The New @RealDonaldTrump Triple Punch

In three Hulk smashing style sentences Donald J. Trump propels his campaign message to “Make America Great Again”.

Sentence #1: “I’m not running to be the president of the world, I’m running to be president of the United States.”

Sentence #2: “The Only Thing Hillary Clinton Can Offer Is A Welfare Check, I Will Produce Paychecks.”

Sentence #3: “It used to be, cars were made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico.” Followed with the bracing chaser, “Now, the cars are made in Mexico and you cannot drink the water in Flint.”

Those are power packed sentences which communicate the Trump campaign message and awaken the American public much like a drunk thrown in an ice cold bath.

It used to be, during the primaries, when Donald J. Trump was establishing himself as a clear brand with a strong message, that Trump would conversationally meander and weave his message. It was a charming way to communicate and the audience loved it. The drawback was Trump’s conversational style while refreshing and blatantly honest, often hid or buried the main point of what Trump was communicating. It didn’t matter then because the primary audiences cared enough and were involved enough that Trump’s golden nuggets (ahem) were noticed even if they were covered in a sauce of words.

There was a transition period as Donald J. Trump found his voice for the general election, and an audience of hundreds of millions more, who were not as involved in politics and therefore needed a bit more structure in Trump’s speeches.

Trump did find his communication voice in a series of events and three triple punch speeches, which we wrote about.

Now Donald J. Trump has reached a new level of communicative punch. While Hillary offers a “basket of deplorables” insult to voters as a campaign strategy, Trump has distilled his campaign message, from long speeches to concise paragraphs then, to a Harry Potter “draught of living death” style potion power sentence.

The first sentence, repeated in several speeches, was delivered again today at an economic speech:

Donald Trump outlined his economic vision Thursday, focused on putting America’s national interests first, as he called for robust economic growth, tax reform, reduced regulation and better trade deals.

I’m not running to be the president of the world, I’m running to be president of the United States,” Trump said, assuring the Economic Club of New York that his plan is US-centric.

Trump gave specific goals — and policy details — urging the US “to start thinking big once again.”

“[I]t is time to establish a national goal of reaching 4 percent economic growth,” he said.

Robust economic growth, he said, would help America recover from its financial woes. “Over the next 10 years, our economic team estimates that under our plan, the economy will average 3.5 percent growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs.”

The first sentence will be and has been repeated. The second sentence is a direct attack against Hillary Clinton policies and a forceful defense of Trump economics:

DONALD TRUMP: Instead of driving jobs and wealth away, America will become the world’s great magnet for innovation and job creation. My opponent’s plan rejects this optimism. She offers only more taxing and her tax increases are unbelievable. More regulating, more spending, and more wealth redistribution. A future of slow growth, declining incomes and dwindling prosperity.

The only people who get rich under Hillary Clinton are the donors and the special interests, but bad for our country. In Hillary Clinton’s America we have surrendered our status as the world’s great economy and we have surrendered our middle class to the whims of foreign countries. We take care of them better than we take care of ourselves.

Not one single idea she’s got will create one net American job or create one new dollar of American wealth for our workers. The only thing she can offer is a welfare check. That’s about it. Our plan will produce paychecks and they’re going to be great paychecks for millions of people now unemployed or underemployed.

Sentence #3 is an even more concise distillation of the economic nationalism and national renewal message. Sentence #3 merges foreign policy with the national economy and the economic pain the American people suffer. Sentence #3 is the very embodiment of Bill Clinton’s “it’s the economy, stupid” strategy both on the national and international level:

It used to be, cars were made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now, the cars are made in Mexico and you cannot drink the water in Flint. that’s not good,” he said.

“We shouldn’t allow it to happen,” he said. “They’ll make their cars, they’ll employ thousands and thousands of people, not from this country … and we’ll have nothing but more unemployment in Flint.”

As a special added super bonus, Sentence #3 unites the white working class and the black working class of places like the population of the all important electoral vote state, Michigan. That’s a mighty powerful sentence. It helps maintain and increase the support of the white working class. It appeals to the black working class and the entire working class of all races including Latinos who immigrated to the United States legally. It is delivered in the all important state of Michigan. It is delivered on the very day Ford Motor Company announced it was moving entire production lines to Mexico:

(Reuters) – Ford Motor Co Chief Executive Officer Mark Fields said on Wednesday that all of the company’s small-car production would be leaving U.S. plants and heading to lower-cost Mexico, drawing another rebuke from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

We will have migrated all of our small-car production to Mexico and out of the United States,” over the next two to three years, Fields told Wall Street analysts at an investor conference hosted by the automaker.

Trump, campaigning in Flint, Michigan, on Wednesday, called Ford’s decision “horrible.” [snip]

Earlier this year, Ford said it would invest $1.6 billion in Mexico for small-car production to start in 2018.

During contract talks in 2015, Ford confirmed that it would move Focus and C-Max production out of its Wayne, Michigan, plant in 2018. The United Auto Workers Union said at the time that Ford planned to build the next Focus in Mexico.

A source briefed on the matter said the shift of production to Mexico was expected to take place next year before the start of the 2018 model year.

Donald J. Trump was in Flint, Michigan at the very moment Ford Motor Company declared it would move entire lines of production, hurting American workers in Wayne, Michigan. So Michigan, white working class, black working class, all working class, illegal immigration, jobs, economy, put America First, economic nationalism, trade treaties, all in one power packed sentence.

Those three sentences, like the earlier three speeches, explain why Donald J. Trump continues to rise to the lead in the national and battleground state polls. As Hillary2016 fights off “replacement” scenarios, Donald J. Trump is a happy warrior with a message – for Big Change, not false hope.


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  1. Lucky Trump.

    Hey Hillary–say goodbye to Mexico.

    Grandlom cannot save you.

    Ford did.

    Timing is everything.

    If you were a UAW leader and tried to tell your membership to vote dim

    You would be drawn and quartered.

  2. It’s a change election. The Obama third term will lose. The candidate of change wins. Hillary2016 does not understand this simple formulation.

    Hillary Clinton’s once formidable lead over Donald Trump in national and battleground polls is evaporating.

    Trump has pulled into the lead in Florida and Ohio, two crucial states where he has trailed Clinton for most of the race, and several states that once looked out of reach for Trump — Colorado and Virginia, among them — suddenly appear competitive.

    One survey showed Trump swinging to a lead in Nevada, a state that President Obama carried with ease during both of his presidential campaigns. And a poll of Iowa, which has only gone for the GOP nominee once in the last seven elections, found Trump ahead by 8 points.

    The swing in national polls is equally dramatic.

    While Clinton led Trump by an average of 7.6 percentage points one month ago, her advantage is now down to a meager 1.8 percent, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

    “No question there’s a movement toward Trump right now,” said Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray. [snip]

    The shift in the polls comes amid a brutal stretch for Clinton, who started last weekend by lumping half of Trump’s supporters into a “basket of deplorables” and then suffered a dramatic health scare while leaving a 9/11 memorial in New York City, only to later reveal a pneumonia diagnosis.

    While the Clinton campaign has showed no public signs of panic, it is bringing the party’s heavy artillery to Ohio, dispatching Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to campaign in the state. [snip]

    A CBS News-New York Times poll released Thursday found Trump and Clinton locked at 42 percent support nationally.

    Only 43 percent of Clinton’s supporters say they’re excited about casting a ballot for her, compared to 50 percent of Trump’s supporters who are excited to vote for him. More than a third of young voters — a diverse group that leans left and formed a key part of the Obama coalition — are supporting a third-party alternative over Clinton.

    Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders betrayed the Bernie supporters so they will not be influenced by those two. Warren and Sanders will turn off independent voters who do not like the two kooks. The final kiss of death will be Barack Obama campaigning for Hillary in October. Obama’s track record in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2014 are proof Obama’s vote cannot be transferred to another candidate because Obama’s vote is a race-baiting cult.

  3. Lucky Trump.

    Hey Hillary–say goodbye to MICHIGAN

    Ford just wrote your obituary.

    Grandlom cannot save you.

    Timing is everything.

    No manufacturing job will survive under Hillary.

    No government job is assured under Trump.

    Government workers should never have been allowed to join a union.

    FDR was adamantly opposed to the idea.

  4. more Donald tonight:

    7:30 pm live in NH

    11:30 pm The Tonight Show with Jimmy. Fallon

    the man never stops

    he’s got the mojo!

  5. S, is it Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel? The reports are that tonight Trump will let Jimmy muss up his hair! That’s will be the video of the day. But which Jimmy is it?

  6. spoiler alert

    evidently jimmie fallon talked donald into letting him mess up his hair on the tonight show tonight and supposedly it is hilarious

  7. Michigan:

    Poll: Trump closes within 3 points of Clinton in Michigan

    WASHINGTON – A month after it appeared the race for president in Michigan might be all but over, Donald Trump has cut deeply into Hillary Clinton’s post-convention lead, with an exclusive new Free Press/WXYZ-TV poll showing the Republican nominee has moved closer to tying the Democratic front-runner in a state that hasn’t backed a Republican nominee since 1988.

    Clinton, whose lead in some national and battleground state polls also has disappeared lately after building big margins in the wake of a successful convention this summer in Philadelphia, still leads Trump 38%-35% in Michigan, according to the poll done by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA for the Free Press, WXYZ-TV and their outstate partners. But that is within the poll’s 4-percentage-point margin of error, and a significant drop from her 11-point lead last month. [snip]

    Trump, unlike other recent Republican presidential candidates, has doggedly refused to write off Michigan, despite Clinton’s earlier lead and a history of the state’s voting for every Democratic presidential candidate since 1992.

    While the real estate mogul and reality TV star hasn’t spent widely on TV ads in the state, he has still outspent Clinton on air recently, and, perhaps more significantly, has made four visits to the state since early August — including one Wednesday to Flint.

    Rust belt strategy. A Trump win in Michigan turns the election into a mega-landslide for Trump.

  8. Hello all..not been posting much on any of my regular boards as health issues remain a problem as well as some other personal issues. It seems a lot of what administrator posted has come to fruition. I have moved back and forth a lot this election cycle but for the sake of transparency, I am currently favoring Hillary. It looks like it is going to be a a very close election and Trump seems to be surging at this time. Whatever happens, I have enjoyed my time here and trust me, agree or disagree, I don’t take anything personally. Hope all are well.

  9. Jones, sorry about health and personal problems.

    My my, can’t even believe what I read..Hillary? Though I never believed you were for Trump at all.

    Very sad…was it her seizure like activity, medical lies and vidotapes… or you just didn’t want to be considered deplorable?
    Maybe Israel means less these days?

    Nice to hear from you, but as you know, we have moved on from hillary…

  10. One more song. Another “smart move” goes bad for Hillary2016 because they did not do any research:

    Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign trail on Thursday after recovering from a bout of pneumonia.

    In an effort to reassure supporters worried about her health, the campaign played James Brown‘s iconic song “I Feel Good” during a stop in Greensboro, North Carolina.

    It was supposed to be humorous way to address her recent health scare, after nearly fainting at a 9/11 ceremony in New York City on Sunday.

    Only one problem with that. James Brown died of pneumonia in 2006.

  11. Good music choices Admin…the train has left the station. ..

    Jones, hoping you don’t have “pneumonia”…it’s going around you know…

    Be well…

  12. This article is spot on. It speaks to automation that scares the heck out of me, because of the millions upon millions of job losses…
    Like I said in a post a few days back. Trump can tour his childcare/elderly care package all he wants, but the reality is there will be less and less jobs, good jobs.
    When you have driverless cars, sea ports so automated that one person can run them ( still blows me away ), telemedicine, on and on..
    Then what, really…like the article says..we aren’t even really talking about it..but it’s coming..

  13. Has anyone else noticed the feeding frenzy that is going on tonight on cnn, msnbc and now the kelley file over donald & the birther Iissue

    Who the hell cares? What the hell does hour after hour of these shows discussing this subject ad nauseum have to do with people’s lives and their futures

    We already went thru this and O is on his way out…OUT

    What a waste of time

  14. Tony

    This is the same guy that on the cable channels hillary is actually calling a deplorable campaign with hateful rhetoric
    She is incensed over how hateful he is .

    And the rest of them going crazy over O & birthism

    The guy you show has been talking all day long in different states about bringing people together & solving our problems

    Two alternative realties and universes

  15. The Clinton campaign and their cohorts in Big Media are clutching at straws and trying every trick in the book to regain the initiative raising the birther issue again, but this will fail just like Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” comment.

  16. Via The Financial Times – Pennsylvania ground game? Turnout?:

    Trump support surges in Pennsylvania towns

    Scant evidence of Clinton campaign in traditional stronghold

    Today, as Donald Trump’s campaign steps up its focus on Pennsylvania — if he wins its 20 electoral college votes he could take the White House — Hazleton is a draw to a new kind of outsider. In 2000, barely 4 per cent of the city’s population was Hispanic. In the space of less than two decades that share has risen to almost half. Most of the incomers are from the Dominican Republic. More than three-quarters of Hazleton’s school children are Hispanic.

    In spite of being a largely Democratic town, most of its non-Hispanic inhabitants will vote for Mr Trump in November. They are expected to turn out in far higher numbers than the more numerous Dominicans. There is scant evidence of Hillary Clinton’s fabled get out the vote operation in Hazleton’s Latino neighbourhoods.

    “I saw a couple of 14-year-old girls trying to register people to vote,” says Max Garcia, president of Telekaribe, a 24 hour a day Hispanic TV station that broadcasts from Hazleton. “The Clinton campaign’s ground game here is not very serious.”

    If that holds true across non-urban Pennsylvania, Mrs Clinton could be in trouble. The state has voted for the Democrat in every presidential election since 1988. Towns such as Lancaster, which is now 40 per cent Hispanic, and Allentown, which has seen an equally breathtaking metamorphosis, are also seeing a surge of pro-Trump support. His campaign seems to have more energy on its side. Mrs Clinton is supposed to have the organisation. “I don’t see much evidence of the Clinton campaign in Hazleton,” says Jeff Cusat, the city’s Republican mayor. [snip]

    Most of the Dominicans came from the Bronx in New York or Patterson, New Jersey, which is a majority Dominican town. In their wake came the drugs gangs. Hazleton’s crime rate has soared. The town’s new police chief, a Spanish-speaker, was poached from the same job in Patterson. His goal is to win the confidence of local Dominicans. “We have got to see past the stereotypes,” says Mr Cusat. “We should stop seeing all the new people as criminals and the newcomers should stop seeing us as racist.” [snip]

    “I have never had a problem with them. They’ve brought life back to the schools and churches.” Ms Ezak nevertheless plans to vote for Mr Trump. “America needs a dramatic change and Hillary stands for business as usual,” she says.

    On the town’s slowly reviving main street, the Kosko sisters run Fellin’s Jewellery store, now in its third generation. They have seen Hazleton’s exodus and now its repopulation. But they complain that Dominicans rarely patronise their shop.

    “At high school we had the choice of learning German or Spanish,” says Andrea Kosko, who is in her sixties. “I chose German. I made the wrong choice.” Which way would they vote in November? “I’m one of the deplorables,” says Mary Celeste. “I’m her sister,” says Andrea.

  17. oh I was just about to post the same thing lol

    SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 –


    “Hillary Clinton’s campaign first raised this issue to smear then-candidate Barack Obama in her very nasty, failed 2008 campaign for President. This type of vicious and conniving behavior is straight from the Clinton Playbook. As usual, however, Hillary Clinton was too weak to get an answer. Even the MSNBC show Morning Joe admits that it was Clinton’s henchmen who first raised this issue, not Donald J. Trump.

    In 2011, Mr. Trump was finally able to bring this ugly incident to its conclusion by successfully compelling President Obama to release his birth certificate. Mr. Trump did a great service to the President and the country by bringing closure to the issue that Hillary Clinton and her team first raised. Inarguably, Donald J. Trump is a closer. Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not, Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.

    Mr. Trump is now totally focused on bringing jobs back to America, defeating radical Islamic terrorism, taking care of our veterans, introducing school choice opportunities and rebuilding and making our inner cities safe again.” – Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor

  18. Clever – she’s too WEAK (and brings up other ways she is weak, healthwise). He’s a CLOSER. She started the issue – he solved it. lol

  19. clarification – Trump didn’t bring up other ways she is weak – I meant the word “weak” reminds us of all that’s going on right now.

    Hillary is just going to have to focus on her own ideas. She’s going to have to figure out that she is throwing boomerangs at Trump.

  20. Knowing Big Media, they’ll probably seize on the word “weak” and will try to claim that Trump just made a misogynist statement against her.

  21. The huge swing in the polls certainly indicates something is up. The rigging by pollsters to deliver what the purchaser of the polls wants and needs has been obvious if reading the internals of the few polls which this information is made public. They have been using 2012 modeling (even 2008 in some instances) and the electorate is behaving differently this time around. The prognosticator swamis such as Nate Silver act as a information multipliers to get the word out to exaggerate trends the polling companies are paid to produce. The problem of course is if they are too far off they screw up their real business money which is product, corporate, advertising or trend polling. Then they go out of business because they are a joke.

    I suspect that they have been sweating this for a while, looking at ways to back out or away from it, and Hillary presented them with the perfect opportunity to swing the results back so they don’t look like fools and paid stooges. The huge Dem/Hillary polling advantage was to drive down Trump turnout as well as Hillary’s inevitability (ask Jeb how that worked out). I’m not sure why they thought it would work in the general except that is their last trick and their learning curve is flat. Non-incumbents (Hillary is Obama term III and viewed as an incumbent by most voters), underdogs, and someone new are viewed positively in change elections. It appears that rigged polling may have hurt her instead of helping her as well as the media incessantly thumping the drum. Paid propaganda wild-eyed guessers like Silver are struggling to come up with “formulas” to keep Hillary’s probability of winning above 60% or game over as well as Silver’s “product” sales and relevance. They got no idea what to do and the election is in 6 and a half weeks. One lesson learned should be never plan an election campaign four years in advance. It doesn’t work well if you ignore four years of national and world events.

  22. lorac

    September 16, 2016 at 2:25 am

    Hillary is just going to have to focus on her own ideas. She’s going to have to figure out that she is throwing boomerangs at Trump.

    Yeah, there is NOTHING anyone can point to about Trump that HRC hasn’t been involved in that is 10x worse.

  23. Trump completely messed with the press’ heads again. They were probably expecting more birther stuff from him and instead he trots out all these generals and ex-military guys endorsing him. Then, to finish it off, after the press thinks he’s never going to address it, he issues a very short statement saying that Hillary started the birther controversy and he finished it by concluding that Obama was born here. Boom. Heads just exploded at CNN as the press conference ended.

  24. Donald’s masterful control of the narrative continues…

    Hillary continues to look so petty and angry and vicious…she has daggers in her eyes (even claire mckaskill is telling her to smile)…her whole message is Donald is a racist and so are his supporters…

    Donald responds with a tribute to honor military medal recipients

    Donald looks respectful and Presidential and in charge…

    and swats the birther issue aside with finality and a period…

    …now if Donald and his supporters are smart he…and they… will not say one more word about it and employ the tactic of deflection any time any of the foolish BM assault him or his supporters on this topic again…

    leave CNN and MSNBC to talk amongst themselves but this outdated and irrelevant topic… the results will be their ratings will go down so fast their heads will spin

    no one but the Trump haters care…

    like i have said…”it’s about the Voters” and what the candidate will do for them

    Donald keep your pedal to the metal…and keep going…you are in your groove…

    do not let them distract you…or us…

    Make American Great Again…for the forgotten Americans…

  25. Not only that, but Trump goes into Alpha Dog mode, makes himself the final authority and declares that the sitting president was born here in the US. That just took the air out of the tires of the birther narrative that Hillary’s campaign geniuses hoped to hammer him on.

  26. Admin: I do not know whether you saw this latest interview of Roger Stone, although we all know about the prediction as it relates to the moose in high heels, which is one small part of this 20 minute utube video. Several points of interest:

    1. first, newly released photos by the left showing Donald’s son kneeling beside a triceratrops trophy animal which he as just shot in cold blood with a rifle. This has generated some controversy among anthropologists, and other members of the flat earth society, who had convinced themselves that this creature has been extinct for 25 million years, but this photo submitted by the left and endorsed by big media, not because it is true, but because it serves their own narrative. The effect of this disclosure is OMG outcome determinative of the election. Why? Because it will mobilize PETA, Hollywood, it provides deep insight into Trump’s real agenda to log the earth and the rest of the planets later. An act so vile that Pelosi has sworn off Grey Goose vodka for smelling salts, and has taken to washing the feet of dead triceraptors, because, as she will be the first to tell you triceratop lives matter.

    2. A big new breaking story which will rock the democrat party, as to the real reason why Hillary attacked Lybia, setting in motion the civil war which now rocks the middle east, and led to the tragedy at Benghazi. (17 minute mark)

    3. The steps being taken to prevent a steal of the elections in key congressional districts in swing states, through rigging the machines, as Soros has been planning.

    4. Stones belief that the dims are in panic, the 1980s playbook no longer works, and Trump will win, which is something he has never come out and said before, although Manafort said so privately when he went to work for Donald.

    Leave a Reply

  27. frankly it is about time that Donald…and Ivanka…and his other representatives start demanding some respect from BM…who is so…so…out of control

    do not feed the beast…if they want contact with him and them…be respectful otherwise take a page out of Ivanka’s book…and politely say “I’ve got to run”

    do not play into their game that they are allowed to say anything…bring any disrespect upon Donald and his reps and then let Hillary, Bill and Chelsea off scott free…and on top of it BM goes beyond and explains, supports and fights the battle on behalf of Hillary and her reps…

    ENOUGH…I love how Donald is taking his campaign straight and directly to the people to get his message and policies out…

    this is still the USA…

    why not? BM never reports on what he is saying in his speeches anyway…

    BM…your f’ing gig is up…

  28. More about Big Media’s grand mal seizure at being played by Trump.
    Made even worse by his refusal to delay his campaign event and keep his supporters waiting until big media showed up at the New Hampshire event, 30 minutes late due to their inbound airplane from Washington DC so they could hide the sheer size of the turn out and cull though his speech for the one line they could spin to attack him. Conventional wisdom says never get in a pissing contest with someone who buys ink by the barrel. Practical wisdom tells us, if they are determined to kill you with their lying columns, you have got to make them look like fools. And that is what the timid RINO could never understand. Its not a case of they bring a knife, you bring a gun. Its that you trap them in a box canyon, and let them shoot themselves.

  29. She sides with raping Muslims over women’s right to safety, and now she siding with raping immigrants from the south by basically denying rape. Most women and girls get sexually assaulted on the way up here, not to mention Americans who get assaulted by those who have arrived.

    She’s just doubling down. She is not the women’s candidate. He should tie this in with her laughing about getting that rapist off early in her career, enabling Bill’s sexual illness, and not speaking up about the Raping Refugees.

    but blasted Donald Trump for referring to some illegal immigrants as rapists.

    (at least this article correctly reported that he said *some* illegal immigrants are rapists, not *all* as the media has usually been saying.

  30. Regarding the beautiful Trump media play, listening to CNN driving home, some dipshit CNN talking head, with the voice of a 13 ear old adolescent girl nails-on-chalkboard screaming “he thinks this is over? he thinks this is the end of it? THIS. IS. NOT. OVER!!”

    too freaking funny.

  31. I am so glad he introduced Mike Thornton.

    He is one of the most incredible fighting men this country ever produced.

    Tremendous courage, and superhuman strength.

    He killed hundreds of the enemy, and he saved American lives.

    But because of the unpopularity of the Viet Nam war, his praises have never been sung.

    Among all the other recipients of the Medal of Honor he stands out.

    He is an inspiration, and a really good guy.

    I do not know him personally, but it would be an honor to meet him.


    Do you remember way—-way—-way—back in July, when the public thought Trump was the candidate they couldn’t trust with the nuclear arsenal? That was before we realized he could moderate his personality on command, as he is doing now. We’re about to enter our fifth consecutive week of Trump doing more outreach than outrage.

    It turns out that Trump’s base personality is “winning.” Everything else he does is designed to get that result. He needed to be loud and outrageous in the primaries, so he was. He needs to be presidential in this phase of the election cycle, so he is.

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has revealed herself to be frail, medicated, and probably duplicitous about her health. We also hear reports that she’s a drinker with a bad temper. Suddenly, Clinton looks like the unstable personality in this race. Who do you want controlling the nuclear arsenal now?

    You probably thought Trump was the bigot in this contest, until Clinton called half of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.” That’s the point at which observers started to see a pattern. Trump has been consistently supportive of American citizens of all types – with the exception of the press and his political opponents. The main targets of Trump’s rhetoric are the nations that compete against us. In stark contrast, Clinton turned her hate on American citizens. That’s the real kind of hate. Trump is more about keeping America safe and competing effectively in the world. That is literally the job of president.

    Trump was once the candidate that the LGBTQ community found easy to hate. Then it turned out that Trump is the loudest voice for protecting America against the anti-gay ideology that Clinton would increase in this country via immigration. At the GOP convention, Republicans stood and applauded Trump’s full-throated support of the LGBTQ community. While Clinton was talking about a better society, Trump was transforming the Republican Party into one. (Yes, I know there is more to do.)

    You might remember a few months ago when Clinton had lots of policy details and Trump had few. Clinton still holds the lead in the number of bullet-points-per-policy, but while she rests, Trump has been rolling out policy details on one topic after another. Perception-wise, the optics of “who has policy details” has flipped. (Reality isn’t important in this context.)

    Do you remember over a year ago, when Trump first entered the race? Social media relentlessly insulted his physical appearance. They mocked his orange hair and his orange skin. They called him a clown. They called him a Cheeto. It was brutal.

    But over time, Trump’s haircut improved. He softened the color to something more blonde than orange And his fake tan and TV makeup improved too. Today, if you ask a voter to name the candidate for president who “looks bad,” the answer would probably be Clinton, primarily because of her recent health issues. In our minds, Clinton went from being a stylish and energetic personality to a hospice patient dressed like a North Korean dictator at a rave.

    Not long ago, you would have said Clinton was the strongest candidate for protecting citizens who need the help of social programs. Then Trump unveiled his plan for childcare and senior care. You can debate the details, and the cost, but nearly everyone recognized the idea as a critical need for working class people.

    In other words, the world is turning inside-out, right in front of our eyes. I summarized this surprising reversal in the most popular tweet I have ever created.

    That’s how a Master Persuader does it. A year ago, I told you that Trump was bringing a flamethrower to a stick fight. His talent for persuasion is so strong that he has effectively flipped the script and rewired the brains of the people watching this show.

    But I’ll bet you still think Trump is “thin-skinned,” primarily because Clinton’s team has done a great job of branding him that way. The label sticks because Trump has a pattern of going on offense whenever he is attacked. But let me give you another framework to see this same set of facts. Specifically, I’m going to tell you how Master Persuaders convert embarrassment into energy. It’s a learned skill.

    I often talk about the benefits I got from taking the Dale Carnegie course. One of the skills you learn in that class is how to convert your anxiousness about public speaking into excitement and positive energy. I personally observed the Dale Carnegie course turning a few dozen introverts into people who were enthusiastic about speaking in front of a crowd. It was astonishing.

    Part of the Dale Carnegie process involved each student doing something embarrassing in front of the class just to get used to the feeling, and to know you could survive it. It is one of the best skills you can learn because our egos tend to hold us back. We fear embarrassment so we don’t risk it. That limits our potential.

    Now think back to 2011, at the Correspondent’s Dinner, in which President Obama mocked Donald Trump in front of the world – while Trump sat in the audience, stone-faced. The popular reporting was that Trump was humiliated by the event. But Master Persuaders don’t process humiliation the same way as others. They convert it to energy, the same way Dale Carnegie students learn to convert anxiousness to excitement. It’s a learned skill. And it is literally the opposite of having a thin skin. It only looks the same because of confirmation bias.

    How do I know Trump has mastered the skill of converting humiliation into energy? The signs are all there. For example…

    Trump has entered one high-risk business after another, guaranteeing that he would experience a large number of setbacks, failures, and humiliations. People don’t run toward humiliation unless they know they can convert that negative energy to fuel. When you see someone succeed across multiple unrelated fields, that’s often a sign of a Master Persuader who feeds on both success and failure. You are watching Trump do exactly that, right in front of your eyes. He has converted every “gaffe” into news coverage. He eats bad news and converts it into fuel.

    Many of you have watched me do the same thing. You’ve watched as I jumped fields from corporate America to cartooning. Then I became an author of business-related books. I opened two restaurants that didn’t work out. I tried lots of stuff that failed miserably. Now I’m talking about the presidential election. What do all of those things have in common?

    I risked public humiliation in each case.

    And in each case, lots of people told me “Keep your day job.” On a typical day, dozens of strangers insult my body, my personality, my brain, my integrity, and lots more. Like Trump, I consume it as fuel. And it is a learned skill.

    You might have noticed that both Trump and I are quick to attack anyone who attacks us. Observers tell me I shouldn’t do that, because it makes me appear thin-skinned. Observers tell Trump the same thing. But observers are missing one important thing: We use the critics to refuel

    If you were an alien from another planet, and you observed a lion killing a gazelle, you might think that lion was angry at its prey. You might think the lion was insulted that the gazelle was using its watering hole. What did the gazelle do to deserve that treatment? Is the lion being thin-skinned?

    Trust me when I tell you that sometimes the lion is just eating.

  33. the final cut…Patti Solis Doyle admits that the Clinton camp began the birther rumor…

    Patti Solis Doyle, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in 2008 until the Iowa caucuses, admitted on Friday that a Clinton campaign staffer had, in fact, circulated the Birther conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born outside the U.S. and therefore potentially ineligible to serve in the presidency.

    Doyle made the admission on Twitter, as she responded to former George W. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer. Fleischer said that Clinton’s staff had spread the rumor. Doyle said that was a “lie” — but admitted, in the same tweet, that she had fired the “rogue” staffer who had used email to spread the Birther conspiracy theory.

    Doyle appeared about an hour later on CNN with Wolf Blitzer to address the issue once again. She denied that Hillary Clinton had started the Birther theory — then admitted that someone in the Clinton campaign had, in fact, been involved. Here is part their exchange:

    Blitzer: Someone supporting Hillary Clinton was trying to promote this so-called Birther issue? What happened?

    Doyle: So we — absolutely, the campaign nor Hillary did not start the Birther movement, period, end of story there. There was a volunteer coordinator, I believe, in late 2007, I believe, in December, one of our volunteer coordinators in one of the counties in Iowa — I don’t recall whether they were an actual paid staffer, but they did forward an email that promoted the conspiracy.

    Blitzer: The Birther conspiracy?

    Doyle: Yeah, Hillary made the decision immediately to let that person go. We let that person go. And it was so, beyond the pale, Wolf, and so not worthy of the kind of campaign that certainly Hillary wanted to run.

    Doyle went on to relate how she personally called Obama campaign manager David Plouffe to apologize, and he accepted. Blitzer then asked her about the Mark Penn memorandum, in which the campaign’s strategist proposed exploiting Obama’s “lack of American roots.” Doyle asserted, and Blitzer agreed, that the memo had nothing to do with Birtherism.

    Earlier Friday morning, in a speech in Washington, D.C. largely devoted to veterans and military endorsements, Republican nominee Donald Trump briefly addressed the Birther issue:

    Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the Birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it. You know what I mean. President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again. Thank you very much.

    Journalists, furious that they had devoted nearly a half hour of coverage to Trump’s veterans event before he addressed the Birther issue they wished to press, asserted on several networks and platforms that Trump had falsely accused Clinton of starting the Birther controversy.

    As Breitbart News has long documented, Hillary Clinton supporters were the original “Birthers,” and Obama himself muddied the waters by allowing his literary agent to claim for years that he had been “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia.”


    What matters more in winning elections: voter enthusiasm or the ground game?

    It’s a question that has long been debated among political operatives and is now being put to the test in this year’s presidential election.

    Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is running her operation by the book, spending millions of dollars on staff, TV ads, data modeling and field office in battleground states.

    Her Republican rival, Donald Trump , has done little of that. He has relied largely on media coverage to fuel his candidacy and has called data-led political activity “overrated.” His field operation is skeletal, leaning instead on the more extensive network put in place by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

    But, for all that, Trump is competitive, recently pulling ahead of Clinton in polls of swing states like Ohio and Florida, and reducing the Democrat’s lead in national polls to around a single percentage point.

    One reason for his strength: People who intend to vote for him are more enthusiastic about doing so than those planning to back Clinton, according to three major recent polls.

    That fact alone makes some Republicans bullish about Trump’s prospects.

    “You can have all the infrastructure you want, but if people are not inspired or excited to vote for you, then it is not going to do you any good,” said Michael Steele, a former chairman of the RNC. “You can have very little, or weak, infrastructure, but if you create momentum or a force majeure that wins the argument.”

    Steele cited the example of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who challenged Clinton from the left in the Democratic primaries. Even though Sanders did not win, Steele suggested that the strength shown by the left-wing Vermonter demonstrated the power of grassroots enthusiasm.

    If Steele is right, it would be very good news for Trump. Recent major polls have sent a consistent message on voter enthusiasm: The GOP nominee has the edge over Clinton.

    Most strikingly, a CNN/ORC poll indicated that more than 1 in 5 five would-be Clinton voters were “not at all enthusiastic” about backing her, almost twice as many as said the same about Trump. The poll found 58 percent of Trump supporters saying they felt either “extremely” or “very” enthusiastic about their choice, and only 46 percent in the Clinton camp feeling the same.

    A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that 46 percent of Trump backers were “very enthusiastic,” compared with only 33 percent of Clinton supporters. And a New York Times/CBS News poll saw Trump outperforming Clinton by the same metric, 45 percent to 36 percent.

    Everyone agrees enthusiasm matters. But some experts caution against it being treated as the end-all, be-all for campaigns.



    if Hillary keeps on the completely negative attack mode she is on…she is going to continue to repel people…not inspiring and too intense and insulting to average people who feel she is attacking and singling them out…

  35. alcina
    September 16, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    September 16, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    foxy – Great pic. I love the reflection of our flag in Trump’s shovel.

    Me too!! 😀

  36. from S’s link above with Patti Doyle Solis, “birther conspiracy”

    one of our volunteer coordinators in one of the counties in Iowa — I don’t recall whether they were an actual paid staffer, but they did forward an email that promoted the conspiracy.

    I don’t remember how we all heard about the “birther conspiracy” at the time. But was her email to other staffers or to a Hillary mailing list? Anyone know?

    Doyle went on to relate how she personally called Obama campaign manager David Plouffe to apologize, and he accepted.

    … and then she said, “I got another stab in on Hillary, NOW can I come work for the Messiah?” lol

    I don’t know where O was born. But I do know that certificate online was fake, I could take it apart in Adobe Illustrator, so it was not a scanned document, it was a created document.

  37. 😂😂😆

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling this “the greatest day of my life,” a visibly moved Barack Obama held a news conference on Friday to thank Donald Trump for granting him U.S. citizenship.

    “The issue of whether or not I was a U.S. citizen has been a dark cloud over my existence for as long as I can remember,” a tearful Obama told the press corps. “Only one man had the courage, wisdom, and doggedness to make that cloud go away: Donald J. Trump.”

    The President, who had to halt several times during his remarks to compose himself, praised the Republican Presidential nominee for “never giving up” in his quest to prove that Obama was born in the U.S.

    “A weaker man would have said, ‘I don’t need this in my life,’ but Donald Trump was always there for me,” the President said. “Over the past five years, barely a day went by when he didn’t call me and say, ‘Barack, I don’t care what a bunch of crackpots say. You were born here, and I’m going to prove it once and for all.’ “

    The President said he planned to spend the day celebrating his U.S. citizenship with his family. “It’s great to be an American, at last,” he said.

    When asked if he had any message for Trump, the President paused for a moment. “Just this: I love you,” he said, a tear trickling down his cheek.

  38. I first heard of the birther stuff from Texasdarlin’s WordPress website back in 2008, which is now marked private. I remember when she wrote that she had a lawyer/friend who said that, based on Obama’s biography, he wasn’t a natural born citizen.

  39. btw…heard tapper and a few others saying they are not going to let the birthér thing go

    do they realize how stupid they sound?
    this has nothing to do with what the voters want to hear about or a discussion of issues and their futures or the future of their families

    the media keeps saying they can’t talk about the issues because of things donald says…what a lazy excuse

    boycott all the shows and let them talk to themselves…donald’s people should let them stew in their own juices

    what a copout…do your job or find another line of work…the people are not as ignorant as you think

  40. Reality bites. Hard.

    Hillary Clinton’s Backers Thought She Couldn’t Lose. Now, ‘I Can’t Go There.’

    Beside the olive display at Zabar’s, that iconic hub of lox and neurosis on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Linda Donohue was trying to talk herself down.

    Surely the polls she tracked anxiously were not to be trusted, she said. Surely Donald J. Trump, the man with the garish golden tower across town, would not be allowed to reach the White House.

    “We have to have more faith in the American public,” said Ms. Donohue, 61, a longtime New Yorker now living in Seattle.

    A man behind her could not suppress a loud snort.

    Then Cathi Anderson, who was shopping with Ms. Donahue, mentioned yet another distressing poll, this one from Ohio, which showed Mr. Trump ahead. Ms. Donohue nodded grimly.

    Just in case her faith in the American electorate was misplaced, Ms. Donahue said, she had retained her Irish citizenship.

    For both parties, every election can feel like the most vital of a lifetime, the one day standing between a still-proud nation and its imminent demise. Among liberals, there is an especially rich tradition of “bed-wetting,” as even some practitioners call it, at the faintest sign of shakiness from their candidate.

    But as Hillary Clinton lurches toward Election Day, her supporters at times seem overwhelmed by a tsunami of unease, exacerbated by Mrs. Clinton’s bout of pneumonia and a slow-footed acknowledgment of the illness. They are confronting a question they had assumed, just a few weeks ago, they would not need to consider in a race against the most unpopular presidential nominee in modern times: Could Mrs. Clinton actually blow this?

    “It’s like someone dropped ice water on the head of America,” Julie Gaines, the owner of Fishs Eddy, a home goods store in Manhattan, said of Mr. Trump’s increased odds. “Everyone sobered up. This could happen.”

    The creeping dread has accelerated in recent days, reaching critical levels even by Democratic standards.

    Mrs. Clinton became sick. Several polls tightened to the margin of panic, with Mr. Trump overtaking her in surveys in Ohio and Florida. And even as Democrats hoped on Friday that Mr. Trump’s latest gambit — seeking to distance himself from his long history of “birtherism” — would backfire, there is a fear that no scandal can sink him.

    A cartoon in The New Yorker captured it best: A woman sits in her psychiatrist’s office, perspiring in distress. The doctor scribbles on a pad. “I’m giving you something for Hillary’s pneumonia,” the caption reads.

    Supporters of Mrs. Clinton have greeted the moment with varying degrees of alarm, according to interviews with dozens of them across the country.

    They read warily about the health of her lungs and her swing-state field operations. They reassure one another by reminding themselves of President Obama’s two winning campaigns, which encountered similar fits of concern after Labor Day.

    But even some zealous Clinton defenders have grown frustrated with their candidate, marveling at the prospect of her snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, for which some say they would never forgive her. The campaign’s decision last week not to acknowledge Mrs. Clinton’s pneumonia until two days after a diagnosis, once video surfaced of her stumbling out of a Sept. 11 memorial service on Sunday, has especially rankled.

    “They kept it from us,” said Sonia Ascher, 74, a former campaign volunteer, sitting with her husband and son at a coffee shop in Portsmouth, N.H. “It was just another thing again, another mistake, which she really can’t afford right now.”

    The gloom seems to be spreading.

    Maurice Doucet, 55, a software engineer from Portland, Ore., wondered aloud on Wednesday how the race had gotten this close, lamenting Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.

    “The rational side of my brain goes, ‘There’s no way people are actually going to switch sides,’ ” he said of voters’ movement toward Mr. Trump. “But the emotional side,” he added, his voice trailing off moments later.

    In Washington Square Park in Manhattan, among smitten college students and acoustic guitars, Guillermo Vidal, 75, grimaced at the thought of a Trump presidency. His friend’s bichon frisé-poodle mix, Dipsy, sat on the bench beside him, looking fretful.

    Mr. Vidal was asked what was troubling Dipsy.

    “She’s a Democrat,” Mr. Vidal said dryly.

    Then there are those who traffic in angst professionally, who are straining to consider even the chance of a Trump election.

    “The possibility of that is too horrifying to broach,” Larry David, the “Seinfeld” co-creator and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star, wrote in an email. “It’s like contemplating your own death.”

    Surely Mr. David had done that, too?

    “I can’t go there,” he said.

    In liberal enclaves, some modest contingency planning has begun. Threats of relocation are a bipartisan ritual every four years, expanding the audience for Canadian home listings. But this time, voters seem to be taking their research a bit more seriously.

    Ramona Gant, 28, a graduate student in Chicago, said she had just renewed her passport with the election in mind.

    Ms. Donohue’s friend at Zabar’s, Ms. Anderson of Seattle, mused that Vancouver was not too far up the road.

    Mike Brennan, 67, from Ventura County, Calif., is keeping an eye on the stock market.

    “If it looks like it’s going to be close,” said Mr. Brennan, a Republican supporting Mrs. Clinton, “I’ll pull my money out.”

    For many Americans, Mr. Trump’s momentum has registered as a more visceral threat, heightening concerns that had festered since his candidacy began.

    Ahtziry Barrera, 18, a college freshman from Orlando, Fla., arrived in the United States more than a decade ago from Mexico. Under an Obama administration policy known as DACA, which Mrs. Clinton has vowed to protect, Ms. Barrera has been allowed to stay in the country because she entered as a child.

    “A lot of people were not taking him seriously. ‘Oh, he’s not going to win.’ But it happened,” she said of Mr. Trump’s success in the Republican primary. “It is a big stress on me, knowing that Nov. 8 is the day I’ll know whether my future is going to be secure or not.”

    Some optimists have preached calm, reminding one another of Mrs. Clinton’s organizational advantages and holding out hope that she can best Mr. Trump decisively on a debate stage.

    While allowing that Mrs. Clinton has not run a perfect race, many of her admirers have cast blame elsewhere, singling out the news media, the Republicans who nominated Mr. Trump and, of course, the man himself.

    Gloria Steinem, the feminist leader and a Clinton supporter, said in an email that she had sensed a growing worry in recent weeks, fearing that Mr. Trump’s candidacy was becoming “legitimized by ‘media evenhandedness’ ” that had made his assorted scandals seem more banal.

    “There are things any campaign could do better, but in this case, I fear it’s like blaming the victim instead of the bully — dissociating in the hope that we won’t be bullied, too,” she wrote. “It’s like saying, ‘If only she hadn’t been walking in that neighborhood. …’ ”

    Others hold tight to an abiding belief, perhaps against their better judgment, that everything will work out.

    “I still believe in humanity,” said Nadia Johnson, 22, a Brooklyn resident lunching at a Whole Foods this week.

    She quickly added a request: Ask her again in November.

    Yes she can!

  41. Politico shudders:

    Trump cracks the Electoral College lock

    A new round of state polls shows Donald Trump suddenly has a path to 270 electoral votes.

    Just six weeks ago, Hillary Clinton’s advantage in the Electoral College looked insurmountable. Now, based on the latest round of public polls, it’s a different story.

    If the election were held today, Donald Trump would apparently win roughly as many electoral votes as Hillary Clinton — who held a commanding lead in early August and seemed to be closing off all possible Trump routes to 270 electoral votes.

    But state polling averages, which can be lagging indicators, are beginning to show Trump in the lead. According to POLITICO’s Battleground States polling average, Trump is now ahead in Iowa and Ohio — and he’s tied with Clinton in vote-rich Florida.

    A slightly more aggressive estimate could add Nevada, North Carolina and one electoral vote in Maine to Trump’s tally: The New York real-estate magnate is ahead in the most recent polls in Nevada and North Carolina, and in Maine’s Second Congressional District.

    That, plus all the other states Mitt Romney won four years ago, would get Trump to 266 electoral votes — just four shy of the 270 needed to win. Clinton’s once-comfortable cushion has been deflated to such an extent that if Trump wins those states and the electoral vote in Maine, he only needs one more state to win — with Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Virginia the most likely targets. And there’s recent polling evidence suggesting he is in striking distance in some of those states.

    It’s what we said at the lowest trough for Trump this past August: It’s a change election – the change candidate wins – the Obama third term candidate loses.

  42. Tony and S – Sheriff Arpaio in AZ had his “cold case posse” on it too. The last I heard, they had definite proof and were going to release it. That was years ago now, nothing happened….

  43. S – RSBN said this is a somewhat smaller venue, and they are using the pool feed today, so they can’t move the camera themselves

  44. “I still believe in humanity,” said Nadia Johnson, 22, a Brooklyn resident lunching at a Whole Foods this week.
    Therein lies the problem.

    If this young twerp wandered over to Flatbush Avenue, Sheephead Bay or Williamsburg she would find that in those venues one does not “lunch at Whole Foods”.

    Same story on Trumball Avenue in Detroit–which is now rebranding itself after so much bad publicity. The new name is De-twa.

    In venues such as those one scarfs down sambolis and avoids the Rastafarians with their dreadlocks, zoodo, and cheap drugs.

    Once you understand how the other half lives, one’s faith in humanity diminishes and survival becomes the objective.

    Mad dogs and Englishmen will not be seen in the South Bronx at midnight.


    Hillary’s Poll Numbers Just TANKED In One Of America’s Most Liberal Cities

    Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers dropped dramatically in the Democratic stronghold of Washington, D.C., according to a Google Consumer Surveys poll published Thursday.

    Clinton still led Republican nominee Donald Trump by 6 points, at 38 to 32 percent, but her lead fell dramatically in a poll released in the first Thursday of September, where Clinton led by 25 points, earning 48 percent compared to 22 percent for Trump.

    The District of Columbia is ranked “safe Democrat” by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, and statistics site 538, but recent poll numbers could change that determination.

    In every election since 1964, the District voted strongly for Democrats, with at least 85 percent voting for Democratic presidential candidates.

  46. Admin
    What happened to the math test? I had my abacus already to go.
    FYI I have to sign in and out to get new posts. I check in a few times on days like this and it will only show upto the last post when I first stopped by. I sign in and there are ten new ones.

  47. Got this from a commenter over at the Last Refuge about the Les Deplorables artwork and music at the Miami Rally.

    Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing a song of angry men?
    It is the music of a people
    Wanting their country great again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the chants of Trump, Trump, Trump!
    There is a pride about to begin
    When November comes!

  48. It seems that Mr. Tap toes is beside himself over the bait and switch Trump pulled.

    And who can blame him.

    To have to sit there and watch these military heroes pledge their support for Trump

    Was more than that politically correct, gun control fanatic, yuppie scum could handle.

    They were there to talk about the nation.

    Tapper was there for the birther issue which was yesterdays news eight years ago.

    It made him like a partisan, unpatriotic clutz.

    So naturally, he through a hissy fit and cut the camera.

  49. Henry, WordPress is causing problems. We miss our daily math tests too. The situation is quite deplorable.

    Speaking of deplorable, the DailyMail took note of the Trump rally:

    ‘LES DEPLORABLES!’ Trump floors cheering Miami crowd as he enters to Broadway anthem and speaks in front of giant ‘Les Mis’ video screen art

    Donald Trump adopted a new campaign theme on Friday in Miami
    Came on stage as music from ‘Les Misérables’ played
    Video screen showed a take-off on the 2012 film adaptation’s poster
    It read ‘Les Deplorables’ – and replaced French revolutionary flags with the Stars and Stripes – and a ‘TRUMP’ flag
    Hillary Clinton insulted Trump supporters a week ago by saying ‘half’ of them belong in ‘the basket of deplorables’ and some are ‘irredeemable’

    Donald Trump unveiled a new visual campaign theme in Miami on Friday – a mashup of the Broadway musical ‘Les Misérables’ and an epithet Hillary Clinton leveled at his supporters one week ago.

    He took the stage, introduced by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as the ‘Les Mis’ anthem ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’ blasted through loudspeakers.

    The video screen behind the podium flashed to an artistic rendering of ‘Les Deplorables,’ complete with USA and ‘Trump’ flags replacing the French colors, and a bald eagle soaring over the revolutionary scene.

    ‘Welcome to all of you deplorables!’ Trump boomed as thousands screamed ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ and ‘We love you!’

    Clinton said ‘half’ of Trump voters belonged in ‘the basket of deplorables’ as ‘racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic [and] Islamaphobic’ Republicans.

    ‘Some of those folks – they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America,’ Clinton said.

    His supporters have embraced the Clinton label and worn it as a badge of honor, and in the space of just a few days Trump rally-goers have already begun to sport ‘I am deplorable’ t-shirts and signs.

    ‘My opponent slanders you as “deplorable” and “irredeemable” – boy that second word is tough,’ he said Friday night.

    ‘You don’t hear that much. It means you can never come back.’

    ‘I call you hard-working American patriots who love your family,’ he continued, ‘and really, really, really love your country.’

    The man who created the artwork he used Friday, an artist known online as ‘Keln,’ was banned from using Reddit on Saturday, shortly after posting the image there.

    He first posted it to a right-wing blog called ‘The Conservative Treehouse.’

    ‘I made the Les Deplorables meme on @Reddit last Saturday,’ he would later write on Twitter. ‘Been banned ever since. They won’t respond to tell me why.’

    He wrote on his blog,, that he suspected Reddit had an anti-Trump bias.

    ‘Apparently Reddit is even more sensitive than Twitter or Google or Facebook when it comes to anything that does not align to their political thinking,’ he wrote.

    ‘This is digital book burning people. It is time to avoid these companies. Make them suffer and turn their overpriced stocks into napkins. They have no business doing business.’

    Just before the Trump rally began, his Reddit account was reinstated.

    He was pleased the Trump campaign used his artwork.

    ‘Thank you @realDonaldTrump for using my meme to stick it to Hillary and her ilk. #MAGA We are just gonna keep winning,’ he tweeted.

    ‘I made it, I am glad He used it,’ he added, insisting the Trump campaign had a right to turn his work into a campaign backdrop.

    Trump is having entirely too much fun.

  50. admin
    September 17, 2016 at 2:10 am
    Well that makes us all feel better about her “pneumonia!” 😆

  51. Fallon, Kimmel, whatever the hell his name is, should bring in a crutch and a travelling nurse, the mask should cover the eyes, and a chorus of five Benghazi corpses, Hank Paulson with a hand in taxpayer wallets and eyes on their social security, a horde of homeless starving Haitian victims of CGI singing How Great Thou Art to make the skit more authentic and slightly less–dare I say it—boring. He has got no balls, whatever his name is.

  52. Ol’ Sid needn’t worry about birther stuff – that’s small fry – he’s already getting away with reading classified documents without having clearance lol

  53. I read somewhere that whatever statute or law or whatever that Hillary’s people broke didn’t need intent…? But I do keep seeing people proving that there had to be intent based on what they did. No doubt, just looking at the timeline shows that. Reminded to save emails – destroy emails – subpoened (sp?) for emails – destroy emails – etc.

  54. Wait, why am I seeing commercials for Hillary here in CA? That seems unusual. And I’m in the “corner” of the country, so I’m not near any other state and getting their commercials. I wonder if the internals polls are looking bad here, too….?

    Tony, are you seeing commercials, too? Do we usually get democratic presidential commercials even though we’re always blue? I just don’t remember getting them before….

  55. For of all sad words
    Of tongue and pen
    The saddest are these:
    It Might Have Been

    Q: if it was time to have our “first black president”, why couldn’t it have been a great American like the sheriff of Milwaukee, rather than that America hating racist street hustler and Soros operative from Chicago?

    A: because the elites are investing in keeping blacks on the plantation. And because, as noted so many times, and as the public has started waking up to, Soros controls the party. That is where you get all the key points of his agenda, from climate change, to open borders, to Anti Americanism, to the demise of the dollar, to an aimless pro Muslim foreign policy. It was right there on his website when Mrs. Smith, Confloyd, David Horowitz, the Cuban banker who was special assistant to Walter Riston head of citibank, et. al. when we traced his footsteps from the death camps of war torn Hungary, escaping in time to avoid prosecution and hanging, riding the rails as a porter to England, enrolling in the London School of Economics under Karl Popper imprinted him with the open society nonsense, to a Rothschilde bank in New York in 1957, to his formation of the Quantum Fund with British Royals and members of the Italian Mafia, conveniently offshored in the Dutch Antilles to preserve its secrecy, to his emergence of as the world’s largest currency trader who crashed the British pound, later the Asian Market, to his de facto take over of the democrat party through a cleverly contrived 527 amendment to bozo McCains campaign finance reform, which opened the door to a wall of money before anyone ever heard of Citizens United, to his membership on the Council of Foreign Relations, to his promotion of so called colors revolutions in conjunction with the Brzeneski wing of the CIA and Professor Jeffrey Sachs, to his investment in 200 newspapers, through his sponsorship of Blue Digitial data mining and his silent partnership with Eric Schmidt of Google, to his secretary of state project to his financing of radical subversive organization to impose shock doctrine therapy on the people of this country, to his buying off of key media figures in this country, including Tom Browkaw and Bill Moyers, to control of puppet Obama, and now Hillary.

  56. fyi…

    I was driving in my car this am and on the local news they came on with a report from Donald at Miami last night

    they said there were thousands of excited supporters and also some protestors

    they interviewed one of the ‘protestors’ and she said she wanted to go see him for herself to see if he was as incindiery and as bad as she has heard and thought…

    she came out thinking “he wasn’t that bad…and is very smart…so now she is “worried”


    makes me wonder how many of these “protestors” go into some of his rallys and come out reconsidering because he is not the monster they think going in and he is smart…and fun…and thoughtful…and the other people are having a blast inside…

  57. Sid Blumenthal now claiming that he had nothing to do with the birther controversy.
    If it please the court, I call Larry Johnson, former CIA analyst, media expert, and owner of the blog No Quarter USA, who has competent relevant material evidence to rebut this claim, so might even say, lie:

    ” I was part of that effort (by the Hillary campaign to take down Obama) and was in regular email and phone coordination with Sidney Blumenthal.

    Sidney was the conduit who fed damaging material to me that I subsequently posted on my blog.

    In some cases Sid Blumenthal actually provided a draft piece that I would slightly modify and publish under my name. Most of the time, however, Sid provided background information and researched material that I would use to craft pieces. How many? I am providing the links to 63 blog articles that I posted (and in one case was posted by Susan Hudgens, who assisted with the blog) between January 2008 and June 30, 2008.

    Here is simple summary of material (in writing or through a verbal briefing) that I received from Sid?

    Information surrounding the corrupt business relationship between Barack Obama and Tony Rezko.
    Information about Barack Obama’s ties to Palestinian radicals.
    Information concerning Barack Obama’s longstanding ties to the American terrorist, Bill Ayers.
    Information concerning Barack Obama’s close ties to radical clerics–i.e., Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger.
    Information concerning Barack Obama being adopted by Indonesian Muslim Lolo Soetoro.

    Yet Sid says he had nothing to do with the birther controversy?

    Perhaps he too had a blood clot, the flu, or some other undisclosed malady which caused him to not to remember something that most people would never forget.

    The other possibility, of course, remote as it seems, is he is lying through his teeth.

    I dismiss that possibility however because Hillary would never surround herself with people who play fast and loose with the truth–any more than Mother Teresa would.


    Two weeks ago, some pundits began talking about a Trump “surge.” Suddenly, that surge is looking like a full-fledged “wave.”

    In one battleground after another, the billionaire real estate mogul is opening up a lead over Hillary Clinton – or making that state’s race competitive again. He’s also beating Clinton in several of the latest national polls. Mainstream pundits are reeling from the shock.

    Take Ohio. Three straight polls now find Trump with a solid single-digit lead. Trump has closed the gap with women to low single-digits while preserving his robust double-digit lead among men. And Trump’s leading among college-educated and non-college educated voters alike. That’s a real sea-change.

    The same is happening in Florida where the latest poll has Trump up by three. Trump’s also narrowed Clinton’s lead among Hispanics. Remember the Trump “pivot” on immigration? It looks like it might be working.

    Florida and Ohio are quadrennial battleground states; typically, they are close. But the former reality TV star is also winning in Iowa and narrowing the gap with Clinton in Blue-trending states like Colorado, Nevada and Virginia.

    In Virginia, Clinton was so confident of victory that she’d canceled her planned ad buys and was beginning to close down field offices. And Colorado, a key Southwestern swing state, seemed to be sewn up, too. The former First Lady once had strong double digit leads in both states.

    No longer. In fact, despite the advice of some Republicans, Trump is determined to keep fighting for the Commonwealth State. The latest poll showing him trailing by just three points seems to vindicate that decision.

    There’s also strong evidence that Clinton’s efforts to vie for traditional Red States like Utah, Arizona and Georgia are foundering. The latest poll in the Peach State shows Trump up by six, and in Arizona, Clinton is trailing by 5. In Utah, he’s close to twenty points ahead.

    On a CNN panel Wednesday night, pro-Clinton pundits insisted that Clinton is still leading the race and that any Trump gains are due to recent stumbles on their candidate’s part — not on the success of Trump’s own campaign.

    But the two trends are closely related. Clinton has suffered body blows due to the continuing drip-drip of scandal surrounding her emails and the Clinton Foundation. But Trump is gaining in his own right, consolidating support among Republicans and wooing independents with a strong shift in his campaign messaging and tactics.

    Clinton supporters insist that the basic electoral math still favors their candidate. It’s true in one key respect: Trump’s path to victory is narrower than his rival’s.

    Trump will need to win Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, hold on to the Red states, and flip a Blue-trending state like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Virginia to have a real shot at victory.

    The problem for Clinton? Trump is doing just that. In fact, he may end up flipping more than one of those three states. Add Nevada, and maybe even Maine, Rhode Island, and New Jersey, where Trump only trails by low single-digits in each case, and he will easily surpass Clinton – maybe achieving a minor “landslide.”

    There are three big factors that are beginning to favor Trump. One is that Republicans are registering more new voters than Democrats are – by a wide margin.

    Second is the “enthusiasm gap.” Republicans are simply more excited about voting for their candidate. That could easily translate into higher turn-out for Trump at the ballot box.

    And third, and perhaps more ominously, a much higher share of voters now believe that Trump can win. One recent poll found that Clinton had only a 43%-40% lead among respondents on the issue of who was more likely to win the presidency. In the past, Clinton led more than 2-1 on this score.

    In sports, commentators often talk about the “Big Mo” – referring to which team seems to have the overarching momentum. Right now, Trump does, and his head of steam is still building, just ten days before the first – and probably the most decisive – nationally televised presidential debate on September 26th.

    Clinton needs to stem Trump’s tide – and do it quickly.

    Otherwise, the former First Lady could find herself before a nationally televised audience on the defensive — and desperate for a Trump gaffe to rescue what’s looking right now like a fast-fading candidacy.


    I want donald to win Ohio so big…Kaisch is a big phony…he does not know anything about positive energy…or honor…

  59. lorac
    September 17, 2016 at 12:47 pm
    I don’t know since I no longer watch TV, but I’all let you know when I”m back down in my old neighborhood in Redlands this week. I often visit my old Belgian neighbor, and she usually has the TV playing in her home.

  60. Wow, I haven’t been to this blog in probably 4 years or so. For some reason, the blog popped into my head a few minutes ago, so I decided to check it out again. Suprisingly, I still remembered my password. I have to write that I am pleased what I see has happened here. It’s as if the blog name should be changed to something a little closer to the views being expressed here. For me, it’s TRUMP 2016. I hope Hillary can spend her waning years with her grandchildren, and let the governing be handled by someone like Trump who gives a crap about all voters, not just those that agree with him.

  61. I have a friend who is currently returning on a road trip from Florida to New Hampshire and the back to Florida. On his way up, he called me from Pennsylvania and told me that he saw Trump signs all over the place since the day he left Florida (about 10 days ago). He travelled a back route through Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Western Maryland, Pennsylvania, and I think upstate New York. I’m not sure if he entered Connecticut. He called me again today and told me that he was in Western Massachusetts, and he saw a lot of Hillary signs there. It’s the only place that he has gone through so far that had any Hillary signs. Personally, the only Hillary signs that I have seen were on a road trip that I took with this same friend at the end of July that took as 8000 plus miles from Florida up to Yellowstone, and then down to Arizona, and then back east from there to Florida. We happened to be driving through a neighborhood somewhere in Colorado, if I recall correctly, which had a single home on a corner lot which had two Hillary signs on the small lot. Also, we visited Bourbon Street in New Orleans for a couple of hours, and there wee three or four people holding Hillary signs on the sidewalk, who I mouthed the word “TRUMP”, and made a letter “T” with my fingers. That was it. LOL. I don’t recall seeing many Trump signs, either, but there were more than two, I assure you. We travelled through areas of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nevada (just by the Hoover Dam), Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

  62. Watching the Trump campaign is like watching someone beat up a bully. I have not felt so hopeful about life for 16 years, now.

    These last three years especially have been the pits. The day after BO got elected for the 2nd time, I got a call that my Mother had esophageal cancer and she was dead within three months. Then I had predatory real estate thug move into my neighborhood and try to harass me out of my cheap rental. Then my BFF, little cat fell and injured herself grievously, leaving her with health problems.

    Now, this all seemed to turn around for me in these last six months during the Trump campaign. My daughter got some good scholarships to college and I managed to buy my cheap rental for cheap. And I finally got my little cat on the right meds for her problems. I am feeling so much more optimistic about things.

    I am looking forward to the end of the Obomanation.

  63. Trump’s Ritual Humiliation Of The Media Will Make Him Even More Popular

    by MILO17 Sep 20163

    It was a rout. A thrashing. A washout. Daddy Trump has conquered the media, burned its corpse, and salted the earth of its grave. I couldn’t be more erect.

    The Donald executed a stunning bait-and-switch yesterday, first teasing the media that he was going to make a statement on Obama’s birth certificate. Expecting a wild, outlandish comment that would reverse his polling surge, the cameras of the media descended on Trump’s new hotel in Washington D.C … only to witness a stream of military veterans endorsing Trump, which the media was forced to broadcast to the entire country.

    Trump’s actual comments on Obama were limited to a single sentence: “Obama was born in the U.S., period.” Daddy managed to achieve free publicity for his new hotel, a nationwide broadcast of support for his campaign from military veterans, and simultaneously put to bed allegations that he is a “birther” — something that will ease concerns from independent and moderate voters. Jake Tapper called it a “political rick-roll.”

    Trolling the media, particularly with the effortless skill of Trump, is a guaranteed path to popularity in politics. Last week, a Gallup poll showed trust in the the media at a shocking 32 percent — an all-time low. The more Trump humiliates the media, the more he will gain in the polls.

    The media may whine that they “got played” in the unintentionally hilarious words of CNN’s John King, but very few voters are going to feel sorry for them. Instead, they will see Trump’s tactics as a perfectly legitimate – and masterful – response to a biased, broken media.

    The media have no right to feel sorry for themselves either. Their sycophantic attitude towards Hillary Clinton and the Democrats is now well-established, as is their deeply entrenched bias towards conservatives and Republicans. The media is constantly looking for opportunities to humiliate Trump, and Trump, in response, is looking to humiliate them.

    They keep losing.

    But they can’t complain that he plays the game better than they do — after all, they’re the ones who made the rules in the first place. In Trump’s campaign arsenal, few tactics are more likely to cement his popularity than his hilarious ability to troll the media. In an age where journalists are rightly despised, even people who hate Trump are secretly cheering him on.

  64. On the Internet, a RickRoll is a prank where a visitor who clicks on a specific link is intentionally misdirected to a video of pop star Rick Astley’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

    Milo is right but this was hardly a run of the mill assembly of military veterans. This was the creme de la creme. Two medal of honor winners, prominent generals and admirals. These were the Bobby Knights of the military who have produced victory under the most lethal conditions. The whiny snot nosed media maggots looked unpatriotic in their little Harvard hissy fits.

  65. Lu

    I am so sorry to hear about all the pain and issues you have had to deal with…losing you mother alone is so difficult…I can truly relate to that…

    I agree with you…there does seem to be some genuine hope in the air…and Donald’s strong voice about things so many of us care about has a lot to do with it…

    I also have started to believe we might just win this one…

    Hope so…glad things are turning more positive for you

  66. Stockman likes the Trump economic plan conceptually, but the numbers do not add up, he says:
    Given the fact that Trump would inherit a social security system that will be less than 9 years from insolvency, as I have demonstrated in Chapter 8 of Trumped!, and which will cost nearly $1 trillion in FY 2017, it is just absurd to say that entitlements can be exempted from cuts.

    That’s especially the case because $950 billion is just the current—and rapidly growing—cost of cash benefits under OASDI. If you add in medical entitlements you get another $1.2 trillion; and then there is a further $304 billion for means tested entitlements like food stamps, the earned income tax credit, supplemental security income, and unemployment insurance.

    And, as the man says on late night TV, that’s not all! There is also $108 billion of annual veterans’ entitlements that Trump apparently intends to enhance and $164 billion of Federal retirement benefits—a substantial chunk of which goes to military retirees.

    I tried to cut the latter once, and was warned that the Oval Office door would be taken down by a fire-axe if the plan even made it to the president’s desk.

    So whoever convinced Donald Trump that upwards of $2.7 trillion of entitlement spending can be exempted from cuts, and that the defense budget actually needs to be increased should be charged with wanton malpractice.

    The US spends more than $700 billion per year on the Pentagon and related international security and domestic spying operations. That compares to Russia’s military budget of $40 billion, meaning that Vlad Putin has all of 3 weeks’ worth of US national security spending to threaten the entire free world.

    And that’s not all. From my 19th floor apartment in New York City, I can actually see Russia. Not exactly in the manner that Sarah Palin espied it from Alaska, but actually in a far more relevant manner.

    As it happens, the GDP of the New York City metro area is about $1.6 trillion. Russia’s GDP is about $1.4 trillion, and consists largely of a giant hydrocarbon patch, a goodly number of nickel coal, iron ore and other mineral mines and about 100 million acres of wheat and grain fields.

    That’s about the extent of it. Putin may be a grand larcenist in his own back yard, but he’s no threat to a single citizen in America—or Europe for that matter. The Donald’s better idea would be to make a Peace Deal with Putin, dissolve the utterly useless and unnecessary cold war relic of NATO, and then start to drain the swampland of waste where the Pentagon has resided since 1948.

    Yes, and when it comes to cutting entitlements, a good place to start would be to “fire” from the rolls the 50,000 millionaires who get Social Security. And then to clawback a goodly share of the cash and Medicare benefits received by the 25% of OASDHI recipients with household incomes of more than $50k per year.

    There is much more in the Trump economic plan that needs “some work,” as they say. We will address some of those items next week. But for now let’s just say: Enough of the patented beltway economic magic that has pushed the nation to the fiscal brink.

    Indeed, hiding the ball on the massive budget cuts that will be needed to finance vitally necessary tax cuts will only insure that that nation’s sputtering remnant of a capitalist economy will be crushed by the Welfare and Warfare states on which the Imperial City feeds.

  67. They were about to start a race benefitting the military, but an unattended backpack near the place where runners were to leave from delayed the start of the race. When the bombs went off in the garbage can on the route is when the runners would have been passing by that spot, save for the delayed start…

    headline: Resettled “Refugee” from Middle East “person of interest” in Seaside Park, NJ BOMBING

  68. Tony – from your link –

    At least 26 suffered minor injuries from what may have been an explosive device, police sources told The Post.

    The explosion, described by one neighbor as “deafening,” happened outside the Associated Blind Housing facility at 135 W. 23rd Street. The facility provides housing, training and other services for the blind.

  69. headline: Resettled “Refugee” from Middle East “person of interest” in Seaside Park, NJ BOMBING
    Hillary’s answer?

    Increase the number of Syrian refugees five fold.

    Then, the terrorist problem will go away.

    In negotiations this is know as the pig pot tactic.

    If the number of terrorist bombings increasing five fold.

    It will be sufficiently disruptive that you won’t mind the single on so much anymore.

    This is part of the Soros strategy to take down the United States.

  70. Hillary says, we must be more tolerant of people of color and more intolerant of white people unless they happen to be rich donors in which case their wish is her command.

  71. This whole election is shaping up to be one big non sequitur.

    Hillary says something really stupid.

    Trump says something really smart.

    And big media ignores Hillary and goes after Trump.

    The question is whether the voters are that stupid.

    My friend saw Moose at George Mason campaigning for herself.

    By the end of the speech those young millenials were screaming four more years.

    The older millenials who voted for Obama twice are older, more circumspect and they want to buy homes. They are less likely to mount the barricades and scream four more years.

    The question for them is what have the last four years gotten me, besides nothing.

  72. Jesus…poor people. ..freaking hate these Middle Easterners..
    Sorry if it sounds as if I’m lumping them all in one “basket”…but the fact that so many of them know when family members are up to something and say nothing, the hatred they preach in their Mosques, the murder and destruction they are reeking on the world …I just want them to back from where they came, stay there and never be allowed to leave the ME again untill they denounce their ways, their political facism they call a religion, and join humanity.

  73. I think Russia is right to take this incident where US planes bombed their ally in the war against ISIS to the United Nations Security Council. That is the whole purpose of the United Nations, namely to resolve disputes between superpowers which could lead to war. That no nothing hatchet faced Power is derelict in her duty to the nation to assert that it is a stunt for Putin to pursue redress in that channel. It is senseless for Obama to refuse to cooperate with Russia against the common enemy, ISIS, unless Obama is in league with ISIS, and that depends on whether Soros is using ISIS to disrupt the world, just as he uses Black Lives Matter to disrupt this nation. Hatchet face Power is a blight on diplomacy and an embarrassment to this nation.

  74. This one is at a different MN mall than the Gateway Pundit one – this one is in St Cloud MN, the first one is the Mall Of America, Minneapolis

    Breaking News Feed @pzf
    7:43 PM – 17 Sep 2016
    962 962 Retweets 377 377 likes

    Breaking911 ✔ @Breaking911
    BREAKING: Multiple People Stabbed At Crossroads Shopping Mall In ST. CLOUD, Minnesota – KMSP
    7:40 PM – 17 Sep 2016
    536 536 Retweets 143 143 likes

  75. poster at CTH who says his son is a NYPD officer

    freepetta says:
    September 17, 2016 at 10:47 pm
    Just so everyone knows they found 3 bombs in Manhattan.

    freepetta says:
    September 17, 2016 at 10:54 pm
    NYPD it’s not being reported yet, son said one was a pressure cooker

  76. There was a video I posted earlier, in India they let the Muslims do animal sacrifices and it was raining horrible, literally the streets were running in blood, it was so awful…

  77. I just don’t get why we have to be tolerant of other people’s cultures, but people moving here don’t have to agree to abide by OUR culture….

    We don’t celebrate holidays by torturing animals, or by stabbing or bombing people.

    I read that every year on this day, 40,000 Muslims go to that Mall of America in the Twin Cities. I heard they had a lot of Somalis in that area, but …. wow….

    (and I’m pretty sure the Koran doesn’t mention malls, what’s up with that?….)

  78. Well, I suppose a mall is a large area they can take over to be together and not have to pay rent for a facility….. I wonder if women are allowed to go, or if only men take over the mall…

  79. They have plenty of money, our money…they get 1700 a month per adult, don’t know children, and free health, education, rent subsitie. ..
    When I say rent subs, I mean they will pay $50 a month for a 1200 a month rental. Section 8, unreal.

    I see them at Kohls everytime I go, in a small town, always in groups, always in burkas..
    They shop endlessly.
    Why not? They get a check every month for the rest of their lives compliment ‘ s of the American taxpayer. A lot of men say the women are their sisters, extended family, when in fact, it’s their 2nd, 3rd wife and endless children.
    Then they attend radical mosque’s that teach bombing skills..
    What a scam, and the joke is on us..

  80. The things going on in Syria right now.. I’ve hit a new level of cold anger.

    I have been fully aware of the evils we have been living under with this administration, but directly attacking Syrian soldiers in direct benefit of ISIS forces?

    How? How did you make somebody of such vilenness as Dick Cheney look good by comparison? Back in 08, I was so happy Bush would be out of office, because I just wanted to see ANYBODY else in power. While a return to the Bush era is still probably the thing I’d want almost less than anything, somehow Obama has succeeded in making me look to those Bush years as a better time.

    Would Bush have made the world just as bad as Obama has if he’d had another 8 years? Maybe. As this site points out (and as I knew years ago before I ever found this site), Obama is the third and fourth Bush term. But however badly Bush might have done had he remained, the fact for me is that it still didn’t involve this new level of evil.

    These must end.

  81. Sickening.
    30 August 2016
    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has helped resettle more than 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States during the year ending 30 September, without compromising the integrity and security of the processing mechanism.
    As of 29 August, 10,172 Syrian refugees were admitted in the United States as part of the Obama administration’s promise to increase the number of Syrian refugee admissions by 30 September, according to a news release issued by the IOM.
    In July this year, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution approving an agreement to make the IOM part of the UN system as a related organization.
    The US’ achievement came weeks prior to the UN Summit on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants at UN Headquarters on 19 September – at which UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and IOM Director General William L. Swing will sign the aforementioned agreement – as well as a summit on the global refugee crisis, hosted by US President Barack Obama during the high-level segment of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly on 20 September.
    The majority, or 87 per cent, of Syrians resettled in the US during fiscal 2016 were processed by the IOM’s Resettlement Support Center MENA (RSC MENA) based in Amman, Jordan.
    “This fiscal year, RSC MENA was faced with a challenge to dramatically increase our processing capacity without jeopardizing program integrity and security. Today, I feel proud of the great team work which led to reaching this important target of at least 10,000 Syrian refugee arrivals in the US,” said IOM’s RSC MENA Project Manager, Jeanette Camarillo, in the release.
    UN News Centre

  82. I am sorry to be blunt but did anyone see hillary give her statement re ‘bomb’ on her plane

    I did not see her at black caucus affair… but on the plane she did look either half asleep or medicated…VERY low energy

    Donald looked alive and ready

    Also at debate I would like her asked how she feels about being sued by a black police officer for encouraging BLM and inciting violence. ..along with one of her biggest doners and sponsors of BLM…George Soros and O and BLM

  83. oh boy…

    Donald Trump is gaining support among African-American voters — whose enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton is eroding, a tracking poll released Saturday revealed.

    Trump saw a 16.5 percentage-point increase in backing from African-American voters in a Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll, up from 3.1 percent on Sept. 10 to 19.6 percent through Friday.

    Meanwhile, the same poll showed Clinton’s support among that group plummeting from 90.4 percent on Sept. 10 to 71.4 percent.

    Clinton’s nearly 20-point crash began Sunday, said Dan Schnur of USC. Sunday was the day Clinton was recorded collapsing while entering a Secret Service van at a 9/11 event.


    this must be why you are seeing Clinton ads in California…

  84. I am constantly bombarded at work by Sanders supporters still angry that he wasn’t the Democratic nominee as they believe he would win in a landslide over Trump. So my question to all on this board (who are much more politically astute than me)–how do you think Sanders would have done vs Trump? I need to formulate a reasoned response to my co-workers–I believe that he would not beat Trump at all. He would energize the college vote for sure but we all know you need more than that to win an election.

  85. This Syria stuff is scary. The US says we’ve been watching this group for awhile – then how come we didn’t know it was the Syrian Army? And ISIS was close enough and ready enough to come right in afterwards, not worried that more planes were coming? (I guess we sent 4 to bomb)

    I’m wondering if we didn’t know Russia would be so close to come in and start bombing ISIS back. I’m wondering if we thought we could blame the attack on Russia, as if we weren’t involved at all, or maybe pretend it was ISIS we were bombing..

    I’m still waiting to hear the justification for breaking the ceasefire. Will any of our press even ask….?

  86. More evidence of the sheer incompetence of John Kerry.

    He is a disaster–A DISASTER.

    He has no place near any bargaining table.

    Everything he touches turns to shit.

    Now he is unwilling to disclose the terms of the cease fire.

    And Russia reveals that he cannot get his own team together

    Or agree internally on what to propose

    And the reason for that is clear

    Kerry acting on behalf of Obama wants a deal prejudicial to the US.

    Its always, always, never not the same.

    First they call the reasonable Russian request a stunt, then they plead national security, hten they say the idea may have merit, later, like the Twelfth of Never.

    These incompetents are all over the map.

    The best word to describe them?

    UNITED NATIONS A hastily scheduled Security Council meeting was canceled because the U.S. does not want to make public details of the Syrian cease-fire deal​, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations said Friday.

    Vitaly Churkin said there was no point in briefing the council if the U.S. did not want to say exactly what was in the documents outlining the deal hammered out last week by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

    Syria cut in two by civil war
    Play VIDEO
    Syria cut in two by civil war
    “This briefing is not going to happen and mostly likely we’re not going to have a resolution of the Security Council because the United States does not want to share those documents with the members of the Security Council and we believe that we cannot ask them to support a document which they haven’t seen,” Churkin said.

    Churkin said Thursday that Russia hoped the Security Council could pass a resolution endorsing the deal next week during the high-level meeting of the General Assembly. But he said that the U.S. was uncooperative, constantly trying to modify whatever text of a draft resolution the Russians presented them with.

    “Clearly there is lack of unity in the U.S. administration but it was Secretary Kerry who was negotiating on the instructions of President Obama, clearly a deal was made and we expect it to be implemented,” Churkin said.

    In Washington, a U.S. official said the session was canceled because the Russians were trying to force the U.S. to make the cease-fire deal public.

    “The United States will not compromise operational security,” said the official, who wasn’t authorized to be quoted by name and demanded anonymity.

    Later on Friday, the U.S. Mission issued a statement saying they believed the Security Council could play an important role in resolving the Syrian crisis​.

    “However, right now we are focused on the implementation of the agreement … particularly the urgent need for humanitarian aid to reach Syrians in need. Since we could not agree on an approach to briefing the Council that would not compromise the operational security of the arrangement, the meeting was canceled,” the statement said.

  87. Kerry and Obama are the same geniuses who gave Iran $1.8 billion to release four hostages, when that should have been made part of the original deal, in which case, no randsom would have been necessary. The $160 billion of frozen funds and the lifting of sanctions would have been all the leverage necessary, but Kerry and Wendy Sherman squandered that leverage, and were afraid to even ask. The three of them are toxic waste.

  88. This is an impossible dilemma for a negotiator, having the principal micromanage the process from staff headquarters down to the last detail. The way it should work is the negotiator is given bargaining authority with a cap, and a duty to report the days results at the late stages. With Obama that does not happen. He and his inner circle, who care only about his legacy and domestic politics manage everything, without being present at the table. When the negotiators try to tell them what is going on, they reject that analysis and offer some new proposal out of left field not to advance the process, but for purposes of their own self aggrandizement. This is why their bargaining position keeps changing.

  89. So we are “carefully vetting” refugees who come here… but it doesn’t include medical checks..?

    Stefan Molyneux ‏@StefanMolyneux 37m37 minutes ago
    In 2014: One of every five refugees resettled in Minnesota by the federal government tested positive for latent tuberculosis.

  90. ..there is something going on in the ‘universe’

    isn’t it ironic that while O is demanding…pleading…with the AA to vote for Hillary to protect his ‘legacy’…simultaneoulsy bombs are going off in Chelsea, NYC..earlier in the day in Seaside, NJ…and Muslim crazies are stabbing and slashing innocent Americans at a mall in MN…

    what “legacy” exactly is he talking about?!…(not to mention bring TB back into the USA)

    (I can hear Admin saying ‘this is not good for HC and works on behalf of Trump…and others saying ‘Lucky Trump’…albeit in a sad and dangerous rending for American citizens)

    as Donald has been saying “Help is on the way…we are going to end this”


    Was the Colorado rally televised or streamed last night? missed any coverage of that event with all else going on

  91. from the foxnews article above

    “I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election,” Obama said with a stern look and booming passion. “You want to give me a good send-off, go vote.”

    He’s not a narcissist.

  92. NY is having a press conference – a succession of different men speaking. De Blasio talked and then repeated (I assume) it in Spanish. What a twit. There is no Spanish interpreter there, no one else speaking had their words translated for any illegals in the audience – but De Blasio had to?

    They’re all bending over backwards to not say “terrorism”. It’s hard to hear the press questions, but based on the answers, they’re being pressed on not saying “terrorism”. De Blasio says it might have just been one person with a personal problem, not connected to a group, so not terrorism.

    So anyone who felt terror – you may have been mistaken to feel terrorized… if the distraught individual didn’t have any political purpose – you weren’t really at any risk of harm or death….

  93. Yesterday was another Muslim holiday. They are leading the way in enlightening us. Christianity and the founders of this country have let us down. Our holidays have gotten too commercial. We never learned the true purpose of holidays.

    America has been here over 200 years, and we still haven’t figured out that holidays are meant for torturing/killing goats and stabbing and bombing people trying to murder them.

    Thanks be to Allah Obama for showing us the true meaning of holidays.

  94. MN press conference – they are investigating as “potential terrorism” – that seems very appropriate wording to me. Much better than NYC dancing around reporters spending so much time defending their unwillingness to say it might be terrorism….

    The MN person is dead and they have his car which he left in the mall parking lot. They’ve also gone to 2 apartments with some connection to him. I hope if he *is* an immigrant, they send the whole family back.

  95. lorac

    September 18, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    It was a hangar event

    thanks Lorac

    I’ve been painting my kitchen so I need a break, I will watch it a little later (before the Emmys tonight)

  96. A well sedated Secretary Clinton begins her remarks (00:28) by saying:

    “I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, as well as the attack in Minnesota”…

    Note the emphasis: “briefed about the bombings“.

    However, seemingly oblivious to the fact Secretary Clinton just said “bombings“, Hillary’s traveling press pool asks the very first question 40 seconds later (01:08) which was:

    “Do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald Trump, prior to taking the stage tonight, called the explosion tonight a bomb, and if that’s an appropriate term”?

  97. btw…what is up with Chris Wallace…

    He really goes after Donald and tries to “explain” Hillary’s side…

    everyone knows there was a “whisper campaign” with Hillary’s camp to question O’s birthplace…everyone was talking about it then…and it wasn’t Donald Trump…he wasn’t even in the mix then unless he was saying nice things about Hillary…

    I am willing to bet if we did a search of comments here we would find people who have left but now have fallen in love with O were saying it themselves…


    I am glad Donald is doing a preempt re: how the moderators will handle the debates…so EVERYONE will be watching for FAIRNESS carefully…

    I am going to be watching for how many times they interrupt Donald while he is trying to make a point and the moderator stops him or tries to silence him or “correct” him “in fairness to Hillary”

    and if anyone of the moderators does that “in behalf of Donald”

  98. another interesting develpment

    Donald up 6 in New Mexico…a ‘blue’ state O won


    OT…and FYI…a little trick an older man at the paint store taught me that I had no idea…

    if you wrap your paint brushes in tin foil and put them in the refridgerator they will be ready to use the next day and not all stiff and dried out

    I tried it overnight and he is right…it works…

  99. S – I never went back to watch again, but my impression as I was watching Hillary at the CinC Forum was that he was mostly interrupting her to get her to stop talking about Trump. The ground rules were not to speak about the other, instead to talk about yourself. Trump talked about her some, but she *really* talked about Trump. Even at the end of her segment, the moderator said something about (my words) “we tried to keep the other person out of it, but it didn’t work out”…

  100. The born in Kenya meme was started by Obama and it appears in the first edition of his book, and in his original university application. The purpose of this ruse was to obscure the fact that his real father was black Bolshevik Franklin Marshall Davis who was brought into the movement by white communists to turn blacks against the company. The original term they adopted was not white privilege but white skin privilege, as we see today with the Soros supported BLM movement. Interestingly, in a separate matter, the Ford Foundation which is somewhere to the left of Karl Marx, has just given $100 million to the same BLM organization, who advocates the overthrow of our government and constitution by force or violence, as we see whenever they show up. The researcher here is Joe Gilbert who has just produced a movie called Dreams of My Real Father, etc. (2:05 et seq)

  101. Ford, who is moving their small manufactoring to Mexico..

    And proud of it.

    And yes, such revisonist history…it’s in his freaking book for God’s sake…

  102. lorac
    September 18, 2016 at 12:23 pm
    Crime, poverty and disease being imposed on the American People against their will.

    It’s murder.

    It also makes one wonder about that cough Hillary has. Maybe she hugged the wrong “refugee”.

  103. wbboei
    September 18, 2016 at 3:36 pm
    You can look at BO and know he is not BO senior’s son. And he sure does look like Frank Davis.

  104. I will be so depressed if Trump loses..

    At this point I think they are putting in place ways to cheat…the voting machines…we’ve all seen it before, even live….

  105. Fox News ‏@FoxNews 2h2 hours ago
    News Alert: Law enforcement source says NY and NJ explosive devices from “same person.”

  106. That John Dickerson is an absolute prick.

    He spent the entire 7 minute interview with Kellyanne dwelling on this birth certificate issue to the exclusion of everything else. Fortunately, he barely got a word in edgewise. What I cannot understand is why this Bugs Bunny sounding prick feels it is necessary to repeat himself 27 times. Too bad she did not have access to Larry Johnson’s article which is a smoking gun.

    Dickerson, like Alice (I mean Anderson) Cooper was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He lives in a mansion in the Washington DC area. I seem to recall his mother was Nancy Dickerson–a contemporary of Jackie Kennedy and a forerunner to Babawawa. Royalty without nobility.

  107. Unlike all the rest of them who are forever constructing a Potemkin Village narrative to prevent the public from knowing what is really going on, Sharyl tells you exactly what is going on.

  108. If the purpose of that cross examination, qua interview, was to show that Trump is unworthy of holding public office, therefore voters should hold their nose and vote for Hillary, then Johnny Boy got his hat handed to him.

    His only point was that Trump raised the birth certificate issue and did not back off for five years. What does that really prove? That Trump is a bulldog? That Trump will pursue an issue, even when big media has ignored it? That Obama played the media and now Trump did. What did Johnny Boy get from that seven minute exchange to help the democrats? What the little boy shot at–nawthing.

    What did Johnny Boy lose in that interview? Plenty. Kellyanne established that the birth certificate issue originated with Hillary, and golden boy seems to forget she is the queen on his chessboard that he is supposed to protect. His only defense was there is no hard proof. Hard proof? Since when has CBS had any interest in hard proof. Did they ask for hard proof when the brother of the president of their network who was Obama’s top adviser constructed a false narrative about Benghazi? Or when Obama told people they could keep their plan.

    I think little boy blue got his jock strap handed to him. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. The only thing she did not do was kick him in the balls. We can let Ann do that.

  109. The leader of the country that Obama and Hillary wronged in so many ways is going to stick it 🖕to both of them by meeting with Trump!
    I suspect the Egyptian Leader knows full well that Hillary’s trusted adviser and . . . what was it they called Huma . . . oh, that’s right, “body person” has deep family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood who he and the military drove from power, and that the Muslim Brotherhood had an office in the Obama White House. Would those ties tend to influence if not determine the policy of President Hillary (thank God ABM-92 did not see the anti American she has become namely a water carrier for Obama, and the caviar consuming Washington elites, while treating the rest of us a racist, sexist, nativist, deplorables. Same way she treated Iraq, Lybia, and Egypt. Mike Savage worries that the nation is comotose, and hopes that it will wake up. Time will tell. On the other hand, they could elect Hillary so she could bomb Russia, Israel and Egypt, to protect Obama’s comrades at ISIS. That is not as far fetched as it sounds.


    Donald Trump Becomes A Happy Warrior

    Donald Trump is in the zone right now. He appeared in front of a massive “Les Deplorables” banner in Miami Friday night with “Do You Hear The People Sing?” from Les Misérables pumping and the crowd roaring its defiance at Hillary Clinton’s slander.

    Trump is relaxed, he’s funny, and he’s clearly enjoying the campaign trail. In the 16 days between Donald Trump’s surprise meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico City and letting Jimmy Fallon mess up his hair on The Tonight Show, Donald Trump has been on a roll. And the polls show it.

    He’s watched Hillary Clinton self-destruct—calling Trump supporters “deplorables” and saying that “they’re not America,” before tarring her fellow Americans with the usual Democrat smears of “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.” And this was before she physically collapsed on the sidewalk after rushing out in the middle of the 9/11 memorial service, thus giving new urgency to claims about her failing health which, only days before, were dismissed by the lapdog press as right-wing conspiracy theories.


    (the writer gets down as he goes on…he does not mince words)

  111. Mika’s head is exploding this morning. birtherbirtherbirtherkkkbigotbigotkkkbirtherbirtherwecan’tlethimgetawaywiththisbirtherbirtherbirther…

    wish I didn’t have to go to work. too much fun.

  112. Explaning things. 😀

    A company came out with a new dog food, and hired an advertising firm to promote the product. The ad agency placed commercials on television and ads in magazines; millions of dollars went into the campaign. The commercials and ads were first-rate, but still the dog food did not sell. The client called a meeting at the ad agency and demanded to know what had gone wrong.

    After a moment of silence, the leader of the ad agency team explained: “The dogs don’t like it.”

  113. Donald Trump has unleashed an unprecedented deluge of small-dollar donations for the GOP, and one that Republican Party elders have dreamed about finding for much of the last decade as they’ve watched a succession of Democrats — Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and, to a lesser extent, Hillary Clinton — develop formidable fundraising operations, $5, $10 and $20 at a time.

  114. More than 800 immigrants mistakenly granted citizenship

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to at least 858 immigrants from countries of concern to national security or with high rates of immigration fraud who had pending deportation orders, according to an internal Homeland Security audit released Monday.

    The Homeland Security Department’s inspector general found that the immigrants used different names or birthdates to apply for citizenship with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and such discrepancies weren’t caught because their fingerprints were missing from government databases.

    DHS said in an emailed statement that an initial review of these cases suggest that some of the individuals may have ultimately qualified for citizenship, and that the lack of digital fingerprint records does not necessarily mean they committed fraud.

    The report does not identify any of the immigrants by name, but Inspector General John Roth’s auditors said they were all from “special interest countries” — those that present a national security concern for the United States — or neighboring countries with high rates of immigration fraud. The report did not identify those countries.

    DHS said the findings reflect what has long been a problem for immigration officials — old paper-based records containing fingerprint information that can’t be searched electronically. DHS says immigration officials are in the process of uploading these files and that officials will review “every file” identified as a case of possible fraud.

    Roth’s report said fingerprints are missing from federal databases for as many as 315,000 immigrants with final deportation orders or who are fugitive criminals. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has not reviewed about 148,000 of those immigrants’ files to add fingerprints to the digital record.

    The gap was created because older, paper records were never added to fingerprint databases created by both the now-defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service and the FBI in the 1990s. ICE, the DHS agency responsible for finding and deporting immigrants living in the country illegally, didn’t consistently add digital fingerprint records of immigrants whom agents encountered until 2010.

    The government has known about the information gap and its impact on naturalization decisions since at least 2008 when a Customs and Border Protection official identified 206 immigrants who used a different name or other biographical information to gain citizenship or other immigration benefits, though few cases have been investigated.

    Roth’s report said federal prosecutors have accepted two criminal cases that led to the immigrants being stripped of their citizenship. But prosecutors declined another 26 cases. ICE is investigating 32 other cases after closing 90 investigations.

    ICE officials told auditors that the agency hadn’t pursued many of these cases in the past because federal prosecutors “generally did not accept immigration benefits fraud cases.” ICE said the Justice Department has now agreed to focus on cases involving people who have acquired security clearances, jobs of public trust or other security credentials.

    Mistakenly awarding citizenship to someone ordered deported can have serious consequences because U.S. citizens can typically apply for and receive security clearances or take security-sensitive jobs.

    At least three of the immigrants-turned-citizens were able to acquire aviation or transportation worker credentials, granting them access to secure areas in airports or maritime facilities and vessels. Their credentials were revoked after they were identified as having been granted citizenship improperly, Roth said in his report.

    A fourth person is now a law enforcement officer.

    Roth recommended that all of the outstanding cases be reviewed and fingerprints in those cases be added to the government’s database and that immigration enforcement officials create a system to evaluate each of the cases of immigrants who were improperly granted citizenship. DHS officials agreed with the recommendations and said the agency is working to implement the changes.–politics.html

    If this doesn’t FROST America’s pumpkins; I don’t know what will!!!

    Hasn’t Obama announced the DHS will be in charge of security for the November election?


  115. They have let the 5 people go and not charged them.Thought there were guns and pipe explosive material in the car?
    The FBI said the one arrest is all there is, not looking for anyone else…

    I thought there was video of others involved?


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