thinks her doctors medicated her to get thru the debate…honestly she did look kind of high…she had another coughing episode on her plane today

  119. there is an amazing picture of Donald’s plane landing in melbourne with a majorly big bolt of lightening behind it…at conservative treehouse

    i do not know how to bring a photo here…but it is something

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