Why Trump Wins: The #Hillary2016 Ad War Against @RealDonaldTrump And S.O.B. Obama

Why is Donald J. Trump stronger and soon to be stronger at this most critical post Labor Day stage of the campaign? It’s because of that massive advertising campaign!

Donald J. Trump’s latest rise in popularity is due in large part to his recent campaign moves which positioned him powerfully for the post Labor Day sprint to the November election. The galvanic immigration speech bolstered Trump supporters after a long hot summer. The “masterstroke” appearances in Detroit and Mexico helped Trump too. The “rope-a-dope” triple punch of speeches, delivered like a boxer in his prime, began the supersonic flight to post Labor Day election season. But it was the massive advertising campaign that put Trump on top. The massive advertising campaign that put Trump on top was approved and paid for by Hillary2016.

Hillary2016 has not learned one damn thing from Bill Clinton 1992. Not one damn thing. Here is the ad Hillary2016 spent millions to air in blue states, red states, Big Media networks, local broadcasters, and cable stations of all sorts:

The purpose of the ad, approved, bought, and paid for by Hillary2016, is to scare the populace about Trump. The ad is a variation of the “It’s 3:00 a.m.” ad Hillary2008 ran against Barack Obama which got her the nomination and the presidency. That must be the reason the brainless straw filled heads in Brooklyn spent millions to circulate the ad. At Brooklyn Hillary2016 hindquarters they must think the “3:00 a.m.” ad won Hillary the nomination and presidency or else they would have rethought the strategy that failed in 2008.

The “3:00 a.m.” ad was a brilliant attack against clueless Barack Obama in 2008. But it was not followed up on. The ad aired but Hillary2008 cowered in fear of the “racist” charge the moment the ad began to air. The thinking in Hillary2016 hindquarters must be that Hillary2016 will not only air the ad but this time also follow up with ceaseless Hillary Clinton attacks against Trump. As if. Clueless!

What does the Hillary2016 ad “against” Trump really do? The medium is the message.

The ad opens up with a picture of Hillary Clinton ‘midst Grecian columns, a bunch of papers in both her hands, as she looks down and admires one of the papers. This is supposed to project studiousness and deliberation but instead conveys Olympus aloofness. The slogan “stronger together”, recycled from the loser Brexit opponents appears.

The ad then proceeds to supposedly unflattering video of Donald J. Trump. But the video only succeeds in projecting a very powerful, high-energy, engaged, presidential candidate Trump in direct juxtaposition to the academic Hillary.

The video clips of Donald J. Trump are what the Hillary2016 hindquarters must perceive as “shocking”. Not since “Theodora Goes Wild” has the concept of “shocking” been so vintage, quaint, and comedic.

“Knock the crap out of them” says Donald J. Trump. Who can disagree? Does Hillary2016 and Hillary Clinton not watch TV? Americans watch America’s enemies grow bolder and stronger together as Obama treachery weakens the country. “Knock the crap out of them” say voting Americans.

Trump says he knows more about ISIS than our generals, is the next audio/video. Does any American doubt this? Trump is not saying much here. Obama has so degenerated our military establishment that Captain Crunch and Colonel Sanders know more about ISIS than the ninnies Obama has promoted. The degenerate ISIS leaders in their soiled garb have survived because Obama has been so weak and our generals have surrendered to Barack Obama’s treacherous policies. The smart and strong generals and military leadership have been sidelined and punished with near oblivion by treacherous Barack Obama.

“And you can tell them to go FUCK themselves” is the last Donald J. Trump quote we are all supposed to titter and swoon over. To the fainting couches! Clutch your pearls! Theodora has gone wild!!!

“And you can tell them to go FUCK themselves” conveys strength in perilous times. “And you can tell them to go FUCK themselves” demonstrates purpose, conviction, LEADERSHIP!!!

Are the hindquarters of Hillary2016 unaware of what is going on? Today a Russian plane approached an American Navy plane within 10 feet. As Trump spoke today about the military and security issues, The Sun newspaper reports that World War III is closer now than ever and that America and Great Britain are on the losing end of that potential cataclysm. This past weekend China snubbed Obama and humiliated him in front of all the world. The strong president of the Philippines, Duterte, called boob Barack Obama an S.O.B. or was it “son of a whore” and Obama “retaliated” by meeting sweetly with the Philippine president. And we’re supposed to freaking worry that Theodora has gone wild???

In 1992 George H.W. Bush tried the same Theodora-goes-wild tactics against Bill Clinton. At the time every garish rumor about Bill Clinton was known, as woman after woman blasted forth in what the Clinton 1992 campaign itself understood to be a “bimbo eruption” of Mount Helena proportions. Bill Clinton mounted many Helenas and there were plenty of other rumors about airports and cocaine and family and etc. etc. But it did not matter.

In 1992 Americans wanted change. George H.W. Bush led a successful war but America wanted change. Change, change, change. It was a “change” election. Americans did not care about Bill mounting Helenas. Americans wanted change. Bill Clinton won the election.

The election of 2016 is a change election too. This past summer, as Big Media pronounced TrumpPence2016 D.O.A., never to rise again, as strong Trump supporters went wobbly too, we fearlessly declared that the only fact that is permanent and matters this season is that this is a change election. It’s a change election.

One candidate is a muddled message mess turned into an Obama third term.

The other candidate explicitly makes the case that he is the candidate of change.

The Hillary2016 supposed “attack” ads against the candidate of change do not work to hurt Trump because this is a change election. The American people want change. The Hillary2016 ads reinforce Donald J. Trump’s message, not hurt it. Hillary2016’s ads help Trump.

Donald J. Trump is the candidate of change. That’s all you need to know in this post Labor Day sprint to the November election.


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  1. https://www.donaldjtrump.com/press-releases/donald-j.-trump-military-readiness-remarks

    Donald J. Trump ​Military Readiness Remarks

    Today, I am here to talk about three crucial words that should be at the center of our foreign policy: Peace Through Strength.

    We want to achieve a stable, peaceful world with less conflict and more common ground.

    I am proposing a new foreign policy focused on advancing America’s core national interests, promoting regional stability, and producing an easing of tensions in the world. This will require rethinking the failed policies of the past.

    We can make new friends, rebuild old alliances, and bring new allies into the fold.

    I’m proud to have the support of warfighting generals, active duty military, and the top experts who know both how to win – and how to avoid the endless wars we are caught in now. Just yesterday, 88 top Generals and Admirals endorsed my campaign.

    In a Trump Administration, our actions in the Middle East will be tempered by realism. The current strategy of toppling regimes, with no plan for what to do the day after, only produces power vacuums that are filled by terrorists.

    Gradual reform, not sudden and radical change, should be our guiding objective in that region.

    We should work with any country that shares our goal of destroying ISIS and defeating Radical Islamic terrorism, and form new friendships and partnerships based on this mission. We now have an Administration, and a former Secretary of State, who refuse to say Radical Islamic Terrorism.

    Immediately after taking office, I will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy ISIS.

    This will require military warfare, but also cyber warfare, financial warfare, and ideological warfare – as I laid out in my speech on defeating Radical Islamic terrorism several weeks ago.

    Instead of an apology tour, I will proudly promote our system of government and our way of life as the best in the world – just like we did in our campaign against communism during the Cold War.

    We will show the whole world how proud we are to be American.

    At the same time, immigration security is a vital part of our national security.

    We only want to admit people to our country who will support our values and love our people.

    These are the pillars of a sound national security strategy.

    Unlike my opponent, my foreign policy will emphasize diplomacy, not destruction. Hillary Clinton’s legacy in Iraq, Libya, and Syria has produced only turmoil and suffering. Her destructive policies have displaced millions of people, then she has invited the refugees into the West with no plan to screen them.

    Including Veteran healthcare costs, the price of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could total $6 trillion, according to a report in the Washington Examiner. Yet, after all this money spent and lives lost, Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State have left the Middle East in more disarray than ever before.

    Meanwhile, China has grown more aggressive, and North Korea more dangerous and belligerent. Russia has defied this Administration at every turn. Putin has no respect for President Obama or Hillary Clinton.

    Sometimes it has seemed like there wasn’t a country in the Middle East that Hillary Clinton didn’t want to invade, intervene or topple. She is trigger-happy and unstable when it comes to war.

    Hillary Clinton is just reckless – so reckless, in fact, she put her emails on an illegal server that our enemies could easily hack. Then Clinton’s team used a technology called bleachbit to acid wash her emails. They even took a hammer to some of her 13 phones, to cover her tracks and obstruct justice. These email records were destroyed after she received a subpoena to turn them over.

    In the FBI report, she claimed she couldn’t recall important information on 39 occasions.

    She can’t even remember whether she was trained in classified information, and said she didn’t even know the letter “C” means confidential.

    If she can’t remember such crucial events and information, she is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.

    Her conduct is simply disqualifying.

    She talks about her experience, but Hillary Clinton’s only foreign policy experience is “failure.” Everywhere she got involved, things got worse.

    Let’s look back at the Middle East at the very beginning of 2009, before Hillary Clinton was sworn-in.

    Libya was stable.

    Syria was under control.

    Egypt was ruled by a secular President and an ally of the United States.

    Iraq was experiencing a reduction in violence. The group that would become what we now call ISIS was close to being extinguished.

    Iran was being choked off by economic sanctions.

    Fast-forward to today. What have the decisions of Obama-Clinton produced?

    Libya is in ruins, our ambassador and three other brave Americans are dead, and ISIS has gained a new base of operations.

    Syria is in the midst of a disastrous civil war. ISIS controls large portions of territory. A refugee crisis now threatens Europe and the United States. And hundreds of thousands are dead.

    In Egypt, terrorists have gained a foothold in the Sinai desert, near the Suez Canal, one of the most essential waterways in the world.

    Iraq is in chaos, and ISIS is on the loose.

    ISIS has spread across the Middle East, and into the West.

    Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, is now flush with $150 billion dollars in cash released by the United States – plus another $1.7 billion dollars in cash ransom payments. In other words, our country was blackmailed and extorted into paying this unheard-of amount of money.

    Worst of all, the Nuclear deal puts Iran, the number one state sponsor of Radical Islamic terrorism, on a path to nuclear weapons.

    This is Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy legacy.

    But that’s not all. President Obama and Hillary Clinton have also overseen deep cuts in our military, which only invite more aggression from our adversaries.

    History shows that when America is not prepared is when the danger is greatest. We want to deter, avoid and prevent conflict through our unquestioned military strength.

    Under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, defense spending is on track to fall to its lowest level as a share of the economy since the end of World War II. We currently have the smallest Army since 1940. The Navy is among the smallest it has been since 1915. And the Air Force is the smallest it has been since 1947.

    When Ronald Reagan left office, our Navy had 592 ships. When Barack Obama took office, it had 285 ships. Today, the Navy has just 276 ships.

    The average Air Force aircraft is 27 years-old. We have 2nd generation B-52 bombers – their fathers flew the same plane.

    Our Army has been shrinking rapidly, from 553,000 soldiers in 2009 to just 479,000 today.

    In 2009, our Marine Corps had 202,000 active Marines. Today, it’s just 182,000.

    Our ship count is below the minimum of 308 that the Navy says is needed to execute its current missions. President Obama plans to reduce the Army to 450,000 troops—which would hamstring our ability to defend the United States.

    It takes 22 years on average to field a major new weapons system.

    In 2010, the US spent $554 billion on non-war base defense spending.

    In the current year, we are spending $548 billion – a cut of 10% in real inflation-adjusted dollars. This reduction was done through what is known as the sequester, or automatic defense budget cuts. Under the budget agreement, defense took half of the cuts – even though it makes up only one-sixth of the budget.

    As soon as I take office, I will ask Congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester and will submit a new budget to rebuild our military.

    This will increase certainty in the defense community as to funding, and will allow military leaders to plan for our future defense needs.

    As part of removing the defense sequester, I will ask Congress to fully offset the costs of increased military spending. In the process, we will make government leaner and more responsive to the public.

    I will ask that savings be accomplished through common sense reforms that eliminate government waste and budget gimmicks – and that protect hard-earned benefits for Americans.

    Government-wide, improper government payments are estimated to exceed $135 billion per year, and the amount of unpaid taxes is estimated to be as high as $385 billion.

    We can also reduce the size of the federal bureaucracy through responsible workforce attrition – that is, when employees retire, they can be replaced by a smaller number of new employees.

    We can also stop funding programs that are not authorized in law. Congress spent $320 billion last year on 256 expired laws. Removing just 5 percent of that will reduce spending by almost $200 billion over 10 years.

    The military will not be exempt either – the military bureaucracy will have to be trimmed as well.

    Early in my term, I will also be requesting that all NATO nations promptly pay their bills, which many are not doing right now. Only 5 NATO countries, including the United States, are currently meeting the minimum requirement to spend 2% of GDP on defense.

    Additionally, I will be respectfully asking countries such as Germany, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to pay more for the tremendous security we provide them.

    Finally, we will have at our disposal additional revenues from unleashing American energy. The Institute for Energy Research cites a “short-run” figure of as much as $36 billion annually from increased energy production.

    Using these new funds, I will ask my Secretary of Defense to propose a new defense budget to meet the following long-term goals:

    We will build an active Army of around 540,000, as the Army’s chief of staff has said he needs. We now have only 31 Brigade Combat Teams, or 490,000 troops, and only one-third of combat teams are considered combat-ready.

    We will build a Marine Corps based on 36 battalions, which the Heritage Foundation notes is the minimum needed to deal with major contingencies – we have 23 now.

    We will build a Navy of 350 surface ships and submarines, as recommended by the bipartisan National Defense Panel – we have 276 ships now.

    And we will build an Air Force of at least 1,200 fighter aircraft, which the Heritage Foundation has shown to be needed to execute current missions – we have 1,113 now.

    We will also seek to develop a state of the art missile defense system.

    Under Obama-Clinton, our ballistic missile defense capability has been degraded at the very moment the US and its allies are facing a heightened missile threat from states like Iran and North Korea. As these potential adversaries grow their missile programs, US military facilities in Asia and the Middle East, as well as our allies, are increasingly in range, with the United States homeland also potentially threatened.

    We propose to rebuild the key tools of missile defense, starting with the Navy cruisers that are the foundation of our missile defense capabilities in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The Obama-Clinton administration tried repeatedly to remove our cruisers from service, then refused to modernize these aging ships.

    We will start by modernizing our cruisers to provide the Ballistic Missile Defense capability our nation needs; this will cost around $220 million per modernization as we seek to modernize a significant portion of these 22 ships.

    As we expand our Navy toward the goal of 350 ships, we will also procure additional modern destroyers that are designed to handle the missile defense mission in the coming years.

    Accomplishing this military rebuild will be a fifty-state effort —every state in the union will be able to take part in rebuilding our military and developing the technologies of tomorrow.

    In addition, we will improve the Department of Defense’s cyber capabilities. Hillary Clinton has taught us all how vulnerable we are to cyber hacking.

    Which is why one of the first things we must do is to enforce all classification rules, and enforce all laws relating to the handling of classified information.

    Hillary Clinton put her emails on a secret server to cover-up her pay-for-play scandals at the State Department. Nothing threatens the integrity of our Democracy more than when government officials put their public office up for sale.

    We will also make it a priority to develop defensive and offensive cyber capabilities at our U.S. Cyber Command, and recruit the best and brightest Americans.

    One of my first directives after taking office will be asking the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and all relevant federal departments, to conduct a thorough review of United States cyber defenses and identify all vulnerabilities – in our power grid, our communications systems, and all vital infrastructure. I will then ask for a plan to immediately protect those vulnerabilities. At the same time, we will invest heavily in offensive cyber capabilities to disrupt our enemies, including terrorists who rely heavily on internet communications.

    These new investments in cybersecurity, and the modernization of our military, will spur substantial new job creation in the private sector and help create the jobs and technologies of tomorrow.

    America must be the world’s dominant technological powerhouse of the 21st century, and young Americans – including in our inner cities – should get these new jobs.

    We must also ensure that we have the best medical care, education and support for our military service members and their families – both when they serve, and when they return to civilian life.

    Our debt to our men and women in uniform is eternal.

    To all those who have served this nation, I say: I will never let you down.

    We will protect those who protect us.

    And we will follow their example of unity. We will work across all racial and income lines to create One American Nation.

    Together, we will have one great American future.

    We will be one people, under one God, saluting one American flag.

    America will be a prosperous, generous and inclusive society.

    We will discard the failed policies and division of the past, and embrace true American change to rebuild our economy, rebuild our inner cities, and rebuild our country.

    We Will Bring Back Our Jobs.

    We Will Make America Strong Again.

    We Will Make America Safe Again.

    And We Will Make America Great Again.

  2. Tonight: Hillary Clinton then Donald Trump at “commander in chief forum” with “personality” Matt Lauer as cheesy moderator. It will be at the Intrepid museum in NYC.

    The “forum” will air at 8:00 p.m. EDT on NBC and MSNBC.

  3. Our emails to GonzoTx are not going through. GonzoTx, clean our your cache. We investigated. The problem is not at our end.

  4. foxyladi14

    September 7, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    Huffpo fired him,
    But he keeps on posting. 😆

    Foxy…frightening stuff…I have never bought the story about Hastings dying in an accident…I know Highland Ave in Hollywood…no way he just crashed into a tree and his car exploded on its own…


    when you think about what is going on…
    Bill and Hill with their money laundering “foundation”
    the corrupt media, corrupt

    justice dept and seemingly by the day…corrupt FBI

    the onslaught of the Globalists and their agenda…

    …it really makes one wonder

    ‘why would the USA still need our Constitution?’

    or maybe more importantly…

    our Constitution will be useless…obselete…a relic of a once great concept call the United States of America

    I hate having to realize and accept that Bill and Hillary have sold us out…the USA is but a piece of their Globalist puzzle and agenda…

    We are just a pawn to them on the big world wide stage they play on…

  5. Hillary Clinton is obviously not worried about her stinking ad. She is not worried about what the voters think. She will be relying on the Soros voting machines to deliver the election to her. Soros has spoken and decreed that Hillary will win the election, even if Trump gets the popular vote. So shall the machines vote.

    I hope Trump has a plan.

  6. Matt Lauer surprisingly tough on Hillary in regards to emails. The first veteran to ask a question also tough. The veteran declared that if he did what Hillary did he would have been jailed.

    Hillary answers but her answer is complicated even as she apologized for what she did.

  7. Now Hillary apologizes for her Iraq War vote. This began with Lauer at the very beginning talking about “judgment” as Hillary tried to change the topic to “temperament”.

  8. Now Hillary gets hit from the Left as a leftist says she is concerned about Hillary’s use of force.

    This is getting brutal. Hillary’s go to defense is that Trump is somehow worse.

  9. Now a veteran hits Hillary on her defense of the VA system. She responds that Trump wants to privatize the VA. This answer is particularly unconvincing.

  10. Hillary now copying Trump on what to do about ISIS. The obvious question Lauer should ask is why Obama isn’t doing what she wants to do.

  11. Maybe Hillary also has a Plan B

    When Donald Trump wins the US Election, the Russian hacker narrative will be disseminated on to the dumbed down, conditioned public. Media, internet, social…full on distribution. The title is already in place…

    “Russian hackers, under the control of the evil Vladimir Putin, have the capability to hijack US election systems, in order to secure a victory for Russian controlled candidate Donald Trump,” unnamed NSA officials said to CNN.


  12. Lauer accuses Trump of having no details because he won’t say how he will destroy ISIS. Trump replies 88 military leaders endorsed him and says he will change top brass.

  13. Trump says he did not learn anything from intelligence briefings. Trump says he was surprised at how little Obama/Clinton/Kerry followed military advice.

  14. A Democrat asks Trump about illegal immigrants serving in the military. Trump defuses the question by saying the military is special and that those who serve deserve special consideration. This might turn to be his most astute answer thus far.

  15. Trump slashes at Obama for the China snub, the Cuba snub, the Russian plane from today. Magnificent answer from Trump.

    Trump says he wants good relationship with Russia.

    Lauer quotes Trump on Putin. Trump replies Putin has 82% approval in Russia. Lauer says he hacked DNC computers and took over territory. Trump replies he is a negotiator and knows how to deal with Putin. Lauer upset Trump thinks Putin likes Trump and that Trump wants to work with Putin. Trump says Putin is a better leader than Obama.

    Trump killed these exchanges.

  16. Trump asked about VA. Another great answer. Attacks Hillary for praising VA and how it is run. Trump calls out Hillary on saying he is for privatization of VA and says he will allow immediate access to private hospitals to help veterans but wants the VA to continue. Then he calls the VA a “corrupt enterprise”.

    The follow-up question is what Trump will do about 20 vet suicides a day. Trump corrects and says it is 22 a day. Repeats his commitment to fix the VA.

    African-America veteran expresses concern about sexual assaults in military. Lauer quotes Trump warnings about men and women in military without preparation for assaults. Trump replies efforts should have been made and the military justice system must be updated.

  17. Lu – I read somewhere that the Soros quote was from a spoof site (but I have no idea, I just remember reading that).

    I think you’re right, Hillary is relying on cheating voting machines – and on her huge ad buys swaying people who don’t pay particular attention to the depth of any issues.

    I often wonder what she must think when she sees her small audiences, infrequently held, compared to Trump’s frequent rallies with huge audiences. Then I think, she’s probably not worried at all. She knows they cheated Obama in during the primaries, and they’ve IMO told her they’ll do it for her in this election in the general (maybe they already did it in these last primaries).

  18. I wish they’d go back to the League of Women Voters running debates, or at least not have “journalists” running them. These people are basically news readers, it’s not like they’re investigative journalists or have any great knowledge of the issues, they’re mostly looking for gotchas and headlines.

    They should get experts on whatever the debate theme is, financial people, military people, immigration people (pro/con), etc.

  19. foxyladi14
    September 7, 2016 at 5:45 pm
    Hope he makes it alive and healthy to his next birthday!😳

  20. If many millions watched tonight, Trump will rise in the polls.

    Trump was very good. Frank Luntz for once gets it right:

  21. Good news from Europe, via Brexit:


    Brexit vote sparks new revolt by EU states

    Former communist states are planning to exploit the fallout of Brexit with a “counter-revolution” designed to block migrant deals and assert the power of national governments over Brussels.

    Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, an influential diplomatic European Union bloc known as the Visegrad Group, will lobby together at a summit next week to ensure that national governments are put back in the EU’s driving seat.

    The summit will gather all EU leaders, excluding Theresa May, in Slovakia’s capital to forge a new vision of Europe.

  22. I’m glad England is going to build that channel wall. But I’ve seen a lot of videos lately of Farage saying that May is backing down from what the voters voted for.

  23. sirmrks – I saw that video earlier – he’s an MD but not a neurologist – I think he’s an anasthesiologist…? (I can never spell that one) But all he did was pull together all the rumor theories that have been floating around for the last month, he doesn’t say anything original that I noticed.

    I have no idea what’s up with Hillary. She might have Parkinsons, I don’t know. But I don’t think this MD just throwing it all together like he’s done something more than just throw it all together gives us anything more than we had.

    (plus, he parroted that thing about Hillary zoning out with the guy coming up behind her – there were protesters that had just sprung up and she’s not zoned out, her eyes are very clearly focused on watching what they are about to do- and again about the MD with the injector pen – we don’t know it’s an MD, we don’t know it’s an injector pen – personally, I would think a syringe would be kept safely in his pocket, not carried 24/7 in his hand. At least he acknowledged the “seizures” weren’t seizures. At least he didn’t continue the rumor about the crease in her pants meaning that she had a colostomy and urostomy bag….)

    Anyway, again personally I’m just agnostic on it. It’s all speculation. There’s something going on with that coughing, but we don’t know if it’s something that precludes being president. I’m just also aware that this could all just be a giant squirrel to take attention off of things we know are facts that should keep her from the presidency. It sort of reminds me of how Obama let all that speculation go on about his birthplace, and no one thought to think about how he was not born of two citizen parents….

    Well, just MHO….

  24. I don’t know anything about this website, but they make a good case (IMO) that this guy is secret service carrying a small flashlight, not some MD who can’t leave Hillary’s side. And I agree with them, that little lapel pin looks like a strawberry shape to me, like the secret service pin, not at all like the MD pin people say it is (round, with a black edge around it).


  25. There’s something going on with that coughing, but we don’t know if it’s something that precludes being president.
    Okay. I get it. Just because she coughs does not mean she cannot be president. Lord knows we have seen worse, like Obama’s addiction to golf, or his teleprompter.

    What would it take to convince you that she has a health problem which renders her unqualified for the job of President?

    1. the fact that she is “often confused”–according to Huma, and/or-

    2. the bobble head + rolling eyes recorded in that ad hoc interview in that interview, and/or-

    3. the claim to Wallace that Comey found she did nothing wrong with the email scandal,and/or-

    4. the strange and unexplained disappearance in the one debate, and/or-

    5. the need for help in walking up the stairs, and/or

    6. the non secret service assistant propping he up during that rally, and/or

    7. the failure to hold a press conference for over six months, and/or

    8. the disappearance of the night of Benghazi etc.

    The doctor is not rendering a medical opinion. On the contrary, by his own admission he has never examined her. He is simply comparing symptoms in the public record with the symptoms of that pathology, and concluding that these are the symptoms of Parkinsons.

  26. admin
    September 7, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    Our emails to GonzoTx are not going through. GonzoTx, clean our your cache. We investigated. The problem is not at our end.

    Thanks admin for taking the time to investigate the cause of Gonzo’s barring to this forum. If all else fails, I suppose she can always contact WORDPRESS and ck in with them.

    Hurry up, Gonzo. Do your thing! Get back here!

    September 7, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    September 7, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    September 7, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    September 7, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    September 7, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    Thanks you so much, admin- I was unable to watch LIVE and your summations were a God sent. Trump did well. Hillary seems so programmed to the globalist agenda she never emanated or suggested she intends to make our lives any better off than we are right now. Her response to taking care of our Veterans was hollow and untrustworthy.


  27. lol What would convince me would be the medical opinion of an MD who has examined her. (and him not mentioning that he wouldn’t vote for Hillary anyway would be helpful lol – ie, non-biased medical opinion)

    But why do I *need* to be convinced?

    I have no problem being agnostic about it. I don’t feel comfortable believing as fact what is speculation at this point. I just don’t.

    My point is for people to remember that speculation is speculation. X, Y, or Z may be true, but we don’t know at this point.

    But a lot of people around the net are assuming that rumors are fact. They’re also assuming that whatever medical condition is going on, that’s it’s automatically something very serious – no consideration that it might not be anything important in terms of being elected.

    Making a case for her not being elected because of all the factual problems we know about her can’t be dismantled. Putting a lot of energy into making a case for her not being elected because she has – let’s say the Parkinson’s – could fall apart if she comes out with a new MD form and there’s an understandable, non-important (to voters) reason for what we see.

    lol and if you really want to know, since you went to all that trouble –

    1- Huma said that several years ago I believe, not long after the concussion
    2- she was exaggerating surprise or something to buy some time to answer questions. But I’ve seen many seizures, and it was NOT a seizure.
    3- she lies
    4- I have no idea. She had diarrhea? She got nervous and urinated on her clothes and had to dry them off?
    5- all accounts say she tripped on a stair, so they helped her up the rest
    6- I don’t believe he isn’t secret service, the pins suggest he *is* secret service, as of now it’s rumor that says he is an MD
    7-she has a whole lot to be defensive about and not want to be pressed about
    8- Obama wouldn’t let her do anything

    To be more clear, I don’t know the answers to 1-8.

    None of us does. That’s my whole point in a nutshell.

  28. lorac
    September 8, 2016 at 1:59 am
    Well, I am not a doctor either.

    And lord knows I have not examined her.

    But that is hardly the point.

    The symptoms and reports we have here constitute a pattern.

    That pattern in turn is hard to ignore.

    These symptoms were not in evidence in 2008.

    They arose after she took that bad fall in 2009.

    They go directly to the qualification to lead this country.

    Parkinsons seems like the most probable explanation.

    But it is not conclusive.

    It is the symptoms, not their cause, that is the concern.

  29. Approximately 11:20 – you gotta love Trumps immediate diffusing of Ms. West Point gotcha question about illegals in the military. Check out her face and body language. Too funny. Also, how the MSM managed to find the one veteran pajama boy, Alex-Staff Sgt, to follow-up is beyond me. Bottom line, Trump handled all amazingly, including Mr. Metrosexual Matt Lauer. yuck..

  30. Clarification on my post ^^^ – 11:20 eleven minutes twenty seconds into the Trump interview.

    Bottom line is, I no longer worry about Trumps ability to handle the MSM pukes, or Hillary, in the upcoming debates.

  31. The DNC, media, and Hillary campaign and she herself seem at a loss, angry, agitated, resentful that they have to go through the motions, sluggish on changing tactics, insulted and entitled when she is looked at through the lens of competency, health, and corruption. It was supposed to be an easy, slow, lazy snooze-fest with uni-party Jeb selected by his globalist set vs Hillary’s globalist set. Either way whichever one of them won the beat of globalism was to go on. What happened? Whuh? How did that guy Trump get in? All that cultural agit-prop by the uni-party elites for the glorification of the Hispanic got turned on its head. Dreamers, dear angelic hardworking Hispanics flowing over the open border to enrich a country on the economic skids with “the flavors of Mexico” (which results in diarrhea if authentic), Guatemalan textiles and huaraches made in tin and mud huts (and resemble neolithic rags dug out of burial sites), and El Salvadoran drug gangs. The enrichment of the culture of Carlos Sim and tin-pot cartel dictators is a dream of the 1%. It was supposed to be Hispania “chic” (and failed narco states) like the radical chic (and failing Democratic cities) of the last decades. How dare Trump say “rapists, drug cartels and murderers” coming in from rivers and tunnels. How rude to point this out and foul their carefully tended “memes”.

    The wall. Build a wall to keep them out or at least make it easier to pick them up when they fall off on their heads seems the most basic human impulse that has been at least a deterrent for thousand of years. Europe is building walls too. Hungary, the UK at Calais, Israel (which is culturally European) in Jerusalem (concrete and they can’t see the Palestinians either), and the Swiss quietly put up a wall of soldiers who escort North and west Africans back to the Italian Lakes towns. The concept of bringing in new populations to replace old populations who think they have some kind of birthrights to private land must be wiped out by globalists. This is further along in Europe but is seeing a complete reversal after the hordes of Merkel as evidenced by her horrible election.

    Property rights evolved with the human need for shelter, refuge, and rest. The home is the castle, space is safety, etc. Most wars in human history were over land. Land is sustenance and safety. Billionaires are buying up thousands, millions of acres to get away from the mobs in cities who are rootless, resource-less, and feral. Why are they doing this if open borders, no property rights, is so great. And why are the US feds trying to take as much land off the market even if they can’t use it and don’t need it using specious rules to accomplish it? Populations with property fight back of course. We had a civil war over this years ago.

    A recent study shockingly showed that Millenials are much more “conservative” than previously assumed. The area that they show the most dislike for the current system and economy in the US involves property. Specifically home ownership. Not only can they not accumulate enough money/wealth to get on the property ladder for their own castles/privacy/safety, they are leaving cities (all Democratic run) that have ridiculous taxes to pay for the care and keeping of Dem constituencies namely illegals, public employees pay and pensions, gigantic underclasses of non-productive voters, and crime. These dying cities are losing their productive younger people because you can’t own squat without being taxed to hell and back. Some move to suburbs and some move to Texas.

    Back to Hispania. The guy who had the nerve to say “taco truck on every corner” was of course taken out of context by the paid to be stupid media. Illegal aliens don’t follow rules. It is obvious since they come over the border against our law and proceed to break every law that is inconvenient for them at any particular moment. Like insuring their car, or getting a drivers certificate, or identity theft, or using a faked or stolen Medicaid card or selling drugs or having sex with underage girls. If the first thing you do entering a country is break a law there is a almost 100% chance that everything else you do is going to be illegal too because the illegal alien does not give a shit what you or I think or want or say in a court of law. In many parts of the US the taco truck or stand is ubiquitous. They don’t follow health regulations or permitting, they appear and disappear so are hard to catch and enforce rules, they rob each other and trespass on private property or set up on busy roads using the shoulder as a parking lot causing wrecks, they don’t pay taxes or follow OSHA rules and are dangerous, and they poison people with shall we say inferior products (like out of date meat and cilantro covered in shit). The media, followers of the cultural mob about the joys and enrichment of Hispania, ignored all of the problems with taco trucks to say how crazy, loony, racist, and hateful saying there are too many taco trucks completely ignoring that we regulate food for safety and health except for Hispanics who have to have no rules. Yeah, no. Who is the racist here?

    Hillary. She is running a campaign that was planned on assumptions from 4 to 8 years ago using cultural and political themes set up by the Obama set. The country and world has seen events that have changed the way people perceive and view the current state of affairs. Hillary’s crew can’t adjust, they are trying awkwardly to do so and resent the hell out of it which is obvious in there press availibilites which sound like “why wont’t you people shut up”. They are dead in the water like a floating barge stacked with garbage cargo no one wants with a tugboat circling deciding when and where to sink it to get it out of the way. The Dems, Uni-Party, globalists, fascists, radical not-so chic’s tried to change human nature and needs for safety, sustenance and culture. They seem to be failing miserably.

  32. lorac

    September 8, 2016 at 5:16 am

    I remember when we all thought how great it was that Lady Lynn Rothschild was working to elect Hillary…

    I remember that. It was cool she hated Obama, but aside from that, I didn’t understand what it was about her that was supposed to be so great. Her name? Princess fantasy? Never did get it.

  33. I stand corrected.

    There is another explanation for Hillary’s exhausted and debilitated state.

    It has nothing whatsoever to do with Parkinsons disease.

    We must approach the question with simple logic.

    Thirty thousand emails MIA.

    By Hillary’s testimony they had nothing to do with national security.

    Instead they dealt primarily with two issues: the wedding, and, yup, you got it–YOGA.

    Lets say half of them–15,000 dealt with yoga.

    In that case, it is reasonable to assume that she was doing one hell of a lot of yoga.

    And that suggests an alternate explanation for the symptoms of poor health we see:

    Too Much Yoga.

    Elementary my dear Watson.

  34. Mormaer
    September 8, 2016 at 8:37 am
    You have painted a very vivid very accurate picture of their nefarious motives, and how Trump has thwarted them on every front. Thanks to him, they are becoming both traitors and pariahs to those who are able to think.

    And, it is hard to ignore the fact that while the elites were fully engaged in the project of collapsing our border and scoffing at the idea of a wall to protect the country, from Zuckerberg to Ryan to Gates they were busy building not only a wall but a fortress around their own estates with armed guards to protect themselves.

    This is reminiscent of that scene in movie The Titanic where the elites on that ill fated vessel climbed aboard their gold plated life boats, and left the people in steerage free to drown in those dark icy waters. The only difference is here the elites created the ice berg.

  35. foxyladi14
    September 8, 2016 at 10:53 am
    She wore an ear piece!!

    It was either a hearing aid, or a hot line to Soros.

    Only the NSA knows for sure.

  36. I remember that. It was cool she hated Obama, but aside from that, I didn’t understand what it was about her that was supposed to be so great. Her name? Princess fantasy? Never did get it.
    Did you ever see the movie Mrs. Miniver with Greer Garson. It is a portrait of a charming woman who holds everything together–her family, her faith and her culture in the dark days of World War II, when the British homeland was under threat of invasion, children were being evacuated and the geniuses of Sandhurst were being trapped in places like Dunkirk.

    Lady Rothchilde projected that sort of air, what seemed to some of us a similar time in our lives, when a new Hitler–Obama was on the march. Lady Rothschild reminded us of her middle class New Jersey roots, and we (meaning me) nearly forgot that she was by dint of marriage, a Rothschilde. We told ourselves while that family had been the merchants of war over the centuries, her husband was their conscience, and they meant us no harm. Thus, we found a virgin in a whore house, which could happen, but it is not the way to bet. Thus, we got had.

    Let me put it this way, hearkening back to the subject of Mrs. Miniver, and her passion to have a rose named in her honor: a rose is a rose is a rose. The corrollary is a globalist is a globalist is a globalist.

  37. This Mark Cuban clown has made a complete ass of himself.

    He is so full of hot air and bullshit that I would be very leery of standing anywhere near him the next time he lights up a Cohiba cigar.

    The only good thing you can say about him is he is 100% predictable.

  38. And, it is hard to ignore the fact that while the elites were fully engaged in the project of collapsing our border and scoffing at the idea of a wall to protect the country, from Zuckerberg to Ryan to Gates they were busy building not only a wall but a fortress around their own estates with armed guards to protect themselves.
    Security for me, Not for thee. 😡

  39. I find Hillary very difficult to listen to for more than a minute…

    imo…she comes across very condescending and irritated…I know some of you do not like so called ‘sexist’ words…but she seems very scornful…resentful she has to explain anything…

    her eyes get an angry flash…and then she never answers the questions…she stubbornly makes up an alternative universe answer…

    in fairness, I will say she has a beautiful smile…

  40. wbboei

    September 8, 2016 at 11:52 am

    I remember that. It was cool she hated Obama, but aside from that, I didn’t understand what it was about her that was supposed to be so great. Her name? Princess fantasy? Never did get it.
    Did you ever see the movie Mrs. Miniver with Greer Garson. It is a portrait of a charming woman who holds everything together–her family, her faith and her culture in the dark days of World War II, when the British homeland was under threat of invasion, children were being evacuated and the geniuses of Sandhurst were being trapped in places like Dunkirk.

    Lady Rothchilde projected that sort of air, what seemed to some of us a similar time in our lives, when a new Hitler–Obama was on the march. Lady Rothschild reminded us of her middle class New Jersey roots, and we (meaning me) nearly forgot that she was by dint of marriage, a Rothschilde. We told ourselves while that family had been the merchants of war over the centuries, her husband was their conscience, and they meant us no harm. Thus, we found a virgin in a whore house, which could happen, but it is not the way to bet. Thus, we got had.

    Let me put it this way, hearkening back to the subject of Mrs. Miniver, and her passion to have a rose named in her honor: a rose is a rose is a rose. The corrollary is a globalist is a globalist is a globalist.

    In other words, a Princess fantasy.

  41. OMG….I got in…who knew?

    Thanks for you all that helped alert Admin for me…

    Trump did well, but I think he needs to downplay the
    Lovefest with Putin.

    I dont think that sits well with most people. Yes, we want to work together and have mutual respect, but he takes it a bit too far when he compares him to a sitting American President.
    I just think he needs to leave that off. Especially when his fighter jets try to intimidate an American plane…

  42. Hillary was slow in answering with pauses which would be self explanatory if someone was feeding her info through the earpiece. Twitter is exploding about it. Her camp says it was just a reflection of the light and there was no earpiece there. On Twitter, James Wood, the actor, posted a Wikileaks email where Huma is asking Hillary if she remembered to take her earpiece or did she need to get it for her. There’s someone behind the curtain. A puppet master kind of like The Wizard of Oz. No question in my mind it’s an earpiece and that’s why she only answered 7 questions when Donald answered 14. She was running out the clock.

  43. I think Trump is going in the right direction with Putin. Russia is now a powerful nation and we need to establish good relations with them and not start another Cold War. Right now they’re sticking their finger in our eye because we have a weak President and they’re taking advantage of it. There’s no respect there. I think that will change with President Trump because he is strong like Putin and I think Putin knows he’ll have to take him seriously.

  44. Unfortunately, the reason Hillary had 13 cell phones was because she is a crack dealer–and her biggest customer is big media–next to Comey the commie, a disgrace to his office. It is not just his refusal to indict. It is what has come out in the last few days. And, it is about what will happen if Assange blows the lid off the entire sordid affair. This is the first time in history where, in the final step of a 2 year investigation, and the time comes to confront the target of the investigation with probing questions in a quasi judicial atmosphere, that the TARGET was interviewed at home, relieved of the obligation to take the oath, fed a series of softball questions, over a brief 4 hour period, resulting in a no indictment recommendation. Clearly, they got to him just like they got to Roberts. But it ain’t over.
    Hillary Clinton, who had told us she had one cellphone, turned out to have had thirteen such phones and five iPads, all of which have mysteriously disappeared, two having been smashed by hammers — this, although the information on all of them was legally government property. Was she arrested for this or even cited? Did the FBI even ask why she did this or why she had so many phones? Some wag on television said she must have been a crack dealer.

    More importantly, did the FBI even ask her the most obvious of questions: why in the world did she put ALL her government emails on a private home-brew server (and then have them deleted with the most advanced data eradication software available — five stars on CNET — two days after these emails came under subpoena)? Was that because the equally obvious answer — to avoid any possible public scrutiny of her actions (for a variety of suspicious reasons) — is itself felonious?

    Of course, Comey knew all this. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    He is the one who did not want these obvious questions and many others asked.

    He is the one who allowed Clinton to testify without being under oath.

    He is the one who de facto allowed her to assert she did not “recall” the most well known and common things like the circle “c” insignia for classified email without being questioned, further allowing her to do this a staggering 37 times.

    Clinton didn’t even have to take the Fifth. (And this woman is running for president of the United States.)

    What a coward Comey is. When Julian Assange starts to release his next round of emails, the director may have to commit hara-kiri. It will be the only honorable way to go, failing his resignation.

    If he doesn’t resign, I predict he will soon have a full-scale mutiny on his hands from within the ranks of the FBI. Rumors have already surfaced. That humiliation, institutionally and personally, is too great for honorable men and women to take. And there are many honorable men and women in the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Whether they will mutiny before of after Hillary is elected president, if she is, is hard to say. But if it is after, there is no foreseeing what will happen.

    Yes, the FBI has had, shall we say, a variegated past, but in recent years many of us had come to trust it, although the organization has been severely hampered in its internal battle against radical Islam by the nauseating political correctness of the current administration. Nevertheless, most of us suspected it was still there in a pinch and its operatives understood the political correctness was nonsense and could finally be ignored. Now I am not so sure.

    I am hugely angry at Comey, as you can see, but he still could perform a great service. He actually could resign and shine a light of truth on this horrific situation before it is too late. The Democratic Party, unlike the Republicans under Nixon, apparently doesn’t have the courage to face what they have wrought. Perhaps, just perhaps, Comey does. It would be a great act of patriotism.

  45. We forget sometimes–I know I do, that as much as we want to believe that these government institutions–be they courts, bureaus, or taxing agencies, are run by human beings who are susceptible to all the foibles and weaknesses endemic to the specie, which are made infinitely worse by power. The San Francisco trial lawyer Jake Erlich who was immortalized by the 1950s television show Sam Benedict once said you can bribe 1 man in a hundred with gold–and the other 99 with the love of approbation and esteem by their colleagues. I wonder where James Comey fits in that sliding scale. Undoubtedly, his involvement with UBC hold all or part of the answer.

  46. re: Putin

    Whether its rational or not, I get a visceral negative reaction when he praises Putin beyond saying he’s a “strong leader”. Hillary2016 has obviously “focus group tested” this and it must not be uncommon or HRC wouldn’t harp on these wingnut conspiracy theories.

    He could say, “he’s a strong leader looking out for the best interests of his Nation”, and leave it at that.

  47. Gonzo: seeing the symptoms Hillary is suffering from, are you agnostic that she has a medical problem absent confirmation from her attending physician, or do you suspect Parkinson’s disease subject to medical variation? I do not mean that to sound like a loaded question, because it is not, and if you wish to pass I will respect it. But my premise is this:

    1. it does not take a medical expert to see when someone is sick when certain symptoms are present. A layman can make that determination, and we do so every day.

    2. it does not take a medical expert to consider the possible causes of that sickness, when those symptoms are manifest. Medical encyclopedias for home use do this as well, but they do say when those symptoms are present this may be it and call your doctor.

    3. it does take a doctor or a nurse (as opposed to a PA) to make a final determination as to the cause, and often it involves testing.

    4. but to rely on the treating physician to reveal the results of their diagnosis to the country violates the patient physician privilege, and, presumably the Hypocratic Oath.

    5. therefore, if one must wait until the doctor comes out and announces to the world that my patient has Parkinson’s disease–unless the patient wants that information released is an exercise in futility.

    6. Hillary’s physician reports she is in excellent health, and fully prepared to assume the duties of president. Kennedy’s doctor made a similar pronouncement in 1960 so the public never knew he was suffering from Addison’s disease, and needed to be medicated.

  48. blowme0bama
    September 8, 2016 at 3:27 pm
    re: Putin

    Whether its rational or not, I get a visceral negative reaction when he praises Putin beyond saying he’s a “strong leader”. Hillary2016 has obviously “focus group tested” this and it must not be uncommon or HRC wouldn’t harp on these wingnut conspiracy theories.

    He could say, “he’s a strong leader looking out for the best interests of his Nation”, and leave it at that.
    Its the problem of speaking to multiple audiences.

    Hillary is a neocon and she wants a confrontation with Russia.

    The state department has circulated a petition calling for that very thing.

    While the military is not so keen on it.

    It calls to mind the era of Madeline Albright–or not so bright if you ask me.

    Her famous quote: what’s the use of having a fine military if you don’t use it.

    While General Powell advocated caution: if you break it, you own it.

    Which led to that old Alphonse and Gastone routine in the face of crisis

    Where State argued the solution was military and the military argued it was diplomatic.

    The American People understand war should be approached cautiously, if at all.

    And that means it is better to negotiate with Putin than go to war with him.

    I grew up in the 1950s and no president in those days would dare praise Kruschev.

    But for the public as it exists today, I think it is a non starter.

  49. The difference between then and now, is that was the era of the red scare, bomb shelters and later on the Bay of Pigs, etc. Those are not hot buttons in our current culture. I don’t give a fuck what their fucking hand picked focus groups say, it is a non starter.

  50. I dont think its a non starter, Trumps praising of Putin in a grandiose fashion. Its not Presidential. Putin has made some aggressive moves of late and that doesnt sit well with the American public. You can degrade obama, but not in comparison to Putin unfortunately.

    I really dont know whats going on with Hillary wbb, but I think it may be related to her fall which could bring on Parkinson like symptoms, post concussion syndrome. She doesnt look well. Those outfits look like they are hiding something…what it is, I’m not sure, but they are almost burka like.

  51. The money will be endless for hillary, she has so many trillionaires backing her globalist agenda..
    Really, with 95% of the media in her bag, surprised she has to spend much of anything.

  52. Trump hating Daily Beast publishes a sensible article on Big Media bias:


    A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook went on national television and declared: “There are real questions being raised about whether Donald Trump himself is just a puppet for the Kremlin in this race.” [snip]

    The total paucity of avowed Trump supporters in elite spheres—including prestige media outlets, think tanks and academic institutions—has created an unprecedented imbalance in our electoral politics. During any given week this summer, commentators might have charged Trump with committing treason (a crime punishable by death), seeking to carry out mass genocide, being clinically insane, or chomping at the bit to instigate civilization-destroying nuclear war—not to mention secretly working to undermine the entire American system of government at the behest of Russia’s dastardly leader. Such extreme besmirchments have become so common now that they seldom even raise an eyebrow. [snip]

    Something intrinsic to the fundamental order of the polity is fraying, and it threatens the continued existence of a functioning, governable nation state.

    Elite journalists, usually quick to condemn politicians or celebrities for failing to evince sufficient self-awareness, appear to have lost any notion that they too are obliged to maintain a sense of perspective. Roughly 0% of political reporters and commentators with sizable platforms at reputable publications favor Trump, who’s two months away from garnering the votes of at least 50 million American citizens. (That said, I have heard from several journalists at progressive media outlets who privately favor Trump, so maybe the figure is closer to 1%.)

    A more self-aware media would be highly cognizant of the inevitable distortions created by this Trump-sized blind spot. If no one in your social and professional cohort feels even a pang of doubt when a presidential candidate is accused by his rival campaign of treason—a high crime for which, it should be again emphasized, the United States penal code explicitly prescribes death—then your cohort has fallen perilously out of touch with the sentiments of the broader population. And if your business model depends on maintaining the trust of readers, this should be seen as doubly worrying.

    But far from acknowledging the blind spot and trying to compensate for it, every day brings a new wave of mindless Trump hysterics. Nobody would argue that the candidate’s statements should go unscrutinized—that’s a red herring. But to hang on his every trifling word as if the fate of humanity depends on it is going way, way overboard. It generates such a tiresome cacophony of noise that many voters, especially casual news consumers largely indifferent to politics, simply tune out.

    I can’t tell you how many ordinary folks I’ve spoken with who don’t trust that the rolling Trump outrage machine otherwise known as current mainstream media is giving them the real story. This includes people who generally dislike Trump. One representative example was a restaurant worker in Philadelphia during the Democratic Convention in July who told me that she assumes anything Trump says or does will instantly be blown out of proportion, so has decided to just ignore the coverage. For her, it’s a rational reaction to such disproportionate, all-consuming furor: She says she cannot process it all and also retain her sanity. So even if a controversy arises that is legitimately worth getting up-in-arms about, she will no longer know it.

    Some non-trivial percentage of folks like this woman—who happened to label Trump an “ass” —will probably end up casting a vote for him anyway, if only out of pure anti-media spite.

    A lot of that spite comes in response to the incessant, never-ending fixation on Trump’s rhetoric at the expense of any other facet of his candidacy—or indeed, at the expense of adequately scrutinizing Hillary Clinton (who after all is ahead in the polls by a substantial margin). This frenzy has led to what Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist rightly terms a kind of stubborn “hyper-literalism,” where every last Trump quip, joke, or off-color remark is assigned world-historic importance. Thus, you get absurd situations like so-called media “fact-checkers” —the self-appointed guardians of empirical truth—proclaiming (to paraphrase): “Actually, Abu-Bakhar al-Baghdadi is the leader of ISIS, not Barack Obama.” Come on!

    Did anyone in their right mind think that Trump meant to communicate as a matter of literal fact that Barack Obama is the formal leader of ISIS? No. But the fact-checkers pretended otherwise, for reasons that remain inscrutable to the naked eye.

    The same thing happened when Trump “challenged Obama to a golf game for the presidency.” Common sense would have told any normal person that this was a clear joke, but of course stuck-up journalists related it as a serious decree. The sudden, bizarre unwillingness by writers to tolerate figurative language only widens their remove from average joes and janes. It is a willful refusal to understand how regular people talk with friends and family in everyday conversation.

    Over-reliance on hyper-literalism bears on another problem the elite press apparently has no interest in addressing: Because their cohort lacks anyone who sympathizes whatsoever with Trump, the least charitable interpretation of everything he spouts gets the maximum amount of play. Subsequently, there is never any opportunity for concerted pushback against the more outlandish allegations against him—such as Mook’s recent “Manchurian Candidate” attack—because nobody who’s mindful of their career security wants to give anything like the impression of going easy on a purported racist, fascist, treasonous demagogue. That’s too much of a PR liability.

    In a sense, the daily deluge of unremediated Trump mayhem resembles the bygone Brexit debate in the U.K. Although easy “Brexit portends Trump!” parallels can be over-simplistic, there are correspondent dynamics worth considering. The London-based media elite were near-unanimous in their support for remaining in the European Union, and united in their disgust at the forces trying to facilitate Brexit. The big contrast with the stateside Trump predicament, however, is that at least a sliver of prestigious conservative UK outlets (such as The Spectator magazine) did back the Leave side—so there was some level of elite pushback to overheated and/or exaggerated anti-Brexit commentary. But in the case of Trump, not even conservative media elites back him (i.e. National Review, Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, Weekly Standard), so there is virtually no elite-level pushback at all when insane anti-Trump criticisms are leveled. (Fox News and other roughly “populist” conservative outfits such as Breitbart, which obviously support Trump, are another matter—they do not qualify as “prestige” outlets.)

    Ironically enough, it’s fallen in large part to the left to object when Trump-bashing goes off the rails, as Jamie Kirchick recently documented in The Daily Beast.

    We therefore face a scenario that, with isolated exceptions, ensures a daily whirlwind of pundits across the ideological spectrum screaming their indignation at one another with no expectation that anybody outside of the Trump campaign apparatus will respond on his behalf, if only for fear of incurring reputational harm; questioning certain unhinged anti-Trump sentiments inevitably invites accusations of “supporting Trump,” even if one has repeatedly, explicitly declared their opposition to Trump (as I can tell you first-hand.) That’s not a healthy situation. [snip]

    Every single day he’s bound to say something intemperate or eye-popping, so the salience of any one given remark is vastly diminished. There appears to be little that Trump would blurt out privately but not publicly; if anything it’s the inverse, because by all accounts Trump is more reserved in private encounters than in public settings. Nonetheless, media doomsayers still latch feverishly onto his every irreverent comment, and conservative elites have no appetite to offer pushback or rationalizations. Because the average news consumer has a finite supply of umbrage, she eventually becomes numb to the endless meltdown coverage of Trump’s antics. And she will likely be wary that the media feeding her perpetual outrage is portraying Trump’s statements in a fair-minded manner.

    This all comes to a head with narratives surrounding the now-notorious Trump rallies. Those who have never attended a rally but absorb a certain flavor of reportage see them as frightening, rage-filled affairs with a darkly fascistic bent. Partly because the journalists on scene are so culturally removed from attendees and hostile to their interests, there’s every incentive to cast rally-goers in the least charitable possible light. Fishing out examples of the most ridiculous-seeming Trump devotees will always earn accolades and retweets from media colleagues.

    Please note, this is in no way to deny that ugly and often racist sentiments can be seen coursing through Trump gatherings. That’s obvious.

    But a recent rally I attended in Fairfield, Connecticut, painted a far more nuanced picture for anyone who was inclined to see it. Most conspicuously, there was little sign of the doom, rage, and economic anxiety that supposedly animates Trump’s supporters. The most frequently-emitted noise in the auditorium was not boos, cheers or chants, but laughter. Everybody was cracking up, over and over again. Folks were enjoying themselves immensely. One man, explaining why he supports Trump, told me: “For the taxes I pay, I want some comic relief.”

    That’s Trump’s hidden strength (or at least one that’s out of sight to most culturally-rarefied journalists): there’s a comedic genius about him. Given his other unsavory features, it’s become gauche to acknowledge this. Yes, I realize that Trump-branded humor may resonate disproportionately with members of certain societal strata, while not at all with others—but among the receptive strata, it’s an extraordinarily potent political weapon.

    This is all to say that popular discussions of the pathologies of “Trump supporters” have become trite and boring. “Those people” are always depicted through the same phony anthropological prism, as if pundits are examining some inexplicable phenomenon that just suddenly became evident in the material universe. Trump supporters exist in all walks of life and in every region of the country, but they’ve somehow become these exotic creatures to be analyzed in a pseudo-journalistic lab. On the other hand, supporting Hillary is seen as the height of normalcy, requiring no further interrogation.

    It would be equally possible to scrutinize the prototypical Hillary voter as some kind of baffling curiosity—plenty of loopy people support her for a variety of weird and off-putting reasons. I recall attending a Hillary rally during the Democratic primaries several months back where a number of her fans were propagating preposterous conspiracy theories about Bernie Sanders, on topics ranging from his alleged ties to communist radicals to his “illegitimately” begotten son. I could have weaved these anecdotes into a larger narrative about how Hillary voters were motivated to back her out of “anger,” “resentment,” and “anxiety.” But I didn’t, because my sense of fairness militated against the impulse.

    If members of the elite media do not take heed, re-evaluate, and regain a sense of fairness, Trump will mark just the beginning of a long, potentially irreversible American descent into madness and decay.

  53. from the article at The Daily Beast that Admin posted above:

    Trump’s supporters. The most frequently-emitted noise in the auditorium was not boos, cheers or chants, but laughter. Everybody was cracking up, over and over again. Folks were enjoying themselves immensely. One man, explaining why he supports Trump, told me: “For the taxes I pay, I want some comic relief.”

    That’s Trump’s hidden strength (or at least one that’s out of sight to most culturally-rarefied journalists): there’s a comedic genius about him. Given his other unsavory features, it’s become gauche to acknowledge this. Yes, I realize that Trump-branded humor may resonate disproportionately with members of certain societal strata, while not at all with others—but among the receptive strata, it’s an extraordinarily potent political weapon.


    this is exactly what I was getting at when I commented about Hillary above at 1:26 pm

    Her projection is in direct contrast to Donald Trump…he uses humor, he likes to project a conversational discussion at his rallys…people are laughing and having fun…he creates a “WE” + “US” atmosphere…

    …while Hillary condescends to everyone…having an insufferable need to project that she is the most intelligent person with the more experience than everyone else around…She is above everyone else and just like her slogan says…it is about HER…and she is not having fun…just watch her eyes…they tell it all…

    …something died inside during her last 8 years under O…she has very sharp edges these days…

  54. welcome back Gonzo…

    btw…I agree with the comments re: DT & Putin…just edited it out…or edit to the point that he did last night when he finally cut to the chase and said something like

    “it doesn’t matter…I am a negotiator and none of that is going to matter”

    Donald still has a bit of that stubborness with him that makes him stick to things he should just let retire…or turn it around to Hillary and her “reset”

    really who cares if Putin thinks he is brilliant, it only makes DT sound silly and vulnerable because of his vanity…Ivanka…give him a nudge…


    I missed the early part of DT’s speech today when he went after Hillary but I was captive on the exercise bike when he went into his school choice part of his speech in cleveland today and I thought it was great…those kind of ideas must make Hillary and the Dims very nervous…

  55. S
    September 8, 2016 at 5:42 pm
    …something died inside during her last 8 years under O…she has very sharp edges these days…

    I couldn’t agree more. The light is gone, extinguished.

  56. Not a boffo performance at this Battle of Thermopole, even though big media is twisting in the wind, hurling stink bombs at Trump, long stem roses at the Empress of Chappaqua,and death threats at the $19 million per year Romanian who moderated the event . . Lauer.

    However, to the objective observer–Caddell it was like this . . .

    “She looked defensive and sounded defensive, and the mainstream media is just flipping out because they don’t know what to do,”
    Pat Caddell: ‘She Keeps Going Back to the Same Lies, and She Gets Away with It’

    Pat Caddell spoke to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow Thursday morning about Wednesday night’s Commander-in-Chief Forum on NBC, saying, “I don’t think she has a narrative to capitalize on, other than, ‘Trump is dangerous, unfit to be commander-in-chief,’ which is hard to make when you’re not showing that you’re in total command yourself,” said Caddell.
    Caddell also said:

    I thought as I watched it, I thought, every time she [Hillary Clinton] can’t answer a question–which is almost every time–in one sentence or two, she rambles on, and you can tell she’s lying, she’s lying, she’s lying. Whether it has to do with knowing the facts or not, it’s just what comes across as she’s trying to make things up and throw them in.

    “She was on the defensive last night,” Caddell said, continuing:

    She was hit by all sides by different points of the audience, who were very polite to her. Even the man who suggested he would be in prison for doing what she did – the first question out of the box. But everything was, “I was wrong and so was Donald Trump, and he hasn’t taken responsibility.”

    Caddell stated, “By the way, the new argument that ‘I used a classified server for classified documents,’ where the hell did that come from? I mean, that was just out of left field.” He went on to say, “I was on my heels listening: ‘Oh, my gosh, what are you talking about?’ She keeps going back to the same lies, and she gets away with it because Lauer doesn’t follow up.”

    “She looked defensive and sounded defensive, and the mainstream media is just flipping out because they don’t know what to do,” Caddell concluded.

  57. If members of the elite media do not take heed, re-evaluate, and regain a sense of fairness, Trump will mark just the beginning of a long, potentially irreversible American descent into madness and decay.
    That is too much hyperbole for me.

    The abominations of Big media will not cause the country to descend into madness and decay.

    But it will result in their own demise as opinion makers for this country.

    And, asking them to cease and desist in their wicked ways

    Is like asking a cat to bark.

  58. gonzotx
    September 8, 2016 at 4:26 pm
    The money will be endless for hillary, she has so many trillionaires backing her globalist agenda..
    Really, with 95% of the media in her bag, surprised she has to spend much of anything.

    You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Being the big money candidate is counter productive for the candidate.

    And how much of it will be wasted/

  59. David Stockman’s Analysis

    As Contra Corner readers recognize the only consistent way forward for America at this late stage of the game is a return to free markets, fiscal rectitude, sound money, constitutional liberty, non-intervention abroad, minimalist government at home and decentralized political rule.

    Unfortunately, that is not about to happen any time soon—–even if Donald Trump is elected. (And there is no way it will ever happen with Hillary)

    But what the book does claim is that the tide is turning against the failed Wall Street/Washington bipartisan consensus. I call this insurrection the “revolt of the rubes” in Flyover America.

    This uprising against the rule of the financial and political elites has counterparts abroad among those who voted for Brexit in the UK, against Merkel in the recent German elections in her home state, and among the growing tide of anti-Brussels sentiment reflected in polls throughout the EC.

    Needless to say, the political upheaval now underway is largely an inchoate reaction to the policy failures and arrogant pretensions of the establishment rulers. Like Donald Trump himself, it does not reflect a coherent programmatic alternative.

    But my contention is that liberation from our current ruinous policy regime has to start somewhere—and that’s why the Trump candidacy is so important. He represents a raw insurgency of attack, derision, impertinence and repudiation.

    If that leads to throwing out the beltway careerists, pettifoggers, hypocrites, ideologues, racketeers, power seekers and snobs who have brought about the current ruin then at least the decks will be cleared.

    So doing, the Trump candidacy—win or lose—is paving the way for an honest debate about the Fed’s war on savers and wage earners, the phony Bubble Finance prosperity it has bestowed on the bicoastal elites and Imperial Washington’s delusionary addiction to debt, war and special interest racketeering.

  60. The dashing Comey, a swashbuckling protogee of Errol Flynn, has joined the long rogue’s gallery of public officials who have violated their oath for personal gain. Their ranks include the infamous Lois Learner, the racist Eric Holder, the timid rabbit Roberts, the America hating Obama, and now the butt boy Comey. Good by old friends. Have a nice life. Your treason however is unforgiven.

    Obama claims the American People are lazy?

    This from a would be commander in chief who runs form controversy and has played more golf during his tenure than half the PGA Tour??


    Pat Buchanan: ‘When your allies are ripping the refs, you’ve probably lost the game’

    Were the election held today, Hillary Clinton would probably win a clear majority of the Electoral College.

    Her problem: The election is two months off.

    Sixty days out, one senses she has lost momentum – the “Big Mo” of which George H.W. Bush boasted following his Iowa triumph in 1980 – and her campaign is in a rut, furiously spinning its wheels.

    The commander in chief forum Wednesday night should have been a showcase for the ex-secretary of state’s superior knowledge and experience.

    Instead, Clinton looked like a witness before a grand jury, forced to explain her past mistakes and mishandling of classified emails at State.

    “Of the two candidates,” the New York Times reported, “Mrs. Clinton faced by far the tougher and most probing questions from the moderator, Matt Lauer of NBC, and from an audience of military veterans about her use of private email, her vote authorizing the Iraq war, her hawkish foreign policy views …”

    On defense most of the time, Clinton scored few points.

    And with a blistering attack on Lauer, the Times all but threw in the towel and conceded that the Donald won the night.

    “Moderator of Clinton-Trump Forum Fields A Storm of Criticism,” was the headline as analyst Michael Grynbaum piled on:

    “Mr. Lauer found himself besieged on Wednesday evening by critics of all political stripes, who accused the anchor of unfairness, sloppiness, and even sexism in his handling of the event.”

    When your allies are ripping the refs, you’ve probably lost the game.

    Like the reporting you see here? Sign up for free news alerts from WND.com, America’s independent news network.

    Indeed, in this dress rehearsal for the debates, Donald Trump played Trump, while Clinton was cast in the role of Mexican President Pena Nieto, who just fired the finance minister who told him to invite the Donald to Mexico City for a talk.

    There are other indices the tide is turning against Clinton.

    Consider the near hysteria of a media that has taken to airing charges, in echo of “Tail Gunner Joe” McCarthy, that Donald Trump is somehow the conscious agent of a Kremlin conspiracy.

    Why? Because Trump accepts the compliments of Vladimir Putin and refuses to call the Russian ruler a “thug,” which is now apparently the mark of a statesman.

    Moreover, when it comes to her strongest suit, foreign policy, before Clinton can elaborate on her vision, she is forced to answer for her blunders.

    Why did she vote for the war in Iraq? Why did she push for the war in Libya that produced this hellish mess? Does she still defend her handling of the Benghazi massacre? What happened to her “reset” with Russia?

    Most critically, when facing the press, which she has begun to do after eight months of stonewalling, she is invariably dragged into the morass of the private server, the lost-and-found emails, her inability to understand or abide by State Department rules on classified and secret documents, and FBI accusations of extreme carelessness and duplicity.

    Then there are the steady stream of revelations about the Clinton Foundation raking in hundreds of millions from dictators and despots who did business with Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

    Bill Clinton now describes himself as a “Robin Hood” of Sherwood Forest who took from the rich to give to the poor, with Hillary Clinton presumably cast in the role of Maid Marian of Goldman Sachs.

    It is all too much to absorb.

    To get her “message” out, Clinton has to punch it though a media filter. But many in this ferociously competitive and diverse media market today know that the way to the front page or top of the website is to find a new angle on the plethora of scandals, minor and major, surrounding Hillary and Bill.

    And with thousands of emails still out there, the contents of which are known to her adversaries, she will likely have IEDs going off beneath her campaign all the way to November.

    Consider the coughing fits, a repeated distraction from her message. Should they go away, no problem. But if they recur, people will rightly demand to know from a physician what is the cause.

    Because of her own blunders, Clinton’s adversaries have achieved a large measure of control over how her campaign is reported.

    In a sense this is like Watergate, where, no matter that Richard Nixon might be managing well a Yom Kippur War or a strategic summit in Moscow, the press and prosecutors cared only about the tapes.

    Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s message has begun to come through – loud, clear and consistent.

    He will secure the border. He will renegotiate the trade deals that have been killing U.S. manufacturing and costing American jobs. He will be a law-and-order president who will put America first. He will keep us out of wars like Iraq. He will talk to Vladimir Putin, smash ISIS, back the cops and the vets, and rebuild the military.

    Other than being the first woman president, what is the great change that Hillary Clinton offers America?

    The Clinton campaign has a big, big problem.

  62. Bill Clinton now describes himself as a “Robin Hood” of Sherwood Forest who took from the rich to give to the poor. . . . .


    With Hillary as Maid Marion of Goldman Sachs.

    “Hank Paulson, George W. Bush’s treasury secretary, who presided over both the meltdown of the U.S. economy and the subsequent bailout of his close friends and associates, has endorsed Hillary Clinton — citing:

    1/ his belief that she’d be more likely to enact globalist policies on trade and immigration as part of the reason for his endorsement.

    2/ his conviction that Clinton would be more likely to cut Americans’ medicare and social security, (a top priority following the financial collapse he helped to create.)


  63. I may have my history wrong, but Bill and Hillary do not sound much like Robin Hood. On the contrary, when I see the former Chairman of Goldman Sachs supporting Hillary because she will export American jobs, import the flotsam and jetsom of the third world, and destroy social security for those who rely on it for an income, they sound more like Robin Hood’s adversary the Sheriff of Nottingham and ultimately the tyrant King John, who the Barons forced to sign the Magna Carta at Runnymeade. Then again, I could be wrong. But there is this:
    John (24 December 1166 – 19 October 1216), also known as John Lackland (Norman French: Johan sanz Terre),[1] was King of England from 6 April 1199 until his death in 1216. John lost the Duchy of Normandy to King Philip II of France, which resulted in the collapse of most of the Angevin Empire and contributed to the subsequent growth in power of the Capetian dynasty during the 13th century. The baronial revolt at the end of John’s reign led to the sealing of Magna Carta, a document sometimes considered to be an early step in the evolution of the constitution of the United Kingdom.

  64. There’s no respect there. I think that will change with President Trump because he is strong like Putin and I think Putin knows he’ll have to take him seriously.

    I think this is true, but it highlights something I think Trump needs to work on. He gives examples of what he means, but it would be helpful for him to first state his point, *then* give examples. His rambling way is very popular with his base, but it’s the general election now, and he needs to reach people who aren’t so aware of what he is talking about.

    When he got that question at the Forum, I was thinking, “Say that Putin doesn’t respect Obama and that Putin respects strength, which you (Trump) will bring!” His examples were illustrating that point, but I think his points would be better communicated clearly stating the point before he gives the examples.

  65. blowme – best I can remember, I think I thought it was cool that someone with seemingly so much power and recognition was fighting for Hillary – everyone else, including all of the media, was all about the Messiah. I remember she used to go on tv shows to make Hillary’s case. And now to think, it just may have been all self-interest, wanting to elevate Hillary to further globalist causes which would keep Rothschild and her ilk in money….

  66. blowme – forgot to mention – I tweeted you a cute, short video. I sent it to Sharyl Attkisson, too, because she tweets out a lot of cute animal photos and stories…

  67. Tony – I remember they gave him immunity – or maybe it’s someone else, the one who set up the private server – but whether it’s one or two – immunity? Fine, but where’s the d*mning testimony in exchange for that immunity? That’s what I want to know….

  68. wbboei – (sigh) – I swear, you seem to feel like someone has taken away your right to your opinion, simply because I explained *my* opinion. Probably 95% of Trump supporters are assuming that Hillary is deathly ill based on internet speculation – it’s not like you are alone. And I haven’t said that Hillary is *not* sick. I have said that my opinion is that we don’t know, is she sick, is it just a little sick, is it seriously sick…?

    I’m more than a little concerned that I was fooled by Hillary, I wrote off the negative things as republican lies, without checking into them. I hope to never be that fooled again. So it causes me discomfort when I see around me so many people believing everything they see on the internet, without any level of skepticism or critical thinking at all…. and that’s not just about Hillary’s health.

    I think to you this is a question of proving Hillary is seriously ill. That’s not what it is to me. I’ve said all along, I don’t know, she might very well be sick. To me, it’s a question of not believing things as fact when they are still speculation, as needing something more than mass internet agreement to think I “know” something – in other words, to stay at “hmmm, something’s up with her, she should release medical records so we know that she’s medically fit for office” rather than, “hah! She has X diagnosis, the internet told me so, and I diagnosed her from a book at home!”

    You know what? It’s crazy I should even have to explain this.

    You are free to “know” that Hillary is fatally ill with Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, colostomy, urostomy, spinal troubles, seizures, seriously ill gums (in her mouth), eyes that move independently, freezing spells, etc, etc, etc.

    I’m free to know that I don’t know.

    I hope that she releases medical records, as Trump has suggested they both do.

  69. Tony – I said – maybe a few months ago – that I can’t take anyone seriously when they bring up that Hillary killed Vince Foster.

    I have to admit, I’m starting to entertain doubts. I’m starting to wonder about the body count following her and Bill.

    We’re finding out just how corrupt she is, and even was long before we loved her in 2008. How connected she and Bill seem to be to bad characters, to rich people who want bad things for us that will only enrich themselves… and it sure seems like, if one of them gets exposed, then the connections to others then gets exposed, and maybe all these rich and powerful people have a huge reason to keep their secrets, maybe big enough to kill off someone they deem to be a nobody…

    It’s really quite scary to think that our government is that bad. And that we’re all at their mercy….

  70. Tony – I’m not surprised about the Iran money.

    I’ve worried for a long time what Obama might do in the waning days of his presidency, what last jabs at our country he might do.

    So he went overseas again and said bad things about us again. And he’s giving Laos all kinds of money to remove unexploded bombs or mines or something. My first thought was, HOW long have they been there, and now when we’re 20 trillion in debt and he’s about to lose power, we’re giving them big money to get rid of them? I don’t mean to sound uncompassionate, but the timing is very suspicious to me.

    I think he wants to disrespect us and make us in much debt as he can before he leaves. I bet he’ll even give up some golf games to have more time, now that time is running out, to ruin us….

    I’m sorry but, regardless of where this guy was born, he was not raised in “America” – Hawaii is another culture annexed to us*, and Indonesia IS another country. I don’t think he has the faintest American feeling. IMO, he just despises us.

    (* as a matter of fact, I think they were only made a state the very year he was born….)

  71. I think many of us did think there was a right wing conspiracy back then. Like you, I dismissed the talk about Vince Foster’s death back in the 1990s, but then there comes a point when events start looking like a pattern rather than occurring at random.

  72. something died inside during her last 8 years under O…she has very sharp edges these days…

    I agree that her light is gone. I’ve been thinking about that, too. But I wonder if it’s not that she has so much changed inside, but that she is more exposed now and so it’s more her reaction that has changed….

    How do I explain what I’m trying to say…? Hmmm…

    First – she was only in a primary presidential election before. Generally, primary opponents try to not take each other out TOO much, because they’re on the same “team”, and because the general opponent could use their attacks on each other against the eventual nominee….

    Second – even though the media was so pro-Obama, they were still “leftist” attacks on her, because the media is so leftist… in other words, there were things she didn’t have to defend herself against because her own “team” wouldn’t bring up some things (“right wing conspiracy” stuff)…

    Third – the whole uniparty thing. I’m now thinking, all of them only go so far, within party, across party. In a way, these corrupt politicians are all on the same team, them vs. us. No, I haven’t become skeptical at all lol

    Fourth – wikileaks and the FOIA requests. Even the FBI investigation, even though they seem to have thrown the game. She’s exposed.

    Fifth – now it’s a general presidential election, so she has to face the republicans for the first time (in a national election). But even more than that, Trump is like a “third way” – he doesn’t play the uniparty game. He calls it like he sees it. He’s not beholden to any of them, politicians or donors. I think he calls her out on stuff that no other politician would have done. So she is more exposed and has someone actually calling out attention to it.

    Sixth – I think Trump’s campaign, his willingness to call things out, has emboldened many others to do the same. It has emboldened so many of us “little people”, but also high profile people. So it just adds to Trump’s attacks on her.

    So much of her corruptness had already happened before 2008 – but she had a large mass of people who discounted it. That mass is not so big now. Trump is attracting indies and dems, minorities, gays. I’m thinking she was able to project a positive attitude in 2008 because all her bad stuff could be ignored. She can’t ignore it now, she’s being called out on it – including just touting her “experience”, because people are saying, then why in all these years did you never do these great things before?

    I think she’s really angry and defensive. She’s as corrupt as before (although she has post-2008 corruption now as well), but now she’s really being called on it, and on a national level. I think maybe we’re seeing what people used to see in private (I used to always hear she was nasty, had a sailor’s mouth, was vindictive, and was mean to people who actually came in contact with her – but of course I dismissed it). So maybe what we’re seeing has always been there, except now WE are privy to it, as well. She wasn’t called on so much in the past, so she could hide it from the public.

    Anyway, that’s what I’m wondering now….

  73. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3780767/Hillary-Clinton-recounts-yelled-men-law-school-exam-HONY-interview.html

    In response to widespread characterization of her as defensive and angry in the CIC Forum, Hillary says that the day she sat for her law school exams, the room of mostly men started yelling at her and the other women, saying that they shouldn’t be there, because they’d take the place of a man who would then be drafted (if men were enrolled in college, they didn’t get drafted).

    She says she learned then that she had to control her emotions, as a woman this is what she learned she had to do, and that’s why people during her career have thought her aloof.

    My questions –
    1) why aren’t all the other women who have faced the same types of challenges perceived as aloof?
    2) if you learned to “control your emotions”, why were you perceived as defensive and angry?

  74. ” So you want to play hardball, Mr Trump? Mexico is to consider revoking a series of treaties – including the 1848 agreement that transferred half its territory to the United States – if the Republican candidate wins the presidency and rips up the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to a Bill to be presented to Congress.”
    “This is the first step towards establishing a public policy about how Mexico should react in the face of a threat,” Mr Ríos Piter told the Financial Times.” http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/mexico-considers-bill-to-revoke-treaties-if-trump-wins-election-1.2780616

    What? Mexico is talking about revoking a war treaty? That they lost very, very badly? Are they completely bonkers? Does the war start up again? Reconquista in reverse. Do they want the border closed to truck traffic? From Mexico to the US? The tailbacks will go to Mexico City and Very Cruz. Drive those through the rivers and drug tunnels you idiots. I’m sure the US corporations who relocated to beautiful Mexico are thrilled to hear this hysteria over NAFTA. Nothing like knowing a bunch of loons is going to cut off their distribution chain in a fit of pique to encourage business. Looks kind of Venezuelan if you know what I mean. Lucky Trump. He is very lucky that his enemies are so stupid.

  75. So her senior year began in autumn, 1968. She says she was a senior during this harrowing experience, which is when the LSAT is normally taken. But the LBJ administration ended all graduate school deferments on February 16, 1968, except for medical, dental and divinity students, when Hillary was still a junior in college.

    Perhaps it was that bump on her head that has her confused on dates. Or the trauma of that gunfire she ducked landing in Sarajevo.


  76. lorac
    September 9, 2016 at 3:25 am

    Hillary has a history of “embellishing”. There may be a kernel of truth but she has embellished to make the story more interesting, more dramatic, herself the heroine victim, etc. A lot of people do this but hers is getting out of hand and she sounds silly and petty. She also sounds insecure, like she dwells on all the “wrongs” that have been done to her, and like she carries grudges. Has everything in her (what most people would consider a very successful life) experience been negative? Dwelling on this stuff sounds like a whiny loser and a little paranoid. She should have grown out of this stuff by now.

  77. I believe we paid them about 19 million bucks for that area. So I guess they’re ready to pay us back all that money, in today’s dollars….? And we conquered all of MX, we didn’t have to even give them back what they have now, let alone give them money for it.

    I’m just joking, but Trump should counter back that if they’re going to tear up that treaty, he’s fine with it – but they won’t be taking land back, actually we’ll take ALL of MX now, since we actually won, and since they haven’t done a whole lot with it anyway lol

  78. Mormaer – she’s reaching, trying to make an excuse for how poorly she performed, but yeah, playing the woman card in this way isn’t going to work, IMO. There are way too many women hearing Hillary’s excuse, who also had to put up with crap, without the result being that people perceived them as aloof*. You’re right, it does sound whiny, and if Ann Coulter is right about the dates of that deferment changing for grad students, yes, she’s embellishing again.

    * I read a couple of places where women are saying Hillary wasn’t angry or defensive, it’s just that women are perceived differently when they act firm or tough. I think there’s truth in that, but I don’t believe it applies to this situation. IMO she came off as angry, I noticed it right away.

  79. lorac
    September 9, 2016 at 5:59 am

    Mexico was compensated just like France was for the Louisiana Purchase and Russia was for Alaska. You don’t hear them whining about getting gypped. I find it interesting that the Mexicans completely ignore why they couldn’t control the vast territory they inherited from Spain when they got their independence. Spain could not get settlers into the northern areas of their Mexican empire. They gave away millions of acres in “land grants” and no one ever showed up or paid taxes on it. They tried repeatedly but they wouldn’t go or went and came back to the settled, “safe” areas of Mexico which had plenty of Indian natives as slaves. The fort at Nacogdoches is an interesting example of how incompetent they were. The soldiers ran off to Louisiana, they captured Caddo slaves to do the work but they ran off into the Big Thicket or killed the Mexicans and they were on starvation rations always unless the French took pity and gave them something to eat or rags to cover their butts. The distance, deadly weather, deserts, lack of security with an army or law enforcement, marauding Indians, and money was never spent to govern their own territory. They INVITED Anglos in to kill Indians, build infrastructure (roads and ports) and to pay them taxes. Too many came in too fast and they tried changing their ground rules and got beat by a bunch of rag-tag rowdies. The Mexican armies died by the thousands (and their horses) in the south Texas “desert” of sand, no water, and brush. They think they can just take over Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix when they can’t even get rid of drug cartels running wild. Lazy bums want easy money with no work or risk.

    Mexico had no interest in Texas, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona until it was developed by Anglos in the 20th century. Now they want it back. They can’t manage Mexico which is a narco-state and they think they can run the southern US like Spanish grandees extracting wealth and tribute. They are delusional and ignorant.

  80. lorac
    September 9, 2016 at 6:25 am
    IMO she came off as angry, I noticed it right away.

    She is scared of blowing it. So much planning, money, assumptions are in jeopardy. Anger is a fall back position/manifestation when you are scared. Like I said yesterday she was assuming that she was running against “Low T” Jeb who she would beat. Nothing has gone as planned so the anger masking the fear (the media and elites feel it too and the are pissed/scared). The Harvard/Yale DC Dems getting beat by a Brooklyn born real estate tycoon is just too much to take in and think straight. They recognized that he is a dangerous man to them too late due to their hubris.

  81. lorac – Thanks! That was cute.

    Lynn de Rothschild – Yeah, that’s what I was getting at with “Princess fantasy” – some glowing, benevolent “princess” who would stand up to the royals and protect the peasants.

  82. For this comment, I cherry-picked from the middle of the piece.

    Anxious Dems urge Clinton to open up

    “…Her decades in this arena have taken their toll,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). “When you’re hit a lot there’s almost an unconscious shield that controls the answers to your questions. I think she’s got to get rid of that and just let herself be.
    “Everybody that knows her, loves her. They know her heart is full,” she added. “That’s what she ought to do, just take the shield away from the heart.”
    Vice President Biden offered similar advice earlier in the week, calling on her to be “more open….”

  83. ” So you want to play hardball, Mr Trump? Mexico is to consider revoking a series of treaties – including the 1848 agreement that transferred half its territory to the United States – if the Republican candidate wins the presidency and rips up the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to a Bill to be presented to Congress.”
    I am open to that. I think Baja California should be our 51st state. And Guadalajara, which has been called the Paris of Mexico, we will take that too. They and their narco state partners can keep Mexico city. And if they have any designs on our country, the question becomes the same one that Stalin asked: how many divisions does the Pope have. I have never seen anyone react to an opening statement in a negotiation as badly as this little puta. Except one time, with a Mafia associate who was the head of Teamsters 851, and he was high as a kite. Maybe this clown is operating under the same influence. They are just like our elites. If ten factories in the mid-west shut down and transfer those jobs to Mexico, no hay problema. But when their white privileged world gets a crack in the ceiling suddenly they have a seizure, common sense goes out the window, and all hell breaks loose. Lets set the Mexican flag on fire.

  84. So you want to play hardball, Mr Trump?

    As the prospect of a Trump presidency becomes real to those who have dismissed it up to now, failing to recognize the breadth of his appeal, the weakness of his opponent, and this is a change election, you get this kind of hyperbole from those like this puta who profit from our nation’s demise. However, truth to tell, this kind of rhetoric should be left in the barroom, because it is hyperbole, and he is attempting to fight far above his weight class.

  85. ” So you want to play hardball, Mr Trump? Mexico is to consider revoking a series of treaties – including the 1848 agreement that transferred half its territory to the United States – if the Republican candidate wins the presidency and rips up the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to a Bill to be presented to Congress.”

    LOL… Funny.

  86. My advice to The Donald regarding this new Mexico story and threat by the Mexican govt is to IGNORE it…do not even respond…do not take the bait…this is another one of those distractions that BM will play for days and do Donald no virtual good…

    Let it be…

    Donald is doing fine on his own with his continued “policy speeches” and driving his messages…just stop talking about Putin all together…edit the line out about “wouldn’t it be nice if we got along” etc…let that one go…

    time is short…fine tuning is appropriate…keep his focus on what the voters will be hearing…


    re: Hillary as the keynote speaker at the Baptist National convention…to almost an empty audience…

    I am wondering how close that speech was to the one Donald was giving in Cleveland on “school choice”…they might have even been dueling speeches…

    bottom line…who wants to listen to Hillary go on for an hour or so about how horrible Donald is…she really sounds like a conspiracy theorist…

    when…the same people can be listening to Donald speak about his plans to put $20 Billion dollars into school choice…and then he goes on to break it all down and explain how it will work and gives individual cities and states and their budgets as examples…and how the money will go to states in block grants and then awarded to students and then the money will follow the students to their choice of schools…etc
    very interesting…and he says “this is going to be so exciting”…he sells his ideas with sincerity…


    and btw…i read an article this morning that suggested that Hillary is trying to plant the idea of assassinating DT into people’s minds…how she goes on and on telling people to do “everything that can think of to keep Donald Trump out of the White House”

    he is dangerous, bla, bla, bla

    seriously Hillary…she sounds more and more desperate by the day…

  87. I have told you already what I know about the Mexican elites, from first hand knowledge.

    So if I had occasion to speak with this bantum rooster puta, I might start the conversation this way:

    Senor, it is always a pleasure to speak to a plain spoken man, who does not hide the ball behind a lot of diplomatic rhetoric, but instead lets it all just . . . hang out.

    But before I respond in kind, I need to know a little more about you personally, and more importantly, who you represent.

    Therefore, let me cut to the chase:

    It is a known fact that the economy of Mexico rests on three (3) pillars:

    1. illegal drugs

    2. illegal immigration

    3. importation of US jobs

    It is obvious that the candidacy of Donald Trump poses a threat to those pillars. One that could pull down the entire house of cards Mexican elites–like you, have profited from.

    It is equally obvious that your former President, Vicente Fox, represented the drug cartels and his family was involved in that business. Thus, it is only natural that he would fear Trump.

    But what about you, you bantum rooster?

    How many of those pillars of the Mexican economy do you personally represent?

  88. From what I can discern from his intemperate comments, I gather that this puta has a low boiling point. Thus, it would be fun to push those buttons and watch the fur fly.

  89. Does she know what mama’s preaching for the masses?

    Penn State ‘Progressives’ Denounce Steep Ticket Prices for Chelsea Clinton Campaign Event
    …The event, which took place Wednesday in State College, Pa., charged $500 just to get in the door, and $1,000 for a photo with Chelsea. For $2,700, attendees would be granted access to a special reception with the guest of honor…

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