Shocking @RealDonaldTrump Immigration Speech Excerpts As #Hillary2016 Attacks

Shocking! Donald J. Trump’s 10 Points Immigration Speech has been analyzed and microscoped into pixels – but few noticed this shocking excerpt:

All Americans, not only in the states most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers. [snip] [We must begin by] …cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens. [snip] We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it.

“Illegal aliens“! No welfare, no benefits! Shocking! Racist! Disgusting! um… hamina… umma… Never mind, this is an excerpt from a speech delivered by President Bill Clinton.

But, but, but, still… Donald J. Trump’s unabashed support for building a southern wall to divide us from Mexico… that is still surely racist and shocking and disgusting, right? Hillary Clinton 2016 is correct when she declares war on Trump by making her principles known – that we must build bridges, not barriers, that’s still correct right?

A “barrier”???? Hillary Clinton was in favor of building a barrier???!!!!??? But Hillary Clinton 2016 continues to declare over and over we shouldn’t build barriers. What???????????

No barriers???? But Hillary Clinton voted for building just such a barrier as Donald J. Trump proposes. If Donald J. Trump and those who support control of American borders and the end of illegal immigration are “racist” “disgusting” “Nazis” or whatever, then what about the rational statements Hillary Clinton we, Hillary Clinton 2008 supporters applauded? Is this video a doctored Donald Trump video or is that really Hillary Clinton?:

Is that Hillary Clinton??? Is that a doctored video??? Who is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton essentially said previously what Donald J. Trump said yesterday in his “Masterstroke” presidential appearance in Mexico and later in the day in his stunning 10 Points Immigration Speech, but Hillary Clinton calls Trump racist? What is going on?

We know what Donald J. Trump is saying – because we wrote about it before he said it – “Enforce The Law”. We’re confused about this Hillary confusion though. Is stopping illegal immigration and enforcing our laws racist or not racist? If so is Bill Clinton racist? Is Hillary Clinton racist? Why would racists call Donald Trump racist?


What is going on? Maybe you can tell us how to explain this? Maybe this September’s debate will answer the conundrum.


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  1. Admin: I wish to God that Trump would read your blog. That opening statement by Bill Clinton would eviscerate the attacks which the establishment is launching against him. Then the only question would be have the dims changed their position, simply attempting to get votes on the cheap, and marching to the tune of the man who pays the piper to the detriment of the nation. Ultimately, it comes down to one question: do you believe we are on the right track, or the wrong one. If you believe we are on the right track, then you are either corrupt or an idiot. But either way you will ignore all the contrary evidence and vote for the dims, because you have convinced yourself the when the Titanic sinks you will have a gold plated seat on the lifeboat. If on the other hand, you are with the 70% who believe the country is on the wrong track, then you will opt for change, rather than a candidate who promises to continue the corrupt status quo which is destroying your liberty and prosperity.

  2. Hillary is depending on Blofeld to deliver the election to her through his voting machines. She no longer cares to make sense to the populous, but is pleasing a madman. Donald Trump is now the big stick she threatens Blofeld and his minions with, if they do not deliver.

    I also suspect that, last night, after becoming apoplectic over his speeches, Blofeld added another 0 to the end of the amount he has offered for Trump’s demise.

    Enforce the law? Image that.

  3. The American Legion National Conference in Cincinnati gave Trump a more enthusiastic welcome than they did to Hillary.

  4. Trump’s extreme immigration speech got rave reviews—from white supremacists, the alt-right, and Ann Coulter.






  5. Admin: Roger Stone offers the same insight as Morris, namely that Hillary’s strategy is aimed at denigrating Trump on the theory that she is the only alternative. But of course there are two other alternatives which will pull votes from the democrat party base more so than the Republican base. They are the green party and the libertarian party. Soros, Hillary and big media (to the extent there is any difference) are conspiring to keep Jill Stein and Gary Johnson out of the debates for that reason. They claim that these candidates have not achieved the arbitrary and capricious 15% threshold based on their phony polling. Trump on the other hand is fighting for their inclusion, saying that the American People have the right to hear from all perspectives, and their participation in the debate would enrich the discussion.

    The Flaws In Hillary’s Strategy: Gary Johnson And Jill Stein
    Published on on September 1, 2016

    Hillary hasn’t noticed that she is locked in a four-way race not the two-way struggle with Trump for which she and her strategist have been preparing. The very premise of Hillary’s campaign is to denigrate Donald safe in the flawed assumption that those she persuades will have no choice but to vote for her.

    Wrong. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all states but Kentucky. Jill Stein, the Green candidate, is on in almost all the swing states.

    The Fox News poll suggests that these two alternative candidates hurt Hillary much more than Trump. Her vote share drops from 48% in a two way contest to 41% in a four way ballot test — a 7 point falloff. Trump’s falloff, by contrast, is only 3 points (from 42 to 39). So while Hillary enjoys a 48-42 lead in a head to head with Trump, she is ahead only 41-39 in a four way contest with Johnson drawing 9 percent and Stein getting 4 percent.

    Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, is on the ballot in 49 states (contested access in Kentucky). Stein is definitely on the ballot in half the states including the swing states of Ohio, Wisconsin Iowa, and Colorado. She has filed petitions in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Missouri, and Nevada, so she, too will be a factor in November.

    The latest Fox News poll shows that 44% of the voters say that both Trump and Hillary are “terrible candidates,” a finding that shows the tremendous potential for growth in the Johnson and Stein votes.

    A candidate can only win through a negative campaign in a two way race. But in a four way contest, the potential to drive votes to one of the alternative candidates is very great.

    And, while the polls predict that Johnson and Stein would hurt Hillary more than Trump, it is not necessarily obvious to the average voter that they would. Everyone knew that a vote for Ralph Nader in 2000 was a vote against the Democrat Al Gore. But with a Libertarian candidate, the political math is not so compelling.

    So rather than see Johnson and Stein as covert ways of electing Trump, voters are more likely to see them as a “plague on both your houses” kind of candidate, a position that is increasingly attractive as Trump and Hillary exchange negatives.

    Like it was said of the French Army’s general staff, Hillary is going into the next war perfectly prepared to win the last one. But a four way race requires that she build up her positive image — now at an all-time low. And that’s not an easy task when incriminating emails keep falling out of the sky.

  6. Lu4PUMA
    September 1, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    My next door neighbor is a stock broker and he claims he sees nothing ahead by fair skies and calm seas. The guy built his reputation on buy and hold. Stockman is a contrarian. He would not agree with him. I wrote something on the subject just this morning. Here is the relevant sentence:

    “The burgeoning national debt, the reckless issuance of fiat money, the teetering stock market, the artificially depressed oil prices, a looming currency war, the unsustainable FED policy of zero interest, the uncertainties of a presidential election which pits the so called ruling class of this country against the American People, anticipatory moves into metals by major banks, strong growth projections especially in silver and a potential black swan event, etc. were more than enough to convince me that at this time a move to precious metals where relative safety and growth can be realized was not only prudent but imperative.”

  7. Farage: Clinton Has ‘Lost The Plot’ By Claiming UKIP Funded By Russia

    This is my favorite part:
    “If anyone stoops to the level of using the epithet ‘far right’ to describe people who believe in nation-state democracy, well clearly they are the ones that have lost the plot, not me.”

    I like it so much, I think I’m going to invent a hashtag for Hillary’s far left conspiracy lol

  8. Pat cuts to the chase, i.e.

    This race is now Trump’s to win or lose. For he alone brings a fresh perspective to policies that have stood stagnant under both parties.

    And Hillary Clinton? Whatever her attributes, she is uncharismatic, unexciting, greedy, wonkish, scripted and devious, an individual you can neither fully believe nor fully trust.

    Which is why the country seems to be looking, again, to Trump, to show them that they will not be making a big mistake if they elect him.

    Conquistador Trump

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    In accepting the invitation of President Enrique Pena Nieto to fly to Mexico City, the Donald was taking a major risk.

    Yet it was a bold and decisive move, and it paid off in what was the best day of Donald Trump’s campaign.

    Standing beside Nieto, graciously complimenting him and speaking warmly of Mexico and its people, Trump looked like a president. And the Mexican president treated him like one, even as Trump restated the basic elements of his immigration policy, including the border wall.

    The gnashing of teeth up at The New York Times testifies to Trump’s triumph:

    “Mr. Trump has spent his entire campaign painting Mexico as a nation of rapists, drug smugglers, and trade hustlers. … But instead of chastising Mr. Trump, Mr. Pena Nieto treated him like a visiting head of state … with side-by-side lecterns and words of deferential mush.”

    As I wrote in August, Trump “must convince the nation … he is an acceptable, indeed, a preferable alternative” to Hillary Clinton, whom the nation does not want.

    In Mexico City, Trump did that. He reassured voters who are leaning toward him that he can be president. As for those who are apprehensive about his temperament, they saw reassurance.

    For validation, one need not rely on supporters of Trump. Even Mexicans who loathe Trump are conceding his diplomatic coup.

    “Trump achieved his purpose,” said journalism professor Carlos Bravo Regidor. “He looked serene, firm, presidential.” Our “humiliation is now complete,” tweeted an anchorman at Televisa.

    President Nieto’s invitation to Trump “was the biggest stupidity in the history of the Mexican presidency,” said academic Jesus Silva-Herzog.

    Not since Gen. Winfield Scott arrived for a visit in 1847 have Mexican elites been this upset with an American.

    Jorge Ramos of Univision almost required sedation.

    When Trump got back to the States, he affirmed that Mexico will be paying for the wall, even if “they don’t know it yet.”

    Indeed, back on American soil, in Phoenix, the Donald doubled down. Deportations will accelerate when he takes office, beginning with felons. Sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants will face U.S. sanctions. There will be no amnesty, no legalization, no path to citizenship for those who have broken into our country. All laws will be enforced.

    Trump’s stance in Mexico City and Phoenix reveals that there is no turning back. The die is cast. He is betting the election on his belief that the American people prefer his stands to Clinton’s call for amnesty.

    A core principle enunciated by Trump in Phoenix appears to be a guiding light behind his immigration policy.

    “Anyone who tells you that the core issue is the needs of those living here illegally has simply spent too much time Washington. … There is only one core issue in the immigration debate, and that issue is the well-being of the American people. … Nothing even comes a close second.”

    The “well-being of the American people” may be the yardstick by which U.S. policies will be measured in a Trump presidency. This is also applicable to Trump’s stand on trade and foreign policy.

    Do NAFTA, the WTO, MFN for China, the South Korea deal and TPP advance the “well-being of the American people”? Or do they serve more the interests of foreign regimes and corporate elites?

    Some $12 trillion in trade deficits since George H. W. Bush gives you the answer.

    Which of the military interventions and foreign wars from Serbia to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Yemen to Syria served the “well-being of the American people”?

    Are the American people well served by commitments in perpetuity to 60- and 65-year-old treaties to wage war on Russia and China on behalf of scores of nations across Eurasia, most of which have been free riders on U.S. defense for decades?

    Trump’s “core issue” might be called Americanism.

    Whatever the outcome of this election, these concerns are not going away. For they have arisen out of a deeply dissatisfied and angry electorate that is alienated from the elites both parties.

    Indeed, alienation explains the endurance of Trump, despite his recent difficulties. Americans want change, and he alone offers it.

    In the last two weeks, Trump has seen a slow rise in the polls, matched by a perceptible decline in support for Clinton. The latest Rasmussen poll now has Trump at 40, with Clinton slipping to 39.

    This race is now Trump’s to win or lose. For he alone brings a fresh perspective to policies that have stood stagnant under both parties.

    And Hillary Clinton? Whatever her attributes, she is uncharismatic, unexciting, greedy, wonkish, scripted and devious, an individual you can neither fully believe nor fully trust.

    Which is why the country seems to be looking, again, to Trump, to show them that they will not be making a big mistake if they elect him.

    If Donald Trump can continue to show America what he did in Mexico City, that he can be presidential, he may just become president.

  9. I am thinking about the dignified Mexican president, and I am thinking about that little monkey Ramos who is an embarrassment in any language. Ramos and his ilk have no capacity for governance. All they see is la raza–the race. They wanted the Mexican president to come after Trump with a switch blade. And elitists in this country are also throwing salt in the wound. Like Henry Blodgett, the discredited Yale trained financial guru who was convicted of securities violations and forced to give up his license, only to rise from the ashes and start a dubious publication called Business Insider in which he pours hot tar on the Mexican President as well. I am sympathetic to the Mexican President. Mexico has much to lose if it alienates Trump. That is a sobering reality which neither the monkey or the felon seem to appreciate. I would tell him something Bismark said about the French emperor. Public opinion always takes that tack. Off with his head, etc. But we–we will not meddle in the calling of Nemesis. The question for us is simple and straightforward. Are we better off with a well used Napoleon or a badly used Napoleon. Do we want him as a friend or an enemy? The name of that doctrine is real politik. In that doctrine, I personally am a staunch believer.

  10. Felix – from the last thread – I don’t like when people make fun of her appearance, especially the “canckles”, which seem to have led to pant suits, for which she is also ridiculed. But – I think her hair is not looking good. I don’t know if she usually blow dries it or what, but now, although it seems the same length, it now seems flat and lifeless, not much of a style. I think it adds to her looking tired. I’m not sure why that has changed for her. I don’t personally believe you have to pay $800 for a good haircut….

  11. Hillary doesn’t even talk about policy. All she talks about is conspiracy theories of Trump and Russia and keeps banging the drum about white supremacists, racists Republicans. She’s losing it and she’s looking bad because Trump is living rent free in her head.

  12. What I heard in the Trump immigration speech was “Cut off the money!” While this country was built on immigration and peoples who came to make a life, work hard, and have opportunity we never had people who came demanding to be given one and paid for by the people already here. While some areas of the country like the cheap labor immigrants bring, most do not. And “federalizing” the cost to spread the outrageous money costs being spent on bringing people who have no way to support themselves (or in many cases intent) is a problem no one ever got to vote on until this election. Trump is asking who wants to pay for this scam?

    Cheap labor is great for businesses. Not only do they pay them very little they pass the costs of this “cheap” labor on to the public. Crime, education, medical, housing, etc is passed on in having to subsidize them because they don’t make enough to support themselves. Localities struggled with this for decades until the local biz got the pols to tax and pay for them. When that got too much they got the feds to do it and spread teh costs even more. And MAKE the states and locals help, enforce, and run the rackets that spring up around it. Now it is international. Just look at the EU. It is anything but cheap.

    Who exactly benefits? Business. Politicians like those bums who hired the illegals who ran over people on the bridge in Louisiana (a local constable and some yahoo state rep from Arkansas were running the illegal construction crew to clean up after the floods and I’m sure FEMA money is in there somewhere) and think they are untouchable, state and local “social” workers, professional “charities” who run profits, etc. Who pays? The public. Most of it federal tax money which is spread around like manure. All of it is hidden carefully. And this is why Dems and Repubs like it so much. It is a scam. And cost shifting and income redistribution to business, professional so called “do-gooders” and immigration activists.

    Cut off the money and most of the immigrants go home. They will starve without the YUGE subsidies from the public to them and their employers. Give bus tickets to the roaming indigents or plane tickets. Remember the Tsarnaev’s? They went home all on their own. No streets paved with gold and a son with a death sentence and another one a speed bump. Can’t afford to live here and not a citizen? Go home. No one has the RIGHT to come here and be supported by the public. That is not how it works. The public gets a say in where their tax money goes and it isn’t to businesses and non-citizens. Lucky Trump.

  13. Felix, I’ll do you one better. My friends, family etc all started referring to HRC as “Cankles the Clown” some time ago. After all the mudslinging at Trump I’m unconcerned about offending Hillary or her supporters.

  14. But, but…. Deperate drug smugglers will just dig tunnels under a stupid wall.
    Has this idiot ever heard of seismographs? They can pick up a volcano fart the other side of the world. There are a lot of seismographs in Texas that we will happily share or rent out to ICE to pick up shovel bangs and pickax whacks along the US border. “But no technology exists to reliably detect the tunnels, and experts say it may be years before such a system is developed.” Who did they get a quote from? The cartels? Hillary? Maybe Soros? What horseshit.

  15. Lorac – I like to think there is a difference between using what might be facts to demean and ridicule and telling the truth with what are ridiculously obvious facts. I try to stick to the latter, but not for lack of want. I spent so many years defending that woman and taking umbrage with the whole “cankles” thing that even now it is still hard to go full monty with ridicule. However, I do get a little tickled if I see someone else do it. Knowing we are just cannon fodder to her does alleviate what little guilt is left.

    I do think you hit my point. She does not look well. The hair is limp and listless. The stance is askew. To my eyes she seem to favor the right leg to brace her body on. Her body seems to tilt towards the right by about a 10 degree angle. There’s no pep. There’s no vigor. She looks exhausted all the time and now we know her own staff called her a “champion napper” and she was looking into medication to alleviate sleepiness.

    As Wbb pointed out yesterday the dresses look like hospital gowns because in a sense they are. Perhaps they allow for easy access from a health care worker. If you notice they have a tendency to open all the way down in the front. Easy to put on, easy to take off.

  16. Outris, as I pointed out above it is still hard for me to use that particular word. But these days I do get a little tingle when I see someone else use it!

  17. Mormaer
    September 2, 2016 at 6:28 am


    As you say, the policy of open borders is the scam obscured by rhetoric about not separating immigrant families and we are all immigrants. It purpose is to achieve the same objective as the bailout for the elites: privatizing the profits; socializing the costs.

    Trump’s genius it to draw this issue into the high relief it deserves, by pointing out that our beloved elites are literally killing the goose that lays the golden egg, while distracting the victims with false narratives about racism, and insistence upon political correctness.

    Again, again, and again I will say this should have been the role of the media, and would have been the role of the media, but for the fact that big media is hopelessly conflicted, or truth to tell not conflicted at all, but by the elites, of the elites, and all for the elites.

    Finally, there is a follow up question to African American voters which Trump could profitably ask right before the rhetorical question what have you got to lose. It is a challenge on the one hand, and a promise on the other, to get them past the fear mongering of Hillary:

    Question: Do you have more dreams of the past, or hopes for the future?

  18. If you saw the movie The Gangs of New York, you may recall the scene where the boss of Tammany Hall, who famously said, I seen me opportunities, and I took em, met Irish immigrants on the Brooklyn dock and gave them goodies to make sure they voted for democrats. He also used Irish gangs, like the Monk Eastmans as election monitors. Today, that whore would be Schumer, who is known by his own colleagues as “The Snake”. The Snake who aims to be Senate Majority Leader. The sight and sound of him is enough to turn my stomach.

    Mormaer, I believe you speak French. Would it be fair to say: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? Tammany did not survive in name. But it endures in substance. And more’s the pity for that, especially when/if like Chicago it spreads its corrupt tentacles to the nation as a whole.

  19. It was obvious at the time:

    Murdoch was not a fan of Trump’s and especially did not like his stance on immigration. (The antipathy was mutual: “Murdoch’s been very bad to me,” Trump told me in March.) A few days before the first GOP debate on Fox in August 2015, Murdoch called Ailes at home. “This has gone on long enough,” Murdoch said, according to a person briefed on the conversation. Murdoch told Ailes he wanted Fox’s debate moderators — Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace — to hammer Trump on a variety of issues. Ailes, understanding the GOP electorate better than most at that point, likely thought it was a bad idea. “Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee,” Ailes told a colleague around this time. But he didn’t fight Murdoch on the debate directive.

    On the night of August 6, in front of 24 million people, the Fox moderators peppered Trump with harder-hitting questions. But it was Kelly’s question regarding Trump’s history of crude comments about women that created a media sensation. He seemed personally wounded by her suggestion that this spoke to a temperament that might not be suited for the presidency. “I’ve been very nice to you, though I could probably maybe not be based on the way you have treated me,” he said pointedly.

    After the debate, Trump called Ailes and screamed about Kelly. “How could you do this?” he said, according to a person briefed on the call. Ailes was caught between his friend Trump, his boss Murdoch, and his star Kelly. “Roger lost control of Megyn and Trump,” a Fox anchor said. [snip]

    Problematically for Ailes, Fox’s audience took Trump’s side in the fight; Kelly received death threats from viewers, according to a person close to her. Kelly had even begun to speculate, according to one Fox source, that Trump might have been responsible for her getting violently ill before the debate last summer. Could he have paid someone to slip something into her coffee that morning in Cleveland? she wondered to colleagues.

    While Ailes released a statement defending Kelly, he privately blamed her for creating the crisis. “It was an unfair question,” he told a Fox anchor. Kelly felt betrayed, both by Ailes and by colleagues like O’Reilly and Baier when they didn’t defend her, sources who spoke with her said. “She felt she put herself out there,” a colleague said.

    Frustrated at Fox, Kelly hired a powerhouse agent at CAA and began auditioning in earnest, and in public, for a job at another network. In interviews, she said her ambition was to become the next Barbara Walters and to host prime-time specials.

  20. Kelly had even begun to speculate, according to one Fox source, that Trump might have been responsible for her getting violently ill before the debate last summer. Could he have paid someone to slip something into her coffee that morning in Cleveland? she wondered to colleagues.

    mentally unstable

  21. I don’t know that it has ever been tried.

    I am wondering whether a network who invests substantial resources in a media prospect like Kelley could not insert in the contract the practical equivalent of a poison pill, so that when she hired an asshole (spelled agent) to market her during the term of her contract, it would kick in and require the prospective purchaser to pay 10X her current salary to steal her away during the term of the contact, and any renewal thereof. In other words, lock them in so they cannot betray you. For someone in that position this would not be an adhesion contract or involuntary servitude, but I am quite sure her lawyers would argue as much.

  22. Without modern sonar and other navigation equipment mariner of yore were forced to take soundings to determine the depth of the channel they were traversing. In fact, the writer Samuel Clemmons, a river boat habituae took that as his nom de plum, i.e. Mark Twain. Today in politics, the public at large lacks the practical equivalent of sonar to plum the depths of that cesspool of corruption otherwise known as the Beltway. And it is not unlike the problem Hercules faced when he undertook to clean up the Agean Stable, where the horses could shit faster than he could move a broom, but like Trump, he found a way. That said, now and then we get reliable clues on who is fucking the country, and how they are doing it. Towit:

  23. Friday before a long weekend. A big Clinton email dump. (and I mean “dump.”)

    If a corrupt politician’s antics are brought to light but no one is around to witness them, was anything really brought to light?

    I honestly think nothing will come of it. Regardless of what she says, she’s too big to jail.

  24. The list of things Hillary could not remember when interviewed by the FBI:

    Below is the list of things Clinton could not recall in the FBI interview:
    •When she received security clearance
    •Being briefed on how to handle classified material
    •How many times she used her authority to designate items classified
    •Any briefing on how to handle very top-secret “Special Access Program” material
    •How to select a target for a drone strike
    •How the data from her mobile devices was destroyed when she switched devices
    •The number of times her staff was given a secure phone
    •Why she didn’t get a secure Blackberry
    •Receiving any emails she thought should not be on the private system
    •Did not remember giving staff direction to create private email account
    •Getting guidance from state on email policy
    •Who had access to her Blackberry account
    •The process for deleting her emails
    •Ever getting a message that her storage was almost full
    •Anyone besides Huma Abedin being offered an account on the private server
    •Being sent information on state government private emails being hacked
    •Receiving cable on State Dept personnel securing personal email accounts
    •Receiving cable on Bryan Pagliano upgrading her server
    •Using an iPad mini
    •An Oct. 13, 2012, email on Egypt with Clinton pal Sidney Blumenthal
    •Jacob Sullivan using personal email
    •State Department protocol for confirming classified information in media reports
    •Every briefing she received after suffering concussions
    •Being notified of a FOIA request on Dec. 11, 2012
    •Being read out of her clearance
    •Any further access to her private email account from her State Department tenure after switching to her account

  25. And before I sign off for the evening…

    Foxy, where do you get the energy from? You frequent all my haunts and are constantly posting. This is the only place I comment though. More power to you!

  26. Felix, I’m not as big a nerd as you are when it comes to comics, but I do enjoy seeing on screen the comic book characters that I grew up with like the DC superheroes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash and the Marvel superheroes like Ironman, Thor and Captain America.

  27. Right now I’m watching the first season of Supergirl on Blu Ray, and I’m actually enjoying the heck out of it.

  28. after all the news that is coming out about Hillary…CGI,etc…the FBI release with many more lies and extraordinary incompetence and negligent carelessness…terrible ‘memory’…how in the world can we turn over the power of the presidency to Hillary

    it is ämazing she was not indicted for anything…she has no understanding of classified information???

    this would be gross negligence of the highest order by the votérs

    imo…honest people know and aunderstqnd what the hell

    i understand that the dims want ber…and the ‘first womán thing’ but any honest person can see this is a disaster in the making and will only get worse

  29. TS, I was not interested in Supergirl till I discovered that Lynda Carter will costar in the upcoming season. It is now all systems go. My childhood was filled with Batman and Wonder Woman EVERYTHING. Down to Underoos.

    I am planning on binge watching SG season #1 in anticipation.

    I slightly kept the truth. My comic collection is probably into 10s of thousands. Most are DC. My Marvel passion is centered around X-Men (especially Wolverine) and Captain America.

    So, I am not just a science and math nerd, I am a super-nerd. I had zero athletic ability as a child or teenager. It is interesting comics made me develop super athletic abilities as an adult. One adult approaching 50.

  30. I’m approaching 60, and I had the misfortune of watching the Supergirl movie in 1984 with Faye Dunaway, which I thought sucked big time compared to the Christopher Reeve movies Superman I and II, but the Supergirl series on CBS and now the CW was a pleasant surprise. It did take a few episodes to warm up to, but now it’s a pleasant way to spend an evening watching.

  31. I don’t know how others feel…but I feel like Hillary, the Justice Dept…and to a certain extent, the FBI…are making fools out of the American people…

    how stupid do they really think we all are?

    (i read that the Justice Dept is eager to retry Gov McDonnell from VA…and yet they do not find a thing wrong with all the lies and the rest of it from Hillary…who is running for Commander in Chief and Presideent of the USA…)

    The FBI did not even have her under oath or record her interview…

    I heard one analyst say that from reading these documents the FBI interviewers were more like ‘stenographers’ than FBI interviewers…

    this is really scary stuff…

  32. “Who pays? The public. Most of it federal tax money which is spread around like manure. All of it is hidden carefully. And this is why Dems and Repubs like it so much. It is a scam. And cost shifting and income redistribution to business, professional so called “do-gooders” and immigration activists.”

    The words, ‘Federal Tax dollars’ doesn’t resonate as it should with the public mindset. Trump has to seriously use plain words i.e. the $$$ supporting these illegal immigrants is COMING OUT of YOUR/OUR paychecks EVERY WEEK. Leaving deserving Americans out in the COLD. He needs to make this a steady salient talking point in all his future speeches..and keep pounding it home until it sinks into their lo-fo heads.

  33. Tony Stark
    September 2, 2016 at 5:26 pm
    Will she remember which button launches nukes agaunst Russia?
    Not a problem.

    Even if they launch she can push to reset button.

    Only the last time she did that she hit the button three times.

    Therefore we toggled past detente to cold war to deafcon III.

    It is not a memory problem at all.

    It is an ergonomic one.

    The buttons are too close together.

    And her fingers are too fat.

    A known side effect of too much yoga.

    This also explains how the emails got deleted.

  34. S
    September 2, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    I don’t know how others feel…but I feel like Hillary, the Justice Dept…and to a certain extent, the FBI…are making fools out of the American people…
    I would say it is the other way around.

    They are making fools out of those institutions.

    Far be it from me to say no one believes them.

    But it is hard for me to believe that any thinking person does.

    And that is their problem not ours.

    I know there are many FBI agents who believe Comey has brought shame on the FBI.

    I know that most, if not all, former US Attorneys are ashamed of the way Lynch operates.

    What we are really seeing here, I believe, is a profound loss of faith in government

    And the more power is centralized the more it is subject to corruption

    And not only does power corrupts, as Lord Acton remarked.

    But power attracts corrupt people, as Frank Herbert observed.

    Richard Fernandez drilled down on these point a few days ago.

    This is the perfect rebuttal to the you didn’t build it diatribe of the saintly, big media beloved messiah Obama:

    Perhaps the greatest victim of the Internet Age is the myth that government does important things. We now realize that happens mostly when it would have happened anyway. The reality is that governments can accomplish shockingly little — a fact emphasized by NPR’s story that there is nothing to show for the $13.5 billion in aid given to governments and nonprofit organizations in Haiti. In retrospect the Haitians would have been better off if Western taxpayers had just bought $13.5 B worth of hamburgers from McDonalds, pizza from Domino’s or KFC chicken. It would have actually gotten to Haiti and home delivery too. As matters stand all the Haitians got was typhoid from UN latrines.

    Maybe the designers of Obamacare should have just written health vouchers totalling $1.2 trillion to each citizen and told them to add it to their funds and go buy the insurance of their choice.

    Perhaps the real purpose of politicians is to provide headlines; to create a backboard against which the actual citizenry can bounce their hopes and hates. Speaking of which, hatred which gets a lot of bad press in the media these days is perhaps more useful than we think because once enough people realize that government can’t then they will do for themselves. Nearly everything useful in the average house — or the average country — was invented by someone who realized that government didn’t have any mousetraps that worked.

  35. Here is a word for you: Gamification

    It is supposed to be a motivational technique.

    But I think it much more accurately sounds like what has been done to the American People.

    We have been Gamified.

  36. Wow. You have to hand it to Hillary. She bamboozled a lot of people for a really long time. And even now that so many of her once-supporters accept it, she still gets away with it.

    I sent her a tweet last week and said her mom always seemed like a nice person, and I wondered if she was in on it, or if Hillary broke HER heart, too, with this lifetime of corruption….

    There can’t be any question now of her “becoming” the 2008 Hillary again…. it’s really very clear she was NEVER that person. She started young with the cheating and lying (Watergate firing), and each time she got more power, she took more and more advantage of it to reach ever higher levels of corruption.

    Now we see the dems want us to elect someone who either had no memory or understanding of the most basic important parts of her job even while she was doing it, or who is just lying through her teeth now. Nice choice.

  37. Hillary’s health issues are vaguely reminiscent of the case of Thomas Eagleton who was briefly the presidential running mate of the democrat presidential George McGovern in 1972, although his problems were mental rather than physical/mental.
    “Amnesty, abortion, and acid”[edit]
    On April 25, 1972, George McGovern won the Massachusetts primary, and conservative journalist Robert Novak phoned Democratic politicians around the country. On April 27, 1972, Novak reported in a column his conversation with an unnamed Democratic senator about McGovern.[7][8]

    Novak quoted the senator as saying “The people don’t know McGovern is for amnesty, abortion, and legalization of pot. Once middle America — Catholic middle America, in particular — finds this out, he’s dead.”[7] Because of the column McGovern became known as the candidate of “amnesty, abortion, and acid.”[9][10]

    On July 15, 2007, several months after Eagleton’s death, Novak said on Meet the Press that the unnamed senator was Eagleton.[10] Novak was accused in 1972 of manufacturing the quote, but stated that to rebut the criticism, he took Eagleton to lunch after the campaign and asked whether he could identify him as the source; the senator refused.[7] “Oh, he had to run for re-election”, said Novak, “the McGovernites would kill him if they knew he had said that.”[10] Political analyst Bob Shrum says that Eagleton would never have been selected as McGovern’s running mate if it had been known at the time that Eagleton was the source of the quote.[10] “Boy, do I wish he would have let you publish his name. Then he never would have been picked as vice president”, said Shrum.[10] “Because the two things, the two things that happened to George McGovern — two of the things that happened to him — were the label you put on him, number one, and number two, the Eagleton disaster. We had a messy convention, but he could have, I think in the end, carried eight or 10 states, remained politically viable. And Eagleton was one of the great train wrecks of all time.”[10]

    Selection as vice-presidential candidate[edit]

    In 1972, Richard Nixon appeared unbeatable. When McGovern won the Democratic nomination for President, virtually all of the high-profile Democrats, including Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Hubert Humphrey, Edmund Muskie,[11] and Birch Bayh, turned down offers to run on the ticket. McGovern had been convinced that Kennedy would join the ticket. Kennedy ended up refusing. McGovern campaign manager Gary Hart suggested Boston Mayor Kevin White. McGovern called White, and received “an emphatic yes”, but the leader of the Massachusetts delegation, Ken Galbraith, said the Massachusetts delegation would walk-out if the announcement was made to the Convention that McGovern had chosen White as his vice-presidential candidate, as White had backed Muskie during the Massachusetts primary. Massachusetts ended up being the only state (along with the District of Columbia) that McGovern would carry in the Electoral College on election day.

    McGovern then asked Senator Gaylord Nelson to be his running mate. Nelson declined but suggested Tom Eagleton, whom McGovern ultimately chose, with only a minimal background check. Eagleton made no mention of his earlier hospitalizations, and in fact decided with his wife to keep them secret from McGovern while he was flying to his first meeting with the Presidential nominee.

    Replacement on the ticket[edit]

    McGovern said he would back Eagleton “1000 percent”. Subsequently, McGovern consulted confidentially with preeminent psychiatrists, including Eagleton’s own doctors, who advised him that a recurrence of Eagleton’s depression was possible and could endanger the country should Eagleton become president.[12][13][14][15][16] On August 1, Eagleton withdrew at McGovern’s request and, after a new search by McGovern, was replaced by Kennedy in-law Sargent Shriver.[17]

  38. Oh my goodness, I had NO idea that IEDs could cause such huge explosions. It’s amazing ANY one ever survives those.

  39. So Hillary feels that it’s enough for all her lower level employees are aware of how things should be done and it’s their responsibility to make sure everything is “safe” for her to just work along, not paying attention to rules.

    Imagine that happening in even a little pizza shop. The boss not knowing the rules and relying on her employees to keep everything on the up and up. The books would never balance, there would be great theft, big parties, arrogance and no respect for customers…

    These people really do think we’re stupid….

  40. Hillary is in a hell of a mess with the FBI documents. This was not some stuff from years ago but from July of THIS year. Is she an ill woman with a “cracked head” and diminished capacity or a consummate liar brilliantly extricating herself from amazingly stupid actions by herself and a corrupt and ignorant staff? Rules are for little people is the theme and besides I don’t remember. Laws governing influence peddling and shakedowns of corporations and foreign governments are something for people other than a First Couple. Comey and the FBI seem afraid of what she would do to them if she became president or that she would throw a wall-eyed fit and stroke out. Remember that this was a hastily thrown together interview on a Saturday to make this all go away. Cheryl Mills had this same attitude in her FBI interviews and she would only do that if she learned it from someone named Hillary. The arrogance is astounding. The FBI is being passive-aggressive and nailed her by playing Simple Simon the doofus FBI guy. She thought she beat it, it would go away, she won. The picture painted is horrible. She is either an old, sick, cracked head dolt or an arrogant liar who thinks she can get away with anything. Comey and Lynch, who orchestrated the cover-up and getaway have been screwed by their worker bees by the simplicity of putting out “what she said”. As cover-ups go this is a historic “mistake”.

    Hillary the Idiot is the result. It is rude to call liars liars so idiot is much more politically correct and kind. I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read the FBI’s questions (as if they were holding a competency hearing with a cranky octogenarian) and Hill’s whiny (I been sick and don’t know nuffin’) answers which are 180 degrees from what she is trying to project in a campaign. She can’t be sick for the FBI and tip-top for the presidency in the same summer. Pick one. Lucky Trump.

  41. Mrs. Smith1
    September 2, 2016 at 8:48 pm
    “The words, ‘Federal Tax dollars’ doesn’t resonate as it should with the public mindset. Trump has to seriously use plain words i.e. the $$$ supporting these illegal immigrants is COMING OUT of YOUR/OUR paychecks EVERY WEEK.”

    I think it is part of the Trump October onslaught. Just my guess. That is a big part of Sessions work which Trump is using. They would use it late so the Dems and open border Republicans don’t have a good comeback except “racist!”. Sessions to the best of my knowledge is the only human in the US who has collected those figures and he had to dig them out. The costs in dollars is astounding. The virtue signaling, Dreamers gotta dream, let’s give everything to everyone is like hugging puppies until you add up the bills. It has been incrementally increasing for decades, Obama set it all on hyper-drive (there is some psychological issue with his father not getting his freebies, having a hard time, and getting kicked out of the country for being a slacker, moocher, fraud, and deviant multi-marriage creep). I would suggest Trump frame it as cost/benefit. Are there benefits? Sure for low wage employers and the illegals and their home countries and the professional immigrant hosting industry. Does it justify the cost? No. Are we just an all-inclusive resort paid for against our will for the entire world? The EU looks like that and so do we.

  42. wbboei
    September 2, 2016 at 11:56 am

    Mormaer, I believe you speak French.

    Very, very badly. I used to be able to read French fairly well. My wife’s family were primarily French speakers until the 40’s (English a second language) and as my then girlfriend’s family spoke in an often mixed patois I took it in college in self defense as I knew I would marry her as soon as she finished college. Their howls of laughter at my twangy accent (think Lady Bird Johnson speaking French!) made it even worse.

    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? I think it is much worse now. This is the core of globalism and it is rampant. It is a progression from feudalism to fascism to globalism. Globalism is privatizing profits and socializing costs with a clerisy (who are being exposed as morons hourly) herding it along. There are many mechanisms at use to promote it. CGI is one example, the EU bureaucracy another, and of course the Obama Administration and the current Congress. Soros has his ugly criminal head in all of them.

  43. Well, I just got my new bank card with the chip technology. I have seen demonstrations where these things can be scanned from across the room. So you need to put it in a protective sleeve or carry a blocking device. But if they get close enough, they can scan through those, too.

    I called my bank and said I did not want it. Too bad. At first the rep told me my old card was deactivated when the sent out the new one. Just bald ass lied to me. I have been using my card. Then the liar told me when it would be deactivated. The age of fake and the reign of liars. One system after the other, looting wealth and destroying freedoms.

  44. Mormaer
    September 3, 2016 at 6:39 am

    “I think it is part of the Trump October onslaught. Just my guess. That is a big part of Sessions work which Trump is using. They would use it late so the Dems and open border Republicans don’t have a good comeback except “racist!”. Sessions to the best of my knowledge is the only human in the US who has collected those figures and he had to dig them out.”

    TY, Mormaer for your insights, much appreciated. I had forgotten Sessions traveled with Trump to Mexico. He is a resourceful stabilizing factor and a trusted friend mentoring Trump’s climb to the Oval office. Lucky US.

  45. In a 6 page magnum opus article at PJ Media about social critic Tom Wolfe, and his latest contribution to our understanding of the universe, and its contrived social hypocrisies, Ed Driscol reminds us of how the jurnolisters have corrupted the political and social software of this country, and why they must die. A public hanging for all of them would be most apropos. To that end, it was gratifying to watch CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin, a charter member of the jurnolister cabal and all around fraud, get his fat ass handed to him by Glenn Greenwald–an honest man of the left, when he tried to label Snowden a traitor for telling the American People what their government is doing behind their backs.So, lest we forget:

    This technique should be familiar to anyone who is familiar with the left’s infamous “Journolist” email list serve of leftwing journalists (read: Democratic operatives with bylines) propping up Obama during his 2008 campaign, on which Spencer Ackerman, then with the Washington Independent, later with Conde Nast’s Wired magazine , would casually, chillingly write, “take one of them—Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares—and call them racists. Ask: why do they have such a deep-seated problem with a black politician who unites the country?” In the 1990s, this was dubbed the politics of personal destruction by Bill Clinton

  46. thanks Admin…just tuned in to the very end…and the following ‘annoitment’ from the Pastor then the signal went dead

    if anyone has the whole clip of DT’s speech please post…

  47. S
    hopefully someone will capture the entire “homily” Trump just gave at Great Faith church. It was quite moving.
    no doubt, BM will concentrate reporting to the protestors outside the church..

  48. I wonder how/if we will ever know whether Hillary’s mind is still affected, or if she is just doing her well-honed craft of lying? Or, both.

    I’ve been wondering about something. While I certainly believe she knew what was marked as classified and what wasn’t, I seriously doubt she knows anything about destroying evidence that is on a computer. Her role would have been to instruct someone to permanently get rid of it. I guess she would have had to tell an IT person, someone she trusted…? There was that one guy – he set up her server I think? – and I thought quite a while ago he said he would give evidence in exchange for immunity…? But then I heard nothing else.

    Anyway, not to absolve Hillary at all, but would there be any consequences for the actual people who did this destruction of evidence, bleaching, wiping, etc? Does anyone in government care? Have they even determined who did all this? And would they be allowed to get away with it by saying they were being good brownshirts, just following orders?

    It seems to me that if multiple people (including Huma) felt Hillary was not safe to do the job, they should be held accountable for not reporting it to someone. It’s not like SOS is a low level meter reader job.

    We’ve heard that if the uniparty let Hillary hang, then most of the people in government would also be implicated. But it’s even more than that, though, because I think even people who weren’t complicit or otherwise corrupt, allowed it all to go on, allowed for at least a period of time if not ongoing, a high government official to continue working and making decisions when incapacitated.

  49. And what really gets me is that we were right about Obama, he’s anti-American, a narcissist’s narcissist, he incompetent – but Hillary has managed to upstage him. I think she’s a globalist, too, although not out of a hatred of America like Obama, but just out of old-fashioned greed. She has been shown to be corrupt her whole professional life. And for much of Obama’s anti-American work, she was there to make his plans happen, including taking down secular dictators to replace them with Muslim Brotherhood creeps. Maybe he couldn’t have even accomplished all that without her.

    So we knew Obama was bad and fought to keep him out of power. We lost that battle, but our great support for Hillary gave her the leverage to get in there at his side as SOS, and allowed her to help him with his damage, and continue her self-serving corruption as well.

    Eh, the whole thing is just disgusting. I can’t stand that my support for her played a part in all this destruction and corruption.

  50. In the beginning, Hillary said she used one device, as she wasn’t supposed to, for business and personal, because it would be more convenient. Now we are finding out she used at least 13 blackberries and some ipads…?

    How does someone use all those devices? Was this all at once, or did she keep losing them? Or did she just destroy one every so many months for “privacy” or something? Why in the world so many devices….????

  51. “Why in the world so many devices…????”

    My guess is either early Alzheimers or residual brain damage from her injury resulting in her losing so many devices.

  52. wbboei

    September 3, 2016 at 11:19 am

    Ed Driscol reminds us of how the jurnolisters have corrupted the political and social software of this country, and why they must die. A public hanging for all of them would be most apropos.

    Without hyperbole, I agree. Unfortunately, they’d have to be tied to treason charges in some way. I doubt there is any way to do this. Perhaps some could be RICO’d in connection with a SOROS organizational trial for promoting civil unrest. But morally, they deserve hanging.

  53. lorac,

    Your two immediately preceding comments were wonderful. WRT your comment @12.57, I’m convinced that succinctly sums up exactly the state of those two horrible actors.

    I don’t see, politically, how HRC can not be charged criminally with this information being now public.

  54. Tony, I haven’t read all the details yet, I’ve just been wondering out loud – but is that it, do they know they were used sequentially? (of course, using them all at once wouldn’t make sense either) Do they know they were lost (well, they’re saying they destroyed some with hammers, sheesh)?

    It’s just mind boggling.

    Obama is bad, Hillary is good, the last true public servant.
    He gets cheated in, so we hope she can challenge him in 2012 or win in 2016 and right the ship.
    We find out she shares his beliefs in burning up the middle east, and she wants to run as Obama III.
    We find out she’s been taking money for the foundation but not really helping people in other countries, was really self-enriching.
    We find out she was comingling SOS with the foundation for pay to play games, also for self-enrichment
    We find out the “vast right wing conspiracy” had some truth in it, and she has been corrupt her whole life
    We find out she carried out her SOS job extremely carelessly – due to brain damage or wanting to sell state secrets or just not caring or all of the above.
    We find out that many others were involved, whether in knowledge or in actual assistance

    We started with someone we really, really believed in.

    Now what’s left? They could cheat her in. They need to protect everyone else in Washington who has played a part. But what else would be good for them? I guess just another, as in Obama, as in Bush, another figurehead who will allow the uniparty to do what they want to do. Hillary is still good for the long-used divisive speeches, she can get the passion into those. It could make people think she’s on the ball. And then behind the scenes, the uniparty and their globalist friends can continue their games, unmolested, and sell out and destroy our country and western civilization.

    It’s all good.
    We served a purpose – albeit unknowingly.

    Trump just has to win. Truly, this IS our last chance to save our culture, our country,, our way of life

    We started out so wonderfully. The first nation founded on an idea, on a piece of paper, rather than founded by a dictator or a religion. We’re a special country. We can’t let them throw it out.

    What would we have done without Trump coming on the scene…. I shudder to think…

  55. thanks Foxy…you never disappoint…

    I hope Donald continues his outreach…he connects…

    give the guy a chance…we all need a change…if even for him to just get the country going again from a business perspective…especially in view of all that is coming out about Hillary and the way she operates…she is only going to get worse…

    I also believe she has some neurological issues…otherwise she is either totally clueless or a liar…the kind that looks you right in the eye…and lies to your face…the worse kind…and then she blames everyone else for her own behavior…takes no responsibility for her own actions…”I can’t remember”

  56. I’m sure others here will find in their inbox the email I received from donald today. It requests advice via another multiple choice survey. At the end was an “anything else you want him to see” box and in that box, I referenced wbboe’s “I wish to God” quote with appropriate link.

    I’m behind in reading so may have jumped a shark.


    If you’re relying on the lamestream media for your news — clearly those of you reading this post, wisely, are not — you would think the main takeaway from GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s visit to Detroit is that he is being received by protests. Of course, if history is any guide, we can expect that many of these protesters are paid to be there by left-wing progressives like big-time Clinton donor George Soros.

    That aside, the mainstream media continues its mission to try to stop Trump from becoming president, largely by continuing to push their narrative that he is a racist bigot.

    So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the media doesn’t quite know what to do with the prayer shawl — and standing ovation — the GOP nominee received following his speech to an historically black church in Detroit.

  58. Felix_the_Infidel
    September 2, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    And before I sign off for the evening…

    Foxy, where do you get the energy from? You frequent all my haunts and are constantly posting. This is the only place I comment though. More power to you!

    lol Felix we have good taste in blogs. 😀

  59. S
    September 3, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    thanks Foxy…you never disappoint…

    I hope Donald continues his outreach…he connects…

    give the guy a chance…we all need a change…if even for him to just get the country going again from a business perspective…especially in view of all that is coming out about Hillary and the way she operates…she is only going to get worse…

    Amen S. And you are welcome. 😀

  60. Love this comment. 😀

    singingsoul says:
    September 3, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    This is not only about votes. I see Trump very carefully weaving our broken country together He is weaving a beautiful tapestry of peace, prosperity and love and respect for all in our US community. We need to heal in order to be whole as a country.
    Citizens first before we can reach out and assimilate more people to avoid chaos and destruction. There has been so much pain.
    My respect for Trump has gone up ten fold. .

  61. On second thought, maybe hanging a bunch of these journ-o-listers would be good for the Nation’s mmorale.

  62. Good Luck trying to unravel and prosecute this nest of thieves:


    Corrupt HSBC Global Bank Exec Arrested, Links to Hillary, James Comey and Loretta Lynch

    July 21, 2016

    The feds arrested an executive from the scandal-plagued global bank named HSBC.

    Mark Johnson was arrested for conspiring to take advantage of insider information and other charges.

    HSBC has been in hot water many times and paid billions of dollars to settle money-laundering charges and mortgage abuses.

    They were also involved in a YUGE tax evasion scandal, where HSBC enabled thousands of Americans and others – including drug traffickers, arms dealers and “wealthy power players” around the world – to avoid taxes by hiding their money in a Swiss bank they owned.

    These are unscrupulous people.

    So, of course, Hillary Clinton is tied to them.

    However, not just Hillary, Loretta Lynch, James Comey and even Barack Obama, has ties to the criminal organization at HSBC.

    Loretta Lynch’s Ties:

    Loretta Lynch – then the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Manhattan – reportedly brokered the deal with Holder, that allowed HSBC to pay fines instead of being criminally charged. The settlement was highly criticized, and Lynch and Holder were accused of acting as if the bank was “too big to prosecute,” and people likened the fine (without criminal charges) to a parking ticket.

    James Comey’s Ties:

    James Comey was nominated by Obama for a post on HSBC’s Board of Directors in June 2012, and he was subsequently appointed to the board on March 4, 2013. He served on the HSBC’s Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee. Comey’s appointment was for three years, however, he resigned effective Sept. 4, 2013, following his confirmation to serve as FBI Director.

    Hillary Clinton’s Ties:

    Hillary Clinton also benefited from HSBC’s Swiss bank account division during the same time period – leaked files revealed the identities of at least seven donors who were HSBC clients and contributed to the Clinton Foundation – to the tune of $81 million in total contributions.

    It seems like every time you turn around Hillary is tied to another scandal or unscrupulous organization.

  63. admin, in case you haven’t been alerted yet, gonzo is posting elsewhere that she can’t get on His44 –

    I can’t sign into….wordpress won’t take my password, won’t let me reset and I can’t find Admin emial.
    Will you post a message on the blog to Admin for me.

  64. Who is the greatest enemy of democracy?

    1. Soros, who rigs voting machines?

    2. Black Pathers, who intimidate white voters at polls?

    3. Big Media, who censors the information voters need to make an informed decision?

    The Seattle Times, who was all for Obama 8 years ago, and 4 years ago, has the front page headline which quotes Hillary as saying drone strikes are routine. Is THAT the bottom line of the Friday dump? What about her 29 lies? What about her inability to remember?? What about her health problems? Is the head of that newspaper, Frank Blethen, a third generation to the manor born idiot by all accounts, intentionally, and with malice aforethought lying to us. Bear in mind that 60 Minutes editor who buried information about Bill’s affairs until after the election, and Russert’s complimenting that disgrace to the profession for handing the election to Clinton, and said disgrace lamenting that he never got so much as a invitation to the White House for proving to the world that he, the editor, was a man without honor.

  65. An impressive speech and historical perspective by Andrea Mitchell before the Google organization. She leans left and sometimes seems rather silly so I joke about it, but there is an intelligence and authenticity to her, including a willingness to admit mistakes, which is refreshing, and absent in the new crop of journalists who are ideological, brittle and unable to admit mistakes. I suppose it is different when you are trying to climb the ladder, than when you have made it, and can be reflective and honest without sabotaging your career. But these younger generation journalists, the women by even more so the men, do not sit well with me. I think they have a totalitarian streak in them.

  66. I must tell you that after listening to that video I was struck by two things–how brilliant Andrea Mitchell is when she gets away from the teleprompter, in describing the history of the past 30 years, and the lessons which journalists like her have learned over that period of time, on how to maintain their integrity, avoid being manipulated by partisans, and how to get the truth out to its audience. The other thing that struck me is how big media turned right around and violated every single solitary one of those principles when it comes to Obama. The problem for them now is the public will not be forgiving of these transgressions.

  67. But their real downfall is occurring right now, as they hide the truth, and go out of their way to destroy Trump as a candidate. So it was the truth they hid from their audience about Obama, AND the lies they now tell about Trump, that accounts for their demise. They work hard to produce their product. The problem is, it isn’t worth a tinkers damn, because it wreaks of bias.

  68. Successful Failures


    In the fall of 1787, when he was still in his mid-30s, [Madison] began collaborating with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay to write a series of 85 newspaper essays explaining the U.S. Constitution and urging the people of New York to adopt it. …

    Given the talismanic power the word “democracy” has to modern ears, it is worth reminding ourselves that the U.S. Constitution was largely an effort to curb or trammel democracy. Democracies, Madison wrote in Federalist 10, the most widely read and cited of the essays, “have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.” Why? A mot often attributed to Benjamin Franklin explains it in an image. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” …

    The biggest threat to “popular” governments, he wrote in Federalist 10, are “factions,” interest groups whose operations are “adverse to the rights of other citizens” or the “permanent…interests of the community.” Factions are thus not accidental. They are—famous phrase—“sown in the nature of man.” Why? Because freedom and the unequal distribution of talent inevitably yield an unequal distribution of property, the “most common and durable source of faction.” …

    Madison’s solution was the creation of a large republic in which a scheme of representation and a large variety of interests “make it less probable” that they will be able to “invade the rights of other citizens” successfully. … Madison’s central insight was that power had to be dispersed and decentralized if it was to serve liberty and control faction.

    The paradox that Putin exemplifies is that while factions breed formidable conspirators they also create poisonous leaders. They succeed in themselves but cause the society around them to fail. That is because they dispense a favoritism which is ultimately ruinous for the nation. But few ruling elites have the sense to get themselves out of the way. Usually they have to be shoved aside.

    The question is whether Madison’s defenses failed and the factions are inside the wire. America for a long time beat the odds but recently things have taken a turn for the worse. It is no accident that many of America’s troubles have coincided with the growth of identity politics, special interest groups, foreign lobbying and corruption. If so they have spread their poison and created an American version of the “informal networks” that proved so fatal other countries as Madison feared.

    Moreover the American factional system operates in the worst possible way. The Clinton Foundation and private email scandal is a portrait of venality without competence. The peculiar characteristics of American factionalism have bred something singular; a phenomenon at once cunning yet stupid, both corrupt and inept. America is no longer exceptional, just another bum in the ring. Yet while Putin can often outwit Obama (and Hillary when she was in State) the Russian cannot seem to turn anything to lasting advantage. The outcome is a kind of impotence afflicting both sides.

    If the 20th century was one in which people believed government could solve all the world’s problems the 21st century is fast developing into one where government has become like the weather: chaotic, capricious and ultimately arbitrary: something everyone talks about but no one can do anything about.

    The factions have filled political discourse with entropy. There it will remain until it settles around a new attractor. Until then all that is left is to live out our lives in the shadow of a mysterious federal building that no intelligent life is known to inhabit; save for a lady rumored to be in periodic residence occasionally glimpsed trying to send a message on a Blackberry before smashing it with a hammer.

  69. Those who defend Obama, in the face of overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence that he is incompetent, corrupt and lazy, and notwithstanding the fact that under his benighted leadership (if we dare use that word even in a negative sense) everything is falling apart, are guilty of something which the law calls WILLFUL BLINDNESS.

    “Willful blindness (sometimes called ignorance of law, willful ignorance or contrived ignorance or Nelsonian knowledge) is a term used in law to describe a situation in which a person seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally keeping himself or herself unaware of facts that would render him or her liable.”
    Richard Fernadez compared a leaders like Putin to a schmuck like Obama, and found that even though Putin constantly outwits the big media beloved messiah, and his trusty side kick Hillary, that it really makes no difference in terms of outcomes, because the corruption of both systems is the controlling factor.

    Ah, but it does make a profound difference in terms of outcomes, as illustrated by a couple comments to his article, which reads as follows:

    1. Kinuachdrach • 3 hours ago

    “From the article: “Putin’s “political socialization took place as vice mayor of St.
    Petersburg in the 1990s, where … one of his key roles was acting as a
    liaison between the political and criminal authorities. It was the Wild
    Wild East, a world where duplicity was the norm, rules are for sissies,
    and only might makes right.”

    We have to look at the outcomes, though. I have been on a number of trips to St Petersburg in the last few months — and it is quite eye-opening. Ultra-modern airport. Good toll roads, with more under construction. Sensitive redevelopment of the city center, preserving Italianate facades while building state-of-the-art modern offices inside them. Excellent historical museums. Active night life. Well-dressed fit young Russians. Chinese tourists everywhere. Absence of crime, graffitti, litter.

    Given the choice between Barry’s Democrat-controlled Chicago and Putin’s St Petersburg — well, there is no choice! Let’s not assume that because Barry & his Harpies have destroyed once-great institutions in the US, other leaders are equally incompetent. While it would be good to have a Political Class which is not inherently corrupt, the more urgent need may be for a Political Class which is actually competent.”

    2. Robert JF Kinuachdrach • 2 hours ago

    “I have recently been to Poland and I my impressions of cities there matches your impressions of St. Petersburg. I much prefer to visit Poland than Western Europe. I would be inclined to give more credit to the people of Poland and Russia than their respective governments. There, they still have strong national identities and are not caught up in the instantly of multiculturalism.”

    Summary and Implications: it seems to me that the western elites have sacrificed the welfare of the people of their nations on the altar of globalism, and the forced destruction of the nation state as the crucial element of the world order. This is driven mainly by corporations, financial and high tech. It coincides closely with their own economic interests, which are adverse to those of their fellow citizens. They want world markets and they want to contain the rise of China which is why you have this mad rush to things like TPP, CAFTA, NAFTA, and the ill fated Trans-Atlantic Union. They are, in that sense, perfect examples of the factions which destroy a democracy, and the rights of their fellow citizens, as Madison observed.

    (Note: the other thing I noticed, and never thought about before was the age of the founding fathers when giants walked the earth. Madison was 31 . . . And here I thought that the milenials of our age, whose frontal lobes have not developed are a contemporary phenomenon, or worse yet a side effect of the computer age. The difference is Madison may not have lived a lot of history, but he studied it from the classics. Also, he was the confidante of a man with almost immeasurable experience: George Washington. How different from our young pups.)

    (Momaer: I expect that these comparisons of eastern Europe and Russia to Chicago will coincide with your observations. Our elites are burning the candle of the west at both ends, while ensuring that we, not they, are the ones who get burned. Harvard trained demigods, you see, are not for burning.)

  70. RIGGED SYSTEM? Soros Says Trump Will Win Popular Vote, But Hillary as President a “Done Deal”

    Radical leftist admits Trump will win the popular vote and would win the election without Hillary BUYING key states. He then says that Trump winning the popular vote won’t matter as President Hillary Clinton is a “done deal.”


    The video at this link has been swapped for an analysis of the current state of international economics.

    However I do remember reading how Soros planned to control the outcome of the presidential election back 4yrs ago. (At least he admitted Hillary would NOT win the popular vote.) His plan is/was to contact and replace if necessary, each Sect of State in ALL Battleground States. If the SOS’ in question were unwilling to comply with his wishes, refusing to be bought, he would insure they were replaced. He may have gone further than that for insurance, and included SWING STATES in his formula for control.

    So, the Trump Team has to be made aware of his ‘winning’ strategy and do something to thwart his methodically calculated plans. Our future and our lives are at stake IF this VIPER is allowed to WIN!

  71. Perhaps I’m blocked, or perhaps twitter is down.

    And maybe hell hath frozen over. For this and other issues which have been brewing.
    Barack Obama ‘deliberately snubbed’ by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20
    The US president was denied the usual red carpet welcome and forced to ‘go out of the ass’ of Air Force One, observers say

  72. Roger Simon provides a valuable insight into the real motives of those who bask in the civil rights agenda, even though they were never there, and why they persist in their willful blindness of the catastrophic effects that their phony compa$$ion and benighted solutions on the black community. As I have said on many prior occasions, this is class warfare of a different kind. And that is why, in the aftermath of his appearance in Detroit, to talk to the black community, and to listen to what they say, big media will for sure drill down on their constant narrative that Trump is a racist . . . So lets not talk about “white”privilege. Lets talk about the real problem, which is the economic privilege which the elites enjoy, which they will gladly destroy this entire nation to preserve.

    “For the last fifty years all (big media) has done is identify with a cause without paying any attention to the results of the policies they and the Democratic Party espoused.

    It was a feel-good enterprise by the press and a perpetual voter power grab by the Democrats. We all know what the results have been for African-Americans, the inevitable fruits of one-party rule as seen today in Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago, among so many other places. (snip)

    That is why Donald Trump’s outreach to African-Americans is the most significant action of the 2016 campaign so far, especially for its potential long term implications for our culture.

    The liberal media and their academic and entertainment industry allies know this and for that reason they will redouble their efforts to portray Trump as a racist.

    This is not just to defend the pathological liar Hillary–can you imagine the moral cartwheels necessary to support Clinton at this point?–





    Why wouldn’t they?

    They know what he is—Soros messenger boy.

    And they aint gonna let that camel get its nose under the tent.

    Besides, how can you respect someone who gets on his hands and knees whenever you see him?

    That deep bow is merely a prelude to the blowjob comes next.

    In effect, the Chinese are telling the big media beloved messiah: hey blowjob. Get lost.

  74. And maybe hell hath frozen over. For this and other issues which have been brewing.
    Barack Obama ‘deliberately snubbed’ by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20
    The US president was denied the usual red carpet welcome and forced to ‘go out of the ass’ of Air Force One, observers say
    If I were Obama

    Perish the thought, but

    If I were Obama

    I would be less worried about a red carpet

    Or the lack thereof

    I would be more concerned

    That I would be forced to walk the gauntlet.

  75. this is beyond the pale…beyond propoganda…this is like being in a communistic country that brainwashes their “subjects” all day…

    I was at an event today and they had CNN on in the background…and all they did was bash Trump nonstop…they should be ashamed of themselves

    Dr. Drew Pinsky is so afraid of Hillary Clinton and her supporters, he won’t blame them for the cancellation of his show on HLN, the sister channel of CNN.

    “No, no, no. I just want them to go away!” he told one friend.

    “Dr. Drew” was canceled eight days after Pinsky discussed Clinton’s health on a radio show, saying he was “gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.”

    “CNN is so supportive of Clinton, network honchos acted like the Mafia when confronting Drew,” a source told me. “First, they demanded he retract his comments, but he wouldn’t.”

  76. btw…when I got home I caught the end of an interview with I believe her name is Fredreica Winfield…something like that…an attractive AA woman female host on CNN and she was interviewing Pastor Wayne Jackson with the usual questions loaded with implications and designed to trash Trump…

    Pastor Jackson would have none of it and called her and everyone else out on the nonesense…honestly, this man sounds like one of the few adults…along with Ben Carson…in this whole election analysis…

    for me, it is heartening to see such a man with such an open mind…and heart…

    He spoke highly of Donald…says he is a different man in person than what you see on TV…got a standing ovation…the people were very receptive towards Donald

    She was left speechless…he just would not play her game…

  77. one more thing…

    remember when Donald gave a speech a little while ago…and EVERYONE…all the pundits just coincidently had the same reaction and the operative word they ALL used was “DARK”…as in, that was such a dark speech, etc, etc, bla, bla…

    generally speaking we would all probably agree that was the agreed upon ‘talking point’ and they were all sticking to it…

    well, if you have noticed since Donald went to Mexico…and now, definitely, since has gone to Detroit and successfully met with people in the neighborhood and with Pastor Jackson at the church…

    take this to the bank…the current “coincidental” talking point they are all using…that just so happens to fall from all their lips immediately is…wait for it…

    David Duke…they are all bringing up David Duke…in print and on TV…they are making David Duke a busom buddy to Donald…

    and once they get that out there…the next talking point is Donald and ‘the birther movement’ and how the AA community is still mad at DT for insulting the ‘first black president’ and they have never gotten over that and never forgiven DT for that…

    as if, all AA think and feel exactly the same…and cannot think differently or for themselves…(and who are the racists really?)

    when some Trumpsters push back and say that story began with Hillary…that is usually enought to send most of them over the edge…

    this is the script the Hillary supporters are following right now…

    If Hillary gets elected, we will no longer be free to think, speak or express ourselves…the ‘thought police’ will be out in full force…

  78. If I were Obama
    Perish the thought, but
    In the heat of desperation above, I gave twitter too much credit. The worth at this blog of admin and wbb and mormaer (spell check knows you too!) and so many others, is monumental, life altering.

    And I needed to state that now.

  79. The media’s assumption and increasingly desperate explanations that only “criminal” illegals will be deported because it is impossible to “deport” 11 million angelic, innocent, hard working, victims is strange. Entering the US without permission is a crime thus criminal. It is not a misdemeanor. Overstaying or lying on a visa application is a crime. Using a false identity is a crime, using a Social Security number that doesn’t belong to you or using fake information to get one is a FEDERAL crime with jail time. Filing fake tax returns, getting refunds is a very serious FEDERAL crime with time in a fed lock-up. Using a dead child’s Birth Certificate to get US identity is a crime. Driving an car with a fake registration, driving without a drivers license, and without liability insurance is a crime as is running over people because you can’t drive or read traffic signs. Everything a person in the US illegally does is a crime. See where I’m going? Just because they have overwhelmed the bureaucracy, legal system, enforcement mechanisms, and managed to place themselves as victims in a narrative does not cancel the crimes committed.

    One of the reasons they have to leave the country and re-enter WITH permission is to track all of their behavior and crimes while in the US illegally. Theft, fraud, identity theft, traffic and employment violations and benefit theft will be huge, take time to track and untangle, and most will not be coming back because it will take years to resolve and other immigrants who have gone through the proper channels will be taking their place. They can also be charged with their crimes while waiting to re-enter and have to resolve their legal issues before being even considered for re-entry legally. And all of these wonderful employees will have to name their wonderful employers (who broke federal laws also) to vouch for them. Think that is going to happen? Not if it involves fines from the feds for filing fake tax returns and quarterly tax reports or not filing required paperwork because they paid them in cash. “Jose who?”

    Entering the US without permission, or with false information is a crime. Everyone who does it is a by definition a criminal. Bill Clinton referred to them as “criminal aliens” the minute when they entered illegally back in the 90’s because that is what they are. All of them. I think this will start sinking in slowly if it isn’t already and why Mexico (whose lawyers understand these concepts) and other areas with a lot of illegals or frauds have raised a stink from day one. Then you have the problem of these countries shouldering the cost of documenting all of these people (they will need a passport, employment history and clear criminal record in home country) so they can come here to send back remittances. Catch 22’s everywhere. Lucky Trump has Jeff Sessions who was a federal prosecutor.

  80. Mormaer,

    Exactly. They are all criminals. They are either falsifying records to pay taxes or not paying taxes. So they claim they are here 20 years making a family here and so where are they tax payments? Lot’s of back taxes to be paid. They all have lots of crimes and at least half will have lots of taxes.

    Supposedly 5 million or so of them are paying state and federal income tax. If the 11 million estimate is correct, that is half. But if the 50 million estimate is correct that is only 10%. The ones paying taxes are probably doing so to get benefits. They collect more benefits than they pay taxes.

    I would guess there will be no goon squads breaking down doors. Cut off their benefits and collect taxes. The IRS can just take their property if the do not pay. Same as they would if it were any other citizen.

    The only problem I see is that if they are cut off economically, they will turn to crime. Any way you look at it we are headed down some rough road.

  81. Lu4Puma said:

    I would guess there will be no goon squads breaking down doors. Cut off their benefits and collect taxes. The IRS can just take their property if the do not pay. Same as they would if it were any other citizen.


    Lu…good luck with that…the IRS almost seems complicit in handing out the Social Security numbers of American citizens to illegals

    this is so freaking unbelievable…our govt no longer even protects the privacy of American citizens and their SS numbers…instead it ‘allows’ illegals to steal the SS numbers to file for tax returns…

    our country has become a country to accomodate criminals…and let them out of jail…aid them in crime…and then when American citizens become the victims of their crimes…cover it all up…

    WTH??? not, our hard fought for, parent’s American anymore…forget about ‘made in American’ pride…now we just give it away…and americans on the losing end…

  82. when I have the time I like to surf the TV news…even the enemies…to get an idea of who is saying what…

    as stated, CNN has almost taken over for MSNBC as being unwatchable…

    I find it interesting that on CNN besides the nonstop bashing of Trump and the domination of Trump haters…and I mean HATERS, as their primary guests…the other dubious thing I have noticed is even when they have the one lone Trump supporter on remote admist 3 other armed and ready Trump haters…CNN just happens to always lose the signal of that one Trump supporter and never seems to get back to them…

    they have become such a laughable FRAUD…

    CNN has fallen so far from grace…and integrity…they actually can induce nausea…

  83. Howie says:
    September 5, 2016 at 8:25 am

    Tomorrow is T Day. The final battle to save our nation from our domestic enemy begins. Maybe a little help from the man upstairs will propel us to the final defeat of the enemy. I borrow this prayer from General George Patton with one minor alteration. Godspeed Donald.
    Almighty and most merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee, of Thy great goodness, to restrain the crooked media with which we have had to contend. Grant us fair weather

    for Battle. Graciously hearken to us as soldiers who call upon Thee that, armed with Thy power, we may advance from victory to victory, and crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies and establish Thy justice among men and nations.

  84. S

    September 5, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Lu…good luck with that…the IRS almost seems complicit in handing out the Social Security numbers of American citizens to illegals

    this is so freaking unbelievable…our govt no longer even protects the privacy of American citizens and their SS numbers…instead it ‘allows’ illegals to steal the SS numbers to file for tax returns…

    our country has become a country to accomodate criminals…and let them out of jail…aid them in crime…and then when American citizens become the victims of their crimes…cover it all up…

    WTH??? not, our hard fought for, parent’s American anymore…forget about ‘made in American’ pride…now we just give it away…and americans on the losing end…

    “Fundamentally transformed”. Are there any doubts Obama / HRC are traitors? What is the punishment for traitors?

  85. S

    September 5, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Lu…good luck with that…the IRS almost seems complicit in handing out the Social Security numbers of American citizens to illegals
    What they have been doing is giving them Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINs)that they really do not qualify for. So now there is a record. We just need someone in charge who will use it to protect US citizens instead of exploit them.

  86. Lu,

    aside from that, it is my understanding that the IRS has lost billions of dollars to people with fake SS numbers…money that will never be recovered and was in effect stolen from the us…

    there is a whole racket going on with people buying and selling stolen and/or ‘fake SS numbers…

    the IRS has become a political arm of O and the dims…another corrupt govt agency…

    so sad to see what our country is evolving into…

    no honesty, no integrity…and now we are on the verge of perhaps electing the Queen of the Liars and Shady dealings…

    it is sickening…

  87. I don’t know how to properly post tweets but here’s one from today:

    Black Women 4 Trump ‏@TallahForTrump 2h2 hours ago

    I am NOT a slave and Hillary cannot DEMAND my vote!
    I’ll vote in November for
    the party of Lincoln
    the party of MLK Jr
    the party of Trump

    Her other tweets indicate that she was at the church in Detroit where Trump spoke

  88. A treat for the ages, Foxy.
    lorac 3:18 – I can drink to that! is just now refurbished for the GE season. All are cordially invited to check out the header and avatar photos as well as the pinned tweet AWA the Harken Steak Fry one below it. PUMAs DO recall.

  89. Mrs. Smith

    Bummer. I have no way of contacting Admin. Perhaps Gonzotx got hacked? Not to worry, we’ll get her back. 🙂

  90. foxy your video at 3:34 – it was a scratchy noise, I couldn’t hear any words at all… were others able to hear? I could hear the words in the second video.

  91. All I want to know is, didn’t Hillary’s mother teach her not to cough directly into a mic, and to cough into her sleeve?

  92. alcina,

    i could not get passed two minutes…i feel sorry for her…

    i agree with you, if this happens during the debate it will not be good for her…makes you wonder why she did take that big break during one of the primary debates…

    and why she is rarely seen or heard these days…

    maybe forcing herself against fate…

  93. BM not only shuts down cameramen when there is good news to be seen with Donald Trump…

    they also lose signals when Trump supporters are there to speak on his behalf

    and the real clue to how scared BM is of Donald Trump is the relentless refusal to show the size of the crowds at his rallys…

    so ironic when they plastered and promoted O’s rally sizes nonstop…not Donald, they try to hide the enthusiasm and size of his supporters while going out of their way to find the protestors to focus on…or even create

    as Donald would say “so dishonest”

  94. My guess is that, if the coughing is somehow related to her head injury, then when she fell, she may have hit the back of her head and injured any of the cranial nerves from IX to XII and possibly IV as well.

  95. But are the health issues something that preclude being a president? (rhetorical) I’m focusing my energies on the bad stuff I can prove. I’m doing better at twitter, finding more places to tweet facts! 🙂

    Hillary just sent out a gif of her speaking in China. I forwarded it out everywhere, saying something like, “if you give me millions of dollars, I don’t care how you treat women!” hehehe

  96. Are there any twitter experts here? I’m learning as I go along. One thing I can’t figure out is how to find hashtag subjects – the left side of the page only lists the top “trending” ones. Otherwise, I just find them attached to tweets I see. Is there a more efficient way…?

  97. You have to type it in the search bar on the top right. For most things, it will auto-suggest topics. Of course, as you’d expect, some hashtag topics are suppressed and some topics won’t get auto-suggest – simply because they don’t like the topic.

    Add me @agua61 “Feed_The_Grizzly 15!!!”

  98. The BM is out of control.
    With the deliberate video feed drop at the Detroit church and sabotaged audio at the Cleveland Union members meeting, Trump should start covering his events with his own personal AV team.

  99. I tried emailing admin about Tex in the neutral zone, but no clue if she/he checks that email.

    I do not tweet but someone that does might try doing a return tweet to one of admins twitter posts.

    Gonzo, may want to try that too if you tweet.

  100. It is amazing that big media still promotes the theme that Obama is not only a great president but our greatest president. A greater that Lincoln. A greater than Roosevelt. And surely a greater than Reagan whom they absolutely despised. Amidst all the rubble, that is the legacy they will construct for him, which is further from reality than planet Mars. This is their version of the Big Lie, which was the central premise of the Nazi Party. And it continues on to this day with their rabid attacks on Trump. Big Media has danced with the devil so long that they have become the devil—the greatest threat to our democracy according to Pat Caddel. But while they are busy proclaiming Obama’s virutes, which bear a direct relationship to their bank accounts for selling out, Judases that they are, Obama’s flute music has been picked up on by the new leader of the Phillipines, who has taken his que from Obama 24-7 attacks on the United States, and joined the chorus, only he does what the left does not, and says if America is tainted, and you are the representative, then you are tainted too. Yes, that is too big of a leap for big media who thrills and urges him on in those attacks as long as they fatten their bank accounts, and they ignore the syllogistic logic—Aristotle is a man, men are human, ergo Aristotle is human. They no longer teach simple logic at Harvard, so how could these jamokes in big media be expected to know this–or anything that conflicts with their fraudulent narrative.
    If you listen to Rodrigo Duterte’s now infamous rant against president Obama (start a minute 6) you might be forgiven for thinking it was Howard Zinn or Bill Ayers speaking.

    He spoke of the “lapdogs of America” who forget that “America has one too many [offenses] to answer for”. He argued that the Philippines “inherited the [Muslim] problem from the United States” and since “everyone has a terrible record of extrajudicial killing”

    He describes the massacre of the Indians, the oppression of migrants etc. as reasons for ordering the deaths of thousands proving, if there was any remaining doubt, that he learned the lesson of moral equivalence well.

    From this Duterte concluded that he wouldn’t listen to lectures from the SOB leader of such a country.

    It’s almost as if he’s been listening to Obama and Obama was hoist on his own petard.

    The Western left has the habit of preaching from a moral height while simultaneously describing its history as one unending crime.

    You’ve heard the teaching moments. “I live in a house built by slaves.” “You didn’t build that!” This whole country is stolen!

    Say it often enough and someone will believe you.

    Somebody did.

    The trouble is you can’t rise from the toilet to suddenly preach from a great moral height.

    It’s possible to do one but not both simultaneously.

    Of course the liberal left can context shift and switch between sackcloth and ashes and the throne of moral superiority with the alacrity of Dr. Who. But Durterte isn’t that nimble.

    The clash between the two is tragi-comedy.

    Obama’s planned teaching moment has complicated the problem of holding the Philippines against an expansionary China.

    The stark reality is that Duterte’s Philippines is almost totally helpless against the Chinese military power and extremely vulnerable to Islamic terrorism.

    Who does Duterte think is keeping the Chinese away?

    The Philippine Navy?

    Duterte intuits that Obama is someone to despise and so despises him, because he neither respects nor fears the man from Chicago.

    Rodrigo Duterte would never call Xi a S.O.B. because he wouldn’t dare.

    The world, as Winston Churchill knew, has people who are either at your throat or at your feet — and that probably includes most leaders in the Third World.

    Yet Duterte’s delusions are probably matched by the administration’s in Washington.

    The Philippines is at risk of becoming one gigantic meth lab to feed the enormous Chinese appetite for drugs, of being to Southern China what Mexico is to the US.

    Now the door is open and Beijing will lose no time in rushing in.

    Obama’s framing of Duterte’s drug war as a human rights problem, which it doubtless is, missed a key dimension. The drug war is the symptom of a national security problem: the narco invasion of the Philippines.

    The Era of Hope and Change has been one prolonged act of suicide.

    If anyone had said that Obama would manage to alienate Israel and the Philippines, lose Turkey, pay Iran a hundred billion dollars, preside over the loss of a won war in Afghanistan, lose billions of dollars in military equipment to ISIS, watch a consulate burn, restart the Cold War with Russia, cause Japan to re-arm go the knife’s edge with China would you have believed it?

    If someone had told you in 2008 millions of refugees would be heading for Europe and that the UK would leave the EU after Obama went there to campaign for them to remain would you not have laughed?

    He promised “smart diplomacy” and the restoration of American prestige in the world.

    How did it come to this?

  101. The greatest part of the Obama legacy has been the DE-LEGITIMIZATION of the United States as the world leader, the destruction of our alliances, and showing the world we are a declining power and a paper tiger.

    Nice work Barack!–AP

    You sure fattend our wallet!!–CNN, NBC, CBS

    Who cares about anything else?

  102. Smart diplomacy is, indubitably, a virue.

    However, it has been known to have its ambiguous effects

    Like dithering over which uniform the rescuing forces should wear to save Benghazi, because being politically correct is more important to the left and to Hillary than saving American lives. With respect to the latter, her infamous words still ring in the country’s ears: what difference does it makeG

    Or, promoting a little twit like Susan Rice, the Liar of Bengazi as National Security Adviser. An oxymoron perhaps? Better yet someone’s idea of a joke?? Well, she is black, leftist, and loyal to Obama. What else matters. Maybe, to NYT, this is the second biggest civil rights victory since 1964, the collapsing Obamacare being the greatest according to NYT.

  103. The other possibility for her dry cough is that she could be taking an ACE inhibitor like lisinopril, which produces a cough in nearly half of all patients taking it, for hypertension or congestive heart failure.

  104. …so agreement with most that the polls, while close, are moving in Donald’s favor…

    I think the big secret is there is going to be massive turnout for Donald…beyond what the BM is suggesting (with his bad turnout game)or what anyone will acknowledge…our own under the radar USA Brexit…our Hillexit…


    I give the edge to Pence in the VP debate…

    imo…Kaine is ‘howdy doody’ goofy strange…

  105. S, I always try to remind myself that it’s not right to criticize someone for something they can’t do anything about (some parts of our appearance, etc).

    But with Kaine, I just can’t help it. I want to know where his lips went. Who took them? What happened to them? /s 🙂

  106. Tony, I thought of Lisinopril, too – but then I thought, given that it’s really affecting her, she’s high profile, and it has become a big issue, wouldn’t they have switched her to a different HTN medication?

    Or, are there some people, who *have* to have that medication….?

    But then – it would be simpler for her to be upfront about that, instead of letting theories go wild, which isn’t helping her.


  107. Kaine is ‘howdy doody’ goofy strange
    I don’t know whether Kaine was ever . . . how shall I put it? . . . Normal?

    Paranormal, perhaps.

    But normal?


    But if he was congenitally fucked up–a geek of a different kind.

    Then a Harvard education made it infinitely worse–made him arrogant and insufferable.

    And his marriage to another geek, who called Obama a “metrosexual”

    Surely finished him off.

    So that what you see before you today makes you want to vomit.

  108. She’s going to have her hands full trying to avoid responding to Trump over these new email revelations promised by Assange.

  109. Hillary may be laughing her head off about Trump, figuring the old Clinton magic plus the COLLUSION of big media will destroy him. They may or may not be right about that. This is a nation of weak kneed weak minded sheeple, and 2012 proves that much to a fare the well. But there is one thing I do not doubt–that no one who lives in the same world as most of us can doubt, which includes Hillary and Soros in their more lucid moments. And that is this: the NSA knows everything about you, and their loyalties are first to themselves, second to the country and only third to those temporary occupants of the White House, as dug out Doug MacArthur put it before he was sacked by Truman. Thus, with their agents killed and compromised by her carelessness, and the evidence they have of her pay to play CGI–RICO case, and with the blueprint of the last living Nazi who stole the last effects of Jews headed to the Waffen SS Totenkauf death camps, for the destruction of the United States, they have good and sufficient reason to act. They are, in my opinion, one source of many for Wikileaks, and if I am right the Soros-Hillary-DNC cabal will have hell to pay in the next several weeks.

  110. S
    September 7, 2016 at 10:40 am
    Hillary sounds very paranoid…and negative these days
    I think she is living in fear–fear that through wiki leaks evidence of her treason will come out in one big dump and at the worst possible time. Not some vast right wing conspiracy of her fevered imagination, not by some cabal of racist homophobic anti woman antediluvians and surely not through some clever plot launched in the basement of the Kremlin, each of which of which have been swallowed hook line and sinker by her big media confederates, and deluded democrats across the country in an exercise of group think which borders on mob behavior, etc. Not by any of those things. She will be brought down by her own words, appearing in those emails. And the Soros, Obama, et. al. cabal will be exposed for what it is.

  111. foxyladi14
    September 7, 2016 at 11:14 am
    I used to stay at the Union League Club when I was traveling. It is an old line Republican institution which dates back to the end of the Civil War. It is an appropriate venue for this speech.

  112. Mrs. Smith1
    September 7, 2016 at 10:06 am
    The twitter wouldn’t work for me.
    humh, I thot all could access a link for reading.
    No big loss though – just a bit of comedic Hillary as Mrs. Clean with her magic hard drive eraser. I guess the charm’s that it is well done.

  113. Chris Snyder


    Trump on stage in Philadelphia saying the theme for his speech today will be his idea of “peace through strength”
    11:49 AM – 7 Sep 2016

    4 4 Retweets

  114. At his speech in Philadelphia, after mentioning the guy who set up Hillary’s email server then took the 5th Amendment and disappeared completely, Trump shook his head and said, “Ay yuy yuy!” The audience laughed and applauded.😆

  115. Did anyone see the slow motion video of Hillary’s coughing fit and you can see her drop two huge loogies into the water cup? Looked like big green plugs of mucus. It was on Drudge this morning but her camp says it was green throat lozenges. Didn’t look like lozenges to me. They were viscous and they weren’t bright green like a lozenge might be. They almost completely dissolved when they hit the bottom of the cup. I think if you go to they’ve still got it in their main page. You can only see it when it’s zoomed in and in slow motion. Thought or opinions anyone?

  116. lorac
    September 7, 2016 at 12:16 pm
    wbboei, my father used to go to the one in Chicago (Union League).
    I stayed there too.

  117. “It’s hard to explain why — despite their own calls for funding — Senate Democrats decided to block a bill that could help keep pregnant women and babies safer from Zika,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the floor. “It’s also hard to explain why — despite the array of terror attacks we’ve seen across the world — Senate Democrats decided to block a bill that could help keep the American people safer from threats like ISIL.”

    The Zika vote came as the mosquito-borne virus, which can also be transmitted sexually, spreads widely in the Puerto Rico and some US states. Democrats blocked the bill because they say it included a provision to prevent funding for Planned Parenthood and no longer included a provision in the House bill banning Confederate flags from veterans’ cemeteries.

  118. Comes now one of the two members of the vile dynamic duo who did that pro Obama video where they sat around in smoking jackets and called Hillary a bitch, this one–Chris Cilezza tells us it is sexist to inquire about Hillary’s failing health, and to not blindly accept the statement by her doctor that she is in “excellent” health, despite what your lying eyes may tell you.

    I am generally opposed to euthenasia, on moral grounds, but when I look at Cilezza and is little side kick Dana Milbank, I become open minded to procedure, again on moral grounds.

    Be that as it may, comes now Larry Johnson with the diagnosis they are so keen to hide, i.e. Parkinsons that they are willing to advance the fantastic proposition that the public has no right to know anything about the health of someone who may become commander in chief.

    Needless to say, if WashPo had a scintilla of integrity they would can those two appalling hacks for journalistic malpractice. But with Jeff in charge that will never happen. Jeff, you see, is scared to death of Trump, because he would undermine the Amazon business model.

  119. This comment is to do with a billboard ad around here. A regular size billboard. At the bottom are the names of couple who paid for it. Otherwise, from top to bottom all is says is
    T R U M P
    So glad to see signs of admin.

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