@RealDonaldTrump Traps #Hillary2016: Two Bombs And A Birth Certificate

Has there ever been a political campaign dumber than Hillary2016? No. Hillary2016 is the dumbest campaign ever. Proof? Look at the New York bombs and the birth certificate news stories for proof.

Some campaigns stumble due to unexpected events, unmet expectations, lack of money or even some plain ol’ circumstances beyond control. But Hillary2016 is plain ol’ stupid. The birth certificate story is by far the most interesting encapsulation of the utter stupidity of Hillary2016 and by extension the brain dead Hillary Clinton herself. It’s as if Hillary Clinton has turned off her brain and sensory conduits to obliviate reality. On the birth certificate story Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 have fallen into an obvious Trump dug trap. We’ll explain below, but first let’s take a quick look at the pedestrian terror bombs and attacks of the past weekend and explore the Trump trap here and the utter stupidity of Hillary2016.

The terror bombs planted in New York’s gay neighborhood of Chelsea, where Chelsea Clinton lives, is politically interesting as it intersects with the political stupidity displayed by Hillary2016 in the birth certificate story of this past Friday. In the bomb story the political analyst can see two of the big failures of Hillary2016 we have written about even before Hillary2016 existed.

From before its inception and since we have written about two particularly stupid assumptions Hillary Clinton stupidly accepted. Stupidity #1: the necessity to hire campaign operatives for Hillary2016 more interested in protecting Barack Obama than helping Hillary Clinton. Stupidity #2: acceptance by Hillary Clinton of the pro-Obama hires explanation for why she lost in 2008.

The pro-Obama Praetorian Guard infesting Hillary2016 convinced Hillary Clinton that her big problem in 2008 was she kept on changing strategies and tactics instead of sticking with the political plan outlined by her campaign when it began. This is an entirely stupid lie. Hillary was defeated in 2008 in large part because Big Media protected Barack Obama no matter what Obama did, and attacked every Obama opponent as racist no matter how valid and non-racist the attack was. Hillary Clinton did not lose in 2008 because she changed her strategy when circumstances changed. If anything Hillary Clinton should have been swifter to change and much much more “nuclear” in her attacks on the corrupt Chicago crony Barack Obama.

That rewritten history lie by Barack Obama operatives infesting Hillary2016 has negative dramatic impact on Hillary2016. Just look at what happened when a bomb exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood even as a pressure cooker bomb was discovered in another part of the Chelsea neighborhood, even closer to The Whitman where Chelsea Clinton lives. Donald J. Trump almost immediately emerged with a strong statement calling the bomb a “bomb”. Donald J. Trump looked and sounded like a leader. With today’s developments of the shootings and arrest of a Muslim terrorist who also tried to bomb a police charity in New Jersey, Donald J. Trump has been proven correct.

“I must tell you that just before I got off the plane, a bomb went off in New York and nobody knows exactly what’s going on. But boy, we are living in a time—we better get very tough, folks. We better get very, very tough. Just happened. So we’ll find out. It’s a terrible thing that’s going on in our world, and in our country, and we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant. And we’re gonna end it. We’re gonna end it. So, we’ll see what it is.”

Donald J. Trump said the obvious and sounded strong while saying it was a bomb. Then look at Hillary2016 and what Hillary Clinton said and did.

Somehow Hillary Clinton missed the story which dominated the headlines since September 11. On September 11 Hillary Clinton collapsed and her collapse was documented on video. You would think that Hillary’s September 11 nonsense about the Benghazi video would have made her aware that video is not her friend. But no, Hillary Clinton somehow missed the import of the video of her collapse. This thousand fathoms deep stupidity on the part of Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 once again exploded on her face in the Chelsea bombing.

What do we mean by all the above? (1) Hillary Clinton collapsed on September 11 and her collapse was captured on video; (2) the Hillary Clinton collapse brought to the political debate all the many health questions Donald J. Trump has raised about Hillary; (3) the only way for Hillary Clinton to definitively dispel questions about her health is to appear vigorous and strongly in control; (4) Hillary’s response to the Chelsea bombs was not vigorous but instead weak, sleepy, and mealy mouthed.

Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 missed the import of her health collapse and the need to demonstrate strength. Instead of a powerful Hillary Clinton with a powerful statement against terrorism, the world saw a wait, wait, wait, watch, watch, watch, collapsing Hillary Clinton looking as if she was medicated with horse tranquilizer. It was a total misunderstanding of the moment. Even Trump hater Ben Shapiro could not miss this latest Hillary collapse:

Trump reacted approximately 30 minutes after the bomb went off, stating, “a bomb went off in New York.”

This prompted consternation from the collected media, as well as Hillary Clinton, who said, “I think it’s important to know the facts about any incident like this. I think it’s also wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions, because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened.” Of course, in the same media scrum, Hillary said that she had been briefed “about the bombings in New York and New Jersey and the attack in Minnesota.” Oops.

Hillary looked half-dead while talking to the media, too:

Why did Hillary Clinton intentionally respond in this half dead way? Because the Obama operatives have convinced her to stick with her original “I’m responsible and experienced” strategy (unlike what she did in 2008, they say). But the entire Hillary2016 strategy is in ashes. Why? Because fearless and powerful Donald J. Trump is not the weak Romney style opponent Hillary2016 anticipated.

Hillary Clinton fumbled the response to the Chelsea bombing because Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 will not adapt to the world as it is. Donald J. Trump is the one in total control of this presidential race and Donald J. Trump is the one who not only sets the agenda but also the narrative and all the cul-de-sacs of that narrative.

Hillary2016 and Hillary Clinton are irredeemably stupid if they think the “I am the responsible, experienced, and most qualified candidate” strategy will win the White House in 2016. It didn’t in 2008 when Hillary Clinton faced a fey legislator without accomplishments other than self-promotion. Hillary Clinton’s “experienced” strategy failed in 2008 and it will fail in 2016. But don’t tell any high level Hillary Clinton operative that because they will enter a psychotic state of denial.

If you wish to witness total psychosis, examine the Hillary2016 response to the birth certificate story which reemerged on Friday. If you wish to examine smart political strategy, the birth certificate story is a good example of how Trump lays a trap.

On Friday Donald J. Trump’s campaign announced there would be an announcement about the Obama birth certificate. Big Media frenzied. Big Media thought they had Trump in a trap. All TV cameras were on Trump for his big birther announcement.

Instead of walking into a trap, Trump laid a Big Media trap. Big Media thought Donald J. Trump would implode if he persisted in questions about Barack Obama’s site of birth and Big Media thought Trump would implode with those who don’t believe Barack Obama is a natural born American. Big Media was happy. Instead, Donald J. Trump led Big Media to his latest fabulous hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House, and then hours long coverage of Medal of Honor winners with praise for Donald J. Trump. At the end, on a Friday news dump, Trump in three sentences made a not very convincing statement that closed for the moment the birth certificate issue.

Big Media was outraged as they trashed the fabulous hotel and screamed and shouted like two-year-olds denied ice cream. Big Media thought they trapped Trump and instead it was Trump that trapped them. Not only did Trump garner hours of free media, but even Big Media was forced to publish stories of the Hillary2008 ties to the birth certificate story. Sidney Blumenthal and Mark Penn came roaring from the past. But that was the dull part of the story. The interesting part of the birth certificate story has the same strategic miscalculations by Hillary2016 and Hillary Clinton as the Chelsea bomb story.

Simple analysis from many sources has already been made. But there is a much more interesting aspect of this story that screams “Trump trap for Hillary2016”.

The simple and obvious analysis is that Trump knew Hillary Clinton was going to attack him at the debate next Monday on the birth certificate issue. This simple and obvious analysis notes that Trump has made a great many appeals to black voters which appear to be working. This simple and obvious analysis also notes that Trump wanted to neutralize Hillary’s attacks at the upcoming debate.

If it was only so simple, politics would be a game of checkers. But this is chess. Donald J. Trump did want to neutralize Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 from birth certificate attacks at the debate which could hurt Trump with the black vote. But this was a sophisticated Trump trap, not a simple and obvious, game of musical chairs.

Hillary2016 and Hillary Clinton thought their response to the Trump birth certificate statement was ever so smart. But it was dumb, dumb, and dumber.

Again, it was more about white suburban women, than the black vote itself. These white suburban women don’t want to be seen as racists and the Hillary campaign wants to smear Trump supporters as racists. So what does Trump want and what did Trump do? Trump laid out a trap and soon the “racist” will be on the other foot.

Contrary to all our repeated warnings and advice Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 chose a stupid strategy. We warned that 2016 would be a change election. The “change” candidate would win. The “stay the course” candidate will lose. Hillary Clinton chose to follow the Obama Praetorian Guard advice, and “stay the course” became the Hillary2016 strategy. This has led to catastrophe.

Hillary Clinton was deluded by Obama backers into thinking the black vote would come out for her in the same massive wave and in the same percentage as for Barack Obama. That was such a stupid delusion. We can’t explain how anyone could be so stupid. Barack Obama was the first obviously black man to have a chance to win the White House and the black vote came out in racial solidarity, aided and abetted by Big Media, to vote in massive numbers and percentages for Obama. That was never going to happen for Hillary Clinton but somehow Hillary Clinton stupidly believed that nonsense.

Somehow Hillary Clinton missed the fact that the Obama vote was a cult and racial solidarity depravity. Obama’s cult only cared about Obama. The “Obama vote” was not transferable. In 2009, one short year after Obama got elected, candidates Obama campaigned for in blue Massachusetts, in blue New Jersey, and purple Virginia, – lost. In 2010 the Republican wave swamped all the candidates Obama campaigned for. Obama had promised “you’ve got me” as a tonic to worried Democrats but still Obama Dimocrats lost. In 2014 another generation of Dimocrats went to the slaughter. In short, the Obama cult vote only votes for Obama, as was demonstrated in 2008 and 2012. Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 missed this history or thought this time it would be different. It won’t be different. An Obama third term will lose.

Now all those chickens have come home to roost.

What was the Trump trap on the birth certificate issue?

Donald J. Trump at the debate will hit Hillary Clinton with all the race-baiting from 2008 Barack Obama.

The chess moves are these: (1) Trump makes a Friday news dump statement on the Obama birth certificate; (2) Trump, with some great justification, attributes the Obama birth certificate issue as a Hillary2008 invention; (3) Hillary Clinton responds with a race-bait attack on Trump which claims the birth certificate issue was a “racist” attack “to delegitimize our first black president“; (4) instantly the 2008 campaign is regurgitated and all the hatred between the Clintons and the Obamas is recalled on the front pages; (5) the trap to be sprung at the debate by Trump against Hillary Clinton is ready.

It’s a double trap by Trump. Trap #1: At the debate, recall all the times the Obama 2008 campaign called Hillary a “racist”. Bill Clinton then angrily said Obama had “played the race card on me.” This will make black voters remember the 2008 “racist” Hillary and bring down enthusiasm by blacks to vote for Hillary2016. #Trap #2: At the debate force Hillary to focus on defending herself against the 2008 “racist” attacks. The more Hillary Clinton defends herself on the history of the 2008 “racist” campaign the deeper she will dig herself into a deeper hole. In addition, the more Hillary Clinton focuses on the black vote the less interesting she will be to white working class voters. In military terms this once again is a cross-fire attack in which the more Hillary tries to get a massive wave of black votes the weaker she gets with white working class voters. In addition, those white suburban women who don’t want to be seen as “racist” will run from “racist” Hillary in 2016 like they did in 2008.

Chess players will recognize the strategy. Pool players will recognize the set-up of the table too. Military tacticians will spot the trap. Hillary2016 won’t know what hit them.

* * * * * *

Can any of this be documented for the numbskulls at Hillary2016? Yeah. We wrote in 2013 this was a change election and the candidate of change would win. From Egypt to ObamaCare we wrote it was the candidate of change that would win.

The white working class should have been the bedrock of the Hillary2016 campaign. But Hillary Clinton abandoned the white working class so the white working class went to Donald J. Trump. Now the black vote is walking away too.

The black vote had to come out in Obama sized numbers for Hillary Clinton and in the election overall. But the black vote is slipping away from Hillary2016.

Donald Trump is gaining support among African-American voters — whose enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton is eroding, a tracking poll released Saturday revealed.

Trump saw a 16.5 percentage-point increase in backing from African-American voters in a Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll, up from 3.1 percent on Sept. 10 to 19.6 percent through Friday.

Meanwhile, the same poll showed Clinton’s support among that group plummeting from 90.4 percent on Sept. 10 to 71.4 percent.

The Hispanic vote? Collapsing too:

Lagging support among Hispanic voters for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and congressional candidates in crucial races has stoked deep concern that the party and the presidential campaign are doing too little to galvanize a key constituency.

While Clinton holds a significant lead over Republican rival Donald Trump in every poll of Hispanic voters, less clear is whether these voters will turn out in numbers that Democrats are counting on to win. Clinton trails President Obama’s 2012 performance in several ­Latino-rich states, including Florida, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona.

White working class voters are all in for Trump. Black voters are moving in significant numbers to Trump. Latino voters are going to sleep and helping Trump. The attempt to stack the immigrant vote against Trump has also failed.

The great “blue wall” of electoral votes has likewise crumbled. As CBS reports, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton tied across battleground states.

It’s not just battleground states. In New Mexico a new poll has Hillary Clinton at 43% and Donald Trump at 38%. Obama won New Mexico in 2008. Obama won New Mexico in 2012 with 53%. Romney was ten points behind. Same situation in states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota. Collapse.

More and more Hillary2016 should look to the leftist city of Berlin, Germany to see how Angela Merkel has blown herself up like a suicide bomber terrorist, on immigration. Like Merkel, Hillary Clinton is saying some very stupid things such as the stupid things she said today:

We’ll discuss this last Hillary Clinton statement when we analyze debate strategy by both candidates. Suffice for now that this Hillary Clinton statement displays ostentatiously the deep stupidity of Hillary2016. Can you see what is profoundly wrong with this statement and why as a debate strategy it opens up the abyss under Hillary? There are several giant black holes of stupidity in Hillary’s statement, not just one.

Hillary2016 is the dumbest campaign organization ever. Even the Huff n’ Puff Post which promised to only post Trump news on their “entertainment” section, sees the writing on the wall:

A smart campaign would have seen this disaster coming. A smart campaign could correct it’s stupid moves. A smart campaign would rethink it’s strategy and tactics. A smart campaign would see disaster coming. Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 won’t know what hit them.


107 thoughts on “@RealDonaldTrump Traps #Hillary2016: Two Bombs And A Birth Certificate

  1. Hillary’s last hope is a knockout blow at the debates. It won’t happen. Hillary is a trained lawyer and beat Obama in every debate in 2008.

    A debate victory won’t help what ails her campaign. This type of story will further bring to question her health. We suspect Hillary is round the clock debate prep. It won’t help.


    TIRED? After today, Hillary has nothing on public calendar until debate — in 6 days

    Hillary Clinton noted there are just 50 days before voters head to the polls, but that’s not stopping her from apparently laying low for the next 6 of them.

    Clinton held a rally at Temple University today, and, according to her public schedule posted at HillarySpeeches.com, she has nothing public planned until the first presidential debate on September 26th.

    Hillary will appear on “The Tonight Show” this evening in a segment that was filmed last week.

    According to the schedule, over the next 6 days, Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine will hold three events, and Kaine’s wife will appear at three, as well.

    As of now, Chelsea Clinton will be holding an event on Thursday in Toledo, Ohio.

    But neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton currently have any announced events.

    Hillary is scheduled to appear in Hempstead, New York at the first presidential debate with Donald Trump on September 26th.

    So is she giving up, or mailing it in?

    It’s all debate prep. If we are wrong and it is illness, lights out.

  2. Jews have the word Chutzpah which the English speaking world has happily adopted. This is chutzpah:


    EXCLUSIVE: Wanted New York and New Jersey bomb suspect sued his local police claiming they PERSECUTED him for being a Muslim

    Ahmad Rahami filed federal lawsuit claiming cops in Elizabeth, New Jersey subjected him and his family to discrimination and ‘selective enforcement’
    Rahimis claimed that police tried to shut down their chicken restaurant too early each night with ‘baseless’ tickets and summonses
    Ahmad, 28, his father Mohammad Sr, 53, and his brother Mohammad, brought the lawsuit together in 2011
    They said that local residents also racially abused them and said: ‘Muslims don’t belong here’
    The Rahamis claimed ‘discrimination’, ‘false arrest’ and ‘abuse of process’ that left them suffering distress, embarrassment and damage
    Ahmad was taken into custody on Monday morning after a shoot-out with police in Linden, New Jersey, where a local spotted him sleeping rough
    Ahmad had previous arrests for obstruction of justice and resisting arrest

  3. http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/14/trump-gets-nearly-26-percent-of-the-black-vote-in-new-poll/#ixzz4Kk0bE0u6

    Republican nominee Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in South Carolina with 53 percent of the vote in a poll out Wednesday which also shows Trump getting 26 percent of the black vote.

    Trump is leading with 53 percent, Clinton follows with with 37.57 percent, Libertarian Gary Johnson is at 3.4 percent and the Green Party’s Jill Stein got less than one percent in the Trafalgar Group poll. South Carolina is a solidly Republican state so Trump’s lead here isn’t surprising.

    However, Trump is doing quite well with blacks in the poll. He has 25.75 percent support among black voters, and Clinton leads with 70 percent of the black vote. Clinton leads with Hispanic voters at 50.99 percent, Trump follows with 29.3 percent.

    Trump has done well previously with black voters in southern states before. He received 34 percent of the black vote in North Carolina in an August poll. The Republican nominee has been attempting to reach out to black voters and has repeatedly asked them at rallies “what do you have to lose?”

  4. Seeing as I believe Hillary sold the American people out the day she met with Barrrrackkk, and agreed to not fight him at the Convention in exchange for SOS…can’t help but be thrilled that she has made mistake after mistake after mistake and NOT taken your advise Admin…

    Keep it up Hillary, I couldn’t be happier!

  5. mcnorman – a google search only brings up the Sept 11 cancellation of the CA trip. Is there any mainstream news organization reporting this repeat cancellation that you know of? Hillary doesn’t have many things on her schedule to start with….

  6. admin – the commenters on that site say the photo is ten years old, I guess snopes says that (maybe they’re right sometimes lol)

    Plus the tweet says that Hillary says that there were no injuries in MN – I don’t recall Hillary saying that – but that 3rd party guy, Johnson, did say that…

  7. @lorac I’ve read this now on two different sites. It probably a nothing burger. She looks bad right now. This is not a pace that she can keep up with if she has Parkinsons.

  8. It seems so weird that Hillary would take the word of Obama lovers, and over her own lying-eyes. It’s so clear that she doesn’t have her finger on the pulse of the country, as well as western cultures in general, so many starting to move towards nationalism and away from globalism. I mean, so clear that really a smart person like her should be able to see that. Maybe she’s not as smart as we thought, maybe she was always following the advice of others as to what to say, what stands to make, or maybe she has brain damage.

  9. @lorac She is still having to have someone help her up stairs. It’s not like she’s doing the Statue of Liberty either.

  10. I agree she doesn’t look good. I’m just not sure she was planning to go to CA this week – partly because that site looked kind of hokey. Admin said she has nothing on her schedule until the debates. I’m trying to verify stuff I see on the internet now, because I’ve come to see how much is made up.

  11. Plus, doesn’t Hillary notice the VAST difference in the size of audiences they get, her vs Trump. All the clues are out there, but she doubles down, trying to win – what? I guess the votes of the far, far left, turning off the largest part of the electorate…?

  12. The audience size is an important clue as to how well she is doing. I live in a city that is predominantly Hispanic. Jorge the weasel Ramos is who they listen to. Interesting thing is that many of the older folks (50+)are really turned off by Hillary. They can’t get past the lying which is what they dealt with all of their lives in Mexico and South America. The CGI donations to enrich themselves is a particularly sore point. They are peeved about “the wall” but they are more upset about Hillary’s antics. The majority don’t do email so they don’t understand the server issue. A lot of them are particularly upset about open borders. Most came here and did it the legal way. If they didn’t, they are finding themselves shit out of luck when it comes to competition. They own the restaurants and are angry about the taco trucks. The massive child migration is another scandal for them. You don’t send children without a parent…considered highly negligent. Pay your dues like everyone else and they will be okay with it all.

  13. http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-trump-rise-20160919-snap-story.html

    Donald Trump is enjoying his strongest position in the presidential race since immediately after his nominating convention and, for the first time, has started to significantly close the gap with Hillary Clinton on the question of which candidate voters expect will win — a shift that could boost turnout on both sides.

    The nominees have moved up and down in polls over the summer and into the fall, but until now, large majorities of voters, regardless of whom they supported, expected to see Clinton win.

    That’s now changed, according to the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Daybreak tracking poll of the election. Although Clinton still holds an edge on that question, Trump has narrowed it to the point that the results are within the poll’s margin of error.

    The voter expectations question is important because it often — although not always — has proved a more accurate way to forecast elections than asking which candidate a person plans to vote for. The expectations question has an especially good track record when an election remains a ways off — seven weeks in this case.

    Clinton leads 50% to 45% on the question of which candidate people expect will win, the Daybreak poll finds. That’s down from her 13-point lead just a week ago.

    Liberal Democrats were particularly likely to shift their view of the race, the poll found — a result that would probably come as no surprise at Clinton’s campaign headquarters, which hears constantly from anxiety-ridden Democrats bearing advice.

    A week ago, 1 in 4 liberal Democrats thought Trump would win the election. That’s now risen to 1 in 3. Younger voters and those without a college education were also more likely to predict Trump as the winner.

    Over that period, Trump has jumped ahead on the question of which candidate respondents support. He now leads 48% to 41% in the Daybreak poll.

  14. http://www.thewrap.com/hollywood-panics-over-hillary-behind-the-scenes-at-emmy-parties/

    Hollywood Panics Over Hillary Behind the Scenes at Emmy Parties

    Onstage, Hollywood mocked Trump. Offstage, acolytes deluged GOP pollster Frank Luntz with questions

    I ran into Republican pollster Frank Luntz at the HBO party after the Emmy ceremony at the sprawling Pacific Design Center. A few feet away, “Veep” winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus was fending off a crush of well-wishers while HBO chief Richard Plepler had just come from finding his lost cellphone.

    What’s going to happen? a group of eager Hollywood acolytes wanted Luntz to tell them. Would Hillary Clinton manage a win?

    Luntz was wearing a burgundy vest and his signature Prince Valiant hairstyle, and shook his head sagely. “She’s going to win, but I can’t say anymore that it’s for certain,” he said.

    The group recoiled.

    Onstage at the Emmys, host Jimmy Kimmel and many others mocked Donald Trump. (After accepting her award for comedic directing, “Transparent” director Jill Soloway told reporters that Trump is an “inheritor to Hitler.”)

    But offstage, Hillary Panic was rife at the pre- and post-Emmy parties, where Hollywood usually dresses up to celebrate television. This year, many Hillary supporters were seized by election nerves.

    Luntz told HBO partygoers that Hollywood Democrats are out of touch with the rest of the country.

    “Of the 20 closest people you know, how many of them are voting for Trump?” he asked. Long pause. “Exactly.”

  15. Now it’s California:


    Hillary Clinton still way ahead in California, but she’s slipping

    Even in California, Hillary Clinton has slipped.

    Though Clinton is still running 17 percentage points ahead of Donald Trump in this heavily Democratic state, her advantage has fallen 7 percentage points from July, according to a new survey by the Field Poll and UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies.

    Meanwhile, Clinton’s image rating has dropped sharply, with a majority of likely voters in California – 53 percent – now viewing her unfavorably, according to the poll.

    The poll, to be released Tuesday, comes amid a tightening of the presidential race, with Trump gaining on Clinton nationally and in key battleground states.

    Clinton’s declining numbers in California, where the race is unlikely to be contested, are electorally less significant than in other states. But her backslide suggests a deepening disaffection with her campaign. [snip]

    Bill Clinton told supporters in Los Angeles in April that “California has been uncommonly good to my family.”

    Now, said Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll, “Clinton’s taken a hit.”

    “Whatever bounce she got out of the Democratic National Convention … has totally evaporated,” he said. “In fact, she’s now at a lower standing with California voters than she was at the beginning of the convention, which is obviously cause for concern.”

    Hillary2016 – Dumbest campaign ever!

  16. Trump went to Mexico and this was one of our predictions:


    Today Donald J. Trump will do what most Americans think of when they picture a president on the job. Today Donald J. Trump will meet with a foreign head of state. That’s what presidents do. President Donald J. Trump will meet with the Mexican president. President Donald J. Trump will bring his prominent advisers to the meeting with the Mexican head of state. It’s a presidential trip. The medium is the message. It’s all over for Trump. It’s now President Donald J. Trump.

    That powerful visual is the message. It does not matter how Big Media will try to belittle the trip. It does not matter what the talking heads on TV say. Nothing about Trump’s trip will matter other than the image of President Donald J. Trump flying to Mexico on the Trump Force One airplane to meet with the Mexican president. It’s a presidential trip. It’s stunning. We’ve never seen this before. Stunning!

    President Donald J. Trump will have the opportunity in September 2016 to meet with other heads of state. The United Nations General Assembly will meet in New York soon and President Donald J. Trump might meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, or others. As the Clinton Global Initiative also meets to collect money during the General Assembly it will be a hideous contrast to President Donald J. Trump.

    President al-Sisi got the honor of being first.

  17. Hillary’s declining health over the past years I think made the appropriation by Obama of the 2016 Hillary campaign not only possible but probably inevitable. Bill’s ageing and descent into old age also. Even the best brain deteriorates in the cycle of life. Obama and Obama-ism is insidious and parasitic. What may have sounded like a decent deal for Hillary to get the nomination (and assumed win) in 2016 has turned into a nightmare not only for her but the DNC who couldn’t do enough for Obama in 2008. For the idiotic Obama-ites it is a Pyrrhic victory. They overwhelmed two old pols but are going to get Trump-ed after assuming the Obama-reich would last a thousand years.

    The backstory of Trump and his run in 2015-2016 is fascinating. One of the things media and politician/consultants don’t understand is that real estate development takes YEARS. Evaluating, looking, setting it up, adjusting, engineering, local involvement in codes and zoning, street and traffic control, and even more complexity if it is another country. Doing more than one project at a time takes a juggler with extreme patience.Everything has to line up to make it a success. This applies to any and all large scale industrial, commercial, military, government projects. Not that many people can do it. It seems increasingly few these days because we are led by a class of elite idiots looking to grab dollar bills while running amok.

    We know that Trump has been thinking about running for the Big Kahuna office for years. Training himself and practicing so to speak. He is also extremely connected and knows everyone and everything going on at high levels of government, finance, intelligence, etc which he developed like a real estate project. People tell him stuff and he listens. So what made 2016 the year? Lazy stupid Republicans, he knew Hillary was sick (Ivanka via Chelsea, and that smartie smarmy set, is my guess as well as the toothless tiger Bill and Chelsea the clueless princess had no idea what Trump familia was up to), the 2008 “deal” with Obama the snake, and keeping up with world events as well as talking to customers and staff. Walking around instead of doing everything possible to kiss up to billionaires and keep the riff-raff behind the fence. The sclerotic political class didn’t see the nimble wizard coming until it was way too late. They were fixated on continuing rapine of the public purse and consolidating power internationally. And hubris. Lots of entitled hubris by mostly dumb people.

    It is starting to look like the Democrats’ death march to November. Dread, fear, hysteria and lots of anger. They were snookered. Out of time to figure out cause and effect and out of luck. Hillary will be blamed but it was orchestrated in 2008 by the Democrats. Lucky Trump.

  18. admin
    September 19, 2016 at 11:37 pm

    There will be a line of them at Trump Tower. Most will not be made public. There have been envoys, friends of friends, etc for months. This is how it is done. They are NOT stupid.

  19. Hillary’s natural propensity for secrecy, rule bending or ignoring, and stubbornness led her right into Obama’s trap at the State Department. They knew about her stupid server and LET her get away with it knowing she was stepping into the shit. She works the hardest (she has convinced herself), she knows best and everything, and they knew she was running the scam Clinton Foundation out of Foggy Bottom. That was fine with Obama because that was a scam he could duplicate once out of office. He thought. Or Jarrett and Michelle thought. They didn’t foresee hackers and Wikileaks. Or know it would bite them in the ass too. The price to make her emails and scams go away via the DOJ is third term Obama and flunkies and acolytes running things for Hillary 2016. So stupid.

  20. The end of the failed Obusha era and the failure of Hillary 2016.


    On Monday, Townsend posted a picture on her Facebook page shaking hands next to the former president and this caption: “The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!” In a telephone interview, Townsend said she met with the former president in Maine earlier today, where she said he made his preference known that he was voting for a Democrat. “That’s what he said,” she told Politico.

  21. Mormaer
    September 20, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Hillary’s natural propensity for secrecy, rule bending or ignoring, and stubbornness led her right into Obama’s trap at the State Department. They knew about her stupid server and LET her get away with it knowing she was stepping into the shit.

    Precisely! A duplicitous gift that keeps on giving. Hillary dutifully piloted the program working out all the kinks smoothing the way for the future retirement income of Obama’s inner circle. Any problems or bumps in the road along the way we have an in-house patsy willing to fall on her sword and take the hit for us. And above all, we have leverage over her future fortunes.

    I stumbled on this yesterday..

  22. Mormaer
    September 20, 2016 at 7:04 am

    I stumbled on this yesterday.. re: Hillary’s email quandary.

    As Comey said: I don’t have the evidence to prosecute Clinton because I can’t prove intent (or words to that effect.)

    Yesterday, a researcher found the evidence needed proving ‘intent’- an archived request from a guy handling the security function on Hillary’s server requesting information from a higher level guru, a way or software for changing the names and contents of a few/many e-mails under the name of a VIP To and From e-mails. Who was told… it couldn’t be done. This revelation may or may/not break over the next few days depending on how and who this info is presented to and when WIKI-leaks decides to play his Trump card on Hillary. Timing is everything..

  23. if i had to guess the photo is probably real
    Hillary is wearing the “mao style” top and the setting seems the same…the walls etc

    btw…did anyone catch hill on the tonight show with fallon last night (i taped it)

    he was trying be playful…she brings up birther and racism…
    took the energy level down

    she is who she is…it was bla… don’t think the millenials are impressed

    she needed to fight in 2008…that was her time
    she was independent then…. not an O clone

  24. she was independent then…. not an O clone

    IMO, she may have been independent, but she was still crooked – back to her first job out of law school. And even after O’s influence, she had *some* independence – in the sense that I don’t think the play to play with the foundation and SOS was something he got her into. I’m just thinking now she has always been corrupted. If I knew in 2008 what I know now, I would have sat the primary out.

  25. “Mohammad Rahami Sr, who spoke in broken English, said: ‘Two years ago, I call the FBI. My son …” http://dailym.ai/2cAeTUJ

    Headlines from that article. Should be outrage on Obama and entourage by now:
    Revealed: Chicken shop terrorist’s FATHER called the FBI about his son two years ago after ‘he stabbed his brother and hit his mother’
    Ahmad Khan Rahami’s father, Mohammad Sr, claims he had no idea about his son’s bombing plots
    It has also been revealed that Rahami’s mom and wife left the country just days before the attacks
    Rahami’s mother traveled to Turkey about three weeks ago and his wife was enroute to Pakistan on Monday when she was stopped by officials in the United Arab Emirates
    The 28-year-old is wanted in connection to three bombings in NYC and New Jersey over the weekend
    So far, he has been charged with five counts of attempted murder and two gun charges for a shootout with police as he was arrested on Monday
    Investigators have not yet charged him in connection to the pressure cooker bomb that was set off Saturday in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood and left 29 people injured
    Fingerprints on a second unexploded bomb found blocks away led police to want to arrest Rahami
    Just hours before, a pipe bomb was detonated at a military charity run in Seaside Park, New Jersey
    On Sunday, five more pipe bombs were found at the Elizabeth train station and were disarmed by police
    FBI officials said Rahami was not on any terror watch list but he had traveled multiple times to Afghanistan
    The Rahami family came to the U.S. as asylum seekers in 1995 when Ahmad was seven years old
    In a notebook found on his person, Rahami wrote about racial cleric Anwar al-Awlaki

  26. So he beat his mother but she goes along with his plan and heads out to Middle East…

    Wife also in on it. I believe dad knew something..
    Not sure what, I mean his wife takes off and DIL?

  27. I know his father turned him into the FBI 2 years ago, which for a father, has to be difficult, but in emotionally volatile relationships, there is often phone calls to police, think domestic violence, and then denial.

  28. The press is fighting to maintain its power and privilege over the American People. These so called journalists are divine wind boys of a different source, i.e. kamikazees fighting against the country, to keep the wine and caviar flowing for their people.

    Do the major media understand that in their determination, bordering on desperation, to kill Trump, they are killing their credibility? And as they are losing credibility they are losing the country.

    According to a new Gallup poll, distrust of the press has hit an all-time high. Half the nation’s Democrats still trust the media, but only one-in-three independents and one-in seven Republicans, 14 percent, believe the media are truthful, honest and fair.

    When, early in his presidency, Obama jokingly referred to the White House Correspondents Association dinner as his political base, Americans now believe he was not exaggerating the case.

    And the more the media vent their detestation of Trump, the more Trump’s supporters revel in their discomfort. “We love him most of all for the enemies he has made,” said backers of Grover Cleveland in 1884. Trump’s folks feel that way about the national press.

    America’s media seem utterly lacking in introspection. Do they understand why so many people hate them so? Do they care? Are they so smugly self-righteous and self-regarding they cannot see? (snip)

    In 2016, America faces serious issues — a rising deficit and escalating debt, the explosion of entitlements, the resurgence of Russian power, Chinese military expansionism in the South and East China seas, North Korea’s development of nuclear missiles, and Afghanistan.

    Now consider the issues that have transfixed the media this election season:

    The birther issue, David Duke, the KKK, a Mexican-American judge, Black Lives Matter, white cops, the “Muslim ban,” the Battle Flag, the “alt-right,” the national anthem, Trump’s refusals to recant his blasphemies against the dogmas of political correctness, or to “apologize.”

    What does the continual elevation of such issues, and the acrimony attendant to them, tell us?

    America is bitterly and irreparably divided over race, ideology faith, history and culture, and Trump’s half of the nation rejects the modernist gospel that America’s diversity and multiculturalism are her greatest treasures.

    To the contrary, Trump’s half wants secure borders, “extreme vetting” of immigrants, especially from the Mideast, and foreign and trade policies marked by an “Americanism” that seems to be an antonym for globalism.

    They want America to be “great again,” and they believe she was once, and is not now.

    No matter who wins in November, America is going to face a divide unseen in decades. If Donald Trump wins, he will confront a resident media more hateful than that which confronted Richard Nixon in 1968.

    If Hillary Clinton wins, she will come to office distrusted and disbelieved by most of her countrymen, half of whom she has maligned either as “deplorables” or pitiful souls in need of empathy.

    Not for half a century has the idea of “one nation under God, indivisible,” seemed so distant.


  29. Well we know its the end of times.

    Brad and Angelina have filled for divorce…for real!

    I have to say, you should see the real estate they own..oye vay…

    So tell me, who didnt see this coming?

    Still, with 6 kids…very sad…

  30. Also, one of their biological daughters wants to be a boy, think shes 12, they are letting her choose and so far she dresses like the boys…

    Calling Cher…

  31. Paul Combonetta,

    That Harvard trained computer whiz kid

    Hired by Hillary people

    Deleted all her emails after they were subpoenaed by Congress

    Claiming this was an “ah shit” moment

    As in no intent

    Was given immunity in exchange for testimony

    Backed out of the deal and refused to testify

    Has now been caught red handed as it were

    Asking Reddit how to alter the contents of emails

    In what I can only assume was another ah shit moment

    No intent here either

    Sure makes the FBI look bad, does it not????

    Lest we forget, they found no intent.

    But two enterprising hackers sure did.

  32. lorac,
    So far I haven’t seen any anti-Trump ads from
    Hillary on TV here in Redlands, CA, but I did see a hit piece by ABC News alleging wrongdoing with regards to Trump”s charity foundation and a promo for a propaganda piece on Syrian refugees being admitted here.

  33. Grrrr…. try again here …. cool video drawing comparison to our battle of nation state vs gloablism to the battle in other countries

  34. this is a short video, a cartoon about the IT guy deleting stuff, it even has that frog guy in it (at least he’s not doing anything violent or obscene in this). It’s not a youtube, so I don’t know how to put it here. Here’s the url of the tweet it was in (I think!)

  35. A comment with tweet from another site


    Speaking of his posts, could this be true?

    Mike Cernovich ✔ @Cernovich

    Source confirms sick Hillary’s IT guy DID NOT disclose his conduct revealed in the Reddit posts. The immunity deal is off.

    6:59 PM – 19 Sep 2016

  36. Good point about the woman (Katina) being able to find what all those big FBI investigators couldn’t


    Legally, this is a potentially catastrophic and embarrassing issue for the FBI. If a random researcher/analyst like Katica (brilliant though she may be) is able on her own uncover intensely relevant facts regarding Hillary’s email scandal, that were hiding in plain sight yet somehow evading the FBI’s “thorough” investigation, the decision by the FBI to grant immunity to Paul Combetta becomes an additional topic of discussion.

    As Zero Hedge asks:

    The only question now is how FBI Director Comey chooses to handle the embarrassment. We see two potential paths, including: 1) pursue Combetta for potentially excluding relevant disclosures during his FBI interview process; or 2) bury the story as quickly as possible in an effort to save face.

    We have our guess on Comey’s most likely path…what say you?

    Day #1 – The jaw-dropping “stonetear” discovery. The citations, the full outline HERE
    Day #2 – The timeline of Stonetear against the known activity outlined HERE


  37. Wbb,
    Jon Voight was very fatherly and said something to the effect that the sh!t must of hit the fan and to pray for the family.

  38. mcnorman
    September 20, 2016 at 9:48 pm
    Rumor has it that Combetta is going to sing. He should.
    He had better sing alright.

    Sing Un Bel Di Vedremo.

    Like Cio Cio Sam

    In Madam Butterfly

    The alternative?

    A twenty year vacation in Supermax.

    The national security people are rather serious when it comes to little things like this.

    I guess they did not teach him all he needed to know at Harvard.

    And here I though Harvard people knew everything.

  39. I don’t know about the above deplorables video. Smacked a bit of too much Nationalism; got a little Hitler vibe from it.
    Not sure showing tanks and Germany was a good thing, despite what we all know the clusterf#ck Germany has become.
    Ladies get your running shoes and Hijabs ready!

  40. http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/first-read/first-read-clinton-outspending-trump-5-1-air-n651106?cid=public-rss_20160920

    Clinton is outspending Trump over the airwaves by a 5-to-1 margin

    Hillary Clinton and her allies continue to dominate Donald Trump and pro-Trump outside groups in the 2016 advertising race. According to ad-spending data from NBC partner Advertising Analytics, Clinton’s campaign has spent $96.4 million in ads in the general election, versus $17.3 million for Trump’s campaign. That’s more than a 5-to-1 advantage for Clinton. And then when you factor in outside groups, it’s $156.6 million for Team Clinton, and $33.6 million for Team Trump. That’s almost a 5-to-1 advantage. Here are the numbers through this week:

    Clinton camp: $96.4 million
    Pro-Clinton outside groups: $60.2 million
    Total Team Clinton: $156.6 million

    Trump camp: $17.3 million
    Pro-Trump outside groups: $16.3 million
    Total Team Trump: $33.6 million

  41. Admin: here is the response to big media’s claim that he can’t win cause he does not have a ground game.
    Donald Trump Seizes Control of Ohio Ground Game from John Kasich

    Donald Trump is kicking his #NeverTrump Republican rival John Kasich to the curb in the state of Ohio and consolidating his power among activists on the ground.
    Trump quietly won an important battle — with the help of the Republican National Committee — to seize control of the Ohio ground game from Kasich’s state party. Now, Kasich’s headline-making gripes about Trump are only serving to marginalize the sitting governor among Republicans.

    “Kasich is a non-factor. There’s nobody here on the ground taking John Kasich seriously at all, that’s just the media driving that. He’s having no effect on people on the ground whatsoever,” top Ohio tea party activist Tom Zawistowski told Breitbart News. “He’s angered a lot of people.”

    Trump’s victory over Kasich was cemented Tuesday when the Ohio Republican Party blasted out a press release announcing that the Trump-Pence ticket had opened 32 new “Victory Centers” in the state, and the centers are to be controlled by Trump-Pence. That’s significant because Ohio’s “Victory Centers,” which volunteers and staffers operate out of, used to be controlled by the state party. For a long time even after Trump became the presumptive nominee, those Victory Centers were getting out the vote for Senate candidate Rob Portman but not for Trump.



  42. There is a little too much desperation in this rendition of a great song–Maybe This Time.

    However, that desperation is as nothing compared to the desperation that poor little John Kasich must be feeling right about now.

    He has always looked like a homeless man.

    And now?

    Now, well, he is one–and in his own home state.

    So if you are sober turn down the volume, cover your eyes, and imagine John in a cocktail dress belting out his one:


  43. Here’s one big media will be desperate to hide.

    An NRA pistol expert taking out a knife wielding Somalian gratuitous Obama invitee which murder and mayhem on his mind.

    Trouble is, they cannot censor everything.

    And the truth now finds its way around them.

    And renders them irrelevant–or worse.

    Obama will move heaven and earth to implement the Soros agenda betweeen now and January 20.

    He must be stopped from doing so.


  44. If Trump’s Not Conservative, Why Do Democrats Fear and Loathe Him?


    (Trump) succeeded in shifting the immigration conversation to the nationalist right, leaving the pathway-to-citizenship crowds in both parties with an albatross of failure around their necks. Trump’s reset of what is thinkable on immigration policy put every criminal alien, every sanctuary city, and every cheap labor-seeking Chamber of Commerce Republican on notice.

    This key challenge facing the nation was so maladroitly handled by the political class that it enabled a man who was “not-conservative” in the estimation of so many influential conservatives to win the GOP banner going away. When it became clear that contemporary conservatism might include untrammeled mass immigration, millions materialized at Trump rallies and primary voting booths saying in effect, “Count me out.”

    Trump similarly ran against the conservative liturgy with his approach to trade policy, and again, just creating that image of foreign powers smirking while they eat our lunch was enough to outdistance the GOP opposition. Now Trump owns the trade argument (and agrees with strange bedfellow Bernie Sanders that the Trans-Pacific Partnership would be a disaster). Hillary Clinton’s vacillating, crony-social-democrat position on trade has been rendered momentarily irrelevant by the candidate’s own deservedly sinking fortunes. (snip)

    If Trump is not conservative, and no serious person thinks he’s a liberal, that means he’s become the scariest centrist that the usual progressive suspects have ever encountered. The reasoned (and at times hysterical) concern of the “RINO” establishment pales in comparison to the terror Donald Trump inspires in forces whose vision for the United States is one of open borders, multi-nationalist hegemony, and globalist social justice.


  45. Big media is poised to keel haul Trump in the upcoming debates.

    No question about that.


    Class warfare.

    Don’t trouble yourself with any other explanation—its their insatiable greed and THEIR OWN white privilege/

    So that tees up the question rather nicely, yes?

    Can Trump survive the 4 on one process in the debate itself—him against all the pig media “journal-ists”?

    Well, Roger Simon has the only honest answer–

    One that eschews overconfidence on the one hand

    And the legitimate fear of playing poker against a marked deck.

    I was worried, but I’m beginning to think he can—and not just because Hillary looks close to embalmed these days. They’ll obviously give her a mega-dose of B-12, a gallon of Red Bull and whatever other kind of booster, legal or illegal, her doctors can muster and shove her out there. That plus the adrenaline should keep her going for the ninety minutes. Then she can collapse until the next debate.

    What Trump has going for him is an increasingly engaging personality. He seems to be mellowing before our eyes. There’s even a twinkle in his baby blues that must come from the poll numbers. He seems to be having fun and audiences like that. The winner is usually the most likable, not the one who scores the most points.

    Trump isn’t even getting bogged down as easily in the tangential, what I previously referred to as his “signal to noise problem,” endlessly relitigating the trivial and getting himself into trouble.

    But has he really and truly reformed? No one can say for sure, probably not even Donald, but the media troops are getting so desperate they had to resort to surfacing a new Donald Jr. tweet today, comparing Syrian refugees to Skittles, as evidence of typical Trumpian tastelessness. (“If I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”)

    Actually I thought Junior was kind of funny—and on point. But I’m not a particularly tasteful guy. (I laugh at the Three Stooges.)


  46. admin
    September 21, 2016 at 12:56 am

    Mary Matalin does not like Trump. Matalin thinks Trump will surely win:


    When asked by the interviewer, “Why does Trump compliment Putin?” She fumbled around for an answer they could understand.

    Ultimately she placated them with an (unsaid) nuanced peer review comparison between Putin and Obama leaving them to their own devices to figure it out.

    ie. a sterling example, the insulting disrespect shown to Obama by world leaders during his Asian tour.

  47. foxyladi14
    September 19, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    lol Mrs. Smith beat me again. 😆


    Foxy, Don’t be so modest.

    As I to;d you long ago at
    Pumas Unleashed. For the
    ‘nuggets of gold’ you mine
    and bring to any forum;
    YOU are the Treasure.

    nuff said! 🙂

  48. Outris
    September 21, 2016 at 11:12 am
    Scary….but Admin had predicted this long ago


    They’re dead, and they don’t know it.

    Their golden calf is in remission.

    Nobody with any common sense cares what he says.

    Because everything–EVERYTHING he says is a lie.

    If violence is their only remaining option

    It will blow up in their faces at the ballot box.

    That is the lesson of history.

    Today, the biggest issue is security.

    Thus, indiscriminate violence by the professional left

    Will produce a Trump landslide.

    Unless, it is a distraction for something even more sinister.

    Destroying the right to vote.

  49. lol so that is how it works!!!!

    Guyver1 says:
    September 21, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    It is not the early ballots that are the problem with early voting.
    The problem is that the Dims look at the party affiliation of the early voters, and use that number to figure out how many dead people they have to dig out of their graves to vote Dim on election day.
    Early voting needs to be curb-stomped.
    In absence of that, it needs to be altered in such a way that the party affiliation of the early voters is not given to the political campaigns.

  50. Just heard a recording of Trump selling the female officer down the river..”maybe she shouldn’t be doing what she is doing”…really?
    Maybe we should all wait til the facts are in..Although he just got over probation from a 9 year prison term and conviction for drugs, was acting irrational, not following police directives,reached into the car, had a history of PCP use and PCP in car.
    Now her partner used a taser, and I think that would have been appropriate for her to use vs a gun and maybe it will be deemed she is responsible and guilty of using deadly force, but at this point, I’m surprised that Trump is selling out the police before all facts are in.
    It’s all about the Black vote clearly.
    I wish he would have said, let’s wait til all the facts are in, and in the event the officer is found guilty, justice will be served.
    But, no….

  51. Philly police endorse Trump, who needs unions to clinch Pennsylvania

    9/18/16 Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police is supporting Donald Trump for President.
    John McNesby confirmed in an email to Billy Penn the Philly lodge would follow the lead of the national police union, which announced its endorsement of Trump Friday.
    … After supporting Republicans in 2000, 2004 and 2008, the national FOP didn’t endorse either candidate in 2012.
    The Philly FOP excoriated Hillary Clinton ahead of the Democratic National Convention this summer for not featuring any speakers related to officers who died on duty while featuring relatives of black men and women who had been killed by officers.
    “The Fraternal Order of Police is insulted,” McNesby wrote in an open letter, “and will not soon forget that the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are excluding the widows and other family members of police officers killed in the line of duty who were victims of explicit and not implied racism and ‘being on duty in blue.’”
    Union support is considered crucial for Trump if he wants to win Pennsylvania. Thirteen percent of all workers in Pennsylvania are union members, about two percent above the national average, and 21 percent of all votes cast in Pennsylvania in the 2012 presidential election came from union households. Philadelphia has about 150,000 union members, including 14,500 in the FOP.
    Last week, the AFL-CIO released a poll it commissioned showing about 36 percent of all union members in Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Wisconsin supported Trump. That figure had dropped about five points from a previous poll in June.
    A poll released by the Allentown Morning Call Sunday showed Clinton with a nine point lead in PA….

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